Zero Dark Thirty is a Must See Film

If there is one film you decide to see this year it is Zero Dark Thirty. This film is the closest to the realities of steps needed to protect Americans from the threat of radical Islam.

The best analysis of the film was done by Shane Harris from the Washingtonian. Harris writes, “For a moment, put aside the important and probably irresolvable debate over torture that has been generated by the new film Zero Dark Thirty…”.

“While the film does not advocate torture, the filmmakers undoubtedly make the argument that brutal and sustained interrogations of suspected terrorists produced useful, maybe even crucial intelligence that led the CIA to Osama bin Laden’s doorstep in Pakistan. This is an assertion that the director and screenwriter have backed away from while promoting their Oscar-buzzed movie, perhaps so not to further enrage critics and a few lawmakers who say Zero Dark Thirty describes torture as the key to the CIA’s decade-long hunt,” reports Harris.

Perhaps it is time to rethink the use of enhanced interrogation techniques given the recent events in Algeria?

Watch the trailer:

“Zero Dark Thirty is one of the most accurate depictions of intelligence work that I’ve ever seen in film. And of intelligence analysis in particular. This is pain-staking stuff. Slow-going. Often frustrated by a paucity of leads, by competing priorities, and by physical exhaustion. The movie’s protagonist, Maya, who is based on a real-life CIA officer, can think of nothing else but getting bin Laden,” notes  Harris.

I must agree totally.

Hillary’s Cohesive Strategy – From Vince Foster to Benghazi

When reading Following Orders: The Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer by Marinka Peschmann one is struck by the similarities between what happened in the Clinton White House upon the death of Vince Foster and what happened in the Obama White House upon the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Peschmann writes, ” [The Clinton cohesive strategy] went like this: ‘Nothing here. The investigators are on a political witch hunt. So make it short and sweet and get out. They’re trying to take down the president. Don’t speculate’.”

“This strategy is also known as the Clintons’ ‘joint defense’ tactic; a tactic which became public knowledge during the Clinton-Lewinsky investigation, called the joint defense agreement strategy. Unbeknownst to most Americans, the joint defense tactic was successfully used to benefit and protect the Clintons during all the investigations. It’s where witnesses may not communicate with one another; lawyers, however, may legally share information among others lawyers ensuring that the White House was always informed on who said what,” notes Peschmann.

During the investigation of the death of Vince Foster everything was done to hinder the investigation and thereby minimize political damage to the White House. 

The Senate Whitewater Committee investigation found: “Members of the White House counsel’s office participated in the Park Police interviews of White House staffers, not to protect the legal interests of the staffers but … to report back to Mr. Nussbaum what was being said in the interviews.” Moreover, “the White House counsel’s office coached the staffers about their testimony during a meeting on ‘comportment and interrogation.’ The Park Police left with the impression that their interviews had been rehearsed.”

Fast forward to the Obama White House and Clinton Department of State and their handling of Benghazi. Just as the Park Police were hindered in their investigation of the death of Vince Foster, so too was the FBI hindered in its investigation of the death of Ambassador Stevens.

The finger prints of Hillary are on both of these deaths.

Peschmann writes, “In fact, playing the role of ‘hidden hand’ is one [Hillary] enjoys. She was extremely Machiavellian, a master of doing things that could not be traced back to her,” recalled one close colleague. “She would say, ‘Do this, but don’t leave any fingerprints.’”

Breitbart reported in its column “Greta Van Susteren: Has Justice Been Denied in Benghazi?“, “Besides these failures and frustrations regarding the Libyan government, Susteren said the public actions of the FBI in the days and months after the attack were not very reassuring either. And although she and her guest Ron Kessler granted that the Libyan government may actively be hindering the FBI, Susteren reminded viewers:

This happened on Sept 11, [20012] but reports are that the FBI didn’t get there until early October, which for any crime scene is grossly late. Then once they were there, they didn’t pick up all the documents [in the consulate]. And on October 26 journalists there found documents the FBI [hadn’t collected]. She closed her program by saying “the trail gets colder every single day.”

With Secretary Clinton scheduled to testify before Congress on Benghazi, will we see her fingerprints or have they been wiped away. Will we ever know the truth?

Rep. Buchanan (FL-16) Sends Letter to WH Opposing Hagel Appointment

Representative Vern Buchanan, FL CD-16, sent the below letter to President Obama expressing concern over his nomination of former U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel as the next Secretary of Defense.  Buchanan stated, “I simply cannot support someone whose commitment to Israel remains a disturbing question mark.”

Mark Landler from the New York Times wrote, “Mr. Hagel, a Republican, has been skeptical about the efficacy of American sanctions against Iran, has opposed efforts to isolate militant groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, and has spoken candidly about the influence of what he once referred to as the “Jewish lobby” on Capitol Hill.”

January 07, 2012

The Honorable Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC  20500

Dear President Obama:

I am writing to express my deep concern over your selection of Chuck Hagel as your nominee for Secretary of Defense.

Mr. Hagel is an honorable man who has served his country with distinction. However, his track record on foreign policy leads me to believe he is not the best person to assume this critical post.

Specifically, Mr. Hagel’s commitment to Israel, our most trusted ally in the Middle East, remains a disturbing question mark.  As the co-chair of your intelligence advisory board, Mr. Hagel has said the U.S. should open discussions with Hamas, a terrorist group that does not recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Mr. Hagel has also repeatedly voted against sanctions on Iran, even opposing sanctions aimed at the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.  Furthermore, he wrote that “the genie of nuclear weapons is already out of the bottle, no matter what Iran does.” I find his indifference to Iran possessing nuclear capabilities alarming and dangerous.

Please remember that the Iranian regime has stated its desire to wipe Israel off the map.  Let me also remind you that Iran has armed and funded Hamas, Hezbollah, and other militant groups opposed to Israel’s existence.

We live in a dangerous world and the defense secretary is a key person to protecting Americans at home and abroad. I urge you to please reconsider your nomination.


Vern Buchanan
Member of Congress

Florida: Trial opens of Imams accused of funneling money to Taliban

“Prosecutors portray South Florida Muslim clerics as terrorist supporters in federal trial,” by Jay Weaver for the Miami Herald:

Hafiz Khan, a hunched man with a flowing white beard, was called the “Santa Claus imam” by the youngsters who attended his modest Flagler Mosque in Miami.But on Friday, a federal prosecutor portrayed the 77-year-old Muslim cleric as an evil man who spewed hateful words about his adopted country and funneled at least $50,000 to support the Pakistani Taliban terrorist organization in violent attacks against U.S. interests overseas.

His goal, Assistant U.S. Attorney John Shipley said in opening statements of Khan’s terrorism trial, was to help arm the Taliban militants with weapons for their mission to topple the Pakistan government and carry out terrorist attacks against the U.S. military abroad.

“This is no man of peace,” Shipley told the 12-person federal jury Friday. “This is not a religious leader that any of you would respect.’’

Khan and his 26-year old son, Izhar Khan, a Muslim scholar who served as imam of a mosque in Margate, are standing trial on charges of conspiracy and providing material support to terrorists. Both imams, who have been detained without bail since their arrests in 2011, say their financial support was intended not for terrorists, but for relatives, friends and school children in Pakistan who have struggled for survival. Each count carries a maximum prison sentence of 15 years.

Charges were dismissed last year against another son, Irfan Khan, because of a lack of evidence. Two other Khan family members charged in the case, Amina Khan, a daughter, and Alam Zeb, her son, are in Pakistan. Another defendant, Ali Rehman, accused of distributing Hafiz Khan’s funds to the Taliban, is also in Pakistan.

The FBI investigation, launched in early 2009, was built on recordings of Hafiz Khan’s phone conversations, a confidential informant who infiltrated Khan’s mosque, and Khan’s bank records in South Florida and Pakistan.

Hafiz Khan’s attorney, Khurrum Wahid, said in opening statements that prosecutors have created a “caricature” of his client, asserting that his words were “hyperbole” and “contrary” to the Taliban’s violent campaign. Wahid said his client was driven by a “love” for the people in the Swat Valley region of Pakistan, near the Afghanistan border, where he was born and raised before becoming a Muslim leader and founder of a madrassa religious school.

“You’re going to hear he loved helping the poor and needy,” Wahid told jurors. “You’re going to hear he’s not pro-Taliban. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. … You’re going to hearing of no evidence that the money went for guns. …You’re going to hear it was for the madrassa, the love of his life.”

Click here to read the full Miami Herald story.

Report: Hillary Injured While on Secret Mission to Iran?

The European Union Times is reporting:

A new Foreign Military Intelligence (GRU) report circulating in the Kremlin today is saying that United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was injured, and a top US Navy Seal Commander killed when their C-12 Huron military passenger and transport aircraft crash landed nearly 3 weeks ago in the Iranian city of Ahvaz near the Iraqi border.

Iranian intelligence agents quoted in this GRU report confirm that the C-12 Huron aircraft is still in their possession in Ahvaz, but will only admit that the plane was “forced to land because of technical problems”.

Read the full report by clicking here.

Florida Veterans Oppose Kerry for Secretary of State

Art Moore from WorldNetDaily reports, “The first documentary evidence that Vietnamese communists were directly steering John Kerry’s group Vietnam Veterans Against the War has been discovered in a U.S. archive, according to a researcher who spoke with WorldNetDaily.”

Jerome Corsi, a specialist on the Vietnam era, told WND the new discoveries are the “most remarkable documents I’ve seen in the entire history of the antiwar movement.”

“We’re not going to say he’s an agent for Vietnamese communists, but it’s the next thing to it,” he said. “Whether he was consciously carrying out their direction or naively doing what they wanted, it amounted to the same thing – he advanced their cause.”

Watchdog Wire received numerous emails from veterans and concerned citizens about the nomination of Senator John Kerry for Secretary of State. The following is one sent by Colonel Harry Riley, U.S. Army (Ret.) from Crestview, Florida:

TO: U.S. Senate Republicans

SUBJECT: Deny Senator John Kerry Secretary of State Nomination

Are there any patriots left in the United States Senate? If so read the following:

Constitutional Amendment XIV, Section 3:

“No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer on the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, To support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability”.

Senator John Kerry should not be serving as a Senator let alone rubbing insult to injury toward the United States Constitution.

Senator John Kerry, having given aid and comfort to the enemy during the Vietnam war is rejected by the United States Constitution from serving as United States Secretary of State.

It is the responsibility of the United States Senate to deny, reject, and declare Senator John Kerry as constitutional ineligible to serve as United States Secretary of State.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret.

Jane Fonda on visit to Hanoi, North Vietnam

There are two names that evoke anger with Vietnam veterans – Jane Fonda and John Kerry. The Vietnam War was a watershed and divided the nation. Questions remain to this day about the influence of Communist elements in the anti-war movement. Jane Fonda went to Hanoi, North Vietnam in July 1972 and posed with NVA soldiers manning an anti-aircraft weapon emplacement.

Fonda made several radio broadcasts for the Communist North Vietnamese in which she called American military leaders “war criminals,” then when some of the POWs returned home and described mistreatment by the North Vietnamese, she said Americans should “… not hail the POWs as heroes, because they are hypocrites and liars.” From that day on she is known as “Hanoi” Jane.

John Kerry’s past associations with the Vietnam Veterans Against the War and the Winter Soldier Investigation remain problematic.

Opponents are bringing up Kerry’s past decisions to support totalitarian governments like the North Vietnamese and more recently Syria’s Assad. The Senate hearings will be most interesting and watched by many veterans, some of whom consider Kerry a traitor.

Kerry’s nomination is likened by some to “opening an old war wound”.


John Kerry at State: A Disaster for Israel

Florida braces for major job losses in 2013

According to the Heritage Foundation, “The Budget Control Act’s $1.2 trillion automatic sequestration cuts, out of $46.3 trillion in total spending, would impose draconian cuts on defense (on top of an estimated $407 billion in cuts from its spending caps). This would slash the defense budget and jeopardize the U.S. military’s ability to defend the nation. Entitlement spending—the biggest part of the budget— would scarcely be touched by comparison.”

Florida has twenty-one military installations, and is home to U.S. Central Command at MacDill AFB in Tampa.

Florida stands to lose 79,459 jobs and $4.1 billion in labor income by the end of fiscal 2013 if $1.2 trillion in federal defense cuts take place in January as planned.  A report conducted by George Mason University economist Stephen Fuller reports Florida would suffer the sixth highest job losses of all the states.

The report measures the impact of both defense and nondefense employment reductions at federal agencies and their contractors, as well as at businesses that count them as customers.

A little more than half of Florida’s lost jobs in the next fiscal year — 41,905 — would result from Department of Defense cuts, and the rest would stem from reductions at civilian agencies. During that period, Florida would also see gross state product losses of $8 billion.


The George Mason University report concludes – The magnitude of economic impacts resulting from the Budget Control Act of 2011 over the combined FY 2012-FY 2013 period have been shown to be large and their impact on the U.S. economy to be significant:

• Combined DOD and non-DOD agency spending reductions totaling $115.7 billion in FY 2013 would reduce the 2013 U.S. GDP by $215.0 billion.

• These spending reductions would result in the loss of 746,222 direct jobs including cutbacks in the federal workforce totaling 277,263 and decreases in the federal contractor workforce totaling 468,959 jobs, thus affecting all sectors of the national economy.

• The loss of these 746,222 direct jobs and 432,978 jobs of suppliers and vendors (indirect jobs) dependent on the prime contractors would reduce total labor income in the U.S. by $109.4 billion.

• The loss of this labor income and the resultant impacts of reduced consumer spending in the economy would generate an additional loss of 958,508 jobs dependent on the spending and re-spending of payroll dollars associated with the direct and indirect jobs lost as a result of BCA.

• This loss of $215.0 billion in GDP and 2.14 million jobs in 2013 would erase two-thirds of the GDP gains projected for the year and raise the national unemployment rate by 1.5 percentage points by the end of 2013.

• These economic impacts would affect every state with their respective vulnerabilities to projected DOD and non-DOD spending reductions being determined by their agency mix and relative magnitudes of federal payroll and procurement. Based on current patterns of federal spending by state, ten states account for more than half of total federal payroll and procurement outlays. This significant concentration of federal spending represents a major threat to these states’ economies in 2013. While other states may appear less vulnerable to federal spending reductions, these may also suffer significant impacts dues to their smaller sizes or more specialized economic structures.

To read more click here.

VIDEO: Rep. Buchanan wants to send lump of coal to Egypt’s Morsi

Representative Vern Buchanan (FL-13) does not believe the American taxpayers should send their hard earned money in the form of 20 F-16 fighter jets to Egypt. According to an email Rep. Buchanan states, ” I’ve introduced legislation, H.R. 6646, to immediately suspend U.S. aid to Egypt.  We can no longer afford to buy friends across the world that don’t have our best interests in mind.  It’s time to put America first.”

Buchanan notes, “In the spirit of the holiday season, even Santa Claus would have trouble sending a stocking full of American F-16 fighter jets to an Egyptian regime that supports Hamas and is looking more and more like a dictatorship than a trustworthy democracy.  And yet, unbelievably, that is exactly what the United States government is doing.”

David French from National Review Online reports, “In an era of ballooning budget deficits, looming cuts to our own military, and tax increases for millions of Americans, it’s heartening to know that the American taxpayer still has the financial wherewithal (or good credit with China) to provide — free of charge — brand-new F-16 fighters to the Muslim Brotherhood-led Egyptian government just as its hold on power looks increasingly shaky. These new weapons will start to arrive roughly a month after the vote on Egypt’s proposed Brotherhood-supported constitution.”

Please watch this 90 second video that French and his colleagues at ACLJ created:

Florida Muslim planned jihad mass murder at New York landmark

Jihad Watch reports, “He wanted to carry out a jihad attack in a crowded area in New York, so as to murder as many infidels as possible — perhaps a jihad-martyrdom suicide bombing, so that he could claim the Qur’an’s promise of Paradise to those who ‘kill and are killed’ for Allah (Qur’an 9:111).”

“Prosecutors: Fla. man planned NY terror bombing,” by Curt Anderson for the Associated Press, December 18 (thanks to Lookmann):

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — A Pakistani-born man wanted to avenge the deaths of U.S. drone attacks in Afghanistan by blowing up a New York City landmark but lacked the money and materials to carry out the plan, a federal prosecutor said Tuesday.Assistant U.S. Attorney Karen Gilbert said at a bail hearing that Raees Alam Qazi, 20, researched bomb-making techniques on Internet sites affiliated with al-Qaida, including one using Christmas tree lights, and the FBI recorded phone calls and conversations linking Qazi to a purported “lone wolf” plot.

“He fully intended to do this, and thankfully he didn’t have enough money,” Gilbert said. Referring to casualties in U.S. drone attacks, she added: “He wants to avenge those deaths and kill people.”

Qazi traveled to New York last month in hopes of getting a job to fund his terrorist plans, Gilbert said, but wound up sleeping in public transportation, a mosque and in restaurants, and riding a bicycle around the city looking for potential targets. He then decided to return home on a Greyhound bus and was arrested after arriving back in South Florida, she said.

Qazi, a naturalized U.S. citizen who attended local Florida public schools, confirmed many elements of the plot in a statement to FBI agents after his arrest in late November, Gilbert said. Investigators also found bomb-making and related components at the Qazi family home in Oakland Park, as well as explosives research evidence on a computer used by Qazi.

Qazi is charged along with his brother, 30-year-old taxi driver Sheheryar Alam Qazi, with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists and with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction in the U.S. Both have pleaded not guilty to the charges, which carry a potential life sentence if the men are convicted of both counts….

Gilbert said Raees Qazi was the intended operative, using either a suicide attack or a remote-control device to kill people in a crowded place such as New York’s Times Square, a Broadway theater or perhaps on Wall Street. The elder Qazi supported his brother financially and logistically with the knowledge that Raees was planning a terror attack, the prosecutor said.

In one conversation recorded by the FBI, Sheheryar Qazi compared his brother to a “lone wolf, like the Times Square bomber.” Gilbert said Sheheryar Qazi was referring to Faisal Shahzad, who unsuccessfully attempted to detonate a bomb at the New York landmark in May 2010. In another recorded conversation, Sheheryar Qazi says that his brother “wasn’t going to be in this world long.”

Raees Qazi’s attorney, Daniel Ecarius, tried to persuade the judge to allow his release on bail, noting that Qazi had made money by selling bicycles on the Internet, had no criminal past and had already relinquished his passport. Ecarius suggested Qazi could be released on house arrest with electronic monitoring, but Gilbert urged the judge to keep him locked up.

He wanted to carry out an attack. If he is released from custody, he will,” she said.

Read more at Jihad Watch.

New Army Manual Orders Soldiers Not To Criticize Taliban

Courtesy of Judicial Watch:

Here is a strong indicator that the Obama Administration’s crusade to appease Islam has gone too far; a  new U.S. military handbook for troops deployed to the Middle East orders soldiers not to make derogatory comments about the Taliban or criticize pedophilia, among other outrageous things.

It gets better; the new manual, which is around 75 pages, suggests that Western ignorance of Afghan culture— not Taliban infiltration—is responsible for the increase in deadly attacks by Afghan soldiers against the coalition forces.

The soon-to-be-released Army handbook is still being drafted, but a mainstream newspaper got a sneak preview and published an article that should infuriate the American taxpayers funding the never-ending war on terror. The manual is being created because someone with authority bought the theory that cultural insensitivity is driving insider attacks on U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

More than three dozen insider attacks have killed 63 members of the U.S.-led coalition this year, according to the article, and some blame “American cultural ignorance.” The bottom line is that troops may experience social-cultural shock and/or discomfort when interacting with Afghan security forces, the new military handbook says. “Better situational awareness/understanding of Afghan culture will help better prepare [troops] to more effectively partner and to avoid cultural conflict that can lead toward green-on-blue violence.”

The draft leaked to the newspaper offers a list of “taboo conversation topics” that soldiers should avoid, including “making derogatory comments about the Taliban,” “advocating women’s rights,” “any criticism of pedophilia,” “directing any criticism towards Afghans,” “mentioning homosexuality and homosexual conduct” or “anything related to Islam.”

At least one high-ranking military official had the backbone to publicly criticize the new manual, albeit through a spokesperson. U.S. Marine General John Allen, the top commander in Afghanistan, doesn’t endorse it and rejected a proposed forward drafted by Army officials in his name. “He does not approve of its contents,” according to a military spokesman quoted in the story.

Earlier this year the Obama Administration changed the way federal agents are trained to combat terrorism and violent extremism by eliminating all materials that shed a negative light on Muslims. Under White House orders, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) destroyed instructional material that characterizes Muslims as prone to violence or terrorism in a government-wide call to end Islamophobia.

Under Obama practically every major federal agency has been ordered to participate in Muslim outreach initiatives, including the Justice Department with a special program to protect Islamic civil rights, Homeland Security meetings with extremist Muslim organizations and the nation’s space agency (NASA) with an unprecedented mission to focus on Muslim diplomacy.

Additionally, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed a special order to allow the reentry of two radical Islamic academics whose terrorist ties long banned them from the U.S. and the administration sent an America-bashing mosque leader (Feisal Abdul Rauf) who blames U.S. foreign policy for the 9/11 attacks on a Middle Eastern outreach mission. The Obama Administration even ordered a government-funded meal program for home-bound seniors to offer halal cuisine prepared according to Islamic law.

The Obama Doctrine on Terrorism – An Analysis

As Raess Alam Qazi and Sheheryar Alam Qazi, two Muslim men from Pakistan, are indicted in Florida for plotting to carry out a terrorist attack using a weapon of mass destruction it is time to analyse the Obama Doctrine on terrorism.

On August 3, 2011 President Obama released the National Strategy on Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism. The strategy, now known as the Obama Doctrine, was based upon the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) study group findings and recommendation developed in 2010 by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The CVE has become the blueprint for both domestic and foreign policy when dealing with terrorism. The Obama Doctrine redefined “terrorism” as “violent extremism”.

The DHS website states, “The threat posed by violent extremism is neither constrained by international borders nor limited to any single ideology. Groups and individuals inspired by a range of religious, political, or other ideological beliefs have promoted and used violence against the homeland.”

Who developed the Obama Doctrine?

The Obama Doctrine is based in large part upon the 2010 findings and recommendations of a Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council. The twenty member advisory council is unique in its composition, with eight members who are Islamists, three representing large Islamic communities and one openly supportive of Islam.

Islamist members included: Nimco Ahmed, Policy Aide, Vice-President of the Minneapolis City Council, Omar Alomari Community Engagement Officer, Ohio Homeland Security, Asli Bali Acting Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law, Mohamed Elibiary President and CEO, The Freedom and Justice Foundation, Amin Kosseim Deputy Inspector, New York City Police Department, Imam Mohamed Magid Executive Director, All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS Center), Asim Rehman President, Muslim Bar Association of New York and Dalia Mogahed Senior Analyst and Executive Director, Gallup Center for Muslim Studies

Members from predominantly Islamist communities included: Michael Downing Deputy Chief, Commanding Officer, Counter Terrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau, Los Angeles Police Department and Ronald Haddad Chief of Police, Dearborn Police Department. Richard Cohen President and CEO, Southern Poverty Law Center, was a pro-Islamist council member. Pro-Islamist subject matter experts advising the council included: Arif Alikhan Assistant Secretary, Policy Development, DHS and Laurie Wood Analyst, Southern Poverty Law Center/Instructor, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

According to Clare Lopez, former CIA Operations Officer and co-Author of the book Shariah: The Threat to America:

“Muhammad Magid is not only the head of the ADAMS center, he is the son of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Grand Mufti of Sudan and current president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), an MB front group named by the Department of Justice as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation – HAMAS (HLF) terror funding trial. Magid is also one of the closest advisers of the National Security Council of the USA (in particular Denis McDonough). He’s an A-list invitee at the White House. Some believe he may be the head of the North American MB Shura Council.

Mohamed Elibiary is affiliated with numerous identified MB figures who are members of the Freedom and Justice Foundation Advisory Council: they come from the Muslim American Society (MAS), CAIR, ISNA, and the Islamic Association of North Texas. He publicly criticized the HLF trial convictions and has written admiringly of Sayyed Qutb.

IIIT likewise is listed in the MB’s “Explanatory Memorandum” of 1991 as one of its ‘friends and the organizations of our friends’.”

 The Obama Doctrine states, “Government officials and the American public should not stigmatize or blame communities because of the actions of a handful of individuals.” The doctrine notes, “This type of violent extremism is a complicated challenge for the United States, not only because of the threat of attacks, but also because of its potential to divide us.” The Obama Doctrine states, “Violent extremists prey on the disenchantment and alienation that discrimination creates, and they have a vested interest in anti-Muslim sentiment.”

The Obama Doctrine is based on, “[A] paradigm of engagement with Muslim communities around the world, based on mutual respect and interest manifest in our new partnerships and programming…” To accomplish this, “The Federal Government will work to communicate clearly about al-Qa’ida’s destructive and bankrupt ideology, while dispelling myths and misperceptions that blame communities for the actions of a small number of violent extremists.”

Myths and misperceptions are other words for “Islamophobia”. The neologism “Islamophobia” did not simply emerge ex nihilo. It was invented, deliberately, by the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT), which is based in Northern Virginia.

The Obama Doctrine states, “Today, as detailed in the National Security Strategy and the National Strategy for Counter-terrorism, al-Qa’ida and its affiliates and adherents represent the preeminent terrorist threat to our country.” The role of the Muslim Brotherhood in creating al-Qa’ida and its affiliates is omitted. While the Obama Doctrine targets al Qaeda it is currently materially supporting al-Qa’ida and its affiliates in both Libya and Syria.

Lopez states, “The Obama administration has had an inordinately substantive influence on the Islamic Awakening through the deliberate, selective empowerment and enrichment of the Muslim Brotherhood (both domestically and abroad) and al-Qa’eda. We would not be seeing the re-emergence of the Islamic Caliphate were it not for the full-on support of the Obama administration for the forces of jihad and shariah.”

President Obama openly embraces the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization which created al-Qa’ida, its affiliates  and adherents.

One of the key outcomes of the Obama Doctrine is to stop training by non-Muslims and former Muslims, which may offend Islam or be offensive to Muslims. This is codified in the Obama Doctrine by the statement, “Strong religious beliefs should never be confused with violent extremism.”

The oxymoron is that violent extremism in Islam is consistently preceded by strong Qur’anic religious beliefs.

A major impact of the Obama Doctrine is to blunt if not hand cuff US law enforcement, our diplomatic corps and military with “political correctness” as a national policy. This leads to issues like orders to “stand down” in the face of aggressors, such as happened in Benghazi, Libya and Afghanistan. The effort to “engage with Muslim communities around the world” causes our military not fire when fired upon, even when in self-defense.

The Obama Doctrine has had questionable impact in the Muslim Ummah and less impact with Islamic governments such as Syria, Iran, Libya and Egypt.

EDITORS NOTE: If you do a web search on Obama Targeting al Qaeda while embracing the Muslim Brotherhood you will get the results listed in this document.



Updates from Israel courtesy of  Marc Kahlberg, Founder and Owner of MK International Security Consulting:

The Israel Air Force confirmed that they have surgically removed 85 terror targets in the Gaza Strip overnight Friday, putting a stop to the quiet usually heard in Israel over the Jewish Sabbath.

The “Code Red” early warning rocket alarm system is almost continuous in multiple communities throughout the South of Israel and many Israeli’s have opted to either move north or simply stay in sheltered areas.

Over and above the roar of Israeli air force jets throughout Friday night, the “Code Red” early warning rocket alarm system is fast becoming familiar in larger cities as far as Tel Aviv, Rishon Le Zion and Jerusalem.

An early Saturday morning barrage of Kassam rockets were fired at Sderot from the Gaza Strip Saturday morning, creating more trauma for those who are unfortunately already used to the terror attacks against them.

“Code Red” early warning rocket alarm system was sounded early Saturday morning in Beersheba jolting the city with extremely loud blasts and prompting a call from my eldest son who lives in the area; telling me that it was too close for comfort. Like others in the area he refuses to leave his home saying that this would amount to “giving in to Palestinian terror”.

Hamas deputy leader Abu Marzouq on Friday rejected the possibility of a ceasefire with Israel, according to Palestinian news agency Ma’an, saying “there are many calls for a truce but it will not be soon.” Terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula also launched rockets into Israel Friday night. The rockets fell near an Israeli village on the southern border, causing some damage, but no injuries.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri confirmed to the Palestinian news agency Ma’an Friday that the terror group had dismissed overtures from “several mediators” offering to broker an end to hostilities. Referring to the new Egyptian government, Yousef said that “The rules of the game have changed now. Things are different.”

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama called Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on Friday to commend the country’s efforts to help calm the situation in Israel and Gaza and underscored his hope of restoring stability there, the White House said. Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil, on a brief visit to the Gaza Strip on Friday, denounced Israel’s attacks on the Palestinian territory as aggression.

President Obama’s words where drowned and somewhat contradicted earlier Friday when Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Kandil visited the Gaza Strip; (And despite Israel having agreed to a ceasefire during Kandil’s approximately three hour visit, dozens of Palestinian rockets rained down on the South of Israel while the Egyptian prime minister was still in Gaza) –

The Egyptian President Morsi then went on national Egyptian TV while visiting a Mosque in Cairo and warned Israel that “Israel would pay dearly and Egypt would not accept the Israeli aggression”: What he seemed to forget to say was that the Muslim Brotherhood of which he and his government lead in Egypt are funding and supporting the Hamas who are in fact an offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood. He also conveniently seemed to miss the fact that only this year over 1200 terror attacks have been launched at Israel from Gaza.

The Israeli cabinet approved Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s request for 75,000 reserve troops in preparation for a possible ground operation in Gaza.

The IDF said on Friday it was closing to civilian traffic three roads that lead to, or border the Gaza Strip, in an indication of a probable military build-up in the area.

In reports from several Israeli media sources, government officials have made it clear that this defensive Israeli mission should be a clear cut message to the Hezbollah and rebels in Syria that Israel will not tolerate any further aggression against Israeli civilians.

The Hamas has systematically fired over 12,000 rockets and missiles at the soft underbelly of Israeli citizens for the past 12 years and Israel’s patience has now worn thin. It should also be noted that the Muslim Brotherhood backed Hamas is also now supported by Iran and the Fajr -5 long range missile which is being fired towards Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This shows Iran’s intentions of provoking Israel and placing over 3.5 million Israeli’s at risk.

As I write this post there are Code Red sirens in several Israeli cities and towns and Israeli air force activity heard overhead.

The Hamas terror leader Ismael Hania in Gaza has also announced that the IDF bombing of the Hamas headquarters overnight will ” spark a response not seen in Israel before and the Hamas is stronger than ever”.

In a report just released by the IDF it has become clear that Iran has established a front line base in Gaza using the Hamas and other Islamic terror groups as they use the Hezbollah in Lebanon and perhaps the rebel troops that are close to Israel’s border with Syria.

The IDF has said that that they are determined to continue targeting sites that are used to carry out terror attacks against Israeli citizens.

As commendation and praise should be extended to the IDF and Israeli government for a brilliant intelligence motivated operation which has enabled the IDF to surgically pin point and target only terror related facilities and sites, many Israeli’s are hoping that this will not be “cosmetic” surgery but surgery that will put an end to the terror for years to come.


In an un-thought-of Muslim Brotherhood scenario, the Egyptian leader, Morsi has found himself brokering a peace deal between the terror faction of the Brotherhood, Hamas.

This comes as Red alert warning sirens signaling rocket attacks sounded in the Sdot Negev and Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council areas of Israel on Sunday morning.

It was not immediately clear where the rockets fell. No injuries or damage have been reported.

The sirens, which rang out just after 7:00 a.m. on Sunday morning marked the first rocket activity since just after midnight.

While people all over the world are now protesting Israel’s decision to defend itself there is little or no reporting of the genocide that is taking place in Syria. Over 180 people were killed in Syria Saturday and the death toll there stands at over 35,000 with another 25, 000 missing and tens of thousands living in tents in other countries.

The IDF has struck more than 1,000 terror targets in the Gaza Strip since Operation Pillar of Defense began on Wednesday, air strikes and attacks from naval gunships continued overnight Saturday, with Israeli forces hitting dozens of targets reducing greatly the terrorists capabilities to fire at Israel.

All of this with minimum civilian casualties in the densely populated Gaza Strip where terror groups fire from homes, outside schools and hospitals and from areas surrounding foreign journalists hotels.

In a familiar round of not only “ping pong” tactics by the terrorists in Gaza and the IDF, only on a much larger scale, there is also a new round of “ping pong” political tactics going on between Israel and the United States President.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu assured US President Barack Obama on Friday that he does not plan to launch a ground operation in the Gaza Strip unless Hamas escalates its rocket war, an America publication reported Saturday, citing two US officials briefed on the call.

The Israeli leadership at this point is leaning against a ground invasion which is politically clever but tactically a disaster all over again. With the Israeli elections scheduled for January, there is no doubt that political maneuvering is now the priority with Israel’s southern region only a distant second priority.

While no Israeli’s want a ground offensive into Gaza which will surely put lives at risk and escalate the casualties on both sides, Israeli’s feel that once again the “job” of thwarting the terror organizations capabilities and abilities to fire at will against Israeli soft targets is not complete and in only a matter of months the attacks will continue.

On another note Netanyahu has refused to give assurances that Israel would not unilaterally attack the Islamic Republic of Iran and the “softening up” of the Hamas, who have of late been the recipients of Iranian military generosity in the form of financial aid and long range missiles threatening Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, may be the first phase of a more complicated plan of action against an Iran, who is close to having a nuclear weapons capability which will be used against Israel as are their missiles.

In other related news that is not being openly reported globally, gunfire was directed at an IDF force near the border fence with Syria on Saturday night.

An IDF vehicle was damaged by bullets and an IDF artillery battery opened fire at the source of the fire. It seems that the fire may be deliberate and an attempt at “testing” the IDF reaction.

There are also reports that Hezbollah fighters have been seen training and carrying out maneuvers near a very sensitive Syrian chemical weapons depot which if correct must indeed provoke serious concern for the Israeli decision makers.

Benghazi: A combination of “24”, “The Expendables” and “Sex in the City”

The media frenzy has now reached a fever pitch sparked by initial reports on Benghazi from bloggers (a.k.a. the alternate media). As more and more details become known there is the air of a Hollywood script combining the hits “24”, “The Expendables” and “Sex in the City”. Elements of each could be made into a new feature movie titled “The 24 Hours of Expendable Sex in the City of Tampa”. Truth is in fact stranger, and more sell-able, than fiction.

One story that has not gotten media attention is the ever growing number of changes made to senior military leaders since September 11, 2012.

One reporter who has taken this on is Ben Swann, prime-time anchor at WXIX Fox 19 in Cincinnati and writer, host and producer of Reality Check. Ben posted an investigative report video titled “Petraeus, Allen, Gaouette, Ham: The Benghazi Story The Media Isn’t Telling You” on his Facebook page. Swann reports on how three general officers and one admiral have been either fired or are under investigation since the Benghazi incident (sort of like the Oxbow Incident?).

Watch Ben Swann’s investigative report:

The Benghazi incident has all the elements of “24” in that the national command authority knew there were security issues in Libya well before the attack on 9/11/2012 yet its actions or inaction led to the deaths of four Americans including Ambassador Stevens who were “The Expendables”. Finally, we learn about “Sex in the City” of Tampa, Florida involving two women and two general officers.

Does it get any better than this?

Photos provided by Frances and Peter Rice taken of the Tampa home of Jill Kelly surrounded by the media:

Jill Kelly home with 4 TV sattelite trucks

Jill Kelley home alley with press


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Update: Situation in Israel

From Arlene D. Schiff, Executive Director, the Jewish Federation of the Berkshires:

The Israel office of The Jewish Federations of North America continues to follow closely the continued severe violence in the South of Israel as Operation Pillar of Defense enters its third day.

In the last twenty four hours, over 250 rockets have been fired at the State of Israel, landing in the South and in the greater Tel Aviv area. The Israel Air Force has targeted over 450 terror activity sites in Gaza with the aim of impairing terrorists’ rocket launching capability.

Homefront Security Minister, Avi Dichter warned Thursday evening “We’re on our way to a night that won’t be quiet” and that “This is no time for indifference.”  He expects hundreds of rockets to be fired from Gaza to Israel over the next days.

Rockets have been hitting Southern Israel since Saturday, with over 250 rockets on Thursday alone. The Iron Dome Defense system has intercepted 130 rockets headed towards populated areas and the IDF is readying to deploy a fifth battery.  Intended for use starting 2013, the fifth, more advanced, battery of the Iron Dome is needed earlier.

Thursday night, a rocket hit near Bat Yam, landing in the sea. The sirens sounded in Tel Aviv, for the first time since the 1991 Gulf War, bringing home to Tel Aviv the immediacy of the violence inflicted on the periphery. Sirens were also heard in Rishon Letzion, Israel’s fourth largest city, and in Holon, cities both very close to Tel Aviv.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in reference to the continued rocket fire that “From our experience there is no ‘quick fix’, and this test will continue, a test which we must face with resilience and composure.  We are all family.  And today in Tel Aviv, we are feeling something that over one million Israelis have been feeling for a long time, especially in these days.”

The IDF suspended strikes over Gaza for three hours during Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil’s visit to Gaza today. Kandil was sent by President Morsi and condemned Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza.

Rockets have scored direct hits on homes and vehicles today and the emotional trauma suffered by the besieged Israeli citizens is severe. 25 Israelis were rescued after the building they were in collapsed on top of them. Yesterday, Aharon Smadga, 49, Itzik Amsalem, 24, and Mira Sharf, 26 were buried after a rocket attack directly hit the apartment in Kiryat Malachi.

Mira Sharf was visiting Israel from New Delhi where she served as a Chabad emissary with her husband. She came with her husband and three children to mark the anniversary of the 2008 attack on the Mumbai Chabad House which killed nine, including Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg and was due to give birth in a few weeks. Her husband and 4-year-old son were seriously injured.

Hundreds of soldiers from the Paratroops, Golani and Givati Brigades and Armored Corps units, have been transferred to the Gaza border in preparation for a possible wide ground offensive. Right now 16,000 reservists have been called up in response to a “Tsav 9″ call-up of reservists. Tsav 9 is a limited emergency call up, similar to a “Tsav 8″ but smaller in number. 14,000 more reservists may be called up in addition. Families are adapting to the anxiety and pressures this demands.

Operation Pillar of Defense is working to reduce Hamas’ ability to launch Fajar-5 rockets. Fajar-5 rockets are able to strike further across the country and target more people.

The IDF continues to distribute leaflets to Gazan citzens advising them to distance themselves from terrorists in the coming days. Watch the launch of rockets from Gaza into Israel.

President Peres addressed the targeting of Ahmed Jabari yesterday by the IDF and the strikes against Hamas’ weapons and said, “The IDF operated with the utmost effort to avoid civilian casualties. Jabari was an arch-murderer and responsible for terror attacks and the killing of many. I salute the IDF and the security services for their accurate, surgical and strategically important operation.”

Despite Operation Pillar of Defense and the onslaught of rockets pounding the millions of Israelis, Israel has not stopped providing electricity and water to Gaza as well as medical care for Palestinians who need it.

President Peres said, “There is no nation that loves peace and hates bloodshed like Israel, our enemies are not the people of Gaza, our enemies are not the Muslim people. Our enemies are the terrorists who operate without reason and without thought.” The President stressed that Israel’s hand is outstretched for peace but that Israel will do whatever is necessary to protect her citizens, “The world is beginning to understand that we are operating with responsibility and we do not take human life lightly. I don’t know any country that would show restraint for as long as Israel did during the attacks on the south.”

The Jewish Agency for Israel is preparing relief for a thousand new immigrant youth living in Jewish Agency absorption centers and 23,500 students between 1st and 12th grades throughout Beersheva, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Kiryat Gat, Ibim, and Arad, the center of the conflict, who will be in dire need of a break from the escalating security situation. The Jewish Agency for Israel is also preparing special group psychological interventions for parents and children for those suffering from emotional trauma.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) is preparing emergency kits for elderly and the disabled in the afflicted regions, in addition to working with emergency case workers who provide elderly and disabled with emotional and physical support so that they can stay in their homes during the sirens. The JDC is also delivering food to the elderly as day care centers are not able to run currently, running activities for children in shelters and settling in place post trauma interventions for children.

The Israel Trauma Coalition is running phone hot-lines, setting in place group workshops for children and parents, team training and support for those in the field, direct care for those in need in coordination with local councils.

Radio stations are announcing rocket attacks and on some stations the broadcasting is interrupted constantly by sirens and alerts. The Israel Broadcasting Authority will operate a radio frequency (531 AM) during Shabbat house that will be silent except for emergency announcements. This arrangement is used only in times of severe national emergency.

Israeli social media has been put to good use in aiding citizens in finding alternative accommodations, offering their homes and even locations for weddings. Israel’s center for coordinating public diplomacy efforts Continues to fight against propagated falsehoods on Facebook, Twitter and other media avenues.

The Jewish Federations of North America have donated $5 million to the Fund for the Victims of Terror in Israel to assist those Israeli citizens currently living under a constant threat of danger and also have set up an SMS system for donating via your cellphone. You can text ISRAEL to 51818.

JFNA and JCPA held a call Thursday with Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich, head of the International Media & Communications Branch of the IDF Spokespersons Unit who explained the situation and encouraged all abroad to fight Israel’s media battle by combatting the falsehoods and misconceptions in the press.

More information on Operation Pillar of Defense can be seen here:,7340,L-4306430,00.html

IDF carries out widespread attacks on Gaza terror sites

Operation Pillar of Defense continues

IDF targets 320 terror sites. Over 300 rockets strike Israel, killing 3. Iron Dome intercepts 130 rockets. Updates here and on Twitter

Date: 16/11/2012, 5:25 AM Author: IDF Website

2:29 a.m.: Contrary to Hamas reports, no IDF unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been downed.

Thursday, November 15

11:30 p.m: Over the past 24 hours, the IDF has continued with Operation Pillar of Defense, targeting dozens of rocket launching sites and inflicting severe damage on the rocket launching capabilities of terror organizations operating in the Gaza Strip. In addition, IAF aircraft targeted several terrorist squads that were involved in firing rockets toward Israel. The aim of targeting these sites is to impair the rocket launching capability of terror organizations in the Gaza Strip and hamper their continued build-up.

Since the start of the operation, the Israel Air Force has targeted 300 terror activity sites in the Gaza Strip. Additionally, Armored Forces targeted terror activity sites in the northern Gaza Strip. This evening, Israeli Navy soldiers fired towards Hamas’ terror targets on the Gaza shoreline.

Over the past few days, hundreds of rockets were fired at Israeli communities. One rocket hit the central Israeli city of Rishon LeZion, home to some 200,000 residents, located approximately 60 km from the Gaza Strip. The Iron Dome anti-missile defense system has successfully intercepted over 130 rockets launched from Gaza, aimed at Israel.

Hamas – which rules over the Gaza Strip – has turned it into a frontal base for Iran, forcing Israeli citizens to live under unbearable circumstances. The IDF is determined to continue targeting sites that are used to carry out terror attacks against Israeli citizens.

10:36 p.m.: Since yesterday, hundreds of rockets have struck Israel. Additionally, the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system has intercepted 130 rockets, preventing them from striking populated areas in Israel.

During the same period, the IDF has targeted 320 terror activity sites in the Gaza Strip.

9:56 p.m.: During the past hour, during a rapid and coordinated military strike, the IDF targeted approximately 70 underground medium-range (up to 40 km) rocket launching sites in the Gaza Strip. Direct hits were confirmed.

The sites that have been targeted were positively identified by precise intelligence collected over the course of months. The aim of targeting these sites is to significantly impair the rocket launching capability of terror organizations in the Gaza Strip.

7:46 p.m.: Since yesterday, the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system has intercepted 105 rockets, preventing them from striking Israeli communities – while hundreds of rockets have struck Israel.

In the same period, the IDF has targeted 250 terror activity sites in the Gaza Strip.

7:23 p.m.: A short while ago, IDF Spokesperson Yoav (Poly) Mordechai addressed the media. He warned that tonight “will not be a quiet night” in the Gaza Strip.

7:06 p.m.: A short while ago, warning sirens sounded in Tel Aviv, sending residents running for shelter. However, no rockets struck the city.

6:30 p.m.: A short while ago, IDF Spokesperson Yoav (Poly) Mordechai addressed the media regarding Operation Pillar of Defense. “The IDF continues to operate surgically in the Gaza Strip – precise strikes, not against outposts, not against police stations, but against rocket-launching sites,” he said. “So far, a very harsh blow has been dealt to the long-range fire of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.”

5:09 p.m.: A short while ago, a rocket fired from Gaza struck an open area outside of the city of Rishon LeZion, home to over 200,000 citizens.

4:41 p.m.: Today, despite the heightened security concerns, Israel has admitted 14 Palestinians into its hospitals for medical treatment.

4:35 p.m.: Over the past day, IAF aircraft continued targeting over 100 rocket launching sites across the Gaza Strip, severely damaging rocket launching capabilities used by terror organizations.

Since the beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense, over 200 terror activity sites have been targeted in the Gaza Strip. These sites are being targeted in order to impair the rocket launching capability of terror organizations in the Gaza Strip and hamper their weapon build-up capabilities.

Additionally, IAF aircraft targeted several terrorist squads that were involved in firing rockets at Israeli communities.

Three Israeli citizens were killed today by a rocket that directly hit their home in Kiryat Malakhi. In addition, an infant was critically wounded. Three IDF soldiers were injured today by a rocket that exploded in their vicinity in southern Israel.

The Iron Dome anti-missile defense system has successfully intercepted over 80 rockets launched from Gaza, aimed at Israel.

3:18 p.m.: A short while ago, three IDF soldiers were injured – two moderately and one lightly – by a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel. The three were evacuated to Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva.

3:08 p.m.: Over the past 24 hours, the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system has intercepted over 80 rockets headed toward southern Israeli communities.

11:10 a.m.: Since the start of Operation Pillar of Defense, the IDF has targeted 156 terror sites in the Gaza Strip.

The aim of targeting these sites is to impair the rocket launching capability of terror organizations in the Gaza Strip and damage their further build-up.

9:20 a.m.: Update: A short while ago, 3 civilians were killed by a direct hit from a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip.

8:56 a.m.: Moments ago, a house in southern Israel was directly hit by a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip. Over the last 24 hours, dozens of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip have struck Israel. An additional 43 rockets have been intercepted by the Iron Dome system.

8:45 a.m.: In addition to the leaflets dispersed by the IDF over the Gaza Strip, over 20,000 phone calls have been made to warn the residents of the Gaza Strip to stay away from Hamas and other terror organizations’ operatives and facilities that pose a risk to their safety.

8:00 a.m.: The IAF has released a video of last night’s aerial strikes on launch sites and storehouses of Hamas’ long-range missiles. These missiles have the capability to strike Tel Aviv and the heart of Israel, threatening over 3.5 million Israelis. Click here to view the videos.
7:20 a.m.: Today, Thursday November 15, 2012, the IDF dispersed leaflets above several locations in the Gaza Strip. These leaflets warn the residents of the Gaza Strip to stay away from Hamas and other terror organizations’ operatives and facilities that pose a risk to their safety.

The leaflets stress that Hamas is dragging the region toward violence, and that the IDF is prepared to defend the residents of the State of Israel until quiet is restored to the region.

7:18 a.m.: Overnight, the IDF targeted approximately 100 medium- and long-range rocket launch and infrastructure sites across the Gaza Strip. This has significantly damaged the rocket launch capabilities and munitions warehouses operated by Hamas and other terror organizations.

The aim of targeting these sites is to impair the rocket launching capability of terror organizations in the Gaza Strip and damage their further build-up.

In addition, Israel Air Force aircraft targeted several rocket launching squads as they prepared to fire rockets towards southern Israel. Furthermore, the IDF, using tank shells, targeted several terror activity sites throughout the Gaza Strip.

5:45 a.m.: Overnight, Hamas has continued its rocket assault on Israeli civilians. Dozens of rockets have struck Israel since the beginning of the operation. In addition, the Iron Dome system has intercepted an additional 28 rockets.

Over the course of 2012, 822 rockets have hit Israel.

4:30 a.m.: Since the beginning of the operation, the IDF has struck approximately 100 terror sites.

12:30 a.m.: Hamas has continued to fire rockets at Israel, in an effort o harm Israeli civilians. To this point, the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system has intercepted 25 rockets fired from Gaza.

Wednesday, November 14th

10:48 p.m.: Over the past few hours, the IDF has targeted dozens of Hamas’s medium-range (up to 40km) under-ground rocket launch and infrastructure sites. This has significantly damaged their rocket launch capabilities as munitions warehouses owned by Hamas and other terror organizations were targeted. In addition, Israeli Navy soldiers targeted several Hamas terror sites stationed along the shoreline of the Gaza Strip.

The aim of targeting these sites is to impair Hamas’ rocket launching and weapons build up capabilities.

10:05 p.m.: As of now, the Iron Dome has intercepted 17 rockets over the course of the day.

10:00 p.m.: Below is a photo of the Fajr-5 launch site that was struck a short while ago by IAF aircraft. Note the proximity to a mosque and other civilian structures.

9:45 p.m.: A short while ago, a rocket struck a shopping center in a major city in southern Israel.

8:30 p.m.: The Israeli Navy has stuck terror sites in the Gaza Strip.

In addition, the Iron Dome intercepted 13 rockets over the past few hours.

7:15 p.m.: The IDF has published a video of its pinpoint strike on Ahmed Jabri, the head of Hamas’ military wing in Gaza, the video can be seen here.

5:35 p.m.: The IDF has targeted a significant number of long-range rockets sites (over 40 km) owned by Hamas. This deals a significant blow to the terror organization’s underground rocket launching capabilities and munitions warehouses that are owned by Hamas and other terror organizations.

The aim of targeting these sites is to cripple the terrorist organization’s rocket launching and weapons build-up capabilities.

4:30 pm: In the past hour, the IDF targeted Ahmed Jabri, the head of Hamas’ military wing, in the Gaza Strip. Jabri was a senior Hamas operative who served in the upper echelon of the Hamas’ command and was directly responsible for executing terror attacks against the State of Israel in the past number of years.

The purpose of this operation was to cripple the command and control chain of the Hamas leadership, as well as its terrorist infrastructure. This was a surgical operation in cooperation with the Israeli Security Agency, that was implemented on the basis of concrete intelligence and using advanced capabilities.

The IDF will continue to target sites that are used for carrying out terror attacks against the citizens of Israel while improving their daily security.

IDF Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Yoav (Poly) Mordechai said the IDF operation began following the “intolerable situation in the south of the country, and seeks to harm terrorist organizations operating in the Gaza Strip. During the night, IDF Chief of Staff Gantz approved the detailed plan. All options are open in order to seriously damage Hamas and other terrorist organizations.”