The Roots of Global Instability—Russia’s Fascist Regime

If you still have illusions about Russia, you would never be able to understand a global war against Western civilization and American capitalism, waged by the Terrorist State of Russia since the 20th century. The economic wellbeing of America depends on our knowledge of the danger of global instability, because today, we are copying the Europe of 1939. Yes, the Europe of Hitler’s Germany began WWII to expand FASCISM globally. We won WWII, losing millions of young men and women.  We should prevent the next war by all possible ways. It is a Must!

Germany took the process of Denazification very seriously; Russia has missed it. Denazification is the term used to describe the process of removing Nazis and Nazism from public life in Germany and across occupied Europe following the fall of the Third Reich after WWII. The Russian KGB, which Russian people called the Soviet Gestapo, is alive, well, and flourishing in the Russian Federation today.

As a former Soviet defense attorney, I dedicated my life to tell you the truth that you don’t know to save our beloved America the Beautiful. I am writing and warning you about our Chief enemy for the last forty-three years. My major subject is Stalinism and its Intelligence Apparatus. The reason is simple—Stalinist Socialist agenda and objectives have been a destruction of Western civilization and American Capitalism to spread globally his ideology and system of Soviet Socialism, which I called  Soviet Fascism. Stalin assigned his Intel to manage the task globally. And his Intel has been very successful by spreading the ideology of Soviet Fascism globally.

In my writing I use the term the KGB, a predecessor of the current FSB as a representative of the entire Russian Intel. Watching it for forty-three years, its activities and tremendous success globally, it was growing up accordingly and becoming the KGB’s Mafia/Army—the Evil Doer. Due to the rise of anti-Semitism globally, I also was driven to use the term, the new “Axis of Evil” –the countries under the Russian umbrella, overturned to the ideology of Soviet Fascism. History has given us a list of countries inverted to Soviet Socialism in the 20th century: Mongolia, North Korea, China, Syria, and some Central America’s countries, and Turkey are on the way there. That process has been developed by Putin with double force, speed, and a new strategy for oil: Venezuela and Iran had been added to the new “Axis of Evil ” in 21st century.

​Americans have a hundred questions and nobody in the leadership is answering any of them. They don’t know the truth or cover it up. Americans see that the world has dramatically changed, but they don’t know why. They don’t know that the team of Biden’s Socialists of the White House in cahoots with Putin implements the system of Soviet Socialism in America. I have published a book Socialist Revolution in America, XLIBRIS, 2021. But no one on TV, radio or print is discussing it. Nobody in America knows it, knows Russian History, Vladimir Putin and his Intel Apparatus that successfully waged that revolution. Yet, knowledge of all these is the answer to global instability and a current chaos in America.

The first requirement is the awareness of Stalinist Military Doctrine and two his postulates for the generations. The first is Socialist modus operandi: lies, deception, fabrication and fraud. Watch Biden’s team, they are all using Socialist modus operandi, deceiving you. The second is ““Never admit a crime committed, instead accuse your opponent of that exact crime.”  Putin is a devoted disciple of the Stalin/Andropov ideology that is alive and well and Stalin is the major hero in Russia. Please, recall the recent eight years of the Dem’s fiasco accusing Trump collusion with Russia. They did it to cover up that exact crime they had committed before and used Stalinist recommendations to cover it up. Watch Democrats in February 2024, they will repeat again accusations of Trump’s collusion with Russia, not having any other arguments, but—Russian election interference…

What an irony of life! Russian election interference has been existing in reality. Actually, Russian election interference was taking place on behalf of Biden’s Democrats since 2018, 2020, and 2022. Yes, and this is the reason I am writing and warning you about the KGB’s Mafia/Army for forty-three years, showing identical patterns. The Evil Doer has successfully pierced the White House, like it did to all other countries of the new “Axis of Evil,” which means Vladimir Putin runs America. Knowing the KGB’s Mafia/Army intent, I’ve told you that the Afghanistan surrender has been designed by Putin and executed by Biden’s White House in 2021.Then in 2021, I had known about Putin/Biden collusion and wrote several columns about their collaboration in suffocating the young Ukrainian democracy in 2014-2015.

Now eight years later, we have more evidence of their collusion. Let’s start with the International Invasion of American soil. First, Mexico is a failed State, infiltrated by Stalin in the 20th century. It was a skillfully concocted operation to provide for the future infiltration to Mexico by the Russian Intel. Read the story of the Spanish orthents brought to Russia after the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 and trained by the KGB for decades. It is not Mexican Cartels, but Russian Cartels in Mexico, that are directing the army of different gangs, like MS-13 to commit crime in America. I was discussing the story for years, the latest column is following: The Putin/Biden Plot Against America’s Constitutional Republic — Part II January 22, 2024

Yes, this is the Putin/Biden Plot Against America’s Constitutional Republic. The plot has a clear same intent for both sides. As of January 25, 2024, President Joe Biden (D) had signed 128 executive orders, 166 presidential memoranda, 552 proclamations, and 109 notices. Watching and listening to Biden, please, think about it. What objectives does the White House pursue by all mentioned above actions? The answer is clear,  Biden demolished American capitalism for the last three years plus the crisis on the border with millions of migrants entering America every day. Isn’t it a clear intent to complete the task of destruction of American capitalism with help of the KGB’s Mafia/Army? Yes, it is! Moreover, be ready for a new danger and outrage—“Migrant Crime,” different gangs like MS-13, a part of the Russian Cartels system of organized crime.

Knowing the new “Axis of Evil” and its activities, we now can confirm a complete identity and unity of both sides. It was a direct duty of the FBI and CIA to expose the actions against the American political system. They failed us. Can you now perceive a negative impact of the Democrats’ foreign policy on the U.S. national security? The Democrat’s collusion with the Russian Intel has a global implication and started decades ago. The KGB’s Mafia/Army is a managing mechanism of the new “Axis of Evil.” The international invasion from 120 countries is also organized by the KGB. As I stated before, the KGB is a Russian terrorist agency, a global terrorist agency and now it is involving the Democrat’s, Biden’s America in its orbit, influencing both foreign and domestic American policies.

Let me give you an example of Stalinist influence on our domestic affairs. “We have been subjected to so many lies, deceptions, disinformation and fraud by agitators and provocateurs for years that most people are disoriented and puzzled. Who is doing that to us? The answer is America’s Socialist Party through its Socialist Charlatans. They are preaching hate to cover-up the crime they have committed for several decades.

Stalinist Political Correctness is a mechanism of preventing the Truth from getting out. It is aimed at hiding or masking the Truth. Political Correctness is a monumental weapon to destroy successful capitalism and the political system left to us by the Founding Fathers. America’s Socialist Party (Democrats) has used PC against the American Republic and conservative Republicans for decades…

The issue of Abortion has a long history which grew as a snowball to the gigantic cultural fraud due to PC. The premise is clear—prevention of pregnancy. Be attentive to the premise—prevention of pregnancy. The Charlatans just moved the time span one bit further and the Republicans, as usual, swallowed the fraudulent hook.

The real pregnancy comes to life by the sexual act and the actual choice is the prevention of that sexual act. The partners, especially a woman, have a choice before a sexual act. It is action taken before the sexual act that prevents pregnancy and not actions after the fact. Using Stalinist PC, Democrat-Charlatans just reprogrammed the human mind, moving the time span and making the choice after the sexual act, which is a fraud. The abortion issue has become a tool for the Democrats to undermine our traditional culture, and our set of values. Just count the disproportional murder of black fetuses and fatherless black families to see the enormous cultural implications of this leftist fraud. Unfortunately, this fraud has affected all ethnic groups in America. “ Abortion and Other Socialist Plans to Destroy America October 3, 2020

I hope Republicans read this column and some of them will awake from hibernation and learn the truth. They should read all my columns to grasp the environment of Socialist Mafia in America. Yes, Socialist Mafia established by the KGB’s Mafia/Army within the Democrat party. I disagree with @NYPOST, it is not a “Nursing home reunion,” but a dangerous creation of Socialist Mafia in America, a-la the Soviet Mafia in Russia.


Biden, Pelosi clutch hands as they gingerly walk across San Francisco tarmac: ‘Nursing home reunion’.

Please, read my column: The Democrat Party: America’s Socialist Mafia February 6, 2024.

Biden, Pelosi, and other Dems leaders, Socialist Charlatans of the party are responsible for all troubles America has experienced today. In short: Pelosi as a Speaker of the House saw Biden running for President in 2019 and 2020. She heard his gaffs and saw him mentally unable to focus on the issues and his memory loss. Yet, Socialist Mafia and its Socialist Charlatans have been using the Evil Doer help to make a senile Socialist Biden the U. S. President, who deceives you every day reading a prompter written by his Socialist staff. My columns remind you how Socialist Charlatans were dismantling America’s Law and Order and setting up Soviet Fascism’s system of lawlessness under the supervision of the KGB’s Mafia/Army. Overwhelming heinous crime and a “Migrant Crime” are changing the face of America.

The connection with the past is all over today and Russia is much stronger than fifty years ago. Personal trafficking started by the KGB in Russia under the Warsaw Pact in East Europe, where blond Slovak,  Polish, and Czech girls had been sold to the Islamic countries—the friendship with Islam started then, when Stalin married Islam and Communist ideology. Don’t be surprised by the same trafficking on our Southern border, where Russian Cartels attacking America with different trafficking’s—the same patterns. Easer Arafat was recruited by the KGB in 1957. The same Soviet past comes to mind when we recall the Cuban ship Mariel boatlift with criminals and mentally ill people heading to America in October 1980. It was an intentionally designed criminal invasion. Today we have the same, but the intent has changed. The Putin/Biden collusion prepared for a war today that is why we see on the border a lot of young single men from the countries of the “Axis of Evil,” trained for war.

I am warning you again: read my columns or books, learn information you don’t know and be ready for war. War is a very threatening word, but we are now at three wars: Russia on Ukraine, Hamas-Israel war, and Democrats war against Republicans. However, knowing Russian history and its Intel, we can partially solve the problem. Yes, only partially, but it is a beginning to the right direction to solution. In fact, those three wars are inextricably connected to each other, because they are waged against Western civilization by the same aggressor—Soviet Fascism. There is, in fact, one war with the same target—the free world and American capitalism waged by the Socialist/Communist “Axis of Evil” under Russia’s umbrella for years. Read my column: The KGB’s Roots and Pedigrees October 19, 2017, p. 10

Hamas is a terrorist organization. By reading my columns or books, you will learn Stalin’s testament to the world Communists to start a friendship with Muslims of Iran and spread it to the entire Middle East. All Russian leaders have followed his will. Terrorist gangs of Taliban, al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and  others had been infiltrated by the Russian Intel and supervised by Russia for 60-70 years. Russia has established ISIS and other terror groups in the 21st century. The Hamas-Israel War is the Russian war against Western civilization. For your information: the term “Two States” for Israel and Palestine had been designed by the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov. Biden’s current policy for cease-fire betraying Israel and helping Hamas and Russia. Listen to Gen Keith Kellogg, he is giving an objective, professional opinion on this war.

The Russia War on Ukraine is a complete repetition of Hamas-Israel War, the Democrat’s policy colluding with Russia. My heart is with Ukraine, but…it will never win the war against Russia. Negotiation, and the sooner the better. Reading my columns, you will learn how the KGB was infiltrating the Dem’s party with the help of the “Squad’ and turning it toward Socialism. We are dealing with the Party of Socialist Charlatans today. Some of them had colluded with Russia personally like the CIA Director, John Brennan, who helped Russia to manage al-Qaeda terrorist group, while Biden gives us the theatrical performances of “climate change,” reading a prompter with the information from Putin. To grasp the Ballot Factor, pleas, read my column: Russian/Chinese Intel: Carousel and COVID-19 in America, December 21, 2020

Dr. Phil is right. Covid has devastated our children, depriving them of schooling for two years. Yes, it has happened in the 21st century, when China joined Russia and Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism, had spread across the globe, threatening freedom and democracy. Today is the end of February  2024. It was a spectacular month. We could read my columns and see alive Socialist Charlatans. The parade started with the interview of the Globalist—Socialist Charlatan, Vladimir Putin. He propagandized a world community using Socialist modus operandi and presented himself as a savior of the world and Ukraine as a Fascist State. Then, the stage had been taken by Socialist Charlatans of New York, Washington D.C. and Georgia. You saw all of them, their arrogance and condescension deceiving you. There was the entire Prosecutor Office on trial in Georgia. American Patriots hope that the U.S. Supreme Court will stop the American Chaos. I hope, too, despite the information that two Supreme Court Justices have ties with the KGB and their name is not Sotomayor.

My Fellow Americans!

When you hear a name Russia—think Oil, Terror and Fascism.

When you hear a name Putin—think the KGB, Murders, and Assassinations.

When you hear the name Ukraine—think about a largest  country in Europe, without which, there will never be the Great Russian Empire.

When you hear the term of a new “Axis of Evil” — think WWIII.

You need those four suggestions to grasp the events happening globally in February 2024. They are all connected, calculated, and determine our future. The economic wellbeing of America depends on our knowledge of the danger of global instability.

To be continued www.simonapipko and at

©2024. Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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Anti-Zionist Jews: Fringe Voices

It’s time we ridicule them.

Since the Soviet Union, the Arab League boycott, and the Iranian Revolution, antisemites have tried to hide their anti-Jewish bigotry behind politically acceptable “anti-Zionism.”

Get two Jews in a room, get three opinions. True of most things, but one thing most Jews agree on is that Israel is the indigenous homeland of the Jewish people and that their connection to it is a core tenet of their Jewish identity. Despite this majoritarian view, there is a loud minority of radical anti-Israel Jewish voices. Although unrepresentative of the broad Jewish community, our detractors and the media weaponize them, turning them into “token Jews” used to attack Israel and sow division within the Jewish community. It’s time we ridicule them.

From the Soviet Union to the Arab League Boycott, from the Iranian Revolution to October 7th and anti-Israel protests today, antisemites attempt to hide their anti-Jewish bigotry behind politically acceptable “anti-Zionism”. Jews who support this charade willingly provide political cover for this generation’s loudest and proudest antisemites.

The normalization of anti-Zionist Jews in public life has three glaring issues:

1. Israel-hatred doesn’t exempt you from the Jewish collective future

Jewish life in the diaspora is directly dependent on the continued survival and flourishing of the Jewish state. Groups like Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), and If Not Now (INN), deploy and weaponize their Jewish identity in their anti-Israel activism. The effect? The re-assurance of non-Jewish groups that anyone can target Israel without fear of alienating the “Jewish community”. JVP and INN are a collection of radical left, mostly Jewish ideologues who use their ancestry to leverage attacks against Israel. They cite Jewish ritual, reference texts, and use our people’s language to validate their radical attacks against the homeland of the Jewish people, the state of Israel.

What they fail to realize is that their misplaced activism allows virulent antisemites to turn them into useful idiots. They’re ephemeral political fronts weaponized by antisemites until they no longer serve their purpose. Antisemites hate all Jews – “good Jews” or “bad Jews”, those from the right and from the left alike. So, if Israel ceases to exist, as JVP and INN desire, where will these Jews turn when antisemites inevitably turn on them? By normalizing and validating the progressive movement’s exclusion of Zionist Jews (most Jews) they are essentially digging their own graves.

JVP and INN should forever be contextualized properly and referred to for what they are – useful jesters for Jew haters around the globe. And once contextualized, they should be ridculed.

2. Institutions empowering “token” Jews endanger all Jews 

Radical leftist orthodoxy continues to permeate American institutional life. This ideological capture is perhaps most obvious throughout American universities. Since October 7th, university leadership keen to balance the appearance of caring about antisemitism while maintaining their progressive bona fides,  use token Jews as proof that their progressive agendas are not antisemitic. For example, recently, Stanford named Ari Kelman, a Jewish professor aligned with anti-Israel groups, and who concluded antisemitism wasn’t a problem on campuses in 2017 paper, as the Co-Chair of their Committee on Antisemitism.

In an effort to redefine what constitutes antisemitism, Kelman alongside Jewish Voice for Peace, argued that the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism is “flawed and overly expansive” and “silences Palestinian voices.” Deborah Lipstadt, the US Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating Antisemitism called IHRA “one of the most fundamental tools we have to combat [antisemitism].” Stanford selected someone to combat antisemitism whose views are directly at odds with the State Department’s pre-eminent defender of the Jewish people. And after Kelman essentially offered his Judaism as political cover to defend San Francisco State University’s (SFSU) antisemitism, the school admitted to allowing antisemitism on its campus.

More recently, Harvard selected Jewish professor Derek Penslar, a known anti-Israel proponent, to lead an antisemitism task force on campus. In August, Penslar signed an open letter accusing Israel of running “a regime of apartheid” and employing “Jewish supremacism”. And following Claudina Gay’s resignation, Penslar downplayed the antisemitism on campus, telling JTA that outsiders had “exaggerated” the issue. As Larry Summers wrote, “Could one imagine Harvard appointing as head of anti-racism task force someone who had minimized the racism problem,” as Mr. Penslar has done with antisemitism at Harvard.” The double standard glaring.

When selecting leadership and given the centrality of Israel for most Jews, institutions would be wise to listen to the fears and concerns of Zionist Jews. Committees, task forces, and organizations are constantly formed to combat “Muslim, Palestinian, and Arab hate” – lumping in ethnicity, religion and state-based hatred. But Jews aren’t afforded this same protection. Institutions who solely elevate Jews with anti-Israel views perpetuate this double standard.

3. Anti-Israel views are not pro-peace. They’re anti-Jewish future.

Since 10/7 it’s hard to find a “pro-Palestinian” rally that isn’t drenched in antisemitic rhetoric, anti-Jewish venom, or stereotypical tropes. Anti-Israel Jews, aligned with radical leftist ideology, have taken part in many of these rallies. They have joined the growing numbers who view the world through over-simplified binaries and hypothetical pyramids of power and oppression. These activists enthusiastically point to Israel as a unique perpetuator of oppression.

But JVP and INN activists have no interest in peace. One of their allies, Omar Barghouti, the co-founder and co-leader of the BDS movement, explains: “You cannot reconcile the right of return for refugees with a two-state solution. . . A return for refugees would end Israel’s existence as a Jewish state.” And he makes clear that this is precisely his goal. “Most definitely we oppose a Jewish state in any part of Palestine.” And he hails JVP as a “key partner in the BDS network.”

Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant, thus JVP and INN should be exposed as radical, fringe, and anti-peace. They harbor views that not only fail to represent the broad Jewish consensus, but they also directly endanger the Jewish people.

Since 10/7, what many Jews have feared for a long time has been made crystal clear–our place in the world is tenuous, our footing is fragile, and there aren’t many of us. Jews who openly call for the destruction of Israel threaten our future as a people, and we must see them as who they really are –tools that are used by the hands of our enemies.

Originally published in the Jerusalem Post.


Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American “Venture Philanthropist.” He can be reached at, on Twitter @AdamMilstein, and on Facebook

©2024. Jamie Glazov. All rights reserved.

Save our Republic—Shut Down the Government on March 8th, 2024

The weak do nothing Congressional Republican and Democrat socialists and Communists are still unable to script a balanced budget that eliminates the massive fraud waste and abuse of U.S. taxpayers hard earned money.

Currently the congress have not been able to agree on legislation to fund the departments of Veterans Affairs, Agriculture, Energy, Transportation and Housing and Urban Affairs. Only the Veterans Affairs and military construction, all of which have legitimate constitutional standing.

But with that said.

The Communists and Socialists in Congress have no problem printing more money in the Treasury Department and borrowing more money from Communist China to fund the traitorous impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s salary.

The do nothing weak Republican led Congress have no problem funding the woke led Pentagon which allows woke indoctrinated military members to slaughter their pre-born children.

The Pentagon uses our tax dollars to reimburse the travel costs allowing these woke military members to kill these pre-born future Americans who are denied their constitutional protections of life and liberty.

The Marxist Biden administration’s climate agenda designed to dismantle our free markets and capitalist entrepreneurial enterprises is still funded driving inflation to its highest levels in 50 years.

The minority group of conservative congressional patriots like Matt Gaetz (R-FL) continue to fight for the fiscal economic sanity of our Republic which could result in a much needed partial government shutdown after March 1 2024 to stop this Marxist agenda.

Globalist Socialist Republican In Name Only (RINO) and non functioning geriatric GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) has no problem funding billions of unaccounted for tax payer money to the corrupt Ukraine.

But then he screams to his House GOP colleagues on February 26th 2024 that shutting down the government due to fiscal restraints put in place by conservatives is not an option.
“Shutting down the government is harmful to the country. And it never produces positive outcomes — on policy or politics,” he warned on the Senate floor.

I’m thinking the massive national debt created in part by loser Mitch McConnell and his out of control spending with his Socialist / Marxist Republican and Democrat pals is far more damaging to our Republic.

The useless UniParty have a deadline to fund the rest of the government by March 8th 2024.

I’ve got no problem shutting the government down until these worthless members of congress initiate a balanced budget that reduces significantly our 34 trillion national debt and eliminates totally this unconstitutional fraudulent spending.

If a government shutdown hurts the reelection of these Republican and Democrat traitors to our Republic then so be it. Good riddance to them come Election Day. But the end result will be the survival of our Republic.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.


Border Debate Turns Deadly with Laken Riley Murder: Biden Admin ‘Has Blood on Its Hands’

Expert: Biden Admin Using Federal Agencies and Left-Wing NGOs to Illegally Amass Votes

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A Chinese ex-Patriot Describes the Cultural Revolution in China That is Now in The USA

In a December 30th, 2023 column titled Signs of the Times: The Russian, Islamic Iran, Communist China Connection wrote:

For years, as you know, I have been tracking Russia’s growing alliances with Islamic Iran and Communist China. But recently, two things happened I have to put in a whole separate category.

When I heard them, to me they rang as clear as day, signs of the times to come.

If you have been reading these emails or listening to my weekly radio show with Prophecy Today Weekend, you know that Iran signed a multi-decades strategic cooperation agreements with China in 2021. And in July 2022, Russia’s Gazprom signed a $40 billion oil and gas deal with Iran.

In March of this year, Russia, China and Iran held their third annual naval exercises in the Gulf of Oman.

This prophetic observation is now confirmed by a Chinese ex-Patriot who lived under the thumb of Mao’s China.

WATCH: How America is following in China’s footsteps. Here’s how we stop it.

©2024. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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Ben Carson Warns Of ‘An Entirely New Threat To Our Country’

The 2024 election is a choice between ‘hope and more hurt’ with Sen. John Kennedy

Teachers Ran LGBT Education Program At Dallas School Without Approval: REPORT

An LGBTQ program that partnered Dallas Independent School Districts (ISD) teachers with a local transgender care-providing clinic was never approved by Dallas ISD officials, documents obtained in a public records request by the Dallas Express showed.

The Out for Safe Schools program reportedly partnered the district with a transgender-affirming clinic called the Resource Center, which allegedly provides transgender patients with hormones. The program educated teachers on how they could be “allies” to the LGBTQ cause, according to the outlet.

This partnership agreement was allegedly signed by the Resource Center, but not by any Dallas ISD officials, according to the Dallas Express.

“The department said there was no executed agreement,” JoAnna Talley, public information coordinator for Dallas ISD, told the Dallas Express.

Despite this apparent lack of support on behalf of the district, the program was reportedly operating anyway, the outlet reported. Further documents obtained by the Dallas Express allegedly show that the program was struggling to recruit teachers.

“Update. We still only have one person signed up for today,” Mahoganie Gaston, the LGBTQ youth support services coordinator for Dallas ISD, said in an April 2021 email, according to the outlet.

“Ok. Let’s go ahead and cancel today & ask today’s participant to attend in May. Hopefully, the trustees can push out the training in the areas they represent & attendance will be higher for the final two sessions,” Rafael McDonnell, an employee of the Resource Center, responded, according to the outlet.

Mentions of the Out for Safe Schools program were allegedly taken off the websites of Dallas ISD and the Resource Center after the Dallas Express exposed the program previously, according to the outlet.

The Dallas ISD LQBTQ support center did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.

Recently, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office permitted Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to refuse to hand over documents in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request made by the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) pertaining to the $90,000 they paid to Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago since 2021, as reported by the DCNF.

The payment was reportedly for a series of training sessions from the hospital’s Sexuality Education Program, which includes “age-appropriate” lessons on anal sex and “gender-affirming” sexual communication, according to the hospital’s website. The denial was made on the grounds that Illinois law protects “course materials” from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, according to the DCNF.




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EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Caller column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Wife Suffers Miscarriage Day After FBI Raids Home Over Combat Veteran Husband’s Presence at U.S. Capitol

We are not a country of rule of law.

We are a country under siege by an illegitimate tyrannical regime.

And the Republicans do nothing.

This is breathtaking.

Chris Wray’s FBI Forced a Young Mother to Stand Outside Barefoot with Her 4-Yr-Old Boy in His Pajamas in 12° Weather While They Ransacked Her Home – She Lost Her Baby the Next Day

Chris Kuehne was sentenced on Friday for his actions on January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol.

Chris is a 22-year veteran who received numerous medals and awards, including the Purple Heart, a Navy Commendation Medal with Valor, and a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with Valor for actions in combat.

Chris has personally sacrificed his blood, sweat, and tears serving our country and has paid the price for his duty and continues to live with debilitating and invisible injuries. Even before this Chris has protected people and helped people in need. As a 9-year-old Cub Scout he was awarded the Boy Scouts of America’s highest honor, the Medal of Merit, for saving his young sister from a burning car.

On January 6, 2021, Chris went inside the Capitol but did not cause any harm or damage – in fact, he cleaned trash off the floor, helped to stop theft of government property, asked people to leave the building, and went up to Capitol Police Officers to ask how he could help. Chris was also set up by an FBI operative that day. Chris committed no violence and did nothing wrong.

Chris Wray’s FBI militiamen forced Annette outside with her four-year-old boy in his pajamas.  They were forced to stand there on the cold cement.

It was 12° in Olathe, Kansas that morning. And the heartless morons in the FBI forced a young pregnant woman her little child to freeze outside in the cold morning air.

Annette Kuehne was forced outside barefoot in February in Kansas.  Annette miscarried their baby the next day.

Did you notice how the one FBI agent was attempting to quiet the terrified boy — as the rest of the armed agents ran by the two to enter their home?  Did that make you feel sick to your stomach, too?

Continue reading.


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Lawsuit: VA Stripping Benefits from J6 Defendants Pre-trial

January 6th Pipe Bomber Was a “Former” FBI Official

DEMOCRAT TYRANNY: Trump White House Official Peter Navarro Sentenced to Jail for Defying Jan 6 Kangaroo Court Subpoena

Republicans RECOVER Over 100 Files Deleted by Jan. 6 Committee Days Before GOP Took Majority: Report

NEW FEDSURRECTION J6 BOMBSHELL FOOTAGE: Government Officials Involved in Planting Pipe Bombs on January 6th in Washington, DC

WATCH NEW FOOTAGE: FBI Removes Barricades Then Charged More Than A Thousand Americans With Criminal Trespass

Supreme Court Will Hear January 6th Case That Could Undo Jan. 6 Charges Against Hundreds, Including Trump

What Country Is This? Jack Smith Collected Images, Website Visits And Usage Data From Trump’s Cellphone

The Latest Horror Inflicted on Jan 6th Victim By Democrat Despots

The Feds Are Targeting Conservative INFANTS

Why are Americans becoming more stupid?

“Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.” ― Aristotle

Why are Americans becoming more stupid?

Our entire education system needs a revolution

By: Joel Kotkin, Unherd, February 26, 2024:

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind,” said Winston Churchill.

And judging by the state of education in America, it seems both of those empires could soon crumble. The dysfunction is evident from top to bottom: from Ivy League outposts down to the secondary schools. Both are producing a generation that is ill-informed, illiterate and innumerate. In other words, a generation increasingly ill-suited to function as productive citizens in a democracy.

One might expect, then, that the creation of a raft of new universities and schools focused on doing something different would seem like a fundamental necessity. After all, young people are deserting college in droves, with enrolments down by 15% over the past decade; in the lower grades, it’s common to hear talk of “zombie schools”, the product of more than 20% of pupils being “chronically absent”.

And yet, the emergence of these still-small shoots have terrified the educratic establishment. Some claim the shift in emphasis towards classics and civics, now occurring in places such as Florida’s New College, is “sinister development” by nefarious Right-wingers. Similarly, the teachers’ unions have resisted a number of moves to create charter schools — which increase choice in the public system — because they are part of a “war on schools”.

In some cases, the defence of failure is breathtaking. Blue states such as Illinois have worked to all but eliminate charters, even as the Land of Lincoln boasts 53 schools where not one student can do grade-level math and 30 where none can do so in English. These schools are overwhelmingly in Chicago, where a significant increase in spending per student since 2019 seems to have made no impact.

Yet Chicago’s failures are wholly representative. The most recent National Assessments of Educational Progress found that only 27% of eighth graders are proficient in reading, 20% in math, 22% in geography, and a mere 13% in US History. The Covid lockdowns may have accelerated the deterioration, but scores have continued to decline since the pandemic ended. IQ scores, which had been rising for decades, are now falling even among college students.

More influential here is education’s gradual radicalisation, which has its origins at the top of the food chain. Already in 2018, one study of 51 top-rated colleges found that the proportion of liberals to conservatives was generally at least 8 to 1, and often as high as 70 to 1. Five years later, nearly three in five US professors admitted to self-censoring to avoid offending administrators and students.

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“This is now [a] state of war, fifth generational war – from the inside, not kinetic, but lawfare against the society in order to destroy it. Destroy morals and ethics, the sense of fairness, destroy the understanding that rights only work when tied to responsibilities. Break the family – get young to not marry, be bisexual or gay if possible. Create mental illness (phones, entertainment industry, the ‘health departments, vaccine), increase Crime, increase anti-social behavior, import a vast number of unsuitable people, cause them to not absorb in the native culture to fragment society. Destroy religion. Destroy patriotism.

Remove enlightenment liberalism (the writers of the USA Constitution, for example) and replace the philosophy with Postmodernism, which is basically Satan’s creed. Grow debt past the ability to pay to service it, award entitlements to the public sure to bankrupt the nation as they have to be borrowed to pay them out – then have to borrow to ‘service’ that debt’s interest payments, which is called a ‘doom loop’, borrowing to pay interest on debt….. Make home ownership unaffordable to young so they do not have Families. Basically do everything the UNIParty’s of all Western Nations do – abetted and run by their ‘Deep States’ and Globalist masters. Keep ‘Forever Wars” burning to justify a secret Police state, the ‘Security Services’ are now watching you, their resources turned inward….

But enough listing – I am sure you know a hundred more insane things being done – and even enforced, to destroy us all. (Kneeling?) drugs, homelessness, just endless.

At the heart of it all is to destroy Enlightenment and Classical Education. One which has good and evil – not ‘correct and incorrect.’ The people are utterly powerless once you replace that with Postmodernism Liberalism. No morals, No ethics, nothing of ultimate importance.


EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Why is Elon the only person doing this?

Why don’t other leaders in government, industry, media, and academia engage with the great unwashed? They could.

They could do it right now by opening an app, clicking “go live,” adding a title, and watching thousands of people suddenly appear. You can talk with multitudes.

This could be Biden, Gates, Schumer, Fauci, the presidents of any university, the editors at the major newspapers, or anyone else on the planet.

Down With Aloof Posturing by Politicians and Elites

By Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Epoch Times, February 21, 2024;

Last evening, users scrolling their feed from X saw a notification of a so-called Space, which is a live chat involving potentially a vast number of people, where Elon Musk was holding forth. I went there and listened for half an hour or so. Nothing newsworthy came from it really but it was fascinating at a meta level.

Here was the richest individual in the West commenting in real time, without notes or talking points, about various matters, from sci-fi to censorship to technology and timelines for flight or anything else that came up. He was chummy with some other speakers and engaging with strangers. This went on for hours.

There were probably only 10,000 or so listeners and participants. To my knowledge, this was not scheduled ahead of time. It just happened. Again, it was kind of like having Elon over for drinks except that 10,000 people were in the living room.

Apparently he does this often.

Now, this is very interesting. One presumes that he is a very busy man, who during the day probably has his each half-hour planned in advance. He has more to worry about than practically anyone. He has many companies and interests and over 25K employees, and is responsible for hundreds of billions in valuation.

And yet he makes time to sit and gab around with random regular people from all over the planet using this very cool technology. Nor does he use the occasion to pronounce like some guru. Participants are deferential to him, of course, but he comes across as just another regular person—very smart but also normal—except with a special calling. As a public figure, he senses a real responsibility to engage the public, and encounter the public as a regular person.

He speaks not with a script or a teleprompter but just in conversational English, including of course profanity that we know all these people use anyway. If he doesn’t know something, he says so. If he cannot talk about something, he says that too. But on every other matter, from books he has read to predictions of the future, he is an open book.

Now just ask yourself: why don’t other leaders in government, industry, media, and academia do this? They could. They could do it right now by opening an app, clicking “go live,” adding a title, and watching thousands of people suddenly appear. You can talk with multitudes. This could be Biden, Gates, Schwab, Fauci, the presidents of any university, the editors at the major newspapers, or anyone else on the planet.

Why is Elon the only person doing this? Where is everyone else? We live in a time of democratized technology. Where are the other vaunted leaders of our time in this space?

Don’t tell me it’s because they are busy. Elon is rather busy. It’s not because it is beneath them. Elon could say the same. It cannot be because they don’t know how. The X app makes it extremely easy from any smartphone. You don’t need a studio or any special equipment. Why are they not there?

My theory: their aloofness masks their fear. They don’t want to be grilled. They cannot stand to mix it up with regular people. They consider the rest of us their lessers and not worthy of their time. They think we are stupid and not particularly relevant to their plans for our lives. So they have set themselves apart in every way. This includes housing, methods of travel, social circles, belief systems and otherwise.
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They are the powerful, the insiders, the people who have made it. We are the others and mostly represent a threat. At the very least, we are icky. We are just readers, users, writers, and normal workers. They want nothing to do with us.

Read the full article.


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EXCLUSIVE: South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Rumored VP Contender, Met With Trump At Mar-A-Lago

Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, who is rumored to be on the shortlist for Vice President, met Monday with former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, a source familiar told the Daily Caller.

A new Kaplan Strategies Wisconsin poll released on February 23, shows Noem is the preferred pick to be Trump’s running mate. Trump has reportedly been considering Noem and a list of others to be his running mate. According to that poll, Noem had the highest favorability rating, with 39 percent of voters saying they have a very or somewhat favorable view of her.

In second place was Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis followed by 2024 Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, with 28 percent.

During the annual Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) summit, Noem tied with Ramaswamy with the highest amount of support in their straw poll, with 15 percent.

Former Democratic Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard came in third with 9 percent, followed by  New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, with 8 percent.




Chief national correspondent. Follow Henry Rodgers On Twitter.


‘Well Received’: Trump Details Supreme Court Challenge Over Colorado 14th Amendment Ballot Case In Mar-A-Lago Remarks

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Weighs In On Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Relationship

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Rips RNC, Says They Have To Stop Debates

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Book Author(s) Wanted! Write a Guaranteed NY Times Best Seller.

Over the last few decades, our society has gradually devolved into the dire situation where truth is not Truth, facts are not Facts, science is not Science, etc. The negative consequences of this corruption are frightful and mind-boggling.

The public is aware of this, but everywhere they turn for relief, they run into slick self-serving snake oil salespeople, endorsed by mainstream media. Their under-LYING message is: up is down, in is out, left is right — and the hell with God…

The result is that there’s now an unprecedented pent-up need for an unambiguous, user-friendly book to expose their key lies, telling it like it is. It may not be readily apparent, but Science is anti-Americans’ number one target — so the book should coherently explain, in an interesting way, what Science is and is not.

Two major reasons why Science has been very aggressively attacked are:

  1. We live in a highly technical society, so the influence of Science is everywhere, on everyone, every day, and
  2. Every poll concludes that the public strongly supports Science — yet 95%+ of the public has no idea what Science actually is! This startling dichotomy sets the stage for charlatans to make unscientific claims, as very few will know enough to object. A well-written book could put an end to hundreds of unscientific scams!

Consider a recent powerful example: COVID. By and large, the US government’s COVID policies were politicalNOT scientific. The public went along as they were told the opposite (see #2 above). The end result of this charade was that some 500,000 Americans likely died unnecessarily.

500,000± unnecessary American deaths!

That is as many American deaths as in WWI and WWII combined

Where is the outrage?

Where are the consequences for the guilty?

Where are the actions that will ensure that this will not happen again?

Another (of many) such examples is what is going on in our K-12 schools today. The three R’s (reading, writing, and arithmetic) have all been bastardized. History has been purposefully distorted. Science has been gutted. Merit is a bad word, while Woke ideology is praised. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has infiltrated almost every classroom, while Judeo-Christian values are scorned. These result in…

3+ Million annual propagandized high school graduates!

And all of these misinformed victims will shortly become VOTING CITIZENS

Where is the outrage?

Where are the consequences for the guilty?

Where are the actions that will ensure that this will not happen again?

The point here is that writing one powerful book could wake up (and educate) citizens, putting a stake in the heart of this horrific corruption.

What would such a book be about?

Good arguments could be made to go about this in different ways. What jumps out to me is that Science is the most consequential common denominator. If the public had a much better idea of what Science actually is — and the most frequent tricks used by scam artists to deceive the uninformed — then neither of the above two examples would have gotten anywhere near the traction that they achieved.

Such a book should be entertaining light-reading — while simultaneously exposing Science facts and fiction. In a prior commentary, I listed thirty (30) everyday Science matters that the public has been misinformed about. To my knowledge, no book has ever covered all these important deceptions, so this would be groundbreaking. And the audience would be everyone. As such it would be a guaranteed Best Seller.

But there’s more!

The same book should be slightly modified to then be usable as High School and College textbooks! There has never been a Science course (in K-12 or higher-ed) that has covered all these essential points. NEVER! Is there any wonder why so few citizens have a clear grasp of what Science is, and is not?

Let me know any competent, committed authors who appreciate this unique opportunity. (I say authors as one possibility is to have such a book written by a team.)

Of course we need to come up with a catchy book title… (Some examples are: “Science: the Insider’s Handbook” or “Science: From Greed to God”.) All ideas welcome!

Most people reading this will agree that we have some major societal problems — but what are they doing about it? I’m suggesting one practical solution that would have an enormous impact. Let’s make this happen!

©2024. All rights reserved.

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Dems say Trump will ‘destroy our democracy.’ Their exactly right. And here’s why.

“Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”John Adams, The Letters of John and Abigail Adams.

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

“A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” ― John Adams, Letters of John Adams, Addressed to His Wife

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” ― George Orwell, 1984

As the 2024 Presidential election primaries gain steam we are seeing two totally opposing views on what principles America was founded upon.

The Democrats believe that America is a democracy.

President Donald J. Trump and patriots know that America was created as a Constitutional Republic.

To truly understand the differences between a Democracy and a Republic watch the below video titled “Democracy vs. a Constitutional Republic.” The narrative is based on a radio interview with Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugs.

In a February 23, 2024 Washington Stand column titled “San Francisco Put a Noncitizen in Office. This Is Part of the Left’s Plan to Demolish Our Republic” Jarrett Stepman wrote,

California is once again leading the way, showing us the dark, dystopian post-America future that awaits us if the Left remains in power. The latest absurdity is that a noncitizen was appointed to office in San Francisco, the first time such a thing has happened in this country.

[ … ]

The modern Left is insistent on making the concept of citizenship irrelevant. But this isn’t about China or any other country. It’s about our country essentially abandoning its republican, constitutional system based on the consent of the governed and the rule of law.

[ … ]

What we are left with, when all is said and done, is a country that’s hardly a country at all.

I’ve had difficulty coming up with a name for this sort of political system, but it certainly isn’t a republic, nor is it really a “democracy.”

In the old days, when federalism was stronger, people used to say the United States “are” this or that. More recently, as the country became more centralized and nationalized, people would say the United States “is” this or that. That distinction is now sliding away, too.

If the Left’s anti-American project continues, people will have to say the United States “was” a country, but is now an economic zone — worthy of neither respect nor devotion — in which they happen to live. It will be a wealthy, but decaying remnant of what was once the mightiest and freest nation on earth, a carcass to be devoured by warring ethnic tribes and hostile foreign powers.

The Bottom Line

As we have written before the 2024 election today America has only two parties — traitors and patriots.

The traitors want to turn American into a democracy, then into a dictatorship.

The patriots want to protect and preserve our Constitution and the Republic for which it stands.

These are the only true choice for American voters:

  1. Vote for Traitors. And America will have big government, more mandates, more central control in the Washington, D.C. politburo, a.k.a. the swamp, which have historically existed communist states.
  2. Vote for Patriots. And Americans will regain the power to make their own decisions. From the school house to the White House parents, families and citizens will be in control. Not the politicians nor the deep state.

Remember what Alexis de Tocqueville wrote, “When I refuse to obey an unjust law, I do not contest the right of the majority to command, but I simply appeal from the sovereignty of the people to the sovereignty of mankind.”

Patriots believe that dissent is the highest form of patriotism.

On November 5th, 2024, it is time to say enough is enough. I dissent!

©2024. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


From Constitutional Republic to Socialism to Globalism to Feudalism

The Cost of a Constitutional Republic

WATCH: Tucker Carlson interviews Bret Weinstein on the mass migration from China into the U.S. via the Darien Gap

Florida Weighs Allowing Chaplains in Public Schools

The Sunshine State is considering giving students access to chaplains in public schools. On Tuesday, the Florida State Senate’s Appropriations Committee on Education voted to approve Senate Bill 1044, which would allow chaplains to volunteer to offer counseling at public and charter schools.

The text of the bill states, “Each school district or charter school may adopt a policy to authorize volunteer school chaplains to provide supports, services, and programs to students as assigned by the district school board or charter school governing board.” The bill would require volunteer chaplains to pass a background check and would further require school administrators to publicize any chaplain’s religious affiliation and obtain parental consent before a student begins counseling.

Similar bills have been advanced in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas over the past year, facing backlash from Democrats but also some criticism from conservatives and Christians, who fear that the lax requirements around the volunteer chaplain position may allow for atheists, Satanists, and others to present themselves to children as chaplains.

Pastor Jay Johnston, Family Research Council’s chaplain and National Prayer Director, told The Washington Stand, “In speaking with church and ministry leaders about this opportunity to place chaplains in schools, it is suitable from my view if churches who adhere to biblical instruction could commission chaplains and send them to schools — if they have chaplains who know Jesus and have a pastoral heart to minister and bring forth spiritual guidance as they speak life, hope, and encouragement to students, faculty, and parents.”

“However, there is a downside to this,” he continued. “If church and ministry leaders don’t seize the opportunity and chaplains take up positions in schools that are without Christ or associated with a cult, it could give the enemy a foothold and expose the student body to spiritual darkness.”

Meg Kilgannon, senior fellow for Education Studies at Family Research Council, also commented on the good that school chaplains could achieve. “The specifics of the Florida bill may not be perfect,” she told TWS, “but the need that Florida legislators are seeking to address is very real. As a general matter, as long as the chaplain is actually a pastor who has theological training and ministry experience, I think school chaplains would be a blessing to everyone in the school: students, faculty, staff, and parents.”

However, she also warned, “But when I think of my own public school system where I live, I can easily imagine the approval by school officials of a chaplain in drag, an atheist chaplain, and worse. And that is obviously worse than no chaplain.”

A spokeswoman for the Florida Catholic Conference explained to TWS that although the state’s Catholic bishops have not taken an official stance on the legislation, “We recognize the good that chaplains can do in schools by helping students to address their spiritual and emotional needs. We are pleased that parents will determine the services their children will receive as well in districts that choose to establish chaplaincy programs.”

Reverend James Golden, pastor of Mt. Zion AME Church and the co-founder of Pastors for Florida Children, was among those critical of the bill’s lax qualification requirements. He told lawmakers on Tuesday, “We cannot reduce this important job to somebody who is just able to pass a level two background check.” Golden’s comments echo complaints voiced by a coalition of 100 active chaplains in Texas when the Lone Star State advanced similar legislation last year. In a letter, the chaplains wrote that the Texas bill “allows a school district to give any employee or volunteer who can pass a background check the title of ‘chaplain.’ This is simply not enough. Professional chaplains have specific education and expertise to fulfill our role in helping others engage their own religious practices and traditions.”

The Texas chaplains also wrote, “As trained chaplains, we strongly caution against the government assertion of authority for the spiritual development and formation of our public school children. We would never provide spiritual care to someone without their consent. And when children are involved, parental consent is necessary.” Florida’s new legislation, however, specifically addresses this concern.

The Sunshine State’s bill also addresses another concern raised in Texas last year. The Texas chaplains made it clear, “Because of our training and experience, we know that chaplains are not a replacement for school counselors or safety measures in our public schools… We cooperate with mental health counselors — we do not compete with them.” While the Texas bill specified that “a school district may employ a chaplain instead of a school counselor to perform the duties required of a school counselor” (emphasis added), Florida’s bill does not replace counselors but simply adds chaplains.

Florida Senate Bill 1044 is now being reviewed by the State Senate’s Rules Committee. If approved by the state legislature, it will go into effect July 1.


S.A. McCarthy

S.A. McCarthy serves as a news writer at The Washington Stand.

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EDITORS NOTE: This Washington Stand column is republished with permission. All rights reserved. ©2024 Family Research Council.

The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.

2024: The Year of Consequential Elections

As the 2024 U.S. presidential election comes into sharper focus, much of the political punditry has focused on the potential rematch of Joe Biden versus Donald Trump. In recent weeks, the American press has reported extensively on former President Trump’s ongoing court cases and Special Counsel Robert Hur’s characterization of President Biden as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Although Americans should expect an avalanche of news related to the presidential election over the next 10 months, it is important to remember that other offices besides the presidency will also be on the ballot ?” including 34 U.S. Senate seats, all 435 U.S. House seats, 11 governorships, and legislative seats in 44 states. The results of these elections will have massive consequences for years to come.

The United States isn’t the only country engaging in national elections this year: at least 64 other countries will be choosing leaders as well. Already, millions of people have voted in elections in Bangladesh (January 7), Taiwan (January 13), Finland (January 28), El Salvador (February 4), Pakistan (February 8), and Indonesia (February 14). In the coming months, citizens in many other nations will cast ballots.

As Christians, we recognize that participating in elections is a stewardship and an opportunity to love our neighbors in a practical way. Since the outcome of these elections will affect the rights and livelihoods of so many people, Christians ought to pray that those participating in the political process make wise choices.


South Africa will hold its general election on May 29. Observers expect it will be the most competitive election in that country since the end of Apartheid. Additionally, many analysts predict that the governing African National Congress will lose its parliamentary majority for the first time since 1994. With unemployment and poverty on voters’ minds, incumbent president Cyril Ramaphosa faces a challenging re-election campaign.

Other countries with elections include Togo (legislative, April 13), Ghana (general, December 7), Botswana, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, and Somaliland.


This spring, voters in India will decide whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be elected for a third term. Modi’s party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, is popular and holds the most seats in the Indian Parliament.

On April 10, South Korea will hold legislative elections that will determine the composition of the 300-seat National Assembly. President Yoon Suk Yeol (elected in 2022) is hoping his conservative People Power Party, currently the second largest party in the National Assembly, will wrest control from the more liberal Democratic Party of Korea.


On June 2, Mexican citizens will participate in a general election to pick a new president and legislature. Incumbent president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who is ineligible for a second term, has endorsed former Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum as his successor. Sheinbaum is a member of Mexico’s more liberal party and is competing against Xóchitl Gálvez, the leader of a center-right coalition.

Other countries with elections include Panama (general, May 5), the Dominican Republic (general, May 19), and Uruguay (general, October 27).


The European Parliament, the legislative body of the European Union (EU), will hold its quinquennial election on June 6-9. All 720 seats are up for election. With an estimated 400 million eligible voters, the election will be the largest transnational election in the world. It will also be the EU’s first parliamentary election since the United Kingdom’s exit in 2020. Many pollsters are predicting a strong showing by conservative parties, an outcome that would dramatically affect the EU’s political landscape.

European countries with elections this year include Portugal (legislative, March 10), Slovakia (presidential, March 23), Lithuania (presidential, May 12), Georgia (general, November 5), Croatia (general, TBD), and Romania (presidential, TBD).

Expected Elections

In addition to these confirmed elections, other nations expected to hold elections in 2024 include Austria (legislative), Jordan (legislative), Moldova (presidential), Syria (legislative), and Uzbekistan (legislative).

Worth noting is that Russia is also scheduled to hold a presidential election in March, although observers expect President Vladimir Putin to win upwards of 90% of the vote in an election a Kremlin spokesman conceded “is not really democracy.” Additionally, it is possible that the United Kingdom will hold its general election this fall, with polls indicating the ruling Conservative Party may lose 10 Downing Street to the Labour Party for the first time in 14 years.

In short, 2024 has already proved itself to be a consequential election year. By the year’s conclusion, nearly half of the world’s population will have seen a national election take place in their country. As hundreds of millions of people participate in these elections, Christians should commit to praying for voters as well as the leaders who will take office.

In an interconnected world, what happens in one country inevitably affects another. Elections matter because people matter, and the 2024 elections will undoubtedly affect an untold number of people. Thus, until King Jesus returns, Christians should pray, vote, and engage with politics, remembering that faithfulness, not results, is how we will ultimately be judged.

FRC intern Natalie Spaulding contributed research for this article.


David Closson

David Closson is Director of the Center for Biblical Worldview at Family Research Council.

EDITORS NOTE: This Washington Stand column is republished with permission. All rights reserved. ©2024 Family Research Council.

The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.

Donald Trump Appeals New York Civil Fraud Trial Verdict

Former President Donald Trump has appealed a verdict by the New York Supreme Court that found him guilty of civil fraud and fined hundreds of millions of dollars.

Trump, the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, was ordered to pay the State of New York approximately $355 million on Feb. 16, a figure that was revised to $454 million, according to Democratic Attorney General Letitia James of New York, whose office sued Trump in the case. On Monday, Trump filed a notice of appeal with the New York Supreme Court’s Appellate Division, seeking to overturn the verdict.

“PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT…Defendants President Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump, Jr., Eric Trump, Allen Weisselberg, Jeffrey McConney, the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust, the Trump Organization, Inc….hereby appeal to the Appellate Division, First Department, from the Decision,” wrote Trump’s attorneys in the notice of appeal. The trial verdict was issued by Justice Arthur F. Engoron of the New York Supreme Court’s Trial Decision, who had been previously criticized by Trump while presiding over the case.

Notice of Appeal by Donald J. Trump in People of the State of New York v. Trump, Et. Al. (Feb. 26, 2024) by Daily Caller News Foundation on Scribd

James later claimed that the actual amount Trump was required to pay was $464 million. Trump’s net worth is currently $2.6 billion, according to Forbes, with most of his wealth comprising the ownership of properties in New York City, such as Trump Tower.

The verdict in the case was handed down after a trial beginning on Oct. 2 that was attended several times by Trump. He later testified in the trial in a chaotic session that saw Engoron chide him multiple times to conform to the court’s rules, though was later allowed to deliver his testimony without interruption.

“The fraud is on the court, not on me,” Trump said, according to CNN. “This is not a political rally,” Engoron responded to Trump’s attacks while on the stand.

The verdict and subsequent appeal is one of many civil and criminal proceedings that implicate Trump. He is presently under indictment on dozens of state felony charges in New York City and Miami — regarding allegedly falsified business records and his possession of highly classified documents after leaving office — as well as in Washington, D.C., and Fulton County, Georgia, which concern his alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Additionally, Trump is currently involved in litigation at the Supreme Court of the United States regarding the decisions of state authorities in Colorado and Maine to disqualify him from the ballot in the 2024 presidential election, based on Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment, and is petitioning the court for a writ of certiorari regarding his Washington, D.C. indictment to claim constitutional immunity from prosecution.

Furthermore, Trump was ordered to pay $83 million to E. Jean Carroll as damages for defamation following his criticism of her after she successfully sued him for an alleged sexual assault in the 1990s, where he was ordered to pay her $5 million.

The New York Attorney General’s Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.




RELATED ARTICLE: Judge Rules Trump Must Pay Over $350 Million In Civil Fraud Case

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Retired U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran Denied Disability Payments as the Veterans Administration Funds Illegal Aliens

We received this from a 20 year U.S. Army Vietnam combat veteran,

I received an email from the Veterans Administration saying that I was eligible to apply for added disability benefits if I had been exposed to “toxic materials” during my 20 years of military service.

I went thru the process of providing medical records and proof of my being exposed to toxic materials, from agent orange to radioactive tritium gas, during my time in the U.S. Army in peacetime and in combat.

I provided the VA with doctor’s reports on my being diagnosed with acute asthma, emphysema, and Myasthenia gravis which is a chronic neuromuscular disease that causes weakness in the voluntary smooth muscles, including muscles that connect to bones, face, throat, lungs and diaphragm.

I was interviewed by the local VA clinic and my application was sent forward.

I received a letter this week denying my request.

I found this astounding as I read an article that reported that the VA was helping pay migrant treatment as over 400K veterans, and their families, are waiting for their benefits.

I and my family are flabbergasted by what is happening to our veterans.

Your truly,

A Vietnam Veteran

We decided to look into this issue, as we support all of our veterans, especially those who seek treatment related to service connected injuries.

Ryan King from the New York Post in a column titled VA ripped for helping pay migrant treatment as over 400K veterans, their families wait wrote,

The Department of Veterans Affairs is facing blowback for helping pay out millions of dollars to medical providers who treat illegal immigrants while they are in federal custody — while a backlog of hundreds of thousands of claims from veterans has grown.

The VA’s Austin, Texas-based Financial Services Center (FSC) has been contracted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) since 2002 to process reimbursement claims by providers who offer services to detained migrants.

In fiscal year 2022, which ended Sept. 30 of that year, FSC processed 161,538 such claims, with the ICE Health Services Corps (IHSC) paying out an average of $584 — a total of $94.3 million in taxpayer money, according to a July 2023 Department of Homeland Security report on “Healthcare Costs for Noncitizens in Detention.”

In the previous fiscal year, 2021, ICE’s health care arm budgeted more than $74 million for the VA’s FSC to assist with “outside referral care” and “medical claims processing,” according to a report from July 2022.

Meanwhile, the pile of benefit claims by veterans and their families awaiting adjudication has grown to 417,855, according to the VA’s own website — up from around 150,000 as of late 2022.

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We found this on Congressman Mike Boost who represents Illinois’ 12th District in the U.S. House of Representatives’ website,

December 13, 2023

WASHINGTON D.C. – U.S. Rep. Mike Bost, chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, today introduced legislation to block the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) from using its resources to provide healthcare or engage in claims processing for illegal migrants. The “No VA Resources for Illegal Aliens Act” comes after reports indicated the Department of Homeland Security is leveraging the VA’s established claims processing system, through its Financial Services Center, to pay for illegal migrants in ICE detention.

“Joe Biden’s failed border policies have created a humanitarian and national security crisis. Now it appears he’s taking resources away from our veterans to facilitate healthcare for illegal migrants,” said Chairman Bost. “As a Marine, I believe any dollar taken away from a veteran is a promise broken to those who served. I’ve demanded answers from the Biden administration and been stonewalled every step of the way. Until I get the response our veterans deserve, I’ll use every available tool of my chairmanship to end this practice and put our veterans first.”

The VA’s Financial Services Center supports the VA’s Community Care mission to ensure veterans have access to healthcare without being forced to travel long distances or suffer lengthy wait times for care by allowing veterans to choose whether to seek care at a VA facility or within their own community. Bost’s legislation would ensure the VA is fully focused on meeting the needs of our veterans.

U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) introduced companion legislation in the U.S. Senate.

The Bottom Line

The Biden regime only cares about illegal aliens, not veterans of our armed forces. He is robbing these veterans, many combat veterans, to pay off illegals to vote for him and the Democrat Party.

This is a travesty and borders on treason.

Not to fully fund our veterans is both immoral and has led to our current recruitment crisis.

It is time to change the Commander-in-Chief with someone who will fully fund and support our veterans.

Yet another reason that November 5th, 2024 is so important.

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