Why Dr. Ben Carson’s Fame Is Like Christ’s Triumphal Entry for the Adventist Church

Christ’s triumphal entry to Jerusalem had been foretold 500 years earlier, riding on a colt, Zechariah 9:9. God’s purpose was to call attention to the prophecies concerning the Savior before Friday’s crucifixion.

Adventism may be due for a similar bipolar swing from popular now to ridicule or scorn soon. With most major news sources doing an article on Dr. Carson’s faith, the Seventh-day Adventist Church is no longer considered a cult, but they sadly edited some beliefs to escape inclusion in Walter Martin’s “Kingdom of Cults” 50 years ago, a book that included Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Islam, New Age, etc.

The purpose of this is not to look at the Trinity now accepted, but it’s a word that Ellen White never used. We look instead at the eschatology she may have hinted for us in the next chapter of her book on Christ’s life, a chapter titled “A Doomed People.” It was about the Jewish nation then, like the fig tree flaunting its pretentious leaves but lacking fruit. Christ cursed the tree as a lesson against empty or shallow religion.

“So it is now” wrote Ellen White from Australia where brethren sent her to get rid of her agitation for a new truth of righteousness by faith for the church. She returned to appeal for a reorganization of the General Conference in 1901. They voted her request, but never carried it out and in 1903, voted a more hierarchical structure that GC President Wilson said in court was like the Roman Catholic Church. M. Silver v PPPA.

Ellen White’s response was, “How is the faithful city become an harlot? My Father’s house is made a house of merchandise; a place whence the divine presence and glory have departed.” Testimonies for the Church, Vol 8, pg 250. Two years later she wrote, “the great apostasy which is developing…will continue to do so until the Lord shall descend from heaven with a shout.” Special Testimonies, Series B, #7, 1905.

Special Testimonies, Series B was burned in the basement of the GC. BT Anderson, custodian was told they had extra copies they didn’t need, to stoke up the furnace. They burned her books he related after retiring.

Her statement in 1905 was confirmed by Dr. Mervyn Hardinge in 1985 as he retired as Medical Director of the General Conference. SDA hospitals perhaps best show our apostasy if one understands what happened.

Ellen White saw Loma Linda in vision as property to be purchased and at one point, when the brethren had no money, her check for $35,000 mailed from Australia months earlier arrived on the due date! She said that thousands were to be trained, not as professional doctors and nurses but as gospel medical missionaries going home to home praying for the sick, giving treatments, singing gospel songs, claiming Bible promises.

She said drugs do not cure disease and pharmacology was not to be taught. Leaders seeking accreditation were told “no” twice and on a third trip to see her, she refused to see them. They reported to the committee that “she didn’t say no,” and Loma Linda was hijacked to become accredited to teach a false science with medical care now a leading cause of death due to Adverse Drug Reactions. Journal of AMA, 4-15-1998.

Loma Linda enjoys a central sculpture of the Good Samaritan that mocks its greed in medicine and surgery.

National Geographic (Nov, 2005) featured Loma Linda in their cover story on longevity, but the secret has nothing to do with medical care—it’s what Ellen White wrote about food that has made Adventists healthy, a message we’ve conveyed so poorly that NIH spent millions to discover why we live about 7 extra years.*

Adventists could have had their own brand of naturopathy. Seeking worldly accreditation, we joined them, as we’ve done in every area of education, and now we must teach Jesuit Spiritual Formation to ministers to keep our accreditation. Yes, Adventism is glowing with Carson’s triumphal entry, but the next chapter, “A Doomed People” is impending. “The lesson is for all times…So it is now.” Desire of Ages, p 584-588.

*To survive the next 7 years, Adventists will need to understand Ellen White’s last message, lost when her publishers changed her chosen title to “Prophets & Kings,” masking also her last definition of the church as a “covenant-keeping people.” The covenant is how we marry the Bridegroom when He comes. For a better understanding of why this is crucial to our destiny now, see The Bridegroom Comes.

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Alabama: Marine Combat Veteran Announces Candidacy for U.S. Senate

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. /PRNewswire/ — Conservative Jonathan McConnell, a Marine, Iraq War Veteran and small business owner, today announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Alabama’s Republican primary race.

Washington is broken. But instead of leaders who are focused on solving the problem, our politicians are focused on profiting from the work we send them to do in Washington.  That’s why I’m running – because its time to put an end to politicians who profit while we pay,” said McConnell.

McConnell filed the formal paperwork to qualify and followed with his official announcement.

“As a Marine, I know what it means to take on the tough battles, win the tough fights and put service and sacrifice ahead of personal gain.  And, as a small business owner, I know what it means to build a business, make a payroll, help veterans get back to work and get things moving again,” said McConnell.

“We need that kind of bold, conservative leadership in Washington.  The insiders and politicians are ruining this country, and we need to take it back from them before they do any more damage,” said McConnell.

A graduate of Auburn University and currently the President and CEO of Meridian.us, Captain McConnell served in the Marines from 2005 – 2008, where he was stationed on the outskirts of Fallujah, Iraq in 2006 and was then redeployed to the Syrian Border in 2007 where he commanded the Second Mobile Assault Platoon and was Executive Officer of Weapons Company.

Upon returning, McConnell earned his law degree at the University of Alabama.  While a law student, he founded Meridian.us, a global maritime security company which combats the Somali Piracy threat against merchant vessels.

“We can’t fix Washington by electing the same people who broke it.  And 44-year career politicians can’t fix it.  They just don’t know how.  My experience as a Marine, veteran and small business owner who has created jobs is exactly what we need to fix what’s broken in Washington,” said McConnell.

Alabama Primary voting will occur on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Further information about Jonathan McConnell, to donate to the campaign and to sign up for campaign emails can be found at www.McConnell2016.com.

O’Reilly, Hannity, and Kelly are Destroying America

Conservatives are fully aware that conservative views are not presented at ABC, CBS, NBC, and the dozens of other news channels scattered across the internet.  Where do conservatives go to get their daily dose of news?  They turn to FOX News.  So do I, but I am changing my updates to the news to friends and internet sites I have faith in.  I no longer have faith that FOX News has been or will continue in the future to provide conservatives news from around the world that is unbiased and captures the most important news for all Americans.

For the last year Hannity has been focused on next years Presidential election.  Virtually nothing else is reported during his time period.  O’Reilly and Kelly are right behind him.  Kelly is fixated on convincing conservative Americans that she is unbiased when it comes to the upcoming election.  Viewers now know Kelly leans further left than we once imagined.  Two years ago I would never have thought Kelly would seek to destroy the character of America’s leading Republican candidate (Donald Trump).  It is apparent FOX News is now trying to act like they adore Trump, but the reality is Trump is being given less positive time on FOX.  Rest assured if Trump is elected there will be hell to pay at FOX News.  Trump does not forgive nor does he forget.

How many readers have a complete understanding of the recent stabbings by a Muslim student at the University of California?  How many people know that the stabber was harming victims because of Jihadi views and not because of he disfavor of a study group.  Does the study group reasoning not seem familiar to the ‘video being the cause of the Benghazi Islamic terrorist attack’?  Faisal Mohammed was stabbing and trying to kill his fellow students because he is Muslim and he was following the actions of other Muslims who were stabbing and killing innocent people in Israel.  Believe it or not there will be politicians who will be calling for the banning of any knife not classified as a basic pocket knife.  One need only travel to any Veterans Hospital.  There are signs on every building, in offices, and in the parking lots informing veterans that even pocket knifes are not allowed on VA grounds.  How silly America has become.

Instead of FOX News focusing on a news event (UC stabbing) that if given the proper time and focus would allow Americans to better understand the Muslim mindset and prepare them for many more such Islamic terrorist events in America, FOX and it’s anchors are so focused on the Presidential candidates than on anything else.  There is little we do not know about any candidate, but there is a lot Americans do not know about the UC stabbings.  Like their counter-parts FOX does not want Americans to get too heavy a dose of negativity for Islam and it’s followers.

Viewers must understand there are numerous conservative U.S. elected officials who consider Saudi Arabia our friends and that deep down they believe overall Muslims love America. In other words there are numerous ignorant people in the conservative party.  Don’t get me wrong by thinking I prefer MSNBC and other liberal (socialist/communist) news media better than FOX.  I don’t.  I have relied on FOX to keep Americans focused in the right direction and by Hannity and the others skipping making the UC stabbing a major news event, they continue to focus on an election many months away.

In regards to the Presidential election FOX should be focusing on only Trump and Carson.  The others in the field are 100% politicians and if elected America will continue to decline.

Americans must demand FOX News focus on Islamic terrorist events because these events are the future of America and sadly for our children.  Islamic terrorist events can only be prevented if Muslims around the world know that even the most basic Islamic terrorist action will receive the attention that is parallel to the coming together of media and Americans on 9-11.

Only Focusing on the Presidential Race is Fool Hearty

The upcoming presidential election is very important.  But making it the preeminent focus may prove to be fool hearty for “We the People.”  Ever since I began to seriously pay attention to the American election process during my high school years, one thing has been abundantly clear.  The primary and in some cases the only real focus is on the presidency.  Now don’t get me wrong, the office of president of the United States of America is very important. In fact, it should be highly regarded not only by sovereign citizens, but also by those who are blessed to be elected to that office.

But the run for the presidency should not be the sole focus of our attention.  The executive branch establishes the office of president Article II section II provides presidential powers.  It makes the president the commander in chief of the military and the militia, and can make treaties with other countries.  He can pick judges and other government members. It also provides the president the aid of a cabinet.  With the approval of the Senate, the president meets with other heads of state.  The President is also required to give a speech once a year regarding the state of our union.

But in addition to the president is Congress which consists of 469 seats.  When you include state and local executive and legislative seats, it amounts to around thirty thousand positions.  They are all elected to represent and govern on behalf of “We the People.”  We all know that Congress will make no law regarding an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for the redress of grievances.  Congress is also supposed to oversee the production of money, (not the Federal Reserve) but that is for another column. Congress is also authorized to collect taxes and provide for the general welfare of the United States.

The Judiciary has it’s enumerated powers and responsibilities including, the overseeing of trials for all crimes except in cases of impeachment in the Judicial power which shall extend to all cases in law and equity arising under the constitution, the laws of the United States, and treaties made, or which shall be made under their authority; to all cases affecting Ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls.  Article III section II fully explains the Judicial Branch power and authorities, none of which includes the making of laws, such was done in regards to same sex marriage.

I agree with constitutional scholar Kris Ann Hall who pointed out at a recent gathering, that the reason the lion’s share of attention is given to the presidential race is because that keeps the focus off of our representatives who are supposed to govern on behalf of our true best interest of “We the People.”  Unfortunately, most of the time the government acts on behalf of it’s own best interest as officials seek to take more control of our lives.

If congress governed according to constitutional mandates, there would never have been repeated raisings of the debt limit. The debt limit is now to the point that it could cause an economic collapse by 2017.  Because of a lack of focused attention on Congress, both houses have worked along side president Obama in efforts to gain more control over our God given rights.  Even national security has been gravely compromised because congress has gone along with the efforts of president Obama to put us in mortal danger.  One way is allowing Obama to snare America in a deal with Iran that allows that muslim nation to obtain the nuclear weapons the imams desire to destroy the United States and Israel.

If congress were to govern on behalf of American interests there would be a constitutionally influenced effort to wipe out every single money grubbing and rights inhibiting department.  For example the Environmental Protection Agency, the I.R.S. and the Department of Education just to name a few.  Let us not forget, that under the influence of the Department of Justice, cities like Denver, Atlanta, and New York City have signed a traitorous global police initiative.  This horrible development is unfolding without any noticeable backlash from congress, so far.  Maybe things will change now that Boehner is gone.  After all, congress should be on the lookout and a safeguard against efforts of Obama to fundamentally change America into something that no longer even resembles a constitutionally limited republic.  Unfortunately, more often than not, congress has not been a check and balance against tyranny, but rather an accomplice of evil against our unalienable rights.  May God help us.

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Ted Cruz: It’s In His Heart

A frustrated hopeless patriot wrote…

Unfortunately Mr. Marcus, it’s not only the left but also the right that is out to destroy America. Wicked people in high places, the elite if you will, control both parties. That is why no matter who is elected that nothing changes.”

This patriot brother’s discouragement explains why I want Ted Cruz in the driver’s seat as president. On numerous occasions, Ted Cruz has proven that he has no problem being odd-man-out in regards to Washington politics. Cruz desires the same for our country as We the People.

I have made the following point numerous times. Politicians promise the moon on the campaign trail. The 64,000 dollar question is who will have the cojones and core conservative instincts to follow through if elected? Atop my list is Ted Cruz.

A gospel classic is titled, “It’s in My Heart.” Folks, Ted Cruz has proven that conservatism is in his heart. Our only hope of liberating ourselves from the “Washington cartel” (both parties conspiring against the people) as Cruz perfectly described it is to select a presidential nominee with conservatism in his/her heart.

Cruz is well experienced in being hated by both political parties and the media. He acts like a duck, allowing their relentless venomous rebukes to roll off his back. Cruz stays laser focused on doing what is right for God, country and We the People. That’s what has me standing up and cheering for Ted Cruz.

I love Dr Ben Carson. However, early in his campaign, I wrote an article praising Dr Carson for standing firm on a non-PC comment he made. My publisher informed me he could not publish the article because Dr Carson apologized. As I stated, I highly respect and love the man, but that action scared me folks. Early in his campaign, political inexperience prompted Dr. Carson to imply that he may be open to controls on owning a semi-automatic weapon depending on where one lives. Dr Carson now stands strong for the Second Amendment.

Trump’s success at slapping PC in the face has emboldened other presidential contenders to do the same, including Dr Carson. Will Dr Carson stand strong for conservatism if elected president?

Donald Trump has been a huge blessing, voicing the frustrations, outrage and desires of millions who long to see America made great again. It is quite remarkable that because of racial guilt, we have allowed an anti-American regime to dethrone us as the world power and transform us culturally, morally and economically for the past seven years. But I digress.

Unquestionably, if elected, Trump will make positive changes regarding our economy and immigration. On social issues extremely critical to who we are as a people, I do not sense much passion, urgency or commitment from brother Donald.

Ted Cruz is the total package.

Here are just a few of Sen Cruz’s greatest hits standing up for America and conservatism. With facts and common sense, Cruz crushed can’t-we-all-just-get-along-with-the Left John Kasich in debating Obama’s insane Iran Nuke deal

Cruz fearlessly called out the CNBC debate moderators, exposing them as “left-wing operatives.” 

Cruz blasted Obama for supporting sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce immigration law; endangering the lives of Americans.

Democrats arrogantly refuse to obey laws they do not like such as immigration law. This same bunch of Democrats/Leftists jailed Christian clerk Kim Davis. Davis refused to betray her faith by issuing same sex marriage licenses. Some Republicans/conservatives faltered. Cruz sent out a clarion call to “constitutionalists and lovers of liberty” to stand with Kim Davis. 

Cruz promises his first day as president will be extremely busy. He will “rescind every illegal executive action taken by Barack Obama,” including his “executive amnesty.” Cruz will instruct the DOJ to investigate Planned Parenthood and prosecute any criminal conduct uncovered.

Obama has been using the DOJ and IRS as his personal hit-squads against anyone opposing his transformation of America. Cruz promises to instruct both agencies to “cease persecuting” individuals for standing up for their rights.

Remember the Catholic nuns that have been helping the poor and elderly since 1839 bullied by Obama for not signing on to birth control against their faith? Cruz said as president he will send the Little Sisters of the Poor a letter dismissing their case. Cruz would also invite them to the WH to tell the world their story.

Continuing his first day in the Oval Office cleaning house, Cruz will end Obama’s catastrophic Iran Nuke deal. Ending day one as president, Cruz will begin the process of moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Cruz said moving our embassy to Israel’s “eternal capital” sends the world the message that we stand with our allies. 

Folks, any one of our GOP presidential contenders is far superior than soulless politician and sociopath Hillary Clinton. Hillary in the White House would be a continuation of the Barack Obama nightmare. The only difference is the MSM would characterize opposing Hillary’s far left radical policies as sexism rather than racism. You know the drill folks.

Therefore, I will wholeheartedly rally behind our GOP nominee; Dr Carson, Trump or any of the others.

But the candidate who checks all of my boxes for not giving a rat’s derriere about what the Washington cartel and media thinks of him; the candidate who places America and her people first; the candidate who is unapologetic regarding his Christian faith; passionately defends liberty and honors our Constitution is Sen Ted Cruz. Will Cruz remain the same person when elected? You betcha!

Election Fraud in Turkey: Erdogan’s Ballot Stuffing ‘Victory’

Turkish President Erdogan was handed an electoral defeat on June 1st, losing his AKP super majority in the Ankara parliament offset by seats won by the opposition, notably the 13 percent assumed by the Kurdish led-HDP.  The question was what he would do after he stiff armed opposition participation in a possible ruling coalition, opting instead for a care taker government. That and calling for a snap election on November 1st hoping that things would improve. In the interim Erdogan attacked the Kurdish PKK inside Turkey, bombed allied PKK forces in Iraq and Syria and declared virtual martial law in largely Kurdish southeastern Turkey. October 10th witnessed twin blasts at a peace rally in Ankara with HDP leadership killing over 102 and injuring several hundred. A rally notably without the usual heavy security details. PM Davutoglu declared it an act by ISIS; others suggested it may have been the work of Turkish intelligence.  The polls taking over the run up to the election showed that the opposition would possible block an AKP resurgence.  The answer came on November 1st with what some observed as a ‘surprise victory’ for this Islamist regime seeking to create a neo-Ottoman Caliphate. It was an apparent victory built on evident ballot fraud.

My usual astute European observer of things in Turkey sent me this comment in an email on Sunday, November 1st:

The election results were a shock to many and although the election authority was giving partial results for a while at about 19.30 Turkish time they closed the site and might have manipulated the outcome of the votes to bring out the actual results. Of course, this is a supposition among many others.

P.M. Davutoglu has already come out with a declaration that they have to change the constitution to a executive presidential one. Time will tell us how extremist the country will become.

istanbul vote count

Picture of Istanbul vote count November 1, 2015.

That was followed by an email from “Erdogan Failure” presenting evidence in the accompanying picture of what could be ballot stuffing in Erdogan’s stronghold of Istanbul:

It seems that by 1030 PM last night, each individual Turkish voter in Istanbul cast 1.66 votes. (Meaning: 10,316,871 voters cast 17,104,607 votes in Istanbul.)

How interesting!  Where did the additional 6,787,736 come from and from whom did they vote?  Maybe some dead people might have voted as well.

Or maybe just that our schools have flunked teaching math to our government’s employees.

Now, we are also attaching another image from the official Turkish government website.  It appears that the government realized it was caught lying and then wrote:

25. The election results website is temporarily out of service.

26. Once the election results are finalized, we will publish these results on this site.

How stupid does our government think our people and our foreign friends think we and they are?  Will our foreign friends realize that the published results were fraud? Or maybe this is what has happened to our democracy.  We have become like our neighbors to the south. God must not love us, because he is humiliating us with this disgrace.

Daniel Pipes posted this on National Review’s The Corner with the apt title, “Turkey’s Election Results Stink of Fraud

The AKP’s huge increase gave it back the parliamentary majority it had lost in the June 2015 elections, promising President Recep Tayyip Erdogan a semi-legal path to the dictatorial powers he aspires to. But, to me, the results stink of fraud. It defies reason, for example, that the AKP’s war on Kurds would prompt about a quarter of Turkey’s Kurds to abandon the pro-Kurdish party and switch their votes to the AKP. As news of irregularities comes in, Michael Rubin of AEI summed up the problems at Commentary, “Erdogan steals an Election:”

[Something’s rotten in Anatolia. While some Western journalists are describing as “a surprise landslide victory” the decisive win by President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Sunday’s election parliamentary election in Turkey, nothing in Turkey today happens by chance. Institutions are so thoroughly corrupted that anyone who considers the results to accurately represent the will of Turks is foolish.]

Back in March 2014 when the AKP appeared to dominate local election results, Rubin wrote, “Did Fraud Sway the Turkish Election:”

Turkish political analysts attribute Erdo?an’s cheating quotient at around 5 percent — that takes into account stuffed ballots, shenanigans on the state-run Turkish Airlines as it transports ballots from abroad, disappeared ballot boxes from opposition-run towns and districts, and pretty much everything involving the mayor of Ankara. In the case of Sunday’s elections, it appears that Erdo?an’s AKP won the votes of hundreds of thousands of dead people.

Given the history of fraud in Turkey’s elections, that this one was rigged comes as no shock, especially as rumors swirled in advance about sophisticated efforts to manipulate the results. The citizens of Turkey now face the decisive question of whether to accept or reject the results of this election. Which will prevail — fear of Erdogan’s ruthlessness or anger at his swindle? Sadly, because his electoral coup d’état has blocked the path of democracy, should Turks resist, they are compelled to do so in non-democratic ways.

Foundation for Defense, non-resident Senior Fellow, a former CHP Republican Former Turkish Parliamentarian,  Aykan Erdemir wrote a Politico. EU analysis with the headline, “A defiant Erdogan rides back to power on a wave of violence.   Erdemir had six takeaways from Erdogan’s latest dictatorial grab for power:

  1. Violence wins – a reference to Erodgan’s war against the PKK internally, in Iraq and Syria. Then there is the yet to be  disclosed who were behind the October 10th twin blasts in Ankara that killed over 102 and injured more than 400 hundred  with no security present at the peace rally led by the Kurdish HDP and trade union allies.
  2. Turkey descends further into competitive authoritarianism – a score settling crackdown by Erdogan looms against media, businesses and NGO’s denying democratic rights.
  3. The Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) is here to stay – HDP claimed slightly over 10 percent of the 550 parliamentary seats, despite AKP stuffing 1 million ballots switch in Kurdish districts.
  4. Turkey’s far-right Nationalist Action Party (MHP) has committed suicide – “they lost a quarter of their votes. This, however, was a disaster in the making. Since the June elections, the MHP refused to enter into any coalition, failed to undertake proactive policies and purged most of its competent members from candidate lists.”
  5. A Pyrrhic victory for the AKP – “If the elections end up highlighting Turkey’s image as a grudgingly democratic authoritarian regime, it could turn into a Pyrrhic victory for the AKP as it suffers the economic costs and political consequences of Turkey’s drift away from the transatlantic world.”
  6. This could be the beginning of the end for Davitoglu Erodogan duo –“These elections failed to provide Erdo?an with the super-majority he needed to bestow upon himself the executive presidential powers he covets. Prime minister Davuto?lu, however, has won a significant victory, proving his leadership skills and strengthening his credentials within the AKP. If the two fail to arrive at a modus vivendi about the future parameters of power sharing, election celebrations could soon lead to brutal infighting in the AKP ranks, adding further fuel to Turkey’s political chaos and conflict.”

Erdogan received a congratulatory phone call from Chancellor Angela Merkel hoping they can cut a deal for EU funding of Syrian refugee camps and get a sweet Visa deal for Turkish Nationals. The Turkish bourse and Lira foreign exchange may have had a brief spike.  However,  with a mountain of external debt and rampant inflation, Erdogan may find that foreign investors may not have an appetite for funding his growing autocracy after this election.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the New English Review.

GOP Media Takedown: A Recipe for Victory

It’s long been known that a leader can gain power by rallying the people against a boogeyman.

And it helps when that boogeyman is real.

When CNBC’s GOP debate moderators couldn’t help but be sanctimonious, supercilious, and self-important Wednesday night, they did more than provoke a response from their intellectual superiors. They did more than further reveal the Establishment Media as a left-wing monolith, further discredit themselves, and further cement in minds that they’re comic-book versions of journalists.

They quite literally revealed a strategy for GOP electoral gains.

I said many years ago that if I were seeking the presidency (fanciful thought), one of the entities I’d run against is the media. Why? Along with lawyers and politicians, the media is a group for which Americans have a fairly intense dislike. This is largely because as with the first two groups, a big part of the modern media’s business is lying, and no one likes being lied to. Moreover, outsiders Donald Trump and Ben Carson are leading contenders for the GOP nomination because people have lost faith in our institutions and are fed up with the establishment. And the Establishment Media, by definition, are part of the establishment. Thus, they’re ripe to be demonized.

To reiterate, no Machiavellian maneuvering is necessary here because the media are demonic in their deception. Along with entertainment and academia, they constitute a tripartite axis of cultural evil. They are Americans’ conduit of information, and how can citizens choose the right policies and politicians if they’re being fed misinformation? It’s as with a computer: if the input is wrong, the output will be wrong — and our nation’s actions won’t compute.

And taking on this enemy of America — as is the case when tackling any enemy — makes you a hero. Think about it: every candidate that joined Senator Ted Cruz in the phalanx against the media Wednesday seemed like an anti-establishment outsider bravely fighting the powers-that-be. This was true even of Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Chris Christie, despite the only true visible outsiders in the race being Trump, Carson, and Cruz.

Another factor is that the media are going to propagandize against Republican candidates regardless; it’s a given. But it won’t work nearly as well once you make clear you’re a mortal enemy of the media, which will be attended by the (correct) assumption that they’re an enemy of yours. Then when they run negative information on you, people will be more likely to dismiss it with “Well, of course they’d say that. They hate his guts!” In other words, there’s long been an undeclared media war on conservatives, but up until now rightists having generally taken the abuse quietly. And if you have to take the flak anyway, why not make sure the war is declared, an open and visible fight?

In contrast, when you play along with the media’s ridiculous questions, which range from juvenile to malicious, you not only cast yourself as someone who plays the game (paging John “Can’t do” Kasich) but lend those questions credibility; this is significant because people are influenced by what’s “accepted,” and a large segment of the electorate won’t truly recognize, independently, the questions’ inanity. But standing up and passionately pointing it out will be a light-bulb moment, making some of them say, “Hey, yeah! That was a dumb and unfair question!” You’re announcing that the media have no clothes.

So while some lament the media’s descent into overt left-wing advocacy, there is a silver lining in that cloud. In the days of Peter Jennings and Dan Rather, the media already constituted a leftist propaganda mill but were decidedly better at feigning impartiality. Today the media are even more artless, impatient, and infantile and far more often wear their banners openly. This not only means they tend to let their mask slip, but gives a smart candidate the opportunity to rip it off completely and expose the distorted visage beneath.

Running against the hated media also has an obvious byproduct: discrediting via guilt by association all whom the establishment media support, such as establishment candidate Hillary Clinton. To intensify this process, it should be treated as a given — not only because it’s true but also because what’s assumed is learned best — that the media and Democrat Party are joined at the hip. I’ve often used the line that the media are the Democrats’ “public-relations team,” and Rubio related this idea well Wednesday when he called the media the liberals’ “ultimate super PAC.”

Of course, all this would have to be effected boldly but artfully; if overdone, it could start to seem like whining. It’s also possible the media could be cowed somewhat by humiliation and retreat into Peter Jennings mode. After all, leftists have big egos and can’t tolerate what their own Saul Alinsky prescribed: mockery. Should this return to relative subtlety occur, it would make the media’s propaganda more effective. There is some question as to whether today’s new media guard — more emotion-driven than ever and conditioned to expect immediate gratification — could exercise such discipline. Yet I wouldn’t be surprised to see them regroup, at least for a time, in an effort to not be the bull in the china shop of leftist shilling.

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus has been excoriated for setting up the CNBC debate, but he perhaps stumbled into gold. No, taking down incompetent propagandists is no substitute for having a fair media in the first place. But, as G.K. Chesterton once wrote, “War is not the best way of settling differences; it is the only way of preventing their being settled for you.” The media have long been launching the salvos and settling matters. It’s time to fight back in the spirit of settling their hash.

Contact Selwyn Duke, follow him on Twitter or log on to SelwynDuke.com

Is Conservative Talk Radio Too Negative?

I caught a prominent TV preacher whom I respect accusing conservative talk radio of being too negative. He specifically criticized Rush Limbaugh. He said Rush finds the negative perspective in every news story. The preacher said God is in control and we must cast all our cares upon Him.

While as a Christian I believe God has everything under control, Christians are called to make a difference; to be salt. As a conservative writer, I struggle with this issue of always reporting bad news. At times, I feel like the last thing people want to read is another article about how Obama and his army of leftists are warring against America.

But something inside me says someone must inform the people. Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” All average American Joe knows is he is working harder, but bringing home less. His wife notices a gallon of bleach cost a buck not long ago, now costs 3 bucks. Joe’s kids are calling him an extremest for owning guns. Other signs say things are not right. Average Joe doesn’t know why.

My calling and passion is to write in a way that every day American Joes who are not paying close attention will understand what is going on. And yes, sometimes the facts are extremely negative. I always pray for God to give me wisdom regarding how to add a little sugar to the bitter medicine; leaving patriots hopeful and inspired to continue fighting Leftists’ evil.

Years ago, conservatives lost another political battle. Depressed, I wrote an article about it. A publisher emailed saying he would not publish my article. It was too negative. I later thanked him. God has placed me in a role of leadership. The Bible says to whom much is given, much is required. Thus, I am not allowed to be depressed or at least state it publicly. Still, from time to time I must be reminded that God is in control. Patriots, our job is to stay faithful to our mission of restoring America no matter how many skirmishes we lose. And most of all, trust God.

As for the TV preacher criticizing Rush and other conservative talk radio hosts for always pointing out the negative, I think they should be applauded for providing a crucial service. The mainstream media lies to us every day. They are in cahoots with Obama, Democrats and other Leftists to deceive the American people at every turn.

And make no mistake about it. Everything the MSM reports and the Left does is intended to deceive Americans for the purpose of furthering their socialist/progressive, far left radial, anti-God and anti-American agenda. It is inescapable. The relentless furthering of the Left’s agenda is everywhere. Even where you least expect it; in cooking TV shows, home and garden TV and pro sports, the Left pushes its agenda in our face. Given time, the Left will figure out a way to interject homosexuality into lawn care. Thank God we have courageous voices over the airways sounding the alarm and telling the truth.

From time to time, Rush babies (young adults who grew up hearing Rush via their parents), call into his radio program to thank Rush for teaching them how to spot MSM liberal spin. The Left appears to own millennials.

Both mom and dad have to work for families to survive. Parents are not keeping a close watch on school boards the way they did when I was a child. Leftists dominate public education. They have had free reign to mold and shape our kids. Youths are taught that anything less than full embrace/approval of homosexuality is bullying and bigotry. Fairness and social justice means not holding blacks accountable for anything including bad behavior. We cannot sit back and allow the Left’s imposed new norms to go unchallenged.

I have been frustrated with the Christian community for some time now. Obama is an anti-American zealot in the driver’s seat of a monster tractor tiller stretching from our Canadian border to the tip of Florida. It has massive sharp blades. He is steamrolling across America grinding up every tradition, institution, conservative principle and value in his sight.

And yet, preachers instruct their congregations not to criticize or be negative – be more tolerant in the name of love. Meanwhile, Leftists are jailing Christians for not accepting what God describes as a perversion of His concept of marriage. In response to SCOTUS making homosexual marriage law, a prominent preacher said, “Don’t over react, it’s just the world acting like the world.”

Recently, I was reminded that Jesus turned over the tables and drove the evil money lenders out of the temple using a whip. This kind of blows the whole passive Christian thing out of the water. No, I am not suggesting violence in any way, shape or form. I am merely saying Christians must stand up and fight evil Leftists in responsible legal ways. Show up at school board meetings to protest new liberal indoctrination initiatives. Fight the Left with your pocket books. As much as she hates their liberal politics, my wife is still addicted to Starbucks. Pray for her folks.

I caught Matthew Hagee on TV preaching about the Left’s war on Christianity. His message was titled, “Enemy of the State”. Folks, I was blown away, blessed and encouraged by his courage and boldness in sounding the alarm. That’s what I am talking about.

Pundits say Americans are “war weary” as a reason not to fight ISIS. Well folks, that is not how the adult real world works. Decent people hate war. But sometimes, war is your only option. War weary or not, you fight until you win or the aggressor backs off.

Trust me when I say I am war weary in the battle to restore America from Obama and his evil minions. Like the TV preacher who criticized conservative talk radio, I hate negativity. I am tired of having to report the Left’s daily attacks on Americans. But this is my responsibility. To my TV preacher brother in Christ, I respectfully say, don’t blame the messengers.

The good news is God is on our side and we will prevail.

Jeb Bush Campaign: Out of Touch, Disconnected and on the Ropes

The beginning of the end may be occurring with the Jeb Bush Presidential campaign. While a major reshuffle and downsizing has already taken place within the campaign, and while donations and general support have greatly rescinded, the looming Iowa caucus may be but another sign of disintegration of the Bush campaign. Consider the following internal campaign findings now being leaked publicly:

  1. The recent televised debate held in Boulder, Colorado was a loss for candidate Jeb Bush. Appearing bewildered and un-energized, candidate Jeb Bush presented weak, uncollected with his thoughts, and lashing out just to be heard and appear significant. His very poor presence at the debate was topped only by a lecture the next day at a campaign appearance wherein Bush gave a strong impression that there were other things he could be doing rather than seeking the presidency.
  2. Big named establishment donors are annoyed with the lack of sophistication, aggressive campaign team, and ability to steer the appearing rudderless campaign.
  3. The Jeb Bush campaign has barely made an appearance in Iowa, and has not worked diligently phone banks, direct mail, personal voter contacting, public appearances, and TV or radio Ads.
  4. The Bush campaign did, however, recently conduct an extensive candidate preference survey with astonishing results: Out of 70,000 phone calls, only 1,281 supporters were identified. This converts to approximately 1.8% of campaign phone canvassing support.
  5. An internal memo of the Bush campaign reveals this support was uncovered by phone survey only, and the candidate himself has not spent time in Iowa nor sought voters, nor has received any significant endorsements.

These findings are a clear message within the campaign’s highest level that barring a miracle of some massive and significant manifestation, Jeb Bush will lose Iowa and receive a terribly serious, even devastating blow against campaign survival. The Jeb Bush “brain trust” is comprised of many GOP establishment insiders and professional GOP political consultants and operatives. The environment within said group is reportedly anguish, tense, disbelieving and absolute confusion as to how two “outsiders” can be leading the nomination process when neither has any political experience. Furthermore, the same GOP political wonks are flabbergasted that there is even growing appeal for Senator Ted Cruz who is also seen as an “outsider,” and not accepted by the GOP establishment; much like Trump and Carson.

There is a complete disconnect between the GOP establishment like (Romney, McCain, McConnell, Boehner, Karl Rove) GOP establishment backed candidates like Lindsey Graham, John Kasich, Chris Christie, and even Carly Fiorina, and the general public across the Land. While the GOP establishment subtly positioned their chosen candidates, the complete not understanding the mood, the anger and the fear of the grass-roots further demonstrates just how out-of-touch and disregarding establishment politicians and operatives truly are toward the people.

The Jeb Bush campaign is a perfect example of this disconnect.

So This is How Liberty Dies

“So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

Although this quote could probably be attributed to millions of liberty-loving, patriotic Americans watching the thunderous crowds upon the re-election of President Barack Obama in 2012, it didn’t come from them.

This is a quote from the character Queen Amidala in the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith movie.

With the upcoming release of the latest installment of the Star Wars movie franchise, I was reminded of this quote and the Hollywood left’s influence on the culture. Sadly, I was also reminded of President Obama’s painful legacy of complete, abject policy failure, which has destroyed millions of lives and will unquestionably wreak havoc far into the future, all the while the left celebrates these “accomplishments.”

At the recent Democratic presidential debate President Obama delivered a pre-taped address to the adoring debate crowd, and gauging by the enthusiastic response, you would think he had claimed a record number of presidential merit badges for his policy achievements. In fact, this administration has been a disaster for the American people based on President Obama’s own measures of what legislative success looks like. And yet the left celebrates his “accomplishments,” seemingly oblivious to his failure to live up to his own false-promises.

Read more.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the Conservative Review. The featured image is by George Alexander | Flickr.

CNBC’s GOP Debate Mute About National Security by Ryan Mauro

Foreign policy and national security was disappointingly absent from last night’s Republican presidential debate. The event focused on financial issues because it was hosted by the CNBC business news channel, but the economy is intertwined with important debates about foreign policy, energy independence and global instability.  At one point, an incredulous Gov. Chris Christie mocked how more time was spent discussing fantasy football than the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) threat.

The following is a summary of the statements related to national security that were made by the candidates.

George Pataki

The most impressive national answers in my judgment were given by George Pataki during the first debate amongst the four lowest polling candidates.  He pointed out that his two sons served in the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan. The impact of cyber attacks on the economy were discussed in the undercard debate but were shockingly left out of the main event, even though Iran and North Korea (and others) have waged cyber warfare on the U.S.

Pataki said that the U.S. should sanction any company that engages in hacking and bar them from trade with the American market, including those of Chinese origin. He said that the U.S. should follow Israel’s example in establishing a single federal agency dedicated to cyber defense. He then linked the issue to the controversy over Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email server at her home and the likelihood that its contents was hacked by Iran, Russia, China and others.

Pataki is currently in 15th place among the 16 Republican contenders with an average of less than 1% nationally and less than 1% for the New Hampshire primary that is the focus of his campaign. You can read our factsheet on his stances related to Islamist extremism here.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s answers related to national security earned the most applause. He said that the U.S. is too predictable and shouldn’t be constantly talking about how it will handle enemies like the Islamic State. The audience roared when he said that servicemen at military installations should be trusted to be armed, referring to the Islamist shooting at two sites in Chattanooga, Tennessee in July that killed five people.

Trump is the frontrunner nationally with 27%; is in second place with 21% in Iowa (behind Ben Carson); first place in New Hampshire with 30% and first place in South Carolina with 33%. You can read our factsheet on his stances related to Islamist extremism here.

Chris Christie

Chris Christie was also received very positively when he talked about national security, particularly when he lambasted the extremely condescending CNBC moderators (as other candidates did) and pointed out how fantasy football was talked about more than the Islamic State.

Christie warned of foreign policy isolationists that would leave behind fewer democracies around the world and criticized the Obama Administration’s record on promoting freedom. He also cited the FBI director’s statement that the stigmatizing of law enforcement is increasing crime and decreasing safety.

Christie is currently in 10th place nationally with 2% and 9th place in New Hampshire with 3%. You can read our factsheet on his stances related to Islamist extremism here.

Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham emphasized national security during the undercard debate and was met with thunderous applause when he said that he’d let dictators know that the “party is over” and “this crap stops” if he becomes president.

He warned of the danger of cuts to the defense budget and claimed that the Army will shrink to its smallest size since 1940. On the issue of cyber warfare, he said he’d tell China and others involved in hacking that the U.S. has a clenched fist and an open hand and their behavior will decide which one is used.

Graham is currently in 11th place nationally with 1%, 12th in New Hampshire with 1% and 7th in South Carolina with 3%. You can read our factsheet on his stances related to Islamist extremism here.

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio’s only comments related to national security were about the hearings regarding the Islamist terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya in 2012 and Hillary Clinton’s testimony. He said that Clinton privately wrote emails stating that the violence was a terrorist attack linked to Al-Qaeda but that she and the administration blamed it on an out-of-control protest against a video criticizing Islam.

Rubio is currently in third place nationally with 9%; third in Iowa with 10%; fourth in New Hampshire with 8% and third in South Carolina with 8%. You can read out factsheet on his stances related to Islamist extremism here.


Ryan Mauro is ClarionProject.org’s national security analyst, a fellow with Clarion Project and an adjunct professor of homeland security. Mauro is frequently interviewed on top-tier television and radio. Read more, contact or arrange a speaking engagement.


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Trump Had His Best Debate Performance Ever

Erick Erickson, a noted political analyst and radio show host, in his article “Donald Trump Had His Best Debate Performance Ever” had this to say about the GOP debate in Bolder, Colorado:

Don’t look now, but Donald Trump had his best debate performance in Boulder and I say that as a frequent critic.

He had a great encounter, deservedly so, with the pretentious jerk from Ohio and put Kasich in his place. Then he turned several really just jackass level questions around on the moderators without being overly antagonistic to either them or the other candidates on stage.

In the end, he got a very memorable line by taking credit for shrinking the debate to two hours and calling John Harwood a liar for suggesting the debate was always going to be two hours. Trump was in the right and defended himself, but do so humorously.

Read more.

Trump continues to lead in the national polls for the GOP nomination. The top two candidates are Trump and Dr. Ben Carson, two men who are not career politicians. That is their greatest strength. The American voter is tired of career politicians, like President Obama, who say one thing to garner votes and do something completely different once elected.

This criticism also applies to Republicans in Congress and those running for the GOP nomination.

Question: Will Donald Trump win the GOP nomination for President?

Answer: It is looking that way more and more every day.


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Presidential Scorecard on Marijuana

Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) evaluates the positions of 18 candidates—15 Republicans and 3 Democrats—on their support of an evidence-based marijuana policy:

  • Opposition to marijuana legalization for recreational purposes
  • Support of prevention, intervention, and treatment for marijuana use
  • Regulated, FDA-approved approach to the legitimate medical use of marijuana components

marijuana score card candidates

Some candidates are still formulating a position (e.g., John Kasich). SAM will be sending a questionnaire to the candidates to clarify their stance.

Best Candidates:
Marco Rubio
Chris Christie
Ben Carson

Worst Candidates:
Bernie Sanders
Rand Paul

Read SAM’s Scorecard of 2016 Presidential Candidates here.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson Top the GOP field, Jeb Bush trails nationally and in Florida

SAINT LEO, FL /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Retired pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson has basically tied with billionaire businessman Donald Trump as the leading presidential candidate among likely Republican voters surveyed nationally by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute.

Meanwhile on the Democratic side, likely voters nationally again put Hillary Clinton in the lead.

Carson Makes Impressive Show in Crowded National Field
Among likely Republican voters nationwide, those polled said their favored candidate was: Donald Trump (22.7 percent); retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (22.2 percent); U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, (11.1 percent); former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (8.4 percent); former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina (5.8 percent); and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas (4.0 percent).

“We’re starting to see some ‘Trump fatigue’ setting in,” said Frank Orlando, instructor of political science atSaint Leo University. “Donald Trump thrives on the media attention. With the lull between debates and his upcoming ‘Saturday Night Live’ appearance (November 7), the soft-spoken, ‘anti-Trump’ candidate Ben Carson, has emerged as a viable candidate,” said Orlando.

Interestingly, Orlando noted, when support for Carson, Trump, and Fiorina are combined, 51 percent of the national likely Republicans voters support non-politicians. Orlando interpreted the collective sentiment as a signal that: “These voters would rather have people with no specific plans than people who they are afraid would let them down.”

Democratic Politics Continue to Favor Clinton
Among the likely Democratic voters nationwide, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton drew 54.8 percent of the respondents’ support. Since Vice President Joe Biden announced on October 21 that he will not run for president, the 15.8 percent of Democratic likely voters who favored him will likely become Clinton supporters, Orlando said. U.S. Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders was selected by 12 percent of the likely Democratic voters.

“Hillary’s still the horse in the Democratic race, and I think that [Vice President] Biden’s support will now gravitate to her,” stated Saint Leo’s Orlando. “It (Biden’s support) won’t jump to Bernie Sanders as he’s more of an anti-establishment candidate. At the same time, Sanders needs to be more aggressive in his attack on Clinton and increase his rhetoric.”

Florida Results Surprising

Among Florida likely Republican voters, Donald Trump is first (25.8 percent). Trump was followed in Florida by Senator Rubio (21.5 percent); then former Governor Jeb Bush (15.3 percent); and then Carson (14.7 percent). The margin of error was 7 percentage points, based on a sample of 163 respondents.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has a substantial lead (50.9 percent). Senator Sanders pulled 13.3 percent. (Vice President Biden had 15.2 percent.) The margin of error for this question was plus or minus 7 percentage points, based on a sample of 165 likely Democratic voters in the state.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is courtesy of the Associated Press.

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