For 77 Minutes, Cops Never Even Tried to Enter Classroom, Police Could Have Stopped Uvalde Shooter ‘3 Minutes’ After Entering School

Uvalde cops never tried entering the classroom.

According to a Texas official for 77 minutes, on site police never even tried to enter the classroom. Police could have stopped the Uvalde shooter in ‘3 Minutes’ after entering the Robb Elementary School.

On Monday, KVUE and its news partners at the Austin American-Statesman exclusively obtained surveillance footage from inside Robb Elementary School on the day of the May 24 shooting.

The footage shows that multiple officers were inside the building with rifles and at least one ballistic shield, 19 minutes after the gunman arrived. They didn’t enter the classroom the shooter was inside for nearly another hour.

Who gave the stand down order?

And why are uni-party Republicans standing with gun control authoritarians when we all know it that is not the problem and gun control just disarms law-abiding Americans?

For 77 minutes, Uvalde police officers stood by as accused gunman Salvador Ramos rampaged through Robb Elementary School, killing 19 students and two teachers. New surveillance footage reportedly shows that those sworn to serve and protect didn’t even bother wiggling the door handle to get into the classroom.



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Uvalde Cops Never Tried Entering Classroom

Damning New Uvalde Shooting Evidence, Parents & Reporters Kicked Out

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Records Show Critical Race Theory Propaganda at West Point

Training Slide Depicts Black Americans in State of ‘MODERN-DAY SLAVERY IN THE USA’

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today it received 518 pages and 135 pages of records revealing critical race theory (CRT) instruction at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point. One training slide contains a graphic titled “MODERN-DAY SLAVERY IN THE USA.”

The records were obtained through two Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits against the U.S. Department of Defense, which were filed after it failed to respond to requests for records concerning critical race theory training at West Point (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Defense (No. 1:21-cv-01795)) and emails related to such training of LTG Darryl A. Williams, Superintendent, United States Military Academy, BG Mark C. Quander, Commandant, U.S. Corps of Cadets, U.S. Military Academy, and CSM Michael J. Coffee, former U.S. Military Academy senior enlisted leader, (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of Defense (No. 1:21-cv-02616)).

The records include material about “whiteness:”

In order to understand racial inequality and slavery, it is first necessary to address whiteness

  • “White people and people of color live racially different structured lives” – Frankenberg
  • 1) Is a location of structural advantage, of race privilege.
  • 2) A standpoint or place from which white people look at themselves and the rest of society
  • 3) Refers to a set of cultural practices that are usually unmarked and unnamed:

Take-for-grantedness of whiteness

  • Privilege lives within this

A slide in the materials is titled “By the Numbers” and has a graphic titled “MODERN DAY SLAVERY IN THE USA.” [Emphasis in original] It lists:

Blacks are more likely than whites to:

  • Live below the poverty line
  • Be victims of homicide (6:1)
  • Be incarcerated (8:1)
  • Blacks are less likely than whites to:
  • Have a college education
  • Receive recommended medical screening tests
  • Receive bank approval for a housing mortgage
  • Own their own homes
  • Receive a job promotion

Students are instructed that critical race theory, “Grows out of the field of law and studies the way that racism is built into and reproduced through the institutions that organize everyday life.”

Another presentation is titled “Education and Work Inequality,” in which one slide has a text box: “‘Race and the Invisible Hand’ How White Networks Exclude Black Men from Blue-Collar Jobs.”

Another slide in the presentation titled “Affirmative Action,” asks cadets:

Do you think Affirmative Action creates and [sic] environment for “reverse discrimination?” Use CRT to support your answer.

Cadets are asked in a slide titled “Conundrums of Integration:”

What is the difference between desegregation versus integration? How would you apply a tenant [sic] of CRT to this idea?

An additional PowerPoint presentation, includes a slide titled “Critical Race Theory and Policy” which describes critical race theory as having the following attributes:

  • Racism is ordinary.
  • Race is socially constructed.
  • White Americans have primarily benefited from civil rights legislation.

A slide in the presentation titled “Queer Theory and Policy,” under the general heading “Queer Theory” lists:

  • Heterosexuality is the basis for sexual formations.
  • Queer theory is multidisciplinary.
  • Gay and lesbian issues get combined into one category when they are not the same.

In the syllabus for a 3-credit Social Sciences Department class titled “The Politics of Race, Gender, and Sexuality,” an assigned reading text is “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction” by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic. In the course description, the syllabus notes: “[T]he class will serve as an introduction to the theoretical concepts of post-modernism. This will include a focus on feminist theory, critical race theory, and queer theory.”

Another objective is to “consider how the contemporary issues that relate to race, gender, and sexuality apply to the army and how they impact the army officer. The concepts that will be discussed in this class are essential for future military officers to understand and fully absorb.”

“Our military is under attack – from within. These documents show racist, anti-American CRT propaganda is being used to try to radicalize our rising generation of Army leadership at West Point,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Judicial Watch lawsuits and FOIA requests on critical race theory and other leftist extremism include:

  • Judicial Watch in June 2022 further pursued litigation a federal court decision dismissing a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of David Flynn, a Massachusetts father who was fired from his position as high school football coach after he raised concerns over Black Lives Matter/critical race theory being taught in his daughter’s seventh-grade ancient history class.
  • Records produced in April 2022 from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) show the government agency responsible for regulating credit unions required “inclusion and unconscious bias training” for the agency’s employees and contractors and offered advice on how to recognize and address alleged “microaggressions” in the workplace.
  • Records produced in February 2022from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) included a PowerPoint presentation titled “Race and gender based microaggressions” that was used for training at the organization.
  • Two sets of records obtained by Judicial Watch in November 2021 related to the teaching of critical race theory in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), Maryland’s largest school system, included a training course with information about a book titled “Antiracist Baby” that introduces the youngest readers to “the concept and power of antiracism,” and says it’s the “perfect gift” for “ages baby to age 3.”
  • Records from Loudoun County, VA, obtained in October 2021 revealed a coordinated effort to advance critical race theory initiatives in Loudoun County public schools despite widespread public opposition.
  • A training document provided to Judicial Watch in October 2021 by a whistleblower in the Westerly School District of Rhode Island, details how its schools are using teachers to push critical race theory in classrooms. The training course was assembled by the left-leaning Highlander Institute and cites quotes from Bettina Love, from whom the Biden administration distanced itself publicly after her statements equating “whiteness” to oppression.
  • Records produced in June 2021 by Wellesley Public Schools in Massachusetts confirmed the use of “affinity spaces” that divide students and staff based on race as a priority and objective of the school district’s “diversity, equity and inclusion” plan. The school district also admitted that between September 1, 2020, and May 17, 2021, it created “five distinct” segregated spaces.
  • Heavily redacted records obtained by Judicial watch in May 2021from Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in Maryland included documents related to their $454,000 “Anti-racist system audit” and critical race theory classes. Students were taught that the phrase “Make America Great Again” was an example of “covert white supremacy.”

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Ascendant Islam Means Jihad Is Coming

In my early morning news broadcast, I routinely include stories about the ongoing series of massacres in Africa.  I want Americans to know what happens in countries where Islam is ascendant, so they can decide where Islam belongs in the American scheme of things.

Recent stories include Muslim militants killing 142 people in 10 villages across Nigeria, and fresh jihad attacks and slaughter of innocents in Mozambique as well as Nigeria.  Muslims have abducted or killed 35 Christian pastors in the last 17 months.

One recent story that broke through to major news outlets was the terrorist attack on a Catholic Church during church services in Nigeria, killing 50 people and taking the priest hostage.  Locals identified the killers as ethnic Fulanis.  The Fulani stock is primarily Muslim.

There’s a narrative out there to the effect these are all just land and water disputes between rival tribes.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  How much land and water is inside a Catholic Church?  These are massacres motivated by standard Islamic doctrine, the same Islamic doctrine found in America and everywhere else the Quran is read and believed.  Quranic doctrine holds that Islam shall reign supreme, and jihad will be waged until the entire world submits to Islam.  Another narrative, pushed by the corrupt FBI and the rest of the U.S. government, is that sharia supremacy is only the view of extremist groups like Al Qaeda, but the narrative falls apart when you realize sharia supremacy and jihad come right from the pages of the Quran itself.  As President Erdogan of Turkey put it in 2017, “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam.  Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

Sharia supremacists are not shy about telling you what they believe.  An Islamic scholar in Michigan said just this month, “Islam teaches us that Islam is supreme. The supremacy of Islam, not that we want a seat at the table, not that our whole hope is to stop Islamophobia so that we can just be treated like human beings, no, Islam is supreme.”  An imam in Miami, in dismissing women’s rights, said rule by sharia law would eliminate a lot of suffering.   Another imam, who used to preach in Houston before he was deported on immigration charges, said non-Muslims are the ‘worst of Allah’s creations.  Treat them like that.’  You might remember the Pakistani doctor who worked at the Mayo Clinic who was arrested on terrorism charges in 2020.  He was charged with providing material support to Islamic State and had ambitions to use his medical knowledge to wage jihad in America.  “I want to kill and get killed, again and again. This is what even Prophet Mohammed wished,” he said.

Why do these Muslims believe all this?  Because it’s what their holy book commands them to believe.  Is it any surprise some of them actually believe it?

The FBI may not think that’s a problem for national security and law enforcement, but I do.  That’s why I filed a Freedom of Information Act case against the FBI in federal court, to put some sunlight on the FBI’s view of standard Islamic doctrine and on what prominent Islamic scholars are preaching to their flocks in America.  My FOIA case has been grinding on for four years and will go on for at least several more months.  Regardless of the outcome, all Americans should realize what happens in a country when Islam is ascendant and Islam’s critics are intimidated and silenced.

Maybe you think what’s happening in Africa can’t happen here.  If you think that, I suggest you follow the news on Islam in America and open your eyes to creeping sharia.  It’s not that hard to see what they’re up to.

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Police Report Proves Plainclothes Electronic Surveillance Unit Members Were Embedded Among Jan. 6 Protesters

Judicial Watch in an email share a link to an Epoch Times article published on June 20, 2022 and updated on June 21, 2022 by Patricia Tolson titled “EXCLUSIVE: Police Report Proves Plainclothes Electronic Surveillance Unit Members Were Embedded Among Jan. 6 Protesters.

Tolson wrote,

While there is growing speculation that federal agents and Capitol Police were involved in instigating acts of violence during the Jan. 6, 2021 protests and recording responses for the purposes of entrapment, evidence now proves that “plainclothes” members of a special Electronic Surveillance Unit (ESU) were embedded among the protesters for the purposes of conducting video surveillance. Evidence also points to a day of security deficiencies and police provocation for the purpose of entrapment.

According to a report—First Amendment Demonstrations, issued Jan. 3, 2021, by Chief of Police Robert Contee of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), Homeland Security Bureau, Special Operations Division, obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times—the MPD began to activate Civil Disturbance Unit (CDU) platoons on Jan. 4, 2021. Full activation of 28 platoons was scheduled to occur on the following two days.

According to the Department of Justice website, “A CDU is composed of law enforcement officers who are trained to respond to protests, demonstrations, and civil disturbances for the purpose of preventing violence, destruction of property, and unlawful interference with persons exercising their rights under law.”

The objective of MPD was “to assist with the safe execution of any First Amendment demonstration and ensure the safety of the participants, public, and the officers.” CDU personnel and Special Operations Division  (SOD) members were to “monitor for any demonstration and/or violent activity and respond accordingly,” according to the report.

There has been speculation that federal agents and Capitol Police were involved in instigating acts of violence during the protests for the purposes of entrapment. As Red State reported in October 2021, “multiple surveillance videos show masked men opening up the doors to the U.S. Capitol Building to allow protesters to enter. In fact, one video shows them entering while Capitol Police officers simply stand around. Yet, we have no idea who those men are.”

Read more.

Judicial Watch in a video titled What are Pelosi & Schumer hiding about January 6? announced “[I]n February of this year [2022] that it filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Capitol Police seeking for emails and videos concerning the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 (Judicial Watch v. United States Capitol Police (No. 1:21-cv-00401)).”

Watch: Capital Riot Records Still Hidden.

On June 20, 2022  in The Hill article titled “Crack appears in Jan. 6 committee wallDon Wolfensberger reports,

On Monday, June 13, the first crack appeared in the otherwise cohesive wall of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol. The fissure opened when committee Chairman Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.) told reporters after that day’s hearing that the committee would not be making any criminal referrals to the Justice Department of former President Donald J. Trump or anyone else.

Almost immediately, Vice Chair Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) tweeted that the committee “has not issued a conclusion regarding potential criminal referrals,” and will do so “at an appropriate time.” Another committee member, Rep. Elaine Luria (D-Va.) issued her own conclusion that “if criminal activity occurred, it is our responsibility to report that activity to the DOJ.” Other committee members, taken aback by the chairman’s comments, were stumbling to respond, but most chose to keep their powder dry until the committee could talk it over privately.

Meantime, a committee spokesperson released a statement to CNN the following day which attempted to clarify the chairman’s comments — sort of a sideways walk-back: “The committee has no authority to prosecute individuals but is rather tasked with developing facts….”  Two sentences later, the spokesperson said the committee would gather “all relevant information, offer recommendations, and, if warranted, make criminal referrals.”

Read more.

It appears that information and the truth about the involvement of government agents in plainclothes is coming out. As they say the truth will set you free.

Will the truth set free those currently in prison for simply attending the January 6th rally? Will the truth set the families of those killed in the Capital building, like Ashley Babbitt, by the Capital Police set them free?

We report. You decide.

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Pelosi Congress Claims Sovereign Immunity in Federal Court to Keep Secret January 6 Videos and Emails

Judicial Watch Tells Court FBI May Have Violated Law in 1/6 Probes

The News from the Border Is Not Good

Today, I get you caught up on the latest news from Joe Biden’s border crisis.  It’s not good.

Fifteen people on the terrorist watch list were caught trying to cross the southern border in May, a surprising record number.   That makes 50 so far this year, more than the total number apprehended in the last five years combined.  We wouldn’t know about this if Republican lawmakers hadn’t pressured the Biden administration to resume publishing the numbers.  And these are only the ones we know about.  We don’t know how many terrorists got away.  Border patrol agents unofficially put the total number of ‘got-aways’ at more than a million since Joe Biden took office.  It stands to reason more than a few of those are on the terrorist watch list.

Another record was set in May.  Border patrol agents encountered nearly 240,000 illegal aliens at the southern border last month, topping the previous record encountered in April.   More than 95,000 of them were released into the U.S.   This brings the total number of illegal aliens the Biden administration has deliberately released into the interior of the country to more than a million.   Woke math problem for you:  if a million illegal aliens got away and another million were deliberately released into the interior, how long will it be before Kamala Harris solves the root causes of illegal immigration?

These staggering numbers are overwhelming border agents who are now having to spend a lot of time on paperwork and babysitting.  This means that drug seizures are down and it’s “a field day for human traffickers.”

As you can see, all of this is going in the wrong direction.  The Biden administration’s answer is to speed up asylum claims, not close the border.   Another standard Biden maneuver is to cover it all up.  Not only did the administration try to hide the ball on the number of potential terrorists coming across, it continues to stonewall a congressional investigation into the number of unaccompanied alien children taken to New York last year.  It’s been eight months and congressional investigators can’t get any answers.  Other researchers can’t get the answers they want about criminal aliens and traffickers because the Biden administration has clammed up on those subjects, as well.

All of this leaves state officials to try to put a finger in the dike.  Texas and Arizona combined have so far sent more than 90 busloads of border crossers – more than 3,000 in all – to Washington, D.C. to make them the Biden administration’s problem.   However, as I reported to you previously [5/26/22], left-wing volunteer groups are picking up the slack and the administration isn’t feeling any pain.

As I heard an immigration expert say on the radio, Joe Biden’s open borders policies could be reversed tomorrow and we’d still be dealing with the problems these policies have caused for years to come.

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Providing Former Taliban Associates with Visas and Asylum

The Biden administration continues its assault on U.S. national security.

Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan has created unprecedented threats to U.S. national security as I noted in an earlier article, Biden’s Catastrophic Policies: Immigration and Afghanistan and those threats are about to be exacerbated by a policy change of the Biden administration.

On June 14, 2022 The Los Angeles Times reported, Some Afghan refugees now have chance to avoid terrorism designation that blocked path to U.S.

Here is how this disconcerting news report begins:

Doctors, teachers, engineers and other Afghans who were forced to associate with the Taliban will now have a chance at asylum or visas after the Biden administration loosened a terrorism-related designation on Tuesday, according to government officials and documents reviewed by the Los Angeles Times.

The exemption will be applied on a case by case basis after security vetting and is expected to help Afghans who fled their country after U.S. troops withdrew and the Taliban took over last August, as well as some Afghans who entered the U.S. earlier, said officials from the Department of Homeland Security.

The administration assurances that each case will be adjudicated on a case by case basis that will involve security vetting does absolutely nothing to assuage my serious concerns.

The fact that among the refugees are doctors, teachers and engineers does nothing to prove that these individual do not pose a threat to US security.  I would remind you that Osama bin Laden had a degree in civil engineering (which, in fact, made him all the more dangerous) and George Habash the founder of the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) an exceedingly violent terrorist organization, was a pediatrician.

That news report and the policy change of the Biden administration comes on the heels of a February 18, 2022 Fox News report: Pentagon IG report says 50 Afghan evacuees brought to US had ‘potentially significant security concerns’

Here is how that report began:

A Pentagon inspector general report released this week found that officials identified at least 50 Afghan evacuees who were brought to the United States in the wake of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan whose information indicated “potentially significant security concerns” –and were unable to locate dozens of those who it said had “derogatory information” that would make them ineligible for parole.

The report, released on Thursday, found that U.S. agencies “did not use all available data when vetting Afghan evacuees.” The National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) later expanded its review to fill the gaps in screening, the report said.

The Fox News report is only the tip of a very huge iceberg.

There is a Yiddish expression that states, “When the fish goes bad, it smells from the head!”

The head of DHS is Alejandro Mayorkas the very same Mayorkas who now promises that the applications for visas and asylum will be carefully scrutinized.

Putting Mayorkas in charge of DHS is the equivalent of putting an arsonist in charge of the fire department!

In short, Mayorkas, who demanded that those who worked for him at USCIS approve virtually all applications for visas, demonstrated serious malfeasance that undermined the integrity of the visa issuing process.

Even before Biden was sworn in as President, he announced that Mayorkas would be his pick to become the Secretary of DHS (Department of Homeland Security).  I wrote an article about Biden’s choice for this important position in my December 7, 2020 article, Biden’s DHS: Department of Homeland SurrenderAlejandro Mayorkas, architect of DACA, picked by Biden to head DHS.

My article included a link to an Inspector General report that was issued on March 24, 2015 into allegations made by employees of USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services)that were, at the time under the direction of Mayorkas.  Here is how the cover letter from the Inspector General began:

Attached is our report of the investigation on the allegations made against Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. I have also attached the written statement he gave to our investigators. The report is furnished for whatever action you consider appropriate.

This report resulted from employees within USCIS who stepped forward to tell us what they witnessed. We will protect the confidentiality of these courageous employees, who are protected from retaliation by the Whistleblower Protection Act and whose identities are protected under the provisions of the Inspector General Act. We hope that their actions will set an example for all potential whistleblowers who look to the Office of Inspector General to give them a voice.

My article also included this excerpt:

ABC News published several in-depth articles about the troubling findings of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

On March 24, 2015 ABC News reported, Top Homeland Official Alejandro Mayorkas Accused of Political Favoritism Alejandro Mayorkas oversaw controversial $500,000 visa program.

The above-noted report was preceded by two ABC News reports that were published on February 3, 2015 which illustrate a clear nexus between these visas and national security:

Whistleblowers: US Gave Visas to Suspected Forgers, Fraudsters, Criminals Internal documents show feds ignored warnings from FBI.”  This report began with this excerpt:

Officials overseeing a federal program that offers an immigration short-cut to wealthy foreign investors have ignored pointed warnings from federal agents and approved visas for some immigrants suspected of having committed fraud, money laundering, and even one applicant with alleged ties to a child porn website, an ABC News investigation has found. The shortcomings prompted concerns within the Department of Homeland Security that the boutique immigration program would be exploited by terrorists, according to internal documents obtained by ABC News.

It is shocking,” said Sen. Charles Grassley, an Iowa Republican. “Particularly when you have F.B.I. and other law enforcement agencies that are saying national security could be compromised or is being compromised — that’s enough for us to be concerned.”

Feds Investigating Iran Ties to Firm Involved in US Visa Program Documents: Iranian operatives may be abusing program to “infiltrate” U.S.”  This report began with these excerpt:

Federal agents in Los Angeles are investigating an L.A. shipping firm and its Iranian-born owner who for years have participated in and promoted an obscure U.S. immigration program — allowing the company to recruit wealthy foreign investors to receive visas and potentially Green Cards, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

The companys name surfaced in a confidential Department of Homeland Security government document, which raised “concerns that this particular visa program may be abused by Iranian operatives to infiltrate the United States.”

Whistleblowers inside the federal agency that oversees the immigration program told ABC News they have been deeply frustrated by an inability to de-certify the company, even after they became aware of the investigation and saw the companys name surface in an alarming internal Department Homeland Security memo. The memo, shared with ABC News, outlines concerns that Irans Revolutionary Guards have attempted to exploit the visa program “to infiltrate the United States.”

The ABC report included this excerpt about one company in particularly, TTC (Total Transportation Concepts):

The records show that the TTC employee was suspected of ties to an Iranian terror network that was involved in bombing plots and attempted assassinations. In 2012, federal investigators sent an email to immigration officials to advise them against re-certifying American Logistics for the immigration program, warning that an approval “would likely have serious national security implications.”

I strongly advise against a favorable adjudication,” wrote a Homeland Security Special Agent in the Counter-Proliferation Investigations Center in the April 30, 2012 email.

But agents with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) moved forward and green-lighted American Logistics and Mahdavi, to continue overseeing a designated “regional center” for a special U.S. immigration program for wealthy foreigners known by its visa classification, EB-5.

Under the best of circumstance, vetting aliens, particularly those who come from countries that are under the control of hostile governments is daunting, to say the least.

My December 2019 article, Terror Attack At Naval Air Station Highlights Immigration Catastrophe– Limitations in the vetting process endanger national security.was predicated on the deadly shooting at the Pensacola Air Naval Station by a 21 year old member of the Saudi military, Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, a second lieutenant in the Saudi Air Force as reported in the New York Times on December 6, 2019, Trainee on Military Base Mounts Deadly Attack.

That article included links to reports about other terrorists who were not stopped by the vetting process:

On December 3, 2019 the DOJ reported, Hizballah Operative Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison for Covert Terrorist Activities on Behalf of Hizballahs Islamic Jihad Organization; Ali Kourani Was Trained by Hizballahs External Terrorist Operations Component and Gathered Intelligence in New York City in Support of Attack-Planning Efforts.

My recent article, Alleged Hezbollah Sleeper” Arrested In NYC By Joint Terrorism Task Force included this paragraph:

On September 19, 2019 the U.S. Attorneys Office for the Southern District of New York issued a press release that announced, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Indictment Of New Jersey Man For Terrorist Activities On Behalf Of Hizballahs Islamic Jihad Organization. The subtitle of that press release provides more disturbing information, Alexei Saab Allegedly Was Trained by Hizballahs External Terrorist Operations Component in Bomb-Making and Conducted Intelligence-Gathering in New York City and Washington, D.C., and Elsewhere in Support of Hizballahs Attack-Planning Efforts.

On August 2, 2019 the Justice Department posted thus extremely this worrying news release, Afghanistan National and Former U.S. Military Interpreter Charged for Role in Human Smuggling Conspiracy.

On August 20, 2018 the Department of Justice issued a press release, Two Individuals Charged for Acting as Illegal Agents of the Government of Iran.

My piece written in February 2018, Saudi Graduate Of Al Qaeda Terror Training Camp Arrested In Oklahoma –  Alleged classmate of 9/11 hijackers attended US flight school in 2016 included a link to the DOJ press release, Saudi Citizen Charged in Oklahoma With Concealing Attendance at Al Qaeda Training Camp.

When you add to the mix the mindset of an individual such as Mayorkas, who has refused to secure our borders, enforce our immigration laws from within the interior of the United States and refuse to pursue immigration fraudsters, as I wrote in my October 22, 2022 article, Biden Administration Plans To Protect Immigration Fraudsters we have a potentially catastrophic situation even as intelligence services warn that within a couple of years ISIS and other terror groups will be in the position to carry out deadly terror attacks within the borders of the United States- the borders the Biden administration refuses to secure.

As I noted in a recent article, Mayorkas is not Americas guardian — he’s its innkeeper.

©Michael Cutler. All rights reserved.

Boston Mayor Appoints Former Head of Jihad Terror-linked Mosque as Her Deputy Chief of Staff

The Islamic Society of Boston was founded by al-Qaeda financier Abrurrahman Alamoudi and had the Hitler-admiring Jew-hater Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi on its Board. It has recommended (in accord with Qur’an 4:34) that men beat their wives. Convicted jihadis Tarek Mehanna and Aafia Siddiqui went there. So did Ahmad Abousamra, the Islamic State’s “social media guru.” Oh, and the Boston Marathon jihad bombers, the Tsarnaev brothers.

Ironically, Michelle Wu wouldn’t dream of appointing someone who had spoken critically of jihad violence and Sharia oppression as deputy chief of staff. But this is fine.

“Massachusetts Politicians Enable Boston’s Islamists,” by Sam Westrop, Focus on Western Islamism, June 13, 2022:

In May, Boston’s progressivist Mayor, Michelle Wu, appointed Yusufi Vali as her Deputy Chief of Staff. Vali is the former head of the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB), an institution once considered to be among the most radical mosques on the East Coast. Vali’s appointment appears to be yet another case of a graduate of Boston’s Islamist institutions finding a powerful foothold in Massachusetts politics.

Vali certainly has some explaining to do. He is a former trustee of the Boston branch of the Muslim American Society (MAS), one of America’s most notorious Islamist institutions and a designated terrorist organization in the United Arab Emirates.

In 2008, federal prosecutors wrote that “MAS was founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.” Speakers at MAS conference have often openly glorified terrorism. In 2019, the Philadelphia branch of MAS made national headlines after it ran an event in which children sang about torturing and beheading Jews.

MAS’s Boston branch oversaw the management of ISB’s flagship mosque for many years, where Vali became executive director. Before Vali’s time, early trustees of the ISB’s first mosque, over the river in Cambridge, included Yusuf Al Qaradawi, the infamously-extreme spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and admirer of Adolf Hitler; as well as Abdulrahman Alamoudi, an Al Qaeda fundraiser who was jailed in 2004 for conspiring with the Libyan regime to assassinate the Saudi Crown Prince….



NYC: Muslim stabs woman in neck, attacks two others, is repeatedly released, charges with rape in Baltimore

Woke tech company Slack bans Federation for American Immigration Reform

While Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Clinics, Senate Dems Want Google to Ban Them

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VIDEO: ‘Policeman Of The Year’ Glorified Hitler, Spread Antisemitism

Police Officer Ismail Quran:

Quran began his journey to becoming a policeman in 2010 with a degree in Criminology from Cleveland State University. In April 2012, he received a Certificate of Completion for the Police Officer Physical Agility Exam from Cuyahoga Community College.  Throughout this period, Quran displayed hatred towards Jews. 



On July 14, 2014, Quran tweeted: “…F**k that Jew. Say something!” His tweet featured an image of Hitler with a caption: “LET ME SALUTE TO HITLER THE GREAT. He said ‘i would have killed all the jews of the world, but i kept some to show the world why i killed them.’”

On October 15, 2015, Quran tweeted: “Lol bum ass Jew tried to intimidate me…don’t try that s**t with me.”

On July 2, 2014, Quran tweeted: “Scumbag Yahoodi [Jew].” The tweet featured a photo of someone wrapped in an Israeli flag.

On September 21, 2012, Quran tweeted: “I’ll beat the hell out of you like I do Nadiah the Jew lol.”

To see more of Quran’s anti-semitic posts, check out his full profile.


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TikTok Lied to Senate, China Controls the Data, Americans Don’t

Least surprising news ever. Obviously.

This is why smart travelers take burner phones to China that don’t log into any of their existing accounts and one of the worst user data hacks in America happened when an employee accessed root out of China. But this is evidence from the inside that TikTok is just another data trap.

For years, TikTok has responded to data privacy concerns by promising that information gathered about users in the United States is stored in the United States, rather than China, where ByteDance, the video platform’s parent company, is located. But according to leaked audio from more than 80 internal TikTok meetings, China-based employees of ByteDance have repeatedly accessed nonpublic data about US TikTok users — exactly the type of behavior that inspired former president Donald Trump to threaten to ban the app in the United States.

The recordings, which were reviewed by BuzzFeed News, contain 14 statements from nine different TikTok employees indicating that engineers in China had access to US data between September 2021 and January 2022, at the very least. Despite a TikTok executive’s sworn testimony in an October 2021 Senate hearing that a “world-renowned, US-based security team” decides who gets access to this data, nine statements by eight different employees describe situations where US employees had to turn to their colleagues in China to determine how US user data was flowing. US staff did not have permission or knowledge of how to access the data on their own, according to the tapes.

Why would anyone expect anything else? This is how Chinese companies work. The locus of control is always going to be with their own people and the idea that Americans would be allowed to act as gatekeepers over Chinese execs was always implausibly absurd. Americans working for TikTok are there to take orders from China. Not the other way around.

In 2019, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States began investigating the national security implications of TikTok’s collection of American data. And in 2020, then-president Donald Trump threatened to ban the app entirely over concerns that the Chinese government could use ByteDance to amass dossiers of personal information about US TikTok users. TikTok’s “data collection threatens to allow the Chinese Communist Party access to Americans’ personal and proprietary information,” Trump wrote in his executive order. TikTok has said it has never shared user data with the Chinese government and would not do so if asked.

A Chinese company isn’t going share data with its own government in a system where the options are…

1. Share the data

2. Go to prison, be executed, have your organs harvested and your corpse displayed at one of those human body exhibits traveling America

… sure.

There is, however, another concern: that the soft power of the Chinese government could impact how ByteDance executives direct their American counterparts to adjust the levers of TikTok’s powerful “For You” algorithm, which recommends videos to its more than 1 billion users. Sen. Ted Cruz, for instance, has called TikTok “a Trojan horse the Chinese Communist Party can use to influence what Americans see, hear, and ultimately think.”

Project Texas’s narrow focus on the security of a specific slice of US user data, much of which the Chinese government could simply buy from data brokers if it so chose, does not address fears that China, through ByteDance, could use TikTok to influence Americans’ commercial, cultural, or political behavior.

The algorithmic secret sauce is bad enough when it’s in the hands of lefty Big Tech corps in America, imagine what China’s overlords can do with it. And probably;are.

Why is TikTok is abrasively leftist and dedicated to promoting political extremes? Likely, because the Chinese are doing what the Russians were actually (as opposed to the Russiagate nonsense) which is amplifying the extremes in order to cause chaos in America and find likely recruits among the political extremes.

TikTok is a cultural weapon aimed at America and the trigger will always be in Beijing.



Oberlin College prof professed loyalty to Iran, boasted of ‘opportunity to introduce Islamic teachings’ to students

Turkey: Muslims screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ force cancellation of LGBTI+ Pride picnic

Saudi Islamic scholar confirms: Nupur Sharma was accused of blasphemy for telling the truth

‘Palestinian’ LGBT party called off after jihad threats

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Remember the Disinformation Governance Board? Here They Go Again, It’s Even Worse Now, With Kamala

Remember the Disinformation Governance Board? They supposedly had stopped that after the uproar over it, but White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the work would continue.

It sounds as if they just might have repackaged it, shifted Departments, renamed it, and put Kamala Harris in charge now. Instead of Big Brother, we now can have Big Sister. And the wording here may be even more troubling because they’re already talking about the internet platform effect.

They’re calling it an internet policy task force, with the goal of “developing programs and policies” to protect “public figures” and journalists from “disinformation,” “abuse” and “harassment.”

A presidential memorandum establishing the new task force describes a sweeping mission to protect people who seek out a role in public life from online critics.

“In the United States and around the world, women and LGBTQI+ political leaders, public figures, activists, and journalists are especially targeted by sexualized forms of online harassment and abuse, undermining their ability to exercise their human rights and participate in democracy, governance, and civic life,” the memo says.

“Online abuse and harassment, which aim to preclude women from political decision-making about their own lives and communities, undermine the functioning of democracy.”

The new task force’s members include other Biden heavy hitters, such as Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Attorney General Merrick Garland and Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The panel will hold its first meeting Thursday afternoon. Within 180 days, it will submit to President Biden a blueprint that “outlin[es] a whole-of-government approach to preventing and addressing technology-facilitated gender-based violence, including concrete actions that executive departments, agencies, and offices have committed to take to implement the Task Force’s recommendations.”

Within a year, the board will issue a report with “additional recommendations and actions” advising broader steps that can be taken by internet platforms, state and local governments and schools, the document says.

In other words, going back to what everyone thought the Disinformation Board was supposed to be about — stopping criticism and questioning of the regime. How is this even real, questioning public figures and journalists is baked into the very nature of being American–as part of that thing we call the Constitution? The announced purpose seems even more dystopian than the prior board. Not to mention that they’re already saying they’re going to be targeting changes on internet platforms.

A Biden official tried to claim this was going to focus on illegal conduct. But if that were true, you already have avenues to do that through federal law enforcement, and this even talks about criticism of public figures, so that’s a lot of bull. It practically screams “First Amendment violation” all over the place and is an effort to silence dissent–coincidentally, right before the midterms in which Democrats are about to take a bath because of their bad policies and lies.

The memo says, “The Task Force shall work across executive departments, agencies, and offices to assess and address online harassment and abuse that constitute technology-facilitated gender-based violence, including by … developing programs and policies to address online harassment, abuse, and disinformation campaigns targeting women and LGBTQI+ individuals who are public and political figures, government and civic leaders, activists, and journalists in the United States and globally.”

It’s not just about protecting the Democrats; it reads like we’re going to protect the media and famous people from criticism by the peasants. If this were a legitimate exercise, why is it covering only famous or well-known people? Again, when they employ this kind of language, it screams that restrictions or censorship is coming. When they keep trying so hard to suppress our freedom of speech, right before the midterms and into the future, you have to wonder what they are intending to do that they know will earn criticism.

Plus, hasn’t Kamala failed enough at what she’s been tasked to do? Do you have to give her something else that people are going to (rightly) rip her apart over?

If we screamed over the DGB, we need to double the volume now over this.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.


SOURCE ARTICLE: Remember the Disinformation Governance Board? Here They Go Again, It’s Even Worse Now, With Kamala

23 Pro-Life Organizations Firebombed, Vandalized by Pro-Abortion Activists

As pro-lifers try to protect the unborn from violence, they find themselves in the pathway of Leftist violence. If it isn’t Antifa being violent, it’s Black Lives Matter being violent or Leftists allying with pro-Palestinian activists in violence (campuses and beyond). But the complicit Leftist mainstream media zeroes in on two specific days in the space of four years to attack the right: the Charlottesville protest and January 6, where in both incidents, Antifa was involved. Well now, violence is being directed at pro-life organizations by pro-abortion activists.

Recall in Canada, that even though tens of thousands turned out in Ottawa to support the Freedom Convoy, Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stirred fears of violence, and referenced Freedom Convoy supporters as “racists,” “misogynists” and even terrorists. But instead, peaceful, freedom-loving, law-abiding citizens chanted “freedom,” engaged in prayer, distributed food and set up bouncy castles for kids in freezing cold temperatures.

Leftists more readily employ violence, while searching for incidents of violence among the Right.

Most pro-abortion supporters are on the Left. Even the Leftist publication Politico published an article entitled: ”If You’re a Pro-life Democrat … You Know You’re Standing Alone.” 

Though Biden campaigned on unity, he has not condemned a single one of the attacks on pro-life organizations.

Report: 23 Pro-Life Organizations Vandalized, Firebombed by Pro-Abortion Activists in Recent Weeks

by Wendell Husebo, Breitbart, June 2022:

At least 23 pro-life organizations have reportedly been vandalized in recent weeks.

The pro-life organizations have been either firebombed or vandalized by radical pro-abortion activists, according to Catholic Vote:

Hollywood, FL — South Broward Pregnancy Center and Archdiocese of Miami Respect Life Ministry
Asheville, NC — Mountain Area Pregnancy Services
Manassas, VA — First Care Women’s Health
Alexandria, VA — Concerned Women for America
Reiserstown, MD — Alpha Pregnancy Center
Frederick, MD — BirthRight of Frederick
Frederick, MD — CareNet Frederick
Reiserstown, MD — Alpha Pregnancy Center
Buffalo, NY — CompassCare Pregnancy Services
Madison, WI — Wisconsin Family Action
Des Moines, IA — Agape Pregnancy Resource Center
Denton, TX — Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center
Austin, TX — Trotter House
Long Beach, CA — His Nesting Place Home for Mothers & Children
Sebastopol, CA — Pregnancy Center Billboard
Eugene, OR — Dove Medical Clinic
Keizer, OR — Oregon Right to Life
Gresham, OR — Gresham Pregnancy Resource Center
Portland, OR — Southeast Portland Pregnancy Resource Center
Vancouver, WA — Options360 Women’s Clinic
Federal Way, WA — Care Net Pregnancy and Family Services of Puget Sound
Lynnwood, WA — Next Step Pregnancy Services
The attacks follow a leaked Supreme Court decision that revealed Roe v. Wade may be overturned this month. If overturned, abortion would no longer be protected by the federal government but would still be legal in many states.

Though President Biden campaigned on unity, Biden has not condemned a single one of the attacks, the RNC reported on Monday. Moreover, many establishment television networks refuse to cover the extremism:

Many of the attacks have been brutal and vulgar in nature. “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either,” vandals wrote on a Wisconsin Family Action facility…..




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‘Squad’ Democrats Vote Against Security For SCOTUS Justices After Spending Small Fortunes On Private Security

Democratic “Squad” members in the House voted against a bill Tuesday extending security for Supreme Court Justices despite spending a combined six figures on private security in 2021, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records and House Disbursements.

Missouri Rep. Cori Bush, Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, as well as New York Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamaal Bowman are among the 27 Democratic members who voted against the approved security measure. Still, these lawmakers spent roughly $348,000 on private security in 2021.

The legislation comes as Republican-appointed justices get targeted by pro-abortion demonstrators after a leaked draft opinion showed the Court will likely overturn the landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade. It passed in the Senate unanimously over a month ago and was introduced by Republican Texas Sen. John Cornyn and Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coons.

Bush, who has frequently called to “defund” the police, spent roughly $200,000 in campaign funds on security in 2021, Fox News reported. Ocasio-Cortez, who indicated she would not support the security bill since she is prioritizing gun control legislation, spent roughly $75,000 on private security in 2021, the outlet reported.

Pressley, who spent $14,000 from her Member Representational Allowance (MRA) in 2022 on security, spent roughly $63,000 of her MRA on security between May and December 2021, The Daily Caller reported. Tlaib spent under $3,000 on security in 2021 and Bowman spent more than $7,800 in 2021, Fox News reported.

“The lack of concern bordering on hatred for the families of the six judges appointed by Republican presidents is scary,” Republican Wisconsin Rep. Glenn Grothman told TheDCNF. “I can never imagine something so callous and uncaring being done if the shoe was on the other foot.”

Offices for Bush, Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez and Bowman did not respond to a request for comment.

A spokesman for Pressley declined The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment and pointed to the member’s remarks after her vote claiming the Supreme Court has “put lives at risk,” alluding to the leaked draft opinion.

“While elected and appointed officials, including Members of Congress and Supreme Court Justices, do in fact already have protections when it comes to their security, abortion care providers and patients—who already face and will undoubtedly face persistent threats of violence and criminalization should Roe fall—do not,” said Pressley, the Boston Herard reported.

On May 5, a left-wing group called “Ruth Sent Us” leaked the addresses of the six Republican-appointed justices. The group, one of the several pro-abortion groups that published the addresses of the justices, claimed Monday it was not responsible for the attempted murder of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh since the man charged was white.

That man, Nicholas Roske, was arrested and charged last week after police spotted him outside Kavanaugh’s home with weapons, including a firearm.



Investigative reporter.


Are Democrats Willing to Assassinate a SCOTUS to Appoint a Liberal Judge?

‘The Squad’ Pushes To ‘Defund The Police’ While Spending Thousands On Private Security To Protect Themselves

Arsonists Firebomb Pro-Life Legislator’s Office In Latest Attack

Biden Approval Rating Drops. Again

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Stacey Abrams Helped Funnel Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to an Vicious Antisemitic Terrorist Sympathizer

In order to succeed in the Democrat (Nazi-eque) party, one must be actively and operationally antisemitic. The more vicious the Jew-hater, the higher your prestige and power in the party (ie Ilhan Omar). Every Jew still clinging to the Democrat are evocative of the knuckle-headed German Jews who invited uniformed Nazis to their charity dinners and then their malevolent successors, the kapos.

America’s prominent Jewicidal leaders are perhaps most responsible for the skyrocketing antisemitism in the United States because they refuse to confront our enemies.

How Stacey Abrams Helped Funnel Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to an Israel-Hating Terrorist Sympathizer

By: Washington Free Beacon, June 14, 2022:

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams sits on the board of a foundation that funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to an anti-Israel activist who has praised terrorists and encouraged violence against Jews.

Abrams joined the Marguerite Casey Foundation board in May 2021, business filings show. Roughly six months later, the foundation announced its 2021 cohort of “Freedom Scholars,” a group of “leading thinkers and scholars … in critical fields including abolitionist, Black, feminist, queer, radical, and anti-colonialist studies.” Included in the group was UCLA professor Robin D.G. Kelley, a leading Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) activist who works with groups that collaborate with Palestinian terrorists.

Kelley, who received $250,000 through the program, praised the Palestine Liberation Organization—a U.S.-designated terror group—as “revolutionary combatants” and “models for those of us dedicated to Black liberation and socialism” in a 2016 article. Three years prior, Kelley encouraged Palestinians to use violence against Israelis, calling the notion that Palestinians should only protest non-violently a “bludgeon to beat down Palestinian organizations.” Kelley also advises

the U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, a group that operates to advance the BDS movement on college campuses. The campaign’s fiscal sponsor, Al-Awda, works with Palestinian terrorist organizations such as Hamas to grow BDS and routinely hosts convicted Islamic jihadists at its events, the Jerusalem Post reported in 2019.

Abrams’s role in funding Kelley provides a startling window into how the Democrat could handle the BDS movement and larger issues of anti-Semitism on Georgia’s college campuses should she defeat Gov. Brian Kemp (R.) in November. As governor, Abrams would appoint members to the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, which oversees the state’s public colleges and universities. Georgia legislators passed a law in 2016 that forbids the state from contracting a person or company that promotes a boycott of Israel, but a federal judge struck that law down in May 2021. Abrams opposed the law as a state representative and reportedly refused to meet with pro-Israel activists at the time.

It is unclear whether Abrams was directly involved with the grant to Kelley. When she joined the foundation’s board in 2021, she emphasized that a major part of her role would be determining “how the philanthropic network targets its contributions.” Neither Abrams nor the foundation responded to inquiries on her involvement with the Freedom Scholars program. Abrams has earned more than $52,000 from the foundation since 2020, her financial disclosures show.

In addition to Kelley’s anti-Israel activism, the professor has called himself a “communist for life” and argued that capitalism is inherently racist. The Marguerite Casey Foundation also awarded $250,000 to a pair of academics—Angelica Chazaro and Ananya Roy—who advocate for the abolition of prisons and private property, respectively.

Read the rest…..



JUDENRAT: New Ben & Jerry’s Employees Forced To Watch Anti-Israel Videos: Report

Capitol Police Shoot Down Most Recent Allegation From The Jan. 6 Panel Kangaroo Court

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WE ONLY ENDORSE CONSERVATIVES WITH A CONSCIENCE: Jeremy Brown for Florida House of Representatives in District 62

It is the Editorial Board’s policy to only endorse conservatives with a conscience who are willing to contest the uncontested absurdities of our time. The Editorial Board wants politicians who work for not against the people. The Board only endorses candidates and incumbents with a track record or unfailing policy of supporting power to the people and are clearly against big government control.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are our key metrics when endorsing incumbents and candidates.

For these reasons we the Editorial Board members are endorsing Jeremy Brown for Florida House of Representatives to represent District 62 in the Hillsborough Primary Election on August 23, 2022 and the midterm election on November 8, 2022.

Jeremy Brown is currently in prison because he would not cooperate with the DOJ and FBI to spy on his fellow patriots. Listen to Jeremy Brown’s statement from prison on the January 6th hearings:

The Editorial Board is endorsing Jeremy Brown because he:

  1. Is a January 6th political prisoner of war.
  2. Understands and is warning the American people that what we’re seeing in Washington, D.C. is part of a compromised government’s well orchestrated and highly produced lie meant to target the minds and perceptions of the uninformed and misinformed masses with the intent to demonize and dehumanize their opposition.
  3. Knows this opposition is not Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, left or right, black, white or brown. Their opponents are anyone that disagrees or even asks questions about their false authority, and their anti-American anti-human, and anti-liberty agenda.
  4. Sees their goal is to take down America and build back better in a form suitable to their authoritarian utopia dreamland, also known as the Great Reset.
  5. Has first hand experience, as a political prisoner, that Biden, his administration and Democrat Party are destroying every aspect of what made this the most free and powerful nation on Earth.
  6. Sees our true enemies as bodies of unelected global elites like the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and many others.
  7. Swore an oath before almighty God to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
  8. Firmly believes in the Special Forces motto De Oppresso liber [Free the Oppressed].
  9. Wants liberty or death.


Family Man

I am a Retired Special Forced Combat Veteran and American who was born in Kentucky to a single Mom, raised in North Carolina by my World War II Veteran Grandfather, stationed across the country, deployed around the world and retired here in Tampa. I am a product of the American Dream.

My military awards and decorations pale in comparison to my greatest accomplishment and reward: my five intelligent, talented, and caring daughters. Since retirement I built a small business and a wonderful new life in Tampa with my girlfriend and partner of over eight years. It is my love for my family, the Tampa Bay community, Florida, and America that motivates me to continue the fight for the promises of our Forefathers: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Distinguished Military Career

I’ve served my community and country my entire life, from being a Volunteer Firefighter and EMT to a twenty-year military career serving in the US Army’s Elite Special Operations Community with the 1st Ranger Battalion, three different Special Forces Groups (1st, 7th, & 5th) and Special Operations Command-Central (SOCCENT). I’ve served in seventeen countries on five of the seven continents including numerous combat tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, and “non-declared” combat environments and been awarded 2 Bronze Stars.

Now do you see why the Editorial Board is endorsing Jeremy?

©Editorial Board,, LLC. All rights reserved.

Cuba’s Role in the Vietnam War

EDITORS NOTE: Cuba and North Vietnam established diplomatic relations in 1960, and Castro visited Vietnam three times. His 1973 wartime visit can be read about here. He even apparently said in 1973 that ‘for Vietnam, Cuba is willing to donate blood’.

VIDEO: Cuban President Fidel Castro’s visit to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Cuba’s bloody dictator Fidel Castro visited North Vietnam and sent three torturers to extract information from the 585 pilots and other POWs.

One of the torturers, Fernando Vecino Alegret, assassinated a Navy pilot, Earl Cobeil. He sent thousands of soldiers of the Giron Brigade to repair the Ho Chi Ming Trail and kill American soldiers and some Cuban soldiers attacked Saigon at the end of the war. Communist pilots flew Migs to shoot American pilots. Castro took 17 American pilots from Hanoi to Villa Marista in Cuba, the G2 headquarters in Havana, to experiment with the worst tortures ever done including cutting off their noses and ears and giving electric shocks to these brave Americans in Mazorra Hospital for the insane. These 17 pilots could never be released since they were very disfigured. They were murdered in Havana. These crimes against humanity by the communist Cuban regime have been committed with complete impunity.

Why has America tolerated so much abuse from the mass-murdering Cuban regime for over 62 years? Why did the Defense Department cover-up these crimes and Cuba’s involvement in this war for so many years? Why did the State Department give a visa to the murderer Vecino Alegret when he was a General and Minister of Education to come to speak at Harvard and MIT in 1979?

Since the Biden administration is soon going to reverse all of President Trump’s strong sanctions on the Cuban regime, it is important to know the role Cuba played in the Vietnam War, including the torturing, and killing of American pilots in Hanoi and Havana. The Biden administration is going to return to the failed policy of the Obama administration, which consisted on giving Cuba unilateral concessions in return for nothing, except more repression of the Cuban population and increased cooperation with China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

Some articles and at least one book have been written on this subject. On March 22, 2016, Judicial Watch sued the government seeking information on the 17 pilots killed in Havana. On April 9, 1995, Juan O. Tamayo wrote an article in Spanish titled “Torturadores Cubanos en Vietnam” that was published by the website El and by the Miami Herald and el Nuevo Herald on August 22, 1995.  On February 10, 2015, John Lowery wrote an article in the Accuracy in Media website explaining the terrible role of communist Cuba in the killing and torturing of Americans during the Vietnam War in Hanoi and Havana.  On May 18, 2016, Elmer Davis wrote an article titled “Cuba’s Vietnam War Involvement” that was published by the website On January 15, 2021, Dr. Pedro Roig wrote an article titled “No Limits to Cruelty” that was published in the website Cuban Studies Institute. An extensive article published by the website of Amigo Pais Guaracabuya titled “Cuban War Crimes Against American POWs During the Vietnam War.” The book, Honor Bound: The History of American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia, 1961-1973, was written in 1999 by Stuart Rochester and Frederick Kiley.

Cuba sent three torturers to Hanoi. The cruelest and most vicious was Fernando Vecino Alegret, known as “Fidel,” who later became a brigadier general and Minister of Higher Education.

Vecino was born on June 24, 1938, in Banes, Holguín. He studied in Banes until the age of 14 and then transferred to Colegio Champagnat of the Marist Brothers in Camagüey where his grandparents lived. Vecino finished “segundo año de bachillerato” (second year of high school). This writer was in the fourth grade and his brother Jorge in sixth grade in the same school during this time. The following year Vecino transferred to Colegio Dolores of the Jesuit order in Santiago de Cuba as an intern. He finished the last year of high school in Holguín.

In 1954, Vecino began with other students to protest the government of Fulgencio Batista and was beaten by the police. He joined the 26 of July Movement led by Fidel Castro and his parents, fearing for his safety, sent him to study in the United States. Vecino began to study chemical engineering at the University of Alabama and traveled to several cities in America. He withdrew from the university and went to Mexico to be trained as a soldier to invade Cuba with Pedro Miret Prieto. Later, he traveled to Miami where he met Haydée Santamaría, who wrote a letter on his behalf to Fidel Castro and one to Vilma Espín, the future wife of dictator Raúl Castro.

On June 23. 1958, Vecino joined Fidel Castro in the Sierra Maestra Mountains in Cuba’s province of Oriente. He fought in the revolution against Batista under the command of Juan Almeida Bosque. Vecino was promoted to captain and participated in the capture of Santiago de Cuba, where Raúl Castro shot several men without a trial and began to implant a terror regime in a nation that never had the death penalty, not even for murderers.

After the establishment of the dictatorship of Fidel Castro in January 1959, Vecino worked in the Agrarian reform in several municipalities in Oriente. He was recalled to Havana and attended the University of Havana to study engineering and served as a leader of the Union of Young Communists. Vecino studied in the Soviet Union military technology and strategic weapons. In 1965 he oversaw a unit of missiles FKR. In 1966, he became director of a Military Institute in the former Colegio Belén. Vecino’s official military biography hides the year and one month he spent in Hanoi, along with Eduardo Morejón Estévez and Luis Pérez Jaén, severely torturing American pilots prisoners of war from 1967 to 1968. A Congressional investigation indicated that Morejón served as military attaché of the Cuban embassy in Hanoi during that time and Pérez was identified by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 1979 according to Juan O. Tamayo

Shamefully, Fernando Vecino Alegret tortured for many days Earl Cobeil, a Navy F-105 Pilot at the Zoo prison, until he became catatonic and died. This assassin later was sent to Angola in late 1975. In 1976, he was named brigadier general and Minister of Higher Education, where he served for almost 30 years. The murderer Vecino was invited to speak to Harvard and MIT in 1979 during President Jimmy Carter’s last year in office. Shamefully, the torturer of many American pilots in Hanoi and the murderer of Navy pilot Earl Cobeil, instead of being arrested, indicted, given a trial, convicted, and send to the electric chair or life in prison, was given a visa by the State Department.

Where was the Department of Defense that should have been aware of what Vecino did in North Vietnam? How about President Carter?

Dr. Roig explained that Fidel Castro visited Hanoi in 1973 during the Vietnam War to demonstrate public support to North Vietnam. For several years, Cuban communist military officers were involved in secret operations in that war. The most terrible one was the torturing of American POWs. Dr. Roig wrote that from July 1967 to August 1968, Cuban Captain Fernando Vecino Alegret “tortured American POWs in a savage interrogation known as the Cuban Program to crush the prisoners into total submission.”

In April 1999, the story of the torturing of American POWs in Vietnam by Cuban communist officers was described in the book Honor Bound: American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia, 1961-1973.

This immensely detailed 592-page book was written by Stuart I. Rochester and Frederick Kiley.  Drawing from memoirs, interviews, classified documents, and other sources, the historians provided the most sweeping view of American POWs since the return of the prisoners in 1973.

Amazon describes this book as follows: “Honor Bound, a collaborative effort researched and written over the course of more than a decade by historian Stuart Rochester and Air Force Academy professor and POW specialist Frederick Kiley, combines rigorous scholarly analysis with a moving narrative to record in unprecedented detail the triumphs and tragedies of the several hundred servicemen (and civilians) who fought their own special war in North and South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia between 1961 and 1973.”

“The authors address a gamut of subjects from the physical ordeal of torture and deprivation that required clarification of the Code of Conduct to the sometimes more onerous psychological challenges of indoctrination, adjustments to new routines and relationships, and mere coping and passing time under the most monotonous, inhospitable conditions. The volume weaves a winding trail through scores of prison camps, from large concrete compounds in the North to isolated jungle stockades in the South to mountain caves in Laos, while tracing political developments in Hanoi and Washington and the evolution of the “psywar” that placed the prisoners at the center of the conflict even as they were removed from the battlefield. From courageous resistance and ingenious methods of organization and communication to failed escapes and questionable conduct — “warts and all”— Honor Bound examines in depth the longest and perhaps most remarkable prisoner-of-war captivity in U.S. history.”

Dr. Roig pointed out that on November 4, 1999, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, then Chairman of the House Subcommittee on International Economy and Trade, held a congressional hearing during which several American POW officers discussed in great detailed the brutal tortures inflicted upon them by Cuban communist torturers in Vietnam. The total submissive behavior set by the Cuban communist psychopaths included the making of tape-recorded statements to be published by the Communist propaganda media.

In his book Faith of my Father the late Senator John McCain, a pilot POW in Hanoi, wrote: “In the Zoo, mass torture was a routine practice.  For a time, the camp personnel at the Zoo included an English-speaking Cuban, called “Fidel” who delighted in breaking Americans, even when the task required him to torture his victims to death.”

Dr. Roig wrote the following: “On September 9, 1999, the Miami Herald offered the testimony of Air Force Colonel Ed Hubbard a POW in Vietnam who identified the leader of the Cuban interrogation team that tortured him: That’s the guy, Hubbard said, visibly shaken, as he held a picture of Cuban General Fernando Vecino Alegret.  “Fidel” was described by several POWs as being over six feet tall, young, muscular, with full command of English with American slangs and personal knowledge of many cities in the Southeastern United States from Miami to the Carolinas.  “Fidel has been identified by some of the POWs in the “Cuban Program” as Fernando Vecino Alegret.  Fernando Vecino Alegret lived in the United States for extensive periods of time, including Miami, and studied at the University of Alabama, until he joined the Castro’s guerrillas in 1958.  Today he is a retired brigadier general of the Cuban FAR.”

Air Force F-105 Pilot Lieutenant Colonel Earl G. Cobeil was assassinated at the age of 33 in November,1967. This is the worst case of torture ever recorded by debriefers in the “Cuban Program.” This picture was courtesy of his widow, Mrs. Cobeil.

The sight of Cobeil walking back from the torture chamber was a horrible scene. The pilot could barely walk. He shuffled slowly and painfully. His clothes were torn to shreds.  He was bleeding everywhere, terribly swollen, dirty, black, and purple from head to toes.  His head was down, and he made no attempt to look at anyone.  He had been through much more than the daily beatings.  His body was ripped and torn. Silvers of bamboo were embedded in the bloodied shins and there were what appeared to be tread marks from hose across his chest, back, and legs. He reportedly died of these injuries on or about November 5, 1970. His remains were identified and returned to the United States on March 6, 1974.

For his extraordinary courage and fortitude in the face of savage torturing, Coronel Earl Glenn Cobeil received the President Air Force Cross Award (posthumously) for Extraordinary Heroism in Captivity.  He is buried at the Arlington National Cemetery.

Juan O. Tamayo wrote that Fernando Vecino Alegret as well as Eduardo Morejón Estévez and Luis Pérez Jaén, who both served as military attachés in the Cuban embassy in Hanoi, implemented the Cuba Program. Two groups of 10 men were chosen to show North Vietnamese new inhumane techniques to torture American pilots severely and force them in complete submission to get military intelligence and use them for propaganda. The North Vietnamese regularly beat and torture all prisoners of war (POWs) and kept them isolated in individual cells up to two or more years. But the three Cuban torturers sent by the mass-murderer Cuban dictator Fidel Castro wanted to show the Vietnamese new and more successful methods of torture. The leader Vecino was called “Fidel” and the other two “Chico” and “García” by the POWs pilots.

An article published by the website of Amigo Pais Guaracabuya titled “Cuban War Crimes Against American POWs During the Vietnam War” said that “in 1977-78, Morejón Estévez served under diplomatic cover as a brigadier general at the United Nations in New York and no attempt was made to either arrest or expel him.”

Another article written in Spanish by Pablo Alfonso in el Nuevo Herald stated that Morejón was a former Coronel of the Counter Military Intelligence in Cuba. Morejón was born in Camagüey, Cuba in 1941 and graduated from Colegio Champagnat of the Marist Brothers in 1960. After his graduation, he went to Havana and became an officer in the Army. Morejón fought against the anti-communist guerrillas who were fighting for the freedom of Cuba in the Escambray Mountains. Morejón then went to the Soviet Union to receive additional military training. He speaks English well. Morejón’s parents sent him to study in the United States in March 1958, according to immigration records. Alfonso explained that Morejón is a high executive of the regime corporation Artex S.A.

My brother Jorge was in the fourth year of bachillerato (high school) and this writer was in the second year of bachillerato when Morejón was in the third year of bachillerato at Colegio Champagnat of the Marist Brothers in Camagüey. Many of our friends from Colegio Champagnat fought at the Bay of Pigs while the traitor Morejón became a communist army officer and a torturer of American POWs pilots in Hanoi.

The Cuban Program was evaluated by two of the Department of Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office’s (DPMO) analysts

The extensive article published by the website Amigo Pais Guaracabuya titled “Cuban War Crimes Against American POWs During the Vietnam War” explained how the Cuban Program was evaluated by Department of Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office’s (DPMO) chief analysts Robert Destatte and Chuck Towbridge. It said that in an email to Commander Chip Beck, an intelligence officer who at the time was working at DPMO, Destatte said he had concluded that the Cuban Program was nothing more than a program “to provide instruction in basic English to North Vietnamese Army personnel working with American prisoners.” According to Destatte, “it was an English language program that had gone awry.” It was incredibly stupid and incorrect evaluation!

However, the Department of Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office’s (DPMO) later did document the atrocities committed by the three Cuban torturers in Hanoi. And as explained earlier, on November 4, 1999, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, then Chairman of the House Subcommittee on International Economy and Trade, held a congressional hearing during which several American POW officers discussed in great detailed the brutal tortures inflicted upon them by Cuban communist torturers in Vietnam.

The article published by the website Amigo Pais Guaracabuya explained the following: “According to a February 1971 State Department cable, a former aide to Fidel Castro offered …to ransom POWs in North Viet Nam through the Castro Government. The cable concluded: Propose doing nothing further unless advised. Evidently no advice was forthcoming, and there is no evidence of any other agency investigating this matter… As part of their propaganda program, Dr. Fernando Barral, a Spanish-born psychologist, interviewed Navy Lt. Commander John Sidney McCain Jr. (Later a Republican Senator from Arizona who has died since) for an article published in Cuba’s communist newspaper Granma on January 24, 1970. Barral was a card-carrying communist international residing in Cuba and traveling on a Cuban passport.”

Cubans on the Ho Chi Minh Trail

The article published by the website Amigo Pais Guaracabuya stated the following: “The Cubans were heavily involved in the Vietnam War. Cuba had a very large contingent of combat engineers, the Giron Brigade, that was responsible for maintaining a large section of the Ho Chi Minh Trail; the supply line running from North Vietnam through Laos and Cambodia to South Vietnam. The contingent was so large that Cuba had to establish a consulate in the jungle. Many American personnel serving in both Vietnam and Laos were either captured or killed along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and in all likelihood, many by the Cubans. One National Security Agency SigNet report states that 18 American POWs are being detained at the Phom Thong Camp… in Laos, and “…are being closely guarded by Soviet and Cuban personnel with Vietnamese soldiers outside the camp.”

Cubans and other POWs

The article published by the website of Amigo Pais Guaracabuya pointed out the following: “According to CIA documents Cuban communist party committee members, Cuban journalists Raúl Valdés Vivó and Marta Rojas Rodríguez, visited liberated areas of South Vietnam where they interrogated U.S. prisoners of war being held by the Viet Cong. Many of the American POWs held in the South Viet Nam, were in fact under the command-control of the North Vietnamese’s Enemy Proselytizing Bureau, but temporarily farmed-out to Viet Cong. Rojas told of her interviewing American POWs in South Viet Nam at the Bertram Russel mock war crimes tribunal in Denmark in 1967.  Photographs of some of the POWs, and related articles, appeared in Cuban and various other communist media. American POWs Charles Crafts, Smith, McClure, Schumann, and Cook were among those interviewed and photographed by Rojas and Vivó. This leads one to ask, why hasn’t DOD pursued questioning Cubans about the fate of American POWs?”

“One POW camp holding many Americans was located about 100 km from the Chinese border between Monkai and Laokai, (an area where Cuban engineers were constructing military installations after 1975). According to an intelligence source, one day the camp just disappeared, guards and all. The disappearance of American POWs near the Cuban facilities at Monkai and Laokai wasn’t an isolated incident. American POWs also disappeared in the vicinity of two other Cuban installations. One American POW camp, located at Work Site 5 (Cong Truong 5) just north of the DMZ, was adjacent to a Cuban field hospital that Fidel Castro visited in 1972. None of the POWs held in that camp were ever released, including black American aviator Lt. Clemmie McKinney. McKinney was shot down in April 1972, approximately the same time as Castro’s visit. McKinney’s remains were returned on August 14, 1985. The Vietnamese claim that McKinney died in November 1972; however, “A CILHI (U.S. Army Central Identification Laboratory, Hawaii) forensic anthropologist states his opinion as to time of death as not earlier than 1975 and probably several years later.”

“Another Cuban installation was near Ba Vi, where numerous sightings of white buffalos [i.e., American POWs] were made by South Vietnamese undergoing reeducation in the North. According to one of the recently returned Vietnamese 34-A commandos, he saw 60 American POWs at the Thanh Tri Prison complex in 1969. Also in the same prison complex were approximately 100 French and Moroccan POWs captured in the early 1950s. Later the French and Moroccans were transferred to the Ba Vi Prison complex near the Cuban facility. There were a small number of American POWs held for a while in a section of the Thanh Tri Prison complex, appropriately dubbed Skid row. However, they numbered about 20, not 60, and none had been held with French and/or Moroccan POWs.”

Other Cuban military involvement

The article published by the website Amigo Pais Guaracabuya indicated the following: “Several reports said that Cubans were piloting MIGs in aerial combat with American pilots over North Vietnam. One American advisor flying in an H-34 used a M-79 grenade launcher to shoot down a Cuban flying a biplane in Northern Laos. This was the same kind of plane used in the attack against Lima Site 85–the top-secret base in Laos providing guidance for American planes in the bombing of North Vietnam.”

“The involvement with American POWs was just a part of Cuba’s long history of commitment to assist the Vietnamese communists, and just another chapter in their role as communist internationals on behalf of the Soviet Union. The Cubans first showed up in Vietnam not too many years after they consolidated power on their own island in the early 1960s. Soon after, the Cubans soon began operating en masse alongside their Vietnamese brethren. They even accompanied the North Vietnamese through the gates of the South Vietnamese Presidential Palace in Saigon on April 29, 1975.  However, the Cuban’s assistance to the North Vietnamese continued well beyond 1975.”

Dr. Roig ended his article by writing the following: “The factual story of the excruciating pain inflicted by Cuban officers in Vietnam against American POWs is a gruesome testimony of the terrible punishment suffer by Cuban political prisoners in Castro’s chambers of torture. Throughout over 60 years of dogmatic intolerance thousands of Cuban freedom’s fighters faced this criminal system where there are no limits to cruelty.”

Both John Lowery and Elmer Davis wrote similar accounts on the little-known role of the bloody mass-murdering Cuban regime in the Vietnam War. They explained the following: “There is a great need to account the American servicemen captured in the Vietnam War and imprisoned in Cuban-operated POW camps. Of utmost importance is an accounting of the 17 American airmen captured in North Vietnam and then taken to Cuba for medical experiments in torture techniques.”

The communist Cubans had facilities, including a POW camp and field hospitals extremely near the DMZ, just inside North Vietnam. Meanwhile, Cuban torturer interrogators severely abused American captured pilots in Hanoi at a prison known as the Zoo. We know of these operations thanks to Juan O. Tamayo, John Lowery, Elmer Davis, Dr. Pedro Roig, the book by Stuart I. Rochester and Frederick Kiley, and reports of POWs who managed to survive and be repatriated during Operation Homecoming in 1973.

 After spending 2,221 days as a POW in Hanoi, Major Jack Bomar, a Zoo prisoner survivor, was released during Operation Homecoming on March 4, 1973.

Bomar was later promoted to colonel. Jack Bomar retired from the Air Force on March 1, 1974 and died on May 21, 2009.

Air Force Lt. Colonel POW Earl G. Cobeil was assassinated by Fernando Vecino Alegret.

Elmer Davis wrote that after his release Major Jack Bomar, a Zoo survivor, described the brutal beating of Air Force Lt. Colonel Earl G. Cobeil, by Cuban officer Fernando Vecino Alegret, known by the POWs as “Fidel.” Regarding Captain Cobeil, Bomar related that “He was completely catatonic. His body was ripped and torn everywhere…Hell cuffs appeared almost to have severed his wrists…Slivers of bamboo were imbedded in his bloodied shins, he was bleeding from everywhere, terribly swollen, a dirty yellowish black and purple [countenance] from head to toe.” To force Cobeil to talk “Fidel smashed a fist into the man’s face, driving him against the wall. Then he was brought to the center of the room and made to get down onto his knees. Screaming in rage, Fidel took a length of rubber hose from a guard and lashed it as hard as he could into the man’s face. The prisoner did not react; he did not cry out or even blink an eye. Again, and again, a dozen times, “Fidel” smashed the man’s face with the hose.”

Because of his grotesque physical condition, Captain Cobeil was not repatriated. Instead, he was listed as “died in captivity,” and his remains were returned in 1974 (Miami Herald, August 22, 1999 and Benge, Michael D. “The Cuban Torture Program, Testimony before the House International Relations Committee, Chaired by Benjamin A. Gilman, November 4, 1999.)

Major James Kasler flew 91 combat missions on a F-101 when his aircraft was hit and forced to eject on August 8, 1966. He was captured and spent 2,401 days in captivity.

For more than a month in 1967, Kasler was the target of nearly continuous daily torture. He received his third Air Force Cross medal for resisting torture inflicted on him over a two-month period during the summer of 1968 to coerce his cooperation with visiting anti-war delegations and propaganda film makers.

Major Kasler described his worst treatment:

“My worst session of torture began in late June 1968. The Vietnamese were attempting to force me to meet a delegation and appear before TV cameras on the occasion of the supposed 3,000th American airplane shot down over North Vietnam. I couldn’t say the things they were trying to force me to say. I was tortured for six weeks. I went through the ropes and irons ten times. I was denied sleep for five days and during three of these was beaten every hour on the hour with a fan belt. During the entire period I was on a starvation diet. I was very sick during this period. I had contracted osteomyelitis in early 1967 and had a massive bone infection in my right leg. They would wrap my leg before each torture session so I wouldn’t get pus or blood all over the floor of the interrogation room. During this time, they beat my face to a pulp. I couldn’t get my teeth apart for five days. My ear drum was ruptured, one of my ribs broken and the pin in my right leg was broken loose and driven up into my hip.”

At one point, during the fall of 1967, Kasler’s guards took his clothes and his mosquito net. For three days, they denied him food and water and beat him on his back and buttocks with a truck fan belt, every hour on the hour, 6 a.m. until 10 or 11 p.m. His torturer asked if he surrendered. Kasler finally said yes.

The torturer Fernando Vecino Alegret, nicknamed “Fidel” by the POWs, returned to Kasler’s cell the next day and demanded that he surrender. Kasler refused and the beatings resumed and continued for another two days.


Kasler suffered a fractured rib, a ruptured eardrum, and broken teeth. He was left with the skin hanging off his rear end down to the floor. His face was so swollen, and it hung like a bag. His eyes were almost shut. Kasler’s mangled and infected leg, which tormented him throughout his captivity and for years afterwards, swelled to the point he feared it would explode. Major Kasler was severely tortured by Vecino Alegret but somehow managed to survive horrendous Cuban criminal’s tortures.


Major Kasler was released on March 4, 1973 and treated in a hospital. He resumed his Air Force career and was promoted to colonel. He retired in 1975. Colonel Kasler died on April 24, 2014 in West Palm Beach, Florida and was buried with full military honors at Crown Hill Cemetery.


Seventeen U.S. pilots were taken to Havana and all severely tortured and assassinated  

Elmer Davis explained that there is less information regarding the 17 captured pilots taken to Cuba for “experimentation in torture techniques.” They were held in Havana’s Villa Marista, a secret Cuban prison run by Castro’s G-2 Intelligence service. A few were held in the Mazorra (Psychiatric) Hospital and served as human guinea pigs in the development of improved methods of extracting information through “torture and drugs to induce American prisoners to cooperate.”

After being shot down in April of 1972, U.S. Navy F-4 pilot, Lt. Clemmie McKinney, an African American, was imprisoned near the Cuban compound called Work Site Five. His capture occurred while then-Cuban mass-murderer dictator Fidel Castro was visiting the nearby Cuban field hospital. Although listed as killed in the crash by DOD, his photograph standing with Castro, was later published in a classified CIA document.


Navy F-4 pilot, Lt. Clemmie McKinney, was severely tortured and assassinated in Havana.

More than 13 years later, on August 14, 1985, the North Vietnamese returned Lt. McKinney’s remains, reporting that he had died in November 1972. However, a U.S, Army forensic anthropologist established the “time of death as not earlier than 1975 and probably several years later.” The report speculated that he had been a guest at Havana’s Villa Marista prison. His remains were returned to Vietnam for repatriation. (United States paid large amounts of money for the remains—delivered in stacks of green dollars to Hanoi aboard an AF C-141 from Travis AFB, California.)

Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Defense and filed for records of the American pilots who were assassinated in Havana on March 22, 2016. The Judicial Watch lawsuit was filed after the Defense Department refused to comply with a June 1, 2015 FOIA request seeking access to the following: “Any and all records depicting the names, service branch, ranks, Military Occupational Specialty, and dates and locations of capture of all American servicemen believed to have been held captive by Cuban government or military forces on the island of Cuba since 1960. Responding to the lawsuit, the Department of Defense initially claimed to have no responsive records.”

As explained earlier on February 10, 2015, John Lowery wrote an article in the Accuracy in Media website explaining the role of communist Cuba in the killing and torturing of Americans in Hanoi and Havana during the Vietnam War. Judicial Watch wrote “In 1999, during testimony before Congress, Mike Benge, former prisoner of war (POW) and POW historian stated: I have also uncovered evidence of the possibility that American POWs from the Vietnam War have been held in Los Maristas, a secret Cuban prison run by Castro’s G-2 intelligence service.”

“The fact that we had to sue the Obama administration to get simple answers as to whether Cuba held and tortured American POWs strongly suggests that a cover-up is underway,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  “The Obama administration admires Castro’s Cuba so much that even the fate of the regimes victims, even American POWs, is of little concern. I have a feeling that President Obama won’t be raising this issue with the Cuban regime this week.”

Barack and Michelle Obama and their family visited Cuba and did the wave at a baseball game while sitting next to the bloody dictator Raúl Castro. Earlier, Castro answered a question by an American reporter and lied while standing next to Obama and said there were no political prisoners in jail in the island. Castro said if someone gives him the names of political prisoners in jail, he will set them free immediately. Obama had the list of political prisoners and kept quiet.

Captain Wayne Smith graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1965.

Captain Wayne Smith flew 69 missions over Hanoi and 21 over Laos. At age 24, on his 90th mission over Hanoi, his F-4D aircraft was hit by a missile and he ejected.

Captain Smith and I at a Naples, Florida conference where we both spoke on April 24, 2021. He published a book of poems written in the cells of Hanoi called Voices from the Dark.

Captain Smith was captured and severely tortured during several weeks and then kept in solitary confinement for two years. After the two terrible years in isolation, he was moved to the Hanoi Hilton prison. Captain Smith learned four languages and many other subjects from other POWs. Since he had studied German at the Air Force Academy, Captain Smith taught German to other POWs. All the POWs were released during Operation Homecoming on March 4, 1973.

In April 2021, John Di Lemme interviewed Wayne Smith, now age 77, for the Conservative Business Journal television podcast.  It was very inspiring to hear this brave American patriot describing his five years and two months of brutal imprisonment and how his faith in God sustained him during those horrible years. Captain Smith explained that of the approximately 1,400 American pilots who were shot down during the Vietnam War, only 591 survived and today less than 200 hundred are still alive.

Unfortunately, many American pilots and other servicemen held in the Cuban POWs camp near Work Site Five (Cong Truong Five), along with those in two other Cuban run camps, were never acknowledged, nor accounted for, and the prisoners simply disappeared. Our honor code of “Duty, Honor, Country” and our national policy of “No man left behind” are more than meaningless slogans.

Raúl Valdés Vivó visited Hanoi as a journalist, but this was only a cover. He was a DGI (Cuban Intelligence) officer and a high-ranking Cuban Communist Party member. He wrote a book, El gran secreto: cubanos en el Camino Ho Chi Minh, that was published in Havana in 1990 (The Great Secret Cuban on the Ho Chi Minh Trail).

Raúl Valdés Vivó explained that Cuba was supplying several thousand soldiers to build, maintain and guard a sizeable portion of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and providing a large amount of other technical and material assistance. Cubans also killed Americans who were near the Ho Chi Minh Trail. He also said in his book that Cubans were with the North Vietnamese communists in 1975 when they took over Saigon, “although a modest presence.” These statements are especially important since historians have yet to admit the extent of the involvement of Cuba in the Vietnam War.

Raúl Valdés Vivó was Cuba’s envoy to the South Vietnamese region during the Vietnam War. He lived for some time areas of that country. Valdés Vivó was the Cuban Communist Party representative to the Indo-Chinese Communist Party from 1965 to 1974. Later, he became the Cuban envoy to Laos and Ethiopia. He wrote several other books.

Before the Biden administration begins its appeasement policy with the bloody Cuban regime, their murderous leadership must account for the American POWs including Earl Cobeil, who was murdered in Hanoi, and the 17 pilots taken to Havana who were severely tortured and so terrible disfigured that they could not be set free and were killed. Other POWs in Cuban camps during the Vietnam War simple disappeared

Retired Brigadier General Fernando Vecino Alegret, who murdered Earl Cobeil in Hanoi and severely tortured many American pilots in Hanoi, needs to be indicted by a U.S. court as well as Eduardo Morejón Estévez and Luis Pérez Jaén, who served as military attachés in the Cuban embassy in Hanoi. The rest of the Cuban communist murderers need to be identified and indicted. The civilized world, patriotic Americans, and specially our veterans demand it.

Bay of Pigs veterans fought, and some died and were wounded in the Vietnam War

It must be pointed out that many Cuban Americans fought in the Vietnam War in the different branches of the Armed Forces as soldiers and officers. Some were injured and died. My friends former Mayor of the City of Hialeah Julio Martinez served as a sergeant in the Vietnam War, the Vice President of the Cuban Patriotic Council Eduardo Macaya, Past Commander of Veteran Post 10212 Rafael Morales, and Bill Peraza fought in the Vietnam War.

Some of my Bay of Pigs veteran friends fought in Vietnam, including Colonel Johnny López de la Cruz, my cousin Colonel José Raúl “Yayo” de Varona was wounded, Colonel Manuel Granado Díaz was shot several times in the chest, Colonel Juan Armando Montes, Colonel Matías Farías, Major Modesto Castañer, Captain Amado Gayol Tabares, Captain Máximo Cruz González, Pilot Eduardo Sánchez Cadenas, and Captain Hugo Suerio who was severely wounded in combat.

Hugo Suerio was the commander of the Second Battalion of the Assault Brigade 2506. He fought bravely at Playa Larga in the Bay of Pigs. Hugo Suerio was severely wounded in Vietnam.

Green Beret Captain Celso Pérez Rodríguez died in combat on June 4, 1967.

José M. Fajardo Montano contracted Agent Orange and died in Miami. He is the father of singer Gloria Estefan.

Captain Félix Sosa Camejo died in combat on February 13, 1968.

Captain Irenaido F. Padrón died on May 6, 1965 in Vietnam.

Also wounded were Captain José Dorta García and Captain Segundo Martínez Granja.

Army Colonel Johnny López de la Cruz

Air Force Colonel Matías Farías

Army Colonel Manuel A. Granado Día

Army Colonel Juan Armando Montes

Army Colonel Néstor Pino Marina

My cousin Army Colonel José Raúl “Yayo” de Varona González

The colonels who fought in Vietnam were the following: Johnny López de la Cruz, Matías Farías, Reinaldo García Martínez, Manuel Granado Díaz, Juan A. Montes, Néstor Pino Marina, José Raúl “Yayo” de Varona, and Orlando Rodríguez.

The lieutenant colonels were the following: Luis C. Bárcenas, Esteban Beruvides, Evelio Borrego Carballo, Rodolfo Díaz Hernández, Erik Fernández del Valle, Ramón J. Ferrer Mena, Mario J. de Lamar, Reinaldo Lazo, Juan R. López, Humberto S. Olivera, Francisco Padrón Hernández, Demetrio J. Pérez Rodríguez, Félix Pérez Tamayo, José S. Pérez Álvarez, Luis O. Rodríguez Martínez, Raúl de la Torre, and Raúl Vázquez Martín.

The majors were the following: José E. Alonso Lamar, Luis E. Martínez Castro, Modesto L. Castañer, Alfonso Cereceda, Florencio de Peña Flores, Benjamín Garay Saavedra, Óscar Martínez Roig, and Héctor E. de Varona.

The captains were the following: Bernardo J. Bosh Rodríguez, Conrado Caballero Acosta, Máximo L. Cruz González, Rolando P. Cuervo Galano, Juan L. de Sosa Chabau, Lomberto Díaz Pérez, Eduardo J. Fernández Uriarte, Federico García Geli, Amado Gayol Tabares, José A. González Castro, José Dearing González, Rafael A. Grenier Martínez, Eulogio R. Lavandeira, Roberto Macía Vinet, Cándido Molinet Pérez, Manuel J. Pérez Márquez, Reynold Prendes Paz, José Rojas, Arturo M. Sánchez González, Julio C. Soto Camacho, Raúl E. Taboada Reguera, Tomás Vázquez Casanova, and José L. Vivanco Pardo.

Eduardo Sánchez Cadenas was a helicopter pilot who rescued many wounded and Félix Rodríguez Mendigutía served in the CIA during the Vietnam War.


President Lyndon B. Johnson was partially responsible for the needless deaths 58,159 Americans in the Armed Forces including 1,400 pilots who died and tens of thousands wounded in the Vietnam War. The horrible rules of engagement set by the Johnson administration prevented American pilots from destroying the Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAM) being brought by Soviet Union ships to the port of Haiphong in North Vietnam for fear of expanding war. If the Johnson administration wanted total victory, Haiphong, and any other ports where military equipment, especially SAMs and anti-aircraft weapons, were being sent to North Vietnam had to be destroyed. In war America needs to fight to win or not begin one. Limited wars, such as the one in Korea and Vietnam, should not be fought. There is “No Substitute to Victory” as General Douglas MacArthur said regarding the Korean War.

United States lost 205 aircraft shot by North Vietnamese surface-to-air missiles. During the Vietnam war, the Soviet Union delivered 95 S-75 systems and 7,658 missiles to the North Vietnamese. In total, the U.S lost 3,374 aircrafts in combat during the war; in both North and South Vietnam. According to the North Vietnamese, 31% were shot down by S-75 missiles (1,046 aircraft, or 6 missiles per one kill); by anti-aircraft guns; and 9% by MiG fighters. The S-75 missile system significantly improved the effectiveness of North Vietnamese anti-aircraft artillery, which used data from S-75 radar stations.

During the Vietnam War, President Johnson continued to trade with the Soviet Union materials he called non-strategic but, were utilized in the war directly or indirectly. It was shameful that while American soldiers, sailors, and pilots were dying and being injured, President Johnson kept selling materials to the Soviet Union that were killing these brave Americans. America could have won the Vietnam War, but the treasonous rules of engagement prevented it. This was dereliction of duty and treason!

It has always astounded me how much abuse America has endured since 1959 by the diabolical Cuban regime, including Fidel Castro playing an important role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. If the American public would have been made aware of all the enormous crimes made by communist Cuba against America and its allies, Americans would have demanded an immediate regime change in the island. But the corrupt mainstream media and the communists in America, especially the Democrats in Congress and the White House, over the years were successful in keeping the public ignorant of the tremendous damage done by the Cuban regime to America and its allies.

How many Americans are aware that Cuba was deeply involved in the Vietnam War? How many know that the Cuban bloody regime had an engineering battalion called the Girón Brigade killing American soldiers and maintaining Route Nine, a major enemy supply line into South Vietnam? How many are aware the Cuban communist pilots flew Migs shooting at American pilots? How many are aware 17 American pilots were taken to Havana and so badly tortured and so terrible disfigured released they could never be released and were assassinated? I suspect that very few know what the bloody and mass-murdering Cuban communist regime did to America during the Vietnam War.

It is now time that Cuba’s role in the Vietnam War and all the atrocities and despicable human rights violations are well known by Americans and the world.