Experts Blame Green Energy Policies for Europe’s Full-Scale Energy Crisis: ‘A warning to the U.S.’

We are watching the villainous Left deindustrialize our societies, under the guise of climate nonsense. All while they fly around the world in private jets, which emit far more green-house gasses into the atmosphere. The Green Movement is a total assault on capitalism, our freedom, and our entire way of life. It’s implementation will cause significant economic decline and instability in countries throughout the world. Furthermore, if this movement is not stopped, you can expect massive instability in your cities and your towns, and your communities in the years ahead.

Experts blame green energy policies for Europe’s full-scale energy crisis: ‘A warning to the US’

By Fox News, September 1, 2022

Green energy policies in Europe designed to rapidly shift the continent away from fossil fuel dependence have contributed to soaring power prices in the region.

The European benchmark index measuring future electricity prices increased to a record $993 per megawatt hour (MWh) on Monday, days after prices in France and Germany surged 25%, according to European Energy Exchange data compiled by Bloomberg. By comparison, the average price of electricity in the U.S. hit $129 per MWh in June, federal data showed.

The energy crisis has forced consumers to cut back on power consumption, industrial production declines and energy rationing across the continent. The European Union Council (EU) scheduled an emergency meeting of EU energy ministers slated for next week in response to the market conditions.



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The super-rich who have ‘absolute disregard for the planet’

Facebook & Biden Regime Held Weekly/Monthly Calls to Discuss Who/What To Censor On Platform

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Romancing The All Electric Vehicle

Going somewhere for the holiday weekend?  Not if you live in California and drive an electric vehicle, you’re not.  California issued an emergency alert asking people not to charge their EVs because the power grid can’t handle the demand.  This from a state that is moving to ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles. So how’s this going to work when the internal combustion engine is gone, natural gas appliances are banned, and everyone has to rely on electricity for getting around, heating their homes, and washing their clothes.  The short answer is: it’s not.  The numbers don’t add up.  But that’s the bright green energy future into which your insane leaders want to take you.

Here’s one thing that will happen in that future.  Everyone will have smart meters and the government will simply order the power cut off whenever it feels like it.  Don’t believe me?  It’s already happening.  How did you like the story out of Denver this week, where 22,000 households were locked out of their thermostats and couldn’t adjust their air conditioning when it got hot?  No car, no A/C, no appliances, whenever the government decides it’s time to control your behavior.

Colorado and California are among the states that have adopted green energy mandates.  Hate to break it to you, folks, but green energy is just not up to the job.  The numbers don’t add up.  That’s why Illinois is already looking for ways to adjust its green energy mandates and escape the trap.  They figure they can’t attract business to the state without being able to demonstrate they will have reliable energy supplies in the future.  That’s the first sensible thing I’ve heard out of Illinois politicians for a long time.

Since I’m the skunk at the garden party, let me ask this:  What is all this sackcloth and ashes supposed to accomplish?  If I were a cynic, I would say the goal is wealth and power for a tiny elite that is personally heavily invested in green energy stocks, something I’ve reported on before.  I could also say it’s about controlling the people, reducing their standard of living to make them poor, cutting America down to size in the world, waging Marxist war on capitalism, putting the globalists in control of your happiness, and degrowth and depopulation.

I’ve heard all these things and they sound plausible to me.  But let’s take the entire exercise at face value, shall we?  Leaving fossil fuels in the ground and making the transition to green energy will stop climate change and keep the planet from burning up, right?

There’s only one problem. Over 1,100 scientists and professionals from around the world just signed a declaration stating in no uncertain terms there is no climate emergency.  “Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific,” they said.  “Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming.”  So, anyone who tells you ‘the science is settled’ and the planet is burning up is lying to you for their own selfish purposes.  There are real costs to green energy policies, the scientists went on, and the cure – getting rid of fossil fuels – will be worse than the disease.  They criticize the unfounded beliefs that dominate media narratives and call for getting back to real science.

Emergency directives and smart meter shut-offs aside, let’s suppose you do manage to get your EV out of your garage this weekend.  You have some other things to worry about.  Your EV could explode at any moment.  Hyundai and Kia just issued warnings.  They recommend parking your EV outside so it doesn’t burn your house down.  The town in Connecticut with the electric bus fire this summer has gone back to diesel-powered buses.

If you’re on the road, good luck finding a charging station, and hope it works when you find one.  A police department in England is finding its EVs can’t reach some emergencies because the emergencies are too far away and the batteries run down before they can get there.  In 2019, a police officer in California could not pursue a suspect because the officer’s EV ran down.  The suspect got away.

If you’re driving an EV because you feel guilty about damaging the environment with fossil fuels, here’s something else to feel guilty about:  pulling lithium out of the ground for your EV battery generates lots of carbon emissions, toxic wastewater, and other environmental damage.  Indigenous peoples and governments in Latin America are wising up to this and are moving to clamp down on lithium mining.  How will the numbers add up when more people in producing areas revolt?

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for progress.  I had halogens for years, but I love my LED lamps.  But here’s what I’m not for:  chasing unicorns and rainbows, turning everything upside down just because some people take it on faith the planet is burning up.  And I’m not for blindly pursuing supposed solutions without ever giving a thought to what they will really cost or what new problems they will create.  And I’m not for financially self-interested government officials telling us we have to ‘press the accelerator’ on the green energy transition when the numbers obviously don’t add up.  I’m not for the inmates running the asylum.  Take your romanticism and shove it!  Get real and keep your hands off my thermostat and my life.   Kapish?

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Biden Just Single-Handedly Made the Gas Crisis Worse

Instead of opening up the supply chain, the Biden Administration continues to restrict it in numerous ways—proxy wars in Russia, trade wars, and now canceling leases that would allow us to develop our own resources.

Americans are already struggling under the weight of crippling inflation, from skyrocketing gas prices to exorbitant grocery bills. And even if few Americans thought the Biden Administration had a plan to combat these things—especially considering the fact that their spending and regulatory problems directly created them—I’m betting most Americans didn’t think the President would take obvious actions to immediately make things worse either.

Yet, that is what he did this week, canceling one of the most important oil and gas leases at the country’s disposal in the middle of the night. This action will halt the potential to drill for oil in over 1 million acres on the Cook Inlet in Alaska, marking a devastating loss for those trying to increase the oil supply in the country.

A top official with the American Petroleum Institute, the country’s largest oil and gas trade association, called the cancellation of the Cook Inlet lease “another example of the administration’s lack of commitment to oil and gas development in the US.”

According to The Hill, “canceling the sale would be in keeping with political promises President Joe Biden made in the name of halting global warming.”

Not only did the Biden Administration cut this lease, they also stopped two other pending leases in the Gulf of Mexico claiming there were “conflicting court rulings that impacted work on these proposed lease sales.”

This is a problem of basic Econ 101. High prices clearly demonstrate the country needs more oil and gas. But instead of opening up the supply chain, the Biden Administration continues to restrict it in numerous ways—proxy wars in Russia, trade wars, and now canceling leases that would allow us to develop our own resources.

Why are they doing this? No one can say for certain, but Public Choice Theory would suggest that Biden and co. care more about their political objectives and keeping their special interest groups happy (in this case, climate lobbyists) than about the lives their policies govern.

And make no mistake, high gas prices are no small issue as some elitists on the left will try to claim.

Behind skyrocketing gas prices are mothers who can’t get to their second job, parents who have to pick between transportation and food for their kids, women stuck in unsafe situations with abusive partners…the list could go on.

The point is, in public policy there are always trade-offs, something many progressives seem to refuse to acknowledge.

Do we want to take care of the earth and preserve our resources? Of course. Any good capitalist should be concerned with scarcity and preserving such things. But we have to balance that goal with the real lives that can be harmed if we go too far in one direction or the other. As the economist Thomas Sowell said, “there are no solutions, there are only trade-offs.”

So rather than blindly attacking fossil fuel development, we need to look for policies that help balance both goals—the desire to preserve the earth and its resources and the desire to make goods and services cheap and readily available so more people can be lifted out of poverty and enjoy a higher standard of living.

When it comes to the environment, there are free-market policies that can be pursued while also ensuring we still have the supplies to meet the basic needs of the humans already in existence. For instance, scientists are already finding ways to pull CO2 out of the atmosphere and turn it into valuable commodities like carbon nanotubes or even back into coal. And the market is rapidly providing more fuel-efficient cars and planes. Everywhere we look we can find ways the market is already providing better solutions to climate change.

Meanwhile, governments continue to be the biggest polluters.

The Biden Administration is willing to throw our citizens under the bus so they can reach a false, net-zero emissions utopia. But the reality is, we don’t have to have $5/gallon gas in order to save the planet.


Hannah Cox

Hannah Cox is the Content Manager and Brand Ambassador for the Foundation for Economic Education.

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Conservation Nation: Motoring through the Grand Canyon State

CFACT’s @Gabriella Hoffman traverses the Grand Canyon State, exploring Agua Fria national monument, Horseshoe Bend, and of course, the Grand Canyon. Along the way, she talks to various stakeholders giving their take on whether Arizona needs more national monuments, or is the federal government mismanaging what they already have? Find out on the tenth installment of Conservation Nation!

The Left loves to preach an environmental message of doom and gloom – and their solution is always more government control.

You and I know that taxing and regulating something to death doesn’t make it better. As Ronald Reagan famously quipped about the government’s thinking: “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

That doesn’t work for the economy, and it doesn’t work for our environment.

That’s why CFACT teamed up with Gabriella Hoffman to sponsor a YouTube series called Conservation Nation. Rather than lecturing you and making you feel guilty about your environmental sins, Conservation Nation showcases real conservation and stewardship work being done by people all over America.

In the most recent installment of this series, Hoffman travels to Arizona, the Grand Canyon State, to visit Agua Fria National Monument, Horseshoe Bend, and of course, the Grand Canyon. While road tripping from place to place, Hoffman speaks with various stakeholders about the controversial issue of national monuments.

While many in government and the media claim we need more and more national monument designations to preserve our lands, those who live in and hunt and use these lands every day say just slapping a national monument designation on something can cause way more problems than it solves.

Check out the new episode, share it with a friend, and let’s vicariously go on a road trip through the Grand Canyon State together!

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Why California’s Green Power Grid Is Collapsing

We have been warning that subsidizing and mandating the use of green energy and eliminating all fossil fuels is going a wrong and dangerous direction for America.

We have been proven right because of the warm summer of August 2022.

We have argued that using all forms of energy effectively and efficiently provides cheap and reliable power to America’s economy and Americans. This includes the use of nuclear, coal, natural gas, oil, hydroelectric fuels. These sources of cheap and reliable power sources are critical in fueling the American economy, our homes, businesses, farms and our nation.

America is facing a warm summer, which is a naturally occurring cycle. You know: Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

A warm summer shouldn’t be a threat to our electrical grid system but it is.

Here’s why. On August 31st, 2022 NPR’s reported,

A long, intense wave of excessive heat is hitting much of the Western United States for the next week.

[ … ]

Across California, temperatures are expected to be more than 10 degrees above normal, warns the organization that manages the flow of much of the state’s electricity.

The California Independent System Operator expects that demand on Labor Day will reach the highest point so far this year, and that it will ask Californians to take energy conservations steps.

“During a Flex Alert, consumers are urged to reduce energy use from 4-9 p.m. when the system is most stressed because demand for electricity remains high and there is less solar energy available,” the organization said. “The top three conservation actions are to set thermostats to 78 degrees or higher, avoid using large appliances and charging electric vehicles, and turn off unnecessary lights.

Lowering the strain on the grid will help hold off more drastic measures, the organization said, including the possibility of rotating blackouts. [Emphasis added]

Read more.

Flex Alerts are the result of Environmentalist Policies

Here’s a short video featuring Mark Mills on how much energy California, American and the world will need. Mark P. Mills is a physicist and a Manhattan Institute senior fellow, a faculty fellow at Northwestern University, and partner in Montrose Lane, an energy-tech venture fund.

Currently, as Dr. Mills points out oil, natural gas and coal provide 84% of all the worlds energy.

Watch this May 28th, 2022 video published in video What Impact do Wind Turbines have on the Environment and our Health? Aga Wilson speaks to Alexander Pohl, a former investor an insider, and engineer. Aga and Alexander talk about the impact that wind turbines have on nature and our health. Are they really effective and why are they being pushed so aggressively? They get into the United Nations development goals and the upcoming 50+ meeting in Stockholm that has not been noticed by mainstream media.

Alexander predicts the green world order and what that may implicate in the near future.

Finally, in an Aug 12, 2022 article titled Why Solar Power Is Failing Amid Record-Breaking Heat Felicity Bradstock reported,

With heatwaves being reported worldwide, leading to wildfires and other environmental concerns, at least one energy sector is getting attention for its major producing potential – solar power. But with solar panels collecting energy from the sun’s radiation, the world’s overheating may (unexpectedly) be of little benefit to solar power production.

[ … ]

As the world heats up, people may think that more sun will bring more solar energy, even if it has been negative for many other reasons. But soaring temperatures may be hindering solar power production as solar panels work optimally at around 25oC and start becoming less efficient when the heat goes above this. And even if the heat does not hamper solar production, it is also doing little to help it.

[ … ]

Of course, when there’s sun there’s solar power. But because of the way solar panels work, they become slightly less efficient, by around 0.5 percent, for any degree over or under 25oC. This means that peak production periods in much of the world often happen in cooler spring months rather than during the summer.

Read more.

Solar power becomes less efficient as the temperature rises. I a heat wave, as is being experienced today in California this inefficiency had lead to Flex Alerts in California. This is expected but something that most people who go green either weren’t told and don’t know are were told and don’t care.

Enjoy the hot summer and your green solar panels.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

60 Minutes Highlights Vulnerabilities of the Electric Grid and Biden Administration Inaction

“No one is in charge” of protecting America’s electrical grid, Biden Homeland Security Advisor Dr. Liz Sherwood-Randall told CBS News’ 60 Minutes, during a recent short segment regarding the vulnerability of America’s most critical of critical infrastructures. Sherwood-Randall added that the federal government has no ability to mandate utility companies implement security improvements to the national electric grid.

One of the most troubling aspects of the 60 Minutes segment is that it only scratches the surface of the grid’s vulnerabilities. In reality, the U.S. government has known about these vulnerabilities for more than five decades. The government’s own reports highlighted the cyber insecurity of the critical electric infrastructure since at least 2003; geomagnetic disturbance (GMD) threats since at least 1990the vulnerability of the electric grid to physical threats since at least 1981; and the danger posed by electromagnetic pulse (EMP) threats since at least 1972.

Indeed, the CBS News segment was nearly identical to a previous version which aired exactly six months prior, in February, and featured an expose on the professional assault on a major electrical substation near San Jose that nearly blacked out Silicon Valley, San Francisco in 2013.

Despite consistent recommendations to the Biden Administration and to Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and her advisory board, the White House appears to have done nothing to remedy this glaring problem during the six months that have passed between CBS’ two episodes.

If anything, the Administration has put the electric grid at greater risk over the past two years. On his first day in office, Biden suspended Executive Order 13920 (securing the U.S. bulk-power system) which declared “a national emergency with respect to the threat to the United States bulk power system,” and warned “that foreign adversaries are increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in the United States bulk-power system.”

President Trump issued E.O. 13920 in response to the discovery in 2019 of hardware back doors built into Chinese-made transformers that are critical to the grid’s operations.  According to Latham Saddler, the former Director of Intelligence Programs at the National Security Council in Trump Administration, “they found hardware that was put into that that had the ability for somebody in China to switch it off.”

One of the experts featured in the 60 Minutes episodes was retired U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major Michael Mabee, who has researched and documented the threat posed by Chinese-manufactured transformers.  Mabee has found more than 300 Chinese transformers in the U.S. grid as of last August and the reversal of E.O. 13920 guarantees many more are on the way. Hopefully, CBS will have the courage to air a future segment highlighting this problem.

E.O 13920 was intended to remedy supply chain vulnerabilities because regulators for the bulk power system – The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) –refuse to create or enforce effective regulations with respect to the supply chain and cybersecurity.

Ultimately, neither the government nor the utility industry will accept responsibility for fixing vulnerabilities to the grid until they get the sense that the American people demand it. For example, government and industry forced wind and solar generation upon the grid based on an assumption that these are good for the environment and that Americans want more “clean” power generation. The perception that Americans demand “clean energy” created an environment where policymakers felt compelled to spend taxpayer and ratepayer monies to massively subsidize these forms of power generation.

Currently, there is very little demand by the American people to secure the grid due to an overall lack of awareness about the its vulnerabilities or the reasons these weaknesses persist – namely effective lobbying by the utility industry to avoid government regulation.

For this reason, two film-makers have set out to shine light on this glaring issue. David Womick is producing The Black Sky Event docuseries, featuring short but thorough segments on each of the threat vectors to the grid.

David Tice recently launched “Grid Down, Power Up”, narrated by actor Dennis Quaid and gives viewers the ability to “participate” by sharing the film with others and by taking action to contact the grid’s regulators and our elected officials.

Fortunately, this is a fixable problem and states don’t have to wait for Washington. But not even state or local leaders will act if they don’t recognize the gravity of the problem. Therefore, it’s up to the people – citizens across the nation – to get smart on the issue and get involved.


Tommy Waller

Center for Security Policy Executive Vice President.

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AWED MEDIA BALANCED NEWSLETTER: We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections.

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1.3 Million COVID Vaccine Injuries Reported to VAERS

Dr. Wolf: Steve Kirsch Claims “Hundreds of Thousands” of mRNA-Vaccine-related Deaths, “Millions” of Injuries. Is He Right? I am inclined to say “Yes.” Here is why…

Thailand study of young adults post jab showed 30%± with cardiovascular injuries

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Dr. Kory: What to Know Before Deciding to take the Novavax Injection

Informed Consent to Parents Contemplating COVID-19 Injections for their Infants and Toddlers

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*** Healthcare workers subjected to vaccine mandate will get $10M in legal settlement

Judge Green Lights Lawsuit Challenging San Diego’s COVID Vaccine Mandate for Employees

Short video: COVID narrative falling apart

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COVID-19 — Masks:

*** America’s kids unmasked two years later: Examining COVID mandate consequences as students return to class

*** Mask Mandates Linked to Increased COVID Death Rates

Principal Calls Cops on 4 year old for Not Wearing a Mask

Georgetown University mandates masks for students during in-class instruction

COVID-19 — Children:

Are COVID-19 vaccines safe and effective in children?


*** Are you at risk of getting monkeypox? Here’s everything you need to know

Top Israeli Scientist: “Monkeypox Outbreak is Linked to mRNA Vaccines”

CDC Recommends Wearing Masks to Avoid Monkeypox, Ignoring the Facts

COVID-19 — Misc:

*** Transcending Fear — Surgeon General of Florida Speaks Out

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Ideas for how to fix a broken medical system

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Corporate welfare: Federal giveaways to wind, solar sectors are about to explode

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Renewable Energy Health and Ecosystem Consequences:

*** What Impact do Wind Turbines have on the Environment and our Health?

*** Environmental Organizations Take Offshore Wind Industry Money

Wind energy boom and golden eagles collide in the U.S. West

Wind Energy:

*** Will Bisphenol A be the PFOS of Wind Energy?

*** Green energy leads to sex trafficking, terrorism, drugs and deforestation

*** Offshore wind: It’s more expensive than we thought

Wind energy fails to produce again, and again

How an airborne blade exposed broader problems at PGE’s flagship wind project

Solar Energy:

*** Why Solar Power Is Failing Amid Record-Breaking Heat

Proposed EPA Designation of PFOA and PFOS as CERCLA Hazardous Substances

Industrial Solar: Toward A Responsible Generation Policy

Nuclear Energy:

*** The Green War on Clean Energy

*** Nuclear Power–Hating Left: The Vast Anti-Nuclear Conspiracy

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*** 3 Reasons Why Nuclear is Clean and Sustainable

Fossil Fuel Energy:

*** Short Video: How Much Energy Will the World Need?

*** 20 myths about fossil fuels, refuted

Biden approves largest oil, gas lease sale in US history, steamrolls eco review with inflation bill

U.S. to Continue Record Crude Exports in 2023 as Energy Crisis Deepens

California just hit a renewable energy record, but fossil fuels aren’t fading away yet

Electric Vehicles (EVs):

*** How electric cars fail miserably in ordinary driving situations

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A Truth the Climateers Simply Won’t Tolerate

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True The Vote Releases Information Given To FBI Months Ago – China Has Information on 1.8 Million US Election Workers On Server In Wuhan

How to Preserve 2020 Election Ballots

US Election — State Issues:

*** Citizen’s Guide to Building and Election Integrity Infrastructure

*** Become a Poll Watcher in your State

Election audits should be required in every state after every election

Report: Montana may show how election offices are ‘addicted’ to private money like Mark Zuckerberg’s

Governor DeSantis Announces the Arrest of 20 Elections Criminals

VRF files suit in Pennsylvania to force election officials to make voter rolls transparent

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US Politics and Socialism:

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US Politics and the “Inflation Reduction Act”:

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US Politics and the J6 Committee:

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Education Related — Biden Giveaway:

Biden’s Student-Loan Cancellation is a Fiasco

McConnell: Student Loan Socialism a “Slap in the Face” to Working Families

Education Related — Other:

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*** Woke Activism Is Flooding American Classrooms

*** Short video: What Are Your Kids Learning in School?

The Truth About Student Mismatch

Short video: The Sexualization of Children

Science and Misc Matters:

*** White House climate official sanctioned by key science body

*** Short video: Bonhoeffer‘s Theory of Stupidity

Study: Terrestrial Volcanic Eruptions and Possible Links with Solar Activity

Ukraine — What You Can Do:

*** Pray for the safety of the Ukrainian people

*** A well-rated source to make a Ukraine donation


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What Is Really Behind The Climate Agenda?

Noah Harari, a futurist advisor to the World Economic Forum (WEF), told the forum that they must become the majority and leave the rest behind. He was saying we don’t need regular folks. We don’t need carpenters, plumbers, hairdressers, mechanics automobile workers, farmers and ranchers. They are all lesser lights. What we want to accomplish on this planet is all for us, Harari was saying.

For the WEF and other related organizations making this statement was actually acknowledging the globalist elites desire to activate Eugenics. It was introduced in the latter part of the 19th century and early part of the 20th century in Russia where all science that did not fit their desired narrative was rejected. In the end it set back Russia for decades. It is happening here in the US and will likely have the same result setting our nation back decades if we don’t stop it. Deciding that man’s’ emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are bad with no science to support is an example of Eugenics, which disregards all science it does not agree with.

It was based on the idea that there are lesser lights among us, some people with birth defects and other people who frankly are just not up to snuff and need to be removed from society or at least measures should be taken to ensure that they never enter society.

Eugenics was a very fashionable belief then. Two American presidents, both self professed progressives like Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were in the thick of eugenics. Then along came a failed artist who managed to get himself the head of Germany, and he made eugenics or a version of it the central organizing principle of the Third Reich.

Now as we all know that did not end well and so eugenics went out of fashion or at least the term eugenics went out of fashion, but not the idea. It resurfaced in the 1950’s and 1960’s this time under the guise of population control, the notion that Mr. Harari pointed out—just too many people in the world, and measures must be taken to ensure that we reduce the numbers. Either to seeing to it that they’re never born in the first place or through other means.

By 1968 Paul Ehrlich had come up with the book Population Bomb. The book stated among other things that the planet was becoming too crowded and that we were moving beyond its carrying capacity. He said it was the biggest threat facing mankind. Five years later the Club of Rome came out with a report titled Limits to Growth accepting the premise of Paul Ehrlich and others claiming there were just too many people on the planet.

The book went beyond that premise to say that we were putting a strain on resources and that ultimately there would not be enough resources to take care of the rest of us on the earth. Between the two documents a narrative was developed that coincided with the rise of the environmental movement ignited by Rachel Carson and her book Silent Spring, which said that trace elements of chemicals and other substances pose a threat to humanity.

By the late 1980’s we were told that we were living beyond our limits and that human beings through their use of fossil fuels and their agricultural practices were contributing to a potentially catastrophic warming of the planet.

This was popularized as we all know by Al Gore and throughout Europe by the former Prime Minister of Sweden.

It was not a new idea, it actually had been rafting around Europe in the 19th century, but not everywhere until Gore picked it up in college. While he had no scientific sophistication whatsoever, he liked what he read and decided to make it the cause of his life and in that sense he actually succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

This kind of pseudoscience itself was not new at all. It went in Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union back the 1930’s when soviet scientist Lysenko came up with the idea human genetics was a bourgeois science and had to be suppressed at all costs.

For the Soviet Union that made perfect sense because the USSR was in the midst of creating the new soviet man. That new Soviet man was to be created from scratch when according to human genetics traits are passed from parents to biological children and so on. So all of that was suppressed and any scientist or doctor or anyone who spoke out against the suppression of the notion of Human Genetics lost their jobs or could wind up in the Gulag somewhere. We are experienced the same situation now as to climate change except thus far without the gulag.

No less than Al Gore said, this would require a wrenching transformation of society. Well how do you pull off a wrenching transformation of society, well it turns out that this transformation was already under way. The person who should, but rarely receives the credit for the new rise of Communism in our lives is Antonio Gramsci, one of the founders of the Italian Communist Party.

He recognized that the proletariat was not about to rise up and overthrow the bourgeoisie.He had a contempt for working people which is a constant characteristic of the left.

Gramsci came up with the idea for a long march through the institutions. What that meant was over time societies institutions would be infiltrated and transformed from within. These institutions would retain their names, but they would have entirely different ways and have entirely different character. These were not just universities and schools, this was as we now know, corporate board rooms, school boards, the media and when it finally came along, social media, all scientific publications and professional organizations. An example is that of our senior authors father was an architect and member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Today the AIA carries the ball for climate change.

It insists on a construction of buildings which are climate friendly, so AIA is just one example of many organizations which have been transformed from within. And this all goes back to Gramsci. It occurred over decades and people did not really notice, but all of a sudden you find yourself with organizations with names you recognize that can be federal bureaucracies like NOAA and NASA or it can be organizations like the National Geographic Society.

Regardless of what they are they bear very little resemblance to what they were a few decades ago. They have been infiltrated and transformed and they then become self perpetuating entities.

President Kennedy recognized what was going on which likely lead to his assassination. He said the following in a speech during his Presidency.

We are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies and secret oaths and secret proceedings but we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration instead of invasion on subversion instead of elections on intimidation instead of freedom of choice. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources for the building of a tightly knit highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed and not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Sola decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. And I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people. Confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be, free and independent.”

The major takeover of our freedom was enabled by the crackpot idea of human caused global warming which has moved society toward communism not only in the United States, but throughout Europe.

One of the important elements of this is the suppression of dissent, no one is allowed to call this into question. If you do and if you are a researcher somewhere thinking you’re going to get a federal grant to look into some aspect of the climate or if you have a public record of being in opposition, you will get no grants—you cannot be in opposition. Everyone must be on the same page and what this does is in the spirit of Lysenkoism. This gradually snuffs out legitimate scientific inquiry, the give and take that goes on.

But look around and you will find there is only a numerically small group of people who have benefited immensely while the rest of have suffered.

One of the most effective weapons the political left possesses today is its perceived appearance of popular support, when it instead depends entirely on institutional authorities to force its delusions down American throats. The left’s control is a complete and utter charade.

JB Shurk writing at American Thinker August 19, 2022 said:

“The vast majority of Americans are worried not about quixotic battles against a naturally changing climate or sex changes, but rather about the harsh realities of inflation, illegal immigration, and out-of-control crime.”

The political Establishment in D.C. and their enablers in the mainstream media dedicate all their time and resources to promoting racial conflict, job-killing globalism, open borders, and criminal conspiracies against President Trump! “

The prevalence of the left’s worldview, in other words, is an illusion constructed on lies told over and over by people in positions of power, authority, and influence. When the left’s sacred tenets are questioned, belittled, or mocked, their legitimacy unravels quickly.

We remember when The Center for Disease Control (CDC ) was respected as a venerable institution for scientific study, but now its partisan agendas and politicization render it untrustworthy. One day, the mainstream news is trusted as a viable defender of the people against the corruptions of government, and it is now widely understood as an engine for propaganda.

Positive signs do exist with a couple of developments. One of which was a recent Supreme Court decision called West Virginia versus the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) one of the ways in which the whole global warming movement has succeeded. It had a friendly regulatory culture backing it up.

When Congress acts with legislation like the Clean Air Act or the Clean Water Act, the language is often very vague. It is then up to an agency with jurisdiction under the law to fill in the blanks. They write the rules and regulations under which these laws operate. These rules and regulations however have the force of of law behind them. What this Supreme Court ruling effectively does is end the ability of unelected unaccountable bureaucrats through out the federal government bureaucracy whether it’s EPA, FDA, CDC Department of Transportation to make rules and regulations with the force of law behind them. This has been the deep state we have heard so much about.

It has never been a deep conspiracy against the public. It has been running our lives right in front of us.

The Supreme Court decision against EPA versus West Virginia told EPA they no longer have Congressional authority to regulate emissions from certain power plants. If they wanted that authority it would have to go to Congress to get it.

The phrase that was used by the Supreme Court was that if rules and regulations have a major economic impact, they must be approved by the Congress. Well we know practically any rule and regulation implemented by federal regulatory agencies is going to have a major economic impact.

What this means is that the regulatory agencies no longer have the power to control so much of our lives. This new precedent has been set by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court restored the way the division of powers was envisioned by the founding fathers. They meant to always use three branches of government. The executive branch, the legislative branch and the court system.

None of these three was allowed to be completely dominant over the others. It was entirely up to the legislative branch to enact laws not the executive branch. The precedent set here will be far reaching because it will go way beyond the power plants of West Virginia. It will enter into all regulatory debates occur in the Federal bureaucracy. For the foreseeable future while the court is composed of the justices currently sitting on the bench, It is going to make it extremely difficult for these unelectable unaccountable administrative agencies to do what they have been getting away with as what we called the deep state going back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal.

It was a substantial set back to this administrative regulatory state and it was a victory for the Constitution and the Rule of law. Fred Smith, the founder of the Competitive Enterprise Institute once said, “the US Constitution isn’t perfect but it’s a hell of a lot better than what we have now.” Well Fred Smith was referring exactly to the phenomenon of unconstitutional regulations being imposed on the populace by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats. They have now been sharply curtailed. It is indeed a very popular very positive development.

I think you are going to see it play out in the near term when other cases come before the Supreme Court when bureaucratic agencies have gone beyond what Congress authorized them to do. One of those cases which bears directly on the whole climate debate is going to decide efforts to impose restrictions on water use.

Something called the Waters of The United States is a scheme for the federal government to take control of ore land under the guise of protecting bodies of water which were initially thought to be navigable. EPA and Army Corps of Engineers have jurisdiction over navigable waters of the US and over the discharge that goes into those bodies of water. Over time the word navigable was allowed to be ignored thanks to the vague language contained in the clean water act. The Obama Administration supported this overreach then Trump canceled the rule and then Biden put it back. It amounts to Federal zoning on private land all over the country,

It violates all property rights. It will help suppress production of energy on private land because the case will be made that that fracking operation or the extraction of oil or gas endangers a nearby body of water which could be 100 miles away and therefore is in violation of the clean water act. This will end in front of the Supreme Court in the future.

This is a very positive development and it is one that coincides with the beginning of resistance to the deep state breaking out at the local level against various pieces of regulatory control both in terms of the climate debate and the fallout from our disastrous experience with battling COVID-19.


Bonner Cohen, Ph. D.

Bonner R. Cohen, Ph. D., is a senior policy analyst with CFACT, where he focuses on natural resources, energy, property rights, and geopolitical developments. Articles by Dr. Cohen have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, The New York Post, The Washington Examiner, The Washington Times, The Hill, The Epoch Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Miami Herald, and dozens of other newspapers around the country. He has been interviewed on Fox News, Fox Business Network, CNN, NBC News, NPR, BBC, BBC Worldwide Television, N24 (German-language news network), and scores of radio stations in the U.S. and Canada. He has testified before the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, and the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee. Dr. Cohen has addressed conferences in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Bangladesh. He has a B.A. from the University of Georgia and a Ph. D. – summa cum laude – from the University of Munich.


Dr. Jay Lehr

CFACT Senior Science Analyst Jay Lehr has authored more than 1,000 magazine and journal articles and 36 books. Jay’s new book A Hitchhikers Journey Through Climate Change written with Teri Ciccone is now available on Kindle and Amazon.

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Biden Admin Handed California The Power To Mandate EVs Nationwide

  • California instituted a new regulation on Thursday that will ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035; the rule, which was permitted by the Biden administration, could accelerate the nationwide transition to electric cars.
  • “I don’t think Congress gave that authority to California, specifically to set their own standards for greenhouse gases,” former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler told the Daily Caller News Foundation.
  • “Blue states will follow California’s lead and hand manufacturers a mandate to make only EVs, regardless of what is economically or physically possible,” Steve Milloy, a member of former President Donald Trump’s EPA transition team, told the DCNF.

California has passed a new regulation that will ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles; the new emissions rule, which was permitted by the Biden administration, will have wide-ranging effects beyond California and could accelerate the nationwide transition to electric cars.

California’s Air Resources Board (CARB) finalized a rule Thursday that will outlaw the sale of gas-fueled cars by 2035. The law may push an increasing number of states to adopt similar rules and force Americans to exclusively buy electric vehicles (EVs) as numerous Democrat-run states such as New York, Massachusetts and Maryland routinely adopt California’s “clean car” standards, according to data from the Maryland Department of the Environment.

President Joe Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) restored California’s Clean Air Act waiver in March, which gave the state legal authority to set its strict vehicle emissions standards, according to a press release. The Trump administration formally revoked the waiver in September 2019, stating that California did not need specific emissions standards as the environmental problems caused by emissions were not unique to the state.

“During the Trump administration, we tried to codify and articulate that California did not have the authority to set greenhouse gas standards,” former EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “I don’t think Congress gave that authority to California, specifically to set their own standards for greenhouse gases.”

Furthermore, 17 Republican attorneys general filed a lawsuit in May against the EPA after it reinstated California’s waiver, according to legal filings.

“This leaves California with a slice of its sovereign authority that Congress withdraws from every other state,” West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey told the DCNF about the EPA’s ruling. “The EPA cannot selectively waive the Act’s preemption for California alone because that favoritism violates the states’ equal sovereignty.”

Moreover, the attorneys general argue that California’s waiver puts a “burden of compliance on auto-manufacturers” as automakers will have to cater to both California’s new rules and the mainline federal regulations, according to legal documents.

The state’s ban will require 100% of new cars sold in California, the country’s largest auto market, to be free of fossil fuel emissions by 2035. Interim targets also require 35% of vehicles sold in the state by 2026 to produce zero emissions, rising to 68% by 2030.

“It’s 100% by 2035, but it’s 35% by 2026, California has between 11% and 13% EVs as its total share of cars,” Wheeler said. “It’s unrealistic … they can’t get to 35% EVs by 2026 let alone 68% by 2030.”

California hopes to enforce this rule through a mandate which could penalize automakers up to $20,000 per vehicle if they fail to meet the state’s sales quotas, a CARB spokesman told the DCNF.

“The California ban represents an irresponsible and likely illegal approach to rulemaking, given the highly integrated interstate nature of the auto industry, one national standard is extremely important,” Mandy Gunasekara, former chief of staff of the EPA, told the DCNF. “California is attempting to create a legally dubious workaround where vehicle standards are set by liberal politics instead of technical realities.”

The 14 Democrat-led states, including California, make up roughly a third of the U.S. auto market, according to NPR.

“Blue states will follow California’s lead and hand manufacturers a mandate to make only EVs, regardless of what is economically or physically possible,” Steve Milloy, a member of former President Donald Trump’s EPA transition team, told the DCNF. “You’re going to force people to buy a more expensive car that will last half the time.”

The average price of a new electric car is approximately $66,000, according to Kelley Blue Book.

“If automakers are only making electric cars because of the rule and government subsidies, then there won’t be any gas cars on the market,” Milloy stated.

The EPA also reinstated and enhanced an Obama-era federal fuel regulation in December 2021 that is less strict than California’s proposed standards, stating that passenger cars must have a fuel economy of 55 mpg by 2026, up from the current 40 mpg, according to an EPA regulatory update. Both the California and government regulations will support the Biden administration’s aggressive climate agenda, which seeks to phase out fossil fuels and promote “clean energy” technologies.

“It’s being done for PR purposes … the electricity infrastructure isn’t there and it’s not anticipated to be there,” Wheeler stated. “Nobody in the electricity industry will tell you that they will be able to power a state fleet consisting of only EVs by 2035.”

The average number of EVs sold in the U.S. was roughly 607,000 in 2021 while the total number of cars purchased was about 3.34 million, according to Statista.

Newsom’s office and the EPA did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.



Energy and environmental reporter.


New EV Completely Fails, Less Than 80 Miles Later, Attempt to Drive at Highway Speeds Ends in Miserable Failure

China’s flood of new electric cars cost 20% more to insure than fuel-powered cars

‘First Major Renewable Energy Economy’ Now Collapsing Into Power Poverty

‘Extremely Challenging’: California Poised To Ban Gas-Powered Car Sales

What is really behind the climate agenda?

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FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE: Joe Biden and Joe Manchin’s Green New Deal—Costs a Lot of Green

“I want to testify today about what I believe is a planetary emergency—a crisis that threatens the survival of our civilization and the habitability of the Earth. Just six weeks ago, the scientific community, in its strongest statement to date, confirmed that the evidence of warming is `unequivocal.’ Global warming is real and human activity is the main cause. The consequences are mainly negative and headed toward catastrophic, unless we act.”Statement of Hon. Al Gore, Former Vice President of the United States and Former Senator from the State of Tennessee on March 21, 2007.

Fifteen years and six months ago Al Gore appeared before the Committee on Environment and Public Works and said if something is not done immediately then the “survival of our civilization and the habitability of the Earth” are unequivocally headed towards a “catastrophe.”

This struck fear into the hearts and minds of many Americans and began the concerted effort by environmentalists to “go green.” Now we have the Biden—Manchin Green New Deal as the law of the land.

QUESTION: How is that working out to save our civilization and the habitability of the earth?

ANSWER: It doesn’t work but cost a lot to implement!

We recently reported on how the Biden administration sent federal agents to a farm in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania to demand all green farmer Amos Miller stop selling his all green, organic, healthy foods to his 4,000+ customers.

We reported,

Amos Miller has been farming for 25 years. No electricity, no fertilizer, and no gasoline. He has tremendously impressive crop yields using only the only the oldest of methods, totally organic.

The U.S. Marshall Service raided this farm under the guise of ‘not using GMO drugs’ to raise their vegetables and livestock.

Isn’t what going green means? Don’t environmentalists, conservationists, people who want to save the planet want? How about those who want to eat healthy foods produced without steroids and other drugs or using genetic engineering?

Watch: Will organic Amish farmer bend a knee to the government?

Green New Deal—Costs a Lot of Green

As Biden’s armed agents attack a farmer in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania legislators in California, i.e. political fanatics of going green, have decided to stop all sales of new internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Blaze Media’s reported,

On Thursday [August 25th, 2022], California’s Air Resources Board voted in favor of banning the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035. All new cars, trucks, and SUVs will be required to run on electricity (32% of which is presently generated by natural gas in the state) or hydrogen. This comes as a result of Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom’s 2020 directive prompting regulators to pursue such a policy. It is unclear, however, whether the state’s electric grid will be prepared for the transition.

[ … ]

As of January 2022, California had 837,887 light-duty electric vehicles (i.e. battery electric, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell). It presently has 1,943 medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles. The state plans to have 1.5 million zero-emissions vehicles on its roads by 2025 and at least 5 million on its roads and by 2030.

What’s the Downside?


Senior energy analyst at the Union of Concerned Scientists Mike Jacobs told Yahoo Finance, “The use of an electric vehicle is like adding one or two air conditioners to your residence in terms of its energy increase.”

According to Brouwer, “If we try to move in this direction and only use battery electric vehicles, we will fail. … The grid cannot charge every single transportation application.” He recommended that California also invest in fuel-cell electric vehicles.

Whether it be a fuel-cell or a battery electric vehicle, investment in the grid is believed to be necessary to accommodate the charge needed for that additional “air conditioner.”

The Bottom Line

Going green is based upon the myth that mankind must suffer in order to save the planet.

Watch as Dan Ball and Alex Epstein explain what California’s vote to ban gasoline driven car sales by 2035 really means for we the people.

Californians are already facing an energy crisis and it will only get worse as more and more all electric vehicles are sold.

The cost of going green is shelling out more green by government and individuals. Going green is killing Californians and the Biden—Manchin Green New Deal will destroy our economy.

This is government fraud, waste and abuse from the California State House to the White House.

Gird your loins for more and more green to be taken out of your pockets to further the go green myths.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


Biden Admin Handed California The Power To Mandate EVs Nationwide

California’s electric grid may not be ready for Gov. Newsom’s ban on gas-powered cars

NEWEST CLIMATE MYTH: Black Lives Movement Launches ‘Climate Initiative’ Centering on Black Americans

“I didn’t know that, according to Black Lives Matter, the climate discriminates against blacks! Is the climate now a ‘white supremacist global movement’ created by God?” — Dr. Rich Swier

Here we see the ‘intersectionality’ of every loathsome fraud and ludicrous hoax the left has rammed down the throat of the American people. Once a lie, a fraud, is accepted as ‘conventional wisdom’, the most absurd, irrational, and preposterous edicts and policies will follow.

Watch your taxpayer dollars flow into the race hustlers’ coffers.

Climate Initiative Centers on Black Americans

By: AP News, August 26, 2022:

The Movement for Black Lives launched a new climate change initiative Thursday, uniting more than 200 Black environmental leaders and organizations nationwide who have pledged to find equitable climate solutions centering on Black Americans and communities.

The Black Hive initiative builds on the movement’s 2021 Red, Black, and Green New Deal and reintroduces its Black Climate Mandate that outlines the urgency for a Black climate agenda and investment in equitable strategies that protect Black Americans specifically.

The announcement, first shared with The Associated Press, comes in the wake of a Supreme Court decision limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.


“The climate crisis is happening because of corporate greed, government negligence, the divestment of solutions and the investment into the harmful institutions like the fossil fuel industry, that are harming our people,” said Valencia Gunder, national co-lead of The Black Hive. “It’s time for America to address the anti-Black racism that happens here.”

Gunder said she’s already seen the impacts of climate change in her home state of Florida. She’s been doing climate justice work in communities, focusing on the impacts of rising seas, residential displacement, and housing and food security issues. She said farmers in South Florida have told her they’ve started to see saltwater intrusion damaging crops.

“The climate crisis is probably the most important issue that we can work on,” Gunder said. “If we do not hurry up and pay attention and get to resiliency, I believe that we’re going to start seeing more destruction, more harm or death, more illness.”



‘First Major Renewable Energy Economy’ Now Collapsing Into Power Poverty

WATCH: Biden Regime Targets Amish Organic Farmer for ‘not using GMO drugs’ in Armed Raid

Left-Wing ‘Green’ Energy Proves Useless

The Real Problem with Greta Thunberg Is Not Her Age

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

The Real Problem with Greta Thunberg Is Not Her Age

Greta Thunberg first came into the public light in 2018 when she started a school strike on climate in front of the Swedish parliament.

March 15th saw enthusiastic worldwide school student protests inspired by passionate appeals from 16-year-old Swedish school girl-turned-global-leader Greta Thunberg. Thunberg first came into the public light last year when she started a school strike on climate in front of the Swedish parliament. She rose to worldwide fame in January when she addressed the audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Predictably, a lot of the reactions from those who are skeptical of climate change alarmism seem to focus on Thunberg’s age. Even Bjorn Lomborg seems to have alluded to her in his remark about how the predominant narrative about climate change makes children scared.

I disagree with this perspective. I believe that 16-year-olds have as much intellectual capacity as legal adults to understand the issues related to climate change and the potential measures that could be taken to mitigate it. However, if 16-year-olds desire to seriously contribute to important political debates, they should, like anyone else, do it without engaging in demagoguery and scaremongering.

It is here that Greta Thunberg—in spite of all her genuine sincerity and passion—has failed spectacularly and made the legions of her fans, as well as people who may face the consequences of the panicky measures she advocates, a great disservice.

To get a taste of the content of Thunberg’s preachings, let us consider her recent remarks to European Union President Jean-Claude Juncker:

We have to focus every inch of our being on climate change. Because if we fail to do so then all our achievements and progress have been for nothing. […] According to the IPCC report, we are about 11 years away from being in the position where we set off an irreversible chain reaction beyond human control. To avoid that, unprecedented changes in all aspects of society need to have taken place within this coming decade.

There is no place for nuance here, no trace of uncertainty, no appeal to actual facts or pragmatics of politics—only the demand for total commitment and sacrifice because the absolute urgency of our predicament is supposed to be self-evident since none other than IPCC purportedly said so.

I would wager that it would be pointless to ask Thunberg any serious questions about the actual science underlying the climate change issue—to ask her how much the Earth has warmed so far since 1979 compared to computer model predictions; that the bulk of the recent warming occurred during the El Niño stages of the ENSO climate oscillation; or whether she is aware that the doubling of CO2 can only in itself cause only about 1°C of warming and that to postulate alarmist scenarios one needs to postulate uncertain positive feedbacks, whereas, in reality, the net feedback may be zero or negative; that a lot more people die from cold temperatures than from hot ones and that it is not extreme cold temperatures that are the most deadly; that increased CO2 concentrations are good for plant life, and so on.

Let us focus on an easier issue and ask whether the latest IPCC report even in the (as usual) distorted summary for policymakers says anything remotely similar to Thunberg’s 11-years-left-till-Apocalypse-unless-we-act claim. Unsurprisingly, the summary—biased as it is in favor of alarm—says no such thing. Thunberg seems to be wildly misinterpreting the statement on page 6 of the summary that “global warming is likely to reach 1.5°C between 2030 (till which date 11 years remain) and 2052 if it continues to increase at the current rate.” There is no implication in the summary that this extent of warming may cause catastrophic planetary consequences.

Even if we take what Thunberg claims about the inevitable impacts of an unaddressed climate change at face value, she does not appear to be cognizant that the only viable way of reducing CO2 emissions is switching to nuclear power. Writing for that famous den of climate change deniers, MIT Technology Review, last July, James Temple cited an estimate that if even California, with its abundant sunshine, were to switch to 100 percent renewables, that would make the price per megawatt-hour skyrocket to $1612.

Instead, we hear from her the usual platitudes that massive emissions reductions should be made immediately using renewable energy sources. Added to this are calls to abandon the focus on competition and focus on equity as if that clearly had anything to do with climate change or handling it.

We must also reflect on the fact that Thunberg is considered by many people to be a global hero. She has even been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. But is it really brave or enlightened to advocate a cause that has long enjoyed the status of conventional wisdom? To which one can only sadly hear widely disseminated public objections from the likes of President Trump, who is admittedly as clueless on the issue as the most religious alarmists are and who does not care about the outrage his remarks can cause?

It is sad if this is what is taken for Nobel-worthy heroism these days. Countless Venezuelans, for instance, risk their freedom, health, and lives every day, protesting against the Maduro regime that has lost any semblance of connection to reality and plunged the formerly richest country in Latin America into the literal darkness of the pre-industrial age. It is people like them who should be invited to global fora to tell their tale. Them, not a girl from one of the richest and most comfortable countries on Earth who is in too much of a panic because she cannot make herself actually read up on the actual science about climate change and the real state of the potential solutions.

The real problem with the climate change activist sensation Greta Thunberg is not that she is 16 years old. Rather, it is that she is a clueless fanatic who is considered brave and enlightened for promoting a cause that almost everyone agrees with without any study or reflection. And it is the duty of anyone who does not want clueless fanaticism to determine policies affecting billions to call it out as such.

This article is republished with permission from Medium.


Daniil Gorbatenko

Daniil Gorbatenko is a free-market economist living in Aix-en-Provence, France. He obtained his PhD in economics from Aix-Marseille University in 2018.

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Left-Wing ‘Green’ Energy Proves Useless

Europe’s attempted transition to so-called “Green” energy has been a massive fail.

Wind and solar have proven too inefficient and unreliable to meet the continent’s needs, leaving it dependent on fossil fuels from, of all places, Russia.

Now, with Russian supplies partially cut off, Europe faces what French President Macron called, “the end of abundance.”

The folks handling President Biden’s energy policy have learned nothing.  They remain fully determined to force America into the same energy mistakes Europe made.

Meanwhile, autocracies such as China and Russia, and emerging economies such as India, are basing their energy economies on the efficiency of fossil fuels and nuclear.  China’s greenhouse gas emissions now exceed those of the entire rest of the developed world, COMBINED!

CFACT’s team of energy scholars have done their usual thorough and compelling job of exposing the Left’s energy incompetence in a series of fact-filled articles at

David Wojick delved deep into the inherent flaws in the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” (IRA), saying: “The Democrats writing the IRA decided that since tax credit subsidies do a good job of promoting renewables and electric vehicles, they should do more. They should promote things like union wages, mining and manufacturing, which have nothing to do with climate.

“Think of it as social engineering squared. In the vernacular this is called ‘mission creep.’ A program designed to do one thing tries to do something very different, often unsuccessfully.”

Bonner Cohen, meanwhile, exposed the roadblocks popping up in local communities for Biden’s “incredible transition” to renewables. Cohen writes: “President Biden’s ‘incredible transition’ to what he assures us will be a clean-energy future is not going down well with residents and public officials in south-central Idaho, who are up in arms over a proposed wind power project that will have as many as 400 giant turbines marring the picturesque countryside.

“Commissioners in Lincoln and Minidoka counties on August 15th independently adopted resolutions opposing the project that would go up on 73,000 acres of federal land under the jurisdiction of the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM).”

The free world’s energy economy is too important to subjugate it to Left-wing groupthink.

For nature and people too.


Craig Rucker

President and C0-Founder of the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow.

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E. Calvin Beisner, Ph.D., Founder and National Spokesman of The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation,, author of over a dozen books and over a thousand articles, former associate professor of historical theology and social ethics at Knox Theological Seminary and of interdisciplinary studies at Covenant College.

TOPIC: Misleading Infographic about Climate Change and Wildfires


Jeanette Ward for Wyoming came to Casper, Wyoming a political refugee from fascist Illinois. She served there (2015-2019) as a School Board Member on the largest elected school board in Illinois (U-46), she defended parental rights against the transgender mob, politically biased textbooks, and race hustlers. She publicly exposed a fellow board member who said the American Flag was “nothing more than toilet paper” to her and who said Jeanette was the “21st century brand of the KKK”. Jeanette ran for State Senate in Illinois in 2020 and learned first-hand how the left converted the Covid scam into a weapon for institutionalized election theft. Losing a previously +9 Republican district by about 1700 votes, Jeanette lost VBM (vote by mail) in just ONE of the four counties in my district by roughly 8000 votes, where the clerk for that county didn’t bother to verify any of those VBM signatures. The straw that broke the camel’s back for her family was when one of her family’s high-school daughters was threatened with out-of-school suspension for not wearing a mask. She’s PRO-LIFE, PRO-FREEDOM, PRO-2nd AMENDMENT, and PRO-FAMILY.

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WORLD CLIMATE DELCARATION: There Is No Climate Emergency!

Climate Intelligence ( on its website has published a declaration titled “There Is No Climate Emergency.”

World Climate Declaration plus all signatories in pdf

The Climate Intelligence website states:

Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. In particular, scientists should emphasize that their modeling output is not the result of magic: computer models are human-made. What comes out is fully dependent on what theoreticians and programmers have put in: hypotheses, assumptions, relationships, parameterizations, stability constraints, etc. Unfortunately, in mainstream climate science most of this input is undeclared.

To believe the outcome of a climate model is to believe what the model makers have put in.  This is precisely the problem of today’s climate discussion to which climate models are central. Climate science has degenerated into a discussion based on beliefs, not on sound self-critical science. We should free ourselves from the naïve belief in immature climate models. In future, climate research must give significantly more emphasis to empirical science.

There is no climate emergency

A global network of over 1100 scientists and professionals has prepared this urgent message. Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures.

Natural as well as anthropogenic factors cause warming

The geological archive reveals that Earth’s climate has varied as long as the planet has existed, with natural cold and warm phases. The Little Ice Age ended as recently as 1850. Therefore, it is no surprise that we now are experiencing a period of warming.

Warming is far slower than predicted

The world has warmed significantly less than predicted by IPCC on the basis of modeled anthropogenic forcing. The gap between the real world and the modeled world tells us that we are far from understanding climate change.

Climate policy relies on inadequate models

Climate models have many shortcomings and are not remotely plausible as global policy tools. They blow up the effect of greenhouse gases such as CO2. In addition, they ignore the fact that enriching the atmosphere with COis beneficial.

CO2 is plant food, the basis of all life on Earth

CO2 is not a pollutant. It is essential to all life on Earth. Photosynthesis is a blessing. More CO2 is beneficial for nature, greening the Earth: additional CO2 in the air has promoted growth in global plant biomass. It is also good for agriculture, increasing the yields of crops worldwide.

Global warming has not increased natural disasters

There is no statistical evidence that global warming is intensifying hurricanes, floods, droughts and suchlike natural disasters, or making them more frequent. However, there is ample evidence that CO2-mitigation measures are as damaging as they are costly.

Climate policy must respect scientific and economic realities

There is no climate emergency. Therefore, there is no cause for panic and alarm. We strongly oppose the harmful and unrealistic net-zero CO2 policy proposed for 2050. If better approaches emerge, and they certainly will, we have ample time to reflect and re-adapt. The aim of global policy should be ‘prosperity for all’ by providing reliable and affordable energy at all times. In a prosperous society men and women are well educated, birthrates are low and people care about their environment.


The World Climate Declaration (WCD) has brought a large variety of competent scientists together from all over the world*. The considerable knowledge and experience of this group is indispensable in reaching a balanced, dispassionate and competent view of climate change.

From now onward the group is going to function as “Global Climate Intelligence Group”. The CLINTEL Group will give solicited and unsolicited advice on climate change and energy transition to governments and companies worldwide.

It is not the number of experts but the quality of arguments that counts.

World Climate Declaration plus all signatories in pdf

World Climate Declaration AMBASSADORS


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