Is America Next?

Western Europe is at its last breath and they know it. It was collective and deliberate cultural suicide by the EU leaders and there is no going back. Once you are dead, you are dead. Now, the question is how far is America behind Europe in its own demise!

The recent massive migration and redistribution of Muslims into every corner of America and rising numbers due to their high birth rate has become troublesome. In addition, Muslims’ revert to their intolerant behavior that has made many Americans against this small minority. For instance, demanding legal status for Sharia (Islamic laws), the type of draconian laws that for the most part resemble those of man’s barbaric past has made some Americans concerned. But being concerned and doing something about it is millions of miles apart. Many Americans who understand the issue are frustrated and feel helpless.

The idea that Muslims are only a very small minority and it is simply not possible that this small group could destroy America from within, is a myth that the leftist media crafted and forced down the throats of gullible Americans. The American people have been repeatedly lectured by the know it all, elected officials and leftist media, claim that only a very small minority of Muslims are troublemakers who are given the peaceful masses of Muslims a bad name. According to them, those of us who sound the alarm are a bunch of bigots, racists and Islamophobes. Well then, wouldn’t it be more prudent to let the facts settle the matter, rather than blindly accepting either position?

Of course, it would, except for one huge problem. In the face of threats, people tend to go to the mind’s medicine cabinet and take a few denial pills, in the same way they turn to their aspirin bottle when a headache strikes.  Well, just ask any European who fled his country for a safer place like the US if the Islam problem is real and deadly. I have news for you: Neither the pronouncements of officials, nor any tranquilizer can make Islam go away. Islam is here and it shows every sign of imposing itself on us as it has in Europe.

Recall that it took only 19 of these killers to launch the aerial mass murder of 9/11 that killed almost 3,000 people, shattered our open trusting way of life, and cost us trillions of dollars. Unfortunately, we have not learned anything from the 9/11 attacks but instead, act as if we are suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

As time passed, we learned these new Muslim arrivals not only assimilate, but they also use our laws against us in order to advance Islam in America. These newcomers have taken advantage of the provisions of the most benign system known to humanity, democracy, to implode it from within. To Muslims, no other religion is deemed worthy of recognition, much less accommodation. There is not a single church or synagogue or a Buddhist temple in all of Saudi Arabia. They are banned.

Western armchair theorizers and wishful thinkers need to take time and study the Islamic system in order to avoid making empty demands on Muslim leaders that will never be met because they are completely unrealistic and against their religion.

Islam presently has its stranglehold over a billion human beings, posing as an existential threat to all non-Muslims. When this billion and a half adhere to the pathological belief of Islam and use it as their marching orders in life, the rest of humanity ignores this threat at their peril.

OK, let me tell you the truth. The reality portrays a vastly different picture. America is far from a stronghold given its vast wide-open borders. It is a nation of laws where all forms of freedom are enshrined in the Constitution. It is where Americans live by a humane ethos diametrically opposed from those of Islamist savagery. Sadly, these differences confer great advantage to Islamists and place America in imminent danger.

Let me repeat my statement again: the breach of “Fortress America” from the air on 9/11 is only the first installment of much more forthcoming dreadful assaults, unless we abandon our complacency, stop relying on the invincibility of law-enforcement, our phony elected official political talks, fake news media and are willing to make the sacrifice needed to protect our way of life, maybe only then can we survive.

We the People must reevaluate and amend all that has been fed to us for years by crafty politicians and the leftist mainstream media. America is not safe and it is only going to get worse. Islam’s invasion is currently in progress just under your nose via stealth jihad and subversion. The sad part of it is that most Americans don’t even realize it.

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‘Humans are Free’ by John Koshkerian

The following was received from a citizen of Canada.

This is the tyrant dictatorship under the regime of the Crime Minister of Canada of which we are presently forced to live under. A man without any fear of reprisals or conscience. A megalomaniac individual who is an uninhibited egotistical puerile individual of whom only cares about himself, his image and his own secret agenda with ulterior motives.

Well done little Caesar well done. I bow down to your supreme knowledge and wisdom and thoughtfulness for all the good you’ve done for us Canadians and all of humanity abroad.

However, Mr. Justin Trudeau in truthful objective retrospect, I must say you are the worst leader our great country has ever had the unfortunate period of being disgraced with. In just 4 short embarrassing years. Your tyrannical dictatorship leadership introduced laws which robbed ALL Canadians from speaking out against you because you manifested out of thin air on our tax dollars the INTERNET WATCH DOG SUB COMMITTEE who quiets truths spoken candidly loud, in particular about YOU. As well not permitting criticisms of a certain so called religion of peace except that YOUR LAW was biased and one fold, a type of double standard and it didn’t protect the rights of other religious faiths and freedoms from being ridiculed under YOUR HATE SPEECH LAW, did it Mr. Trudeau? At the same time while getting your bill passed for YOUR hate speech law in Parliament you Mr. Selfie Sock crazed man of… and for the people put our entire country into irreversible debt, spending like a drunken sailor giving to everywhere and any filthy ludicrous cause, except providing for your own people. In fact, it would be impossible for our great grand children to pay it back and still the while you indulge in entitlement spending on your own personal needs and home repairs of tens of millions of dollars and then fly off on frivolous vacations all over the world to take more vain selfies all on OUR tax dollars for which you were hired to be responsible for.

You never even considered the common Canadian’s needs, the one’s that sleep in the streets on cold winter nights, the one’s who served our country to protect our Charter of Freedoms and rights against ironically speaking people like YOU Mr. Justin Trudeau and yet you bring hoards of immigrants who have had no background checks or you have those background checks destroyed for whatever reason by our so called protective trusting RCMP huh…and then you put them up in hotels or socially assisted housing and give them a MINIMUM of 1 year of social benefits and social assistance possibly a LIFETIME, meanwhile the Canadian who fought for our country is told that new Canadians are number one priority for ALL SERVICES. Boy you’re some kind of savior, aren’t you? A real decent moral caring selfless humanitarian man, right? This is hypocrisy at its zenith and paramount and even the devil can’t deny the undeniable facts of your corruption and treason because the truth flows like fresh water down a river.

Treason is what we hear as Canadians spewing forth out of your forked tongue when you speak Mr. Justin Trudeau. Spineless character is what we recognize and it resonates with lofty truths when you attempt to protect the indigenous rights or when go up to bat for us during world trade talks with world leaders or when you refer to the middle class like you’re a common citizen of Canada, shame on you. All your actions defines your very nature of character of who you really are, an incompetent leader that was never fit to run a country but you were chosen weren’t you? Perhaps, the last election was rigged or fixed in your favor? Who knows? Not I, except for certain, I know I never voted for an individual of your moral turpitude. Fake as you are, it’s evident you have no consideration for the common man or their struggles.

It is unfortunate that Canada believed legalizing marijuana was it’s primary objective than it’s moral and ethical obligations, sadly this is our indoctrinated youth of today. Legalizing Marijuana was more precedent than considering the compromising of our independence and national sovereignty to the UN’s worldwide agenda of the destruction of the traditional family, abortion and global dominance and control. Yes, indeed Crime Minister Trudeau you are the real deal, a real sweet peach of a leader. The real deal breaker who sold Canada out to the world Banksters, the Globalists, the UN the Saudi Oil princes right under our very noses because Canada trusted and believed in you that’s why and you had plans didn’t you? A nefarious agenda to dismantle, fragment and destroy Canada all in one term in office. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Be gone Justin Trudeau, be gone and disappear like a mist of steam just like a hellish nightmare soon forgotten. May you go down in history as the epitome of Canada’s dark era. A time we as Canadians want to forget. May the history books write the truths about your neglect and thoughtless, careless incompetent behaviour towards your own.

A man’s short-lived legacy of a treasonous tyrant run dictatorship under the guise of a so called humanitarian leader, huh…what a way to go Justin what a way to go. A corrupt leader without morals, scruples not even a shred of dignity can bare your bones or cling to your flesh. A leader who’d sacrifice his own people’s sovereignty, independence and well being for his own demonic selfish political gain only to satisfy the handful of filthy rich families who have created global wars and rule the banking infrastructure of the western world of which who want to see the downfall of what we call Western Civilization, this is their last frontier to conquer and control and you Mr. Justin Trudeau signed the deal with the devil. It confounds my understanding because you have no sorrow or remorse as to how someone as yourself can openly revoke our rights, strip Canadian sovereignty and give it to the UN, increase personal taxes based on false climate truths, increase abortion spending world wide, killing more and more unborn children, protecting terrorists and openly welcoming them here to walk freely amongst our Canadian citizens simultaneously ostracizing Canada from our American partner and brother then bend the truth about known terrorists whilst erasing their criminal records and you have no fear of any reasonable repercussions or fear of your corrupt actions? It baffles any law abiding citizen’s collective thought process. Wow! You are some kind of delusional enigma believing you’re a jewel in the eyes of most, perhaps more than I can fathom to comprehend. You bought and paid off the entire Canadian media to keep silent about the untold factual truths that Canadians not only expect to know but it’s our right and your moral duty as a CIVIL SERVANT to recognize and follow through and be held accountable for the crimes you’ve committed against Canada and it’s people.

I’m sure happy that I’m not in your shoes Mr. Justin Trudeau because what you have done to this great country of ours is definitely a TREASONOUS ACT on many fronts, an ACT OF WAR some might proclaim. If only you’d allow yourself the opportunity to be tried in an open fair criminal court of justice by the citizens of this great nation, then the record would be set straight but we all know that is a pipe dream. Speaking of pipe dreams is another one of your famous ACTS OF TREASON to the Western provinces of Canada and to the rest of Canada. What you have dismantled and corrupted and broken in these 4 short years may never be repairable after your tyrannical reign as little Caesar is long gone but not soon forgotten. Hopefully after this October federal election you’re terminated with the rest of your corrupt caucus then publicly tried by a criminal court of justice but that’s wishful thinking and fantasy. The crux of Canada’s healing begins when you are kicked out and ridiculed where ever you visit long after your tyrannical reign as king because that is still too good for you and if you by hook or by crook some how win another term… well, you will more than likely encourage the separation of Canada. What will you do then? Send out our own military troops and soldiers to battle and fight against our own people and citizens? Against anyone who disagrees with your lack of transparency and unaccountable corruptions? Don’t forget you were quoted saying that you admired China’s dictatorship. Judging by your father the late Pierre Trudeau for his actions by sending out our own soldiers that killed 100 of our own Canadian citizens, then blaming them when Pierre Trudeau himself set up the entire FLQ CRISIS…yeah, another tragic truth the MEDIA didn’t care to share. I have to admit the old adage “THE FRUIT DOESN’T FALL FAR FROM IT’S TREE” because four more years will feel like an eternity of agony under your so-called tyrant leadership.

John Koshkerian

Why AR-15s are the Plastic Straws of the Gun World

And Why Banning “Assault Rifles” Won’t Save Even One Life

How did AR-15s become the plastic straws of the gun world? It’s simple: Demagogues need scapegoats. Yet just as banning plastic straws won’t make a dent in the ocean-polluting plastics problem, banning “assault rifles” (which aren’t) won’t save even one life.

It’s tragic how, just like faddish teenagers playing a dangerous or stupid social-media-driven prank, so-called adults go on misguided, media-driven, lynch-mob kicks. Remember when SUVs were demonized as planet killers approximately 15 to 20 years ago? Some environmentalists claimed that SUV drivers were essentially “hate group” members, and other vandalism-crazy greenies would, ironically, set fire to the vehicles to combat global warming. Yet SUVs currently appear more popular than ever, and all is quiet on the gas-guzzler front. What happened? The demagogues and their dupes have moved on to a different neurotic fixation.

Now the suburban soccer mom can drive her Panzer-size SUV (by the by, back in the “day” they were called “trucks” — ah, marketing) content in the “feeling” that she’s saving the environment because she supports banning plastic straws. Never mind that doing so likely won’t save even one marine mammal, since the U.S. is responsible for only one percent of ocean-polluting plastics, and straws account for just 0.025 percent of that. Never mind that anti-”strawism” began with erroneous claims in a nine-year-old’s science project (ugh, beam me up, Scotty). The lynch mob must be fed, and plastic straw users, well, really suck….

Joining straws in the dock, and giving new meaning to demonizing the one percent, are Assault Rifles™. Not only are they used in, approximately, just one percent of homicides, they aren’t even “assault rifles,” a term that had always referred to weapons that could be fired fully automatic or in more than one way (fully auto, three-shot bursts, etc). Now the term is being applied to semi-automatic (one trigger pull, one shot) rifles with certain cosmetic features (a military “look”), which is a bit like putting a Porsche body on a Yugo chassis and claiming the car will win races.

But, hey, as anti-gun crusader Josh Sugarmann once put it, these “weapons’ menacing looks,” coupled with the public’s confusion — “anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun — can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.” Yeah, it’s a con.

That said, AR-15s are used in an inordinate percentage of high-profile mass shootings. But believing that outlawing them would reduce these incidents’ frequency makes as much sense as believing that banning the BMW 4 Series — which lists as the car most likely to be involved in a crash — would reduce the accident rate.

Quite apropos, AutoBlog’s subtitle boldly reminds readers, “Remember: People cause crashes, not cars.” The point is that outlawing a vehicle wouldn’t take the kind of people who drive it off the road; they’d just get into accidents in a different vehicle.

This point is even more relevant for AR-15-category rifles. The AR-15 is commonly used in mass shootings for two simple reasons: It’s the most popular rifle in America.

And it looks cool.

In reality, though, such a weapon isn’t the best choice for committing mass shootings, which generally involve attacking soft targets at close range. More effective would be a semi-automatic, 12-gauge shotgun or even a pump-action one (and a shotgun was used in the Aurora, Colorado, shooting in 2012).

In other words, not only would mass shooters simply choose a different weapon if AR-15-type rifles were somehow unavailable, but it’s arguable that the rifle’s criminalization could push them toward more effective weaponry.

Speaking of which, presidential contender Irish Bob O’Rourke said in March, echoing many, “I just don’t think that we need to sell any more weapons of war into this public.” He’d have been more accurate if he’d stopped after his first four words. But the pitch is rhetorically effective, conjuring up images of flesh-eviscerating machine-gun fire.

Yet leaving aside the common argument that allowing Americans the same firearms the military uses was the Second Amendment’s actual intent, first note that the AR-15 was never a standard issue US military rifle. In fact, while the M-16 — which uses the same platform but isn’t limited to semi-auto fire — was, it was supplanted a while back by the M-4; this, in turn, is set to be replaced by an entirely different rifle that will likely even use different, more effective ammunition (critics have long bemoaned the M-16’s/M-4’s relative lack of stopping power).

Moreover, how many guns weren’t designed as “weapons of war”? Bolt-action rifles were once state-of-the-art weapons of war. So was the flintlock. Go back even further, and clubs were weapons of war, and many people are still killed with them today. Should we outlaw baseball bats?

In fact, far from devastating, the AR-15’s standard round is small caliber (the same diameter as a .22) and has the second least power of the 41 cartridges found on this Rifle Cartridge Killing Power List page (note: When loaded with 5.56mm ammo, the power is somewhat greater but still relatively lacking). In other words, you can acquire any number of hunting rifles far more devastating than an AR.

This, mind you, is why some states have prohibited the AR-15’s use in deer hunting; its relatively weak round may not kill the animal, but simply send it off wounded and suffering.

It’s also why the nine-year-old girl in the video below could fire the weapon with ease.

In contrast, I’ve seen a 240-pound man (who wasn’t prepared for the extreme recoil) almost knocked over by a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with a magnum shell.

So we can outlaw AR-15-type rifles if it makes us feel better, but just as banning plastic straws won’t save marine life, it won’t save even one human life. For this reason, it would also be followed by another scapegoated gun targeted for criminalization. Note here that Britain’s deadliest ever mass shooting, the Dunblane massacre in 1996, inspired sweeping anti-firearms laws — after being committed with handguns.

Oh, and London just surpassed N.Y.C. in homicides last year.

This is unsurprising since, as Professor Thomas Sowell illustrated, there’s no correlation whatsoever between stricter gun laws and lower murder rates.

This is why, more to fear than guns are demagogues — shooting off their assault mouths.

Contact Selwyn Duke, follow him on Gab (preferably) or Twitter, or log on to

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Video of an Exceptional Speech on ‘Green economy’ in the German Parliament by Alice Weidel, Co-leader of AfD

Posted by Eeyore

This is a must watch.

Direct link.


The Environmental Costs of Renewable Energy Are Staggering

Climate Kid Greta’s Global Strike Underway

41 Climate Doomsday Predictions That Didn’t Come True

Canada Deletes 100 Years of Inconvenient Temperature Data

145 companies just made it official: Leftist claptrap is more important than the U.S. Constitution

The United States’ Founders understood that law-abiding, decent people must be able to protect themselves from criminals and governments. They enshrined this right into the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Regretfully, leaders of 145 of America’s corporations – some of them industry and cultural leaders – just decided that sucking up to the “woke” leftist crowd is more important than human rights, constitutional guarantees, and evidence.

Complete cluelessness

From Twitter to Levi’s to Edelman and Eventbrite, these CEOs and co-founders wrote a letter demanding that Congress step in to restrict firearm ownership rights. They urged background checks and increased ability for law enforcement to restrict the rights of people interpreted as potentially dangerous – “red flag” laws.

Here’s the problem: Government has often missed obvious signs with current laws, never mind ones which put more responsibility on faceless bureaucrats and law enforcement officers. As we discussed earlier this month, the recent Odessa, Texas shooting happened a month after police were called about the alleged shooter threatening a neighbor with a rifle. Police never showed and the shooter never should have owned a firearm in the first place, according to media reports.

This is a common occurrence – the same government which these CEOs want us to trust to stop shooters completely missing obvious signs of future violence.

What about abuse of power?

Gun ownership is not a problem in America. The 2ndVote Gun Cam proves that a gun under constant surveillance NEVER commits a crime on its own, and the data shows that justified self-defense is a greater cause of gun deaths than homicide.

But these CEOs don’t get that. They want government to step in to stop crimes before they take place – thought-crime that can be valuable in keeping society safe, but can also easily be abused…especially if the citizenry is disarmed.

Take action

America’s corporations are increasingly taking an anti-constitutional approach to firearm ownership. We urge you to contact Twitter’s, Levi’s, and Eventbrite’s CEOs. Tell them to respect the human and constitutional right to self-defense by sticking to business instead of poking their noses into the morass of politics.

Why My Democrat Acquaintance May Change Parties

I was talking to an acquaintance yesterday who is a lifelong Democrat. He’s having real problems with the Democratic Party. It sounds more and more foreign to the party he’s always been a part of. I told him there is an alternative party and smiled.

He actually was open to the idea when he never, ever thought he would be. I was truly surprised. He’s clearly not a Trump fan, but the Democrats are not sounding like his party anymore and he thinks the Trump hysteria is overblown. I don’t know how widespread this is, but looking at the debate last night, possibly more than is realized — and more than will be captured in polls where people supporting Trump are not as likely to admit it as others.

Last night’s debate gives us insights as to why my acquaintance is considering what, for him, is a pretty drastic step.

Joe Biden, the frontrunner, is more than a gaffe machine, as everyone says. His mental capacities are waning as is his stamina. So at one point he said he wants social workers to come into your home to help you raise your kids, and turn on the radio, um, TV, um no, phones, no, listen to record players, “to hear words.” Literally play records and hear words. What the what? Nobody could figure what he was bungling towards. Research shows that when parents read to their kids and listen to classical music, the kids do better in school. Is that what Biden was trying to say? Unclear.

If so, that was badly mangled, and that is a constant. He keeps calling Bernie Sanders the President. He wants you to dial Joe or something. He really doesn’t know. Actually, the list is long and expanding daily. It is clear that his mental capacities, never his strength, are diminishing. If you are a Democrat, you’d have to be very worried about him as your standard-bearer a year from now. If you are just an American, you’d be even more fearful of him as President.

My acquaintance cringes at Trump, agrees with some policies and really not some policies, but he agrees with fewer of Biden’s as the candidate moves leftward. Can he even trust that Biden will be capable to hold the office in January 2021?

More from the debate.

Elizabeth Warren wants to spend more and more of your money every debate. (Now it’s a $200 increase for Social Security beneficiaries.) This is just brazen vote-buying with your tax dollars. Her budget-busting Medicare For All plan is one signature move (along with free college and so many more giveaways of your money) but she refuses to answer the question on how she will pay for it except to wave the magic wand of rich people. Not enough, and she knows it and the media knows it. So even the Democrat media moderators pushed her on whether middle class taxes will go up. She refused to answer for the umpteenth time. They will. A lot. She is a tax and spend and tax more and spend more candidate. My friend is looking for fiscal responsibility, but getting the opposite in his party.

Bernie Sanders is like Warren, spending more and more of your money, but he’s a true believer somewhere between Socialist and Communist. (He’s also never had a real job except politics, but he did honeymoon in the Soviet Union — literally praising its glories. That sort of thing does not sit well with Democrats like my acquaintance.) He admits straight up that he will raise middle class taxes. Even with tax hikes, these programs will not be sustainable. He would be a wreck.

Beto O’Rourke wants to confiscate AR-15s and all the rest, and the crowd cheered wildly when he said it. Just the stupid Constitution written by white males stands in his way. He, along with others, say that we literally have a “white supremacist” in the White House. This line is akin to everyone to the right of center is a Nazi. It’s old, it’s a lie, and fewer and fewer outside the Democratic base and anti-Trump hysterics are buying it — even more so when Democrats wink and nod at actual, outright anti-semites and terrorist sympathizers in their party in Congress. My acquaintance is not at all onboard with this.

Pope Pete Buttigieg lectures Christians that if you don’t agree with his politics, your a bad Christian or not a Christian. The Bible is pretty clear that Christians aren’t supposed to do that. But then, he does this from a position of being married to a man and supporting abortion up to the second of birth, so he may not actually know what’s in the Bible, which will not stop him from virtue lecturing us.

Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Andrew Yang, Julian Castro and the pack are all in tune to some degree with radical, anti-liberty, giant spending programs that will drag the country downward. They are favoring de facto open borders. Their foreign policies will almost certainly allow for the creation of another Al-Qaeda (which happened under Democrat Bill Clinton) and ISIS (which happened under Democrat Barack Obama) while distancing ourselves from stalwart allies such as Israel. They will let China run rampant in Asia and steal our technologies and business, and maybe do another “restart” with Russia so Putin can take more land as he did under Obama but has not under Trump. More money may be sent to the Iranian Mullahs and they would cripple the U.S. with some version of the loony and disastrous Green New Deal.

The last, least insane candidate left is Sen. Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota, and even she says some pretty radical things (for the Democratic Party of 10 years ago.) She also has zero chance at being nominated. The media (major nominators) ignore her and the base probably wonders if she’s a secret Nazi white supremacist.

I understand my acquaintance’s misgivings. He’s far from alone. And it may matter a lot in 14 months.

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VIDEOS: Some material on the DOJ IG report on FISA abuse

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DOJ watchdog submits draft report on alleged FISA abuses to AG Barr

AG Barr has received draft report on FISA abuse allegations

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz on prosecutors moving forward on charges against McCabe

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PODCAST: 152 Ways Trump Is Changing America

They call the Senate the “deliberative body” — and it’s been deliberate all right. This week, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had the honor of presiding over President Trump’s 150th (and 151st and 152nd) judicial confirmation hitting the milestone at record speed — and cementing this administration’s place as one of the most influential court-shapers in history.

It’s not a story the media will want to tell, but the impact that Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell have had on the courts is one of the greatest stories of the 45th presidency. The mark, which puts this administration ahead of Obama’s by more than 50 at this point, is astounding. It means, experts say, that by the end of his term, President Trump may have shaped as much as 30 percent of the bench — a historic legacy that will reverberate through America for generations to come.

McConnell, who has quietly plowed through the nominations at break-neck speed, is most proud of the kind of people Republicans have played a part in elevating. “[The judges] we’ve been nominating believe in the simple, quaint notion that maybe the judges ought to follow the law. I’m amazed that that’s controversial…” he said on Fox News. “We are making an important difference for the country that will last for a very long time and my motto for this Congress is: ‘leave no vacancy behind.'”

Thursday, on “Washington Watch,” Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) had nothing but praise for the president — not just for keeping his promise on the courts, but well surpassing it.

“It’s an amazing number. One hundred and fifty judges in just three years — less than three years. It’s really, really extraordinary. It’s a testament to this administration. President Trump took a pledge. He said, ‘I’m going to nominate conservative, pro-Constitution, pro-life judges to the bench. And he’s done exactly that… And given the history of what the courts have been used for by the Left… this is so significant. And it has generational impact.”

Still, Hawley said, there’s no reason to stop now. “There’s still a lot of work to do. There are still almost 100 open seats on the federal courts at all levels. That’s a bunch of seats. That’s a bunch of judges. We need to fill those with pro-Constitution men and women.” He believes, and we agree, that this is something that will matter for America and for our country — not just for the next two or three years, “but for the next 30 and 40 and 50.” President Trump is going to have the chance to appoint something like a quarter or a third of the entire federal judiciary.

“And… look, [the] judges in our country are extremely powerful. I mean, if you look around the world, we’re kind of an anomaly. Judges in the country have more power for better or for worse than in a lot of other places. So who sits on the bench for those lifetime appointments? Who makes decisions about what our Constitution means and how to interpret it?”

Someday, very soon, Americans will find out for themselves just how significant the president’s investment in the courts has been. Until then, we agree with Senator Hawley: keep it up!

[Begin listening at the 10:53 mark.]

Tony Perkins’s Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC Action senior writers.


Lib Syncing on the 2020 Agenda

San Diego Library Renews Drag Fight

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New Faces GOP PAC runs ad featuring AOC — Fighting Fire with Fire

“As a woman, a minority, and a conservative millennial, I am a fresh new face for the Republican Party and someone who will stand up to socialism in America.” – Elizabeth Heng

The New Faces GOP PAC website states:

Our mission is simple: Help elevate the next generation of Republicans so that we can not only survive as a party, but expand beyond the boundaries we’ve set for ourselves. Identify the new faces of the GOP who will lead us into tomorrow.

On Thursday, September 12th, 2019, the New Faces GOP PAC ran its first political ad (below) during the Democratic presidential debate in Houston, Texas.

Elizabeth Heng (@ElizabethHeng) tweeted, “This is the face of socialism and ignorance.  #DemDebate.” and linked to the New Faces GOP PAC ad.

Vox’s wrote:

One of the most shocking moments of ABC’s Democratic debate came during the commercial break.

A picture of progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s face burst into flames on screen to reveal a pile of human skulls and dead bodies, victims of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge genocide. A woman’s voice intoned, “This is the face of socialism and ignorance. Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know the horrors of socialism?” [Emphasis added]

Representative Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, in response to the New Faces GOP PAC ad, the following:

“Republicans are running TV ads setting pictures of me on fire to convince people they aren’t racist. Life is weird!”

“Know that this wasn’t an ad for young conservatives of color — that was the pretense. What you just watched was a love letter to the GOP’s white supremacist case.”

Notice how Rep. Ocasio-Cortez didn’t answer the question about the horrors of socialism? AOC resorted to name calling.

BTW. Elizabeth Heng is neither white nor a supremacist.

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Woman of Color to AOC: ‘Are You Accusing Me of Racism?’

Lib Syncing on the 2020 Agenda

Leftists doxxing New Faces PAC donors after powerful anti-socialism AOC ad

VIDEO: The Vortex — Left Lane Merge


In the near past, Church Militant has talked about the parallel tracks of the political left and the theological left.

That was owing to the obvious shared agenda items between liberal-socialist politicians and liberal-socialist theological types.

Well, given the current climate in the country, it’s time to amend or update that analogy of parallel tracks.

The two tracks or lanes have now merged into just one giant “Left Lan,” with socialist politicians and socialist clergy now indistinguishable from one another.

When America was more religious-minded than the nation currently is, Democratic strategists would often complain that their party positions in favor of abortion, for example, had ceded “God” to the Republicans.

Indeed, the campaigns of Ronald Reagan were all about religious values and wrapping the cross up in the American flag.

And it worked — spectacularly.

Americans of all stripes who had an innate sense that the underlying issue with America was not economic but rather moral began heavily migrating to the GOP and locking down all sorts of political races.

But that was more than 30 years ago.

While religious-minded Americans were basking in the glow of victory, the long march through the institutions by the socialist-Marxist crowd was laying the groundwork for the overthrow of religion in America.

The college education system in the 80s had only just begun to pervert and convert the minds of the young.

More and more people attended college and ran up massive debt while colleges became correspondingly wealthier with American taxpayer dollars.

But the colleges themselves were putting the finishing touches on a complete ideological takeover by Marxist-styled professors.

Thirty-plus years since then, two generations of Americans who went to college have now essentially abandoned belief in God and their ranks are swelling every year.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s a Catholic college like Notre Dame which long ago betrayed the Faith or a public college, a college degree is almost a guarantee you don’t believe in God in any substantive manner or, at the most, are indifferent.

Now the Marxist college crowd with their millions of alumni have set about on a course to completely co-opt religion as a political issue.

No longer do Democratic Party strategists sit in back rooms lamenting the GOP stranglehold on the so-called “values voters.”

They are making an aggressive pitch for them and giving their Marxist ideology cover as being somehow religious or moral in the process.

So-called man-made climate change — originally called global warming until that proved not true — is now dressed up not just as a scientific issue, but in the end, a moral issue.

Greedy Americans are causing hurricanes, which then go on to wipe out poorer nations; therefore, Americans who support Trump are evil and sinful — that’s how the narrative goes.

And the moment you get to inject the “morality” issue into politics, all the liberal clergy get to start spouting off.

It’s kind of funny, you know, because this was the same crowd back in the 1980s and 1990s under serial abuser Bill Clinton who kept telling religious-minded Americans that you can’t legislate morality.

Now, that’s all the Marxist Democrats want to do — in fact, they can’t stop talking about it.

And they are joined by a full-throated effort of the U.S. bishops and every liberal priest, lesbian nun, and professional Catholic in the country.

Every single Democratic talking point is dressed up in high moral terms: equal rights for sodomites; free will to be able to kill your child at whatever stage you want; banning guns because guns kill; proven serial killers being exempt from the death penalty; illegal immigrants having the same rights as legal immigrants.

You name it, there is not one single Democratic Party talking point that does not have considerable theological heft behind it, and a large part of that heft is coming from the U.S. hierarchy and the James Martins of the world.

The entire process has been usurped and reversed.

It used to be that natural law truths — like abortion is killing and homosexual acts are depraved — were the basis for political laws. The morality informed the political process and the laws agreed.

Now, with religion on a steep decline in America, and things only growing worse, the exact opposite is the process.

People decide they want to live an objectively immoral life, so they get politicians elected who will pass laws which correspond to their immorality.

And they bring along equally immoral clerics who provide all the cover the guilty need to feel good about their actions of undermining morality in America.

There is no longer any need to distinguish between the political left and the theological left. Those two lanes have merged and are now the same — just, the Left.

America has arrived at this place in history because this is the natural result of pluralism, especially in the arena of religion.

The Marxists saw an opening, a chink in the armor that could be exploited, and they have moved in for the kill.

As demographics change and trends follow, election 2020 may very well be the last election where authentic religion is anything but an afterthought, a historical footnote. This is why the Marxist Democrats are trying, and largely succeeded, in seizing the high ground on the “morality” issue.

They are this close to dispatching religion and God from the political scene; and what better strategy to do so than to present a picture that religion can be approached in all sorts of different ways?

But then again, all they needed to do was to have just read the writings of the homopredator Cdl. Joseph Bernardin back in the 1980s who even then was part of this plan to rid America of religion.

It was Bernardin, after all, that blazed the trail for Marxist theologians with his proposal that the pro-life issue was not just about abortion, that there was a consistent ethic of life, making homelessness or being unemployed just as significant as being murdered in the womb as Blase Cupich, Bernardin’s worthy successor in Chicago, has publicly stated.

This complete collapse you see around you, the merger of theological and political socialism was first engineered by a homosexual dominant Catholic clergy, many of whom poisoned young minds at hundreds of formerly Catholic colleges for decades and have the stage for the downfall of religion in America.

Election 2020 will either be the last hurrah, or it will be the ushering in of a completely new America which will grow increasingly violent toward authentic religion.

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Republicans Sweep North Carolina Special Elections — Sign of 2020 KAG Landslide?

The Democratic National Campaign Committee has for the past several months  made the Congressional special elections in North Carolina a referendum on the Trump administration and its policies.

Well, the results are now in. Both Republican candidates won handily.

Sign of KAG 2020 Landslide?

According to the Daily Caller’s Capitol Hill reporter Henry Rodgers:

North Carolina Republican candidates Dan Bishop and Greg Murphy won the state’s special elections on Tuesday in the ninth and third Congressional Districts, after continued support from President Donald Trump.

Bishop, a state senator defeated Democrat Dan McCready with 50.47 percent of the vote compared to McCready’s 48.9 percent, with 86% of the vote counted, after millions of dollars were spent on this election. This comes after one of the largest pro-Trump super PACs backed Bishop in the special election, spending over $200,000 in independent expenditures on the Bishop campaign.

Read more.

Valor America’s Joseph Arlinghaus in an email stated:

Despite almost $10 million in money from the outside for the Democrat in the suburbs of Charlotte and Democratic attempts to make him sound moderate, Republican Dan Bishop has won tonight by more than a 2% margin. That’s excellent.

And along the Outer Banks, Dr. Greg Murphy crushed his opponent by a 24% margin.

The Democrats threw everything but the kitchen sink at North Carolina and they came up short. Surprisingly short from their perspective. This is a momentum booster for the President and for candidates for Congress nationwide who wonder if they should stand close to Donald Trump.

These victories come two days before the third Democratic presidential primary debate in Houston, Texas. These wins were a test of the ability of the Trump campaign’s strategy to win back the U.S. House of Representatives in 2020.

President Trump has shown the ability to fire up his base and get Republicans elected to Congress.

VIDEO: Donald Trump rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina for Dan Bishop – #GlobalNews.

The Key Issues in 2020

It is becoming more and more apparent that there are three key issues that will shape the 2020 election: immigration, the economy and the Second Amendment. All three are to the advantage of the Republican Party.

While there is still over a year before the Presidential election on Tuesday, November 3rd these wins were important for both parties. The Democrats lost, the Republicans won. It’s as simple as that.

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Sure Democrats Will Lose in 2020, But They Are Dangerous Now, And Must Be Stopped!

Breitbart: Donald Trump Celebrates NC Victories

Detailed Results

Local TV: Big Trump Victory

The Future Of Media Is Reversion To The Past, And That’s Good

For most of the country’s history, we did not have a professional, fair and objective media just reporting the news straight. It was an alien thought to most, and not the purpose.

The media (newspapers for most of that time) was always partisan, from Adams and Jefferson newspapers in the early years of the infant Republic up to the mid-20th century, newspapers were Democrat, Republican, pro-slavery, anti-slavery and overt about it. In fact, some newspapers today still bear that legacy — most Southern states have numerous newspapers named Democrat, such as the Tallahassee Democrat in Florida. There are dozens that retain this heritage, although many dropped the Democrat name in mergers.

Only for a short period after WWII, when there were a lot of anomalies that would not last, we tried this new idea of a professional class, college-trained media that would objectively report the truth in the news. I peg the ending of it to very roughly Watergate, but you could argue before that time. Certainly by the time of the Reagan presidency, the pretense was wearing thin, but you almost had to be in newsrooms (as I was) to realize the depth of the bias. By the 90s, it became much clearer in attempts to smear Republicans and whitewash Democrats and Bill Clinton’s ugly proclivities.

Since that time, the media has been reverting to form as a fully partisan industry. This is acceptable under the First Amendment, and historical, but we for a short time tried the other approach. Now, it never really was unbiased. It turns out Walter Cronkite, that most trusted of all trusted names was a doctrinaire leftist and wielded far, far too much power in influencing the American public against the Vietnam War.

The problem, however, was that all of the media — now known as the mainstream media — was uniformly left-wing. We see it more clearly in hindsight, but it was quite clear then. It’s why the deregulation of the airwaves and dumping of the Fairness Doctrine that opened up the airwaves allowed Rush Limbaugh and then a wave of other conservative voices to thrive where liberal voices could not. Liberals had all the rest of the media. It was conservatives who were hungry for balance. This also explains the launch of Fox News as “Fair and Balanced” and “We Report, You Decide” was and continues to be hugely successful. There was pent-up demand that was not being met by the unbalanced supply of the mainstream media.

Then we had the rise of the internet and another outlet for conservative voices and worldview takes on the news to further balance out the increasing reversion to the norm of the mainstream media. Andrew Breitbart was a pioneer here, but now the space is full of alternatives. We are continuing to transition back to our country’s historic pattern.

But herein lies the problem with this transition. Most Americans have no context for understanding a bias media (thank you again, public schools.) European media has all along been party organs. Everyone in London knows that with the Guardian they are getting the leftwing view and with the Telegraph they are getting the rightwing view. It benefits by being honest about the bias, something desperately lacking in the American media and driving the basement-level trust numbers.

This almost assuredly is the future for America. We can no longer accept the idea that we have a professional, above-the-fray media, and just give over to the more realistic model of party organs and worldview platforms. It’s not clear we ever strayed all that far from it in the first place.

Pretty much everyone to the right of center (including many moderate Republicans) now realize the mainstream, oldstream media is hopelessly biased and partisan. One good thing that has come from President Trump driving the left off the mental stability cliff is that it has finally and fully unmasked the media partisanship that has existed for decades. Judging by the response I get when talking on this subject, they will not regain our trust. That era has ended. It’s on to the past!

For many, it is hysterically funny that outfits such as the New York Times (building its newsroom around the bogus Trump-Russia narrative, now shifting to bogus Trump racist narrative, according to its executive editor) and the Washington Post (Democracy Dies in Darkness, actually surpassing the Trump’s narcissism) to CNN (once known as the Clinton News Network and now the Democratic Party’s video proselytising arm) all still try to declare they are straight news sources. The evidence to the contrary is so overwhelming it would crash The Revolutionary Act’s servers.

So what will happen is we will increasingly have on one side of the media the Daily Caller, Daily Wire, Breitbart News, the Blaze and other internet outfits as the conservative media, along with Fox News, the New York Post, Washington Examiner, and a few more old mainstream media outlets that are pretty honest in the bias, and then talk radio.

On the other side of the media we will have the Huffington Post, Slate, Salon, Daily Kos, Buzzfeed, Yahoo News, MSNBC (honest about their bias) Media Matters, and weirdly the Daily Show and Colbert (because inconceivably, people on the left claim to get their news there) and a raft of others.

And finally, for an extended period, probably, there will be the New York Times, WaPo, CNN, Bloomberg, NPR and the rest of the entrenched mainstream media around the country, which will also be leftist partisan — but will lie about it.

EDITORS NOTE: This Revolutionary Act column is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

Roll Back The Curtain And Know The Truth

Are we living in an ideological era? Yes!  And knowledge of Russia, its ideology and Intelligence Services’ Apparatus is a must to maintain the peace in America and the world. The failure of America’s Intel and decades of erroneous foreign policy have given Russia the opportunity to subvert half of the world and establish an Axis of Evil under Russia’s supervision. This Axis of Evil is now fighting Western civilization in Hong Kong, Syria, Israel, Iran, and Afghanistan. Andropov was right: “information is the most valuable commodity in politics.” The American public is lacking knowledge and information about The Axis of Evil and is giving Russia again the opportunity to destabilize the world further, using high technology stolen from us. And we are losing again, especially in Afghanistan, where the Taliban becomes the Arafat of that nation. The Truth in your hands is the crux of the world’s security, as long as we are a free people!

Last week, I was terrified by the pictures of the devastation in the Bahamas, resembling Hiroshima after the bomb. We all closely watched hurricane Dorian—it was a real threat of nature to several states, especially to Florida. Tracking of Dorian by professionals, and gathering the information had been superb, as they were using the high technology of 21st century–satellites. These professionals reminded us of the history of hurricanes in the past. That knowledge helped them determine the level of danger and the economic impact of Dorian. Though meteorology is not an exact science, yet I saw a maximum attempt by scientists to prevent a possible catastrophic damage to all alive. Living in Florida and watching those high professional experts, I felt more secure. In the end Dorian changed its direction and shifted more to the North. Well, I’d like to tell you another real story of war, a bigger challenge and more dangerous man-made force that never changed its direction and fights within our borders today—it is Russia, and its Intelligence Service’s Apparatus…

Soviets Declare War in 1955

Actually, most of the trouble in America and the world derives from and is caused by Russia and Putin’s KGB: from brainwashing and defrauding to killing. I am emphasizing the significance of the KGB, because it represents Russia today and am using the term KGB meaning the entirety of Russian Intelligence Services. To begin with: It happened sixty-four years ago, in 1955, when a document by the Soviet Defense Council, was enacted, giving the KGB and military the direct order to wage war. It was the first formal Soviet decision declaring war on Western civilization, and with it a global strategy to launch narcotics trafficking against the Bourgeoisie and especially against American capitalists. Please read attentively a part of this document:

“Soviet strategy for revolutionary war is a global strategy… narcotics strategy is a sub-component of this global strategy. …First was the increased training of leaders for the revolutionary movements—the civilian, military, and intelligence cadres. The founding of Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow is an example of one of the early actions taken to modernize the Soviet revolutionary leadership training. The second step was the actual training of terrorists. Training for international terrorism actually began as ‘fighters for liberation’…The third step was international drug and narcotics trafficking. Drugs were incorporated into the revolutionary war strategy as a political and intelligence weapon to use against the bourgeois society and as a mechanism for recruiting agents of influence around the world.”

This paragraph doesn’t need any explanations for those who can read English. It was decided THEN in 1955 to wage the war on many fronts—an asymmetric war against Western civilization. Don’t be surprised by the Opioid epidemic in America. Recently, a judge in Oklahoma ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $572 million for its role in the crisis. This will have a domino effect for other States, suffering from the epidemic of Opioids. The epidemic of drugs is only a part of the war against Western civilization. Don’t be surprised that it was not Russia, but China that provided the drugs—we are dealing today with the countries of the Axis of Evil—trained by the same KGB and adhered to the same ideology and using terror along the Communist line. If you are wondering what any of this has to do with mass shootings in America, political mistrust of the government, and the other ills at this moment in time, simply imagine the decades of the KGB’s infiltration to do just that–fighting the American Republic from within….

Socialism Infects the American Culture

Yet I don’t want to be involved in the current debate about the FBI, DOJ, and CIA corruption and abuses in America. Those are the symptoms of corrupt Soviet Socialism, the source of the disease itself is the ideology of Soviet Fascism, inculcating and propagandizing both young and old, and spread by the KGB during last several decades. Trump is an existential    threat to the ideology and to the Socialist mafia of the world. A devoted disciple of Stalin and Andropov, Putin, continues spreading the design left by both to impact the 21st century. Two American Manchurian Presidents have implemented this ideology in America. Today, the Dems have prepared for you the third American Manchurian President, due to the FBI inability to vet them seriously. As a result: all Trumps’ achievements could be nullified…

Stalin’s devoted disciples have developed and widened the tools, devices, methods, and tricks of the war crimes committed since 1955. And the leading role in that development belongs to Yuri Andropov, the KGB Chairman 1967-1982. It was Andropov, who had designed the plan to infiltrate the American social media, and the entire American Security apparatus to crush the free enterprise economic system and create a Socialist economy in America. This issue is key to understanding the contemporary predicament of America and especially events in Washington D.C. The knowledge of Andropov’s Operation Barbarossa is a must. Just look at our media— censorship and attempts at thought control are prevailing everywhere. Stalinist Political Correctness abounds in all forms of media—the legacy of Andropov’s Operation Barbarossa.

Google, Twitter, and Facebook are banning conservatives for their ideological positions, as it was in the Soviet Union, where all media and print were under censorship of the communist government. The scandal of fraud, abuse, and corruption in the FBI, DOJ, and CIA is in front of your face and tells you that Andropov’s Operation Barbarossa has “achieved” a lot by infiltrating and paralyzing both our media and Intel Security apparatus. The crux of the matter is that: everything mentioned above was done by the KGB in collaboration with the Democrat Party for decades and missed by American Intel. They missed it like they missed a fake Trump/Dossier, produced by the KGB: I have no doubts in that, the KGB handwriting is well known to me.

This exact handwriting of the KGB’s operatives, I found in American Socialism described by me in the segment California: The First Socialist State in America, in my column Socialism Infects the Globe, It Must be Defeated, August 26, 2019 in this e-magazine. Discussing Soviet Socialism for many years and learning more and more about the KGB’s nefarious activities and agenda, I’ve renamed Soviet Socialism to Soviet Fascism. The collapse of the USSR has manifested a collapse of Socialist Economy, yet the Soviet System, its dictatorial nature of one-party rule, run by the KGB survived under Putin’s leadership. You can find a philosophical and ideological explanation of the event in my books and columns. Hence, I want to show you why it is definitely Soviet Fascism, indeed by giving you another excurse to the Soviet history…

Soviet Medicine: Ruthless Example of Soviet Fascism

Have you ever heard the name Raoul Wallenberg? He was a real hero during WWII—he had saved thousands of Jews and people of other religions from the Nazis in Hungary. A famous Swede, he had been working under the noses of Nazis in the Swedish Embassy in Budapest and other cities helping Jewish people to escape. His activities cannot be called anything other than heroic. The entire world was grateful to him for his courage and bravery. However, as soon as the Soviet Army entered Budapest in 1944, Raoul Wallenberg disappeared from the face of the earth! He was kidnapped by Soviet Intelligence. For many years nobody knew his fate.

Immigrating to the U.S. in 1981, by chance I came upon material in Russian newspaper Isvestia, explaining at last where and how Raoul Wallenberg died. And this is another story connecting us again with the Soviet Intelligence. In 1946, the man named Victor Abakumov was appointed head of the Ministry for State Security—the MGB, a precursor of the KGB. “Abakumov was a notoriously brutal Chekist who tortured people with his own hands.” PWHCE. He had worked under the supervision of Beria. After Stalin’s death in March 1953, Beria was overthrown; Abakumov was charged and tried for his role in the case known as the Leningrad Affair and secretly executed in December 1954.

I have read a protocol of his interrogation in Isvestia and there he mentioned Raoul Wallenberg. Abakumov alleged that Raoul Wallenberg died of a heart attack after an injection. Abakumov pointed: The NKVD, MGB, and KGB had perfected the injections, which were provoking heart attacks. I had known about KGB’s secret laboratory before. What I did not know was that the secret laboratory had the ability to develop different substances, which when injected were bringing desirable results for the KGB. In the case of Raoul Wallenberg it was a heart attack—the KGB had murdered Raoul Wallenberg by their usual criminal way…

This story illustrates the ugly face of Russia today, run by the heirs of the KGB, the contemporary FSB. The constant debate on gun-control is a part of the Dems’ narratives, yet no one Republican has connected the horrifying issue of attacking our children to the “Axis of Evil,” run by the Russian KGB Government. I would. The injection that murdered Raoul Wallenberg can be repeated with different substances desired by the KGB, shooting the ampule by a soundless gun. In this case it is the substance to worsen, aggravate, and exacerbate the psychological state of the killers in Columbine, Sandy Hooks, Florida and many other places… Shooting in EL Paso, Dayton, and Texas are not the last crime on our land—Fascism never sleeps—we must know Soviet Medicine!

 Soviet Fascism, Fighting America From Within

Russian Intel, especially the KGB is a syndicate of professional snipers, killers, and murderers. Why are the Democrats pushing for gun-control? Because the  Socialist mafia is aimed at disarming Americans, like Stalin, Andropov, and Putin did in Russia and Hitler in Germany—this is the reason I am writing about Soviet fascism today…Our Government didn’t act on 45 tips, Red Flag warnings to prevent the tragedy of Valentine Day in Florida. You now know that the KGB works much better in our space of Facebook, Twitter, and using any opportunities to kill, harm, undermine, and destroy the system of the American Republic left to us by our Founding Fathers.

The Democrats are leaning on recent testimony from FBI Director Christopher Wray, who told a Senate Committee the following: “a majority of the domestic terrorism cases that we’ve investigated are motivated by some version of what you might call white supremacist violence.” I was stunned by his suggestion and narrative of “white supremacist violence” coming from the FBI Director Wray—he is within the babble of Dems’ in a war against Republicans to disarm decent American citizens by all costs. The FBI Director doesn’t know that all racist slurs-smears are initiated and inflamed by the KGB’s operatives. He hadn’t read any of my books or columns. He doesn’t know about McCabe/McAuliffe collaboration in inflaming and shaping the events in Charlottesville, Virginia 2017. He doesn’t understand a destructive work of Clinton’s mafia. What a shame!

I am not alone talking about Russia and its KGB meddling the flames in Charlottesville. Republican Congressman Tom Garrett told of Russian meddling on CNN. Garrett claimed that the Russians had meddled to stir the racial tensions that sparked a violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017. GOP REP. DROPS BOMB ON CNN: RUSSIANS MEDDLED IN CHARLOTTESVILLE TO STIR RACIAL TENSIONS, the Daily CallerVirginia Kruta, Associate Editor, 08/11/2018. An infiltrated and paralyzed FBI is losing defense of our national security to the KGB. Knowledge of Russia is a MUST! Don’t forget a mechanism for recruiting agents of influence in America. It works.

A brilliant piece on the subject by Diana West will help you to digest the significance of the enemy’s history fighting from within: “There is a sinister war underway, a war of mental conditioning, as a new united front of communists, socialists, and liberals in media and politics attacks the American mind and soul as something immoral and hateful—something to be reviled as “racist” in every tweet and every news story, and demonized as “white nationalist” over every airwave, all to a point of reflexive consensus in the public square.

The ravages of history bear witness to the heinous results of eerily similar campaigns of public revilement in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and other totalitarian echo chambers. Should the tens of millions of Americans today and every day lashed as “racists” and “white nationalists”—that is, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who support Donald Trump—be worried? “The Brain-Washing War on America’s Mind and Soul, The Epoch Times, by Diana West, August 19, 2019

Diana West is right “the primary source of the invective is not “the street” or “radical fringe,” but the top leaders and most influential figures in the Democratic Party.” Yet, I will go further than that in identifying the ideology of Soviet Fascism and writing about the leadership of the Dems and how they are collaborating with the KGB for the last thirty years. For the last three years, I was writing about an International Watergate No.2.  Look at current DNC Chairman Tom Lopez, his statements speak for him and you will see how a Communist is leading the Dems against the American Republic… Hence, the primary task of DOJ in investigating the investigators, which means the Dems’ leadership and the core of the matter is the Dems’ collaboration with the KGB.

There has been a deep infiltration and meddling with the 2016 election by Russia, when the White House was turned into the ‘KGB’s Headquarters’, working against the opposite party—the Republican Party and its leader Donald J. Trump. The DOJ is investigating the investigators now, which means a case against the Deep State. Though my latest columns illustrated the way the Deep State was acting, there is a short way to investigate the crime committed—a thorough investigation of the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton is the man in the center of the entire criminal midst against the American Republic. In my books I have followed Clinton’s mafia and reported its actions since 1991. Obama merely continued the Clinton’s business within the Democrat Party.

Trump was alleging that the Clintons were behind Jeffrey Epstein’s sudden death. I am leaving the Epstein’s death to the professionals dealing with the case. Yet, there is a direct connection between womanizer Bill Clinton and Epstein’s repulsive crime spread globally: a pedophile, who also sponsored the Clinton Foundation, which I called “the eyes and ears of the KGB.”  This is the case to investigate the real Russian connection, which is the core, revealing the Dems collaboration with Russia for years. Epstein also had connection with Russians: to my knowledge two of Epstein’s closed persons were Russians: his bodyguard and a woman-provider of the young girls. My hopes for AG Barr’s awareness of those facts to execute a successful investigation of the International Watergate No.2 in America.

My fellow Americans!

On the tragic eve of the attack of 9/11 God is giving us this last chance to save our county—President Donald J. Trump! Don’t allow Soviet Fascism to take over the American Republic. Now you can recognize Socialist mafia: “the squad,” the Trojan Horse Bernie, AOC, Beto, Pete, and their leader Tom Perez. They are lying, fooling and deceiving you for decades. Be vigilant! Some of them are sponsored by the KGB. Fight the ideology of Soviet Fascism and save the legacy of our Founding Fathers and the American Republic!

Knowledge is Power! Good Luck my beloved America the Beautiful!

To be continued or at

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PODCAST: Swamp Ready To Pass Gun Control; Pundits cheering for a recession; Black Americans for a Better Future!


Dudley Brown President National Association for Gun Rights, has nearly three decades of professional experience in political activism with 25 years as a gun lobbyist, firearms instructor, and expert in American firearms laws and legislation. He founded Rocky Mountain Gun Owners in 1996, which is one of the most successful — and feared — state gun rights groups in the country. Throughout his career, Dudley has worked in the trenches of State Legislatures across the nation as a leader for gun rights.

TOPIC: D.C. Swamp Ready To Pass Gun Control!

Alfredo Ortiz is the president and CEO of the Job Creators Network, where he has led the defense of small businesses from the onslaught of bad government policies. Alfredo has testified before legislative committees about the impact of taxation and regulation on small business growth, and speaks frequently to business organizations across the nation about the need for job creators to seize responsibility for defending free enterprise.
He has been widely published in major media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNBC, The Hill, and U.S. News & World Report and is a frequent guest on cable news networks and national radio talk shows, including CNN, Fox News, Hugh Hewitt, Mike Gallagher, and the Dennis Prager Show.

TOPIC: Pundits cheering for a recession!!

Raynard Jackson is a Pulitzer Prize nominated columnist and President & CEO of Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC, an internationally recognized political consulting, government affairs, and PR firm based in Washington, DC. Jackson is an internationally recognized radio talk show host and TV commentator. He has coined the phrase “straticist.” As a straticist, he has merged strategic planning with public relations.

TOPIC: Black Americans for a Better Future

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The Church and Socialism: The Fallacy that Will Not Go Away

Hadley Arkes: The good society works to broaden not burden the freedom of ordinary people to make their livings doing ordinary things. 

Another report in the unfolding story of this pontificate:  The redoubtable Daniel Mahoney, who reads and sees everything, brought me the account of Archbishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, who has been serving since 1998, and now under this pope, as the head Pontifical Academy of the Social Sciences.   Just last year he told a reporter that, “at this moment, those who best realize the social doctrine of the Church are the Chinese.”  He focused his praise on the Communist regime for “defending the human person” – this in a regime that has taken compulsory abortion as one of its defining policies.

A former colleague of mine, from a wealthy family in Brazil, used to say that she was a Marxist and a Catholic. I thought that anyone who could say such a thing could not possibly understand either one.  And yet here we are in an age when young people in America have been credulous enough to be drawn to something called “socialism” – and drawn even with the examples still around us, in Cuba and Venezuela, of the impoverishing and lethal effects of these regimes.

Leo XIII and John Paul II put out ample warnings about the moral inversions that may settle in as people talk themselves into a concern for relieving the conditions of the poor. For they often detach themselves from the moral framework that puts in a central place the primacy of the “human person.”

The American Founders never used the word “capitalism.” They spoke rather of the “system of personal liberty,” and the way people made their livings simply provided one notable domain in which personal freedom was exercised, with legal and moral restraints.

John Locke saw the origin of property in the rightful claim that people have to the fruits of that labor they do with their own hands. But that in turn depended on the prior premise that they were the owners of their own hands.  They would not have that claim, say, if their hands were owned by someone else – if they themselves were owned as property, as slaves.

As Lincoln made his case against slavery, he had to make the case anew that people were the owners of themselves and their own labor.  And so, as he argued, a certain black woman may not be his social or intellectual equal, “but in her natural right to eat the bread she earns with her own hands. . .she is my equal, and the equal of all others.”  Her right to work – and keep what she earns – he treated as a species of natural right.

Leo XIII had put the accent in the same place in Rerum Novarum: “when a man engages in remunerative labor, the impelling reason and motive of his work is to obtain property, and thereafter to hold it as his very own.”  That motive springs from the deepest inclinations of nature to sustain oneself and one’s family; it is a “natural right,” he said, and a critical support to one’s freedom.

The Socialists would transfer property to a collective or the community, and that move would, he said, “strike at the interests of every wage-earner, since they would deprive him of the liberty of disposing of his wages, and thereby of all hope and possibility of increasing his resources and of bettering his condition in life.”  [Italics added.]

Leo XIII saw through the rhetoric that was as common in his day as in ours:  schemes were often offered under the banner of high-flown sentiments, seeking to deliver men from want and solve the problem of distribution; and yet, as he recognized, they work by removing or burdening the freedom of ordinary people to make their livings doing ordinary things.

In our own day, those ordinary things may be: braiding hair, shining shoes, or driving a gypsy cab from the subway to the safety of one’s own door (a fine scheme finally stifled by the unions in New York.)

John Paul II made the telling point that, when the Church talks about the “preferential option for the poor,” it doesn’t reduce the meaning of poverty to poverty in material goods.  The Church encompasses rather a sense of spiritual and moral impoverishment.

When we understand that the question of “the human person” remains the central question, then the foremost question, or the foremost “right,” is the right to life, including, as John Paul II says, “the right of the child to develop in the mother’s womb from the moment of conception.”

What is the Church’s doctrine, then, on the economy and the “social question”? John Paul II said that it reduces to this:  “[The Church’s] sole purpose has been care and responsibility for man. . . .the only creature on earth which God willed for its own sake. . . .We are not dealing here with man in the ‘abstract,’ but with the real, ‘concrete,’ ‘historical’ man.  We are dealing with each individual, since each one is included in the mystery of Redemption. . . .This man is the primary route that the Church must travel in fulfilling her mission.” It is “the way that leads invariably through the mystery of the Incarnation and the Redemption.”

“This, and this alone,” he said,  “is the principle which inspires the Church’s social doctrine.”  And that explains, at the root, with sufficient depth and reach, everything that the Church need say about “capitalism” – or anything else.


Hadley Arkes

Hadley Arkes is the Ney Professor of Jurisprudence Emeritus at Amherst College and the Founder/Director of the James Wilson Institute on Natural Rights & the American Founding. His most recent book is Constitutional Illusions & Anchoring Truths: The Touchstone of the Natural Law. Volume II of his audio lectures from The Modern Scholar, First Principles and Natural Law is now available for download.


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