BIDEN’S BLOODBATH: Illegal Deported 8 times with 11 Arrests Now Charged with Murder in Ohio

If you still vote Democrat, you have blood on your hands.

Illegal migrant deported 8 times with 11 arrests now charged with murder in Ohio: ‘Our border is broken’

Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez, 46, has used at least 7 different names and 3 different birthdates

By Michael Dorgan, Fox News, April 5, 2024:

Illegal migrant with multiple deportations now charged with murder in Ohio

An illegal Mexican immigrant who has been deported at least eight times, according to Ohio’s Butler County Sheriff’s Office, and arrested nearly a dozen times is now facing murder charges following the discovery of a man’s body in Ohio.

Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez, 46, is being held at the Butler County Jail on charges of aggravated murder (premeditated), using weapons while intoxicated, carrying concealed weapons, possession of drugs and obstructing official business, Fox 19 reports, citing jail records.

Officers found the victim’s body in the 1100 block of S. 13th Street in Hamilton just after 2:30 p.m. Monday in response to a 911 call.

Hamilton is just north of Cincinnati.

Garcia-Gutierrez’s first arrest was back in 2001, and he has used at least seven different names and three different birthdates, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones, pictured, said Wednesday. (Butler County Sheriff’s Office)

Garcia-Gutierrez’s first arrest was back in 2001, and he has used at least seven different names and three different birthdates, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said during a Wednesday press conference. Garcia-Gutierrez has been charged with over 20 crimes in that time period and is also a gang member, Jones added.

Garcia-Gutierrez is jailed on an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) detainer, Jones previously said.

“That person would be alive today, and if you don’t think that it’s affecting you in Butler County, Ohio, we’re all border states; we’re all border counties. It’s here, and we could go on and on,” Jones said.

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‘Broken’: America’s border crisis with Mexico, explained

Americans are paying the price for Biden’s border invasion

Profound Words From a California Sheriff

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New England’s Last Coal Plants Set to Close

“And ultimately the impact is going to be less reliable electricity, higher prices for Americans … it’s going to have a disproportionate impact on the poor.” — Ayn Rand, Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution.

“There’s a concerted effort to shift away from reliable sources of electricity generation to unreliable sources. And ultimately the impact is going to be less reliable electricity, higher prices for Americans — it’s going to have a disproportionate impact on the poor.” — Daren Bakst, Director, Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment.

‘Earning heavy criticism’ from some experts who noted the importance of having baseload, dispatchable power generation. While renewable sources like wind and solar are intermittent, or heavily dependent on weather conditions, coal, natural gas and nuclear can quickly be turned on in times of high demand.

According to the Energy Information Administration, coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants produce 49%, 54% and 93% of their listed capacity, respectively, while solar panels produce just 25% and wind turbines produce 34% of their listed capacity.

So when they run out of energy, red states should not bail them out.

Climate crap is all a big lie.

In Western Europe, in the preindustrial Middle Ages, man’s life expectancy was 30 years. In the nineteenth century, Europe’s population grew by 300 percent—which is the best proof of the fact that for the first time in human history, industry gave the great masses of people a chance to survive.

If it were true that a heavy concentration of industry is destructive to human life, one would find life expectancy declining in the more advanced countries. But it has been rising steadily. Here are the figures on life expectancy in the United States (from the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company):

1900 – 47.3 years
1920 – 53 years
1940 – 60 years
1968 – 70.2 years (the latest figures compiled)

Anyone over 30 years of age today, give a silent “Thank you” to the nearest, grimiest, sootiest smokestacks you can find.

New England’s last coal plants set to shutter, ushering in era of green energy

Environmentalists cheered the announcement as a ‘breath of fresh air’

By Thomas Catenacci, Fox News, April 6, 2024:

The final coal-fired power plants in New England are slated to shutter in the coming years, making it the second region to phase out the energy source that powered the U.S. economy for decades.

In an announcement late last month, New Hampshire-based power provider Granite Shore Power said it had reached an agreement with federal officials to shutter its Schiller Station in 2025 and its Merrimack Station by mid-2028. The action underscores the region’s and, more broadly, the nation’s steady march toward a future dominated by green energy. Environmental activists have called for this change for years — energy advocates have warned against it.

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Germany goes back to burning coal as its energy crisis deepens


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Biden regime plans to label goods made by Jews in Judea and Samaria so they can be boycotted

Government-led boycotts of Jewish businesses. Hmmm. Where have we heard of such a thing before?

U.S. plans to label goods from Jewish settlements in occupied West Bank

by Felicia Schwartz, Financial Times, April 5, 2024:

The Biden administration is drawing up plans to require goods produced in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank to be clearly labelled as coming from there, according to US officials, another sign of White House unhappiness with the government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

The final go-ahead for the move, and its timing, have not been decided but it is intended to increase pressure on Israel over rising settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, and comes amid US frustration with the Jewish state’s conduct of the war in Gaza.

The move would reverse a policy introduced by the Donald Trump administration in 2020 that required goods produced in the West Bank to be labelled as “Made in Israel”….

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Seattle Teacher: “Rape [of Jews] is Justified”

Oct. 7: Hamas ‘cut off organs and took them to Gaza in order to trade with them in future hostage negotiations’

Congressman Ritchie Torres, a ‘Progressive’ whom the Squad Would Like to Throttle

Germany: Muslim migrant stabs random four-year-old girl in supermarket, ‘motive unclear’

Israel Prepares For Iranian Retaliation

Israel Takes Out Iranian Mastermind of Oct 7

Colorado: Rohingya Muslim migrant arrested for sexual assault of children, may be targeting Burmese

Israel and That Iranian ‘Consulate’ in Damascus

Syria: Islamic State jihadis screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ attack civilians who refuse to pay zakat to them


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An Article For Women About Trump

This is a men’s world, but it would be nothing, without a woman or a girl. That was the opinion of famous Soul singer James Brown.

And he was right. But most articles about political issues are written for the male audience. Women are interested in a different kind of news and political talk. I know this, because I often try to talk with women about political issues. Most women don’t want to discuss politics at all.

Once in every few weeks, I visit my aunt Danielle. She wants to learn from me about politics. Danielle is the granddaughter of a very famous Dutch doctor, who was involved in politics. She has been raised as an intellectual. In her opinion, Mr. Donald J. Trump is much too rude. I always counter that argument, by telling her that he meant a lot for the welfare of the common people.

Danielle tells me that she judges politicians in the following manner: when she thinks of a certain famous politician, she asks herself, if she would like to have a dinner with him in a restaurant. She does NOT want to be the guest of Trump.

I respect this way of looking at politics. I’m a man, and I judge politicians on very different traits. Danielle is a woman, and therefor fundamentally different than me! We never get into a confrontation of arguments. We never shout at each other. She respects me, and I respect her.

I have another aunt, who was a school principal. This lady abhors all politicians. She thinks they are all not honest people. She doesn’t want to discuss politics. Also for her, I have great respect.

I urge all American women to support Trump, for the sake of women. Let me explain: Biden seems like a nice grandpa. But his politics are disastrous for women. He is pro-feminism. That means that he wants women to do hard work, for little money. He wants women to have abortions, something that women will regret for the rest of their lives. Abortion makes a woman depressed!

Trump, in contrast, wants to create a booming economy, in which men can easily find good-paying work. That way, men can take care of their wives and daughters. Trump is against abortion, so he can prevent that women do something they would later regret.

For me, as a man, there are many other reasons to support Donald J. Trump. However, this article was written for women, so I will not tell you my reasons to support Trump.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Matthys van Raalten
Former businessman, just like Trump

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Bidenomics In One Lesson: Latest Job Gains Fueled By Foreign-Born Workers, Gov’t Employees

Huge job gains reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in March were fueled largely by increases in government positions and employment of foreign-born workers.

The government added 71,000 jobs in March, a new all-time record and above the average of 52,000 over the last 12 months, bringing the total number of employees to 23,270,000, according to data from the BLS released Friday. The number of employed foreign-born workers increased by 112,000 in March, rising to 31,114,000 from 31,002,000 in February.

The U.S. added 303,000 nonfarm payroll jobs in March, far above economists’ expectations of 200,000, while the unemployment rate ticked down to 3.8% from 3.9%.

In total, the employment level for foreign-born workers has increased by 1,266,000 in the last year, while the number of native-born Americans has fallen by 651,000, according to the BLS. The unemployment rate for foreign-born workers is just 3.6%, while it is 4.0% for native-born workers.

The BLS does not record whether foreign-born workers are in the country legally and acknowledges that the survey likely includes illegal immigrants working in the U.S. The U.S. has experienced a surge in illegal immigration under President Joe Biden, with Border Patrol recording around two million migrant encounters at the southern border in just fiscal year 2023, up from 1.7 million in fiscal year 2021.

The growth of government jobs in March was followed by an 81,000 gain for health care jobs and a 49,000 increase in jobs in the leisure and hospitality sector, according to the BLS. The number of jobs in both manufacturing and the information sector remained flat in the month.

March is the fifth month in a row that the number of people employed by the government has hit a new record, beating out the old record that was achieved in May 2010 of 22,996,000 due to a surge in temporary hiring for census collection. Government debt has continued to pile up under Biden, totaling over $34.6 trillion as of Wednesday, according to the Treasury Department.

The White House did not respond to a request to comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.





Layoffs Surge To 14-Month High As Inflation Crushes Employers

Not A Single Manufacturing Job Was Created In March Despite Biden Admin Spending Billions To Do So

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Israel: The Persian People of Iran Are Not Your Enemy

Persian Jews have lived in Iran for millennia.  In fact, the Jewish community in Iran is among the oldest in the world.  I personally dislike calling them Persian Jews; I prefer to call them just Persian.  They are just as Persian as any other Persians.  Iran belongs to them just as much as it belongs to every Iranian.

Historically, Judaism has been the second-oldest religion still practiced in Iran after Zoroastrianism, the original Iranian religion before the invasion of the Arabs.  The origin of the Jewish diaspora in Persia is connected to the deportation of the Israelites in 727 B.C. from Samaria to Medea and Persia.  The famous “Cyrus the Great declaration” allowed the Jews who were living in exile by the river of Babylon to return to their homeland, Judea, and Jerusalem to rebuild their Second Temple.  But some who had established themselves economically and socially preferred to remain in Persia and Babylon under the protection of Cyrus the Great.

Israel, we, the children of Cyrus the Great, understand your suffering through the passage of time.  Many of us Iranians suffer and share with you this tragic state of affairs that harms you.  We pray for an eternal peace between you and your neighbors.  We also earnestly hope ways can be found for a peaceful resolution of this destructive impasse.

As it has been said, if you don’t know who the enemy is, you can’t repel him.  One die-hard enemy, Islam, has been hard at work for some 1,400 years to finish off the Jews, completing the work Muhammad passed on to his followers.

Allah’s apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say, ‘O Muslim!  There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him'” (Sahih Bukhari 4:52:177; see also Sahih Bukhari 4:52:176Sahih Bukhari 4:56:791).

Many of us, the children of Cyrus the Great, also would like to offer our heartfelt best wishes to the Jews at this critical moment in time.  We know that their towns have been hit for years by (made in Iran) Hamas rockets and missiles.  Although it is hard to see innocent civilians die, we believe that Israel is only defending itself.  That should not be too hard to understand.

I urge the Jews to make a distinction between the regime and the Iranian people.  True Iranians have remained friends of the Jews by belief and deed.  During the shameful Hitlerian campaign to exterminate the Jews, for instance, Iranian missions in Europe, notably the one in France, issued Iranian passports to facilitate the flight of French and other European Jews from the claws of Nazis and their gas chambers – the very gas chambers that the true Muslim, the disgraceful Iranian, former president of the Islamic Republic, Ahmadinejad, denies ever existed.  This historical act of humanity is known as the “Iranian Schindler.”

Regrettably, after Cyrus the Great’s declaration, the people of Israel were unable to settle down for long in their own homeland, to worship their God as they wished, and to live in peace.  They were assaulted once again by the forces of destruction that sent them scurrying for the relative safety of other lands.

Their resilience to follow your destiny is the culmination in thousands of years’ gestation during which the Jewish people, dispersed through much of the world, endured immense degrees and varieties of suffering.  The Nazi murderers and their collaborators capped the crimes committed against the Jewish people by slaughtering six million innocent men, women, and children.

We are grateful that Israel has welcomed Iranian Jews who could no longer tolerate the rule of the oppressive, venomous mullahs.  These mullahs are indeed traitors to the lofty longstanding tradition and values championed by Cyrus the Great and revered by Persians throughout the ages.

We applaud the Jews for affording millions of Israeli Arabs opportunities denied to them in many other lands.

Many Iranians never forget Israel’s fair treatment of the Bahá’ís in Israel.  This is yet another testimony to the Jews’ ability and willingness to live in harmony with any and all people.

Today, the Iranian people carry on the work that the dissidents in the Soviet Union had to do at one time – and are suffering the same kind of oppression, imprisonment, and intimidation.  Many prisoners in Iran are staging a hunger strike and are close to their deaths.  We thank all human rights activists around the globe who frequently mention the Iranian people’s plight.

Oftentimes Americans do not have a deep understanding of the internal dynamics of exile and expatriate politics, and some groups get a bad reputation, often unfairly.  I think that if the Iranian expatriate community is going to lobby for American support for this kind of a move, they must provide emissaries to the American administration who can educate its members on the nature of the exile groups and their goals.  Historically, American politicians have supported dictators and radical Marxists (the MEK).

Fourteen hundred years of suffering under Islam is far too long for any people, although the Jews hold the record for that misfortune.  The Jews have at long last returned to their homeland, even though they are still encircled by the vicious Arab Islamists who would like nothing better than to drown every one of them in the sea, the way Islamists forced Zoroastrian people out of the country and the remaining few to the edges of an inhospitable desert.

Regardless of how loudly and frequently agents of the Islamic Republic bray to eliminate Israel and wish to chase the U.S. to its corner of the world, Iran’s problems will remain, and the Iranian people will continue to suffer.  The Iranian people must stand resolute and not allow these end-of-the-worlder, homicidal, suicidal men of Allah and their gang of frauds to take them on a ride to certain death.

©2024. Amil Imani. All rights reserved.

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Trump Blows Biden Out Of The Water With Record-Setting Palm Beach Fundraiser

Former President Donald Trump brought in over $50.5 million at a campaign fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida, on Saturday evening, the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced.

The haul far out-paces that of President Joe Biden’s $26 million he brought in at a ritzy New York City fundraiser on March 28 alongside former Democratic Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, as well as various other celebrities. Trump’s fundraising event broke “every fundraising record in history for a Republican or Democrat,” according to the RNC’s press release.

“Tonight will be an incredible night for President Trump and the Republican Party, raising an astounding $50.5 million,” Trump campaign senior advisors Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles said in a statement. “Meanwhile, after locking up the nomination in one of the fastest primaries in modern political history, Donald J. Trump is winning poll after poll and proving that the enthusiasm is on his side. It’s clearer than ever that we have the message, the operation, and the money to propel President Trump to victory on November 5.”

The fundraising event follows the Trump campaign, the RNC and its affiliated joint fundraising committees raking in over $65.6 million in March, ending the month with $93.1 million on hand.

“The success of tonight’s event is proving what we already know: Americans are fed up with Biden’s record of failure, from the open southern border and sky-high inflation to the migrant crime crisis that has made everyone less safe,” RNC Chair Michael Whatley and Co-Chair Lara Trump said in a statement. “The Republican Party is united behind the effort to elect President Donald J. Trump, and Americans are lining up to join our movement and retire Crooked Joe Biden once and for all.”

Biden’s campaign announced earlier on Saturday that it raised $90 million in March, and entered April with more than double that of the Republicans’ cash on hand at $192 million.

Trump continues to lead Biden narrowly in national and battleground state polling, according to the RealClearPolitics averages. The only swing state Biden is ahead of Trump in is Pennsylvania, where the president currently has a 0.1-point lead.

Biden’s campaign did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.





Trump Campaign, RNC Announce $65.6 Million Fundraising Haul

‘The Rock’ Says He Won’t Endorse Joe Biden Again In 2024, Criticizes Current ‘State Of America’


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Oil is Power, CO2 is Food. Globalists Want Control of Both

The big threat to the planet is people: there are too many, doing too well economically and burning too much oil.” — Sir James Lovelock, BBC Interview, Contributor to UN Agenda21/2030

How often do I say everything is connected. Nothing is more evident than that. Just look at what we see going on in the world.  Can you make the connection? Climate change is not about the climate it is about control. Oil is about power. Cheap oil gives people power. Global elite will never give people power. That would cut into their wealth.  Allowing the people to own private property and create competition is not acceptable. Who controls the food (CO2) controls the people. Who controls the energy/power (Oil) controls the country.

Cheap oil makes affordable business possible. It powers the economy. The cost of good are cheaper. Inflation is slowed.  Global elite don’t want people to have power because it cuts into theirs. No competition allowed. Wealth redistribution is what climate change and control of oil is about. I believe the globalists don’t want Americans to control oil because then they can’t control the people. Too much mobility.

Where do globalists get their “data”. They program it. Data is only as good as the people who do the programming. By going back in time thousands of years and charting climate cycles you can see that climate changes. It gets hot. It gets cold. Sometimes very hot, sometimes very cold. Regardless of man and industry, climate changes. Today we find that, the ice caps are not melting unless your pictures are from the summer, polar bear population has increased and the seas are not rising. The globalists know that or they wouldn’t be buying mansions on the ocean. They just think we are too stupid to notice.  By using data in a shortened time frame you can skew the results. I found this to be interesting. This is a time lapse video of 25 years showing no erosion on the beach. No sea level rising. Its all about the money.

To get a thorough appreciation of the Climate hoax I strongly recommend

Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth). The story of the corruption of Science:

Once you grasp the power and control the world crises begin to make sense. Let’s take the Middle East.  It is a given that the radical Arabs, Hamas, Hezbollah, hate and want to obliterate the Jews. They say it often enough. It is sad to see young Americans putting their energy into a fight they don’t understand for a group that in the end will subjugate them as well because they are infidels who treat women like slaves and have criminalized homosexuality with a punishment of death.  David Crystal, today’s guest, will give you the historical background of the conflict. Take a look at some of the headlines over the past few months. Tell me if you think they were designed to stir the pot against Israel.

Washington Post , February 1,  Biden imposes sanctions on Israeli West Bank settlers.

Defense News, November 28th 2023, Senate Democrats want Israel conditions in latest defense package snarl.

Reuters, November 7th 2023, US Senate Democrats block Republican aid to Israel, not Ukraine.

Huffington Post, February 13th 2024, the Biden administration is investigating Israel’s possible war crimes despite public claims to the contrary.

Tablet , March 6th 2024, Hamas  industry of health fakes casualty numbers.

New York Post, March 20th 2024, Hamas’s Gaza death toll stats are pure fiction yet the world media and the leaders like Joe Biden still use them to smear Israel.

Daily Mail, February 5th 2024, Biden calls Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu a bad effing guy in the latest foul mouth tirade from 81-year-old president.

Times of Israel,  March 20th 2024,  poll over 70% of the Palestinians still maintain Hamas correct to commit October 7th atrocities.

JNS Jewish News Syndicate, March 17th,  Biden administration reportedly delaying arms shipment to Israel.

Jerusalem Post, February 25th 2024  Joe Biden, most Palestinian support Hamas editorial.

New York Times, January 20th 2024. Biden presses Netanyahu on working towards a Palestinian state.

Who would have thought America would be involved in this conflict. Anthony Blinken just said he wants a 2 state solution A state for Palestinians and a state for Israel . He wants Ukraine in NATO. Blinken managed to piss off Russia and Israel in the same day. Now Johnson wants to take the Russian Oligarchs money and give it to Ukraine   Is this regime looking for WWIII? Why are we even involved?

Do you know what is going on in Europe or Canada? The noose is getting tighter and coming to America soon. Have you seen the demonstrations largely created by farmers who know, no farmers, no food. The farmers are exposing the evil of the green agenda, net zero, and the war on energy and food. Remember their goal: DEPOPULATION. Not because the planet can’t hold this amount of people but because more people to control and feed. The globalists can’ say out loud, lets kill of millions of people but they can devises schemes to have others do the killing for them like: funding Hamas and Hezbollah, over regulating farmers forcing them to limit herds, produce less crops, funding Ukraine.  All produce the same results, people will die.  This is a worldwide problem but America is the prize.

Make no mistake both parties are destroying America. Between the illegals, the escalation of crime, inflation, massive debt, America is undergoing a managed decline. This decline is the plan pushed on purpose by our selfish, narcissistic  criminal leaders. They use an issue with no solution, get us to fight each other so they can slip in new regulations destroying the middle class. That is the globalists method. It works.  I fear soon we will have no rights as they are currently ignored by the regime.  Are enough people finally waking up and beginning to fight the real enemy the globalists and not each other. That remains to be seen.

The late Rosa Koire warned Europe and America  between 2010-2015 about “the blueprint, the comprehensive plan of action for the 21st century to inventory and control all land, all water, all plants, all minerals, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all law enforcement, all health care, all food, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world.” This is now called the Great Reset.  America must be subordinate to the UN for their plan to work. Tis is the plan used in China by the CCP. Tis is the plan in the Middle East of the Mslims under Sharia.  Clare Lopez, my guest will explain on today’s show.

The W.H.O. the Globalist UN World Health Organization is setting this policy and the RINOS in the House just made this possible. The WHO decided they should control world health under any emergency they declare like climate change.  Our bobblehead legislators just funded the WHO again. Speaker Johnson is either afraid or was bought off just like the rest of the criminals in congress who are leaving early so the House will flip to the Democrats.  The new plan is to flip the house before the election so the Dems can write legislation to use the 14th Amendment of remove Trump from the ballot.  The Dems know they can’t win unless they cheat. They must silence the voice of “We the People”.  We are the enemy and the more we learn the more they will try to crush us. Prepare. Do not let that happen the stakes are too high.

I do not want our legislators to give away our national sovereignty or money to a group of power hungry control freaks in the UN. Tell your legislators. Communicate with congress, join the Sovereignty Coalition and read The Pandemic Treaty That Won’t Prevent a Pandemic.

It is us, you and me against a powerful machine comprised of the government, NGOs, Chambers, political leaders, media and Hollywood. They all lie. That was the hardest thing I had to realize. A real slap in the face. Recognizing everything I grew up and learned was a lie designed to bloat the government and give them more power until we are their slaves. You will own nothing and be happy or will you?

OBiden has allowed our enemies to infiltrate. They are here anxiously waiting for the command (probably on the phones we gave them) to strike. Between the Islamists, Chinese and Cartels are you prepared?  Our guest and friend Clare Lopez will describe what we could face. I believe as the election draws closer and it is evident OBiden will lose, they will create another summer of love.  OBiden just had a phone call with XI. He showed Xi so much strength. We should be proud, Not.

Nationalists will dream of their future, their life and set a plan to achieve that dream. Globalists will have a visions of life and demand you fit into their vision without deviation. If you disagree squash you.

All Globalists want is Money, Control and Power. They can only get Power if we give it to them. Don’t give them yours. Challenge them with the truth. Doing Nothing is Affirmation. The Regime will not go quietly, Prepare.

Share with your 5. So join me today.

©2024. Karen Schoen. All rights reserved.

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Jordan rocked by pro-Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood protests, ‘serious threat to Hashemite Kingdom’

“Jordan’s government has been one of the most vocal opponents of Israel’s war to root out Hamas terrorists from Gaza.” The battle is on for control of the region, and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is infamous for destabilizing countries. Recall the upheaval in Egypt in 2012, before Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi was overthrown. Other countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Syria, have joined Egypt in banning the MB.

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement (which is no different from Hamas in its intention to obliterate Israel) recently slammed Iran for meddling in internal Palestinian affairs, and primarily for its support of Muslim Brotherhood offshoot Hamas. The Israeli war on Hamas is evolving to encompass divisions in the Islamic world which are moving toward a boiling point, particularly in regard to Muslim organizations and countries which either reject Muslim Brotherhood or, as in the case of Fatah, are competing with Hamas.

Jordan is now faced with internal instability and a grave threat to its government from the Muslim Brotherhood. According to MEMRI:

This incitement of the Jordanian public by Hamas and MB officials enraged the Jordanian establishment. Initially, this establishment thought that adopting Hamas’ rhetoric would protect it from the public fury, but it seems that this tactic has been unsuccessful, and that Hamas’ propaganda and incitement has weakened Jordan and today even threatens to destabilize the regime.

US ally Jordan rocked by pro-Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood protests over Gaza war

by Benjamin Weinthal, Fox News, April 4, 2024:

One of the U.S.’s closest Mideast allies, Jordan, has been hit by demonstrations that, according to some analysts, have spilled over into a serious threat to the Hashemite Kingdom with open declarations of support for the Hamas terrorist organization.

Jordan’s government has been one of the most vocal opponents of Israel’s war to root out Hamas terrorists from Gaza after the jihadi movement slaughtered 1,200 people on Oct. 7, including many Americans.

Jordan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi declared in November that “Hamas is an idea and ideas do not die.” Jordan’s Queen Rania cast doubt in a CNN interview on whether Hamas really committed atrocities on Oct. 7.

Veteran experts on Jordan view King Abdullah II and his inner circle as contributing, directly and indirectly, to the unrest that could potentially dislodge his regime.

The former Israeli ambassador to Jordan, Jacob Rosen, told Fox News Digital that “Jordan is walking on a very tight rope. The authorities let the Muslim Brotherhood under whatever cover they operate to voice out their message, but they disperse any demonstrations [that] may go ‘wrong’ or to turn against the government itself.”…



WARNING – GRAPHIC: Islamic State Central Africa Province Raids Christian Village In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo, Pulling Down Crosses, Razing Homes To The Ground, And Murdering Christian Civilians

Syria-Based Jihadi Group From The Caucasus Releases Russian-Language Video Likening The Group’s Fighters To The Companions Of The Prophet

Gaza: Hamas’ famine narrative evaporates as food prices are slashed

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and In His Beak was Kanye West

UK: Islamic charity bankrolling London’s Ramadan lights funded pro-Hamas group

Israel, That WCK Convoy, and the Big Piling-On

Pakistan: Muslim kidnapper wins custody of 13-year-old Christian girl

The Graves of Academe: Fear and Trembling at the University of Pennsylvania

Somalia: Muslims murder six Christians for preaching Christianity

UK: Cameron vows to ‘hold Israel to account’ for accidental killing of British ex-servicemen

RELATED VIDEO: Mosab Hassan Yousef, ‘Son of Hamas,’ unmasks the truth about Hamas and the Palestinian ‘resistance’

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CIA Says Iran About to Attack Israel

Hold the presses, folks! The CIA apparently has warned Israel that Iran is going to attack within 48 hours!

Now that warning, we are told by “press reports,” occurred on Thursday. And just to rub it in, a former CIA official told the New York Times that Israel’s precision strike on Damascus that killed the deputy commander of Iran’s Quds Force was “reckless.” Hence, Israel deserved to get hit.

But let’s take a closer look. For the CIA to actually warn Israel that Iran was about to launch a counterstrike on Israel from Iranian territory presumes that the CIA has some pretty good sources of intelligence inside Iran.

From what I have seen, the CIA has pretty good signals intelligence – that is, they can monitor what Iranian officials say on their cellphones  – but they don’t have any agents in place. They don’t have a clue what’s going on inside the Iranian regime leadership, other than what they say in public or on their phones (Hint: the Iranians know better than to use cellphones for sensitive conversations).

The Israelis, on the other hand, have absolutely stellar intelligence on Iran.

Their intelligence is so good that they were able to locate Iran’s secret nuclear weapons archive in a ordinary warehouse in south Tehran a few years ago, break in during the night, crack four giant bank vaults, and remove 500 bankers boxes of documents and several hundred CDs, and get it all out of Dodge before dawn.

One of the leaders of that operation was a woman – a Mossad “Amazon” – who was decorated (back to the camera) by Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Have you ever heard of the CIA carrying out a similar exploit? (And if they had, believe me today’s CIA would make sure it leaked to the NY Times).

The Iranians never realized they had been burgled until Prime Minister Netanyahu presented excerpts from Iran’s nuclear files at the United Nations more than a year later.

Israel’s intelligence is so good that they were able to track the deputy commander of the Quds Force to Damascus and kill him within twenty-four hours.

The Secretary General of the United Nations whined that Israel should be condemned for attacking a diplomatic facility – just as the Iranians did using local proxies in Benghazi on September 11, 2011, killing four Americans.

But in this case, the Iranian consulate in Damascus may have been a diplomatic facility on Sunday, but on Monday it had become a military headquarters where Brigadier General Zahedi and his deputy, Brigadier General Hadi Rahimi, were discussing military strategy with local Quds Force and militia commanders.

Take a look at photos taken after the strike, such as the one below. What do you notice about that beautiful building flying the Iranian regime flag to the left of the demolished “consulate?” Ah, yes. Not even a pane of stained glass has been broken, or the 50-foot tall signals intelligence antenna dented.

Pretty much the same accuracy as the Israelis have been practicing in Gaza, by the way.

Why am I convinced the Iranians won’t retaliate in any significant way, and certainly not by launching drones or missiles from Iranian territory, as the anonymous CIA “sources” are whispering?

Because to do so would give Israel the green light to finally strike Iran, something many in Israel have been wanting to do for years. And if one thing is sure, it’s this: the Iranian regime is terrified of an Israeli strike on Iran. They will fight Israel to the blood of the last Palestinian or Lebanese, but they will do nothing to bring the fight to Iran.

I discuss this and President Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s hyperventilating response to the Israel’s latest actions in Gaza, as well as NATO’s 75 birthday and a curious Easter ceremony in Florence, Italy, on Prophecy Today Weekend.

As always, you can listen live at 1 PM on Saturday in the Jacksonville, FL, area on 104.9 FM or 550 AM, or by downloading the Jacksonville Way Radio app. If you miss it live, you can listen to the podcast here.

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Ford Puts Dent In Biden’s Plans To Expand EVs

Ford Motor Corporation announced Thursday that it would be delaying the production of new electric vehicle (EV) models as domestic demand for electric cars falters, despite heavy federal investment.

Ford joined General Motors and Mercedes-Benz in reeling in its EV production strategy, pivoting instead to producing more hybrid vehicles, according to a Thursday press release. The high-profile retreats from the EV market follow billions in federal spending by the Biden administration aimed at supporting the industry.

“As the No. 2 EV brand in the U.S. for the past two years, we are committed to scaling a profitable EV business, using capital wisely and bringing to market the right gas, hybrid and fully electric vehicles at the right time,” Ford President and CEO Jim Farley said.

Ford’s EV division posted a $4.7 billion loss in 2023, before accounting for interest and taxes. The corporation’s gas and hybrid division, by contrast, posted a $7.5 billion profit, according to The New York Times.

“We have said our EV business needs to be profitable in its own right,” a Ford spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation, adding the delay of new models “support the development of a differentiated and profitable EV business over time.”

Auto manufacturers are responding to slowing growth in the EV sector.

EV sales only grew by 2.7% in the first quarter of 2024, a far cry from the 47% growth the vehicles saw in 2023, according to CBS News. Auto sales on the whole, meanwhile, grew by 5%.

“EV demand is growing, just at a slower rate than the industry forecast,” the Ford spokesperson said. “We expect continued growth in global Ford EV sales in 2024, though less than anticipated.”

General Motors and Mercedes-Benz have both delayed plans to transition to EV-only manufacturers.

As automakers retreat from EVs, and consumers react to them lukewarmly, taxpayers are left on the hook for the billions the Biden administration has spent subsidizing the vehicles.

The administration allocated $7.5 billion to build EV charging stations across the country, in accordance with the 2021 bipartisan infrastructure bill. Despite billions allotted, only seven stations have been built using those funds.

The Biden administration also made $12 billion available to automakers to repurpose existing factories to manufacture electric vehicles.

The White House wants 50% of all new cars sold by 2030 to be EVs. EVs only accounted for 7.1% of U.S. sales in the first quarter of 2024, down from the previous quarter, CBS News reported.





Ford Slashes Electric Vehicle Jobs As Sales Slow

Org That Wants To Cut Carbon Emissions Sues To Close Zero-Emission Nuclear Power Plant

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California Raises Minimum Wage to $20 Per Hour, Massive Layoffs Ensue, Businesses Close

This week, California raised the minimum wage for fast food workers to $20/hour.

The bloodbath has already begun.

Pizza Hut, Mods Pizza closed five of their CA branches, Fosters Freeze shut down and laid off all their employees. Vitality Bowls cut their staff in half and hiked their menu prices by 10%.

California: New $20 Minimum Wage Law For Fast Food Employees Scheduled To Take Effect On April 1st

By: Elizabeth Volberding, One America News, April 2024;

The minimum wage for fast food employees in California will increase to $20 per hour under a new law in the state, and employers claim that having to pay their employees more will now affect their customers as they are planning to raise prices and lay off workers.

On Monday, the minimum wage for fast food workers in California will increase to $20 per hour, providing many with a 25% pay increase from just the past week.

However, chains that “bake and prepare bread in-house to sell as a stand-alone menu item” are excluded from the new regulation.

Some of the largest food chains are impacted by the ruling, including McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Subway, and Starbucks. Local franchisees are now concerned about the rise in labor expenses.

Regarding the United States’ economy, fast food professions are among the lowest-paying, notwithstanding recent wage growth following decades of stagnation. Many of these workers are below the poverty line.

In order to cover the necessary wage rise, fast food restaurants such as Jack in the Box, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and McDonald’s stated that they intend to increase menu prices. Representatives stated that it is necessary for other business owners to do so as well in order to stay competitive.

“Even the tater tots, everything, the price is going to increase on that,” explained Brady Farmer, Chef Bradley Cook’s Catering Owner.

Although Farmer is not required to raise his minimum salary as a small business owner, he stated that he wants to treat his employees well and does not want them to quit. He went on to say that it will add up to cover that additional ground.

“Imagine the guy who has to go out and do that ten-hour job of all your shopping, organizing, driving around,” he said. “You get into an extra $20, $40 or $50, $100, or $200 dollars a day.”

McDonald’s employee Jaylene Loubett, who is based in Los Angeles, highlighted that her city is among the most costly in the state of California, which is also one of the most expensive states overall to live in.

“Even though it’s a big help, people need to realize that $20 compared to the cost of living in Los Angeles, it’s still not enough to feel secure,” said Loubett, 25, who has worked at McDonald’s for six years.

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This is what will happen:



Bidenomics In One Lesson: Latest Job Gains Fueled By Foreign-Born Workers, Gov’t Employees

Not A Single Manufacturing Job Was Created In March Despite Biden Admin Spending Billions To Do So

California Restaurants Closing Fast — Communism Does Not Work!

Layoffs Surge To 14-Month High As Inflation Crushes Employers

The New York Times Explains Why the Minimum Wage Should Be $0.00

The Cruelty and Carnage of the Minimum Wage: The Case of Tad

The Humanitarian Hoax of Raising the Minimum Wage


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Israel’s top police interrogator on Oct. 7th Hamas terrorists: ‘They cut off organs’ to trade during hostage negotiations

Police officers who interrogated Hamas Nukhba terrorists tell of the horrors that the terrorists partook in as the October 7 massacre unfolded.

We are in the presence of crime without a name. The West stands with the savages. The Biden regime stands with these animals. America has lost its moral compass. The West is no longer able to recognize evil or call a spade a spade, as it were, even since the “moral relativism” of the 1960s counterculture revolution, as well as the “multiculturalism” of the 1970s.

Western man currently lives in a Faustian Age of craven opportunists and despicable cowards, who would rather kick the proverbial can further down the lines to their eventual successors and subsequent generations, rather than dealing with an existential issue like Islam (the worldwide jihad, which was declared long ago), in the here and now.  This particularly applies to our elected officials, the lion’s share of whom only care about feathering their own corrupt nests.

Despite the well documented savagery of Hamas,  far-left leaders like Joe Biden, out of fear of offending and electorally alienating the ever growing Muslim voting blocks, fully expect Israel to fight an existential war for its very survival against these barbaric Islamic savages, with both hands tied behind her back.

‘They cut off organs’: Interrogator reveals Hamas terrorists’ Oct. 7 atrocities

Police officers who interrogated Hamas Nukhba terrorists tell of the horrors that the terrorists partook in as the October 7 massacre unfolded.

By Shlomi Heller, J Post, April 4, 2024:

“We interrogated hate-filled terrorists who were trading body parts of those murdered on October 7. They took a knife and murdered everyone in their wake. They cut off organs and took them to Gaza in order to trade with them in future hostage negotiations,” said “R,” a company commander in the Lahav 433 Unit and Superintendent Yaron Binyamin in a conversation with Israel Police spokesperson, Commander Eli Levy.

In a special interview for the “Police News” program, Superintendent Binyamin spoke about the investigations of Nukhba terrorists who committed brutal crimes on October 7, which included murder, massacre, rape, abuse of corpses, and the kidnapping of soldiers and civilians while setting fire to occupants’ houses.

The interview also included chilling evidence of the terrorists who confessed in the interrogation rooms how they committed unimaginable crimes.

“I say to those who deny the crimes committed by Nukhba terrorists that at the end of six months of investigation, there is no doubt at all about the number of horrible crimes they committed on October 7. Today, we understand this through the testimony of the terrorists who themselves carried out the terrible massacre,” said Binyamin.
The goal of extracting critical information

“When you sit in front of a terrorist, your main goal is to extract the whole truth from him and everything he knows,” he added.

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Top police interrogator: ‘We interrogated terrorists who dealt in victims’ body parts’

The head of the Israel Police Unit of International Crime Investigations Security Division, Chief Superintendent Yaron Binyaim said that there is no way to deny what happened on Oct. 7th after the perpetrators themselves admitted to it all.

The head of the Israel Police Unit of International Crime Investigations Security Division, Chief Superintendent Yaron Binyaim, discussed for the first time the interrogations of the terrorists who committed the October 7th massacre.

“We interrogated terrorists who dealt in the body parts of the victims of October 7th. They cut off limbs, took them with them to Gaza, and planned to trade them in future negotiations for hostages. We interrogated terrorists who were awash with hate, who took knives and murdered anything they got their hands on,” Binyamin recounted.

“I say to those who deny the crimes of the Nukhba terrorists that after six months of interrogations, there is no doubt at all regarding the horrifying quantity of crimes committed on October 7th. Today we understand this through the testimonies of the very terrorists who committed this terrible massacre.”

According to him, “When you sit in front of a terrorist, your top goal is to pull the truth and everything he knows out of him. Not only to know what he himself did, but to also know who his fellow terrorists were, who planned, who executed, who still hasn’t been caught, and what missions the terrorists were given before leaving Gaza.

“In the interrogation room, it is very difficult to remove emotions but that is exactly the difference between a good interrogator and a great interrogator. Every investigation like this one will stay with us, the interrogators for years to come,” he concluded.

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‘Evidence of mass rape so brutal that they broke their victims’ pelvis – women, grandmothers, children.’ ‘People whose heads have been cut off. Faces blasted off. Heads smashed and their brains spilling out. A baby was cut out of a pregnant woman and beheaded and then the mother was beheaded’

Hamas shot female Israelis ‘in the crotch, intimate parts and breasts’ as part of ‘a systemic genital mutilation’: IDF reveals many victims’ corpses still had agonised looks on their faces |

October 7th: A Day That Will Live In Infamy

UNRWA Staff Recordings Prove Hamas Treated Young Women ‘Like Animals’

Hamas didn’t just gang-rape, they forced the families to watch. Most rape victims of Hamas on October 7 were killed either before or during rape; several victims’ genitals were mutilated beyond recognition.

BEATEN, TORTURED: Bloodied Faces of Karina, 19, Daniela, 19 Agam, 19 Liri, 18 Hamas Hostages

WATCH: Palestinian Civilians Laughed While They Raped and Butchered Israelis

Released Hostage Mia Schem: “There Isn’t a Single Innocent Person in Gaza, They Just Don’t Exist”

Murdered Hostage Had Broken Jaw, Gouged Out Eye, Missing Fingers

The Rape, Butchering of Israeli Women
Report: Over 450 UNRWA Teachers Participated in Oct. 7 Massacre

Hostage HORRORS: Israeli Doctor Treating Released Hostages Suffering From “Unprecedented Level of Extremely Severe Abuse,” “We Have to Rewrite the Textbooks of Post-Trauma”

Depravity that defies comprehension: Women raped – whether alive or dead. Others tortured until every organ was removed. The horrifying accounts of Hamas ‘rape genocide’ that left survivors so traumatised some have taken their own lives

Hamas terrorists had ‘a thing with sexual organs’ and targeted genitalia of Israeli victims: UN testimony

WITNESS TESTIMONY: Palestinian Terrorists Cut Breasts Off Jewish Women While Still Alive and Convulsing in Pain After Gang-Raping Them

US Official: Hamas Won’t Release More Women Because They Reveal Monstrous Sex Crimes

Hamas Raped and Sexually Mutilated Men As Well as Women During October 7 Atrocities

Women Held Hostage by Hamas in Gaza Kept in Cages

“THEY FAILED US”: Women’s Organizations SILENT as Shocking Scale of Hamas’s Sexual Violence Against Jewish Women Becomes Horrifyingly Clear

Rape Jihad: Hamas Sexual Abuse of Jewish Women Follows Islamic Doctrine

What they did to the bodies of Jewish women…..

Horrific New Stories of Hamas Atrocities in Israel Surface, Including Rape of ‘Beautiful Woman with Face of Angel’ Who Screamed To Be Killed

Israeli Morgue: ‘Evidence of mass rape so brutal that they broke their victims’ pelvis – women, grandmothers, children.’ ‘People whose heads have been cut off. Faces blasted off. Heads smashed and their brains spilling out. A baby was cut out of a pregnant woman and beheaded and then the mother was beheaded’


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Rushing to Destroy America Before Trump Gets In

Let’s review. Yesterday alone, Biden betrayed Israel and called for her surrender, said the United States would not support independence for Taiwan and announced Ukraine will become a member of NATO” (an unapologetic declaration of war). Wait, there’s more. the Biden regime is now offering to take Iran-backed Houthis off the terror list despite their relentless attacks on ships and cargo vessels belonging to Western nations.

We are turning on every ally while our military is decimated, run by mentally ill men who run around wearing moo moos.

11 ways Biden and his handlers are hell-bent on destroying America

The path to civilizational destruction should be very familiar by now

By Victor David Hanson, April 5, 2024;

Why are those controlling President Joe Biden using him to advance so much of a destructive agenda that it will likely end America as we know it?

If someone wished to destroy America, could he do anything more catastrophic than what we currently see and hear each day?

What would an existential enemy do that we have not already done to ourselves?

Here are 11 now familiar steps to civilizational destruction:

1. Wipe out a 2,000 mile border.

Allow 10 million foreign nationals to enter unlawfully. Have no audit of any; nullify all federal immigration laws. Let in toxic drugs that kill 100,000 Americans a year. Give free support to those millions who broke the law. Smear any objectors as racists and xenophobes.

2. Run up $35 trillion in national debt.

Keep adding $1 trillion to it each 100 days. Defame anyone wishing to cut wild spending as cruel and inhumane.

3. Appease or subsidize enemies like Iran and China.

Demonize allies like Israel. Allow terrorists to attack Americans without adequate response. See Islam as either similar or superior to Christianity. Make amends to leftist governments for supposedly past toxic American international behavior. Follow the lead of international agencies like the UN, ICC, and WHO to atone for past American neocolonial and imperialist behavior. Recede to second-tier international status, befitting American decline.
Victor Davis Hanson: ‘These people are in freefall, almost unhinged’ Video

4. In a multiracial democracy, redefine identity only as one’s tribal affiliation.

Ensure each identity group rivals the other for victimhood and the state spoils it confers. Reboot all political issues by race and sex oppressors and oppressed. Destroy all meritocratic standards of admission, retention, promotion, and commendation.

5. Recalibrate violent crime as understandable, cry-of-the-heart expressions of social justice.

Ensure no bail and same-day release for arrested, repeat violent felons. Empathize with the violent killer and rapist; ignore their victims, especially if they are slain police officers.

6. Emasculate the military by using non-meritocratic standards of race, gender, and sexual orientation to determine promotion and commendation.

Deliberately impugn as racists and insurrectionists the largest demographic in the military who in recent wars died at twice their numbers in the population—so that they leave or never join the military. Encourage retired high officers to slander their commander-in-chief. Cut the defense budget. Stop producing sufficient weapons, but leave billions of dollars’ worth of arms to terrorists.

7. Reinvent the justice system to indict, bankrupt, convict, jail and eliminate political opponents.

Use ballot removal, impeachment, civil suits, and state and federal indictments rather than elections to defeat an opponent. Mob the homes of non-compliant Supreme Court justices, and attack them personally by name.
Supreme Court members

Members of the Supreme Court (L-R) Associate Justices Amy Coney Barrett, Neil M. Gorsuch, Sonia Sotomayor, and Clarence Thomas, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., and Associate Justices Ketanji Brown Jackson, Samuel A. Alito, Jr., Elena Kagan, and Brett M. Kavanaugh pose in the Justices Conference Room prior to the formal investiture ceremony of Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson September 30, 2022 in Washington, D.C. (Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States via Getty Images)

8. Encourage the fusion of the bureaucratic state with the electronic media to form a powerful force for political audit, surveillance, censorship, and coercion.

Marry the FBI to Silicon Valley and hire its contractors to warp the news and hound supposed enemies of the people.

9. Make war on affordable gasoline and natural gas.

Substitute inefficient, unreliable, and expensive wind and solar power, even as energy prices nearly bankrupt the middle class.

10. Marry late, but preferably not at all.

Consider males toxic, especially boys. Have no children, or as few as possible. Otherwise, assure children they are entitled, and must be sheltered. Raise them to have grievances against past generations and current norms.
Victor Davis Hanson: Biden has had the most ‘remarkable meltdown’ of any president we’ve seen in modern era Video

11. Turn world-class universities into indoctrination centers.

Suspend the Bill of Rights on campuses. Train youth to graduate despising their own culture and civilization. Recruit foreign students from hostile nations to subsidize campus commissar bloat. Replace the curriculum with therapeutic propaganda. Ban the SAT/ACT and do not evaluate comparative high school GPAs. Ensure merit does not select the student body. Charge tuition higher than the rate of inflation. Bill the government when students default on their loans.

Why could those controlling the president be doing all of the above?

1. They are delusional and think their socialist and globalist agendas are working and will save us.

2. They are raging nihilists who do not like the U.S. and deliberately want it destroyed as a service to the world. A ruined U.S. is preferable to a strong America.

3. They are Jacobin revolutionaries who are intentionally erasing the old United States as a prerequisite for creating an entirely new America that will arise from the ashes with no trace or even memory of its past.

4. They have no agenda. They are aimless fools and utter incompetents. These bunglers just wing it day-to-day, in response to what their radical media, academic, and political masters dictate is necessary for them to retain power. They have no idea of the damage they are doing.

5. A bit of 1-3, but probably not 4.

There is cause for hope among this nihilist remaking of America: the people are fed up and will demand an accounting in the fall.



Horror: 64-year-old Trump RV operator gets bludgeoned with sledgehammer

‘The Real Problem With Having The Americans As Your Allies Is You Never Know When They Will Turn Around And Stab Themselves In The Back’


The Democratic National Convention will be the loudest, scariest yet: Victor Davis Hanson

The Biden-Putin-Xi Axis Alliance


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Great-Grandma Convicted of Walking Around The Capitol For 10 Minutes On Jan. 6, Facing Jail

Praying grandma Rebecca Lavrenz was just found guilty in a Washington, D.C. courtroom for walking around the capitol on January 6. She faces prison.

The Democrats have weaponized the judicial system against law abiding, patriotic Americans. That is revolution. We spent years sitting quietly by while leftists burned our cities, looted and rioted. They attacked police. They took over government buildings many times, burned down police buildings. They murdered innocent shop owners and civilians. We stage one protest and it’s “insurrection.”

Murderers, rapists, looters, walk free in our cities. Violent criminals cross our border with impunity.

Will America continue to go quietly into the cold, dark night?

D.C. Jury Convicts Great-Grandma For Walking Around The Capitol For 10 Minutes On Jan. 6

By: Brianna Lyman, The Federalist, April 05, 2024

After being strung up on charges by President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ), a 71-year-old great-grandmother may be thrown in jail because she walked around the Capitol for a few minutes on Jan. 6, 2021.

Rebecca Lavrenz was convicted on four counts Thursday after just three days of jury deliberation for entering the Capitol on J6. Lavrenz entered the building through an open door around 2:43 p.m., according to the official statement of facts.

Lavrenz told The American Spectator‘s Jack Cashill that she “felt that if those doors [on the east side of the building] opened I was supposed to go through.”

Lavrenz exited the Capitol around 2:53 p.m., just 10 minutes after entering, having briefly spoken to at least one Capitol Police Officer before leaving, according to the statement of facts.

Two FBI agents showed up on April 19, 2021, to Lavrenz’s home in Colorado. Lavrenz told the agents she was in the middle of baking a cake for her son and asked if they could return at a different time, according to The American Spectator. The agents returned one week later for a “consensual interview,” according to the statement of facts.

After months of investigation, agents reportedly told Lavrenz she should be grateful the weaponized agency would only charge the self-described “praying great-grandmother” with four misdemeanor charges for entering a building her tax dollars pay for.

“Glad?” Lavrenz reportedly said. “I shouldn’t be charged with anything.”

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