So You Wanna Run For Congress?

Having run two campaigns for federal office, one in the 2012 and the second in 2014, I regularly receive emails and other communications from prospective candidates asking me for advice on how to get a congressional campaign started.

I am always humbled that true American patriots looking to make a difference seek out my advice, but I am always straightforward and crystal clear with them. I preface these conversations by telling them that I am extremely proud of what my senate and congressional campaign teams accomplished but, the hard fact is, we came up short. And there are no silver medals in politics. Thankfully, it doesn’t take an Election Day victory to be able to assist others by providing some guidance based on personal campaign experiences and helping them to avoid common campaign pitfalls. If you are one of those American patriots out there thinking of running for office, this article is for you. It’s the good, the bad, and the ugly, of running for congress.

The Good

First, the good: Running for congress will present you with numerous opportunities to meet a network of grassroots activists and committed volunteers who are the real bedrock of the conservative movement and who will show you the positive side of politics rarely seen by others.

These are the people who are disregarded by many on the inside of the D.C. “bubble” because they don’t have the financial ability to buy influence but, the welcomed truth is, these are the people who, when they passionately believe in you, can work miracles (see Dave Brat in 2014, Ted Cruz in 2012, and Marco Rubio and Scott Brown in 2010). Grassroots volunteers knock on doors, march with you in parades, hand out your campaign literature at fairs, and fill your emotional gas tank when the political attacks begin to take their toll.

Misguided, cynical D.C. insiders will downplay the influence of the grassroots and cite numerous grassroots candidates that have come up short on Election Day, but this is silly. The establishment class has all of the built-in advantages when running their candidates and, the fact that in nearly every election cycle, grassroots candidates, with little money, second-rate access to media, shunned by influential elites, pull off miraculous upsets against all odds should be a clue to the insider class. If you are a principled, articulate, passionate candidate, these grassroots game-changers will never forget you, whether you win or lose your campaign. These people are some of the most loyal, dedicated and loving human beings you will ever have the privilege of meeting and will make your campaign experience one of the most memorable of your life.

On my campaigns, I had Dave, who was diagnosed with a deadly disease, and lost a loved-one during the election cycle, but never missed a door-knocking opportunity with me, even in the 90-plus degree Maryland summer heat. I had Jan, who had no political experience in campaigning, but through sheer will and determination taught herself how to organize walk-lists, parade and fair appearances, and fundraising events, and did it with such success that she probably could have run herself for office and given my opponent a run for his money. And I had Sharon and Maria, my incredible campaign management team, who simply refused to believe the numerous press reports that our race for congress was uncompetitive. They both left everything on the table to make it not only “competitive,” but one of the last congressional races in the country to be decided. These are just a few of the many loyal supporters I met running for office who I still consider close personal, not political, friends, and I will never forget what they did for me, and neither will you when you meet your Dave, Jan, Maria and Sharon.

The Bad

Here’s the bad: Campaigns for congress are no longer simply local elections. Gerrymandering, an expanded media universe due to a 24-hour news cycle, the Internet, and social media have turned the few competitive congressional districts left in the country into national elections. And although door knocking and retail politics are an absolutely invaluable component of a congressional campaign, they are simply not enough anymore to win an election. To prevail you are going to need the “big three”: money, media, and infrastructure. It’s not good enough to have just one of these three components, you must have all.

Before you make the decision to declare yourself a candidate for congress you need to ask yourself if you are capable of producing the money, media, and infrastructure necessary to win. Can you raise the roughly one to five million dollars or more you will need to purchase advertising space on television, radio, the Internet, music streaming sites such as Pandora, social media and more? Can you raise the money to pay a campaign staff which will ensure that the appropriate FEC reports are filled out properly and that the “trains run on time”? Can you convince 100,000 people to donate $10 to your campaign, or 1,000 people to donate $1,000? Can you generate local and possibly national media interest in your campaign?

Do you have the contact information for local reporters and radio and television bookers who may be interested in your campaign? Are you reaching out to local bloggers who may have a loyal audience themselves? And have you thought through the campaign infrastructure needs this is going to take to win? You are going to need a top-notch mail vendor for campaign fundraising mailers and possibly another mail company for issues-based mailers. You are going to need an updated and easy-to-use voter database with a voter scoring system which will enable you to target voters for issue-specific outreach. You are also going to need a creative marketing team which can design and film outstanding political ads that tell your story as well as you can tell it, which is no small task.

The Ugly

Finally, here’s the ugly: Politics is an ugly business that no article or book can prepare you for when your name goes on the campaign sign. Power absolutely corrupts, and the sinner in all of us takes on a louder voice in that ever-present internal debate between doing the right thing and the easy thing that we all deal with—amplified, I can promise, by the possibility of occupying a congressional office staring you in the face.

The first time you are in a situation where your conservative principles come into conflict with winning over a block of voters, it will be a harbinger of your future. Once you sell out the first time, and let the evil in, you have made the decision to do the easy thing and not the right thing. Once you choose this path, you own it, and it owns you. I know many of you reading this are convinced that you would make the right decision in this scenario, and I believe many of you would, but it is not as easy as it appears given our human failings. I have no regrets at all about running a conservative campaign in a heavily Democratic district, and nearly pulling off an incredible upset, although many pleaded with me to do otherwise. Principles matter to the people that matter, and this is all that matters in the fight for our constitutional republic.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the Conservative Review. The featured image is by Patrick Semansky | AP Photo.

Japan wants to preserve its distinctive culture by limiting Muslim refugees

They give generously to humanitarian causes around the world, but do not want to dilute their culture by admitting refugees.  We have written many times on Japan, but once again as the Syrians are invading Europe, the Japanese are being called unwelcoming.

From USA Today:

TOKYO — It came as no surprise when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced a major increase in financial support last week for migrants flooding into Western Europe — but no change in his country’s restrictive policy toward those seeking refuge in Japan.

For decades, Japan has been one of biggest contributors to international relief organizations, spending billions of dollars to help people fleeing wars, poverty and natural disasters worldwide.

Yet Japan also has been one of the least welcoming nations to refugees. Of 5,000 foreigners who requested political asylum in Japan last year, only 11 were granted safe haven, an acceptance rate that is 1/100th of the world average.

By comparison, the United States granted asylum to nearly 70% of 63,000 people who applied last year.

Refugee advocates say Japan’s reluctance to accept asylum seekers stems from a combination of factors: geographic isolation, language and cultural barriers, and a historical wariness of foreigners and a lack of interest in foreign affairs.

Somali rejected!

In one case cited by Watanabe, a Somali man’s asylum application was rejected after immigration officials concluded that while the man’s father and brother were murdered by al-Shabab terrorists, the rest of his family was not murdered and the asylum seeker remained in Somalia for several months before fleeing. The reviewing officer concluded: “We do not find that you have fear of being persecuted required by the refugee convention.”  [I’ll bet a buck that the Somali asylum seeker couldn’t even prove that his father and brother were killed by al-Shabab!—ed]

There is more, continue reading here.

For American readers, just so you know, as the UNHCR is sending Somalis back to Somalia from its Kenyan camps we admitted 8,858 Somalis to the U.S. in FY 2015, here (many from the Kenyan camps!).


Welcoming Communities Campaign announced by White House, government goodies for your “welcoming” town

Is your church doing a “Crop Walk,” if so you are funding Church World Service, a federal refugee resettlement contractor

PODCAST: You Cannot Multiply Wealth By Dividing It

A sermon given in 1984 by Dr. Adrian Pierce Rogers, Baptist Pastor, Author, and Political Commentator titled, “God’s Way to Health, Wealth and Wisdom.”

“You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the industrious out of it. You don’t multiply wealth by dividing it. Government cannot give anything to anybody that it doesn’t first take from somebody else. Whenever somebody receives something without working for it, somebody else has to work for it without receiving. The worst thing that can happen to a nation is for half of the people to get the idea they don’t have to work because somebody else will work for them, and the other half to get the idea that it does no good to work because they don’t get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.”

Please listen to Dr. Roger’s entire sermon “God’s Way to Health, Wealth and Wisdom“:

A Muslim organization’s influence operation on Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)

Yesterday we told you that Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) is leading the charge to lessen the security screening for Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees and he wants to expand the so-called P-3 (fraud ridden!) family reunification program.

See yesterday’s post by clicking here.

(When I mentioned to a friend that I had updated my post with that information (thanks to Kyle), she suggested I write a second post because as a subscriber, who received the earlier one, she would not see the update.)Now we know the answer to the question I asked all of you to help answer.  Looming over Blumenthal’s shoulder is none other than Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)- Connecticut director Mongi Dhaouadi.

But it is worth mentioning again because this is now the second time we have seen CAIR involving itself directly in the Syrian (mostly Muslim) resettlement issue (and you can bet they are not advocating for the persecuted Syrian Christians).

Clearly their interest is in boosting the Muslim population in the US.

CAIR was here in the St. Louis ‘Bring them here march’ last month.

Here is Mr. Dhaouadi’s bio at CAIR’s website:

Mongi Dhaouadi
Executive Director

Mongi S. Dhaouadi was born and raised in Tunisia. He moved to the US when he was 19 years old and studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. As The Executive director of CAIR-CT, he conducts civil rights workshops throughout the state of Connecticut under the title “Know Your Rights.” Also, he leads several workshops and discussions on Islamophobia and the Muslim experience before and after 9/11. He has participated in and led several media campaigns and press conferences on issues concerning the Muslim community ranging from discrimination cases to advocating for the change of racial profiling laws in the state of Connecticut. Dhaouadi was featured in countless local, national, and international media outlets including NPR, FOX News, and Democracy Now with Amy Goodman. During the summer, he runs a youth internship program during which high school and college students work on several projects ranging from preparing a toolkit on Islamic cultural competency for schools, to writing and publishing articles from a Muslim youth perspective in the local papers and publications. Dhaouadi leads a Connecticut delegation at the Capitol Hill visits; an event that is organized every year by CAIR National, where members of the Muslim community visit their representatives in Wasington, DC and advocate for issues of concern domestic and foreign. Prior to joining CAIR-CT on a full time bases Dhaouadi was the Head Administrator at SKF Academy in Hamden Connecticut. Dhaouadi is married with three children: ages 11, 14 and 18. He lives with his family in New London, Connecticut. His favorite past time is playing or coaching soccer.

So far Connecticut doesn’t get very many refugees compared to other states.  I guess Blumenthal and Dhaouadi would like to change that.  Go to this map and have a look!

Is CAIR getting into the refugee resettlement program where you live?  Let me know.  And, while you are at it, see if you notice the involvement of Islamic Relief (USA) as well.

Go here to find the regional offices of Islamic Relief (USA) thanks to reader Cathy.

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of CAIR-Connecticut’s Executive Director Mongi Dhaouadi behind Senator Blumenthal.

Are we witnessing the end of Syria?

French Mandate of SyriaReuters has a report on how Quds Force Commander Gen. Soliemani mapped out Russian involvement to save beleaguered Syrian President Bashar Assad, “How Iranian general plotted out Syrian assault in Moscow.”  The strategy unraveling now is a joint air and ground assault to carve out an Alawite bastion in Western and Northwestern Syria ejecting CIA and Coalition-trained opposition, Al Qaeda Al Nusrah Front and Free Syrian Army forces. The air assault to date has focused on attacking these units in a strategic line north out of Damascus. The ground component is composed of fresh Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah units. The Russian air assault contingent based in Latakia province is being bolstered by Russian “volunteers” a page out of Putin’s playbook for seizure of the Crimea and invasion of Eastern Ukraine. In the absence of significant US trained Sunni opposition contingents in this scenario; it would appear that Syria may devolve into a series of sectarian cantons akin to the  French Mandate for Syria granted by the League of Nations in the early 1920’s.

The objective of Iran is to build a virtual Shia crescent from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean coast including bringing in Shia extremist Imams and resettling  Shia refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan in Syrian areas depopulated of Sunnis and Christians. The Alawites, who are secular, are troubled by this development and many have fled abroad. The Kurds have their de facto canton in Northeastern Syria abutting the Kurdish Regional Government in neighboring Iraq.

Turkey is clearly upset with the Russian presence in Syria, as is NATO, while the US is clearly dithering on what to do. Once again Obama has been outfoxed by Soliemani and Putin. That leaves allies like Israel, the Saudis and the Emirates seeking alternatives for their own sovereign protection. The Saudis and Emirates are talking about a jihad akin to that they funded in Afghanistan with CIA and Pakistan’s ISI in a secret war in the 1980’s that led to the rout of the Soviet 40th Army and gave rise to Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda.

A Der Spiegel article, “The Iranian Project: Why Assad Has Turned to Moscow for Helpportrays  President Bashar al-Assad as caught in a dilemma; “fear of friends”, meaning Iran versus “fear of opposition.”That former fear stems from reliance on Iran Revolutionary Guards, Shia auxiliaries from Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Sadr Brigade in Iraq and Shia fighters from Afghanistan and  Pakistan. They are under the command of Quds Force Commander Soliemani and make up for the decimation and desertions of draftees from the Syrian National Defense Forces. Iran’s intention is to build an Islamic Revolutionary State within  the areas along the Mediterranean coast and Mountains of Northwest Syria. To that end Iran has sent in radical Imams to create Shia religious centers directed at conversion of secular Alawites and Sunnis causing them to flee the country.  Thus, Assad has welcomed the Russia military assistance as Putin has allegedly no such interests in the current campaign, excepting protecting Russian interests in naval and military bases, as well as offshore gas developments.

Note these excerpts:

“Assad and those around him are afraid of the Iranians,” the Russian says. Anger over the arrogance of the Iranians, who treat Syria like a colony, is also part of it, the Russian continues. Most of all, though, the Syrians “mistrust Tehran’s goals, for which Assad’s position of power may no longer be decisive. That is why the Syrians absolutely want us in the country.”

Tehran’s goals go far beyond merely reestablishing the status quo in Syria. In early 2013, Hojatoleslam Mehdi Taeb, one of the planners behind Iran’s engagement in Syria, said: “Syria is the 35th province of Iran and it is a strategic province for us.” For several decades, the alliance between the Assads and Iran was a profitable one, particularly in opposition to the Iraq of Saddam Hussein, which long had the upper hand in the region. But today, Assad depends on Iran to remain in power, and Tehran is taking advantage of the situation.

It is, however, primarily in the civilian sector where significant changes are afoot. Just as in Damascus, Latakia and Jabla, increasing numbers of hosseiniehs — Shiite religious teaching centers — are opening. The centers are aimed at converting Sunnis, and even the Alawites, the denomination to which the Assads belong, to “correct” Shiite Islam by way of sermons and stipends. In addition, the government decreed one year ago that state-run religion schools were to teach Shiite material.

All of this is taking place to the consternation of the Alawites, who have begun to voice their displeasure. “They are throwing us back a thousand years. We don’t even wear headscarves and we aren’t Shiites,” Alawites complained on the Jableh News Facebook page. There were also grumblings when a Shiite mosque opened in Latakia and an imam there announced: “We don’t need you. We need your children and grandchildren.”

Talib Ibrahim, an Alawite communist from Masyaf who fled to the Netherlands many years ago, summarizes the mood as follows: “Assad wants the Iranians as fighters, but increasingly they are interfering ideologically with domestic affairs. The Russians don’t do that.”

Putin may have been prompted by Quds Force Commander Soliemani to aid mutual client Assad because he saw an opportunity to make a power play against the US in the region.  However, the secular Ba’athist Syrian tradition has been virtually suborned by the influx of Iranian Revolutionary Guards ‘and Shia proxies’ with the objective of creating a Khomeinist Revolutionary state. The confluence of those opposing interests, secular and religious, may ultimate end the decades’ long rule of the Assad family. That might lead to an ultimate apocalyptic conflict in Syria between nuclear equipped Shia Iran and the Sunni Salafist Islamic State.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the New English Review.

Another Muslim Murders Police Official: Authorities Rush to Defend Islam

In FrontPage today, I chronicle just another day in the suicidal West.

Last week a fifteen-year-old Muslim, Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad, went to a police station in New South Wales and shot dead a civilian police employee, Curtis Cheng. After the murder, the young murderer was, according to an eyewitness, “dancing joyously.” Outside the station, he waved his gun at police and screamed “Allahu akbar” at them before he was killed in the ensuing gunfight.

In the wake of this jihad murder, Australian officials have behaved in an utterly predictable manner – one that we have seen many, many times before in Western countries, and that we will doubtless see many more times as well: they rushed to profess ignorance of the killer’s motives and above all, to defend Islam.

None of these officials are Muslims. They have all just been thoroughly indoctrinated with the idea that to look too closely at the motivating ideology behind murders like that of Curtis Cheng would be “hateful” and “bigoted.”

And so Pat Gooley from the New South Wales Police Association said: “We are used to being under threat. What’s really concerning police is there’s no rhyme or reason to these current terror threats.”

No rhyme or reason? Have you ever heard of jihad, Mr. Gooley? Evidently not.

Other police officials, meanwhile, made themselves busy ensuring that Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad’s jihad murder doesn’t lead anyone to think there is anything amiss with the Muslim community. The murder “was doubly shocking because it was perpetrated by a 15-year-old boy and it underlines the importance of families, communities, leaders being very aware of whether young people are becoming radicalised,” said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, complacently assuming that Muslim “families, communities, leaders” in Australia are against this “radicalization” — but where is the evidence of that?

Turnbull also said: “We must not vilify or blame the entire Muslim community with the actions of what is, in truth, a very, very small percentage of violent extremist individuals. The Muslim community are our absolutely necessary partners in combating this type of violent extremism.”

When has the Muslim community in Australia or elsewhere in the West genuinely acted like partners in combating this type of violent extremism? And we must indeed not vilify or blame the entire Muslim community, but can we not call upon them to institute honest, transparent and inspectable programs in mosques and Islamic schools that teach against this understanding of Islam that they ostensibly reject and oppose?

Meanwhile, opposition leader Bill Shorten said: “Our thoughts are also with the family of the alleged young perpetrator. Like all Australians, they will be struggling to comprehend how someone so young could be part of such a terrible crime.” How does he know his family wasn’t involved? Has he carried out an investigation? He assumes that the family taught young Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad the true, peaceful Islam, but that he was then “radicalized on the Internet” — but why was his family’s true, peaceful Islam not able to withstand the challenge from the twisted, hijacked Internet Islam?

New South Wales Premier Mike Baird said that he and others were trying to understand “how someone so young could commit such a hideous crime.” He might wish to look into Islam’s teachings about jihad, but he won’t. He also said: “We cannot let actions such as this divide us. We cannot let hate overtake us. We have to come together and I’m sure that’s what we’ll see from this city and state.”

Indeed, we must not let hate overtake us, as it overtook Curtis Cheng. But can we do that by refusing to examine the ideology that led to his murder? By “hate,” Baird means “honest investigation into the texts and teachings of Islam that incite attacks such as this one, and the prevalence of such teachings in the Muslim community.”

And that’s the problem: every time there is another jihad attack or foiled jihad plot in the free world, our leaders just circle the wagons, trot out their Religion-of-Peace cliches again, warn us against “Islamophobia,” and refuse to look into the genuine root causes of the problem.

It’s a sure-fire path to societal suicide.


Tony Blair: The “perversion of Islam is the source of a lot of the problems in the Middle East”

Saudi Arabia: Muslim clerics call for jihad to defend the Islamic State

VIDEO: Tens of thousands rally against Islamization in Germany

Not everyone in Europe is taking the massive refugee influx with alacrity and smearing as “racist” those who don’t want to see the continent overwhelmed and Islamized. This video gives you an idea of the scale of the pushback. Thanks to Marc.


U.S. deportation Numbers Have Dramatically Fallen. Is This Related to Obama’s Immigration Actions?

Reuters fail: doesn’t know Boko Haram has renamed itself Islamic State in West Africa, thinks they’re distinct groups

Bangladesh: Muslims attack Christian pastor with knife, attempt to slit his throat

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is by Jens Schlueter/AFP.

VIDEO: Muslim Brotherhood affiliated charity bringing Syrian refugees to U.S.

Invasion of Europe news…..

And, you can bet they would scream bloody murder if the Cameron government ever had the guts to put persecuted Christians at the head of the line.

BTW, Islamic Relief is working in the U.S. to help Syrians get resettled in your states—Kentucky and Maryland that we know of (so far).

I wanted to learn more about the new UK Director of Islamic Relief, Imran Madden.  I didn’t find much, but am posting this 2012 Al Jazeera interview I found informative…..a bit off-topic!

Here is the surprising (not!) news from Islamic Relief (UK must dramatically accelerate Syrian resettlement):

The new UK Director of Islamic Relief will use his speech in a fringe debate at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester to urge the Government to inject greater urgency into resettling Syrian refugees in the UK and leave ‘no diplomatic stone unturned’ in the search for a lasting peace in Syria.

At a conference fringe debate organised by Islamic Relief and World Vision (details in Notes to Editors along with details of separate Muslim Charities Forum fringe event), Imran Madden will speak alongside the Minister of State for International Development, Desmond Swayne MP, to highlight the enormous human cost of forgotten crises around the world – and the Syrian conflict in particular.

They recommend 5 prescriptions for the crisis, this is #5:

A dramatic acceleration of planned refugee resettlement in the UK.

Related:  First Syrians headed to Northern Ireland, here.  They will be mostly Muslims as the UK is working with the UNHCR to pick its refugees.

About the video (and maybe too much in the weeds for most readers!):   I’ve been following the Rohingya refugee issue for nearly eight years.  In the most recent years, the reason for the original outbreak in the latest wave of violence in Burma (Myanmar) which broke out when three Rohingya Muslim men raped a Buddhist woman, has been long forgotten.  I have been so annoyed over the years to see that original spark for the latest violence between the ethnic groups expunged from media coverage. The media and humanitarian agitators (including the OIC) have made it look like the Rohingya were pure as the driven snow.

I was thus surprised to see this 2012 Al Jazeera piece (an interview with Imran Madden) that actually does mention the rape that started it all.

For Hillary watchers out there, one of the few foreign policy success stories that Hillary was earlier mentioning was supposedly bringing some democracy to Burma. She even sent the ‘Podesta Group’ there to help shore-up her legacy.  Dead silence now as Burma is still in internal conflict.

If you are interested in the Rohingya issue we have enough posts here that you could write a book (see Rohingya Reports category).

For all of our posts on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ go here.

“Muslim Warriors” populate United Nations camps that U.S. gets it’s refugees from

Last week the Washington Examiner published a lengthy piece by Jonathan Foreman entitled, ‘Does foreign aid really do good?’ It addresses in great detail what we already know—mostly ‘humanitarian aid’ is a waste of money!

We take the majority of our Syrian refugees from UN camps!

I urge you to read it all, however, below is one section I wanted to highlight because: the U.S. State Department is taking the vast majority of UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) refugee referrals from those camps— Zaatari is one of them.

BTW, I see a lot of misunderstanding in the mainstream media. We will not be taking very many of the migrants who have invaded Europe (except perhaps a few from places like Malta where we are breaking the law by bringing their illegal aliens here).  The majority of our refugees are first “screened” by the UN elsewhere—like in Jordan.

Last I heard the UNHCR had 17,000 in a pipeline to America.

Remember, UN camps for Syrians are populated primarily by Sunni Muslims (ISIS and Al-Qaeda are Sunnis).  Therefore, we are taking mostly Muslim Syrians and not the Christians.

This is what caught my eye (emphasis is mine):

There are many other examples of conflict being fomented and prolonged by those housing and aiding refugees, accidentally or deliberately. Refugee warriors, as some have called them, operating from the sanctuary of camps established by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and others, have created mayhem everywhere from the Thai-Cambodia border to Central America and the Middle East.

Sometimes aid agencies have allowed this to happen as a result of ignorance. Sometimes it’s a matter of Red-Cross-style humanitarian ideology taken to the edge: a conviction that even the guilty need to be fed or a belief that providing security in refugee camps would be an abandonment of neutrality. And sometimes it’s because those providing aid are supporting one side in a conflict. The U.S. and Western countries did so from Pakistan during the Soviet-Afghan war.

For decades, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan allowed or encouraged Palestinian refugee camps to become bases for guerrilla and terrorist activity. This should make it clear that the aid world’s traditional ways of dealing with refugee flows are inadequate. Even purely civilian camps such as Zaatari, the sea of tented misery in Jordan that houses a million Syrians, quickly became hotbeds of radicalism and sinkholes of crime and violence, not least because they are unpoliced and because they are filled with working age men with nothing to do.

Read it all here.

They are leaving Zaatari!

There is an AP story yesterday about how ‘refugees’ are leaving Zaatari.  Some are going back to Syria and some are headed to (you guessed it!) Europe.


Connecticut Senator Blumenthal wants more Syrians here faster, proposes to eliminate some screening

Pittsburgh letter writer: Mayor is wrong to invite Syrian refugees to city

As popularity drops,”Mama Merkel” stands by decision to invite Syrians to Germany

Sharyl Attkisson does Lewiston, Maine; Trump says no Syrians

The New York Times addresses the Twin Falls, Idaho refugee controversy

World Relief targeting Northern Idaho for refugee resettlement!

Germany: Diversity not so beautiful after all

Senate Oversight hearing on Refugee Program very revealing! Senator Sessions did a masterful job

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Zaatari known as hotbed of radicalism and sinkhole of crime and violence.

Florida must become energy independent by 2020

What will promote human life? What will promote human flourishing — realizing the full potential of life? How do we maximize the years in our life and the life in our years? Answer: cheap and reliable power.

Organic Fossil Fuels are the Lifeblood of Civilization!

Florida’s Governor, Congressional delegation and state legislature must make it their number 1 priority to make the Sunshine State Energy Independent by 2020 or sooner!


  1. Imports all of its natural gas and 99.9 % of its oil.
  2. Imports all of its refined petroleum based products (e.g. gasoline).
  3. Is the second largest user of natural gas, Texas being the largest.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration:

  1. Geologists believe there may be large oil and natural gas deposits in the federal Outer Continental Shelf off of Florida’s western coast.
  2. Florida was second only to Texas in 2014 in net electricity generation from natural gas, which accounted for 61% of Florida’s net generation; coal accounted for almost 23%, the state’s nuclear power plants accounted for 12%, and other resources, including renewable energy, supplied the remaining electricity generation.
  3. Renewable energy accounted for 2.3% of Florida’s total net electricity generation in 2014, and the state ranked 10th in the nation in net generation from utility-scale solar energy.
  4. In part because of high air conditioning use during the hot summer months and the widespread use of electricity for home heating during the winter months, Florida’s retail electricity sales to the residential sector were second in the nation after Texas in 2014.
  5. Electricity accounts for 90% of the site energy consumed by Florida households, and the annual electricity expenditures of $1,900 are 40% higher than the U.S. average, according to EIA’s Residential Energy Consumption Survey.

Even as human populations have grown dramatically and increased their use of fossil fuels, the world has become a much better place.

As CO2 emissions have risen so too have the GDP per person, life expectancy and the population.

Florida politicians are addicted to the precautionary principle (“better safe than sorry”). It is a maxim embraced by government planners and regulators in the Sunshine state at every level. They do not even want to determine what organic fossil fuels lay off of Florida’s coastlines. The precautionary principle worked to stop the building of nuclear power plants in the United States after the 3 Mile Island incident. Today the same tactic is being used to stop off shore drilling using the Deepwater Horizon incident.

Off shore drilling naysayers use the example of the Deepwater Horizon spill to strike fear into the hearts of Floridians. But as FDR said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  An example of using the fear factor (precautionary principle) is what happened in Japan following the meltdown of a nuclear power plan in Fukushima. The facts are that no one has died from radiation, nor has cancer increased however, 1,600 did die of stress due to the unnecessary evacuation of people from the area.

Fear kills.

What off shore naysayers, fear mongers, don’t tell you is that mother nature is the greatest polluter in the Gulf of Mexico. According to NOAA over 2,500 barrels of oil naturally seeps daily from fissures in the Gulf. This seeping has been going on for tens of thousands of years, yet the Gulf is doing just fine. Would it not be better to capture this oil, and natural gas, than have it continue to seep into the Gulf?

Some argue that even if natural gas is discovered in Florida’s waters that building an on shore natural gas processing plant is not economically feasible or politically doable. There is an answer to this negative with a positive via new technology. Israel is faced with the same concerns about onshore natural gas processing plants. To solve the problem Nobel Energy and Shell Oil have come up with a solution. Process the natural gas using floating plants. According to Robert Sullivan of the New York Times:

It’s called Prelude, and it’s bigger than big. More than 530 yards long and 80 yards wide, it was constructed with 260,000 metric tons of steel, more than was used in the entire original World Trade Center complex, and it’s expected to displace 600,000 metric tons of water, or as much as six aircraft carriers. Even the paint job is huge: Most big vessels dry-dock every five years for a new coat, but Prelude’s paint is supposed to last 25 years. It will produce more natural gas than Hong Kong needs in a year. And it’s so big that you can’t really photograph it, at least not all at once.

[ … ]

What makes this giant liquefied-natural-gas enterprise feasible, paradoxically enough, is the miniaturization its construction represents. It’s much smaller than landlocked equivalents — imagine shrinking your local refinery until it fits on a barge. Shell Oil, which has the biggest stake in the project, describes Prelude as more environmentally friendly than an onshore site. There are no estuaries under threat, no shorelines to run pipe across and reduced risks to population centers, given the explosiveness of natural gas. And it is designed to ride out extreme weather, thanks to three giant 6,700-horsepower thrusters that can turn it into the wind and waves. “These are the things that the naval architects had to worry through,” says Robert Bea, co-founder of the Center for Catastrophic Risk Management, at the University of California, Berkeley. “It works like a big-ass weather vane.”

Read more.

Environmentalists use the fear factor when talking about drilling for natural gas and oil off of Florida’s shores. The same is true for some of Florida’s Congressional delegation, such as Rep. Vern Buchanan. Fear is not good public policy.

What is good public policy is insuring that Floridians have access to cheap and reliable power in the foreseeable future. Now it the time to take action. Waiting is not an option.

If Governor Rick Scott and Republicans are committed to creating jobs, then they must diversify the economy by promoting energy independence. Energy independence will lead to reduced costs for electricity, gasoline and diversify the economy. That is good public policy.

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Exclusive: Leftist Hate mail to Irving, Texas Mayor and Police Chief

Threat to Irving PD

The pdf below contains the response that Jihad Watch reader Justin Pulliam received from his Public Information Act request asking for hate mail that the Irving, Texas mayor and police received after the Ahmed Mohamed clock victimhood hoax. A few of the highlights:

“our members will watch your child die bleeding and convulsing on the Love Field tarmac”

“May the tenure of your officers and your own tenure as police chief come to abrupt and unpleasant ends”

“I hope this or something very similar happens to someone in your family”

A couple messages sent to the mayor are particularly colorful — but be forewarned, they contain extremely foul language. Leftists are always so charming when dealing with those whom they perceive as “hateful” or “bigoted.” And yes, all of the hate messages come from apparently non-Muslim Leftists.

Click here to access the pdf.


Muslims laud Australian murderer as “hero of the Islamic people”

Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins slam Left for giving Islam “free pass” despite jihad terrorism

Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins slam Left for giving Islam “free pass” despite Muslim terrorism

What is noteworthy about this is how selective and one-sided Maher and Dawkins are. They’re all upset about the Marxist anti-Semite Maryam Namazie being banned from speaking at a university because of her views on Islam, but have never said a word while for years Pamela Geller and I and others who tell the same truths about Islam that Namazie tells (and more consistently than she does because we do not support the “Palestinian” jihad as she does) have received the same treatment from universities and other venues. Maher and Dawkins would never think of speaking out on our behalf because they would likely think of us as “right-wing bigots” — as Sam Harris last year dismissed critics of jihad terror besides himself and his friends as “fascists.”

What Maher, Dawkins and Harris don’t seem to realize is that they only think of us as “fascists” because the same Leftist/Islamic supremacist smear machine (including their pal Namazie) that is now going after them for their “bigotry” has for years defamed us in exactly the same way, for saying essentially the same things they do about Islam. We are “right-wing” because the smear machine has called us “right-wing” for years — when I have never taken a public position on anyissue other than those involving jihad and Sharia, and the claim that defending free societies against jihad terror and Islamic supremacism is a right-wing issue, or constitutes “fascism,” is a media fiction.

I expect that Maher, Dawkins, and Harris wouldn’t be caught dead in the company of Pamela Geller or me, even though we note the same truths they do and defend the same freedoms they’re defending. That is testimony only to the effectiveness of the defamation campaign that has now turned against them, for the same reason its organizers targeted us. And as long as their indignation about the threat to the freedom of speech and the hollow truncheon of the “Islamophobia” charge remains restricted only to those on the Left, it remains inconsistent and hypocritical.

“Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins Slam Liberals for Giving Islam ‘Free Pass’ Despite Link to Terrorism,” by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post, October 5, 2015:

Two of the most famous atheists in the world, HBO host Bill Maher and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, slammed liberals who they say are giving Islam a “free pass,” despite the human rights abuses being committed in Muslim countries and by Islamic extremist groups around the world today.

Dawkins was a guest on Maher’s “Real Time” on Friday, where Maher said it is “ridiculous” that some make out Muslims to be a “protected species.”

Dawkins added that people sometimes believe that those criticizing Muslims are racists.

Maher and Dawkins both took aim at liberals they said would shoot down free speech in order to protect Muslim sensitivities. Dawkins pointed out the case of Warwick University’s students’ union declining atheist and critic of extremist Islam Maryam Namazie the opportunity to speak at the school in October, out of fear of offending the religion.

Maher has himself faced push-back for his own university appearances, with University of California at Berkeley students starting a petition last year seeking to bar the HBO host from speaking at 2014’s fall commencement ceremony, due to his “racist” views on Muslims.

“If you can’t speak your mind at a university campus, where can you? I mean that’s what universities are about. It’s about free speech,” Dawkins said.

“So they think that if you you criticize Islam you’re being racist and you’re absolutely right that the regressive [liberals] give a free pass to Islam,” the atheist author continued. “They’re kind of right about everything else, I mean, they’re right about misogyny and all of the other good things. But in the case of Islam, it just gets a free pass and I think it is because of the terror of being thought racist.”

Maher added that those who criticize Islam are also called “Islamophobes,” which he said was a “silly word that means nothing.”

Maher, Dawkins, and other atheist authors, such as Sam Harris, have been criticized by religious commentators, such as Reza Aslan, for blaming Islam for the rise of terrorism….

Aslan added that such anti-theists get their ideas “from the most simplistic, the most unsophisticated and the most knee-jerk reaction to the very real problem of religious violence around the world,” and argued that it is “nothing less than idiotic to blame religion for religious violence without recognizing the multiple factors that are involved in violence of any sort.”

“Multiple factors” are “involved in violence of any sort.” This from a man who accused Pamela Geller and me of complicity in a murder that was initially blamed on “Islamophobia” but that turned out to be an Islamic honor killing. Aslan, of course, refused to retract.


Exclusive: Hate mail Irving mayor and police received over Ahmed Mohamed clock victimhood hoax

Islamic State blows up ancient Arch of Triumph in Palmyra

Muslim Influence Operations at Texas A&M San Antonio

“Influence operations” by America’s enemies use soft techniques such as strategic communications, diplomacy and public relations to accomplish a strategic goal in lieu of military force. That goal for Islamists is for Sharia law to become law for everywhere in the world.  Not necessarily today nor tomorrow but no doubt the end goal is Shariah.

A recent example of influence operations is the “clock boy” hoax of Ahmad Mohamed in Irving, TX.  A sympathetic press with quotes from ill-informed politicians, celebrities orchestrated by the Council on American Islamic Relations officials paints the desired picture of hatred and prejudice against Muslims. The resultant “back story” showing the holes in the entire story fails to make the front pages and hence unknowing Americas are duped by this type of “influence operations.”

A similar “influence operation” is occurring here in San Antonio at Texas A&M San Antonio thanks to a partnership between President Dr. Cynthia Teniente-Matson (210.784.1600, email here) and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).  On October 7th the school’s chapter of the Society of Human Relations Managers (SHRM) is hosting a two hour seminar on “Islam in the Workplace”.

This exact same presentation was originally presented this spring by the San Antonio SHRM chapter. Sarwat Husain, Executive Director for San Antonio Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), was scheduled to speak. She was removed from the speakers list when public outrage resulted in 10,000 emails to the SHRM president asking why an organization identified as supporting Islamic terrorism by Egypt, UAE and U.S. government officials would be permitted to speak to their members.

CAIR did not quit but played the “victimization card” claiming to SHRM supporters that CAIR’s removal was further evidence of “Islamophobia” and found a willing supporter of this argument in the SHRM Chapter sponsor leader at TAMU San Antonio, Dr Adrian Guardia, Dept. of Business (210.784.2332).

Members of the SHRM Board and TAMU officials failed to respond to information from the TAMU Student Body president, Allison Garcia who passed along documents from the FBI and Congress showing CAIR’s ties to known terrorist organizations.

Husain has a history of conveniently deceiving listeners. The Islamic concept of “taqiyyah’ makes this fully acceptable.  In 2009 Husain said:

“For many months, Israel has denied humanitarian aid to Gaza’s civilian population, a blockade that by itself can be regarded as an act of war under international law.… This is state-sponsored terrorism at its best.”

The facts are exactly the opposite. Israel provided these resources and much more:

  • 10,544 patients & companions left Gaza for medical treatment in Israel.
  • 382 emergency evacuations from Gaza for medical purposes.
  • 572 trucks, 5,000 tons of medical supplies entered the Strip.
  • Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem donates $3 million in aid to treat Palestinians in Israel.

This quote from Husain is equally untrue as the statistics reveal. “No other country in the world have terrorized as many people for so long as Israel has for more than half a century…“

Some 11,000,000 Muslims have been violently killed since 1948, of which 35,000, or 0.3 percent, died during the sixty years of fighting Israel, or just 1 out of every 315 Muslim fatalities. In contrast, over 90 percent of the 11 million who perished were killed by fellow Muslims.

Ms. Husain and others would do harm to Islam if they were to discuss two very important Islamic concepts, “tafseer” and “darura” that employers should know. This example of a protecting Islam by using a half-truth or “kitman” is in very handy when conducting “influence operations.”

Koran 4:28 grants Muslims who live in non-Shariah compliant areas, “tayseer” or “lightening of the load” exception.  This would apply to nearly all jobs where Muslims are employed.  The second Islamic concept, “darura” or necessity is also important. If it is necessary, then what is forbidden is permitted.  If a Muslim is hungry and there is no halal (Sharia compliant) food, then he can eat any food. If a Muslim is where he cannot pray, then the prayer can be made up later.  If Sharia law has not been implemented, then a Muslim may handle pork, for example, with no consequences.

These two Islamic concepts gives Islamic justification for fighting frivolous lawsuits brought forward by Muslim employees.

The “influence operations” is complete when Human Relations managers go back to their offices and give business owners incomplete interpretation of Islamic law thus causing the employer to “submit” (Islam means submission) to the wishes of the Muslim employee.  If employers want accurate information on dealing with Islam in the workplace the last group to listen to would be CAIR, understanding “tafseer” and “durura” is far better legal advice. If you want accurate information write to and we will connect you to the honest legal and Islamic resources.

Major Liberal Messaging Myths

It’s presidential election season and the liberal messaging machine is out in full force defending its failed agenda.

Having been both inside the inner-sanctum of presidential politics as a Secret Service agent through three presidential elections as well as a candidate for federal office myself, I’ve witnessed the creation of a deceptive political message. I’ve even been attacked personally.

But nothing aggravates me more than political lies that don’t seem to wear out with time, but stick around like the “gifts that keeps on giving.” Blinded by ideology, many left-leaning pseudo-journalists simply refuse to tell the public the truth about these lies. Given that the media refuses to do its job, I’ve put together this list of the top liberal messaging myths, used during election season, to help you correct the record when debating your liberal friends.

  1. President Clinton Generated a Federal Government “Surplus” (Used to discredit conservative fiscal philosophy) It’s disturbing enough that I hear this particular myth repeated by opinion writers and commentators, but I have also seen mainstream media outlets report this as fact. This is a lie so easily debunked that it surprises me that journalists are willing to risk the small amount of credibility they have left in repeating it.Here are the facts: President Clinton never ran a budget surplus in any year of his presidency. If you dispute this then please take the time to click this link which will direct you to the U.S. Treasury’s own website which provides detailed data on the national debt. Plug in the Clinton presidency years and you will notice that the national debt rose every year of the Clinton presidency. The national debt never went down. Now, ask yourself, how did the federal government manage to run a “surplus” while the national debt continued to increase? The answer is that they didn’t run a surplus. Social Security ran a surplus, and that surplus was spent by lawmakers when it was turned over to the U.S. Treasury. There was never a federal budget surplus.
  2. American CEOs Earn 300 Times the Average Worker’s Salary (Used to discredit capitalism) Far-left outlets love this talking point and use it often to highlight income inequality in America despite the fact that it’s categorically false. The study which reported this 300 to 1 ratio between CEO pay and employee pay studied the 350 largest American companies, but there are hundreds of thousands of CEOs in the United States whose salaries were left out of that sensational statistic.Here’s an analogy to highlight the absurdity of limiting the reporting of CEO pay to an infinitesimally-small portion of the business world: It would be similar to reporting that the players in the Major League Baseball All-Star Game are 300 times better than the players in the local senior softball league. Of course, when you cherry-pick the data to pre-select the biggest and best companies in America, and the biggest and best players in the Major Leagues, you will get large disparities. Here’s the truth: The real ratio of CEO pay to employee pay is closer to 4 to 1 when all of our CEOs are considered, not just the ones which advance the Left’s anti-capitalist agenda. Not exactly the eye-opening number you were expecting, is it? But the Left isn’t interested in opening eyes, they are more interested in blindfolds.
  1. The U.S. Infant Mortality Rate is the Highest Among High-Income Countries (Used to discredit free-market healthcare) Engage in any conversation with a liberal about Obamacare or single-payer healthcare and, undoubtedly, you will hear this false data point thrown out there as fact. They use this faux-statistic to discredit the small portion of the U.S. healthcare that remains open to the free market. This deliberately misleading talking point has even been debunked by the very same wealthy OECD countries quoted in the faux statistic, when they stated, “Some of the international variation in infant and neonatal mortality rates may be due to variations among countries in registering practices of premature infants (whether they are reported as live births or not).”In other words, this statistics is meaningless because it compares apples to oranges. If the countries measured in the study are not using the same characteristics to account for live births then the comparison is meaningless. Isn’t it odd how the Left claims to be on the side of “science” only when science supports some ends they wish to reach? When the real science proves the Left wrong, they resort to data manipulation and chicanery.
  2. President George W. Bush’s Tax Cuts Worsened the Deficit (Used to discredit tax cuts) During both of my political campaigns I had this whopper thrown at me by editorial board staff members of the Washington Post. Making an awkward interview even worse, the Washington Post staffers were unwilling to accept the fact that this proclamation about the Bush tax cuts was not factually accurate, despite my repeated protestations.Here is the truth: The George W. Bush tax cuts didn’t cost the federal government any tax revenue. In the four years following the Bush tax cuts, the federal government experienced record tax revenue growth. This piece of data is only in dispute by those who are either willingly ignorant or willingly engaging in a campaign of deception. There is no third option.

    There’s an important election right around the corner, please don’t let the Left dominate the conversation with false data. Each time one of these false statistics is repeated, without being challenged, its status as a pseudo-fact is calcified. Be a Paul or Paulette Revere for the truth and help correct the record by challenging these myths whenever the opportunity presents itself.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the Conservative Review.

Stand By Me

When the media jumped all over Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy last week for his comments about how the Benghazi hearings have driven Hillary Clinton’s polling numbers down; I couldn’t help but  reflect on what my buddy once told me:

When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon is the only light we’ll see
No I won’t be afraid, no I won’t be afraid
Just as long as you stand, stand by me

Oh darlin’, darlin’, stand by me, oh stand by me
Oh stand by me, stand by me

If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall
And the mountains should crumble to the sea
I won’t cry, I won’t cry, no I won’t shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me

These are the partial lyrics to the smash hit by the late legendary soul singer Ben E. King, “Stand By Me (1961).”

Regardless of what you think about McCarthy, we, as Republicans, should never allow the Democrats to attack one of our own; and Republicans should never adopt the same language of our opposition.

I watched in horror as many Republicans sided with Democrats in their reaction to what McCarthy said; it got so bad that McCarthy was forced to apologize for his remarks.  My sister may be a drunk, but I will not allow you call her that.

As one who makes his living through communications, I am dumbfounded as to how Republicans allowed the Democrats to win the narrative over McCarthy’s remarks.  For the sake of discussion, let’s assume that the Benghazi investigation is all about the “vast right-wing conspiracy” against Hillary Clinton.

Last time I checked, Republicans don’t control the F.B.I. or the inspectors general of the State Department or the intelligence communities.  They are the ones who are investigating whether Clinton violated any laws, not Republicans.

So, the issue is not and should not be about McCarthy’s Benghazi remarks, but rather did Clinton break the law by mishandling classified information because she was arrogant enough to use a private email server in her home to avoid the public ever finding out about her and Bill’s private business dealings.

Message to Republicans, “Don’t let Hillary off the hook under the guise of being non-partisan.”  If Clinton had obeyed the law and followed her department’s own guidelines, then we would not be talking about her emails.  She is not a victim, but rather the perpetrator.

Clinton brought this on herself and the Democratic Party.  She will and should be held accountable for her exercising poor judgement because of her irrational belief that everyone is out to get her.

Democrats are obsessively loyal to their own.  It took them forever to denounce Bill Clinton publically over the Monica Lewinsky affair.  They even stood by former congressman Anthony Weiner and his sexting problem until public pressure became too great.

The point is very clear, we must not turn Hillary into a sympathetic figure.  We need to learn how to do a better job of standing by our own.  If you are a public speaker, at some point you are going to say something that you wish could be taken back; it’s just part of life.

I think McCarthy’s remarks should have been dealt with privately within the party; but publically we should have hammered in on the theme of Hillary’s poor judgement regarding the private email server.  She will not be the Democratic nominee, but we should not let the American people forget how her campaign has come to this point—by her own bad judgement.

She does not have the judgement to be president of the United States because America’s interest will always be subservient to the interests of the Clinton’s business interests.  Can you say Whitewater or the Rose Law Firm?  This is where I take my stand.