Attempt to add Muslim Holidays in Broward Schools Foiled For Now

Thirty citizens were present at the November 1, 2012 meeting of the Broward School Board Diversity Committee to speak against adding the Muslim Eid holidays to the school calendar.

According to citizen journalist Danita Kilcullen, “Roland Foulkes, President of the Broward School Board Diversity Committee, made-up all the rules before the meeting, e.g., that there would be two proponents of the proposal and two opponents, 3 minutes each, and the opponents would go first. Opponents fought to speak after the entire proposal was heard and speak in response to the proponents.”

I should be noted that Foulkes earlier this year brought Nazar Hamze to the Broward Republican Executive Committee for membership. That effort was defeated in a vote from the floor.

Kilcullen reports:

“Then a committee member made a motion to give 4 minutes for the proposal to be read, then another asked for 10 minutes. The committee voted to give the bringer-of-the-proposal 10 minutes. The woman who brought the proposal was Gazala Salaam, Communications Relations Director for CAIR Florida.

Just before she spoke, one committee member noted that there are no religious holidays in the Broward County School system. ‘Just ‘days-off.’ Roland forgot all about that and in making his case for Muslim holidays said, ‘The Christians have their religious holidays and Jews have their religious holidays,’ to which an opponent yelled, ‘Your member just told us that there ARE NO religious holidays!’

Gazala reiterated that ‘they are not asking for religious holidays, just equality in an ever-growing Muslim population.’, Gazala painted Muslims out to be victims of prejudice and inequity.”

The primary fight was for equal time as the delivery of the proposal plus the two proponents of the proposal, which would allow opponents sixteen minutes instead of six. The committee finally voted and gave both side sufficient time to speak.

Joe Kaufman

“Joe Kaufman, former candidate for the U.S. Congress, was first to speak. He minced no words about his background, who CAIR is and their proven connections to terror and terror groups. In sixteen minutes the committee heard from six opponents who had prepared speeches, ending with Reverend Dozier who had one minute left to make his point,” reports Kilcullen.

Reports are that emotions were raw and there was yelling and screaming following the pros and cons. Time to end the meeting was extended twice and citizens were there until 9:30 p.m. rather than normal end time of 8:30 p.m.

Kilcullen states, “Most of the committee voted to NOT VOTE on the issue saying that it had been crammed-in and was too important and that more research needed to be done.”

Kilcullen writes, “The race card was played several times. There are two elderly black ladies on the committee who lived through the civil rights era; one of them cried as she related that time, and equated it to the CAIR demand for two holidays on the school calendar. Proponents spoke about past history. Opponents talked about recent history post 9/11/2001.”



The following email was received from a member of the Broward County School Board:

Thank you for your email regarding our school calendar.

The proposed change you are commenting on was brought forward by the Chair of the Diversity Committee. Any request to change the school calendar must first go through the Calendar Committee. The 2013-2014 Calendar has already been workshopped and does not include those days.

The District does not provide days off for religious holidays. Days off are scheduled based on statistical data indicating days during which there is a high rate of teacher and student absenteeism.

If you wish to comment further on this topic, go to — – click on This will give you an opportunity to email directly to our Calendar Committee.

I appreciate, and thank you for your interest in Broward County Public schools.


Robin Bartleman, School Board Member
Countywide At Large Seat 9
The School Board of Broward County
600 SE Third Ave., 14th Floor
Fort Lauderdale FL 33301

Counter-terrorism Training will Continue in Florida

Hassan Shibly

Florida’s Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission declined to take action regarding the Council on American Islamic Relation’s (CAIR) effort, led by Hassan Shibly, to stop the FDLE from using counter terrorist training expert, Sam Kharoba. A complaint filed by CAIR with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FLDLE) was referred to the Commission.

CAIR’s Hassan Shibly presented his complaint at the Commission’s November 1, 2012 meeting. The Commission gave Sam Kharoba, founder of the Counter Terrorism Operations Center – CTOC, time to respond.

Kharoba stated, “Hassan Shibly requested permission and was granted the opportunity to address the commission. He itemized 10 issues relating to my training – which is pretty much what we heard in their July letter to Commissioner Bailey. I then requested and was granted permission to address the committee. I emphasized the fact that CAIR hinders law enforcement and detailed their attacks on DOD, DBI, NYPD and other LE agencies. I stressed the fact there are approximately 90,000 LE officers in the state of FL where each works 2000 man hours a year. That equates to 180,000,000 hours of law enforcement services hours a year in FL and pointed out that there are no complaints or cases where Muslim Civil Rights have been violated by LE officers in FL.”

The Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission agenda summarized their position at the end of the agenda item as follows:

The CAIR complaint was provided to the Florida Criminal Justice Training Center Director’s Association and Director Pritt discussed the issue with the membership. The Association has not expressed a need to amend or enhance any of the current training offerings or to address the use of Mr. Kharoba as an instructor, as this is at the discretion of individual agencies and training centers based on vetting requirements previously articulated. If the Commission feels we need to re-address instructor standards or vetting, or to develop additional goals and objectives addressing counter-terrorism and domestic security, we are prepared to support the direction of the Commission.

RECOMMENDATION(S): This agenda item does not require Commission action.

Shibly said. “He (Kharoba) encourages law enforcement officers to view Muslims with distrust. His training materials encourage law enforcement officers to profile and target Muslims.” CAIR’s letter to these officials claims that Kharoba’s training manual says Islam favors war, not peace, and says countries with a 99-percent Muslim population are “ultimate Jihad-manufacturing societies.”

The FBI policy is not to communicate with CAIR in part due to the organization’s ties to and apologetics for terrorists. CAIR is named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Foundation trial.

BREAKING FROM FOX NEWS: Smoking Gun Benghazi Cable

Catherine Herridge on Greta van Susteren 10/31/12 discussing classified diplomatic cable (dated 8/16/12, almost a month before Benghazi attack) obtained by Fox News.

“I really believe, having read it, that it is the smoking gun warning here… I can’t think of anything that would be more specific than if these groups had emailed the state department and said, ‘here’s the time, here’s the place, and here’s the method of the attack’… If you couple this with the statements that a videotape was somehow responsible, what you see is that is completely undercut… What I see is a growing body of evidence that the state department has culpability for the death of the Ambassador and those other three Americans.”

James Carafano at The Heritage Foundation asks five fundamental and serious questions about the Benghazi cable that was ignored by the Obama Administration. The cable concluded that the consulate could not withstand a “coordinated attack.” Further, the cable identified terrorist groups that were operating in the area. The existence of this document raises some serious questions:

1. Why was the cable kept secret for so long?
2. How could anyone rule out a terrorist attack?
3. Why didn’t the Administration provide any interim findings of their investigation into the Benghazi attack?
4. Why wasn’t a coordinated rapid response force ready to go?
5. How long do we have to wait to get answers to obvious questions?


Benghazi blunder: Obama unworthy commander-in-chief

Broward Schools consider observing Muslim Holidays

Today, November 1, 2012, at 6:30 p.m. the Broward County Public School Diversity Committee will take up a request for schools to be closed on Eid, a Muslim holiday. The Council on American Islamic Relations -Florida (CAIR) will be at the meeting presenting a proposal for Broward County School System closure on Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha.

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report states, “Broward County public schools are being asked to close for two Islamic holidays a year under a controversial proposal before the district’s Diversity Committee. The request, from the Florida chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR, would make Broward the first in Florida and one of only a few districts in the country to add Muslim holidays into its calendar.” [Emphasis mine]

Speakers from both sides of this issue will be present to comment on this request. Pensacola  Florida based ACT for America has sent out an alert asking its members to contact to Broward County School Board. CAIR in an email states, “We ask parents of all Muslim Students attending Broward County Public Schools K-12 to be present at the meeting on Thursday November 1st at 6:30 pm. Your presence at this meeting will show unity and support for the proposal in requesting school closure for these two Muslim holidays. The larger our presence the more impact it will have!”

The fundamental question is: Are Muslims required to celebrate typical American holidays?

Muslim American Sheikh Ahmad Musa Jibril in his column Celebrating The Holidays of The Infidels goes into great detail to show how Muslims must not celebrate the holidays of infidels lest they become like them.

Jibril concludes after his lengthy analysis of the Qur’an:

[I]t is clear to anyone who has a heart and understanding that it is prohibited to celebrate the holidays of the kuffar [non-Muslim]. Whether this be by participating with in them in any way, greeting them, mingling with them on their holidays, entering the places where their parties are taking place, or any symbolic move, action or gesture that would appear symbolic or sympathetic for their holiday.

We should not purchase gifts for parents on fathers or mothers day, rather every day of a Muslims life is fathers and mothers days.

We should not celebrate birthdays because those better than us did not do so, and its origin was by the kuffar.

We should not decorate for their holidays as they do on Christmas, nor should we wear like them as they do on Halloween, nor should we eat as they do on Thanksgiving.

We should not eat Turkey and say our intention was otherwise; there are 364 days in the year for you to enjoy your Turkey, to choose that day specifically is symbolically participating in their holidays.

The same applies to those who decorate their homes with Christmas trees or seasonal lights during Christmas season, then claim their intention was otherwise.

If we do not wake up and take a stand, we will wake up one day before a hopeless generation that knows Islam only by its name. This is because celebrating and enjoining in the holidays of the infidels is a cancerous tumor in the core of the Islamic belief that will spread and will not stop until it devastates us and causes us to loose our identity and dignity. Worst of all, it will subject us to the curse and wrath of Allah.

Jibril writes, “[T]he Jews, Christians, and their likes were in the Muslim lands, and that they celebrated their holidays there. Not once was it recorded that the Muslims joined them in their celebrations, or even greeted them for their holidays. Had it not been for a strong command from the prophet (Sallah Allahu Alayhi Wasalam) that we not enjoin them in their holidays, we would have heard many situations in which the prophet (Sallah Allahu Alayhi Wasalam)’s companions and their followers did so.”

Watchdog Wire will report on the outcome of the Broward County Public School Diversity Committee meeting.

Florida Doctor Sends Letter To Employees About Election

Jeffrey A. Zipper, M.D.

Jeffrey A. Zipper, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of the National Pain Institute located in Delray Beach, Florida sent the below letter to all of his employees.

Dr. Zipper received his medical degree from the University of Miami, School of Medicine in Miami, Florida where he was selected for membership in Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. He finished his internship in General Surgery at North Shore University Hospital/Cornell Medical Center and completed a residency program in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at State University Hospital Health Science Center of Brooklyn/Downstate Medical Center where he also served as Chief Resident in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Zipper has been in practice since 1991 and is co-founder of the National Pain Institute.

Dear Employees,

This November 6th you will be asked to cast your vote for President of the United States. Simply put, this is the most important election of our lifetimes. Our economy is on life support. This country is 16 Trillion Dollars in debt and growing. We have been running a 1.3 Trillion Dollar annual budget deficit year over year for the past 4 years! The growth and expansion of our economy has been extremely slow and people are still loosing jobs at a rate of over 300,000/month!! We are broke and indebt as a Nation!

As a small businessman and co-owner of this company; I must tell you, that if our country remains on its present economic course, we are all in deep trouble (rich or poor)! No small businessman will be willing to continue investing their hard earned money in this risky business environment. For me, this election is ALL ABOUT THE ECONOMY. What is good for NPI, is good for you and your families! What is bad for NPI, is bad for you and your families! If NPI and other small business like ours are to survive and thrive into the future; we must begin to feel optimistic again about our country’s economic future. BTW small business employ 75% of all Americans!

We have two choices for President; each of which, I will evaluate as good or bad for NPI, strictly based upon their own stated economic policy’s.

1) Tax Policy

a. President Obama will raise overall taxes on small business from 36% to 46%. In addition, he will raise taxes on capital gains income from 15% to 25%.


b. Governor Romney will reform the tax code in a revenue neutral fashion. He will cut out the tax loopholes enjoyed by actual multimillionaire’s and billionaire’s (not small businessmen)! He will then flatten the highest tax rate to 20% and the lowest rate to 10%. In addition, he will lower Corporate tax rates from 35% to 25% and eliminate capital gains taxes.


2) Obamacare/Medicare

a. President Obama has signed the Affordable Care Act into law. It cuts 716 Billion dollars from Medicare to fund Obamacare. It also taxes/fines small business $2,000 per employee per year and mandates each citizen to purchase healthcare insurance or pay a mandatory tax!


b. Governor Romney will repeal the Affordable Care Act. He will reform Medicare for those under age 55 years old to provide long term sustainability to the program and keep benefits as they are for those over 55 years old. He will slowly raise retirement age and cut future Medicare benefits for wealthy people who are now under 55 years old. He will also allow for the interstate sale of health insurance which will drop rates by 40% overnight! This will make health insurance much more affordable for all.


While I believe that President Obama is a very likable, affable person and an excellent orator! I do not believe that he possess the business acumen required, to turn this country’s economy around. For me the choice is clear! I hope you will consider supporting Governor Romney for President.


Jeffrey A. Zipper, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer
National Pain Institute
5365 W. Atlantic Ave
Delray Beach, FL. 33484

Florida Has 3,756 Federal Employees Who Make More Than Governor Scott

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK)

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) asked the Congressional Research Service (CRS) to determine how many in state federal employees are making more than their Governor. Florida came in fifth highest with 3, 756 employees. The top five states are: Colorado 10,875, Maryland 7,283, Arizona 4,426, Alabama 4,299, and Florida 3,756. Delaware had the fewest federal employees making more than their governor at 37 employees.

According to CRS calculations 77,057 federal employees earned more in total annual pay as of September 2009 than their respective state governors earned in 2009.

The top three groups of federal employees in Florida making more than Governor Scott are in the Medical, Hospital, Dental, and Public Health Group (1,830), Transportation Group (588) and Legal and Kindred Group (483).

Table 12. Florida: Federal Employees Compensated at a Rate Greater Than the Governor’s Salary, by Occupational Group  shows the following breakdown. NOTE: Florida Governor’s salary is $132,932.

Occupational Group Federal Employees in Occupational Group Making More Than the Governor:

  • Accounting and Budget Group – 64
  • Business and Industry Group – 46
  • Copyright, Patent, and Trademark Group – 2
  • Education Group – 7
  • Engineering and Architecture Group – 272
  • General Administrative, Clerical, and Office Services Group – 223
  • Human Resources Management Group – 7
  • Information Technology Group – 13
  • Information and Arts Group – 2
  • Inspection, Investigation, Enforcement, and Compliance Group – 84
  • Legal and Kindred Group – 483
  • Mathematics and Statistics Group – 10
  • Medical, Hospital, Dental, and Public Health Group – 1,830
  • Miscellaneous Occupations Group – 16
  • Natural Resources Management and Biological Sciences Group – 40
  • Physical Sciences Group – 57
  • Congressional Research Service – 11
  • Social Science, Psychology, and Welfare Group – 12
  • Transportation Group – 588

Total 3,756

Sources: Governor’s salary information for 2009 was taken from the Council of State Governments, “State Government Compensation by Branch”. The
distribution of positions by occupational group was calculated by CRS using the Office of Personnel Management’s Central Personnel Data File from September 2009.

Read the report titled “Public Servants or Privileged Class: How State Government Employees Are Paid Better Than Their Private-Sector Counterparts“.

Watch this video from Citizens Against Government Waste:

VIDEO: Florida Hispanics Speak about Economic Freedom

Americans for Prosperity – Florida is developing creative and interactive ways to express the conservative values of the Hispanic Community are the center stone of our grassroots initiatives. Americans for Prosperity – Florida has produced “Why I believe in Economic Freedom” video series to serve as a platform for Americans who identify as Hispanic or Spanish Speaking to share their thoughts about Economic Freedom principles.

According to Andres Malave, “APF – Florida hopes you will join the conversation about the importance of maintaining a more limited government and our efforts to preserve our Economic Freedom by visiting”

71 Percent of Florida Young Adults Plan to Vote in Presidential Election

Generation Opportunity, with over 4 million fans on Facebook and direct grassroots engagement with over a quarter million young Americans, today released additional results from their comprehensive Florida-specific survey of young adults ages 18-29.

The poll found that 71 percent of young Floridians plan to vote in the presidential election, only 34 percent are satisfied with elected officials in Washington, and that 83 percent believe key life decisions have been delayed by the poor national economy.

The poll also found that of the “Get Out the Vote” (GOTV) reminder tools that will have an impact on young voter turnout in Florida, Facebook ranked first at 63 percent and text messages ranked second at 47 percent. Only 14 percent of Florida’s Millennials thought a phone call would be effective – a clear indication that smartphones and other mobile devices have reached a point of heavy market penetration within the demographic. Generation Opportunity has over 160,000 followers across the state of Florida .

In addition to the poll results, Generation Opportunity has launched the Pledge to GO Vote Campaign aimed at further increasing the already growing enthusiasm and interest among young adults to participate in the presidential election. Generation Opportunity is encouraging its supporters, their friends, and all those within their networks to Pledge to GO Vote. Read more about the initiative and sign the pledge here at


  • 71% of Florida Millennials plan to vote in the election for President this year.
  • Only 34% believe that today’s political leaders reflect the interests of young Americans.
  • Which will be the more important to you in casting your vote for President in 2012?
  • 49% – A candidate’s position on issues and a record in public office;
  • 9% – A candidate’s personal characteristics, like charisma and likeability;
  • 30% – They are of equal importance (accepted only this response);
  • 4% – Neither is important / something else;
  • 8% – Do not know/cannot judge (accepted only this response).
  • 53% agreed they will learn more about the policy positions of the presidential candidates in 2012 than they did in 2008.


Which of the following, if any, would make young people more likely to vote? (Accepted multiple responses) (Randomized):

  • 63% – Facebook reminder message;
  • 47% – Text message reminder;
  • 28% – Email reminder;
  • 26% – Public service announcement;
  • 14% – Phone call;
  • 12% – None of the above (accepted only this response);
  • 8% – Do not know/cannot judge (accepted only this response).

From which of the following sources do you get your news? (Accepted multiple responses) (Randomized):

  • 49% – Friends/family;
  • 46% – Facebook;
  • 43% – Online newspapers;
  • 42% – Cable news programs;
  • 40% – Radio;
  • 38% – Network news programs;
  • 27% – Specific websites focusing on topics that interest you;
  • 25% – Print newspapers;
  • 20% – Twitter;
  • 19% – Online magazines;
  • 19% – Comedy news programs (The Daily Show, The Colbert Report);
  • 16% – Blogs;
  • 16% – Print magazines;
  • 2% – Other;
  • 6% – None of the above (accepted only this response).


  • Only 31% of Florida Millennials agree with the statement “generally speaking, things in the United States are heading in the right direction.”
  • 55% are not confident that America will still be a global leader in five years if the USA continues along the same path as the last few years.


  • 64% of Florida Millennials believe the availability of more quality, full-time jobs upon graduation is more important than lower student loan interest rates.
  • 64% say the availability of more quality, full-time jobs with health insurance plans is more important than the ability to stay on their parents’ health insurance plans until they are 26.
  • 60% would increase production of domestic American energy sources like oil, natural gas, and coal if given the opportunity to set America’s fiscal priorities.
  • 74% would decrease federal spending if given the opportunity to set America’s fiscal priorities.
  • 70% prefer reducing federal spending over raising taxes on individuals to balance the budget.


  • 74% of Florida Millennials believe that the lack of job opportunities is shrinking the American middle class.
  • Only 26% say that the economic policies coming out of Washington are helping them.
  • 83% had planned to but now might delay or not make at all a major life change or move forward on a major purchase due to the current state of the economy (Accepted multiple responses) (Randomized):
  • 42% – Buy their own place;
  • 31% – Start a family;
  • 30% – Save for retirement;
  • 29% – Go back to school/getting more education or training;
  • 28% – Pay off student loans or other debt;
  • 27% – Change jobs/cities;
  • 20% – Get married;
  • 11% – None of the above (accepted only this response);
  • 6% – Do not know/cannot judge (accepted only this response).


“Florida’s young adults know that economic growth and increased opportunity are the only true changes that can reverse high unemployment and the lack of full-time jobs. They know the results of the 2012 presidential election will have profound implications on their ability to realize their career goals and to achieve their dreams. They are tired of a status quote defined by periods of unemployment, underemployment, part-time work, and full-time jobs outside the focus of their skills and educational level,” said Paul T. Conway, President of Generation Opportunity and former Chief of Staff of the United States Department of Labor under Secretary Elaine L. Chao. “Over the course of the next week they will use their social media networks to organize and remind their friends to vote – and they will vote as if their futures depend upon their decision.”


For Generation Opportunity, the polling company, inc./WomanTrend, conducted a statewide online survey of 524 Florida adults ages 18-29 between July 27 – August 13, 2012. Randomly selected online opt-in panel participants were sent an invitation to the survey via email, which included a secure link to the online questionnaire. Quotas were used to ensure the survey was representative of the larger 18-29 year old statewide population with regard to race, region, and gender. The data were NOT weighted. The overall sampling margin of error for the survey is +/-4.4% at a 95% confidence interval, meaning that the data obtained would not differ more than 4.4 percentage points in 95 out of 100 similar samples obtained.


Generation Opportunity is the largest non-profit, non-partisan organization in the United States engaging and mobilizing young Americans (ages 18-29) on important economic issues facing the nation. Since its launch in June of 2011, Generation Opportunity has operated on a combined strategy of advanced social media tactics and field tactics to reach young Americans across the country.

Generation Opportunity is actively organizing young adults across America through grassroots tactics, voter registration, and voter turnout efforts in states like Ohio, Virginia, Maine, North Carolina and Florida, engaging over a quarter million young adults. The organization’s social media platforms have amassed a total fan base of more than 4 million. Facebook pages post links to relevant articles and reports from sources ranging from the federal Government Accountability Office (GAO), to The New York Times , The Washington Post, The Brookings Institution, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, and The Heritage Foundation.

UPDATE: A video taken by a student of a young audience in Red Rocks, Colorado:


Column courtesy of Frances Rice:

Democrats consistently push the false narrative that Mormons are racist, while ignoring the existence of black Mormons. Then, hypocritically, Democrats demean black Mormons who step into the spotlight. Witness how Democrats trashed Mia Love, the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, and the Republican Party nominee for the United States House of Representatives in Utah’s 4th congressional district. An article that describes the despicable treatment of Mayor Love is “Hate-Filled Screeds Appear on Mia Love’s Wikipedia Page” by Patrick Hobin.

Gladys Knight

Among the black Mormons not in the political arena and largely ignored is Gladys Knight who became a Mormon in 1998 after her son Jimmy and his wife and children did so. Ms. Knight was successful as an R&B singer in the late 1960s and early 1970s. She now writes and performs Mormon Gospel music. Sam Warren of “The Drifters”, another famous black R&B group of the 1960s and 1970s, also became a Mormon. A well-known black personality who is also a Mormon is the famous college and NFL football hero Burgess Owens. NBA All-Star player Thurl Bailey became a Mormon, too, and now composes Mormon music.

LeRoy Eldridge Cleaver

An intriguing historical personality is deceased LeRoy Eldridge Cleaver who went from being a Black Panther to Black Mormon. Mr. Cleaver was the Minister of Information in the early Black Panther Party, a combination of Black Nationalism and Marxism. In 1968, he wrote “Soul on Ice” which became an international bestseller and was once considered the “Manifesto” of black nationalists and white radicals.

Among the lesser known, but influential black Mormons is Jesse Thomas Jr., a former Baptist preacher, who became a Mormon in 1989 and now serves in local priesthood-leadership positions. In 1995 Lee Radcliff, a black Baptist minister who served as a pastor in Chicago and Mississippi for decades, also became a Mormon.

The press cynically stirs up religious bigotry against Gov. Mitt Romney because his faith is Mormonism, a religion that embraces our constitutional principles of free enterprise and individual liberty. This effort to get the voting public to hate Mormons is anchored on the false notion that Mormons are racists. The Mormon denigrators focus on how, from 1849 to 1978, the Mormon Church had a policy against ordaining black men to the priesthood. In 1978, church leaders ceased the racial restriction policy for black men, declaring that they had received a revelation instructing them to do so.

In spite of that old rule about the priesthood, the Mormon Church has always had an open membership policy for all races and today’s church opposes racial discrimination and racism. In 1997, there were approximately 500,000 black members of the Mormon Church, accounting for about 5% of the total membership. Since 1997, the black membership has grown substantially, especially in West Africa, where two temples have been built.

It goes against our constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion to declare that a person is not fit to be our nation’s leader because of that person’s religion. No one has called for Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid to denounce his Mormon religion in order to be the leader of the US Senate.

Frances Rice

Frances Rice, Esquire – Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Retired)

Frances Rice’s great-great-grandparents were slaves. She spent her formative years in poverty in the segregated South during the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s. Frances was born in Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, the same hospital where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born. She occasionally attended Ebenezer Baptist Church where Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. was the pastor.

She joined the Army in 1964 as a Private and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel after 20 years of active service. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Drury College in 1973, a Master of Business Administration from Golden Gate University in 1976, and a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of California, Hastings College of Law in 1977 – all while serving in the US Army.

During twenty years of active duty in the US Army, Frances served in a variety of positions, including commander of a WAC company, adjutant of a basic combat training brigade, a prosecuting attorney, and chief of the administrative law division. She also served as a special assistant to the Army Judge Advocate General and an adviser to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Equal Opportunity.

Subsequent to her military career, Frances worked for the McDonnell Douglas Corporation, serving first as a member of that company’s “think tank,” and then as a government contract advisor. She later taught Business Law for the European Division of the University of Maryland in Brussels, Belgium.

Connie Mack: De-fund the United Nations & Kick Them Out of New York

Connie Mack came to Memorial Park in Stuart, FL on October 21st with Mayor Rudy Giuliani to speak to the voters of Martin County. Both men spoke of the need to take the Senate so that a real budget can be passed to reduce the deficit and balance the budget. Mack made a point of emphasizing his position that nothing else should advance in the Senate until a budget is passed.

The below video clip is part of a 15 minute address recorded by Richard Nickson of the Martin County 912/TEA Party Committee.

Watchdog Wire selected this shorter snip because of Congressman Mack’s comment at 8:24 minutes stating he will de-fund the United Nations and kick them out of New York.

The Congressman then posed in front of signs against U.N. Agenda 21.

Here are photos of Congressman Mack standing in front of anti-UN signs and signing the sign in support:


UPDATED: October 28, 2012


Libyan witnesses recount organized Benghazi attack – Washington Times

UPDATED: October 26, 2012

AC-130 U Gunship Was On-Scene In Benghazi,Obama Admin Refused to Let It Fire

Benghazi Exclusive: CIA Operators Were Denied Request For Help During Benghazi Attack, Sources Say

Reuters Contradicts Itself On Benghazi Attacks

Multiple news outlets are reporting on emails sent to the White House about the Benghazi attack. The emails clearly show it was a terrorist attack and named Ansar al-Sharia as the al Qaeda affiliate claiming responsibility.

Lars Larson interview with Charles Woods, father of former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods who gave his life in Benghazi:

CBS News report on released email exchanges during the Benghazi attack:

Clare Lopez, former CIA Agent and Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, talks with Glenn Beck about Benghazi:

Half of Florida College Grads With Average Student Loan Debt of $23,054

According to, “Our student loan debt is $1 trillion and climbing. According to a new report, two-thirds of college seniors who graduated last year had student loan debt. The average was $26,600 per borrower. This is the highest average debt among students who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in U.S. history.” In Florida 51% of college graduates had an average debt of $23, 054. For a list of Florida colleges and universities with tuition costs and average debt per student click here.

‘To make things even more difficult, unemployment for recent college grads was at 8.8 percent in 2011,” states issue a report, by the Project on Student Debt, showing which states have the largest student loan debt and highest college tuition, both public and private.

The Project on Student Debt report notes:

We estimate that two-thirds (66%) of college seniors who graduated in 2011 had student loan debt, with an average of $26,600 for those with loans.1 The five percent increase in average debt at the national level is similar to the average annual increase over the past few years. Also similar to previous years, about one-fifth of graduates’ debt is comprised of private loans.

State averages for debt at graduation from four-year colleges ranged widely in 2011, from $17,250 to $32,450. Graduates’ likelihood of having debt, and their average debt load, also varied widely by college.

High-debt states remain concentrated in the Northeast and Midwest, with low-debt states mainly in the West and South. Average debt continues to vary even more at the campus level than at the state level, from $3,000 to $55,250. Colleges with higher costs tend to have higher average debt, but there are many examples of high-cost colleges with low average debt, and vice versa.

Project on Student Debt states, “Recent college graduates have entered an enormously difficult job market, which poses particular challenges for those who need to begin paying back student loans. The unemployment rate for young college graduates in 2011 remained high at 8.8 percent, a slight decrease from 2010, which saw the highest annual rate on record for this group (9.1%). In addition, many more young graduates were considered underemployed. Among those who wanted to be working full time, as many as 19.1 percent were either working part time or had given up looking for work.3 Further, 37.8 percent of working young graduates had jobs that did not require a college degree, depressing their wages.”

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Tampa man sentenced for exporting millions of dollars of computer equipment to Iran

TAMPA, Fla. – A Tampa man was sentenced Thursday, October 19, 2012 to four years in federal prison for conspiracy to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the Iranian Transaction Regulations. He was also ordered to serve one year of supervised release and forfeit $10 million, which was traceable to proceeds from the offense. This sentence resulted from an investigation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Office of Export Enforcement.

Mohammad Reza “Ray” Hajian was born in Tehran, Iran. Reza Hajian is associated with several companies, including Nexiant LLC, P&P Computer, LLC. and Rh International LLC. Reza Hajian has 4 known relationships including Kostas Kerdemelidis, Leon Mavromatis and Nicholas Mavromatis and is located in Tampa, FL. Source: Florida Department of State last refreshed 5/20/2012 You may view Hajian’s connections in Florida by going here.

According to court documents, between 2003 and 2011, Mohammad Reza “Ray” Hajian, 57, of Tampa, conspired with others to unlawfully export sophisticated, enterprise-level computer and related equipment from the United States to Iran, in violation of the U.S. embargo. In an effort to conceal their activities, Hajian and his co-conspirators routed shipments of computers and related equipment, payments and travel between the United States and Iran through the United Arab Emirates. Hajian and his co-conspirators communicated with each other via email. They employed fake identities, fake end-users and coded language to mask the true nature of their activities. Hajian shipped approximately $14.85 million worth of computer and related equipment during the conspiracy.

According to Tampa Bay Online:

Hajian conspired to export the equipment without the required U.S. license from as early as 2003 through the autumn of 2011, prosecutors said.

During one shipment in 2009, Hajian emailed a co-conspirator a proposal to sell Hitachi Data Systems equipment for delivery to Iran through the United Arab Emirates, court documents said.

In May 2009, Hajian received wire transfers from an employee in the United Arab Emirates totaling $1 million, payment — at least in part — for the computer equipment.

Hajian then sent an email to an unnamed co-conspirator in Iran saying the sale was for $128,315.

In June 2009, Hajian made a shipment to the United Arab Emirates, “knowing that this shipment was destined for Iran and also caused the value of the shipment … to be significantly understated on export documentation,” court documents said.

“The magnitude and scope of the threats facing the United States has never been greater than today, and that’s why Homeland Security Investigations investigates individuals who try to export sensitive technologies to hostile nations,” said Sue McCormick, special agent in charge of HSI Tampa. “Homeland Security Investigations takes pride in protecting our country, and today’s sentencing is the latest example of our effective investigative efforts.”

“Today’s sentencing demonstrates the ongoing cooperation with our federal law enforcement partners to prevent U.S. technology from falling into the wrong hands. In this case, a key Iranian procurement network which could have been damaging to U.S. national security was shut down,” said Robert Luzzi, special agent in charge of the U.S. Department of Commerce/Bureau of Industry and Security’s Office of Export Enforcement Miami Field Office. “Parties who conspire to export to embargoed destinations such as Iran will be pursued and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Hajian pleaded guilty July 11. Three of his companies, RH International LLC, Nexiant LLC, and P & P Computers LLC, also pleaded guilty that same day.

Democrat Denies Stating: Illegals “better employees than Americans” But The Record Shows He Did

Keith Fitzgerald, Democrat candidate for Congress in Florida’s District – 13, is quoted in a 1997 Sarasota Herald-Tribune column stating, “[I]llegals are are often good hires … they’re better employees than Americans.” This came up during a debate with Representative Vern Buchanan this week. Buchanan paraphrased what Fitzgerald said in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune column. It is interesting that Fitzgerald, who wrote a book on illegal immigration, would deny what he wrote and re-stated in the column (see the below video).

Gordon Russell, author of the column reports, “…Fitzgerald says, people wouldn’t cross the border illegally if they weren’t certain they’d find work here. They usually do, so they keep coming.” The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) reports that illegal aliens costs to the state of Florida in 2009 as $5,462,614,142.

The FAIR website states, “According to the Census Bureau the foreign-born population of Florida was about 3,658,043 persons in 2010. This estimate meant a foreign-born population share of 19.5 percent … Between 2000 and 2010 the Census Bureau estimate indicates an average annual rate of change in the foreign-born population of about 96,314 people, compared to the state’s annual average population change of about 275,018 people. That is a 35 percent share of the state’s population change (not including the children born in the United States to illegal aliens).”

This is of note to Floridians because President Obama chastised Governor Romney for his comments about illegals “self-deporting” during the past Presidential debate as the best way to solve the large illegal alien population.

FAIR notes the following positions of the candidates:

Some of President Obama’s stances included:

  • support for a broad amnesty, including the DREAM Act;
  • touting his backdoor amnesty initiatives such as deferred action for those meeting the criteria of the DREAM Act, and focusing enforcement only upon illegal aliens who have committed serious crimes;
  • opposition to Arizona’s SB 1070; and
  • touting his efforts to reduce the time in which immigration officers have to approve visa applications.

Gov. Romney’s stances included:

  • opposition to a broad amnesty while supporting a military-only DREAM Act;
  • supporting E-Verify and other programs to promote attrition through enforcement;
  • opposing driver’s licenses for illegal aliens; and
  • supporting the stapling of green cards to the diplomas of foreign graduates of U.S. universities.

FAIR also notes, “Criminal aliens — non-citizens who commit crimes — are a growing threat to public safety and national security, as well as a drain on our scarce criminal justice resources. In 1980, our federal and state prisons housed fewer than 9,000 criminal aliens. Today, about 55,000 criminal aliens account for more than one-fourth of prisoners in Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities, and there are about 297,000 criminal aliens incarcerated in state and local prisons. That number represents about 16.4 percent of the state and local prison population compared to the 12.9 percent of the total population comprised of foreign-born residents.” Florida has the 8th highest illegal alien prison population.

Illegal aliens cost Floridians dearly to incarcerate, medicate and educate. With so many Americans out of work, is it not time to give the jobs to our legal workers? Today, few would agree that Americans would not fill the positions held by illegals.

VIDEO: Buchanan – Fitzgerald debate: