After Wrecking Border and Dismantling Immigration Enforcement, Biden Issues Plea for Amnesty and More Cheap Labor

The following statement was issued by Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), in response to President Biden’s plea for amnesty as part of his State of the Union address:

“Tonight, President Biden spoke of the ‘need to secure the border,’ something we have long championed. Oddly, policies that were actually keeping the border secure were in place when he took office a little over 13 months ago.

“Perhaps President Biden forgot that it was he who ended construction of a border wall that the American public had already paid for. Maybe it slipped his mind that he suspended agreements with Northern Triangle nations that sought to prevent massive flows of migrants from heading north. Perhaps he overlooked his administration’s attempt to end the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program which deterred asylum fraud by requiring applicants to wait in Mexico for a hearing. We could go on and on.

“The American public has not forgotten. They are witnessing unprecedented flows of illegal immigration. They see control of our border ceded to criminal gangs that smuggle and traffic human beings, and flood our country with lethal narcotics. The American people know who is responsible for the chaos at the border: It is President Biden and his Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

“While offering little in the way of reassurance to an alarmed American public, the president once again called for amnesty for illegal aliens and more cheap labor for business interests. Rewarding illegal immigration and flooding the labor market with low-wage foreign workers is not immigration reform, and the American public will not be fooled.

“President Biden also spoke extensively about the importance and sanctity of national borders. But he was talking about Ukraine’s, not ours. All Americans share his outrage about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But whether it is a power hungry madman or criminal cartels reaping billions in profits by brazenly smuggling people and lethal narcotics, both inflict lasting damage on the country whose borders are being breached. As the leader of the free world, President Biden has an obligation to ensure that Vladimir Putin’s aggression does not stand. As the president of the United States, he has a sworn duty to end the wholesale breach of our nation’s borders.”

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Critical Thinking Must Replace Critical Race Theory

It is becoming all-too apparent that proponents of Critical Race Theory seek the demise of our great Republic. They are using the age-old divide and conquer” strategy to turn Americans against one another, seeking to instigate conflict and violence to undermine our peaceful society.

There are no winners with this strategy in place — only victims. (I addressed this threat in an earlier article, Radical Democrats Have Become ‘Adversaries of Freedom.’)

Racism is defined as:

Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized — the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another.

Racism is racism, and no matter who bears the brunt of it, is wrong-headed and dangerous. It is inherently and supremely unfair and leads all people, of all races, down a dangerous path of resentment and hostility that likely will ultimately result in violence. Critical Race Theory, or CRT, actually promotes racism.

The Preamble of the Constitution of the United States begins with this eloquent paragraph:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

The point is that since its founding the United States has labored mightily to achieve progress in many areas to erase barriers to success and happiness for all Americans. Hard-fought Civil Rights Laws were enacted in the quest of forming that “more perfect union.”

American children should be taught history that honestly addresses all aspects of the history of our nation — including the struggles to overcome injustice, that should serve to encourage students to celebrate how far we have come and how positive change is always possible. Those lessons would be inspirational and provide an optimistic viewpoint.

Children should also be taught productive ways to achieve conflict resolution instead of the conflict instigation that is the clear goal of CRT.

Anti-American Critical Race Theory seeks to erase these achievements and turn Americans against one another. Its proponents, for example, push for “social justice” through the “Defund the Police” movement and, in the name of “criminal justice reform,” promote “cashless bail” that has resulted in the release of violent criminals who simply attack, injure and kill more victims.

As an INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) Special Agent I frequently testified at bail hearings in state court as well as in federal court. In some instances the federal prosecutors called on me to make the bail presentation because of my familiarity with the defendant who was being charged in criminal proceedings. The issue of bail should rest on only two issues: whether or not the defendant is likely to show up in court in the future or abscond and become a fugitive; and if the defendant poses a threat to public safety.

Illegal aliens who have no community ties, and who have used multiple false identities should be considered “flight risk.” You could add to this the fact that the alien in question would be facing deportation (removal from the United States) after completion of the imposed prison sentence, if found guilty of his or her criminal charges.

The issue of danger to public safety does not require a crystal ball. Any individual who has prior arrests for violent crimes and/or crimes involving weapons demonstrates the risk they pose to the safety of the community.

We measure the civility of a society by how it looks out for the most vulnerable members of that society. Turning sociopathic criminals loose, resulting in violent attacks on innocent victims, including children, flies in the face of that notion of protecting the most vulnerable.

When I was growing up my parents always told me to seek to find common ground with others, particularly if I had an argument with a classmate or friend. They suggested that I turn the situation around and ask myself how I would feel if whatever it was I said or did that upset the other person was done to me.

That ability to metaphorically stand in my friends’ shoes has served me well throughout my life. Although my parents died when I was in college, I like to say that I am still standing on their shoulders, each and every day.

Let us for a moment ask how turning criminals loose on society constitutes any sort of justice. Let us also pose a question I have never heard asked — what sort of social justice is it that does not address a fundamental question: what is our society doing to prevent children from growing up to become societal scavengers and career criminals?

When teenagers are asked about their dreams for their future many will talk about jobs or professions that they hope to have when they perhaps graduate from college. They may talk about owning a home or having kids of their own.

But children who get sucked into gangs or depend on criminal activities don’t have long-term goals — their concerns about the future likely do not extend beyond the next day or two.

Many of these children are functionally illiterate. Many come from broken homes and may have become addicted to illegal drugs and by the time they are in their teens they are well on their way to becoming career criminals. Not exactly a “career” anyone should aspire to.

They are likely to blame others for the situation in which they find themselves, fueled by the victimization narrative pedaled as Critical Race Theory. This does not empower anyone to strive for success.

Further exacerbating this nightmare are our open borders that, thanks to President Biden, are flooding huge numbers of transnational gang members into our country who have been dispersed across our country, posing a threat to ethnic immigrant communities and the children, in particular, who live in those communities.

Our open borders have also enabled record quantities of deadly narcotics to flood into our communities causing unprecedented overdose fatalities and increasing crimes associated with the drug trade.

Meanwhile the proceeds from the drug trade fill the coffers of transnational gangs. Even terrorist organizations have come to work with drug- and alien smugglers to fund terrorism and move sleeper agents into the United States (consider my article, “Iran Threatens U.S. And Its Allies With “Drugs, Refugees, Bombs And Assassination”).

The point is that those who profess to seek “Social Justice” by releasing violent criminals never seem to want to talk about creating an environment that is less likely to result in youngsters becoming criminals, but that instead produces children who can dream of success and then have a real likelihood of attaining that success.

Social Justice in general, and Critical Race Theory in particular, are not about justice or even about helping any racial group, but about the destruction of our society through record levels of violence and carnage.

©Michael Cutler. All rights reserved.

Islamic State urges Muslims in the U.S. to join ‘ISIS North America’

Emboldened by the weakness and wrongheadedness of Biden’s handlers, jihads are becoming more aggressive and confident everywhere.

ISIS Supporters in the United States Urged to Join ‘ISIS North America

by Bridget Johnson, Homeland Security Today, February 21, 2022:

A video posted online urges followers of the Islamic State to help form a province of the terror group in the United States called ISIS North America.

The video is dated “new 2022” in the first frame and was posted on a file-sharing site this month. It consists of simple white English-language writing on a black background, instead of being dressed up with images of ISIS battles or adherents as in many videos with higher production value associated with the terror group….

“To those who want to try,” it begins with an ISIS flag as a nasheed plays. “To my brothers following in the path of the Khilafa in America I urge you to come join our group.”

“This new group will operate in the United States to surprise the murtad in their own lands,” the video continues. The wording suggests that the group intends to target Muslims seen as turning their back on ISIS’ interpretation of Islam — how the terror group defines apostasy — instead of the general population, referred to as kuffar or disbelievers.

“The name of this group will be named ISIS-NA (Islamic State of Iraq & Sham – North America),” the video states. It then shows imaginings of the Nevada and California flags as “Flag of Tawheed” — the concept of oneness in Islam and why ISIS followers make the hand gesture of raising a single index finger….

“Do not send this video anywhere else as this will alert the kuffar. Do not join if you aren’t commited [sic] to our organization and do not join to make jokes, we will trace every keylog you make if you do this,” it continues.

“My dear brother or sister, may Allah grant you good health and happiness for watching this video. Spread the word about this organization to those who are trustful but be careful with doing so,” the video cautions. “May Allah grant this organization with success and may Allah grant us Jannah [paradise].”…


Nigeria: Muslim mob tries to lynch man for tearing Qur’an and stepping on it

UN Geneva Defends Islamic Propagandist Rana Ayyub, Demands Indian Government Protect Her Against ‘Harassment’

Pakistan: Religious Affairs top dog asks prime minister to rename Women’s Day ‘International Hijab Day’

Italy: Muslim migrant imam calls for destruction of the Vatican

France: Muslim brandishing Qur’an tells town official: ‘Do you have a problem with Islam? I know where you live’

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The Radical Democrats’ Reign of Terror Began With Immigration and Metastasized Throughout the Criminal Justice System

On July 27, 2006, I testified at a hearing conducted by the House Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims on the topic, “Whether the Attempted Implementation of the Reid-Kennedy Immigration Bill Will Result In an Administrative and National Security Nightmare.”

The Reid-Kennedy Bill upon which that hearing was predicated would have created a massive amnesty for unknown millions of aliens who were illegally present in the United States, not unlike the sort of massive amnesty for which the Biden administration has been advocating since before he took office — except the number of illegal aliens who would eligible to participate in this dangerous and ill-conceived program has grown exponentially.

I began my prepared testimony for the hearing by saying, in part:

“The principle by which most responsible and sensible people live their lives could be summed up by the phrase, ‘Safety first.’ Yet this fundamental and common sense approach is clearly lacking among all too many of the senators of our nation. They voted for a bill that utterly ignores the findings and recommendations of the 9/11 Commission at a time when our nation is threatened by acts of terrorism.”

It has been said that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Safety should be the number one priority for our leaders.

However, radical Democrats have prioritized the concerns of law violators, including violent criminals, over those of everyone else — and not just where immigration is concerned, but across the broad spectrum of issues that are encompassed within the criminal justice system — by advocating for the defunding of police, bail reform and criminal justice reform under the guise of seeking “social justice.”

In point of fact, immigration law enforcement has always been “defunded” by both political parties who have bowed to the demands of the globalists and special interest groups that fund their political campaigns.

This was the focus of my recent article, “Profiteers of Biden Administration’s Open Borders Policy Malfeasance Has Its Rewards.”

Advocates for effective and fair enforcement of our immigration laws are frequently vilified as being “anti-immigrant” while those who seek immigration anarchy are lauded as “pro-immigrant.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

America’s immigration laws were enacted to protect public health, public safety, national security, and the jobs and wages of Americans.

A review of section 8 U.S. Code § 1182 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which establishes the categories of aliens who are deemed inadmissible, would dispel the lies and propaganda deployed to denigrate the importance and reasonableness of our immigration laws and reinforce the absolute need for our nation to enforce those laws.

Failures to enforce our immigration laws undermine the safety and wellbeing of Americans and lead to the exploitation of desperate and vulnerable illegal aliens.

Effective immigration law enforcement requires emphasis on enforcement within the interior of the United States. Meaningful interior enforcement has never been a part of any proposed legislation or strategy for any administration. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) only has a few thousand employees and since the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, ICE agents enforce a broad spectrum of laws that have nothing to do with immigration.

Not long after the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, I was invited to meet with several members of Congress and their staffs. During our meeting I asked them if they knew how many times an aspiring illegal alien could attempt to enter the U.S. without inspection. One of the congressmen appeared perplexed and asked if there was a specific number. I told him that the numbers might vary but there is a formula that works — aliens simply had to attempt illegal entry one more time than the number of times they get caught.

The point is that any alien who is determined to gain entry into the U.S. will ultimately succeed. Consequently, interior enforcement is the key to success.

Consider this excerpt from an article published by The Epoch Times entitled, “Illegal Aliens Ran Sex-Trafficking Ring in New York City, Using Minors From Mexico.”

The border-crossing records of two of the convicted sex traffickers reveal a common pattern of continually crossing the border illegally until they make it past law enforceemnt.

Abel Romero-Melendez, who received a 20-year sentence, was apprehended by Border Patrol and returned to Mexico eight times after crossing illegally. The crossing dates included March 22, 2002, near Casa Grande, Arizona; July 14, 2006, near Nogales, Arizona; July 21, 2006, near Sasabe, Arizona; July 25, 2006, near Nogales, Arizona; July 30, 2006, in the Tucson sector of Arizona; June 4, 2012, in the Tucson sector; June 15, 2012, near Willcox, Arizona; and Oct. 29, 2012, in Falfurrias, Texas.

Fabian Reyes-Rojas, who is awaiting sentencing, was apprehended by Border Patrol and returned to Mexico seven times after crossing illegally, and jailed once for illegal re-entry.

Border records show Border Patrol apprehended Reyes-Rojas on March 11, 16, and 18 in 2003; Sept. 7 and 13 in 2007; and Sept. 8, 2011.

After being caught near Douglas, Arizona, on May 16, 2012, Reyes-Rojas was charged with illegal re-entry and spent 30 days in jail before being returned to Mexico.

No further entry records exist, but Reyes-Rojas resided in New York City from at least 2014, according to the complaint.

The illegal alien thugs noted above coerced young Mexican girls they smuggled into the United States into working as prostitutes by raping them, beating them, and threatening to kill their parents.

Today, there are thousands of similar criminals from countries around the world plying their “trades” in our country, turning the U.S. into a “Land of Opportunity” for lawbreakers, members of transnational gangs, drug traffickers, and terrorists — and the Biden administration is determined to do nothing to prevent their entry into our country or seek their removal.

There is no justice of any sort to be found in the policies and actions of this morally bankrupt administration. As I recently noted, for the Biden administration, national security is ‘mission irrelevant.’

©Michael Cutler. All rights reserved.

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Border Crisis: We Need to Discuss Your Vote for Biden

I want you Biden voters to know exactly what you voted for – immigration policies only left-wing ideologue open borders crazies could love.

You voted for our government not putting out immigration numbers because they’re getting worse and our government doesn’t want us to know it.

You voted for stronger, more powerful drug cartels and Chinese fentanyl flowing into the country.

You voted for 50 Afghans with potentially significant security concerns being released into the country.

You voted for illegal aliens getting federal stimulus checks.

You voted for turning the border patrol into baby-sitters and paper-pushers who are no longer allowed to do their real jobs.

You voted for losing track of 45,000 unaccompanied illegal alien minors.  If they’re being trafficked for forced labor or worse, this administration doesn’t know and doesn’t care.  You voted for that.

You voted for an administration that will stop requiring GPS monitoring for illegal aliens released into the country.

You voted for illegal alien criminals, who previously have been deported, to easily find their way back into the country where they commit murder and other crimes.

You voted for an administration that is doing its best not to comply with a court order to reinstate Trump’s effective Remain in Mexico policy.

You voted for policies that cut the deportation of illegal aliens by 90 percent.  These are people who scoff at our laws and don’t belong here.  You voted for that.

In short, you voted for more drugs, more security threats, more lawlessness, more crime, and more exploitation of minors.  You voted to embolden our adversaries like the drug cartels and China.

And you voted to keep it all hidden from the American people.  Why hide it?  If you’re proud of these policies, why wouldn’t you want to tell the whole world the results?

Bottom line:  You voted for a crisis at the southern border with no end in sight.  Happy now?  If you are, that makes you a left-wing ideologue open borders crazy.  You’ll get yours.  Retribution is coming.

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VIRGINIA: Biden’s Handlers Dumping 16,000 Afghan ‘Translators’ in Loudoun County, Most Don’t Speak English

Sheriff Michael Chapman of Loudoun County, Va. got an unpleasant surprise recently from Old Joe Biden’s handlers. On Thursday, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) published a press release that reveals the truly astonishing extent of the administration’s high-handedness, dishonesty, carelessness, and recklessness in its resettlement of Afghan refugees in cities and towns all over the United States. Without any prior warning, Loudoun County officials were told that 2,000 Afghan refugees would be arriving in the county in just over two weeks and that 2,000 more would be arriving every month after that through September. In what will come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention for the last thirteen months, Chapman and other Loudoun County officials found the Biden team to be disingenuous, uncooperative, poorly prepared, and worse.

“On February 4, 2022,” says the Sheriff’s Office press release, “the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) received an unannounced visit by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Federal Protective Service (FPS) in which it learned that approximately 2000 Afghan refugees, per month, were slated to arrive at the Washington Dulles International Airport during a window beginning as early as February 19, 2022, and extending to September 2022.” This gave them just two weeks to prepare for the influx. “DHS/FPS regional personnel advised the refugees would be transported by bus to the National Conference Center (NCC) where they would stay until their ultimate relocation elsewhere in the United States. DHS/FPS estimated that no more than 1000 refugees per month would remain at the NCC at any given time until September 2022. The refugees, for the most part, would enter the US from Qatar.”

Let’s remember that in Oct. 2021, a Congressional delegation in Qatar led by Rep. Darell Issa (R-Calif.) was told that fully 12,000 of the Afghans who had come to Camp As Sayliyah and then went on to the U.S. had no identification at all. Issa stated: “They came with nothing. No Afghan I.D., no I.D. of any sorts. Those people were all forwarded on to the U.S., and that’s quite an admission. So many people had no I.D. whatsoever and yet find themselves in the United States today based on what they said.”

Are any of these people we know absolutely nothing about going to Loudoun County? There’s no way to tell, but once they get there, they’ll have it made: “DHS/FPS advised that the refugees will be provided cash and cell phones from non-government organizations and be required to remain on the NCC grounds.” Whether voting for Democrats was a requirement for keeping the dough rolling in was not mentioned; maybe it’s just understood.

There is more. Read the rest here.


State Department’s Virtual Iran Embassy Features Kamala Harris Slamming the U.S.

Sweden: Muslim migrants turn house in Skåne into local Islamic State headquarters

Muslims claim Swedish state is taking their children away to make them infidels, jihad threat rises accordingly

Sweden: Ethics board wants professor prosecuted for investigating migrant rape activity

Bangladesh: Muslims protesting India’s ‘hijab ban’ scream ‘Allahu akbar’ and threaten Hindu women

Taliban judge says women can’t be judges because they ‘have lesser brains’

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EXCLUSIVE: What Joe Biden Can Learn From Poland Building A Wall On Its Border With Belarus

The Biden administration has failed to ensure the security of the U.S. and should look at Poland’s example if it wants to successfully secure the southern border, a Polish government minister, Marcin Romanowski, told the Daily Caller.

Poland is building a wall on its border with Belarus after thousands of illegal migrants threatened to cross its border in August. The EU accused Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenka of facilitating the wave of migrants and trying to destabilize Poland.

“Tens of thousands of migrants from the Middle East arrived by air to [Belarussian capital] Minsk, and then were transported to the border,” Under Secretary of State for the Ministry of Justice Romanowski said Friday in an exclusive interview, arguing that Russia was responsible for aiding Belarus getting the migrants to Poland.

“Only thanks to the rapid, energetic and responsible reaction of the Polish Government and the dedication of thousands of border guards, soldiers and policemen, it was possible to secure the border in time,” Romanowski said. “To combat further threats, we want to build a wall along the entire border.”

President Joe Biden has refused to continue the construction of the wall at the southern border, despite a record number of illegal migrants flooding into the country. U.S. Border Patrol encountered over 1.7 million illegal migrants at the southern border for fiscal year 2021, and a record-breaking 200,000 migrants were apprehended in July alone. Migrants from at least 40 different countries have come through Yuma, Arizona, through a hole in the wall known as “The Gap.”

Romanowski called Biden’s refusal to build a wall purely “ideological.”

“A permanent border barrier saves both money and security – not only for officers, but also for the people and the national budget. The wall would go a long way to curbing human trafficking and drug smuggling that’s thriving at the moment,” Romanowski said. “President Biden [should] stick to the plan introduced by President Trump and put ideology aside. The lives and safety of U.S. citizens should be primary concern for the federal government.”

U.S. Customs Border Patrol confiscated 11,201 pounds of fentanyl in fiscal year 2021 — a 134% increase from the year before.

Left-leaning media and politicians have criticized Poland’s wall, citing human rights and environmental issues. Environmentalists have raised concerns about harm to animal migration paths if the wall is constructed through the primeval Bialowieza forest, which is on the Polish-Belarussian border.

Romanowski called these arguments “false,” and noted the “dangerous conditions in which Polish border and military officers operate.”

“Belarusian services provoke incidents every day, they cut through barbed wire and even fire shots at Poles. The only way of stopping Lukashenka and illegal migrants is to build the wall,” he said, blasting celebrities and left-leaning politicians who are “calling for unconditional entry of anyone at the border.”

Poland wants to accept legal migrants “who want to legally live and work here honestly, and become part of our nation,” Romanowski continued, mentioning the thousands of Ukrainian migrant workers that come across the border. “Poland has a rich tradition of multiculturalism and tolerance. Like the United States, we are open to people who want to legally live and work here honestly, and become part of our nation.”

Illegal migrants that successfully enter Poland are placed in transit centers, where they wait, sometimes upwards to a year, to receive international protection from the EU, Romanowski claimed.

“Migrants usually do not want to wait and flee at the first possible opportunity… This is a serious problem because we usually know nothing about these people: their past, their connections, their political or ideological commitment,” he said.

Romanowski also praised U.S. support of Poland’s security in sending additional troops to the “eastern flank of NATO” amid the Russian threat to invade Ukraine, while criticizing Biden for letting Russia get this far in the first place.

“Until now, President Trump’s team has been drawing hard red lines to Moscow, keeping it at an appropriate distance,” he said. “Russia had never before dared to organize such large military maneuvers in the immediate vicinity of [Kyiv], nor had it directly threatened war.”

“We trust that the United States will not make the same mistake as under President Obama, when withdrawal from European affairs and resetting relations with Russia cost Ukraine the loss of Crimea,” he concluded.



Associate editor.


Thousands Of Migrants Stuck In Between Belarus And Poland As Tensions Flare

Psaki Refuses To Answer Why Harris Has Been Absent From Key Role As Border Czar

Psaki Says The Last Time Biden Was At The Border Was Driving By It In 2008

Nobody’s Happy With The Biden Administration’s Nearly Five Months-Delayed Border Patrol ‘Whipping’ Report

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Biden’s Handlers Release at Least 50 Afghans with ‘Potentially Significant Security Concerns’ Into the U.S.

Back in September 2021, Joe Biden reassured Americans that the Afghan refugees whom he was bringing into the United States would be as benign and harmless as Aunt Harriet. Old Joe’s crack team (no, not Hunter) of experts would make sure of that by “conducting thorough scrutiny — security screenings for everyone who is not a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident.” Well, here’s a shocker: Biden, one of the world’s least trustworthy human beings, lied again: Not only were most of the refugees not vetted at all, but on Thursday it came to light that at least fifty Afghan refugees with “potentially significant security concerns” were admitted to the United States with no problem, and are here now. Thanks, Joe!

Wait, it gets worse. The Defense Department’s inspector general reported Thursday, according to the Washington Times, that not only did Biden’s handlers bring these security risks into the country, but now they have no idea where they are: “It looked at a sampling of 31 security risk evacuees identified as of Sept. 17 and found only three could be located.” Nor is that likely to be the extent of the problem: “Tens of thousands more names remain to be checked.”

The Defense Department’s audit explained laconically: “Not being able to locate Afghan evacuees with derogatory information quickly and accurately could pose a security risk to the United States.” Well, yeah. And so once again one has to wonder: Are the people who are running Joe Biden’s presidency really this careless and stupid, that they thought vetting these Afghan refugees was something they could dispense with when in a hurry, and that there would be no downside? Or is the situation even worse? If a gang of traitors who actively wanted to weaken the United States were ensconced in the White House, how could this have been mishandled any more than it has been?

The Times report suggests that the whole thing is just a result of poor planning and organization, not the massive betrayal of American citizens that it appears to be at first glance: “Investigators said a key set of Defense Department databases was off-limits to the vetting team in the early months of the evacuation effort, because of agreements the Pentagon had with other countries. Eventually, officials developed a workaround.” But that doesn’t make the situation any better. If unvetted Afghan refugees were brought into the United States because the vetting team didn’t have access to the necessary databases, the resettlement process should have been halted until those databases became available. Instead, an unknowable number of Afghans who could be jihadis or potential jihadis have been deposited into American communities, where they’re being welcomed with open arms by people who don’t have a clue about what they’re dealing with.

There is more. Read the rest here.


Biden’s handlers to give Iran $7,000,000,000 in pursuit of new nuke deal

Germany: Afghan Muslim migrant stabs three while screaming ‘Allahu akbar,’ officials say it wasn’t ‘extremism’

Malaysia: Minister for women tells husbands to beat their ‘stubborn’ wives for ‘unruly’ behavior

Afghanistan: Couple stoned to death at Sharia court for sex outside marriage

Pope funnels money to illegal Muslim migrants

Serbia: Man converts to Islam, plots to mow down people in Belgrade with a truck

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Governor DeSantis Blocks Biden Admin’s International Child-Trafficking Scheme In Florida

DeSantis steps up again to battle the party of evil.

DeSantis Blocks Biden Admin’s International Child-Trafficking Scheme In Florida

By: Jordan Boyd 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is seeking to block federally funded housing organizations from incentivizing child trafficking promoted by President Joe Biden’s border crisis by stripping their licenses to operate.

The Republican first directed the Florida Department of Children and Families to look into the situation in September, followed by an emergency rule in December that halted issuing and renewing the licenses of organizations that accepted federal money to house unaccompanied migrant children. In September 2021 alone, border officials encountered 14,358 alien minors along the Southern U.S. border.

It wasn’t until last week that the DCF released a permanent rule proposal solidifying the state’s intent to cut off licensing for organizations harboring unaccompanied alien children at the request of the federal government. While the state will continue to participate in refugee resettlement programs with federal agencies, DCF Secretary Shevaun Harris confirmed that Florida “will no longer be complicit” in Biden’s border crisis which funnels more than $66 million to childcare and child-placing agencies in the Sunshine State.

As border apprehensions reach record-breaking highs nearly every month, the Biden administration has been conducting covert “ghost” flights to ship and resettle illegal aliens including minors across the country with little to no transparency or vetting. As a result, federal officials have lost track of almost 40 percent of migrant children who were released from border officials’ custody between January and May of last year.

DeSantis, however, made it clear that he doesn’t want Florida involved with the federal government’s attempts to incentivize illicit practices at the Southern border, including human smuggling, which is often facilitated by drug traffickers and criminal gangs.

“The current [unaccompanied alien children] process smuggles in illegal immigrants from many different countries with no vetting, no transparency, and no consideration for child and public safety,” DeSantis explained last week.

During an event with Cuban Americans who were ushered into Florida under Operation Pedro Pan, a pre-planned mission in the early 1960s designed to rescue unaccompanied minors from the communist regime in Cuba and bring them to the U.S., DeSantis explained that the Biden administration is endangering migrant children by spreading them across the country.

“I just think there’s a lot of bad analogies that get made in modern political discourse. But to equate what’s going on with the Southern border with mass trafficking of humans, illegal entry, drugs, all this other stuff — with operation Pedro Pan, quite frankly, is disgusting. It’s wrong. It is not even close to the same thing,” DeSantis said.

Like many times before, corporate media and leftist activists quickly attacked the Republican based on lies. Among those opposed to the new rule is Catholic Archbishop Thomas Wenski of the Archdiocese of Miami, who accused DeSantis of participating in political theater and lied about the governor’s comments.

“At Governor DeSantis’ Monday meeting with a few former Pedro Pan kids in Miami’s Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, he described any comparison of unaccompanied minors from Cuba in the early 60’s with those from Central America today as ‘disgusting,’” Wenski falsely claimed. “This was a new low in the zero-sum politics of our divisive times. Children are children — and no child should be deemed ‘disgusting’ — especially by a public servant.”

DeSantis, a father to three kids, never said children are “disgusting” but Wenski’s comments fit the Democrat narrative too well for pro-illegal immigration activists to pass up.

The American Business Immigration Coalition Action quickly sprung to action and released a “six-figure buy” radio advertisement using Wenski’s false claims to smear DeSantis.

“‘Disgusting’ is that Gov. DeSantis is trying to benefit himself politically by attacking innocent immigrant children who are only seeking refuge and to top it off, he did it in Miami, Florida’s own Ellis Island,” an English translation of the ad script states.

One thing the archbishop didn’t mention in his now-prolific falsehood about DeSantis was that the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Miami, which he presides over, received millions of dollars from the Biden administration to harbor child migrants.

Financial documents obtained by The Federalist via an open records request indicate that in 2021 alone, CCAM raked in $10,048,439 from the federal government to serve 352 unaccompanied alien children in the state of Florida — more than $28,500 per child.

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OANN VIDEO: Video: Robert Spencer on Afghan Refugee Charged with Sexual Assault

OANN’s Tipping Point – Robert Spencer – Afghan Refugee Charged With Sexual Assault:


Wisconsin: Mediagenic Afghan Arrested for Sexual Assault, Mayor Says ‘This Doesn’t Define All Afghan Refugees’

Somalia: Muslims murder at least four people with bomb in front of restaurant at shopping center

Iranian state-run news agency says Noam Chomsky decries ‘Islamophobia’ in India in interview with US Muslim group

American Muslims for Palestine top dog eulogizes Muslim leader who said ‘Palestinians will rid the world of Jews’

France: Four Muslims on trial as accomplices in murder of priest, ‘Pounce on the infidels like a hungry lion’

Zemmour says he’ll ban ‘cathedral-like mosques’ so ‘France remains a landscape of churches’

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Somali Muslim Gets Probation for School Arson During BLM Riots

United States Attorney Erica H. MacDonald today announced a federal criminal complaint against MOHAMED HUSSEIN ABDI, 19, charging him with arson. ABDI, who was arrested on June, 29, 2020, made his initial appearance earlier today before Magistrate Judge Hildy Bowbeer in U.S. District Court in St. Paul, Minnesota.

According to the allegations in the complaint, on May 28, 2020, the Gordon Parks High School in St. Paul, Minnesota, suffered damage due to fire and vandalism. Surveillance cameras inside the school captured footage of ABDI and another individual intentionally setting a fire in the cafeteria. The footage shows ABDI reaching through a broken glass door and pouring a clear liquid from a white container on the floor of the cafeteria. ABDI then entered the cafeteria and poured more clear liquid onto the floor and into a trashcan. ABDI ignited a fire in the trashcan using a liquid-soaked garment. The footage shows ABDI running from the building as flames and black smoke erupt from the trashcan.

That was the summer of 2020 during the Trump administration. He entered a guilty plea last spring. Now he ended up with… probation.

Mohamed Hussein Abdi, 20, was handed the probation sentence in a U.S. District Court in St. Paul, Minnesota, Thursday after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit arson, according to court documents obtained by Fox News.

Abdi was also ordered to pay just over $34,000 in restitution to Gordon Parks High School in St. Paul.

I wonder what the penalty for arson in Somali might be.



Biden Sanctions Waiver Allows Foreign Companies to Work on Iran’s Nuke Program

France: Woman stabbed 59 times by her Muslim partner must pay him $36,000, his lawyer warns against ‘Islamophobia’

Algeria: Scholar gets three years in prison and fine for ‘offending Islam’ and ‘denigration of precepts of Islam’

9/11 ’20th hijacker’ at Guantánamo declared mentally ill, recommended for transfer to Saudi Arabia

UK: Elderly victims of rape by Muslims are silenced

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VIDEO: Biden Admin Spent Over $2 Billion to Transport Illegal Aliens Across U.S.


Mo Brooks: Biden Admin Spent Over $2 Billion to Transport Illegal Aliens Across U.S.

By Breitbart, February 4, 2022

Wednesday on Fox Business Network’s “The Evening Edit,” Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) reacted to the Biden administration flying illegal immigrants across the United States.

Brooks lamented that billions of dollars have been exhausted on illegal aliens rather than the American people. He added there was “no end to how much damage the Biden administration seeks to do.”

“It’s now more than 100,000 that are being transported in one shape, form or fashion, and the total cost — not just the flights but also the detention or the places where they live, the health care — exceeds over $2 billion,” Mo Brooks emphasized. “There’s no end to how much damage the Biden administration seeks to do and no end to how much money they are willing to spend — our money — in order to pack America with millions of illegal aliens.”

“[W]hen you’re asking the Biden administration for information, you have to take what the what you get with a grain of salt,” he continued. “There’s no guarantee that they’re fully reporting all of the cost of everything. But this shouldn’t be new to America. There have been plenty of studies over the years that indicate that the net cost to American taxpayers each year … net cost at the city, county, state and federal level exceeds over $120 billion. That’s a lot of money that could have been used for Americans but instead is being used to the benefit of illegal aliens.”

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TEXAS: Mother Regrets Vote for Biden after Teen Daughter Killed by Illegal Immigrant

Election theft matters.

Texas mother regrets vote for Biden after teen daughter killed by illegal immigrant: ‘I want to know why’

By Amy Nelson | Fox News February 3, 2021:

Illegal immigrant who killed American teen won’t be deported under Biden policy

Adrienne Sophia Exum, a 19-year-old from Texas, was killed by an illegal immigrant who was driving drunk. Adrienne’s mother, Rhonda Exum, was told the man would be deported, but under President Biden’s immigration policies, he is staying in the country.

Rhonda Exum is looking for answers. She said she was never informed when the deportation decision was rescinded.

“I really want to know why,” Exum said on “Fox & Friends First” Tuesday.

“By him not being deported, it’s like you telling me my daughter’s life didn’t mean anything.”

Adrienne’s cousin, Tranette Gamboa, told Fox News’ Todd Piro that she was shocked to find out the man would not be deported.

“They don’t care,” Gamboa said.

Exum, who voted for Biden in the 2020 presidential election, said she’s disappointed.

“I thought he was going to talk for the American people, basically, and not for himself,” she said. “I don’t feel that he has done anything but disappoint.”

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas issued the following statement regarding the administration’s updated enforcement policies: “For the first time, our guidelines will, in the pursuit of public safety, require an assessment of the individual and take into account the totality of the facts and circumstances. …”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton responded to Mayorkas by saying it “doesn’t matter” to the administration that an illegal immigrant killed Adrienne Exum.

“I believe that Biden has betrayed our country. He’s betraying families that are losing people right and left,” Paxton said. “I think the answer to the ‘why?’ is that they have greater goals that are more important than saving members of families.”

Rhonda Exum continued to ask why her daughter’s killer is allowed to remain in the country.

“My message is: Look out for the American people first.”

RELATED VIDEO: Biden’s border crisis is a national Security crisis for our nation.


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VIDEO: What is Human Trafficking?

HUMAN TRAFFICKING HAS TRULY BECOME A GLOBAL THREAT to vulnerable men, women, and children worldwide. It is an injustice that affects millions of people every year on every continent and at all socioeconomic levels. Human trafficking is a highly-organized and lucrative business, generating 150 billion USD per year, 99 billion of which is generated by sex trafficking within the prostitution industry.

The latest global estimate according to the International Labor Organization (the United Nations agency that deals with global labor issues), calculates that nearly 21 million people are victims of human trafficking worldwide. Roughly 4.5 million of those victims are trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

The most significant number of victims are said to come from Asia and the Pacific region, although human trafficking in Africa continues to grow when compared to its 2005 estimates. The International Labor Organization also estimates that 55 percent of all trafficking victims and 98 percent of sex trafficking victims are women and girls. That is why sex trafficking is often considered a “gender” crime and why Exodus Cry focuses its intervention largely on women and girls.

Defining human trafficking

The most widely accepted definition of human trafficking comes from the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children, otherwise known as the Palermo Protocols. Adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2000 and accepted by over 150 countries, the Palermo Protocols defines human trafficking as:

“The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation.”

Exploitation is at the heart of human trafficking. In the case of sex trafficking, exploitation implies the forced prostitution or sexual abuses of vulnerable men, women, and children. The United States’ Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) declares it a crime to coerce, force, or mislead men, women, and children into sex slavery, whether those efforts to coerce are subtle or overt. However, if a victim is a minor (under 18), it is a considered a crime regardless if there is evidence of force, fraud, or coercion.

Victims are trafficked across both national and international borders, infiltrating nearly every part of the world, according to one World Health Organization report. The global scale of the problem is attributed to the various roles nations play in the exploitation of the victims, whether that be recruiting, harboring, transporting, or acting as destinations for victims. One UN report estimates that trafficking victims represent over 130 different nationalities and are present in almost 120 countries. While the problem is clearly of global scale, with some 600,000 to 800,000 victims trafficked across international borders each year, most human trafficking surprisingly still occurs within national borders.

The effects of human trafficking on victims

HUMAN TRAFFICKING HAS A DIRECT EFFECT ON THE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELL-BEING OF VICTIMS. During the initial trafficking, victims are coerced and deceived usually through the exploitation of their current circumstances, as most victims have a history of abuse and are already living in precarious circumstances.

Once enslaved, victims typically are forced into unsanitary and stressful living conditions and receive little to no healthcare or basic services. Their movement is often restricted, their personal documentation withheld, and most experience significant physical, emotional, sexual, and psychological violence. Escaping from slavery is extremely difficult and dangerous, putting the victim at great personal risk. If rescued, integration back into society is incredibly difficult because of the shame, stigma, threat of retribution, and trauma experienced during enslavement.

Global efforts to combat human trafficking

There are several international organizations fighting human trafficking at the global level. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime combats human trafficking worldwide through promoting policies that incriminate traffickers and protect victims. The UN agency also produces tools and publications to help train law enforcers and raise awareness of this injustice worldwide.

Additionally, many governments are taking action to protect potential victims from trafficking predators. The United States’ Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) was established by the US Department of State and has been highly influential in protecting potential victims worldwide. The TVPA defines, mandates, and funds United States’ anti-trafficking efforts, including producing the annual Trafficking in Persons Report, which is the most comprehensive resource of governmental, anti-human trafficking efforts in the world. The United States’ Officer to Combat and Monitor Trafficking in Persons is also combating human trafficking worldwide through three avenues—prevention, protection, and prosecution—which includes activities to raise awareness, identify victims, enforce appropriate laws, and convict traffickers.

However, perhaps some of the greatest work being done to combat human trafficking is performed by non-governmental organizations (NGOs). These anti-trafficking groups are working hard to prevent human trafficking, protect vulnerable populations, lobby for policy reformation, and even rehabilitate victims both at local and global levels. Exodus Cry is an active part of this global community of abolitionists and involved in these key areas of intervention.

How you can help combat human trafficking

You can join us in our fight to stop human trafficking and end modern-day sex slavery through engaging in any of our three areas of action—shifting culturechanging laws, and reaching out.

Through committing to praying for victims, raising awareness, advocating for policy reform, and donating to organizations like Exodus Cry who are combating this injustice, you are playing a direct part in ending slavery today.

Join the movement. Sign the pledge. Become an Abolitionist.

©The Exodus Cry. All rights reserved.

TAKE ACTION: Illegal Aliens Being Housed in Maitland, Florida at the Extended Stay America Motel

“Any excuse will serve a tyrant.” – Aesop

“Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.” – Julius Caesar, Act 2, Scene 2.

There is an ongoing protest of the large number of illegal aliens who have been bused to the Extend Stay America Motel, located at 1760 Pembrook Dr. in Maitland, Florida.

Watch: Bus loads of illegal dumped in Florida District 11

These illegal aliens have been provided with rooms (at a cost of $84+ per night), clothing and food at taxpayers expense by U.S. Government.

Illegal aliens (and those helping them) are violating U.S. immigration laws.  They should be detained and deported back to their home countries.

As retired Senior Special Agent with the Immigration and Naturalization Service wrote in his column “Biden Admin Now Running Biggest Human Trafficking Operation in History“:

Incredibly, AG Garland abjectly ignores the way immigration law enforcement could act as a force-multiplier to combat violent crimes, including where international terrorism and transnational gangs are concerned.

The Attorney General should review 8 U.S. Code § 1324 (Bringing in and harboring certain aliens), which deems the actions of any person or organization acting as the Biden administration currently is as felonies.


Email and call Governor Ron DeSantis’ office.

Email:  phone:  (850) 717-9337

©Royal A. Brown, III. All rights reserved.

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