Exiled Cuban Journalist: ‘Socialism Is Institutionalized Envy’

Approximately 36% of young Americans, ages 18 to 22, hold a positive view of socialism. However, for exiled Cuban journalist Yoe Suárez, this positive view of socialism is not based on reality. On a recent episode of the Outstanding podcast hosted by Joseph Backholm, Suárez and Washington Stand Editor-in-Chief Jared Bridges discuss their firsthand experiences with socialism and its wide-ranging consequences.

“The first time I ate a tangerine in years was here in [the] USA,” Suárez said. “It’s amazing because Cuba is a tropical island, you know? It should have fruits there. That’s an image that can maybe portray what’s happening in Cuba.” Suárez went on to discuss the various crises Cubans endure, including blackouts, inaccessible medicine, and a lack of necessities like food and milk for families. When Backholm asked Suárez what the government’s objective was, he replied, “The principal goal is political control. And then they have to build a narrative of goodness behind that.”

Bridges shared his experience living under a socialist government in Minsk, Belarus. “At the time, the things I ran into was just seeing how that system for that long a time oppressed people,” he said. He discussed his inability to find prescribed medicine after going to seven different pharmacies. “To put it in perspective today, here in America, I’ll go to the drug store and get upset if I have to wait 15 minutes.” Bridges further noted that his experience shed light on how, rather than everyone being equal in their belongings and opportunities under socialism, people are stripped of basic needs including medicine. “What became evident to me was that something is not what it says it is,” Bridges stated.

Backholm wondered how to change the phenomenon happening “here in the United States where you have a growing number of young people who actually seem enthusiastic about socialism,” with Bridges adding how this enthusiasm takes place amongst Christians as well.

“The saddest thing is that socialism takes a lot from envy,” Suárez said. People want what they can’t have, and, for Suárez, socialism feeds the flame of envy toward those who have more. “Socialism is institutionalized envy. It’s that. Socialism is just that.” He went on to observe that the fundamental issue is when too much power is centralized in one place. Sharing is good, but it must come from a place of voluntary charity. As Suárez stated, “If it’s voluntary, it’s charity. And charity is good.” But as Backholm added, “Compelled generosity is not generosity, it is theft. It is totalitarian. It is robbery.”

Backholm further pointed out how our sinful nature, whether living under capitalism or socialism, leads to the exploitation of others and often manifests into greed. “If our hearts are unregulated, we will take advantage of other people to our own benefit,” Backholm stated. “What a biblical worldview argues for is a decentralization of power. … The free marketplace, by nature, decentralizes power.” In response, Bridges reflected on how a free market society also gives us the ability to speak out.

When the discussion turned to equality, it was noted that the desire for ultimate equality does not have an end because nothing will ever be enough to satisfy. Suárez, for instance, was kicked out of his home country for speaking out against socialism. As Bridges pointed out, this socialist view of equality does not lead to actual equality, but rather a totalitarian sense of political control where the government tells you what you can and cannot do with your goods, needs, and opinions.

For Backholm, Suárez, and Bridges, the ability to distinguish between voluntary charity and compelled generosity is the difference between socialism and capitalism. Neither is without flaw, but as Suárez stated, “The solution to a headache is not cancer.”


Sarah Holliday

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‘They’re Forced to Celebrate It’: Parents of Girls Losing to Boys Speak Out

“How do you not understand that’s unfair?” It’s a question parents across the country are asking, as more and more of their daughters watch everything they train for vanish. For moms and dads at California’s CIF-North Coast Section Meet, the outrage reverberated across the stands. They watched as Adeline Johnson, an 18-year-old senior, was eliminated from the state track and field championships — all because a biological boy decided to compete as a girl. “There’s no way this should be allowed,” one parent fumed. And yet, if Joe Biden has his way, it will be the future of sports for every girl in America.

Until recently, the boy named Athena Ryan competed in men’s cross country, finishing a distant 63rd in the 2021 men’s 5,000 meters. But this past weekend, running as a girl, he placed second in the 1,600 — knocking real women down or off the podium. After the race, Ryan told reporters he wasn’t “expecting” to run as well as he did. “I dropped like 17 seconds on my season’s best in the past two weeks,” he bragged. “I was just coming here trying to break 5 — just glad I finished it out.”

People in the stands watched as Ryan blew past runners in the backfield toward the end of the race. “You either think that he is holding back,” a parent said, “or it’s his lactic threshold — which means he can access energy in the final part of the race. Girls can’t do that,” the spectator continued. “There is a physical way in which they race. Having a boy in there just throws off the mechanics of the race.”

To the families who’ve helped their daughters train and shuttled them back and forth to meets, the whole sport is becoming a sham. “I 100% percent empathize with the need to belong and the desire to compete,” another anonymous parent said. “[But] you have to understand how hard these girls work to do this.”

Johnson, who will watch Ryan take her place at the state finals later this spring, went viral for giving a subtle thumbs-down during the medal ceremony for her race. To some parents, that was a bold gesture since the girls have been advised to ignore the unfairness of it all and smile along.

“It’s heartbreaking to see what happens to these kids and how scared they are to even show the slightest bit of body language that might indicate they aren’t happy with it,” a family member told The Daily Caller. “They’re, like, forced to celebrate it.”

Worse, that protocol seems to extend to parents, who explain, “We have all been advised that we are not protected. As a family, anything we say falls under the student code of conduct [which demands conformity to the trans agenda]. If we don’t follow the guidelines, then it is considered bullying.” And since “they can’t protect our girls from being disqualified,” it makes sense “why no one wants to speak out.”

“Everybody is too terrified to challenge it. There is the fear of what will happen, what will be taken away, and if you won’t be allowed to race — or if you’ll be canceled.”

Even spectators were silenced, after security decided to remove a group of protestors holding a long banner that read, “Protect Female Sports.” The video, which got plenty of attention on social media, shows the group being confronted by another woman, who calls their sign “disgusting” and “offensive.” For others, however, the escort out of the stadium was a moment of clarity. “Many parents were completely unaware there was a boy competing in girls’ races,” the Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS) explained.

And not just one boy, as former University of Kentucky swimmer and Title IX advocate Riley Gaines pointed out. A “2nd trans-identifying male, Lorelei Barrett is headed to the @CIFState CA track championships next weekend,” she tweeted. “Along with male Athena Ryan, he’s also qualified in the ‘Girls 1600m’ race. Barrett had qualified for the girls state cross country championships last fall …”

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is continuing its obsession on erasing women with a new rule that would wipe away state protections for girls’ sports. Now that public comments have been collected, it’s only a matter of time before Title IX is effectively wiped away.

This, critics say, despite a resurfaced study from the federal government’s own National Institutes of Health which found that biological boys are “faster, stronger, fitter” after taking female hormones.

“A major review quietly re-shared by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) last August suggests that early exposure to testosterone means trans women possess at least eight physical and mental attributes that could give them an advantage in sports — even if they make the change relatively early.

“Findings showed trans women had greater muscle mass and bone density, which aid strength, power and durability, plus bigger lungs and higher oxygen levels, which help with endurance, as well as increased connections in the brain responsible for spatial awareness, which could help with agility.”

In other words, Family Research Council’s Meg Kilgannon says, “The Biden administration is further confusing and pressuring schools to adopt these policies, while acknowledging that boys and girls are different and boys have an advantage over girls in competitive sports.”

Parents need to understand, she told The Washington Stand, this isn’t just happening at public schools. “This story is an example of what can happen in private schools when decision-making authority is outsourced to sports’ governing bodies or academic associations. Some of the most woke schools in the country are exclusive prep schools [like Sonoma Academy where these athletes were from].”

There’s a lesson here for religious schools, Kilgannon urged: “Make sure your governing documents are sufficient to withstand an attack from within. Mary Hasson’s work at Person and Identity Project is a great example of the kinds of safeguards, programs, and professional development religious schools need to protect your children and your institution against this ideology.”


Suzanne Bowdey

Suzanne Bowdey serves as editorial director and senior writer at The Washington Stand.

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Supreme Court Rolls Back Biden EPA’s Expansive Water Regulation

The Supreme Court rolled back the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) authority to regulate under the Clean Water Act (CWA) in a unanimous decision Thursday.

Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency, brought by a couple prevented by the EPA from building a home on their own land near Priest Lake, Idaho because it contained wetlands, considered the scope of the agency’s “waters of the United States” (WOTUS) rule, which defines what “navigable waters” can be regulated under the CWA. Plaintiffs Chantell and Mike Sackett, who have spent 15 years fighting the agency’s rule in court, allege the EPA has overstepped the authority it was granted when Congress enacted the CWA in 1972—forcing them to stop construction on their land or face fines.

The Supreme Court sided with the Sacketts, determining their land is not covered under the text of the CWA, which gives the EPA authority to regulate “navigable waters.”

Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the majority opinion, which was joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch and Amy Coney Barett, that the EPA’s interpretation “provides little notice to landowners of their obligations under the CWA.” The Court held that the CWA applies to only wetlands that are “as a practical matter indistinguishable from waters of the United States,” maintaining a “continuous surface connection.”

Though justices were united in their judgement, they maintained disagreements on definitions. Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in an opinion concurring in judgement that was joined by Justices Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor and Ketanji Brown Jackson, thought the majority went too far in its test for which wetlands are included.

“By narrowing the Act’s coverage of wetlands to only adjoining wetlands, the Court’s new test will leave some long-regulated adjacent wetlands no longer covered by the Clean Water Act, with significant repercussions for water quality and flood control throughout the United States,” he wrote.

Kagan similarly said in an opinion joined by Sotomayor and Jackson that the majority has appointed itself as “the national decision-maker on environmental policy” by choosing a test that “prevents the EPA from keeping our country’s waters clean by regulating adjacent wetlands.”

“The eight administrations since 1977 have maintained dramatically different views of how to regulate the environment, including under the Clean Water Act,” she wrote, noting some “promulgated very broad interpretations of adjacent wetlands.”

“Yet all of those eight different administrations have recognized as a matter of law that the Clean Water Act’s coverage of adjacent wetlands means more than adjoining wetlands and also includes wetlands separated from covered waters by man-made dikes or barriers, natural river berms, beach dunes, or the like,” she wrote. “That consistency in interpretation is strong confirmation of the ordinary meaning of adjacent wetlands.”

The decision likely means that the Biden administration will need to go back to the drawing board on its new WOTUS rule issued in January, which Republicans and some Democrats have criticized for placing a burden on landowners, ranchers and farmers while dramatically expanding the EPA’s authority. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called it a “radical power grab that would give federal bureaucrats sweeping control over nearly every piece of land that touches a pothole, ditch, or puddle.”

In April, President Joe Biden vetoed a bipartisan bill to limit his administration’s WOTUS rule. Just days later, a federal court blocked the rule for 24 states that sued pending the Supreme Court’s decision.

“The Court’s ruling returns the scope of the Clean Water Act to its original and proper limits,” said Damien Schiff, a senior attorney at Pacific Legal Foundation who argued the case, in a statement. “Courts now have a clear measuring stick for fairness and consistency by federal regulators. Today’s ruling is a profound win for property rights and the constitutional separation of powers.”




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Watch as an Illegal Alien says, ‘F**k the people of the United States!’

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) posted the below video interview with illegal aliens and commentary. One illegal says, “F**k the people of the United States!”


Congress is considering raising the debt ceiling beyond the current obsene 32 trillion to give more money to Biden Harris to further wreck America!

Don’t believe the Democrat hype about turning off food stamps & social security checks, as that would not happen until 2024, nor never depending on how the money is handled.

You can help us today by calling every GOP lawmaker you can (Contact Info Here) to say…

Shut Down the Biden Harris failed government! Demand Democrats stop the invasion before any debt deal.”

And you can share the political cartoon at the top of this email alert that says it all with ease by email and social media using the links we provide.

Special thanks to our ALIPAC supporters who are backing our renewed efforts on Twitter. Here is a video we spotted and shared this morning of an interview with an illegal alien invader who says “F (Bleep) the people of the US

You can also see on our Twitter account that the illegal alien who rammed the White House barricades while sporting a nazi flag with a swastika on it has had his charges reduced. Please join, monitor, and share our content at…ttps://twitter.com/ALIPAC

Please visit ALIPAC.us often and post there, too to stay informed.


©2023. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. All rights reserved.



The Media’s Latest ‘Book Ban’ Story Appears To Be Completely Unfounded

Numerous major media outlets quickly seized on a story claiming that a Florida school had “banned” a poem, but according to a message sent to school parents and obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, the book is accessible to “all students.”

The Associated PressUSA TodayNPRPoliticoThe New York Times, CNN and the Guardian ran headlines claiming a school within Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) had “banned,” “block[ed]” and “restrict[ed] access” to “The Hill We Climb,” a poem read at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, after a parent complained it contained “hate messages.” However, it appears elementary school students can still access the book; MDCPS sent a letter Wednesday, obtained by the DCNF, that informed parents that though the poem had been moved from the elementary school section to the middle school section, the poem is still accessible to “all” students.

“Recently, there has been media coverage regarding one of the books in our collection entitled The Hill We Climb,” the message read. “This text was reviewed and placed in the middle grades area of our school media center. As an additional point of information, The Hill We Climb is classified as Young Adult in Titlewave by Follet and categorized as Middle Grades in Accelerated Reader. However, to be clear, even though The Hill We Climb is located in the middle grades area of our media center, it remains accessible to all students.”

Prior to the Wednesday statement, the school district clarified in a tweet Tuesday that the book had not been “banned” or “removed” from any schools.

Moreover, Ana Rhodes, a spokesperson for Miami-Dade County Public Schools, told The Washington Post that elementary school students must request the book from a media specialist and prove they read at a middle school level, but can otherwise access the text.

The origin of the news story appears to be a Miami Herald report, based on documents obtained by the Florida Freedom to Read Project, which said that elementary school students’ access to the poem was restricted.

Nowhere in the documents does it say that the poem was ever banned. Instead, the documents merely say that the poem was deemed “educational” and its vocabulary was “of value” for middle school students, and would be placed under the older age group’s section of the library. There does not appear to be any evidence for the assertion that the poem was ever banned.

Politico included the school district’s original tweet and issued a correction clarifying that the poem was not “outright banned.” USA Today wrote that the poem was now only available to middle school students, but included the school district’s original tweet.

The AP, which described the poem as “banned,” wrote that the poem had been placed on a “restricted list” and that the school district said the poem is available to middle school students.

The Guardian’s headline states that the poem was “ban[ned]” and that it “was removed for reading by elementary school children.”

The book was deemed more age-appropriate for older students after a parent of a student at Bob Graham Education Center, a K-8 school within the district, challenged the poem stating it was “not educational and have (sic) indirectly hate messages,” and would “cause confusion and indoctrinate students,” according to documents released by the the Florida Freedom to Read Project.

The parent challenged four additional books and poems, though the school district’s materials-review panel decided to not completely remove the material, a Florida Freedom to Read Project report stated.

“So they ban my book from young readers, confuse me with Oprah, fail to specify what parts of my poetry they object to, refuse to read any reviews, and offer no alternatives … Unnecessary book bans like these are on the rise, and we must fight back,” Amanda Gorman, the author of the poem, said in a tweet.

The Associated Press, USA Today, NPR, Politico, The New York Times and CNN did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to include comments a Miami-Dade County Public Schools spokesperson made to The Washington Post.




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PODCAST: The fight to ensure election integrity continues with a profound national announcement from Arizona.

The fight to ensure election integrity continues with a profound national announcement from Arizona. Under the guidance of Arizona Sen. Sonny Borrelli, the legislature passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 1037. This resolution prescribed by the U.S. Constitution grants the State Legislature in each state of the union, plenary (ultimate authority) to proclaim Time, Place, and Manner of elections in national and statewide contests.

You are about to learn more as to what this means, what also is stipulated in the Concurrent Resolution 1037, and why state legislatures across the country can follow Arizona’s lead. Both Arizona Sen. Sonny Borrelli and former Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem; still candidate for Arizona Secretary of State, have fought this good fight since the beginning in November 2020. They have not been deterred.

This ARIZONA TODAY SPECIAL REPORT is valid in your state if your legislators choose. WE THE PEOPLE have tools at our disposal, given to us by our forefathers if we would but use them. You are about to listen to a conversation discussing one of the tools we have as citizens. Now I ask you to distribute this program far and wide. I ask you to take it to your state legislators, and impress upon them.


Please consider helping me remain in the fight. Distribute these shows; pray for wisdom and guidance developing these shows; please make an contribution going to my website: arizona2day.com and contribute at the PayPal button. Thank you most sincerely for your support and care to save our Republic.

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Journalism: Bring Back The Old-Time Muckrakers

Given the low esteem in which sentient readers and viewers hold today’s Mainstream Media (MSM), one wonders if there was ever a high point in the history of American investigative journalism. Yes, there was! The prime example can be found in the January 1903 issue (yes, that far back in time) of McClure’s Magazine (1893 to 1929).

Back then, S.S. McClure and his business partner John Sandborn Phillips assembled a talented staff of investigative journalists and backed their investigations to the hilt and with total disregard for the wealth and power of those whom their investigations exposed. Ida Tarbell, Ray Stannard Baker, Lincoln Steffens, and Upton Sinclair wrote for McClure’s Magazine. Collectively, they became known as the “muckrakers.” An unfortunate appellation that took the glitter off of their great service to the public.

Appearing monthly, McClure’s Magazine serialized stories about the brutal and corrupt business practices of Standard Oil, U.S. Steel, General Electric, the Meat Packing Industry, Railroad Monopolies, Big City Machine Politics, and tenement-packing landlords. Frequent contributors to McClure’s were: Willa Cather, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, Jack London, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Mark Twain. Without McClure’s Magazine, it is doubtful that President Teddy Roosevelt could have ever busted the Trusts.

If Ida Tarbell (1857-1944) and her colleagues were alive today, the Durham Report would be front-page news for days on end. We would have the entire list of Jeffrey Epstein’s clients. We would have the entire text of the manifesto of the Tranny Nashville school shooter. The FBI probably could not have hidden Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop for over a year.

A revealing feature often used by Tucker Carlson on Fox News was to juxtapose clips from MSM TV news programs, showing each talking head repeating the exact same language as the others ripped from the pages of the latest “Talking Points” from the Democratic National Committee. One would think the talking heads would at least change some adjectives or rearrange the word order. But, knowing no shame, they often do not bother.

Today’s Russia is a prime example of what a government-controlled media can do to keep the general public in ignorance. Work-a-day Russians are little bothered by the war in Ukraine because Vladimir Putin is mostly fighting in Ukraine with mercenaries, called the Wagner Group, and with cannon fodder released from Russian prisons.

Odds are Russians know little, if anything, about their military’s resupply problems. Apparently, the Ukrainians have severely damaged portions of the ten-mile-long Kerch Strait Bridge, cutting off supplies to Russian forces in southern Ukraine and Crimea. Moreover, the Ukrainians are blowing up Russian resupply trucks, trains, and even rail lines.

But the Russians are far from losing a war Russia cannot afford to lose without coming apart at the seams. Yet these supply setbacks must be hurting because Putin is increasingly talking up the utility of tactical nuclear weapons. As if any kind of nuclear weapons could be used without destroying all life on this planet for the next several millennia.

Ergo: it is very dangerous to live in a world where Russians and Americans alike are given the Mushroom Treatment, i.e. kept in the dark and fed a lot of male bovine excreta.

Suggested reading: The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism by Doris Kearns Goodwin, 2013.

©2023. William Hamilton. All rights reserved.

Another Illegal Immigrant Protected by Local Sanctuary Laws Charged with Violent Crimes

In yet another disturbing example of the devastation caused by open border policies, an illegal immigrant who entered the U.S. as a child a decade ago has been charged with first-degree rape, kidnapping and armed robbery in a county that proudly offers migrants sanctuary. The 20-year-old, Jose Roberto Hernandez-Penal, is accused of raping a woman and robbing her friend this month at a Maryland park after threatening the women with a machete. Days earlier police say he raped a 15-year-old girl at the same park in Montgomery County, which has long protected illegal aliens from federal authorities.

The illegal immigrant lives in Hyattsville, which sits in another Maryland county—Prince George’s—famous for its sanctuary policies. The measures protect illegal aliens by, among other things, releasing even the most dangerous criminals from jail to shield them from deportation. Hernandez-Penal, a native of El Salvador, entered the country illegally in 2013, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told a local media outlet, and was “ordered removed in absentia by an immigration judge” about a year later and again approximately seven months after that. Nevertheless, he remained in the country and committed heinous crimes against unsuspecting residents. Police say at approximately 2:40 p.m. on May 16 Hernandez-Penal approached two adult females on the Northwest Brach Trail of Burnt Mills East Special Park, displayed a machete, stole their property and sexually assaulted one of the victims. Upon leaving the scene, the illegal immigrant assaulted an adult male. Officials told several local news outlets that Hernandez-Penal is also suspected of raping a 15-year-old girl on the same trail of the two-acre facility a week earlier. The park is one of hundreds operated by Montgomery County along with other recreational facilities such as basketball courts, campsites, tennis courts and playgrounds.

Detectives handling the case for the Montgomery County Police Department believe there may be additional victims of sexual assault by Hernandez-Penal that have not contacted authorities. The agency reveals that the illegal immigrant “made statements of involvement” during interviews with detectives after his recent arrest. He was then transported to the Montgomery County Central Processing Unit where he was charged with first degree rape, first degree assault, second degree assault, armed robbery, kidnapping, and weapons-related crimes. In its news release detectives urge anyone who may have been a victim of Hernandez-Penal to contact the agency’s Special Victims Investigations Division (SVID).

It is important to note that this is the same law enforcement agency that regularly releases dangerous criminals like Hernandez-Penal from jail to protect them from federal authorities. For example, a few years ago an illegal immigrant from El Salvador who raped a seven-year-old girl multiple times was released because under Montgomery County’s sanctuary law police is banned from cooperating with the feds. Rather than honor a detainer issued by ICE under a partnership known as 287(g) that notifies the federal agency of inmates in the country illegally so that they can be deported, local officials freed the child rapist on bond. Not surprisingly, the rapist vanished. Prince George’s County, where Hernandez-Penal lives, practices the same sanctuary measures. In fact, ICE has resorted to unconventional methods to capture criminals in both jurisdictions. In one instance the agency preempted Montgomery and Prince George’s counties’ imminent release of a batch of illegal immigrant offenders by publicly disclosing their identity, complete with mug shots. Most were incarcerated for sexual crimes involving children, including rape and serious physical abuse that resulted in death. A couple were jailed for murder and assault.

The Maryland cases are part of a national crises generated by local governments around the country that offer violent illegal immigrants sanctuary. Under 287(g), ICE is notified of jail inmates in the country illegally so that they can be deported after serving time for state crimes or making bail. Unfortunately, a growing number of city and county law enforcement agencies are instead releasing the illegal aliens—many with serious convictions such as child sex offenses, rape and murder—rather than turn them over to federal authorities for removal.


‘Demonic’ MS-13 gangster who decapitated Uber Eats driver stabbed victim ‘35 times’

Judicial Watch Sues National Archives for Biden Family Business Records

Judicial Watch Sues Treasury Department for Records on Communications with Failed Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank

Lack of high-profile prosecutions in Durham probe leaves Republicans fuming

Judicial Watch: Pentagon IG Concludes Naval Academy Superintendent Made False Statements in Effort to End Career of Midshipman


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Radical Jayapal Threatens ‘Huge Backlash…in the Streets’ if Biden Negotiates Budget Cuts

During ongoing talks to raise the debt ceiling, radical Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) told CNN on Tuesday that any cuts to wasteful spending, including obsolete pandemic funding, would bring a backlash in the streets.

Although the White House claimed Biden would not negotiate with Republicans on reducing wasteful spending, the administration engaged with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on spending cuts, an idea that enraged the far left.

“I think there would be a huge backlash from our entire House democratic caucus, certainly the progressives — but also in the streets,” Jayapal  warned.

She tried to couch her statement by pinning Biden to the previously passed reckless spending that fueled systemic inflation.

“It’s important we don’t take steps back from the very strong agenda that president himself shepherd and led over the past two years,” she said.

Pramila Jayapal

49 Known Connections

In January 2019, Jayapal stated that President Trump’s “ultimate goal is … to make America pure in the sense of not having immigrants, not having folks of color here and shutting down every form of legal immigration.…”  Trump’s policies, she said, were “deeply offensive” to the “soul” and “psyche” of “people of color” who “are seeking asylum [and] who can no longer can get in, even though it’s legal to seek asylum, and not just at a legal port of entry.”

To learn more about Pramila Jayapal, click here.


Jeffries: Dems Willing to Consider Freezing Spending at 2023 Levels

Illegal MS-13 Gang Member Freed into U.S. by Biden’s DHS

EDITORS NOTE: This Discover the Networks column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Report: Hundreds of Thousands of Non-Citizens PLAGUE Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona’s Maricopa County, Texas Voter Rolls

Without election reform, it’s over. Nothing else matters.

The Democrats blew up our election system. But we are expected to participate in the Democrat media’s prevaricated election show for the next 18 months when the rigged election is already in the bag.

Report: Thousands of non-citizens PLAGUE PA voter rolls

By Summer Lane, RSBN,  May 22, 2023:

A new report from the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) has found that tens of thousands of non-citizen voters have been potentially identified in several counties across the country, casting further doubt on the already tarnished election processes in America today, Just the News reported.

The outlet revealed that in 2017, a Philadelphia city commissioner told a Pennsylvania Senate committee that there were more than 100,000 voter registration matches to Pennsylvania driver’s license numbers that included indicators for the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Even worse, non-citizens have been found on the voter rolls in North Carolina, Arizona’s Maricopa County, and Texas.

As reported by RSBN, Pennsylvania recently settled a lawsuit with constitutional watchdog group Judicial Watch, after finding 178,258 “ineligible” voter registrations. The state agreed to settle the case and pay $15,000 to Judicial Watch with the agreement that they would remove all erroneous voter registrations identified in the suit.

Per Just the News, most of the non-citizens on the Pennsylvania voter rolls are “motor voter registrations,” which means these individuals signed up to vote when they were submitting their driver’s license applications.[…]

In the Keystone State, election processes have become increasingly muddied over the past few years, as mail-in ballots have added a new level of complexity to vote counting. In November 2022, President Trump slammed the long-winded vote-counting process in the midterms, when then-Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz was running for office.

Keep reading.


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EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Former Deputy National Security Adviser: FBI, DOJ, CIA Planning To Rig 2024 Presidential Election

K. T. McFarland, a former Deputy National Security Advisor, says the FBI, Justice Department, and CIA will rig the 2024 U.S. presidential election, following their success in rigging 2016 and 2020, because they won’t allow any candidate to win that would hold them accountable:

The question isn’t, will they? They been doing it and getting away with it both here and abroad for years, why wouldn’t they?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, without election reform, it’s over. It’s not everything, it’s the only thing.

KT McFarland: We Now Have Hard Evidence Of Election Interference By Intel Agencies In 2016 And 2020

By: Real Clear Politics, May, 23 2023

K.T. McFarland, who served as President Trump’s deputy national security advisor under Mike Flynn for the first few months of the Trump administration, told FBN’s Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that she believes the FBI, CIA, and the intelligence community will try to interfere in the 2024 election to “protect their own hides” by covering up evidence of interference in 2016 and 2020.

“They will absolutely interfere in 2024. We’re not sure how but they will absolutely interfere, not only because they’re not going to like whoever the Republican candidate is, but to protect their own hides,” McFarland said. “They knew they were doing stuff wrong. They knew they were going to be liable for prosecution.”

“They can’t possibly admit they were wrong because that undercuts their whole reason for being. So they’re going to continue to have this fake narrative and continue to cover up and pretend that nothing bad went on,” she said.

K.T. MCFARLAND: Well, I knew because I was a victim of it. When the Mueller investigation and the FBI came after me in the early days of the Trump administration, they knew I hadn’t committed any crime but that didn’t matter. They just wanted to go after anybody associated with President Trump in hopes they could break them or get them to lie, or at a minimum bankrupt them.

But I think, as I take a step back, and it’s not just about me, it’s not just about President Trump, what is it about?

We now have black-and-white evidence that the FBI interfered in the 2016 election. And then when they failed to get their candidate elected, Hillary Clinton, they set out to destroy the Trump administration.

So then go back up to 2020. This time, it was the CIA that got involved in the 2020 election with those 51 former intel agents who talked about the Hunter Biden laptop as “total Russian disinformation.”

So they’ve gotten away with it for two elections. They will for sure get away with it — try and get away with it in 2024, right? Because there are no consequences. The difference is in 2024, the evidence is there. We now have the Durham investigation and all the Congressional investigations.

There is now hard evidence that there was election interference by the U.S. intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice. Those individuals have got to be terrified. Those individuals have to be terrified that a Republican president comes in in the 2024 election, with a Republican Attorney General, and investigates them and charges them with all of the crimes they have committed over the last eight years.

MARIA BARTIROMO: Well, we’ll see if you’re right. There are questions about these elections because of this interference. Do you think there will be election interference in 2024?

K.T. MCFARLAND: Take it to the bank. They will absolutely interfere in 2024. We’re not sure how but they will absolutely interfere, not only because they’re not going to like whoever the Republican candidate is, but to protect their own hides.

That’s why they were talking to their own people, and the whistleblower brought this up, they were told “Don’t put anything on paper, just tell us orally.” They knew they were doing stuff wrong. They knew they were going to be liable for prosecution.

MARIA BARTIROMO: Yeah, it’s too bad. I wish the media were more curious about all of this. Unfortunately, the media takes the narrative of the Democratic Party and runs with it and then tries to cancel anybody who’s not on board.

K.T. MCFARLAND: Well, they’re in the same position. They can’t possibly admit they were wrong because that undercuts their whole reason for being. So they’re going to continue to have this fake narrative and continue to cover up and pretend that nothing bad went on.

They’re all in it together. This is what the terrible thing is. These people are selling us out. Not only to foreign leaders, but they are interfering in our elections. They are tearing up the Constitution. Why? Because they want to protect their jobs and protect their ratings.

I never thought I would be this upset about how anybody in the government was performing, but this is just a gut punch to the American people. [Emphasis added]


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Woke Bud Light Can’t Give Their Beer Away – Literally, Now Forced to Buy It Back

Death spiral. The voiceless, the silent majority, have spoken.

Bud Light Essentially Giving Beer Away During Memorial Day Weekend Amid Boycott

Bud Light’s marketing team has unveiled a new effort to bolster sales in the midst of ongoing boycott by essentially giving away a 15-pack of beer for free for Memorial Day.

Until May 31, consumers can get up to a $15 rebate on the purchase of Bud Light, Budweiser, Budweiser Select, and Budweiser Select 55 in a 15-pack or larger. The rebate comes in the form of a digital prepaid credit card that will be equivalent to up to $15.

It comes as Bud Light sales have dropped for another consecutive week since a transgender influencer shared a post of a custom Bud Light can that was sent to celebrate “365 Days of Girlhood” in early April. The influencer and activist, a biological male, also posted “#BudLightPartner” in one of the social media posts that included the can.

Sales of the light beer were down 24.6 percent for the week that ended May 13 compared to a year ago, worse than the 23.6 percent drop the brand suffered a week prior, according to data released by Bump Williams Consulting and Nielson IQ research. Rival light beers made by Miller and Coors have seen sales increases during the same timeframe, the data has shown.

Keep reading.

Anheuser-Busch Offers To Buy Back Expiring Cases Of Bud Light After Dylan Mulvaney Fiasco

By  Virginia Kruta •  •  DailyWire.com

Anheuser-Busch is offering to buy unsold cases of Bud Light back from retailers as sales continue to crater in the aftermath of a brief but disastrous partnership with trans-identifying influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

The offer, reported by The Wall Street Journal, comes as boycotts continue to dog the brand in the wake of the controversial deal. Mulvaney raved in a TikTok video about a gift from Bud Light — a can featuring the trans-influencer’s face — and the partnership, which reportedly consisted of just the one can, sparked a boycott that caused sales of the beverage to plummet nearly overnight.

By mid-May, Bud Light sales were down 28% in comparison with 2022 sales numbers for the same time period — according to a Bump Williams analysis of Nielsen data — and several high-profile celebrities had thrown their weight behind a total boycott of the brand.

Musician Kid Rock shared a video of himself firing a gun at several cases of Bud Light, saying, “Grandpa’s feeling a little frisky today. Let me say something to all of you and be as clear and concise as possible. F*** Bud Light. And f*** Anheuser-Busch. Have a terrific day.”

Nashville bar owner and country music star John Rich revealed that customers had simply stopped buying Bud Light when they came into his establishment.

“I think the customers decide,” Rich said. “Customers are king. Our number one selling beer up until a few days ago was, guess what? Bud Light. That was the number one beer. We’ve got cases and cases and cases of it sitting back there.”Read more.


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Woke Ford’s ‘Very Gay Raptor’ Endorses Trans Lifestyle. Take action, tell them to stop it!

Very Gay Raptor woke promotion is still alive on Ford website after June 2021 and June 2022 releases.

Click here to send your email to complain to Ford Motor Company about its woke “Very Gay Raptor” promotion which is still on its website.

Conservatives have called out Ford’s “Very Gay Raptor” promotion even though it was produced in 2021 and relaunched during Gay Pride Month in June 2022.

Ford and other critics claim the promotion was for 2022 not 2023.

However, these critics fail to mention that the “Very Gay Raptor” promotion was produced in 2021.  It was rereleased in 2022.  What’s to say Ford won’t continue the promotion again in June 2023 during this year’s gay pride month?

Additionally, if Ford was done with this promotion in 2022 why does the auto maker continue the “Very Gay Raptor’ promotion on its website?  The Ford website headline reads:  Ford’s ‘Very Gay Raptor’ Set to Redefine ‘Tough’ at Goodwood.  The promotion states in part:

“Very Gay Raptor”’ (VGR) and Next-Gen Ranger Raptor to appear at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, reaffirming Ford’s long-term commitment to LGBTQ+ allyship.

Ford’s current continuation of the “Very Gay Raptor” promotion on its website makes it fair game for consumers to complain about the automaker’s wokeness.  Sadly, the words “Redefine ‘Tough”” can easily be interpreted that Ford is endorsing the destructive transgender lifestyle.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to complain to Ford Motor Company about it’s woke “Very Gay Raptor” promotion which is still on its website.

To send your email, please click the following link, enter your name and email address then click the “Send Your Message” button. You may also edit the subject or message text if you wish.

Click here to send your email to complain to Ford Motor Company about its woke “Very Gay Raptor” promotion which is still on its website.

Contact information:

Jim Farley, CEO
Ford Investor Relations
One American Road, Suite 1026
Dearborn, MI 48126-2798

Phone 313-322-3000 Ext 0 ask for Jim Farley’s office.

Jim Farley, President and CEO

John Lawler, CFO

Kumar Galhotra, President

Investor Relations


Ford Burns Through Billions, Expects to Lose $12 Billion on Electric Vehicle Line

Biden Raves Over Expensive Inefficient, Electric Ford F-150 Truck

Woke Bud Light Can’t Give Their Beer Away – Literally, Now Forced to Buy It Back


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The Coming of the Mahdi

The world is presently at its most wicked. It is beyond human help. It requires only a nudge to implode and prepare for the divine ruler, the Saheb-ul-Zaman (the Mahdi, the Lord of the Age) to come and set it aright. It is the sacred duty and privilege of every Muslim to do all he can to hasten the death of the old world and the birth of the global Islamic Ummah. Thus goes the thinking of Iran’s ruling mullahs and their hand-picked presidents.

It seems like the old millennialism thinking. The belief in supernatural intervention to set the world aright is scriptural to major religions, including Islam. The Jews have been earnestly supplicating the Lord for the Messiah to come, the Christians are impatiently awaiting the second coming of Christ, and, the Zoroastrians are convinced that Saoshayant is the one who shall come, defeat the trouble-making Ahriman — Satan — and make the creatures again pure. But this time around, a group of believers with tremendous resources are intent on forcing the issue, making the conditions so dire that they leave the reluctant Saheb-ul-Zaman no choice but to appear and assume his universal reign.

Up to this point, millennialism was a belief and a hope. No one ever aspired to or had the means of making the anticipated events come about. The matter was in the hands of God. The Muslims’ perennial prayer recited every day, posted in mosques and even on bumpers of vehicles has been, “O, Saheb-ul-Zaman, hasten your coming.” The prayer for the advent, thus far, has been limited to passive supplications of the faithful.

It is a well-established fact that beliefs are the potent impetus to action. If you believe your home is about to be burglarized, you secure the house and take other precautions. If you, under the influence of drugs, believe that a bug is burrowing into your skin, you may take a knife to your own body and try to dig the imaginary bug out.

Hence, it is shortsighted to dismiss the mullahs as a bunch of lunatics who are out of touch with reality and that they have no intention of doing catastrophic mischief to compel the Mahdi’s coming — maybe some arming of the Iraqi Shiites, a little support for Hezb’allah in Lebanon and Hamas in Palestine — but no, no major idiocy. After all, they are rational people and in touch with reality. Any large-scale troublemaking spells their doom as well. Thus goes rationalization — the greatest risky tranquilizer of the mind.

Rationalization, compounded by complacency and denial, can be deadly, particularly when adversaries have different realities. To the fanatic mullahs ruling Iran, Sahaeb-ul-Zaman is an absolute reality, and his promised advent is irrevocably ordained. This is their reality and their belief and they have every intention of leading their life according to them.

It is foolish for non-Muslims to dismiss the mullahs and the likes of the Taliban as a bunch of fringe lunatics who are going to go away simply by wishing for it. The Islamist reality is that non-Muslims are the ones who deserve to be done away with, they are the ones who have refused to submit to the summons of Allah for much too long, and, it is time for the faithful to get rid of them. This makes for a lopsided contest. The non-Muslims are passively wishing that the nightmarish surge of Islamism is only a temporary fringe phenomenon doomed to die on its own, while the other side is marshaling its huge destructive power to accomplish its aim by eradicating non-Muslims.

The cabal of fanatical mullahs ruling Iran has lost its patience, not only with the unbelievers but also with the Mahdi as well. They aim to force his arrival. The mullahs believe they have the means to make it impossible for the Mahdi to tarry any longer by causing unprecedented death and destruction — conditions deemed essential for his coming. The world must hit the very bottom before the savior of the world comes to the rescue, so they firmly believe.

The question is: What does prudence demand? Wishing the problem to go away is not a very effective solution in the same way that wishing for the Saheb-ul-Zaman to come has not been. Reasoning and negotiating with the mullahs and their ilk hold very little if any, lasting promise. There are always easy ways of denial and appeasement. We are very good at both practices. No, the Muslims have been around for ages. They make some trouble from time to time. But they are not all that bad and dangerous. We’ll get along. If we have to, we’ll even let them live by the Sharia — their stone-age laws — in our midst. We’ll be reasonable and they will come around. We’ll just have to get along. So goes the line.

One problem: The other side doesn’t think this way. The Islamofascists don’t believe in the notion of live and let live.” They believe that the earth is Allah’s and it has been sullied by the heathens, the unbelievers, and the kafir for far too long. Now that they have the means, they aim to make the world to their design and bring about the final solution — a nasty reminder of not too long ago Nazism.

Is this alarmist, or even hatemongering? You don’t believe Muslims can be that intolerant and hostile toward non-Muslims and that they’ll never go to the extremes? Do you know Muslims personally in your neighborhood or your workplace and they are nice people? The nice Muslims you know are presently small minorities in alien lands. They have to be nice, and they may indeed be nice. Yet, when the main force of Islam surges forward, these nice folks will either have to join it or be swept aside like the rest of the resisters.

The concern is not with individual Muslims who live as solid citizens in democratic societies. They may have developed a taste for the freedom democracy bestows or have simply learned to tolerate it. Our concern is with the gathering Islamic storm from the heart of Islamdom. To truly appreciate Islam, you must experience firsthand Islam in power. Take a quick trip to the lands of the Muslims and find out for yourself how horribly they treat the non-Muslims, even the “People of the book,” Jews and Christians. Try to have a Bible study group or build a church in Saudi Arabia and discover the benevolence of Islamic rule.

I urgently call on US politicians to redirect U.S. foreign policy in line with our nation’s lofty ideals and principles. I urge the Administration to proclaim its unequivocal support for the Iranian people and back that claim with concrete effective peaceful actions. It is the best investment that the U.S. can make to attract the powerful nation of Iran as a vital ally and concurrently refrain from foolishly undermining its present sole friend, Israel. Recall that it was the Iranian people’s massive magnificent movement against the re-election of the fraud Ahmadinejad that inspired the so-called “Arab Spring.” That movement has not stopped. It is ongoing.

The world is a laboratory where the experiment with Islam shows irrefutable results. To the extent that Islam rules any society, that society is stagnant, backward thinking, repressive and violent. The Islamic Republic of Iran represents the cutting edge for the newly petrodollar-invigorated Islam. It is determined to complete its task of ending the world of “Dar-ul-Harb” — the non-Muslim world to be warred upon — and establishing the “Dar-ul-Solh,” or “Dar-ul-Salam” — the Muslim world of the Ummah under the rule of the Mahdi. If achieving this aim hinges on the conflagration of a cataclysmic nuclear World War, the mullahs are happy to make it happen.

©2023. Amil Imani. All rights reserved.

Is America Still Worth Fighting For?

With another Memorial Day upon us, we may consider the question: Is America still worth fighting for?

On November 21, 1864, President Lincoln wrote to a Mrs. Bixby of Massachusetts, who had lost five sons in the Civil War.

He penned, “I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom.”

But, alas, today’s military—like so many institutions in our country—is going “woke.” That is to say that they are being infected with a cultural Marxism that has re-written our history, making America out to be irredeemably evil.

One regular contributor to NPR said several months ago: “[T]he United States does not yet have the stomach to look over its shoulder and stare directly at the evil on which this great country stands. That is why slavery is not well taught in our schools.”

To this sentiment, conservative commentator and author Michael Medved responded: “Dr. Martin Luther King, by contrast, never dismissed his American heritage and identity. He summoned his nation to honor its highest ideals, rather than disparaging its claims to greatness and goodness. His example stressed American possibilities and promises, not guilt or accusations concerning its multiple shortcomings.”

But what the cultural Marxists propagate is that we’re just as racist a nation as we’ve ever been. There’s been no progress, supposedly. If you deny that, then you’re a racist, they say.

No doubt America has had many flaws. But the brilliance of this nation is the foundation the founders laid whereby we could correct these flaws.

America is a grand experiment, encapsulated by an idea which flies in the face of Marxism: self-rule under God. Remove either part, the “self-rule” or the “under God” (as our internal and external enemies would like to see happen) and we would no longer have America as founded.

As noted, wokeism is infesting today’s military. Even the U.S. Navy partnered with a Drag Queen influencer on social media to promote recruitment.

The offices of Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Chip Roy have produced an eye-opening report called, Woke Warfighters: How Political Ideology is Weakening America’s Military.

They write, “Our military’s singular purpose is to ‘provide for the common defense’ of our nation. It cannot be turned into a left-wing social experiment. It cannot be used as a cudgel against America itself. And it cannot be paralyzed by fear of offending the sensibilities of Ivy League faculty lounges of progressive pundits.”

After all, they add, “The world is a dangerous place.”

Basically we’re raising up young people to hate their own country, warns Dr. William Donohue, the president of the Catholic League, in his new book, The War on Virtue: How the Ruling Class Is Killing the American Dream. I got to speak with him on a radio segment recently.

In The War on Virtue, he writes, “If Americans become convinced that their country is fatally flawed, why will they defend it?”

I asked him to elaborate on this quote. First, he mentioned how the military is down 25% in reaching its recruitment goal.

Then he told me, “We’re teaching kids to hate America, not in every school but in too many of them. And they’re starting in kindergarten, going right through to graduate school. That’s what they teach—that America is a racist country that rips people off.”

Donohue elaborated, “If you teach people to hate their own country, the greatest country in the history of the world, then don’t be surprised when some young people—who’ve been indoctrinated, basically brainwashed, by these left wing college professors and in high school—don’t be surprised if they say, ‘Hey, why would I want to defend this country? After all, we’re not any better than anybody else?’ It’s almost a form of national suicide.”

Donohue said ordinary Americans need to push back, like what we saw in the recent response to Bud Light giving in to “transgender mania.”

“It’s a dangerous time,” said Dr. Peter Lillback, the founder of Providence Forum, for which I serve as executive director.

But he also told me, “There’s never a last word for a nation until God’s Providence says ‘You’re done.’ I’m not ready to give up on America, there’s too much treasure of great freedoms, of wisdom, of biblical truth, of even of sending the Gospel out to the nations. There’s always a chance for revival, reformation, new beginnings.”

Because the foundation is still there, America is even yet worth fighting for. But those foundations are being eroded, day by day. It would seem that we are faced with a choice of two options for our national future: revival or ruin.

©2023. Dr. Jerry Newcombe, D. Minn. All rights reserved.

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