Obama Turns Back on Blacks, Fails Test of Loyalty

Winston Churchill once said: “To every man there comes a time in his life when he is figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a great and mighty thing; unique to him and fitted to his talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds him unprepared or unqualified for the moment that could be his finest hour.

Barack Obama was tapped on the shoulder and given the chance to be the first black president of these United States. When President Obama assumed office 6 years ago, he faced a collapsing economy, a world with seemingly endless conflicts, a citizenry very unsure of their future. After years of war and chaos, America wanted someone who would inspire the nation to return to greatness, someone who would reassure the nation that everything would be alright.

Mr. Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was indeed very inspirational and historic. He is the gold standard for presidential campaigns. He ran the closest thing to a perfect campaign, twice — 2008 and 2012. He is the best campaigner in the country’s history — yes, even better than Bill Clinton. It is unheard of not to have turnover at the highest levels of a presidential campaign. This never happened in the Obama campaigns.

How can such a master campaigner be such a horrible president? How can such a campaigner be such a totally inept manager of the federal government?

As president, Mr. Obama shows none of the passion he showed as a candidate; as president, he shows none of the discipline that helped him run a near-perfect campaign; as president, he seems neither willing nor able to build coalitions to move America forward.

Mr. Obama’s campaign theme was “Hope and Change.” Now, after six years, people, especially blacks, are saying they hope he changes. Mr. Obama is the first president in the history of the U.S. to deliberately ignore his largest voting bloc — the black community.

We are 13 percent of the population and gave Mr. Obama 96 percent and 94 percent of our vote in 2008 and 2012, respectively. In 2012, the black voter participation rate (66.2 percent ) was higher than overall turnout (58 percent) and, for the first time in the history of the U.S., higher than the white rate (64.1 percent).

If Mr. Obama was a corporation, his largest shareholders would be: blacks, whites, Latinos and Asians. In capital markets, dividend payouts are distributed according to percentage of ownership, from the highest to the lowest. On this principle, blacks should be the largest recipient of Mr. Obama’s largesse. But in typical Democratic fashion, blacks don’t even get crumbs from the table.

The biggest beneficiaries of Mr. Obama’s presidency are: homosexuals (an estimated 2 percent of the population), illegals and whites.

I challenge my readers to name one thing Mr. Obama has done “specifically” to benefit the black community — the largest shareholder in “Obama Inc.” If black voters were shareholders in “Obama Inc.,” they could have gone to court and sued for fraud and breach of contract — and prevailed.

The black community had every expectation that Mr. Obama would provide “targeted” remedies to address seemingly intractably high unemployment within our community. Instead, the black unemployment rate remains at double digit levels (11.6 percent ) — and not a word from this president.

Blacks had every right to expect Mr. Obama to be supportive of historically black colleges and universities (HBCU). Instead, the HBCU community and its students have been devastated under this president; so much so that several black educational groups are in the process of filing a lawsuit against the Obama administration.

A recent Associated Press-GfK poll indicated that even Democrats have lost faith in Mr. Obama and his ability to govern. According to this poll, only 27 percent of Democrats are confident the government can keep them safe from terrorist attacks.

Mr. Obama used to be able to make Americans feel good simply by giving one of his patented rousing speeches; but by now, most Americans have tuned him out because they don’t believe anything he or his government has to say.

Mr. Obama said Ebola would never reach our shores, now it’s here. He said the border was secure, but you have illegals streaming across the border with all kinds of diseases that they refuse to disclose to the American people. He said the Benghazi attack was a spontaneous, popular reaction to an anti-Muslim video, but of course everyone now knows it was a terrorist attack. He said you could keep your own doctor, yet he admitted that he willfully lied.

The handwriting is on the wall, Mr. Obama’s presidency is over! As it is written in the Bible in the Book of Daniel 5:25-27: “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin. This is the interpretation of the thing: Mene; God hath numbered thy kingdom and finished it. Tekel; Thou art weighed in the balances and art found wanting.”

In what could have been his and America’s finest hour, Mr. Obama has been found “unprepared and unqualified for the moment.”

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on AmericanCurrentSee.com. The featured image is of job seekers waiting in line at a 2011 Congressional Black Caucus job fair. AP Photo/Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Bob Andres.

Who is behind Florida’s Amendment 1? Collectivist Democrats one and all?

I just got home from work. But oh joy, in my mail box is a flyer from the Florida Conservation Alliance Institute (FCAI) indirectly asking me to vote YES for Amendment 1.

I always dig and peruse so I called the FCAI offices to find out who is funding this ballot initiative. Apparently FCAI is a non-profit 501(c). The goal is to acquire more of Florida’s land and put it in the hands of the state and out of the hands of we the Floridians. This of course will jack up property taxes surrounding the new “wildlife corridors”. I still do not understand how you make wildlife stay within a corridor?

They want to take 33% of net revenues from excise taxes on real estate documents for the next 20 years and use the money to buy up Florida land. This is projected to be about $10 billion. Aren’t there better uses for $10 billion like for education, fighting Ebola, infrastructure? Can you believe this?

FCAI is working to make this a Constitutional Amendment that will be nearly impossible to amend, if passed. Of course Charlie Crist, the man who took $40,000 in donations from strip club owners, knows a thing or two about grabbing, land that is.

My inquiry revealed those who are behind the FCAI. All are Collectivist Democrats, one of which actually lived and worked in the former Soviet Union.

clay henderson

Clay Henderson

The Amendment 1 team is headed up by Clay Henderson who is an environmental lawyer. He has extensive experience in land acquisition (a.k.a. grabbing) and he has negotiated the grabbing of over 300,000 acres of Florida land, which is now part of national and state parks and preserves. Land that is no longer on the property tax roles.

Henderson did serve two terms on the Volusia County Council and is now a lobbyist. He helped launch Preservation 2000 and Florida Forever, the nation’s premier conservation land grabbing programs. He is an adjunct professor in environmental studies at Stetson University and Rollins College.

Henderson is basically a Collectivist who wants to collect Florida land in the name of turtles and manatees.

susan glickman

Susan Glickman

Another leader of FCAI Susan Glickman. She is a consultant to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and the Clean Energy Group. Most recently, she served as the U.S. Southern Region Director for The Climate Group, an international non-governmental organization working to accelerate a low carbon economy.

She is a “stop breathing everyone” because your CO2 is warming up the planet kind of gal. She may have tried to register polar bears to vote? Another Obama shrink wrapped Collectivist.

She has worked on numerous campaigns for Congress and the state legislature, including two statewide ballot initiatives. Glickman has also trained candidates and grassroots political organizations in 45 states and in the former Soviet Union. A native of Tampa, she resides on Florida’s Gulf Coast in the town of Belleair Beach.

jay lundy

Jay Lundy

Next up is Jay Lundy. Lundy manages the public affairs for The Miami Foundation, a community foundation that connects philanthropists with community programs, projects and causes. Lundy is responsible for the Foundation’s policy, leadership and civic engagement initiatives. He arranges non-CO2 emitting parties. No lighted birthday candles are allowed in Lundy’s house, as burning candles will disrupt the CO2 balance of power in his solar powered living room. But what about the people who attend exhailing CO2? You see all of his guest are carbon based creatures.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Lundy worked as a Regional Finance Director for Kendrick Meek’s U.S. Senate campaign. Kendrick Meek is a left wing liberal Democrat tax and spend Collectivist. Lundy is also a strategic consultant for the Indian River County Democrats. Imagine that! Oh Lord I would never have guessed .

cody metcalf

Cody Metcalf

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle is Cody Metcalf.

Cody Metcalf is an independent factory rep for a LED lighting manufacturers. His company, WinderLumen LED, began selling LED technology in 2008. FOLLOW THE MONEY!

In the summer of 2010, Metcalf traveled to Washington, D.C. as a member of the Clean Energy Works Florida delegation to represent small business in a fight for energy reform. I bet he got to D.C. on his ten speed bike illuminated with red, white and blue LED lights.

His plan? Shut down oil drilling, shut down all the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and hire 50,000 hamsters to run a treadmill to power his LED lights.

As a Board member for Florida Conservation Alliance, Cody is leading the Collectivist “sustainability revolution” by working with elected “Democrat”, wink wink nudge nudge, officials to make Florida a leader on environmental initiatives in the Southeast. This is a man leading a Collectivist environmental revolution to grab Florida land and destroy free market capitalism in the sunshine state. Real Estate Agents must be soiling their britches by now.

Well there you have it boys and girls. The line up of Democrat – Progressive – Collectivists trying to grab Florida real estate under the guise of conservation. The Agenda 21 crowd are on point trying to hoodwink Floridians into this George Soros endorsed United Nations’ sanctioned land grab.

If you want to contact Clay, Susan, Jay and Cody about Amendment 1 their office phone number is: 407-405-4571 or you may mail your “Don’t Tread On Me” postcards to: Florida Conservation Alliance Institute, 200 S. Orange Ave. Ste. 2600, Orlando, FL 32801

School board caves to atheists over statue — When will someone stand with resolve?

I have always maintained that one of the most important elected positions in America is on the school board — and a recent decision validates that assertion.

Previously we reported on the Madison County High School football team’s monument, donated by a private citizen, that drew the ire of the Wisconsin-based atheist group, Freedom From Religion Foundation. The monument featured two Biblical verses, Romans 8:31 and Philippians 4:13. This atheist organization of offended individuals demanded the monument be removed, covered, or altered. The decision was to be taken up by the county school board, and yesterday they ruled – the wrong way.

madison high school monumentAs reported by the Washington Times, “A controversial monument at the entrance of a Georgia high school football stadium will be altered to remove its biblical scripture after atheists complained it was offensive. The Madison County school board voted unanimously Tuesday night to have the monument altered, following a nearly two-hour closed session to discuss the issue, Madison Journal Review reported. The monument gained national attention when it was erected in August. Two different groups sent letters to the school system arguing that it violates the separation of church and state and demanding it be removed. Board member Robert Hooper made the motion to have the Bible verses removed or covered up, saying he did so “with great consideration and concern for all students”, Madison Journal Review reported.”

I just have to ask, why was the school board meeting held in closed session? This was a community issue and why were these elected officials not willing to deliberate and make their decision before the community — the people who elected them to represent their interests on local educational governance?

And I will be completely forthright and ask, when will we have any group that will stand up to these secular humanist atheist groups and tell them to “pound sand” and go away? If they bring forth a lawsuit do not comply. There has to be a point when these destructive but vocal minority groups are met with resolve.

What would have been the problem with bringing the decision before the Madison County High School student body? Who gave the FFRF, a private advocacy group from Wisconsin, any dominion over what is happening in Georgia?

Was there a student or group of students who filed a complaint to FFRF asking their interests be defended? If this religious monument which currently reads, “If God be for us, who can be against us?” from Romans 8:31, and, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” from Philippians 4:13 was offensive — can someone state why?

I don’t think the folks in Wisconsin are coming down to Madison County High for some “Friday night lights.” And nowhere is this monument promoting an establishment of religion or forcing anyone to adhere to the verses displayed. If you don’t like the monument, well, don’t look at it.

According to the Times, “the local newspaper said that as soon as the announcement was made, there was a mass exodus of about 150 people who had showed up, most in favor of the monument. “We are not here as haters, we are here to love all,” said Theresa Gordon, who was invited to speak during the closed session, Madison Journal Review reported. “It seems as if these [atheist] groups are here as haters, willing to spend millions to remove God from [our society], which means they are antichrists by definition – they must have hatred in their hearts to fight so hard to remove him from this small object that was placed for others to enjoy.”

I agree wholeheartedly with Ms. Gordon. The definition of tolerance for the progressive socialist Left — to whom secular humanists are allies — is that they only tolerate that which they define as tolerable.

Imagine if Christians attempted to force their beliefs upon the Left — heck, there are some secular humanists like Mikey Weinstein who believe Christians in the military who profess, witness, or display their faith are guilty of sedition and should be court-martialed.

What hatred does this Wisconsin-based group possess in order to target a religious monument in sleepy Madison County, Georgia? What is becoming of our First Amendment right of “freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof?” Oh, I guess the secular humanist leftists will define and declare what freedom of [from] religion is and where there can be a free exercise.

Even more disgusting to me is the lack of moral courage to look these atheists in the eye and simply state — how can something you don’t believe exists be offensive?

I’m deeply disappointed in this school board and its decision because what these folks just did was reinforce and reward the abhorrent behavior, actions and tactics of the Freedom From Religion Foundation who are laughing at them and seeking out the next Christian target to devour — no different than the lions of the Roman coliseum.

If the Freedom From Religion Foundation challenged the Obama administration giving $9 million to a Catholic organization to defend illegal aliens — a violation of church and state, using American taxpayer dollars to conduct “political activity” – maybe I wouldn’t be so critical.

FFRF is an atheist bully organization that relies on Christians just taking it and turning the other cheek. Sometimes the only way to deal with a bully is to fight back — something the school board of Madison County, Georgia pathetically failed to do.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on AllenBWest.com.

Newsmax Begins Nationwide Climate Truth Program – Gives “Free” Book “Dark Winter” by John L. Casey

The Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC) announces today that a leading media organization, Newsmax Media, Inc., has decided to throw its full support behind SSRC President John Casey and his efforts to get the truth out about what really causes climate change – the Sun!

Newsmax began to advertise what it calls “The Cold Truth Initiative,” starting this past Friday via a nationwide promotional campaign. This promotion asks for contributions to its long term “Initiative” to tell the truth about the real causes and effects of climate change and begin an effort to dismantle the “outright sham” of man-made climate change.


In exchange for a basic $5.00 level of contribution, Newsmax is providing a video and three other publications. In addition, Newsmax is giving contributors “for free,” Mr. Casey’s just released climate book, “Dark Winter.” Newsmax values the combined package at $180.00. Other benefits are provided for higher levels of contribution. This special promotion, however, will last only until October 31, 2014. One of the stated key objectives of the Newsmax “Cold Truth Initiative” is to:

“Place a Copy of John Casey’s Book, Dark Winter, in Every Home in America!”

The Newsmax literature addresses the strong track record of Mr. Casey in his climate change predictions which are unmatched by the leading scientists from the US government and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate (UN-IPCC). His climate book has been acclaimed around the world by other scientists with comments like:

“(John’s) work is quite a revelation …and his findings add a brilliant page to the history of science.” Dr. Fumio Tsunoda, Professor Emeritus of Geology, Japan’s National Saitama University.

“John Casey approaches problems like a true scientist, who follows Leonardo da Vinci, …(His) work, “…is an important contribution for understanding and facing the environmental challenge, in its multifaceted and often disquieting manifestations.” Dr. Giovanni Gregori, Theoretical Physicist, National Research Council of Italy.

SSRC President, John Casey, expands on the importance of this new media ally in his fight to get his fellow citizens prepared for the new cold climate with his own comments:

“For over seven and a half years now, I have been on a quest to get our people prepared for the new cold climate. My small band of fellow scientists who support me at the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC) have been leading the effort in the United States, in trying to inform our citizens about the need to prepare for the new cold epoch. Over those years, getting assistance from any major media outlet has been a time consuming process that has often met with little progress. Now, thanks to Newsmax, that has changed!

“Mr. Chris Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax Media Inc., and his rapidly growing media organization, are giving me their complete support in my mission of exposing the fraud of manmade climate change and more importantly, alerting our fellow citizens about the coming cold climate. It is humbling to see the amount of hard work and dedication Chris and his team of professional journalists, marketing experts, book and magazine publishers, have put into “The Cold Truth Initiative.” This has been in the planning stages for over a year.

“Thanks to Newsmax, now every America can have my book, “Dark Winter.” I recommend everyone go online today and read the full details about this impressive offer by either doing a Google search for “The Cold Truth Initiative,” or accessing the promotion directly by clicking here.

“My hope is that “The Cold Truth Initiative” by Newsmax will provide a strong starting base of information to our people, so that they will not just survive the coming cold epoch, but instead may thrive!”

Click here to be taken directly to “The Cold Truth Initiative” of Newsmax Media.

Charlie Crist Receives $40K From Strip Clubs

Remember that classic Motley Crue song “Girls! Girls! Girls!?”

Well, that song, which is arguably the official national anthem for all strip clubs around the U.S. and probably the world, could now become the theme song for Democrat Charlie Crist’s current gubernatorial campaign.

The one-time Republican and Independent is running against Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott in this year’s gubernatorial mid-term election.

According to Charlie Crist for Florida’s reported campaign finance records, a whopping $40,000 has been donated to the PAC by two companies that operate strip clubs in Florida, SB Productions and J.W. Lee Properties.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 5.04.36 PM

For a larger view click on the image.

J.W. Lee Properties, which does business as the popular Scarlett’s Cabaret strip club in Hallandale Beach, Florida, and its owners Brandon Samuels, John Blanke, and William Beasley, are all named in a lawsuit spearheaded by one of the clubs former female dancers.

Unlike other South Florida strip clubs like West Miami’s “Bottom’s Up,” Scarlett’s is considered to be one of the top clubs in the entire country 😉

The lawsuit alleges that the Defendants “have a longstanding policy of misclassifying their employees, including the Plaintiff, as independent contractors and refusing to pay the employees at the applicable minimum wage and overtime rate.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 5.19.07 PM (1)

For a larger view click on the image.

One of the owners, Brandon Samuels, actually sits on the board that represents the adult entertainment industry, the Florida Sunshine Entertainment Association.


Crist’s website states that “he supports equal pay for equal work,” so what gives?

He supports equal pay for equal work, and is a proud supporter of the Violence Against Women Act. – Charlie Crist for Florida website.

The Democrat Party establishment, including DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who are all supporting Crist’s campaign, must be besides themselves after learning that campaign donations have been received from donors who operate a business that is perceived to sexually exploit women, as well as allegedly refusing to pay them their fair and “applicable minimum wage,” or any wages at all.

The average lap dance at Scarlett’s will cost someone $20, which means that the proceeds of approximately 2000 lap dances contributed to Charlie Crist’s gubernatorial campaign.

Another fun fact about Scarlett’s is that they charge their exotic dancer’s a nightly mandatory fee to work there.
From what I have been told, it costs each dancer about $100 a night to work at Scarlett’s.

And the answer is ‘no,’ I did not go to Scarlett’s to ask questions and dig up information for this story.
However, for those interested parties, I do hear that the club has a great lunch buffet.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The Shark Tank. Below is the “Girls, Girls, Girls” music video by Motley Crue. Enjoy!

Jeb Bush is coming to Sarasota, FL: Why?

To the Republican Party of Sarasota County,

I understand that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will be speaking as your “special guest” at an Election Rally at Dolphin Aviation at 9:00 a.m. on November 3rd, 2014.

Question: Why are you having as a “special guest” the man who presented Hillary Clinton with the Liberty Medal?

Jeb Bush presented Hillary Clinton with the Liberty Medal on September 10, 2013 in Philadelphia on the eve of the the first anniversary of the attack on the Benghazi, Libya mission. Bush praised Clinton by stating:

Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy. These efforts as a citizen, an activist, and a leader have earned Secretary Clinton this year’s Liberty Medal.


9/11 and Fallen Heroes Memorial, Patriots Park, Sarasota, FL. Photo Courtesy of Salt of the Earth.

This act of war got one of our U.S. Ambassadors (the first U.S. Ambassador killed on duty since 1979), his aide and two Navy SEALs killed. Sarasota County is home to Patriots Park where the first and only 9/11 and Fallen Heroes monument stands. Engraved in the black granite are the names of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith and Navy SEALs Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty. This monument is within miles of where Bush will be speaking.

Hillary Clinton was responsible as Secretary of State to protect the lives of these men. She failed. She is complicit in tyranny not freedom and we in the veteran community want her prosecuted for treason against the United States. Why did Jeb Bush honor this “Jane Fonda” of the 21st century? Why did Jeb Bush break bread with this Democrat and honor her?

Jeb Bush must denounce Hillary Clinton and should not have honored her with a Liberty Medal.

I ask the TEA Party and veterans groups across Florida to be at this event to ask Jeb Bush this simple question: Why did you present a Liberty Medal to a devoted follower of Saul Alinsky?

Hillary Clinton neither embraces freedom nor liberty, she embraces tyranny and evil. Hillary Clinton is a Collectivist who works tirelessly against the unalienable rights embedded in our U.S. Constitution.

RELATED VIDEO: Jeb Bush with Hillary Clinton at the Liberty Medal presentation:

CDC Agrees to Florida Ebola Preparedness Requests — To little to late? Déjà vu Pandemic?

The first line of defense against the spread of infectious diseases like Ebola is sealing the U.S. borders. The second line of defense, once the border is breached by omission or commission, is Florida’s hospitals. We can learn important lessons from another recent and ongoing pandemic – HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS and Ebola are pandemics. Both are transmitted by physical contact. Both kill horribly. Both could have been stopped from reaching our shores. Neither was.

Are we making the same mistakes twice? Is this a case of “Déjà vu Pandemic?”

A new study of the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus shows that the disease’s origin was in the small town of Kinshasa, Congo.  National Geographic’s Brandon Keim reports, “As the Ebola epidemic spreads, new information has emerged on the origins of a far more deadly killer. A new family history of the HIV virus that causes AIDS, reported Thursday [October 2, 2014], is troubling but instructive: Modernization in mid-20th-century Africa, especially in the city Kinshasa, played a profound role in shaping that global epidemic.”

How did the HIV/AIDS virus initially spread in Africa? Via their rail system, eventually reaching the shores of the U.S by boat and by plane.

While public support for a travel ban on countries with the Ebola virus grows, President Obama refuses to implement any such travel ban. On October 16, 2014 The Daily Signal’s Rob Bluey reported that U.S. Embassies in Ebola-stricken countries are still processing visas for non-U.S. citizens.

Accuracy in Media’s Cliff Kincaid in his column “Seeing Ebola Through Obama’s Eyes” writes:

The nephew of the black African who brought Ebola to the United States doesn’t blame his uncle. He blames us. He writes in The Dallas Morning News that his uncle did everything right in Liberia, but still got Ebola, and wasn’t treated correctly in the U.S. The claim is that he had a right to be on U.S. soil and that it’s our fault he’s dead.

I suspect this is how President Barack Obama views Ebola. How else do you explain his opposition to a common-sense ban on travel to the U.S. by people from Ebola-infected countries?

Tragically, Obama’s alternative is for the U.S. to become infected. Then, he must figure, there will be more pressure to find a “cure,” or at least a vaccine. But who knows how many will die in the process? It could be hundreds, or thousands, or more.

Florida Governor Scott announced that the CDC has agreed to two of the state’s requests for enhancing Florida’s Ebola preparedness efforts, including holding a conference call with healthcare workers on best practices and federal approval of the state’s repurpose of more than $7 million in federal grant funding. The CDC, has still not provided the additional 27 testing kits, or contacted the passengers that flew on the Frontier flight from Dallas to Ft. Lauderdale.

Governor Scott said:

“We want to thank the CDC for agreeing to hold a conference call with Florida hospitals on Monday, October 20th at 3:30 p.m. Our healthcare workers need to hear directly from the CDC on what happened in Dallas that allowed Ebola to be transmitted to two nurses, and what can be done to protect our healthcare professionals in Florida who are on the front lines. Florida hospitals also have questions of their own and the CDC must provide guidance.

“We appreciate the CDC’s preliminary approval to move forward with redirecting more than $7 million in federal grant funds to purchase the necessary equipment and supplies to protect healthcare workers who may come into contact with Ebola. The CDC indicated that we will receive formal approval next week, but based on this preliminary approval, we have already begun using these funds to enhance our Ebola preparedness efforts.

“While this is great progress, we’re waiting on the CDC to provide additional testing kits. With a population of more than 19 million people, tens of millions of tourists, and numerous ports and international airports, we must ensure Florida can rapidly test any future patients who have the potential for Ebola.

“The CDC still needs to identify, notify, and monitor all of the passengers that flew from Dallas to Ft. Lauderdale after nurse Amber Joy Vinson flew on the same plane. We know she had a low grade-fever when she traveled to Dallas, and the plane then came to Florida. While this risk is low, there have been reports she was potentially symptomatic, and the CDC should take any potential threat seriously – no matter how small. We’re continuing to hope for the best, while preparing for the worst and we expect the CDC to do everything possible to ensure our communities are kept safe.”

The CDC has agreed to hold a conference call with Florida hospitals on Monday, October 20th at 3:30 p.m. This call will cover critical areas of preparedness and training for our Florida hospitals. Officials with the CDC’s state and local readiness section will be hosting the call with Florida’s hospital executives. The call will provide guidance for proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safe handling of medical waste and effective clinical strategies within the hospital setting.

Obama nixed SNL sketch about jihad hijacking and racial profiling

One thing you have to grant about Barack Obama: he is consistent. He never wavers from his cherished principles. This is not, however, a case of authoritarian government censorship — he wasn’t President yet. It is a case of the entertainment industry’s willing submission to his perspectives, which we see on an ongoing basis in the mainstream media as well, which is effectively a one-party state in which only one point of view is allowed to be aired.

“The Saturday Night Live Sketch President Obama Put The Kibosh On,” by Jessica Rawden, CinemaBlend, October 16, 2014 (thanks to Kathy Shaidle):

…The bit in question was one of Smigel’s “TV Funhouse” sketches. It would have been a live action sketch following a video with colorful commentary on how the American populace often perceives race. Here’s what Smigel had to say, below.

“It wasn’t until my last season that the network refused to air a “TV Funhouse.” It was a live-action one that was meant to be about racism and profiling, an airline-safety video with multilingual narration, and whenever you heard a different language, they would cut to people of that nationality. First, typical white Americans, then a Latino family, then a Japanese family, all being instructed about seat belts, overhead compartments, et cetera. Then it cuts to an Arab man, and the narrator says, in Arabic, “During the flight, please do not blow up the airplane. The United States is actually a humanitarian nation that is rooted in the concept of freedom, and so on.”

According to the writer, the sketch did not go over well with “the standards people.” Smigel says Lorne Michaels had his back, though, eventually coming up with asking then-Presidential candidate Barack Obama whether or not the sketch worked.

“Lorne said, ‘I have a plan.’ Obama was doing a cameo in the cold open. Lorne told me he would show my sketch to Obama. ‘If Obama thinks it’s OK, they won’t be able to argue it.’…

As you may have guessed, Obama wasn’t exactly down with the basic premise of the sketch. Michaels says he called it “funny” but the “TV Funhouse” segment was ultimately cut for the very reason the standards department was worried about. It’s less of a shame that the sketch never made it to air than it is an amusing story with a terrific punchline….


UK: 2007 video on Muslim rape gangs not used amid fears of appearing racist

Maher: Pakistan punishes blasphemy with death, but I’m wrong on Islam?

Islamic State crucifies 17-year-old boy for apostasy

Islamic State jihadis target British police officers inside the UK

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is courtesy of Saturday Night Live.

Time to abolish the IRS? An interview with Craig Bergman, Producer of ‘UnFair: Exposing the IRS’

Fair-Tax-largeEvery American is continually impacted by the Internal Revenue Service and usually becomes very frustrated feeling that there is no recourse. Until now! Today’s show features Craig Bergman the Producer of UnfairtheMovie.com, an expose about the IRS and the need to abolish the IRS and replace it with a tax system called the FAIR TAX.

Bergman has produced a 90 minute informative and entertaining documentary that provides evidence of the IRS abuses against many Americans and features many well-know leaders like Senator Ted Cruz, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Congressmen Trey Gowdy and Louis Gohmert.

One of the very important aspects of this documentary is that it offers a solution to the current failed tax system – the FairTax.

Please listen to our interview with Craig Bergman:

VIDEO: Senator Ted Cruz standing with Houston’s Pastors

Texas Senator Ted Cruz at a press conference standing with pastors against the actions by the City of Houston: www.standwithpastors.com.

Kerry: Islamic State not due to Islam, but due to Israel and climate change

Hostility to Israel, dark warnings about the perils of global warming, and an anxiousness to absolve Islam of any responsibility for the evils done in its name — this single address by John Kerry sums up the Obama Administration’s foreign policy in a nutshell.

“Kerry: Extremism Not Linked to Islam; Factors Include Deprivation, Climate Change,” by Patrick Goodenough, CNS News, October 17, 2014:

(CNSNews.com) – Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday night rejected any link between Islam and extremism practiced by the likes of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh), pointing instead to factors such as poverty among youthful Mideast populations, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – and climate change.

Addressing a reception at the State Department in honor of the recent Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, Kerry told an audience of Muslim community representatives, diplomats and others that the world was facing “a very complex time, and there are many currents that are loose out there that have brought us to this moment.”

“The extremism that we see, the radical exploitation of religion which is translated into violence, has no basis in any of the real religions,” he said. “There’s nothing Islamic about what ISIL/Daesh stands for, or is doing to people.”

The situation was “complicated, and for other reasons,” Kerry said. “We’re living at a point in time where there are just more young people demanding what they see the rest of the world having than at any time in modern history.”

He said with large youthful populations in some countries in the Middle East, South-Central Asia and the Horn of Africa, “you are going to have a governance problem unless your governance is really addressing the demands and needs of that part of the population.”

Kerry said extremist violence was just a symptom of underlying causes that needed to be addressed. He spoke in that context of a need for a partnership – to pursue peace, shared prosperity and the ability to get an education and a job, as well as “sustainability of the planet itself.”

“And that brings us to something like climate change, which is profoundly having an impact in various parts of the world, where droughts are occurring not at a 100-year level but at a 500-year level in places that they haven’t occurred, floods of massive proportions, diminishment of water for crops and agriculture at a time where we need to be talking about sustainable food.”

“In many places we see the desert increasingly creeping into East Africa,” he said. “We’re seeing herders and farmers pushed into deadly conflict as a result. We’re seeing the Himalayan glaciers receding, which will affect the water that is critical to rice and to other agriculture on both sides of the Himalayas. These are our challenges.”

‘Humiliation and denial’

Kerry also linked the threat of ISIS-type extremism to the Israeli-Palestinian situation.

“As I went around and met with people in the course of our discussions about the ISIL coalition, the truth is we – there wasn’t a leader I met with in the region who didn’t raise with me spontaneously the need to try to get peace between Israel and the Palestinians,” he said, “because it was a cause of recruitment and of street anger and agitation that they felt – and I see a lot of heads nodding – they had to respond to.”

“And people need to understand the connection of that,” Kerry added. “It has something to do with humiliation and denial and absence of dignity …”…

The 56-page latest edition of its publication, Dabiq, does not refer once to the plight of the Palestinians, although there are numerous hostile references to Jews, “Crusaders” and others.


North Carolina Muslim pleads guilty to trying to join jihad terror group

Raymond Ibrahim: Islam — More ‘Like the Mafia’ than Bill Maher Knows

Congress calls for investigation into VOA for pro-Iran corruption

Do NOT make the call until you see the entire play!

Hope all is well on this gorgeous “Feast Day of St. Ignatius of Antioch” – bold Bishop & Martyr – as we take another look at a very good article on the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops that will be coming to a close on Sunday, October 19th. Yes, it got off to a rough start – only because certain things leaked out of the Vatican that were not supposed to – and the liberal media had a field day with it.

Now, that things have begun to settle down quite a bit, the entire world is beginning to see the “Big Picture” – including myself – of what is actually taking place at the Vatican with Pope Francis and the almost 200 Bishops and Cardinals. I will admit that I was the first to “jump the gun” just a bit on that first day when the negative articles appeared everywhere as my computer went on the blink, with so many readers writing to me asking me “Is the Catholic Church going GAY”?

So, as humbly as I can, if I did get a few people a little rattled at the beginning of this week – that’s a good thing – or should I say a “GOD” thing – I apologize. At least it shows me that we are all paying attention. And, that is the best approach to learning and educating ourselves – paying attention. My entire life is one of learning. That is what I live for – to learn and then to Evangelize…and, speak only about the Truth…The more I learn from our clergy (in this case, Father James Molgano, Monsignor Skindeleski, Deacon Andy Plucinski and last night, Miami’s Monsignor Robert Garza), the more I can share these Truths with our “1,400” readers on our extensive e-mail list (which includes countless clergy – Bishops, Pastors, Priests, Deacons, Educators…and 5 nuns)…

At last night’s event at the St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary, with Catholic author, George Weigel as guest speaker, I learned a great deal. Not only from Mr. Weigel (Pope John Paul II’s biographer, who is full of so much information about our “favorite 21st Century Saint”), but also from Monsignor Robert Garza, who I met a couple of years ago down in the Keys, through my older sister, Elena, at their island home on M.M. 26. Long story but hysterical…Anyway, when I said hello to Monsignor Garza last night (who is the Rector at St. John Vianney Seminary in Miami – across the street from where I grew up in Miami as a grade schooler), he told me: “You are lucky that you are here tonight because I was just about to send you a pretty tough e-mail in regards to one of your e-mails concerning the Synod in Rome. But, when I read your other e-mails straightening things out and sharing some terrific information in a more positive vain, I decided to hold on to that e-mail…and forgave you…Thank GOD…Father Garza is a pretty big guy…with a pretty big heart. A terrific teacher…and I learned a great deal from him last night. GOD Bless you, Father Garza.


NBA veteran officials Tom Washington (left), Monty McCutcheon (center) with the author Willy Guardiola (right).

The lesson learned is the following (which I used to apply every day of the year when I was an NCAA Basketball Official with SEC): Do not make the call until you see the entire play!

And, that philosophy is exactly what I taught the hundreds of basketball referees who attended my Referee Camps for so many years. Watch the entire play. Let it unfold entirely. Then, blow the whistle and make the call. Never be in a hurry. You are better off blowing the whistle a second late – but getting the play right – as opposed to blowing the whistle a second early and getting the play wrong.

This same principle applies to what is going on in Rome these two weeks. This entire “play” is going to last two weeks, not one split second. One cannot make the call until one sees the entire play – the entire Synod playing out. And, yes, there appears to be “slow motion” at the Vatican – as two weeks is a lifetime. We want answers right now! And, I do not think there is “Instant Replay”, so we need to get it right this time around. Too many of us don’t have the patience – we want to blow the whistle immediately – point out the culprits, call a “foul” and try to blame somebody. I fell guilty of that to an extent with one of my e-mails that I sent a bit prematurely…Again, I apologize…

I put an eye-opening e-mail out there to get everybody’s undivided attention…and, it worked. I did not blame anybody nor point the finger at any particular person, bishop, cardinal, group, etc. I just put out the information to allow everybody reading it to interpret it the way they each saw fit. I simply called an infraction – not even a foul – because I did not like the way this play was looking. I did not like the way this Synod was unfolding and like millions of Catholics all over the world, we thought the worst of our church leaders: “Here we go again – the Catholic Church making the front cover on every single newspaper with another scandal. We are Going Gay”…Friends, that is the last thing we need in our beloved Church right now. But, that is what the majority of us all felt as I read every e-mail that came into my computer and some people were pissed – rightfully so…but, we jumped the gun…We did not allow the entire play to unfold. We called a foul too quickly on the pope, on the bishops, on the cardinals…I all defense though, certain bishops and cardinals need to go over the rules with the Head Referee, Pope Francis…They need to keep a “balanced floor” and be fair referees, not giving anybody a distinct advantage and sticking to the rules…

Life is all about learning, so let’s try to learn from this lesson. Let’s wait until Sunday, October 19th (the last day of the Synod), to see how this entire play will unfold. And, from here, we still cannot make a call because we have to wait until next year (October, 2015), to see the “official” documentation from Pope Francis, from the Vatican, as to see if there are indeed, any changes to take place in the Catholic Church. I would think that Pope Francis is on top of this as he is in charge of the Holy Catholic Church. He will ultimately make that “final call”, with an assist from the Holy Spirit. But, it is the Holy Father who will blow the whistle, make that final, gutsy call, and share it with the 1.2 billion other Catholic viewers who are watching this game. All we can do right now is pray for our Holy Father; pray for guidance; pray for patience; and pray that when next October rolls around, Pope Francis steps up to the scorer’s table and in view of the entire world, has the courage and conviction to make the “right call” – to abide by the Catholic Church teachings and not utter those famous 5 words ever again that threw the entire world for a loop: WHO AM I TO JUDGE?

In Synod-Related Effort, Homosexual-Rights Activists Target Eight U.S. Bishops (9487)

A coalition of well-funded groups is lobbying against prominent bishops in hopes of changing Church doctrine and practice.


ROME — The start of the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family has triggered a wave of activism from well-funded LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) activist groups in the U.S., who are targeting “outspoken” Catholic bishops in hopes of changing Catholic practice and moral doctrine.

“Most important is the opportunity to create a precedent for change,” the Human Rights Campaign said in its pamphlet on the synod. The LGBT group has announced an activist effort targeting eight bishops in a pamphlet that labels them as “the best of the worst Catholic bishops across the country.”

Its campaign will target Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco, Archbishop John Nienstedt of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of Cincinnati, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, Ky., the president of the U.S. bishops’ conference, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore and Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Ill.

The effort aims to target bishops the activist group claims have been “most outspoken in their rejection of LGBT Catholics, their civil rights and their rightful place in the Church.” The effort will include Rosary events and literature distributions in the bishops’ home cities.

Among the Human Rights Campaign’s corporate partners are large corporations like American Airlines, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Bank of America, Northrop Grumman, Chevron, Lexus, Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

The campaign has also lobbied businesses to push for “LGBT equality” in legislation, to recruit self-identified LGBT employees and to give financial support through LGBT-targeted marketing or advertising and philanthropic support for LGBT organizations.

The Human Rights Campaign’s synod material claims that, after the 2014 and 2015 synods, Pope Francis will release “new doctrine.” It also claims that the Vatican intended to survey lay Catholics on family issues, but the U.S. bishops failed to distribute this survey. The campaign contended that this excluded “the voice of the people.”

Such arguments have been countered, however, by the Vatican. In November 2013, Holy See Press Office spokesman Father Federico Lombardi rejected claims that Pope Francis was surveying Catholics. He said that the reports had misunderstood a preparatory document sent to bishops’ conferences around the world by Archbishop Lorenzo Baldisseri, the secretary general for the Synod of Bishops.

The Human Rights Campaign’s material also cites Pope Francis’ August 2013 interview aboard the papal plane returning from Rio de Janeiro to Rome, in which he stressed the need not to judge someone who is homosexual and “searches for the Lord and has goodwill.”

The Pope’s comments came in the context of a question about a “gay lobby” at the Vatican and included a papal warning about the problem of “a lobby of this tendency.”

Furthermore, the Human Rights Campaign said its synod-related advocacy is an opportunity to “take steps towards greater inclusion,” citing the potential to secure baptism for “children of LGBT Catholic families.”

However, the working document for the synod itself already addresses the issue of baptism of children being raised by same-sex couples. It said bishops’ responses “emphasize that the child must be received with the same care, tenderness and concern which is given to other children,” while also noting the need for careful oversight of baptismal preparation and the need to ensure that the child can be capably instructed in the Christian faith.

Other Groups

Other groups backed by LGBT activists have also weighed in on the synod.

On Oct. 6, Catholics United’s new Pennsylvania affiliate Keystone Catholics launched a petition addressed to Pope Francis regarding the World Meeting of Families 2015, which will be held in Philadelphia.

The petition asks Pope Francis to include an agenda item “aimed at improving the Catholic Church’s pastoral ministry for families which include gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.” It claimed they “suffer from the suggestion that their sexual orientation or gender identity is ‘intrinsically disordered.’”

Catholics United’s executive director, James Salt, was far harsher towards Catholic teaching in an August 2014 statement. He claimed that the Catholic Church “perpetuates mental illness by referring to gay and transgender people as ‘intrinsically disordered,’” an apparent reference to the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s description of homosexual acts, not persons.

Salt claimed that the suicide of a self-identified transgender Catholic teen in Pennsylvania underscored a lack of support services for LGBT Catholics. He claimed that Catholic teaching “contributes to lower self-esteem” and “certainly” contributes to a higher suicide rate among “LGBT individuals.”

Signatories to the Oct. 6 petition included U.S. Reps. Matt Cartwright, D-Pa., and Michael Doyle, D-Pa.; several Catholic campus ministers, university professors and women religious; and leaders of local affiliates of dissenting Catholic groups like Call to Action, Dignity USA and New Ways Ministry.
Catholics United itself has received at least $100,000 from the Colorado-based Gill Foundation, which has funded LGBT advocacy favored by its founder, the politically sophisticated multimillionaire Tim Gill.

In addition, the Arcus Foundation, founded by Jon Stryker, a billionaire heir to the Stryker Corp., has given a $200,000 grant “to support pro-LGBT faith advocates to influence and counter the narrative of the Catholic Church and its ultra-conservative affiliates.” The support aims to “build advocacy and visibility” in connection with the synod on the family and World Youth Day.

The grant supports the Equally Blessed Coalition through the dissenting Catholic group Dignity USA. The coalition includes other self-identified groups that undermine Catholic teaching, including Call to Action, New Ways Ministry and Fortunate Families.

The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority

In the debut of Reality Check, Ben Shapiro takes on Ben Affleck and the myth that only a tiny minority of Muslims worldwide are radical.

Islamic State Issues rules for journalists — Not unlike those introduced by U.S. Senate Democrats?

Senator Chuck Schumer D NY

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

It appears U.S. Senate Democrats and the Islamic State have something in common. They both have introduced strict rules for the control of journalists and what is reported. In the first case is S. 987 Free Flow of Information Act of 2013 introduced by Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer. The second is a report by Syria Deeply on the Islamic States’ issuing strict rules for journalists. Both attempt to define who can and cannot report the news. Both provide punishments for non-compliance.

Journalists, like me, are constantly under attack for reporting the truth. Those public figures who are exposed strike back, many using the legal system to file frivolous lawsuits, to keep the truth from the public.

Both the Free Flow of Information Act of 2013 and the rules issued by the Islamic State take this one step further. The ideal is to control who is protected under the law as a journalist and who is not. This allows the state to control, via a central licensing authority, who will be permitted to report the truth and who will not. Who will be immune/protected from lawsuits and who will not. With the growth of the internet and citizen journalism this has become an issue for both the Islamic State and U.S. Senate Democrats like Diane Feinstein (D-CA).

Jessica Desvarieus, TRNN Producer on the Real News Network did an interview with David Greene, Senior Staff Attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Desvarieus began the interview with this statement:

Earlier this month, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a federal media shield law called the Free Flow of Information Act of 2013 [S. 987] that provides legal protections for journalists. But some critics say that the legislation does not go far enough to protect independent journalists and it leaves too much room for judicial discretion and excludes whistleblowers, bloggers, and groups like WikiLeaks. [Emphasis added]

David Greene when asked about S. 987 said:

And it [S. 987] also tried to have in it what we call a functional definition, which would more broadly include those who were gathering news for the purposes of disseminating it to the general public. And that’s how it–and that was the 2007 bill. That was the starting point for this bill. What happened was before that bill [incompr.] committee senators, Senator Feinstein particularly, posed new language that would make it much more limited, that instead of defining covered persons, would actually try and define journalists and was really directed at covering only those persons who were either employed by a media entity or who had been employed with one for some steady period of time. And there were a few different formulas how you could qualify under that if you weren’t currently working for a media entity but had previously. [Emphasis added]

Now look at the eleven rules established by the Islamic State as reported by Syria Deeply:

  1. Correspondents must swear allegiance to the Caliph [Abu Bakr] al-Baghdadi … they are subjects of the Islamic State and, as subjects, they are obliged to swear loyalty to their imam.
  2. Their work will be under the exclusive supervision of the [ISIS] media offices.
  3. Journalists can work directly with international news agencies (such as Reuters, AFP and AP), but they are to avoid all international and local satellite TV channels. They are forbidden to provide any exclusive material or have any contact (sound or image) with them in any capacity.
  4. Journalists are forbidden to work in any way with the TV channels placed on the blacklist of channels that fight against Islamic countries (such as Al-Arabiya, Al Jazeera and Orient). Violators will be held accountable.
  5. Journalists are allowed to cover events in the governorate with either written or still images without having to refer back to the [ISIS] media office. All published pieces and photos must carry the journalist’s and photographer’s names.
  6. Journalists are not allowed to publish any reportage (print or broadcast) without referring to the [ISIS] media office first.
  7. Journalists may have their own social media accounts and blogs to disseminate news and pictures. However, the ISIS media office must have the addresses and name handles of these accounts and pages.
  8. Journalists must abide by the regulations when taking photos within [ISIS territory] and avoid filming locations or security events where taking pictures is prohibited.
  9. ISIS media offices will follow up on the work of local journalists within [ISIS territory] and in the state media. Any violation of the rules in place will lead to suspending the journalist from his work, and he will be held accountable.
  10. The rules are not final and are subject to change at any time depending on the circumstances and the degree of cooperation between journalists and their commitment to their brothers in the ISIS media offices.
  11. Journalists are given a license to practice their work after submitting a license request at the [ISIS] media office.

Note that Islamic State rules 3, 4, 7, and 11 are defining who a journalist is and only covers those working for certain media entities, much like language added to S. 987 by Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein.

The Obama administration is concerned about the truth getting out on issues such as: Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Obamacare, the NSA scandal, the IRS scandal and now the Ebola pandemic. S, 987, if ever passed, would allow this and any future administration to control journalism by narrowly defining it. Government transparency is the key.

Thomas Jefferson wrote:

“The basis of our governments being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. But I should mean that every man should receive those papers and be capable of reading them.”

It appears the party of Jefferson and the Islamic State prefer the former?

Politicizing a Plague

If President Obama does not want the Ebola virus to kill Americans, why has his administration done nothing to restrict any flights from Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, the hot spots in Africa where it appears the virus is spreading?

One of the reason flights from Liberia were not stopped, we have been told, was the historical link of the U.S. with that nation, founded as a place freed slaves could migrate. That is no excuse in the face of the threat of a single Liberian with Ebola getting off a flight in any U.S. airport.

The decision not to stop flights has nothing to do with health and everything to do with politics, Obama’s far left ideology, and his dislike for America that has been on display for anyone paying any attention. It has driven every decision Obama has made since first taking office.

The White House has decided that stopping flights would heighten public concerns, possibly creating an aura of panic. This is a very bad, very lethal decision. It demonstrates the indifference to facts and to common sense for which the White House is now famous.

Every poll demonstrates that Americans want our borders protected and access from West Africa denied.

It is likely that the White House wants to tamp down any sense of heightened public concern until the midterm elections on Nov. 4. Then add to that the criminal lack of truthfulness that has accompanied anything affecting this White House has done from Benghazi to setting free five Taliban generals in exchange for someone likely to be deemed a deserter from the U.S. Army.

When the Director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Dr. Thomas Friedman, became the focus of news media inquiries regarding the virus, it was clear that he did not have any greater knowledge of the problem, other than the scope of its threat, than anyone else. Indeed, within a week of his first press conference, he said that the CDC and U.S. medical community needed to come up with a whole new approach to Ebola.

When Thomas Duncan, the Liberian in whom the virus was not initially detected died, we were treated to scenes of intensive decontamination efforts at the Dallas hospital, but a nurse who treated him became the first U.S. victim and Dr. Friedman was quick to blame a “protocol breach” as the likely reason. Now a second nurse has Ebola.

The likely reason can be found in the fact that thousands of people die every year from viruses and infections they acquire at a hospital.

The first and likely the second nurse wore protective outfits from top to bottom while dealing with Duncan. In Africa, the earliest victims have been the doctors and hospital staff tending those with Ebola. Any U.S. medical personnel returning from Africa should be quarantined after they arrive. The President has dispatched more than 4,000 military personnel to Liberia and their quarantine should be far longer than the 21 days we keep hearing about. We are now hearing it should be up to 40 days.

The notion that airport staff has any capacity at all to spot someone with Ebola is ludicrous, yet we are being treated to the charade of passengers having a device waved over them to detect a fever.

All this is a political approach rather than a medical one. It is political theatre.

One example of this was a statement by Dr. Francis Collins, the head of the National Institutes of Health, who blamed the lack of funding the NIH has received for research, including vaccinations for infectious diseases. He noted that the NIH has been working on Ebola vaccines since 2001, but does it strike anyone as odd that in all the time since then nothing has been developed?

In fairness, though, the NIH budget has declined 23% over the past decade. The current budget, however, is $29.31 billion. That is a substantial amount.

Congress represents more politics. Dr. Collins remarked that it did not appear “enthusiastic” about passing an emergency supplemental appropriation. For those in government the only answer to any problem is to throw more money at it.

Worse, a Democratic Party advertisement even claimed that the Ebola threat is due to Republican cuts in funding of healthcare research, but those cuts were bipartisan by virtue of the sequestration limits imposed. Not mentioned was an Obama administration decision to abandon a set of regulations which the CDC considered essential to prevent international travelers from spreading deadly diseases inside the U.S. At this point, the question is why?

So far Ebola has been located in West Africa, but in this world of global air travel, but without rigid restrictions it is only a matter of time before it begins to show up elsewhere including here again.

When that happens you can point a finger at Barack Hussein Obama who thinks it’s more important to have good relations with Liberia than it is to shut down any possibility that an African or anyone else at risk of having Ebola will arrive on our shores.

At that point, however, it will be too late.

© Alan Caruba, 2014


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Ebola Cases, Already Rampant in West Africa, Expected to Double Every 3 Weeks