‘F*cking Insanity’: Massive Congressional Spending Bill Says Border Patrol Can’t Spend Funds On Border Security

The massive congressional spending bill released Tuesday would bar Customs and Border Protection (CBP) funding from going toward border security as the agency sees record numbers of illegal immigrants.

The bill states that the $1,563,143,000 in funds allocated to CBP for “Operations and Support” can’t be used “to acquire, maintain, or extend border security technology and capabilities, except for technology and capabilities to improve Border Patrol processing.” The bill was introduced in the Senate Tuesday and needs to be passed in order to avert a government shutdown.

Former CBP Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan called the funding restriction “fucking insanity,” in a statement to the DCNF.

“They finally put down in black and white what we’ve been saying for two years- they don’t care about securing our borders or stopping their deadly open border policies. Just throwing money at the crisis to get better and more effective at processing and releasing illegal aliens,” Morgan said.

The lack of funding for border security comes as illegal immigration, drug seizures and encounters of individuals on the terror watchlist are surging at the southern border.

CBP officers encountered a record of more than 2.3 million migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal year 2022. During that time, CBP also caught a record of 98 individuals on the terror watchlist and seized more than 14,000 pounds of illicit fentanyl.

Federal border authorities have also encountered a surge in illegal immigrants of “special interest,” who come from countries of particular national security concern and “possibly have a nexus to terrorism.”

“At this point, they might as well change the name of U.S. Customs and Border Protection to U.S. Customs and Border Processing. Seriously, all the Biden administration wants CBP to do is process migrants or watch them come across with a drone or camera,” Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) Head of Government Relations and Communications RJ Hauman told the DCNF. “Every border security funding stream in a spending bill needs firm conditions to use the money properly, rather than enabling a system that functions as a lawless, greased up turnstile into the United States.”

CBP didn’t respond to a request for comment.



Investigative reporter.


Massive Omnibus Bill Earmarks DOJ Money To Prosecute Pro-Lifers

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Unacceptable’: Texas GOP Rep Demands Mayorkas Answer To Data ‘Miscalculations’ After DCNF Reports

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‘The Border Is Not Open,’ Says White House Press Secretary

Hours before the Supreme Court paused the end of Title 42 (scheduled for Wednesday) until the Tuesday after Christmas, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre achieved new levels of Orwellian Newspeak on Monday for insisting, repeatedly, that the southern border was not “open.” And further, she argued that anyone claiming the border was open was actually aiding the Mexican cartels who commit human trafficking.

“I want to be very clear here,” Jean-Pierre said, “The fact is that the removal of Title 42 does not mean the border is open. Anyone who suggests otherwise is simply doing the work of these smugglers who, again, are spreading misinformation, and which are — which is very dangerous.” And, in case the preposterous comment could be mistaken for a flubbed sentence, she emphatically repeated the point four additional times.

Something like a door is open when it is possible to pass through. Something is closed when it isn’t possible to pass through. Border Patrol is encountering around 200,000 migrants per month (2.2 million in Fiscal Year 2022). They apprehend them (except for criminals, the migrants usually surrender themselves), process them, and then release them into the U.S. Over the weekend of December 9-11, border patrol encountered more than 7,000 migrants in the El Paso sector alone, and was forced to release hundreds into the streets of El Paso to clear out room in the processing facility for new arrivals. For these migrants, passing through the border (from the Mexico side to the U.S. side) was possible. For these migrants the border was open.

The Biden administration doesn’t deny that migrants cross the border. As the state attorneys general, who requested a stay from the Supreme Court, wrote in their filing, “DHS [The Department of Homeland Security] estimates that daily illegal crossings may more than double from around 7,000/day to 15,000/day once Title 42 is terminated.” DHS divisions such as Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) collect and respond to real-time data proving that the border is open.

I don’t know for certain what Jean-Pierre meant by saying, “the border is not open,” as she never explained what she meant by the term. Based on the context, Jean-Pierre seems to argue 1) if potential migrants hear that the border is open, they will be more likely to come; 2) if migrants come, smugglers are likely to exploit them; therefore 3) migrants must not hear that the border is open. She never argues that calling the border open is factually incorrect. Rather, she claims that calling the border open is morally wrong because it will put migrants in harm’s way.

Jean-Pierre’s claim that “the border is not open” is based upon a worldview assumption that telling the truth can sometimes be wrong if it leads to bad effects.

That same assumption underlies much of the rationale for “transgender-affirming” care. The oft-repeated argument goes, persons questioning their biological sex should be affirmed in making the transition because if they experience opposition or “hate” (any form of non-affirmation or less-than-effusive affirmation) they will be driven to commit suicide. But that claim is unsubstantiated, and frequent repetition is not proof.

Similarly, Jean-Pierre’s effects-based argument for lying about the border does a poor job calculating the effects. One might ask, why do potential migrants hear that the border is open? Because, in fact, it is. This is confirmed by all sorts of official and media reporting, first- and second-hand experiences, and the various effects an open border causes (the opioid epidemic, for example). We live in the information age and have a free press, after all. If the border were closed, would potential migrants hear that it is open? Perhaps smugglers might spread such misinformation, as Jean-Pierre suggests. But those reports would lack credibility in the absence of corroborating evidence. Reports about the openness of the border rely on the underlying facts of the situation.

In other words, the best way to persuade migrants that “the border is not open” is to close the border. Trying to shame everyone into pretending something is true that isn’t won’t accomplish anything.

Christians should be cautious about ever rationalizing a lie because of the effects it produces. If “on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak” (Matthew 12:36), how much more weighty are the lies we are tempted to tell? God always tells the truth. In fact, “it is impossible for God to lie” (Hebrews 6:18), whereas the devil “is a liar and the father of lies,” and those who lie are his children (John 8:44). Our corrupted hearts might deceive us into believing that a lie is justified because it might get us out of a scrape, or sooth another’s feelings, or otherwise produce a good effect. But Jesus tells those who are truly his disciples, “the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

So, if the Biden administration wants us to say that “the border is not open,” they should make it so.


Joshua Arnold

Joshua Arnold is a staff writer at The Washington Stand.

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Judge Blocks Biden Admin’s Push To Scrap Trump-Era Border Policy

A federal judge in Texas blocked the Biden administration from scrapping the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy Thursday.

U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk issued a pause on the Biden administration’s decision to end the program, according to the judge’s order. The policy forces certain illegal immigrants to return to Mexico as they await court proceedings.

The Supreme Court ruled  in June that the Biden administration can terminate the policy, which was formally lifted in August.

“As Secretary Mayorkas has said, MPP has endemic flaws, imposes unjustifiable human costs, and pulls resources and personnel away from other priority efforts to secure our border,” the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said at the time.

The Biden administration initially tried to end the policy on the president’s first day in office, but was quickly met lawsuits led by Republican states.

The decision comes as federal border authorities encounter overwhelming levels of illegal immigration, with a record more than 2.3 million migrants encountered in fiscal year 2022 and even more expected with the end of another Trump-era expulsion policy, Title 42, expected on Dec. 21.



Investigative reporter.


Border Patrol Agents Confronted Mayorkas In El Paso. Here’s What Was Said

Biden Regime Sues Arizona For Building Border Wall

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Biden’s Handlers Won’t Seek Death Penalty for Muslim Terrorist Who Killed 270 People

Killing 270 people isn’t enough to merit the death penalty.

The predictable coda to the Lockerbie bomber being turned over is that he’ll get a nice prison retirement plan with full medical and dental. Killing 270 people isn’t enough to merit the death penalty.

A federal magistrate judge ordered the suspect in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, to be held without bond and scheduled hearings to assign a defense lawyer and determine whether he should remain in custody until trial.

Abu Agila Mohammad Masud Kheir Al-Marimi, 71, is charged with making the bomb that destroyed the plane and faces three federal charges of destroying an aircraft or vehicle used in foreign commerce resulting in death. The Justice Department announced Sunday that Masud was in custody.

Resulting in the deaths of 259 people.

Each count carries a maximum penalty of life in prison or the death penalty and a $250,000 fine. But Assistant U.S. Attorney Erik Kenerson said because the death penalty was not available in 1988, the government would not pursue that penalty if Masud is convicted.

That’s a nonsensical argument.

The Warren court claiming that the death penalty was unconstitutional was, in any case, a response to the specific implementation in 1972. It became constitutional again in 1976. The federal death penalty was only formally reinstated in 1988 in the sense of legal codes, but all of this is beside the point since Al-Marimi is not an American citizen, he’s a foreign enemy terrorist.

Ex parte Quirin settled this already. The Bush administration however failed to properly implement it. The constitution vested the authority to “define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations.” That’s what international Islamic terrorism is.

But the Biden administration, which halted the federal death penalty, and is part of a radical faction that worked to destroy the War on Terror and enable Islamic terrorism can hardly be expected to do anything else except perpetuate their treasons.



New Jersey: WCBS ignores Hamas-linked CAIR’s motives behind its rage at the ‘Hate Truck’ of Piscataway

Islamic Republic of Iran executes freedom protester, convicted of ‘enmity against Allah’

Sweden: School gives in to Muslim demands, excludes Christian aspects from St. Lucia procession

This Evening, All Hell Will Break Loose in France

Austria: Mosque investigated as hotbed of antisemitism and jihad incitement

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Biden Convenes Anti-Semitism Summit While Funding Murder of Jews

If the Biden administration wants to fight anti-Semitism, it can stop funding anti-Semitic terrorists.

On December 4th, Secretary of State Antony Blinken stopped by J Street’s annual conference being held at a D.C. hotel owned by a Spanish airline and famous for its haunted ‘ghost suite’. But the real ghosts were those of the murdered Jews whose lives had been taken by the pro-terrorist policies that Blinken and the anti-Israel group he was celebrating had imposed on Israel.

Blinken, who had served as the vice chair of the board of directors for Human Rights First, an anti-Israel group, before his current appointment boasted of the $890 million in taxpayer money directed to the “Palestinians”. Fungible funds that will inevitably subsidize the murder of Jews.

Three days later, Kamala’s husband convened a high-profile D.C. summit to fight antisemitism. Unmentioned at the summit was that the Palestinian Authority’s Supreme Sharia Judge, and a special adviser to its terrorist ruler, Mahmoud Abbas, had recently slurred Jews with the traditional Islamic insult of “apes and pigs”.

That’s not the antisemitism that the summit was looking for.

Muhammad Al-Lahham of the Fatah Revolutionary Council, which runs the political movement behind the terrorists of the Palestinian Authority, was caught on video praising the “patriotic conscience” of a terrorist who had opened fire on a rabbi taking his 2-year-old son for a walk.

“Fatah does not made do with condemnations alone. Fatah emphasizes that vengeance must be wreaked upon the occupation, and that the souls of the martyrs must be avenged,” the official warned while boasting of the Palestinian Authority’s involvement in the murder of Jews.

“If we speak about 2022, around 170 Martyrs ascended,” Al-Lahham claimed. “Most of those who died as Martyrs while resisting, 90% of them were Fatah members. Yes, if  the number of those killed among the occupation was 20, Fatah is the one that carried out these operations.”

A member of the Palestinian Authority’s ruling class was bragging about killing 20 Jews. And in D.C., a member of the Biden administration was bragging about helping finance the PA.

Secretary of State Blinken claimed that, “we will always condemn acts of terrorism or violence targeting civilians. There can be no justification for it ever, and anyone who engages in it must be held accountable. As President Biden has often said, we’ll also condemn those who fail to condemn such attacks – or, even worse, who praise or reward terrorists or their families.”

And yet he and his ambassador have never once condemned the terrorists by name. They only condemn the abstract principle of terrorism, not the actual terrorists who commit the attacks.

The Palestinian Authority spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year on its Pay-to-Slay program which rewards terrorists or their surviving family members with large sums of money.

This year was the 20th anniversary of the Hamas bombing of the Frank Sinatra Cafeteria at Hebrew University. The families of the terrorists who did it received millions from the PA.

Janis Ruth Coulter from Massachusetts, who had been guiding foreign students on campus,  Marla Bennett from San Diego, who was studying on campus, Benjamin Blutstein of Pennsylvania, who was about to become a teacher, and David Gritz, a pianist from Massachusetts, were among those killed in the Hebrew University terrorist attack.

Unable to cut off the hundreds of millions of dollars from our government going to the terrorists of the Palestinian Authority, families of the victims took the terrorist organization to court. They won $218.5 million in damages, potentially cutting off some of our funding to the terrorists.

“Initially I was elated to hear the verdict, then a minute later I was crying because my son is still dead,” Katherine Baker of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Benjamin’s mother said.

The Obama administration however went to work defending the PLO. It complained that the initial award was too big and would cripple the terrorist regime’s ability to function.

Blinken, then deputy secretary of state, submitted a sworn statement complaining that anything that “deprives the PA of a significant portion of its revenues” would “undermine several decades of U.S. foreign policy”. He concluded by offering some crocodile tears, along with “grief and outrage” for the “grievous injuries and losses suffered by the American victims of the attacks”.

The Anti-Terrorism Act, that Blinken claimed he supported, had been passed in response to the PLO murder of Leon Klinghoffer, an elderly American in a wheelchair. According to Blinken, the act specifically passed to hold the PLO accountable, couldn’t be used to hold them accountable.

This year, on the 20th anniversary of the murder of four Americans, the terrorists got a pay hike of 14%. That’s on top of the $2.5 million they’ve already received over the last 20 years.

Who paid for it? The hundreds of millions that Biden pumped into the PA no doubt helped.

According to Blinken, funding terrorists so that they could kill Jews was in the national interest in 2015. It’s still in the national interest today with Biden, Blinken and Power resuming the flow of massive amounts of money to the Palestinian Authority, not to mention other Islamic terrorists.

It might be time to consider the possibility that it’s because they want to see more dead Jews.

When someone spends enough time, effort and money to kill you, it might be smart to consider the possibility that he wants you dead, rather than that he has entirely benevolent motives that lead him to cause harm to you on a regular basis. The latter is what’s known as gaslighting.

The essence of recognizing antisemitism is to simply admit that when someone says that they hate you, they really mean it, and when they try to kill you, it’s because they want you dead.

Gaslighting is at the heart of Democrat foreign policy toward Israel. The constant undermining of Israel and empowerment of its enemies is always rationalized. And Jews do much of the rationalizing. But the rationalizing falls apart when people start actually paying attention.

At J Street, Blinken went on a tear, warning that his administration would “work relentlessly to prevent any parties from taking actions that could raise tensions or further raise tensions and push the two-state solution even further out of reach.”

The target of all that “relentless” activity would be Israel.

The secretary of state’s examples of the acts that he would “relentlessly” and “unequivocally oppose” were “settlement expansion; moves toward annexation of the West Bank; disruption to the historic status quo at holy sites; demolitions and evictions; and incitement to violence.”

All but the last are specific references to Biden administration criticisms of Israel.

Despite a wave of Islamic terrorist attacks in Israel, one of which recently killed a Canadian 16-year-old boy and wounded an American teenage girl, Blinken falsely claimed that he had “seen dramatically higher levels of violence in the West Bank, perpetrated by both Palestinians and Israeli settlers”.

After repeatedly criticising Israel at the J Street hate conference, Blinken conceded that the “Palestinian Authority must carry out meaningful reforms” and “must demonstrate that it has the will and it has the capacity to be a true partner in a process that can lead to two states”.

Mahmoud Abbas, who heads the Palestinian Authority, however recently warned, “I do not adopt military resistance at this time, but it is possible that I change my mind tomorrow or after tomorrow, or any time.”

According to the man whose terror regime Blinken has been funding, he might turn to terrorism tomorrow or at any time. But according to another top official, they’re already responsible for 90% of the terrorism including the murder of 20 people. And that’s a drop in the bucket since the PA continues devoting hundreds of millions to its Pay-to-Slay program that sponsors terrorism.

There’s been no reaction to this. Instead, the Biden administration continues to threaten Israel and to warn that it will boycott some Israeli ministers whom it considers to be “far right”.

But at J Street, Blinken led a round of applause for Hady Amr, the administration’s emissary to the PLO, who admitted that he was “inspired by the Palestinian intifada.”

Hady Amr had accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing” and coordinated an organization that had smeared Israel as “apartheid”. And warned “every Israeli” that Arab Muslims would “never forget what the Israeli people, the Israeli military and Israeli democracy have done” and that “thousands who will seek to avenge” the air strike that took out a Hamas leader.

That is not too extreme for the Biden administration.

Addressing J Street, Blinken gushed that, “Hady is here today.  I hope you appreciate the applause.  As all of you who work with him know, his knowledge, his experience, his relationships, his principles will make him an ideal leader for this role.”

To know Hady’s principles is to know Blinken’s and Biden’s principles as well.

While it’s nice that Kamala’s husband took time out from his busy schedule to convene an antisemitism summit, the listening session amounts to nothing in the way of policy. Antisemitism is indeed rising, and no administration is likely to do much about it, but the one thing this administration could do is to stop funding the murder of Jews.

Unfortunately that’s too much to ask.

“I’m 12-years-old, I’m from New York, and I’m going to stay alive,” Jamie Sokolow remembered saying when the family fell victim to an attack in Jerusalem after her father had survived 9/11.

These were the people Blinken had worked to thwart to continue funding the murder of Jews.

That is what J Street, most recently lubricated by a $1 million Soros donation, is dedicated to.

If the Biden administration wants to fight antisemitism, it can start by doing the most basic thing possible and end its ongoing financial and political support for the worst anti-Semites in the world who describe Jews as “apes and pigs” and call for the extermination of the Jewish people.

But it won’t. And that tells us everything we need to know. The rest is just empty words.



TERRORIST Palestinian Authority Brags It Murdered 20 Israelis in 2022; 90% of Terrorist ‘Martyrs’ Were Fatah Members

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How Migrants Make The Economies They Move To A Lot Like The Ones They Left

Ponder the implications of this for mass Muslim migration into Europe. And those implications are by no means solely economic.

Coming to America: REVIEW: ‘The Culture Transplant’ by Garett Jones

by Charles Fain Lehman, Washington Free Beacon, December 11, 2022:

Imagine that you are a U.S. immigration officer, handing out green cards to the would-be Americans of the world. You have before you two applicants who look almost completely the same; for some arcane, unspecified bureaucratic reason, you can only approve one of them. They’re both well-educated by American standards, both bringing identical families, both passed their background checks.

The major difference is their nation of origin. One is from a nation with a strong tradition of rule of law, free markets, and democratic pluralism. The other is from a country where kleptocracy, autocracy, and socialism are standard. The difference, in other words, is the character of the society that your two would-be immigrants come from. The question is: Should this difference matter?

The basic argument of The Culture Transplant, the new book from George Mason University professor Garett Jones, is that at least in the aggregate, the answer to this question is “yes.” The marginal immigrant, to be sure, may not matter. But Jones shows, through an engaging and digestible tour of the academic literature, that people bring their national character with them when they migrate; that those values persist for up to several generations; and that some values really are better for societal flourishing than others, so the values immigrants bring matters a great deal.

To reach this conclusion, Jones relies on a fairly diverse set of evidence. Much of the basis for his argument, though, is drawn from the so-called deep-roots literature. That research, in essence, looks at what today’s countries were like 500 to 2,500 years ago, in terms of level of governance, agricultural development, and technological development. It observes that what a country was like hundreds of years ago is a strong predictor of how developed it is today. More to Jones’s point, it observes that what a country’s people were like hundreds of years ago predicts what they are like today.

The point here is that, for whatever reason, certain fundamental facts about a civilization—i.e., its level of development—are both highly relevant to its performance on the centuries timespan and transplantable from one place to another. One plausible explanation is that whatever determines this outcome inheres in the people from those civilizations, who carry it with them and “transplant” it wherever they migrate.

Indeed, Jones reviews extensive research that shows immigrants often look more like their ancestors than the countries they arrive to, even several generations after arrival. If your ancestors believed in things conducive to development—social trust, cooperation, fairness, etc.—then you probably do too. And those beliefs matter for how the country you now live in does.

What are the concrete implications of this view? Jones offers two. One is that the countries with the highest rates of innovation—China, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States—should be extremely cautious about changing the population composition through migration. These countries produce the overwhelming majority of the world’s progress, and if progress is a function of your country’s composition, then we should care a lot about keeping their current mix, because otherwise all of humanity loses out….

Read more.



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The idea that speech is ‘disinformation’ and that no society can survive free speech has been widely accepted

Russia Expands Nuke Arsenal, Biden Expands Woke Arsenal

Nigeria: Muslims in army uniforms storm market, murder six people, abduct 12 including nursing mother and baby

Hamas-linked CAIR sows hatred and division on broadcasts in Florida, Massachusetts and New Jersey

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COVID Rush, Gold Rush

Title 42 COVID restrictions at the border are expected to end next Wednesday and it’s shaping up to be a disaster.   Up to 14,000 illegal aliens a day are expected to rush the border.  This is on top of a record number of apprehensions and known gotaways at the border in November – over 300,000 combined.

Numbers alone don’t tell the whole story.  The burden on the border states is so great, they’re taking action on their own.  Arizona’s lame-duck Republican Governor is building a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border with shipping containers.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared an invasion and sent National Guard troops and armored personnel carriers to the border in anticipation of COVID restrictions being lifted.  The troops have experienced 267 suspicious or violent events, including gunfire from across the border and physical assaults.

Meanwhile, the number of illegal border-crossers on the terrorist watchlist is skyrocketing.  Nine were caught in October alone, a faster pace than the 98 caught in the fiscal year before that, and up exponentially from the 14 apprehended in the previous fiscal year.  A Muslim-only transit shelter opened across the border from San Diego, recently.  The shelter operator screens occupants a bit for ties to terrorism and has rejected two.  The operator is willing to provide more information to U.S. authorities, but they’ve never called.  The operator also says the shelter’s vetting is incomplete and it’s certainly possible for terrorists to slip through.

Biden’s border policies are raising other national security concerns, as well.  The air marshals warn that diverting them to border ground duties increases the likelihood of another 9/11 attack.  There was an attempt to breach a cockpit, recently, but the Biden administration isn’t answering the phone on this one, either.

That’s because the Biden administration has the pedal to the metal to pack the country with as many illegal aliens as possible before somebody puts a stop to it.  I’ve told you in previous commentaries about dozens of Biden administration policies opening the border and today I add some more.

ICE agents are being told to limit their arrests to illegal aliens with Class A felonies like murder to free up detention bed space for the anticipated influx of new arrivals when COVID restrictions end.  But the number of criminal alien arrests was already down, 71 percent from a comparable period under Trump.  Removals are down by two-thirds under Biden policy.   To add insult to injury, our government is lying to us.  The ICE website says there are 266 illegal aliens who have been released into the U.S. interior without any electronic monitoring through ankle bracelets or cell phones.  But an ICE document distributed at an event last month shows the number is not 266; it’s almost 50,000.

The fallout from Biden’s border policies continues to mount.  An HHS whistleblower said the government is promoting sex trafficking, threatening alien children with deportation if they don’t comply.  The whistleblower also said the government’s child sponsor program is so bad many alien children are being forced into indentured servitude.

The only explanation we’ve ever gotten out of Biden administration officials for all this insanity is that they want to open the borders to increase diversity in the country.   That would be pretty stupid, but recent stories make you wonder if it’s not just all about the money.  There are at least 30 nominally private organizations involved in processing illegal aliens, taxpayer-funded government contractors with friends in high places and a revolving door between government agencies and their executive suites.  Contracts can run into the billions of dollars.  Hunter Biden had an 8 percent stake in a digital banking and remittances platform for illegal aliens.  Which begs the question: did 10 percent go to the Big Guy?  Is the Big Guy selling his office?  Is the Big Guy above lining his own pockets, the fate of the country be damned?  The Biden administration has never adequately explained why it’s opening the border, so I will assume the worst.  Somebody should take a closer look at the money that’s being made in all this.

©Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.

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Newsom Warns Immigration System is ‘About to Break’ Unless Dems ‘Take Some Responsibility and Ownership’

Elon Musk on the COVID vaccines

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Soros D.A.s Forge Initiative: Help Criminal Illegals, Prosecute Americans

Breitbart News reports that District Attorneys across the United States who received financial backing from leftwing billionaire financier George Soros are forging a new criminal justice initiative that would treat criminal illegal aliens differently from Americans when prosecuting them for crimes.

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón, for example, has issued a policy that requires county prosecutors to weigh so-called “immigration consequences” for illegal aliens accused of crimes to ensure that they are not put on the radar of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and, thus, arrested for deportation.

The initiative to treat illegal aliens differently from their American citizen counterparts in the criminal justice system has become a fixture of DAs backed by Soros in their campaigns.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner — who raked in $1.7 million from Soros-linked groups — has imposed a similar policy that seeks discretion for illegal aliens charged with crimes to help them evade deportation by ICE agents.

Other DAs funded by Soros, including Cook County’s Kimberly Foxx and Contra Costa’s Diana Becton, have implemented nearly identical policies.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, also financially backed by a Soros-linked group, imposed a prosecutorial lenience policy for illegal aliens on day one after taking office, writing in a letter to staff, “The Office will seek dispositions that avoid immigration consequences for all misdemeanors, and all felonies for which non-carceral outcomes are the presumptive outcome.”

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt, financially backed by a Soros-linked group in 2020, also announced so-called prosecutorial “reforms” in October to seek to charge illegal aliens with crimes that will not necessarily get them deported from the U.S.

George Soros and his pro-crime minions are enemies of the people.

George Soros

376 Known Connections

On July 13, 2020, OSF, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and its allies, pledged to donate $220 million into initiatives designed to help “build power in Black communities, promote bold new anti-racist policies in U.S. cities, and help first-time activists stay engaged.” The pledge earmarked $150 million in five-year grants for black-led “racial justice” organizations, and $70 million for a range of initiatives such as helping city governments reform policing and criminal justice by implementing a new approach to public safety that includes “moving beyond the culture of criminalization and incarceration.” “This is the time for urgent and bold action to address racial injustice in America,” said OSF deputy chair Alex Soros, George Soros’s son. “These investments will empower proven leaders in the Black community to reimagine policing, end mass incarceration, and eliminate the barriers to opportunity that have been the source of inequity for too long.” Tom Perriello, executive director of Open Society-U.S., said: “The success of this movement, the largest in U.S. history, will be measured over years, not weeks, and we cannot say that Black lives matter and not make a multi-year commitment to a strategy set by and centering Black leaders and organizations who changed America’s sense of what is possible.”

To learn more about George Soros, click here.


Ocasio-Cortez Under Investigation by House Ethics Committee

Jean-Pierre: Rescinding Military Vaccine Mandate ‘a Mistake’

Cuellar: When Title 42 Goes Away, Border Cities Will Bus Migrants Again

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GOP Senators Plot Another Illegal Alien Amnesty Betrayal

“Immediate danger posed by the lame-duck session of Congress that is now underway.”

After Senate GOPers ganged up to abolish marriage and religious freedom, the next betrayal may be even more devastating to the survival of this country.

As usual, the talks are private and secret because somehow we became a country where politicians reach dirty deals behind closed doors to which only special interests are admitted, resulting in disasters like ObamaCare and the Inflation Increase Act, but the calculated leaks are bad enough.

The current state of the deal reportedly involves amnesty for at least 2 million illegal aliens in exchange for the usual “border security” fig leaf. As usual, the aliens get citizenship, the border only gets less secure.

“Depending on who wins the Senate Georgia runoff, Democrats will need either nine or 10 Republicans to pass any legislation in the new year.”

They got enough Senate Republicans on board to abolish religious freedom. So alarm bells are ringing.

A broad coalition of hawkish immigration groups and former Trump administration officials are sounding the alarm about a Democratic push to get an amnesty for illegal immigrants passed in the final days of the current Congress — and telling Republican leaders to “take all actions necessary” to block it.

Groups including the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the Heritage Foundation, NumbersUSA and the America First Policy Institute have signed onto a letter to congressional leaders warning of an “immediate danger posed by the lame-duck session of Congress that is now underway.”

There’s skepticism that it will move forward. But it’s a fundamental demographic priority which means that if there’s any shot at it moving forward, Dems will prioritize it. And Senate GOPers will find ways to rationalize the sellout. Some of the same Republicans who voted to abolish religious freedom are also vocal proponents of illegal alien amnesty.

Sen. Thom Tillis provided crucial support for abolishing marriage and is working on the illegal alien sellout. Sen. Roy Blunt, who is retiring, also came out for amnesty.

Republican Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri, who is retiring next year, signaled support for legislation to protect Dreamers, calling it “a pretty easy thing to accomplish if they want to accomplish that.”

Ernst is a big fan.

Sen. Joni Ernst is expressing frustration with the proposed $1.3 trillion budget deal Congress hopes to reach before a Friday night deadline, including the lack of a fix to protect young “Dreamers” from deportation.

She also is concerned the package does not address the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who entered the country as minors but are temporarily protected from deportation by DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, “which is such an important issue for many of us.”

“What they are trying to do is take out anything that might be controversial. At least that’s what has been expressed to us,” Ernst told reporters Thursday.

“I don’t see a DACA fix as being so controversial anymore,” the Iowa Republican continued. “We have to find a pathway forward for our DACA recipients. It’s disappointing that we’re not seeing that in the legislation.”

But Sen. Todd Young makes Ernst look conservative.

Sen. Todd Young said he supports a “path to legal status” for DACA recipients, known as Dreamers, as part of a broader immigration reform package.

That may be citizenship, it may not,” Young said. “My expectation is that it would be difficult over a longer period of time to sustain some sort of legal status that is not citizenship.”

Young isn’t confident, however, that any deal can be reached before the November election.

“It’s unfortunate to say it, but politics is trumping good policy – and long-delayed policy, in this case,” Young said.

Young said “nothing’s more important” than providing Dreamers with some measure of certainty.

To say nothing of the usual RINOs like Romney. There are a handful of senators potentially in play here who at least try to pretend to be conservative constitutionalists by virtue signaling on a few issues. They watch and see if anyone is paying attention before they vote. Is anyone paying attention?


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NORTH CAROLINA: November 2022 Child Sex Crimes by Illegal Aliens—16 illegals = 74 charges

November 2022 has not brought any relief to the ongoing assault against our kids. During the month of November 2022, NCFIRE was able to document 16 illegal aliens who were charged 74 separate acts of child rape/ child sexual assault.

REMEMBER, we can only easily access about 2/3rds of the County arrest reports, out of the 100 counties that make up NC. Our info does NOT include the hundreds of city, town and municipality police reports NOR the NC State Highway patrol arrest reports. Our monthly numbers are most assuredly on the very low end of the actual monthly numbers.

To view the latest report, click the link here: November2022

To view the NCFIRE website, click the link here: NCFIRE

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Defend The Border—Stop The Invasion—Save Lives

Defend The Border Save Lives.

President Biden’s Open Border policies are a manufactured national security risk allowing illegal aliens to flood our country and be given amnesty at a later date.

WATCH: Defend The Border – TV Premier Trailer

These illegal alien amnesty recipients will most likely become Democrat voters assuring power for the Dems at the expense of national security and bastardizing the rule of law.

Join us, we are engaged in this battle for secure borders with Tom Homan, Former ICE Acting Director, and we need your help.


Due to the Biden Administration’s planned and unplanned efforts to radically transform America, our southern border is in the midst of a devastating crisis that includes illegal entry, human trafficking, drug trafficking, child exploitation, extortion, sex & rape crimes and an all-around breakdown of the rule of law.


The solution requires action on two levels, one political, the other cultural. Politicians must be elected who understand the necessity to humanely maintain border security and sovereignty and Americans must understand the same essential elements, thereby teaching others and voting intelligently in 2022 & 2024.

Knowledge is power. We are now engaged in the greatest information war in this planet’s history, and Americans are losing. Ronald Reagan said that a nation that cannot control its borders isn’t really a country.

He was right.

National security begins on the border, but through their propaganda and complete domination of the MSM, the globalist Left has effectively redefined the border as a mess of children in cages that showcases American racism.

For decades, the globalist media jihad has successfully blinded Americans to the truth. For the first time in US history, an incoming administration has intentionally weakened the security of the nation within hours of assuming power.

Since the Biden administration took power on January 20, 2021, millions of illegal immigrants have been sent into the nation’s interior.

The reality of America’s open border is that it is killing Americans.

Tom Homan has spent three and a half decades protecting the US Border. He has worked for six presidents. President Obama awarded him the Distinguished Presidential Rank Award and President Trump personally requested that Tom delay his retirement to serve as the Director of ICE. In 2018, the president awarded him the Distinguished Service Medal.

In 2013, the heart of this warrior was forever changed when he investigated the deaths of 19 illegal aliens. These people had been abandoned by their cartel smuggler to suffocate in tortuous heat, locked in the back of a semi-trailer. As Tom knelt to pray for a five-year-old victim, the boy’s face etched indelibly into his mind. Tom had a son the same age. The dead father of this boy still lay partially covering his son. The father had died trying to comfort and protect his dying son. The humanity of that moment and the continuing horror stories created by our open border drives Tom continuously to defend the border. It is an irrevocable truth that people are dying and our country is in peril.  If we defend the border, we will save lives.

Knowledge is power and for too long this knowledge has been kept away from the American people. Their power to win this war has been neutered. Without the truth, they cannot comprehend the threat to our nation.

Tom Homan’s project to Defend the Border and Save Lives will be a two-year pro information mission to destroy the enemy’s propaganda.  This isn’t just entertainment, it is a weapon for the American people. This project won’t just influence the 2022 and 2024 elections, it will be the tip of the spear in taking down the Globalist Left’s crusade against America. The Defend the Border and Save Lives television episodes, feature docudrama film and viral videos will awaken the Sleeping Giant that is the will of the American people.

Knowledge is power. It is now time for us to claim our power and win this war. It is time to Defend the Border and Save Lives. 

To learn more please visit DefendTheBorders.org.

©DefendTheBorders.org. All rights reserved.

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ICE Is Underreporting Illegals It Releases Into The Country Without Tracking Equipment By Over 18,000%

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is underreporting the number of illegal aliens released into the country without any tracking technology by more than 18,000%, according to an internal document exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

ICE disseminated the document to participants, including ICE Director Tae Johnson and other top agency officials as well as leaders from nonprofit organizations, of a Thursday event about ICE’s “Alternatives to Detention” program, which the agency put in place in 2004 to monitor illegal aliens released into the U.S. interior with ankle bracelets and cell phones. ICE disclosed to the attendees that there are 49,459 illegal aliens that aren’t monitored with any tracking equipment as of Nov. 14, while its own website says there are 266 as of Nov. 19.

The figure sent to the program attendees is over 18,000% more than the figure ICE has on its website. ICE didn’t respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.

“The Biden administration is hostile to transparency, and when it does publish data, it refuses to respond to media inquiries regarding significant discrepancies like this,” a former ICE official with knowledge of the Alternatives to Detention program told the DCNF, confirming the figure was underreported. “Likely, ICE communication staffers are having a lot of difficulty defending this administration’s chaotic and lawless policies.”

An additional person familiar with the program confirmed the accuracy of the number disclosed to event participants.

The agency put Alternatives to Detention in place in 2004, and is used as a “flight-mitigation tool” when illegal aliens are released into the country and are waiting for their years-long court proceedings, according to the document.

ATD Symposium Fact Sheet by Daily Caller News Foundation

The Biden administration continues to face many challenges with immigration enforcement, in part due to a record surge in illegal migration and a push to limit ICE enforcement and deportations since the president took office. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered more than 2.3 million migrants at the southern border in fiscal year 2022 and more than 230,000 migrants in October.

Biden’s DHS also attempted to implement a 100-day moratorium on deportations upon entering office, but a federal judge subsequently struck down the policy.

UPDATE: This story has been updated to include comments from a former ICE official with knowledge of the Alternatives to Detention program.



Investigative reporter.

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If You Really Wanted to Destroy the United States…

Save this column. It should be the script for every elected official who actually wants to save the Republic.

If You Really Wanted to Destroy the United States, Then . . .

It would be hard to imagine any planned agenda to destroy America that would have been as injurious as what we already suffered the last two years.

By Victor Davis Hanson. November 30, 2022

First, you would surrender our prior energy independence.

Reduce new gas and oil leases on federal lands to the lowest levels of any president in history. Cut back production at precisely the time the world is emerging from a two-year lockdown with pent-up consumer demand.

Make war on coal and nuclear power. Drain the strategic petroleum reserve to make the pain for consumers more bearable for midterm election advantage.

Cancel the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge oil and gas field. Block pipelines like the Keystone oil pipeline and the Constitution natural gas line.

Overregulate and demonize frackers and horizontal drillers. Ensure there is less investment for their exploration and production.

Make use of internal combustion engines or fossil fuel power generation prohibitively expensive. Achieve a green oil-dependency along the lines of contemporary Europe.

Second, print trillions of dollars in new currency as the lockdowns end, demand rises, and consumers are already saturated with COVID-19 subsidies. Keep interest rates low, well below the rate of inflation, as you print more money. Ensure that passbook holders earn no interest at the very time prices skyrocket to the highest per annum level in 40 years.

“Spread the wealth” by sending money to those who already have enough, while making it less valuable for those deemed to have too much. Ensure runaway high prices to wean the middle class off its consumerism and supposedly to inspire them to buy less junk they don’t need. Damn the rich in the open and in the abstract, court them in the concrete and secret of darkness.

Third, end America’s physical boundaries. Render it an amorphous people and anywhere space. End any vestigial difference between a citizen and resident. Up the current nearly 50 million who were not born in the United States —27 percent of California’s population—to 100 million and more by allowing 3 million illegal aliens to enter per year.

Fourth, destroy the public trust in its elections. Render Election Day irrelevant. Make proper auditing of 110 million mail-in/early ballots impossible. Normalize ballot harvesting and curing.

Urge leftist billionaires to infuse their riches to “absorb” the work of state registrars in key precincts to ensure the correct “turn-out.”

Blast as “election denialists,” “insurrectionists,” and “democracy destroyers” anyone who objects to these radical ballot changes, neither passed by the U.S. Congress nor by state legislators. Weaponize the FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice.

Fifth, redefine crime as one rich man’s crime, another poor man’s necessity.

Let those who need “things” exercise their entitlement to them. Rewrite or ignore laws to exempt the oppressed who take, or do, what they want as atonement for past systemic racism and oppression.

Six, junk the ossified idea of a melting pot and multiracial society united by common American values and ideals. Instead, identify individuals by their superficial appearance. Seek to be a victim and monetize your claims against perceived victimizers. Call anyone a “racist” who resists.

Encourage each tribe, defined by common race, ethnic, gender, or sexual orientation affinities, to band together to oppose the monolithic “white privilege” majority. Encourage social and tribal tensions. Racially discriminate to end discrimination.

Greenlight statue toppling, name changing, boycotting, cancel culturing, ostracizing, and Trotskyizing. Erase the past, control the present, and create a new American person for the future.

Seven, render the United States just one of many nations abroad. Abandon Afghanistan in shame. Leave behind thousands of loyal Afghan allies, billions of dollars in equipment, a billion-dollar embassy, and the largest air base in central Asia. Appease the theocracy to reenter the Iran nuclear deal.

Beg enemies like Venezuela, Russia, and Iran to pump more oil when it is politically expedient for us to have abundant supplies—oil that we have in abundance but won’t produce. Discourage friends like Guinea from producing more energy and cancel allies’ energy projects like the EastMed pipeline.

Trash but then beg Saudi Arabia to pump more oil right before the midterms for domestic political advantage.

Eight, neuter the First Amendment. Enlist Silicon Valley monopolies to silence unwanted free speech while using Big Tech’s mega profits to warp elections. Declare free expression “hate speech.” Criminalize contrarian social media.

Nine, demonize half the country as semi-fascists, un-Americans, insurrectionists, and even potential domestic terrorists. Try to change inconvenient ancient rules: seek to pack the court, end the filibuster, junk the Electoral College, and bring in two more states.

Twice impeach a president who tried to stand in your way. Try him when he is an emeritus president and private citizen. Raid his home. Seek to indict a future rival to the current president.

Ten, never mention the origins of the COVID virus. Never blame China for the release of SARS-CoV-2 virus. Exempt investigations of U.S. health officials who subsidized Chinese gain-of-function research. Ignore the Bill of Rights to mandate vaccinations, mask wearing, and quarantines.

We have done all of the above. It would be hard to imagine any planned agenda to destroy America that would have been as injurious as what we already suffered the last two years.



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Major News Outlet Casually Admits China Interfered in the 2022 Election to Boost Democrats

ROBBED: Biden Regime Approves Rule That Funnels Workers’ Retirement Funds To The Radical Left

Elon Musk Confirms Twitter ‘Interfered In Elections’

ALL of Biden’s Secret Service Vehicles Burst Into Flames After He Departs Nantucket

Far-Left Radical Hakeem Jeffries Replaces Pelosi as House Leader

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Air marshals warn that Biden’s handlers are ‘demolishing our chances to stop another 9/11’

Are Biden’s handlers criminally incompetent, or do they actually want to bring disaster and ruin upon the United States?

Air marshals sound alarm about being sent to border: ‘Demolishing our chances to stop another 9/11

by Elizabeth Heckman, Fox News, November 28, 2022:

The executive director of the Air Marshal National Council delivered a clear message to the Biden administration Monday, warning that air travel is becoming less safe as marshals are diverted to the border.

Sonia Labosco joined “Fox & Friends First” to call on the Biden administration to stop sending air marshals to the southern border and return them to their duties patrolling commercial flights.

“We have been decimated. We have been depleted. We’re on less than 1% of flights. These ground-based duties that they’re pulling us out of the sky to go to the border are just demolishing our chances at stopping another 9/11.”

Labosco said Americans will suffer because many believe they’re safe in the presence of a trained air marshal, but “they’re just simply not.”

Labosco said marshals feel “torn” about being at the southern border while not doing the job they were trained to do.

“They have a humanitarian heart. We empathize with what’s happening at the border as human beings. However, it does not take away the responsibility or the oath that we have as air marshals to protect our aviation domain.”

Labosco said she has not heard back from the Biden administration after voicing concerns over recent safety risks on flights.

“We actually wrote him another letter over the weekend because we had a level four and a level three incident. Level four means that they tried to breach the cockpit. Level three, we had two of those, which means there were life-threatening behaviors on one of those aircraft. An individual had a straight razor to a passenger’s throat. So these are very serious incidents.”

The Air Marshal National Council is “calling on the president and DHS Secretary Mayorkas, to please stop this deployment of air marshals from the aircraft and reallocating them to the border,” said Labosco….



Hamas-linked CAIR exploits misfortune in Minneapolis

Germany: On trial, Muslim migrant says ‘Allah decides,’ judge says ‘We’ll leave Allah out, here I decide’

UK: Leftist commentator says not letting ISIS bride Shamima Begum back into the country is racist

France: Muslim previously convicted of terrorism screams ‘Allahu akbar,’ attacks police officer

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BREAKING: HHS Whistleblower Says U.S. Government is Complicit in Trafficking; Child Admits Being ‘Pimped’ by Sponsor


Project Veritas released a new video today featuring a whistleblower working within a federal government agency called the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity & Efficiency [CIGIE].

The whistleblower, Tara Lee Rodas, volunteered to assist the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services [HHS] with the processing of unaccompanied migrant children and was deployed to the Emergency Intake Site in Pomona, California.

Rodas sat down with Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe, and described how precarious she believes the current child sponsorship program is for these minors.

Here are some of the statements made in today’s video:

  • Tara Lee Rodas, Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity & Efficiency: “The tax dollars of people who are listening [to my testimony to Project Veritas] are paying to put children in the hands of criminals.”
  • Rodas: “Our sponsors typically are not citizens. They’re not permanent residents. They don’t have a legal presence.”
  • Rodas: “The sponsor can hold up an ‘Order of Deportation’ to a [migrant] child and say, ‘This is your Order of Deportation. If you do not do what I say, when I say, I’m going to call ICE on you myself.’ We are paying to put children in the hands of criminals.”
  • Rodas: “I said [to the command center executives], ‘We’re getting ready to send another child [to Austin, Texas],’ and they said, ‘Tara, I think you need to understand that we only get sued if we keep kids in care too long. We don’t get sued by traffickers. Are you clear? We don’t get sued by traffickers.’ So, that was the answer of the United States federal government… HHS did not want this information to get out.”
  • Rodas: “They knew I had made protected disclosures and they retaliated against me as a whistleblower and had me kicked off the site so I could no longer research the cases.”
  • Migrant Female Child: “An aunt [sponsored me], but she kicked me out of her house. She was pimping me and I didn’t like that. She would pimp me to men.”
  • Migrant Female Child: “I just escaped one night. I told her [aunt], ‘I’m going to the laundromat.’ She [aunt] went to the laundromat and didn’t find me there. Later on, she called Immigration.”

You can watch the video HERE.

Project Veritas will be releasing more information on this issue this week as the story continues to develop.

Whistleblowers who are aware of similar situations are invited to contact VeritasTips@protonmail.com with information the public deserves to know about.


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