Texas Lawmaker Files Bill for Forensic Audit in Top 13 Population Counties in Texas

This is what is required, what is needed. And all hell will break loose.

Breaking: Texas Rep. Steve Toth Files Bill for Forensic Audit in Top 13 Population Counties in Texas

By Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit, July 19, 2021:

Rep. Steve Toth has filed a bill (HB 241) for forensic audit in the Top 13 population counties in Texas.

Here is the current text to HB 241 in the Texas House:
87S10405 MLH-D
By: Toth H.B. No. 241

AN ACT relating to a forensic audit of 2020 election results in certain counties.


SECTION 1. Title 16, Election Code, is amended by adding
Chapter 280 to read as follows:

The governor, lieutenant governor, and speaker of the house of
representatives shall appoint an independent third party to conduct
a forensic audit of the general election that took place on November
3, 2020.

(b) The independent third party appointed under Subsection
(a) shall audit every precinct in each county with a population of
415,000 or more.

(c) The audit under this section must begin not later than
November 1, 2021, and be completed not later than February 1, 2022.
(d) Not later than March 1, 2022, the independent third
party conducting the audit under this section shall submit a report
to the governor, lieutenant governor, speaker of the house of
representatives, and each member of the legislature detailing any
anomalies or discrepancies in voter data, ballot data, or

(e) This chapter expires April 1, 2022.

SECTION 2. This Act takes effect immediately if it receives
a vote of two-thirds of all the members elected to each house, as
provided by Section 39, Article III, Texas Constitution. If this
Act does not receive the vote necessary for immediate effect, this
Act takes effect on the 91st day after the last day of the
legislative session.

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To Free Cuba, Make Guantanamo the New Ellis Island


To Free Cuba, Make Guantanamo the New Ellis Island

By Ira Stoll, Special to the Sun | July 19, 2021

The people of Cuba are demonstrating extraordinary bravery by rising up for freedom and democracy against their brutal communist dictatorship. President Biden is reacting with a disgraceful display of foreign policy clumsiness.

The epitome of this was a July 13 statement by the secretary of homeland security, Alejandro Mayorkas, who arrived in America from Cuba in 1960 as a refugee. Mr. Mayorkas paid lip service to the idea that the Biden-Harris administration and the Department of Homeland Security “stand in solidarity with the Cuban people and their call for freedom from the repression and economic suffering that the Cuban’s authoritarian regime is causing.”

The secretary’s words that followed, however, undercut that: “The time is never right to attempt migration by sea. To those who risk their lives doing so, this risk is not worth taking. Allow me to be clear: if you take to the Sea, you will not come to the United States…. Any migrant intercepted at sea, regardless of their nationality, will not be permitted to enter the United States.”

What sort of “solidarity” does it show to refuse admission to Cubans fleeing a repressive regime?

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has dithered, leaking an internal debate about an “intervention” that might consist of providing internet access to Cuba. President John F. Kennedy didn’t succeed in liberating Cuba, but he did arm, train, and dispatch an invasion force and later sent assassins aimed at Castro. President Biden, by contrast, can’t even make up his mind about allowing the rebels to use a hot spot.

No wonder that a July 14 letter to President Biden from Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart complained, “to date, the administration has lacked the clarity that this pivotal moment requires.” The letter, also signed by Florida’s senators, the House Republican leader, and other members of Congress, accused the Biden-Harris administration of heading “down the path of weakness and moral equivalency.”

Could the Biden-Harris administration be afraid that Cuban immigrants will eventually become Republican voters? There are no fiercer opponents of socialism and communism than those who have suffered under those ideologies and know firsthand the misery they bring.

Or does the administration fear that a flood of incoming Hispanics would turn white swing voters against Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, or in the 2024 presidential campaign? In other words, is Mr. Biden letting anti-immigrant sentiment dictate policy?

A more generous explanation is that Mr. Mayorkas is sincere when he warns of the dangers posed by maritime crossings during hurricane season in overcrowded boats or rafts of questionable seaworthiness. If safety is genuinely the practical problem, though, there is a ready solution available. America has a 45-square-mile naval station in Cuba at Guantanamo Bay.

The drowning risk for incoming Cuban refugees could be entirely eliminated by inviting the Cubans seeking freedom and democracy to make their way by land to Guantanamo. At the navy base, their applications could be processed, they could be vaccinated against Covid-19, and they could eventually be transported safely to America by airplane or in seaworthy vessels.

The images of this exodus would help advance what Mr. Biden professes to be a core foreign policy objective. In his July 15 “Washington Declaration” with Chancellor Merkel, Mr. Biden said, “We must act now to demonstrate that democracy delivers for our people at home and that democratic leadership delivers for the world.”

There’s no better demonstration to the world that freedom and democracy beat the so-called socialist paradise of Cuba than hundreds of thousands of people voluntarily picking up and leaving. The regime’s apologists such as socialist Senator Bernie Sanders claim Cuba has great education and health care. If communist authoritarianism is so great, why are people so eager to leave voluntarily for America?

The incoming immigrants would enrich America. Cuban-Americans whose families arrived in earlier waves of migration have been distinguished contributors to American life. They include Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, members of Congress Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Mario Diaz-Balart, and Maria Salazar, jazz musicians such as Arturo Sandoval, Chico O’Farrill, and Paquito D’Rivera, athletes like Olympic gold-medal swimmer Ryan Lochte and all-star Red Sox slugger J.D. MartinezThe father of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is a Cuban immigrant.

C. Bradley Thompson, who runs Clemson University’s Institute for the Study of Capitalism, made me chuckle recently with his newsletter quoting a satirical headline from the parody publication the Babylon Bee: “‘You Just Don’t Understand Socialism Like I Do,’ Says College Freshman To Man Who Escaped Socialism On A Raft.”

Further delay by Mr. Biden would fuel criticism that his foreign policy is being driven by naïve delusions rather than American interests and democratic values. The president has an opportunity, instead, to transform Guantanamo from a synonym for a terrorist prison into a modern-day Ellis Island.

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PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY: ‘We’ll Never Stop Pay-For-Slay, [Mass Murdering] Terrorists Will Get Their Salaries’

But it is the Democratic state of Israel that Ben & Jerry’s decides to boycott. All to appease the far-Left, who support the anti-Semitic BDS Movement. Check out how “woke” the Palestinian Authority and Hamas is with their own people. Shame on Ben & Jerrys.

The “Biden” administration is plundering your hard earned tax dollars, stealing it right out of your childrens’ mouths and into the hands of genocidal mass murderers. Biden is illegitimate.

PA: ‘We’ll never stop pay-for-slay, terrorists will get their salaries’

“We must continue to pay and to ensure the allowances of the prisoners and their family members,” said a PA official.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

The Palestinian Authority’s pay-for-slay policy, in which it pays salaries to prisoners convicted of terror offenses against Israeli citizens, has drawn international ire.

Israeli law permits the Jewish State to deduct terror payments from the taxes it collects on the behalf of the PA and freezing accounts linked to prisoners, putting a serious economic strain on Palestinian banks.

In 2018, former president Donald Trump cut off aid to the PA, stating that financial support would only be resumed if they agreed to abandon the pay-for-slay practice.

And as the PA seeks to strengthen ties with the Biden administration, officials have publicly downplayed the practice and suggested that a solution could be found to end the practice.

But according to a report from watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch, what the PA is telling the international community is in stark contrast to promises it’s giving to its constituents.

“Our position regarding the payment of the salaries and allowances of the prisoners and their families is firm,” read a July Facebook post from the PLO’s Prisoner Affairs Commission.

“This is their right, and it is anchored in all the international conventions and treaties, because our prisoners are prisoners of a liberation movement and freedom fighters.”

“Since [the start of] the Israeli threats and pressures on the banks that are active in Palestine, the position has been clear: We must continue to pay and to ensure the allowances of the prisoners and their family members,” read a July statement published in the PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida.

On an official PA TV news broadcast, Minister of Communications and IT Is’haq Sidr explained that there was a new system in place via private ATMS not linked to specific banks, which would allow the families of prisoners to collect payments.

“We have activated an entire banking mechanism here that is a cash management system that transfers data between us and the ATMs,” he said.

“We have installed 20 ATMs in the residential areas where the beneficiaries of these services are located, and Allah willing we will reach 30 ATMs in the coming days.”


Biden gives another $135M to UN Palestinian agency

Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister To Demand U.S. Enforce Anti-Boycott Jews Laws Against Ben & Jerry’s

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Biden’s Handlers’ Freeing of Guantanamo Detainee Highlights the Confusion and Failure of the ‘War on Terror’

Abdul Latif Nasser spent nineteen years in the Guantanamo prison camp without charge. This was a tremendous injustice, and was born of the confusion about what exactly we were facing after 9/11 in the first place. Bush called it a “war on terror,” and so we put enemy combatants in a prison camp. In past wars, soldiers who became prisoners of war were generally not tried; they were held until the end of hostilities and then released. But Bush’s war became Obama’s war and was then transformed by the latter into a war against “violent extremism,” which opened the door for the identity of the enemy to be shifted from jihadis to “white supremacists,” a label increasingly used of all non-Leftist Americans. Neither the war against “terror” or against “violent extremism” have any definable end point, so there was no end point for the jihadis in Guantanamo.

Meanwhile, many former Guantanamo detainees have returned to the jihad. Will Abdul Latif Nasser do so? Time will tell. But was anything done while he was at Gitmo to disabuse him of his jihadist sensibilities? Of course not. That would have been “Islamophobic.” Instead, he was given a Qur’an, the book that led him to wage jihad in the first place, in a manner that demonstrated that even the infidel U.S. had exaggerated reverence for the book: non-Muslim guards even wore gloves when handling it (because unbelievers are “unclean,” as per Qur’an 9:28). It is entirely possible that Abdul Latif Nasser is an even more hardened and determined jihadi than he was before. Your taxpayer dollars, and Washington’s willful ignorance, at work.

Guantanamo detainee Abdul Latif Nasser speaks out after release

by Guy Davies, ABC News, July 20, 2021:

A Guantanamo Bay detainee who spent nearly two decades at the notorious facility and thought he might not make it out alive spoke out after being released — the first prisoner freed by the Biden administration.

“I was born again on July 19. My birthday is no longer March 4. I was born yesterday on July 19,” Abdul Latif Nasser said in a statement shared with ABC News. “I have no words to describe my overwhelming sense of happiness and joy. It is like a miracle after 20 years to be home and celebrate Eid together with my family.”

On Tuesday, the legal charity Reprieve, which campaigned for his release and provided legal support, confirmed to ABC News that Nasser was reunited with his family in Morocco.

Nasser, whose case was profiled by ABC News in 2019, was first cleared for release from Guantanamo more than five years ago. He had been detained there for 19 years after he was captured in Afghanistan, alleged by the U.S. government to be an active member of the Taliban and then to have trained with al-Qaeda.

During his time at Guantanamo, he was never charged with a crime, and his lawyers stress that none of the U.S. government’s claims have been aired in a court of law. He was cleared for release in 2016 following a Periodic Review Board (PRB) hearing, set up by the Obama administration in 2011, in order to speed up the process recommending individuals for transfer away from the facility.

The PRB consists of officials from six major agencies, and all members of the board must recommend that law of war detention is no longer justified….

In a statement from Nasser’s brother, Mustafa, his family said were delighted Nasser was home in time for the Islamic festival, Eid al-Adha….


Does the Qur’an establish that Muhammad existed?

The Paradox of Muhammad Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard

Sweden: Muslim migrant who stabbed seven people explains ‘I felt very bad mentally’

Seattle Transit Union Endorses Somali Muslim School Bus Hijacker

Democratic Republic of Congo: Muslims murder nine civilians in two jihad attacks

‘It is time for the silence around political Islam to be lifted in Belgium’

Twitter honors pro-jihad Popular Front of India

Ben and Jerry’s Will No Longer Sell Its Ice Cream In ‘Occupied Palestinian Territory’

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Facebook Launches Extremist Snitch Campaign

Want to mess with someone you dislike? Maybe some person hiding behind a pseudonym that insulted you on Facebook with an abandon that only an anonymous coward might muster? Well now you can. Facebook has made it easier than ever to snitch on your enemies.

“Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist,” is the unsolicited message popping up by the thousands, if not millions, on the feeds of unsuspecting users. Facebook then helpfully offers “confidential support.”

As reported in American Greatness, another new popup courtesy of Facebook is a warning that “you may have been exposed to harmful extremist content recently,” which goes on to say “you can take action now to protect yourself and others.”

What irony. How is this not an ominous new escalation in the war on free speech and unmanipulated thought? Where exactly is the line drawn that separates the “extremists” from the rest of us? And how can we trust a company to be impartial when applying that definition, when it is ran by a CEO that spent over $400 million dollars to buy a national election and put his senescent puppet into the White House?

To those with a sense of history and more than a little skepticism over man’s capacity to remain civilized, these moves are not isolated or insignificant. They are part of a rapidly progressing movement to concentrate economic and political power and silence dissent.

The apparent hypocrisy, where looting, vandalism, violence and intimidation is tolerated when motivated by favored causes, while mere ideas are crushed if they challenge those causes, erases any credibility Facebook – or any of the big online platforms – might otherwise have. They’re not looking for extremists. They’re looking for political dissidents who are on the wrong side.

The day may come when people on the Left realize the con. Because this ongoing transformation of America into an oligarchy will not end well for the foot soldiers on the Left, regardless of how useful they are today. That day may not come too soon.

RELATED ARTICLE: LinkedIn Deletes Account of mRNA Inventor

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Charter Flights Getting Ready to Fly Thousands of Afghans to American Cities

VIDEO: Illegal Immigrants from Ghana, Brazil, Chile Welcomed Across U.S. Border.

I’ve been writing about this news over at RRW, but figured that since I have more readers here at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ it is important to mention it here as well.

What has me so annoyed is that virtually no reports I have seen, about the soon to begin airlift of supposed ‘interpreters’ out of Afghanistan, ever mention the fact that we have already brought in 70,000 or so special ‘refugees’ from Afghanistan alone in the last few years. 

The media makes it sound like this 20,000 waiting for their ticket to America is the beginning of the movement of Afghanistan to a town near you.  It isn’t! We will be conservatively upwards of 100,000, maybe more! before Biden is out of the White House. And, I say supposed interpreters because the vast majority of those coming are the families of interpreters or anyone who did anything for us.

At what point down the line does it stop?

Here (below) is my post the other day at RRW where I directed you to the numbers we have already admitted including the 2,931 who have already come in this fiscal year (448 in June).

And, in case you are wondering, these numbers are not included in Biden’s 62,500 refugee cap for this fiscal year or his planned 125,000 cap for FY22 that begins on October first of this year.  SIV numbers are over and above that!

Here is NBC reporting that the first flights are coming this month….

Biden admin now plans to evacuate 2,500 Afghans directly to the U.S.

WASHINGTON — A small portion of the thousands of Afghans who worked for the U.S. government will be flown directly to the U.S., while a larger group will be evacuated to third countries or military bases overseas where their visa paperwork will be reviewed, three administration officials told NBC News.

As U.S. troops leave the country, the Biden administration has come under growing pressure from lawmakers, veterans groups and refugee rights organizations to take action to protect Afghans who face retaliation from the Taliban for their work as interpreters or in other jobs for U.S. troops and diplomats.

About 2,500 Afghans whose visa applications have cleared security vetting will be eligible for evacuation directly to a U.S. military base in the U.S., along with their family members, a State Department spokesperson and two Defense officials said.

“Shortly after they arrive, once the medical check-up requirement is complete, their immigration status will be adjusted so they can be eligible for refugee resettlement benefits that will help them and their families with the resettlement process,” the State Department spokesperson said.


The evacuation flights, using chartered civilian planes, are expected to begin within days, two Defense officials and two refugee advocates briefed on the matter said.

Watch for private charter planes unloading Afghans around the US, just as they have been unloading border invaders.

Here they make it sound like 20,000 is the max.  It isn’t at all!  We have already admitted nearly 70,000 Special Immigrant Visas from Afghanistan!

Roughly 20,000 Afghans who worked for the U.S. government over the past two decades have applied for a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV), a program set up for former interpreters, drivers and others who face mortal danger for their association with the United States.

There is more.

Maybe I should cut the corporate media some slack as they can’t get at the data that I screenshot in 2019 before it was taken down at the US State Department’s Refugee Processing Center.

And just to remind you, even if they are supposedly vetted, they aren’t able to sort out the riff-raff because of one serious flaw in the vetting process— Muslims are permitted by their ‘faith’ to lie to the infidel!

Here is one bad bunch the military told us to welcome to America!

Have they been deported yet?

And, you might be interested in this post from last week about the horrific violent crimes, especially being perpetrated against women by Afghan ‘refugees’ in Austria.

Straight From The Marxist Playbook: Evidence Of Election Manipulation Mounts

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Marxist community organizer Saul Alinsky taught Democrats that the path to political power is not to solve society’s problems, but to exacerbate them, to use them to create an atmosphere of perpetual crisis. As Obama’s former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, put it: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Democrats did not let the COVID-19 pandemic go to waste. Instead, they used the national health emergency as an excuse to implement unprecedented changes in America’s long-standing election process. One of those changes was sending millions of unrequested mail-in ballots to every dead or alive person on voter rolls, a change that opened the door to virtually unlimited opportunities for massive election fraud.

Alinsky believed that socialism is so morally and intellectually superior that its proponents must prevail at the ballot box at all costs. When the post-1960s Democratic Party adopted Alinsky as its most revered political strategist, it embraced his belief that Democrats should employ any means necessary to win elections. The primary means through which Democrats have carried out that reprehensible mandate is by election rigging.

In 2016, I began compiling a file of documented instances of suspected or actual election fraud in major Democrat strongholds. Following are partial findings of 2020 election audits in Arizona and Georgia. What appears below is but the tip of a massive iceberg of methodical election fraud just now being uncovered. Because the audit findings are so damning, Democrats are in full panic mode, and their propagandists in the once-respected mainstream media are leaving no stone unturned in attacking the audit results.


● In a July 15 tweet, One America Network’s host Christina Bobb reported that an audit of 2020 voting in Arizona found that 11,326 voters were NOT on voter rolls on Nov. 7 but WERE on the rolls on Dec. 4, and were marked VOTED on Nov. 3. Biden won Arizona by less than 11,000 votes.

● Last week, The Gateway Pundit reported that a 2020 election audit team discovered that a large number of paper ballots in Maricopa County were printed on the wrong weight of paper stock. As revealed in this audit hearing video, an official Maricopa County newsletter states that its paper ballots are printed on a thick, specially-coated “VoteSecure” paper that prevents bleed-through of ink from pens used to mark voting selections. The audit team determined that 168,000 ‘ballot on demand’ ballots—most of which were cast on Election Day—were printed on a thin paper stock that allowed bleed-through, and were not in proper printing alignment.

● The Gateway Pundit also reported that the audit team found 74,000 ballots that were received and counted, but have NO RECORD of ever having been mailed out.


● On July 13, Tucker Carlson reported a break-in at a 24/7 law enforcement-protected warehouse containing 140,000 Fulton County election ballots: “Depending on who you ask, the building contains evidence that either confirms of refutes the claim that voter fraud affected the outcome of the 2020 election in Georgia.” The break-in occurred shortly after deputies of the Democrat-controlled Fulton County Sheriff’s Department inexplicably left their posts. Who is responsible for the break-in and what did they take?

● According to Carlson’s report, numerous falsified audit tally sheets containing fabricated vote totals were found:

“A batch containing 59 actual ballot images for Joe Biden and 42 for Donald Trump was reported as 100 for Biden and zero for Trump. Seven batches of ballot images with 554 votes for Biden, 140 votes for Trump and 11 for Jo Jorgensen had falsified tally sheets that showed 850 votes for Biden, zero for Trump and zero for Jorgensen.”

● Are the stunning claims in Carlson’s report credible? You can decide for yourself by watching it, which I strongly encourage.

Finally, there are many documented instances where small groups of dishonorable Republicans have conspired to commit voter fraud. But to the best of my knowledge, there is nothing even remotely close to the nationwide Democrat Party election fraud operation cited in the first section of my recent Blue State Conservative article “Why I Will Bet Everything I Own That The 2020 Election Was Rigged.” The explosive information in that section is so shocking that it’s repeated below for the reader’s convenience.

Three weeks prior to the 2016 election, investigative journalist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released video in which high level Democrat operatives bragged about running a nationwide voter fraud operation financed by the DNC and the Clinton campaign:

  • “We’ve been busing in people [illegal voters] for 50 years and we’re not going to stop now.”
  • ”[We know] this is illegal.”
  • “I think backward from how they would prosecute us, and then try to build out a method to avoid [getting caught].” 
  • “We implement the plan across every Republican-held state.”
  • ”[Our operation] causes massive changes in state legislatures and Congress.”
  • “Hillary knows what’s going on.”

One of the DNC operatives caught in the Project Veritas sting is a longtime Democrat named Bob Creamer. Found guilty in 2005 of tax violations and bank fraud, Creamer is no fringe player in Democratic Party politics. According to the Daily Caller News Foundation, official visitor logs show the convicted felon visited the Obama White House 342 times, including 47 personal meetings with President Obama.  

Although Creamer was forced to resign in disgrace, the Democrat dirty tricks operative was honored with a front row seat at President Obama’s Farewell Address in January 2017. Click here to see an NBC News screengrab of Creamer and his wife seated directly in front of the podium where President Obama spoke. In the Democratic Party, involvement in a nationwide voter fraud operation is worthy of being awarded the most coveted seat in the house. To think that Democrats didn’t use every dirty trick in the book to rig the 2020 election defies logic.

©John Eidson. All rights reserved

VIDEO: Marxist Critical Race Theory: the Ugly Truth, the Racist Facts!

Critical Race Theory is born of Karl Marx. Patriotic, thinking Americans must fight this internal attack on the very foundation of the Republic as if the Chi-coms were invading Iowa. This is war and it’s a battle we must win by defeating the Marxists behind CRT.

Graham Ledger speaks with patriot and CRT opponent Harriette Reid about how and where you must fight this assault on the constitution.

©The Ledger Report. All rights reserved.

Maxine Wants Prosecutions: ‘We Must Not Allow Trump to Win’

Sunday on CNN, anti-Trump hysteric Rep. Maxine Waters decried Republicans and former President Trump for purportedly posing a threat to minority voting rights.

“This is a dangerous time for our democracy,” Waters correctly pointed out, but not for the reason she then explained. “This is a dangerous time because Trump, who served as the president of the United States for four years, has basically led this country to a point where he’s got believers and supporters who thinks that he is the president and he should be the president. And somehow, it’s been stolen and it’s got to be taken back.”

It is a dangerous time for democracy, because Waters’ party stole the presidential election through demonstrable, massive voter fraud. We know it, and they know it, so they must pretend that investigations into the election fraud are threats to democracy.

“As a matter of fact, on my way to the christening of the John Lewis Navy Ship, on that road leading into where the ships are being, you know, made, there were signs, big signs, on the street held by, you know, some of these men who support Trump,” Waters fretted. “One sign said that Trump is the president. And is the president. And then, another sign touted the Proud Boys and saying that they were good people and that they had not done anything wrong.”

The Proud Boys, an organization of diverse patriots, hasn’t done anything wrong except stand up to the left’s shock troops like Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM).

“But in the final analysis, our attorneys generals [sic], whether they’re in New York or in Georgia, they’ve got to go after him about how he’s cheated, you know, on his taxes. How his family has taken advantage of having a non-profit that they use like it was their own money. On and on and on.”

What does any of this have to do with election fraud? Nothing. She’s desperate to nail Trump on something, but

“One way or the other, we’ve got to stop Trump and his allies. It’s more than undermining our democracy. They’re dangerous and they’re out to do harm,” Waters continued ludicrously. “And so, we’re in a bad time in this country, trying to manage all of this. But we must manage it. We must protect our democracy. We must not allow Trump to win.”

Waters and the Democrats are terrified that Trump and his supporters will win, because they are a threat to the left’s lust for power.

Maxine Waters

167 Known Connections

Denouncing the Declaration of Independence

In a July 4, 2021 tweet, Waters suggested that the Declaration of Independence was a racist document because it was written at a time when slavery was practiced in the United States. She wrote: “July 4th… & so, the Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal. Equal to what? What men? Only white men? Isn’t it something that they wrote this in 1776 when African Americans were enslaved? They weren’t thinking about us then, but we’re thinking about us now!”

To learn more about Maxine Waters, click here.

EDITORS NOTE: This Discover the Networks column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

What She Didn’t Say: WCC Church Sends Members To Sabotage Israel

Islam is a totalitarian ideology, its laws believed to be the literal word of Allah and, therefore, immutable in every respect through eternity. Their adherents are under obligation to “rule the entire world and submit all of mankind to the faith of Islam. Any nation or power that gets in the way of that goal, Islam will fight and destroy.”  Among the many methods of warfare is lying.  War is deceit, Allah is the “master of all scheming,” and deception has become an artform in Islam. Further, because lying is permissible in Islam, lies are not discernible because the deceiver bears no conscious guilt.

Although it is true that deception within Islam is subtle and sophisticated, it is only effective on willing subjects, those who already have a root of bitterness toward Israel, the Jews and/or Western civilization.  Islam serves to formulate their contempt and justify it.

With this as background, an internet acquaintance sent an Israeli video to a friend who had taken a Holy Land tour years before.  The friend replied she had been to the West Bank (ancient Israel’s Judea and Samaria) and had “nothing but contempt for Israel.” Her statements are presented in bold face, and I will provide the backstory – what she didn’t say.

“We went to a Christian Palestinian school and heard how the Israeli soldiers terrorized the school children.  The IDF constantly goes into the West Bank to arrest and terrorize Palestinians, especially the young children.”

She was already deceived.  What she didn’t say was why soldiers would spend their time entering the area to arrest children.  Does she choose to be oblivious of the many countries that use their children in armed conflict, 14 noted, 7 in Africa.  Closer to home,  America’s left is using our school children against our country, and encouraging groups like BLM and Antifa to burn cities and harm our protective forces, the police.  Children do commit crimes worthy of arrest, in the West Bank and worldwide, and those not arrested in America may be our own undoing.

In Islam, the entire family unit is compelled to further the cause of Allah and the Palestinians are notorious for putting their women and children in harm’s way, at rocket launches or on roofs of building where explosives are stored, so that their deaths, whether self-inflicted or caused by retaliatory fire, will increase the casualty count for world pity. Older children are used to discharge ignited kites and incendiary balloons over Israel, while smaller children are placed on road embankments with a supply of rocks to throw at passing cars, often causing crashes and death.  They are also used in tunnel construction, expendable should the tunnels collapse. The children are raised without interests in reading, music, or Little League games, but with an obsession for Mohammed’s 1400-year war against the Jews, willing to accept martyrdom should they go up in smoke.

The silence of the Christian schools and of the World Council of Churches (WCC) amounts to complicity in the ruination of the Palestinians’ children and the murder of Israeli’s.

The friend attached a film that showed the IDF handling themselves in exemplary fashion, with one speaking calmly to the five-year-old boy, not harassing or brandishing weapons, while the other five or six were standing at a distance, unmenacingly, not looming over the child.  Questioning is not harassment, and the boy was holding the hand of another, in his late teens, perhaps an older brother.  Of course, the child is frightened because he did something wrong, but had he been terrified, he’d have tried to hide behind his brother.  He may have caused a fatal crash and knew he was being reprimanded – or feared worse, depending upon the lies that permeate their culture.  There is no doubt that the soldier would be stern to make him understand that he’d caused irreparable harm, perhaps killed a child like himself.  He was escorted to the IDF car calmly with his brother, presumably heading for headquarters.  Although he would be lectured about right and wrong, there is no doubt that he would be given a chocolate bar.

The IDF take their representation of Israel very seriously and see themselves as goodwill ambassadors. The Israeli soldier understands that this could be the difference between a child who recalls a reasonable outcome or one who will seek jihadi revenge.  Research shows that there is a total disconnect between the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) accusations against Israel and the reality on the ground.

“The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) is now present in the small village of Yanoun,” wrote the person with contempt for Israel, implying that their presence was necessary to keep an eye on Israeli abuse.

What she didn’t say is that Yanoun is one of many Bedouin encampments, often with camels, that settle illegally on Israeli land that is impermissible to all because it lacks infrastructure – electricity, sewage, water, health and welfare services.  America has many areas not zoned for housing, and all sovereign countries are justified in granting or withholding building rights.  The Israel High Court approved the order to demolish the village, according to laws that apply to all, and Israel usually offers alternative housing to the nomads, but they refuse.  The EAPPI, founded by the World Council of Churches, has been maintaining a round-the-clock presence in Yanoun since 2003, working with the Palestinians against Israeli law.  They maintain an antisemitic, adversarial position toward the State of Israel, which includes lying about a mismanaged, Palestinian-caused water shortage.  They appear to be trained in Islamic lies.

One frequent accusation is that the IDF soldiers rape Arab women, a familiar act of violence by Arab men worldwide – again, this is projection.  It is documented that one anti-Israel activist, a professor, asked an Israeli soldier if he knew how many Palestinian women were raped by IDF forces.  The soldier replied, “none,” as far as he knew.  She triumphantly responded that he was right, because, she said, ‘You IDF soldiers don’t rape Palestinians because Israelis are so racist and disgusted by them that you won’t touch them.’”

“Jewish people have come into Yanoun and burned down their olive trees.  The people have been so terrorized that there are only about 50 Palestinians left,” she continued.

What she didn’t say is why Israelis raze certain homes and destroy trees.  Families of murderous terrorists lived in those homes and constructed terror tunnels under the groves to penetrate Jewish villages and murder the residents.  This is an all-too-familiar theme in Palestinian children’s propaganda stories.  Any destruction, therefore, becomes necessary as security as well as a means of punishment and deterrence.

According to Regulation 119 of the Defense (Emergency) Regulations that Israel inherited from the British Mandate (1947), the military commander may order the destruction of any house, structure or land suspected of being the source of “any firearm fired illegally, bomb or hand grenade or any explosive thrown, blown up or detonated.”  Did no one tell the woman that immediately after the Six-Day War, Israel offered to negotiate land for peace with Jordan, Syria, and Egypt, but was refused each time?  Israel did not want the responsibility of administration over the area, but while it was thrust upon her, she improved infrastructure, schooling and life expectancy for the Palestinians.  Nevertheless, Israel began the destruction of terrorists’ homes after the first Intifada of violent riots (1967).  By 1994, Israel began turning over administration to the Palestinian Authority.

“We went to a Christian Palestinian school . . .,” she said, and spoke negatively.

What she didn’t say is that the ecumenical accompaniers serve the World Council of Churches (WCC) in Palestinian areas.  They report of soldiers who search teachers, harass residents, and close the schools, but never reveal the causes – the Palestinians’ daily violence, tear gas and riots.  Apparently, it breaks the hearts of those reporting that Palestinian children are escorted in and out of their communities, but there is no comparable sympathy for Israeli children escorted in and out of their shelters or hospitals after the Palestinians explode their weapons or themselves in a crowd.

EAPPI fears for the West Bank children who are harassed, but not for the Israeli children who are blown up in school buses by Palestinian terrorists, or for such as the three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped on June 12, 2014, and killed, their  bodies found in the West Bank field on June 30, 2014 – and other similar events.

The WCC, which trains volunteers to promote boycotts of Israel and engage in antisemitic rhetoric, is funded by several Western governments, the EU, and the UN.  Their EAPPI program, which consists of 350 member churches in 110 countries and 500 million Christians worldwide, has been in place for 15 years, with a stated mission of “Christian unity,” which shamefully includes anti-Israel advocacy.  Their activism has explicit antisemitic overtones, as they have repeatedly compared Israel to Nazi Germany, accused Israel of apartheidism, and continue to instigate a broad-based boycott, divestment and (total) sanctions (BDS) on Israel.  Their numerous lies and accusations include blaming Israel for planting knives in Palestinians who were shot after attempting to stab Israelis, and for attempting Palestinian depopulation.  While the WCC claims not to “countenance” Israel with Nazi Germany, they do not discourage their representatives’ denunciations, and continue to favor boycott products of Jewish “settlements.”

This warrants an additional note about “settlements.”  The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), adopted by the UN General Assembly on September 13, 2007, by a majority of 144 states in favor, 4 votes against, and 11 abstentions, recognized that indigenous people (also known as first people, aboriginal people or native people) have the right to the lands, territories and resources, which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired and that the exercise of these rights shall be free from discrimination of any kind.  According to international law, the Jews are the indigenous people of the lands referred to as Judea, Samaria, Palestine, Israel, and the Holy Land, and therefore fulfill the criteria required by international law. The Jews are the original ethnic group that settled Judea and Samaria 3,500 years ago, when the land was bestowed upon the Jews by the Almighty.  Statements to the contrary are political, not legal.

What she didn’t say was that the Arabs from the neighboring states, who now call themselves Palestinians, are the invaders, interlopers, and aspiring conquerors, and the WCC is a blight on America for not supporting one of America’s most dedicated allies.

One final word about the woman who has “nothing but contempt for Israel.”  We would give her the benefit of the doubt to suggest that she doesn’t know the facts, but the reality is more likely that she visited the West Bank under the auspices of the WCC in support of their anti-Israel agenda.  Once ripe for deception, she is now a zealous missionary of outright lies and half-truths.

©Tabitha Korol. All rights reserved.

Antisemitism in America: What would Émile Zola say?

Eerily, the hatred of French Jews during the Dreyfus Affair foreshadowed the antisemitic slogans that now fill the American landscape.

Though hate-crimes against Jews appeared to spike during the recent Gaza hostilities, the escalation was actually part of an antisemitic trend that began more than a decade ago and steadily worsened with the complicity of politicians, academics, and journalists.

Long blamed exclusively on the political right by the liberal establishment, antisemitism today is being instigated on college campuses, in the press, and in the halls of Congress by progressives and radical Democrats who seized control of their party and hijacked its moral compass. Under the guise of cultural diversity, woke liberals are demonizing Jews and Israel with the same vehemence exploited in nineteenth-century France to falsely convict Alfred Dreyfus of treason and unleash the kind of racial antisemitism that would later fuel Nazi genocide.

The lone voice of reason then was Émile Zola, who penned the essay “J’accuse” (“I Accuse”) in defense of Dreyfus and French Jewry.

The current trend began during the Obama administration, when more than seven-thousand bias incidents and hate-crimes were reported, including vandalism, arson, and violent assaults against Jews and their institutions. Though President Obama did not call for these outrages, neither did he denounce the Jew-hatred that permeated his political base. He said nothing when antisemitism raged through college campuses and minority communities, he obfuscated his relationships with the likes of Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan, and he validated the odious Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (“BDS”) movement. He also extended White House hospitality to people with anti-Jewish baggage – including Al Sharpton, who logged more than sixty visits during Mr. Obama’s tenure.

When forced to address specific acts of antisemitism, Obama’s remarks were often restrained to the point of irrelevance. In addressing the deadly assault by Islamic terrorists on a Parisian kosher market in January 2015, for example, he characterized it as a “random attack” to obscure the Jewishness of the victims. Likewise, when he mentioned the subsequent Har Nof synagogue massacre, he did not acknowledge the terrorists’ antisemitic motivations and seemed to imply equivalence between the murder of Jewish worshippers and the deaths of Arabs killed while attacking Israelis. Conversely, he never missed an opportunity to downplay Muslim antisemitism, disparage former PM Netanyahu, or diminish Israel’s historical integrity.

His failure to condemn Jew-hatred within his political base or acknowledge the Jews’ ancestral connection to and presence in their homeland since time immemorial created fertile ground for antisemitism to flourish – and flourish it did. And the problem was subsequently exacerbated by Democratic ambivalence whenever progressives legitimized ancient slanders or radical mobs turned against Jews, their synagogues, schools, and businesses.

Despite his own culpability, Mr. Obama blamed Donald Trump for laying the groundwork for today’s antisemitism. There is a bright line between irony and dishonesty, however, and this revisionist claim certainly crossed it.

The reality is that Trump had a far better record of condemning antisemitism (and supporting Israel), as demonstrated by his remarks after the 2018 massacre at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue, which showed greater empathy for Jews and their history than was ever expressed by Obama. Within hours of that atrocity, President Trump tweeted: “All of America is in mourning over the mass murder of Jewish Americans at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. We pray for those who perished and their loved ones…” He further commented: “This was an anti-Semitic attack at its worst… [and] through the centuries the Jews have endured terrible persecution.”

Unlike his predecessor, Trump did not equivocate or analogize antisemitism to all other forms of bigotry. Nor did he conceal the victims’ Jewishness or usurp the incident as an opportunity to lecture about the evils of Islamophobia.

And how did Joe Biden and other Democrats react? They either attempted to blame Trump for the massacre or called it an act of “gun violence,” thereby masking the killer’s antisemitic intentions. In co-opting the Pittsburgh tragedy to promote partisan goals, moreover, they acted with calculated opportunism that should have offended decent people of all political persuasions.

Progressive Jew-hatred has become even more ubiquitous since the Obama days, as illustrated by the election of radical Democrats who spout antisemitic rhetoric without fear of meaningful reprimand. Over the last few years, members and fans of “the squad” in Congress have accused Jews of “hypnotizing” the world, being disloyal Americans, and controlling foreign policy and global finance. Instead of being disciplined by party leadership, however, Congressional radicals are rewarded with influential committee appointments and popular acceptance.

During the latest Gaza war instigated by Hamas, progressive Democrats falsely accused Israel of genocide for defending herself. They also incited anti-Jewish violence with inflammatory rhetoric, openly supported terrorist aggressors, and screamed about ending US aid to the Jewish State. Biden condemned the growing violence against Jews only when he could no longer avoid doing so; but his words were generic – and hollow for their failure to castigate those progressives whose hatred for Jews and Israel made it possible. And anyway, how could his admonitions be taken seriously considering his appointment of Israel-haters and BDS advocates to work in his administration?

In a questionable display a month or so ago, the New York Times published a frontpage article with the headline, “More Than 250 Dead, Mostly Civilians…,” implying that Israel killed hundreds of Arab civilians during the Gaza conflict (which Hamas started by shooting hundreds of missiles at Israeli men, women, and children). Intelligence reports, however, showed that approximately half the dead (and perhaps many more) were terrorist fighters; and that many civilian deaths were caused by misfired Hamas rockets. The Times issued a partial correction eleven days later stating it could not confirm the number of civilian deaths but saying nothing about the dubious credibility of casualty data provided by the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry.

Such biased reporting resembles yellow journalism from the late nineteenth century, when journalists sacrificed objectivity for political and ideological sensationalism. And these lapses are not limited to mainstream venues but are employed by social media to promote bias and sow discord.

Despite their disingenuous denials, social media platforms provide safe harbor for classical antisemitism masquerading as social justice advocacy. Only in a morally warped media universe would it be possible for Google to hire a “diversity chief” who previously wrote that Jews have an “insatiable appetite for war and killing…” Or for Facebook to allow antisemitic posts while blocking pro-Israel messages for violating community standards. Or for the prevalence of hateful tweets to prompt the ADL to issue a report entitled, “Quantifying Hate: A Year of Anti-Semitism on Twitter.”

The implications of such behavior are far-reaching, particularly as the media’s constitutional role of government watchdog erodes with its fawning adoration of progressive radicals. Instead of exposing them with critical reporting, the press validates their prejudices and excoriates their detractors. It seems ironic that words no longer seem to have objective meaning for a profession once based on the ability to communicate truth.

And perhaps it was such moral ambiguity that finally caused some Democrats to break rank.

When Congresswoman Ilhan Omar recently maligned Israel yet again – likening it (and the US) to Hamas and the Taliban – twelve Jewish Congressional Democrats responded with a letter asking her “to clarify her words…” Not the strongest of condemnations perhaps, but at least they said something. The question is why hostile rhetoric from party progressives was tolerated for more than two years before eliciting meaningful pushback. Moreover, of thirty-seven Jewish Democrats in Congress, why did only twelve speak out?

It could be that political partisans value party loyalty and ideology more than Jewish history and ancestral values, regardless of whether party doctrine denigrates Israel or legitimizes those who incite or rationalize antisemitism. Or maybe they are afraid to speak out.

Whatever the reason, we have seen this play before – and if Émile Zola were here today, he might well say, “J’accuse à nouveau.”

©Matthew Hausman. All rights reserved.

BREAKING BIG: New EVIDENCE of Gross Election Discrepancies In OTHER Georgia Counties, Worse Than Those Found in Fulton County

We are reaching of tipping point. Irrefutable evidence of the stolen election. Decertify. Now.

Biden is not legitimate.


Election Fraud 2020

Fulton County Board of Commissioners Chairman Calls for ALL Georgia Counties to Have Forensic Audit of Ballots

President Trump On Audits: ‘Numbers Will Be Released Shortly…They Are EXTRAORDINARILY BIG’

PRESIDENT Trump Says Arizona Election Hearing Shows Enough ‘Fraud and Voting Irregularities’ to Change Election Outcome\

TURNING POINT: Wisconsin Lawmaker Calls for ‘Full Forensic Audit’ After Georgia, Arizona Updates

President Trump: News from Georgia ‘Beyond Incredible,’ ‘We Will Lose Our Country If this Is Allowed to Stand’

‘We Must Decertify the Election’: Trump Issues Fiery Response to Audit Bombshells

Arizona State Senator Demands Biden Electors be Recalled to Arizona and New Election Held Following Thursday’s Stunning Audit Revelations

GA Election Expert Uncovers 35,000 Potential Illegal Votes Cast – Trump Only Lost by 12,670

Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Vernon Jones Calls For RESIGNATION of Governor Brian Kemp

WATCH Maricopa Election Audit Hearing: Breach of Computer Systems During 2020 Election, High Vulnerability for Internet Computer Hack, Fraud Ballots On WRONG PAPER STOCK

COUP: Overwhelming Evidence That January 6th Was A Planned Set-Up

Arizona Senate President Says 2020 Election Audit’s Ballot Count Differs From Maricopa Tally

HUGE New Evidence Pointing to Massive Voter Fraud in Fulton County, WHOPPING 60% Error Reporting Rate, Tally Sheets FALSIFIED

President Trump Releases Letter From PA. Federal Prosecutor Who Was Pressured By Attorney General Barr NOT TO PROBE Voter Fraud

WH OFFICIAL: “Biden” Admin is Now Planning To Release A List of Conservative Social Media Influencers

WATCH: Evidence of Duplicate Scanned Batches Uncovered From Ballot Images In Georgia

ELITIST Kamala Harris Slammed For Claiming Rural Americans Can’t Photocopy Their IDs

Texas House Votes 76-4 to Send the Sergeant-at-Arms to Detain or Arrest Fleeing Members

TOTALITARIAN TANTRUM: Texas Democrats Who ‘Fled’ State Over Election Integrity Will Be Arrested Upon Return

Arizona State Senator: Georgia Has Proof of Somebody Admitting to Running Ballots Through Numerous Times

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BOMBSHELL by Seth Keshel: Trump Won Pennsylvania by 6-8% [VIDEO]

And remember, Pennsylvania Republicans outnumber Pennsylvania Democrats two to one.

We will not stand down. We will not accept the coup.

BOMBSHELL by Seth Keshel: Trump Won Pennsylvania by 6-8% (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit,, Published July 19, 2021:

The Bannon War Room on Monday was OFF THE CHARTS!


Steve invited Professor David K. Clements from New Mexico State University and retired Army intelligence captain and former baseball analyst Seth Keshel to discuss their latest analysis on the 2020 election.

Seth Keshel droppeed a BOMB on the War Room.

According to Seth, President Trump won Pennsylvania by 6-8% in 2020.

This isn’t just hyperbole. This is based on the models and predictions and over 75 years of history.

According to Seth Keshel Republicans out-registered Democrats 21:1 from 2016 to 2020 during the Trump years.

Trump’s pro-America message resonated with working class Pennsylvanians and it was clear to anyone who was paying attention.

Donald Trump rallies in Pennsylvania in 2020.

Keshel then pointed to the predictive models in the state of Pennsylvania for the 2020 election.

Several counties significantly and magically outperformed for Joe Biden.

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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PODCAST: ‘How To Become A Tyrant’ – Must See TV

I recently watched the new documentary, “How to Become a Tyrant,” on Netflix. It is a six episode series, each running 25-30 minutes in length. The intent is to examine past tyrannical dictators, note their personal attributes and tactics used, and make some conclusions as to becoming a tyrant, thereby providing a text book explanation for such madness.

In the film, they examine Germany’s Adolph Hitler, Russia’s Joseph Stalin, Uganda’s Idi Amin, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, North Korea’s Kim family, as well as other tyrants from around the world; e.g., Fidel CastroMao Tse-tung, and others.

Not only is it an excellent history lesson, but it provides insight as to what is happening today in this country.

Their “Tyrant’s Playbook” makes some rather astute observations with six key points:

1. How to seize power – here, the producers describe how tyrants ascend to power. Most come from obscurity, such as Adolf Hitler who was but a corporal in the German Army during World War I. Key to their rise was portraying themselves as one of the people. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were particularly good at this. Interestingly though, the tyrants had no respect for human life, which is why they were so effective in snuffing it out.

To become a tyrant, one must possess an inflated ego whereby you, alone, can solve your country’s problems. It thereby becomes important to develop a catchy message the public understands and can embrace. With Hitler, it was his book, “Mein Kampf.” In China, Mao’s “Little Red Book,” contained quotations from his speeches and writings. Likewise, Muammar Gaddafi had his “The Green Book.”

It also helps to rise to power during a difficult time, such as a financial calamity, like The Great Depression, war, poverty and disease. People are looking to be saved and will be receptive to anyone with a proposed solution, thus greasing the rails for rising to power.

Most of the tyrants also possessed a military background, thereby using soldiers to achieve domination. Such training also came in handy in terms of tactical warfare within their own country.

2. Crush your rivals – either through legal or illegal means, it doesn’t matter. Rivals would suddenly disappear or be falsely accused of traitorous activity.

3. Reign through terror – this requires the person to be totally ruthless. To implement this, public executions send a clear message to the populace that the tyrant is not to be trifled with. Joseph Stalin’s purges of the government and military was also effective, whereby hundreds of thousands of people were executed and another million sent to prisons and labor camps.

Key to the tyrant here is controlling the law, that the only interpretation that matters is the dictator’s.

4. Control the truth – this is very important to developing a culture of confusion. If you can control the source, content and distribution of information, you control the actions and decisions of the people.

Not only is it necessary for the state to control communications, such as publishing, TV, movies and the Internet, but the news as well. This is why the masses are prohibited from accessing the press in other countries.

Another key point in this area is altering history to suit your agenda. Most, if not all, of the tyrants in the film understood the necessity of this. And, Yes, propaganda was of strategic importance. To illustrate, North Korea’s Kim Jong-il (father of Kim Jong-un), came to power not through military means, but as Propaganda Minister.

5. Reinventing the country into the utopia you always wanted – this section was particularly interesting as we saw tyrants implement several tactics aimed at changing the culture of the land. For example:

  • Supplant religion with something else, such as Stalinism.
  • Replace the flag.
  • Suppress civil liberties, such as freedom of speech, religion, and access to firearms.
  • Crush protests, but let your supporters run amok.
  • Reorient people (change their values).
  • Indoctrinate the youth.

In this area, tyrants also tend to think big and implement massive and expensive construction projects, such as Hitler’s rebuilding of Berlin and the Autobahn, Stalin’s subways and dam projects, and Gaddafi’s massive irrigation system for the desert.

6. Seek immortality – to do so, you need a succession plan, something few tyrants actually prepare. The best example of this is in North Korea, with the Kims ruling for over 70 years (Kim Il-sungKim Jong-ilKim Jong-un).

One of the key points to maintaining power is requiring isolation. North Koreans are taught to take pride in being self-sufficient. By doing so, traveling outside of the country and communicating with the outside world is simply not necessary and, therefore, is prohibited.

Another trick is to export your revolution, such as Germany, Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, and Libya, who assisted other countries and political factions with weapons and funding.

Aside from North Korea, most tyrants do not hold on to power. Even Russia fell and was opened to the West, but outsiders still look at Russian President Vladimir Putin suspiciously. As an aside, to-date Putin has served for 22 years (Stalin was 25 years); if he has his way, Putin will be able to serve until 2036, marking 37 years as leader).

This documentary provides invaluable lessons. We see many elements from the list in America today, such as:

  1. Crush your rivals – either through legal or illegal means, it doesn’t matter.
  2. Controlling the law, that the only interpretation that matters is the dictator’s.
  3. Controlling the truth, particularly through the media.
  4. Altering history.
  5. Supplant religion with something else, such as Socialism.
  6. Replace the flag.
  7. Suppress civil liberties, such as freedom of speech, religion, and access to firearms.
  8. Crush protests, but let your supporters run amok; e.g., Antifa and BLM.
  9. Reorient people (change their values). Enforce Political Correctness.
  10. Indoctrination of youth.

The big question here is who is the tyrant in this country? The film suggests it is only one person, but today this could very well be an organized and determined political party who wants total control and create a new Utopia.

Yes, this film was very much an eye opener and worth a look. I highly recommend it for everybody, particularly youth.

Keep the Faith!

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When it comes to race, wokesters are confused about Cuba and Marxism

‘Workers of the world, unite!’ — unless you’re a worker with a MAGA hat.

The woke class believes that the United States is one of the most oppressive nations on Earth. Consequently, it will side with any dictator who is not on good terms with the US government.

Cuba is a case in point: after 60 years of a vicious dictatorship, the Cuban people have had enough — and now they are out in the streets protesting for freedom. Unsurprisingly, instead of supporting protests, wokesters are excusing the Cuban dictatorship.

Consider a recent statement by Black Lives Matter: the movement “condemns the US federal government’s inhumane treatment of Cubans, and urges it to immediately lift the economic embargo.” Not a single word against Díaz Canel’s — the Cuban dictator— brutal repression and forced disappearance of some demonstrators.

Not to be outdone, over the years, other prominent wokesters have sung praises of the Cuban revolution. For example, Nikole Hanna-Jones — founder of the infamous 1619 project — recently praised the Cuban revolution for ending codified racism. In a podcast conversation documented by The National PulseJones stated that “Cuba has the least inequality between black and white people of any place really in the hemisphere.”

Jones’ claim may or may not be true. Yet she fails to understand that Communist regimes are very apt at reaching equality by levelling down, or as Churchill memorably put it, “socialism is the equal distribution of poverty”.

Still, Jones may indeed be onto something. There were never lynchings or Ku Klux Klan-like organizations in Cuba. In Havana you can encounter plenty of happy interracial couples, and you just don’t see in Cuban life the racial obsessions that you do perceive in the United States.

But Jones does not seem to notice that these facts run counter to her agenda.

For, despite its brutality and corruption, the Cuban regime can be praised for resisting the temptation to engage with the neo-racist policies and rhetoric that much of the Left in the United States now favours. In Cuba, slavery was only abolished in 1886, and in subsequent years, de iure racial segregation persisted in some areas of Cuban life. When Castro rose to power in 1959, he abolished any remnants of legal segregation.

But he was careful enough never to engage in identity politics. Concerning race, Castro’s agenda was very similar to 19th Century poet José Martí’s— the father of the nation. As a promoter of Cuban nationalism, Martí had a deep commitment to end racial injustices in his nation, but he always made it clear that all Cubans —black and white— must stay united, and national identity must always be more important than ethnic identity.

Castro ultimately embraced Marxist rhetoric promoting class warfare, but when it came to race, his approach was far closer to Marti’s. His policies were always thoroughly colourblind, and he severely repressed those who attempted to sow racial divisions amongst the Cuban population.

Truth be told, Castro was actually following Marx’s own dictum. Yes, Marx encouraged class struggle, and this ushered terrible consequences. But Marx was sensible enough to understand that poverty affects all races, and that in order to build a truly progressive society, racial divisions must not be exploited for political gain. The Communist Manifesto’s most famous words, “workers of the world, unite!”, neatly expresses this colourblind ideology. Marx and Engels urged all workers to unite, regardless of the colour of their skin. Marx and Engels would have little patience with the counter-intuitive woke notion that a royal such as Meghan Merkle— or a capitalist such as Oprah Winfrey ­— are oppressed solely because their skin is dark.

Black Lives Matter’s founder Patrisse Cullors proudly claimed that her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists”. They might be Marxists, to the extent that they want some sort of violent struggle to bring about their political goals. But living in a mansion —as Cullors does— hardly qualifies you as a genuine Marxist who is concerned with people’s poverty. And more importantly, when it comes to race, Black Lives Matter is far from being a Marxist organization.

Black Lives Matter does not want the workers of the world to unite; for all they know, blue-collar whites — most of whom voted for Trump— can keep on living in the trailer as despised hillbillies. If you even dare say “All lives matter”— a slogan not altogether different from “workers of the world, unite!”— you’ll be in deep trouble.

Nikole Hanna-Jones favours affirmative actionreparations, and a host of other colour-conscious policies. She wants race to be continue to be a central element in American life— even if it means falsifying history, such as her claim that the American Revolution took place as an attempt to preserve slavery, because the British were considering to abolish it.

Yet, she sings the praises of a regime that for 60 years has been carefully trying to avoid racial divisions. Say what you want about Cuba’s tyranny, but occasionally we should give the devil his due: Castro’s revolution has always kept a commitment to a colourblind approach to race.

Wokesters are a tad confused about Cuba and Marxism’s approach to race, or — more likely — they are simply ignorant. Shame on them.


Gabriel Andrade

Gabriel Andrade is assistant professor of medicine at Ajman University, in the United Arab Emirates. He received a PhD from University of Zulia (Venezuela), in 2008. He worked as Titular Professor at University… More by Gabriel Andrade

EDITORS NOTE: This MercatorNet column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.