CALIFORNIA HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Foster Parents Being Asked to Take in ’26 or more’ Migrant Children from the Border

Only 26? ‘C’mon, man!

California Foster Parents Being Asked to Take in “26 or more” Migrant Children from the Border – “I Consider it Human Trafficking”

By Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News

The mass sex trafficking of children into the United States is now happening in the open in full view of the public, and no one seems to have the will or power to step in and stop it.

One has to wonder if the United States has now become the most morally degenerate country on the face of the earth?

Yesterday, the Daily Mail interviewed California foster parents Travis and Sharla Kall, and they said that the Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) of California’s Department of Social Services that oversees foster home and care licensing, had asked them to take in “26 or more” children being housed at the U.S. Mexican border, where tens of thousands of migrant children who came across the border without their parents are being held.

The Kalls also stated that other foster care parents in the state received the same request.

California foster parents are being asked to care for a staggering 26 or more unaccompanied migrant children per household, can reveal.

On March 12, foster parents Travis, 45, and Sharla Kall received a voicemail amid the crisis at the Mexico border.

‘This is an emergency message, please respond to this urgent message from the Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD),’ the voicemail obtained by said. ‘CCLD would like to know how many available beds you have to serve additional youth.’

CCLD is a division of California’s Department of Social Services that oversees foster home and care licensing.

The couple received an email with the same urgent message, containing links for them to communicate how many available beds they have – ranging from zero to ’26 +.’

‘Usually the maximum amount of children you are allowed to foster at any one time is six,’ said Travis, who currently fosters two four-month-old twins with his wife, while also caring for their biological twins, aged six.

‘We called our case worker and she told us that everyone was calling her because they had got that same call,’ said the small automotive business owner from Orange, California.

‘She said there was a big influx of children coming in, but she didn’t know where from,’ he added.

The couple reached out to a friend who is fostering through a different agency and were told that she had received the same call. The friend also told them her agency confirmed via email that the children were coming from the border.

‘As many of you are already aware, CCLD has been sending automated emails and phone calls asking you about available beds to serve additional youth,’ the email read.

‘They are trying to address the needs of a record number of unaccompanied children who are arriving from Central America who are escaping impossible situations such as poverty, violence and natural disasters,’ it adds.

The couple were shocked that the request was being made.

‘At any given point in time there are 30,000 plus children in the L.A. County foster care system alone,’ Sharla said.

‘So to ask us already certified foster parents to take on children from another country when we can barely take care of our own foster crisis doesn’t seem beneficial to either side because either way someone loses a bed,’ she added.

Travis, who along with his wife runs a non-profit fighting against human trafficking, believes this is just the tip of a sinister iceberg.

‘I consider it human trafficking,’ he said. ‘It’s not the burden of taking kids in because we have the heart for it, but these are kids that were taken from the border for a money scheme and now they’re going to use us resource parents to take care of them.’

Read the full article at The Daily Mail.

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After 9/11, Bush Let the Al Issa Family Into America. Now 10 Americans are Dead.

Two years ago, Ahmad Al Issa shared a post entitled, “Why refugees and immigrants are good for America.” On Monday, the Syrian Muslim immigrant shot up a supermarket, killing ten Americans.

Biden declared that he was “still waiting for more information regarding the shooter, his motive, the weapons he used. The guns, the magazines, the weapons, the modifications that have apparently taken place to those weapons that are involved here.”

Why do the modifications to the Syrian immigrant’s weapons matter more than his motive?

Obama joined in, demanding that it is, “long past time for those with the power to fight this epidemic of gun violence to do so.”

Guns don’t kill people. Muslim terrorists do.

Ahmad Al Issa spent much of his time in America accusing his classmates and everyone around him of being “Islamophobes.” He repeatedly got into furious confrontations with the Americans whom he claimed were disrespecting his Islamic religion.

The media is spinning this as a mental illness, but if hating non-Muslims is a mental illness, then it’s a common one in his home country.

While Ahmad Al Issa came to America at a young age with his family, the Al Issa clan originated from Raqqa. The name of the Syrian city may not mean much to most Americans, but it was the former capital of the Caliphate of the Islamic State.


And that was after it had been previously taken over by the Al Nusra Front, linked to Al Qaeda, and by Ahrar al-Sham, which had coordinated with ISIS. Multiple Jihadist units and groups used the name “Raqqa” to symbolize their determination to stake a claim to the Syrian city and region.

Raqqa has a sizable Sunni Islamist base even beyond ISIS.

While Al Issa grew up in America, his family would have likely maintained an extensive network of family connections with Raqqa. Family members insist that Ahmad Al Issa was not a radical, but he was clearly a committed Muslim and his Facebook page, since taken down, is filled with Islamic content, and with attacks on President Trump and on America over “Islamophobia.”

Colorado took in a sizable number of migrants with multiple charities, religious and secular, springing up to help the alleged refugees. And once again Americans are reeling from a terror attack because Democrats and some Republicans refuse to secure our immigration system.

There were plenty of warnings that Ahmad Al Issa’s hatred for America and obsession with Islamophobia could turn violent. In 2017, he assaulted a fellow student claiming that he had made fun of his identity. The Syrian immigrant got off with a misdemeanor, probation, and community service. Just imagine if the system had done its job and locked him up instead.

The angry outbursts and claims of Islamophobia are now being spun as mental illness.

But the most obvious explanation for why a Syrian Muslim immigrant whose family comes from the capital of ISIS would shoot up an American supermarket isn’t mental illness.

Nor is the solution gun control.

Democrats and the media had attacked President Trump for suspending the migration of Syrians into America. When Biden overturned the suspension, the media cheered.

“Beyond contravening our values, these Executive Orders and Proclamations have undermined our national security,” Biden had falsely declared.

The bodies of ten dead Americans show what national security with terror migration looks like.

In 2016, Judge Posner had prevented Governor Pence from blocking Syrian refugees. Posner bizarrely claimed that Pence’s attempt to protect Americans from Islamic terrorists was the equivalent of forbidding “black people to settle in Indiana.”

The Trump administration’s moves would not have stopped the Al-Issa clan from coming here in 2002, but it would have prevented future terrorists from taking more American lives.

Biden and the Democrats responded to the King Sooper shootings by preaching “common sense gun control.” But their gun control has yet to work in Chicago or New York. Meanwhile what Americans need isn’t fewer guns, but fewer immigrant and refugee terrorists.

The tragedy of the Al Issa family arriving here in 2002, after September 11, is a case study in the obstinate refusal of our political elites to reckon with even the worst terror attacks.

President George W. Bush had postponed the Presidential Determination for the number of refugees imported into America because of the September 11 attacks. But he nevertheless went ahead and issued it in November 2001 which allocated 70,000 refugee slots.

And, insanely, boosted the Near East/South Asia category from 10,000 to 15,000 which had been set at 4,000 under Clinton. In 2001, some 3,000 had already been referred to through Syria, Jordan and Turkey. These numbers may sound technical, but they show the terrible policy decisions that led directly to the brutal murder of ten Americans in an ordinary supermarket.

The American victims of Ahmad Al Issa’s rampage included grandparents and employees, an actress, and a police officer who charged the Muslim shooter and paid for it with his life.

Colorado Democrats clamor that this shooting didn’t have to happen. They’re right, but not because of gun control. It didn’t have to happen if we just reformed our immigration system.

Ahmad Al-Issa grew up in America and hated every minute of it. He hated his host country, his classmates and his peers. Over the years, his hatred grew until it consumed him. Then it consumed in his victims in a murderous rampage aimed at non-Muslim Coloradans.

In 2019, Al Issa had fashionably tweeted “#istandwithrefugees.” It’s the sort of thing that many in Boulder, in Colorado, and across America have irresponsibly tweeted.

And it’s a hashtag that kills.

Bush’s decision to let in the Al Issa family after September 11 killed ten Americans. It was a tragic decision that he might not have seen buried in the numbers. But it happened anyway.

There’s really no excuse for it today after two decades of continuous Islamic terrorism.

Every day that we keep our border open, that we welcome in more migrants from terror states, we are pointing a loaded gun at our own heads and pulling the trigger. Most of the time the chamber is empty, but every now and then, the immigration gun fires and people die.

Biden and the Democrats would like to talk about Al Issa’s weapon modifications after opening the border to gang members and terrorists. They want to push restrictions on Americans owning guns, instead of restrictions on their own resettlement agencies bringing in terrorists.

The problem is not that a Syrian immigrant from the capital of ISIS had a gun. The problem was that a Syrian immigrant from the capital of ISIS was in Colorado and in America.

The authorities and the media will go on lying to Americans. They will blame mental illness, as they do with every Muslim terrorist, and depict Al Issa as the victim of Islamophobic bigots. The Democrats will turn the killer into the victim and his victims into the perpetrators as they have done so many times. They will tell us that Islam is a religion of peace, and that Al Issa’s religion and his family origins in the capital of the ISIS Caliphate should be ignored.

And even in the midst of so many burning issues, we must not give up the fight on this one.

There are hard, cold truths about Islamic terrorism that decades after September 11 we seem to be no closer to understanding than Bush was in November 2001.

We can stand with the terror refugees killing us. Or we can stand with their American victims.



Ilhan Omar decries reporting on identity of Boulder jihadi: ‘Shooter’s race front and center when they aren’t white’

Biden Admin: Yeah We Know the Terrorists We Want to Fund, Fund the Murder of Jews

Colorado Governor: ‘There’s no reason to suspect any connection to terrorism’ in Boulder massacre

Niger: Muslims murder 30 civilians in series of jihad attacks on villages

Muhammad removed from a new Dutch translation of Dante’s Inferno, to avoid ‘unnecessary offense’

Michael Moore: Boulder shooting shows gunman assimilated into American culture. What about his real culture?

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Mexican President Blames Biden For Border Crisis, Says He Created ‘Expectations’

Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador blamed President Joe Biden’s immigration policies for the crisis at the southern border during a Tuesday press conference.

“Expectations were created that with the Government of President Biden there would be better treatment of migrants,” Lopez Obrador said. “And this has caused Central American migrants, and also from our country, wanting to cross the border thinking that it is easier to do so.”

“People don’t go to the United States for fun, they go out of necessity,” Lopez Obrador said, according to Reuters.

Biden sent an envoy to the region to address the surge at the border, with Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard saying there needs to be “humanitarian actions” that promote economic development to address the root causes of migration from Central America to the U.S., according to Reuters.

Biden’s administration, however, has blamed the Trump administration for the crisis at the border despite rolling back Trump-era policies meant to curb illegal immigration.

Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas blamed the Trump administration Sunday while speaking on CNN’s State of the Union, according to The Hill.

“There was a system in place in both Republican and Democratic administrations, that was torn down during the Trump administration, and that is why the challenge is more acute than it ever has been before.”

“We are rebuilding the orderly systems that the Trump administration tore down to avoid the need for these children to actually take the perilous journey,” he said.

Biden halted construction of the border wall, placed a 100-day moratorium on deportations and ended Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.

Biden has since suggested his administration would be re-establishing the “Remain in Mexico” policy, which forces migrants seeking asylum to remain in Mexico while their asylum claims were processed.

Since Biden took office, a large influx of migrants, including unaccompanied children, have arrived at the border and overwhelmed facilities.



Reporter. Follow Brianna on Twitter.

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Kamala Harris given lead role over border by President Biden

‘Not Today!’: Kamala Harris Cracks Up When Asked If She Will Visit The Border

Government Accountability Office Investigates Biden’s Decision To Halt Border Wall Construction

Lindsey Graham On Border Crisis: ‘Where is AOC? Why Aren’t You At The Border?’

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COLORADO MASSACRE: Syrian Immigrant Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa didn’t do it. The Ruger did it!

It looks like in less than his first one hundred days, Biden has an Islamic terrorist attack on his hands, but you will likely never hear those words uttered.

Just a nut with a gun, move along, nothing to see.

Of course, a week ago the nut with a gun was a white guy perpetrating a hate crime against Asians.

This week it’s a ‘new American,’ a Syrian Muslim, whose innocent victims are all white and you likely won’t see the phrase “hate crime” anywhere outside of conservative media.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, the Left will rage, but their fury will be directed at the weapon and not the man. (Biden will have his excuse.)

The Syrian immigrant is just a nut who had gone over the edge, driven there by Islamophobic America. And, they may go one step further and blame it on (understandable to them) pent-up Trump hatred.

Here is just one of many stories you will see today (this one at CBS) about the slaughter quoting Biden’s reaction:

At the White House, President Biden said another city has been “scarred by gun violence” and called on Congress to pass gun control measures. “I just can’t imagine what the families are feeling, the victims whose futures were stolen from them, from their families, their loved ones, who know have to struggle to go on and try to make sense of what’s happened.”

There was a delay by authorities in announcing the name of the suspect, so a bunch of Lefties went crazy on social media blaming whitey for the shooting.

See the Washington Examiner op-ed:

Ahmad al Aliwi Alissa isn’t a ‘white man,’ so can we make assumptions about what motivated him?

We know now that the man who shot up a grocery store Monday in Boulder, Colorado, is an immigrant from Syria named Ahmad al Aliwi Alissa. In the context of recent history, this means there’s reason to think he might be a Muslim terrorist. But saying that aloud will get you called a racist by the media.

For now, we’ll just have to pretend that this is another “lone wolf” who in no way fits into the totally not-real pattern (according to the media) of mass violence perpetrated by Muslim extremists in places as far-flung as Mumbai, Rouen, and Chattanooga and as close as Miami, San Bernardino and New York.

If Aliwi Alissa were white, we could at least assume, without any evidence, like the media are doing with the recent killing spree in Atlanta, that this was an act of white supremacism. Instead, it looks like we’re back to square one.

Gasp! Maybe he was a pro-Trump anti-masker! Opinion writer Eddie Scarry continues….

Of course, before the shooter was identified by police, liberals had been very eager to draw early conclusions about him. They were 100% certain he was white and perhaps even an anti-masker — i.e., a Trump supporter.

I’m serious. Liberal journalist Kurt Eichenwald *** mused on Twitter that the details might reveal that the shooting, which left 10 people dead, was an episode of “anti-masker violence.”

Meena Harris, the niece of Vice President Kamala Harris, tweeted immediately after the shooting that “violent white men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country.” She anticipated that Aliwi Alissa might be a real terrorist, but not the kind that Democrats would rather not acknowledge.

There is more.

But, speaking of nut jobs….

***Get a load of where this Leftie “journalist’s” head is!

At Breitbart:

Kurt Eichenwald’s COVID Freakout: ‘I Want to Find an Antimasker and Beat Them to Death’

(Islamic terrorists, not so much…..)

Eichenwald thinks the country is insane!

Is there a chance in hell that we will hear the truth if this later tweet speculation, that Biden provoked an Islamic terror attack, turns out to be on the mark?

There is so much news and commentary about this horrible event and I have a doctor appointment today with little time to look further.  So please send some links with updates via the comment section here at ‘Frauds and Crooks.’ 

I would love to know if anyone sees anything about how his Syrian family came to be living here.

And, of course, pray for the innocent victims’ families.

Endnote:  Do you think libertarian Alex Nowrasteh is still pimping for more Syrian refugees? See my post yesterday.

Trump was Right! Jihadists Attempting to Get Across our Southern Border


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VIDEO: Project Veritas Obtains Never-Before-Seen Images Inside Texas Migrant Facility

Project Veritas released a new bombshell video today displaying never-before-seen photos inside a detention facility near the U.S.-Mexican border where illegal immigrants are concentrated in tight spaces and wrapped in space blankets.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

  • Just over a month ago, Customs and Border Patrol completed the construction of this 185,000 square foot facility in Donna, Texas to house countless migrants who come across the border daily.
  • The facility will not allow non-profit lawyers who conduct oversight of these detention centers to go inside or even see photos of the conditions.
  • Source: “These photos were taken within the last few days. There are eight pods with eight cells each in the facility. At any given moment there are an average of 3,000 people in custody here.”
  • Source: “They [illegal immigrants] are separated by age or physical size depending on room. Fifty were COVID positive in these cells over the last few days. There have been multiple sexual assaults, normal assaults and daily medical emergencies.”
  • The Biden administration continues to allege that the border crisis is not out of their control.
  • New Project Veritas Insider working within the Department of Homeland Security has leaked documents warning of a Central American-based caravan headed to the U.S. border.

Watch the video:

These images are appalling. No wonder the government didn’t want the public seeing these photos.

The Biden administration has continuously denied that there is an ongoing crisis at the border and claims that the situation is under control.

Project Veritas is still on the ground in Texas to expose corruption and wrongdoing as it appears.

If you or someone you know work for the Department of Homeland Security or Customs and Border Patrol, contact us at

©Project Veritas. All rights reserved.


Immigrants are Asked About Biden’s Border Policy – Their Answer Says it All

James O’Keefe STUNS, Leaks Photos Of Border Crisis Biden and Psaki Don’t Want You to See

Unaccompanied Alien Teens Coming to a County Near You!

Although the Harris/Biden team is dodging the question, the crisis is growing on the Southern Border as thousands of mostly teenagers breach the border.

In January the message went out far and wide that America was now free for the taking!

Yesterday when I wrote my Refugee Round-up for the week at RRW,  I linked the data on file at the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement about where the “children” were distributed to sponsors around the US.

(Only the numbers distributed are available. The data does not include those still in custody.)

In that round-up, I also explained that the Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) are NOT refugees.

The data is only through January 31st so the full impact of the Biden-welcome has not yet been recorded.

Nevertheless, this list of counties is likely to continue to be the primary locations to suffer the most impact of the invasion.

By the way,  see the UAC numbers that went to each state since 2014.  I think you will be shocked and disappointed to see how large the numbers were for a few of Trump’s years in office. 

Top welcoming states, for the mostly teenaged illegal aliens who will impact high schools (get your kids out!) and crime gangs, are:  Texas, New York, Florida, California, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia.

A total of 7,207 UACs were distributed among all states in the first four months of FY21.

From the Office of Refugee Resettlement:


I posted this screenshot as a baseline.  Revisit the site in a few days or weeks to see the new numbers because I expect you will see large increases.

EDITORS NOTE: This Frauds, Crooks and Criminals column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

‘Our Country Is Being Destroyed!’: Trump Rips DHS And Biden Administration Over Southern Border Crisis

Former President Donald Trump said in a statement Sunday that the Biden Administration must “immediately complete the wall” to stop the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

“They must immediately complete the wall, which can be done in a matter of weeks – they should never have stopped it,” the statement said. “They are causing death and human tragedy. In addition to the obvious, drugs are pouring into our country at record levels from the Southern Border, not to mention human and sex trafficking. This Administration’s reckless policies are enabling and encouraging crimes against humanity. Our Country is being destroyed!”

Trump added that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ appearance on a Sunday news show was a “national disgrace.” 

“His self-satisfied presentation – in the middle of the massive crisis he helped engineer – is yet more proof he is incapable of leading DHS,” the press release stated. “Even someone of Mayorkas’ limited abilities should understand that if you provide Catch-and-Release to the world’s illegal aliens then the whole world will come.”

Last month, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered 100,441 people attempting entry along the southwest border, according to the agency.



Contributor. Follow Melanie on Twitter.



‘How Can You Say The Border Is Closed’?: MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Presses Biden DHS Secretary On Migrant Crisis

‘Definitely Not’: Illegal Immigrant Says He Wouldn’t Have Crossed The Border If Trump Was President

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A Civil Libertarian Scrutinizes Muslim Immigration

Ayaan Hirsi Ali sheds light on why women feel increasingly unsafe on European streets, a fact demonstrated by polling data from the EU and OECD.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s new book, Prey: Immigration, Islam and the Erosion of Women’s Rights, was published in February.

Hirsi Ali is certainly well-fitted to examining the issue. In 1992, she fled from Africa to escape an arranged marriage, and was granted asylum in the Netherlands, where she was later elected to parliament.

Following the grisly assassination of her colleague Theo van Gogh (who worked with Hirsi Ali when directing the anti-Islamist film Submission), she eventually relocated to the United States.

In this book, she describes how women are becoming almost invisible in a growing number of neighbourhoods in Europe’s cities, especially where Muslim immigrants form a majority.

Those women who are present in such communities often wear Islamic garb, and women and girls who do not dress like this are increasingly falling victim to verbal or non-verbal intimidation, and occasionally sexual assault, a problem which has worsened in the last decade as immigration increased.

Though she acknowledges the difficulties in comparing statistics across countries, the evidence she cites show that rates of rape or sexual assault went up between 2014-2017 in every European country where data is available.

In Germany, which adopted the most liberal stance on immigration in 2015, the number of victims of rape and sexual coercion increased by over 40 percent from 2016 to 2017.

Additional data suggests that migrants are responsible for a disproportionate amount of this violence: for example, asylum seekers were suspects in 11 percent of all reported rapes and sexual harassments in Austria in 2017, despite making up less than 1 percent of the population.

The author’s painstaking examination of similar evidence sheds light on why women feel increasingly unsafe on European streets, a fact demonstrated by polling data from the EU and OECD.

High-profile incidents such as the mass sexual assaults mainly perpetrated by Arab and North African migrants in Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2015 have drawn attention to this, as did the revelations that grooming gangs had exploited thousands of British girls in Rotherham and elsewhere.

As with Cologne, the crime was so large-scale that it could not be ignored or written off as a localised incident. Nor was it possible to ignore the fact that the culprits were predominantly Muslim men.

A key question which Hirsi Ali poses is why Western feminists who have driven the #MeToo movement forward have been so reticent when it comes to asking questions about what is happening to women in poorer parts of Europe’s cities at a time when immigration — legal and illegal — has increased greatly.

In 2015, almost two million people arrived in Western Europe from countries with large Muslim populations. Over the past decade, there were around 3.5 million illegal border crossings, with many others coming legally and claiming asylum, confident that they will not be deported even if their applications are turned down.

As a result of this enormous influx, Europe’s Muslim population increased from 19.5 million in 2010 to 25.8 million in 2016.

These immigrants are disproportionately young males, from a cultural background which is deeply uncomfortable with the level of social freedom which women enjoy in the West.

In considering why this process has accelerated in spite of the serious problems it has caused, Hirsi Ali is very perceptive in her description of how the “integration industry” – bureaucrats, NGOs, non-profits, lawyers, etc – often benefit financially from their participation in a process which has failed to assimilate recent newcomers.

Interestingly, Hirsi Ali rejects the populist solution of stopping the inflow by beefing up security and deporting those who are here illegally.

Drawing on her own experience as an asylum seeker, she suggests alternative policies:  replacing the existing asylum framework with one which favours those who are willing to integrate; addressing the push factors which contribute to the outflow from the Muslim world; and limiting the pull factors by trimming Europe’s generous welfare states.

Some of this is commendable, but there are difficulties too.

Her suggestion that Europeans “should send military and civilian forces to help build institutions and the rule of law” in the immigrants’ homelands ignores the record of recent Western interventions. Compared to this, the populist/conservative policy of increasing security in border regions and in the Mediterranean appears far more achievable.

On the broader point about the ability to make large-scale Islamic immigration work, she appears uncomfortable with some of the evidence she cites, as when she points to the divergent experiences of Christian and Muslim Lebanese refugees who left their war-torn homeland for Australia in the 1970s.

There, and though starting from the same base, the Lebanese Christians easily outperformed their compatriots when it came to educational and occupational achievement, just as Hindus and Sikhs have outperformed Muslims in the UK, where the participation of Muslims in the labour force remains low, particularly when it comes to women.

Given the enormous challenges we face, a much more restrictive approach to immigration from the Muslim world is now called for — but that is not a call which Hirsi Ali is prepared to make.

Her analysis is lacking in one other area, when compared to the book which her friend Douglas Murray wrote some years ago, The Strange Death of Europe.

In her glowing admiration for the Europe which took her in, Hirsi Ali speaks the language of the classical liberal in her emphasis on individual rights and concludes with a quote from John Stuart Mill.

Murray’s book was also intended to sound the alarm when it came to the cultural threat facing Europe.

Though a non-believer, he went to great lengths to highlight the Christian foundations of Europe’s humane and enlightened culture and concluded by suggesting that Europe’s future would rest upon the attitude of its people towards the churches and other great cultural buildings which surround us: “Around the questions of whether we hate them, ignore them, engage with them or revere them, a huge amount will depend.”

While Hirsi Ali praises the fruits of European civilisation, Murray went further in recognising and defending the roots which allowed them to blossom. So should all who care about the future of Europe.


James Bradshaw works for an international consulting firm based in Dublin, and has a background in journalism and public policy. Outside of work, he writes for a number of publications, on topics including… More by James Bradshaw

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Pelosi: DACA Illegals Are ‘True Heirs’ of Founding Fathers

In a Thursday speech on the House floor, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had the gall to claim that the DACA “dreamers” brought to the United States by their illegal alien parents “are true and legitimate heirs… of our founders.”

As Democrats prepare to push through an amnesty for at least three million illegal migrants, Pelosi said, “This legislation is protecting ‘dreamers,’ and TPS [Temporary Protected Status] and DED [Deferred Enforced Departure] recipients, honors the truth that immigrants are the constant reinvigoration of our country.

“When they come here with their hopes and dreams and aspirations, these parents bringing their children, their hopes and dreams and aspirations for a better future for their children, that courage, that determination, those aspirations, are American traits, and they all make America more American, with all of that,” she gushed. “Indeed they are true and legitimate heirs, these dreamers are, of our founders. E Pluribus Unum, from many one, we talk about that all the time.”

Pelosi’s fawning praise for illegal aliens stems from the Progressive notion that America is not a homeland for legal citizens but a “nation of immigrants” arriving in a constant influx, bolstering Democrat power, bloating government programs, and providing a steady stream of cheap labor. It would never occur to the left to refer to generations of natural-born American citizens as the true and legitimate heirs of the Founding Fathers.

“Again, dreamers, TPS, DED recipients are American in every way,” Pelosi added.

Except legally — and thus they are not American in even the most basic way.

Nancy Pelosi

131 Known Connections

Pelosi Leads the Push to Pass the “For The People Act of 2021,” a Bill Designed to Destroy Election Integrity

On January 4, 2021, Speaker Pelosi, House Administration Chair Zoe Lofgren, and Democracy Reform Task Force Chair John Sarbanes together re-introduced H.R. 1, The For the People Act of 2021, and then issued the following statement:

“Our democracy is in a state of deep disrepair.  During the 2020 election, Americans had to overcome rampant voter suppression, gerrymandering and a torrent of special interest dark money just to exercise their right to vote.  Across the country, people of all political persuasions – including Democrats, Independents and Republicans – are profoundly frustrated with the chaos, corruption and inaction that plague much of our politics.

“That’s why House Democrats are doubling down on our longstanding commitment to advance transformational anti-corruption and clean election reforms by again passing H.R. 1, the For the People Act.

“H.R. 1 will protect the right to vote, ensure the integrity of our elections, hold elected officials accountable and end the era of big, dark, special-interest money in our politics.

“Our historic reform effort will clean up decades of dysfunction in Washington, return power to the people and build a more just, equitable and prosperous country for all Americans.”

The Heritage Foundation, in an overview that can be found here, laid bare the provisions and agendas of the For The People Act, which would encourage and facilitate massive amounts of fraud and chaos in political elections.

To learn more about Nancy Pelosi, click here for her profile.

EDITORS NOTE: This Discover the Networks column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Four on Terror Watchlist Caught at U.S./Mexico Border

While Old Joe’s handlers continue to deny that there is a crisis at the border, and aren’t even close to admitting that border control is a national security issue, the Customs and Border Protection agency confirmed Tuesday that four people on the FBI’s terror watchlist have been apprehended at the Mexican border since October.

Anyone who isn’t a thoroughly indoctrinated and programmed leftist bot could have seen this coming a mile off, and many did, even among the weakest and most short-sighted group in the entire world, congressional Republicans. Touring the border Monday, Rep. John Katko (R-N.Y.) asserted that “individuals that they have on the watchlist for terrorism are now starting to exploit the southern border. We need to wake up.”

Yes, we do, and we have needed to do so for quite some time. Biden’s handlers’ open-door policy has led to the current border crisis, which Islamic jihadis are determined to exploit; they have been trying to get across the border for years, and have occasionally been successful. Like so many other groups, they see the unwillingness of the puppet in the Oval Office to defend the southern border or stop mass migration into the U.S. as their latest big opportunity.

And so it was no surprise when the four suspected terrorists, three of whom were from Yemen and were thus almost certainly Islamic jihadis, with the fourth from Serbia and most likely a jihadi as well, were discovered. Nor was it a surprise when U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported on February 3 that “Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a group of 11 Iranian citizens who illegally crossed the border into the United States….Yuma Sector agents apprehended eight Iranian nationals in FY2020, compared to just 14 from all other border patrol sectors combined. So far in FY2021, Yuma Sector agents have apprehend [sic] 14 nationals from Iran.”

Yeah, yeah, they are from the Islamic Republic of Iran and they sneak into the country just because they’re willing to do the jobs that Americans won’t do. Sure, pal. Back on the planet earth, however, the Justice Department announced back in March 2020 that Mohamad Milon Hossain, a Bangladeshi national, “admitted that from March 2017 to June 2019, he conspired to bring, and brought, Bangladeshi nationals to the United States at the Texas border in exchange for payment.”

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The physical border isn’t the only entry into the country that is porous and vulnerable. The military site SOFREP reported in January 2020 that “three members of the al-Qaeda terrorist group were stopped and apprehended trying to fly into Dallas while using passports from Colombia. The three entered Colombia via Venezuela.” That same month, according to KYMA, “Mexicali Police Chief Maria Elena Andrade confirmed that a red alert has been issued at the Mexicali border due to a possible Iranian terrorist threat….‘We received reports that four nationals of Iran possibly carrying explosives were going to attempt to cross the border in the area of San Luis to Mexicali.’”

In October 2019, a Muslim migrant from Jordan named Moayad Heider Mohammad Aldairi was sentenced to three years in prison for sneaking at least six Yemeni Muslims into the United States across the border from Mexico.

That was all during the Trump years, while the president was doing everything he could against intense opposition to get the border under control. Now it’s a free-for-all, and there is no telling how many jihad terrorists will enter the country via Mexico in the next four years.

But building a wall? That was racist.

How long must this continue to go on? How many Islamic jihadis must we admit into our country as “refugees” and “asylum seekers” before this severely dysfunctional system is repaired? How many Americans have to die at the hands of these “refugees” before the calls of an increasing number of Americans to stop this madness are heeded?

The answer is that there is no number of jihadis that will convince the political and media elites that we need to take steps to protect ourselves and seal our borders. That would, like everything else in this insane age, be racist. They would rather see Americans die at the hands of Islamic jihadis than make it appear as if President Trump had been right about anything.


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VIDEO: An Immigration Crisis Customs Made by Biden

Joe Biden hasn’t abolished ICE, but he’s done something just as bad. He’s made it impossible for the agency to do its job. Just two months into the White House’s amnesty experiment, the scene along our southern border is chaos. And who’s fault is it? According to the administration: Donald Trump’s.

“We recognize this is a big problem,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki finally conceded after days of ignoring the situation. Then, to the surprise of no one, trotted out a familiar punching bag. “The last administration left us a dismantled and unworkable system and, like any other problem, we are going to do all we can to solve it.” Lately, you have to wonder what Joe Biden would do without his predecessor. He couldn’t take credit for all of Trump’s successes — or blame him for all of his failures. That may have worked on the vaccine, but on this issue? The American people aren’t fooled.

What they’re seeing unravel at the border is a crisis of Biden’s own making. If this president cared more about national security than catering to the extreme Left, there wouldn’t be 13,000 migrant children — alone, without their parents — in U.S. custody. We wouldn’t have coyotes and cartels selling women into sex trafficking rings or luring teenage boys into labor gangs or drug running. It’s inhumane, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) shook her head. And even if the Biden administration had done nothing on immigration when they came into office, it would’ve been a good deal better than what they did do — which was overturn all of Trump’s progress. “Now what you have,” she said with disgust, “is an absolute mess.”

She’s right. When I was on my second trip to the border about a year ago, it was like a ghost town. Very few people were trying to get in illegally. Why? Because the process the Trump administration put in place stemmed the flow with a management system that protected our borders — and upheld law and order. Was it inconvenient for people trying to get into the country illegally? Absolutely, but that’s what breaking the law should be. The last thing America should be doing is turning the border into a welcome center where you’re greeted with gift bags and maps, which is basically what the Biden team has done. It’s insanity!

And now that things are approaching catastrophic levels, this White House is like a cat in a sandbox, trying to cover its tracks. Congressman Michael Cloud (R-Texas) was part of the Republican delegation that just visited the border, and he says what they saw was tragic: overflowing facilities, young children separated from their parents, and local communities and immigration agents stretched thin and overwhelmed. “It’s sad to see that we’re at this point,” he said soberly. Unfortunately, this is what happens when the president of the United States puts out the call for people to ignore our laws and cross the border. Now, of course, Biden is backtracking under pressure, finally telling the caravans, “Don’t come…” But it’s too little, too late.

He’s already abandoned the border wall mid-construction, Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.) pointed out, ticking off all of the ways America’s immigration policy has been upended. With a stroke of the pen, the president released almost anyone traveling with a child under 18 directly into the country. He’s granted sanctuary status for a whole host of criminal offenses, including drunk driving and sexual abuse. He’s restored unrestricted travel from hotbeds of international terrorism. He ended the agreement that people requesting asylum (usually for bogus reasons) wait in Mexico until their hearing is scheduled. And now, taxpayers are stuck with the tab for all of this — and whatever surge in coronavirus cases come later.

Trump got control of the border, Rich Lowry insists. Biden threw it all away. And with it, any trust from the American people that this administration cares about the future of the country it’s destroying.



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Fla. Gov. DeSantis blames Biden for ‘disastrous’ border crisis: ‘This is intentional,’ ‘ideological’

Indeed. The crime, the chaos, and the costs of the Biden Administration’s border policy is of no concern to them. What is important to the Biden Administration is expanding their voting base. Rational American’s must come out in big numbers for the 2022 mid-term elections, so that the Democrat Party can be voted out of power. Support pro-Trump candidates.

Fla. Gov. DeSantis blames Biden for ‘disastrous’ border crisis: ‘This is intentional,’ ‘ideological’

By Washington Times, March 15, 2021

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Sunday that the massive influx of migrant children at the U.S. border is a crisis of President Biden‘s own making.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Justice,” Mr. DeSantis told host Jeanine Pirro that Mr. Biden had adopted “disastrous” immigration policies that signaled to migrants the U.S. had opened its doors.

“It obviously is a disastrous change in policy, Judge,” the Republican governor said. “If you look, Donald Trump had, obviously, the wall, which we all supported, but also safe third-party agreements, as well as ‘Remain in Mexico.’ And guess what happened? The border was under control. So they’ve gone back on those policies, and they’ve created this crisis.

“But I think that this is intentional,” Mr. DeSantis continued. “I think this is ideological. I think that they’re getting bit by this politically now. But I think that this was something that they absolutely anticipated. It’s a disastrous way to start an administration. I think most of the American people are going to be strongly opposed to this, and hopefully, they’ll reverse course.”

Biden is going in the absolute wrong direction,” he added. “Trump had it right at the border. Biden‘s got it wrong.”

The number of unaccompanied minors in federal custody on the southern U.S. border has reached record numbers under the Biden administration, increasing 25% from last week and forcing children to stay longer in overcrowded, jail-like facilities despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, ABC News reported Monday.

The Biden administration has repeatedly refused to characterize the border situation as a “crisis,” instead calling it a “challenge” as it reopens multiple facilities across the country to accommodate the influx of migrants.


Rep. John Katko: People on the Terror Watch List Caught Coming Across the Border in Last Few Days

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TENNESSEE: Somali Students Ripped-Off College to the Tune of $114,000

Just so you know that Minnesota isn’t the only place in America where refugee contractors and the US State Department salted a Somali population, Tennessee got them too!

This is the kind of story I was thinking about when I first began this blog!

To counter the ‘new American’ fluff stories I wanted to show that some of those migrants, supposedly simply “looking for a better life,” are actually getting a better life at great expense to us, both financially and culturally.

Lately I’ve been distracted by so much news involving political frauds and crooks, so it’s good to have a reminder of why this blog came into being.

From The Tennessee Conservative (hat tip: Gary):

Pair of Middle Tennessee Students Accused Of Stealing $114,000 From University

Two Middle Tennessee State University students have been charged with stealing more than $114,000 from the university.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced Wednesday that Mohamed Gure and Mohamed Osman were indicted by a Rutherford County grand jury for fraudulently obtaining student activity fee payments from the university over a three-year period.

The Tennessee comptroller’s office, which helped TBI with the investigation, said Gure and Osman stole $114,145 between November 2017 and November 2020.

Gure was charged with one count of theft over $60,000, one count of theft over $10,000, 30 counts of forgery and two counts of criminal simulation. Osman was charged with one count of theft over $60,000, 28 counts of forgery and two counts of criminal simulation.

The comptroller’s office said Gure and Osman were presidents of MTSU’s Somali Students Association when they submitted at least 85 false invoices for reimbursements totaling $82,200 of student activity fee funds. Many of the invoices were for payments to nonexistent vendors, the comptroller’s office said.


“MTSU should ensure its Student Organizations and Service Office carefully reviews supporting documentation before reimbursing student organizations,” Comptroller Jason Mumpower said in a statement. “Our investigators also noted several instances in which MTSU officials were not following their own guidance when processing reimbursements.”

Gure and Osman were arrested and booked Tuesday into the Rutherford County Jail. Gure’s bond was set at $60,000, and Osmon’s bond was set at $50,000.

Middle Tennessee State University is located in Murfreesboro, 33 miles from Nashville. The Somali Student Association facebook page is here.

Did any of you have any idea that public colleges (funded by taxpayers!) were shelling out this kind of money for student organizations?

I have to say that some of these ‘new Americans’ are clever scammers, but not quite clever enough this time!

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Biden’s handlers say visa applicants denied under Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ can now reapply

What could possibly go wrong? Here’s a hint: Somali Muslim migrant Mohammad Barry in February 2016 stabbed multiple patrons at a restaurant owned by an Israeli Arab Christian; Ahmad Khan Rahami, an Afghan Muslim migrant, in September 2016 set off bombs in New York City and New Jersey; Arcan Cetin, a Turkish Muslim migrant, in September 2016 murdered five people in a mall in Burlington, Washington; Dahir Adan, another Somali Muslim migrant, in October 2016 stabbed mall shoppers in St. Cloud while screaming “Allahu akbar”; and Abdul Razak Artan, yet another Somali Muslim migrant, in November 2016 injured nine people with car and knife attacks at Ohio State University.

Seventy-two jihad terrorists had entered the U.S. from the countries listed in Trump’s initial immigration ban before it was instituted. But once the travel bans came into effect, suddenly we didn’t see as much of this as we had before. Yes, this was no coincidence.

There are warning signs from Europe as well. All of the jihadis who murdered 130 people in Paris in November 2015 had just entered Europe as refugees. Numerous other Muslim migrants since then have committed “lone wolf” jihad attacks on the streets of several European countries.

But to consider such matters is now officially “racist” and “Islamophobic.” The problem with virtue-signaling by our moral superiors in Washington, however, is that they never have to deal with the consequences of their actions; ordinary Americans do.

“U.S. says visa applicants denied due to Trump ‘Muslim ban’ can reapply,” Reuters, March 8, 2021:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Most U.S. visa applicants who were denied because of former President Donald Trump’s travel ban on 13 mostly Muslim-majority and African countries can seek new decisions or submit new applications, the State Department said on Monday.

President Joe Biden overturned Trump’s so-called Muslim ban on Jan. 20, his first day in office, calling it “a stain on our national conscience” in his proclamation.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said applicants who were refused visas prior to Jan. 20, 2020, must submit new applications and pay a new application fee. Those who were denied on or after Jan. 20, 2020, may seek reconsideration without re-submitting their applications and do not have to pay additional fees, Price said….

Since December 2017, after a revised version of the original travel ban was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, some 40,000 people have been barred from entering the United States under the ban, according to State Department data.

During the Trump administration some countries were added and others dropped from the list. At the end of Trump’s presidency it comprised Myanmar, Eritrea, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Nigeria, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Venezuela and Yemen.

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Iran says Biden’s handlers approve release of $3 billion in Iranian funds frozen in Iraq, Oman, and South Korea

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Biden’s Immigration Agenda Puts Americans Last

Biden’s decision to gut border security was a political one, which will make Americans less safe.

During his presidential campaign Joe Biden promised to undo the Trump administration’s immigration policies, which aimed to restore integrity to the immigration system and protect public safety, national security, public health, and the jobs and wages of Americans. Successful measures had been implemented to deter illegal immigration and identify and deport criminal aliens—including members of highly violent transnational gangs such as the notorious MS-13.

As soon as he took office, President Biden stopped the construction of the border wall and ended the “Remain in Mexico” agreement that Trump negotiated, which required aliens who applied for political asylum to remain in Mexico until their applications could be adjudicated. Biden also issued an executive order that requires that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents receive specific authorization to arrest illegal aliens who are not aggravated felons, thereby stripping the agents of their discretionary authority to arrest aliens who are illegally present in the United States.

Biden has also promised to implement a massive amnesty program for an estimated population of 11 million illegal aliens living in the country, which would also permit them to bring their families to the United States. The proposed amnesty bill would place the newly legalized aliens on a pathway to United States citizenship in eight years.

As I have noted before, the actual number of illegal aliens who would participate in such an amnesty program would likely be a multiple of the 11 million figure, so that if, for the sake of argument, 25 million illegal aliens filed for amnesty, and if on average each legalized alien has (or claims to have) just four children, the Biden amnesty could permit 100 million immigrant minors to flood into America. Imagine the devastating impact that this would have on Americans’ jobs and wages, as well as education and healthcare systems, infrastructure, and the environment.

Rather than deter illegal immigration as the Trump policies did, Biden’s policies have incentivized massive illegal immigration. In considering all of the above, you could say that Biden and his administration have fired the starter’s pistol for aspiring illegal aliens from around the world, and for these desperate people—and the fugitives, criminals, and terrorists embedded among them—the borders of the United States are the finish line.

Our immigration laws make absolutely no distinction about the superficial factors of race, religion or ethnicity. A section of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), 8 U.S. Code § 1182, enumerates the categories of aliens who are inadmissible. Relevant factors involve threats to public health, public safety, national security, and the jobs and wages of American workers. Concerns about public health have taken on particular significance during the COVID-19 pandemic and, we must remember that Ellis Island was a quarantine station run by public health officials along with immigration authorities.

The official report “9/11 and Terrorist Travel: Staff Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States was prepared by the federal agents and federal attorneys who were assigned to the 9/11 Commission  The preface of that report begins with this unambiguous paragraph:

It is perhaps obvious to state that terrorists cannot plan and carry out attacks in the United States if they are unable to enter the country. Yet prior to September 11, while there were efforts to enhance border security, no agency of the U.S. government thought of border security as a tool in the counterterrorism arsenal. Indeed, even after 19 hijackers demonstrated the relative ease of obtaining a U.S. visa and gaining admission into the United States, border security still is not considered a cornerstone of national security policy. We believe, for reasons we discuss in the following pages, that it must be made one.

To make clear the nexus between national security and immigration law enforcement, consider that the common shared mission of all of the branches of our armed forces is to keep America’s enemies as far from our shores as possible. Up close, however, that fundamental and vital mission is passed to elements of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), specifically Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which includes the U.S. Border Patrol and CBP Inspectors at ports of entry, as well as ICE.

It is therefore more than a bit disconcerting that the Biden administration’s Secretary of DHS, Alejandro Mayorkas, has been quoted in recent news articles downplaying the crisis on the U.S. border with Mexico. On March 1, 2021, the Washington Post reported, Mayorkas said there is a “challenge,” not a crisis at Mexico border.

I wish I was surprised by Mayorkas’s comments, but I have known about him for some time, and as they say, his reputation preceded him. During the Obama administration Mayorkas headed up United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the DHS agency that adjudicates applications for all immigration benefits including petitions for political asylum, work visas, lawful permanent residence, and United States citizenship. I think of USCIS as America’s locksmith, providing the keys to the kingdom to aliens.

Mayorkas had been investigated by the Office of Inspector General because of allegations that he had ordered petitions for EB-5 visas to be approved because of political considerations leading back to Hillary Clinton and former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe. Mayorkas had also been accused of demanding that the adjudicators approve nearly every petition, demanding that they, “Get to yes!” This certainly undermined the integrity of the adjudications process and hobbled efforts to detect fraud. As ABC reported:

Officials overseeing a federal program that offers an immigration short-cut to wealthy foreign investors have ignored pointed warnings from federal agents and approved visas for some immigrants suspected of having committed fraud, money laundering, and even one applicant with alleged ties to a child porn website, an ABC News investigation has found. The shortcomings prompted concerns within the Department of Homeland Security that the boutique immigration program would be exploited by terrorists, according to internal documents obtained by ABC News.

I provided testimony to the 9/11 Commission and I have testified before numerous hearings conducted by a variety of committees and subcommittees in the House of Representatives and before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the nexus between immigration and national security and related issues. I wish Congress had “listenings” instead of hearings.

As I have written before, the 9/11 Commission identified immigration fraud and visa fraud as the key methods of entry and embedding for the majority of terrorists, not just the 19 hijackers who attacked the United States on September 11, 2001.

The Trump “Remain in Mexico” policy was designed to help make certain that terrorists would not be able to enter the U.S. by making bogus applications for political asylum and then melt into the population. Mayorkas should be aware of this danger and should continue the Trump policy to keep America and Americans safe. That should be his primary consideration and that of the entire Biden administration.

How can America live up to President Lincoln’s aspirational view of “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” if the best interests of Americans are not at the forefront of the decisions made by our government? Whenever the media reports on immigration, they do so from the vantage point of the aliens and of those who profit from massive immigration. The time has come for the media to focus on the impact massive immigration has on America and Americans.

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