Getting There: The Different Types of Senior Care That You Need to Know

Knowing if your elderly loved ones need senior care as well as to what type of senior care will suit their needs is essential. Your knowledge in this area will help you address how to give them the support and assistance in this crucial stage of their lives.

Nowadays, you can find several types of senior care that public and private institutions offer. Each of them has its pros and cons, depending on the person’s needs and other constraints like the budget. If you want to provide your elderly folks with the right senior care, here’s an article that will be of significant help to your knowledge. So take a read!

Memory Care Program

As the term implies, a memory care program is a type of care for old people who have disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. In facilities that offer this type of senior care, patients can obtain services like medical, recreational, and social activities.

Your old folks can avail of memory care programs through private funds or government subsidies or a combination of the two.

Senior Day Care Program

This type of senior program offers care and support to elderlies in a daytime schedule. Old folks who don’t need all day assistance can choose to attend once or twice weekly, depending on their free time. They can partake in recreational and social activities, as well as get therapy and medical services.

Senior day care programs can cost around $35 to $50 daily based on the types of services that you avail from the care center. For you to minimize the expenses, there are senior care programs run by the government that you can enroll your old folks into.

Independent Living Community Care

Seniors under this type of care are individuals who want to spend their retirement days with less stress than living in their own homes. Typically, residents in independent living community care are active and healthy.

Such senior care facilities have social and recreational areas such as a library and workout gym. Essential services such as security, food, and housekeeping are also provided in an independent living community care center.

Assisted Living Program

Assisted living facilities give comprehensive care and support to the daily lives of their residents. They provide social and recreational activities to the elderlies to make their stay in the facilities worthwhile. There are also personal care workers that will assist old folks in their daily basic needs.

Nursing Home Care

Nursing home care facilities provide round-the-clock assistance to elderlies. Unlike in assisted living facilities, nursing homes employ licensed health professionals along with personal care workers.

This type of senior care is focused on medical and rehabilitative services. Old people with chronic illness or physical injuries can enroll in a nursing home care program. In cities and states, there are free nursing home care programs provided by the local government.

Home Care Program

Old folks who want assistance at home can avail of a home care program. Typically, there’s a nurse or a caregiver who caters to the daily needs of the individual. These tasks involve assisting him/her with food preparation, bathing, grooming, and medication.

Private and for-profit institutions mainly manage home care programs for the elderlies. You can visit sites like Partners for Home if you’re looking for this type of senior care for your loved one. These professional institutions provide the best and personalized care to elderly patients.

Continuing Care Program

Under this type of senior care, old folks can obtain basic services such as housekeeping, social and recreational activities, and skilled medical assistance. If your elderly loved one has a progressive illness, a continuing care program is ideal for him/her.

There are government facilities in cities that provide affordable continuing care program. You can enroll your old folks in such facilities to minimize your expenses for the care that they need.


Indeed, there are several types of senior care out there to provide to your old folks. It’s crucial that you know what are those to give them the ideal senior care that they need. The article above is a huge help to shore up your knowledge about the different types of senior care.

It’s important to note that each individual is unique, therefore warranting a unique type of treatment. The types of care above are just examples of what professional and certified institutions can offer to your loved ones.

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The Pope Must Resign: ‘A Conspiracy of Silence’

Given the horror that has increasingly seized hold of the Church these past 50 years — and which has climbed to unimaginable heights under the pontificate of Pope Francis — now is the appropriate moment for the laity to offer comment, which we are rightly allowed to do according to canon law.

As many people know, Church Militant has taken great pains in the past to avoid public criticism of Pope Francis with regard to various confusing theological writings, interviews and off-the-cuff remarks.

Out of respect for the office of Pope, and so as not to induce scandal, we have dutifully left the work of publicly analyzing his theological content to those above us, more qualified to address those things specifically and those responses we have covered in great detail.

Likewise, we have made a point of steering far clear of any disrespectful or uncharitable comments denigrating the Holy Father owing to his theological pronouncements — but that was in the arena of theology.

The homosexual clerical sex abuse scandal and resulting cover-up is not theological at its foundation, but moral.

And in this arena, the laity are absolutely duty-bound to speak up, for while we may not all be theologians, each one of us is a moral being and will be judged by Our Blessed Lord on how faithfully we have lived in accord with that objective morality.

With that said, Pope Francis, Holy Father, for the salvation of your own soul, you must step down from the Chair of Peter and do so immediately.

You have treated too many of the faithful with coldness and callousness, abusing the power of your office in regard to their sufferings over this horrendous unconscionable evil which you have facilitated.

On multiple occasions, you have violated your own standard of zero tolerance when it comes to cover-up bishops. You are doing it with Donald Wuerl who covered up for predator priests.

You should have, more than a week ago, stripped him of his red hat, yet he still holds the office of cardinal with your blessing — a man who covered up a homosexual priest gay pornography ring while he was bishop of Pittsburgh, and who Viganò says is lying.

You have protected abusers of power, of office, and worst of all, young adults and even children. You have covered up for them. In some cases, you have drawn them close to yourself and taken them on as trusted advisors.

And now, given the revelations over the weekend from Abp. Viganò’s testimony — a testimony you do not even deny — it is now clear that you yourself are one of the cover-up bishops because you directly covered up for an actual predator, Theodore McCarrick, until the media heat got too great to withstand.

You have violated your own zero tolerance policy as it pertains specifically to your own actions and omissions.

You have drawn into the temple of God, the most holy of sanctuaries, wicked men who have both raped and covered up the rape of innocents.

Your hypocritical and shameless parade of empty words of sorrow and pleading for forgiveness are an egregious affront to those who believe in God, because you lack all sincerity.

How many trips are you going to take, paid for by the faithful, where you continue to meet with victims, supposedly mourn with them and then return to Rome and conspire with those who abused them or created the environment for the abuse — or both?

The men you have surrounded yourself with have no supernatural faith, for one with supernatural faith would tremble and drop dead of fright at the thought of being judged for what they — and now you — have done. A man who aids, abets, protects and promotes such wicked, sexually perverted and predatory men is not fit for the Chair of St. Peter — he is fit for far worse.

These wolves in shepherds’ clothing brutalize and sodomize the sheep, and you promote them. They have no fear of God, and with each passing day, it appears that neither do you.

Any other bishop acting as you have would have been removed immediately for abuse of power and the gravest negligence of office under canon law.

Catholics hold, as you know well, that the Pope is judged on Earth by no man except God, but in conscience, have you so quickly forgotten that in the case of yourself, you are judged?

With all sincerity and concern for your immortal soul, Holy Father, recalling how you are an old man who may not wake to see the next day, your eternal life hangs in the balance. Confess the truth before you stand before Jesus Christ.

You can duck and weave questions from the press on Viganò’s testimony, and offer clever retorts to the media that sidestep the testimony of your own ambassador, but oh how you cannot do that with Almighty God.

Church Militant has independently confirmed with at least two different cardinals that the charges in the Viganò statement are absolutely true — and this is in addition to Cdl. Burke’s support of Viganò.

You, Holy Father, as every Catholic must do when in a state of sin, should accuse and judge yourselfguilty, now, while you still have air in your lungs, and dispose of the wicked heretics and sodomites you have shamelessly collected around yourself so that they may never have a role in electing your successor.

Then as your last act in office, you should resign the papacy and spare Holy Mother Church and the People of God any further harm and evil that you could inflict upon them!

You are tearing the Body of Christ apart by elevating the very men whose crimes cry out to Heaven for vengeance, who never will stop because they have no supernatural faith.

Your actions and omissions have left you unable to reign over the Church in any meaningful way. You have no credibility, no moral authority, not a shred of decency left after having covered up one scandal after another, until the day you go to your own grave.

You had better hope that this is not the state you die in, or you will be delivered over to the demons for an everlasting death of agony and torment in the unquenchable fire, for popes are not immune from risk of damnation, whether you believe in Hell or not.

And when you would next encounter the henchmen you have promoted in this life, each of you will rip and tear one another apart for all eternity, having contributed to the damnation of each other as well as innocents while on Earth.

Whatever pact of evil you may have created with one another, or rationalized, it will be your everlasting shame and agony when you are plunged into the pit where the fire is never quenched and the worm dieth not.

You still have time, Holiness. Admit your tremendous failings, sweep the wicked hirelings from the College of Cardinals, resign your office and give us back the Holy Church that we love and your sycophantic minions loathe.

Holy Father, your friends, your advisors, have raped men and boys. They destroy truth and innocence and lives and souls. You are covering for them.

After you have resigned and they have been forced from office by you, the first thing your successor should do is prosecute the entire lot to demonstrate to the world that change has indeed come to the Church. It will go much better for you that you face justice now, rather than after you die.

For the good of your soul, Holy Father, so as not to be subject to the tortures of demons for eternity, step down.

Pray, my fellow Catholics, pray your Rosary that the Queen of Heaven convert the heart of the Holy Father and bring an end to this scourge of sexual predation and cover-up.

May God have mercy on us all.


Pope Francis Knew About McCarrick, Covered for His Sexual Crimes

Cardinal Burke Back ABP. Vigano Statement Exposing Pope Francis

Scranton Doocese Cancels Fundraiser after PA Grand Jury Report

Ways To Safely Store Your Firearms

In today’s world, you just can’t be too safe. Violent organizations like Antifa are everywhere it seems, criminals are waiting to break into your home, or rob you on the street and then you have groups actively trying to take away your guns, which is your defense against all of this craziness.

It’s enough to make you depressed. But I would rather be ready for anything than be depressed. And that means having my legally owned firearms always at the ready. However, once you are ready to defend yourself, you have to make sure that your family is safe and protected from accidents involving your guns.

So we have some tips for storing your firearms that will prevent disaster in your home. Your family is the most important thing in your life. You have a home security system for your house to keep them safe, so make sure that you take the same precautions with your weapons.

Store Ammunition Separately

Below we have some great tips on how to keep your guns safely stored, but it is a good idea to always store your ammo in a separate place. It’s just good safety practice.

Trigger Locks

Sadly, you’ve seen the news stories about kids who got a hold of a gun and accidentally killed themselves. Thankfully, these heartbreaking scenarios are avoidable by using trigger locks. They keep your gun from being fired or loaded by others. The good news is that most new guns come with a trigger lock. Some simply clasp around the trigger or trigger housing to prevent the trigger from being pulled. Other solutions will block the action of the firearm from being closed. They can also prevent a magazine from being loaded into a grip. So even if someone gets to your weapon, they can not fire it.

Gun Safes

I’ve always found it odd that so many people use safes for their valuables and yet many of these same people will not lock up their firearms in a safe. It is the most secure means of securing your gun. Gun safes even have lined interiors that will help to protect the finish of your guns. They are heavy safes made of heavy-gauge steel and have complex locking mechanisms that burglars can’t beat. You can also bolt them to the wall or the floor. This is the safest place for your guns when they are not needed.

Gun Cases

Gun Cases are another good option. These soft and hard-side cases can be locked for when you transport your guns. Much like trigger locks, this is a very affordable solution. They are portable and easy to store anywhere, whether you are shooting at the range or attending a gun show. Many people even use these in their homes to guard against kids getting their hands on their guns.

Locked Steel Gun Cabinets

Locked gun cabinets are great because they allow you to have more room for your weapons, while still providing a locked place for them. They have various shelf and configuration options too. They use a thinner gauge steel, so they are not as heavy as gun safes and can also be moved easier. Which is why this is great for a second floor and people who live in apartments love them as well.

These are the best ways to keep your guns safe while they are being stored. We love our firearms and the freedoms they afford us, but nobody wants unauthorized people gaining access to them. The results can be disastrous and it can ruin your life while ending another. Besides, keeping your guns safe is just a part of being a responsible gun owner. Keep in mind that these measures will help protect your guns from others, but it is still a good idea to have a home security system installed in your home. You can learn more about them over at Gadgetreview. With home security in place and your guns stored safe, you will be all set.

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is courtesy of 88 Tactical.

United Way Funds 2,901 Planned Parenthood Abortions

Nashville, TN – 2ndVote, the conservative watchdog for corporate activism, released its annual findings on United Way’s financial support for Planned Parenthood.

“Every year, 2ndVote takes an extensive look at United Way affiliates that help fund the world’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood,” said Executive Director Robert Kuykendall. “Our research is designed to give conservatives and pro-life activists a resource to make sure their charitable donations won’t be used to support Planned Parenthood’s abortion business.”

2018’s update to the ‘Pro-Life Guide to United Way’ marks the fourth year 2ndVote has tracked 1,200 United Way affiliates. Analysis of the most recent IRS Form 990 filings and other documentation found 62 United Way affiliates sent $2,756,799 to Planned Parenthood organizations in tax year 2016. 2ndVote’s latest findings indicate an increase of $168,806 from the $2,590,994 United Way funneled to Planned Parenthood in 2015

“According to Planned Parenthood, an abortion can cost up to $950. This means United Way dollars essentially paid for the equivalent of at least 2,901 Planned Parenthood abortions over the course of a single year,” continued Kuykendall.

2ndVote’s research found United Way affiliates in 29 states with financial ties to Planned Parenthood. Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Florida are the top five states for United Way support for the abortion giant.

“Year after year, we find United Way’s greatest financial support for Planned Parenthood occurs in so-called battleground states. Given Planned Parenthood’s political presence in these states, it is especially concerning that United Way would be a top donor and financial conduit in these areas,” Kuykendall said.

However, 2ndVote’s investigation has uncovered some good news for pro-life conservatives. The 62 United Way organizations that contribute to Planned Parenthood represent the lowest number for a single year since the project started.

Kuykendall concluded, “Planned Parenthood is being exposed for what it is: an abortion business and a left-wing political operation. We believe that our research is giving conservatives and pro-life activists a resource to hold organizations like United Way accountable. Using our donated dollars as leverage is a great way to get non-profits to stop supporting Planned Parenthood’s abortion agenda.”

The research for this update was conducted using the most recent Form 990 filings of United Way affiliates. At the time of publication, updated 990s for 3 of the previous donors to Planned Parenthood were not yet available.

Federal Judge’s Decision In Favor Of Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselors Appealed by the New York Attorney General

Less than a month ago, we announced that Federal District Court Judge Carol Bagley Amon ruled that our clients, Angela Braxton and Jasmine Lalande as well as eleven other pro-life sidewalk counselors sued by the New York Attorney General’s Office (OAG), did not violate any laws and did not harass or intimidate women seeking abortions at the Choices abortion facility in Jamaica Queens, New York.

Monday, (8/20/18), the New York Attorney General’s Office filed a notice with the court that it was appealing Judge Amon’s ruling to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The OAG appeal is not surprising, considering the fanfare accompanying the initial announcement of this lawsuit last summer, and the massive resources expended in the year-long investigation.

Judge Amon’s ruling was a devastating blow to the Attorney General’s Office. Last summer, in a highly publicized press conference held in front of the Choices abortion facility, then-New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman (who later resigned amid allegations of sexual misconduct), announced his federal lawsuit against the thirteen sidewalk counselors claiming they obstructed, harassed and intimidated women who were seeking abortions at the Choices facility. He petitioned the federal court to create a sixteen-foot buffer zone around abortion premises and levy fines, attorney fees and compensatory damages against the Defendants.

After an extensive hearing held between February 12 and March 6, 2018, and oral arguments heard on May 22, 2018, Judge Amon rendered her written 103-page opinion which stated that there was not a single video introduced into evidence which substantiated the OAG’s allegations against the sidewalk counselors, which sought to ban them from further sidewalk counseling. Additionally, Judge Amon found the witnesses called to testify on behalf of the abortion clinic produced by the OAG were not credible.

Despite Eric Schneiderman’s departure, the pro-abortion forces continue their zealous anti-life campaign. When he first announced his lawsuit against the pro-life sidewalk counselors, he made the astonishing remark that this is “not a nation where you can choose your point of view.”

Even though there’s a new Attorney General in New York, the pro-abortion agenda remains. Pro-abortionists will not rest until this nation becomes a place where your only point of view is pro-abortion. TMLC, as always, will remain steadfast in its defense of the pro-life cause.

Get Clean: The Importance of Admitting Your Drug-Dependent Child into Rehab

Drug addiction often starts at teenage years. It’s when peer-pressure, parties, and the young mind’s curiosity to try new things that drive an adolescent into using substances that are addictive.

Science has provided us with a myriad of evidence on how addictive drugs cause people to act differently, which can often be destructive to the person’s self or the people around him or her.  Feelings of hostility, states of depression, and changes in eating habits are only a few of the symptoms of drug addiction.

If your adolescent child shows the signs, it’s crucial that you take actions. Admitting him/her into a drug rehabilitation center for teens can be a huge help. For your knowledge, here’s the importance and everything you need to know about teen rehab.

What Happens in a Teen Rehab Facility?

The activities, as well as forms of treatment, may vary from one drug rehabilitation center to another.  But you as a parent or guardian of the patient can expect regular activities and sessions in a rehab center.

Of course, there are therapy sessions and timely medical examinations every day. The rehab center also provides the basic needs of its residents such as their daily meals and snacks and physical exercises. Academic activities and social sessions with their fellows in recovery are also set up by a teen rehab center so that the patients won’t feel alone in their problem.

The Benefits of Admitting Your Child into a Teen Rehab

There are several benefits that a drug rehab center can provide drug-addicted adolescents and their parents. Here are the things on top of the list.

Fresh Environment. The time that you admit your drug-dependent child into rehab, you also provide him or her a new environment away from the usual pressures that allow him or her to use drugs. In the rehab center, your teen can have a fresh start and find new opportunities that can help him or her to live a drug-free life.

New Learning. Adolescents are more open-minded than adults in learning new ideas. As such, changing for the better is not a far-fetched idea for them. A teen rehab center can assist them to discover new and healthy lifestyles so that they won’t slide back to their drug addiction.

Discipline. Teen rehab centers have a disciplinary regimen that their residents should follow. With the strict schedule, the teens in recovery can instill self-discipline and healthy routines so that they’ll maintain their sobriety even after their stint in rehab.

A Breather for the Family. Aside from the person hooked by drug addiction, it also puts a significant impact on the parents and relatives. Thus, it provides parents and relatives the much-needed timeout if their drug-dependent loved ones enter rehab. It doesn’t mean that you shirk away from responsibilities, but you simply help the person start his or her process of healing.

Family Support. Family therapy is one of the treatment sessions in a teen rehab center. Not only that it helps the patient in his or her stint in rehab, but family therapy also proves helpful when the patient comes home. It also assists parents on how to build a healthy relationship with their loved one who is in recovery.


Drug addiction is indeed a serious problem. It victimizes persons from all age brackets, especially teens. Drug addiction takes a toll on the person’s brain function and behavior, and it leads to relationship breakups, crimes, and even death.

That’s why it’s essential that you provide help to your loved one who is dependent on drugs. You should admit the person into a drug rehab so that proper treatments are provided for his or her recovery. You can check rehab centers such as Aurora Recovery Centre for that purpose.

Pennsylvania Grand Jury: Cardinal Wuerl Paid Hush Money to Child Porn Priest

Among the most disturbing details in the 884-page Pennsylvania grand jury report was that then-Bishop Donald Wuerl of Pittsburgh gave a priest involved in a child porn ring extra money in exchange for the priest’s silence. Not only that, Wuerl gave the priest a glowing eulogy at his funeral in 2001, even posthumously restoring him to full priestly status.


Fr. George Zirwas with his Cuban boyfriend and their dogs Taco and Tico

Page 233 of the grand jury report, released Tuesday, reveals that in 1996, “[Father George] Zirwas informed the [Pittsburgh] Diocese that he had knowledge of other Pittsburgh Diocese priests’ involvement in illegal sexual activity. In exchange for this information, he demanded that his sustenance payments be increased.”

“In response to this request, Wuerl instructed him to document in writing the names of the priests involved, or, state that he had no knowledge of what he had previously claimed,” the grand jury report continues. “Wuerl advised that this action had to be undertaken before Zirwas could receive any additional assistance.”

“After Zirwas disavowed any knowledge of priest involvement in illegal sexual activity in a letter to the Diocese, he was granted an additional financial stipend and his sustenance payments were continued,” the report explains.

That stipend was used to fund Zirwas’ homosexual lifestyle in Cuba, where he lived for several years in a Havana apartment with his younger Cuban boyfriend, and served as liaison to foreigners looking to hook up with male Cuban prostitutes.

It was Zirwas’ boyfriend who found his body on the morning of May 27, 2001, murdered by a Cuban rent boy Zirwas had picked up and brought back the night before. The rent boy, Abel Medina Valdes, later confessed to killing the priest by shooting animal tranquilizer into the base of his neck, causing cardiac paralysis. Valdes also confessed to having murdered two other foreigners.

A Priest Pederast Ring

Gold chain and cross Zirwas would give to victims of sex abuse.

Zirwas’ case is even more bizarre when it’s revealed he was part of a pederast ring in Pittsburgh involving four priests who used whips and chains on teen altar boys, who were plied with drugs and alcohol and passed around for sex.

George, one of Zirwas’ victims, testified before the grand jury that when he was 15, Zirwas took him to a parish rectory where three other priests were present:

The priests began a conversation about religious statues and asked George to get up on a bed. As the priests watched, they asked George to remove his shirt. They then drew an analogy to the image of Christ on the cross, and told George to remove his pants so that his pose would be more consistent with the image of Christ in a loincloth. At that point, the priests began taking Polaroid pictures of George. As the picture taking continued, the priests directed George to take off his underwear. George was nervous and complied.

George recalled that either Zula or Pucci operated the camera. He stated that all of the men giggled and stated that the pictures would be used as a reference for new religious statues for the parishes. George testified that this occurred before he turned 18 years old and that his genitals were exposed in the photographs. George stated that his photographs were added to a collection of similar photographs depicting other teenage boys.

The teen boys specially chosen for grooming by this group of priests were given gifts of gold chains with a cross. The necklace served as a sign indicating which boys had been picked for sexual abuse.

“They were a signal to other predators that the children had been desensitized to sexual abuse and were optimal targets for further victimization,” the grand jury noted.

Wuerl never told police or the prosecutor in the late 1980s any of the information he had learned about the priest pederast ring, Washington District Attorney John Pettit complaining at the time that Wuerl was uncooperative.

A Long History of Abuse

The diocese first started receiving sex abuse complaints against Zirwas as early as 1987. A second complaint in early 1988 involving inappropriate touching of a young man saw Zirwas sent away to a local hospital for treatment. On his return, he was placed back in active ministry — only for two more complaints to surface in November 1988, after Wuerl was installed as bishop of Pittsburgh.


Cdl. Wuerl standing outside Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School in Pittsburgh. A petition by students is demanding that the school remove Wuerl’s name.

A 16-year-old boy had said Zirwas had fondled his genitals, and a 17-year-old boy came forward and said he had also been sexually abused by the priest. Wuerl sent Zirwas away to St. Luke’s Institute and on his release placed him back in active ministry. Wuerl never reported the priest’s crimes to law enforcement.

In 1991, a young man told the diocese Zirwas had groped his genitals. Wuerl simply transferred the priest to a new parish — his third parish assignment in two years.

After two more parish assignments, a victim came forward in 1995 claiming Zirwas had performed oral sex on him when he was 15. Wuerl did not go to law enforcement, instead placing Zirwas on a second leave of absence.

In 1996, diocesan records show that an outraged mother of one of Zirwas’ victims met with the diocese to complain that the bishop had allowed the priest to continue in active ministry for years, in spite of abuse her son had suffered at the priest’s hands in 1988, and in spite of promises from the diocese that the situation “had been handled.”

Two of the priests in the pederast ring were eventually prosecuted, convicted and sent to prison. Nothing ever happened to Zirwas, even though his name came up in court testimony in the late 1980s linking him to the pederast ring.

Instead, Zirwas spent his retirement in comfort, living off a monthly stipend from the diocese (paid by Catholic laity), using it to fund his homosexual lifestyle in Cuba. His boyfriend would later reveal that Zirwas was a fixture on the gay scene in Havana, his apartment a popular stopping place for foreign visitors. Meanwhile, the diocese was telling the public Zirwas was ministering to the poor in Cuba.

A Glowing Eulogy

The U.S. State Department worked with the Swedish embassy in Havana to get Zirwas’ body back to the United States, and his funeral was held in June 2001, presided over by the bishop of Pittsburgh. He was accompanied by Bp. William Winter and 21 priests.

“The one thing we know is that George Zirwas responded to God’s call” in the priesthood, Wuerl said during his homily. Wuerl went on to praise the accused pederast for his “kindness” as a pastor, going on to console mourners that the priest had gone to Heaven.

The funeral Mass indicated “great confidence that Father George will experience new life in Christ,” Wuerl said.

He restored Zirwas to the full honor of priesthood, calling him by the title “Father Zirwas,” a name the priest had been forbidden to use ever since he was placed on leave in 1995 following yet another allegation of sex abuse.

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Film about Abortionist Kermit Gosnell, America’s Biggest Serial Killer, opens on October 12, 2018 [Video]

In a Life News article titled “‘Gosnell; Movie Trailer Released, Horror Story of Abortionist Showing in 750 Theaters in October” Steven Ertelt reports:

The trailer for the new movie “Gosnell” has just been released and it will surely make watchers want to see the intense new film.

The feature film, “Gosnell,” which is scheduled for release in October, unmasks the shocking true story of the investigation and trial of Kermit Gosnell, a man who performed countless illegal, late-term abortions and murdered several born children as well.

He is the abortion practitioner who killed babies in live-birth abortions that were more akin to infanticide than abortion. The media virtually ignored Kermit Gosnell until the pro-life movement launched a concerned effort to call them out on their bias during the early stages of his trial for murder.

Now, Gosnell is prison, having been convicted of murder in the deaths of multiple babies,though he was accused of killing thousands of viable babies. Still, one report from Gallup showed a large percentage of Americans still have no idea who Gosnell is and what he did.

Read more.

Watch the trailer for the docudrama “Gosnell”:


Chelsea Clinton Headlines ‘Rise Up for Roe’ Event, Thanks Planned Parenthood and NARAL

Chelsea Clinton is Wrong. Killing 61 Million Babies Has Caused a GDP Deficit of $62.6 Trillion

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Hillary Clinton pushing a ‘Free Kermit Gosnell’ t-shirt at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in July 2013.

VIDEO: Democrat Socialism, the global ‘overpopulation’ myth and Hollywood propaganda.

If you like films by Marvel you may have seen “Avengers: Infinity War.” It is Hollywood’s latest effort to promote a myth that has existed for decades.

The myth: The world is becoming overpopulated and something must be radically done to reduce the numbers of people, in order to save the world.

The theme of the film “Avengers: Infinity War” is the universe is becoming overpopulated and therefore half of the population must be eliminated in order to save the universe.

Watch this video analysis of “Avengers: Infinity War” by Foundation for Economic Education:

Former Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson said,

“The hungry world cannot be fed until and unless the growth of its resources and the growth of its population come into balance. Each man and woman – and each nation – must make decisions of conscience and policy in the face of this great problem.”

E.O. Wilson, American biologist, theorist, naturalist and author, wrote:

“The raging monster upon the land is population growth. In its presence, sustainability is but a fragile theoretical construct.”

Kenneth Ewart Boulding, an English-born American economist, educator, peace activist, and interdisciplinary philosopher, wrote:

“Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.”

How have so many politicians, intellectuals and scientists get this issue so very wrong?

Answer: Socialist ideology. Socialist regimes have historically been the largest mass murderers in human history.

In 1966 Planned Parenthood gave one of its first Margaret Sanger Awards to President Lyndon Baines Johnson, for “his vigorous and farsighted leadership in bringing the United States government to enunciate and implement an affirmative, effective population policy at home and abroad”

In an August 3, 2016 Washington Post column titled “Remembering the biggest mass murder in the history of the world” Ilya Somin wrote:

Who was the biggest mass murderer in the history of the world? Most people probably assume that the answer is Adolf Hitler, architect of the Holocaust. Others might guess Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, who may indeed have managed to kill even more innocent people than Hitler did, many of them as part of a terror famine that likely took more lives than the Holocaust. But both Hitler and Stalin were outdone by Mao Zedong. From 1958 to 1962, his Great Leap Forward policy led to the deaths of up to 45 million people – easily making it the biggest episode of mass murder ever recorded.

Historian Frank Dikötter, author of the important book Mao’s Great Famine recently published an article in History Today, summarizing what happened:

Mao thought that he could catapult his country past its competitors by herding villagers across the country into giant people’s communes. In pursuit of a utopian paradise, everything was collectivised. People had their work, homes, land, belongings and livelihoods taken from them. In collective canteens, food, distributed by the spoonful according to merit, became a weapon used to force people to follow the party’s every dictate. As incentives to work were removed, coercion and violence were used instead to compel famished farmers to perform labour on poorly planned irrigation projects while fields were neglected.

A catastrophe of gargantuan proportions ensued. Extrapolating from published population statistics, historians have speculated that tens of millions of people died of starvation. But the true dimensions of what happened are only now coming to light thanks to the meticulous reports the party itself compiled during the famine….

What comes out of this massive and detailed dossier is a tale of horror in which Mao emerges as one of the greatest mass murderers in history, responsible for the deaths of at least 45 million people between 1958 and 1962. It is not merely the extent of the catastrophe that dwarfs earlier estimates, but also the manner in which many people died: between two and three million victims were tortured to death or summarily killed, often for the slightest infraction. When a boy stole a handful of grain in a Hunan village, local boss Xiong Dechang forced his father to bury him alive. The father died of grief a few days later. The case of Wang Ziyou was reported to the central leadership: one of his ears was chopped off, his legs were tied with iron wire, a ten kilogram stone was dropped on his back and then he was branded with a sizzling tool – punishment for digging up a potato.

The rise of socialism in America will inevitably lead to mass murder in the name of population control.

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VIDEOS: Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate Battle Literally Heats Up Arizona

Were we insane waving signs on an Arizona street corner in 116 degree heat? No, we are patriots.

Hello America. Mary and I are in Arizona. Our Conservative Campaign Committee team was joined by local patriots to wave signs for Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate Arizona. We have more sign waves scheduled. This low-tech campaigning is important because enthusiastic supporters waving signs for Dr Ward reminds voters that an election is coming, inspires her voters and possibly sways voters who are on the fence. Particularly in primary elections, voter turnout is extremely important.

Folks, Dr Kelli Ward is one of us. She believes in lower taxes; fewer regulations; personal responsibility and following the Constitution. As a physician, Dr Ward witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of Obamacare on people’s lives. She wholeheartedly supports Trump’s efforts to repeal it.

Dr. Ward says we have people in Washington DC in both parties who are addicted to spending. This robs our kids. We must get spending under control. Amen sister.

She thinks Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh is an excellent pick. Dr Ward says most important, Judge Kavanaugh says the Constitution says what it says and it does not say what it doesn’t say. Kavanaugh vows to apply the law as written.

Dr. Ward is a strong advocate of securing our border and building the wall. Dr Ward said the wall is,

“a symbol of a right and wrong way to come into the country”. It is also “a significant deterrent to the people who are trying to bring bad things into the country; the traffickers; the drug cartels who are bringing drugs and weapons and people across that border.”

Dr. Ward is a huge supporter of our military and veterans. Her husband served for 33 years. Dr Ward says as a physician, her health policy experience, her masters in public health, her time in private practice and medical education makes her uniquely positioned to be able to help our regular health-care system as well as the VA system that has been falling down on the job for way too long. “We’ve got to honor our promises to those men and women who signed on the line to protect our liberty and freedom.” Dr Kelli Ward

In a conversation with a family member who only watches fake news, I explained that Trump is not the bad guy in this issue of separating children from their parents. The bad guys are the parents who sacrifice their children to illegally enter America. Due to Chain Migration, a child getting on American soil eventually leads to the entire family invading America. These parents send their children alone on a nightmare journey to America, knowing they will be subjected to unspeakable horrors.

Dr. Ward said,

“Whenever I hear border control agents talking about 12 year old girls who their moms put on birth control because they know they’re gonna be raped as they come across their journey; four year olds with the only connection with their dad is a magic maker phone number written on their t-shirt or nine year old boys dying in the desert of heat exhaustion with no family around, it breaks my heart.”

Ten thousand of the twelve thousand children we have in custody came to this country without their parents. Dr Ward says it is a huge challenge to reconnect these children with their parents. She asked, “Where do we find these parents? Do we go and search in Mexico and Guatemala and El Salvador, in Honduras to look for those parents who sent their children across this border – put their kids in danger to come to this country illegally?” Dr. Ward says she is glad that HHS and DHS are stepping up, trying to put people back together.

Borrowing a line from the old TV show, To Tell The Truth, “Will the real candidate supportive of Trump’s agenda, please stand up.” Sit down Ms McSally, you are a fraud impostor.

Rock-solid conservative Dr Ward’s main opposition in the primary is Martha McSally. McSally is pretending to be for securing our borders and for Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda.

Conservative Campaign Committee team member national recording artist Diana Nagy is a strong advocate of our military. Team member Donald LaCombe’s son is serving in the military. During our 116 degree Arizona sign wave, Diana and Donald commented about the desert heat our troops endure in full gear to defend and protect our country.

Dr. Kelli Ward is great! So yes, our Conservative Campaign Committee team is enduring the crazy over 100 degree Arizona August heat, waving “Dr Kelli Ward” signs on street corners. We are also producing video and radio ads and more.

Patriots across America, you can help this conservative warrior through our Phone From Home program. CCC team member Miss LuLu coordinates this effort to mobilize conservatives from across the country to get engaged and get on the phone lines to help us turn out conservative Kelli Ward supporters. You can volunteer from the comfort of your own home by simply sending an email to:

Trump and America needs her in Washington, D.C. Please help Dr. Ward win the August 28th primary to represent Arizona in the November 6th election for U.S Senate.

My wife Mary and another CCC team member became a bit overheated. After taking a break in an air-conditioned car, both are doing just fine.

Doctors that Run ‘Pill Mills’ Deserve the Same Punishment as Crack Dealers

Please excuse me for not welling up with empathy for those who are addicted to opioids. Yeah, I know drug addiction is a bad thing, but people make choices and have to live with the consequences.

I am old enough to have lived through the crack epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s and found little to no empathy from the public, especially politicians, because crack fell disproportionately hard on the Black community. As a matter of fact, Blacks were told it was a moral failing by the user and the seller, thus they deserved what they got. As a matter of fact, the public demanded legal action be taken against those caught up in the crack epidemic.

Lock ‘em up and throw away the key was the political sentiment in Washington, D.C. during the 90s when it came to crack dealers and users. This view led to the mass incarceration of low-level drug dealers and users, culminating with people like Hillary Clinton labeling young, Blacks who were caught up in the drug trade as “super predators.”

According to the U.S. News and World Report, 79 percent of 5,669 sentenced crack offenders in 2009 were Black, versus 10 percent who were White and 10 percent, who were Hispanic.

Juxtapose that with what the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation found about the opioid problem. In 2016, according to the foundation, White victims made up almost 80 percent of the deaths from opioid overdoses, with Black victims comprising only 10 percent of deaths and Hispanic victims 8 percent.

Opioid addiction is being treated as a medical condition, with hundreds of millions of dollars being allocated to various forms of treatment and prevention; whereas, crack addiction was labeled a moral failing and a law enforcement issue.

Basically, the crack epidemic disproportionately affected Blacks and the current opioid epidemic disproportionately affects Whites. A study in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that cocaine-related overdose deaths among Blacks were on par with heroin- and opioid-related deaths among Whites between 2000 and 2015.

Now lawmakers, Black and White, are calling for humane solutions to the scourge of opioid addiction. There are all kinds of reasons for this and I get it.

Real leaders in the Black community need to stand up and demand more money and programs for the drug problems that are destroying the Black community that have nothing to do with opioids? When will the public demand law enforcement action against physicians who have willfully overprescribed opioids to patients unnecessarily?

These physicians are the modern-day version of the drug dealer, except they are not working on the street corner, but rather in the cozy confines of their medical offices.

Where is the lock ‘em up and throw away the key sentiment towards opioid users that politicians showed towards crack dealers?

One would have to be totally blind not to see the racial optics being played out in this whole debate about the humane solutions for the opioid drug problem compared to how the War on Drugs was handled.

I am really struggling with my inability to muster up any empathy for the victims of this latest drug scourge that is moving across our country.

So, to those who are reading this column who think I am cold, heartless, and hateful please spare me your unrighteous indignation.

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K-12 Schools Bringing in Drag Queens to Teach Gender Ideology [+Video]

K-12 schools are bringing drag queens into the classroom to teach gender ideology, a Thursday video revealed.

Teachers are praising “Drag Queen Story Hour,” according to a clip released by videographer Sean Fitzgerald and the David Horowitz Freedom Center. The program “captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models.”


Maurice Sendak Community School, a public school located in Brooklyn, New York, hosted a drag queen and first grade teacher Alexis Hernandez marveled at the event in a testimonial published on Drag Queen Story Hour’s website.

“Drag Queen Story Hour gave my first-graders a fun and interactive platform to talk and think about social and emotional issues like acceptance, being yourself, and loving who you are,” Hernandez said. “During our debrief … [students] were preaching the incredible lessons they had learned, like ‘It’s OK to be different,’ and ‘There’s no such thing as “boy” and “girl” things.’”

The first grade teacher said she would be hosting the event again the following year. Katrina Green, a teacher from Chickpeas Preschool in Brooklyn, also lauded the program.

The event “allows preschool children to deepen and complicate their ideas about gender at the exact age when they are often developing rigid ideas about this concept,” Green said.

Drag Queen Story Hour markets itself to children between 3 and 8 years old. The program’s reading list includes books like “Jacob’s New Dress” by Sarah and Ian Hoffman and “Red: A Crayon’s Story” by Michael Hall. While the former book’s plot revolves around a boy convincing his parents to let him wear a dress to school, the latter chronicles the journey of a crayon “mistakenly labeled” red to identify successfully as blue.

Fitzgerald cited articles noting a spike in children identifying as transgender within the past few years.

“Think about how absurd this is,” the videographer said. “The taxpayer is funding adult-themed performers to come and read to our smallish children in order to indoctrinate them into a political ideology about gender while, at the same time, school districts across the country are removing any and all references to biological sex from science textbooks.”

Fitzgerald directed viewers to, where they can report indoctrination in K-12 schools.


Rob Shimshock

Rob Shimshock is a reporter for The Daily Caller News Foundation. Twitter: @ShimshockAndAwe


Drag Queen Story Hour Held At University of North Florida Library

How Drag Queen Events Prepare Children for Satanism

New York Public Elementary Schools Invite Drag Queens to Teach First-Graders ‘Gender Ideology’

Parents ‘horrified’ after man performs surprise drag show at Manhattan school talent event – New York Daily News


Footage of Full Drag Queen Show at Elementary School.

Drag for Kids.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is a 2008 photo showing Drag Queen Phyllis Denmark, whose real name is Randy Patterson, and who called out the bingo numbers every Gay Bingo night. (Photo: St Petersburg Times/ZUMAPRESS/Newscom). Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities for this original content, email

War on Boys: The ‘Feminist Jihad’ on Normal Male Behavior

James Woods tweeted the following,

James Woods (@RealJamesWoods)
There is a war on boys in America: chemical “castration” (ritalin), the mythology of #ADD, the scourge of pedophilia (#NAMBLA), the feminist jihad against virtually all normal male behavior in pre-teens and teens, etc. It is open war on boys and the prognosis is devastating.

Prager University published the below video titled “War on Boys” narrated by Christina Hoff Sommers, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.

Mr. Woods is correct in his analysis that there is a war on boys being boys.

In an August 2nd, 2018 Washington Examiner op-ed titled “Feminism is the last thing in the world boys need” Suzanne Venker wrote:

The sheer degree of havoc feminists cause never ceases to amaze me, nor does their arrogance and condescension. In a ridiculous piece in the The New York Times titled “What Feminists Can Do for Boys,” feminist author Jessica Valenti claims that those who share her ideology can help boys become men.

I cannot think of a more preposterous argument. Feminism is a major cause of the predicament boys and men now face. In what world could it be the remedy?

What modern feminists want is to rid the world of traditional masculinity, pure and simple. They’re consumed with the unwarranted and bogus notion that men in their natural state are prone to oppress women and that the male drive to provide and protect is evidence of said oppression.

While girls and young women have ample resources to seek “respite” from restrictive cultural mores, writes Valenti, boys do not — and this oversight makes them “susceptible to misogynist hucksters peddling get-manly-quick platitudes and dangerous online extremist communities.”

She then points to none other than Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychology professor and YouTube philosopher who’s become a bona fide sensation ever since his interview with the U.K. feminist Cathy Newman. But Peterson’s meteoric rise is hardly due to his being a “misogynist huckster.” On the contrary, it is due entirely to his being a shining example of what it means to think for oneself and to be a mature, responsible man who’s committed to his wife and kids.

I can’t think of a single better role model for men.

Read more.

The Honorable Steve Baldwin, author, researcher and speaker on homosexual issues, wrote a white paper published in the Regent’s University Law Review titled “Child Molestation and and Homosexual Movement.” In a January 2014 column Mr. Baldwin wrote:

Lately, the gay movement seems to be making large gains in its war on America’s Judeo-Christian culture. Gay characters have become the norm on sitcoms; it has become fashionable to attack the Boy Scouts; homosexual propaganda inundates many of our public schools; nearly all the mainstream religious denominations have “revised” their understanding of Biblical teaching concerning homosexuality; and the gay “rights” legislative agenda is succeeding beyond the advocates’ wildest imaginations.

[ … ]

It is difficult to convey the dark side of the homosexual culture without appearing harsh. However, it is time to acknowledge that homosexual behavior threatens the foundation of Western civilization ─ the nuclear family. An unmistakable manifestation of the attack on the family unit is the homosexual community’s efforts to target children both for their own sexual pleasure and to enlarge the homosexual movement. The homosexual community and its allies in the media scoff at this argument. They insist it is merely a tactic to demonize the homosexual movement. After all, they argue, heterosexual molestation is a far more serious problem.

The feminists have joined forces with the LGBTQ community and introduced into public schools, colleges and universities an anti-boy/male agenda. Being a “male student” is not an appropriate pronoun on many college campuses.

Mr. Baldwin concludes:

The homosexual community knows that the capture of all major youth groups is absolutely necessary to the expansion of its movement. They know what most social scientists and sex researchers know but refuse to talk about: homosexually-molested children are likely to become homosexual. After all, one of the most common characteristics of homosexual molesters is the fact that they were molested themselves during boyhood. An article published by the American Medical Association reported that, “Abused adolescents, particularly those victimized by males, were up to 7 times more likely to self-identity as gay or bisexual than peers who had not been abused.”

It is high time that America’s elected officials, health authorities, education leaders, and law enforcement officials act to not only tell the harsh truth─the homosexual community has targeted America’s youth─but act now to counter this horrible trend. Failure to do so will have disastrous consequences for both our culture and for the health of our children.

Time for boys to be boys and grow into men, who will be fathers, brothers and real males.

RELATED VIDEO: Make men masculine again. Rape, murder, war – all have one thing in common: Men. The solution seems simple: make men less toxic – make men less masculine. In this video, Allie Stuckey, Host of “Allie” on CRTV & “Relatable” podcast, explains why demonizing masculinity is not the solution, but the problem.


Feminism isn’t helping girls, and certainly not boys

5 Horrific Examples of Cultural Decay in America

Bank of America blames firearms with ‘military characteristics’ for mass shootings, but report on Parkland massacre shows Cruz asked for but was denied help!

Anne Finucane, Vice Chairman of the Bank of America.

Anne Finucane, Vice Chairman for Bank of America in a letter stated,

We know there is a limited role we [Bank of America] can play as a company to make a direct contribution to reaching a day we all want, when we no longer have to suffer a mass shooting tragedy in our country.

Firearms with military characteristics have been used in many of these tragedies, including at schools in Florida and Connecticut.

We have firearms industry clients who do not manufacture this type of firearm. But we are engaging the limited number of clients who do, to learn their plans to keep this type of firearm from being used in mass shootings. In those discussions, we have indicated it is our intent that we will not finance the manufacture of this type of firearm for non-law enforcement, non-military use. We want to understand what those clients are doing to end mass shootings, and what we can do to help them.

Bank of America and Anne Finucane miss one key factor in mass shootings, the shooters.

If Bank of America truly wants to help prevent mass shootings, then they must take into account the shooter. Issues such as how did the shooter purchase a firearm with military characteristics, was the purchase legal, what was the background of the school shooter, did the shooters family, friends or fellow students know his intent, what did law-enforcement know about the shooter? Lastly, what did the local school district know about the shooter and did the district do its duty to either help or report the shooter to the appropriate authorities.

We now learn that, in the case of Nicholas Cruz, he asked for help and was denied it.

A heavily redacted report  was released on August 3rd, 2018 after Broward Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer ordered Broward County Public Schools to release its report on Nicholas Cruz, the shooter who slaughtered 17 people on February 14th, 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

According to The Daily Beast,

In Cruz’s junior year, after he had already begun exhibiting behavior so disturbing it led to guidance counselors wanting to have him committed, the teenager sat down with education specialists to discuss his options for further schooling.

He was told he could transfer to Cross Creek, a school tailored for students with special needs; sue the Broward school district; or stay at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School without any special counseling. According to a review of that meeting featured in the new report, school officials left out one crucial fact: Cruz was still entitled to special assistance at Stoneman Douglas if he chose to stay.

Being unaware of this option, however, Cruz—whose developmental delays were flagged at age 3—was reportedly stripped of counseling services and left to fend for himself as a “regular student.”

Read more.

The Sun-Sentinel noted that the investigation found that the school district “did not follow the requirements of Florida statute or federal laws governing students with disabilities” in two specific instances:

  • School officials misstated [the shooter’s] options when he was faced with being removed from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School his junior year, leading him to refuse special education services.
  • When [the shooter] asked to return to the therapeutic environment of Cross Creek School for special education students, the district “did not follow through,” the report reveals.

What would have happened if the district had told Nicholas Cruz the truth about his options? What would have happened if the Broward County School District followed through on returning Nicholas Cruz to the therapeutic environment of Cross Creek School?

Perhaps Ms Finucane should meet with school districts across America and ask them what are they doing to stop one of their students from becoming the next mass shooter?

Trump Further Chips Away at Obamacare by Expanding Short-Term Health Plans

The Trump administration moved Wednesday to expand health insurance options and affordability for Americans, with a new rule allowing cheaper new and renewable health insurance plans that consumers can use for up to a year.

The Department of Health and Human Services, Labor Department, and Treasury Department released the final rule that allows consumers to buy “short-term, limited duration” health insurance plans that are not subject to the Obamacare requirements. Consumers can have the plans for up to a year, instead of three months under the new rule.

The average monthly premium for an individual with a short-term plan in the fourth quarter of 2016 was $124, compared to $393 for an unsubsidized plan in the Obamacare exchange, according to HHS.

“They can be as much as 50-80 percent lower cost than the Affordable Care Act exchange plans,” Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar told reporters Wednesday. “We believe this could provide relief for well over 1 million people.”

The new rule is largely a return to the existing rule before 2017, when Americans could keep the plans for almost a year, which changes as President Barack Obama was heading for the exit. To encourage more people to join the exchanges, Obama reduced short-term limited duration coverage to less than three months in an executive action just three weeks before leaving office.

The plans again cover an initial period of one year, as before Obama’s action. The difference is that the plans come with a renewable maximum period of no longer than three years.

Azar said he would like to see Congress repeal and replace Obamacare, but until then, he is going to work to expand more private choices for consumers. He said this would not undermine the Obamacare exchanges, where 87 percent of consumers are subsidized. But this does offer a choice for those who don’t qualify for subsidies, he said.

“If someone decides, ‘I’m paying too much for insurance I don’t value that gives me an inadequate benefit and I find what you allow to be offered here in the short-term, limited duration plans to be something that is more financially attractive and more attractive as a health benefit for me in terms of coverage,’ that type of voting with their feet, I would find quite meaningful,” Azar told The Daily Signal during the press conference Wednesday.

Azar also noted during the press conference the new rule requires more consumer notification of what the cheaper, short-term plans won’t cover.

“These may be a good choice for individuals, but they also may not be the right choice for everybody,” Azar said. “One of the things we are doing is requiring consumer protection notice on the plans. In fact, it’s a more robust notice than President Obama’s administration had on these very same plans to ensure the patient, the consumer, knows going in what they are getting and what they’re not getting through the plan.”

Beyond that, the plans will remain under state regulation, which can decide benefit or rate structure.

The low-cost, sometimes low-coverage, plans could be good for people transitioning from one job to another, students who anticipate a job but aren’t yet employed, independent contractors, and part-time workers, Azar said.

The administration has taken a strong step, but Congress should also act, said Marie Fishpaw, director of domestic policy studies at The Heritage Foundation.

“The Trump administration is right to provide more options to Americans who have suffered under Obamacare and, in many cases, been priced out of health coverage,” Fishpaw said in a statement. “States should have more authority to regulate short-term, limited duration health plans. Unwinding Obamacare’s damaging regulations is just the first step.”

President Donald Trump signed an executive order in October directing executive branch agencies to look for ways to increase choice and competition in the health care market.

A release of three recent reports by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services found enrollment in the Obamacare exchanges is only stable for subsidized consumers, but has declined by 20 percent for nonsubsidized consumers. Meanwhile, premiums increased by 21 percent.

“We continue to see a crisis of affordability in the individual insurance market, especially for those who don’t qualify for large subsidies,” CMS Administrator Seema Verma said in a written statement. “This final rule opens the door to new, more affordable coverage options for millions of middle-class Americans who have been priced out of ACA plans.”


Portrait of Fred Lucas

Fred Lucas

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