Feminist Gender Theorist Explains Hamas Raping Jewish Women is ‘Resistance’

Feminist gender theorists begin by declaring that women don’t exist and then conclude by justifying their rape and murder.

Judith Butler has always been ahead of her time.

She was ahead of her time in adopting pronouns and in promoting gender theory. And all the way back in 2006, the feminist gender theorist and UC Berkeley academic declared that Hamas was progressive.

“Yes, understanding Hamas, Hezbollah as social movements that are progressive, that are on the Left, that are part of a global Left, is extremely important.”

Like most fanatics, Oct 7 only made Judith Butler double down on her belief in the progressive qualities of Hamas.

“We can have different views about Hamas as a political party, we can have different views about armed resistance. But […] the uprising of October 7th was an act of armed resistance,” Butler recently declared.

Butler’s brand of gender theory had begun the deconstruction of the idea that women exist. A few years ago, Butler was claiming the “trans” brand and arguing that “the category of woman can and does change, and we need it to be that way.”

Feminist gender theorists begin by declaring that women don’t exist and then conclude by justifying their rape and murder.



While Gazans Throw US Aid in Trash, Biden Builds Pier to Bring Them More

How the Hamas Hawks Fluttered the Israeli Dovecotes

In State of the Union Speech, Biden Parrots Hamas Statistics

Spain increases funding to Hamas-linked UNRWA by $21,868,000

Palestinian Authority Commits to Hamas Unity Government to Fight Israel

Biden regime to vote for UN resolution demanding immediate ceasefire in Gaza of at least six weeks’ duration

IDF warning: Iran arming Venezuela with weapons ‘very capable of hitting U.S.’

Biden Uses State of the Union to Threaten Civil War

UK: Pro-Hamas savages spray-paint and slash historic painting of Lord Balfour at University of Cambridge

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Leaked Files Reveal WPATH’s Awareness of ‘Debilitating,’ ‘Potentially Fatal’ Effects of Trans Procedures

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) has a long history. The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh wrote that WPATH “is the organization that major hospitals and gender clinics cite as the all-important authority on so-called ‘trans healthcare.’” Controversial at its core, WPATH has faced immense criticism over the years from those who do not support gender transition procedures, while at the same time receiving strong support from those who see cross-sex hormones, puberty blocking drugs, and surgeries to remove healthy organs as “gender affirming care.”

Despite losing over 60% of its members between January 2023 and January 2024, “WPATH is somehow now taken seriously as the standard-setter in the field, by major hospitals and medical associations,” Walsh wrote. But in reality, he continued, WPATH “is maybe the single greatest scam in modern medicine. … The WPATH of today is the proud product of decades of quackery and sexual experimentation. It is a threat to public health and in particular to children.”

On March 4, the U.S. think tank Environmental Progress released leaked files from WPATH that “revealed that the clinicians who shape how ‘gender medicine’ is regulated and practiced around the world consistently violate medical ethics and informed consent.”

It continued, “In the WPATH Files, members demonstrate a lack of consideration for long-term patient outcomes despite being aware of the debilitating and potentially fatal side effects of cross-sex hormones and other treatments. Messages in the files show that patients with severe mental health issues, such as schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder, and other vulnerabilities such as homelessness, are being allowed to consent to hormonal and surgical interventions. Members dismiss concerns about these patients and characterize efforts to protect them as unnecessary ‘gatekeeping.’”

Most unsettling about the leaked files, experts have pointed out, is that they prove the alleged “medical professionals” are keenly aware “they are offering minors life-changing treatments they cannot fully understand.” On Wednesday, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins highlighted on “Washington Watch” that the “injuries described in the files” that WPATH members are aware of “include sterilization, loss of sexual function, liver tumors, and even death.”

Concerning the leaked files, Dr. Quentin Van Meter, a pediatric endocrinologist and executive committee member of the American College of Pediatricians, observed on “Washington Watch” that “it’s a very large battering ram that’s hit the wall … that has been hiding all of the information that they know, and they willingly discuss among themselves.” He added that the files prove that the procedures they are doing on “these kids are clearly experimental [and] not based on science.”

He explained that doctors have been warning against WPATH and their practices for years in hearings and courts — efforts that have been repeatedly “shot down.” Van Meter emphasized that WPATH considers their work as “saving grace” and that they “save lives.” For years, WPATH has claimed that any contrary belief “is a bald-faced lie, and is politically motivated by right-wing conspiracy theorists,” he said. “That’s been their mantra since we’ve known them on the scene.”

Ultimately, he argued, the “WPATH secrets that have now been leaked show that [they have] no scientific background [and] that they are living and repeating lies over and over again. It’s quite shocking.” But he also described it as a “gift,” since it exposes the truth that “this is not good for children.”

Perkins added, “It exposes the fact that many of these entities that are held out as experts have been compromised by the political agendas of these ideologically driven individuals.” He continued, “This is what happens when this ideology, untethered to truth and ethics, mixes with science. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it.”

Especially since “it leads to horrible outcomes for children,” Perkins contended. Children that “can’t drive … can’t get a tattoo, but we’re letting them cut off body parts and … make them think they’re changing their gender.”

Van Meter agreed. “This needs to be shouted from the … hilltops: ‘Stop.’ The whole world must stop this nonsense, this insanity. We have hurt hundreds of thousands of children irreparably since this whole process began in the mid-2000s, and we’ve got to put a stop to it.”

Perkins asked if the leaked information would be enough to make “the medical associations … stop and rethink” what they’re doing. Van Meter responded, “That would be the intellectually correct thing to do.” However, what unsettled the doctor the most was how “casual” and “flippant” the members of WPATH seem to be discussing this. “The ideology is embedded so deeply in their minds that I don’t think they really care,” he remarked.

“It’s sad,” Perkins concluded. “It is absolutely sad. What an indictment against our culture to allow this to occur.”


Sarah Holliday

Sarah Holliday is a reporter at The Washington Stand.

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At Last! A new bill in Congress to hold Big Pharma companies responsible for Covid vaccine injuries!

Hats off to Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, for authoring this bill!

While so many of us have been sounding the alarm over the experimental mRNA Covid “vaccines” and fighting localized battles as we were able, Rep. Chip Roy’s bill may be the colossal breakthrough we’ve all been praying for!

Not only would it be a godsend to the many thousands who’ve been badly injured by these novel injections, but it also loudly proclaims to the entire nation that these vaccines were not, and are not, safe!

Chip Roy is one brave man. His quote below says it all:

“I am introducing the LIABLE Act to empower Americans to remove crony federal liability protections for COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers and empower injured Americans. The American people deserve justice for the infringement on their personal medical freedom and those medically harmed deserve restitution.” (Emphasis mine)

Gotta now watch his back!

Here’s more from an Epoch Times articleProposed legislation introduced on March 5 would strip COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers of liability protections, enabling U.S. residents injured by the vaccines to sue the companies.

The bill, proposed by Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), would retroactively remove protections from the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) for COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers. (Emphasis mine)

The bill itself reads as follows: No federal law … may make the manufacturer of a COVID-19 vaccine immune from suit or liability, or limit the liability of such a manufacturer, with respect to claims for loss caused by, arising out of, relating to, or resulting from the administration to or the use by an individual of a COVID-19 vaccine.

And now we need to flood our Representatives with calls, letters, faxes and emails, exhorting them to support this bill!

©2024. Cherie Zaslawsky. All rights reserved.

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More Deception from Once Reliable Medical Sources: Paxlovid — Part 2

Please read Part 1 here. As bad as the multiple failings in the Johns Hopkins article I outlined in Part 1 were, there is an even greater abdication of medical responsibility by Johns Hopkins.

Their Mission Statement says: “The mission of Johns Hopkins Medicine is to improve the health of the community and the world by setting the standard of excellence in medical education, research, and clinical care.”

Maybe I don’t understand what “standard of excellence” means. It seems that it says that Johns Hopkins will objectively provide the public with the latest scientific health research as to what is in citizens’ best interest to do (or not do).

In other words, when Johns Hopkins discusses a pharmaceutical option for COVID — e.g., Paxlovid — (or anything else) they would objectively and thoroughly:

  1. honestly describe the possible benefits,
  2. accurately explain all the potential downsides, and
  3. objectively identify reasonable alternatives.

As my original commentary outlined, they did a woeful job of both #1 and #2. Here I’d like to address #3, which was completely missing.

Well over two years ago (January 2022), after doing some research, I published a spreadsheet of the various pharmaceutical options for COVID-19 early treatment — as I was not able to find this posted elsewhere in a layman easy-to-understand format. I compared the official and non-official options on several key criteria. Since then I have updated this spreadsheet every month or so. (This info is one of many things to be found on my COVID website: C19Science.info). Here is the latest data.

Since this article is just about Paxlovid, I put together a very condensed version: Condensed Comparison of Paxlovid to Some Other Options.

To see the links and more explanations refer to the uncondensed version. (Please pay attention to the note there clarifying that I am not a medical professional, etc.)

Note that Paxlovid has two columns in the upper (Effectiveness) part:

  • a) the first column was the evidence used by the FDA (a single study done by Pfizer) to grant Pfizer an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization), and
  • b) the second column is the current number of scientific studies of Paxlovid done by numerous independent scientists. Compare the concluded ET effectiveness…

What this data indicates about these COVID early treatment options is:

1 – An alternative to Paxlovid is Vitamin D. Based on 11 scientific studies of 44,000± patients, it has about three times the effectiveness (60% vs 21%). (The results of Peer-reviewed early treatment studies = 57%. The results of early treatment Randomized Control Trials [RCTs], after exclusions = 65%.)* The data.

Safety & Cost — Vitamin D has: no serious medical side effects, no evidence of a rebound effect, and no usage restrictions. Further, it has long-term safety data, it does not require a prescription (OTC), and the cost is minuscule.

2 – Another alternative to Paxlovid is Ivermectin. Based on 38 scientific studies of 59,000± patients, it also has roughly three times the effectiveness (62% vs 21%). (The results of Peer-reviewed early treatment studies = 61%. The results of early treatment Randomized Control Trials [RCTs], after exclusions = 66%.)* The data.

Safety & Cost — Ivermectin has: only minor potential medical side effects, no evidence of a rebound effect, and no usage restrictions. Further, Ivermectin has long-term safety data and the cost is very low.

The question is: why didn’t the Johns Hopkins article say anything about alternatives to Paxlovid — since scientific data indicates that they may be superior options?

To be fair, the same question applies to the FDA, CDC, AMA, WHO, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, the Mayo Clinic, the mainstream media, etc., etc. They have all shed their scientific suits, and have proudly dressed themselves in political correctness panoply.

Please watch this talk given by Dr. Scott Atlas, last week. It is chilling to hear what he observed going on at the highest levels of our country, regarding COVID policy.

As always, the most effective defense is Critical Thinking.

PS: Still no response to the polite email I sent to the Johns Hopkins article author.

* This data is not on the above table, but can be found by following the links of the full version.

©2024. John Droz, Jr. All rights reserved.

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“Lost In Space” Transgender Colonel Pushes Pronouns To Win Wars

Why do we wonder why there is a recruiting crisis in our military?

It’s simple, our military is no longer focused on winning wars, like Space Force Lieutenant Colonel Bree Fram, it is focused on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity — DIEing not fighting.


Transgenders are mentally ill and should not serve in our Armed Forces—period.

“Lost In Space” Transgender Colonel Pushes Pronouns To Win Wars

It is sad to think that a nation once as strong as ours could fall so quickly under such a ridiculous agenda

By Milt Harris

This isn’t the first time I have written about the current state of our military, or about Space Force Colonel Bree Fram. Fram is transgender, a man pretending to be a woman that has somehow managed to get into this position of power. By promoting someone like Fram up the chain of command, the military is disregarding that this is form of delusionary mental illness. This is condoning the denial of both biology and science for no other reason other than to be politically correct. The result has been a softening of our forces and low recruitment rates in at least three out of four military branches.

The military has not only errored in accepting this farce as normal behavior, but they have also promoted it as though it is customary. The U.S. Armed Forces has used everything from animated cartoons to an enlisted drag queen in recruitment videos. Then they bemoan the fact of low recruitment, acting stupefied as to what the problem is.

This isn’t a mystery. Combine a society that is becoming more and more divided by liberal leftists teaching hatred of country and moral debauchery at every turn, with a military command that has swallowed the Kool-Aid, and you have a disaster forming in the shadows of what used to be the Greatest fighting force in the world.

Wrong beliefs can become a societal virus and the LGBTQ movement has become one. The left now demands that you not only accept the lifestyle of these deluded individuals they expect active participation, otherwise you will be labeled as homophobic and bigoted.

Read Milt’s full article.

©2024. Royal A. Brown III. All rights reserved.


More Deception from Once Reliable Medical Sources: Paxlovid, Part 1

If we can’t trust Johns Hopkins, what established sources are left?

I was periodically updating my webpage on the effectiveness of all the popular COVID early treatment options, and came across this current article:

Feel free to read it, but be forewarned that it is woefully deceptive. I can understand that when Paxlovid first came out (late 2021), medical professionals would be enthused to endorse it, as the only study done said it was 88% effectiveNice!

But is that our scientific knowledge in 2024? NO! I sent the JH author a polite email:


I’m an independent scientist (physicist) who has done considerable research on COVID.

As such I read with interest your recent article on Paxlovid, stating that it is “a tremendous tool that’s completely underutilized”.

FYI, I also read your CV.

[Note to substack readers: she has no science credentials.]

The key message in your article is premised on your statement:

“Paxlovid is extremely effective when taken within five days of symptom onset. In clinical trials, it reduced the risk of hospitalization and death by almost 90% in unvaccinated people.”

I’m writing because that is (regretfully) a major misrepresentation of our current knowledge of Paxlovid.

Please consider the following three facts:

Fact one: In late 2021 the FDA gave Pfizer an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Paxlovid as a COVID-19 early treatment.

Should your readers be alerted to the fact that the FDA has not approved Paxlovid, but rather given it a very different EUA? Then your readers could use their own judgment whether or not we remain in a COVID-19 emergency.

Fact two: when the FDA gave Pfizer an EUA for Paxlovid for COVID-19 early treatment, it was based on just one (1) study (on 2,100± people), done by Pfizer, that showed that Paxlovid supposedly had an 88% effectiveness rate.

Should your readers be alerted to the fact that there was only one initial study prior to the EUA, and that it was done by the drug manufacturer — clearly not an unbiased source?

Fact three: Since the FDA gave Pfizer the EUA for Paxlovid, many independent scientists have conducted studies about the effectiveness of Paxlovid. To date, some 57 studies on Paxlovid have been completed, with 42 being peer-reviewed.

Should your readers be alerted that these independent studies (on 120,000± people) have concluded that the actual COVID-19 early treatment effectiveness of Paxlovid is only 21±% — a far cry from the Pfizer study claiming 88%?

I’m taking the time to write as I’ve always respected Johns Hopkins as an unbiased, accurate source, of current medical information.


It’s been over a week now, and I’ve received no response of any kind.

Some may think I’m being a bit harsh on Johns Hopkins, but the letter sent was a stripped-down version of what I could have said. (I thought that the chance of a response would be inversely related to the length of my email.)

For example, Fact 4: Harvard published a late 2023 study that concluded that 20±% of those taking Paxlovid, were likely to have a rebound result where they get COVID again. (Compare that percentage to the average chance of 2±%.)

That appears to say that taking Paxlovid results in a net zero result! (It has a 21±% chance of a positive result, but a 20±% chance of a negative one…)

Note: I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was, when the same JH person felt compelled to write a later piece pooh-poohing the COVID rebound matter.

As a proud optimist, I thought that the AMA, well-known medical establishments (like Johns Hopkins), etc., would continuously analyze new scientific COVID studies, and realize that they made some earlier bad calls regarding COVID.

Maybe (for legal reasons) they wouldn’t outright apologize (although they should), but I did NOT expect them to continue with the same politically correct posturing WHEN THEY SHOULD NOW KNOW THAT WHAT THEY ARE SAYING IS WRONG!

However, this JH article about Paxlovid seems to indicate that now that they find themselves in a hole, their reflex solution is to keep digging.

  • FYI #1, although this commentary is about Johns Hopkins, their politically correct campaign is the norm, as there are dozens of other one-sided Internet articles advocating more use of Paxlovid (e.g., here and here). I chose Johns Hopkins as they should be above political science, and instead be focused on real science.
  • FYI #2, I could write quite a bit more about this matter, but this is not intended to be a scientific paper, but rather an overview for the public. That said, I will do Part 2 in a few days about another very important omission in this JH article…

I’ll end this part with some GOOD NEWS.

  1. This late 2023 article reports that Paxlovid usage has precipitously declined. “Sales of Paxlovid are down 97%, year over year… and Pfizer lost $4.7 Billion in write-offs.” Citizens are getting informed and voting with their feet — excellent!
  2. As even more evidence of the weakness of Paxlovid, the FDA has recently officially announced that the EUA for Paxlovid will expire on March 8th, 2024! Note 1: Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, but when I searched the Johns Hopkins site, I could find no mention of this important FDA announcement, made back on 1-29-24. Note 2: I could find nothing about this EUA change elsewhere!}

Once again this all reinforces the extraordinary importance for citizens to become Critical Thinkers — and it all MUST start in K-12 Science classes…

PS — I’m legally required to make clear that I am not a medical professional. Always consult with a qualified physician before taking (or stopping to take) any medication.

©2024. John Droz, Jr.. All rights reserved.

Here are other materials by this scientist that you might find interesting:

My Substack Commentaries for 2023 (arranged by topic)

Check out the chronological Archives of my entire Critical Thinking substack.

WiseEnergy.orgdiscusses the Science (or lack thereof) behind our energy options.

C19Science.infocovers the lack of genuine Science behind our COVID-19 policies.

Election-Integrity.infomultiple major reports on the election integrity issue.

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Who is Speaker Mike Johnson Really?

“I weep for the liberty of my country when I see at this early day of its successful experiment that corruption has been imputed to many members of the House of Representatives, and the rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office.” — Andrew Jackson

“The fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends, and especially our children. In the end, I believe, as in my case, the price we pay is well worth holding on to our dignity. Today it is becoming harder to speak out, with the inception of the Patriot Act, the president has legislated free speech to be a crime.” — Frank Serpico

“Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.” —  Thomas Jefferson

“And I am saying, how about the other two branches? And putting the pressure on our representatives in the Senate and the Congress, and the court system. They should be counter-acting this corruption, but they are sitting there silent.” —  Sibel Edmonds

:Despotic power is always accompanied by corruption of morality.” — Lord Acton

When Mike Johnson was elected as Speaker, I had my suspicions regarding his capabilities.  A few things immediately came to light which made me doubt he’d be any better than McCarthy.  I voiced that opinion in emails and one of my friends commented, “But he prays in the House Chapel every morning.”  I said, “So do the Muslims.”

I’ve always felt that anyone who proclaims their Christian faith over and over in public is hiding something.  Mike Pence comes to mind.

My intuition aside, Mike Johnson is only one man.  He has to deal with the Stalinist Party and the neo-con Trotskyites in his own party.  With the Senate and the White House in the hands of the Democrats, his opportunities are few.  However, he can and should completely terminate corrupt and unconstitutional legislation that would be catastrophic to America.  And that includes standing firm against the $95 billion foreign aid package, which includes $60 billion for Ukraine, $14.1 billion for Israel, and around $9.2 billion for “humanitarian assistance” in Gaza passed by the Senate without any border policy changes. Within this bill is a hidden impeachment clause that could backfire on Trump if he’s elected.

McCarthy to Johnson

Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted after Rep. Matt Gaetz filed a motion to remove McCarthy for not keeping his promises.  His term as House speaker lasted only nine months.  Republicans dropped him because he broke his promises and made backroom deals with Biden and House Democrats.  McCarthy’s Leadership PAC received funding from Sequoia Capital, an important investment firm promoting business in China.  Critics say McCarthy “shut down” investigations into the CCP’s deals with Sequoia, BlackRock, and other Wall Street firms.

Congressman McCarthy only voted with the US Constitution 50% of the time.

On October 25, 2023, with a vote of 220, Mike Johnson was elected Speaker of the House.  He votes with the Constitution only 67% of the time.

Johnson calls himself a Constitutional attorney, yet he is a proponent of Mark Meckler’s Convention of States (CoS), which is heavily funded by the Koch organizations.  As I’ve stated in past articles, the CoS is an Article V Constitutional Convention.  Council on Foreign Relations and CoS board member, Robert George, has already rewritten the Second Amendment of our unalienable Bill of Rights.  This deceitfully promoted convention is not simply to propose new amendments; it is to totally replace or change our founding document.

The House Republican majority is weakening.  Since Mr. Johnson has become Speaker, Rep. George Santos has been expelled from Congress despite being “innocent until proven guilty.”  The charges against him were brought by United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York.  The House ousted Santos without a conviction or without having committed treason. Democrat Tom Suozzi replaced him.

McCarthy decided to leave the House at the end of December 2023.

The Republicans controlled the House with 221 Republicans to 213 Democrats, making them a majority, but now they’ve lost two.  Rep. Matt Gaetz is again being investigated by the House Ethics Committee.

Should Gaetz be forced to resign, the House would precariously hold the majority by only five votes.

Hannity’s Interview with Speaker Johnson

In introducing the nation to the new speaker, the first hour of Sean Hannity’s interview was a one-on-one interview with Mike Johnson.

Johnson spoke about President Biden’s mental decline which is obvious to both Americans and foreign leaders.

He was asked what he believes, and commented that people need only open their Bibles to understand Mike Johnson.

He mentioned that both Chip Roy (R-TX) and Byron Donalds (R-FL) were working on plans for Continuing Resolutions (CRs) cutting spending by eight percent, securing the border and protecting our military and veterans.  They’ve yet to come up with anything but “clean” CRs and have not even attempted a budget. Both Roy and Donalds support an Article V Constitutional Convention.  (Roy actually nominated Donalds for Speaker.)

Speaker Johnson ended the first hour saying, “Look, this place is filled with people of good faith, deep conviction and they understand the necessity of working together.”

I don’t think so, Speaker Johnson.

His first bill, a $14.3 billion dollar aid package to Israel passed the House 213-200, but was shut down in the Senate and slammed by President Biden.  Nice theatre though.

Johnson, who inherited the problem of a potential government shutdown when he was elected to the role after weeks of paralysis, saw 93 members of his conference in the Republican-controlled lower legislative chamber vote against his proposal.  Almost all Democrats, 209 members, voted for the plan with two voting against it.  Why did 93 Republicans vote against it?  Because almost all “clean continuing resolutions” prolong government funding at current levels without any policy changes.  They don’t want repeats of McCarthy’s CRs, they want changes made!

On February 29th, the House passed another clean CR; 207 Democrats joined 113 Republicans in a 320-99 vote to approve the short-term stopgap measure, which buys Congress more time to agree on funding for the full fiscal year that began Oct. 1.

Again, nothing is in these CRs about the border!  Do the American people realize what this is costing us?  An illegal alien family of four can get government assistance to the tune of $20,000 a month.  You read that right, $20,000 a month!  Watch the eight- minute video!

The 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) bill passed on December 6th, 2023.  It does not overturn the Pentagon’s policy of reimbursing servicemembers who travel to obtain abortions, and it drops House language which would have blocked coverage of transition surgeries for transgender troops.

But there’s more….

Speaker Johnson tossed into the “must-pass” bill yet another extension of Section 702 of the FISA Act; it’s not surprising that he wanted to rush the bill through without the possibility of amendment. Section 702 allows the government to intercept and retain without a warrant the communications of any American who is in contact with a non-US citizen. It is clearly a violation of the Fourth Amendment which is supposed to protect Americans against unreasonable searches and seizures.  The NDAA also contained a $600 million gift to the corrupt government of Ukraine.  Senate votes. House votes.

By a vote of 250 to 180, the House voted against the legislation that would send $17.6 billion to Israel, with 166 Democrats and 14 Republicans opposing the measure. It fell short because it was introduced under an expedited procedure requiring a two-thirds majority for passage. The vote was largely along party lines, although 14 Republicans opposed the bill and 46 Democrats supported it.

In the first vote to impeach DHS Mayorkas, four republicans voted against the impeachment.  One wonders why Johnson called a vote if he didn’t know that Ken Buck (R-CO), Tom McClintock (R-CA), Blake Moore (R-UT) and Mike Gallagher (R-WI) would vote against it.

In the second vote, Blake Moore switched, bringing the vote to 214-213 for Mayorkas’ impeachment.  Doesn’t say much for the 213 who voted against impeachment of the man who is allowing America’s invasion from China and third world countries.

The only Palestinian member of Congress, Rashida Tlaib, was censored for her anti-Semitic rhetoric by House Republicans and Democrats with a vote of 234-188.  The punishment is one step below expulsion from the House.  She should have been ousted like Santos. She’s a Hamas Trojan Horse.

Second Hour Interview

In the second hour of the Hannity interview, House Republicans were brought in and a number of them spoke about various topics. Steve Scalise (R-LA), Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and Tom Emmer (R-MN) are seated next to Speaker Johnson.  Scalise votes with the Constitution 67% of the time, Stefanik 60% and Emmer 70%.

They conversed about border security, Biden and his son, Hunter, energy independence, fiscal sanity, law and order, the rule of law and moral clarity. Hannity asked them about the prospect of domestic terrorism with an open border, the purported weaponization of government, as well as the cognitive state of Joe Biden.

Elise Stefanik is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, as are other House Republicans.  On February 17th, I received a form letter from Speaker Johnson.  He requested that we help his loyal friend, Elise Stefanik win her re-election, as she knows exactly what is at stake in 2024.

Mike Lawler (R-NY) and Byron Donalds (R-FL) were also featured with Speaker Johnson.  Lawler votes with the Constitution only 35% of the time.  As for Byron Donalds, he’s no friend of liberty and freedom.

Donalds, has been working with the Democrats to advance digital currency. At the Collier County Republican Men’s breakfast in July of 2022, Byron Donalds said, “The Democrats have promised it will never be used for tracking law abiding citizens.”

Is he naïve or one of them?  The Stalinist Democrat Party is who put J6ers in prison.  It is why Speaker Johnson courageously blurred the faces of people at the Capitol on January 6th on the portions of the videos released.

However, only .04% of the videos are available to the public.  The House January 6th Committee deleted more than 100 encrypted files days before GOP took majority.  Totally unconstitutional, but then consider who was on the committee.  Johnson is allegedly trying to have those files decrypted.

In October of 2022, at Alfie Oakes’ Seed to Table, another public meeting was held where Donalds again was promoting digital currency.  Alfie Oakes is also promoting the destruction of our 1787 Constitution by advocating an Article V Convention, just like Byron Donalds, Ron DeSantis and Mike Johnson.

Donalds is also tied to Americans for Prosperity, a Koch organization, who are for open borders, gay marriage, abortion and UN Agenda 21/30. LinkLink.  They are also funding and promoting another Constitutional Convention, just like Soros’ Open Society foundations.

A few years ago, Byron’s wife allegedly tried to do a hostile takeover of Mason Classical Academy. There’s a lot of bitterness in the community because they wanted to run the charter school, Mason Classical Academy, which has one of the top ratings in the country.  They did not conceive of the charter school, but had, at one time, been on the board. Kelly Lichter and her husband Nick were the founders. As a state Representative, Byron tried to write bills to make it easier for his wife to accomplish the takeover.

At a Republican Executive Committee meeting a few months ago, Donalds and his top staff member, Larry Wilcoxson, tried to start a public argument and disagreement with Kelly Lichter.  They were backing her leftist opponent. Tensions boiled to such a point that Florida Politics reported it.  A video lasting two minutes and 19 seconds mostly shows Donalds, with staffers Jesse Purdon and Larry Wilcoxson, speaking inaudibly with Lichter in a corner of the store.

Larry Wilcoxson allegedly takes home a six-figure salary.  He is the top aide to Donalds and is his best friend.

Wilcoxson has been arrested multiple times including for child molestation. Link

He was arrested in 2014 for grand theft auto, a third-degree felony. In 2006, he was charged with three counts of child molestation of a 13-year-old girl in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 2008, Wilcoxson was arrested for charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery with a weapon. He had previously been fired for allegedly exposing himself to a female school custodian at Indianapolis’ Donnan Middle School while he was a substitute teacher. In 2006, Collier County records indicate Wilcoxson was the defendant in several traffic cases and a paternity suit.

Many of the family grassroots leaders call this man, Wilcoxson, “Byron’s thug.” Before anyone backs Byron, they need to do their homework, and that includes Donald Trump.

Why choose the neo-con Trotskyites, the WEF members, and the likes of Byron Donalds to speak with Hannity as top Republicans?  Why weren’t true conservative House members like Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Eli Crane (R-AZ), Matt Rosendale (R-MT), Clay Higgins (R-LA), Thomas Massey (R-KY) and a few others featured with Johnson?

Unspoken Issues

The invasion at the southern border should be at the top of concerns, yet everything but the border has been discussed.  Four months has passed since Johnson became speaker, and the border is still wide open.  The filth flowing into our country will vote in the November elections, and the increase in crime is already obvious. Ten million illegal aliens have entered our country under Joe Biden, including Chinese communists, Middle East terrorists, and criminals from third world nations.  It is the Cloward-Piven Marxist strategy to overload the system and collapse the economy.

There was no mention of the alleged 2020 election fraud, the J6 prisoners, the January 6th videos being totally released, how they will succeed in closing the border, health care, our military, the perversion in education, how deeply they will cut spending, who those cuts will impact, and the massive debt.

Donald Trump’s name was never mentioned.

Neither was abortion.

Speaker Johnson had killed the abortion ban in Louisiana in 2022 while serving as US Congressman.  Pastors Jeff Durbin and Brian Gunter discussed exactly how Johnson killed the pro-life bill that would have banned abortion in Louisiana.

You’ll want to see the 26-minute video between these two pastors and how disappointed they were.

Pastor Gunter called Johnson’s tactics, “Pragmatism rather than principle.”

All the national, state and local pro-life groups were against this bill, HB813. (Loss of Louisiana funding?)  Mike told Pastors Durbin and Gunter that he agreed with the bill, but it was the wrong time to pass the legislation since they have a razor-thin majority in the US Congress, the Louisiana state house and the Governorship. That was his excuse.  The Pastors asked, “Is there ever a wrong time to do the right thing?”  Amos 5:15, “Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate: it may be that the Lord God of hosts will be gracious unto the remnant of Joseph.”  Congressman Johnson threatened these Baptist pastors that if they moved forward with this bill, it would damage their careers.

We are 34.4 trillion dollars in debt and the interest payments on that debt dwarfs all other government spending!

A crash will be inevitable.  U.S. National Debt Clock: Real Time (USDebtClock.org)

There is no more time for “business as usual.”

©2024. Kelleigh Nelson. All rights reserved.

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19,000 Israeli Kids Physically or Mentally Injured Since October 7th

A new report shows the devastating impact of the war on the children of the Jewish state. 

An alarming new report demonstrates the devastating impact of the Hamas-led terrorist attack of Oct. 7 and the ensuing war in Gaza on the children of Israel, including nearly 20,000 physically and mentally injured in hostilities.

From Oct. 7 to Feb. 28, the National Insurance Institute recognized 19,407 children as physically or mentally injured, according to the data published by the Child Safety Council on Sunday. About 37% of them (7,257 children) are under the age of 6.

Other notable data points published include 84% of parents responding to a national survey saying that their children aged 2-12 were in emotional distress, 64% reported fear and 62% reported anxiety.

In addition, 116 children were left orphaned after the massacre of some 1,200 people, including 20 kids losing both parents and 96 losing one parent.

Nearly 50,000 children of school age as of December 2023 lived in areas that the government forcefully evacuated after Oct. 7, of whom 17,725 were children of preschool age (up to 6 years old). That is in addition to the many families who voluntarily relocated away from the northern and southern border areas.

As of December, there were 8,000 children who had not been integrated into the education system, and if a military campaign is launched to remove Hezbollah from Southern Lebanon, many more will be evacuated.

There is a shortage of about a thousand educational psychologists and also a shortage of educational counselors, according to the report.

RELATED ARTICLE: Clan-Based ‘Local Committees’ Emerge in Gaza to Replace Hamas

EDITORS NOTE: This JNS – Jewish News Syndicate column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

CDC Finally Admits COVID Is Basically Like Flu

It recommends “cleaner air” and “gathering outdoors..” Everything we said from the outset of 2020.

They shit down our country, stole the election, and forced poisonous vaccines. and fired untold thousands from the private and public sectors, the military for exercising their individual right to personal liberty.

Four Years Late, CDC Admits COVID Is Basically Like Flu

By: Catherine Salgado PJM, March 02, 2024:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just quietly updated its Covid-19 guidance to tell Americans essentially to act as if the virus were the common flu. All of us “conspiracy theorists” who said the same thing back in February 2020 would like an apology.

Ironically, the CDC’s new guidance from March 1 not only recommends good hygiene and vaccination (despite evidence of the COVID vaccine’s serious risks), it recommends “cleaner air” and “gathering outdoors.” Do you remember how many people obediently stayed locked inside or took their walks with masks on during the height of COVID thanks to scare tactics from government agencies such as the CDC? Turns out the age-old tactic of getting fresh air and washing your hands really is the best protection against COVID-19. From the CDC:CDC released today updated recommendations for how people can protect themselves and their communities from respiratory viruses, including COVID-19. The new guidance brings a unified approach to addressing risks from a range of common respiratory viral illnesses, such as COVID-19, flu, and RSV, which can cause significant health impacts and strain on hospitals and health care workers. CDC is making updates to the recommendations now because the U.S. is seeing far fewer hospitalizations and deaths associated with COVID-19 and because we have more tools than ever to combat flu, COVID, and RSV.Other outlets also noticed the switch in rhetoric. “CDC ditches 5-day COVID isolation, argues COVID is becoming flu-like,” Ars Technica reported. “It’s Official: We Can Pretty Much Treat Covid Like the Flu Now. Here’s a Guide,” was Wall Street Journal’s headline. Thank goodness WSJ humbly waited for the CDC to tell them that.

As a brand-new journalist at the start of 2020, I was easily able to hunt down data indicating COVID-19 had about a 99% survival rate for most age groups. Other people did not even need to do research; they just used their powers of observation and common sense to know that COVID-19 basically operated like a bad case of the flu. Those of us who had access to therapeutics like ivermectin recovered more quickly from COVID-19 that we ever had from the flu. Yes, there were areas like nursing homes where many people died, but that is primarily because the proper care was not provided. Ultimately, COVID-19 was not dangerous because it was so deadly; it was dangerous because our political and health authorities made all of the wrong decisions at every step of the way.

When do we get apologies for all the people, especially young people, who committed suicide or did not receive lifesaving healthcare because of COVID restrictions? Where will be the recompense for the lost jobs, scholarships, internships, retirements, school years, graduations, vacations, and all the other necessary or otherwise important functions of life? Will individuals who hysterically drove people out of stores for not having masks or fired employees for not being vaccinated ever admit they were terribly wrong? Our economy was wrecked, our country divided, our rights blatantly violated, and people’s lives permanently damaged by foolish COVID-19 restrictions, which did far more harm than good.

Keep reading.



318% Spike in Sudden Deaths Among Vaxxed Young People

Secret CDC Report: Covid Shots Killed Half Million Children & Young Adults

Covid: Treat it More Like the Flu, New CDC Guidance Suggests – Wall Street Journal

Fired Covid Nurse Goes Public, Exposes Mass Vaccine Deaths

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The ‘American Renaissance Network’ Launched: Mission — ‘Elect Trump’

“Darkness must fall before we are aware of the majesty of stars above our heads. It was necessary for this dark hour to fall, perhaps the darkest in history, to make us realize that freedom is as vital to our soul as breathing to our body… It is for us today, those to whom words are granted, in the midst of a reeling, half-devastated world, to maintain in spite of everything faith in a moral force,  confidence in the invincibility of the spirit.” —essayist Stefan Zweig 1932.

Chris Wright’s “American Renaissance Network” is now live!

According to the American Renaissance Network website,

American Renaissance Network

Where the Grassroots Right Organizes to Take Down the American Left

Job 1 — Elect Trump. ARN doesn’t care if he has to run his presidency from a jail cell. We’re still voting for him. The indictments are all novel theories, never attempted in court before, from a bunch of Democrat partisan hack prosecutors. Either the Deep State runs this country, or we do. Popular Sovereignty, Self-Governance, a Free People — it’s all on the line, right now. Let’s show them who’s in charge — We The People.

There’s Nobody Here But Us

Don’t count on the professional Right to save your bacon. They do some good work, but they are more concerned with their own paychecks and reputations than with saving the country. They won’t lift a finger without grant money, and they leave the field the minute the grant money runs out. Only the grassroots Right has the reach and the staying power to get the job done. That’s the way it was meant to be — ordinary citizens maintaining the Republic. We can do it, but we have to organize — effectively.

Popular Sovereignty

Self-rule by We the People is a truly revolutionary idea and required the American colonists to fight a long, bloody war to turn the idea into reality for the first time in human history. Now, the regressive Authoritarian Left wants to turn the clock back to a time when another King George and his henchmen take away our self-governance and rule over us. But We the People will not give up our sovereignty. To better understand popular sovereignty and the founding ideas that made America great, read the Instant Graduate Degree in Political Science from Potomac Tea Party.

Here are two video exposés on the American Renaissance Network,

Hard-Hitting Video on Fentanyl Deaths and Joe Biden’s Open Borders Policies by Dr. Dan Eichenbaum

Climate Change Hysteria – What Will Happen To You When the Lights Go Out? by Dr. Dan Eichenbaum

Visit Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum

©2024. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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UK: 74% of Transgender Prisoners Found to be Sex Offenders or Violent Criminals

Last year, the UK government-staffed organization — the Pride in Prison & Probation (PIPP) group — which advances an aggressive LGBTQ agenda, called it “transphobic” to discuss the issue of protecting women in prisons from biological males. Now comes the news that “nearly three-quarters of all transgender prison inmates in Britain were convicted of sexual offences or other violent crimes.” It should go without saying that women should not be put in harm’s way for the sake of political correctness; but this is not clear to those who value “gender affirmation” more than the safety of women.

Former prison governor Rhona Hotchkiss states below that “the vast majority of men who identify as transgender in prison did not do so before they came into contact with the justice system.” In other words, these biological males are perverts with nefarious intentions, which should have been obvious.

Last year, after many unfortunate assaults, the UK finally stopped allowing “transgender women with male genitalia…to be held in mainstream women’s prisons.” But of course it wasn’t the trans activists from the Pride in Prison & Probation (PIPP) group and their ilk who suffered the consequences of their own destructive activism.

74 Per Cent of UK Trans Prisoners Are Sex Offenders or Violent Criminals

by Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart, February 28, 2024:

Nearly three-quarters of all transgender prison inmates in Britain were convicted of sexual offences or other violent crimes, which campaigners say demonstrates the dangers of housing biological males in female prisons.

According to Ministry of Justice figures, 74 per cent of British transgender prisoners, or 181 out of 244, were convicted of sex offences including rape and child sexual assaults. The data, reported by The Telegraph, goes on to say that currently 144 biologically male transgender prisoners are being housed in male prisons in Britain compared to five being housed in female jails.

The figures were revealed after a whistleblower complained of a violent male claiming to be transgender was put in a female prison. “She was not huge but very athletic and very strong and had all the physical features of a man. She was a bully and was very threatening and intimidating,” the insider said.

“The belief that she should have been housed in a male prison was unanimous, not just among the prisoners but also the staff,” she added.

Commenting on the need for prisoners to be separated by sex, former prison governor Rhona Hotchkiss said: “It is always an issue to have males who identify as women in women’s prisons. It’s not necessarily always the physical threat that they experience but the re-traumatisation because many women in prison are already traumatised at the hands of men. They are also faced with constant gaslighting when they are forced to call these men ‘she’.

“The vast majority of men who identify as transgender in prison did not do so before they came into contact with the justice system.”…

Continue reading.



TRANS-TERROR: Lakewood Church Shooter Identified As Transgender Immigrant

Ohio Becomes 23rd State to Protect Minors from the Transgender Industry

Feminism Is the Mother of Transgenderism

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Democrat Senator Calls Pedophiles ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ Advocates for CHILD SEX DOLLS

The Democrat party is evil.

Good decent people should not be forced to live under their rule.

The election system has been hijacked by the Democrat party of treason.

Where is our George Washington?

Kentucky Democrat Proposes Child Sex Dolls for Pedophiles

By James Bickerton • US News Reporter

A Democratic state senator from Kentucky has suggested providing “child sex dolls” to pedophiles in a bid to reduce the chance of them abusing children.

Speaking at the Kentucky General Assembly on Thursday, Senator Karen Berg said there was research suggesting the dolls “actually decrease their proclivity to go out and attack children.” The remarks sparked an angry backlash on social media with one prominent commentator accusing Berg of “sexualizing kids and defending pedophiles.”

The Context

There is an ongoing debate involving academics and politicians over whether child sex dolls could help prevent assaults on children or whether they act as a gateway for potential abusers. Republican Representative Dan Donovan has twice introduced legislation in the House that would make the “importation or transportation of child sex dolls” illegal, while others have called for an outright ban.

What We Know

During her address in the Kentucky General Assembly, Berg said: “I was completely unfamiliar with child sex dolls, so I had of course to Google it last night…

“But there are what they call ‘MAPS,’ Minor Attracted Persons and the limited amount of research that’s done on these dolls suggests that they actually, for people who are attracted to minors, that these dolls actually decrease their proclivity to go out and attack children.

“That it actually gives them a release that makes them less likely to go outside of their home and what was interesting is the research did not support the same conclusions for people who were adult attracted using dolls.”

Footage of Berg’s remarks was shared on X, formerly Twitter, by Robby Starbuck, a conservative-leaning activist who produced the Elon Musk-endorsed documentary The War on Children. The clip has so far received more than 595,000 views and 3,100 reposts from other X users.

Continue reading.



The Deep State’s #1 Priority is to Legalize Anal and Vaginal Sex with Underaged Boys and Girls

Did You Know That Charles Darwin’s 10 Children Were The Products of An Incestuous Relationship?

Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Paul Charged with Possession of Child Pornography and Crack Cocaine

The ‘Transgender Revolution’: Sexual Anarchy in the Catholic Church, Boy Scouts of America and Public Schools

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‘Centuries’ of Christian Tradition on ‘Sanctity of Human Life’ Pitted against Left’s ‘Worldview of Death’

“This whole kerfuffle in Alabama has revealed … the worldview of the Left, which is a worldview of death. And they’re really running with this like they ran after the Dobbs decision,” David Closson, director of Family Research Council’s Center for Biblical Worldview, said on “Washington Watch” Tuesday. “This is not like a one-off,” agreed FRC President Tony Perkins. “The worldview has been revealed. And I think it’s becoming clearer and clearer.”

Enraged by an Alabama Supreme Court decision recognizing the value of all unborn human life, the left-wing media has attempted to carefully curate camera angles of the controversy, so as to portray a hamster as a hippo. First, they launched a scaremongering campaign falsely alleging that Republicans are targeting in vitro fertilization (IVF). Then, Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) opportunistically promoted a bill that wouldn’t so much protect IVF as it would legalize other anti-human practices, such as human cloning, human-animal chimeras, designer babies, and commercial gestational surrogacy.

To browbeat timid opponents into playing along with the charade, the Left trumped up fears of “theocracy” based on a non-binding concurring opinion. “The hand-wringing on the Left … isn’t actually on the majority decision,” Closson noted, but on “a concurring opinion that the chief justice wrote.”

Fear prevents people from thinking clearly, and that’s exactly what the Left is hoping for. If legislators had a moment to sit back and reflect, they would likely realize that “there are moral and spiritual, theological implications here,” said Perkins.

In fact, “There’s a long history within Christian ethics of looking at IVF and saying that … it’s morally fraught,” said Closson. IVF is a process designed for helping infertile couples conceive a child by combining egg and sperm in a laboratory, and then implanting the newly created human life back into the mother’s womb. “As Christians, we believe that at conception, when that sperm and egg come together, you have a human being.”

However, many IVF practitioners create far more embryos than would ever be gestated. “Usually it’s a dozen, maybe even more embryos” that are created, explained Closson. “They selectively choose which ones to implant in the woman.” Of these, all but one will likely be aborted. “Then the others are stored in freezer,” added Closson, resulting today in “millions of frozen embryos in freezers all over the country.” Many are never used and ultimately destroyed.

Despite the moral and ethical pitfalls of IVF, the Alabama Supreme Court did not prohibit the practice, nor even regulate it. All they said was a law protecting children from harm applied to all children, including embryos conceived via IVF. And, in a concurring opinion, Chief Justice Tom Parker added his commentary on the Alabama Constitution’s recognition of the “sanctity of unborn life.”

“That phrase, ‘sanctity of [unborn] life,’ appears in the Alabama Constitution. So, just being a good lawyer, [Parker] said, ‘Where did these words come from? What do these words mean?’ And so, he explored the Christian tradition of understanding sanctity of life, image of God,” Closson summarized.

Closson found it humorous that mainstream media accounts made the mistake of sneering at Parker’s opinion for “quoting 16th-century dead theologians like John Calvin and whatnot.” All their derision proved is that “Christians have been thinking about these issues for a very long time,” he pointed out. “It’s not that we just thought of these in a right-wing think tank last week. We’ve been thinking deeply about these issues for centuries.”

This is humorous because the Left doesn’t realize how far outclassed they are by centuries of brilliant minds. They don’t realize it because they never had to engage with that ancient tradition. Their thinking descends from Karl Marx, and while they might engage with some of his immediate intellectual forebearers (Rousseau, Darwin, Mill), they have little use for a tradition that had already grown wizened before those men were born. “The problem we’re seeing today is the absence of moral truth,” said Perkins. “There are no ethics that are standard and steadfast. It’s a Wild, Wild West.”

One implication of this ethical anarchy is the absence of any limits on what science should do. Just as researchers for the Chinese Communist Party continue to bioengineer deadlier coronaviruses and chimerical monkeys, so the American Left displays an apparent preference for pedantic, utilitarian reasoning over fundamental human rights. Duckworth’s bill would be a go-ahead signal to a lot of ethically dubious research.

“Just because science enables us to do something doesn’t mean we should do it,” argued Perkins. “We should be concerned about both the means and the ends of where this would lead us. And it needs to be guided by biblical truth, by morality … [and by] ethics.”

The fundamental reason why Christians believe all human life is valuable is that “God created man in his own image” (Genesis 1:27). To every human being, this reality imparts “transcendent value,” insisted Perkins. “It’s not value assigned to it. It is value that is inherent in it because it is created in the image of God.”

The road to pushing for designer babies, chimeras, cloning, and surrogacy begins by denying the fundamental reality that all human beings have inherent value because they bear God’s image.

“We need to start calling out a lie for what it is. It is a lie,” Perkins insisted. “Understanding is the first step, but having the confidence of that understanding gives us the ability to push back and say, ‘No, this is not true. It is not right, it is false.’”

Conservatives “playing defense” over the sanctity of unborn life don’t seem to realize that ours is the inherently stronger position. For centuries, Western civilization’s brightest minds have helped develop the implications of this doctrine, which is absolute truth. What does rootless, groundless, post-modern Marxism have to offer in comparison?

The current circumstances are as if the presidential motorcade was suddenly set upon by a gang of youths throwing pea gravel. Exiting the vehicle would be foolish, and waving a white flag would be irresponsible. If conservatives recognize and exploit the advantages of our position, the smear campaign against those standing up for the lives of unborn babies — including those conceived via IVF — can accomplish nothing.


Joshua Arnold

Joshua Arnold is a senior writer at The Washington Stand.

EDITORS NOTE: This Washington Stand column is republished with permission. All rights reserved. ©2024 Family Research Council.

The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.

10 Times as Many Teachers Say Trans, CRT Lessons Hurt Rather Than Help Schools

A new survey reveals a cavernous gap between teachers’ unions and the views of most parents, teenagers, and teachers on whether public schools should teach LGBT ideology to students — and whether parents should have the right to opt their children out of those classes.

While elite teachers’ unions such as the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) believe schools should teach sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) classes to children, their customers — parents and students — disagree, as do many of their members, according to a series of new polls released last week.

More than 10 times as many teachers said debates over LGBT ideology, including sexual orientation and gender ideology, “have had a negative impact on their ability to do their job,” compared to 4% who said they improve learning, according to the Pew Research Center: 41% to 4%. Social Studies and English teachers were the most likely to say SOGI topics harmed their teaching time; they were also the classes most likely to discuss those issues, the survey found.

Yet some left-wing activists are working to change that. MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, donated $10 million to a group that instructs math teachers to “infuse social justice into mathematics.”

Teachers, Parents, and Students Do Not Want LGBTQIA+ Issues in the Classroom

Half of all teachers say “students should not learn” about gender identity issues in school, including 62% of elementary school teachers, 45% of middle school teachers, and 35% of high school teachers. Among those who believe the school should weigh in on such divisive topics, 33% of teachers say gender “can be different than sex assigned at birth,” while 14% believe in biological sex. More than twice as many elementary teachers believe transgender ideology as believe in biology; the proportion reaches three-to-one among high school teachers (45% vs. 15%).

The poll apparently shows those supportive of transgender beliefs are more likely to address the topic in school. Just under one-in-three teachers say sexual orientation or transgender ideology come up occasionally (21%) or frequently (9%). But teachers who belong to the Democratic Party were 15 points more likely to confess that LGBT issues creep into their classrooms than Republican teachers (36% to 21%).

Although a plurality (48%) of teachers believe parents should be able to opt their children out of transgender ideology indoctrination classes, one-third of instructors believed such classes should be compulsory.

“On both topics, parents’ views were more evenly split than the views of teachers,” according to the Pew survey. For instance, a majority of parents (54%) believe they should be able to determine whether teachers can subject their children to trans ideology.

The largest percentage of teens do not want to hear about LGBT ideology in the classroom, either: 48% say the topics should not be taught at school. Teens are also slightly more likely to believe in biological sex than in transgenderism (26% vs. 25%). But Democratic students are 525% more likely than Republican students to say gender identity is not tied to physiognomy.

Teenage students are more likely to feel uncomfortable hearing about transgender or sexual orientation issues than feel comfortable (33% vs. 29%). More than twice as many Republican students are more likely to feel uncomfortable hearing about such topics than to feel comfortable.

Only 14% of all teens say transgenderism or homosexuality “has never come up in any of their classes.”

The poll seems to indicate many teachers believe parents have too much say in their children’s education. While a plurality of teachers said parents had “the right amount” of influence, teachers were more likely to say parents had “too much influence” than not enough (32% to 19%). Democrats were 42% more likely than Republicans to believe parents had too much influence.

Republican-leaning teachers are more likely to honor parents’ views on these subjects, the poll found: 69% of Republican teachers say schools should not be in the business of teaching LGBT issues, and 80% say parents should decide whether their children attend such classes. Half of Democratic teachers say public school LGBT classes should be mandatory, and 53% say schools should teach transgender ideology.

A strong majority of teachers (58%) belongs to the Democratic Party, Pew noted.

Asian and “[w]hite Democrats are more likely than [b]lack and Hispanic Democrats to say parents should not be able to opt their children out of learning about sexual orientation and gender identity,” Pew stated. In all, 53% of Asian Democrats and “six-in-ten [w]hite Democrats say this, compared with 42% of Hispanic Democrats and 34% of [b]lack Democrats.” A plurality of black Democrats say parents should be able to opt out of LGBT indoctrination (46%, compared to 34% who oppose it).

Teachers’ Unions Out of Touch with Students, Poll Shows

The views of teachers, parents, and students strongly conflict with the stance of the nation’s largest teachers’ unions, the three-million-member NEA and the 1.5-million-member AFT. The NEA provides model legislation to teach LGBT ideology in public schools and carries out numerous training sessions to promote gender ideology to teachers.

The NEA’s “Pronoun Guide” includes “Ze, Zim, Zir, Zay or Zee.” It urges teachers, “Inspire and encourage your student” with its two-page list of “LGBT+-affirming books.” It instructs teachers in 33 states how they can obtain a free “Rainbow Library” from GLSEN.

“You can use your work environment,” e.g., the classroom, “to show support for students of all backgrounds — for example, by hanging a Black Lives Matter poster or Pride flag or making clear that you will use a student’s personal gender pronouns,” the NEA advises teachers.

The union’s leadership has strongly emphasized its commitment to radical LGBTQ advocacy, regardless of parental objections or, seemingly, state law. “We will say gay! We will say trans!” bellowed NEA President Becky Pringle at the group’s 2022 Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly, taking aim at the popular “Parental Rights in Education” law, signed into law by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), who went on to win a rousing double-digit reelection months later. The bill says teachers may not “encourage classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity” before the fourth grade. The NEA stated its union members would “validate our students,” presumably when children’s gender choice conflicts with their parents’ values.

The NEA’s chief union rival, the AFT, “also coached its members on how to inject gender identity politics into the classroom,” found a report from the Defense of Freedom Institute. The AFT’s Together Educating America’s Children (TEACH) conference last July held sessions on “Affirming LGBTQIA+ Identities in and out of the Classroom” and “The TGNCNB [Transgender, Gender-Nonconforming, Nonbinary] Inclusive School and Classroom.”

Teachers in Tennessee’s Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, which strongly supported President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, learned that the U.S. operates as a “system of oppression” that confers “privilege status” on “white,” “able-bodied,” “men, cisgendered,” “heterosexual,” “Christian” Americans; but the U.S. allegedly brands an “oppression status” on any “person of color”; “woman, trans, nonbinary, genderqueer,” “LGBQ+, polyamorous”; and people whose religious views are “pagan.”

The LGBTQ movement’s advocacy goes outside the classroom to the restroom, locker room — even the hotel room. Last summer, teachers at Governor’s Ranch Elementary School in Littleton, Colorado, attempted to force a fifth-grade girl to share a bed with a boy who identified as a girl on an overnight field trip. Last July, the AFT adopted a resolution supporting “inclusive” policies allowing men to access female facilities, “including, but not limited to, bathrooms and locker rooms.” AFT President Randi Weingartenwalked away from a reporter who asked her about girls who do not feel safe undressing in front of boys in their locker rooms.

“Both teacher unions ignore the reality that most teachers want to teach, not affirm a student’s gender identity, either due to their personal values or their beliefs that doing so oversteps their authority and encroaches on the role of parents,” says the Defense of Freedom Institute.


Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is senior reporter and editor at The Washington Stand.

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‘No Federal Right To An Abortion’: Idaho GOP Members Lead Amicus Brief Supporting Pro-Life SCOTUS Case

Idaho Republican Sen. Jim Risch and fellow GOP Rep. Russ Fulcher filed an amicus brief Tuesday with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of defending the state’s pro-life case against the Biden administration, the Daily Caller learned first.

In a press release obtained by the Daily Caller, two leading Republicans were joined by the state’s entire delegation, along with 24 U.S. senators, and 93 U.S. representatives, to advocate for the pro-life law, the Defense of Life Act, after the Biden Administration previously attempted to override it. Prior to the GOP leaders’ move, an opening brief was filed with the U.S. Supreme Court on Feb. 20 by the state’s Republican Attorney General Raúl Labrador asking the high court to intervene in a legal battle between federal officials, motivating Republican leaders to also push for the case.

“Idahoans have passed a strong law to protect the lives of mothers and the unborn, yet the Biden administration is seeking every opportunity to expand abortion. This administration cherrypicked pieces of existing statute and wrongfully reinterpreted it to fit their agenda,” Risch stated. “Their manipulation of federal law cannot usurp state law, and there is no federal right to an abortion. This amicus brief demonstrates how the administration’s substantial federal overreach is aimed at undermining pro-life protections not only in Idaho but around the nation.”

In 2020, Idaho enacted a measure that made it a felony for doctors to perform most abortions, with exceptions when “necessary to prevent the death of the pregnant woman” or within the first trimester if the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest. Following Roe v. Wade’s overturning in June 2022, the law came into effect. However, nearly two months later in August, the Justice Department sued the state over the measure.

The Biden administration claimed that the state was in violation of the Constitution and was ultimately prevented by the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA). However, the state claims that there is not only no conflict between EMTALA and Idaho’s law, but also argues that the Biden administration is attempting to “rewrite” the health act to prevent the state from enforcing the pro-life law, according to Labrador.

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EMTALA, enacted by Congress in 1986, requires hospitals with emergency departments to provide any patient with a medical examination and prohibits the departments from “refusing to examine or treat individuals with an emergency medical condition.” Notably, while there is a duty to pregnant women and the “health” of her unborn child within EMTALA, there is no mention of abortion.

While the state continued its back-and-forth legal battle with the Ninth Circuit panel, by January, SCOTUS ultimately placed a stay on two cases, Moyle v. United States and Idaho v. United States, that were impacted by the Biden administration.

“The case of Moyle v. United States and Idaho v. United States involves an elective, induced abortion which is against Idaho law,” Fulcher stated. “The Biden administration has no authority to use EMTALA to avoid holding these individuals accountable for breaking the law, and this sets a precedence that is harmful to women and children around the country.”

The GOP leaders are seeking to have the amicus brief clarify EMTALA’s correct definition, proper federal use, and the determination of no Constitutional right to an abortion based on the SCOTUS ruling within Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health. Additional supporting organizations behind the legal move are: Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, National Right to Life, March for Life Action, Americans United for Life, Alliance Defending Freedom, Family Research Council, Catholic Vote, Concerned Women for America, Family Policy Alliance and Human Coalition Action.

“The Supreme Court has ruled it is the states’ ability to protect the right to life, yet the Biden Administration continues to exercise federal overreach to advance its abortion agenda,” state Republican Sen. Mike Crapo stated. “The Administration must stop its ongoing attacks on state-issued pro-life protections, including in Idaho.”

Arguments for the cases are set to appear before SCOTUS during their April session.



General assignment reporter.


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