Election 2018: Off to the Racists

The sky is blue, the sun rises in the east & sets in the west, Hillary Clinton lost to Obama, Black Democrats lose to white Republicans because of racism and voter suppression, yada, yada, yada.

Just as sure as the above truisms are absolute, so can you count on liberals using the race card after every election that doesn’t go their way.

Every time a Black Democrat candidate loses to a white candidate, the liberal media, especially those who are Black, fall back to their default position:  racism and voter suppression!

One need to look no further than the Florida and Georgia governors’ races to see exhibit A & B.  The Democrats nominated current Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum in Florida and former Georgia state representative Stacy Abrams in Georgia to be their standard bearers.

Both candidates were radical, leftist, socialist candidates who won their party’s respective primaries, beating out more mainstream candidates within their parties.  They won their primaries, not because they were better candidates, but because they each faced a very crowded primary field; thus, the vote was split into very narrow constituencies where a small plurality of the vote handed them a giant victory.

But, in all honesty, Gillum and Abrams both ran incredibly impressive, well-organized general election campaigns.

They both lost, not because of racism and voter suppression; but because their Republican opponents, former Congressman Ron DeSantis of Florida and former Georgia secretary of state Brian Kemp, got more votes than them!

Liberals find it IMPOSSIBLE to admit to such a simple fact.  I call this the Hillary principle, as in Hillary Clinton.  Like the liberal media trying to explain away electoral defeat of Democrats, she is incapable of admitting that her loss had everything to do with her candidacy; not extraneous factors like gender, sexism, media bias, etc.

In a similar manner, radical Black so-called journalists and liberal Black media pundits’ default position is RACISM and VOTER SUPPRESSION, with absolutely no evidence to prove their case; but a lie that is oft repeated becomes the truth.

Who are some of these radical Black fake journalists?

Well, just a short list that comes immediately to mind are:  Roland Martin, Joe Madison, Karen Hunter, Laura Coates, Marc Hill, Al Sharpton, Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, Joy Reid, Jason Johnson, just to name a few of the more dangerous liberal puppets.

They do more damage to the Black community than anyone with a white hood over their faces (that will be the subject of a future column).

They are incapable of giving Black folks analysis, but rather simply read from Democrat talking points that they are told to read.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I served as senior advisor to Congressman Ron DeSantis’ successful campaign for governor of Florida.  I have known DeSantis since he came to Congress back in 2012.

Congressman DeSantis called me right after he won the primary and told me that he was very serious about making inroads in the Black community in his race for governor and asked me to come to Florida and make things happen in the Black community.

He then authorized and empowered me to do what was necessary to get him the results he wanted.  The last pre-election poll I saw showed us polling at 2% of the Black community.  According to CNN’s exit polls from election day, DeSantis actually received 14% of the Black vote!!!  That is why Gillum lost his bid to become Florida’s first elected Black governor; his loss had nothing to do with racism or voter suppression.

Enough Black voters in Florida didn’t agree with Gillum’s position of supporting amnesty for those illegally residing in Florida; they rejected his call to increase taxes on small businesses by 40%; they rejected his call for a single-payer health care system; and they totally rejected his wanting to end Florida’s school voucher program which disproportionately benefited low income Black families.

Listening to these radical Black quasi-journalists, you wouldn’t have known that the people of Florida rejected Gillum’s platform, NOT his race!

When radical journalist Roland Martin found out that I was working with Congressman DeSantis, he sent this email to me: “You are advising him? Oh, he’s guaranteed to lose now!!! LOL.”  Yes, he and most liberals, think Blacks are too stupid to make a rational choice when it comes to how they vote.

14% of Blacks in Florida over-wrote their strong desire to make history by electing the first Black governor in Florida’s history; and decided that a person’s policies were more important than one’s skin color.  I often tell Republicans that Blacks may not be able to help you win an election; but we sure in hell can help you lose one.

DeSantis deserved to win the governor’s race in Florida and should be held up as an example of what can be done when a candidate gets serious about the Black vote.  Yes, the final vote was much too close for my liking, less than 1% margin of victory, but a win is a win.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in Afro.com. The featured photo is by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

Socialist Power Grab in America!

Please let this sink in…Russia is the mortal enemy of the American Republic! Therefore knowledge of Russia and its Intelligence Services is a Must for every American politician. Knowledge of Russia is also a Must for all Republicans to determine who colluded with Russia and how they did it. The chaos we were witnessing in the midterm election is the result of the absence of that knowledge. The former AG, Jeff Session did not know the Russia that I know, hence he couldn’t control the DOJ. His recusal in the Russia Probe created chaos within the DOJ, undermined Trump’s presidency and strengthened the opposition. As a result we are experiencing consolidation of the Dems’ Socialist Build up and their victory in the House of Representatives.

The History, Intent, and Agenda of Socialism/Communism

A hundred years ago with the help of a Socialist betrayal in the Duma (Russian parliament), the Bolsheviks took power in the 1917 Russian Socialist Revolution. Actually it was not a revolution but a coup d’état. That strategy of fraud, deceit, and intimidation was repeated by Benito Mussolini, imposing Fascism in Italy a few years later. History is the Mother of all science! The knowledge of history, and in particular Russian history is a Must to prevent Socialism and Fascism to win in America. Socialism and Fascism are two sides of the same model of a totalitarian regime, using the same violence, strategy, tactics, methods, and tricks…

The logical question is why I am talking about Russia and not China, which is currently even more dangerous than Russia? The answer is quite simple—Russia was the first country to experience a victorious Socialist Revolution and thus the first creator of a Socialist State with an agenda to overthrow capitalism and establish Socialism. The strategy, tactics, tools, devices, and methods developed in Russia in those days and the asymmetrical war against capitalism and Western civilization was started then in 1917.

It was Stalin, who instituted the first Socialist State, intertwined with a politicized Intelligence and Security services—the fraudulent formula of Socialism, gave the state the apparatus needed for the application of force. Later this formula was spread globally by the radical army of a Socialist mafia. Stalin particularly projected the agenda against America: “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is Threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual Life. If you can undermine these three areas, America will Collapse from within.”  The strategy hasn’t changed—the same fraud, deceit, and intimidation to create social chaos which is used to destroy capitalism. For details read Socialist Lies: from Stalin to the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders by Simona Pipko, Xlibris, 2016.

For your information the collapse of the Soviet Union meant the collapse of the Socialist economy, which couldn’t produce enough wealth. Though it collapsed under its own weight, the Police State under the KGB survived, and is thriving today. So, nothing substantial has changed and under Putin’s leadership the current apparatchiks are flourishing in Russia today–the KGB is still running the country with a crony capitalism instead of failed socialism. That’s it. Yet, the spread of the ideology of Soviet Fascism and Stalinist Political Correctness globally continues as ever before brainwashing you to control your minds…

In America there is no more Democrat Party as in Truman’s day.  We are dealing with a fraudulent Stalinist-Socialist formation, which is analyzed brilliantly, but with a too pessimistic conclusion in this publication by Selwyn Duke: “… this isn’t your grandfather’s Democrat Party. Voters this time empowered socialistic to socialist to closet-communist, sexual devolutionary, rabble-rousing, low-I.Q., no-virtue, ignorant freaks who often encourage political violence by their Antifa-Brownshirt useful idiots. So it’s not your great-grandfather’s America, either. American’t: From Midterms to End Times, by Selwyn Duke, November 20, 2018. I believe that the knowledge of the political enemy is the antidote to the problem, as knowledge is power…

It is Putin’s Way not the Blue Wave

Using the term KGB, I mean the entire Russian Intel—it is a collective image, the reason for that is those three letters are familiar to the vast majority of Americans. The ideology of Soviet fascism is the banner and the nucleus of the Kremlin’s war against Western civilization. Even before the fall of the Soviet Union, that ideology had come to America through the infiltration of the Democrat Party by KGB operatives. The agenda is the same—destruction of Western civilization, capitalism, and Americanism. My latest columns were dedicated to the analyses of Socialist mafia’s strategy, tactics, methods, and tricks. Educate yourself by reading them.

I want to show you the dynamics of cultural change in the country due to the activities of the Dems’ Socialist mafia in America, built on the principles of Stalin’s power-projection formula. What do you think? Why is Putin winning 70-80 percent of every election in Russia for the last decades? The answer is the following: Vladimir Putin is a devoted disciple of the Stalin/Andropov dogma and their teaching. Stalin said that in any election the winning people are not those who are voting, but those who are counting. Had you read my columns, you would know how Putin got the percentage: just a secret pile of ballots in all precincts, if “needed.” This is Putin’s way of winning, by controlling and defrauding the entire administration of the electoral process at any elections.

Manipulation in administrating the election has become one of the fronts in the asymmetrical war against America and it is an integral part of the war, I named–World War Three. I gave you a short definition of the war—WW III: Recruitment and Infiltration, Drugs and Assassinations. I also gave you the information about the Obama/Putin conspiracy to evaluate and grasp the predicament in America. You can read these detailed descriptions of the war and identification of the ideology of Soviet Socialism, I named Soviet Fascism in my book: What is Happening in America? The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction. Xlibris, 2012.

And the asymmetrical war against Western civilization and the American Republic is being continued by the radical army of America’s Socialist mafia in the 21st century, today. Its means: Recruitment and Infiltration, Drugs and Assassinations in order to create leaders in targeted countries across the globe, indoctrinated in Soviet ideology, to win. Without this knowledge it is impossible to analyze events happening in America today, particularly the events of the midterm election November 6, 2018, the result of decades of Flake-styled RINO’s and their political ignorance. Their passivity and lack of knowledge in defending a smart military veteran like John James, Republican against an empty dress Democrat Stabenow, is a vivid example in Michigan.

In Arizona, the GOP claims a Democrat Election Official Destroyed Evidence of Ballot Counting ‘Irregularities.’ An attorney for the Arizona Republican Party further charged at a news conference on Friday afternoon, “The Democrats are stealing this election, and we’re not going to allow it.” The Republicans are right, but they don’t know how to fight the Socialist mafia, hence Socialist-robot Kirsten Sinema won the Senate seat over the woman who defended us in the war–Martha McSally. And again a military veteran, McSally, lost—Dems’ Socialists fear our military. It was hard to keep my emotions down, because our military was first to meet face to face with Soviet Fascism in Afghanistan and Iraq; that resulted in vast killing and injuries, mental damage, increased suicides, psychological disability of our soldier’s boys and girls. Now, returning home, they are again skillfully defrauded by the Dems’ Socialist mafia in the midterm election. Shame!

We had been familiar with the attempt to manipulate the election since 2000, when we counted ballots of the Bush/Gore election. We also watched how Norm Coleman lost his senate seat to a Democrat in 2008 Senate reelection bid to Al Franken by 312 votes out of over 3 million cast. Those 312 votes had been found after the election, but the toothless Republicans swallowed the fraud committed by the Dems in 2008. They also did not fight a voter fraud in 2012 and Obama won his second term (I know two Dems who executed that fraud in 2012). Florida is not the only one stage for election-year shenanigans, the so-called Progressives are more powerful today, and there are several locations in the country with prevailing voter fraud. By not responding to the Dems’ crime for a few decades, the Republicans establishment had enhanced and allowed huge changes in the cultural landscape of America…

According to recent reports, witless shill Broward County election supervisor Brenda Snipes originally reported that around 634,000 ballots were cast — but by Friday night, she had reported 83,000 more. And it doesn’t look like she can explain where they came from. Did she create them? “ Carlos Lopez-Cantera ✔@LopezCantera  

The man is right. Why can’t the Supervisor of Elections in Broward explain why on the night of the election she reported 634,000 ballots were cast in the General election and today she is reporting that over 717,000 ballots were cast? 83,000 more ballots? It is things like this that make people cynical. It is not only cynical, it is the sign of a deliberate fraud a la Putin’s rules for America.

“Strangely, these 83,000 votes were only reported after Democrats lost in several key state elections. In fact, on Tuesday night, current Florida Gov. Rick Scott apparently had a very safe lead of some 60,000 votes against his opponent for a Senate seat against incumbent Bill Nelson. Two days later, that lead had shrunk all the way down to 15,000 votes.” Election officials ‘find’ 83,000 additional votes in Florida’s embattled Broward County, Patriot News Alerts, November 11, 2018 by Jerry McCormick

Counting unlawful votes. Destroying ballots. Sunshine Law violations. Busted deadlines. So many controversies have bedeviled Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes — culminating in her office’s troubles in the aftermath of Florida’s November 6, 2018 election. There was supposed to be a Saturday deadline to recount all ballots cast. That time has come and gone, however, and we still have no idea who won the elections in Florida. Then machine malfunctions force another Florida recount, and I suspect fraud and some other criminal activities are also going on there…

If you ever watched a recounting chaos, you’ll see irregularity after irregularity, systematic violation of deadline, destruction of ballots and magical appearance of additional ballots after the deadlines, and other violations. Meanwhile, a federal prosecutor who worked in Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district in 2017 was found dead on a Florida beach. All the symptoms mentioned above made me believe that we are dealing with Socialist Revolution in America administered and executed by the Kremlin. My explanation is the following. Like Obamacare, the Russian Academy of Science together with the KGB calculated and coordinated America’s election through the Democrat Party. It is not a voting drama in Florida and other states, it is a special KGB operation in America’s election. I am not alone talking about fraud, an American patriot also gives us a hint of how it may’ve been done:

“Bikers for Trump leader Chris Cox bustled through the throng of protesters at the Broward County elections office at the heart of the Florida recount fandango, drawing attention to colored zip-tie tags found on the ground near the building’s loading dock,” reported The Washington Times on Wednesday. “Although only about a dozen of the tags were allegedly found, that could potentially mean that tens of thousands of votes were tampered with”. ‘Bikers for Trump’ Leader Finds Smoking Gun at Broward Election HQ, Conservative Tribune, BY BENJAMIN ARIE  NOVEMBER 16, 2018

Latest News:

  1. Officials arrested nine individuals for voter fraud in Texas. 2. Dems Steal Another House Race from Republican Young Kim with “Found” Ballots in California.
  2.  Yes, Florida Elections Have Had Their Moments, Like 200,000 Non-Citizens Possibly Voting In 2012 Matt Vespa @mvespa1 Posted: Nov 12, 2018: The election in Florida has been botched from the very start. When voting ended, within 48 hours, almost another 100,000 votes had been found.  Patriot News Alerts, November 19, 2018 by Jerry McCormick.
  3. “It is well-documented that Soros and his organizations have spent millions of dollars to influence initiatives that would benefit his personal agenda of turning the United States into a socialist country.” Arizona GOP formally requests documents on George Soros’ involvement in state’s elections, Patriot news Alerts, November 12, 2018 by Jerry McCormick. I had been warning you about the KGB agent—George Soros for years—he sponsored 184 different businesses and organizations to harm America…

Who Does Really Divide America?

Do you remember Stalin’s projections for America? It was a design to build Socialism in America with the same strategy of intimidation, fraud, and deceit to create social chaos and using it destroy capitalism. Stalin’s devoted disciples Andropov/Putin executed his projection with the help of the KGB agent Soros to crumble Western civilization and America from within. For you information, Europe is already on the way to be destroyed by the Muslim Invasion, executed by the Kremlin. Read my column Soviet Fascism vs. Americanism, November 1, 2018 in this e-magazine. I have been writing for years how Russians have already infiltrated our government, security agencies, the media (especially CNN), and the educational institutions; diluted our morality, values and ideology; to totally divide the country from within. Judge for yourself the division in America into:

The Left  vs. The Right
Socialists vs. Capitalists
Democrats vs. Republicans
Blacks vs. Whites
Women vs. Men
Gays vs. Straights
Anarchy vs. Law and Order
Chaos, Criminality, Those under the Influence of Drugs, Pills, and Alcohol  vs. Sober
Enslavement vs. Personal Liberty
Freedom Victim Consciousness vs. Individual Rights and Responsibility
Treason vs. Patriotism
Blind Emotion namely hate and anger against white males, from whom most of these groups demand legitimacy and recognition vs. Logic and Reason

Any opposition to the above is deemed “politically incorrect”, which is why and how people are kept silent. If you stop and think about it, this overwhelming change and division in American society has only occurred in the last 50 or 60 years after Stalin’s projection. The vast majority of Americans do not know of William Bradford’s story. Moreover: Religious affiliation is way down, Churches are closing, but new Mosques are opening in America, and our market-based economy, which likes tranquility and stability, is in a constant fever. What happened?

I would suggest that this has been a conscious, intentional, well-planned and executed program by the Kremlin to destroy America by any means and to control the world as a unitary Socialist society. Alan West counted seventy Socialists in our Congress, I believe they are in the hundreds, and flakey RINO Republicans, including Sen. Richard Rurr, have never confronted them and still doesn’t know about Dems’ Socialist’s collaboration with Russia and its KGB. What a Shame!

Don’t be surprised by the Dems’ victory, they have been collaborating with the KGB since two American Manchurian Presidents opened the gate of America for the KGB political operatives. You will see now how those Socialists are tearing apart the unique system left to us by our Founding Fathers. They will continue to angrily divide our country with typical Stalinist hatred and the help of George Soros-a KGB agent for over thirty years, not exposed by our incompetent Intel. 32 percent of our youth, suburban votes, and some military veterans are deceived and inculcated by a cosmetic version of Socialism, they voted for Socialists. Mark Zuckerberg admits he has ‘Tremendous Respect’ for George Soros. What a Shame! Don’t be surprised by Russia’s infiltration of Facebook and other media giants; it is Andropov’s design for America. Read it in my books and columns.

Knowledge is Power

It was an historical defeat, Republicans lost ground in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. This is the time to learn for President Trump as well—knowledge of Russia is a must. We, the former citizens of the Socialist system remember that politics was injected into everything in our lives. The picture in America today is very familiar to us—Soviet Socialism, which I named Soviet fascism is showing its face in America’s very midst. Socialists in Russia had always compared the CIA and FBI with KKK. Hearing that in America, we realized who is who. Now the fight to control your mind is going on in America the way it was in Russia. The Republican establishment lost due to their ignorance of Russian history and the tremendous role of the KGB in building Stalin’s Socialism… We are paying now a dear price for that. Knowledge of Russia is a must!

The WH incident with Jim Acosta is a good illustration of the need for that knowledge—the Caravan-Invasion is the Kremlin’s creation, the repetition of the European Muslim-Invasion. You should know the multiple ways the KGB uses to infiltrate and harm Western civilization. We are dealing today with the organized invasion of our country by the Kremlin in cahoots with George Soros’ money. It is time to impose Martial Law and close the Southern border to prevent the future repetition of the establishment of a failed Socialist country like Cuba and Venezuela here, run by Stalinist Political Correctness.

Knowing the Russian methods, agenda, and its proclivity to mold Soviet style charlatan-leaders around the world to engineer cadres of fifth columnists, I believe there are two types of people committing betrayals: those who do not like the system established by our Founding Fathers and are trying to transform it– they are currently collaborating with the KGB to destroy America the Beautiful, and those people who haven’t a clue about the KGB infiltrations, hence becoming their unwitting accomplices.

The FBI, and other current Security and Intel people won’t be able to identify those culprits without reading my books and columns. We are dealing with an Axis of Evil under Kremlin’s direction and command. Americans must be aware of the needs to save the American Republic–we must expose the Dems’ collaboration with Putin’s KGB. Newly-elected Senator Rick Scott of Florida should know it now… I am not sure whether the Mueller probe is “an illegitimate scam” or not, but Mr. Mueller definitely doesn’t know the Russian KGB and he is missing or avoiding the real crime. Looking for the Russia/Trump collusion, he is spending money, by investigating the Hoax—Trump has no collusion with Russia, yet contrary to the Mueller investigation collusion exists elsewhere…

When Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein announced indictments against 12 Russian military officers who are accused of conspiring to interfere with the 2016 presidential election, he also admitted that all interrogated witnesses had no connection to the 12 Russian officers. Reading the list of witnesses, I recognized the KGB agent there, who harmed America for decades. Knowledge of Russia and its Intelligence Agencies is a Must for our National Security. Any new Attorney General must be aware of Russia’s nefarious activities in America and around the globe, because… In fact, there exists a real collaboration with Russia by the leadership of the Dems.

The Dems’ hateful resistance to the GOP is not only a revenge for losing the 2016 election; the main and real reason of resistance and offence is to cover-up the sinister crime of TREASON that they have committed over several decades. The Clinton Foundation is a criminal enterprise–the eyes and ears of the KGB. This crime of the Dems’ leadership should be a major topic in the fight against Soviet fascism in preparation for the 2020 election. President Trump poses an existential threat to the Dems plans for America. He attempts to stop the Dems’ Deep State’s criminal activities, and this is the motivation that unites the anti-Trump forces, accusing him of racism and collaborating with Putin. What absurdity! You have to know Soviet Fascism’s tricks to grasp them. You are witnessing now the ideology of Soviet Fascism and how it assaults and confronts Americanism on our soil with the help of the Dems!

Political Correctness runs California, and California has become the first Socialist State in America. Every Republican who won in the Orange County, lost after additional ballots were “found.” California’s wildfires are not the consequences of climate change, they are the consequences of Socialism’s mismanagement of the forest’s dead wood. It is also possible that the intensity of the wildfires was widened by arsonists who were paid the same way Dems had paid to disturb Trump’s rallies. Everything that is harming us leads to Russia. Have you seen ashes left after the wildfire swept through the city-Paradise? This is a message for you: if we don’t fight the Socialist mafia and its Ideology of Soviet fascism, we will lose both the Senate and presidency in 2020. Watch Hollywood, where the ideology found a home. I hope you now recognize the asymmetrical war waged by Putin’s KGB against Western civilization and the American Republic, which I named it WW III.

Don’t allow Dems’ Socialism to take over the American Republic. Fight the ideology of Soviet Fascism and save the legacy of our Founding Fathers and the American Republic!

Knowledge is Power! Good Luck My America the Beautiful!

To be continued www.simonapipko1.com or at  www.drrichswier.com/author/spipko/.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo of the preserved interior designs from the 1960s communist Yugoslavian military hotel “Omorika” in the Tara National park in western Serbia is by Valentin Salja on Unsplash.

VIDEO: Democratic Voters Rank Repeal of the Second Amendment Among Top Two Issues

NRATV’s Kerry Picket joins Dana Loesch with the latest.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo is by Zhang H on Unsplash.

A Lesson in Racial Politics From Florida

Now that, finally, the elections in Florida have reached a conclusion, there are lessons worth learning. One is on the subject of race.

There was a fateful anomaly in racial voting in the governor’s race between Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Rick DeSantis, now Florida’s governor-elect.

Given that Gillum, formerly mayor of Tallahassee, was running to become the first black governor of Florida, we might have expected black enthusiasm for his candidacy on the order of the waves of black enthusiasm for the presidential candidacy of Barak Obama.

But it didn’t happen.

Gillum received a lower percentage of the black vote than did Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, who lost to Florida Republican Rick Scott in the Senate race.

White Democrat Nelson got 90 percent of the black vote and Republican Scott got 10 percent.

In the governor’s race, black Democrat Gillum got 86 percent of the black vote, four percentage points less than Nelson, against Republican DeSantis’ 14 percent.

Given the razor-thin margins, that difference in black support meant a lot.

When Gillum finally conceded the election, he was behind by 33,683 votes. Each one percent of the black vote equated to about 10,000 votes. So if Gillum had received 90 percent of the black vote, as did Nelson, rather than 86 percent, he could well have had another 40,000 votes, which would have been his margin of victory.

Forty-thousand votes is about 35 percent of the 112,911 votes by which Donald Trump won Florida in 2016. It’s 55 percent of the 73,189 votes by which Barack Obama won Florida in 2012.

So understanding why Gillum received 4 percentage points less of the black vote than Nelson, and why DeSantis received 4 percentage points more of the black vote than Scott could make all the difference in what presidential candidate wins Florida in 2020.

Adding to the puzzle is the fact that racial politics played a high-profile and nasty role in the Gillum-DeSantis contest.

Gillum was aggressive in his allegations of racism against DeSantis. “Now, I’m not calling Mr. DeSantis a racist, I’m simply saying the racists believe he is racist,” he said. He accused DeSantis of getting financial support from white supremacist groups and speaking at their events.

DeSantis, a conservative former Republican congressman, made his support of Trump a centerpiece of his campaign, and President Trump campaigned for him in Florida.

So how does this all compute?

One convincing line of speculation is that DeSantis campaigned aggressively on parental choice in education, and keeping in place and expanding the tax-credit scholarship program enacted under former Republican Gov. Jeb Bush.

Gillum campaigned on closing down the program, which empowers parents to use these funds to send their children to charter and private schools.

Polls consistently show that blacks support parental choice in education. And for good reason. Black children are disproportionately trapped in failing, violent public schools. Black parents want alternatives for their kids.

Gillum took the left-wing party line on education choice, against the sentiments of black constituents. This could have made all the difference.

The lesson here is that blacks care about issues more than they care about skin color.

It’s an important lesson for Republicans going forward. They need to tune in to black concerns, which often are not the same as those of whites, and explain how the best solutions for those concerns are the conservative solutions.

In addition to education, this means addressing issues such as housing, urban violence, and prison reform.

The governor’s race in Florida gives us good reason to believe that a more aggressive, targeted effort by Republicans in reaching out to minority communities could make all the difference in the outcome of the presidential election in 2020.




Portrait of Star Parker

Star Parker is a columnist for The Daily Signal and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. Twitter: .

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EDITORS NOTE: This column with images is republished with permission. Photo: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Newscom.

Just How Anti-American is Senator Kamala Harris?

Last week, Senator Kamala Harris once again demonstrated her vitriol and antipathy towards an American law-enforcement institution. This time, she directed her leftist, anti-American sentiment to one of the most challenged, selfless, and invaluable institutions of the federal government: the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

In a Senate confirmation hearing for ICE Director Nominee Ronald Vitiello, Kamala Harris asked whether he shared the perception that ICE was causing fear and mistrust like the KKK.

“Are you aware that there is a perception that ICE is administering its power in a way that is causing fear and intimidation, particularly among immigrants and specifically among immigrants coming from Mexico and Central America?” she asked.

Vitiello, trying to maintain his composure responded, “I do not see a parallel between the power and authority that ICE has to do its job and the agents and officers who do it professionally and excellently with lots of compassion [and the KKK].”

Kamala’s answer was just as intellectually hollow, “Sir how can you be the head of an agency and be unaware of how your agency is being perceived by certain communities?”

Really, Senator?  Which communities, exactly?

Clearly, what Harris was aiming to do was express her own objectionable opinion that ICE is somehow like the KKK.  But Harris knew that if she took ownership of such an opinion, she would get irreparably attacked.  What was worse in her mind, is that she would lose support for her desired presidential race.

So instead, Harris chose to claim that there was some sort of perception by a made-up group that ICE was as racially motivated and evil as the KKK, which, by the way, arose as the militant arm of the Democratic Party, the same party to which Harris pledges her allegiance.  Predictably, Harris has demonstrated no support of the existence of such a perception of ICE, or even of a community where such a perception exists.  Similarly, The Federalist Pages been unable to identify a single major poll that asked whether ICE and its activities are in any way reminiscent or comparable to the KKK.

In fact, one poll performed by Politico in July 2018 showed the opposite.  In this poll, 54% favored retaining ICE while only 25% wished to “get rid of” it. Additionally, in that same poll, a plurality, or 40%, looked less favorably upon a congressional candidate wishing to get rid of ICE.  This compared to 26% who favored such candidates.  Interestingly, this latter percentage was smaller than those who either didn’t care one way or the other, or had no opinion, combined (33%).

The fact is that Harris used this fictitious, fabricated community to express what is, in fact, her own rancid opinion about law enforcing, patriotic, self-sacrificing Americans.

Of course, Kamala Harris’s cowardly attack did not shield her from scorn.   In fact, there is a community that perceives Harris to be anti-American.  Not that she is, of course.  But that’s the perception of many communities.

One American who wished to remain anonymous even asked, “How can Kamala remain a Senator or think of becoming President when she is unaware that there is a community that perceives her to be anti-American?”

As of this writing, Senator Harris has not responded to numerous attempts by The Federalist Pages to have her answer this question.

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is from Senator Kamala Harris’ Facebook page.

Record Numbers of Women in Congress Disprove the Need for Feminist Policies

In January, a record number of women will serve in the U.S. House and Senate. Depending on the outcome of races that are still too close to call, the 116th Congress will have anywhere from 109 to 117 women.

That is three-and-a-half times as many women as were in the 102nd Congress of 1991-1992. And it’s cause for celebration.

But now imagine if all those women were headed to Congress following imposition of a gender quota. Few people would be celebrating women’s successes then. Instead, they would be viewed as “token legislators,” or “Title IX” recipients—incapable of being elected in their own right.

Ostensibly pro-women policies might sound good to those who want to impose certain measurable outcomes—such as equal numbers of women in high-power positions or exact parity between all men’s and all women’s wages—but they could instead backfire on women.

As it is today, male and female legislators are equal. They receive the exact same salaries, they can introduce and co-sponsor as many bills as they want (and historically, women introduce and co-sponsor more legislation than men), and they can hold committee chairs and leadership positions.

And having been elected by a free vote of their constituents—often defeating male candidates—female legislators earn the same respect as men.

If Congress were to pass a gender quota law for legislators, as California did for boardrooms of corporations headquartered there, it would demean female legislators instead of applauding their successes.

Imagine female lawmakers up against a bunch of male colleagues who resent the leg-up the women got into Congress, or being told by constituents at townhall meetings that they don’t deserve their position because they didn’t actually earn it.

That’s what’s happened with the “golden skirt” phenomenon. After Norway and other European countries passed corporate boardroom quotas, women suddenly had a huge advantage over men.

But instead of creating a general boost in the ranks for women, boardroom quotas in Norway led companies to all seek after the same small group of eligible women. One such “golden skirt” sat on the boards of as many as 90 companies at the same time.

Moreover, boardroom quotas in Norway hurt companies’ performances because they led to younger, less experienced, and less capable boards.

And as an Economist article headline declared, “Gender quotas at board level in Europe have done little to boost corporate performance or to help women lower down.”

The same would be true for so-called equal pay laws. Except that while quotas would push women into roles they otherwise wouldn’t hold, equal pay laws would prevent women from holding roles they otherwise could have.

Forcing companies to maintain gender-based equity in pay would require them to impose one-size-fits-all jobs that actually wouldn’t fit many working women’s needs and desires.

Women tend to place more value on nonwage-based job benefits, such as a flexible work schedules, on-site child care, or more generous fringe benefits. But those features wouldn’t show up in employers’ pay records, so they would be unlikely to offer them.

Moreover, equal pay for equal work is already the law of the land.

And when you take into account the measurable choices men and women make regarding things such as their occupation and hours of work, women are essentially on par with men. (Non-measurable factors, such as flexibility, likely account for the small unexplained gap in pay.)

The fact that the number of women in Congress has increased three and a half-fold since 1992 without any legislation addressing the gap shows that women are fully capable, when they choose to, of shattering so-called “glass ceilings” on their own.

Let’s hope that the 116th Congress pursues policies that would create equal opportunities for all women and men alike, instead of ones that would benefit only an elite group of women or that would limit women’s access to jobs that meet their individual needs and desires.


Portrait of Rachel Greszler

Rachel Greszler is research fellow in economics, budget, and entitlements in the Grover M. Hermann Center for the Federal Budget, of the Institute for Economic Freedom, at The Heritage Foundation. Read her research.

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American’t: From Midterms to End Times

Truly great disasters come like a thief in the night. How many foresaw Rome’s sacking in 410 A.D., her collapse 66 years later, WWI or WWII? As for today, how many see that the United States is at what some call a tipping point, what others may call a Fourth Turning? Whatever you call it, the American republic is in its last days. This is too scary for many to contemplate, but there’s something far scarier: playing ostrich and not being prepared for things to come.

The so-called Left, ever violent since its French Revolution birth and as power hungry as ever, wholly controls the culture: the media, mainstream and social; academia; and entertainment. This means it controls long-term politics, since the latter is downstream of culture. So is big business, mind you, which is why the Left controls most of it as well; this, of course, translates into funding.

Trump’s 2016 victory will not MAGA; it was merely a stay of execution, a prolonging of the inevitable. This should have been obvious in a country that could elect Barack Obama and then, like the Titanic having backed up to hit the iceberg again, re-elect him. If it wasn’t, it should be obvious now that the Democrats have seized the House in a Watergate-level rout.

The notion that this was a standard result for a president’s first midterm is only comforting when viewing matters in relative terms; that is, the “‘political spectrum’ always has a right and left side no matter how far ‘left’ that spectrum moves.”

The problem? Civilizational ebbs and flows (and collapses) are governed by absolutes, such as right and wrong; not relative qualities, such as right and left. Thinking otherwise is like supposing your transition from stage-one to stage-four cancer as a 70-year-old is like when you went from a bruised arm to a broken one as a 12-year-old because, well, both involve movement toward diminished states of health.

But this isn’t your grandfather’s Democrat Party. Voters this time empowered socialistic to socialist to closet-communist, sexual devolutionary, rabble-rousing, low-I.Q., no-virtue, ignorant freaks who often encourage political violence by their Antifa-Brownshirt useful idiots. So it’s not your great-grandfather’s America, either.

Digging into the electoral numbers also tells a tale. Ninety percent of blacks, 79 percent of Jews, 77 percent of Asians, 69 percent of Hispanics and 59 percent of women voted Democrat — same as usual. Can we stop now with talk about “Blexit,” the “Walkaway” movement, how “Hispanics are natural conservatives,” how Jews are waking up to the Left’s anti-Semitism and all the other connedservative self-delusion? People vote in accordance with their emotional and philosophical foundations, and “You cannot reason a man out of a position he has not reasoned himself into,” as Jonathan Swift put it. Fooling oneself doesn’t help.

The voters are only getting worse, too, for three basic reasons: immigration, indoctrination and moral corruption. Let’s consider the first.

Demography is Destiny

Ever since the nation-rending Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 took effect in ’68, 85 to 90 percent of our immigrants have been Third Worlders, and 70 to 90 percent of them support Democrats upon naturalization.

This has caused a historic demographic shift (and attendant electoral one) that has seen our nation go from 85-plus percent white in 1965 to only 61 percent non-Hispanic white today. Let’s define further the political impact, using conservative figures.

We absorb approximately 1.3 million legal immigrants annually. If one million ultimately remain and are naturalized and 50 percent vote, and 80 percent of that group breaks Democrat, it means a net plus for Democrats of 300,000 voters every year and three million every decade.

The latter was Hillary Clinton’s purported 2016 popular-vote advantage.

This also translates into 15 million new Democrat voters after half a century, which was as much as Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 popular-vote margins combined. Of course, illegal migration and resultant amnesties would only increase these numbers, but are wholly unnecessary to effect this cultural and electoral annihilation. But not all un-American mentalities are imported.

We Can’t MAGA Unless We MAMA

“The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next,” the apocryphal saying goes. Today’s brainwashing not just by academia but also media and entertainment is intense. Moreover, we can’t MAGA unless we MAMA — Make America Moral Again. As Ben Franklin put it, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” Yet academia, media and, especially, entertainment subject each generation to an ever intensifying demoralization process.

So now let’s crunch some more numbers. Between Trump’s 2016 victory and Election Day 2020, more than 10 million Americans will have died; mostly older, they’re a relatively conservative voting demographic. They will more or less be replaced, however, by approximately 16 million young people who’ll turn 18 during those years. Unlike their elders, though, they’ll disproportionately cast ballots for hardcore statists.

Given this ongoing immigration and indoctrination-enabled electoral-degradation process, is it now clearer why Republicans have lost the popular vote in six of the last seven presidential contests?

Note that during our entire pre-2000 history, Republican candidates won the presidency while losing the popular vote only twice. Now it has happened twice since 2000 alone, with the GOP capturing the popular vote in just one of its three victories (G.W. Bush, 2004). How long can we continue losing it while winning the Electoral College? We can’t pull inside straights forever.

Moreover, the cards won’t be there at all once Texas turns blue, and the warning signs are already evident. Rationalize all you want, but leftist nuts Andrew “Cracker State” Gillum, Irish Bob the Phony Mexican (O’Rourke) and Stacey “Suin’ Sore Loser” Abrams came close to winning in, respectively, Florida, Texas (!) and Georgia (!); Taliban bubblehead Kyrsten Sinema did win in Arizona. We’re further down the rabbit hole than you think, Alice.

Leftists are already talking about 2020, too, with a lineup resembling the bar scene in Star Wars (hat tip: Pat Buchanan). But the details don’t matter. Whatever the Democrat presidential ticket, it’ll be a ticket to Hell.

Not only is society drifting ever further from Truth (“leftwards”) for the aforementioned reasons, but consider the Democrats’ delusional perspective. Projecting, many of them have convinced themselves we’re Nazis, fascists, bigots and un-American, evil haters who have undermined the rule of law, created a constitutional crisis and who represent a clear and present danger to the republic — we’re “deplorables.” Believing this, wouldn’t you suppose these were desperate times that called for desperate measures?

When the Democrats seize the presidency and both legislative chambers — which they eventually will — they’ll have a justification for behaving as tyrannically as they fancy we have. They’ll see it as simply responding in kind to a precedent we set. You’ll have Antifa in power.

The more “conservative” Supreme Court won’t save us, either. With their power-lust and ends-justify-the-means mentality, the Left will discover that judicial supremacy isn’t in the Constitution (which it isn’t. Leftists also may just pack the SCOTUS and eliminate “uncooperative” lower courts). Unlike connedservatives, though, they’d actually act upon their epiphany and ignore inconvenient court rulings.

So these are our interesting times. If you’re now ready to split a vein or run for the Zoloft, hold on. There’s some good news here, too — if you want to call it that.

There no longer is an “American people”; there are peoples living in America. We’re balkanized not just racially, ethnically and religiously, but also ideologically, sexually and philosophically; we speak different languages, literally and figuratively. With open talk of open-borders socialism on one side and nationalism on the other, the Overton window is now so wide that each end occupies a different time zone. Frankly, many of us hate each other. If our union were a marriage, we’d have divorced long ago.

And I believe this will likely be the U.S.’s fate: dissolution. It may be precipitated by a calamity such as a severe economic collapse. If the federal government is then unable to meet its obligations (e.g., Social Security payments), the union-binding carrot will be gone. If the feds also seek to impose a tyrannical will, certain states may nullify their dictates, creating a further rift. One thing could then lead to another and….

Regardless, with the Left hurling fightin’ words (Nazi, etc.), fomenting unrest and attacking and bullying conservatives, the Cold Civil War is already afoot. Will it go hot? If so, when? For sure is that if the Left keeps pushing, it eventually will get pushback.

Of course, should this happen, we’d likely be vulnerable to enemies such as China. It all makes for a very unsure, but not uninteresting, future.

Yet if the republic does fall and dissolve, maybe, just perhaps, one of the resulting countries can be that shining city on a hill. But remember: It will be up to us to forge it, ever bearing in mind that we can’t MAGA unless we MAMA. This means instilling in ourselves virtue — including that of courage. For whatever terrors, traumas and tribulations lie ahead, we’ll need a lot of it for things to come.

Contact Selwyn Duke, follow him on Twitter or log on to SelwynDuke.com.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo is by Matt Botsford on Unsplash.

Mississippi Senate Candidate Mike Espy Trailed by Ethical Questions

Mike Espy, the Democratic candidate in Mississippi’s Nov. 27 Senate runoff election, has been dogged by ethical questions over the course of his political career.

Espy, a former congressman who served as agricultural secretary during former President Bill Clinton’s first term, will face Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith in the runoff election after neither candidate secured a majority of the vote in the Nov. 6 midterm elections.

Espy has faced scrutiny over his lobbying work for the Ivory Coast under its then-president, Laurent Gbagbo, who is currently on trial before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

Espy said in 2011 that he stopped lobbying for Gbagbo’s government less than a month after taking a three-month contract. Espy also claimed at the time to have received only $400,000 of the $750,000 contract and to have forgone the remaining $350,000.

But a report from Fox News on Nov. 15 appears to contradict that claim.

A signed Foreign Agents Registration Act Supplemental Statement that Espy filed with the Department of Justice in June 2011 shows that he worked for Gbagbo’s government for longer than two months and was paid the full $750,000.

Espy’s lobbying for Gbagbo’s government has previously faced accusations of ethical wrongdoing.

(Photo: HERB SWANSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Congressman Mike Espy (2nd-L) accepts his nomination for Secretary of Agriculture 24 December 1992 in Arkansas as U.S. President-elect Bill Clinton (L) listens. (Photo: HERB SWANSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Espy resigned from the Clinton administration in October 1994 while under investigation for allegedly receiving improper gifts.

Espy was indicted on 30 related felony charges in August 1997, but was acquitted on all charges in December 1998 after the jury concluded there wasn’t evidence of a quid-pro-quo or of Espy accepting the gifts with criminal intent.

Espy’s acquittal has been compared to the unsuccessful prosecutions of New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez and former Virginia Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Although Espy escaped conviction, the Office of Independent Counsel’s (OIC) investigation “revealed a pervasive pattern of improper behavior by Secretary Espy and his top aide, and by persons and companies regulated by or with business before the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA),” according to the OIC’s final report.

“The investigation disclosed that, among other offenses, companies with financially important matters pending before USDA gave Secretary Espy – either directly or via members of his family or his girlfriend – numerous gifts in an effort to garner his favor,” the OIC’s January 2001 report states.

Espy’s chief of staff at the USDA, Ronald H. Blackley, was sentenced in March 1998 to 27 months in prison for “lying about $22,000 he received from two Mississippi individuals who obtained large government farming subsidies,” The Washington Post reported at the time.

The Espy campaign did not return a request for comment.



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DeSantis Cheers Brenda Snipes’ Resignation, Says Broward County ‘Dropped the Ball’

Republican Florida Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis appeared on “Fox & Friends” Monday to applaud the resignation of Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes and said there was “no way as governor that [he] was going to let her preside over another election.”

“Obviously we’re going to have to address some of the problems with the election administration in places like Broward and Palm Beach County,” DeSantis said.


“I think it’s good that Brenda Snipes has submitted her resignation.”

DeSantis claimed he would not have let Snipes continue under his administration and said she “dropped the ball” during the statewide recount.

“There was no way as governor that I was going to let her preside over another election down there after all the problems that they had,” he continued. “So we had 65 counties do a good job. We had two that dropped the ball. We want to make sure all 67 counties do these elections in a fair way.”

Snipes could have faced an “embarrassing suspension from office at the hands of either Gov. Rick Scott or his likely successor, Ron DeSantis,” according to Politico.

Host Ainsley Earhardt asked DeSantis what the next step in the process is and he said either he or outgoing Republican Gov. Rick Scott would appoint her replacement after she officially leaves office.

“It depends on when her resignation is effective. I heard it was going to be effective sometime in early January, about the time I’m being sworn in. So, yeah, then that will fall to me to appoint her replacement. If she has resigned immediately, then Gov. Scott would have a window to appoint it before he leaves office,” DeSantis said.


Nick Givas

Nick Givas is a reporter for The Daily Caller News Foundation. Twitter: @NGivasDC


School Choice Moms’ Tipped the Governor’s Florida Race: DeSantis owes his win to unexpected support from minority women.

The “Found Ballot” Fraud

Palm Beach County Techs Tell Tales Of “Total Incompetence” In Operating Voting Machines

EDITORS NOTE: This column with images is republished with permission. Photo: SMG/ZUMA Press/Newscom. Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities for this original content, email licensing@dailycallernewsfoundation.org.Nick Givas is a reporter for The Daily Caller News Foundation.

President Trump’s Proclamation on Mass Migration

The whole idea of Democratic operatives’ well funded caravans is to overwhelm the U.S. asylum system and turn thousands of illegal aliens loose into our country in order to become “undocumented Democrats” and fraudulently vote in elections.

President Trump’s new rule on asylum fixes a dangerous loophole.

President Trump signed a presidential proclamation (below) that prevents migrants from claiming asylum unless they do so at an official border crossing. Despite pushback from the leftist organizations, like the ACLU, the order merely directs people to one of more than 300 ports of entry to legally present their asylum claims, which will be evaluated in a fair and orderly process. Heritage experts say this new rule will fix a loophole that has been used to overwhelm the immigration system, destabilize the border region, and make millions for human trafficking cartels.


What Congress Can Do Now to Fix Immigration Enforcement

REPORT: Noncitizens, Voting Violations and U.S. Elections

Heritage’s latest report on how to fix immigration law and enforcement.

‘It’s Your Right to Go to the US’: What I Saw When I Visited the Migrant Caravan

Presidential Proclamation Addressing Mass Migration Through the Southern Border of the United States

IMMIGRATION Issued on: November 9, 2018

The United States expects the arrival at the border between the United States and Mexico (southern border) of a substantial number of aliens primarily from Central America who appear to have no lawful basis for admission into our country. They are traveling in large, organized groups through Mexico and reportedly intend to enter the United States unlawfully or without proper documentation and to seek asylum, despite the fact that, based on past experience, a significant majority will not be eligible for or be granted that benefit. Many entered Mexico unlawfully — some with violence — and have rejected opportunities to apply for asylum and benefits in Mexico. The arrival of large numbers of aliens will contribute to the overloading of our immigration and asylum system and to the release of thousands of aliens into the interior of the United States. The continuing and threatened mass migration of aliens with no basis for admission into the United States through our southern border has precipitated a crisis and undermines the integrity of our borders. I therefore must take immediate action to protect the national interest, and to maintain the effectiveness of the asylum system for legitimate asylum seekers who demonstrate that they have fled persecution and warrant the many special benefits associated with asylum.

In recent weeks, an average of approximately 2,000 inadmissible aliens have entered each day at our southern border. In Fiscal Year 2018 overall, 124,511 aliens were found inadmissible at ports of entry on the southern border, while 396,579 aliens were apprehended entering the United States unlawfully between such ports of entry. The great number of aliens who cross unlawfully into the United States through the southern border consumes tremendous resources as the Government seeks to surveil, apprehend, screen, process, and detain them.

Aliens who enter the United States unlawfully or without proper documentation and are subject to expedited removal may avoid being promptly removed by demonstrating, during an initial screening process, a credible fear of persecution or torture. Approximately 2 decades ago, most aliens deemed inadmissible at a port of entry or apprehended after unlawfully entering the United States through the southern border were single adults who were promptly returned to Mexico, and very few asserted a fear of return. Since then, however, there has been a massive increase in fear-of-persecution or torture claims by aliens who enter the United States through the southern border. The vast majority of such aliens are found to satisfy the credible-fear threshold, although only a fraction of the claimants whose claims are adjudicated ultimately qualify for asylum or other protection. Aliens found to have a credible fear are often released into the interior of the United States, as a result of a lack of detention space and a variety of other legal and practical difficulties, pending adjudication of their claims in a full removal proceeding in immigration court. The immigration adjudication process often takes years to complete because of the growing volume of claims and because of the need to expedite proceedings for detained aliens. During that time, many released aliens fail to appear for hearings, do not comply with subsequent orders of removal, or are difficult to locate and remove.

Members of family units pose particular challenges. The Federal Government lacks sufficient facilities to house families together. Virtually all members of family units who enter the United States through the southern border, unlawfully or without proper documentation, and that are found to have a credible fear of persecution, are thus released into the United States. Against this backdrop of near-assurance of release, the number of such aliens traveling as family units who enter through the southern border and claim a credible fear of persecution has greatly increased. And large numbers of family units decide to make the dangerous and unlawful border crossing with their children.

The United States has a long and proud history of offering protection to aliens who are fleeing persecution and torture and who qualify under the standards articulated in our immigration laws, including through our asylum system and the Refugee Admissions Program. But our system is being overwhelmed by migration through our southern border. Crossing the border to avoid detection and then, if apprehended, claiming a fear of persecution is in too many instances an avenue to near-automatic release into the interior of the United States. Once released, such aliens are very difficult to remove. An additional influx of large groups of aliens arriving at once through the southern border would add tremendous strain to an already taxed system, especially if they avoid orderly processing by unlawfully crossing the southern border.

The entry of large numbers of aliens into the United States unlawfully between ports of entry on the southern border is contrary to the national interest, and our law has long recognized that aliens who seek to lawfully enter the United States must do so at ports of entry. Unlawful entry puts lives of both law enforcement and aliens at risk. By contrast, entry at ports of entry at the southern border allows for orderly processing, which enables the efficient deployment of law enforcement resources across our vast southern border.

Failing to take immediate action to stem the mass migration the United States is currently experiencing and anticipating would only encourage additional mass unlawful migration and further overwhelming of the system.

Other presidents have taken strong action to prevent mass migration. In Proclamation 4865 of September 29, 1981 (High Seas Interdiction of Illegal Aliens), in response to an influx of Haitian nationals traveling to the United States by sea, President Reagan suspended the entry of undocumented aliens from the high seas and ordered the Coast Guard to intercept such aliens before they reached United States shores and to return them to their point of origin. In Executive Order 12807 of May 24, 1992 (Interdiction of Illegal Aliens), in response to a dramatic increase in the unlawful mass migration of Haitian nationals to the United States, President Bush ordered additional measures to interdict such Haitian nationals and return them to their home country. The Supreme Court upheld the legality of those measures in Sale v. Haitian Centers Council, Inc., 509 U.S. 155 (1993).

I am similarly acting to suspend, for a limited period, the entry of certain aliens in order to address the problem of large numbers of aliens traveling through Mexico to enter our country unlawfully or without proper documentation. I am tailoring the suspension to channel these aliens to ports of entry, so that, if they enter the United States, they do so in an orderly and controlled manner instead of unlawfully. Under this suspension, aliens entering through the southern border, even those without proper documentation, may, consistent with this proclamation, avail themselves of our asylum system, provided that they properly present themselves for inspection at a port of entry. In anticipation of a large group of aliens arriving in the coming weeks, I am directing the Secretary of Homeland Security to commit additional resources to support our ports of entry at the southern border to assist in processing those aliens — and all others arriving at our ports of entry — as efficiently as possible.

But aliens who enter the United States unlawfully through the southern border in contravention of this proclamation will be ineligible to be granted asylum under the regulation promulgated by the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security that became effective earlier today. Those aliens may, however, still seek other forms of protection from persecution or torture. In addition, this limited suspension will facilitate ongoing negotiations with Mexico and other countries regarding appropriate cooperative arrangements to prevent unlawful mass migration to the United States through the southern border. Thus, this proclamation is also necessary to manage and conduct the foreign affairs of the United States effectively.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including sections 212(f) and 215(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) (8 U.S.C. 1182(f) and 1185(a), respectively) hereby find that, absent the measures set forth in this proclamation, the entry into the United States of persons described in section 1 of this proclamation would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, and that their entry should be subject to certain restrictions, limitations, and exceptions. I therefore hereby proclaim the following:

Section 1. Suspension and Limitation on Entry. The entry of any alien into the United States across the international boundary between the United States and Mexico is hereby suspended and limited, subject to section 2 of this proclamation. That suspension and limitation shall expire 90 days after the date of this proclamation or the date on which an agreement permits the United States to remove aliens to Mexico in compliance with the terms of section 208(a)(2)(A) of the INA (8 U.S.C. 1158(a)(2)(A)), whichever is earlier.

Sec. 2. Scope and Implementation of Suspension and Limitation on Entry. (a) The suspension and limitation on entry pursuant to section 1 of this proclamation shall apply only to aliens who enter the United States after the date of this proclamation.

(b) The suspension and limitation on entry pursuant to section 1 of this proclamation shall not apply to any alien who enters the United States at a port of entry and properly presents for inspection, or to any lawful permanent resident of the United States.

(c) Nothing in this proclamation shall limit an alien entering the United States from being considered for withholding of removal under section 241(b)(3) of the INA (8 U.S.C. 1231(b)(3)) or protection pursuant to the regulations promulgated under the authority of the implementing legislation regarding the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, or limit the statutory processes afforded to unaccompanied alien children upon entering the United States under section 279 of title 6, United States Code, and section 1232 of title 8, United States Code.

(d) No later than 90 days after the date of this proclamation, the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Homeland Security shall jointly submit to the President, through the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, a recommendation on whether an extension or renewal of the suspension or limitation on entry in section 1 of this proclamation is in the interests of the United States.

Sec. 3. Interdiction. The Secretary of State and the Secretary of Homeland Security shall consult with the Government of Mexico regarding appropriate steps — consistent with applicable law and the foreign policy, national security, and public-safety interests of the United States — to address the approach of large groups of aliens traveling through Mexico with the intent of entering the United States unlawfully, including efforts to deter, dissuade, and return such aliens before they physically enter United States territory through the southern border.

Sec. 4. Severability. It is the policy of the United States to enforce this proclamation to the maximum extent possible to advance the interests of the United States. Accordingly:

(a) if any provision of this proclamation, or the application of any provision to any person or circumstance, is held to be invalid, the remainder of this proclamation and the application of its other provisions to any other persons or circumstances shall not be affected thereby; and

(b) if any provision of this proclamation, or the application of any provision to any person or circumstance, is held to be invalid because of the failure to follow certain procedures, the relevant executive branch officials shall implement those procedural requirements to conform with existing law and with any applicable court orders.

Sec. 5. General Provisions. (a) Nothing in this proclamation shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:

(i) the authority granted by law to an executive department or agency, or the head thereof; or

(ii) the functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.

(b) This proclamation shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.

(c) This proclamation is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this ninth day of November, in the year of our Lord two thousand eighteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-third.


EDITOR NOTE: This column is republished with permission. The featured photo is by Don Ross III on Unsplash.

How Goes Maine, So Goes the Nation

$1.3 Million was spent to influence Maine voters on the the issue of Ranked Choice Voting. The bill passed and Maine become the first State in the Nation to institute this voting process. Now before we go further, let’s talk about what Ranked Choice Voting is…

Ranked choice voting is a method of ranking the candidates of your choice in order of your preference. In order to be elected to office, the candidate must reach 50 plus 1 percent of the vote. The candidate who reaches that mark wins the race. But what if it is a closely contested race and no candidate reaches the 50 plus 1 threshold to claim victory. That’s where Ranked Choice comes into play.

In the recent 2nd District race for Congress here in Maine, the two major candidates were Republican Congressman, Bruce Poliquin and his Democratic challenger, Jared Golden. Neither candidate, however,  reached the 50 plus1 percent of the vote to be declared winner. So in Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) we then turn to the “also ran” candidates to settle  the issue.

Previously, those votes cast for the candidates that were mathematically eliminated from the race in the first round of ballot counts were just thrown out, but now those ballots will be counted in a second round of counting when no candidate reaches the 50 plus 1 threshold. If you voted for one of the lesser candidates that was eliminated, your vote on that ballot for your second choice will now be added to the vote tally of that individual. This will keep going until one of the candidates reaches the 50 plus 1 threshold to win.

So let’s take a race, as was the case here in Maine, with four candidates on the ballot: A Republican, Democrat, Progressive and Independent. Progressives and Independents are by and large, liberal, so If you voted for the Progressive or Independent as your first choice….who do you suppose your second choice is likely to be?  The Democrat of course, and so your second choice for office, the democrat, will get your vote!  So is RCV fair? I think not. It is a system of voting that is designed to stack the deck against a Conservative candidate.

In the recent mid term elections, Maine’s Republican Congressman, Bruce Poliquin was challenged by Democrat, Jared Golden who is backed by Pelosi and the far left. Liberal organizations pumped millions into Golden’s campaign in hopes of unseating the Republican incumbent. This was the most expensive Congressional Campaign in the Country and keep in mind that Maine’s population is only around a million people. Poliquin received more votes than Jared Golden in the election. Sadly, though, that wasn’t enough to win because remember, the candidate needs 50 plus 1 percent of the vote to be declared winner. Neither of these candidates received the required 50 plus 1 percent of the vote and so the remaining 23,013 votes were assigned to the voters second choice candidate. This placed Golden over the 50 plus 1 percent of the required votes needed to be declared winner. Even though, after the votes were counted, the incumbent Republican Congressman, Bruce Poliquin received more votes, Golden received more second choice votes on the ballot than did Poliquin and…presto, Jared Golden wins and becomes the new Congressman representing Maine’s 2nd district.

Added questions to this skewed voting process come in the form of Article 1, Clause 4 of the United States Constitution:

“The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing (sic) Senators.”

The sticking point seems to come from the word, “Manner,” and what the Founders meant by this word. I would argue that they were clearly referring to the way in which the electorate would show their support, either by a show of hands, or written ballot. I do not believe that ever in their wildest dreams would these learned and astute men who so meticulously hammered out the greatest Republic the wold has ever known, concoct a methodology of choosing a candidate that was so convoluted. They meant to give each and every American a voice and how he chose to use that voice was up to him; one man, one vote.

Bruce Poliquin has filed suit to challenge the Constitutionality of RCV and to retain his seat in the Congress. The case is set to be heard in Federal Court here in Bangor on December 4th. The judge has promised a decision before the December 14 deadline when all certified votes for office must be submitted to Congress by Maine’s Secretary of State. I do not have a great deal of faith that RCV will be overturned in Federal court. The result of this election should be placed on hold and the case fast tracked to the Supreme Court and the decision made there on its Constitutionality.

Remember Maine’s Motto is “Dirigo,” or “I lead.”

“How Goes Maine….So Goes the Nation!!!”

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Judge’s Ruling Adds Thousands More Votes In Florida Recount

In a victory for the campaign hopes of U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, a federal judge has ordered all of Florida’s elections officials to give nearly 4,000 voters — or more maybe 7,000, no one is sure — whose ballots were rejected over mismatched signatures until Saturday to fix the problem and for their votes to count.

Judge Mark Walker ruled early today that apparently all of the state’s elections offices have wrongly, or unconstitutionally, applied the state law governing how voters can fix rejected signatures on absentee and provisional ballots. There were a known 3,700 ballots rejected in the Midterm election after canvassing boards determined that the signature on a mail-in or provisional ballot did not match the signature the state had on file for that voter.

Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson’s campaign sued last week to invalidate the signature rejection process, amid a series of lawsuits attempting to change Florida voting laws through the courts and push more votes into the final tallies.

Judge Walker issued a 34-page order granting a temporary injunction at the request of the Nelson campaign, and directed the state’s supervisors of elections to gives these voters until 5 p.m. Saturday to “cure” the problem.

The law had given voters had until the day before the election to fix the signature issue. So this ruling does change state law for this election, as it allows votes to be counted after the law said they cannot be.

If these are all Democrat votes, and most of them likely will be, they alone would not be enough to flip the two major elections. But they would get it closer.

In the Senate race, Republican Gov. Rick Scott is leading Nelson by 12,562 votes, or 0.15 percent. In the Governor’s race, Republican Ron DeSantis is up 0.41 percent, or 33,684 votes, on Democrat Andrew Gillum.

However, and this is a really big caveat, it isn’t really known the total number of ballots that were rejected or mismatched signatures. Only 45 of Florida’s 67 counties had provided totals to the court on mismatched signatures during Walker’s hearing on the lawsuit last week. So it will likely be higher, but how much higher, no one knows. Some have predicted it could be 7,000.

Scott’s campaign is appealing Walker’s order. But that does not seem likely to change anything at this point.

Further, Judge Walker is scheduled to hear more lawsuits, including a challenge by Nelson to the state’s procedures for counting overvotes and undervotes. The Nelson campaign is confident they will close the gap through the overvote and undervote process, and more so if they can change the process.

The Nelson campaign is also suing to extend today’s deadline for Florida’s elections supervisors to get their recount totals to Tallahassee.


In Palm Beach County, Democrats Argue To Count Votes Cast By Non-Citizens

Republican Rick Scott Gains Votes in Florida Recount, Calls on Democrat Nelson To Concede

Rubio Exposes The Blatant Voter Fraud Democrats Committed In Florida

Florida Counties Abandon Recount As Numbers Favor Republicans

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Election Results Point to a Political Change Occurring Among Black Young Adults

Buried in the mounds of data fleshing out what happened in the midterm elections is an interesting take on blacks.

Nationwide data on black voting in this election cycle do not point to much change. Various polls over recent months seemed to indicate that blacks were starting to warm up to Republicans and President Donald Trump.

But blacks went 90 percent for Democrats and 8 percent for Republicans. Pretty much business as usual.

However, digging down, we find something interesting.

Blacks ages 18 to 29 voted 82 percent for Democrats and 14 percent for Republicans. That seems to point to change taking place among young blacks.

Lending support to this conclusion is the fact that in the 2014 midterms, 18- to 29-year-old blacks voted in concert with the overall average: 88 percent for Democrats and 11 percent for Republicans.

Either we have a fluke in this year’s midterms or some kind of change in political thinking is taking hold among young African-Americans.

I think there is good reason to believe the latter. Of course, where it goes depends on how Republicans choose to think about and handle the situation.

Adding to this curiosity is something else of interest. The inclination to vote Republican as a function of age is the complete reverse for blacks as it is for whites.

Younger blacks vote Republican at higher percentages than older blacks. Younger whites vote Republican at lower percentages than older whites.

Compared with the 14 percent of 18- to 29-year-old blacks who voted Republican in the midterms, 6.5 percent of blacks who are 45 or older voted Republican.

Compared with the 43 percent of 18- to 29-year-old whites who voted Republican, 58.5 percent of whites who are 45 or older voted Republican.

How might we understand this?

According to the Federal Reserve, as of 2016, median black household income was $35,400, and median black household net worth was $17,600. Contrast that with $61,200 median income and $171,000 median net worth for whites.

After all these years of government programs to help low-income Americans, African-Americans, on average, are not catching up.

Perhaps the message is sinking in to young blacks that what they need is more freedom and the kind of growing economy that goes with it.

They are seeing firsthand the results in the economic recovery that has taken place over the past two years. There were over 650,000 more blacks working last month than there were in October 2017. Compared with the average monthly numbers of 2016, there were over 1.3 million more blacks working.

According to reports that have been rolling out during this recovery, the boom has created a tight job market, which has created new opportunities for previously unemployable lower-end workers. This has meant new opportunities for young blacks.

Young white voters—who, on average, come from higher-income homes and have a higher chance of getting help in starting out from their parents—seem to be likelier to buy into the big-government and social justice mindset than their parents and grandparents.

Republicans should highlight for young blacks the critical importance of capitalism and a free economy for upward mobility. However, they also need to inform them that the same Federal Reserve report showing large gaps in income and wealth between blacks and whites also shows 61 percent of white households as having a married couple or romantic partners, compared with 37 percent of black households.

The message is that wealth is created through freedom and family.

Trump won in 2016 by flipping states that were blue to red by very thin margins.

Florida, for example, with 29 electoral votes, which Trump won by a margin of about 1 percentage point, will be critical in 2020. We see now the elections there for senator and governor at razor-thin margins.

Republicans should target African-Americans in Florida and other swing states with the message of upward mobility. It could make all the difference in 2020.



Portrait of Star Parker

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FLORIDA: 2018 Election Postmortem

Coming from the business world, I understand the importance of conducting a Project Review (aka, “Project Audit”) whereby we make note of what went right and what went wrong. The intent is to pass these lessons on to others for the future. This is equally applicable to politics which is why I want to review the lessons I learned from the recent 2018 mid-term elections. This may seem a little dry, but it includes some important lessons for both parties to observe.

I have been keeping track of the voting numbers for two cycles now (2016 and 2018), representing Mr. Trump’s rise to the presidency, and the ensuing mid-terms.

The first thing I learned is the national and local political polls are useless and do not reflect reality. Frankly, they are a joke. I do not know their selection criteria for conducting surveys, but whatever they are doing, it is horribly wrong. This was proven in 2016 and 2018. To this day, they would have us believe Gillum and Nelson are still up by six points (and Mrs. Clinton by double-digits). The people who run these polls should find another line of work.

I found the early voting data provided by the state (in my case, Florida) to be much more reliable. In studying the data from both elections, I found the following:

* Republicans win the Mail-In votes (aka, Absentee).

* Democrats win the in-person Early Voting votes. Republicans do not find this convenient as it interrupts their business day.

* Republicans win the Election Day votes.

Turnout is ultimately based on the drumbeats of the parties. Whichever party can inspire their constituents to vote, wins. To illustrate, even though Florida Democrats had approximately 250K more registered voters than the Republicans, the GOP was able to get their members to the voting booth:

66.28% of all registered Republicans voted.
59.77% of all registered Democrats voted.

This resulted in 150K more Republicans voting than Democrats.

In the Tampa Bay area, I found:

  • Hillsborough County (representing downtown Tampa) is solid Democrat.
  • Manatee County is solid Republican.
  • Pasco County is solid Republican.
  • Pinellas County – Republicans lost the lead in early voting to the Democrats on the last day, but overtook the Democrats on election day.
  • Polk County is solid Republican.
  • Sarasota County is solid Republican.

This happened both in 2016 and 2018. Likewise, state-wide early voting resulted in a slim lead for the Democrats, but the Republicans outvoted them on Election Day by 171K votes.

Whereas large metropolitan areas voted Democrat, e.g., Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, all the rural areas voted strongly for the Republicans. For example, Republicans in tiny Citrus County, on the upper west coast of Florida, had 20K more votes than Democrats, thereby easily negating Jacksonville with +6K votes for Democrats. It was the rural and West Coast counties that carried the day for Republicans.

Other observations:

  • Surprisingly, eleven of the twelve amendments to the Florida Constitution passed (#1 was the one defeated). Frankly, I was surprised by this. The only explanation I can think of is, due to the volume of legislation, people grew tired and simply checked off the “Yes” box in order to expedite their time in the voting booth.
  • The campaign races were incredibly costly. I am told the Governor’s race alone was the most expensive in our history. The Senate race was also expensive. Even the races for the State Senate and House were expensive. There was one State Senator who spent over $500,000 on his campaign. As you probably know, I consider this enormously frivolous. We should be spending the money on more worthwhile endeavors than the media.
  • I was not made aware of any voter fraud down here, except for one instance where a non-citizen tried to vote and the Democrats wanted it accepted. Of course, it was disallowed. There was also concern about northern students attending Florida colleges voting twice (once here and once back home in the north), but I have heard nothing tangible about this. The same could be said for northern retirees who have a house in the South for winter.
  • Following close races for the Senate and Governorship, there was a clamor to recall the votes. In the process, Broward and Palm Beach Counties came under scrutiny for possible election fraud and incompetence. Both counties are strongholds for the Democrats, thus heightening suspicions by Republicans. Full investigations are underway. I cannot remember the last time, if ever, an election was overturned here in Florida, including the famous Bush/Gore debacle back in 2000. Unfortunately, this proves our voting procedures are far from bullet-proof. Personally, I had no problem with the punch-card approach. Regardless, here is another reason why reforms should be enacted in our electoral process.
  • There were a lot of close races, be it for the Governorship, U.S. Senate, County and Municipal races. Whoever won, be it Red or Blue, should be sensitive to this and realize the people will be watching their performance. Translation: They better get off their duffs and do something.
  • The polarity of the country becomes more pronounced with each election. This is caused by differences in morality between the parties in terms of our perspectives as to what is right, and what is wrong.

Mid-term elections used to be as interesting as watching grass grow. Attendance was low. No more. The votes cast in Florida in 2018 were approximately 80% of those cast in 2016, an incredible figure. Thanks to the polarity of the country, the days of sleepy-eyed mid-term elections are long gone and we will continue to have massive political struggles from now on.

Thus closes the 2018 elections.

Keep the Faith!

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EXCLUSIVE: Mich State Dept investigates college for potential campaign finance violations

  • The Michigan State Department launched an investigation into Schoolcraft College over possible campaign finance violations.
  • The investigation was prompted by an ethics complaint, filed by Michigan attorney Karen Woodside.

The Michigan State Department is investigating Schoolcraft College for potential campaign finance violations after school employees allegedly used public resources for political activism.

The Michigan Department of State confirmed to Campus Reform on Tuesday that its Bureau of Elections unit launched an investigation into  Schoolcraft College for potentially illegal activity. Fred Woodhams of the Michigan State Department told Campus Reform that the investigation will take a couple of months to complete.

The Michigan Department of State confirmed to Campus Reform on Tuesday that its Bureau of Elections unit launched an investigation into Schoolcraft College for potentially illegal activity.    

Michigan attorney Karen Woodside filed an ethics complaint against Schoolcraft College, as previously reported by Campus Reform. Woodside’s complaint alleged that some employees used school computers during office hours to campaign for a property tax hike on the Nov. 6 election ballot. The ballot initiative did pass and is set to give the school increased funding through 2029.

Employees urged residents to vote in support of the initiative, referring to the ballot question passing as “winning,” according to emails obtained by Campus Reform.

According to Michigan campaign finance law, “a public body or a person acting for a public body shall not use or authorize the use of funds, personnel, office space, computer hardware or software, property, stationery, postage, vehicles, equipment, supplies, or other public resources to make a contribution or expenditure” for local ballot questions.

An incident in which communications show “express advocacy” can be addressed by Michigan’s Secretary of State Elections Bureau, according to Watchdog.org.

Campus Reform reached out to Schoolcraft College, but did not receive a response in time for publication.


Mich college accused of using public resources to promote tax hike

Email to students gives voting ‘recommendations’

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