Documentary ‘Keep This Between Us’ exposes sexual predators and ‘widespread grooming’ in our public schools

On August 9th of 2017 we wrote about Jason Edward Meyers a teacher at Palmetto High School in Miami-Dade, Florida who is a pedophile who stalked his underaged students for sex for a decade. We wrote,

As Florida’s public school students are heading back to school, parents should be aware that Miami-Dade County Public Schools have been plagued by numerous sexual assault cases by teachers and administrators over the past five years, the most recent being the “Jason’s Girls” episode.

According to a legal complaint filed in federal court in Miami, Jason Meyers had molested numerous girls since 2004. When his principal at the time was told of a particular offense in 2008, the complaint alleges, he was transferred to another school. The complaint reads in part:

This action concerns the repeated sexual abuse and harassment of Plaintiff by her English and Creative Writing teacher, Jason Edward Meyers (“Meyers”), during Plaintiff’s junior and senior years at Miami Palmetto Senior High School (“Palmetto High School”), while she was 16 and 17 years oldPlaintiff is one of many underage female students that Meyers recruited, groomed, and exploited in a systematic fashion during his near decade-long tenure as a known sexual predator employed by Defendant. [Emphasis added]

Now there is a documentary titled Keep This Between Us about Jason Meyers and other predators in our public school classrooms.

In this documentary a woman re-examines her past relationship with a teacher, exposing the shocking statistics of widespread grooming in U.S. high schools.

On August 4th, 2022 we published an article titled It Took Over 6-Years and 9 Months to Bring to Trial a Teacher Accused of Being a Sexual Predator. Why?

The article was about Jason Edward Meyers and that he is still walking the streets of Miami, Florida, even though he is facing three felony charges of sexual battery. We wrote,

Many are questioning if our criminal justice systems are working properly and we are insuring that those accused of a crime are brought to trial quickly.  One Florida case caught our attention after a reader contacted us.

We were recently made aware of the criminal trial of Jason Edward Meyers in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Meyers is a former Palmetto High School teacher who is accused of 3 counts of felony sexual battery upon young girls, who were his students, in April of 2014.

Meyers is still walking the streets of Miami-Dade County on his own recognizance. To date there have been 572 docket hearings on the Meyers case. Unbelievable. If we can’t bring someone accused of sexual battery to trial what does that say about our criminal justice system?

We thought that justice must be swift in order to be effective in deterring crime.

We were wrong when it comes to Miami-Dade County. It seems justice is slow and favors the alleged perpetrator rather than his victim or victims

Jason Edward Meyers originally appeared in court on a bond hearing on February 19th, 2016 (read the details of State Case here: No. 132016CF0034080001XX.)

According to the Miami-Dade County Clerk of the Courts Meyers is now scheduled for a trial hearing on November 28th, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. (see Meyers, Jason Edward case file). That is 6 years and 9 months after the alleged crime of sexual battery upon a young girls.

Soviet Union prisoner Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn in his biography The Gulag Archipelago wrote, “When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.

We agree. Not punish sexual predators, pederasts, pedophiles and perverts rips apart the very foundation of our justice system. These criminals prey upon our most vulnerable children!

Keep This Between Us” premiered on August 29th and is now streaming on Hulu.

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Court Records Show Biden Is a Fascist Who Threatens Personal Rights

Joe Biden continued his attacks on Trump supporters in a Labor Day speech in Wisconsin, claiming, among other things, they threaten personal rights.  The speech was a follow-up to Biden calling Trump supporters “semi-fascists” ten days ago.  Let’s set the record straight, shall we?

Documents obtained in a lawsuit brought by the Missouri Attorney General and others show that a dozen federal agencies participated in the Biden administration’s collusion with social media companies to suppress the free speech rights of Americans about COVID and elections. The Missouri Attorney General called it “a massive, sprawling federal ‘Censorship Enterprise’,” involving the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the CDC, and others.  If bringing the full weight of the federal government down on Americans who speak their minds isn’t a threat to personal rights, I don’t know what is, and Joe Biden’s in charge of it.

The scheme involves Leftbook and Fritter.  Leftbook was in weekly communication with Biden administration officials about what to censor, the documents obtained in court show.  This includes personal correspondence between Anthony Fauci and Mark Zuckerberg to suppress the lab leak COVID origin theory which has only gained credence with the passage of time.  Leftbook also wrote to the Surgeon General asking “what the White House expects of us.”  Fritter scheduled a meeting to brief White House officials on so-called “vaccine misinformation” and to discuss how to carry their “partnership” forward.

There’s more.  The CDC had a direct pipeline to Fritter to tell them what COVID information to take down.  The Cybersecurity Agency asked Fritter to remove accounts.  The actions of the ‘Censorship Enterprise’ go on for hundreds of pages and involve more than 50 Biden administration officials.  [Link to documents here] The White House even asked that Fauci parody accounts be taken down from Leftbook.  Making fun of the king is not allowed in Joe Biden’s America.

These are the results of the first six weeks of discovery in the lawsuit.  There’s more to come, but we can already see that the conspiracy between the Biden administration and Big Tech to deprive Americans of their free speech rights is much wider and deeper than anyone thought.  As more conspirators are discovered, they will be added to the lawsuit.  The White House is claiming its communications are privileged, although it is clear that its external communications are not.  Mark Zuckerberg has already admitted Leftbook suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election, acting on a request from the FBI.  He has a whole lot more explaining to do as to why his supposedly neutral platform is in bed with the lying dog-faced pony soldier Biden administration.

Now let’s set the record straight on fascism.  Fascism is a dictatorship brought about by the combination of Big Business and Big Government.  The textbook example is Mussolini’s Italy where the CEOs of the biggest corporations in the country were also the cabinet ministers in Mussolini’s government.  You put Big Business together with Big Government and you have the kind of concentration of power our Founders warned us about.  Bad things happen when too much power gets in the hands of too few people.  Dissenting voices get silenced, for starters, as the documents obtained in the collusion lawsuit I’ve been discussing so thoroughly demonstrate.

So we’ve got a serious problem in this country, and it’s not 80 million Trump supporters.  It’s the Biden administration and its bosom buddies in Big Tech.  They are the ones threatening personal rights and suppressing free speech.  They are the ones threatening democracy by suppressing important information, like the Hunter Biden laptop story, that could have changed minds before the election.  A recent poll found most Americans believe Trump would have been reelected had there been “truthful” coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop story.   If Big Tech collusion with political power brokers isn’t a threat to democracy, I don’t know what is.

Leftbook and Fritter have both censored me along with many, many others.  And now they can live with the consequences.  One of the consequences is that their entire Censorship Enterprise with the Biden administration – the whole stinking mess – is being dragged out into the open for all to see.  Who are the fascists, again?

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VILLAINY: Federal Prosecutors Waiting Until After Midterms to Take Any Action Against Trump

If, for no other reason, get out the vote. rent a bus, pick up friends and family and VOTE. We need overwhelming numbers to overwhelm Democrat election fraud.

REPORT: Federal prosecutors waiting until after midterms to take any action against Trump

By: Laura Ramirez, RSBN Network, September 5, 2022:

Federal prosecutors are reportedly waiting until the midterm elections are over to announce whether they would bring any charges against President Donald Trump after storming his Florida home last month.

According to Bloomberg, the Justice Department’s policy bars prosecutors from furthering an investigation or filing charges within 60 days of an election to prevent influencing or affecting a candidate or party.

Federal prosecutors are reportedly waiting until the midterm elections are over to announce whether they would bring any charges against President Donald Trump after storming his Florida home last month.

According to Bloomberg, the Justice Department’s policy bars prosecutors from furthering an investigation or filing charges within 60 days of an election to prevent influencing or affecting a candidate or party.

However, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is likely to announce whether President Trump would be charged concerning the Mar-a-Lago raid, where the FBI confiscated documents from the president’s private residence, following November’s election, where Trump has endorsed numerous Republican candidates, the outlet added.

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro called out the DOJ’s decision to announce the charges after the election, labeling it a “blatantly political move.”

“If you’re not convinced this is just another witch hunt, well, new reports say the DOJ is waiting past the midterms to reveal any Trump charges,” Pirro said on Jesse Watters Primetime. “This is a blatantly political move. The DOJ has a policy of not bringing charges against political figures so close to an election, but they don’t have to charge Trump in order to affect the election.”

President Trump and the DOJ are in the middle of a legal battle over the raid. Trump’s legal team requested a “special master” to review the seized documents with Trump-appointed U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon overseeing it, RSBN previously reported.

However, the DOJ voiced its opposition against appointing a special master in a 40-page filing Tuesday, saying Trump “lacks standing,” according to Fox News.

President Trump’s legal team then accused the DOJ of leaking information, reportedly of “a photograph of allegedly classified materials, pulled from a container and spread across the floor for dramatic effect,” Trump’s lawyers wrote in a filing Wednesday.

Keep reading……



Judge Grants Special Master Request, Suspends DOJ Investigation of Trump

At Least 81 People on Terror Watchlist Caught at Border During Biden’s Invasion

“Europe On The Brink:” 70,000 Czech Protesters Flood Prague Over Energy Crisis Due to Corrupt Ukraine War and Crushing Climate Hoax Policies

Gavin Newsom Campaign Donors Received Billions in CA State Contracts, Investigation Finds

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What Drugs Have the Highest Risk of Causing Suicidal Thoughts?

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) reports that suicide is the 12th leading cause of death in the United States and that an estimated 1.2 million suicide attempts took place in 2020 alone. Our society must deal with this problem, but we have to know where to look. While many contributing factors are associated with attempted suicide or suicidal thoughts, one that deserves special consideration is drug use. Here’s what drugs have the highest risk of causing suicidal thoughts.

Who Are the Culprits?

Deciding which drugs have the highest risk of suicidal thoughts is tricky. This is because many illicit drugs affect the central nervous system (CNS), which is how the brain communicates with the rest of the body. CNS depressants work by slowing down or suppressing this messaging process. CNS depressants include benzodiazepines, opioids, sedative drugs, and even alcohol. Other drugs known as CNS stimulants work in the opposite way to CNS depressants by increasing central nervous system activity in the brain and the body. Stimulants include cocaine, crack, ecstasy, methamphetamine, and prescription stimulants, such as Adderall and Ritalin. Next to these, there’s marijuana, which is sort of a wild card drug because it can produce stimulant and depressant effects.

While it might sound like we’ve gone down the list of all available drugs rather than a list of drugs that cause suicidal thoughts, the reality is all these drugs, and many others, can lead to suicidal thoughts. Each of these drugs manipulates the central nervous system. As a result, they can influence our emotions, our cognitive decision-making, and our awareness. Additionally, underlying factors or mental health conditions can increase the possibility of experiencing suicidal thoughts from drug use.

Concerning Findings

With that said, it’s still true that certain drugs carry a higher potential for suicidal thoughts. While it is an oversimplification to associate stimulants or “uppers” with happiness and depressants or “downers” with sadness, the reality is that even uppers can cause severe depression, which can lead to suicidal thoughts. However, statistics show that most suicidal thoughts or acts are more commonly linked with depressants use. For example, a 2020 study revealed that suicidal drug overdoses ranked highest when people used opioids or barbiturates. Following those drugs, the third-ranking included antidepressant drugs. It is ironic that the medications that seem to carry a high risk for suicide and/or severe depression are, in fact, antidepressants. While benzodiazepines can treat anxiety-related depression, most instances of depression are treated with antidepressant medications, generally belonging to either the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or the serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) class, though there are other less commonly used antidepressants as well.

Brand names that belong to these classes include drugs such as Cymbalta, Celexa, Prozac, and Zoloft. These drugs are more effective in treating depression than other options because they work in very specific ways to regulate serotonin in the body, which results in a stabilized mood. According to a study examining the link between SSRIs and suicidal thoughts, there is no clear connection between the two for adults. However, there was a higher risk of suicidal thoughts for children and adolescents. Researchers recommended that clinicians closely monitor and follow up with patients who use the medications they prescribed. In fact, this is exactly what we see in advertisements for antidepressant medications. The ads state the risk of the potential for depression and suicidal thoughts, followed by a warning to contact a doctor right away if these symptoms occur.

What to Do

Part of the controversy centered around the safety of antidepressant use concerns whether suicidal thoughts are pre-existing conditions of antidepressant drug use or if they are actually caused by taking the drugs. Additionally, mixing antidepressants with other drugs can create risks that can be detrimental to mental health. This information should not deter anyone from getting medical treatment for suicidal thoughts or depression-related symptoms. However, we can use it to educate ourselves about just how complex the problem is and what drugs to pay close attention to as we maintain our mental health and the mental health of others around us.


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Biden Fights 9/11 Victims in Court to Protect Taliban Cash

The unspeakable betrayal over Afghanistan continues.

White House Democrats have a history of fighting against terror victims suing Islamic terrorists. The Obama administration battled American terror victims suing the PLO. In 2015, after they won a $218 million judgement against the terror group, Blinken, then only a deputy secretary of state, intervened claiming that the lawsuit threatened “several decades of US foreign policy.”

But now Biden is fighting 9/11 victims on behalf of the Taliban. At stake are billions being held by the Afghan central bank fund in the United States.

A decade ago, 9/11 families sued the Taliban, Al Qaeda and Iran. The court found that the Islamic terrorists were responsible and a judgement of $6 billion was handed down.

The verdict was described as “symbolic” at the time. CBS News commented that “it would be near impossible to collect any damages, especially from the Taliban or al Qaeda.” But that was before Biden turned over Afghanistan to the Taliban. Since Afghanistan has assets in this country, including $7 billion in bank funds, it’s now entirely possible to collect that money.

Or it would be if the guy who let the Taliban take over wasn’t also in the White House.

Biden officially announced that he was splitting the $7 billion between the families of the victims and a “trust fund” to provide “humanitarian aid” for the people of Afghanistan.

But that was just another one of his many lies and double crosses involving Afghanistan.

The $3.5 billion was placed in a separate trust that would be “separate and distinct” from the around $800 million the Biden administration has already spent on aid to Afghanistan. Officials admitted that the money could actually be used for matters other than “humanitarian aid”.

The media headlined it as, “Biden frees frozen Afghan billions for relief, 9/11 victims”. But a Biden official admitted that it was done to stop 9/11 families from getting access to the money.

“Absent action by us, these funds were likely to be tied up in courts for years, while the action we have taken stands the best chance of more quickly freeing up a large portion for humanitarian support,” the official argued. As a Lawfare blog post noted, “the administration’s plan would insulate nearly half of the Afghan assets at issue from these attachment efforts.”

What Biden actually did was take the money off the table for 9/11 victims. And it got worse.

Secretary of State Blinken claimed that the administration “will continue to support these victims and their families, recognizing the enduring pain they have suffered at the hands of terrorists, including those who operated from Afghanistan prior to the September 11 attacks. These victims and their families should have a full opportunity to set forth their arguments in court.”

Blinken, like his boss, lied.

While the 9/11 families would have their claims “heard in court”, neither Biden nor Blinken mentioned that the administration would be advocating against them.

On the same day as Biden’s executive order reserving $3.5 billion for the terrorists, his Justice Department filed a statement of interest in court arguing that the judgement for the victims of terrorism was too large and that actually turning over the money to them would interfere with the Biden administration’s foreign policy in Afghanistan.

Now a magistrate judge has repeated back most of the DOJ’s arguments, ruling against the 9/11 families who were laying claim to the other half of the money. Judge Sarah Netburn’s arguments closely mirror the contradictory positions of Biden and the DOJ. And they reveal the underlying corruption behind the ambiguous status of Afghanistan’s central bank.

Netburn, like the Biden administration, contends that the Afghanistan bank enjoys “sovereign immunity” because the country itself was not sanctioned as a terrorist state, only the Taliban were. And that the Taliban once again control Afghanistan is irrelevant, according to the judge, because Biden hasn’t recognized the reality that this is actually the case.

Banks don’t enjoy “sovereign immunity” and neither do the Taliban. Netburn and Biden act as if there were some entity representing Afghanistan that is not the Taliban. That position might make sense if they were backing a resistance movement to the Taliban. But they’re not.

Instead the Biden administration has maintained a deliberately ambiguous position for Afghanistan’s central bank as being both under and not under Taliban control. This is convenient because it allows the Biden administration to use the financial institution as a vehicle and to restrict its access at the same time. The bank’s leadership, a mixture of terrorists and wonks linked to the former government, maintains that same calculated ambiguity.

The deputy governor of the bank is Noor Ahmad Agha, a Taliban leader listed as a specially designated global terrorist. Shah Mohammad Mehrabi, a member of the board of governors of the bank, lives near Washington D.C. and teaches at Montgomery College, has made his own media tour demanding that the United States release funds to the bank.

Biden is unable to do that until he thoroughly defeats the 9/11 families in court.

If Biden releases the money to the Afghanistan bank before that happens, the 9/11 families will be able to argue that the administration is contradicting its own position. Biden wants to reserve all $7 billion for the terrorists and so he has to hold off long enough to defeat the terror victims.

The level of betrayal here is worse than even the Obama administration.

The Biden administration claims that the money will be used for “humanitarian aid” and will not go to the terrorists. That’s another lie and it’s been disproved by its publicly stated policies.

The Biden administration has issued global licenses authorizing financial transactions with the Taliban and the Al Qaeda allied Haqqani Network that include, in the Treasury Department’s own words, “delivery and provision of humanitarian aid or shipments”, “administrative issues”, “donor coordination meetings”, “sharing descriptions of projects”, “coordination with regard to travel”, “participation in technical working groups” and “sharing of office space”. Not to mention the “payments of taxes, fees, or import duties to, or the purchase or receipt of permits, licenses, or public utility services from, the Taliban, the Haqqani Network.”

While Biden and his corrupt cronies insist that they don’t recognize the Taliban, that’s purely a formality. Not only do they recognize the Taliban as the government, but they’ve been extensively coordinating with the Islamic terrorists and helping to fund them.

At the end of July, Biden’s representative met with “senior Taliban representatives” to discuss  “ongoing efforts to enable the $3.5 billion in licensed Afghan central bank reserves to be used for the benefit of the Afghan people”.

Even while the Biden administration and its allies insist that the other $3.5 billion set aside to meet the claims of terror victims can’t be released to them because that would “implictly” mean that the Taliban are being recognized as the government, Biden’s diplomatic representatives can meet with them and conduct negotiations about giving them the other $3.5 billion.

Releasing money to 9/11 terror victims would “implictly” recognize the Taliban, but engaging in sustained diplomatic negotiations with them as the governing authority somehow does not.

The Taliban privately understand that Biden can’t release the $3.5 billion to them until he beats the 9/11 families in court. And then they’ll potentially get access to the whole $7 billion. This corrupt charade is being played out for the benefit of the equally complicit judiciary and media which is cheering the downfall of the 9/11 families and waiting for the cash to go to the Taliban.

Reuters headlined its story, “Afghans outraged as 9/11 families lay claim to frozen billions”. There’s no real ambiguity as to which side Reuters, the media and Joe Biden are on.

In October 2001, Biden proposed that, “this would be a good time to send, no strings attached, a check for $200 million to Iran,” He’s managed to send much more money than that to the Islamic terror state since, but now he’s preparing to send a $7 billion check to the Taliban.

All he had to do to get that money was lie and cheat 9/11 families.


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.


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France: Prominent imam says, ‘I make no distinction between Islamism and Islam. Islamism is Islam in action.’

France: Leftist at rally for antisemitic imam says ‘I am not Charlie. This newspaper is evil.’

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Navy SEALs Are Fighting For Religious Exemptions To Vaccine Mandates, And The Battle Is Far From Over

  • U.S. Navy SEALs continue fighting in the courts to obtain religious exemptions to the military’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination while the Biden administration lets exemption requests stack up, unaddressed.
  • Legal experts argue that the administration’s argument to national security no longer applies in light of changing CDC guidelines.
  • “The Constitution, federal law, and DOD regulations all protect religious liberty in the military, and our courts have repeatedly reminded us that there is no [COVID-19] exception to the Constitution,” Mike Berry, senior counsel at the First Liberty Institute that is representing the SEALs, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Some Navy SEALs’ case for religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccination trudges along in the Fifth Circuit court as defense leaders remain wedded to the Biden administration’s military vaccine mandate.

Pandemic restrictions have loosened significantly in most sectors, with federal guidelines changing to reflect the lessened threat of the virus, but the Department of Defense (DOD) continues to maintain that vaccination is critical to ensure readiness of the armed services. It will take continued litigation to convince the military to respect religious accommodation laws that would prevent thousands of service members from facing discharge or confinement to low-skill jobs, the SEALs’ attorneys told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“The law is on our side. The Constitution, federal law, and DOD regulations all protect religious liberty in the military, and our courts have repeatedly reminded us that there is no (COVID-19) exception to the Constitution,” Mike Berry, senior counsel at the First Liberty Institute that is representing the SEALs, told the DCNF.

First Liberty filed suit in November 2021 on behalf of 26 Navy SEALs and other Special Warfare personnel against the Biden administration, arguing that the mandate violates servicemembers’ right to free exercise of religion.

In January, a Texas judge, relying on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), temporarily blocked the Navy from considering vaccination status when making assignment decisions for the plaintiffs. The case reached the Supreme Court in March when the Biden administration asked the court to reverse the ruling, and the court granted a partial stay to the order.

“Generally, military members are required to follow orders, but in this case, the military has shown sheer hostility toward religious exemptions rather than using the least restrictive means possible. In its effort to be draconian, the military refused to even recognize the now proved science of natural immunity,” Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert told the DCNF.

Out of the 3,375 sailors who have requested religious exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccine as of Aug. 24, only 46 have been approved, according to Department of Defense data. So far, the Navy has recorded 105,277 COVID-19 cases and 17 deaths.

“Did the Navy, in good faith, apply the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in these cases, or did they predetermine that they were going to deny all religious accommodations?” R. Davis Younts, an Air Force reservist and attorney representing several military members seeking religious exemptions, told the DCNF. Referring to the latter possibility, he claimed, “It’s clear that they did, and I think the facts continue to bear that out.”

The military needs to consider exemption cases individually instead of stonewalling requests or issuing blanket denials that no longer reflect the Biden administration’s own COVID-19 guidance, Younts added. The compelling interest of the military to require vaccination — that COVID-19 posed a direct threat to military readiness — no longer exists.

Sailors, soldiers and airmen, many of whom have years of highly-specified training and experience under their belts, remain in limbo while court cases play out, unable to receive promotions or continue their training, Younts explained. Thousands of service members may be dragooned out of a force that is already falling vastly short of its recruiting goals amid blatant threats of war from foreign powers.

“We’re being treated like pariahs,” he said.

The only way forward is continued litigation and “individual military members taking a stand,” Younts said, adding that any policy change among DOD leaders is unlikely.

“This is a public interest issue with significant implications … that has to make a difference,” he added.

Virginia on Tuesday joined 21 other states in filing an amicus brief, dated Aug. 29, supporting the religious liberty of Navy SEALs and other U.S. Navy members to seek vaccine exemptions. The Biden administration has asked the court to give the military “extraordinary” deference in its decision to mandate and enforce vaccination, undermining the fundamental liberties of Navy service members, according to the brief.

“Navy SEALs are some of our best and brightest, willing to sacrifice their lives to protect our freedoms. Those who have filed religious exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccine deserve to be heard and taken seriously,” Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares said in a statement.

The states argued that they have effectively managed COVID-19 within their borders without infringing on religious liberties, and the government should be able to do the same. They decried the administration’s “overreaching and flawed claims of legal authority.”

“The Administration’s near-blanket refusal to grant religious exemptions is not credible … its denial in this case is not entitled to deference,” the brief stated.

“The evidence strongly favors the sailors. The Navy’s own testimony indicates that their decision was based on politics. There is no military or scientific justification for their assault on religious freedoms,” Gohmert said.

However, the Supreme Court had argued that the previous injunction overstepped the judiciary’s authority by overturning an order of the Executive made in an apparent effort to safeguard national security.

“RFRA does not justify judicial intrusion into military affairs in this case. That is because the Navy has an extraordinarily compelling interest in maintaining strategic and operational control over the assignment and deployment of all Special Warfare personnel — including control over decisions about military readiness,” Justice Kavanaugh wrote in the concurring opinion.

Discharges for sailors seeking religious exemptions have been postponed pending the court case, according to the Navy. Of those who either did not seek exemptions or whose requests were denied, 1,533 have been separated with honorable characterization of service.

The Navy and the White House did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.




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Here’s How Much The Federal Government Has Spent Studying Impact Of Sex Change Meds We’re Already Giving Kids

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) spent at least $17,576,200 since 2008 researching the impact of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, NIH records show, drugs that are already widely administered to children who identity as transgender.

Researchers used NIH funds to study the impact these medications have on bone density and strength, reproduction, immunity, cardiometabolism and mental health, along with several other issues. Most of these grants were issued after 2017 as interest in the subject grew, although some date back as early as 2008.

Although researchers are still learning about the long-term effects of these drugs and whether they actually help reduce depression and suicide rates for youths, they are already widely administered to children who identify as transgender; the Gender Identity Development Service at Tavistock in the U.K., the largest pediatric gender clinic in the world, has referred about 1,000 patients to endocrinologists to be assessed for puberty blockers, a spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The NIH gave the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles more than $7.7 million in grants for a project studying the impact of puberty-blocking drugs and cross-sex hormones on children as young as 8, according to various documents reviewed by the DCNF.

The study aims to determine whether early medical interventions for youths reduce the health issues that disproportionately impact transgender people, including anxiety, depression, substance abuse and suicide. Researchers observed 391 patients aged 8 to 20 at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and the Benioff Children’s Hospital; 90 went on puberty blockers and 301 went on cross-sex hormones, researchers reported.

“Ultimately, we aim to understand if early medical intervention reduces the health disparities well known to disproportionately affect transgender individuals across their lifespan,” researchers wrote. “The lack of data supporting medical interventions for transgender youth, combined with a shortage of providers knowledgeable of the complex psychosocial risk factors facing these young people, contributes to a health disparity and public health crisis of considerable magnitude.”

An activist who goes by Billboard Chris drew attention to the NIH grants online, highlighting the young age of some of the participants in this taxpayer-funded study.

Researchers in this observational study have been collecting data on existing models of care for trans-identified youths for about a decade in response to an Institute of Medicine report calling for further research on the subject, according to the study. The NIH contributed $7,748,467 to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in several separate grants for this project since 2015, according to the NIH website.

When undergoing medical sex change procedures beginning at an early age, children are administered puberty-blocking drugs then eventually put on cross-sex hormones such as testosterone or estrogen. The FDA has warned of a possible link between puberty-blocking drugs and serious symptoms like vision loss, and researchers in this study note the link between the drug and diminished bone density.

The drugs that are used to halt healthy puberty for transgender children have an official on-label purpose of delaying precocious puberty in young children, and they have also been used to chemically castrate sex offenders. Marci Bowers, a famous transgender surgeon, has publicly admitted that “every single child who was truly blocked at Tanner stage 2 [around 9 to 11 years old] has never experienced orgasm.”

Activists and medical professionals justify the administration of these drugs to children by claiming that, without them, transgender youths will commit suicide. Researchers have said that receiving these treatments in youth can reduce the risk of suicide and depression in numerous methodologically flawed studies which failed to control for confounding variables, failed to find causality and in some cases were funded by transgender activists groups and pharmaceutical companies that produce the drugs themselves, according to multiple DCNF investigations.

The DCNF calculated the sums of grants the NIH gave for projects specifically examining the effects of medications administered as part of the gender transition process; its funding of transgender-related research generally is far more expansive.

The NIH, the project’s contacts and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles did not respond to the DCNF’s requests for comment.



Social issues and cultural reporter.


Michigan Public School Appears To Hide ‘Gender Support Plans’ From Students’ Parents

California becomes sanctuary state for medical gender transition for kids, teens

Yes, Doctors Are Performing Sex Change Surgeries On Kids

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Judge Grants Request To Appoint ‘Special Master’ To Review Trump Raid Documents

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon decided Monday to grant a request to appoint a “special master” to review the documents taken from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home in the FBI’s raid last month and determine if they were protected by legal privilege.

The Justice Department (DOJ) had reviewed materials seized in the raid and found some of them might be legally privileged. Trump’s attorneys asked Cannon for a “special master,” or third-party attorney, to review the documents contending it was not certain that the department identified all the possibly privileged documents.

Cannon granted Trump’s request, and also temporarily blocked the DOJ from further review of the seized documents.

“The Court hereby authorizes the appointment of a special master to review the seized property for personal items and documents and potentially privileged material subject to claims of attorney/client and/or executive privilege,” Cannon wrote. “Furthermore, in natural conjunction with that appointment, and consistent with the value and sequence of special master procedures, the Court also temporarily enjoins the Government from reviewing and using the seized materials for investigative purposes pending completion of the special master’s review or further Court order.”

Cannon said the court was “unsure” of the DOJ’s claim that its review team had picked out any potentially privileged materials.

Trump’s legal team had argued that the DOJ was politically motivated and would “leak” documents covered by attorney-client privilege.

“Left unchecked, the DOJ will impugn, leak, and publicize selective aspects of their investigation with no recourse for [Trump] but to somehow trust the self-restraint of currently unchecked investigators,” his attorneys wrote.

However, the DOJ had attempted to block the appointment of a special master, citing national security concerns.

“This Order shall not impede the classification review and/or intelligence assessment” to be performed by the DOJ, Cannon wrote.

Cannon unsealed the most detailed list of property seized in the raid yet on Friday, ABC News reported.



Legal reporter. Follow Trevor on Twitter:


Politico’s new owner pledges ‘nonpartisan’ coverage — while privately praying for Trump’s re-election

MSNBC Host, Guests Melt Down Multiple Times Over Trump ‘Special Master’ Ruling

‘Massive Abuse Of Power’: Intel Committee Rep Vows To Use ‘Power Of The Purse’ To Get Transparency From Biden, DOJ

HANKINSON: It’s Time For Corporate Media To Tell The Truth About America’s Crime Problem

Britain’s Next Prime Minister: Thatcher 2.0?

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Why Nuclear Power Is [Quietly] Making a Big Comeback All Around the World

From California to France to Japan and beyond, nuclear power is all the rage suddenly.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that California Gov. Gavin Newsom was spearheading an eleventh-hour effort to pass legislation to extend a lifeline to Diablo Canyon, a 2,250-megawatt nuclear plant that supplies some 8 percent of the energy produced in the Golden State.

Under pressure from lawmakers and environmental activists, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) agreed in 2016 to decommission Diablo when its operating licenses expire in 2024 and 2025. But in light of the recent energy policy environment, California lawmakers had second thoughts.

On the very final day of the legislative session, lawmakers passed a bill that will extend the plant five more years.

This is a sharp turn for Newsom, who had long intimated that the Diablo Canyon plant should be closed.

“I just don’t see that this plant is going to survive beyond 2024, 2025. I just don’t see that,” Newsom said while running for governor in 2016. “And there is a compelling argument as to why it shouldn’t.”

California is hardly alone in giving nuclear power a second look.

Belgium is one of several European nations looking to extend set-to-expire licenses to keep nuclear plants operational. France, meanwhile, has proposed building up to 14 new nuclear plants in the coming years. Japan, which shuttered its nuclear reactors following the 2011 Fukushima crisis, now wants to restart up to nine reactors. Meanwhile, Morning Brew reports that the UK, Poland, and the Czech Republic are all unfurling plans to build new nuclear reactors.

Nuclear power is suddenly in again, and it’s not hard to see why. Natural gas prices have skyrocketed globally. In the United States, natural gas prices recently hit a 14-year high, but that’s nothing compared to Europe, where they recently hit an all-time high and are the equivalent of $600/barrel oil prices.

This has sent shockwaves throughout Europe, where businesses are reporting five-fold year-over-year price increases.

There is now little debate that Europe is in the middle of a full-blown energy crisis, in no small part because the nations pursued a “green” energy agenda that shifted from domestic production (especially in fossil fuels and nuclear power) and led to a reliance on natural gas imports from Russia, which have been disrupted by the invasion of Ukraine and Russian geopolitics.

The situation in California is different than that in Europe, but there is also a clear reason the state is second-guessing its decision to shut down its single largest power station—namely, its battered energy grid.

California grid operators last week warned of blackouts and encouraged citizens to “set thermostats to 78 degrees or higher, avoid using large appliances and charging electric vehicles, and turn off unnecessary lights.”

This is nothing new in California, which has an extensive history of blackouts even though it has one of the lowest per capita energy consumption rates in the country (largely due to its mild climate).

The reason for this isn’t complicated. California is seen as a green energy success story, and in some ways it is. Earlier this year, on one mild May day, California produced enough renewable electricity to meet 103 percent of demand, setting a new record.

The problem is some of these energy sources are intermittent. On most days renewable energy production falls well short of consumer demand, which is why roughly half of California’s electricity is still produced by natural gas—which is getting quite expensive as noted above.

But the real problem is energy supply.

California’s energy grid is already stretched, which means that suddenly aborting nuclear power is a recipe for disaster. As even progressive California lawmakers concede, Diablo Canyon generates more than 8 percent of all of California’s electricity, and accounts for 17 percent of carbon-free production.

If you think California’s blackout problem is bad now—and it most certainly is—try abruptly losing 18,000 GW·hrs of electricity annually and see what happens … after adding a million more electric vehicles to the economy, all of which must be charged with electricity, when the state’s ban on gas-powered vehicles goes into effect.

As NPR notes, the twist over Diablo Canyon is noteworthy because the Golden State is the birthplace of the anti-nuclear movement in the United States. Environmentalists for years have opposed nuclear power, “primarily from fears about nuclear waste and potential accidents as well as its association with nuclear weapons.”

As Fukushima shows, these fears are not entirely unfounded. Nuclear accidents do occur (albeit rarely). Nuclear plants do create radioactive waste. There are clear tradeoffs to nuclear energy.

Where environmentalists go wrong, however, is to think tradeoffs are unique to nuclear power and fossil fuels. The fact is ,all energy production comes with tradeoffs, and proponents of so-called “green energy” have a nasty habit of overlooking these tradeoffs.

Your neighbor with a “green means go” sign in his yard might point out that your F-150 guzzles a gallon of gasoline for every 25 road miles, but he probably ignores that it took tens of thousands of pounds of CO2 emissions to produce the battery that charges his Tesla. (And don’t even tell him where the cobalt in the battery comes from.)

Your aunt might proudly talk about the new solar panels on her roof, but probably doesn’t know that even on utility scale solar power has a carbon footprint higher than nuclear power, or that solar panels produce literally tons of toxic waste.

Your niece at Columbia might talk about how important it is to become a “zero emission” economy. But she probably doesn’t realize the environmental costs, let alone the economic ones, of getting there—which include mining 34 million metric tons of copper, 50 million tons of zinc, 40 million tons of lead, 5 billion tons of iron, and 160 million tons of aluminum (give or take).

The point is clear: all energy production comes with tradeoffs. Many might believe that politicians are uniquely capable of weighing the pros and cons of energy tradeoffs, but both economics and our own eyes reveal this is untrue.

Facing what many environmentalists say is a climate apocalypse, did it make sense for European governments to scrap nuclear plants—one of the cleanest forms of energy in existence—and important fossil fuels from Russia, a country hostile to freedom and historically inclined toward authoritarianism?

Similarly, did it make sense for California to scrap nuclear power in its quest to become a “100 percent zero-emission” economy?

Clearly the answer to these questions is no. The reality is politicians do not have any special knowledge when it comes to deciding which tradeoffs make the most sense, which might explain why a world abundant in energy is suddenly facing an energy crisis unlike any it’s seen in generations.

So while we should be grateful that so many politicians, environmentalists, and countries are finally recognizing the benefits of nuclear power, we should also be asking why we gave them such broad power in the first place.


Jon Miltimore

Jonathan Miltimore is the Managing Editor of His writing/reporting has been the subject of articles in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, and the Star Tribune. Bylines: Newsweek, The Washington Times,, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, the Epoch Times.

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Freedom is an Adult Enterprise

As I look back over the last few years, it is clear to me that Fauci’s COVID19 political medicine protocols, and the Biden regime’s lawlessness are both orchestrated parts of the globalist war on America. Both utilize the tactical methodology of fear-based psychological regression. Why regression? Because freedom is an adult enterprise. A nation of children and chronological adults regressed to childish psychological functioning, cannot sustain itself. It does not possess the critical thinking skills required to protect itself. Why fear-based? Because fear is arguably the most mobilizing human emotion. If you frighten people enough, you can get them to do almost anything.

I wrote about the psychodynamics of regression and fear in a philosophy book I wrote years ago, but didn’t recognize its political implications or applications at the time. Now I do. America is experiencing psychological warfare, and globalism’s attempt at silent coup d’ état. I will explain.

Please close your eyes, and imagine a big yellow school bus. Now imagine the seats filled with passengers on the bus. The question is, “Who’s driving the bus?” Would you let a toddler drive the bus? Would you let a 5 year-old drive the bus? What about an angry teenager? Or would you insist on a rational adult at the wheel? Before you open your eyes, just remember the common goal of political medicine, the Biden regime, and the globalist war on America is to have a toddler at the wheel. Psychological regression is the strategy and fear is the tool.

My philosophy book, Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus?, presents a theory of behavior and universal paradigm to help people understand why they do what they do. I wrote the book because I believe that to solve a problem, one must first understand the problem. The more we each individually understand our own motivations for behavior, the more we are each empowered to control our behavior, improve our lives, and enhance the nature and quality of life in our society.

The human growth process has a physical component and a psychological component. We all grow up physically (if we are lucky) because it takes no effort and is outside our control. Chronological age is an uncontested, biological accomplishment. Psychological growth is another matter entirely. The demands of responsible adults trying to draw us out of our state of infantile self-absorption (narcissism), rage against our regressive desire to remain children. We resist psychological growth.

Growing up psychologically is the universal challenge of childhood. If we understand the growth process and the complexities of the human mind, we can be more effective in meeting the challenge. A state of mind is not fixed. It is constantly shifting along the growth continuum, anywhere from total, infantile narcissism to responsible adulthood, depending upon the level and stability of the individual’s inner development and the strength of the external pressures challenging it.

Let us imagine a single life span as a time line beginning with birth and ending with death. Let us imagine a long life with a short span in infancy and early childhood, a longer time in adolescence, and the longest stay in adulthood. Ideally the chronological development of this life corresponds with its psychological development. From the total dependence and narcissism of infancy to the self-sufficiency and responsibility of maturity, the emotional and physical patterns can be recorded concurrently.

What is important to remember is that we are each the sum of our parts, and the whole of our life’s experiences. The children we once were continue to exist within ourselves, inside our minds. So, the narcissistic infant, the demanding two-year-old child, the insecure adolescent, the rebel, the adventurer, the happy chid, the angry, frightened, or lonely child we once were all persist as a state of mind. Each inner child is a mobile entity that seeks to be in control of the individual’s mind. The inner child’s struggle for power continues to challenge the individual’s rational, adult state of mind throughout his/her lifetime.

Sustaining our most rational adult state of mind is the challenge for preserving our constitutional republic, because freedom is an adult enterprise. So, what is the best strategy for sustaining psychological adulthood?

Let’s return to the big yellow school bus we imagined, and understand the bus is a metaphor for our individual selves. The bus has many seats to accommodate our different moods, roles, and states of being. The bus travels along the time line that is our lifetime. It picks up new passengers as we grow and develop, each new feeling creating another traveler and each new experience adding another rider. The driver of the bus is always selected from the passengers aboard, and the passengers are constantly competing to determine who will drive the bus. To understand how one person can perceive us in a completely different way than another, we must ask ourselves the seminal question, “Who’s driving the bus?”

When the seats are occupied by the different roles that comprise our adult lives, the answer to the question is not too challenging. The driver is mother, father, husband, wife, boss, sister, cousin, friend, employee, or employer. The list is a long as the varying roles we each have in daily life. The complication and challenge comes when we recognize that we are each the total of our life’s experience, past and present. So, also riding on the bus are the inner children of our own past. The children of our childhood are always with us: the happy child, the hurt child; the frightened, angry, timid, uncertain, inquisitive, bold or compliant child. Perhaps a tormented child, or a silenced, immobilized, completely shut-down child is on the bus and we haven’t seen and cannot recognize him/her yet. All the inner children of our past remain on the bus, and they each seek control of it.

Children universally begin life in a natural state of total narcissism, and they do not give up this state of being without a struggle. That is why growing up psychologically is so difficult and painful. Each individual grapples with his/her own competing desires for growth and regression.

Historically, the three supporting pillars of American life – family, faith, and flag – cooperated to encourage emotional growth and the development of independent, autonomous, rational adults psychologically equipped to preserve our precious American freedoms and constitutional republic. Not anymore. The globalist war on America seeks to collapse America from within using asymmetric psychological warfare. The education industry obstructs the development of critical thinking skills in children by teaching them what to think, not how to think. The communications industry’s ceaseless fear-mongering narrative regresses chronological adults back to emotional childhood to a state of being before critical thinking skills were developed.

Thought precedes behavior. If the responsible adult relinquishes his rational state of mind to his young inner child, he will behave in the regressive, self-absorbed pattern that characterizes early childhood. It is a dangerous mindset because his young inner child has not yet developed critical thinking skills. In this circumstance, it is imperative that the individual has the knowledge to recognize that he has surrendered to the regressive demands of his inner child. If he can discipline himself to ask himself, “Who’s driving the bus?” he can visualize his growth continuum, identify his inner child, and respond appropriately. He can shift his state of mind from regressive, narcissistic child to responsible adult. It is an act of volition. It is a choice, and it is a learned skill.

The responsible adult knows that it is imperative to keep his most developed state of mind operative. We have established in our imaginary exercise that no rational adult would permit a toddler or young child to make the decisions required to drive the bus. Likewise, only the psychological adult is able to repel the globalist efforts to regress him back to a childish state of being where he is easily controlled. The globalists are fighting an asymmetric psychological war, and our strategic defense is to arm ourselves with the knowledge to fend them off. Knowledge really is power, and we must acquire this knowledge and exercise our power because children do not have the required critical thinking skills to support ordered liberty in a constitutional republic, and neither do regressed adults.

The globalist social engineers are exploiting this powerful psychological dynamic and using it destroy America from within. Fear is by far the most effective weapon for regressing chronological adults back to a frightened child state of mind. Regressed adults are neutralized mentally because, like children, they lack the critical thinking skills required to resist the assault.

The same psychodynamics explain the success of the entire fear-based COVID19 narrative. Political medicine is not about public health – it is and always was asymmetric warfare designed to regress and neutralize chronological adults. Regressed adults comply like children. They believe what they are told, do what they are told, and do not challenge the “experts”. This staggering deceit is still being used to achieve totalitarian globalist control through “vaccines” – it is revolution without bullets.

Globalism’s war on humanity cannot succeed in imposing its planetary managerial state without collapsing America’s constitutional republic first. Freedom is an adult enterprise. America’s chronological adults simply must remain psychological adults to successfully oppose the globalist attacks designed to regress them back to childhood compliance.

The globalist war on humanity is a war of attrition. I am 74 years old. My generation of patriots is dying, my children’s generation of indoctrinated millennials is transitional. The primary target of the globalist war on humanity is my grandchildren’s generation. If the globalists are not stopped, and if our nation’s youngest children are not taught critical thinking skills, they are destined to become serfs in globalism’s dystopian planetary Unistate.

The future of America’s constitutional republic lies in the ability of our nation’s young children to become rational, autonomous, psychological adults with developed critical thinking skills. For this reason, I wrote my illustrated children’s book series Mimi’s Strategy. The books are my personal commitment and patriotic effort to teach young children the critical thinking skills that can protect them, empower them, and ensure American freedom for generations to come.

©Linda Goudsmit. All rights reserved.

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MIDTERMS 2022: Time to Take Responsibility by Taking-Away All Moral Authority from our Government

“The foremost rule is that, you must take responsibility for your own life!” — Jordan Peterson, 12 Rules for Life

“Socialists cry ‘Power to the people’, and raise the clenched fist as they say it. We all know what they really mean – power over people, power to the State.”Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of England

“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely” — Lord Acton (1834–1902) in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton

The federal, state and local governments are not being held responsible by the media, social media, federal, state or local law enforcement, pundits and many people and politicians at every level. Government at every level is dysfunctional and in many cases tyrannical.

From the school house to the White House it’s time for everyone to take responsibility for their actions. But not only their actions but they must take responsibility for the outcomes of their actions.

But they don’t.


Sigmund Freud, in his book Civilization and Its Discontents wrote,

“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.”

Recently Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said in an interview that when the Republicans take back a majority in the Congress in November, “We will hold Biden accountable!

Why is holding any and all politicians accountable so very important? Because if we don’t they won’t ever hold themselves responsible, for so long as they can get away with it.

The  United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in an article titled Deceiving the Public states,

Propaganda was used as an important tool to win over the majority of the German public who had not supported Adolf Hitler. It served to push forward the Nazis’ radical program, which required the acquiescence, support, or participation of broad sectors of the population.

Combined with terror to intimidate those who did not comply, a new state propaganda apparatus headed by Joseph Goebbels manipulated and deceived the German population and the outside world. Propagandists preached an appealing message of national unity and a utopian future that resonated with millions of Germans. They also waged campaigns that facilitated the persecution of Jews and others excluded from the Nazi vision of the “National Community.”

In America we are now moving rapidly towards an international community, supported by organizations such as Democracy Without Borders, which has led to persecution, the radicalization of individuals and overt attacks against those who do not support its goal of an all powerful “Democratic World Order.”

According to Democracy Without Borders,

Democratic world order in which citizens participate beyond national boundaries in shaping policy that serves their joint long-term interests. Such an order needs to be based on an equal world citizenship of all citizens as well as on the principles of federalism, subsidiarity, the separation of powers, the rule of law, fundamental human rights, and the protection of minorities.

This sounds very much Hitler’s “National Community” but on a global scale.

Moral Authority

In his column Don’t Endow The State With Moral Authority wrote,

The moment you try to enforce your morality via the hand of the state, you endow the state with moral authority.

You put the state on a pedestal. And this is almost irreversible. Once the state occupies the moral high ground, it never relinquishes it. This is the beginning of a statist civilization. Most countries on Earth today are deeply statist. They look to the state for the matters of right and wrong.

Taking responsibility is the first step towards regaining your moral authority over the state.

Most Americans considered that voting was enough to elect those who have our best interests in mind and will follow the U.S. Constitution’s mandate that every legal citizen retains their unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We have now learned that our government is taking away our livelihoods, our lives,  our liberties and destroying our ability to truly attain individual happiness.

It is time for us to disembowel the state apparatus and regain our moral authority.

Not to do so can only lead to tyranny.

Yitzhak Zuckerman, a leader of the Jewish resistance in Warsaw wrote,

“Common sense could not understand that it was possible to exterminate tens and hundreds of thousands of Jews.”

America is speeding towards yet another holocaust against those who disagree with the current regime. When the current regime calls its political opponents “semi-fascists” that regime is fully fascist.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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More Than 1 Million Voters Switched to the GOP in 42 States!

Nothing you are hearing in the legacy media is a reflection of reality. The claim that the Democrats are surging is another big lie.

Save our Constitutional Republic—vote Republican.

More than 1 million voters switch to GOP, raising alarm for Democrats

PBS, June 2022

WASHINGTON (AP) — A political shift is beginning to take hold across the U.S. as tens of thousands of suburban swing voters who helped fuel the Democratic Party’s gains in recent years are becoming Republicans.

More than 1 million voters across 43 states have switched to the Republican Party over the last year, according to voter registration data analyzed by The Associated Press. The previously unreported number reflects a phenomenon that is playing out in virtually every region of the country — Democratic and Republican states along with cities and small towns — in the period since President Joe Biden replaced former President Donald Trump.

But nowhere is the shift more pronounced — and dangerous for Democrats — than in the suburbs, where well-educated swing voters who turned against Trump’s Republican Party in recent years appear to be swinging back. Over the last year, far more people are switching to the GOP across suburban counties from Denver to Atlanta and Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Republicans also gained ground in counties around medium-size cities such as Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Raleigh, North Carolina; Augusta, Georgia; and Des Moines, Iowa.

Ben Smith, who lives in suburban Larimer County, Colorado, north of Denver, said he reluctantly registered as a Republican earlier in the year after becoming increasingly concerned about the Democrats’ support in some localities for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines, the party’s inability to quell violent crime and its frequent focus on racial justice.

“It’s more so a rejection of the left than embracing the right,” said Smith, a 37-year-old professional counselor whose transition away from the Democratic Party began five or six years ago when he registered as a libertarian.

The AP examined nearly 1.7 million voters who had likely switched affiliations across 42 states for which there is data over the last 12 months, according to L2, a political data firm. L2 uses a combination of state voter records and statistical modeling to determine party affiliation, meaning that the switchers include both those who have formally changed their registration and those who L2 estimates have shifted toward the GOP.

While party switching is not uncommon, the data shows a definite reversal from the period while Trump was in office, when Democrats enjoyed a slight edge in the number of party switchers nationwide.

But over the last year, roughly two-thirds of the 1.7 million voters who changed their party affiliation shifted to the Republican Party. In all, more than 1 million people became Republicans compared to about 630,000 who became Democrats.



Kari Lake responds to Biden’s dark speech, torches him for dividing the Country

Female Republican vs Democrat Male Challenge.


Thousands cheer when President Trump says he ‘may just have to’ run again in 2024
74% of voters say country is on the wrong track

“We Are At War With These People’: MSNBC Claims Trump Supporters Are ‘Evil

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

FACEBOOK’S ZUCKERBERG LOSES: Judge Rules that Facebook Repeatedly Violated Washington State Campaign Finance Law

Republicans like Dinesh D’Souza went to jail for violating campaign contribution for a mere couple hundred dollars. Why hasn’t Zuck been jailed? There is no equality for all under the law but that is the law.

Zuck Loses: Judge Rules that Facebook Repeatedly Violated Washington State Campaign Finance Law

By: Lucas Nolan, Breitbart News, 3 Sep 2022:

A judge recently ruled that Facebook repeatedly and intentionally violated the State of Washington’s campaign-ad transparency laws and must pay penalties. Attorney General Bob Ferguson derided Facebook’s “cynical attempt” to gut the state’s campaign finance laws, challenging the Masters of the Universe to “follow the law.”

The Seattle Times reports that Facebook (now known as Meta) repeatedly and intentionally violated Washington’s campaign-ad transparency laws and must pay yet-to-be-determined penalties, according to a ruling made by King County Superior Court Judge Douglass North. The law states that ad sellers must disclose the name and address of political ad buyers, and metrics such as the total number of ad views generated. Every newspaper and other outlet in the state follows the rule without trouble, but Facebook believed it shouldn’t have to

Attorney General Bob Ferguson, whose office has repeatedly sued Facebook, stated that the court denied Facebook’s attempt to invalidate Washington’s decades-old transparency law. In a statement, Ferguson said that following a ruling made Friday by King County Superior Court Judge Douglass North, the Attorney General’s office defeated Facebook’s “cynical attempt” to gut Washington’s campaign-finance transparency law.

“On behalf of the people of Washington, I challenge Facebook to accept this decision and do something very simple — follow the law,” Ferguson said. Washington’s transparency law was originally passed in 1972 and requires ad sellers such as Meta to disclose the names and addresses of political ad buyers, the targets of the ads, and the total number of views each ad receives.

Facebook repeatedly objected to the requirements and argued in a summary judgment motion that Washington’s law is an “outlier” that “unduly burdens political speech,” and is “virtually impossible to comply with.”

In court, Judge North rejected Facebook’s arguments, stating that the company had failed to show it was unable to comply. “This is clearly a very appropriate subject for disclosure, and the law is very constitutional,” North said

The exact penalties that Facebook will pay will be determined at a later court hearing. The law allows financial positions of $10,000 per violation, which can be tripled when violations are determined to be intentional. The Attorney General’s Office alleged that Facebook has committed several hundred violations since 2018.

Read more at the Seattle Times here.


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VIDEO: Mar-a-Lago and a Bolshevik Witch-Hunt

This new Glazov Gang episode features Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the Freedom Center and editor of The Point at

Daniel discusses Mar-a-Lago and a Bolshevik Witch-Hunt, reflecting on Welcome to the wild goose case – and the crime that wasn’t.

Don’t miss it!



New York: Taxpayer-funded mural features Jew-hating Nation of Islam top dog Louis Farrakhan

NYC: Muslim convicted of assault for attacking three Jews, acquitted of hate crime charges

Cleveland: Muslim cop who tweeted ‘Let me salute Hitler the great’ and ‘scumbag Jews’ keeps his job

Yezidi captive of ISIS is rescued

Sam Harris: Trump is a worse person than Osama bin Laden, who ‘demonstrated many virtues’

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Don’t Endow The State With Moral Authority

It is one thing to say that you are pro-life or pro-choice. It is another to say that the state should legalize or illegalize abortion.

It is one thing to suggest that we should help the poor financially. It is another to suggest the state does it for us.

It is one thing not to discriminate against people on stupid grounds. It is another to suggest that the state morally polices everyone and punishes those it deems discriminatory.

It is one thing to want educational access for everyone. It is another to get the state to jump into education.

People are welcome to have their stances and opinions. They are welcome to act according to their opinions. They can help the poor financially or pay their employees a higher wage if this is what they want. However, they shouldn’t force others to do the same.

The moment you try to enforce your morality via the hand of the state, you endow the state with moral authority.

You put the state on a pedestal. And this is almost irreversible. Once the state occupies the moral high ground, it never relinquishes it. This is the beginning of a statist civilization. Most countries on Earth today are deeply statist. They look to the state for the matters of right and wrong.

I have my inclinations and stances, but I would never want the state to enforce my stances. Let’s say, for example, I incline towards the pro-life stance, but I won’t want the state to actively seek out women who aborted their babies and imprison them, for this would grant them moral authority. Moral authority is like an addictive drug. Once a man gets it, it fills him with so much pride that he becomes blind to his shortcomings. It rots him to the core. Moral highness is a shortcut to soul sickness.

If we want to bring people to reason and conscience, we must do so via reason and conscience, not via force. We must be more reasonable, talk more reasonably, and awaken the voice of conscience in our fellow beings.

Only a tyrant hopes to bring people in line by force. And we mustn’t feed the tyrant within us by getting the state to enforce our opinions/ideas or we would manifest a tyrant outside us.

Don’t endow the state with moral authority.

©Anand Ujjwal. All rights reserved.