America First Has No Effective Opposition to Recreating the Third World on American Soil

Saying that the US must “solve the global refugee crisis” is meaningless pabulum.  It will never be solved as third world countries send their excess people off to America and America says sure come on in, we can take care of everyone.

And, then one day, we too will be the third world.

I don’t know if you have been following the controversy about Biden’s flip-flopping on how many refugees he is welcoming to your towns.  I’ve been writing about it for days at Refugee Resettlement Watch where it was a clear demonstration of the power the refugee resettlement contractors have over this President.

If you are interested, here are my recent posts:

We have no organized opposition!

Our side, the side that believes in America First! and says that America cannot take care of the world with growing factions of ethnic groups that don’t plan on assimilating in cities that are powder kegs, has no organized opposition to the US Refugee Admissions Program.  None!

Yes, there are some immigration control groups working in Washington, DC, but they are either think tank types, or are focused on the illegal alien crisis at the southern border.

Last week, the refugee contractors and their many cohorts in the refugee industry were able to gin-up opposition in a matter of hours when Biden really screwed-up by setting the refugee level for this year at the exact level that the “racist” Donald Trump had left it.

And, that is when the wailing began….

One of the major leaders of ‘bring in the third world’ is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) and it was their CEO Mark Hetfield who made that comment about America’s duty to lead in solving the global refugee crisis quoted in a report at their blog.

HIAS’s blog post chronicles what they did on Friday along with the others in the refugee industry lobby to slap Biden silly and to remind him not to wander off the ranch again.

Refugees are money to not just the refugee contractors, but to business interests looking for cheap labor who got in on the action as well and piled on Biden’s team.

HIAS blog...

April 16 was a tumultuous day for refugee resettlement in the United States.

Early that day, President Biden delivered a long-awaited announcement. It was bad news: he would keep this year’s refugee admissions cap at 15,000, the all-time low number set by the Trump administration. While he ordered the end of discriminatory quotas on refugees from certain countries, Biden broke his repeated promises to significantly raise the admissions cap, setting off an avalanche of criticism from politicians, religious leaders, refugee advocates, and the public. By the end of the day, the administration had dramatically reversed course, pledging to raise the cap after all.

“HIAS is relieved that the Biden administration finally got its refugee initiatives back on track,” said HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield. “Doing the right thing takes courage. It will take courage for America to lead by the power of our example in solving the global refugee crisis.”

If you feel like it, keep reading.

It’s a handy summary of what happened in recent months and how their massive network of activists went to work on Friday to tell the administration to jump.  Jump it did!  They also call upon their people to continue pressuring Chairman Joe to keep the third world moving in—to your neighborhoods.

RCUSA’s Annual Advocacy Days

This week, Hetfield’s HIAS and others that make up the Refugee Council USA, the lobbying arm of this branch of the international No Borders movement, held its annual lobbying week in Congress.

It was virtual this time (normally they fly refugees in to show the warm and fuzzy side of refugee resettlement), but it basically follows a pattern they have developed over the years—upstanding refugees tell their “stories” to members of Congress to guilt-trip them into pushing for ever greater numbers of refugees to add to the millions we have already moved from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to almost all 50 states.

And, please Congress give us more MONEY!

Refugee Council USA (RCUSA), its members, and our partners convene to host a special refugee virtual advocacy week from Monday, April 19 to Friday, April 23, 2021. This virtual week of action and training comes at an important point for the refugee resettlement program. After four years of orders and policy that sought to dismantle the program, we now have the opportunity to rebuild stronger than ever – but we need your help. This week, we ask our community members to join us in championing pro-refugee legislation, and the funding and oversight to make it happen.

We are looking for residents of key states and cities whose representatives can make a big difference in rebuilding the refugee resettlement program…

They don’t have enough refugees to show off, so all activists are welcome….

You can be a seasoned advocate, or hoping to get involved for the first time! RCUSA will be providing a series of trainings, discussions, and materials so each participant feels confident. RCUSA will handle setting up meetings, participants just need to bring their passion and personal stories.

Continue reading and note their refugee “story-telling” training!

And hurry on over to see the list of Senators and members of Congress they are targeting this week. It isn’t everyone.  And, I would be curious to know why they have selected certain members and not others.

They have targeted some of their obvious friends, maybe just to keep them in line.  But, some others strike me as unusual choices.  They are targeting Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Madison Cawthorn, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Louie Gohmert and Jim Jordan among others.

In the Senate they have listed John Kennedy, Rand Paul, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and Marsha Blackburn.

I am assuming these choices are just to give them a guilt-trip.

Perhaps of most interest to me is that they have listed both Republican Senators and Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming even as Wyoming has NO refugee program and never has.  It is the only state in the nation that has never ‘welcomed’ refugees.

Bottom-line, America Firsters have no such organized structure to do what they have done year after year to pressure Congress to do their bidding and welcome in millions of (impoverished) New American Democrat voters (at taxpayers expense!) as the great replacement chugs along.

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Brett Favre: Ditch MLB & NFL, Go to Six Flags

Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre was already well-known and hated by the woke crowd for his stance against putting politics on the football field. Now, he’s again taken up the fight against political activism in sports. “I think both sides, for the most part, want to see it just remain about the sport,” Favre said in a recent episode of his podcast, “Bolling with Favre”.

Favre’s statement directly challenges the narrative that major league sports are pushing – that America is racist, and so are Americans. Despite the overwhelming social pressure to believe this narrative, others are bravely stepping forward in agreement. Micah Owings, a former MLB pitcher, tweeted that he agreed with Favre’s stance. “@BrettFavre Thanks for speaking up…Baseball and Sports “used to” UNITE our Country! Thanks to the woke Left, now sports is ripping us apart…”

You can support Favre, Owings, and America by foregoing major league sports and taking your family to another form of entertainment – Six Flags, a company we rank as neutral. Our ranking means that we see Six Flags as putting customers ahead of culture wars, and making the customer experience their first priority. Everyone will have a great time, and you’ll know you’re putting your money where it won’t be used against you and your values.

It’s long past time for 2ndVote Americans to make our voice heard amid the leftist noise. We’re not racists. Our country isn’t racist. And companies that disagree will lose our money, while companies that put customers first will earn our business.

The American people used to put aside our differences over sports. Today, that’s nearly impossible. Take a trip to Six Flags, forget about the politics and culture wars, and be proud to support a company that puts you first.

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Election Integrity Recommendations Report — Official Release

Today we are proud to announce the official public release of our Election Integrity: Recommendations Report.

Although our team of independent experts has written eight other major reports pertaining to US elections, this is the most important one, by far. (Please pass on the link to this one-page document to anyone interested in the election integrity issue.)

We’ve been working on this for about two months, and set for ourselves four (4) standards that this report should meet:

Competent, Comprehensive, Collaborative and Creative.

Regarding collaborative, there is no shortage of partisan ideas regarding the US election process (e.g. HR.1/S.1). We are attempting to reasonably bridge the currently cavernous divide. To say the least, that is a Herculean challenge!

For those who favor brevity, we have also posted a one-page document listing our thirty recommendations.

Let me know any questions, or improvements to this report.

Please pass this information onto your social media sites, friends & family, and anyone else who values America. If we don’t have election integrity, every other aspect of our life will be adversely affected.

TY for your support and assistance on this extraordinarily important national matter!

Note 1: How does our Recommendations Report differ from the dozens of reports done on the election issue to date?

a) It is written by independent scientists, outside the election analysis field,
b) It is a meta-analysis of dozens of election related reports, extracting the best ideas from each,
c) It is an exceptionally comprehensive report, with thirty (30) election integrity recommendations,
d) Among these thirty recommendations are ideas never suggested before,
e) It aims to be reasonably non-partisan, with concessions made to both camps, and
f) It takes advantage of the latest election developments that happened through April 2021.

Note 2: What is urgently needed, is for election integrity allies to come together to aggressively support a package of improvements such as we are formally proposing today — then to agree on effective messaging, plus a quality plan-of-action.
Note 3: Our Recommendations Report is a living document, and will be updated as improvements are warranted.


Watch Mike Lindell, known as the “My Pillow Guy,” is the CEO of My Pillow. Mike is a prominent supporter of, and advisor to, President Donald Trump. Mike also created the faith-based Lindell Foundation. The foundation’s focus was then broadened to helping people with addictions, cancer victims, and veterans. He also created the Lindell Recovery Network as a way to connect those struggling with drug addictions to Christian recovery organizations. Mike is also the author of ” What Are the Odds?” a personal story of his small-town tavern with its colorful cast of “Regulars” to Mexico and a drug deal gone awry. From Las Vegas casinos, where Mike won and lost fortunes as a professional gambler, to a jail-cell beatdown. From failed rehabs to his 20-year marriage, an ideal union decimated by addiction. And finally, to the redemption of the most shameful moment of his life. In March Mike announced that he would launch his new platform, called ““. With over 2B requests in just 2-days, the Frankspeech experiment is a massive success!!! TOPIC: The launch of “

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Has Socialism Harmed No One?

George Santayana famously said that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. That was demonstrated when a Florida representative made a remarkable claim last week on the floor of the state House of Representatives. He claimed socialism never killed anyone.

Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith (D), representing the University of Central Florida area (Orlando), defended “democratic socialism” with this amazing statement: “These are semi-allegations that socialism has killed people around the world. My question is, ‘Are you at all concerned that by focusing on democratic socialism, which has exactly resulted in no deaths, no one being physically harmed, and not addressing the very real problem of neo-Nazism, white supremacy, and fascism in the last four years, we are sending a very bad message?’”

Socialism has harmed no one, brought no deaths? To condemn socialism sends “a very bad message”?

Socialism, beginning with its anti-God premise, has caused immeasurable harm all over the world.

First of all, the Nazi movement itself was the National German workers’ socialist party. The Nazis caused an abundance of “physical harm” and death. The Holocaust, which killed six million Jews and millions of other victims according to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, could not have taken place if the National Socialists in Germany had not been able to seize power.

Secondly, the socialist countries that went full-bore into communism resulted in tens of millions of deaths. Socialism and communism are two sides of the same coin—the communist side being more violent than socialism.

But to implement true socialism, forced government redistribution of wealth, the state resorts to violence. It happens everywhere socialism is fully implemented.

If one argues that the AOCs and the Guillermo Smiths and Bernie Sanderses of the world are not talking about that kind of socialism, but rather the more gentle “democratic” kind as found in the Scandinavian countries, I would disagree. What you have in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden are capitalist societies with generous state welfare programs.

I know Norway firsthand, having been married there and having visited a dozen times with my Norwegian-born wife. Throughout the country, you see bustling capitalism at work, which is then heavily taxed for social welfare programs. You also see an overall homogenous society still coasting on its Protestant work ethic. What you don’t see is the iron fist of socialism/communism at work.

Meanwhile, the trail of death and physical harm from socialism and communism is immense.

In 1999, Harvard University Press published The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression.

Writing for The New York Times, Tony Judge calls this book: “An 800-page compendium of the crimes of Communist regimes worldwide, recorded and analyzed in ghastly detail by a team of scholars. The facts and figures, some of them well known, others newly confirmed in hitherto inaccessible archives, are irrefutable. The myth of the well-intentioned founders—the good czar Lenin betrayed by his evil heirs—has been laid to rest for good. No one will any longer be able to claim ignorance or uncertainty about the criminal nature of Communism, and those who had begun to forget will be forced to remember anew.”

In his foreword to the book, author Martin Malia notes, “Communist regimes did not just commit criminal acts (all states do so on occasion); they were criminal enterprises in their very essence: on principle, so to speak, they all ruled lawlessly, by violence, and without regard for human life.” Many of the contributors to the book were former, disillusioned socialists/communists.

And it all began with their false premise that there is no God. No God—no accountability. What a shock Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Castro must have faced when they died—and found out indeed there is divine accountability after all.

For all of the United States of America’s flaws, and we hear about them ad nauseum, the founders recognized that our rights comes from the Creator. In a purely socialist state, the state is god, and it is the government that bestows rights—or takes them away. And there is no higher appeal than the state.

In his 1996 book, The Quest for God, the great British historian Paul Johnson points out: “The evil done in our times is beyond computation and almost beyond the imagination of our forebears. More than 150 million people have been killed by state violence in [the 20th] century….the two greatest institutional tyrannies of the century—indeed of all time—the Nazi Reich and the Soviet Union, were Godless constructs: modern paganism in the first case and openly proclaimed atheist materialism in the second. The death-camps and the slave-camps were products not of God but of anti-God.”  And it began with forcing socialism on people.

Only by ignoring history can anyone claim that socialism has not caused harm in the world.

©Jerry Newcombe. All rights reserved.

‘Squad’ members spent up to $32,000 on private security while championing defunding the police

How long will Americans tolerate this corruption and depravity?

‘Squad’ members spent up to $32,000 on private security while championing defunding the police

By Washington Examiner, April 20, 2021

Members of the “Squad” spent thousands on personal security despite calling for the police to be defunded in the last year.

Federal Election Commission data show that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, and Rep. Cori Bush each spent thousands of dollars for services listed as “security” or “security services” in the last few months.

Ocasio-Cortez spent $3,000 per month in January, February, and March on security from one firm out of New York City.

Omar, meanwhile, spent a total of $3,103.61 on security during those same months, and Pressley spent $4,186.75 on “Security Services.”

Bush, who is a freshman congresswoman, spent the most on security, to the tune of more than $32,000, according to an April quarterly 2021 financial report.

All four women joined the chorus of Democrats and Black Lives Matter activists who demanded that law enforcement be defunded after George Floyd’s death last May.

Ocasio-Cortez, for example, rebuked New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio last June for proposing a $1 billion cut to the New York Police Department, saying it wasn’t nearly enough.

“Defunding police means defunding police,” the congresswoman said in a statement. “It does not mean budget tricks or funny math. It does not mean moving school police officers from the NYPD budget to the Department of Education’s budget so the exact same police remain in schools.”

That same month, Omar tweeted that the “‘defund the police’ movement, is one of reimagining the current police system to build an entity that does not violate us, while relocating funds to invest in community services.”

RELATED ARTICLE: Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, claimed to have been murdered by Trump supporters, actually died of a stroke

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PODCAST: Packing The Court

During the 2020 campaign, then-presidential candidate Joe Biden proposed developing a bipartisan dialog regarding the number of justices to sit on the Supreme Court. This occurred following the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as Associate Justice, thereby putting conservatives firmly in control of the Court. Biden’s proposal was all part of his “unity” themed campaign he promised to America which, of course, was a bald faced lie. Instead of such a dialog, the Democrat controlled Congress has jumped the gun and is now proposing four more seats being added to the court which would enable the Democrats to take political control of the Court.

This legislation is being introduced by Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), Reps. Jerry Nadler (D-NY10), Mondaire Jones (D-NY17), and Hank Johnson (D-GA4), all Democrats. Republicans, of course, were never consulted. So much for “unity.” If enacted, this would allow the court to grow from nine seats to thirteen. In reality, this is a thinly veiled attempt to politicize the supreme court in favor of leftist doctrine and a genuine threat to our Republic.

This is certainly not the first time politicians have tried to change the makeup of the Supreme Court. Let’s begin with this fact; the Court’s size had been set at nine since the passage of the Judiciary Act of 1869, over 150 years ago.

As a point of history, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D) also tried to change the makeup of the court during his administration. Prior to this, his government work programs during the Great Depression were regularly rejected by the Court, thereby infuriating the President. To overcome this problem, FDR introduced the Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937. This would have allowed him to appoint a justice for every current justice over the age of 70 which, at the time, was six, thereby expanding the court to fifteen and presumably giving the president the votes needed to pass his legislation.

Fortunately, the Bill was defeated as it was considered by Congress as nothing more than an attempt by FDR to pack the court. Both Republicans and Democrats voted against it, including FDR’s Vice President at the time, John Nance Garner.

Just as in 1937, the 2021 Bill is based on political bias and is rightfully considered a court packing scheme by the Democrats. It will be interesting to see how Democrats vote on this legislation this go around. I suspect they will vote along party lines.

My question is simple; if the Democrats insist on doing this, why stop at a thirteen seat Court? Why not 99? Suppose the legislation is passed and thirteen becomes the magic number. What would the Democrats do if the Court is taken over by conservative justices? Increase the number of seats again? Frankly, any number other than nine would be considered a farce.

In other words, let’s uphold the Judiciary Act of 1869 and Keep It Simple Stupid.

Keep theFaith!

P.S. – For a listing of my books, click HERE.

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Never in America—right?

In a recent broadcast, Tucker Carlson featured a story destined to send shockwaves throughout America. In discussing Canada’s new policy of mandatory detention of people who test positive for Covid in “government facilities,” Tucker referred to these “facilities” as “internment camps.” He’s right, of course, and using the correct terminology brings the euphemistically camouflaged truth out into the open.

But could something like this be done in America?

The CDC’s Alphabet Soup

Well, if you go to the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) website and look up Legal Authorities for Isolation and Quarantine, you may be surprised by what you find under the heading of Federal Law: The federal government derives its authority for isolation and quarantine from the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

According to the Heritage Foundation, “Over the course of the last decades, the Commerce Clause has been used as a primary source for the regulatory expansion of the national government.” It seems the Commerce Clause could well win a popularity contest as the most often used rationale for unconstitutional shenanigans. So let’s take a good look at it.

Hmmm…. In my copy of the Constitution, the “Commerce Clause,” as an item in what is essentially a bulleted list, reads thus: “The Congress shall have the power…to regulate commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian tribes.”

Funny, I don’t see anything there about running a medical dictatorship, depriving citizens of their rights and liberty through mandatory “lockdowns,” “house arrests” or quarantines, let alone forced isolation of American citizens in FEMA camps and the like.

That part must have been discovered in a penumbra or in emanations, along with most other tyrannical usurpations of our rights, as they were originally laid out by the Founders in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. That’s independence not only of our nation, but of We the People as sovereign individuals.

Draconian Governmental Authority over Public Health

Perhaps our illustrious lawmakers figured that We the Pesky People might see through this sham, so they covered their tracks in the US Code, as follows: Under section 361 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S. Code § 264), the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services is authorized to take measures to prevent the entry and spread of communicable diseases from foreign countries into the United States and between states.

And here’s the clincher: The authority for carrying out these functions on a daily basis has been delegated to the CDC.

So there you have it—three short steps to get out from under the protection of the Constitution, and into the waiting arms and needles and potential internment camps of the CDC.

By the way, many states have also lavished similar totalitarian powers on themselves—witness Governor Gavin Newsom’s destruction of California under the color of the California Emergency Services Act. And guess who gets to define what an emergency is, or when it ends…if ever? In fact, the CDC’s website states that: “States have police power functions to protect the health, safety, and welfare of persons within their borders. To control the spread of disease within their borders, states have laws to enforce the use of isolation and quarantine.” Got it?

Reading further in the CDC website’s entry on Quarantine and Isolation, we find this:

The CDC’s Role

Under 42 Code of Federal Regulations parts 70 and 71, CDC is authorized to detain, medically examine, and release persons arriving into the United States and traveling between states who are suspected of carrying these communicable diseases. (Emphasis mine)

As part of its federal authority, CDC routinely monitors persons arriving at U.S. land border crossings and passengers and crew arriving at U.S. ports of entry for signs or symptoms of communicable diseases.

So how’s the CDC doing at our southern border? Are they medically examining the thousands of Covid-positive illegal aliens Biden’s welcoming with open arms? What other communicable diseases has the CDC found among the hordes of unwashed migrants? That’s odd…I don’t remember CNN or MSNBC et al. reporting about them. I guess the CDC is too busy mandating social distancing and face masks and vaccine recommendations to America citizens to deal with the migrant invasion.

But let’s keep parsing the CDC’s legal mandate. The phrase above that should frighten and outrage every legal American citizen pertaining to the CDC’s role under Code 42 is, of course, this one: “authorized to detain.” Hmmm… to whom does this apply? Under what circumstances? Does it apply to travelers returning home to the U.S.? To Americans crossing state lines?

How about to all of us? Apparently, we have it worse than the Canadians, since they at least need to have a positive test as a prerequisite to internment; we only need to be “suspected.” And here’s the $64-million-dollar question: detained for how long?

We’re not done yet. Here’s the government’s next installment:


If a quarantineable disease is suspected or identified, CDC may issue a federal isolation or quarantine order. (Emphasis mine).  Public health authorities at the federal, state, local, and tribal levels may sometimes seek help from police or other law enforcement officers to enforce a public health order.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Coast Guard officers are authorized to help enforce federal quarantine orders.

Breaking a federal quarantine order is punishable by fines and imprisonment.

Federal law allows the conditional release of persons from quarantine if they comply with medical monitoring and surveillance. (Emphasis mine)

And the penalty for non-submission?

  • 271. Penalties for violation of quarantine laws (a) Penalties for persons violating quarantine laws. Any person who violates any regulation prescribed under sections 264 to 266 of this title, or any provision of section 269 of this title or any regulation prescribed thereunder, or who enters or departs from the limits of any quarantine station, ground, or anchorage in disregard of quarantine rules and regulations or without permission of the quarantine officer in charge, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $1,000 or by imprisonment for not more than one year, or both. (Emphasis mine)

Clearly, there’s something much bigger going on than “protection” from a virus from which 99.9% of people under 80 recover. Ask yourself why countries all over the world continue to insist that healthy people wear face masks—obscuring their humanity and interfering with normal life and normal healthy breathing—and are pushing a novel, highly experimental gene-modifying vaccine on their citizens.

Remember Ben Franklin’s prescient words, “Those who give up essential liberty for temporary safety deserve neither.” Regardless of what we deserve, in the moment we surrender our liberty, we’ve also surrendered our safety.

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STOKING REVOLUTION: Aggression replaces rule of law [Video]


Rep. Maxine Waters: “We’ve got to get more active. We’ve got to get more confrontational.”

Democrat representative Maxine Waters is inciting increased violence in riot-stricken Minneapolis.

Waters spoke Saturday in a Minnesota suburb to subvert the rule of law and demand guilty verdicts, no matter the evidence, against white cops.

Waters: “We’re looking for a guilty verdict. We’re looking for a guilty verdict.”

Waters is not alone in perpetuating a black versus white mentality. The same night Chris Cuomo used his platform on the Communist News Network, CNN, to suggest a method for reform.

Cuomo: “Oh, I know when they’ll change. Your kids start getting killed. White people’s kids start getting killed. Smoking that doobie [marijuana] that’s actually legal, probably, in your state now, but they don’t know what it was, and then the kid runs and [the cop] goes pop, pop, pop.”

Riots continued Saturday night into Sunday morning, and two Minnesota National Guardsmen were hospitalized after being shot at. A spokesman for the guard unit said the drive-by shooting only resulted in lacerations and minor “superficial injuries.”

Republicans are now demanding action against Waters for her incendiary behavior. Representative Marjorie Greene announced Sunday she is “introducing a resolution to expel Rep. Maxine Waters from Congress for her continual incitement of violence.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also took to Twitter to demand action from Nancy Pelosi, saying, “If Speaker Pelosi doesn’t act against this dangerous rhetoric, I will bring action this week.”

Waters has demonstrated a history of calling for violence, especially against members of President Trump’s administration.

Waters: “If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you call a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they are not welcome.”

Waters previously — hypocritically — charged Trump with murder after the Jan. 6 capitol riots.

Waters: “Some of the planning came out of individuals working in his [Trump’s] campaign. As a matter of fact, he absolutely should be charged with premeditated murder because of the lives that were lost with this invasion — with this insurrection.”

Will Waters be held accountable, or will Marxist Dems quash dissent by targeting so-called white supremacists instead?

EDITORS NOTE: This Church Militant video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Joe Collins Calls for the Arrest of Maxine Waters

LOS ANGELES, CA /PRNewswire/ — Congressional candidate Joe Collins called for the immediate removal and arrest of Congresswoman Maxine Waters. This followed Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill’s declaration that Waters’ recent comments could lead to the overturn of the Derek Chauvin trial for the murder of George Floyd.

Collins said, “It looks like Maxine Waters is using her political power to influence decisions in court cases. This is why I’m urging Congress to do their job and uphold the oath they took and remove Maxine from office. She should also be arrested immediately under US 18 U.S.C. 2101 – Riots for inciting a riot in another state. ”

“Politicians are not above the law and we need to start holding these people accountable for their actions. In 2020 we flipped over forty thousand votes in the district, so we need the American people to support our campaign to remove and replace her in 2022 if Congress won’t do it,” Collins continued.

Joe Collins, who is Maxine Waters’ Republican opponent for California’s 43rd Congressional district, is joined by other prominent Republicans calling for the immediate removal of Maxine Waters, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Collins made his statement just hours after Judge Cahill, the judge overseeing the trial, told the Defense’s attorney, “I’ll give you that Congresswoman Waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned.” The judge added, “I think if they want to give their opinions, they should do so…in a manner that is consistent with their oath to the Constitution, to respect a coequal branch of government.”

Cahill was speaking about Waters’ recent trip to Brooklyn Hill, MN, where she told protesters to “stay in the streets” and “get more confrontational” depending on the outcome of the Chauvin trial. Joe Collins had already commented on Waters’ statements earlier in the week, saying, “Maxine should be ashamed of herself. Inciting violence in an already emotionally torn city.”

Collins also fired back at Maxine Waters on FOX and Friends on Monday morning, telling the show that Maxine is a “complete disgrace to the United States and South LA” and calling for her immediate removal from office.

The decorated Navy veteran grew up in Waters’ district in South Los Angeles. His district saw a 33% increase in murders between 2019 and 2020 and a 150% increase during the first 30 days of 2021 alone.

Joe Collins has made it a key point of his campaign to reduce incidents of police violence through practical solutions such as more police training and removing legislators and city officials who have failed to fix long-standing issues in urban communities.

In 2020, Joe Collins challenged Maxine Waters for California’s 43rd Congressional District. Collins managed to receive nearly double the votes of any Republican in the history of the district and out fundraised Waters 5-to-1. Collins has already filed to run in California’s 43rd Congressional district again in 2022. Collins’ platform consists of ending homelessness, bringing quality jobs and housing back to the community, creating paths for families to create generational wealth, significantly improving the education system, and reducing crime through border security and police reform.

Joe E. Collins Socials
Instagram: @joeecollins3
Twitter: @joeecollins3

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Mandela’s Communist White Hatred Germinates in American Soil

“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may only act by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.” – Ayn Rand

“From its earliest days, the Cuban Revolution has also been a source of inspiration to all freedom-loving people.  We admire the sacrifices of the Cuban people in maintaining their independence and sovereignty in the face of the vicious imperialist orchestrated campaign to destroy the impressive gain made in the Cuban Revolution.  Long live the Cuban Revolution.  Long live comrade Fidel Castro.” –  Comrade Nelson Mandela

“Never has our future been more unpredictable, never have we depended so much on political forces that cannot be trusted to follow the rules of common sense and self-interest – forces that look like sheer insanity, if judged by the standards of other centuries.” – Hannah Arendt

Despite the fact that both Obama and Oprah fawned over Nelson Mandela, he was not a savior for South African blacks.  He deplored the white farmers who planted fields and raised cattle that fed all South Africans.  By black hands, many white families and even their babies were macheted to death.  The seeds of Mandela’s “anti-apartheid” have been planted in America and are now being thrust to fruition on our soil.

Mandela said, “The cause of Communism is the greatest cause in the history of mankind!” 

Unreported in American press, there is a brutal white genocide still occurring. This massacre is being instigated by the African National Congress (ANC), South African Communist Party (SACP), and like-minded organizations. The stories of white farmers being murdered, women and babies being raped, and property being destroyed or stolen are legion. Not only is the South African regime doing nothing to prevent it, they are deliberately adding fuel to the fire. Thousands of whites have lost their lives in this ongoing purge, just as thousands of blacks lost theirs in the ANC’s brutal rise to power years previous.  Link

Critical Race Theory proponents won’t tell you how close America is to Mandela’s South African carnage of whites.  Whites and blacks who disagreed with him or his wife Winnie, were necklaced.

Demonizing White Americans

The very founders of America, those who gave their lives and fortunes to gain independence and liberty for all Americans, have become the enemies of today’s society.  Our Judeo-Christian brothers and sisters who fought for freedom via secession from the very country who wished to enslave them with taxes and control, are now under an accursed and diabolical attack.

White hatred is the new parasitic hostility imbuing black Americans who have been brainwashed and propagandized by Marxist infiltration of their churches.

At a prayer session in support of Black Lives Matter, the pastor of St. Xavier Catholic Church in New York City instructed white congregants that they must renounce their white privilege to help “transform the church culture.”

Nelson Mandela’s hatred extended to our Jewish brothers and sisters.  He stated, “Yasser Arafat was one of the outstanding freedom fighters of this generation, one who gave his entire life to the cause of the Palestinian people.”  Mandela didn’t mention the “Palestinian cause” is wiping Israel out.

The perfidious media proclaims white privilege as evil as if there was such a thing, the NYTs 1619 Project as truth, revisionist history of our founders as factual and white on black crimes as far exceeding other criminal atrocities which is a total fabrication.  Compensation to black Americans for our past history has been massive and continues today.  No black or white Americans alive today have owned any black, Irish, or native American persons as slaves, but instead have been helped to attain advances for all into American society and government.

All of it is a lie…a lie propagated by those who hate the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Christian’s Messiah Jesus…communists hate the Bible and any mention of the Creator.  Their goal is to usurp God and put man in God’s place.

Infiltration of Black Churches

In September of 2020, I wrote an article about Manning Johnson’s superb 1958 book, Color, Communism and Common Sense.  The entire 79-page booklet is available at the link; hardcopy on the web.

Archibald Roosevelt, the fifth child of President Theodore Roosevelt, wrote the forward to Mr. Manning’s book.

Manning Johnson’s story begins very much like many other black Americans brought up in a religious home.  It was the preaching of a communist Bishop of the Episcopal Church that inducted him into the party.  Johnson was a man of ability and education and felt himself frustrated by his race and color and fell under the spell of communist propaganda. 

For ten long years he remained in the party, but the Communists failed to recognize Manning’s Christian upbringing; he was intelligent and he had courage and his upbringing allowed him to see through the lies of the communist doctrine.  Johnson explains in his book how communists have used and are using certain American blacks to the detriment of all Americans, both black and white. 

The 78-page booklet exposes how black churches were subverted and the communist plot to use black Americans, concocted by Stalin in 1928, to create racial hatred.  He tells of the real “Uncle Toms,” communists who posed as “friends of the Negro,” and under the guise of a campaign for black rights, set race against race in a cold-blooded struggle for power.  They are the ones who plotted with a diabolical foreign power the moral decay, physical slavery and spiritual death of their own race.

Early Marxists

Marxists immigrated to America in 1848 after socialism had failed to take root in Europe; they’ve made a permanent home in America.  During the American Civil War, Marx wrote about his support of the Union Army, the Republican Party and Lincoln himself.  In fact, he named the president as “the single-minded son of the working class.”  Marx wrote to President Lincoln and after Lincoln’s assassination, he wrote to President Johnson.

It is historical fact that before the Revolutionary War, the Southern colonies were petitioning the king of England to stop the importation of slaves into their colonies.  Many nations, as well as our New England colonies were engaged in this nefarious commerce in slaves.  New England and English merchants were lobbying the English government to keep the slave trade open.

Thomas Jefferson attempted to place into the Declaration of Independence a complaint against the king’s government criticizing that government for not allowing the colonies to end the African slave trade.  It was deleted so as not to upset New England which was profiting from it. (Robert L. Dabney, A Defense of Virginia and the South)

Oh, that Jefferson had been present at the 1787 Constitutional Convention.

Critical Race Theory

Quotes from Roger Simon’s recent article Critical Race Theory: The Great Evil of Our Time are some of the best.

Something called Critical Race Theory intervened to turn our society around, head it back toward racial enmity and, to be blunt, destroy our country, and with it our common humanity, unless it is stopped.

CRT is a growing cancer infecting our schools, media, entertainment, and businesses. Every aspect of our culture has been infected with this absurdity right up to the corporate board rooms. Even Coca Cola executives are now instructing us on the dangers of “whiteness.” Do they actually believe this hogwash? Who knows? Perhaps they are just scared, cowards playing along with the zeitgeist to keep their lucrative jobs. But if that’s so, it’s worse.

Most importantly, the ideology has infected our schools, even at the lowest levels, to the degree that young children are being hard-wired to hate or distrust each other and, even more sadly, themselves. (It now starts in kindergarten.)

White kids—no matter their social class, no matter at what point their families came to America, in many cases decades and more after slavery, fleeing genocides, pogroms, the most abject poverty or whatever—are being taught they are oppressors and must spend their lives expiating the sin of their skin color.

If you wanted to invent an ideology that actually created racism where it doesn’t exist, you could do no better than Critical Race Theory.

Dr. Carol Swain is a former professor of political science and law professor at Vanderbilt University and a lifetime member of the James Madison Society.  Her insightful January 2020 article on Critical Race Theory, is a must read especially her own educational experience and the white teachers who encouraged her.

Systemic racism” is an evil lie!  Thomas Sowell says it reminds him of Nazi Germany and the propaganda tactics of Joseph Goebbels. It tells minority communities they have no power over their own lives, when they actually have great power.  The Tuskegee Airmen certainly did, and they were asked by white bombers to be their guards. Why? Because they were trained in aerial combat and were magnificent in protecting larger bombers from German fighter planes.  Yes, they lost some; but their nickname was Red-Tail Angels.

My father’s grave is in the same cemetery as Tuskegee Airman Richard Highbaugh’s grave at Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago, along with 1936 Gold Medal winner Olympian Champion Jesse Owens who put Hitler to shame.  God bless them all.  They loved this country, they knew freedom and despite the times, they became America’s heroes.

21st Century Communists

Black Lives Matter (BLM) was founded in 2013 and is run by three Marxist women mostly trained by Bill Ayer’s 1960s Weather Underground communists.  They have moved to infiltrate every segment of American society and to promote their communist propaganda, not only through churches, but through government schools.  BLM and Antifa are both communist organizations committed to overthrowing America’s culture, society and constitutional order. BLM founders are also prophetesses of demonic darkness… watch Alex Newman’s short video on their occultism.  BLM founders have made millions upon millions from “woke” corporations funding their evil ideology.

American Marxists work to foment hatred and division, ultimately serving to overthrow our Judeo-Christian culture. A shadow government has grown to the point where it now sets the politically correct rules for American Society.  It is Marxism based upon group conflict and their hatred for Western civilization.  The race baiting and false animosity will ultimately lead to the communist destruction of America’s white immigrants just as white hatred was instigated in South Africa by Mandela.

And they have guns, firearms the neo-Marxists in Congress wish to rest from the hands of law-abiding citizens.  A BLM mob took over a restaurant in Dallas’ historic downtown district. They took over the business with guns, threatening to burn it down. The radical-pandering news media continues to ignore the counter-productive methods BLM and Antifa utilize; they are part and parcel of the same ideology.

America’s White Racism

The BLM/Antifa communists are not going away; they want to destroy America and those who represent our European founders.  Nelson Mandela’s communist hatred of white South Africans is in America.

Old social media posts written by BLM co-founder Toronto Yusra Khogali made the rounds.  Yusra Khogali in 2016 wrote “white people are a genetic defect of blackness” in a since-deleted Facebook post.  “Whiteness is not humxness,” Khogali wrote in a Facebook post. “in fact, white skin is sub-humxn.” They can’t even express themselves in proper English.

Here are just a few media reports, all of which are marching toward hatred of all white Americans…and ultimately the same destruction for American whites as those in South Africa.  We’ve already seen over a year of riots and devastation that was never interrupted by local authorities or police.  There were no consequences for the evil acts.  Thus, they will continue.

There are countless media reports of white hatred.  Fourteen years ago, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, two young college students were brutally savaged and murdered by five black perpetrators when they hijacked their car.  It was never called a hate crime because it was black on white.


We’ve already seen the riots, the violence and the destruction in America by BLM, Antifa and various communist groups.  Over the last century we’ve seen God and the 10 commandments removed from government schools; public prayer disallowed, monuments and product labels being changed to assuage the CRT proponents.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters was caught on tape….Waters calls for Marxists’ organization Black Lives Matters to do even worse if the Chauvin trial doesn’t go her way.  Waters wants BLM to stay in the streets and riot despite the deaths of more than three people in the 2020 riots.  She calls them to burn down cities.  Why is she still in Congress?

Racism is being used by Congressional democrats to divide and conquer our country for Marxism.  Our 45th President hadn’t a racist bone in his body, and they used racism against him, when in fact they are the real true racists…they hate and they disparage and they destroy.  One needs only look at the illegitimate 46th president’s appointees to know that racism and anti-Semitism is once again alive and well…just as it was under our 44th president.

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PODCAST: Dem’s HR-1 and The Jim Crow Shtick

When it comes to voting reform, Democrats gleefully point at their pending H.R.1 “For the People” Act which they claim will make voting accessible to more people, most of whom are illegal aliens. When the Republicans push for voter reform, such as what was recently implemented in Georgia, the Democrats accuse them of implementing racially designed “Jim Crow” laws. Even President Biden called the Georgia law, “Jim Crow in the 21st Century,” as well as many other Democrats and left-leaning media personnel.

Some of us are old enough to remember Jim Crow laws, but most of the voters today haven’t a clue regarding its background and it’s applicability today. Let’s try to clear this up.

Following the American Civil War, the country entered a period of “Reconstruction” of the South. This consisted of laws devised by northern Republicans to get the South back on its feet economically while securing the civil rights of the former slaves. Over time, federal troops withdrew from the South and Democrats took control of the State Assemblies and governor mansions. To combat Republican policies, these “Dixiecrats” implemented sweeping rules and regulations depriving blacks of their civil rights, particularly in the areas of segregation, land ownership and voting, thereby catering to white control. In effect, they were able to turn the clock backwards to before the Civil War without having to enslave anyone.

Over time, “Dixiecrats” power grew in parallel with the rise of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). In particular, both groups grew to prominence during the Wilson administration and beyond. It finally ended in 1964 with the passage of the Civil Rights Act under President Lyndon Johnson.

The rules devised by the southern Democrats came to be referred to as “Jim Crow,” which was named after a theater character stereotyping blacks from the early part of the 19th century. Such laws defined where a black could go to school, where to eat and drink, shop, reside, ride a bus, vote, and many other oppressive stipulations.

Interestingly, now the Republicans are being accused of enacting similar laws. It is rather ironic the party of Lincoln, who fought for the freedom of slaves, is being falsely accused of such nonsense. Let us not forget, not one Republican president owned a slave. The Democrats cannot claim otherwise.

Today’s Republicans are simply angling to stop illegal voting, such as fraudulent and duplicate voting. This is why they are in favor of such things as Voter Identification, verifying signatures, review of voter rolls, etc., none of which is in the Democrats’ H.R.1 Bill. In fact, H.R.1 would simplify voter cheating if enacted. Instead, Democrats claim Republican voter initiatives would prohibit people from voting, hence they claim it is “Racist” and akin to “Jim Crow.” Of course, this is an old tactic used by the radical left to try and bully people and has nothing to do with reality. It is a familiar shtick to falsely cast dispersions on others while they, themselves, are the true culprits trying to undermine the system for political gain.

What we have to realize is those who falsely claim others are racists, are truly the racists themselves. You can call the Republicans whatever you want, but you cannot distort the truth, especially when it comes to “Jim Crow.” Frankly, this tactic has been used so many times, I doubt if it is effective any longer. However, as long as the populace remains ignorant of our history, such as who the true designers of “Jim Crow” laws were, we will continue to produce a sucker every minute. Then again, some people like to be deceived.

For more info, see; “Voter Fraud is Dirty Business” – July 09, 2020

Keep the Faith!

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Utah Governor Defends Racism As Long As It’s Against White Kids

If America has a ‘race problem’, this is it.

Utah Governor Defends Racism As Long As It’s Against White Kids

By Jordan Davidson, The Federalist, April 16, 2021

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox defended racism against white kids during a question and answer session with constituents on Thursday.

During the session, live-tweeted by the governor’s official Twitter account, one Utah citizen asked “if it’s racist that the Utah Jazz excludes white children from the team’s scholarship program.”

The program created by the NBA team allots a scholarship to a new “underrepresented student of color enrolling as a freshman for the 2021-22 school year” for every team win during the 2020-21 season basketball season. To qualify for the funds, students must have graduated from high school and be a “person of color.” Since the program’s start, the team has handed out nearly 50 full-ride scholarships to black and minority students only.

Despite the team’s deliberate exclusion of white students from the program, Cox said the scholarship requirements are not racist.

“It’s not racist. Ryan Smith and the Jazz can do what they want with their funds. All kids should have equal opportunities, and we’re proud of the Jazz,” he replied.

When asked if Cox believes that excluding white people from amenities, finances, and programs is racist, the governor’s office reiterated his former claim but said it did not apply to government scholarships.

“Gov. Cox believes the Utah Jazz has every right to act according to their own corporate values and issue scholarships to whomever they choose. Government scholarships, on the other hand, are not based on race,” a spokesperson from the governor’s office told The Federalist.

The Utah Jazz also did not respond to The Federalist’s request for comment.

In addition to his comments about racism during the question and answer session, Cox claimed, without evidence, that masks are still required in Utah schools because education facilities “had high transmission rates early in the pandemic.” Cox also told a citizen concerned about the governor’s amassed power during the pandemic that he doesn’t support “reining in executive powers — especially on health and safety issues.”

RELATED ARTICLE: ‘Get the f*** out!’: Black protesters in Brooklyn Center eviscerate white protester, tell him ‘you’re white, you already don’t belong!’NEWS

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Leftists Try to Cancel Zionist Leader for Criticizing Tlaib and Omar and Noting that BLM Is Anti-Semitic

The Boston Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), a coalition of Jewish organizations, is set to meet on April 27 to decide whether or not to expel the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) over charges that it is “white supremacist.” Of course, everyone to the right of Pol Pot is a white supremacist these days, as far as the left is concerned. The real sin of ZOA’s national president Mort Klein is that he dared to criticize leftist powerbrokers and to point out that Black Lives Matter (BLM) is not the saintly organization of establishment media myth, but a viciously hateful and anti-Semitic group. Simply telling unwelcome truths about people and causes the left idolizes gets you lumped in with the KKK in this insane age.

It all started last year with a petition from leftist Jewish groups J Street, the Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action, Women of Reform Judaism and others, calling for the ZOA to be expelled from the Boston JCRC because Klein had made statements that supposedly ventured into “xenophobic and racist territory,” and thus ZOA’s membership was “not compatible with and is in conflict with the mission of JCRC.”

The petition stated: “So long as ZOA enjoys a seat at the American Jewish communal table, we are collectively signaling that their views are a welcome and tolerable part of our communal life. American Jewish institutions must make clear that Klein’s pattern of abuse and bigotry can have no place in our Jewish communal life.”

Among Klein’s “xenophobic and racist statements” were critical remarks about revered, untouchable figures on the left, including George Soros, Barack Obama, and Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-Ramallah) and Ilhan Omar (D-Mogadishu). Why, only a racist could have any remotely negative word to say about them!

The petition also claims that Klein’s criticism of Black Lives Matter “extended well beyond acceptable discourse on race.” This was because Klein tweeted: “BlackLivesMatter is an antisemitic, Israel hating Soros funded racist extremist Israelophobic hate group.” And: “I urge the SPLC to immediately put BlackLivesMatter on their list of hate groups. BLM is a Jew hating, White hating, Israel hating, conservative Black hating, violence promoting, dangerous Soros funded extremist group of haters.”

Klein was right, and he wasn’t the only person who noticed. Haaretz reported in 2018 that “a new platform associated with the Black Lives Matter movement that describes Israel as an ‘apartheid state’ committing ‘genocide’ against the Palestinian people has triggered critical responses from Jewish organizations — even its allies.” And in August 2020, journalist Daniel Greenfield noted that “a Black Lives Matter rioter was caught on video spray painting Free Palestine on the driveway of the Beth Hillel Temple in Kenosha,” and “during the Los Angeles Black Lives Matter riots which targeted the Fairfax community and its large Orthodox Jewish population, Congregation Beth El on Beverly Blvd was spray painted with the hateful message, ‘F___ Israel’, and ‘Free Palestine.’”

Back in 2015, Black Lives Matter operatives visited “Palestine” and linked the jihad against Israel to race war in the United States.

As far as the left is concerned, however, these are facts that only “racists” dare to notice. ZOA shot back with a statement that challenged the lynch mob on its hypocrisy: “Instead of trying to censor ZOA, these Jewish group should join with Mort Klein, Alan Dershowitz, Caroline Glick and Melanie Phillips in condemning the anti-Semitic Israel-hating platform of the Black Lives Matter/M4BL organization, which promotes anti-Semitic BDS and falsely accuses Israel of perpetrating genocide and apartheid.”

Klein added: “Inappropriate concern was raised due to our legitimately [sic] criticism of the anti-Israel actions and policies of the organization called Black Lives Matter. This was especially hurtful to ZOA since it fully, publicly and unequivocally supports equality and fairness to all races, including, of course, all black lives.”

After reviewing the matter for six months, the JCRC’s Membership Committee voted unanimously that ZOA should not be removed. However, in a nod to the mob, it directed ZOA to make clear that it rejected white supremacism, intoning piously that “no Member Organization of JCRC, through its programs, activities or practices—or through the public leadership platforms of its executive officers—should legitimize or normalize organizations or individuals who embrace white supremacy, white nationalism or the conspiracy theories which underlie these ideologies.”

When the full JCRC Council meets on April 27, its vote on whether to retain or expel the ZOA will be largely based on how well council members believe the organization has complied with this warning. The premise of the petition – that any criticism of Tlaib, Omar, and BLM constitutes racism and white supremacism – is left unchallenged, which does not bode well for the ZOA. But if the JCRC does vote to expel the ZOA, it will only reveal its corruption and betrayal of its own mission, and demonstrate once again the increasing intransigence and fascism of the left. The more leftists move to silence legitimate voices, the more they show their own totalitarian colors, and the more they strip away their own legitimacy.


UNRWA again teaching jihad terror and Jew-hatred as Biden’s handlers resume taxpayer funding with no conditions

France: Police instructed to bend lockdown rules for Muslims during Ramadan

UK’s Channel 4 says increased jihad activity in Africa is a consequence of poverty and lack of access to resources

Nigeria’s Communications Minister: Boko Haram jihad terrorists are ‘our fellow Muslim brothers’

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