President Trump vows to eradicate Islamic terrorism ‘from the face of the earth’

“We will … unite the civilised world against radical Islamic terrorism which we will eradicate completely from the face of the earth.”

Strictly speaking, it isn’t possible within four years, or eight, to eradicate “radical Islamic terrorism” (which is actually orthodox and mainstream in Islam) or as long as there are people who believe the Qur’an is the perfect and eternal word of Allah. However, Trump’s declaration, while hyperbolic, was a welcome indication of his apparent determination to speak honestly about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat, and to combat it and roll it back.

“Donald Trump inauguration: President vows to ‘eradicate radical Islamic terrorism’ in first address to nation,” by Feliks Garcia, Independent, January 20, 2017:

President Donald Trump echoed his hard-line stance against “radical Islamic terrorism” in his first address as the 45th president of the United States.

“We will … unite the civilised world against radical Islamic terrorism which we will eradicate completely from the face of the earth,” he said during the Inaugural Address….

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President Donald J. Trump: Of the people, by the people and for the people

President Donald John Trump took the oath of office on January 20th, 2017. The first non-politician since George Washington to hole the office of the President of these United States. A historic moment.

Some pundits called President Trump’s inauguration speech just another campaign speech. CNN’s James Tapper got it right when he called President Trump’s inaugural speech “purely populist.”

But it was more than that, it was also purely patriotic. It was a speech by a man who is of the people,  a builder of buildings who has never held public office. It was a speech by the people, for it was the “forgotten men and women” who placed him in the highest office in the land. Finally, is was a speech for the people, all of the people who love America and its values of hard work, success, love of country, love of family and most of all a love of God, the Father.

As I listened to President Trump it was clear to me that this speech, his inauguration, the Presidency was not about him but rather about me.

Here are my favorite populist quotes, with emphasis added, from a historic and unprecedented inaugural speech:

  • Today’s ceremony, however, has very special meaning. Because today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or from one party to another — but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the American People. 
  • For too long, a small group in our nation’s Capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished — but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered — but the jobs left, and the factories closed.
  • The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories; their triumphs have not been your triumphs; and while they celebrated in our nation’s capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land.
  • That all changes — starting right here, and right now, because this moment is your moment: it belongs to you.
  • What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people. January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.
  • You came by the tens of millions to become part of a historic movement the likes of which the world has never seen before. At the center of this movement is a crucial conviction: that a nation exists to serve its citizens.

Here are my favorite patriotic quotes, with emphasis added, from President Trump’s inaugural speech:

  • From this moment on, it’s going to be America First.
  • At the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the United States of America, and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other.
  • When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. The Bible tells us, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.”
  • Do not let anyone tell you it cannot be done. No challenge can match the heart and fight and spirit of America.
  • A new national pride will stir our souls, lift our sights, and heal our divisions.

President Trump is a Christian President. He is a man who understands the power of God, the Father. I end my column with his words:

And whether a child is born in the urban sprawl of Detroit or the windswept plains of Nebraska, they look up at the same night sky, they fill their heart with the same dreams, and they are infused with the breath of life by the same almighty Creator.

Let us all pray for President Trump, Vice President Pence and our leaders in the U.S. Congress that they heard the clarion call of We The People.

Here is the video of President Trump’s full speech:

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is courtesy of ABC News.

Web Scraping: A Means to Push the Anti-Gun Agenda

You may have read recently about a “breaking analysis” that includes numbers derived from a “mass shooting tracker,” which purports to present to the world, real world cases in which mass shootings have occurred.  One problem, this is not actual data nor does it rely upon trusted sources like the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR) to report incidents.

Web scraping is a relatively easy way to automatically collect data from the internet for use in any number of applications. Price comparison, travel accommodation research, real estate listings, news and sports feeds, job listings…the list of useful applications of web scraping is bounded only by a user’s creativity. 

These uses are harmless; the biggest risks are missing out on a sale on airline tickets or a house you didn’t know was for sale. The political use of these tools is a threat because it can drive the narrative surrounding an issue. Automated web scraping allows political activists to easily collect data that supports their predetermined conclusion. 

Web scraping tools are ripe for misuse – whether intentional or incidental – when used for political purposes. The results should always be closely examined because these tools are subject to limitations including:

  • User input and biases: activists can easily and even subconsciously taint their findings by using only the common terminology that fits their ideology.
  • Overlooked context: when a web scraper returns a large number of results; the volume of the database is frequently more important than the details.
  • First-report errors: early reports on major issues often include errors and unsubstantiated claims. Breaking news reports on crime are the shining example of this limitation. A lack of follow-up queries also limits the credibility of such automated lists.

Those who want to strictly limit our Second Amendment rights rely on web scrapers to compile material they believe supports their agenda. Gun controllers want to present the biggest number possible. Their bots copy any website that mentions their keywords which are, of course, written in their own preferred language. Program the tool to find any mention of “gun violence” or “victim shot” and you won’t see much on defensive uses of guns or the shooting sports. 

The results should be placed into context, but rarely would an organization compromise its own mission so readily. Instead of talking about gang violence, gun controllers recast the same events as “mass shootings.” Instead of talking about the role of drugs or criminal conflicts, they spin the event into a case of gun violence that needs heightened regulation.

Take a quick spin through and you’ll see how most of the events described are not what are traditionally considered public mass shootings, at all.  This is agenda-pushing propaganda at its worst.  

Moreover, automated web queries and bots pull reports based on keywords, with no ability to discern fact from fiction. Late-night crime and breaking news reports are well-known to be riddled with errors, but a bot doesn’t distinguish between initial reports and completed investigations. When the web scraper returns an article or posting that says someone was shot, gun controllers chalk that up in their tally. When later investigations find that there is no evidence of shots fired, the perpetrator was a known violent felon, or the victim is a willing participant in the crime itself (as in a gang conflict), the tally may not be adjusted.

When the goal is to get a big number, web scraping gives gun controllers the ability to find the keywords they want and ignore the incidents and context that conflict with their position.  This is precisely what anti-gun advocates are looking for in pushing their narrative.

Democrats are committing suicide by joining Lewis boycott

Democrats joining the puerile food fight Rep. John Lewis started with the President-Elect may soon live to regret it.

Donald Trump has promised a vigorous legislative agenda for his first one-hundred days, and has the majorities in Congress to make good on that promise. Democrats who continue to whine and pout, calling him “illegitimate,” may soon find themselves on the wrong side of history.

Here’s what is likely to occur between now and mid-April:

  • President Trump will reverse hundreds of Obama’s executive orders, shredding big portions of the former President’s “legacy.”
  • Republicans will pass the Obamacare repeal and replace measure.
  • Republicans will pass a tax reform package that includes middle class tax cuts and a significant reduction of the corporate income tax.
  • Republicans will fund the border wall, and President Trump will start to open bids from contractors.

Democrats joining the puerile food fight Rep. John Lewis started with the President-Elect may soon live to regret it.

If Congress does nothing beyond this in the next two years, the economy will grow, jobs will return to the rust belt states, and Democrats will suffer a “shellacking” in the mid-term elections.

And if Donald Trump succeeds in building the border wall (and yes, Mexico will ultimately pay for it through a remittance tax, tariffs, or other measures), he will be re-elected in 2020 with big numbers.

As Mike Huckabee said on Fox Business on Tuesday, Democrats are “never going to be happy his election” because of their “personal animosity,” and that is a huge mistake. Why? Because as the new President succeeds with his policies, American voters will have little patience with such critics.

I’m not suggesting that Rep. Lewis is about to lose re-election, given that he represents “one of the most consistently Democratic districts in the nation.”

But some of the Democrats who have decided to join him in boycotting Friday’s inauguration could find themselves facing primary opponents. Among the most vulnerable in this regard is newly-elected Rep. Anthony Brown (D-Md).

After his disastrous failure in the Obamacare roll-out as Lieutenant Governor, Brown lost his bid to become Governor in 2014 in heavily-Democrat Maryland. How could that happen? Because members of his own party turned against him and voted for the Republican or just stayed home.

I witnessed Mr. Brown’s unpopularity when black Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles Lollar and I won the endorsement in the 2014 primary of a pre-eminent black pastors and business association in Prince Georges County. (I was Lollar’s running mate).

I asked the leaders of this group why they were endorsing a Republican ticket over Mr. Brown, and they responded almost unanimously: because Anthony Brown had arrogantly ignored them over the previous eight years as Lieutenant Governor. He was out of touch and took them for granted.

Those same black leaders are going to benefit from lower tax rates, as well as from the reduction in the number of illegal aliens with their drain on public school and public health resources. They are not going to take kindly to politicians who tell them these benefits are somehow “illegitimate,” because they have a personal beef with the President who brought them about.

Under Obama, Democrats lost more than 1,000 seats in Congress and in state legislatures because of his unpopular policies. For Democrats to continue opposing President Trump when he enacts popular policies is a strong indicator they have suicidal tendencies.

If these suicidal Democrats don’t seek treatment, the people will dish it out to them at the ballot box.

They face the same choice Bill Clinton faced after the 1994 midterms: embrace success, or go down as a failure.

Three weeks before last November’s election, Rep. Lewis tweeted out a quote from “Walking with the Wind,” his memoire of the civil rights movement. “We are one people, one family, one house – the American house. We must learn to live together as brother & sister or we will perish as fools.”

Those are wise and humble words. Rep. Lewis and his fellow boycotters would do well to heed them.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Hill.

Goodbye Barack!

The Democrat Party is no longer in control in Washington, D.C. President Trump has taken over and will now steer the ship-of-state.

Barack is now taking on “the more important title of citizen.” Perhaps we should look at what former President Obama said about citizenship. We can learn from a 2014 publication on the White House website titled “The Most Important Title is ‘Citizen'”: President Obama on the Significance of a Civil Society“. The title comes from Obama’s speech to the now defunct Clinton Global Initiative in New York, New York.

Obama explained how “the voice of one citizen can remind us why a civil society is so essential.”

Obama stated:

Citizens remind us why civil society is so essential. When people are free to speak their minds and hold their leaders accountable, governments are more responsive and more effective. When entrepreneurs are free to create and develop new ideas, then economies are more innovative, and attract more trade and investment, and ultimately become more prosperous.

This sounds Trumpesque, doesn’t it?

Free to speak their minds is the antithesis of political correctness, something President Trump has said he “has no time for.” Holding leaders accountable is what happened on November 8th, 2016 when the people elected President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and gave Republicans control of both houses of Congress. Freeing entrepreneurs sounds like make America great, again and made in America again. Attracting more trade and investment in America is pure Trump. What’s missing is keeping investment and jobs here in America, something the former President failed at.

Question: Is society civil today?

Democrat members of Congress decided to boycott the inauguration of President Donald John Trump, led by Representative John Lewis (D-GA). Are these elected officials contributing to a civil society? There are protesters who plan to keep protesting so long as President Trump is in office. Here are photos of some of these protesters:


code pink jeff sessions

anti-trump protesters

Do these protesters contribute to a civil society? Are they the solution or the problem to maintaining a “civil society”, which is “essential.” Who created this outpouring of incivility?

Here is a Project Veritas video of a black woman wearing a Trump t-shirt walking on the streets of New York city, the same place former President Obama gave his “civil society” speech, after the 2016 election:

The black woman is called “dumb”, “ignorant”, told “you suck he [Trump] got elected”, she was threatened to “take that [Trump t-shirt] off” and called a “Nazi.” Are these the actions of people from a civil society?

We are entering a new era where civility and a civil society is weakened after having a black Democrat in the White House for the past eight years.

We hope and pray that President Trump will reunite the nation and bring civility and civil discourse back to the public square. We hope that former President Obama will live by his own words to be a citizen promoting a civil society.

What is most important now is President Trump must fix the problems facing our nation, among them the lack of incivility. President Trump has committed himself and his administration to be a uniter and to represent all of the people.

It is better for Americans to fix our problems rather than to fix blame.


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VIDEO: Moderate Muslims Are Not the Solution to Radical Islam

We hear that moderate Muslims are the solution to radical Islam. But when we examine this idea a step at a time, it will not work.

Radical Muslims want Sharia, moderate Muslims reject Sharia

Radical Muslims want jihad, moderate Muslims reject jihad

And so on…

But the problem is that all of the things that radicals want are pure Islam. And every radical idea that moderate Muslims reject is pure Islam. Moderation simply means rejecting the doctrine. Moderation is a form of apostasy. How can moderates reform what they reject? Moderate Muslims are not Islamic and are not capable of reforming Islam.

There is no moderate Islam; there is no radical Islam. There is only Islam.


My Journey Out of Radical Islam by Ammar Anwer

Jihad: The New ‘New Value’ in Turkey’s Educational System

Dear President Trump: Here is Clarion’s Best Advice

The Inside Story of How John Kerry Secretly Lobbied to Get CAIR Removed From UAE’s Terrorist Organization List by Steven Emerson

EDITORS NOTE: This video originally appeared on

My Final Interview and Private Conversation with President Obama by Larry Levine

Free at last. Free at last, thank God almighty, we are free at last.

I pulled up to the White House, which was being decorated for the inauguration for the incoming president. Moving trucks were to the side, loading things up.

At the door I met the president, who said that he had fewer trucks than the Clintons because he was taking only his own furniture.

We entered the front door and I asked him where the nearest restroom was (yup that happens). When I went into the restroom, I noticed that I was stuck to the seat. Hey, Mr. President, what is this? Oh, sorry Larry, we were practicing pranks and more roadblocks for the Trumps. Did you like the new orange light bulbs that we installed?

Many people were walking around in the whirlwind of the last days of the Obama presidency. I actually thought that I saw a guest Syrian refugee family packing up, as well as Chelsea Manning asking which restroom he/she could use.

Valerie Jarrett greeted me and said, “We have been watching you, Levine, with great interest.” Levine, we have a coupon for a free room at the same resort that Scalia stayed in, interested?  Ah, no, thanks.

We sat down for the interview in the Lincoln bedroom, which unbeknownst to the public made into a man cave with dozens of big screens on the wall. One half of the screens had all the current games on including soccer games from Kenya, and the other half had videos of the presidential basketball games, complete with repeating highlights and slow mo,  of when the President scored .

So Mr. President, it has been some time since we have spoken, a lot has happened since you came into office. Would you care to speak about what you accomplished?

Sure Larry, oh, er, (clearing throat) coughing, twitching, fidgeting …. OK, what’s your next question?

Mr. President, you have been at war every day since you entered office and that doesn’t include your war against Fox News and the Republicans.  Have you received any correspondence from the Nobel Peace Prize committee asking you to return it?

No, and I am not leaving a forwarding address.

Mr. President, looking back on the last eight years, it seems like most of your accomplishments were by executive order ,so you didn’t have to work with Congress. Now that Mr. Trump is going to take offic,e aren’t you concerned that the first day they will all be wiped out? I mean, you watched The Ten Commandments now, didn’t you (which, by the way, were also by executive order of a sort ) ? Remember that part where Pharaoh says that the name Moses shall be stricken from the door posts, books, etc. in Egypt?

Well, Larry, I have no concerns about that because we are not in Egypt.

OK, Mr. President, but aren’t you at least a bit concerned that everything you did in the past eight years will be reversed in the first few hours of Mr. Trump’s presidency?

Not really, I am not leaving this town, so I will be on my favorite news channels every night saying that Trump is not a legitimate president. So no worries here.

Your very first speech was about the Middle East, when you visited Egypt. It has been eight years and you are still talking about the same issues with Israel. Is it true that you didn’t get along with Bibi Netanyahu? Or let me put it a different way, you hated his guts, threw up at the sound of his name, got stomach cramps and had to leave the building and had grand mal seizures after having sat next to him during news conferences?

No comment on that. Remember, Larry, I was called the First Jewish President by the New York Magazine.

So here is a sort of a trick question for you, Mr. President.  Which pension will be larger when you retire, the Kenyan or the American?

When you leave office, will you be driving yourself or do you have a chauffeur? The reason that I am asking is that there is some concern that you don’t know the difference between a red light (red line), a yellow light (that means calling Valerie for help) and a green light, which means, oh the hell with it, I will just do it with an executive order.

No comment.

With the recent rancor involving Putin of Russia, Hillary Clinton and Trump, can you now finally admit that the reset button was indeed out of order?

Wise guy …

OK, Levine, now it is my turn. I have heard just about enough from you the past eight years. You have criticized me, called me a liar, anti-Israel, incompetent, a race baiter, an egotist. You even wrote that I was so vain that you (me) probably think that this column is about (me) you. Am I correct?


Oh, er, okay, well, you almost stepped over my red line, or was that yellow or green, not sure, but you almost stepped in it, Levine. What do you have to say about this?

Mr. President, here is what I can say. In a day or so our country will be…

Free at last. Free at last, thank God almighty, we are free at last.

Other than that, take care and enjoy your long, restful, far away – real far away, preferably Hawaii or farther away – retirement.

Please note that this is officially fake, fictitious news. I can also promise you that at no time were there any animals hurt in the writing of this missive. At least none that I know of.

About Larry Levine

Originally from Long Island, New York, Larry Levine lives in Columbus Ohio. He is an award-winning businessman/pro-Israel activist, writer. Also a standup comedian and talk show host whose guests included Jay Leno, Alexander Haig and Paul Reiser.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on the United With Israel website.

VIDEO: It doesn’t get any better than this — Trump and Lee Greenwood singing God Bless the USA

I and millions of other Americans watched the Make America Great Again concert at the Lincoln Memorial on the Washington Mall. The theme of the entire concert was clear. It was a Christian message of the love of God and a love of America. Performer after performer sent a clear message that America one nation, a Christian nation, under God.

In on of those defining moments captured on video is Lee Greenwood singing a song he wrote titled “God Bless the USA.” This song embodies the reason why we have a President-elect Trump. Please watch the video and the moment when you see President-elect Trump singing along with Greenwood mouthing the words God bless the USA.

This song embodies the America spirit.

As I have written Donald John Trump became the leader of a movement against the establishment in Washington, D.C. because he listened to the American people. He heard them and they heard him.

Congratulations President Trump, Vice President Pence and First Lady Melania Trump. Time to make America great, again.

Lyrics to God Bless the U.S.A. by Lee Greenwood

If tomorrow all the things were gone
I’d worked for all my life
And I had to start again
With just my children and my wife

I’d thank my lucky stars
To be living here today
Cause the flag still stands for freedom
And they can’t take that away

And I’m proud to be an American
Where at least I know I’m free
And I won’t forget the men who died
Who gave that right to me

And I gladly stand up
Next to you and defend her still today
Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land
God bless the USA

From the lakes of Minnesota
To the hills of Tennessee
Across the plains of Texas
From sea to shining sea

From Detroit down to Houston,
And New York to L.A
Well there’s pride in every American heart
And its time we stand and say

That I’m proud to be an American

Krauthammer on young D.C. protester named Carter: ‘It’s got a whiff of ISIS to it’

After watching the President-elect and his family at the Make America Great Again concert at the Lincoln Memorial I was ready to switch channels and enjoy the moment. Then I tuned in to the Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News. Tucker had one of his colleagues reporter Griff Jenkins at the site of a small protest in front of the National Press Club where Trump supporters were hosting the Deplorables Ball (see video below). Here is the conversation between Jenkins and a young boy named Carter:

FOX NEWS REPORTER GRIFF JENKINS: We’re outside the National Press Club. You can see the police presence. There are signs thanking President Obama. Obviously, tt’s [sic] mostly peaceful now. A fire broke out just behind us. There is a fire over here. We’ll show you where that was. The ashes now just sort of starting to simmer right in the middle of this. Excuse me one second. This fire was started. In fact, this young man, you are participating in the fire. What’s your name?

BOY: My name’s Carter and I actually kind of started this fire.

JENKINS: So why did you start that fire, Carter?

BOY: Uh, it’s Carter.

JENKINS: Sorry. Why did you start that fire?

BOY: Because I felt like it and because I’m just saying, screw our president.

Carlson then interviewed Charles Krauthammer on the President-elects agenda as he takes office. Krauthammer said the following:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Incidentally, can I say a word about that kid who was setting the fire?

TUCKER CARLSON: That was bizarre.

CHARLES: Yeah, but wouldn’t you love to be that kid? Parents who take you out on a winter night and they encourage you to set fires? I’m sure it would have appealed to the anarchist in you. But it tells you how completely weird the parents and the other people out there are. They are the same people who show up at the IMF meetings, at World Bank, the Occupy Wall Street.

You ask them why are you out there, they are completely incoherent. What did that woman say? There are Nazis upstairs at the National Press Club. I mean, these people ought to be medicated.

TUCKER: I think some of them are. But the idea that you would implicate your children in your political activism, you’d be out on the street at 9:30 at night letting your eight-year-old set fires is demented. It says a lot.

CHARLES: It’s got a whiff of ISIS to it.

Carter is the poster child of the Alt-Left.

RedState’s Mickey White reported:

Wow. I’m trying to find the words. A boy admitted to starting a fire during an Anti-Trump protest outside the National Press Club. Someone needs to watch Sen Ben Sasse’s message. This just happened. The young boy, around 10, self-identified only as “Carter”, bragged he “kind of set the fire”. When asked for a motive, he brazenly responds, “I felt like it…Screw the President”. As words failed me, Kimberlee Kaye summed it up perfectly. “Good Job, Parents”.

Tucker boy screw president

Krauthammer is correct. Parents, public schools, peer-pressure, political rhetoric and Democrats have created “Carter” and many more like him. Carter is a budding anarchist, a white supremacist much like the children of ISIS who have been filmed executing prisoners on a play ground. It is a process of radicalization that has captured the imagination of this boy. Unless he is deprogrammed he will turn into the enemy and a clear and present danger to our Constitutional Republican form of government.

Welcome to Carter, the face of the New World Order in revolt. A product of our public schools, the Democrat Party and his Alt-Left parents? It has the supremacist stench of a National Socialist and ISIS on it?


Protesters are paid $2,500 to disrupt Trump’s Inauguration

Why Trump Poses a Bigger Threat to the Left Than Reagan, According to Newt Gingrich

Trump Day One Executive Actions Could Include Immigration, Obamacare, ISIS, and Trade

Was CIA Director Brennan’s 1976 Vote for a Communist just a youthful indiscretion?

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The Problem with ‘Sanctuary Campuses’ – Universities con students into acting against their own best interests

Open borders activists and immigration anarchists have, since the Carter administration, tried to blur the distinction between illegal aliens and lawful immigrants. These social justice warriors portray themselves as “immigrants’ rights” activists regardless of the legal status of foreigners.

As I’ve mentioned in previous Social Contract articles, President Carter issued an edict that all Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) employees stop referring to aliens illegally in the United States as “illegal aliens” per se, but refer to them as “undocumented immigrants.”

The motive for this terminology directive was not “political correctness,” but to achieve the Orwellian goal of creating a lexicon of “Immigration Newspeak” to obfuscate the truth and confound any effort to have an honest discussion.

The term “alien” is not a pejorative. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), the term alien simply means, “Any person, not a citizen or national of the U.S.”

Open borders advocates eschew the term “alien” because it provides clarity to the issue of immigration. Con artists are masters of obfuscation. By using the term “undocumented immigrant” to describe illegal aliens, it becomes a simple matter for immigration anarchists to accuse advocates of effective immigration enforcement of being “anti-immigrant.”

Before we go any further, it is critically important to understand that there are three distinct ways that aliens may be subject to removal (deportation) from the U.S.

  1. Aliens who gain entry into the U.S. illegally—either as stowaways on a ship or running our borders—are obviously subject to removal.
  2. Aliens, who are lawfully admitted as non-immigrants (temporary visitors) become illegal aliens when they violate the terms of their admission. This includes remaining after their authorized period of admission, accepting unlawful employment, or, in the case of foreign students, failing to attend the schools where they were admitted to attend or otherwise failing to maintain their status as a student; and
  3. Aliens who are lawfully admitted for permanent residence may live and work in the U.S. forever. However, such immigrants, upon conviction for serious crimes, may be subject to deportation (as may non-immigrants), even if they have not overstayed their authorized period of admission.

When aliens run our borders they do not, as the open borders advocates claim, “enter undocumented.” That term can only be found in the “Immigration Newspeak Lexicon.”

Aliens who run our borders and evade the inspections process enter the United States without inspection.

The mission of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a division of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), a federal agency with more than 60,000 employees, is to conduct inspections of people and goods entering the U.S. to prevent the entry of contraband, including drugs and weapons of mass destruction, and to prevent the entry of aliens who would pose a threat to the safety and well-being of American citizens.

CBP also is charged with securing our borders against the entry of individuals and objects that circumvent the ports-of-entry inspections process. This is the specific mission of the U.S. Border Patrol. Last year the budget for CBP exceeded $14 billion.

Our immigration laws have nothing to do with race, religion, or ethnicity, but seek to prevent the entry of foreign nationals (aliens) whose presence would pose a threat to national security, public health, or public safety.

It is important to note that America’s legal immigration system is, by far, the most generous of any country.Every year the U.S. admits more lawful immigrants than all of the other countries combined— approximately one million aliens are lawfully admitted for permanent residence and tens of millions of nonimmigrant alien visitors are admitted for various lawful temporary purposes, including foreign tourists, students, and temporary workers.

Likewise, hundreds of thousands of lawful immigrants are annually granted U.S. citizenship via the naturalization process.

Title 8, United States Code, Section 1182, is a section of law contained within the Immigration and Nationality Act that enumerates the categories of aliens who are to be excluded from entry, including: aliens who suffer from dangerous communicable diseases or extreme mental illness, convicted felons, human rights violators, war criminals, terrorists, and spies.

Aliens who enter the U.S. without inspection may have evaded that critical vetting process at ports of entry because they have criminal histories and may be fugitives. They may know that their names are listed on counter-terrorism watch lists.

The bottom line is that we don’t know what we don’t know, and what we don’t know about illegal aliens can ultimately harm or, indeed, kill us [as contributor Dave Gibson documents on pages 35-38 —editors].

The 9/11 Commission found that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, were directly attributable to multiple failures of the immigration system. The system afforded terrorists effortless entry into the country as they embedded themselves in communities to methodically pursue their deadly preparations. Furthermore, the Commission did not just consider the nineteen terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attacks, but some 94 terrorists who operated in the U.S. in the decade leading up to the 9/11 attacks.

America’s borders and immigration laws are our first line of defense against international terrorists, transnational criminals, and aliens who otherwise pose a threat to our safety, security, and overall well-being.

Nevertheless, a growing number of mayors and even some governors have declared their towns, cities, and states to be “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens. (Of course they use the term “undocumented immigrants.”)

Generally when contemplating a sanctuary we think of a refuge for endangered wildlife, essentially a place of serenity, security, and peace.

On July 2, 2015, Francisco Sanchez, an illegal alien, shot and killed Kate Steinle. Sanchez, a seven-time convicted felon, had been deported on five previous occasions.

According to published news reports, Sanchez admitted that San Francisco’s sanctuary policies figured in his decision to live in that city, where he would come to take the life of Kate Steinle.

Clearly she did not find safety or security in San Francisco, nor did her family.

Sanctuary cities attract illegal aliens, particularly those who may have outstanding arrest warrants, to head for those cities, to make it less likely that law enforcement officials will take note of their presence. This also makes such cities and states particularly attractive to terrorists, which makes them dangerous for residents and visitors alike.

Referring to towns and cities as places of “security,” when in reality such towns and cities endanger the lives and safety of their residents, is as Orwellian as it gets.

Now, a relatively new phenomenon is sweeping the country: “sanctuary campuses,” where illegal aliens are being shielded from deportation.

Before delving into the lunacy of “sanctuary campuses” (aka “freedom university” students), consider that the vast majority of college students seek a post-secondary education as preparation for productive and successful professional careers that coincide with their personal interests and goals.

Universities are also supposed to provide students with the intellectual tools they need to successfully navigate the challenges presented by everyday life. An effective education should train students to be critical thinkers—develop the ability to ask incisive questions and understand how to recognize false arguments.

The French philosopher Voltaire once noted, “Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”

So-called “safe spaces” on college campuses are anything but “safe.” They are designed to shut down debate and discourse—vital elements of any democracy. The Founding Fathers deemed the notion of freedom of speech and the right for peaceable assemblage significant enough to form the basis of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

“Safe spaces” prohibit the asking of questions that might expose the truth about the ultimate totalitarian objectives of academia’s left-wing extremists.

College students are malleable. Most are eager to become involved in a “cause,” to have their voices heard about issues of consequence. However, many are naive and easily swayed by professors and college administrators, who are eager to harness their enthusiasm by creating appealing but thoroughly false narratives that fire up these young students. Therein lies the danger to America and its future.

Furthermore, the lunacy of “safe spaces” and other warped perspectives of professors and college administrators merely inhibit, not advance, the ability of these students to succeed in the “real world,” once they graduate and find themselves facing fierce competition, often from foreign workers who bring Third World expectations of wages and working conditions to the labor pool.

Additionally, schools are expected to provide a safe environment for their students and faculty members.

Ironically, many colleges have promulgated policies that prohibit firearms from being stored or carried on campuses out of safety concerns. But in doing so, some colleges have enthusiastically implemented sanctuaries for potential criminal aliens and terrorists—harboring and shielding from detection illegal aliens whose backgrounds, affiliations, and intentions are unknown and unknowable.

It is easy to attribute this wrong-headed approach to immigration to the naivety of campus administrators and professors. However, Janet Napolitano, president of the University of California and former Secretary of Homeland Security, must certainly be aware of this threat. Yet she is willing to harbor aliens on UC college campuses, who may well be criminals or even terrorists, to push her own globalistic agenda.

Napolitano opposes the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act that prohibit the employment of illegal aliens.

According to the “The College Fix” website,

Napolitano … put out a statement … that her office will “vigorously protect the privacy and civil rights of the undocumented members of the UC community and will direct its police departments not to undertake joint efforts with any government agencies to enforce federal immigration law.”

The announcement comes as students in the country illegally and their peer allies are distraught that there might be mass deportations of undocumented students under a Donald Trump presidency. Many student leaders have announced their schools are “sanctuary campuses.” Now campus leaders are essentially following suit.

According to Napolitano’s office, there are about 2,500 undocumented students enrolled across the 10-campus UC system.

Napolitano’s statement in the article cited above about the “…deeply held conviction that all members of our community (including ‘undocumented immigrants’) have the right to work, study, and live safely and without fear at all UC locations,” calls into question her sincerity when she took the oath of office as Secretary of Homeland Security.

The article also noted,

[T]he University of California also issued its “Statement of Principles in Support of Undocumented Members of the UC Community,” outlining measures they will take to protect DACA students:

The University will continue to admit students consistent with its nondiscrimination policies so that undocumented students will be considered for admission under the same criteria as U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

The fact that Napolitano equates immigration laws with discrimination is beyond outrage. Consider this quote:

The University will not cooperate with any federal effort to create a registry of individuals based on any protected characteristics such as religion, national origin, race, or sexual orientation.

UC medical centers will treat all patients without regard to race, religion, national origin, citizenship, or other protected characteristics and will vigorously enforce nondiscrimination and privacy laws and policies.

ABC News reported on September 2, 2014, that 58,000 foreign students overstayed their visas in 2015 and that the DHS has lost track of more than 6,000 foreign students who have gone missing in the U.S.

Finally, the report noted that former Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) stated that since the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, 26 aliens who had been admitted with student visas have been arrested on terror-related charges.

An article in the November 22, 2016 issue of Atlantic, “The Push for Sanctuary Campuses Prompts More Questions Than Answers,” detailed how some colleges have declared their campuses “sanctuaries” for “undocumented students” and will not cooperate with immigration authorities.

There is, however, a very simple way to apply serious pressure to end the lunacy of “sanctuary campuses.”

On December 8, 2016, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) website posted a news release, “ICE publishes quarterly international student data: F, M students up 2.9 percent; F, M STEM students up 10.1 percent from November 2015.” The report notes that there are nearly 514,000 foreign students studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) courses. Overall foreign students attendance at U.S. colleges and universities has increased over the previous year.

The report also notes that there are 1.23 million foreign students with F and M visas enrolled in 8,697 schools.

Any school that declares itself to be a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens should have its authority to issue the form I-20 to foreign students summarily revoked. Period. End of discussion! Foreign students must present that form (I-20) to the U.S. embassy or consulate in order to be issued a student visa.

Foreign student advisors at schools that have foreign students are responsible for notifying DHS about students who fail to attend those schools for which they were granted visas. Clearly “sanctuary schools” cannot be trusted to make proper notification to the DHS.

This simple measure would disqualify “sanctuary” schools and colleges from enrolling foreign students and would prevent such students from entering the U.S. in the first place.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The Social Contract Press website.

Like Angels from Heaven ‘Prayer Warriors’ in D.C. to be ‘Prayer Shield’ for Trump

From across the fruited plains, from the mountains to the prairies, from sea to shining sea the people are coming!

Farmers and fireman, plumbers, pastors, porters and cashiers; the people are coming! Electricians, educators, homemakers, hotel clerks, hospital workers, cabbies and cops; the people of America are coming! Tomorrow and throughout the weekend wave upon wave upon wave of prayer warriors arrive, as almost on cue and directed in a most orderly manner, into the swamp, Washington, D.C. (which literally and actually is built upon a swamp).

These prayer warriors, and mature intercessors called to that office by Adonai Himself, are already on the move headed to engage in a crucial mission. While many citizens will enjoy the social atmosphere, the formal balls, dinners and private parties, the myriad of activities associated with an Inauguration of a President, these prayer warriors will quietly but with anointed power, come into our Nation’s Capital to provide a “prayer shield” already in motion for our new leaders and those who are “standing” there with them whom GOD has selected.

From across America, from small towns and hamlets to major cities, prayer warriors have already landed in the District of Columbia with others in waves are inbound, they are directed with a single purpose…to stand as a “prayer shield” as I mentioned.

Announcements and reports from various platforms already have cried aloud about the pending conflicts and sabotages awaiting. Credible intelligence has uncovered plans to bring disruption and embarrassment, clear hardships to many attending inaugural festivities, and if at all possible to the Inauguration itself. I have every reason to believe professional law enforcement and protective services shall prevail most smoothly. The prayer warriors realize all of this, and more. They know that what is truly playing out in the natural arena for humanity to see is in reality Spiritual Warfare; a clash between two economies, good v evil. These prayer warriors, and those across our Land who have not been directed to travel to Washington, D.C. but are engaged in directed prayer and intercession from their homes and ranches, their apartments and condos, know well that words and political actions alone are no longer sufficient (never truly were) to save this country and reverse the diabolical course leading us toward collapse and complete European-style socialism. The enemies historically kept in check and outside America’s sovereign wall have been invited inside, and even aided as they seized positions of influence and power within our governmental mechanism.

If election results turned-out differently our country would not have endured I believe.

We were a breath away from experiencing the total collapse of our United States into something we were never intended to become. Our Nation is exceptional, not because we are better than others, but because we were created and ordained to be a light unto the world, a stabilizer for countries unable to stand-up for themselves against evil. We were endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights as a blessing to us, so we may become a blessing to other nations. We are not exceptional because we are better or without blemish as a people or as a government. We are exceptional because our Forefathers understood very well what so very many in elected office today fail to understand, and which George Washington spoke of at his first inaugural: “The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself hath ordained.” Our nation has greatly disregarded the eternal rules of order and right ordained by Heaven.

Mary praying over capitol buildingI believe George Washington, and our Forefathers, knew right well that God entrusted to them the privilege of establishing a Biblically-based nation quite similar to the land of the Hebrews which, much later, would bring forth the Nation of Israel.

The United States of America, the spiritual brother to Israel was God’s intended choice to be His light unto all nations demonstrating His goodness and mercy, His desire that man would choose to live by God’s ordinances so true order would prevail, not tyrannical power leading to chaos slipping into decay and then into war simply for survival. I believe President Washington, and our Forefathers, took to heart that government was meant to be led by Biblical truth, and not Biblical truth to be curtailed by government; that elected officials were to protect the freedom of Godly expression in all places and not simply in church. Our Forefathers knew first-hand that if the state ever became absolute, it would replace God as the supreme lawgiver.

Our country is very close to losing the “the propitious smiles of Heaven” President Washington warned us about. The prayers of the people in America to return this Land unto some resemblance of what America use to be have been heard in Heaven, and just like the rising up of Cyrus, a gentile, to lead the Hebrews away from certain annihilation, Donald J. Trump has come from obscurity to lead America away from annihilation. The prayer warriors descending on Washington, D.C. know this right well, and further know that not by power or might, but only by prayer will the light lit by Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin and our other Forefathers once again shine over our country.

A prayer shield has, and is still, being established for the new leadership coming into offices of critical importance in America. How amazing to watch these silent warriors of prayer go about their assignments humbly and without attention.

Hundreds of Prayer Warriors Descend on Washington to Provide Prayer Shield for Donald Trump

Like angels from heaven, hundreds of “prayer warriors” have descended on Washington D.C. to undertake a crucial mission: protect U.S. President-elect Donald Trump by building a “prayer shield” around him ahead of his Jan. 20 inauguration.

Among these prayer warriors are the members of a new group called POTUS Shield (as in President of the United States) who gathered inside the National Press Club on Thursday, CBN News reported.

Pastor Eric Majette from Virginia Beach, Virginia said POTUS Shield is composed of pastors from all over America.

“We’re actually a prayer group. We pray for leaders across our nation — a group of pastors come together to pray for our nation and our leaders, particularly the new administration,” he said.

Read the full article…

WikiLeaks Vindicated: Understanding the Three-Faces of Barack Obama

President Obama in the waning hours of his administration has commuted the sentence of Bradly Manning. Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst, was convicted July 30, 2013. He was found guilty of 20 of the 22 charges he faced, mostly for espionage, theft and fraud. The judge found him not guilty of the most serious charge of aiding the enemy, which carries a life sentence, and treason which carries the death penalty. Manning transmitted the first classified documents to WikiLeaks in February 2010. This, the largest leak by a member of the U.S. military, came to be known as the Iraq and Afghanistan “War Logs.” He continued to transmit more material, including a video that showed a U.S. Apache helicopter in Baghdad opening fire on a group of individuals that the crew believed to be insurgents. Among the dead were Iraqi children and two journalists.

Many are wondering why President Barack Obama would commute Manning’s sentence. The answer: When you understand the Obama is not on our everything he does makes perfect sense.

The message is clear. If you expose our military secrets, the names of those who support and work with U.S forces fighting radical Islam you are deserving of a commutation. If you are a homosexual and a traitor, you are deserving of a commutation.

Who does this commutation benefit? The radical Islamists such as ISIS, Muslims who vote Democrat, the LGBT community which votes Democrats and the Alt-Left anarchists who hate America. Obama gets a thumbs up from those who hate America the most with this single commutation.

As I have written Obama has fundamentally transformed the Democrat Party into the Obamacrat Party. The three faces of which are now Marx, Mohammed and Manning.

The followers of Mohammed hate America, the followers of Marx hate America and Manning, the poster child of an LGBT traitor, hates America and betrayed his country and his fellow soldiers. Today there are some Democrats who are objecting to the commutation of Bradly Manning, but what did they do anything to stop it? Answer: NO. Silence is consent. Not to speak is to speak, not to act is to act.

Democrats knew what Obama was going to do, and by their silence endorsed this action. According to the White House website Obama has granted more commutations than any President in American history granting, as the date of this column, 1,597 clemency requests and 212 pardons.

 in a Washington Post column titled “Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years in WikiLeaks case” dated August 21, 2013 reported:

“I do not think the sentence has a legal effect on the continued investigation of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks,” said Michael Ratner, the U.S. attorney for Assange and WikiLeaks and president emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights. “However, it may well embolden the government in its efforts to indict journalists such as Julian Assange. The length of the sentence demonstrates what Assange and Edward Snowden face if they are ever taken into custody by the U.S. — draconian sentences.”

This commutation has changed all of this. Obama has vindicated WikiLeaks. If you commute the sentence of the leakier, how can you try let alone condemn, the actions of WikiLeaks to publish the documents? Answer: You can’t.

With the Manning commutation WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are vindicated. We are now entering the age of leaks, courtesy of Obama and the Democrats.


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Trump and the Burning of the Boats — An ‘act of Risk and Defiance’ that changed the course of history

EDITORS NOTE: It is educational to look back at the time when none gave Donald J. Trump a chance to win the primary election to become the Republican nominee for President, let alone defeat the odds on favorite candidate of the Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton in the general election. Reflection is healthy as Republicans try to understand how to deal with an outsider, who many Republicans opposed during the primary and general election. A man who took risks and defied the establishment, the media and conventional political wisdom. This column originally published on February 4th, 2016 in The Daily Caller under the title “Trump And The Burning Of The Boats” is prophetic and needed to understanding, in part, how and why Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America on January 20th, 2017. The column is re-printed with permission from the author.

The current presidential campaign in the U.S. reminds us that politics is civilized conflict, but conflict none the less.

In 1518 The Conquistador Hernan Cortes, not a man known to seek votes, departed Cuba with six ships and 600 men. He landed at Vera Cruz, Mexico, refused orders to return to Cuba and burned his ships just prior to marching inland toward a bloody confrontation and victory over an Aztec civilization of several hundred thousand. En route to his battle with the Aztecs, Cortes defeated smaller vassal states, built a coalition, then marched on the Aztecs. This act of risk and defiance changed the course of history. The burning of his ships brought many of his men to tears. The act defined the reality that there would be no turning back. It would be victory or death.

Fast forward to the 2016 presidential campaign and political observers understand that a different type of coalition building is going on. On the right and in the center the electorate is horrified by a president that campaigned on “Hope and Change” but has wrought enmity domestically and chaos on the international stage. Despite a national news media establishment heavily vested in President Barack Obama, the internet, talk radio and other outlets have provided channels of news independent of the President’s media team. Enter billionaire builder, entrepreneur and media sensation Donald Trump into the political arena. Trump, having honed his branding skills in the market place and media skills on a lengthy and successful reality show “The Apprentice,” has demonstrated mastery in terms of communication with the masses. Trump has been a dominant factor in the Republican Presidential primary race.

A fair person must admit, the Republicans have a strong cadre of seasoned candidates. A number of the candidates have had long distinguished careers in public service. However, none of these candidates have been able to match Donald Trump’s ability to communicate and connect with the masses. I have spoken with a large number of blue-collar Democrats who have told me that they are voting for Trump! Again and again, their explanation, “he says what I am thinking.”  I am 58 years of age, served in the Air Force, the CIA, participated in campaigns, and even ran for the U.S. Senate. I have never seen anything like this. Trump is a non-traditional candidate with an uncanny ability to reach a significant portion of the population on both sides of the political spectrum.

Conservative pundits and a number of leading Republicans have stated that they would not support Trump if he wins the nomination. I suspect many will start to walk those positions back as Donald Trump racks up Republican delegates in the coming primary contests. I recall four years ago watching the Washington Press Corps’ yearly Gridiron Dinner when comedian Jon Stewart went out of his way, not to jest with Donald Trump but to mock him publicly. Trump had flirted with running for President in 2012, but opted out. President Obama would follow Stewart to the podium and took a few cheap shots of his own. There was plenty of laughter that evening. Trump sat through it all stoically. Who’s laughing now?

The irony of the Trump presidential for campaign, and the analogy of Cortes and the burning of the boats, is that Trump never gave the order for the proverbial fire. Instead, it was the establishment that started the blaze: newly elected Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and their allies passed an omnibus bill giving President Obama continued license to add to the national debt of 19 trillion dollars, passed a litany of Obama policy favorites such as funding for Planned Parenthood, refugee resettlement, and continued support to sanctuary cities that defy U.S. federal law.

A very large number of Republican primary voters saw that act as one of total surrender and discredited the Republican Party establishment. If anyone had any doubt about the weakness of the Republican establishment, the passage of the Omnibus was all the evidence that was needed. The sickening photos of U.S. sailors on their knees with their hands clasped behind their heads in submission to Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Members should be complemented with a staged photo of Republican legislators genuflecting at the feet of President Obama. It is time for all of us to be angry.

I endorse Donald Trump for the Presidency as I believe him to be the candidate that will build the winning coalition that will allow those committed to the Constitution and the free market to save our economy and secure our future. Trump will build a credible policy team and do the important things that must be done to put the country back on a sound economic footing. I expect him to follow through on his tax plan, which is outstanding. Trump’s tax plan lowers corporate and personal rates, reduces the number of brackets and will bring dollars back from abroad which will launch growth and expanded opportunities for millions that are in need. I believe that Trump will pull together those of us that have fought terror effectively and provide the needed resources that will allow our National Security apparatus to prevail in our fight against Islamic jihadism. Most importantly, I believe that Donald Trump will keep faith with the country, provide sound leadership and put the interests of America before his own.

Go Trump!

College professors organize national ‘Teach-In’ to challenge ‘Trumpism,’ ‘Islamophobia’

“Islamophobia” is a propaganda term designed to intimidate people into being afraid to resist jihad and Islamic supremacism. But that doesn’t faze today’s enlightened Leftist academics:

“On that day, we intend to organize against the proposed expansion of state violence targeting people of color, undocumented people, queer communities, women, Muslims, and many others. On that day, we intend to resist the institutionalization of ideologies of separation and subordination, including white supremacy, misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia, and virulent nationalism.”

State violence? Who is proposing any state violence? Why, no one, of course, but the Left is in the midst of a hysterical meltdown of Vesuvian proportions over the prospect of the inauguration of Trump on Friday. Meanwhile, imagine how surprised these professors will be when their Muslim friends start to force their women into hijabs and niqabs and start to throw the members of “queer communities” off the tops of tall buildings.

“College Professors Organize National ‘Teach-In’ to Challenge ‘Trumpism,’” by Susan Berry, Breitbart, January 15, 2017:

Some 25 colleges and universities – many of them public – have answered a call by professors at UCLA to use their regular class time to “teach, organize, and resist” what they view as the discriminatory political agenda of President-elect Donald Trump.

Slated for Wednesday, January 18, the teach-in, dubbed #J18, is taking place between the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and Trump’s inauguration. The event’s planners say:

Let it be known that on #J18 and beyond, universities, colleges, and high schools refused to bear silent witness to the politics of hate and fear; that in these times, these places of teaching and learning not only served as a sanctuary for its students and workers but also stood up to proclaim the power of knowledge on the frontlines of social justice.

On January 18, the professors are calling upon their colleagues to “Teach, Organize, Resist,” and “affirm the role of critical thinking and academic knowledge in challenging Trumpism.”

They continue:

On that day, we intend to teach about the agendas and policies of the new administration, be it the proposed dismantling of economic and environmental regulations or the threatened rollback of the hard-won rights that form the fragile scaffolding of American democracy. On that day, we intend to organize against the proposed expansion of state violence targeting people of color, undocumented people, queer communities, women, Muslims, and many others. On that day, we intend to resist the institutionalization of ideologies of separation and subordination, including white supremacy, misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia, and virulent nationalism.

In addition to UCLA, universities participating in the event to date include: American University, Washington, D.C.; University of California, Berkeley; University of Cincinnati; University of Dayton; University of Minnesota; New York University; Princeton University; Texas State University; University of Kentucky; Vanderbilt University; and University of Washington….


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Desperate Democrats Play the ‘Illegitimate Card’

“The things that have always been important: to be a good man, to try to live my life the way God would have me, to turn it over to Him that His will might be worked in my life, to do my work without looking back, to give it all I’ve got, and to take pride in my work as an honest performer.” ― Johnny Cash

There is a growing movement in the radical anarchist Alt-Left to define the Presidency of Donald J. Trump before it begins. They have tried various ways to stop President-elect Trump in the primaries and during the general election. They called him racist, a misogynist, Homophobic, Islamophobic and many other pejoratives. Trump won the primary and is now the President-elect.

January 20th is fast approaching and Democrats and the Alt-Left are now in full panic mode.

One would believe that after Democrats blamed Hillary Clinton’s loss on FBI Director Comey, then Russian hacking, followed the failed recount of Independent candidate Jill Stein and recently BuzzFeed’s fake news pushed by the CIA, you would think they have run out of steam. Not true.

The new tactic is to play the “illegitimate” card.

This Alt-Left narrative, now being pushed by the Fakestream media, is that President-elect Trump must not take the oath of office highlighted by a tweet from Rosie O’Donnell to have President Obama declare martial law and delay the inauguration “until Trump is ‘cleared’ of all charges.” Which begs the question, what charges, exactly? Of course, the charge that he is illegitimate.


alt left protesters

Alt-Left protesters.

Now we have, led by Democrat Representative John Lewis, over 40 Democrats boycotting the inauguration. But for what purpose? What can they gain by boycotting the inauguration? Do they believe this will help make America great again?

It was Lewis to gave the Alt-Left credibility by stating that he did not believe Trump was “legitimate President” as Lewis did not believe George W. Bush was a “legitimate President.” Lewis gives credibility to those who say Donald Trump is “not my president.” Is that what Martin Luther King, Jr. would have done? Is not Lewis fomenting hate, racial and political division? Is that what Dr. King did?

Now the Alt-Left has the backing of a black civil rights activist turned career politician to do whatever is necessary to delegitimize the Trump administration before it begins. Republicans control the White House, both houses of the U.S. Congress and the majority of state legislatures and governorships. During the campaign Hillary Clinton tweeted this:

clinton accept results of election against democracy

It is now Democrats, and the Alt-Left, who have publicly stated that they refuse to “respect the results of this election.” They, therefore, are “a direct threat to our democracy.”

Watch The Geller Report video of New Yorkers saying they prefer “Martial Law” over a Trump presidency:

The fringe is become unhinged as President-elect Trump and VP-elect Pence are closer to making good on the pledge to “drain the swamp.” The Alt-Left, Democrats, established Republicans and government bureaucrats fear losing power. Elected officials like John Lewis who marched with Pastor Martin Luther King, Jr. must turn to Him that His will might be worked in their lives. That is what MLK believed.

For you see as Johnny Cash understood there is a higher power, one that makes one more powerful than any government program. Empowering the people is the greatest fear of those in power. Those who label others for the sake of retaining or regaining power are illegitimate. They worship the false idols of government, a government that has betrayed the American people. Illegitimate is the new racism. Calls of Trump illegitimacy fall on deaf ears.

Trump is our President-elect. Time to join together, humble ourselves and seek reconciliation, for a nation divided cannot long stand.



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