IDF Gradually Tightens Grip on Hamas’s Last Bastion in Gaza

The Israeli military is ramping up operations throughout the Gaza Strip.

Developments in Rafah signify that the Israeli military is implementing a gradual expansion of its operation in Hamas’s last fortress.

The Israel Defense Forces is engaged in intensive operations in central and northern Gaza as well, where on Thursday, a tragic friendly-fire incident involving the Paratroopers’ 202 Battalion led to five IDF casualties.

The IDF’s 162nd Division is in charge of operations in Rafah, where it is overseeing an operation targeting key terrorist infrastructure and Hamas operational points. Once complete, the operation should also see the IDF in control of the strategic Philadelphi Corridor, via which Hamas has spent years smuggling weapons, both above and below ground.

Under the 162nd Division are the 401st Armored Brigade and the Givati Infantry Brigade, who have been highly active in eastern Rafah in recent days.

During Memorial Day and Independence Day (May 13 and 14) alone, the IDF eliminated around 100 terrorists throughout Gaza, according to the military.

According to IDF Spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, since the start of the IDF’s operation in Rafah on May 7—when Israeli tanks took control of the Gaza side of the strategically vital Rafah Crossing (a part of the Philadelphi Corridor)—Israeli forces in Rafah have killed around 100 terrorists, destroyed rocket launchers and located some 10 underground terror tunnels.

Hagari also described the seizure of numerous weapons caches containing anti-tank missiles, rockets and other explosives.

The IDF also released footage on May 14 showing armed terrorists adjacent to U.N. vehicles and shooting from an UNRWA compound in eastern Rafah. This evidence was promptly forwarded to senior members of the international community, with a call for urgent investigation into the ties between UNRWA’s logistics centers and Hamas operatives.

The goal of the phased operation in Rafah is the systematic dismantling of the four Hamas battalions left standing in Gaza, as the rest of what remains of the terrorist group dissolves into guerilla cells.

However, the IDF is gradually expanding operations not just in the south, but in the center and north of the Strip as well.

The IDF’s 99th Division has spent several days operating in central Gaza’s Zeitoun region, killing some 150 terrorists and destroying around 80 structures used by Hamas, including a Hamas war room embedded within an UNRWA school. The facility housed some 15 Nukhba force terrorists who had been involved in planning and implementing Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre, according to the military.

On May 15, the Nahal Brigade left Zeitoun and began preparations for operations in other areas of the Strip, leaving behind one brigade combat team.

In northern Gaza, the IDF’s 98th Division, which previously led operations in Khan Yunis, initiated operations in a region of Jabalia that had not yet been entered by Israeli forces during the current conflict.

This new campaign has led to the elimination of approximately 80 terrorists in Jabalia, and the destruction of multiple rocket launchers, including long-range capabilities. Weapons workshops were also targeted and destroyed. Supporting these ground maneuvers, the Israeli Air Force has conducted more than 100 airstrikes.

Meanwhile, the IDF’s 143rd Division is leading attacks on Hamas in Beit Lahia and Beit Hanoun, close to the Israeli border, to prevent the resurgence of terrorist bases close to Israel.

According to recent reports, some 450,000 people—a little under half of the civilian population that was in Rafah, have so far heeded the IDF’s calls to leave the area.

The rocket fire Hamas is directing at southern Israel represents the last of its projectile stockpiles, which were planted before the war, and Hamas will not have the ability to mass produce rockets so long as Israel continues its raids in Gaza, according to the IDF.

At the same time, Hamas will certainly try to rebuild its terror army, which is why the IDF will need to conduct targeted operations in Gaza for many years to come, as it has been doing for the past two decades in Judea and Samaria


How the Anti-Israeli Campus Protests Are the Latest Version of the Blood Libel

Horrid Hamas spiked a decapitated Jewish head on the border fence

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DEL. WREN WILLIAMS: Biden Blunders Put Virginia In Play For Trump

While driving through my rural district in Southwest Virginia, I am met with sign after sign indicating support for President Donald Trump. Even as I make my way to Richmond, suburban neighborhoods are flooded with Trump signs.

You might have heard the old adage that signs do not win elections — and they don’t. But they do serve as an indicator of where Americans stand.

In the past two weeks, Virginians have watched as college campuses across the Commonwealth are held hostage by violent demonstrators and radical activists. Protestors continue to throw rocks at police officers and storm into university buildings, forcing a swift response from law enforcement and then complaining about being held accountable for their actions.

Today, many parents and students fear their graduations may be canceled like Columbia’s because protestors are threatening to disrupt the ceremonies. These protesters are not only damaging these institutions, they are also damaging Biden’s reelection chances.

Despite voters affiliating these protestors with liberal Democrats, many of the protestors themselves refuse to vote for Biden because of his refusal to take a firm position on the conflict in Gaza.

Many pundits laughed at the idea that Trump could win a “blue state” like Virginia, but in reality Virginia is a purple state and should never be written off.

Up until last year, Republicans maintained control of the Virginia House of Delegates. Despite losing control in 2023, we took seats that Democrats should have won in a landslide – like Republican Delegate Kim Taylor, who held onto her Biden+11 district by 53 votes.

On the Senate side, Republicans actually picked up a seat, dealing Democrats a near-fatal blow and knocking them down to a one-seat majority.

With the right messaging, Virginia is competitive and could give Donald Trump an additional 13 electoral votes in November.

Keep in mind that today’s national landscape is not the same as it was during our statewide elections in 2023 or even in 2020.

Illegal immigration, riots on college campuses, and worsening economic conditions are putting states like Virginia and Minnesota in play for Republicans.

In March, I spoke at Donald Trump’s rally in our capital city, Richmond. In a blue city surrounded by blue suburbs, thousands of Virginians showed up to listen and support President Trump.

These numbers and rallies are reminiscent of 2016, when Americans were engaged and ready to fight back against the establishment — the same year Trump came within five points of winning Virginia.

In 2021, Virginia rejected President Biden’s agenda by electing Republicans across the Commonwealth, including Gov. Glenn Youngkin. Key issues like parental rights and economic freedom drove Virginia voters to the polls, with many of them casting votes for GOP candidates.

These issues are still on their minds. Today, with violent protests devouring college campuses, chaos continuing to wreak havoc on our southern border, and inflation strangling hardworking Virginia families, Trump’s chances of flipping our Commonwealth red continue to grow.



Wren Williams serves in the Virginia House of Delegates, representing the state’s 47th district. He previously served as Trump’s legal counsel in the 2020 Wisconsin recount, and is currently a Permanent Organization Committee Member for the Republican National Convention.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller.


No Amount Of Wishful Thinking On Dem Convention Can Stop History From Repeating Itself

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Producer Inflation Makes Biggest Jump In A Year In Potential Warning Sign For Future Economy

Biden Team Reportedly In Denial About President Getting Trounced In Polls By Trump

‘Nothing You’re Doing … Is Working’: Doocy Doesn’t Let KJP Off The Hook Over Biden’s Bad Poll Numbers


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Biden Challenges Trump To Audience—Free Debates On His Friendliest Networks

President Joe Biden proposed two dates to debate former President Donald Trump Wednesday morning, with a list of guardrails including no live audience, according to The New York Times.

Biden suggested that Trump and himself face off in two televised debates, one in June and one in September, though the president said he will not participate in an event put on by the Commission on Presidential Debates, according to the NYT. The president also said he did not want to debate in front of a live audience, rather his team wants the debates held in a television studio to avoid the reaction from in-person viewers.

“Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020. Since then, he hasn’t shown up for a debate. Now he’s acting like he wants to debate me again. Well, make my day, pal, I’ll even do it twice,” Biden said in a Wednesday debate message.

“So let’s pick dates Donald, I hear you’re free Wednesdays,” the president continued, alluding to Trump’s court appearances.

Later Wednesday morning, Biden said that he “received and accepted” a debate invitation from CNN scheduled for June 27, before telling Trump, “anywhere, any time, any place.” Trump accepted the invitation as well, setting the stage for the first debate in the general election.

Biden then announced shortly before noon that he “received and accepted” a debate invitation from ABC scheduled for Sept. 10. Trump also accepted the ABC offer.

As a part of their debate dates proposal Biden also only wants networks that hosted the 2016 Republican primary debates and the 2020 Democratic primary debates in 2020, the NYT reported. Those networks include CNN, ABC News, Telemundo and CBS News.

“There should be firm time limits for answers, and alternate turns to speak — so that the time is evenly divided and we have an exchange of views, not a spectacle of mutual interruption,” Jen O’Malley Dillon, Biden campaign chair, said in a letter obtained by the NYT.

“A candidate’s microphone should only be active when it is his turn to speak, to promote adherence to the rules and orderly proceedings,” she continued.

The Biden campaign also wrote that they wanted to keep the forum to two candidates, excluding independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, the NYT reported. If the debates were handled by the Commission on Presidential Debates, Kennedy has potential to reach the 15% polling threshold, the qualifying number to be on the stage. Kennedy did announce Wednesday evening that he “will meet the criteria” to participate in CNN’s debate before the deadline.

“I look forward to holding Presidents Biden and Trump accountable for their records in Atlanta on June 27 to give Americans the debate they deserve,” he said.

Trump responded to the proposal, agreeing to the time of the event, in a statement on Truth Social.

“I would strongly recommend more than two debates and, for excitement purposes, a very large venue, although Biden is supposedly afraid of crowds,” Trump wrote. “That’s only because he doesn’t get them. Just tell me when, I’ll get there. ‘Let’s get ready to Rumble!!’”

Outside of the forums proposed by Biden, the former president said in a social media post that he agreed to attend a debate on Fox News set for Oct. 2.

The Trump campaign had been calling on Biden to debate the former president after the president admitted in an interview with Howard Stern that he was interested in debating. 

“I don’t know if you’re gonna debate your opponent,” Stern said.

“I am, somewhere. I don’t know when, but I’m happy to debate him,” Biden replied.

Trump responded with a message of his own on May 9, telling Biden to set up a debate.

“Let’s set it up right now,” Trump said in a video message on Truth Social. “I’m ready to go anywhere that you are.”

The Biden campaign justified their decision to ditch the Commission on Presidential Debates, citing concerns about the original dates proposed, the Washington Post reported. The campaign also voiced concerns over the ability to get candidates to stay within the rules of the commission, the letter reportedly read.

“The Commission’s model of building huge spectacles with large audiences at great expense simply isn’t necessary or conducive to good debates,” Dillon wrote in a letter obtained by the Washington Post. “The debates should be conducted for the benefit of the American voters, watching on television and at home — not as entertainment for an in-person audience with raucous or disruptive partisans and donors, who consume valuable debate time with noisy spectacles of approval or jeering.”



White House correspondent. Follow Reagan on Twitter,


Trump Just Got The Surest Sign Yet He’s Whipping Biden Silly

Biden Campaign Silent As Trump World Openly Lobs Debate Challenge

Biden Is LYING About Sending Weapons to Israel

America Has Finally Had It With Lyin’ Joe Biden

BIDENOMICS: Red Lobster Abruptly Closes 50 Restaurants

Democrat Leadership Urges Members To Oppose House GOP’s Israel Aid Bill

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Throwing Israel Under the Bus

Is it just me or did President Biden throw Israel under the bus, presumably because the Muslim vote for his re-election is pretty shaky? Biden threatened Israel that the U.S. would withhold further weapons should Israel invade Rafah, the last stronghold of Hamas.

I don’t think it’s just me. As Gary Bauer, founder and director of American Values, commented: “Biden is withholding military assistance, approved by Congress and that he signed into law, for Israel because he is afraid that he will lose the election if Israel finishes off Hamas. That is exactly what Pelosi accused Donald Trump of doing with aid to Ukraine.”

Bauer notes that Biden removed sanctions from Houthi terrorists and from the Iranian regime, which is still the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world. Yet he is leaving Israel high and dry, as it fights a must-win war for its national survival.

Again, I don’t think it’s just me. The excellent political cartoonist Gary Varvel wrote in his newsletter recently: “By refusing to give military aid to Israel, President Biden is supporting Hamas.”

All of the recent protests on campuses in favor of Hamas appear to be working. Rep. Ilhan Omar, an active Muslim and member of the Squad, tweeted (on X): “This is what young people across the country were protesting for and finally the needle has moved in a significant way. I hope we see more progress, but don’t ever let people tell you that your voices are meaningless and your actions are worthless. The arc of what is possible is always within us to bend.”

Some of those pro-Palestinian student protesters tried to spoil the comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s commencement address at Duke over the weekend. They walked out on his speech, shouting, “Free Free Palestine.”

Meanwhile, at Columbia, a student was barred from the school recently for a threat of violence. He tweeted (on X): “Zionists, they don’t deserve to live comfortably, let alone Zionists don’t deserve to live….The same way we are very comfortable accepting Nazis don’t deserve to live, fascists don’t deserve to live.”

What a lot of these young pro-Palestinians don’t realize is that ultimately, the position of Hamas calls for the death of Israel.

We keep hearing the phrase “From the River to the Sea.” What does that actually mean? It means that the modern state of Israel belongs to the Palestinians. The Jews have no claim on the land.

As Victor Davis Hanson notes, “When student protestors scream ‘From the river to the sea,’ that is not advocacy for a two-state solution. It is a call to eliminate the state of Israel—lying in between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea—and its 10 million Jewish and Arab citizens. The Hamas charter is a one-state/no-Israel agenda, which we saw attempted on Oct. 7.”

Someone might say, “We need more dialogue.” How can you have dialogue with someone who does not agree with your right to exist?

Last month, I spoke again with New York Times best-selling author Robert Spencer on the radio about the anti-Israel protests at Columbia protests.

For this piece, I asked him for a statement about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at large.

He told me, “The conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs is not based on land. It is based on Islam. The Qur’an says, ‘Drive them out from where they drove you out’ (2:191). Although it’s actually a historical myth that Israel drove the Arabs out, it is widely believed, and makes destroying Israel a matter of obeying a divine command. This means that while Palestinians might accept Israel in some form as a step toward realization of that goal, ultimately they can never allow Israel to exist at all, no matter how small it may be.”

All of this is ironic in light of Israel’s historic claim on that land. As the late Dr. Charles Krauthammer once noted, “Israel is the only nation on earth that inhabits the same land, bears the same name, speaks the same language, and worships the same God that it did 3,000 years ago.”

Why can’t there be lasting peace in the Middle East? Israel, a tiny nation-state, no bigger than New Jersey, is surrounded by hostile neighbors that don’t want it to continue to exist.

Israel is constantly having to deal with enemies from without and from within. The Judeo-Christian principle of “just war” applies to them—that is, that they have the right to defend themselves from those who would try to destroy them.

The ultimate question is: Does Israel have the right to exist? Of course, it does. Therefore, it has the right to defend itself. It’s too bad the current administration and many in the culture at large are acting like fair-weather friends based on shifting political winds.

©2024. Jerry Newcombe, D. Min. All rights reserved.


Biden Administration Withholds ‘Sensitive Intelligence’ on Hamas from Israel

Muslim Florida International University student refers to herself and her allies as ‘anti-Jewish students’

Campus pro-Hamas encampments are an omen of Western societal demise

New York: Pro-Hamas protesters scream ‘babykillers’ at Jewish elementary schoolchildren

Does truth really matter anymore?

Antisemitism, hatred of Israel, and the perversion of truth in US politics, academia, and beyond.

Does truth really matter anymore? The world’s treatment of Israel since October 7th suggests it does not.

WATCH: Matthew Hausman joins TalkISrael

The Biden administration and European Union were equivocal from the start regarding Israel’s response to Hamas’s genocidal pogrom. Despite initially offering moral support, the Europeans immediately began exhorting Israel to respond “proportionately” while voices from the White House imperiously demanded an untenable two-state “solution.”

Joe Biden at first spoke sympathetically about Israel’s need to eliminate terrorists and destroy their infrastructure, but administration mouthpieces soon began to blather about the need for restraint, citing as justification false Gaza casualty statistics lifted directly from Hamas propaganda.

And despite his initially supportive words following Iran’s air attack on April 13th, Biden immediately demanded caution and implored Israel not to retaliate, though it was his own weakness, appeasement, and attempts to disrupt Israel’s campaign to destroy Hamas that emboldened Iran to attack.

These attempts included VP Kamala Harris’s threat of “consequences” in the event of an incursion into Rafah and Biden’s collusion on a feckless UN ceasefire resolution (to the benefit of Hamas) and proposal to require the labeling of goods produced in Judea and Samaria which will facilitate anti-Israel boycotts. Most recently, he announced a “pause” in arms shipments to Israel in a clear attempt to placate anti-Israel Democrats ahead of the 2024 election, and in the process encouraged Hezbollah to step up missile attacks from Lebanon.

Biden was supported in this policy madness by Senator Chuck Schumer, who had previously called on Israel to oust its duly elected government and accede to a two-state solution that most Israelis believe is impossible.

In trying to placate anti-Israel progressives, prominent Democrats clearly have no compunction against undermining an ally and sacrificing truth to do so.

Real truth, however, is neither relative nor subjective, but rather implicates immutable fact; and the truth regarding the attacks perpetrated against Israel is neither ambiguous nor reinforced by false comparisons to alleged Israeli conduct, as many on the political left — including Barack Obama — disgracefully asserted before Israel could even bury her dead in October.

Truth is not acquitted by unprincipled ideologues hawking moral equivalency, but by eyewitnesses and survivors — particularly those speaking from personal experience about what they saw and heard. And this was demonstrated in a recent program at a synagogue in Stoughton, Massachusetts, in conjunction with the organization StandsWithUs, featuring two young Israelis who witnessed firsthand the horrors of October 7th.

The first speaker, Aviv, was from Kibbutz Re’im before moving to Yesha, several miles from the Gaza border. He served as an IDF battalion medic while on active duty and, like many young Israelis, did some travelling after his service ended, before returning home for work and school.

He recounted how his family was together during the Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah weekend when Hamas attacked and how they had to rush for shelter. His younger brother, who had served in special forces, was killed by terrorists while protecting civilians in Yesha, and Aviv found his body — along with those of several friends — who had fallen together near a synagogue. Aviv described in sharp detail how he and his father guarded over them while the battle raged until they could be moved and prepared for burial. He then joined his reserve unit.

The second speaker, Avital, is an eighth-generation Israeli on one side of her family and grandchild of Holocaust survivors on the other. Avital explained that she served as an IDF company commander and was visiting her parents that weekend. She knew war had broken out by the sound of sirens on Shabbat/Yomtov. Both she and her older brother were called up, and her job upon activation was to manage the growing missing persons list, determine who was wounded, dead, missing, or kidnapped, and notify families.

She told of curating phone calls from witnesses and distraught people looking for news of missing loved ones, and said it was difficult learning who would not be returning home but having to maintain strict secrecy before notifying families.

These speakers’ words were direct, emotional, and deeply profound all at once. Despite their military backgrounds, they came across as just a couple of young Israelis who were intensely affected by what they experienced, and they told their stories straight and without political varnish. They also spoke of how Israeli society, which had seemed so fractured before the attack, was unified by a sense of common heritage and national resolve thereafter.

The truth they conveyed provided stark contrast to the pro-Hamas propaganda, anti-Israel vitriol, and racist Jew-hatred that are driving the narrative in the US – where classical stereotypes and conspiracy theories abound and atrocities against Jews are legitimized as “resistance” without shame or embarrassment in colleges and universities, city and town councils, Hollywood, and even the halls of Congress.

Emblematic of the banalization of antisemitism were the red bloody-hand pins worn by actors and artists at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, who claimed the pins were a humanitarian symbol advocating ceasefire in Gaza, though the image they bore actually commemorated the murders of IDF soldiers Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami by a bloodthirsty mob in Ramallah in 2001. The graphic motif used depicts the hands of terrorists covered with blood from the two Israelis they murdered and is recognized for its odious symbolism throughout Gaza and the territories — where most people surveyed support Hamas and its atrocities.

Though this imagery was originally used to glorify the savage murder of Jews, it was embraced by fatuous Hollywood “A-Listers” who can always be counted on to promote any and all progressive causes without demonstrating the slightest capacity for critical thought, moral decency, or just plain common sense.

As antisemitism in the US continues to skyrocket unabated, with Jews suffering more abuse than any other minority, the Biden administration’s response is to soft-pedal or claim beyond reason that Islamophobia is an equivalent (or greater) threat to moral order. Considering US law enforcement statistics showing that Jews are victimized by hate-crimes far more frequently than any other ethnic or racial minority group (including Arabs and African-Americans) and are at least six times more likely to be harassed than Muslims, the premise is ludicrous and insulting.

It also begs the question of why most Democrats refuse to concede the existence of virulent Jew-hatred on their side of the aisle. As a collective, Republicans are not bowing to pressure from anti-Israel, antisemitic zealots who dictate party zeitgeist. Democratic leadership is. Prominent Republicans are not publicly denying that Hamas terrorists raped and brutalized Jewish women and girls. Notable Democrats are.

While Congressional Republicans have condemned antisemitism and commenced investigating its ubiquity on college campuses, radical Democrats have belittled these efforts in order to appease antisemitic progressive and Islamist elements within their base. For his part, Biden will not chastise progressive party members by name for egregious anti-Jewish rhetoric or stop taking campaign contributions from donors who are also funding anti-Israel, antisemitic campus riots.
But minimizing antisemitism only encourages it.

The administration’s cognitive dissonance (or artifice) has international ramifications, as evidenced by its recent support for a UN resolution on “Measures to Combat Islamophobia,” which implies that anti-Muslim animus fuels the most pervasive forms of religious, ethnic, or racial hatred, persecution, or strife. It also implicitly prioritizes Islamophobia over global antisemitism, which in contrast truly has religious, ethnic, national, and racial overtones and is indeed the world’s oldest hatred.

Perhaps the resolution was intended to obscure the plethora of human rights abuses and acts of aggression committed by Islamist terror groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, and the Houthis, and by oppressive regimes like Syria, Afghanistan, and Iran.

Or perhaps it was intended to trivialize the reality of antisemitism, of which the UN is the most significant global facilitator.

Whatever its motivation, the Biden administration refuses to acknowledge progressive responsibility for the wave of antisemitism pervading leftist academia, liberal political society, and allied identity communities, where rioters champion Hamas and its genocidal aims. Biden has failed to identify the progressive instigators or the complicity of radicals from his own party. These failures are stunning in their implication that Jewish lives do not really matter; and the liberal tendency to draw moral equivalency between Hamas’s barbarism and Israeli self-defense is positively obscene.

George Orwell once said that some ideas are so absurd only intellectuals could believe them. That sentiment still resonates today, particularly when amended thus: “Some hatreds are so twisted that only persons with preconceived, intellectualized biases could accept them.”

And so it is with those who mock truth by supporting Hamas, degrading its victims, calling for another Holocaust, and cheering on Iran with chants of “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.”

©2024. Matthew Hausman, J.D. All rights reserved.

Eighty former U.S. Generals and Admirals: ‘Israel stands on the front lines of the fight for civilization’

An obvious fact, obscured by resurgent Jew-hatred.

80 Former U.S. Military Officers: ‘Israel Stands on the Front Lines of the Fight for Civilization

JNS, May 12, 2024:

Eighty former U.S. generals and admirals called in an open letter on Friday for a reaffirmation of the U.S.-Israeli bond.

“Given our experience as retired American military leaders, we are very concerned about the security impacts of increasingly strained U.S.-Israel ties, as Israel becomes a growing source of domestic division,” the group wrote in a letter, which the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) released.

The group stated that it feels “compelled to declare that a strong Israel is vital to the United States national security, and it is imperative that America unequivocally stand by this indispensable ally.”

The JINSA letter named Iran and its terrorist proxies as “barbaric,” declaring them “enemies of the United States and everything we stand for.”…

“Against these barbaric enemies, Israel stands on the front lines of the fight for civilization…

Continue reading.



POLL: 47% of Voters Believe the American Republic Has Fallen

Biden’s Perfidy, Israel’s Unity

Israel Declares Independence from Biden

Israel Struggles with How to Mark Independence Day Amid Brutal War with Islamic Terrorist Hamas

‘Wir Schaffen Das?’ It Turns Out the Germans Could Not Successfully Integrate Millions of Muslims

Hamas jihadis fire on civilians from UNRWA compound in Rafah

Duke University: Pro-Hamas students walk out on Jerry Seinfeld commencement speech

India: Muslim gets life sentence for killing his pregnant sister for marrying a Hindu man

World Pays No Attention to Real Genocide in Sudan, Focuses on Nonexistent Genocide in Gaza

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

The next Vice President of our Republic will be a Constitutional Entrepreneur

President Trumps Vice Presidential pick will NOT be an attorney or a career Republican politician.

He or she will be a businessman or businesswoman with an entrepreneurial spirit who understands constitutional governance with the unfortunate R after his or her name.

The current do nothing weak Republican Party membership in Congress that is funding Joe Biden’s destruction of America, with the exception of a few patriots like Congresswoman Margorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga), do nothing for the people they are supposed to represent.

They either indulge in personal gain or carry the water for the low life Communist maggots in the Democrat Party. They call our republic a democracy and most don’t even know the contents of the Federalist Papers.

President Trump is a highly intelligent risk taking capitalist entrepreneur that only tolerates the current republican agenda.

With exceptional skill Trump navigates the GOP base camp of losers because he will need them to support his Make America Great Again plan to fix our constitutional republic.

Our country would be better off with Trump running as an Independent conservative with independents in the majority. My opinion.

If only Americans would only get out of their Republican Party comfort zone and abandon their false promises and fake agenda and leave this useless party. They should regroup as independent Conservatives and embrace Constitutional governance.

The IRS, the Commerce Department, the Department of Labor, The Center For Disease Control the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Education, etc. etc. etc. serve no constitutional agenda and must be abolished.

Don’t forget the cancerous canker sore of the United Nations infesting New York City also funded by the bottom feeding Republican low life’s in Congress. The UN are the sewer rats spreading an unconstitutional Marxist agenda in our backyard.

This group of anti-Semitic Marxists must be removed from our republic along with all the foreign pro Palestinian students in our universities on F1 and F2 visas. The nation of Palestine doesn’t even exist it never has.

The new president of Argentina gets it and he terminated the government socialist departments I mentioned above in his country.

The new president of Panama gets it too and soon he will block the wide open water faucet of illegal immigrants entering his country en route to the US border.

President Trump also gets it and soon he will terminate the Communist Marxist agenda started by FDR and injected forcefully into our republic by Obama the atheist queer low IQ Marxist who is currently in his third term as installed President Biden’s puppet master.

It’s unfortunate that President Trump is forced to run as Republican but soon he will notify the American people of his Vice Presidential pick who will continue Trumps pro-constitutional entrepreneurial spirit well into 2028 and beyond.

Stay strong patriots and make sure you vote for Trump. Our grandchildren and future generations are depending on you to keep them free of this Marxist Biden/Obama boot currently on our necks.

Our future generations are also depending on us to create a public school system free of Washington, D.C. money, Marxist indoctrination and FBI harassment and instead we must rebuild a school system ran by local school boards with a constitutionally strong curriculum.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

Democrat Leadership Urges Members To Oppose House GOP’s Israel Aid Bill

It’s not “just the squad”. Today’s Democratic Party is systemically antisemitic.

The entire anti-Israel narrative is a litany of lies about Israel. Lying about Israel is lying about Jews.

That’s anti-Semitism straight up. (hat tip Shirley)

Dem Leadership Urges Members To Oppose House GOP’s Israel Weapons Bill

By: Daily Wire, May 14, 2024;

On Tuesday, House Democrat leadership urged their colleagues in the party to vote against a GOP bill that pressures the Biden administration not to withhold arms from Israel as it fights Hamas following a deadly terrorist attack in October of last year.

Republican appropriators introduced the legislation after President Joe Biden halted the delivery of some weapons to Israel in protest of a full-scale ground operation in the southern Gaza city of Rafah.

Continue reading.



America Has Finally Had It With Lyin’ Joe Biden

Israeli Independence Day Fireworks Over Rafah

New Biden Edict Installs The Deep State (Democrat Bureaucrats) Forever

DESPERATE GRASPING: Vice-President Kamala Harris Yells F*ck During Public Remarks

Democrat Judge Releases Gunman Who ‘Sprayed DC Neighborhood with 26 Rounds From AR-15’

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Muslim Border Invaders on Terror Watchlist Tried to Break Into Quantico

“The driver, ignoring the direct instructions of the officers, continued to move the vehicle past the holding area”

Biden chose to open up the border to the invaders of the world. And they’re coming. Including Muslims on terror watch lists. A number have been caught, others have gotten through and since Biden insists on releasing virtually every border invader into the country, they’re free to do what they please once they get in.

And what are they doing?

Two people inside a box truck tried to force their way onto Quantico Marine Corps Base.

After being pressed by Potomac Local News, base officials today said that in the early morning hours of Friday, May 3, 2024, the two men drove a truck up to the base’s main gate on Fuller Road, just outside Dumfries, told guards that they were contractors for Amazon and were making a delivery to Quantico Town’s post office. The town is located inside the military base.

The men did not provide any approved access credentials, and police determined the vehicle had no affiliation with the base, so officers directed the truck to a holding area for standard vetting procedures. “One of the military police officers noticed the driver, ignoring the direct instructions of the officers, continued to move the vehicle past the holding area and attempted to access…Quantico,” said base spokesman Capt. Micheal Curtis.

Officers then used vehicle denial barriers, or roadblocks that were used to keep out cars, which prevented the two men from traveling further onto the base. The occupants were detained and eventually turned over to ICE, and no one was injured, said Curtis.

Multiple sources report one of the individuals inside the truck is a Jordanian foreign national who recently crossed the southern border into the U.S., and that one of the occupants is on the U.S. terrorist watch list. Quantico did not confirm this information.

No one will be in any hurry to confirm something that makes the administration look terrible.

Would a normal Amazon delivery driver be willing to risk his life by ignoring instructions from military officers just to make that delivery?

No Amazon driver is that dedicated.



JIHAD FOILED: Illegal Foreign Nationals On Terror Watch List in ICE Custody after Attempting to Breach Virginia Marine Base

Having saved the climate, Greta Thunberg gets arrested at Eurovision pro-Hamas protest

Democratic Donor Haim Saban on Biden’s Threat to Withhold Weapons for Israel: A ‘Bad, Bad, Bad Decision’

PA says pro-Hamas campus protests ‘fruits of the labor conducted by Arab, Palestinian, and Islamic communities’

RELATED VIDEO: Robert Spencer on The Daily Objective on Islam and the Jews

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Voters Move Away from Biden’s Israel Policies in Droves as Swing State Poll Numbers Crumble

Amid polls showing that President Joe Biden’s wavering support for Israel is alienating voters on all sides, another major poll released Monday has revealed that former President Donald Trump has opened up a significant lead over Biden in five key battleground states as the November elections loom.

A New York Times/Siena/Philadelphia Inquirer survey found that Trump is leading Biden among registered voters by a substantial amount outside of the margin of error in four prominent swing states, including Arizona (49%-42%), Georgia (49%-39%), Michigan (49%-42%), and Nevada (50%-38%). In addition, Trump leads Biden in Pennsylvania 47%-44%.

The poll also found the presumptive Republican presidential nominee leading Biden among likely voters in Arizona (49%-43%), Georgia (50%-41%), Nevada (51%-38%), Pennsylvania (48%-45%), and Wisconsin (47%-46%).

“These results cannot be dismissed,” Matt Carpenter, director of FRC Action, told The Washington Stand. “If I’m the Biden campaign I’m hitting the panic button. With less than six months until Election Day, and early voting starting in closer to four months, voters are making up their minds as to whom they will support, and increasingly they are shifting away from Biden in the states he needs to secure reelection.”

Carpenter added, “What’s more, segments of the electorate that historically back Democrats are leading the shift away from Biden — young, black, and Hispanic voters — which explains why states with higher non-white populations like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada have a bigger gap than do whiter states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.”

A Gallup poll conducted in April confirmed this shift, as affiliation with the Republican Party saw an 11-point swing against the Democratic Party when compared to the numbers from 2016. The survey found that 47% of Independent voters leaned toward the GOP, a five-point increase since 2016.

On the flip side, the Democrats suffered a six-point loss since 2016 with voters who said they leaned toward their party. The swing is likely fueled by black and Hispanic voters leaving Biden’s party. A February Gallup poll recorded a 20% decrease in black support of the Democratic Party in three years. It also found that Hispanic support the president’s party among voters aged 18-29 had plummeted by almost the same amount.

The poll results come as Biden’s policy decisions surrounding Israel’s war against the Hamas terrorist group prove to be increasingly unpopular with supermajorities of U.S. citizens. As noted by National Review, “The latest Harvard-Harris poll found that people support Israel over Hamas by 80-20, and believe that Israel is trying to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza, 67-33. Even voters ages 18-24 support Israel in this survey, 57 to 43, and believe that Israel is trying to minimize casualties, 64-36.”

“At this stage in the election, the Biden campaign should be focusing on persuading swing voters and identifying base voters to drive to the polls,” Carpenter remarked in comments to TWS. “Instead, they have what looks like a mutiny on their hands. The Trump campaign cannot afford to rest on their laurels, however. In 2022, Democrats succeeded in halting what appeared to be a red wave by running campaigns focused on the election process — requesting and collecting mail-in ballots. At the end of the day, the only poll that matters is the one on Election Day.”


Dan Hart

Dan Hart is senior editor at The Washington Stand.


Biden Administration Pampers Foes, Punishes Allies

Congress Revoking VISA Holding Protestors!

Majority of GOP Voters Believe ‘An Embryo Is a Person with Rights’

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From October 7 to Eurovision: Are we seeing a sea change starting in Western culture?


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Dr. Robert Katz on the good happening in Israel and the bad and the ugly on America’s campuses

In this wide ranging interview, Dr. Robert Katz discusses the top of mind issues of the American voter. He gives a detailed analysis of the upcoming 2024 presidential election and its impact on the state of Israel and its war with Hamas.

Dr. Katz notes that this isn’t just a war against Israel, it is a war against America.

Dr. Katz shows us how by following the billions of dollars that is given to American colleges and universities by key Arab nations.

Dr. Katz concludes with the brighter side of things and the good news coming out of Israel, even during a time of war.

WATCH: Dr. Robert Katz on Dissent Television with host Dr. Rich Swier

About Dr. Robert Katz, soldier and intelligence expert.

Dr. Katz is a Special Projects officer for Defend the Border and The United West.

Dr. Katz was born and grew up in the same neighborhood as Louis Farrakhan and Malcom X, but alas, just wasn’t the right skin color. In this general area is where the Jewish Defense League first came into prominence.

Dr. Katz graduated from Boston Latin, the oldest high school in the nation, where 5 signers of the Declaration of Independence attended. Contrary to popular belief, he was not in the same graduating class.

In 1970 he immigrated to Israel and spent most of the seventies on a border kibbutz, working in a number of positions, including Intelligence.

After returning to the United States, for treatment after an assassination attempt, he underwent rehabilitation and as a result eventually entered the health care field.

Dr. Katz sold his practice after 9/11 to return to his first love, involvement in Intelligence issues, by becoming Program Director for The National Intelligence Conference (INTELCON), and then Executive Director of The Intelligence Summit, and later, America Resurgent.

In addition, Robert spent 11 years in the U.S. military.

©2024. Dissent Television Channel and host . All rights reserved.

‘Bully Organization’: FFRF Forces Florida Elementary School to Disband Christian Club

Over the last several years, former President Donald Trump has voiced his disapproval of how people of faith have been treated in America. In late December, he posted a video on his social media platform, Truth Social, with the caption, “Stopping the Persecution of Christians!”

“Americans of faith are being persecuted like nothing this nation has ever seen before,” he said in the video. “Catholics in particular are being targeted, and evangelicals are surely on the watchlist as well.”

Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), an atheist group founded in 1976, has had a history of targeting Christians. Some of FFRF’s past projects include suing a Tennessee elementary school on behalf of The Satanic Temple, suing New Jersey Secretary of State Tahesha Way for forcing public office candidates to swear a religious oath, and ensuring that a Latin cross was taken down at Chino Valley Adult School in California.

While FFRF’s eyes are currently set on demanding that the Birmingham Police Department “end coercive staff prayer,” the group is celebrating another win in their book. An elementary school in rural Florida was forced to disband its Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) club after being accused of indoctrinating children into religion by FFRF. The FCA chapter included a small group of fifth grade students.

On March 29, FFRF legal fellow Samantha Lawrence wrote a letter to the District Superintendent Dorothy Lee Wetherington-Zamor “regarding a constitutional violation” at Hamilton County Elementary School. The sole elementary school in the small town of Jasper was accused of “alienating” and “excluding” non-religious families, as well as violating “students’ First Amendment rights by organizing, leading, and promoting a religious club.”

Lawrence defended FFRF’s stance by pointing out that the Equal Access Act allows students to form religious clubs in secondary schools, but not elementary schools. To further her point, she wrote, “Elementary students are too young to truly run a club entirely on their own initiative with no input from school staff or outside adults,” insinuating that “adults are the ones truly behind the club.”

“Hamilton Elementary should strive to be welcoming and inclusive of all students, not just those who subscribe to a particular brand of Christianity,” Lawrence continued. “The District must immediately investigate this matter and ensure that the FCA club at Hamilton Elementary is disbanded.”

Joseph Backholm, senior fellow at Family Research Council, responded to FFRF’s complaints in a comment to The Washington Stand.

“In general, the FFRF is a bully organization that leverages people’s ignorance of their freedoms against them,” he said. “This is far from the first time someone has tried to force a religious organization out of a school, but the First Amendment has, does, and hopefully always will be acknowledged as protecting those rights.”

After receiving the FFRF’s accusations, a local law firm representing the Hamilton County School District responded with a letter relaying their compliance.

“In an effort to avoid any perception that such a gathering on the campus of Hamilton Elementary is being organized, promoted or endorsed by the District or its employees, the club has been dispersed.” The letter also stated that the participating students would be starting sixth grade in a few months and would “be eligible to participate in FCA on the campus of Hamilton County High School.”

Ultimately, the elementary school caved to FFRF’s demands, a decision the First Liberty Institute — a nonprofit defending religious freedom — disagrees with.

“Banning students from having a religious club at a school while permitting other, secular clubs is a travesty that teaches children their faith is unwelcome and must be hidden,” First Liberty Institute Deputy General Counsel Justin Butterfield told The Christian Post.

While FFRF exists to lessen religious influence in America, organizations like First Liberty fight to preserve religious freedoms. Their mission heavily contrasts with FFRF’s, as they have set out to defend “religious liberty for all Americans.”

Meanwhile, FFRF has begun celebrating their victory in shutting down the FCA chapter at Hamilton Elementary.

“It is well settled that public schools may not show favoritism towards or coerce belief or participation in religion. It is inappropriate and unconstitutional for an elementary school to organize, lead, or encourage student participation in a religious club like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes,” the press release following the disbandment read. “Thankfully, the district was willing to listen to reason and obey the law.”

While some leaders raise the alarm and organizations fight against religious persecution occurring on American soil, Backholm assures Christians ought not to fear.

“The last thing Christians should ever be is afraid,” he said. “There have always been sectarian conflicts in the U.S., but fortunately they have been less serious than in most other parts of the world because respecting the conscience of others has long been an American value. Yes, it’s being threatened by a dogmatic and highly intolerant form of secularism, but relatively speaking we have much to be grateful for.”

Backholm also warned that Christians live “on a spiritual battlefield.” He encouraged those with a faith to stand firm, as “any public testimony to the gospel will illicit some kind of response,” but it is a “reality Christians needs to be comfortable with.”


Abigail Olsson

EDITORS NOTE: This Washington Stand column is republished with permission. All rights reserved. ©2024 Family Research Council.

The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.

Federal Court Rules in Favor of Catholic School Upholding Biblical View of Marriage

In a decision hailed by religious liberty advocates, a federal court is upholding a Catholic school’s right to require employees to conform to Catholic teachings when it fired a teacher for entering into a same-sex marriage.

The U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Wednesday that a North Carolina Catholic school was within its rights to dismiss Lonnie Billard, a drama teacher and substitute English teacher at Charlotte Catholic High School (CCHS), after he announced he would be marrying another man. The court’s ruling said that “because Billard played a vital role as a messenger of CCHS’s faith,” the school could dismiss him from his position for contradicting Catholic moral teaching.

Billard announced on social media in 2014 that he intended to marry another man, shortly after the state legalized same-sex marriage. In response, CCHS dismissed Billard from his position for violating the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte’s employee policy prohibiting actions contrary to Catholic moral teaching. Billard and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sued CCHS, the diocese, and Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools for alleged Title VII violations. A district court ruled in favor of Billard in 2021, but that decision was reversed by Wednesday’s ruling.

Fourth Circuit Court Judge Pamela Harris, an Obama appointee, wrote Wednesday’s majority opinion. She found, “Although CCHS offers separate secular and religious classes, religion infuses daily life at the school.” She noted that the school is expressly devoted to teaching and furthering Catholic principles, citing the school’s motto and mission statement, as well as the diocesan mission statement. “CCHS’s expectations of its teachers extend beyond the classroom,” Harris wrote. “It does not require all its employees to be Catholic. But, Catholic or not, it requires its employees to conform to Catholic teachings: CCHS prohibits employees from engaging in or advocating for conduct contrary to the moral tenets of the Catholic faith, including the Catholic Church’s rejection of same-sex marriage.”

Although Harris said that, as an English and drama teacher, Billard “did not have a responsibility to educate his students explicitly in the Catholic faith,” she did note, “CCHS’s commitment to integrating faith throughout its curriculum meant that Billard had to account for religion in his classes.” CCHS had previously made numerous and even novel legal arguments to defend its actions, but Harris ultimately found that the school’s dismissal of Billard was protected by the “ministerial exception” to Title VII. “Because we conclude that Billard’s role at CCHS was ‘ministerial’ for purposes of the ministerial exception, we resolve the case on that ground,” she wrote.

The ”ministerial exception” bars the application of certain anti-discrimination laws to religious institutions when dealing with the hiring of its “ministers.” Of note, Harris stated, “The ministerial exception does not protect the church alone; it also confines the state and its civil courts to their proper roles.” Noting that certain religion-oriented disputes are beyond the authority of the courts, she wrote, “The First Amendment’s Religion Clauses … ‘bar the government from interfering’ with ministerial employment decisions or involving itself in ecclesiastical matters.” She clarified, “That means civil courts like ours are ‘bound to stay out’ of employment disputes involving ministers — those ‘holding certain important positions with churches and other religious institutions.’” Relying on U.S. Supreme Court precedent, Harris wrote, “We conclude that the school entrusted Billard with ‘vital religious duties,’ making him a ‘messenger’ of its faith and placing him within the ministerial exception.”

In response to the court’s decision, Arielle Del Turco, director of the Center for Religious Liberty at Family Research Council, told The Washington Stand, “It’s encouraging to see this decision from the appellate court. No religious schools should be required to employ individuals whose actions and advocacy violate the school’s core religious beliefs.” She continued, “The main point of sending your child to a religious school is for them to be formed in their faith and taught their classes through the lens of their faith. As such, it’s important for such schools to hire teachers that share and affirm that faith, inside and outside the classroom.”

Meg Kilgannon, Family Research Council’s senior fellow for Education Studies, agreed. “This decision is important for many reasons, but especially for parents and families who are seeking an educational setting outside the home that reflects their faith and values. In our secular society, that is increasingly difficult to find, even in ostensibly Christian organizations,” she told TWS. “Decisions like this one that reaffirm the school’s right to expect and demand agreement with major doctrinal questions are much appreciated. And as a parent, I would hope that Catholic schools would strive to have faithful and practicing Catholic teachers in every class, not just religion class.”

Kilgannon added, “This situation also reminds us of the important relationship teachers have with their students/our children. Even in a substitute teacher setting, the influence of adults on children is profound.” In fact, the court also addressed that point. Harris wrote that a religious institution’s instruction that employees abide by particular religious moral codes does not automatically place all employees within the ministerial exception. But, she added, “teachers are different.” Quoting the Supreme Court, she explained, “’[E]ducating young people in their faith, inculcating its teachings, and training them to live their faith are responsibilities that lie at the very core of the mission of a private religious school’ like CCHS.”


S.A. McCarthy

S.A. McCarthy serves as a news writer at The Washington Stand.


Choose Love! Choose Life!

Louisiana Parish Takes Stand to Protect Children from Sexually Explicit Content in Local Library

‘Bully Organization’: FFRF Forces Florida Elementary School to Disband Christian Club

We Don’t Need to Know Why Something Is Happening or What God Is Doing If We Know Who God Is

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‘They Don’t Understand War’: Experts Slam Biden’s Denial of Arms to Israel

As stunned outrage escalated in reaction to President Joe Biden’s decision to halt arms shipments to Israel in the midst of its battle against the Hamas terrorist group, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Thursday that the Jewish state would “stand alone” and “fight with our fingernails” in the face of a lack of military aid.

“I hope that’s a senior moment,” remarked House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) in reaction to Biden’s announcement. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, and Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) stated that they were “appalled that the administration paused crucial arms shipments to Israel,” adding that “this disastrous policy decision was undertaken in secret and deliberately hidden from Congress and the American people.”

Democrats also expressed frustration with the decision. “As the leader of the free world, America cannot claim that its commitment to Israel is ‘iron-clad’ and then proceed to withhold aid from Israel,” Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-N.Y.) wrote. “The mixed messaging makes a mockery of our credibility as an ally. No one will take our word seriously.”

Meanwhile, ceasefire talks in Cairo between Israel and Hamas that were pushed by the U.S. stalled on Thursday, as Hamas continued its refusal to release 132 hostages, 38 of whom are believed to no longer be alive. As experts on the ground in Israel are pointing out, despite Hamas’s unprovoked October 7 attack that killed the most Jews since World War II and despite the unreleased hostages, the Biden administration has been undermining Israel’s military response for at least four months.

“Beginning in January, we started getting first reports that the Biden administration was slow walking munitions to Israel, including specifically ordnance for our aircraft and 155 millimeter artillery shells and tank shells,” explained Caroline Glick, senior contributing editor at the Jewish News Syndicate, on Thursday’s edition of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins.” “So these are the basic tools of war that the Biden administration and the Obama administration convinced Israel we didn’t have to produce at home [because] the United States would be the steady supplier of all of these things.”

Glick went on to detail how the Biden administration went back on its word to give military aid to Israel.

“[T]hey double-crossed us, Speaker Johnson, and the House and Senate Republicans,” she underscored. “They … made aid for Israel contingent on aid for Ukraine, knowing full well that the Republicans opposed the aid for Ukraine. … [T]hat’s just the way the Democrats fly. They didn’t want to allow Israel to be a standalone legislation. They forced the Republicans’ hand. Speaker Johnson wanted to get the aid to Israel [and] he risked his position in his party in order to push it through with the aid for Ukraine. And then as soon as Biden got what he wanted from the Republicans specifically for Ukraine, he turned around and he double-crossed them and said, ‘Nope, we’re not giving Israel what they want.’”

Glick further described how the administration is setting expectations for how Israel should conduct its war against terrorists.

“[N]ow what he said is, ‘We’re willing to give Israel the means to intercept incoming projectiles from Iran or from Lebanon or from Gaza, but they may not cause Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, the Houthis, any of them, to pay any price for their aggression. All you can do is intercept incoming, but you can’t downgrade their power in any way. You cannot take the war to your enemies. They are allowed to attack you, and they will be completely immune from any sort of counter assault by Israel.’ That’s what the United States wants, and their long-term game is to transform Israel into a weak, totally dependent protectorate of the Democratic Party. … [I]t’s inviting the expansion of the war to other theaters in a major way.”

In addition, Glick enumerated how President Biden has personally inserted himself between Israel and other nations who have indicated their desire to provide military aid to the Jewish state. “[E]arly on [after October 7], the German chancellor came to Israel and met with Prime Minister Netanyahu,” she recounted. “And then after a series of conversations between the two leaders, the Germans agreed to sell us tank shells. … [T]wo hours after the announcement was made, President Biden was on the phone with Chancellor [Olaf] Scholz and essentially push[ed] him to cancel the arms sale.”

The response within Israel has been to increase domestic production of munitions, Glick relayed. “[We’re] massively ramping up our domestic production. … [It’s] not productive enough to suit all of our needs, but we’re moving very quickly towards that goal. It will take a number of months, but we’re doing it. … They’ve opened up new lines of the Israel military industries in various cities around the country, and they’re hiring more and more employees to work the lines. … So we’re just going to have to build it ourselves as quickly as possible. We have to be the arsenal for our own democracy.”

Glick concluded by contending that the Biden administration is in over its head in its dealings with Israel’s war against terrorism. “U.S. foreign policy under the Biden administration is … extremely shallow,” she argued. “[T]hey think that war is a game or some sort of graduate seminar that you can somehow or another resolve through all kinds of fancy ideas about deterrence and balance of power. They don’t understand war.”

“They don’t know what they’re dealing with,” Glick continued. “They attribute monstrous intentions through good people — the good people of Israel. And they project the goodness of the people of Israel on the monstrous enemies that are fighting us, whether it’s the Iranian regime that seeks our genocide through nuclear weapons and its terror proxy war, … or whether it’s Hamas. And we saw what they did on October 7th, and we understand what it means when they say that they want to kill [us]. [W]e see it with Hezbollah. … [W]e found dozens of subterranean tunnels over the years that they’ve dug into Israel from Lebanon with the goal of infiltrating our villages and capturing and slaughtering our people. So this is not a game.”


Dan Hart

Dan Hart is senior editor at The Washington Stand.


Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, a wing of Fatah: We participated in the October 7 attack

Biden makes common cause with Hamas

Nova October 7 Exhibit Reminds Us That Israel Is Fighting against Evil

Washington’s Betrayal of Israel Makes No Strategic or Moral Sense

University Protests Are Evidence of a Failed Education System

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U.K. Rejects WHO Pandemic Treaty as Critics Sound Alarm over ‘New World Order’

The British government is preparing to reject a global health treaty that critics warn gives power to “a new world order.” According to The Telegraph, the U.K. is opposed to signing the World Health Organization (WHO) global pandemic treaty, insisting the accord would undermine the U.K.’s sovereignty.

The U.K. reportedly refuses to agree to any treaty which would not allow the nation to put its own interests first. In its present form, which is the ninth and final draft, the WHO treaty would require wealthier Western nations such as the U.S. and the U.K. to surrender 20% of their “pandemic-related health products” — including medicines, vaccines, and protective equipment — to be given to nations the WHO deems less developed. The terms of the treaty would grant the WHO 10% of those products for free and the other 10% “at affordable prices.” A spokesperson for Britain’s Department of Health and Social Care stated, “We will only support the adoption of the accord and accept it on behalf of the UK, if it is firmly in the UK national interest and respects national sovereignty.”

The pandemic treaty was introduced in May 2021 in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, purportedly as a means of ensuring a united international global response to future pandemics. However, critics across the globe, including in the U.S., are urging nations to reject the accord, warning that it effectively grants the bureaucratic WHO unprecedented control over sovereign nations and their health care systems.

Appearing on “Washington Watch” on Thursday night, Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) cautioned against the “dangers of global governance” and “a new world order.” He explained that the WHO “engineered” the global response to COVID-19 but ultimately “gave cover” to China, where the virus originated. “I think it probably was manmade, probably from a lab in Wuhan,” Johnson said. “But again, there’s corruption. The Chinese exert way too much influence on the World Health Organization. Why would we want China’s influence dictating American actions or other nations’ actions as well?”

Johnson and his fellow Senate Republicans issued a letter last week to President Joe Biden, demanding he withdraw the U.S. from WHO pandemic treaty negotiations. Declaring the terms of the treaty “unacceptable,” the letter states, “Some of the over 300 proposals for amendments made by member states would substantially increase the WHO’s health emergency powers and constitute intolerable infringements upon U.S. sovereignty.” The letter also called on the U.S. to hold the WHO accountable for its “total” and “predictable” “failure” to respond adequately to COVID-19, a failure which the letter argues “did lasting harm to our country.”

The letter concludes noting that any treaty must be approved by the Senate and that Biden is expected to “submit any pandemic related agreement to the Senate for its advice and consent.” On “Washington Watch,” Johnson explained, “The presidents are abusing their authority in terms of entering these agreements, calling them executive agreements when they clearly fall into the guidelines of what treaties should be.” He added that Americans should “understand what our president is getting America involved in.”

Johnson and his Senate compatriots aren’t the only ones calling on Biden to withdraw from negotiations. Last week, 22 state attorneys general also sent a letter to the president, warning that the pandemic treaty would give the WHO “unprecedented and unconstitutional powers over the United States and her people” and cautioning against “relinquish[ing] more power to unelected and unaccountable institutions.” Referring to the pandemic treaty as “highly problematic,” the attorneys general wrote:

“To varying degrees, these measures would threaten national sovereignty, undermine states’ authority, and imperil constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Ultimately, the goal of these instruments isn’t to protect public health. It’s to cede authority to the WHO — specifically its Director-General — to restrict our citizens’ rights to freedom of speech, privacy, movement (especially travel across borders) and informed consent.”

They further noted that the negotiations Biden has involved the U.S. in “would transform the WHO from an advisory, charitable organization into the world’s governor of public health” and “inappropriately cede American sovereignty to the WHO.” Additionally, they pointed out that the federal government does not have the constitutional authority to “delegate public health decisions to an international body,” observing that “responsibility for public health policy” is vested in the states, not in the federal government.

Finally, the attorneys general warned that the WHO’s proposals “would lay the groundwork for a global surveillance infrastructure, ostensibly in the interest of public health, but with the inherent opportunity for control (as with Communist China’s ‘social credit system’).” They added, “The current draft instructs signatories to ‘cooperate, in accordance with national law, in preventing misinformation and disinformation.’ This is particularly dangerous given that your administration pressured and encouraged social-media companies to suppress free speech during COVID-19.”

Nations are expected to either accept or reject the terms of the pandemic treaty at the WHO’s World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, later this month.


S.A. McCarthy

S.A. McCarthy serves as a news writer at The Washington Stand.

EDITORS NOTE: This Washington Stand column is republished with permission. All rights reserved. ©2024 Family Research Council.

The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.