Broward County, FL: Twenty-Two Hour Festival “Glorifying Sodomy and Debauchery”

The Broward County, FL Twilight Parade was held on Saturday, June 21st at 7:00 p.m.  Following the parade was the Stonewall Pride Street Festival held from noon to 11:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. on Sunday June 22nd.

Festival organizers in an email wrote:

CALLING ALL DRAG QUEENS & KINGS, TRANSGENDERS & CROSS DRESSERS !! Get International Publicity in the Guiness Book of World Records. TOMORROW, Sat. June 21st At Stonewall In Wilton Manors. 4 pm Registration behend [sic] Main Center Stage and a 5 min. dance to the Cupid Shuffle at 7:30 at same location.

The below poster was attached to the email:


For a large view click on the poster.


Commissioner Bruce G. Roberts – District 1.

Organizers stated, “We look forward to our members and friends staffing the booth and volunteering some of the time to spread the word about Log Cabin Republicans and how we are movers and shakers and can continue to create positive change in the community. Our involvement in the Republican Party bore fruit this week past when one Ft. Lauderdale City Commissioner voted to pass a resolution that endorsed equality for all Americans in Broward County regardless of sexual orientation. Without his vote the resolve would have failed to pass even though the majority of Commissioners were registered Democrats. We have a right to celebrate our effort to make the Party of Lincoln inclusive and challenge those who make our party one that enables exclusion based on any minority status.” [Emphasis added]

The resolution passed by a 3-2 vote. So who was the Republican who cast the swing vote? Commissioner Bruce G. Roberts – District 1, City of Fort Lauderdale.

According to a member of the Lauderdale Beach Republican Club (LBRC), “Bruce Roberts, Republican, was the featured speaker at the Lauderdale Beach Republican Club at their monthly meeting on Tuesday, 17th.  It turned out that he voted YES for a same-sex marriage resolution, while two Democrats — Romney Rogers and Mayor Jack Seiler voted NO! Knowing that Roberts was speaking at our local club, a few of us climbed atop our war horses.  There were seven of us in a room of approximately twenty people. Bob Wolfe, founder and former Chair of that LBRC met us at our table to let us know he knew why we were there, but to please keep it ‘professional.’  He asked me not to throw anything at the commissioner.”

Some asked Commissioner Roberts, who is the only Republican representative on the city commission, “why he voted against Republican family values while two Democrats voted for family values.”  According to attendees reasons were “appalling”, and “included… ‘a high divorce rate among heterosexuals” Roberts was asked if he happened to know the divorce rate among homosexual marriages.  He had no answer.

Jack Gilles then stood and asked Roberts, “As a purported Christian, how do you feel about casting a vote against God?” To which he insisted he had not, and Gilles insisted that, “indeed he had gone against God.”  Roberts then used the excuse of the separation of church and state to explain his vote for gay marriage. Another attendee named Ed then took out his pocket Constitution, walked toward Roberts, and said, “Sir, this is a copy of the United States Constitution.  Please show me in here where it says there must be separation of Church and State.”  By this time the Chairman was calling for the questions to stop. According to attendees the chairman was literally drenched in sweat.

One attendee noted, “It’s what we Republicans continue to do.  Elect candidates and vet them afterwards.”

Top 5 questions to ask a Liberal

Greetings from our nation’s Capitol where I am to speak this afternoon at the Faith and Freedom Coalition. And as always, I enjoyed a nice early morning 5-mile run from the bat cave over to the D.C. mall — doggone it is more humid up here than South Florida.

As I was pounding the pavement, I came up with a list of questions I’d like to pose to a liberal progressive. Well, for every mile it seems I came up with one — glad I didn’t try running 8 miles this morning!

Here you go:

1. If former President George W. Bush was un-American for adding $4 trillion to the national debt, then what is President Barack Hussein Obama who is on his way to adding $8 trillion — and still has two more years to go? Yep, under Obama the national debt has risen from $10.67 trillion to almost $17.5 trillion.

2. If as Obama states, “we leave no man behind,” then what of Marine Sergeant Andrew TahmooressiPastor Saeed Abedini and Kenneth Bae — not to mention still-imprisoned Meriam Yahia Ibrahim – who had her chains removed after giving birth to her daughter, Maya? (And by the way, she is still under a death sentence under Sharia law for marrying a Christian). Nah, those folks don’t help Obama’s political agenda and certainly aren’t as important as recognizing illegal immigrant children “dreamers” at the White House.

3. When the average price of gasoline hit $2.50 a gallon, liberals and their media accomplices went apoplectic (you may have to define that word to a liberal friend) on George W. Bush. Why so silent now, when it’s $3.67?

4. If the late and former President Richard Nixon resigned over a bad case of “breaking and entering” (and the liberal media made a big hoopla over that), what does it take for Barack Hussein Obama to consider the same? Or does the color of skin trump content of character in America now? By the way, I’m planning on my computer crashing next year around tax return time.

5. If it is racist to disagree with the proven failed policies of Barry Soetoro, oops, I mean Barack Hussein Obama, then what is it when liberal progressives disrespect, dismiss, denigrate, demean, disparage, discredit and seek to destroy black conservative Republicans? Funny, all those “D” words come from the Democrat party. Don’t believe me, just look for the responses to this post from liberal progressives (so predictable).

Now, just so you’re aware, be careful when asking these questions to be outside the range of spittle and frothing of the mouth. As well, stand clear so as not to be struck by a liberal progressives wild arm-flinging tantrums as they throw themselves on the floor in a mad rage. These are the telltale symptoms of liberals exposed to the truth — similar to exposing vampires to light. But know that this reaction affirms you are right on the issues and confirms the liberal progressive inability to intellectually respond.

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BREAKING NEWS: Bill Clinton headed to Florida — Hide your daughters and cigars

The Florida Democrat Party is getting ready for a big shindig with cigars at their big Inaugural Leadership Blue Weekend Gala. This monster fest redistribution of trans fatty acids and calories event will be held with key note speaker William Jefferson Clinton this coming Saturday June 28th, 2014 at the Westin Diplomat Hotel.

Breaking news on the dinner

The Democrats have just now changed the name of the event from the Jefferson – Jackson dinner to the Inaugural Leadership Blue Weekend Gala.  Maybe Harry Reid pulled the trade mark on the name to honor any slaves left in the Democrat Party’s caucus.

Apparently the Communist’s,  I mean the Democrats finally decided not to honor President Jackson  who was a substantial planter, owning many slaves, and while he insisted that they be treated “humanely,” he showed no disposition to disturb the legal and constitutional arrangements that maintained the slave system.

Then there was the other guy Jefferson,  one of the wealthiest slave owners in Virginia on paper during 1788–1789, owning more than 200 slaves.  Jefferson the great guy that he was did formally free two of his 200 slaves during his lifetime.  I am not sure but I think Michelle Obama’s second cousin 5th returned was one of the lucky gals… But times change and thanks to the Republican Party’s opposition to slavery  Michelle now gets to live rent free in government housing  in Washington DC.  President  Lincoln we salute you.

Also, good news. If you want to meet the Chairman of the Florida Democrat Party she too will be in attendance but hide the adult brewages from this Progressive Pinocchio. She just claimed Florida had  dramatic May job losses.

Ref: Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant made the following statement: “Floridians deserve a governor they can lean on in these difficult economic times. Rick Scott promised Floridians 1.7 million jobs, but he has failed to deliver.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Florida was at a 6.3% unemployment in May 2014. Under Charlie Crist we were at over 11%. Florida overall has added nearly 193,000 jobs in the last year. That’s the third highest in the nation, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Florida trailed Texas and California.

So  the progressive propaganda machine trundles along unchecked by the sheeple and the liberal dope heads and the Senior Chief types away  bringing good cheer and solid facts to the underground Communist Party. It pisses them off to no end.

The Florida Democrat-Progressive-Communist Party are people of principle. According to their website they:

“Stand for affordable health care and better schools to fighting for civil rights and access to the ballot box, Florida Democrats are leading every day to move our state forward.”

So let me see, did we start putting up military  check points and barbed wire fences around the ballot boxes during elections cycles?  Perhaps access to ballot boxes is difficult for Democrats because they cannot speak English and have a hard time with directions on maps.  Maybe plugging in a GPS coordinate is just too hard for these folks?

Hmm, insurance rates on health insurance premiums are sky rocketing and will soon be out of reach for middle class Americans.  Civil Rights ?  Really.  The Democrat Party created the Klu Klux Klan.  These people are so full of  crap I have to laugh and wonder why people join this club.  Its more of a cult actually.  Common core in our  schools is a centralized Communist – United Nations backed dumbing down of our kids to teach them to be compliant Marxist’s not individual thinkers.

Anyway boys and girls if the Tea Party would like to welcome President Long Legged Mack Daddy cigar boy Clinton with Gadsden Flags and Go Home Commie he will be at the Westin Diplomat Hotel. Hollywood Florida this Saturday the 28th of June. At  7 pm he starts his speech. Hillary wont be tagging along so I am sure his hotel room will have a King size Pacifica with surrounding candles and bevy of Mexican house maids vice two single Queens.

Come on Tea Party have a damn rally. Line the streets and welcome Billy Boy this Saturday evening at the Westin Diplomat Hotel.

Dress up as secret service agents if you want but be polite and respectful. No egg throwing. Bring your signs and line the streets with a big WELCOME message.

Iran/ North Korean Nuclear & ICBM Development Precludes a P5+1 Agreement

Reuel Marc Gerecht, Senior Fellow of the Washington, DC-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies published a book review in Friday’s Wall Street Journal by former Pentagon official, Matthew Kroenig, A Time to AttackThe Looming Iranian Nuclear ThreatMatthew Kroenig is an Associate Professor and International Relations Field Chair in the Department of Government at Georgetown University. Kroenig, who served under former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, presents a thesis that the only way to stop the Islamic regime in Tehran from achieving nuclear hegemony is for the US, not Israel, to bomb several key facilities in Iran. The suggested targets are the centrifuge enrichment centers at Fordow and Natanz, the uranium conversion facility at Isfahan, and the plutonium producing heavy water reactor at Arak.

timetoattackbookcoverWhy? Because as Gerecht relates, the sanctions regime has not deterred Iran from investing over $100 billion in the project to achieve nuclear hegemony replete with the means of delivery. Further, as he points out in his review, the US has the means to seriously cripple those facilities with 30,000 pound bunker busting deep penetrating bombs. The hoped for Stuxnet malworm and other cyber warfare is past. Gerecht notes in his review, they have only “gummed up” the whirling centrifuges enriching weapons grade uranium. Neither does he believe that targeted assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists, allegedly by Mossad, has put a dent in Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear capability. Given that the current P5+1 discussions with Iran seeking to perfect a final agreement with a deadline of July 20th, Gerecht makes this prediction:

Next month in Vienna, Iran and the P5+1 world powers will extend the interim agreement they struck six months ago on Iran’s nuclear program. Secretary of State John Kerry will hold a press conference, offering both sides solemn praise for finding common ground. All the while, through this tough compromise and historic collaboration, the Islamic Republic’s 9,000 spinning centrifuges will keep on enriching uranium; the other 10,000 installed centrifuges won’t be dismantled. Eventually these centrifuges, or thousands of new-and-improved ones, will be able to produce bomb-grade fuel.

Kroenig cautions:

Why would anyone believe that we would fight a nuclear war with Iran if we didn’t even have the stomach for a conventional war with a nonnuclear Iran?

Gericht’s conclusion from his review of Kroenig’s, A Time to Attack:

Mr. Kroenig readily admits that there will be costs for preventive military action. Tehran will likely respond with terrorism, directly or through proxies. But Mr. Kroenig contends that those costs are much lower than allowing Iran to go nuclear. Whether or not he’s right, we will soon find out.

Watch this May 12, 2014  C-SPAN Book TV discussion with Prof. Kroenig about A Time to Attack.

Problem is that the Obama Administration failed to foster regime change in Iran in the fraudulent elections of June 2009. Israel and many others concerned over Iran’s rising hegemony in the Middle East believe that America doesn’t have the will and the unity to undertake what Kroenig suggests. Just look at the President latest tracking poll numbers; less than 37% of American thinks that he is pursuing foreign policies protecting our nation’s interests.

Claudia Rosett in the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal  published an op ed, Iran Could Outsource Its Nuclear –Weapons Program to North Korea. Rosett commented:

The pieces have long been in place for nuclear collaboration between the two countries. North Korea and Iran are close allies, drawn together by decades of weapons deals and mutual hatred of America and its freedoms. Weapons-hungry Iran has oil; oil-hungry North Korea makes weapons. North Korea has been supplying increasingly sophisticated missiles and missile technology to Iran since the 1980s, when North Korea hosted visits by Hasan Rouhani (now Iran’s president) and Ali Khamenei (Iran’s supreme leader since the death of Ayatollah Khomeini in 1989).

In the March edition of the NER, we published a piece entitled, Has Iran Developed Nuclear Weapons in North Korea?  We wrote:

The UN nuclear watchdog agency, the IAEA has no access to North Korean nuclear facilities. These developments corroborate the assessment of private intelligence and national security analyst Ilana Freedman. See The Freedman Report on January 31st, “A Friendlier Iran? Or Have They Just Moved Their Nukes to North Korea?

Rosett in the WSJ op ed lays out the case for what the NER article demonstrated was a plausible means of evading sanctions. The evidence for that we noted was North Korean/ Iranian cooperation with Assad’s Syria creating a plutonium reactor on the Euphrates at Al Kibar destroyed by Israel’s Air Force in September 2007. We drew attention to Iranian/ North Korean joint development of large rocket boosters sufficient to loft nuclear MIRV warheads and the likelihood that Iran might have that capability within a few years. In June 2014, The Algemeiner reported an Iranian official announcing that it possessed a 5,000 kilometer (approximately 3,125 miles) range missile that could hit the strategic base of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean:

“In the event of a mistake on the part of the United States, their bases in Bahrain and (Diego) Garcia will not be safe from Iranian missiles,” said an Iranian Revolutionary Guard adviser to Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Majatba Dhualnuri.

Kroenig wrote in his book:

Iran is building ICBMs No country on Earth, not even the United States, mounts conventional warheads on ICBMs. Traditionally, ICBMs have had one purpose: to deliver nuclear warheads thousands of miles away. If Iran is not developing nuclear weapons, then why does it have such a robust ICBM development program?

The clock is ticking on  P5+1 and Iran endeavoring to reach an agreement by July 20th. Five days of talks in Vienna ended yesterday. They will reconvene on July 2nd and may or may not conclude with an agreement on July 20th.  The Wall Street Journal in a report on those negotiations contrasted the views of US Negotiator, Deputy Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman, with those of Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.  It noted that the talks ended without a joint statement. Sherman said: “We are at a very crucial moment in these negotiations. Our Conversations this week have been very tough but constructive.”  Zarif commented that only a deal could emerge if the US backed away from what he termed were “excessive demands.” “I advised them to think more seriously and to be realistic and to look for a solution.” Translated that means, we are poles apart. Meanwhile those centrifuges at Fordow and Natanz keep whirling enriching uranium while Iranian/ North Korean joint ICBM and MIRV development continue.  If we were bettors, we’d put even money on Gericht’s prediction: no agreement by July 20th or even six months hence.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The New English Review.

The Metropalistan Opera

This column is a follow up to my recent article “We have MET the Enemy“.


Scene from “The Death of Klinghoffer”.

Canceling the simulcast of ‘The Death of Klinghoffer” does not exculpate any of the personnel affiliated with the opera if the show will be presented on stage as scheduled.  Because Peter  Gelb acknowledged the “genuine concern in the international Jewish community,” he is not oblivious to the impropriety, yet he continues unimpeded.  He may well be an active partner to the insult, an accomplice to Alice Goodman’s rejection of their mutual heritage, or he lacks the capacity to see that this production should also be of enormous concern to the greater American community.  It would appear that this may well rank with the Bavarian Oberammergau that continues to inspire antisemitism – but not only antisemitism.  This perverted story is an act of jihad.

For the still uninformed, Jihad is “holy war,” or it would be a holy war if Islam were a bona fide religion. However, Islam is political ideology, a movement of conquest that is presented as a religion (a religion of peace, no less!),  a duty for all Muslims to wage war against the non-Islamic world on behalf of their prophet, Mohammed.  In the 7th century, after 13 years of futile attempts at converting Meccan and Medinan Jews, Christians and idol worshipers to his new religion, Mohammed began torturing, looting and destroying those who would not accept his “religion” or him as prophet. He beheaded (Jewish) men, enslaved women and children, and killed until both cities were inhabited by Muslims only.  Thus he acquired land and converts to Islam. To this day, his followers must obey the same Qur’anic decrees. Eighty percent of the Qur’an is devoted to dealing with the unbeliever. Mohammed converted about 10,000 to Islam every year, committing violence until the end of his life.  Islam is a detailed political system, a demonic doctrine of jihad and the implementation of Islamic laws, Sharia, everywhere.

9:29  Make war on those who have received the Scriptures (Jews and Christians) but do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day.  They do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden. The Christians and Jews do not follow the religion of truth until they submit and pay the poll tax (jizya) and they are humiliated.

Over these 1400 years, Jihad has been responsible for the death of 270 million people worldwide. Known as “The Tears of Jihad,” they include 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus, 10 million Buddhists, 120 million Africans, the number increases with each attack throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Russia, India and China.  To assume that we Americans are not included in their vision is, at the least, foolish.  To paint the jihadists as though they might be justified or in need of compassion is reckless.  We cannot turn a blind eye and portray the terrorists with humanity, or we will not be able to defend ourselves as they change our culture and mindset in this slow, methodical onslaught. These cold-blooded killers who are meticulously trained since childhood to revel and celebrate death have been robbed of all humanity.

The opera’s purpose is to prime us to be insensitive to the death of a wheelchair-bound American, a veteran of World War II, an inventor and appliance manufacturer, a husband and father, with the smokescreen that he is Jewish and, therefore, responsible for every misfortune known to the Muslim world.  It is also preparing us to slowly lose our moral compass, take on their Qur’anic mission of hate and death, and tolerate their violence, evil, and bloodlust as “acceptable under the circumstances.” It is enhanced with the accusation of “Islamophobia,” to prevent us from naming and discussing the enemy.

Raymond Ibrahim, Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum and author, has exposed Islam’s war on Christians. There are news reports daily of Muslim killings according to Muhammad’s commands – oppressing their women, honor killings, hunting down apostates, kidnapping children into sexual slavery, and converting or killing Christians in Afghanistan, Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Iran, Krygyz, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Tanzania, and into Europe.  You need  only turn on the few TV channels that are still dedicated to reporting the truth.

The opera is an insult to the memory of Leon Klinghoffer and his family and an assault on us and our humanity.  We must not be manipulated into this gradual acceptance of the Islamic viewpoint. We must understand that this is yet another jihad war strategy with the purpose of destroying us – nihilism – to establish an Islamic caliphate in the Western world.  There is no greater threat to mankind today than Islam and this opera must not be staged.


The Met’s senseless ‘Klinghoffer’ cop-out
Presbyterian Church (USA) Makes Controversial Divestment Move Against Israel

The EPA: A Pattern of Waste, Fraud and Abuse

epa-abuse-thmb1bA new website has launched dedicated to exposing the “dictatorial” mandates of the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA has morphed from a small government agency established by President Richard M. Nixon on December 4, 1970 designed to reduce air, water and solid waste pollution into a powerful tool used by Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama to impose draconian political agendas in a the “quixotic” mission to control the earth’s climate.

The preferred tools are EPA rules and regulations. The EPA now can control entire industries including agriculture, energy, automotive, manufacturing and even public education in its efforts to control mankind in the name of saving the planet. It’s attempts have become so pervasive so as to impact every level of government, every business and the life of every American.

Every level of the federal government has been negatively impacted by the EPA’s effort to “go green”. From the US Navy’s requirement to purchase bio-diesel at a cost of $26 a gallon versus $3 for regular diesel fuel, to the US Army’s 15-year and $100 million dollar effort to take the lead out of bullets, making the bullets less accurate and lethal, to the Veterans Administration putting greater emphasis on “going green” than taking care of America’s wounded warriors and veterans.

The pattern is clear: “going green” has a higher priority than protecting this nation’s economy, individual property rights and American workers.

According to Paul Driessen from CFACT, “Last year [2013], Congress enacted 72 new laws; and federal agencies promulgated 3,659 new rules, imposing $1.86 trillion in annual regulatory compliance costs on American businesses and families. It’s hardly surprising that America’s economy shrank by 1% the first quarter of 2014, our labor participation rate is a miserable 63%, and real unemployment stands at 12-23% (and even worse for blacks and Hispanics).”

“Even worse, in the case of climate change, this process is buttressed by secrecy, highly questionable research, contrived peer reviews, outright dishonesty, and an absence of accountability… Mr. Obama and EPA chief Gina McCarthy are nevertheless determined to slash reliance on coal, even in 20 states that rely on this fuel for half to 95% of their electricity, potentially crippling their economies… The EPA also channels vast sums to its ‘independent’ Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, which likewise rubberstamps the agency’s pollution claims and regulations: $180.8 million  to 15 CASAC members since 2000. Imagine the outrage and credibility gap if Big Oil gave that kind of money to scientists who question the ‘dangerous manmade climate change’ mantra,” notes Driessen.

Today EPA regulations directly impact every family, primarily in their pocket books. From filling up the family car’s gas tanks (ethanol), to their electric bill (war on coal) to purchasing commodities (restrictive land and water usage), every American family is increasingly feeling the pinch.

This short video of one family feeling the EPA pain, with little gain, is provided by




  1. Supreme Court limits greenhouse gas regulations
  2. New EPA Regs Issued Under Obama Are 38 Times as Long as Bible
  3. Sky-high Electric Bills Courtesy of Obama EPA’s War on Coal
  4. EPA regulations will raise your electric bills, threaten the grid
  5. The War on Affordable Energy Claims More Victims
  6. EPA’s war on consumers, affordable electricity, and jobs
  7. Sen. Jon Tester’s War on Affordable Energy
  8. The scandal of fiddled global warming data: The US has actually been cooling since the Thirties, the hottest decade on record

RELATED VIDEO: Remember when the president said that under his plan, “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket?” Well, that could soon become a reality.  Not only do we need to stop his scheme, we also need to maximize America’s energy abundance to help deliver more jobs, lower costs, and long-term stability.

Enough! They MUST Be Stopped!

It has become a daily frightening occurrence, hearing politicians, commentators, pundits and stunned Americans say, “That’s outrageous!” “He can’t do that!” “No way!” “It’s against federal law!” “They have no legal authority to force us to do that!” These comments are in response to the daily unprecedented out-of-control tyranny handed down by Obama and his operatives. We are talking arrogance with a capital “A” coming out of the Obama Administration.

For example. The GOP was moving too slow in caving to Obama’s amnesty scheme, so Obama said, screw it, I’ll bypass everyone and make it happen. Obama sent a clarion call interpreted around the world to mean if you can get your kids to the U.S., the kids can stay. In essence, Obama has made illegal aliens winners of his Open Borders Lottery; free food, health care, legal assistance and education – winning more free goodies than are available to American kids. Like a game show announcer, I expect an Administration official to enthusiastically say to illegals, “But wait, there’s more….A NEW CARRRR!!!”

Around one thousand illegals arrive daily. Over 47 thousand have arrived thus far, an estimated 90 thousand to arrive by September 30th. Everyone and anyone (gang members, drug dealers and other criminals) are illegally moving to America greeted with open arms by the Obama Administration. Americans who are paying attention are well aware of the impending devastatingly negative impact Obama’s “y’all come” policy will have on our structure as a nation, economy and national security.

Like every other extremely arrogant action by Obama from blatantly lying about Obamacare to releasing the Taliban five, while everyone expresses disbelief, outrage and concern, nothing happens. The same is the case concerning the disaster happening at our border. Despite bipartisan outrage, the tsunami of illegals continues.

Then, there is the absurd lie from the IRS that Lerner’s emails related to the targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups were lost due to a computer crash. Does this Administration believe they can say and do anything they please and get away with it? The answer is yes. As I stated, the remarkable arrogance of this Administration is becoming legendary.

However, what I find most extraordinarily arrogant and insidious is this Administration’s relentlessly focused efforts to mandate political correctness and implement their socialist/progressive agenda via government overreach. The feds have stepped in to try to force the Washington Redskins to change their name; talk about focusing on the minor while ignoring the major.

Think about that folks. Iraq is falling apart. A gazillion illegals are invading our country. Terrorism is back on the rise. Food prizes are through the roof. Forty-seven million Americans are on food stamps. Ninety million Americans are unemployed. Obamacare is a job killing and health care disaster. And what does the Obama Administration focus on; taking extraordinary measures to force the Redskins to change their name. Unbelievable.

My fellow Americans, when is enough enough from this horrifyingly deceitful, conniving, anti-American and evil bunch in DC who are holding our great nation hostage? The mainstream media will never place the best interest of America above Obama. The first black president is their best hope for ramming their dreamed socialist/progressive agenda down the throats of the American people. I get that.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the GOP, Democrats and the MSM are in solidarity with the concept of an ever-increasing big government America.

Obama and his operatives are so emboldened to lie and do whatever they please because there has been no major push back or effective effort to politically stop them.

Therefore, the last hope for America as founded is us; you, me, the Tea Party. We MUST vote out GOP traitors and Obama operatives and replace them with conservatives. Period!

And another thing — along with supporting conservatives such as Chris McDaniel in his June 24th runoff in Mississippi, we MUST continue rallying around, supporting and encouraging our hand full of fighters in DC, Sen Ted Cruz, Sen Mike Lee, Congressman Trey Gowdy and others.

Mary and I are driving from Florida to Biloxi Mississippi to meet up with our Conservative Campaign Committee team. We will help push Chris McDaniel over the top.

Folks, together, we can do this.

Mercenaries: A Global Force for Good

Mercenaries Putting the World Right with Hired Guns“In Ethiopia, 85 million people, almost half of its population is under 14 years of age. In rural and urban areas, children often begin working at 5 years. Poverty, death of one or both parents, child trafficking, forced early marriage are key factors that push children into work, above all young girls to be involved in commercial sex work. Around 90,000 children were found to be working in prostitution, over 50% started engaging in prostitution below 16 years of age. Child prostitution in Ethiopia is increasing incredibly during the last 5 years. Sex exploitation has devastating consequences for minors: physical and psychological trauma, HIV, diseases, drug addiction (qat abuse), unwanted pregnancy. A body is sold at a price of between 10 and 60 birr (0.40 – 2.40 €). The belief is the young girls are HIV free,” notes , Intelligence Analyst at

How can this and other human tragedies in the Levant, Africa and the Middle East be stopped?

Al J. Venter in his book Mercenaries: Putting the World Right with Hired Guns has the answer. Venter writes, “As David Shearer said in an article [Outsourcing War] published in Foreign Affairs (Fall edition, 1998), for three centuries the accepted international norm had been that only nation-states were permitted to fight wars. The rise of private companies entering the business as a legitimate, profit-oriented activity, he observed, had provoked outrage and prompted calls for them to be outlawed… Yet in recent times, there has been a shift in the nature of war.”

“Martin van Creveld, one of the preeminent war theoreticians of our time, postulated as much in his book, The Transformation of War. It is his view that the sort of conventional wars waged by nation-states are fading from the map. In [the] future, he suggests, ‘war-making entities’, are likely to resemble those of the pre-modern era,” Venter notes.

ececutive outcomes patchIn his book Venter presents case studies of “war-making entities” and how they have succeeded where nation-states, and the United Nations in particular, have failed. In a nut shell they have done more with less and in some cases changed history in struggles in Sierra Leone, Angola, Biafra, Rhodesia, Somalia, the Congo, Nigeria, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. These “war-making entities” or Private Military Companies (PMCs) have a long history of successes that have sadly gone unnoticed by the press.

Professional Military Companies like Executive Outcomes (EO) have changed the course of wars, as in Angola and Sierra Leone, using a few highly trained, well lead and mission focused professionals. Most PMCs are founded by former special forces soldiers from a variety of countries including South Africa, Canada, Great Britain and the United States. Perhaps the most notable American PMC is Blackwater U.S.A. now called Academi.

Venter uses Executive Outcomes as the example of a stellar PMC. Venter quotes American journalist Elizabeth Rubin, who reported on EO activities in Sierra Leone in a lengthy article for the New York magazine Harpers, “The South African mercenaries, she wrote, ‘were unreservedly hailed by the chiefs, the businessmen and the street people as saviors.'” According to Venter Executive Outcomes was successful because of its “four interlocking principles”:

1.  Air support for ground operations;
2. Reliance on the individual in the field for a good level of personal initiative and basic common sense;
3. Logistics;
4. The need to run an efficient business so as to prevent loss of life in combat.

Venter notes, “EO’s command and control approach encouraged resolute, often independent action to achieve these aims.”

eo_pic06Who fills the ranks of these PMCs? Venter writes, “Today’s professional soldier for hire, in the main, is a pretty ordinary guy. The majority probably wouldn’t be out of place in your local police force. About the only thing that sets the contemporary soldier of fortune apart from the rest is that he is a veteran with a good run of experience to show for it. He’s seen combat and he’s survived.”

You will read about the great names in the world of soldiers of fortune like gunship ace Mike Ellis, USAF Vietnam veteran Dana Drenkowski, Colonel Bob Denard, Cobus Claassens (on whose life Ed Zwick’s film Blood Diamonds is based), Count Carl Gustaf von Rosen, Roelf van Heerden, Dave McGrady, Arthur Walker, “Monster” Wilkins and many others.

You will also learn about how Emery Riddle School of Aeronautics in Miami played a role in providing Cuban pilots in the Congo.

This is a must read book if you are interested in finding the best PMC to join, what it takes to be a professional soldier of fortune or just love to read novels by Tom Clancy or Frederick Forsyth, who used some of these war dogs to create their characters.

The most important lesson to take away from Venter’s book is mercenaries are becoming a global force for good in this chaotic world in which we live. Honor them.

NOTE: The featured photo is of Al J. Venter (left) with Cobus Claassens taken after the successful attack on the rebel base at Biaima in the East of Sierra Leone during the West African civil war.

Demographics: The Story of Western Civilization in Decline

demographic bomb and winter dvd covers

Click on the image to order these DVDs.

There are growing concerns that Western civilization is in decline due, in part, to policies that have made the traditional family with children the exception rather than the rule. Maintaining high fertility rates are important and must be part of any civilizations priorities.

Western political policies, which include aborting future generations and redefining marriage, have added to this growing concern that Western civilization is in a dangerous demographic downward spiral, with some Western European cultures unable to recover from it, ever.

Cultures which produce children at a rate of 2.11 per family or greater survive and thrive. Those who do not, become extinct. This video clip makes the point of which cultures are in decline and which are surviving and thriving. This issue has been covered in multiple books and articles.

I recommend visiting the website Demographic Bomb: Demography is Destiny. There are two DVDs which you may order online. Both are a must watch if you want to understand the importance of the traditional family and cultures that support it.

Boston Globe/ June 22, 2008

By Jeff Jacoby

Boston Globe | June 22, 2008

In 1965, the population of Italy was 52 million, of which 4.6 million, or just under 9 percent, were children younger than 5. A decade later, that age group had shrunk to 4.3 million – about 7.8 percent of Italians. By 1985, it was down to 3 million and 5.3 percent. Today, the figures are 2.5 million and 4.2 percent.

Young children are disappearing from Italian society, and the end isn’t in sight. According to one estimate by the UN’s Population Division, their numbers will drop to fewer than 1.6 million in 2020, and to 1.3 million by 2050. At that point, they will account for a mere 2.8 percent of the Italian nation.

Italy isn’t alone. There are 1.7 million fewer young children in Poland today than there were in 1960, a 50 percent drop. In Spain 30 years ago, there were nearly 3.3 million young children; there are just 2.2 million today. Across Europe, there were more than 57 million children under 5 in 1960; today, that age group has plummeted to 35 million, a decline of 38 percent.

The world’s population is still growing, thanks to rising longevity. But fertility rates – the average number of children born per woman – are falling nearly everywhere. More and more adults are deciding to have fewer and fewer children. Worldwide, reports the UN, there are 6 million fewer babies and young children today than there were in 1990. By 2015, according to one calculation, there will be 83 million fewer. By 2025, 127 million fewer. By 2050, the world’s supply of the youngest children may have plunged by a quarter of a billion, and will amount to less than 5 percent of the human family.

The reasons for this birth dearth are many. Among them:

As the number of women in the workforce has soared, many have delayed marriage and childbearing, or decided against them altogether. The Sexual Revolution, by making sex readily available without marriage, removed what for many men had been a powerful motive to marry. Skyrocketing rates of divorce have made women less likely to have as many children as in generations past. Years of indoctrination about the perils of “overpopulation” have led many couples to embrace childlessness as a virtue.

Result: a dramatic and inexorable aging of society. In the years ahead, the ranks of the elderly are going to swell to unprecedented levels, while the number of young people continues to dwindle. The working-age population will shrink, first in relation to the population of retirees, then in absolute terms.

Now a determined optimist might take this as good news. In theory, fewer people in the workforce should increase the demand for employees and thus keep unemployment low and the economy humming.

But the record tells a different story. In Japan, where the fall in fertility rates began early, the working-age population has been a diminishing share of the nation for 20 years. Yet for much of that period, unemployment has been up, not down

“Similarly, in the United States, the number of people between the ages of 15 and 24 has been declining in relative terms since 1990,” demographer Phillip Longman observed in the Harvard Business Review. “But the smaller supply has not made younger workers more valuable; their unemployment rate has increased relative to that of their older counterparts.”

Far from boosting the economy, an aging population depresses it. As workers are taxed more heavily to support surging numbers of elders, they respond by working less, which leads to stagnation, which reduces economic opportunity still further. “Imagine that all your taxes went for nothing but Social Security and Medicare,” says Longman in “Demographic Winter,” a new documentary about the coming population decline, “and you still didn’t have health care as a young person.”

Gary Becker, a Nobel laureate in economics, emphasizes that nothing is more indispensable to growth than “human capital” – the knowledge, skills, and experience of men and women. That is why baby booms are so often harbingers of economic expansion and vigor. And why businesses and young people drain away from regions where population is waning.

A world without children will be a poorer world – grayer, lonelier, less creative, less confident. Children are a great blessing, but it may take their disappearance for the world to remember why.

Save Our World By Saving Our Children

One of the most ominous dramas of modern times is quietly unfolding. Below replacement fertility rates in many countries and the decline of the natural family are leading us to a demographic “tipping point” which threatens catastrophic consequences.

In Demographic Bomb it poses the question: How do we value children in today’s world?

Do we value children as a blessing or as a burden? Has society been so indoctrinated with the idea that the world is over populated, that we are now willing to sacrifice children and a proven economic model that is essential for the growth and economic prosperity of every nation? In the documentary “Demographic Bomb, demography is destiny” it tells of the decline of the family and how below-replacement fertility has negatively affected the global economy. Today, most of the world is experiencing a birth dearth – for it takes 2.1 children to replace the previous generation and all of Europe is only at 1.36.

History has shown that as a country’s population declines so does a country’s economic future. The findings of the many scholars that we interviewed show that a country’s economic future is ties closely to its demographic makeup and that as population increases, so does the stock of human ingenuity.

A good example from history on how birthrates have affected a country’s future prosperity is a comparison between the United States and Japan. After World War II, the US soldiers came home and had babies and America enjoyed the 81 million baby boom generation, which led to 40 years of great prosperity for America. As the baby boom generation hit their pick spending age and increased their consumer spending, the US economy sky rocketed. It is individual spending that drives the economy, for it represents over 70% of the United States Gross National Product.

Where, on the other hand, Japan did not enjoy a baby boom after World War II. They had women in the workforce working for the war effort and war machine and after the war the women stayed in the workforce to clean up the ashes of destruction of World War II. Thus, they didn’t have a lot of children, but with everyone in the workforce, there economy did extremely well for the next 30 plus years, but the forgot one thing–children for their future. So from their market peek in the late 1990’s their stock market, the Nikkei, dropped 80% of its value over the next 14 years, and their real estate values dropped %60 across the board during that same time period.

Why is this important that a country understands something about demographics? Because as they understand the role that demographics play as a great predictor of a country’s fate and future, they will come to realize that children are essential for a country’s economic survival. Countries like Russia, which are aborting more children than are being born, and countries like China, which has the One-Child policy and through selective abortions and infeicide killings has now left over a 100 million men that will not be able to get married because there are not enough women to go around, will come to realize that if they want economic properity, they need to re-examine their population control policies and programs.

So, if we want to save millions of children each year who are the innocent victims of abortion, social decay, civil unrest and economic strife, then we need to educate policy makers on the messages that are contained in these two important documentaries.

Visit our website to find out more about Demographic Bomb- Demography is Destiny:

The Mugging of the Washington Redskins: The Left’s Attack on Private Property

In his radio broadcast of Wednesday, June 18, Rush Limbaugh delivered a dire warning… albeit a warning that few listeners will be able to relate to in their private lives. He reported on the decision by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to attack the property rights of the Washington Redskins, revoking their trademark rights to the Redskins name and logo. Rush reminded his listeners that, on January 9 of this year, he predicted that “the way the feds are going to ‘get the Redskins’ is (through) the federal trademark office.”

He asked his listeners to imagine the federal government eliminating their private-property rights because of the interpretation of political correctness by a “very tiny minority” of people, ostensibly because they are “offended by something that you own…” He went on to say that they do this “because of political correctness, because they’re liberals, because they’re statists and authoritarians…”

He concluded by saying, “What happened to the Redskins is neither the first nor the last assault on private-property rights that citizens can expect to witness.” He cautioned, “Cheer if you want, but scoffers need to remember that no one is safe when the protections of a constitutional republic are stripped away.”

There is no doubt that the U.S. patent and trademark system has been the “engine” of our economy since the day it was written into the U.S. Constitution in 1787. No other nation on Earth has a patent and trademark system like ours, a system that has the potential of creating great personal wealth for anyone who knows how to “build a better mousetrap.” Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, two of the most innovative minds among our Founding Fathers, were both prolific inventors, but neither of them could possibly have imagined the scope of what they set in motion.

However, having created an economy and a standard of living far beyond what is available anywhere else in the world, particularly in nations of the Third World, it was to be expected that our patent and copyright system would one day come under attack by foreign interests.

In April 1997, I was minding my own business at my remote hideaway amid the hills and lakes of eastern Oklahoma when I received a telephone call from Washington. I was being recruited as part of a three-man team to take on a very important project. Our job was to kill Senate Bill 507, the Omnibus Patent Reform Act of 1997, and H.400, the House version of the bill.

But first, a bit of history. In 1996, the Clinton administration agreed to give the People’s Republic of China a complete set of magnetic tapes from the U.S. Patent Office computers, containing every iota of U.S. technology registered with the patent office in the previous 160 years. For those who have wondered what the Chinese received in exchange for the millions of dollars they poured into the Clinton-Gore reelection campaign in 1996, we finally had an answer.

However, when the editor of an internal Commerce Department newsletter unwittingly exposed the scheme all hell broke loose and the offer was withdrawn. It was then that Bill Clinton and Al Gore, at the behest of the Japanese and the Chinese, caused legislation to be introduced in the Congress that would have literally decimated the U.S. patent system.

When the legislation was described to me I thought it must be some terrible joke. No American president could possibly think it was a good idea… unless, of course, he owed a huge debt of gratitude to the Chinese and he was more concerned about that than he was about the economic security of the American people. The legislation we were hired to defeat would have damaged or destroyed the U.S. patent system, to the benefit of our foreign trading partners.

We had a difficult task ahead of us. On our first day in Washington the House of Representatives passed its version of the bill, H.400, on a voice vote. Not a single member of the House called for a recorded vote. They voted to destroy one of the most important core functions of the federal government, and they did it on a voice vote… without a single public hearing.

The Clinton legislation proposed that the Department of Commerce relinquish its control over the U.S. Patent Office, and that the patent office would become a new government corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the federal government. They further proposed that the patent office be controlled by an advisory board comprised of six individuals drawn from the private sector…many, if not all, with vested interests in patent office decisions.

They proposed that the patent office be authorized to accept gifts of cash, or anything else of value, without limit, from any and all sources, including individuals, corporations, foreign businessmen, and foreign governments. There was not even a prohibition against contributions from individuals and corporations with patents pending.

They proposed that the patent office be authorized to borrow money and to create debt, without congressional approval, and to retire debt by increasing patent fees… in effect, giving the patent office the power to levy taxes. They simply ignored the fact that, under provisions of the U.S. Constitution, only the Congress has the power to tax.

In order to attract the support of America’s largest multinational corporations, the authors of the bill included two provisions that would allow corporations, foreign and domestic, as well as foreign governments, to literally steal intellectual properties without the necessity of paying royalties. First, they proposed that the Patent Office be required to make public all technical details of every new patent application just eighteen months after the inventor filed for a patent… on average, some two and one-half years before the inventor would receive patent protection… with the entire world looking on.

U.S. patent law has always required that all technical details of every patent application be held in strictest confidence by the patent office until the inventor received patent protection. In effect, there would no longer be patent protection for anyone except those with deep enough pockets to defend themselves in multi-million dollar court challenges.

Finally, they proposed the establishment of a system of “patent reexaminations” in which any person or corporation, for a $2,000 filing fee, could cause any existing patent to be reexamined by the patent office. Under provisions of H.400 and S.507, the inventor would be prohibited from using, licensing, or exploiting his or her patented technology in any way while the patent was under reexamination. And while the reexamination process could take years to complete, the clock would continue to run on the inventor’s seventeen-year patent term.

Of course, if the inventor were able to successfully defend his patent, those who wished to steal his technology would have others standing in line to file for additional reexaminations. Rather than face personal bankruptcy through the legal costs of endless reexaminations, most inventors would gladly sell their rights to their patents for pennies on the dollar.

If ever there was an outright invitation to corruption, the Clinton-Gore Omnibus Patent Reform Act of 1997 was it. There was nothing in it for the American people, but when we looked to see who was supporting the bills we could understand their motivation. We found ourselves arrayed against the president and vice president of the United States, the People’s Republic of China, the Japanese government, the Indonesian Lippo Group, and more than eighty U.S. multinational corporations, including, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, General Electric, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Motorola, Coca-Cola, and dozens more.

We were up against the most powerful coalition of political and moneyed interests on Earth, and the bill they were supporting was potentially more damaging to our country than if we’d lost World War II to the Germans and Japanese, or if we’d lost the Cold War to the Soviets, and it was all done at the behest of a leftist administration in the White House… much like the Obama administration’s decision to revoke the Washington Redskins’ right to use their name and logo.

With a bit of skillful maneuvering behind the scenes, we were able to defeat S.507 in the U.S. Senate. However, I will never forget the day we found ourselves going from senate office to senate office, following close on the heels of a small group of corporate CEOs, led by none other than Microsoft’s Bill Gates, undoing any damage they might have done. As we visited with one western senator he shook his head, and said, “You know, I have a big problem with a guy who makes $13 million a day coming in here ‘whining’ about how tough things are for him.”

But liberals never give up. The problems confronted by the Washington Redskins are only more proof that if at first they don’t succeed, liberals will try and try again. As German theologian Martin Niemőller said, “In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

Today they came after the Washington Redskins; who will it be tomorrow? In November, the voters must begin to send the message that, like crime, political correctness does not pay. There can be no better way to accomplish that end than by voting against every Democrat on the ballot. It is they who are the principal purveyors and the principal beneficiaries of political correctness.

RELATED ARTICLE: First it was the Redskins, now the PC cops complain about the ‘Apache’ helicopter

EDITORS NOTE: We just received from a football fan the below proposed new logo for the Washington Redskins.

washington redskins potatoe logo

The Obama Administration’s Growing Assault on Religious Liberty: Wake up Catholic Church!

Hope all is well as we are two days away from the official start of summer…and, friends, it is getting hot as hell out here. And, if you think it’s hot now, wait until you see what the liberal Obama administration is fixing to do this up-coming week. As if the attack on our beloved Catholic Church on January 20th, 2012 with Sebelius and the H.H.S. Mandate wasn’t bad enough, wait till you see what “Mr. Executive Order” is setting up to do. And, mind you, the Holy Catholic Church did not do a damn thing back then to fight that unethical & immoral mandate that knocks the First Amendment out of the U.S. Constitution books, while crippling our religious freedoms to a complete standstill. Shame on Cardinal Dolan. Shame on the Catholic Church. Shame on the 51% of Catholics who voted for this egomaniac whose ego is almost as big as his ears.

I have written about this religious freedom fiasco way too many times and way too many times, nothing has been done. Running two “Fortnight for Freedoms” was like the captain of the Titanic asking his first mate to use a half gallon bucket to take some water out of their sinking ship. The state of our Catholic Church today does not look like the Catholic Church that I signed up for 56 years ago. The one that I did my Baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation and Holy Matrimony at. The one that I love with my entire being and call “my home away from home”. This does not look like the Holy Church that is headquartered out of the Vatican in Rome. The one that Jesus built upon the rock of Peter. It almost feels like it is the Catholic Church that is being run up on the Hill at the liberal White House in Washington D.C. They have had a lot more input these past 5 & a half years than what is coming out of the Holy See in the Vatican…or the USCCB, which is just a few blocks away from the Obama mansion.

Come on now, let’s get serious for a minute here. As of today, only a measly “80” law suits have been filed against the Obama administration & the H.H.S. Mandate. “80” – not “8,000”!!! Like I have said from January 21st, 2012 up until yesterday – “The day that the the Vatican and the USCCB get enough guts and courage to stand up to this wanna-be dictator in our White House and order every single Catholic institution in our country to file a law suit against this administration & the H.H.S. that is making a complete mockery of the Holy Catholic Church – is the day that the Catholic Church will be the Church Triumphant”…Right now and for many decades to come, we will remain the Church Suffering…so, we better get used to it.

If the small but powerful Ave Maria University in tiny Immokalee, Florida can file a law suit – the rest of our Catholic institutions can. If the ever-Catholic Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio can do it – the rest of us can. It is beyond my comprehension that then-President of the USCCB, Cardinal Dolan, did not do anything to combat these intrinsic evils and at least, order every Catholic institution in the U.S. to file a law suit against the H.H.S. It is even more painful to see incoming President of the USCCB, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, clumsily take the baton from Cardinal Dolan…and let it hit the ground without even trying to pick it up. He fumbled it badly and now every Catholic in this country is paying a dear price for it. More than 30 pieces of silver. Beyond me, folks…Gutless. And, this is supposed to be the “Year of Boldness”.

In these first 6 months of our proclaimed “Year of Boldness”, I can count on one hand – actually, on one finger – how many times the leaders of our beloved Catholic Church have been bold. It’s more like “being told”instead of “being bold” – as in being told what to do by Sebelius, Pelosi, Obama, Biden, Reid and the rest of the cast of clowns. The Catholic Church is being told what to do every day of the year and not one of our church leaders has the guts to stand up to this unfair assault. A “live” Puppet show at the USCCB. The White House controls the strings. Beyond excruciating. And, now with this new Executive Order coming from King Kenya, the Catholic Church better brace itself and get ready to take it again on the backside one more time.

Executive Order Number what…Who can keep track? This nifty one coming from our avid golfer in the White House “bars federal contractors from discriminating against anyone on gender identity and/or sexual orientation”. Obama is moving on the issue a week after talking about the important role that administrative action can play in advancing LGBT rights. (I am not certain, but I think LGBT stands for Lesbian/Gay/ Bi-sexual & Trans-sexual) I cannot believe I even had to elaborate on this appalling type of lifestyle. I know it sounds a bit “queer”, but that is what this liberal socialist is pushing in “our” country and what the Holy Catholic Church is going to get hit once again with – like a ton of condoms.

 Yes, Obama’s team is gearing up to place unfair pressure on Catholic charitable social services to conform to its progressive & leftist agenda. Church services – like adoption agencies – will have to face a choice. Either conform to that agenda or shut their doors for the lack of federal financial support. The choices are bleak. The fault is our own. The Catholic Church should have never allowed herself to be put into this compromising position. Had we stood up “Two-Gether” as One Body in Christ back on January 20th, 2012, we would not be even talking about this issue and I would not be writing my fingers off this late at night.

We have two choices: Bow down to King Kenya and to all of his immoral and unconstitutional atrocities he has forced upon us, or stand up as One Body in Christ and fight it with all we have. Let’s see, on last count, there were about 68 million Catholics in this country. If an army this big – supposedly “Soldiers of Christ” – cannot defend our Catholic Church, our Catholic institutions and our religious freedoms – and we are not willing to take a bullet for our beloved Faith like in the movie “For Greater Glory” – then, we are not worthy to call ourselves Catholics, Christians or followers of Christ. It’s a slap in His face and a mockery to the One who died for us.

Thank GOD that Jesus is not coming down any time soon to see this debacle…then, again, He just may be coming before we even know it…and, he will be knocking over every damn tax collectors’ tables not only at the Temples but, also at the White House, Planned Parenthood, Bill & Melinda Gates’ offices and at every single place that attacks what He set out to do 2,000 years ago. He did not die in vain.

The H.H.S. Mandate, the countless Scandals, the skyrocketing Federal debt, the “Curse of Common Core”, the Promotion of  “same-sex marriage” and now yet, another powerful gutting of the First Amendment’s “Guarantee” of Religious Freedom being prepared for implementation by the fiat of Executive Order – the government is steadily crushing liberty.

action institute logo

Religious Liberty? Obama’s Not Done Yet

Elise Hiltonby ELISE HILTON on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, 2014

If you thought the Obama Administration had taken its final swipe at religious liberty with the HHS mandate, think again. At Catholic Vote, John flag broken cross jewish star gavelShimek tells us that there is a new attack on American’s religious liberty, and it won’t affect just Catholics.

According to Shimek, the social media website Buzzfeed announced that the White House is drafting an executive order that will bar federal contractors from discriminating against anyone based on gender identity and/or sexual orientation.

President Obama is moving on the issue a week after talking about the important role that administrative action can play in advancing LGBT rights.

At a question-and-answer session at the White House last week, Obama spoke about how transgender students can now “assert their rights” following recent Education Department action laying out an expanded view of sex discrimination protections under Title IX.

Shimek asks, “So what? What does this have to do with religious liberty?” As it turns out, quite a bit.

Fr. Thomas Reese claims that “Depending on what exemptions [the executive order provides], the new requirement may affect Catholic Relief Services, Catholic hospitals, Catholic education, and other Catholic charities that received Federal funds.”

Bottom line: The HHS Mandate hit health care workers and institutions. This new assault? Basically, it hits all the rest of the Church’s charitable social services. In other words, the Obama White House is casting the net of its progressive agenda much further and wider this time.

What practical impact could this executive order have? Picture this. A Catholic archdiocesan or diocesan adoption service, that needs federal monies in order to function, announces plans to place children in traditional families comprised of one father and one mother. Such a plan would violate the new executive order being drafted. What happens next? A phone call from the Feds? Burdensome fines? At this juncture, we don’t know. But, perhaps history is prologue.

Of course, Catholic social service agencies have closed their doors in several states, rather than violating Church teaching and being forced to place children with homosexual couples. Shimek says.

Obama’s team is gearing up to place pressure on Catholic charitable social services to conform to its progressive agenda. Church services – like adoption agencies – will have to face a choice: Either conform to that agenda or shut their doors for lack of federal financial support. The choices are bleak.

This is another case where the Obama Administration may “win,” but children and other vulnerable groups will lose – lose much-needed services, hope, and compassionate care from organizations with (in some cases) a century or more experience in delivery of care. Yet, Tico Almeida, president of Freedom to Work says that this move by the White House “is a tremendous step forward in the campaign to give LGBT Americans a fair shot to build a successful career being judged on their talent and hard work – nothing more and nothing less.” However, it’s clear that the administration is not interested in giving religious liberty any type of fair shot.

Read HHS Mandate was just the first step. Here comes a new attack on religious liberty at

The “One Nation Under God” Highway

America is in trouble because she took a hard left turn off the right road. Time to turn this bus around on November 4th, 2014.


Is ISIS Iran’s Proxy?

Pinhas Inbari is an astute analyst of of Arab affairs and regional dynamics at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) in Israel. Periodically, we have published his analysis as it confounds conventional wisdom about the conflicts and actors in a multi-dimensional chess game of geo-politics in the region. Such is the case with his analysis of  the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS) whose blitzkrieg has rent asunder the artificial map of both Iraq and the Middle East, “ISIS: Iran’s  Instrument for Regional Hegemony.” A Middle East map whose origins can be found in the secret Sykes Picot agreement of 1915 reflected in the Post World War I Mandates of the League of Nations dividing up the former Ottoman Empire awarded  the French and British at the San Remo Conference in 1920.  The Iraq that arose from the British Mandate was an amalgamation of former Ottoman Empire vilayets encompassing restive Kurds, Sunnis and Shia and minority Assyrian Chaldean Christians, Turkmen and Jews.  The latter were driven out after the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.

Inbari presents evidence to support a thesis that ISIS is really a creation of the Syrian Mukhabarat (Intelligence) and Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence with the dual purposes of  defeating the  rebel opposition in Syria and forcing the breakup of  Iraq. His key points are:

  • Immediately after ISIS emerged in Syria, sources in the Syrian opposition said, “We are familiar with the commanders of ISIS. Once they belonged to Assad’s intelligence, and now they are operating on his behalf under the name of ISIS.”
  • Why would Shiite Iran support a Sunni jihadist organization like ISIS? Iran wants to be certain that a strong Iraqi state does not emerge again along its western border.
  • The notion that Shiite Iran would help Sunni jihadists was not farfetched, even if it seemed to defy the conventional wisdom in Western capitals.
  •  It is unreasonable to expect Iran to fight ISIS. If Iran does so, it would be turning against a movement that has been a useful surrogate for Tehran’s interests.

Thus, to replace Iraq, Iran would use ISIS to forge a new alignment and map. There would be three sectarian entities, Kurdistan, a  southern Shia satrapy of Iran  encompassing  the holy sites of Karbala and Najif, Baghdad and Basra, as well as  a rump Sunni state comprised of the central and  western provinces.  Inbari’s analysis may explain why the Obama Administration has temporized about committing military assets in the Gulf region in support of the faltering Maliki regime in Baghdad. Moreover, the Administration does not wish to upset its outreach to Iran, especially with regard to the current round of nuclear discussions, while seemingly rejected the Islamic regime’s offer to assist in quelling the turmoil caused by the ISIS blitzkrieg in Iraq.

Inbari presents confirmation in the upending of the official Al Qaeda opposition in Syria, the Al Nusrah Front, and the ISIS siege in Deir al Zour that appears directed at destroying the Free Syrian Army and Islamic Front rebel opposition to the Assad regime.  Inbari presents similar views of prominent Gulf region media analysts corroborating his thesis. Further, he points out the existence of a cache of intelligence on the leaders of ISIS found in digital memory sticks obtained by Iraqi intelligence during the battle for Mosul in northern Iraq.

Inbari’s proposition would fit the Twelver Shia conception of creating turmoil to bring about the return of moribund twelfth Imam to lead the conquest of the Dar al Harb under the Islamic regime’s hegemony ruled under Sharia, Islamic law.  Hence the rise of a Caliphate under the ISIS banner bestride Syria and current day Iraq would fit the Shia theology.

The fact that Sunni supremacist ISIS is leading the charge for creation of a Caliphate under Sharia in the Middle East, as Inbari points, is entirely consistent with Iran’s behavior in the run up to 9/11.  Iranian Intelligence with the aid of the late Hezbollah terrorist mastermind Imad Mughniyeh facilitated the training and transportation of the 19 Egyptian, Saudi and Yemeni perpetrators of 9/11 Islamic terror attack in lower Manhattan, Southwestern Pennsylvania and  at the  Pentagon in northern Virginia,. The evidence of that was revealed in the New York Federal District Court “9/11 Iran Links Case”.

dark forcesThere is more to support Inbari’s thesis in a new book to be published next week by Ken Timmerman, Dark Forces: The Truth About What Happened in Benghazi:

  • The group that took credit for the Benghazi attack, Ansar al Sharia, was trained and equipped by the Quds Force.
  • Both the CIA and US Delta and Special Operations Forces in Tripoli were actively monitoring Iranian operations in Benghazi, and warned their chain of command- including the late US Ambassador Stevens- that the Iranian were preparing a terrorist attack on the U.S. Compound in Benghazi.

Timmerman further notes that the Obama Administration supplied weapons to fight Qaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria knowing that many rebel leaders were Al Qaeda operatives.  Moreover that Qatar was deeply involved both funding and transporting these weapons and the diffusion of MANPADS throughout North Africa, the Middle East and even Afghanistan.

Timmerman, in an email to this writer, commented that he  found  “curious” the timing this week of  the seizure of Ahmed Abu Khattala on the streets in Benghazi, Libya  by US special forces with the aid of the FBI.   Khatltala was a leader of Ansar al Shariah attack on the Benghazi Legation on 9/11/12.  He hid in plain sight for past nearly two years, as Timmerman notes in his new book.  He even gave interviews to the media. Reports in the media tells of his telling the history of the terrorist group while slow steaming on the USS New York towards the US for possible detention and prosecution following his interrogation.  The irony is that the US navy vessel was built from the debris of the twin towers of the World Trade Center destroyed on 9/11 that Iran facilitated.

We will review Timmerman’s new book in the July NER.  This weekend we will be interviewing both Timmerman, and Daniel Diker, a colleague of Inbari at the JCPA, on The Lisa Benson Show on Sunday on KKNT960 at 4PM EDT in the US.

Inbari’s analysis of ISIS as the instrument of Iran Hegemony in the Middle East is both fascinating and timely.


ISIS jihadis celebrate Muslim DHS Adviser’s anti-American tweets
ISIS jihadis from UK and Australia call Muslims to wage jihad
ISIS jihadi from UK calls for jihad attacks on British civilians to avenge Muslima’s murder
“Jihad Cool”: Muslims from U.S. head to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS and “bring back the Caliphate”

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The New English Review.

An Open letter to the Democrat Party of Florida


Christian Ulvert (left) with boyfriend Carlos Andrade.

Dear Democrat Party of Florida,

First let me congratulate Christian Ulvert. I understand he just married his long time boy friend Carlos Andrade. Christian is the Florida Democratic Party’s new political director. He married his partner Carlos in Washington, D.C. last week in a ceremony that they couldn’t have in their home state. It was more of a quick in and out ceremony. In honor of this marriage all liquid soap in hotel rooms in Miami has been changed to powered soap to ensure a longer wait time during the pick up process. This could encourage playful banter but none the less bring your own soap now boys and girls when you visit Miami.

I am sure Carlos has his Green Card or is at least here legally. If not its OK, as he can still get in state tuition and can become an attorney. Thank you Republican Party of Florida and the Florida Supreme Court.

Nicholas J. Pellito is the Director of Democrat Party Affairs for Florida. He must be managing Charlie Crist and Bill Clinton’s calendar. Just assuming. More of the quick in and out stuff I am sure. All hard drives will be accidentally lost and written over (perhaps) if we ever request a Freedom of Information Act request to look at all the in house party emails.

Sarah Smith, the new Finance Director, will be responsible for the redistribution of wealth from the pockets of Florida taxpayers to her purse just as soon as they can get rid of the TEA Party. Its not looking too hopeful so I reckon they will push ahead for a massive gas tax increase and destroy what’s left of the Democrat Party in the process.

allison tant

Allison Tant

Allison Tant is the Florida Democrats Chairwoman. Allison Tant has had major problems leading the Democrat Party. Tant was front and center when Allie Braswell announced he was running for state Chief Financial Officer. When Braswell pulled out of the race a few days later after revelations that he had filed for personal bankruptcy numerous times, she was left holding the bag. Looks like Florida Democrats are good at one thing – spending money they don’t have and filing bankruptcy to escape justice for their philandering’s.

The Florida Democrat Party does offer internships and are currently accepting applications. FDP internships for credit require a minimum of one semester or one summer in length. All internships are unpaid and generally require a time commitment of 10 to 20 hours a week. All student loans will be waived and passed onto the taxpayers.

Qualified interns should:

(1) Be members of the Communist Party USA;
(2) Support Gay marriage;
(3) Run up their parent’s credit card at college;
(4) Have a working understanding of Mein Kempf; and
(5) Swear a blood oath of allegiance to President Barrack H. Obama.

The Florida Democrat Party also has a long and proud history of defending civil rights and expanding opportunity for all Americans. This culminated in placing in power Barack Obama, who was half white. Before that though the Democrats pretty much created the Klu Klux Klan and voted against every single civil rights bill prior to JFK. We won’t mention that they filibustered the civil rights act of 1964. On June 10, 1964, for the first time in its history, cloture was invoked on a civil rights bill, ending a record-breaking filibuster by Democrats that had consumed fifty-seven working days. The hero of the hour was minority leader Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen (R-IL). YES THE GOP SAVED THE DAY! The Democrats were spanked again just like they will be on November 4th, 2014.

Pack your bags, clean out your cubicles and hold your breathe intermittently for 3 minutes every 30 minutes to reduce CO2 emissions when you exhale. Al Gore will surely start to tax it.

Have a wonderful evening Florida Democrats. Start saving your pennies to pay for your soon to be expanded price of health insurance premiums, gasoline and consumer goods, like food.

I know you all want a progressive centralized single payer system like the Veterans Administration. Your days of harming this country are coming to an end and soon you will be all fired on November 4th, 2014. Or most of you any way.


Marriage Supporters March Today in D.C.
Is the Media All Out for Same-Sex Marriage?

Justina’s Release Shows Power of Citizen Outrage Against Government Force

1. Justina Pelletier is finally released! Shows the power of citizen outrage against government force. But is this nightmare our future? Can we stop it?

The Justina case had such national appeal because the average person was simply awestruck. No one could believe the barbaric behavior of a government agency against a defenseless family from another state. Nor could they fathom the sheer arrogance of government bureaucrats, the judiciary, and even elected legislators in the face of any decency or even common sense. More

2. Answering the lie of “gay marriage and the wrong side of history” – Boston Globe column by Jeff Jacoby.

By now we’ve probably all heard propaganda sound bite from the homosexual movement, that “gay marriage” throughout America is “inevitable” and that if you don’t get on board you’re “on the wrong side of history.” Jeff Jacoby has written a rebuttal to that. More

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