FIFA: Did a Woman Have to Die Before You Stepped In?

FIFA officials will make a visit to Iran after a young woman set herself on fire after being arrested for attending a soccer match.

FIFA (the International Federation of Association Football) gave the Islamic Republic until August 31 to allow women to enter soccer stadiums, but the deadline passed with no signs of compliance. Unfortunately, it appears that it has taken the death of young woman to wake FIFA up.

This story began when Sahar Khodayari, a young Iranian woman who has been since dubbed “Blue Girl” (due to her favorite team’s colors), was arrested for trying to enter a soccer stadium disguised as a man.

After spending three days in jail, she was released on bail and a court date was set for six month later. However, when Khodayari showed up for her trial, she found that it was postponed due to the judge being called away for a family emergency.

It was reported that when she went to pick up her cell phone, she overheard someone saying that if she was convicted, she would be sentence to between six months and two years in jail.

Hearing this, she set herself on fire in front of the courthouse and later died in the hospital.

Women have been forbidden from entering stadiums to watch men’s sporting events since 1981, two years after the Islamic Revolution that propelled the ayatollahs into power. One exception was made last year when women were allowed in a stadium to watch the streaming of the World Cup.


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Low Lying Fruit About To Be Plucked

The hunters have now become the hunted. They are all going down. It’s either us or them. I for one, do not think Trump is in this to lose. You see, we are now at steps six, seven and eight on the scale of discovery and action I wrote about last year. We are at war and we are in fact winning. I am well documented stating this for nearly three years now in my books, articles, media interviews and public speeches. President Trump actually named Page, Strzok, Comey and McCabe in this exchange with the media as individuals guilty of treason. But the swamp runs very deep. This is just the beginning, the low lying fruit.

What to Expect?

They are all going down. Yes, that includes the Clinton’s and the Obama’s in due time. Mark my words. It begins now in 2019 and carries on through Trump’s second term. It will be a cascading avalanche at some point in time. Just like Hillary Clinton stated way back when that if you take me down that she would bring all of Washington DC down with her. Well its seems Mcabe has said the very same thing as reported by Sara Carter on the Laura Ingraham show.

AG Barr and John Durham are working in great detail on multiple investigations. Remember, FISA brings down the house. Then we have Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, and  Rudy Giuliani, all working on different aspects of taking down the deep state. And as President Trump told us at the Orlando rally in 2019, that the state department has most if not all of the 33,000 e-mails that Clinton bleached. Then there are the NSA files, Wikileaks and all that Julian Assange will reveal once extradited to the US and gets his day in court. Then there is the Jeffrey Epstein case. Now I for one have not seen a death certificate, autopsy report, or a funeral for Epstein. Did he kill himself? I was not there, but I would say most definitely not. Was he suicided? Meaning killed by another to look like a suicide? Highly probable. Or, is Epstein being held in a military detention as a controlled high valued asset to extrapolate intel? Time will tell. Dead or alive, much of the intel needed to go after those surrounding the Epstein case is already procured. The list is extensive and it is global.

The deep state scum will eat each other alive throughout this process. They will rat each other out as the cascading avalanche crushes them all. Caution, as time goes by, we will learn about not only treasonous acts and crimes, but horrific acts which include pedophilia and believe it or not acts even far worse than this. For now, I will leave it at that. Oh and don’t be concerned about impeachment or any other subpoenas or attacks against President Trump. They have NOTHING on the President, nothing. There will be no impeachment. If by chance it gets to and then through the house, its’ DOA in the Senate. The deep state  and its fake news media operatives are panicking. They know they are in deep S$%t. Sit back, enjoy the show.


Trump and the Age of Transparency

So you can see the de-class is now underway. The swamp is being drained. Do you think it is by coincidence that headline after headline is coming out with regards to 911? This issue along with Benghazi, fast and furious, JFK, MLK, RFK and scores of other injustices, and crimes against humanity, will dominate the headlines throughout President Trump’s second term. This will include the nationalization of the Federal Reserve and the restoration of sound money restoring power to the people. I cover this weekly, with Economist Dr. Kirk Elliott on the GFR (Global Financial Reset) weekly report here on my YouTube channel.

The world is changing. And so, we are engaged and embarking upon a truly unprecedented time in our history. Buckle down. Stay the course, trust the plan and remember, Freedom…it’s up to U.S.

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The Storm Is Upon Us

VIDEO: A new look at a 2013 video on the weaponization of the term “Islamophobia”

This is a new and detailed analysis of an OSCE event in 2013 in Warsaw, where an attempt to extract a definition of Islamophobia from Islamic (OIC) sources as well as the Marxist think tank, Runnymede, was made with no success but a great deal of obfuscation. Why would that be?

This is an important video and shows the Marxist effort along with Islamic, to leave terms undefined in order to make them better and more broad weapons against all non-Muslims. And for that matter, all non-Marxists with the term, “Hate speech”.

More on that later though. For now, please take a few minutes and watch this.

Anyone wishing to develop a solid understanding of these tactics so well exemplified in this video, may wish to download Stephen Coughlin’s document on understanding the left here.

Stephen Coughlin, and Ned May from Gates of Vienna, do manage to show the extent of the dishonesty of this influential international agency. Also please note in the video, the book used by this body which contains the logos of the UN and EU, as well as the OSCE.

(For some reason, videos are not playing on Safari tonight. Please try this on Chrome or possibly Brave.)

Direct link.

© All rights reserved.


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My Draw Mohammad Manifesto

This is for artists who’ve remained silent about the issue of drawing Mohammad, even after cartoonists were slaughtered over it, and who are afraid to draw Mohammad, though they’d never admit it, and who have never been challenged over it. The reason why the Charlie Hebdo massacre happened is because ten years earlier, when Danish cartoonists were threatened with murder for drawing Mohammad, the civilized world, the world that claims to defend Free Speech, sold out Free Speech, submitted to the savages, and even justified the threats. And the enemy saw that abject fear across the West, and they knew that they could get away with murder. And they did, because no one speaks of Charlie Hebdo anymore, and hardly anyone draws Mohammad anymore.

But still, after those at Charlie Hebdo were murdered over Mohammad cartoons on January 7, 2015, you would have thought that such an attack would have rallied the West to respond in a strong way, and for publishers across the world to publish the cartoons, in defiance of such an attack on civilization. Instead, fear ruled the day and it created a vacuum that sleazy politicians filled. They made the attack all about themselves, as they converged in France, leading crowds to nowhere, and saying nothing worthwhile or true about what had happened. And recalling the videos and the pictures at the time, these sleazy politicians probably made sure that the Mohammad cartoons that the cartoonists were murdered over were nowhere in sight in the crowds behind them. But there were plenty of trendy pens being held in the air, and t-shirts and signs with “Je Suis Charlie”, worn and held by those who would never draw Mohammad. If you don’t draw Mohammad, you don’t get to say “Je Suis Charlie”. The event dishonored those at Charlie Hebdo, and ignored the entire point of it all, that we must defy these evil savages by doing precisely what they threaten us not to do.

Eventually, it took the typically callous actions of Muslims to finally provoke a strong response. Eleven days after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Muslims walked over their dead bodies to hold an event at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, to defend Mohammad from criticism and cartoons called “Stand with the Prophet in Honor and Respect”. And Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer saw that and decided to stand with Free Speech by organizing a Mohammad cartoon contest where the winner would be announced at the same location, where there would also be an exhibition of Mohammad art, and Geert Wilders would be the keynote speaker. I ended up winning the contest, and the jihadists who came to mass-murder us ended up getting their heads blown off. And then there was a second attack on us, but this time it was by the media, on both the left and the right, who were determined to paint us- the targets of a terrorist attack -as worse than the jihadists who came to murder us.

Free Speech isn’t about what we can talk about, it’s not about speech that’s considered “acceptable” in society at any particular time, it’s about saying what “can’t” be said, yet still saying it, come what may. And that freedom to say the unsayable is under relentless attack by those who view that freedom as a threat to them. Weak ideas, weak ideologies, can’t withstand scrutiny. And people having the freedom to say whatever they want could lead them to call out those ideas and ideologies, to expose them as the complete opposite of what they claim to be, and that’s why Muslims and leftists are the greatest enemies of Free Speech, because they have the most to lose if their ideas are allowed to be scrutinized.

If you don’t support cartoonists drawing Mohammad, then you don’t support Free Speech. If you reserve all of your condemnation for those who draw Mohammad, and are silent about those who threaten them over it, then you’re a coward.

Once human beings are murdered over cartoons, those who would invoke “hurt feelings” and “decorum” should be completely dismissed. This is an issue of free expression, an issue of defying an enemy in wartime who wants to kill you if you exercise that freedom. Yet I’m still told that I shouldn’t draw Mohammad because it “hurts” the feelings of Muslims, because it’s not “nice”, because it pisses off Muslims. The only reason people are worried about pissed off Muslims is because Muslims act violently when they’re pissed off. But my support for Free Speech doesn’t end when Muslim violence begins, my support only grows stronger.

Still, to this day, I’m accused of “provoking” Muslims, when it’s their threats over cartoons that “provokes” me to draw Mohammad. I know that most cartoonists don’t draw Mohammad because of death threats, but death threats should have been the spark to get most of us to draw Mohammad. It did with me. I was raised Muslim, and I never even considered drawing Mohammad, and I didn’t even know that there was a prohibition against it. But when Muslims warn us that we can’t draw Mohammad because Islam forbids it, we have a choice, to either draw Mohammad or become de facto Muslims and sell out Free Speech.

We’re always hearing that “it’s time” for something to be said or done, for no other reason that that “it’s 2019”, and it’s usually something as stupid as “It’s time for a black, female, transgender James Bond.” Well, it’s time that cartoonists who claim to support free speech draw Mohammad. Otherwise, you’re full of it.

It’s time that those who claim to support Free Speech are put to the test. Behaving as an enemy wants you to behave is capitulation, but I’m told by some cartoonists who haven’t drawn Mohammad that it’s not their “thing”, that it doesn’t “interest” them. When cartoonists are murdered for drawing something that an enemy at war with us doesn’t want us to draw, the only self-respecting thing one can do is to draw precisely what the bastards don’t want you to draw. Can you imagine the World War Two generation being warned by Hitler and his Nazis that if they drew Hitler, they would be murdered, and of that generation falling silent and not drawing Hitler? That warning would have resulted in endless Hitler cartoons. I don’t want to hear, “Well, that was a different time”, because it’s just an excuse to capitulate, as if we all have to get on board with this Age of Capitulation, just because so many do it. Defying evil is a timeless thing, and while I understand that not everyone is built for it, if none do so, then evil wins. And right now, evil is winning. That we cannot defeat the Islamic enemy, almost 18 years after 9/11, is a defeat unto itself.

Where is the traditional American defiance in all of this? As Ayn Rand put it, “Defiance, not obedience, is the American’s answer to overbearing authority.” And look at the part of the world that doesn’t draw Mohammad to know what happens when evil wins, to see what happens to an entire part of the world where the bad guy won. A world so defeated that the founder of the ideology that defeated them cannot be drawn, cannot be criticized, and so cannot be overthrown from their mind. The West resembles the Islamic world more than the Islamic world resembles the West, post-9/11. That’s Islamization at work. The incremental, corrosive, pushing of Islam down our throats as something good and valuable to us, when it’s antithetical to everything we claim to upheld.

When it comes to Mohammad cartoons and cartoonists, I’m particularly disappointed with Frank Miller, who’s referred to as a “controversial” cartoonist, but who hasn’t drawn Mohammad in the 14 years since cartoonists were first threatened with murder for drawing Mohammad, at least in a way that the news media couldn’t ignore. Miller used to talk a good game about Free Speech decades ago, but he’s pretty much clammed up about Free Speech since the Mohammad cartoon “crisis” hit, which tells me that his “support” for Free Speech was all talk. If you’re not going to support Free Speech when it most matters, then I don’t want to hear you yap about it when it least matters.

As for those who tell me that it’s not their “duty” to put their lives on the line by drawing Mohammad: Drawing Mohammad is not a death sentence, but Not drawing Mohammad, and not publishing Mohammad cartoons could be a death sentence for our culture. Speaking for myself, I’ve drawn Mohammad over 300 times, I survived a jihadist attack, I’ve gotten thousands of death threats from Muslims, and I’m alive. Yes, the bastards want me dead, and my life has become difficult at times, but Free Speech is alive, even if I’m the last one drawing Mohammad. If I’m going to die over this, then I’m going to die as I want to live, not as an enemy wants me to “live”.

Islamic dictatorships forbid Mohammad cartoons, and the West is increasingly forbidding Mohammad cartoons. That this needs to be stated tells us how far we’ve fallen, but we need to be completely different from Islamic dictatorships, and in this issue, we’re far too alike. And that’s why I have two books worth of my Mohammad cartoons, so far, to try to keep that world at bay, even if only by myself.

Some things are worse than death, such as a world without Free Speech. We know what that kind of world looks like, what kind of hellhole it is, so we should operate in a way that makes our world completely different from that world. And if this challenge of mine only makes people openly admit their fear of drawing Mohammad, then that’s a start.

The Islamic enemy has many on its side who want to kill Free Speech, and we have very few on our side who want to defend it. This is unacceptable, and it’s unbecoming of a people who have the freedom to speak, but who choose not to, out of fear. The Danish Mohammad cartoon “crisis”, and the Charlie Hebdo massacre were challenges to our core values, and we failed to meet those challenges directly and honestly. We’ve become a culture that is regularly paying tribute to an ideology that sanctions the war against us. It’s infuriating, at times, to see this widespread cowardice, and to see a weak enemy have such power over so many of us.

It’s tough to hear cartoonists talk about their “brave” and “controversial” work – such as portraying Jesus as a warlord, (while they would Never portray Mohammad as the warlord he actually was). It’s equally tough to see an organization- one that I used to be a card-carrying member of -claim that it’s all for Free Speech, but then run at the first sign of trouble. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund published a pamphlet about “Cartoonists Under Fire”, which was written after the Garland attack, and which made No mention of me, a cartoonist who was literally under fire in Texas. I called them out publicly, on my blog, on social media, and on Red Eye, and some CBLDF members scrambled to try to put a good face on it, but they showed that their “support” for Free Speech was very conditional and very leftist. And they’ll never get another penny from me.

It’s insane that cartoonists are threatened with death for drawing Mohammad cartoons, and it’s insane that we’re blamed for inciting terrorism, and I draw Mohammad, repeatedly, to push back against such insanity. This is war, on the battlefield, and in the culture, and I’m challenging cartoonists to prove their support for Free Speech by drawing Mohammad. Right now, and it’s hard to believe, but I’m the only cartoonist who is regularly drawing Mohammad today. There should be so many people drawing Mohammad that it confounds the enemy. If many of us drew Mohammad after the Mohammad cartoon “crisis”, and if many publishers published Mohammad cartoons, those at Charlie Hebdo might still be alive, because they wouldn’t have been so isolated and so easy to kill, as the few who drew Mohammad. A few years before the massacre, Charlie Hebdo had their offices firebombed, and Hebdo’s publisher, Stephane “Charb” Charbonnier, stated at the time, “I would rather die standing than live on my knees.”We Americans all have a good time mocking the French, but they did what many of us don’t dare do, so we should keep that in mind before pretending that we’re better than them on the issue of Free Speech. Where is the American equivalent of Charlie Hebdo?

Marvel and DC Comics, and other mainstream comic book publishers, have published benefit books for all kinds of causes over the decades, and I think “it’s time” for Free Speech to get that same kind of treatment.

As for those cartoonists who might be waiting to draw Mohammad, waiting until the coast is clear: the coast isclear. It was cleared by those who defend freedom. Some, with their very lives. If we keep acting as if Free Speech is over, it will be.

The question isn’t “Why would you draw Mohammad if you know it makes Muslims crazy?”, the question is, “How do you respond when Muslims threaten to murder over Mohammad cartoons?” And the answer is, by drawing Mohammad cartoons. Free Speech is under attack by the left, by Muslims, and by the worst on the right, so when Free Speech is under attack, you defend it, you exercise it, you push back and you defy its enemies. It’s a simple thing, but we’re living in such a mad time in history that savages have made cartoons a part of the battleground in this never-ending post-9/11 war. Cartoons. And that’s not to diminish the value of cartoons, which I love and which I make my living on, it’s to illustrate how fragile, how hypersensitive this enemy is, and how we should use that as part of the defense of the West.

One of the most self-loathing things I hear from non-Muslims about Mohammad cartoons is that it’s “blasphemous” to Muslims, as if we should place something as unimportant to us as “blaspheming” Islam above something as important to us as our freedom of expression. As if Islamic blasphemy should be any concern of those of us who don’t observe Islam. As if Islam’s prohibitions should be our prohibitions. This is one of the things that distinguishes Islam from other religions, in that it is the least live and let live religion in history. And regardless what people tell themselves about the nature of Islam, the fact that its founder was a warlord tells us all we need to know about Islam’s nature. “But there’s a verse in the Koran which tells people to live and let live!” I’m told. And then I have to inform them of Islam’s doctrine of abrogation, which is that if later verses in the Koran contradict earlier ones, then Muslims are to go with the later ones. So the later, violent passages calling for war killed whatever “peaceful” passages there were. One of the great conceits of Islam is that not only are Muslims to follow Mohammad as ‘the perfect model’, but that we all are. That’s a hostile religion that has overstepped itself, and we need to remind Muslims that Islam has no sway over us. And in this post-9/11 world, one of the most dramatic ways to show that is to draw Mohammad.

Some people have actually told me that they’re afraid to even like my social media posts, which is a terrible state for a free people to be in. And even if none of you answer the challenge and draw Mohammad, well, that’ll make a point as well. You either support Free Speech or you don’t. You cannot remain neutral when your fellow cartoonists are threatened with murder and then murdered over cartoons, no matter what you tell yourself. No matter what others tell you. And no matter if no one ever challenges you about it. You know you’ve capitulated. I’m just letting you know that I know that you have.

If you believe that you “can’t” draw Mohammad, then you’ve sold out Free Speech to its savage enemies.

You support Free Speech or you don’t.

Support Free Speech.

Draw Mohammad.

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

Is America Next?

Western Europe is at its last breath and they know it. It was collective and deliberate cultural suicide by the EU leaders and there is no going back. Once you are dead, you are dead. Now, the question is how far is America behind Europe in its own demise!

The recent massive migration and redistribution of Muslims into every corner of America and rising numbers due to their high birth rate has become troublesome. In addition, Muslims’ revert to their intolerant behavior that has made many Americans against this small minority. For instance, demanding legal status for Sharia (Islamic laws), the type of draconian laws that for the most part resemble those of man’s barbaric past has made some Americans concerned. But being concerned and doing something about it is millions of miles apart. Many Americans who understand the issue are frustrated and feel helpless.

The idea that Muslims are only a very small minority and it is simply not possible that this small group could destroy America from within, is a myth that the leftist media crafted and forced down the throats of gullible Americans. The American people have been repeatedly lectured by the know it all, elected officials and leftist media, claim that only a very small minority of Muslims are troublemakers who are given the peaceful masses of Muslims a bad name. According to them, those of us who sound the alarm are a bunch of bigots, racists and Islamophobes. Well then, wouldn’t it be more prudent to let the facts settle the matter, rather than blindly accepting either position?

Of course, it would, except for one huge problem. In the face of threats, people tend to go to the mind’s medicine cabinet and take a few denial pills, in the same way they turn to their aspirin bottle when a headache strikes.  Well, just ask any European who fled his country for a safer place like the US if the Islam problem is real and deadly. I have news for you: Neither the pronouncements of officials, nor any tranquilizer can make Islam go away. Islam is here and it shows every sign of imposing itself on us as it has in Europe.

Recall that it took only 19 of these killers to launch the aerial mass murder of 9/11 that killed almost 3,000 people, shattered our open trusting way of life, and cost us trillions of dollars. Unfortunately, we have not learned anything from the 9/11 attacks but instead, act as if we are suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

As time passed, we learned these new Muslim arrivals not only assimilate, but they also use our laws against us in order to advance Islam in America. These newcomers have taken advantage of the provisions of the most benign system known to humanity, democracy, to implode it from within. To Muslims, no other religion is deemed worthy of recognition, much less accommodation. There is not a single church or synagogue or a Buddhist temple in all of Saudi Arabia. They are banned.

Western armchair theorizers and wishful thinkers need to take time and study the Islamic system in order to avoid making empty demands on Muslim leaders that will never be met because they are completely unrealistic and against their religion.

Islam presently has its stranglehold over a billion human beings, posing as an existential threat to all non-Muslims. When this billion and a half adhere to the pathological belief of Islam and use it as their marching orders in life, the rest of humanity ignores this threat at their peril.

OK, let me tell you the truth. The reality portrays a vastly different picture. America is far from a stronghold given its vast wide-open borders. It is a nation of laws where all forms of freedom are enshrined in the Constitution. It is where Americans live by a humane ethos diametrically opposed from those of Islamist savagery. Sadly, these differences confer great advantage to Islamists and place America in imminent danger.

Let me repeat my statement again: the breach of “Fortress America” from the air on 9/11 is only the first installment of much more forthcoming dreadful assaults, unless we abandon our complacency, stop relying on the invincibility of law-enforcement, our phony elected official political talks, fake news media and are willing to make the sacrifice needed to protect our way of life, maybe only then can we survive.

We the People must reevaluate and amend all that has been fed to us for years by crafty politicians and the leftist mainstream media. America is not safe and it is only going to get worse. Islam’s invasion is currently in progress just under your nose via stealth jihad and subversion. The sad part of it is that most Americans don’t even realize it.

© All rights reserved.

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William Pelham Barr, Patriot or Traitor?

John Brennan writes: “But if democracy is a process rather than a state, the democratic process may involve, at some point, the violation of personal liberties and procedural justice.”

“This is the chilling apologia for the anti-Trump conspiracy.  In order to keep the regime moving “forward,” the violation of personal liberties and procedural justice” is justified, whether it is an unpaid campaign adviser being violated (Carter Page) or the National Security Advisor (General Mike Flynn); whether it entails launching a disinformation campaign (Trump/Russia), or reversing an election (the Mueller probe).  The ends – their ends – justify any means.” – Diana West in her book, The Red Thread

William Pelham Barr has a history of cover-ups, and the more I look at the facts, the more convinced I’ve become that he will protect the Deep State.  Resistance to the onslaught of evil is almost non-existent.  Socialists control the mass media, they have all the money in the world, they control higher and now even lower education, and they have edged their way into the pulpits of America.  Add all of that up along with our ignorant electorate who blindly vote without any knowledge of the candidates and how the hell are we ever to win?  These freedom hating socialists belong in the center of Dante’s hell.

It is a sobering fact that American presidents (many of whom have been corrupt) have gone out of their way to hire fixers to be their attorney generals.  Recent history alone gives us a good look at several of them…Loretta Lynch (2015-2017), Eric Holder (2009-2015), Michael Mukasey (2007-2009), Alberto Gonzales (2005-2007), John Ashcroft (2001-2005), Janet Reno (1993-2001), Dick Thornburgh (1988-1991), Ed Meese (1985-1988), etc.

Barr, however, seems to be a particularly spectacular and sordid case. As George H. W. Bush’s most notorious CIA insider from 1973 to 1977, and as the AG from 1991 to 1993, Barr wreaked havoc, flaunted the rule of law, and proved himself to be one of the CIA/Deep State’s greatest and most ruthless champions and protectors.  In fact, his modus operandi is a great deal like that of his close friend, Robert Mueller. Before becoming Attorney General in 1991, Barr held numerous other posts within the Department of Justice (DOJ), including serving as Deputy Attorney General.

The CIA, Congress and Covert Operations

The issue of notification of Congress about imminent clandestine activities was at the heart of the Iran-Contra scandal when President Ronald Reagan and CIA Director William Casey specifically ordered that lawmakers be kept in the dark about the infamous, covert arms-for-hostages deals with Iran.

Barr was by no means alone in pushing these views, the documents show. Other notable proponents during the Iran-Contra aftermath included then-Congressman Dick Cheney and John R. Bolton, who was also at the Justice Department.  After Cheney became defense secretary, he continued to press for extraordinarily broad Executive Branch authority, advising then-President George H. W. Bush to veto the Senate’s intelligence appropriations bill on the grounds it “attacked” presidential prerogatives – resulting in the only known such veto since the CIA’s creation.  Link

Spook Air Moves to Ohio

Previously documented was Mr. Barr’s involvement with the CIA, the Iran-Contra scandal, the covert arms-for-hostages deals with Iran and Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton’s sellout to the CIA.

Arkansas was great for Iran Contra, but it was a wealthy Ohio businessman and his close associate that helped attract the CIA to the Buckeye State. Those men were billionaire philanthropist Leslie Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein.  Wexner owns The Limited and Victoria’s Secret, and during this period, he had entrusted all of his money to his longtime friend, Jeffrey Epstein, a secretive financier.

Wexner and his company had a relationship with the CIA and Southern Air Transport (SAT) which was directly owned and used by the CIA for covert operations from 1960-1973.  SAT was intimately involved in the Iran-Contra affair, having been used to funnel weapons and drugs to and from the Nicaraguan Contras under the guise of delivering “humanitarian aid.”

Ohio gave lucrative tax incentives to SAT for a promised 300 new jobs they’d bring to Columbus that never transpired.  Columbus Free Press editor, Bob Fitrakis noted that in addition to Wexner the other main figures who were key in securing SAT’s relocation to Ohio were Alan D. Fiers Jr., a former chief of the CIA Central American Task Force, and retired Air Force Major General Richard Secord, head of air logistics for SAT’s covert action in Laos between 1966 and 1968, while the company was still known as Air America. Secord was also the air logistics coordinator in the illegal Contra resupply network for Oliver North during Iran-Contra.

Fiers was later pardoned by George H. W. Bush with help from then AG Bill Barr.

William Safire on AG Barr

Back in 1992, the first time Bill Barr was U.S. attorney general, New York Times writer William Safire referred to him as “Coverup-General Barr” because of his role in burying evidence of then-President George H. W. Bush’s involvement in “Iraq-gate” and “Iran-Contra.”  Iraq-gate was essentially the Bush administration using the agriculture department and banking to illegally divert funds to build up Saddam Hussein’s military after the Iraq-Iran war, including selling him weapons of mass destruction.  This was a huge scandal that Safire was involved in covering.

Barr has been the go-to guy for protecting a president, covering up scandals, and obstructing investigations. In August 1992, Safire wrote about Barr’s refusal to appoint an independent counsel to investigate what he called Iraq-gate.  Safire lasered in on what he thought was “the Bush Administration’s fraudulent use of public funds, its sustained deception of Congress and its obstruction of justice.”

Another independent counsel, Lawrence Walsh, had been named to investigate the Iran-contra affair in 1986 and would infuriate Republicans when he issued high profile indictments on the eve of the 1992 election.

AG Barr was already covering up for Bush, Weinberger, Elliott Abrams, former assistant secretary of state; Robert C. McFarlane, former national security adviser, and former CIA officials Clair E. George, Alan D. Fiers and Duane Clarridge and others from the Reagan administration.

Elliott Abrams; George H. W. Bush; Caspar Weinberger; William Barr (AP/Getty/Salon)

On October 19, 1992, Safire wrote of Barr’s unwillingness to appoint an independent counsel to look into Iraq-gate, “Why does the Coverup-General resist independent investigation? Because he knows where it may lead: to Dick Thornburgh, James Baker, Clayton Yeutter, Brent Scowcroft and himself (the people who organized the sale of WMDs to Saddam). He vainly hopes to be able to head it off, or at least be able to use the threat of firing to negotiate a deal.”

Three months later, Safire revisited the issue after Barr “handpicked a whitewasher” who would successfully filibuster the probe until after the election.  Barr pushed hard for last minute pardons for six individuals caught up in the investigation, including former defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger.

Lawrence Walsh had been appointed to investigate the Iran-Contra activities of the Reagan administration and determine if crimes had been committed.  But the pardons by Barr aborted Weinberger’s trial and virtually eliminated what was left of Walsh’s investigation.  Walsh denounced the pardons and stated that doing so “undermines the principle that no man is above the law.”

Walsh’s tenure effectively discredited the independent counsel law in the eyes of both parties.

In Safire’s article, Justice Corrupts Justice, he accused Barr of not only rigging the cover-up, but of being one of the criminals who could be prosecuted.

John Bolton

John Bolton has always been a war hawk, one who promoted funding for the military industrial complex.  As such, I am thrilled that our President fired him.

Bolton has made a career out of defying Congress. During the Iran-Contra investigations, he refused to comply with Congressional demands for records. Bolton also believed that the Independent Counsel law was unconstitutional and did everything he could do preempt Congress’s efforts to investigate Iran-Contra. Bolton has no record of building up and reforming institutions. He defies laws, believes in might makes right, and has worked to undermine the system of checks and balances that is key to America’s representative republic.

The Inslaw/Promis Octopus

Inslaw Inc. is an information technology firm which developed the famous Promis software. A bankruptcy court determined Inslaw was defrauded of its intellectual property rights. Hillary Clinton was the intellectual property lawyer for the company that illegally marketed the software worldwide. Mary Jacoby, wife of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, is the daughter of a major investor in the company Hillary Clinton represented that marketed the stolen software.

The Promis software is a National Crime Information Center (NCIC)-type tracking technology incorporating numerous databases such as court records, financial

institutions, and utility companies. Inslaw was forced into bankruptcy in 1985 because the US Justice Department which contracted to purchase it, reneged on its obligations. Pirated versions of the software were sold by the US intelligence community worldwide to 88 foreign intelligence agencies, and other organizations such as banks. The program included a “backdoor” for US intelligence to hack into.

Once the original version of Promis was delivered, the DOJ handed off a copy to the CIA which subcontracted Wackenhut Corp. to develop the “backdoor.” Wackenhut hired a technical and electronics whiz-kid, Michael Riconosciuto as its Research Director. A child prodigy who built an argon laser at 16, invented the electrostatic bomb, and published his Riconosciuto Italian to English dictionary still in use by most online translators among his many other inventions, Riconosciuto was put to work designing the covert “backdoor” for the co-opted Promis program. The work was done at a facility on the Cabazon Indian Reservation in Indio California. Another modification would take place in Little Rock, Arkansas, to tailor the Promis software for use by banks.

In October 1991, Barr appointed then retired Democratic Chicago judge Nicholas Bua as special counsel in the Inslaw scandal. Few people understand the full ramifications of Promis software, and the undetectable spying apparatus placed in foreign computers. In 1989, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jack Brooks, D-TX, launched a three-year investigation into the Inslaw affair. In the resulting report, the Committee suggested that among others, Edwin Meese, while presidential counselor and later as attorney general, and Democrat D. Lowell Jensen a former assistant and deputy attorney general and former US district judge in San Francisco, conspired to steal Promis software from Bill Hamilton’s company, Inslaw.

Bua’s 1993 report found the DOJ of no wrong doing in the matter, despite a 12-year lawsuit by Inslaw, regarding the government theft of their software.  One journalist, Danny Casolaro, died as he attempted to tell the story and boxes of documents relating to the case were destroyed, stolen, or conveniently “lost” by the DOJ. Software piracy, conspiracy, cover-up, stonewalling, covert action…just another decade at the corrupt DOJ.

Barr’s Blanket Immunity for Federal Agents

Barr told the New York Times in 1993 that he was not directly involved in the Ruby Ridge operation. Two years later, the Washington Post revealed that “top officials of the Bush Justice Department had at least 20 phone contacts concerning Ruby Ridge in the 24 hours before Vicki Weaver was shot,” including two calls involving Barr.

Barr spent plenty of time organizing former Attorneys General and others to support “an FBI sniper in defending against criminal charges in connection with the Ruby Ridge incident.” Barr also “assisted in framing legal arguments advanced in the district court and the subsequent appeal to the Ninth Circuit.”  He called this, “serving the disadvantaged” pro-bono charitable work, (for FBI sniper, Lon Horiuchi, who already had a federally-paid law firm defending him) that helped tamp down one of the biggest scandals during Barr’s time as Attorney General from 1991 to early 1993.

Barr was responsible for both the U.S. Marshals Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, two federal agencies whose misconduct at Ruby Ridge “helped to weaken the bond of trust that must exist between ordinary Americans and our law enforcement agencies,” according to a 1995 Senate Judiciary Committee report.

When Boundary County, Idaho filed criminal charges against Horiuchi, Barr sprang to action seeking immunity for FBI snipers. He spearheaded efforts to sway the court to dismiss all charges because holding a sniper liable would “severely undermine, if not cripple, the ability of future attorneys general to rely on such specialized units in moments of crisis such as hostage taking and terrorist acts.”

Federal Judge Alex Kozinski warned in his dissent of a new James Bond “007 standard for the use of deadly force” against American citizens, stating, “A group of FBI agents formulated rules of engagement that permitted their colleagues to hide in the bushes and gun down men who posed no immediate threat.  Such wartime rules are patently unconstitutional for a police action.”  Link

BCCI Banking Scandal

The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) was a shadowy but very real institution with connections to governments and intelligence services all over the world. BCCI’s owners specialized in evading regulators so that they could speculate and bribe with the depositors’ money. As the fraud mounted and spread, law enforcement officials and bank regulators the world over discovered what the CIA had been trying to hide.

Tampa’s federal prosecutors launched an investigation of money laundering in 1991.  The District Attorney of Manhattan investigated a broad array of bank activities and received zero cooperation from Justice Department and CIA.  And Barr sat on the influential deputies committee of the National Security Council, which controlled the paperwork.

“We couldn’t get records. We couldn’t get witnesses. We could barely get a meeting,” said John Moscow, the lead BCCI prosecutor in Manhattan.

Barr was up for confirmation as attorney general. Moscow said he heard that Democrats on the Judiciary Committee made Barr promise to let the BCCI investigation go ahead.  Trouble was, the big shots were indicted, but got away and Barr did not press Pakistan for their extradition, nor did his successors in the Clinton administration.


AG Barr appears to be someone who would protect the Deep State, not the law, and the Barr family history of Marxism is more than troubling.  The move from extreme leftism to rightwing conservatism resembles the liberal establishment takeover of the old right Republican Constitutionalists by Trotskyite Irving Kristol (father of Bill) and William F. Buckley, CIA Agent, Council on Foreign Relations member, and Yale Skull and Bones member.

That takeover neutralized the strong Republican support for our Constitutional God given freedoms and squelched the desire to fight the enemies of our Republic.  The ultimate question is…will the DOJ enemies of freedom ever truly meet justice?!

Rule of Law or Coverup General?  You decide.

‘Humans are Free’ by John Koshkerian

The following was received from a citizen of Canada.

This is the tyrant dictatorship under the regime of the Crime Minister of Canada of which we are presently forced to live under. A man without any fear of reprisals or conscience. A megalomaniac individual who is an uninhibited egotistical puerile individual of whom only cares about himself, his image and his own secret agenda with ulterior motives.

Well done little Caesar well done. I bow down to your supreme knowledge and wisdom and thoughtfulness for all the good you’ve done for us Canadians and all of humanity abroad.

However, Mr. Justin Trudeau in truthful objective retrospect, I must say you are the worst leader our great country has ever had the unfortunate period of being disgraced with. In just 4 short embarrassing years. Your tyrannical dictatorship leadership introduced laws which robbed ALL Canadians from speaking out against you because you manifested out of thin air on our tax dollars the INTERNET WATCH DOG SUB COMMITTEE who quiets truths spoken candidly loud, in particular about YOU. As well not permitting criticisms of a certain so called religion of peace except that YOUR LAW was biased and one fold, a type of double standard and it didn’t protect the rights of other religious faiths and freedoms from being ridiculed under YOUR HATE SPEECH LAW, did it Mr. Trudeau? At the same time while getting your bill passed for YOUR hate speech law in Parliament you Mr. Selfie Sock crazed man of… and for the people put our entire country into irreversible debt, spending like a drunken sailor giving to everywhere and any filthy ludicrous cause, except providing for your own people. In fact, it would be impossible for our great grand children to pay it back and still the while you indulge in entitlement spending on your own personal needs and home repairs of tens of millions of dollars and then fly off on frivolous vacations all over the world to take more vain selfies all on OUR tax dollars for which you were hired to be responsible for.

You never even considered the common Canadian’s needs, the one’s that sleep in the streets on cold winter nights, the one’s who served our country to protect our Charter of Freedoms and rights against ironically speaking people like YOU Mr. Justin Trudeau and yet you bring hoards of immigrants who have had no background checks or you have those background checks destroyed for whatever reason by our so called protective trusting RCMP huh…and then you put them up in hotels or socially assisted housing and give them a MINIMUM of 1 year of social benefits and social assistance possibly a LIFETIME, meanwhile the Canadian who fought for our country is told that new Canadians are number one priority for ALL SERVICES. Boy you’re some kind of savior, aren’t you? A real decent moral caring selfless humanitarian man, right? This is hypocrisy at its zenith and paramount and even the devil can’t deny the undeniable facts of your corruption and treason because the truth flows like fresh water down a river.

Treason is what we hear as Canadians spewing forth out of your forked tongue when you speak Mr. Justin Trudeau. Spineless character is what we recognize and it resonates with lofty truths when you attempt to protect the indigenous rights or when go up to bat for us during world trade talks with world leaders or when you refer to the middle class like you’re a common citizen of Canada, shame on you. All your actions defines your very nature of character of who you really are, an incompetent leader that was never fit to run a country but you were chosen weren’t you? Perhaps, the last election was rigged or fixed in your favor? Who knows? Not I, except for certain, I know I never voted for an individual of your moral turpitude. Fake as you are, it’s evident you have no consideration for the common man or their struggles.

It is unfortunate that Canada believed legalizing marijuana was it’s primary objective than it’s moral and ethical obligations, sadly this is our indoctrinated youth of today. Legalizing Marijuana was more precedent than considering the compromising of our independence and national sovereignty to the UN’s worldwide agenda of the destruction of the traditional family, abortion and global dominance and control. Yes, indeed Crime Minister Trudeau you are the real deal, a real sweet peach of a leader. The real deal breaker who sold Canada out to the world Banksters, the Globalists, the UN the Saudi Oil princes right under our very noses because Canada trusted and believed in you that’s why and you had plans didn’t you? A nefarious agenda to dismantle, fragment and destroy Canada all in one term in office. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Be gone Justin Trudeau, be gone and disappear like a mist of steam just like a hellish nightmare soon forgotten. May you go down in history as the epitome of Canada’s dark era. A time we as Canadians want to forget. May the history books write the truths about your neglect and thoughtless, careless incompetent behaviour towards your own.

A man’s short-lived legacy of a treasonous tyrant run dictatorship under the guise of a so called humanitarian leader, huh…what a way to go Justin what a way to go. A corrupt leader without morals, scruples not even a shred of dignity can bare your bones or cling to your flesh. A leader who’d sacrifice his own people’s sovereignty, independence and well being for his own demonic selfish political gain only to satisfy the handful of filthy rich families who have created global wars and rule the banking infrastructure of the western world of which who want to see the downfall of what we call Western Civilization, this is their last frontier to conquer and control and you Mr. Justin Trudeau signed the deal with the devil. It confounds my understanding because you have no sorrow or remorse as to how someone as yourself can openly revoke our rights, strip Canadian sovereignty and give it to the UN, increase personal taxes based on false climate truths, increase abortion spending world wide, killing more and more unborn children, protecting terrorists and openly welcoming them here to walk freely amongst our Canadian citizens simultaneously ostracizing Canada from our American partner and brother then bend the truth about known terrorists whilst erasing their criminal records and you have no fear of any reasonable repercussions or fear of your corrupt actions? It baffles any law abiding citizen’s collective thought process. Wow! You are some kind of delusional enigma believing you’re a jewel in the eyes of most, perhaps more than I can fathom to comprehend. You bought and paid off the entire Canadian media to keep silent about the untold factual truths that Canadians not only expect to know but it’s our right and your moral duty as a CIVIL SERVANT to recognize and follow through and be held accountable for the crimes you’ve committed against Canada and it’s people.

I’m sure happy that I’m not in your shoes Mr. Justin Trudeau because what you have done to this great country of ours is definitely a TREASONOUS ACT on many fronts, an ACT OF WAR some might proclaim. If only you’d allow yourself the opportunity to be tried in an open fair criminal court of justice by the citizens of this great nation, then the record would be set straight but we all know that is a pipe dream. Speaking of pipe dreams is another one of your famous ACTS OF TREASON to the Western provinces of Canada and to the rest of Canada. What you have dismantled and corrupted and broken in these 4 short years may never be repairable after your tyrannical reign as little Caesar is long gone but not soon forgotten. Hopefully after this October federal election you’re terminated with the rest of your corrupt caucus then publicly tried by a criminal court of justice but that’s wishful thinking and fantasy. The crux of Canada’s healing begins when you are kicked out and ridiculed where ever you visit long after your tyrannical reign as king because that is still too good for you and if you by hook or by crook some how win another term… well, you will more than likely encourage the separation of Canada. What will you do then? Send out our own military troops and soldiers to battle and fight against our own people and citizens? Against anyone who disagrees with your lack of transparency and unaccountable corruptions? Don’t forget you were quoted saying that you admired China’s dictatorship. Judging by your father the late Pierre Trudeau for his actions by sending out our own soldiers that killed 100 of our own Canadian citizens, then blaming them when Pierre Trudeau himself set up the entire FLQ CRISIS…yeah, another tragic truth the MEDIA didn’t care to share. I have to admit the old adage “THE FRUIT DOESN’T FALL FAR FROM IT’S TREE” because four more years will feel like an eternity of agony under your so-called tyrant leadership.

John Koshkerian

Why AR-15s are the Plastic Straws of the Gun World

And Why Banning “Assault Rifles” Won’t Save Even One Life

How did AR-15s become the plastic straws of the gun world? It’s simple: Demagogues need scapegoats. Yet just as banning plastic straws won’t make a dent in the ocean-polluting plastics problem, banning “assault rifles” (which aren’t) won’t save even one life.

It’s tragic how, just like faddish teenagers playing a dangerous or stupid social-media-driven prank, so-called adults go on misguided, media-driven, lynch-mob kicks. Remember when SUVs were demonized as planet killers approximately 15 to 20 years ago? Some environmentalists claimed that SUV drivers were essentially “hate group” members, and other vandalism-crazy greenies would, ironically, set fire to the vehicles to combat global warming. Yet SUVs currently appear more popular than ever, and all is quiet on the gas-guzzler front. What happened? The demagogues and their dupes have moved on to a different neurotic fixation.

Now the suburban soccer mom can drive her Panzer-size SUV (by the by, back in the “day” they were called “trucks” — ah, marketing) content in the “feeling” that she’s saving the environment because she supports banning plastic straws. Never mind that doing so likely won’t save even one marine mammal, since the U.S. is responsible for only one percent of ocean-polluting plastics, and straws account for just 0.025 percent of that. Never mind that anti-”strawism” began with erroneous claims in a nine-year-old’s science project (ugh, beam me up, Scotty). The lynch mob must be fed, and plastic straw users, well, really suck….

Joining straws in the dock, and giving new meaning to demonizing the one percent, are Assault Rifles™. Not only are they used in, approximately, just one percent of homicides, they aren’t even “assault rifles,” a term that had always referred to weapons that could be fired fully automatic or in more than one way (fully auto, three-shot bursts, etc). Now the term is being applied to semi-automatic (one trigger pull, one shot) rifles with certain cosmetic features (a military “look”), which is a bit like putting a Porsche body on a Yugo chassis and claiming the car will win races.

But, hey, as anti-gun crusader Josh Sugarmann once put it, these “weapons’ menacing looks,” coupled with the public’s confusion — “anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun — can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.” Yeah, it’s a con.

That said, AR-15s are used in an inordinate percentage of high-profile mass shootings. But believing that outlawing them would reduce these incidents’ frequency makes as much sense as believing that banning the BMW 4 Series — which lists as the car most likely to be involved in a crash — would reduce the accident rate.

Quite apropos, AutoBlog’s subtitle boldly reminds readers, “Remember: People cause crashes, not cars.” The point is that outlawing a vehicle wouldn’t take the kind of people who drive it off the road; they’d just get into accidents in a different vehicle.

This point is even more relevant for AR-15-category rifles. The AR-15 is commonly used in mass shootings for two simple reasons: It’s the most popular rifle in America.

And it looks cool.

In reality, though, such a weapon isn’t the best choice for committing mass shootings, which generally involve attacking soft targets at close range. More effective would be a semi-automatic, 12-gauge shotgun or even a pump-action one (and a shotgun was used in the Aurora, Colorado, shooting in 2012).

In other words, not only would mass shooters simply choose a different weapon if AR-15-type rifles were somehow unavailable, but it’s arguable that the rifle’s criminalization could push them toward more effective weaponry.

Speaking of which, presidential contender Irish Bob O’Rourke said in March, echoing many, “I just don’t think that we need to sell any more weapons of war into this public.” He’d have been more accurate if he’d stopped after his first four words. But the pitch is rhetorically effective, conjuring up images of flesh-eviscerating machine-gun fire.

Yet leaving aside the common argument that allowing Americans the same firearms the military uses was the Second Amendment’s actual intent, first note that the AR-15 was never a standard issue US military rifle. In fact, while the M-16 — which uses the same platform but isn’t limited to semi-auto fire — was, it was supplanted a while back by the M-4; this, in turn, is set to be replaced by an entirely different rifle that will likely even use different, more effective ammunition (critics have long bemoaned the M-16’s/M-4’s relative lack of stopping power).

Moreover, how many guns weren’t designed as “weapons of war”? Bolt-action rifles were once state-of-the-art weapons of war. So was the flintlock. Go back even further, and clubs were weapons of war, and many people are still killed with them today. Should we outlaw baseball bats?

In fact, far from devastating, the AR-15’s standard round is small caliber (the same diameter as a .22) and has the second least power of the 41 cartridges found on this Rifle Cartridge Killing Power List page (note: When loaded with 5.56mm ammo, the power is somewhat greater but still relatively lacking). In other words, you can acquire any number of hunting rifles far more devastating than an AR.

This, mind you, is why some states have prohibited the AR-15’s use in deer hunting; its relatively weak round may not kill the animal, but simply send it off wounded and suffering.

It’s also why the nine-year-old girl in the video below could fire the weapon with ease.

In contrast, I’ve seen a 240-pound man (who wasn’t prepared for the extreme recoil) almost knocked over by a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with a magnum shell.

So we can outlaw AR-15-type rifles if it makes us feel better, but just as banning plastic straws won’t save marine life, it won’t save even one human life. For this reason, it would also be followed by another scapegoated gun targeted for criminalization. Note here that Britain’s deadliest ever mass shooting, the Dunblane massacre in 1996, inspired sweeping anti-firearms laws — after being committed with handguns.

Oh, and London just surpassed N.Y.C. in homicides last year.

This is unsurprising since, as Professor Thomas Sowell illustrated, there’s no correlation whatsoever between stricter gun laws and lower murder rates.

This is why, more to fear than guns are demagogues — shooting off their assault mouths.

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California: America’s First Third World State by Black Pigeon Speaks [Video]

Posted by Eeyore video by Black Pigeon Speaks

VIDEO: The Vortex — Brood of Vipers


Church Militant has confirmed from sources within the diocese of Crookston, Minnesota, that Bp. Michael Hoeppner actually lied under oath about what he knew and when he knew it in a case of a priest who molested a 16-year-old male — but of course, we keep getting reassured by other bishops this has nothing to do with homosexuality.

Church Militant sources within chancery of Crookston are extremely close to the case and say the reason the diocese had to settle was specifically because the bishop got caught lying multiple times.

The case of Bp. Hoeppner and the diocese of Crookston is especially interesting given the timing.

Church Militant will be in Crookston tomorrow giving a talk in a public park which has been widely publicized for weeks now.

In response to the talk sponsored by local faithful Catholics, Hoeppner has gone bananas issuing statement after statement denouncing Church Militant the talk sponsored by Roman Catholic Revival and even had them read out loud at all Masses, telling local Catholic to stay far away from the event.

He even had his staff throw together a last-minute “youth conference” to compete with the Revival conference.

And here’s the interesting point: Our sources inside the diocese tell us that multiple officials are worried that Church Militant’s presence will add to a potential public relations nightmare for Bp. Hoeppner.

In fact, so troubled are members of Hoeppner’s inner circle who know he lied, that Hoeppner won’t even be at his own youth event, conveniently scheduled for another event many miles away in a secluded area of the diocese. Well, that’s not an unfounded concern.

In fact, it was the motivation for the whistleblowers in the diocese getting in touch with us and telling us all about Hoeppner lying under oath.

But don’t think the lying and deceit and deflection and cover-up that Hoeppner is so skilled at resides only with him.

All over the country, bishop by bishop, nearly the entire lot is being exposed as duplicitous schemers, liars, deception artists and cover-up experts.

The case in Buffalo and Bp. Richard Malone is so outrageous that the local media has taken to calling it the “Buffalo Diocesan Circus,” and Malone, after preaching at a press conference that area Catholics actually support him, shut down his email account that was being flooded by Catholics telling him he should resign — lies, and nothing but lies.

We all know the case of Donald Wuerl, who lied and side-stepped his way around what he knew about McCarrick’s monstrous behavior.

Right along beside him was Kevin Farrell, who lies so often about so much that Pope Francis actually promoted him to essentially the second most powerful man in the Church, the Camerlengo, who takes control of the Church when Francis is gone and before the next pontiff is elected.

Dolan in New York — a consummate liar and politician extraordinaire — has had to actually step in on the Malone Buffalo case because the heat has gotten that intense in Upstate New York.

At Notre Dame, what could only be described as a giant “Lie Fest” will be hosted on the heretical campus — the event called “The Church Crisis: Where Are We Now?”

Some of the attendees are some of the more notable liars and deceivers, including the archbishop of Baltimore, William Lori, who took donations from now-disgraced homopredator West Virginia Bp. Michael Bransfield and then led the “investigation” into the thieving bishop, which resulted in a slap on the wrist.

How can someone with the record of Lori, who permits an open homosexual parish to operate in his archdiocese, be considered or trusted to lecture Catholics on the crisis in the Church?

He and his ilk are the reason for the crisis in the Church, so it is altogether fitting that Crisis Central, Notre Dame, would play host to such a whitewash conference.

They might as well have invited Cupich to be the emcee so he could tell everyone there is no crisis, and sex between priests doesn’t really mean that much because it’s consensual.

And he ought to know since two of his priests got caught by police having car sex on a public street in Miami, right across from a school. But hey, it’s consensual — which apparently is the same logic followed by Patterson, New Jersey, bishop and McCarrick buddy Arthur Serratelli, who apparently never seems to miss the chance to ordain a practicing homosexual and then lying for them and covering up once they get caught.

Need we go on? Ladies and gentlemen, these are not isolated examples. These men are proof that the U.S. episcopate is little else than a brood of vipers, liars and deceivers who hide behind their offices as successors of the Apostles so as not to have give an accounting.

They allow innocent priests to be black-balled, even violating the Pope’s own directives, as did Detroit Abp. Allen Vigneron in the case of Fr. Eduard Perrone, who was never given the chance to answer charges before the Associated Press interviewed his staff and then it was announced at all the Masses at Perrone’s parish.

Detroit insiders tell us that Vigneron is table-pounding furious that his $190 million fundraising campaign has gotten off to such a slow start, adding that Vigneron himself has not been able to achieve his goal of personally raising $20 million like he told his priests he would.

Vigneron, remember, is the archbishop who allows the longest continual gay Mass on the planet to go every Sunday right under his nose.

No matter where you look, no matter what rock you turn over, these men — products of a system of lies and privilege and cover-up and lack of transparency and financial misdeeds and sexual impropriety — operate and continue along in their sins until they are forced to admit the truth or the truth is completely revealed under oath, like Michael Hoeppner in Crookston.

Almost to a man, they are the keepers of horrible secrets they keep hidden so they can profit from them — sexually, financially or career-wise.

And they don’t give a damn — literally, a damn — about who is hurt or even dies, spiritually or physically.

As hard as it is to do — and believe us, we know it is extremely hard — these men have to be prayed for. They have collectively and individually brought the Church in America to the brink of near-total destruction.

The youth are abandoning the Faith in historic numbers; 70% reject the Real Presence; 95% reject all or nearly all of the moral teachings regarding sexuality.

Most of them are a few years away from standing before Jesus Christ and being judged.

Every day at Church Militant, in our public, corporate recitation of the Rosary, we offer it up for the bishops of the world, especially the bad ones.

These men, along with their vicious counterparts in Rome, attack the faithful, abuse good priests, misuse the material goods of the Church — and do it all in the name of mercy and encounter and meeting people where they are.

At this rate, the only “meeting of people where they are” will be in the fires of Hell, which does exist, Bp. Barron, and is chocked full of human souls — as the Mother of God told us.

EDITORS NOTE: This Church Militant video is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

California-based ‘Church’ Ministry Indicted by Feds in Forced Labor Case

Here is the news about the disgusting abuse in the name of God.

From the AP story at the Hartford Current:

Leaders of California ministry charged with forced labor

(My first question when I saw the news was, what are the names of the leaders? Other than the leader of the scam, the others aren’t named in most of the US news stories.  But, as is so often the case the UK Daily Mail has them with pictures!—ed)

A dozen leaders of a California-based ministry were arrested Tuesday on charges that they used homeless people as forced labor, holding them in locked group homes and forcing them to panhandle up to nine hours a day, six days a week, U.S. prosecutors said.

The former pastor of Imperial Valley Ministries, Victor Gonzalez, and the others were arrested in San Diego, El Centro near the Southern California border with Mexico and Brownsville, Texas. They face charges of conspiracy, forced labor, document servitude and benefits fraud.

The El Centro-based ministry has about 30 affiliate church throughout the United States and Mexico and runs five group homes in Southern California, authorities said.

Dozens of victims, many of them homeless and some as young as 17, were lured to the group homes by the promise of food and shelter until they were able to return home.

Instead, the ministry that billed itself as rehabilitating drug addicts kept them inside deadbolted group homes, took their personal belongings and identification documents and refused to return them, stole their food stamp and welfare benefits and in some cases threatened to take away their children if they left, according to a grand jury indictment filed Aug. 23 and unsealed Tuesday.

“The indictment alleges an appalling abuse of power by church officials who preyed on vulnerable homeless people with promises of a warm bed and meals,” U.S. Attorney Robert Brewer said at a news conference. “These victims were held captive, stripped of their humble financial means, their identification, their freedom and their dignity.”

“Windows were nailed shut at some group home locations, leading a desperate 17-year-old victim to break a window, escape, and run to a neighboring property to call police,” said a statement from the U.S. attorney’s office.

More here.  And, see the indictment here.

Who are they?

Now check out the UK Daily Mail story, here, where we learn the names of the ‘new Americans’ ripping off extremely vulnerable homeless people.

Former IVM Pastor Victor Gonzalez, 40, of Brownsville, Texas was among those arrested in the probe along with Jose Demara Flores, aka Joe Flores, 52, Mercedes ‘Mercy Diaz’, 37, and Susan Christine Leyva, 39.

El Centro, California church leaders Arnoldo Bugarin, 47, Jose Gaytan, 47, Sonia Murillo, 51, Sergio Partida, 32, Ana Karen Robles-Ortiz, aka Karen Partida, 29, and Azucena Torres, aka Susana Bugarin, 43, were also booked.

San Diego leaders Jose ‘Chito’ Morales, 47, was arrested in San Diego.

So much for the entrepreneurial spirit of ‘new Americans.’

The Indictment is here.  If anyone finds some juicy bits that weren’t mentioned by the media, let me know.  For example, did money leave the country?


EDITORS NOTE: This Frauds, Crooks and Criminals column is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

Video of an Exceptional Speech on ‘Green economy’ in the German Parliament by Alice Weidel, Co-leader of AfD

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This is a must watch.

Direct link.

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Dr. Mordechai Kedar – Speaking tour to the U.S. and Canada: April–May 2020

These days the Middle East is undergoing a profound and historic transformation. Many Middle East scholars are attempting to understand the developments in the Arab world and in the Arab and Muslim culture and religion. Additionally, Iran’s nuclear aspirations are the cause of a deep concern to many all over the world.

In the U.S. things are changing: the Jew-hatred genie comes out of the bottle and attacks against Jews become more and more frequent.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, the Director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam (under formation), a research associate of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies and a lecturer in the Department of Arabic Studies at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, is one of Israel’s leading figures in understanding the Arab world. Until recently he was the Middle East analyst of the daily newspaper “Makor Rishon” as well as other publications. Dr. Kedar is a frequent guest in the Israeli, Arab and international media. In June of 2019, Dr. Kedar gave a very insightful presentation on Capitol Hill on “What Are the Obstacles to Finding Peace in the Middle East, and What Are the True Roots Behind the Hatred Between the Saudis and Iranians?”

Dr. Kedar will be on a speaking tour, visiting North America, between Pessah and Shavuot 5780, April 16 to May 26, 2020. He is available to be booked for lectures and various presentations. He can be a scholar-in-residence for a weekend or give presentations and lectures during the weekdays.

His lectures are about the Middle East, Israel’s existence within the Middle Eastern environment, the struggle over Jerusalem, Anti-Semitism in the Islamic world and Iran, combatting the BDS etc. Please see the list of topics below.

A number of Dr. Kedar’s lectures in English are on YouTube.

Last June, Kedar gave a 2-hour interview to JBS’ Rabbi Mark Golub:

Part 1:

Part 2:

You might have watched Dr. Kedar’s famous interview on al-Jazeera about the right of Jews to build in Jerusalem:

In May 2012 Dr. Kedar spoke in a conference about the problems of the Israeli public diplomacy

Dr. Kedar’s weekly analysis about the Middle East on Israel National News.

Dr. Kedar would like to offer his lectures (see list below) to Synagogues, Churches, Mosques, universities, colleges, schools, community centers, organizations etc. He does not need a 5 star hotel and prefers to stay overnight with a family. Dr. Kedar travels in economy class and his fee is reasonable.

Dr. Kedar is planning to be in North America between April 16 and May 26, 2020.

If you would like to view a sample lecture or if you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to contact Dr. Kedar at the e-mail:

Dr. Mordechai Kedar
Director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam (under formation);
Research Associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies;
Lecturer in the Department of Arabic,
Bar-Ilan University, Israel.
Phone in Israel: +972-544-778-908
US Mobile (while in North America): 917-868-3551

Possible Topics:

Jewish Issues:

1. Jew-Hatred / Antisemitism: roots, causes and ways to deal with it
2. Israel and the Diaspora: the widening gap
3. Against All Odds – A miracle named Israel
4. The European Jewry – where to?
5. The situation of European and American Jewry – similarities and differences
6. The mass migration to Europe and the Jewish communities

Israeli Issues:

1. The Results of the 2019 General Elections
2. The Controversy in Israel over Judea, Samaria and Gaza
3. Right, Center and Left in Israel

Israel and its neighbors:

1.Trump, Putin and the Middle East – What Can We Expect?
2. Israel at 72: Achievements and Challenges
3. Israel in a Changing Middle East – Challenges and Opportunities
4. Israel and the Palestinian Issue – Possible Solutions
5. The Middle East – where to?
6. Peace in the Middle East – What does it Need?
7. Iran – Where to?

Understanding Arab and Muslim Culture:

1. “The Arab Spring” – Why did it fail?
2.Tribalism in the Middle East and its influence on politics and state building.
3. Turkey – What went wrong?
4. What is the struggle over Jerusalem all about?
5. Why do many Muslims hate the West?
6. Understanding the Iranians – What motivates the Ayatollahs?
7. Hezbollah – Ideology, politics and modus operandi.
8. Hamas – Ideology, politics and modus operandi.
9. Islam – A culture in crisis.
10. Islam in Democratic State – The Islamic Movements in Israel.
11. Democracy in the Middle East – Opportunity or danger?
12. Islamic Radicalism – Causes, ideology and ways to face it.
13. Sunnis and Shi’is – Why do they hate each other so?
14. Islamic Women between Tradition and Modernity.
15. Palestinian Political Illustrations – Cartoons and messages.
16. The Right of Return in the Palestinian National Ethos.
17. Hizballah, Hamas, and Israel – Living with the enemy.
18. Clash of Values: Gender and Family Issues – Sources of tension between Islam and the West.
19. Arab Intellectuals – Where are they?
20. Arab Mass Media – their role in ME societies.
21. The Other Voice in the Arab World – My personal experience.

Lecture Subjects Concerning Military Intelligence:

1. Flawed intelligence assessments and mistaken policies resulting from cultural differences.
2. What motivates Arab states, societies and armies?
3. How to understand the Arab state media?
4. Major mistakes made by the Western coalition in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lectures on Israeli domestic issues can also be considered.

145 companies just made it official: Leftist claptrap is more important than the U.S. Constitution

The United States’ Founders understood that law-abiding, decent people must be able to protect themselves from criminals and governments. They enshrined this right into the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Regretfully, leaders of 145 of America’s corporations – some of them industry and cultural leaders – just decided that sucking up to the “woke” leftist crowd is more important than human rights, constitutional guarantees, and evidence.

Complete cluelessness

From Twitter to Levi’s to Edelman and Eventbrite, these CEOs and co-founders wrote a letter demanding that Congress step in to restrict firearm ownership rights. They urged background checks and increased ability for law enforcement to restrict the rights of people interpreted as potentially dangerous – “red flag” laws.

Here’s the problem: Government has often missed obvious signs with current laws, never mind ones which put more responsibility on faceless bureaucrats and law enforcement officers. As we discussed earlier this month, the recent Odessa, Texas shooting happened a month after police were called about the alleged shooter threatening a neighbor with a rifle. Police never showed and the shooter never should have owned a firearm in the first place, according to media reports.

This is a common occurrence – the same government which these CEOs want us to trust to stop shooters completely missing obvious signs of future violence.

What about abuse of power?

Gun ownership is not a problem in America. The 2ndVote Gun Cam proves that a gun under constant surveillance NEVER commits a crime on its own, and the data shows that justified self-defense is a greater cause of gun deaths than homicide.

But these CEOs don’t get that. They want government to step in to stop crimes before they take place – thought-crime that can be valuable in keeping society safe, but can also easily be abused…especially if the citizenry is disarmed.

Take action

America’s corporations are increasingly taking an anti-constitutional approach to firearm ownership. We urge you to contact Twitter’s, Levi’s, and Eventbrite’s CEOs. Tell them to respect the human and constitutional right to self-defense by sticking to business instead of poking their noses into the morass of politics.

VIDEO: Never Will Masada Fall Again!

Join us on the top of Masada to better understand the importance of the pledge every Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldier takes.

The IDF pledge on Masada states, “Never will Masada fall again.”

Dr. Wexler took us on a journey to 70 AD when a small number of Jewish fighters and their families refused to surrender to a more powerful Roman army. Rather than surrender their wives and children to a future of rape, slavery, and torture, these fighters took the lives of their loved ones and then their own. When the Romans eventually breached Masada, there was no one alive to take as a prisoner. The Jewish fighters denied Romes victory by taking their own lives. What choice would you have made? Now fast forward to WWII.

Few people realize how close the Nazis along with their Muslim allies, nearly conquered North Africa and what is now Israel. The Nazis allied with Mohammed Amin al-Husseini (Arabic: محمد أمين الحسيني‎; c. 1897 –1974.) al-Husseini was said to be more Nazi than his Nazi masters when it came to the murder of European Jews. Adolf Hitler and al-Husseini formed the Muslim SS Handscar Divisions tracking down and killing enemies of the Nazis. In return, Hitler was to give al Husseini the concentration camps to kill every Jewish man, woman, and child living in the Middle East. Dr. Wexler explains the importance of the allied victory at the second battle at Alamein in 1942. This battle stopped the advancement of the Nazis into North Africa and the Middle East.

The defeat of the Nazis at Alamein was monumental.

Before the victory, it was expected the allies would lose North Africa, and Hitler would get the oil and diesel fuel he desperately needed to win the war. Alamein was one of the pieces of the puzzle that led to the defeat of Nazi Germany in WWII. The 650,000 Jews living in what is now Israel declared Mt. Carmel to be the spot where they would make their final stand. Resulting in the story of Masada replaying itself on the high ground of Mt. Carmel.

Watch this short video, as Dr. Wexler connects the dots of history not taught anywhere in the West.