GOP Convention features ‘New Media Row’ — Social Media Trumps Legacy Media

CLEVELAND, Ohis /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — For the first time in Convention history, the traditional Radio Talk Show Row is being expanded into the new Media Row, a creative space for members of the media and Republican messengers that includes all media platforms.

Since 2012, the way that news is produced and consumed has changed drastically. In an effort to recognize this unique change, the Republican National Convention has designed a one-of-a-kind space in a way that will provide Convention surrogates with an opportunity to spread their message across all platforms in a short amount of time. We are excited to offer national, regional, digital, social, and radio the opportunity to interact with Convention surrogates allowing our party to reach new audiences than we have before. That GOP official doing a television interview can now go to the next booth for radio, YouTube or other media platforms. The layout has been organized in such a way that it is not only encouraged for surrogates to engage with multiple platforms, but it is also convenient for everyone participating in the Convention.

Not only has the purpose of the space been redesigned, but the look and feel have also been changed. We transformed a parking garage into an innovative media hub. Every inch of Media Row is camera ready at any moment. Windows have been replaced to allow more natural light, carpet has been laid, light fixtures have been replaced, and paneling has been customized to fit the theme of RNC in CLE. This around-the-clock space has been built and designed for maximum Convention coverage for surrogates and media who operate 24/7 to deliver news to Americans watching the Convention activity from across the country.

“We have seen an immense amount of changes in news consumption since 2012, and Media Row will help us engage these new media platforms in unique ways,” said Convention Director of Communications Kirsten Kukowski. “This is the only space of its kind in 2016 and we are very proud to share our message with national, regional, local, and social media outlets around the clock during the week of Convention. The goal is that no matter the channel, beginning July 17, RNC in CLE will be available everywhere.”

Groups In Cleveland this Week to Ensure Conservative GOP Platform

CLEVELAND, Ohio /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — As Republican platform delegates gather in Cleveland today and tomorrow to finalize the language in the party’s platform, Family Research Council Action staff are in Cleveland working in coalition with conservative groups and delegates to ensure the party’s platform remains a solidly conservative document. FRC Action President Tony Perkins is serving as a platform delegate from Louisiana.

March for LifeFRC Action is joined by Concerned Women for America, LAC, March for Life Action, and a consortium of Eagle Forum representatives along with platform delegates including Len Munsil (Arizona); Carolyn McLarty (Oklahoma); and David Barton (Texas).

Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins made the following comments:

“As in every other election cycle, the platform is an anchor that helps tether candidates to the core conservative principles that have long been at the heart of the GOP.

“The current RNC leadership continues to do a great job of ensuring the core values of life and family are protected. However, conservatives are prepared to defend the party’s guiding principles against liberal interest groups that have called for a weakening of the platform.

“We continue to hear delegates express the desire to update the platform to address more recent problems created by the Obama administration — for instance, by calling for an end to the Department of Education to address the ever expanding intrusion of the federal government into local education.

“Had the 2008 and 2012 candidates run strongly on these values, I believe the outcome would have been far different. Imagine how much better our country would be right now if it had been governed by these principles in the last eight years,” concluded Perkins.


Solid Platform Shoes for GOP in Cleveland

Religious Liberty and Same-Sex Marriage Takes Center Stage in Congress

Social Conservatives Declare Victory on Bathrooms, Marriage in GOP Platform

Iowa Civil Rights Agency Says It Won’t Tell Pastors What to Preach on Sexuality

Republican party platform contains unprecedented pro-Israel language

Marco Rubio is a Charlie Crist republican

As you skulk around Florida and Washington D.C. like a church mouse looking for the dropped cheese from your New World Order globalist donors you need to explain to the people a few things.

Oh and don’t expect to speak to any of the TEA Party groups across Florida. You do understand the Florida National Tea Party have pretty much flushed you into the RINO septic tank running off into the alligator filled Florida Everglades. Good luck swimming out of that.

But before your embark upon the sequel of the “Return of Marco” to the Senate the people who do not do their homework and learn about your RINO copulation in the Serengeti really need to think very carefully about voting for you.

(1) Why did you support the United Nations – Obama endorsed New World Order Trade agreement written in secret called TPP with Asia ? Do you think its okay to conduct business with Communist nations that oppress Christians and embrace Sharia Law countries like Brunei that are TPP partners ? You sir are a New World Order Globalist. A Jeb Bush – Charlie Crist socialist.

(2) Why did you describe yourself as the son of “exiles from Castro’s Cuba.” ? This is total baloney. Your family actually left Cuba for Florida in 1956, while Fidel Castro was still plotting his revolution from Mexico. Its a Hillary Clinton tall tale. You lied for political gain.

(3) You have shown a track record of not enforcing federal law (when you even bother to show up for work) and you do not support the Wall across our southern flank even though Mexico has the same sort of wall defending its borders from Guatemala. Why? Is this because of a conflict of interest ? U.S. authorities ordered your maternal grandfather, Pedro Victor Garcia deported in 1962, but he stayed in the U.S. illegally defying U.S. immigration laws. I can see why you won’t support a Wall to protect our US sovereignty. Your allegiance is south of the border not with the safety and security of the American people.

(4) Why did you support a pathway to U.S. citizenship for illegal immigrants in the United States while a member of the “Gang of 8”? The gang of eight bill would have provided a path to citizenship for some of the estimated 30 million illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S. What part of federal U.S. immigration law don’t you understand ? You think its ok to undermine the labor and wage gaps between Americans trying to find work now competing with illegal immigrants who don’t even have to buy health insurance or pay taxes and send their residual income home to their nation of origin in MoneyGram’s.

(5) Marco Rubio you are a big fake. A left wing pro illegal immigrant globalist. I want you to release to the public all the money you are getting from the corporations and lobbyists working in support of open borders in your globalist network. Let us see who is funding your campaign. I bet George Soros is a donor someplace. The republicans that will vote for you in the primary are gutless spineless cowards not willing to give a new face a chance to turn this sinking ship around. Oh, some of the so called GOP hacks will call me names and that’s okay. I spent 30 years in the Navy keeping this Golems free to bad mouth me. These folks need to change their party affiliations to the Communist Democrat Charlie Crist party group.

Now I am not a Republican or a Marxist Democrat but you can believe me the only person I will trust sitting in our Senate seat in Washington protecting Florida and our national security and borders is Mr. Carlos Beruff.

Oh, the Republicans will cry a river of tears that perhaps Carlos cannot beat the Democrat in November. This is the same dog and pony story they told me when I went after Charlie Crist and I buried him under his cats sandbox.

Charlie Crist eventually under political heat became a Democrat. Rubio should switch parties too.

Sure I ate breakfast in the White House with the former Bush staff and Condi Rice and I have body guarded Governor Palin and others. Sure I have shaken the hand of Dick Morris, Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy in the Green Room at Fox News in New York City, but so what…. it all boils down to one thing.

It does not matter who you know or what political power you pull ……….YOU the GOP leader and you the voter must put the U.S. Constitution first not the political party you are affiliated with.

Paul Ryan is feeling the heat from my team in Wisconsin as we bury him under his own New world Order globalist storm water run off. Paul Ryan is done. I stuck a fork in his ass and cooked him. He will be out of a job soon. Trust me.

The same sheet of music Marco Rubio uses for his left wing New World Order Globalist play book was produced and directed by the Paul Ryan team and helpe i am sure by Paul Ryan’s liberal left wing Obama supporting wife who is a life long member of the Democrat Party and a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Its time to step aside Rubio for Mr. Carlos Beruff.

We need a capitalist business man that knows how to build and produce and achieve and get his hands dirty and make the tough calls that put America first not your Rubio New World Order globalist mentality that puts Americans last.

Rubio all you do is roll over like a Jack Russell Terrier to your Obama – Ryan – McConnell masters for your daily belly rub. You have achieved nothing since you were elected and the Tea Party of Florida and many others wants you gone…………… as do I.

Trump, Republican Party Confuse Outreach Efforts with Pandering

As long as the Republican Party continues to be dominated by the same ol’, same ol’ White male staffers, consultants, and aides, they will continue to alienate the Black community. As long as the Republican Party continues to “showcase” Blacks that have absolutely no connection to the Black community, have no understanding of communications, or no understanding of political strategy, i.e. Stacey Dash, they will continue to be rejected.

I discussed these issues in my column two weeks ago.

So, needless to say I was totally mortified at the comments of Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, as reported by Buzzfeed last week (one day after his removal from the campaign).

According to Buzzfeed, “Lewandowski was asked about the campaign’s failure to return phone calls from prospective volunteers, and also about Trump’s plans to win over minority voters. On the second point, Lewandowski said he made the decision that the campaign would not launch outreach initiatives “pandering” to specific ethnic groups, because Trump’s message was aimed broadly at the entire country, he argued.

If I hear one more Republican claim the Republican Party should not engage in “identity politics” or what they wrongly refer to as “pandering,” I am going to scream. This is one of the most idiotic notions I have ever heard and is a major reason the party has such a difficult time attracting Blacks and other minorities.

Let me first start by defining “identity politics.” IP is simply recognizing that various constituent or demographic groups exist and that they should be identified as such, and that a relevant strategy to target them based on their group profile should also be created.

Many Republicans think the world should be colorblind, that we are all Americans, and that all of our issues are the same. Well, adhering to this view, there should be no males or females, no Blacks or Whites, no unions or non-unions and no Christians or Muslims. We’re all just humans.

The Democrats go way overboard in the other direction where everything is separated into various groups. This totally dilutes what being American is all about.

But to simply recognize the differences within our country is just plain common sense, not un-American.

So, while Corey was denouncing “pandering,” the very next day Trump met with over nine hundred evangelicals. Is that not pandering? Oh, my bad, it’s only pandering when it involves Blacks or Hispanics. If it involves evangelicals, veterans, or the border patrol union, it’s called campaigning.

Memo to Republicans: if you don’t or can’t see that you have no Blacks on your staff and very few engaged with the party, then there is a problem. Either you are colorblind or simply blind to people of color. In either scenario, there is a huge problem.

What’s even more idiotic is to see many Black Republicans subscribe to this foolish colorblind notion, i.e., the aforementioned Stacey Dash. These are the type of Blacks that Republicans want to highlight all over the media, because they reinforce the party’s preconceived ignorance and apathy towards the Black community.

As one who makes his living from understanding the art of strategic communications and public relations, I have tried ad nauseam to enlighten Republicans on this issue, to no avail.

McDonalds’ and Cadillac advertise to Whites differently than they do to Blacks or Latinos, though they are selling the same product to everyone.

They will now use Hip-Hop music in their ads when trying to reach certain demographics versus classical music or use certain athletes/entertainers that resonate with a particular group.

Legendary singer, Barry Manilow, a 72 year-old, White Jew, is not used to sell Ciroc premium vodka for a reason; he is the wrong demographic. Diageo, the owner, has made rapper Sean “P. Diddy” Combs their brand ambassador because they are targeting the urban market, i.e., Black people.

In my world, this is called smart business. Combs has helped to increase Ciroc’s sales 50-fold; they went from 40,000 cases sold per year pre-Combs to over 2.1 million cases per year with Combs. This is what IP gets you in the private sector–profit! This would equate to winning national elections in the political arena.

The Republican’s approach to Ciroc would be to advertise to the whole country, despite the fact that urban Blacks and nightclubs buy most of this product.

Yes, we are all Americans, but we all have our own splash of uniqueness; which is good.

To take my Ciroc example a step further, Republicans would have hired a White brand ambassador (not Combs) to promote the product to the urban market because they don’t believe in “identity politics;” they are colorblind.

This is not a joke. Within the Republican Party, you have many Whites who think they know more about the Black community than someone from within the community.

Solomon said in Proverbs 4:7, “Wisdom is the principle thing, therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting, get understanding.”

How do you gain understanding of the Black community unless you first recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of that community?

So to my Republicans who have this perverted notion of identity politics when it comes to Blacks, please learn to appreciate market segmentation and market demographics and how to exploit them to sell your message to those who have of late been totally repulsed by your foolish notion of colorblindness. Colorblindness has left the Republican Party in a color-bind.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in Black Press USA.

Terrorism and the Ideology of Soviet Fascism

Don’t let the title of this article surprise you. I am a former Soviet attorney who has written on the subject of Soviet Fascism for the last twenty years in three books and 50+ articles. You haven’t heard of me because our Intel didn’t want to aggravate the situation vis-à-vis Russia and blocked the information about my books and articles. At the end of April, 2016, my fourth book was signed for publication, titled Socialist Lies: From Stalin to the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders, XLIBRIS, 2016. It continues my exposé of Soviet Fascism. The names of Stalin, the Clintons, and Obamas are not coincidental—they are ideologically connected. And that fact has led to many other disturbances within the West, including disruption within the Republican Party – a lack of knowledge of Soviet Fascism with writers comparing Trump and the Republicans to Hitler.

Terrorism is a violent act to achieve a political gain. That political gain is determined by the ideology that directs the terrorism. All recent terror acts had an identical motive and agenda, identical methods, tricks, and brutal executions. All came from the same source and subject that I have been writing about for the last twenty years—the ideology of Soviet Fascism. This is a testament to a massive failure of our Intel that had suppressed information about my books and articles. If you analyze all terror attacks including Dhaka, you must grasp and acknowledge the truth—they all were possible due to the lack of knowledge of the ideology of Soviet Fascism, implemented and spread globally since Stalin. The foundation of ISIS is built by the former Saddam’s Sunni security operatives, trained in the Soviet Union.

None of the recent global problems can be solved without knowledge of the ideology of Soviet Fascism, because today’s terror is an integral tenet, a front of the war. Just look at the recent terror attacks in Dhaka: all terrorists are natives of former Soviet Muslim Republics. Moreover, they are all “brothers at arms” with Tamerlane Tsarnaev from Chechnya, coordinated by the Kremlin. Socialist Lies gives you a big picture of the war waged by Stalin’s Socialism against Capitalism in the 20th- 21st centuries—a gigantic panorama of asymmetrical WW III against Western civilization, which has spanned the last 7-8 decades. I have been writing about different fronts of this war for the last twenty years. Consider these two paragraphs from Socialist Lies explaining the predicament and a source of terrorism:

“I have been writing about the Tsarnaev Brothers since the crime occurred in Boston. The family came from Russia and from a particular area well known to me. The region of the North Caucuses has different Muslim ethnic groups that have been fighting the Soviet regime for the last hundred years. To suppress the region the Soviets/Russians have been recruiting members of the Muslim community since the 1917 Socialist Revolution in Russia and that database still exits. That policy of the KGB has never been changed—the recruitment in the area is working today better than ever and Tamerlane Tsarnaev is the example of that exact current Russian policy.

Ten years ago, writing What is Happening to America? I titled one chapter as WW III: Recruitment, Infiltration, Drugs and Assassinations. Today, all four fronts of WW III are working in America and the rest of the world, feeding and intensifying the terrorist’s activities. Tamerlane Tsarnaev is the evidence of that today in America. The Russian academician and human rights advocate Andrey Piontkovsky, who I highly respect, affirms that Tamerlane Tsarnaev was trained by the KGB for all six months of his trip to Russia before the Boston Marathon.”

Look at a recent terror act in Istanbul: “Turkey has asked the U.S. to help track down a prominent Chechen combatant for the Islamic State in the belief that he organized the deadly attack on Istanbul’s airport, a senior U.S. official said. The U.S. official said early U.S. intelligence tracks with Turkish intelligence that Mr. Chatayev was behind the triple suicide bombing Tuesday that killed 44 people at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Turkey has said all three bombers were from the former Soviet Union.” WSJ, U.S. Suspects Chechen Was Behind Istanbul Airport Attack, July 2, 2016. If you read Chapter 32 of Socialist Lies, you will know that ISIS’s foundation consists of the operatives and field commanders from the former Soviet Muslims Republics. The same criminal force committed massacres in Baghdad today, where more than 600 people had been killed and injured…

The war goes on for decades and to currently identify the sides in this war, knowledge of the history, especially Soviet history and the nature of their security apparatus (KGB) as a major destructive force in the war is imperative. You can find this key information within Socialist Lies.  All my books, including Socialist Lies provides you with the history of Russia.

As a matter of fact, they exposed the ideological connection of Stalinism and the Clinton Mafia, (a package-deal) where Hillary represents the logical force for the entire cabal to obtain a presidential title and absolute power to transform America. The leadership of the Democrats, including Obama are the integral part of their Mafia. You have already seen the action of another member of the Clinton Mafia in Virginia– Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s decision to allow more than 200,000 convicted felons to vote in November 2016 to help Hillary. Watch him and his monetary dealings with China.

During the Bill Clinton regime the Clinton Mafia infiltrated all strata of our society in the public and private sectors, all public settings, and the major departments of the government. The radical Left pulls the puppet strings by usual Stalinist methods, tricks, and Political Correctness with its intimidation game. I described in details the Mafia’s activities in my last article entitled: Never Hillary, Never Soviet Fascism! It was published on June 8, 2016, read more:

Socialist Lies gives you a big picture of the 21st century, yet, I should tell you my personal story as well. I am a former Soviet defense attorney, a Jew, and a political refugee, whose immigration process took more than a year. Vetting me, the American Intel suspected connection to the KGB and did not allow me to enter the country. The official rejection was based on the state of my health. It took me hours to convince the Reagan American Embassy in Italy to trust my words. I spend more than a year as a stateless person in Italy and I have sympathy for some Christian refugees from the Muslim countries. Yet, you have to remember that it was also a different Reagan Intel under the leadership of the real Republicans. Today our Intel is suppressing information about my books and articles…

I am giving you this information for a reason. I am totally assimilated in my adapted country. My books and articles illustrate my complete truthfulness and my deepest love for the country. Obama promises to admit tens of hundreds people from the Middle East, the area of the world, described by me as the region targeted by Soviet Fascism in order to radicalize Islam. The reality provides the truth…

As my constant prediction goes, I have to repeat it again: the terrorist attacks will intensify around the world and in America to effect the upcoming election in our country. Trump is the enemy of Soviet Fascism. He is right—the American system is rigged–we are in the process of transformation from successful American capitalism to Soviet Socialism by the Democrat Party. Therefore, Trump has to be very careful—he and we are dealing with Soviet Fascism. The transformation process is going on in the Clinton’s- Obama’s America in the 21st century. Socialist Lies fully demonstrates it. Besides, you will also learn about Obama/Putin joint venture named Destruction of the American Republic. Like in 2012, the voter fraud by the Democrats will be a decisive factor in the election and our Republican RINOs are out of touch with reality.

Testifying before the House Oversite Committee on July 7, 2016, FBI Dir. Comey stated: “There was no adequate evidence of willful misconduct by (H.)Clinton.” At the same time he said:” She was extremely negligent, but we couldn’t establish criminal intent, evil intent of perjury.” For your information current FBI Director was specialized in our national security at Columbia University. A lot of time have been spend on showing a total contradiction and absence of elementary logic in the Director’s conclusion regarding Hillary Clinton’s behavior. The answer is simple—none of the participants of this investigation and discussions have heard or known the ideology of Soviet Fascism. In fact, Hillary put at risk our national security and lied about it. This is a result of the actions of our Intel, which had been blocking the information on my books and articles during the last twenty years. People are unable to see the real face of the Democrat Party who totally adhere to the ideology of Soviet Fascism—the word Soviets or Russia has not been pronounced in any current discussions even once…

Is it not clear whether the U.S. AJ Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey know that on June 9, 1991, two-and- a half months before announcing his candidacy for the U.S. Presidency, Bill Clinton flew to Moscow and had a meeting with the KGB Chairman. The Arkansas Democrat newspaper ran the story under the headline “Clinton Has Powerful Buddy in the U.S.S.R.—New Head of KGB.” To expose the Soviet organized crime and the similarity between the Clinton mafia and the Soviet Socialist one, I purposely discussed in Socialist Lies a book The Soviet Mafia by Arkady Vaksberg, St. Martin Press, 1991.

There is another event that deserves attention and deep thinking about the Clinton Mafia. Do you remember Monica’s “blue dress?” I have found an interesting chronology connected to the “blue dress” in 1998. The FBI asked for Clinton’s blood sample to compare it with the sperm’s stain on the “blue dress,” three days later the terrorists committed two tragic blasts of American Embassies in Africa. Don’t tell me about the coincidences in life. It is the “work” of the Russian connection to divert attention from Clinton and “the blue dress.”

Do you know the Ideology of Soviet Socialism and understand why I called it Soviet Fascism? Do you feel the implementation of it in America, which is spreading a universal corruption on our soil? Do you think that our national security is at gross risk? We the former citizens of the Socialist countries are feeling all of that—accountability no longer exists in the American political system. The Clinton Global Foundation is a vivid example of that. Reading my books, you will learn about the Russian connection and the secrets of our Libya’s invasion. You will see how the Clinton Mafia and the Obama/Putin joint venture operate together against the American interests, by implementing the ideology of Soviet Fascism on our soil. Furthermore, they are leading a network of the social media to prevent Trump’s presidency.

Please, remember: Terrorism is a violent act to achieve a political gain. It is not a coincidence that 66 per cent of Americans consider Hillary Clinton untrustworthy and a corrupt person. Money and power are the great motivation–the Clinton Mafia is ready to act now, using modus operandi of Soviet Fascism—Political Correctness with its arrogant intimidation and manipulation of human minds. We know that political game, we went through all of that …

It is time in America to act, if we want to keep alive the American Republic, left to us by our Founding Fathers.

To learn more visit:

POST SCRIPT: The Dallas shooting did not surprise me. It is a usual bloody trick to divert a world attention from the Soviet/Russian crimes in Istanbul and Dhaka. Years ago, I exposed the Russian military doctrine and their vanguard of subversive activities—snipers. The recent example you can find on p.150, Socialist Lies: From Stalin to the Clinton’s, Obama’s, and Sanders. Read also Chapter 25 to grasp the source of racial division and terror on the American soil. We are at war, fighting enemies foreign and domestic.

UPDATED VIDEO: ‘Hillary’s version of ‘1984’ has once again discovered a timely version of that classic Apple “1984” commercial!

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Hillary and Deutch Trump Justice For Now

It appears that turn-around is fair play when you consider President Bill Clinton pardoned CIA John Deutch, for the same kind of careless behavior in which Hillary Clinton was involved as  FBI Director, James Comey, declares her innocence.

In fact one of the last measures of goodwill Bill Clinton accomplished leaving office was bestowing a pardon on the former CIA director John Deutch. His big no-no was retaining classified documents on his home computer in Maryland, as well as attempting to destroy some of them when he got caught.

When Deutch’s actions were discovered an almost immediate reaction occurred by federal investigators to retrieve the hard drive from his computer, and he didn’t have a lawyer picking and choosing which emails to hand over, nor did they take six months to get the investigation started as in Hillary’s case. But, everybody knows Hillary gets treated with kid gloves. It is simply to be expected.

In Deutch’s case the IG stepped in after they perceived the CIA was not acting appropriately in the investigation and opened their own probe. According to National Review,

“The Deutch IG report contains a useful discussion of federal laws that may be violated by handling classified material on a home computer. There’s 18 U.S.C. §793, which makes it a criminal offense ‘through gross negligence’to allow defense information ‘to be removed from its proper place of custody.’An unsecured personal computer is obviously not a “proper place of custody,” as John Deutch discovered. Note that no intentional misconduct is required; just gross negligence.”

Deutch supposedly had no intent to do wrong, just like Comey claims of Hillary, but he was going to be indicted on his actions regardless until Bill rushed in with his pardon. Maybe some of these past memories were what Bill and Loretta Lynch talked about the other day on their chance meeting at the airport.

Several websites referred to the commonalities of Deutch and Hillary’s infractions, and during a House Oversight Committee yesterday Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Ma) queried Comey,

“We have a lot of comparisons in other cases and it seems like all the cases where prosecutions have gone forward, the subject of the investigation has demonstrated a clear intent to deliver classified information to a person or persons who were unauthorized to receive that…And even former Director of the CIA John Deutch, who retained classified information on a couple of servers, one in Belmont, Massachusetts, and one in Bethesda, Maryland, and that was after he became a private citizen.”

Lynch gives no evidence that Deutch was intending to deliver classified information, however Comey testified,

“He took a huge amount of documents, almost all of the TSSCI level, has in a hard copy at his house, had them on unclassed system connected to the internet, attempted to destroy some of them when he got caught, admitted I knew I wasn’t supposed to be doing this.”

Didn’t Hillary place documents in a burn bag to be destroyed, didn’t she lie about thousands of classified emails being sent or received over her private email, didn’t she lie about using only one device to send that classified material? Wouldn’t sending and receiving classified emails through private emails be considered not a proper place of custody?

Are the American people missing something here or has FBI Director Comey just declared that you can’t compare apples to apples anymore. Bottom line, there was classified material residing in places that were not safe, be that on a home computer in Maryland or floating around the internet over a private email. The only difference here is the fact that Deutch actually admits to the wrong, and the government official that is being considered here is a Clinton.

Hillary on the other hand will never admit that she makes any mistakes, because in her heart of hearts she is above the law. She held her head high with her nose in the air while withholding life saving measures from Americans under hostile fire in Benghazi and as she enabled the Russian government, via her State Department, to buy Uranium One from Canada to secure 20% of the U.S. uranium assets.

Hillary truly believes she is above all the petty rules of the law. And according to the top law enforcement officer James Comey, she is.

Americans were told what to do in times like these by Thomas Jefferson,

“But when a long line of abuses and usurpations pursuing the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.” -Declaration of Independence

VIDEO: ‘President Trump in Space’ Event a Rousing Success From Liftoff to Touchdown

ALPHARETTA, Ga. /PRNewswire/ — This really was a space odyssey for one presidential candidate bobblehead. attached a bobblehead of Donald Trump, standing on a podium flanked by American flags, to a high altitude weather balloon. The bobblehead was trimmed for weight and carried three GPS trackers and a camera to record the momentous event.  The launch occurred in Suwanee, Georgia.

Why send the bobblehead into space? Warren Royal, founder of, got the idea from a 2012 “Obama in Space” video on YouTube. “The Obama bobblehead was one of our Royal Bobbles products and I thought that was really cool,” Royal said. “Since then, we have been trying to find the right product and the right time to do it, and with the upcoming election, we felt that this was a great time.”

“We decided to go with Mr. Trump first because he is far and away our best-selling bobblehead at the moment. We figured that we would do him first and then if we had the time, we would try to do Hillary and other popular figures later.”

Royal also wanted to make it perfectly clear that this was non-partisan, simply meant to be a fun event. “We’re not taking sides,” he added – “We have something for everyone.”

It took nine months of planning to prep for the Trump space launch and a team of five people with engineering, GPS satellite tracking, video and bobblehead experience to pull this together. They also had to file a flight plan and get clearance from the FAA.

The helium-filled balloon, with the Trump bobble and the “payload,” lifted off on Sunday, May 15. It climbed to an altitude of 103,339 feet, which took about two hours; then the balloon burst, which it is designed to do at that height.

The bobblehead landed in Abbeville, SC, about 3.5 hours from the launch site, at the top of a very tall tree. Royal said the landowner helped retrieve it, knocking it down with a few well-placed shotgun blasts.

“This was more time-consuming and complicated than we thought,” said Royal. “We are glad we did it, though, it was amazing!”

The entire launch assembly – bobblehead, podium, flags and microphone – will be displayed in a shadowbox at the company’s Georgia headquarters.

Watch the below video of the launch.  A second “behind the scenes” video of the retrieval is in production now and will be published soon.

ABOUT BOBBLEHEADS.COM, based in Alpharetta, Ga., designs and manufactures top quality bobbleheads. We pride ourselves on producing the finest collectibles of this type, including custom, one-of-a-kind designs. We offer our extensive collection of bobbleheads – including the Royal Bobbles brand — through our ecommerce website, and we wholesale thousands of products to museums, gift shops, online stores and mail order catalogs nationwide.


VIDEO: Why Hillary Goes Free — If She Goes Down so does the Democrat Party

United States Code: Title 18. Section 2071:

(a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record filed…in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

(b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.

There is no question that Hillary is guilty, but will she be charged? Obama has said he didn’t think she did anything wrong. How could he think so when he was complicit in knowing about her arrangement?

Hillary said to Obama, “If I go down, you go down.” Since those do the charging are part of the administration, we can expect to see a dance around the facts while ignoring them.

Larry Nichols who knows Hillary, explains in first 3 minutes how this is working for herwhy Washington is full of fear.


Huge! Clinton Advisor “Spills the Beans” as to Why Hillary Is Walking Free—Take it From the Man Who Knows Her Secrets!

Why Hillary Goes Free

BREAKING: State Department REOPENS Investigation into Clinton Emails

BBQ Bushwa: When Liberals Drive Other Liberals More Batty than They Already Are

It’s funny that liberals try to advance the caricature of the stuffed-shirt conservative. It’s projection, actually, because “killjoy” could be synonymous with “progressive.” From demonizing toy guns to banning dodgeball and sweets to stigmatizing innocent jokes as “racist” to, generally, ensconcing everyone in bubble wrap, never was a rainbow born the libs couldn’t turn gray (except, you know, for the rainbow cause they’re obsessed with). A good example of this is a recent Lost Angeles Times article titled “How vegetarians, gluten-frees, grain-frees and other L.A. food tribes ruined my BBQ tradition” (a.k.a. “How Being around Liberals Really Stinks”).

It was written by one Robin Rauzi, who informs, “Anyone who knew my wife and me knew that on Friday night we would be on the patio, grill fired up.” Therein lies the first indication of the problem: Rauzi doesn’t have a wife.

Rauzi is female herself and apparently had a faux marriage, which means she has a wife as much as I did when, in first grade, I participated in a momentarily popular aping-adults pretend game and announced “I married Lisa.”

So when at issue are Lost Angeles liberals, is it any surprise they’d turn a barbeque into a bolsheque? Liberals have damaged the tradition (and institution) of marriage, foreign policy, the economy, education, entertainment, the media, our immigration regime, demographic integrity and, basically, everything meeting with their reverse-Midas touch. Why would barbeques be an exception? The only surprise is that Rauzi’s comrades haven’t ostracized her for emitting grill-disgorged greenhouse gases.

But Rauzi tells us that hot dogs and hamburgers were off the menu because her “wife” stopped eating beef; she also informs that due to a neighbor’s dietary restrictions — “no mammals” — they one summer “grilled a lot of variations on chicken and turkey sausage.” I’m not sure if this is driven merely by species-centric prejudice and patriotism (I’m assuming the neighbor is a mammal), but I’d like to hear the explanation of how it’s more moral to eat a mother hen than, let’s say, a dormouse, which was a delicacy in ancient Rome. The difference seems likely to be that, given our modern sensibilities, liberals may author mouse-like foreign policy but find eating one pretty disgusting. But they fancy chicken yummy.

Rauzi then writes of a new semi-vegetarian attendee who wouldn’t eat fish and of how the no-mammal-eating mammal “developed a mysterious stomach ailment that required avoiding hard-to-digest fibrous vegetables, such as lettuce, kale, spinach and pretty much anything else you’d use as the basis for a salad. And corn on the cob.” Rauzi also tells us, that Mrs. No-mammal’s “husband began contributing barley or bulgur grain salads. Around the same time, the book ‘Grain Brain’ became a bestseller, blaming whole grains for everything from Attention Deficit Disorder to dementia. He took home a lot of leftovers.” Then she informs that the next restriction involved the general fear of sugars and gluten, the latter of which is a huge money-making con (gluten is absolutely fine unless you’re the rare person with Celiac disease).

The result was that Rauzi’s bolsheque was suspended. She explained, “My communal barbecue was now fully populated by people who would not or could not eat the same food.” But here’s what escapes her: This is a metaphor for the problems of liberalism and what it visits on the wider society.

It’s what happens when you try pandering to every little minority, when you forget that the “good of the many outweighs the good of the few” and confuse minorities having rights with minority rule. You don’t make a barbeque a bolsheque because the odd person is confused about his eating any more than you should completely rewrite the whole of society’s bathroom policy because the odder person is confused about his sex.

As for food-oriented events, let’s get something straight: It’s extremely rude to expect a host to accommodate your every dietary whim. I eat what’s served when I’m a guest, to be polite, whether I like it or not. After all, what are we? Children?

Speaking of which, a commenter under Rauzi’s piece mentioned that it’s even worse if you have finicky youngsters, because then you have to jump through culinary hoops every day.


This is also liberalism: treating kids as if they’re princes and princesses. I didn’t like everything my mother served — notably sweet potatoes — but I knew I had to eat it; there was no other option. Good training, too, because it teaches children the right kind of tolerance (for objectively good things you don’t happen to like) and reflects the idea that you appreciate whatever’s on your plate, as it’s a gift from God and someone labored to prepare it for you. And do you think children living for most of history, when diets were very limited, could choose their menus? For sure, an idle mind makes the Devil the chef.

As for barbeques, I attended one Sunday in another den of iniquity — New York City — and some at the gathering were certainly quite liberal. Guess what? There were pig-in-blanket hors d’oeuvres, tortilla chips, hot dogs, hamburgers, pork ribs, gluten-replete bread, soda and sweets for dessert. Everyone ate and no one complained. So here’s some advice: if you experience anaphylactic shock when a neighbor calls his daughter “Peanut,” if you won’t eat anything that “has a face” (nothing has a face by the time it’s on my plate), if you make diet your religion, if dinner to you is an occasion for moral preening,   gatherings centered around normal people consuming large quantities of food probably aren’t your bag. Stay at home and cuddle with your bean sprouts and tofu.

So liberals killed the Rauzi bolsheque just as they kill civilization. Oh, Rauzi desires to resurrect her event, even though it appears a fruitless endeavor, saying, “I want very much to have the kind of home where people can just stop by and feel welcome no matter what food tribe they are in.” But this is another liberal delusion. And it also has metaphorical meaning. You can’t have an event — or a country — in which every conceivable tribe will feel welcome. Something established is just that, a “something,” and a “something” always has a definition. And definitions limit; they exclude what doesn’t meet the definition. You can have tradition and exclude iconoclasts, or you can make today’s iconoclasm tomorrow’s norms and exclude traditionalists. But you can’t have your gluten-free cake and eat it, too.

As for health, every civilization has a nut allergy. The Rauzi realm’s dietary and voting decisions make plain that nuts abound in our nation today — and all of America is descending into anaphylactic shock.

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Program Times for Republican National Convention

CLEVELAND, Ohio /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — As the 2016 Republican National Convention approaches, it is time to announce the session times for the week of July 18-21. For over a year, GOP Convention staff has been hard at work preparing for 50,000 guests, including 15,000 media and nearly 5,000 delegates, to arrive in Cleveland. The Convention’s production team, led by Phil Alongi and with years of news and television experience, has been hard at work planning every detail of this year’s program. Today, we’re just 12 days from kick off and very excited. See the latest time lapse video of our build out.

“Planning is in its final stages with only 12 days remaining until the gavel falls here in Cleveland signaling the start of the 2016 Republican National Convention,” said Convention CEO Jeff Larson. “We’re excited to share all of the preparations and improvements we’ve made here in Cleveland with the thousands who are coming here for the Convention. All of the hard work that our team has been doing for nearly two years will come to fruition in a great week of programming.”

Each session will feature a unique slate of votes and speakers, those details to be released soon. Please see below for a full list of session start times:

  • Monday, July 18th1:00 PM Start Time
  • Tuesday, July 19th5:30 PM Start Time
  • Wednesday, July 20th7:00 PM Start Time
  • Thursday, July 21st7:30 PM Start Time


EDITORS NOTE: Paid for by the Committee on Arrangements for the 2016 Republican National Convention. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

GOP Convention Launches New Innovative Smartphone App

CLEVELAND, Ohio /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The RNC 2016: Official App is now available for download in the Apple Store and Google Play store. This app is your gateway into the world of the 2016 Republican National Convention. Whether you want to stay up to date on the Convention schedule, find your way around Cleveland and the Convention Complex, check out your favorite speeches, or watch the proceedings live, the RNC 2016: Official App is your one stop shop. See some of the features below:

“The 2016 RNC: Official App, will provide unprecedented access to the proceedings from the palm of your hand,” said Convention Digital Director Samantha Osborne. “For our delegates and other attendees we have an easy to see bus schedule and turn-by-turn mapping inside Quicken Loans Arena. For those at home, they can tune in with our standard or 360 live streams and follow who is speaking and when.”


Mapping – Not only will the app include maps of the Cleveland area showing hundreds of vendors around the Convention Hall and well beyond, but it will also provide turn-by-turn directions allowing Convention goers to quickly find exactly where they are heading in the Quicken Loans Arena, Freedom Plaza, Progressive Field, and Media Row.

360 Degree Cameras – The Convention will be utilizing 360 degree cameras for the first time ever. These cameras will give anyone with the app an exclusive glimpse into the Quicken Loans Arena to see *literally* every angle of the action.

Live Stream – There will be gavel to gavel live streaming of the Convention’s proceedings, and anyone with the app will have every moment in the palm of their hand.

Neither political party has launched an app as technologically advanced for their respective national conventions.

Apps will be available via smart phone, and can be downloaded by delegates, guests and press. The app can be downloaded using the following links: Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Signs advertising the app will be available at the Convention Center, Quicken Loans Arena, and the Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport.

New Software Could Boost America’s Voter Participation to 90%

BOSTON, Mass. /PRNewswire/ — The creators of Web-Impac’s new voter software believe they have the ability to change the way Americans vote and propel the United States election process into the 21st Century.

“After hundreds of years of voting using paper and despite advances in technology, we still declare undying allegiance to an outdated voting system,” says Web-Impac co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Eric Robinson. “Other countries have gone to an electronic voting system and even some US States allow limited Internet voting,” Robinson adds. “We’re not talking about replacing government and election officials but rather giving them the tools they deserve to get the job done faster and opening up the systems so that everyone will have the opportunity to vote.”

On Tuesday, July 12, 2016, at 11:00 am at the Boston Harbor Hotel, Web-Impac Applications and Software is hosting a press conference to launch “The World Votes,” a virtual online election that is open to anyone in the world with access to the Internet.

“The World Votes” will reveal vital information about how the entire world feels about America’s leading presidential candidates as well as unleash our newest software applications. The results of the virtual election will be current, and in real time. The public can vote at through September 30, 2016. “After September 30th, we will publish the winner of the President of the World,” says Robinson.

Today, different paper voter systems exist, but they vary from State to State with no consistent standardization, aging or aged equipment and an excess of possibilities for error. Many voter locations still transport their paper ballots to counting stations. “All of this can be a big problem in a close election. We have a software fix,” concluded Robinson.

Introduced in May of this year, Web-Impac is the software division of international public relations powerhouse, Hampton Bates PR. The division will specialize in software that uses proprietary algorithms that merge public relations, marketing and online analytics as well as voting technology and digital ballot boxes.

“The release of our new voter software will be a game changer,” says Sylvia Hampton, President and co-founder of Web-Impac. “And it dovetails with plans to have Internet voting in every home by 2020.  Imagine everyone in the entire country actually having a voice in an election.”

Web-Impac’s revolutionary new voter technology has a variety of uses ranging from improving websites and providing virtual focus groups to supporting political elections.

“Our software is designed by marketing and public relations experts and brought to reality by MIT graduates,” says Hampton. “Our goal is to make software that moves companies, this country and even the world, forward in a meaningful way.”

To learn more about product launch activities, additional products or to book an interview, contact Jacqueline Knight, Vice President of Marketing at 603-570-4844, Email or visit the website at:

Florida: Leading Congressional Candidate has Unsettling ties to Terrorist Groups

John Rutherford, the favored Candidate for Florida’s 4th Congressional District, has unsettling long term ties to groups which have officially been designated as Islamic Terrorist Groups.

The Cabinet and President Tayyp Erdogan of Turkey, a NATO Ally, officially designated the religious movement of U.S.-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen a terrorist group as recently as May, 2016.  The United Arab Emirates (UAE) designated the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Terrorist Organization in November, 2014.

CAIR has been labeled by the US Government during the U.S. vs HLF Trial of 2008, as a Muslim Brotherhood Entity and the Palestine Committee.  These Committees were set up by HAMAS worldwide to further their causes.  Saudi Arabia and the UAE have also designated the parent of CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization.

The founder of the Islamic Gulen Movement, Fethullah Gulen, came to the United States under asylum during the Clinton Presidency after a failed coup to overthrow “Westernized” Turkey and restore it to an Islamic State ruled by Sharia (Islamic law).

Fethullah Gulen, has applied for asylum in several other countries as a result of Turkeys designation and increased pressure for his extradition.  Since the Obama administration cannot utter the words “Radical Islam” and embraced the Muslim Brotherhood, the administration’s failure to acknowledge Turkey’s terror classification of the Gulen Movement or extradite Fethullah Gulen should come as no surprise.

While Sheriff Rutherford has maintained an otherwise celebrated career in Law Enforcement, he also appears to be incapable of identifying pro-Sharia Islamists with whom he has embraced.  These organizations include Gulenist organizations such as the Atlantic Institute and Amity Turkish Cultural Center (ATCC), which recently changed its name to the Istanbul Center.  These groups work side by side with former CAIR/HAMAS National Chairman Dr. Parvez Ahmed and other pro-Sharia Islamists.

Sheriff Rutherford’s inability to distinguish between ‘Friend vs Foe’ leaves him vulnerable to further influence operations which could impact the passage of legislation which could weaken our defenses, leave our borders open, and challenge the supremacy of the US Constitution.

atlantic institute of jacksonville rutherfordInfluence operations targeting Sheriff Rutherford via “Interfaith Outreach” and “Bridge Building” efforts by pro-Sharia Islamist Groups have been successful and therefore render John Rutherford unfit to serve in the US Congress.  Success of these operations will be demonstrated in subsequent articles are evidenced by the following:

  • Penetration of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) by Muslim Brotherhood operatives as it relates to officer training programs.
  • Blatant disregard and willful blindness to credible information exposing the subversive nature of organizations and individuals currently embraced by former Sheriff Rutherford dating back to at least 2009.
  • Shortly after returning from the ATCC guided trip to Turkey, Sheriff Rutherford, in an official capacity, sent correspondence commending Gulenist Operatives Akif Aydin (Dir. ATCC &  River City Science Academy –  a Gulen Charter School) and Alex Silva for being “Great Ambassador’s of the Turkish people who helped us [Mr. & Mrs. Rutherford] Grow in Knowledge and Appreciation for Islam”.
  • Sheriff Rutherford disregarded credible information in regard to the subversive nature of the ATCC and a few months after returning from Turkey, extended the credibility of the Sheriff’s office by becoming a member of the Board of Advisors. He remained on this Board for approximately (4) years.
  • Despite being informed as early as 2009 and again in 2011, by ACT! for America’s Jacksonville Chapter of ongoing FBI investigations into the Gulen Charter School Network [for H1B Visa and other violations of law], Sheriff Rutherford chose to remain a member of the ATCC Advisory Board, which has subsequently been designated a terrorist organization by our NATO Ally, Turkey.
  • According to sources inside and outside JSO, the department allegedly adopted an unofficial policy of hostility at the direction of Sheriff Rutherford, towards the Jacksonville chapter of ACT! for America, the leading watchdog group working to expose pro-Sharia entities.
  • Sheriff Rutherford also received endorsements during his re-election bid from known Muslim Brother members and CAIR/HAMAS spin-off organizations. One such groups website states only candidates who have “built a significant relationship with our [Muslim] Community” are endorsed.
  • As recently as February 2016, former Sheriff Rutherford was personally thanked by the Atlantic Institute for his work to facilitate “outreach” targeted at his Protégé Sheriff Mike Williams. The Atlantic Institute is another pro-Sharia, pro-Jihadist Gulen entity which shares office space with the Istanbul Center, formerly the ATCC.

rutherford on advisory boardThe United States has been conducting a “War on Terror” (WOT) for over (15) years, yet every time a Jihadist yells Allahu Akbar, and attacks, we hear the same tired responses and disconnect between the attacks and Islam.  The reaction by our media and leadership in both law enforcement and the community is to seek out Islamic authorities, which almost without exception are members of the Muslim Brotherhood.  How is that possible?

After the Orlando terror attack, the largest attack on US soil since 9/11, Law Enforcement Officials trotted out Imam Musri, of the Islamic Society of Central Florida (ISCF) to be their Islamic spokesperson, despite the fact the Mosque he heads is an affiliate of the Islamic Society of North American (ISNA) and owned by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), which are both Co-Conspirators in the largest terrorism finance trial in U.S. history.

Additionaly, the ISCF Mosque was caught raising over $55,000 for HAMAS, after investigative teams from the Jacksonville and Orlando Chapters of ACT! for America infiltrated and obtained video produced by the United West, which captured these fundraising activities.  This resulted in the U.S. Government banning former British MP George Galloway from entry to the United States.

Senate and other Hearings have already established training by DHS and the FBI has been compromised by the Muslim Brotherhood, language identifying the enemy and factual threat doctrine training has been purged.  Phil Haney of the DHS National Targeting Center, became a federal whistleblower, detailing the surrender of our National Security apparatus in his tell all book “See Something…Say Nothing; A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Governments Submission to Jihad”.

Sheriff Rutherford, is a prime example of Law Enforcement Leadership failures in the WOT.

During a Q & A session, in early 2010, at the South Side Republican Club, Sheriff Rutherford was commended on his job as it related to criminal activity.  However, it was his response to the follow-up question regarding national security and the growing Jihadist threat which captured the concern of this writer and the audience that day.

Sheriff Rutherford was asked about (5) basic documents; strategic Muslim Brotherhood documents which laid out plans to subvert and destroy America from within.  After stating he had not heard of these documents, Sheriff Rutherford was informed about the subversive nature of the Amity Turkish Cultural Center. (ATCC) and its founder Fetullah Gulen, who were providing trips to Turkey for key members of the community.

Rutherford, interrupted and stated he had attended one such a trip.  It was made clear to him, these trips were in reality influence operations, the effect of which remained to be seen.  Unfortunately, a few months later Sheriff John Rutherford became a member of the ATCC Advisory Board.  This will be discussed in greater detail in a subsequent article.

In January 2015, Sheriff Candidate Mike Williams was the guest speaker at a video recorded event for Grassroots 4 Victory.  During Q & A, Mr. Williams was briefly informed by Randy McDaniels, founder of ACT! for America’s Jacksonville Chapter, about the 2010 exchange with Sheriff John Rutherford and shared some of the same concerns voiced then.

Sheriff’s Candidate Mike Williams, only took moments to come to a sound conclusion, stating that if he was elected, he would not lend the credibility of the Sheriff’s Office to that [ATCC/Istanbul Center] Organization.  Williams went on to say that he had been the Division Chief for DHS on Counter Terrorism for over (6) years and I’ve  never heard of any of the names or documents you mentioned and it’s obvious you know what you’re talking about.

Based on his response, Candidate Williams was asked if he would be open to National security experts recommended by the questioner [Randy McDaniels] to train his JSO officers, to which he responded in the affirmative.

All Sheriff candidates we spoke to during the election cycle stated Counter Terrorism training was typically the responsibility of DHS and the FBI.  None of the candidates we spoke with said they had heard of these basic enemy documents, with the exception of Ken Jefferson, who is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Atlantic Institute.  As a panelist for both the Democrat and Republican during ongoing Sheriff debates in Putnam County, we experience the same results, fortunately there is unanimous consensus from these candidates for these experts to provide training for their officers upon their election.  State and Local Law Enforcement, Must take the lead in the fight against Jihad.

Rutherford formerly endorses Amity Turkish Cultural CenterThese experts, mentors, and friends such as John Guandolo, Clare Lopez, Maj. Stephen Coughlin, and DHS Whistle Blower Phil Haney, as well as others will provide JSO what has thus far has been missing, a factual understanding of the enemy threat doctrine.  This will ensure the brave men and women under Sheriff Williams leadership will have the training necessary to more effectively counter the threat and fulfill their oaths to protect and serve, without unwittingly serving the goals of the enemy.  A special thanks to Sheriff’s Candidate Jimmy Holderfield, for being so receptive and open in voicing his support for this training for JSO.

Shortly after the election, Sheriff Williams took the initial step in honoring his commitment by taking a meeting with former Sheriff Rutherford and John Guandolo.  This meeting was facilitated by Billie Tucker of Grassroots 4 Victory.  Unfortunately, it has been almost a year with no follow-up or training for our officers.

Currently, ACT! for America’s Jacksonville Chapter and the Center for Security Policy will arrange for a limited amount of training from these experts at no cost to the Sheriff’s Department.

I would encourage the following:

  1. Vote for a Congressional candidate who has the ability to discern between ‘Friend vs Foe’  and the courage to act in the best interest of Florida.
  2. Contact Sheriff Mike Williams at and Gary Dickenson, Community Affairs Division at  to respectfully request Sheriff Williams continue to honor his commitment to protect the citizens of Jacksonville by ensuring his officers expeditiously receive the best training possible on the enemy threat doctrine.

Recommended National Security Experts include:

John Guandolo is a former graduate of the US Naval Academy, USMC Combat Platoon Commander during Desert Storm, and as a member of the FBI, wrote the first training manual for the FBI on the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Movement in America, receiving the “Defender of the Homeland” award from Senators Kyle and Lieberman.  His also the author of “Raising a Jihadi Generation”

Maj. Stephen Coughlin esq is probably the most brilliant intelligence analyst in the nation, predicted the “Arab Spring”; more aptly the consolidation of Muslim Brotherhood power in the M.E.  He was called back to active duty to serve in the Pentagons “J2” after 9/11 and wrote the thesis “To Our Great Detriment; Ignoring what Extremist say about Jihad”; a crystal ball writing on the failures we would face due to the incoherence in the WOT.  His latest book “Catastrophic Failure; blindfolding America in the face of Jihad” details how our Government has outsourced our war fighting strategy to one which is actually hostile to the WOT.  Both are must reads for Military, LEO’s, and Elected officials.   A short PDF “Burning Down the House” is a great primer for those pressed for time.

Clare Lopez is Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy, a member of Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign national security advisory team. a member of the Citizens Commission on Benghazi. Fmr Vice President of the Intelligence Summit, a career operations officer with the CIA, a professor at the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies, Executive Director of the Iran Policy Committee from 2005-2006, and a consultant, intelligence analyst, and researcher for a variety of defense firms.

Philip Haney is a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and a member of the National Targeting Center, DHS Whistleblower and author of the book “See Something, Say Nothing; A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Governments Submission to Jihad”.

VIDEO: Steven Miller Exposes Hillary’s Corruption in a way that even Trump Won’t Touch!

Stephen Miller delivers one of the best speeches on the consequences of the November 8th, 2016 election. Miller lays out the burning issues and how different Donald J. Trump is from Hillary R. Clinton.

Forget Bills’ sex scandals, they will pale in comparison to the expected utter hell Trump is about to unleash on both Hillary and Bill. The evidence is so overwhelming and well documented that there is almost no way the FBI won’t finally indict Hillary. You can tell from Trumps last few speeches that he is talking directly to FBI Director James Comey.

Trump knows Director Comey wants to indict, as does his agents. Trump is basically telling him that he NEEDS to obey the laws that he swore to uphold!

This election is going to be a real bloodbath!