Biden Protects ‘Palestinian’ Illegal Aliens From Deportation

Terrorists welcome.

Is there a major wave of terror in the Middle East? Are Hamas supporters marching through the streets of American cities while calling for Jihad? Sure we could deport them, but instead Biden is protecting them from deportation.

Biden granted Palestinians in the United States temporary protection from deportation amid the ongoing conflict overseas, according to a new memo Wednesday.

The move comes as the White House faces immense pressure from the Arab-American community over the situation in Gaza.

Late last year, Democrats urged Biden to extend temporary protections to Palestinians in the US, arguing that those already in the country “should not be forced to return to the Palestinian territories, consistent with President Biden’s stated commitment to protecting Palestinian civilians.”

The president has discretion to authorize what’s known as deferred enforced departure, which protects those covered from removal from the US for a period of time. Those who qualify are also eligible for work permits.

This is a green light encouraging Arab Muslim settlers from the region to come to America. While the temporary protection from deportation is supposed to kick in only for those enemy aliens currently here, anyone who makes it across the border without being spotted can show up and claim that he was here all along.

The usual pro-terror lobby and its Democrat elected officials had been demanding TPS (Temporary Protected Status) for Arab Muslims operating in Judea and Samaria, Biden instead granted Deferred Enforced Departure (DED).

That’s the good news here. DED is arguably illegal unlike TPS. It’s really similar to Obama’s DREAM amnesty. But the legal provisions for it are weaker and so accordingly DED recipients have a weaker case, but the pernicious thing about TPS is that it gets extended virtually endlessly. Some countries have had TPS status for decades making for an illegal alien population that just moved here and will never leave.

The bad news about DED is that it can also be extended. While the DED status for the Pallies currently is at 18 months, that can be renewed and there will be pressure to renew it. For example, Liberia’s status has been under DED since 2007. At some point DED may transition to TPS and we’ll have an even larger domestic terrorist population.




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MUST WATCH INTERVIEW: With Mr. Ryan Hartwig, formerly of Facebook

Ryan Hartwig is an American unsung hero. For two years Mr. Hartwig was responsible for censoring conservative messages and especially anything Trump from Facebook, Instagram and social media. As you will learn, Ryan did not grasp the subtle messages and internal memos he received with sometimes nebulous instructions as to the screening he was being ordered to impose. Steadily, however, Ryan saw the diabolical scheme unfolding which began a whole new level of heaviness for him to contend with – namely, to continue or stop.

Ryan Hartwig is a man of integrity who seriously began struggling with the demands of his employer, versus what his conscience was beginning to stir.  “Newsworthy exceptions” is one term his employer used in pushing the censoring that was steadily becoming dominant.  As you listen to the process Mr. Hartwig underwent, you will learn he honored ARIZONA TODay  by unpacking a lot of information that hereto before has not seen the light of day.

His book: Behind The Mask Of Facebook – A Whistleblowers Shocking Story of Big Tech Bias and Censorship is incredible reading filled with previously unknown facts as to the full-blown war to censor Christian and Conservative, especially MAGA information.  I look forward to his return.

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Bill Gates’ Dark Dream of Blocking Sunlight from the Earth is About to be Realized

“And that You should reward Your servants the prophets and the saints, And those who fear Your name, small and great, And should destroy those who destroy the Earth.” -Rev. 11:18

Bill Gates, ever the demented snake oil salesman, has long argued in favor of a bizarre plan to fight global warming by using experimental geoengineering to partially block the sun’s rays from reaching Earth.

Well, he’s apparently about to get his wish.

Scientists plan to begin pumping chemicals into the sky over the next few weeks and months from several countries around the globe, including the U.S., Australia and Israel.

The idea, promoted by Gates and leftist billionaire George Soros, involves pumping manmade white clouds containing chalk dust and other chemicals into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from the Earth’s surface.

Blocking the sun’s light would allegedly lower the planet’s temperature enough to reverse global warming.

Never mind that fruit trees and vegetables require sunlight in order to grow and produce food for the masses. Not to mention, sunlight is the primary source of critical Vitamin D, an essential nutrient for human immunity. Gates, a known eugenicist who goes around giving talks about how we need to reduce the global population, likely sees these dark possibilities as exciting side effects of the nefarious sun-blocking plan.

Soros is similarly excited about the plan. He says the technology will help to prevent ice from melting in Greenland, which he claims could doom human civilization.

How ironic that the very globalists who are doing everything in their power to destroy human civilization claim to be worried that global warming might speed up the process.

Globalists like Bill Gates and George Soros are doing harm to the environment through their genocidal climate agenda on multiple levels. They advocate blanketing our fertile farmland with toxic solar panels, while filling more acres of farmland with wind turbines that kill birds and other wildlife. They also push electric cars which run on toxic lithium batteries that are going to create an environmental nightmare in the years ahead because, like with the solar panels, there’s no way to safely dispose of them.

Chloe Aiello of Inc. magazine reported on February 13, 2024, that a Bill Gates-Backed Startup Just Raised $145 Million to Source Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric VehiclesMuch of the lithium mined in the world today is done on the backs of child labor in poor countries of Africa and Asia. But don’t tell that to Bill Gates, George Soros, Larry Fink and their buddies at the World Economic Forum.

Despite their destructive plans, these globalists insist they are our saviors and we should look to them for answers on how to live a sustainable lifestyle. Please.

About the devious sun-blocking formula, Soros said: “Our civilization is in danger of collapsing because of the inexorable advance of climate change. The melting of the Greenland ice sheet would increase the level of the oceans by 7 meters. That poses a threat to the survival of our civilization.”

Of course this is all nonsense meant to stoke fear. A fearful population will beg for solutions to the imaginary problem, inviting their own enslavement. More than 20 years ago, Al Gore made the exact same dire predictions about ice melting, polar bears dying, hurricanes increasing, and whole cities being submerged in water. None of these apocalyptic predictions have materialized.

According to a report by Slay News, the tactics advocated by Bill Gates involve spraying aerosol concentrations into the stratosphere to reflect solar radiation away from the Earth.

Gates has been funding a major project at Harvard using balloons to deploy aerosols. The Harvard project was shut down following public backlash.

But now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that another group of scientists has been advancing Gates’ idiotic and, frankly, dangerous plan.

Marine Cloud Brightening is a research project led by Southern Cross University as part of the $64.55 million, or 100 million Australian dollars, Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program.

The program involves modifying clouds to make them reflect sunlight away from the Earth to supposedly stop global warming.

Slay News reports:

“This week, researchers aboard a ship off the northeastern coast of Australia near the Whitsunday Islands started spraying a briny mixture through high-pressure nozzles into the air in an attempt to brighten low-altitude clouds that form over the ocean.

“Scientists hope bigger, brighter clouds will reflect sunlight away from the Earth, shade the ocean surface, and cool the waters around the Great Barrier Reef.”

In Israel, another startup called Stardust Solutions has begun testing a system to disperse a cloud of tiny reflective particles about 60,000 feet in altitude.

These geoengineered clouds reflect sunlight away from Earth to cool the atmosphere in a concept known as solar radiation management.

And, in Massachusetts, researchers at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution are preparing to pour 6,000 gallons of a liquid solution of sodium hydroxide, a component of lye, into the ocean 10 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard this summer.

Some would argue that “cloud seeding” has been going on for years. Take a look at this shot I took of the sky above my house a few weeks ago.

Does the sky in the photo above look normal?

With all these chemicals being sprayed above us, what could possibly go wrong?

Let’s pray this ill-advised experiment fizzles out before it can do too much damage.

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The Life and Death of Communist Alexei Navalny

Mr. Alexei Navalny just died due to unknown causes.

He probably died of AIDS, for he was a secret homosexual.

Mr. Navalny had been a communist since early childhood. His favorite leader was Joseph Stalin.

Mr. Navalny respected Barack Hussein Obama, whom he regarded as a partner in fighting for Socialism.

Mr. Navalny has made great efforts to hide the truth about his sexuality. There are strong rumors that he was a pedophile, besides a secret homosexual.

Mr. Navalny was supported by Western leaders because he stood up against Putin. This was the only reason that the West supported him!

His dark side was covered up by journalists to make him look like a folk hero.

Good riddance that he is dead now.

Copyright 2024. Matthys van Raalten. All rights reserved.

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Tuck & Vlad: The interview of the decade, if not the century!

Tucker Carlson interviewed President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, on February 8, 2024.

Though summarily booted off Fox News only ten months ago, Tucker Carlson has single-handedly pulled off the journalistic coup of the century. He’s now the envy of the myriad sycophants in mainstream media newsrooms, who do nothing more than read the scripts given them by their handlers, all of whom are in the pay of their globalist masters. Predictably, they’re attacking Carlson on cue, meaning he’s over the target.

Way to go, Tucker!

He just enabled us to witness a two-hour candid encounter with one of the world’s most important leaders.

Those of us who’ve listened to Putin’s speeches in the past—especially his remarkable speech from February 24th, 2022, when he announced his reasons for beginning a military operation in Ukraine—were not surprised to find him a highly intelligent, knowledgeable leader with an unflappable demeanor.  But as Tucker’s interview with him proceeded, we also got a glimpse of his candor and wry sense of humor.

Predictably, the Putin demonizers—i.e. the mainstream media, Dems, RINOs, the globalist Left, etc.—are clearly scrambling to enact damage control now that millions of Americans have seen for themselves, by virtue of Tucker’s two-hour interview with the Russian President, that Putin is no bogeyman after all. And that means we’ve been lied to for years.


Those of us who watched all two hours of Tucker Carlson’s interview of Putin were treated to an historic conversation in which we witnessed a true statesman steeped in the history of his country and that of Europe, giving insightful, measured, candid yet diplomatic answers to Tucker’s questions.

Yet the Leftist media found nothing of value in the entire interview, and everything to disparage.

Two memes appeared almost immediately in the MSM’s attempt to discredit Tucker: the claim Tucker is “not a journalist”, but rather a “useful idiot.” Just in case we miss the point, the press lackeys go on to discredit Putin as well.

Case in point: A recent MSNCB article by Frank Figliuzzi contends that Tucker is “not a journalist” but a “former Fox News entertainer”, and that Putin is a “master at manipulating” a ”despot” and a “stone-cold killer” who “used” Carlson and “played him for a fool.”

Here are some woke attempts at zingers from Tucker’s former colleague, Chris Wallace, who says Tucker was “basically broadcasting fascist propaganda to credulous people in the West who are eager to buy into the mythology of Putin…as an enemy of wokeness.” Wallace elaborated with the memes du jour, saying the interview was: “one of the most disgraceful — to call it a journalistic performance is wrong because he’s not a journalist. …It was just simply being a scribe to one of the most vicious dictators of our time.” (Emphasis mine)

Nice try, guys. But you’ve got it exactly backwards. Having been shills so long probably makes it hard for you to recognize a real journalist when you see one. The biggest tip-off is that Hillary herself called Tucker “a useful idiot.” That’s a badge of honor coming from the Hildebeast who refers to American patriots as the Deplorables.

In fact, with his rational discourse and impressive knowledge of history and changing global power alignments, Putin puts our own President, Vice President, and most members of Congress to shame, though they were in no need of outside help on that score.

Putin comes across as sincere, principled and even, dare I say, compassionate. What a shock! Of course his perspective clashes with that of O’Biden’s destructive policies, as could be expected. And another shocker for many in Tucker’s audience may be the provable fact that the West, and particularly America, repeatedly betrayed Russia after the fall of the USSR. So instead of Putin appearing as the villain in this piece, we are confronted with our own guilty role in the war in Ukraine which we are stubbornly prolonging, among other things.


During the interview, Putin put to rest a few of the West’s main charges against him. It’s your decision, of course, whether to believe him or not, but many facts bear him out.

We learned that Putin favored an early diplomatic negotiated plan regarding Ukraine, and that such a plan had been in the works, but got torpedoed by the UK’s Boris Johnson, presumably at the behest of the U.S. Here’s some outside verification.

Arguably the biggest lie of the Leftist press has been that Putin plans to take over Europe. Here’s Politico quoting Strobe Talbott in February 2022: “Putin certainly has an endgame in mind: It’s recreating the Russian Empire with himself as tsar.” And here’s the title of an article from the UK’s Independent from March 2022: “Putin the imperialist: Why Ukraine is part of his dream of a Greater Russia.”

So Tucker asked Putin: “Well, the argument… is that, well, he invaded Ukraine. He has territorial aims across the continent. Latvia. Expansionist behavior. Can you imagine a scenario where you send Russian troops to Poland?”

And now we have Putin on record: “…they’re trying to intimidate their own population with an imaginary Russian threat… we have no interest in Poland, Latvia or anywhere else. Why would we do that? We simply don’t have any interest. It’s just threat-mongering…. It is absolutely out of the question.”


And though most of Tucker’s questions were apt, I, for one, winced when he asked Putin: How could he be a Christian and yet go to war, when Jesus said one shouldn’t kill, but just turn the other cheek?

Of course, if Christian pacifism under all circumstances was a necessity, Britain should never have gone to war against Hitler, since England is a Christian country. In fact, so is nearly all of Europe, though the Nazis cultivated paganism. Or did Tucker mean to imply that this supposed Christian standard—refusing to kill no matter what—pertains only to Russia?

One more gripe. Here’s a paraphrase of another of his questions: “Why are you concerned with de-Nazification? After all, Hitler died 80 years ago…”. Did Tucker not notice the worldwide recent rise of antisemitism? Had he not heard of the Azov Battalion with its Nazi heritage and a swastika on its flag? Does he not know that copies of Mein Kampf were found among Hamas terrorists’ belongings?

Of course we owe Tucker our gratitude for pursuing this historic interview, and for asking Putin a number of vitally important questions, especially those about the war in Ukraine, and for allowing Putin to speak at length with few interruptions. And though I have quibbles over a couple of his formulations, it is possible, even likely, that his questions had to be submitted in advance for approval, as one might expect.


Nevertheless, regarding questions, this was not vintage Tucker at his brilliant best. Here are some questions I wish he’d asked the Russian leader:

  • You must know that a number of American politicians not only  support Ukraine, but have called for regime change in Russia, i.e. they want to see you ousted from power. Why do you think that is?
  • Why do you think the American elites, media, entrenched political establishment, and even many of our courts fought so hard against Trump while he was in office, and are trying to keep him from running now?
  • Trump has declared he could end the war in a week if elected. Here’s a quote from the BBC from last May: “’If Mr. Trump cuts off the supply of weapons, the war will end on Russian terms, which is the West’s worst nightmare,’ says the former head of Britain’s secret service, Sir Alex Younger.” What do you anticipate would happen regarding the war in Ukraine if Trump is reelected in November, and how might that affect Russia’s relationship with the US?
  • What can you tell us about corruption and malfeasance in Ukraine, including Hunter Biden’s role, his father’s role, the reported biosecurity labs, etc.?
  • You say that the West is focused on practicality and technological gains, while Russia remains patriotic, religious, and nationalistic, in an almost mythic-poetic way. Yet you observe that the world power structure is changing and that one should adapt to it, and so Russia is increasingly allying with China, at least economically. Isn’t that being practical? And mightn’t there be a downside to allying with a powerful Communist country?


Though Putin spoke about Russian history at some length, I don’t recall him referencing the Warsaw Pact by name, and the fact that while the Pact was disbanded in 1991, its counterpart, NATO, remained—even after the collapse of the USSR. This shifted the balance of power against Russia, and of course the threat of bringing Ukraine into the NATO fold on Russia’s doorstep was a bridge too far.

Putin likely felt it necessary to review Russian history since the Western media misrepresents it, pretending Ukraine was historically an independent nation, though long referred to as the “bread basket of Russia.” Similarly, the same Leftist press misrepresents “Palestine” as the former country of Arab Muslims, though it never existed as more than a region, and where Jews were inhabitants long before Arabs.

Interestingly, there are some additional parallels between Russia and Israel. Both nations face what they perceive to be an existential threat, and have responded militarily to that threat, yet both are being accused of war crimes as they defend themselves. Furthermore, Western and especially U.S. indignation against them has resulted in the O’Biden administration and their pals in Congress clamoring for “regime change” in both Russia and Israel. We’re told Putin plans to invade more countries for Greater Russia, and that Netanyahu seeks to create Greater Israel, so both should be stopped. More Leftist lies and scare tactics, used to confuse the actual issues.

Let’s be honest: under O’Biden, for all the administration’s verbiage to the contrary, America is essentially on the wrong side in both wars. We’re fighting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine—the seat of money-laundering and major payoffs for the Big Guy and pals; and though Biden/Blinken claim to be supporting Israel, they’re actually funding the terrorism by funding Iran, resupplying Hamas, and attempting to tie Israel’s hands to prevent the defeat of Hamas.

In fact, a case can be made that neither the war in Ukraine nor Hamas’ October 7th attack on Israel would have occurred without American aid to the miscreants.


I suspect President Trump would have had an excellent relationship with Putin if the Deep State hadn’t tied his hands, and excoriated him with their “Russia Russia Russia” faux accusations, which made it awkward for him to court a new friendship with Russia. The two men likely recognized they were both nationalists fiercely opposed to globalism, giving them common ground.

Is it coincidental that the Dems/Marxist Left engineered the theft of the 2020 election, and are doing their damnedest to keep Trump from even running this year? Is it merely a coincidence that Progressive Leftists at home and abroad seek to remove Putin and Netanyahu? Or could it perhaps be because, whatever their individual flaws and shortcomings, all three leaders are dedicated nationalists who love their countries and stand firm in opposition to the global predators seeking their dystopian New World Order/Great Reset/Agenda 2030—the abolition of national sovereignty and personal liberty?

In fact, I’d argue that one of the many reasons the Dems/Deep State/Leftists concocted the Russia hoax and made up the nonsensical charge of MAGA Trump being a Russian spy, was to keep him from forging an historic relationship with our former Cold War enemy. And that may also be one of many reasons they want to keep Trump out of the White House once more, as well as a reason for their push to topple Putin. For if Trump could engineer an alliance with Putin, if nationalist America and nationalist Russia started working together, that would be mighty inconvenient for the Global Elites as they pursue their One World Totalitarian Government “Utopia.”


I was surprised when Tucker threw Putin a curve ball in the last ten minutes of the interview, accusing him of wrongly imprisoning America journalist Evan Gershkovich and asking him publicly, on air, to release him then and there.

Though Putin gave a diplomatic response, last-minute focusing on the Gershkovich issue would have ended the two-hour interview on a sour note, so I was relieved that Tucker asked one final question. In response, Putin told a remarkable true story, invoking the presence of the Russian soul that he believes resides in the Ukrainians as well as the Russians.

It made a beautiful last word for the interview, and Tucker graciously let Putin be the one to say: “Shall we end it here?” So the master statesman, who began the program with half an hour’s history lesson that most of us could benefit from hearing, ended it on a hopeful note that healing will follow after the war, as he alluded to the profound, soulful connection to Mother Russia that, through it all, will persist for those on both sides, once peace is achieved.

In the meantime, we’ve also learned that this is a new Tucker, freed from the shackles of Fox News, courageously pursuing truth and making journalistic history. And that he’s unstoppable.

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Disney Board Wants To Hide Political Donations, Spending On Sex Changes From Shareholders, Docs Reveal

The Walt Disney Company board wants to hide key financial data from the public, particularly as it relates to their funding of the transgender movement and donations to political candidates, documents reviewed by the Daily Caller reveal.

The 2024 proxy vote ballot for Disney’s annual shareholder meeting, scheduled for April 2, reveals the board doesn’t want the public, or even their own shareholders, to know how much Disney spends on “gender transition compensation and benefits” for its staff. Despite the board’s suggested vote to shareholders, the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) and National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) are urging the company to release the data.

In Disney’s 2024 “Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders and Proxy Statement,” Disney details how the NLPC and NCPPR notified the company that they intend to present proposals focused on these issues. Within the same document, Disney “affirms” that people who suffer from gender dysphoria can “transition to a different sex.” However, “an increasing body of scientific evidence shows no benefits result from such medical treatments,” the NLPC argues. They go on to cite the European and American medical community’s “increasing” caution about gender-transition “therapies.”

“Victims report transition treatments and surgeries are harmful. Examples include long-lasting or permanent outcomes like chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, unwanted hair loss or hair gain, menstrual irregularities, urinary problems, and other complications,” the statement continues. “Rather than resolve health problems ‘gender affirming’ therapies instead often exacerbate them. In such instances, those who desire to ‘detransition’ cannot find medical care or insurance coverage, and are permanently mutilated. Many of these sufferers litigate against those who misled or harmed them.”

But as transitioners are de-transitioners are protected under “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” aspects of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), they cannot be discriminated against in any way, resulting in Disney covering transition procedures.

Shareholders have asked the board to issue a report on Disney’s funding of gender care and related activities by Dec. 31, 2024, and whether there are any “benefit gaps” related to gender dysphoria, as well as “associated reputational, competitive, operational and litigative risks.”

Similarly, Disney doesn’t want shareholders to approve the publication of the company’s charitable and political donations. The board recommends a vote against “requesting a report on political expenditures” and “publication of recipients of charitable contributions.”

In their recommendation, NCPPR argued that there are “issues” with donating to certain groups who support sex-change surgeries, not just for the potential legal and medical issues listed above, but because is it “time Disney stop injecting itself into controversial and significant social policy issues,” the proposal stated.

Disney’s board ignores all the arguments and scientific evidence laid out by the NCPPR and NLPC in their explanation for why they’re recommending voting “against” the proposals. “We believe the proposal is an attempt to generate attention from a proponent with a narrow focus seeking to advance a limited agenda rather than an authentic attempt to call for action in the best interest of the Company and shareholders,” Disney wrote in response to the proposals.

The board also ignored any mention of “gender” in their request for shareholders to reject the proposal to publicize Disney’s charitable donation, and instead stated the company is already transparent enough about their spending.

“In its opposition statement Disney revealed why our proposal is so important, and how badly it has failed to fulfill its fiduciary duties. Disney clearly hasn’t spent a single moment considering how much Iger and his team have harmed the company by going full-in on politics instead of running the company for shareholder and even genuine stakeholder benefit. Iger has hired people like Kathleen Kennedy who hate Disney’s customers and want to shove their politics down audiences’ throats rather than entertaining them,” NCPPR director Scott Shepard said in a statement to the Daily Caller. “Iger seems to think that by adopting a partisan position he makes it non-partisan and just ‘the right thing to do.’ He is wrong in this, of course, as he’s wrong in just about every decision he’s made for many years.”

Disney has found itself increasingly mired in political squabbles in recent years, most notably with Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has gone after the megacorporation’s special tax status. Conservatives have accused Disney of shoehorning progressive messaging into its content and pursuing a political agenda over putting out quality family content.

Disney did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.



News and commentary writer.


Disney CEO Pledges To Double Down On LGBT ‘Storytelling’ In Animated Kids’ Movies

‘I Was Being Hunted Down’: Gina Carano Announces Lawsuit Against Disney, Teams Up With Elon Musk

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Dem Senate Candidate And Gun Control Advocate Has Shelled Out Thousands For His Own Private Security

Democratic Rep. Colin Allred of Texas, who is challenging Republican Sen. Ted Cruz in 2024, has given thousands to a private armed security company despite his history of supporting gun control.

The Senate candidate is a vocal critic of the Second Amendment, supports firearm regulation and has backed anti-police measures in Congress. Allred’s campaigns have disbursed thousands to Eagle Protective Group, which offers private armed security, as well as hundreds more to individuals who appear to be police officers for security, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) data.

In 2023, Allred’s Senate campaign doled out over $2,500 to the private armed security company, according to FEC filings. Another $900 was given to Daniel Ramirez, Jorge Cardenas and Beatriz Diaz, all of whom appear to be deputy constables for the county of El Paso.

Allred’s congressional campaign has given $14,496.89 to Eagle Protective Group since its 2018 launch, FEC data shows. The campaign also paid a combined $2,040 for “event security” to two other individuals.

Despite his payments to the private armed security company and to individuals who appear to be police officers, Allred has voiced opposition to the right to bear arms, voted for various forms of gun control and against provisions to support law enforcement.

In 2018, the Democrat said it would’ve been “better” if the Second Amendment “hadn’t been written.” Allred has also been critical of the National Rifle Association (NRA), to which over 400,000 Texas belong.

Allred supported the Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order of 2021, a red flag gun law, and voted for the failed Assault Weapons Ban of 2022. The congressman opposed a provision that would’ve made it easier for victims of domestic violence to purchase a firearm.

The congressman also opposed a 2020 measure that would’ve required Washington, D.C., to provide “adequate and continued funding” to the police as the city saw a surge in crime. The congressman voted against condemning the Defund the Police movement in 2021.

Cruz is one of the most vulnerable incumbent Senate Republicans running for reelection in 2024. His seat is currently characterized by The Cook Political Report as in the “Lean R” column along with Florida Sen. Rick Scott.

A National Public Affairs survey released on Feb. 9 found Cruz and Allred tied at 44%, with 12% of Texas general election voters remaining undecided. Other polling for a potential matchup indicates Cruz is largely favored to retain the seat, with the Republican leading Allred anywhere from one to 16 points, according to FiveThirtyEight’s compilation.

Texas went for former President Donald Trump in both 2020 and 2016. The former president is likely to be on the ballot in November against President Joe Biden, who the RealClearPolitics average shows Trump is beating by nearly nine points in the Lone Star State.

Allred’s campaign did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.





Democrat Running Against Ted Cruz Bankrolled By Donors Who Want To Defund The Police

Joe Manchin Reveals Whether He Will Run For President

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‘They Are Lunatics’: Trump Blasts Letitia James, Judge After Civil Fraud Case Ruling

Former President Donald Trump blasted Democratic Attorney General Letitia James of New York and Judge Arthur Engoron on Friday following the ruling in his civil fraud trial.

James sued Trump in September 2022, alleging that he overstated the value of real estate holdings in order to obtain loans. Engoron’s ruling ordered Trump to pay $354 million and banned him “from serving as an officer or director of any New York corporation or other legal entity in New York for a period of three years.”

“We’ll be appealing,” Trump said to reporters outside Mar-a-Lago. “But, more important than that, this is Russia, this is China, this is the same game, all comes out of the DOJ. It all comes out of Biden. It’s witch-hunt against his political opponent, the likes of which our country has never seen before, you see it in third world countries, banana republics, but you don’t see it here.”

“So I just want to say this: You build a great company. There was no fraud. The banks all got their money, 100 percent. They love Trump. They testified that Trump is great, great customer, one of our best customers. They testified beautifully, and the judge knows that. He is just a corrupt person and we knew that from the beginning. We knew it right from the beginning because he wouldn’t give it to the commercial division.”


Engoron ruled on Sept. 26 that Trump was liable for fraud, ordering that several business licenses Trump held were to be rescinded. An appeals judge paused the ruling on Oct. 6.

“Letitia James, that’s another case altogether. She is a horribly corrupt attorney general and it’s all having to do with election interference,” Trump said. “There were no victims because the banks made a lot of money, they made $100 million. And by the way, I paid approximately $300 million in taxes as the migrants come in and they take over New York, I paid over this period of years over $300 million in taxes and they want me out, oh, let’s see if we can get him out. These are radical left Democrats, they are lunatics and it’s election interfering.”

James called Trump an “illegitimate president” during her 2018 campaign for attorney general and pledged to investigate his finances.

“All the other side had was a ridiculous $18 million valuation of magnificent Mar-a-Lago, an unConstitutional Gag Order, a Consumer Fraud Statute never before used for this purpose, No Jury allowed, and a refusal to send this disgusting charade to the Commercial Division, where it would have been put to a deserving end,” Trump said in a statement after the ruling.

Real-estate experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation that Engoron’s ruling greatly undervalued Mar-a-Lago, which some considered to be worth more than $250 million.





‘Completely Out Of Proportion’: Wisenberg Rips ‘Extremely Dubious’ Trump Fraud Ruling

‘It Ruins Their Case’: Attorney Reveals Why New York Judge Tried To Hush Trump During Testimony

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Early American Literacy Versus Today’s Woke Education — What are they teaching your children?

In recent decades the quality of American education has plummeted.

When you scan the headlines related to education, you realize how far we have fallen:

∙A “non-binary” activist teacher promotes the woke agenda for kindergarteners and claims that the U.S. and Israel have “no right to exist.”

∙Harvard, America’s oldest and most prestigious college (historically), now teaches a class on the pop singer Taylor Swift. Harvard’s tuition costs $75,000 a year.

∙A Seattle high school teacher, who praised Hamas in class, failed a student on a quiz. Why? The student said men can’t get pregnant. When the student’s mom complained, the school authorities stood by the teacher, not the student.

∙A social studies teacher in Maine assigned her high school students to write their own “Declaration of Independence,” maybe, she suggested, even from their own parents.

∙An elementary school principal in Oklahoma performed as a drag queen. He has since resigned.

Needless to say, there is a battle over education today.

But when you look at early American education, there is no question that the Bible in one way or another was the chief textbook for the first 200-300 years. This led to widespread literacy.

In fact, I have produced a documentary for Providence Forum entitled, “The Beginning of Wisdom.” The title comes from the Scriptures, which say that, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” This film aims to show what was right about early education, and how did it get that way.

At one time, America was among the best educated nations in the world. James Madison of Virginia, a key architect of the Constitution, said, “A well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people.”

The first school law passed in America was in Boston in the 1640s, and it was nicknamed, “The Old Deluder Satan Act.” The law begins, “It being one chief project of that old deluder, Satan, to keep men from the knowledge of the Scriptures, as in former times.” Therefore, schools were to be systematically established so that the children could read and write for themselves.

The Puritans dreaded to “leave an illiterate ministry to the churches, when our present ministers shall lie in the dust,” so they started a school of higher learning that more ministers of the Gospel could be produced. That was Harvard, named after a donor, Rev. John Harvard.

All of the original colleges and universities were created by Christians for Christian purposes. Harvard, William and Mary, Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, and so on. These schools set the standard for education throughout the land.

The only Ivy League school that was not explicitly Christian in its founding was Cornell which was established in the 1840s—more than 200 years after Harvard.

One of the guests in our program is the Jewish scholar Dennis Prager, founder of PragerU. He mentions this fact about the third oldest college in North America: “The insignia of Yale University is in Hebrew. It’s the mantle or the breastplate that the high priest of Israel wore, Urim veha-Tummim, and it’s in Hebrew.… Do you know how immersed you had to be in the Bible to know that, and if you were not a Jew to know those words, Urim veha-Tummim? And that’s, to this day, the insignia of Yale University.”

In 1789, Catholics founded Georgetown University in what is now Washington, DC and in 1842, they founded Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. Even today, Catholic schools in the inner-city are legendary in throwing a lifeline for children in need.

Another guest in the documentary is Joyce Burges, who co-founded, with her husband, the National Black Home Education League. She says, “Booker T. Washington was a Christian man, and when he founded Tuskegee Institute he shared those Christian principles with the students.  As a matter of fact, be believed in the broom, the Bible, and the book, meaning, education, chores, and the Word of God.”

Education for the masses, using Bible-based books like The New England Primer and McGuffey’s Readers (the earliest versions) helped create a well-educated populace.

Using Mike Huckabee as the voice of Thomas Jefferson, we close the documentary with this statement from our third president: “If a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was & never will be. Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe.”

Around 1800, after almost 200 years of strong Christian influence in the schools, John Adams remarked that to find an illiterate man in New England was as rare as a comet.

How far we have fallen. My prayer is that God would revive the works of His hand in this nation.

Copyright 2024. All rights reserved.

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Matt Gaetz, Conservative or Denizen of the Deep State?

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” – Frédéric Bastiat

“It is the duty of every patriot to protect his country from its government.” – Thomas Paine

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” –  Samuel Adams

“Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the Government’s purposes are beneficent. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.” –  Louis D. Brandeis

Matthew Louis Gaetz II is an attorney and since 2017, the Congressional Republican Representative of Florida’s first congressional district.  Prior to his House seat, he was a member of the Florida House of Representatives from 2010 to 2016.

Don Gaetz, Matt’s father, served in the Florida State Senate from 2006 to 2016 and was the President of the Florida Senate from 2012 to 2014.  Late in 2023, Don Gaetz decided he would again run for Florida Senate, and has expressed an eagerness for a “spirited campaign.”  In 2004, Don sold Vitas Hospice Services, later accused of Medicaid fraud by the DOJ, for close to half a billion.

In 2023, Matt was well known for being the holdout with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in the 15th vote for Speaker Kevin McCarthy.  However, he and Boebert did not cast a vote for anyone else which actually lowered the vote McCarthy needed by two and gave him the win.

Gaetz filed the motion to oust Kevin McCarthy for not keeping his promises.

The Congressman has now endorsed Kevin McCarthy as a replacement for Rona McDaniel as Chair of the RNC.  McCarthy only voted with the Constitution 50% of the time.

While addressing rumors about his son potentially running for governor in 2026, Don clarified, “Matt’s not pursuing any run for governor. He’s pushing forward tackling budget and spending problems in Washington and fighting for term limits.”

Really?  Term Limits?  That’s a lie.

Matt Gaetz is promoting a Constitutional Convention via Mark Meckler’s Convention of States (CoS), which is heavily funded by the Koch organizations.  He claims the only way to get congressional term limits and a balanced budget amendment, is with another Article V convention.

Term limits and a balanced budget are the catch-all lies for the uninformed electorate.

Both would have dangerous unintended consequences.

Meckler’s Article V convention will not be limited as he claims.  Globalist Council on Foreign Relations member, Robert George sits on the board of CoS.  He has already rewritten the Second Amendment in our unalienable Bill of Rights.

Personal Life

From Business Insider comes a tell-all story about Matt from a former high school classmate, Erin Scot, when both attended a wedding rehearsal dinner of one of their friends. Scot tells of Matt showing an inappropriate cell photo of a woman he was bedding at the time.  In 2021, the House Committee on Ethics investigated numerous accusations against Gaetz, including allegations of sexual misconduct, drug use, and involving the congressman showing colleagues “inappropriate” images on the House floor.

In August of 2021, 39 year old Matt Gaetz married Ginger Luckey, eloping with her to southern California for a private ceremony on Catalina Island.  He married while being investigated by the Justice Department as part of a probe into an alleged sex trafficking ring and in an ongoing probe into an alleged sexual relationship with a 17-year-old minor, which he denied.

Gaetz appeared to have found an ally in Florida’s Seminole County tax collector, Joel Greenberg, donating $1,000 to one of his campaigns, and promoting him for higher office in an interview.  “If Joel were to run from Seminole Co, I think he’d become the next congressman from the 7th district,” Gaetz told a Florida radio station in 2017.

But the Congressman  had come under the microscope after his close friend Joel Greenberg was arrested twice in early 2021.  Gaetz was investigated for three distinct crimes: sex trafficking the 17-year-old; violating the Mann Act, which prohibits taking women across state lines for prostitution; and obstructing justice.

According to various news reports, Greenberg told investigators that he saw Gaetz and others have sex with the same 17-year-old he pleaded guilty to sex trafficking.

This news was aired weeks after Gaetz’s former close friend, Joel Greenberg, who sources said agreed to cooperate in the federal probe into Gaetz, was sentenced to 11 years in prison after pleading guilty to crimes including sex trafficking of a minor and introducing her to other “adult men” who also had sex with her when she was underage. Greenberg agreed to provide “substantial assistance” to prosecutors as part of their ongoing investigation.

No charges were filed against Gaetz since proving he had sex with and knew the minor was underage could not easily be proven.  Gaetz’ attorneys confirmed the DOJ decision.

In a statement to ABC News, Greenberg’s attorney called the decision not to charge Gaetz “troubling.”

Tucker Carlson interviewed Gaetz after Fox News found out Congressman Gaetz was under federal investigation for playing some role in sex trafficking.  After the interview, Carlson spoke to the audience and said, “That was one of the weirdest interviews I’ve ever conducted.”

Matt’s wife, Ginger Luckey, works as a food industry Analyst and Sales Operations & Enablement for Apeel, which is a company funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  James Rogers, CEO and Founder of Apeel Sciences is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader 2020. The company is approaching the global food waste crisis by utilizing a plant-derived solution to prevent waste — a “sustainable” approach to the world’s growing food demands.

Apeel Sciences develops products for USDA Organic Certified and conventional produce categories.  Their mission is to “build a barrier that could be applied to fruits and vegetables using edible materials that could slow down the rate of spoilage.”  The ingredients in Apeel have not been publicly shared and the Apeel label is not on all fruits and vegetables with the coating.

Having purchased California avocadoes with this coating, once they felt soft enough to be ripe, when you cut into them, the center is still hard, but the fruit inside the peel is mushy and often rotten.

Gaetz’ Mugshot

Back in 2008, Matt Gaetz was arrested for a DUI when being stopped for doing 48 in a 35-mph zone.  He was 26 years old at the time, and the charges were dropped. Some say Gaetz has had up to seven DUIs, but the record only shows one. Gaetz didn’t like the fact that he had a mugshot from the first go around.  He promoted efforts to remove mugshots from private websites, and Congressman Greg Steube saw to it in 2018 that mugshots will no longer be available for private websites or pasted across billboards.

Far too many lawmakers rack up speeding tickets.  Matthew Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, 32, has been cited for 16 tickets from 1999, to 2014, including one for driving 60 mph in a 35-mph zone on Christmas 2011 in Jackson County.

Gaetz and LGBTQ

Congressman Gaetz will tell you he’s anti-LGBTQ because he claims he’s against “drag queen library hour” with children.  However, while in the Florida legislature, Matt succeeded in promoting and passing adoption for LGBTQ individuals.

The Republican Party of Florida is allegedly against any grooming of children in their schools.  Yet in 2018, Congressman Gaetz was telling Florida’s Okaloosa Stemm Academy Speech and Debate Class (sixth through eighth graders) why we have to be tolerant of people who don’t fit into societal norms.

Here is the full Facebook video.  I’ve transcribed the first minute of Gaetz’ talk:

“Two men and a woman, maybe it’s two women and a man.  I don’t believe you deconstruct that fundamental institution, but I also think, that in society, we have to be tolerant of people who don’t fit societal norms.  So, I broke with many in my own party, and I authored legislation, to strike from state statues, the ban from gay adoption.

“It is my view that if two loving people were going to create a home that would be safe for someone and would take them out of foster care or would take them out of an environment where they were less safe, then I didn’t think government should stand between a child and a forever home, even if that forever home was with a gay couple.  So again, I think this is a generational issue.  I think younger people are less judgmental on those questions and so I’m proud to advance rights in an area that’s very pragmatic putting people in a forever home.  But I have not signed up for the deconstruction of the family, the traditional family as an institution in America.”

Last August, 2023, Gaetz promoted his National Prayer in School Act saying that the bill will protect the right to pray in schools and stop “degenerate LGBT” propaganda.

Yet, Gaetz is responsible for the bill to allow LGBTQ+ to adopt in Florida.

Betraying Homeschoolers

The following four-minute video exposes how Matt Gaetz betrayed homeschoolers.

In 2015, Florida legislator, Matt Gaetz abandoned orphans, betrayed homeschoolers and threw religious freedom under the bus.

A lower court had stricken the ban on gay adoptions.  The amendment to the legislators was simply, “Do you believe it’s right for homosexuals to be able to adopt children? Yes or No?

Rep. Gaetz added an amendment to the vote, “Do you believe homeschoolers have the right to adopt children? Yes or No.” 

Legislators didn’t want to be thrown under the bus for voting against homeschoolers and the bill passed. Homeschoolers were never limited from adoption.

Gaetz used homeschoolers as bait and switch to promote the LGBT agenda. He chose to add the amendment to the homosexual amendment so that it would get passed, and it would deny the rights of the State of Florida to challenge the lower court ruling of whether or not homosexuals have the right to adopt children at the State Supreme Court level.

Legalizing Cannabis

Gaetz’s interest in medical marijuana dates back nearly a decade, when he was a member of the Florida House of Representatives. Well before he would gain national attention for his support of Donald Trump, Gaetz carved out an unusual reputation as a Republican who wanted to liberalize marijuana laws.

In 2018, Gaetz, Dr. Jason Pirozzolo and Halsey Beshears were united in their love of politics, travel and beautiful women.  Their other mutual interest was Florida’s $1.2 billion medical marijuana industry.

In 2014, Gaetz co-sponsored the first state effort to legalize medical marijuana.  Don Gaetz, who was then serving as president of the Florida Senate said he was “being pummeled” by his son about supporting it.  However, other reports have suggested it was Don Gaetz who wanted cannabis legalized.

The day Gaetz’s measure was up for a final debate and vote in Florida’s House of Representatives, both Pirozzolo and Beshears were on the floor.  Beshears was a fellow member of the legislature who joined in the support and Pirozzolo, an Orlando hand doctor and pilot was there serving as the “physician of the day for lawmakers.”

In 2016, Gaetz sponsored another measure in the Florida Legislature to expand on it, allowing near-death patients to use non-smokable marijuana of all strengths and doses.

By the time Gaetz was in Congress in 2018, he introduced legislation that would increase the number of entities who could do research on cannabis.  The legislation matched what Pirozzolo’s group was promoting to expand research.

Five months later, these men met in the Bahamas.

In 2022, Gaetz filed an amendment that would promote research into the therapeutic potential of psilocybin mushrooms and MDMA as alternatives to opioids for military service members through an annual defense bill.  He was seeking to attach the amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). It would build upon another cannabis-focused amendment that was already approved by the House Armed Services Committee.

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) called for a DoD-led study into the efficacy of cannabis as an opioid alternative. Matt wanted to broaden that language to cover psilocybin and MDMA.  (See Marijuana Moments)

Forbes reported how legalization of cannabis was moving through the states, but only two of the five states with legalization bills, passed the initiatives.

In January of 2018, I wrote an article about the health consequences of pot smokers in response to the Colorado legalization of marijuana.  The effects are overwhelmingly dangerous. Today’s pot is far stronger than it was 20 years ago.  The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration over 20 years found that the level of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, marijuana’s main psychoactive ingredient in the marijuana samples they seized, rose from about 4 percent in 1995 to about 12 percent in 2014.

The legalization of pot will lead to young people freely using it.

The downside is that society ends up paying for the results.

Climate Change

When Matt Gaetz was first elected to Congress, he turned heads in early 2017 by promoting the abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency.  He now sits on the Climate Solutions Caucus.  He actually drafted a resolution which he hopes will be the Republican answer to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal.”

Gaetz tells his constituents and fellow Republicans that “earth is warming, and we should be focused on solutions.”

“I don’t think there’s a scientific debate left to be had on if it is happening,” Gaetz said.

“I also think history is going to judge very harshly climate change deniers, and I don’t want to be one of them.”

Interestingly enough, when Republicans sought to expel Gaetz late last year, AOC came to his defense.

Pensacola News Journal reported, “Gaetz said federal government must fund more university research into global warming while also boosting the budgets of NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to study the issue. He added federal facilities should adopt solar energy.

“Other ideas Gaetz will put forward in his “Green Real Deal” include eliminating regulations that he said block more hydroelectric dams from being built, calling for carbon sequestration by pumping carbon dioxide underground into dried up oil wells and protecting U.S. innovation in green technology from intellectual property theft by other countries like China.”

Co2 is a plant food.  We need it to live! Co2 is not causing climate change.


Conservative? Or Denizen of the Deep State?

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The Feeling of Being Powerless

As a man, I rather not speak or write about my feelings. As a man, I prefer to talk tough. However, I’m unable to hold my feelings about the issue of Woke ideology to myself!

March 4 till March 8 has been dubbed the week of the “Spring feelings in The Kingdom of The Netherlands.”

This could’ve been something beautiful, in which young children learn about how it’s to fall in love for the first time in their lives.

But fate has decided otherwise. Fate? The Leftist elites that govern my country want the week of the Spring feelings to be about sexuality and “genderism.” They want to pollute the youngest souls of my country for an entire week. Teachers are instructed to cooperate, or lose their job if they refuse.

Many Dutch children will get confused and/or brainwashed by the promotors of homosexuality and transsexuality. They risk their good health, and possibly even their lives. For sex operations (mutilations) can lead to severe depression out of regret.

I love my country. The Dutch children are the future of my country. I feel powerless in the face of this evil.

What’s especially hard to swallow for me is the fact that I’m not permitted under Dutch Law to make a call on responsible Dutch parents to keep their children home from school during the week of the Spring feelings!

You in the USA have the First Amendment. I’m so jealous about this beautiful law…

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Reflections on Russia-Ukraine War — 2 Years Later

This is a repost of an article authored by a priest in the Orthodox Church of America whose wife is Ukrainian and still has family in Ukraine. The article was written two years ago, just as the war broke out, and as I read over it, it struck me how it could have easily been written yesterday. Truth is like that. It ages well. Below is an excerpt from his article, published February 25, 2022, under the title A Reflection on Ukraine, America, Russia, and War

A Reflection on Ukraine, America, Russia, and War

By Fr. Zachariah Lynch

Few it seems have cared, up until now, that the faithful of Ukraine are being subjected to spiritual violence (which has manifested physically). Few it seems have cared that the Ecumenical Patriarchate is in open and full communion with unrepentant schismatics.

(To educate yourself on the Ukrainian government’s pernicious work to divide the Orthodox in that country and use one side to commit violence against the other, see my article from last year, U.S./NATO-funded proxy war in Ukraine fueling hatred, persecution of ancient Christian community.)

So spiritual violence has been ravaging Ukraine, and few have said much. We value a nominal “peace” above true peace, for true peace cannot be had in communion with false brethren. Now major physical violence is taking place, but what is worse for the soul, spiritual or material violence?

Could it be that the assault on the spiritual peace of Ukraine has affected its physical peace?

How many Americans have been aware that there has been an effective civil war in eastern Ukraine since 2014? How many of us were concerned when Ukrainians were shooting at and killing Ukrainians? Was that okay?

As an American, I will speak to my country. I’m not in Russia. I don’t support the attack. But, we, as Americans, should ask ourselves – is Russia doing anything much different than our own country has done? When in the 21st century alone have we “respected” other nations’ sovereign boards? (Look at our southern border at current!)

At the end of the 20th century, it was a US-led NATO that dismantled Yugoslavia. New borders, created by the US and friends, were established. These borders served US interests. Let us look at the Middle East, when did we respect borders there? The US has stated and acted upon the notion – if a leader is deemed bad and against “freedom and democracy,” it is a duty to overthrow such a leader and carve up the country as the Western powers see fit. When we do it, it is “good.” When Russia does the same thing, it is bad. (Again I’m not justifying anything, I’m making an analogy.) The US government is the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black, as are most of the European powers. Let us as Americans reflect that in this century alone our government waged almost none stop war since 2001. The US government has been in conflict with some countries or states for two decades. If we go back and count the years starting from the end of World War II, the number of years of war or conflict involving the US government is much more than the number of years with no conflict. And we are going to lecture the world on peace? All that to say, we are guilty of the very things we accuse Russia of doing. I guess that is called hypocrisy. The finger we are pointing at Russia is dripping with blood. Maybe we should wash our own hands first.

I’m an American. I honor my country, but I do not support the agenda of war and violence driving much of foreign policy. I’m very grieved by it. Let us take care of our own house first. As in many places, I do not think the government always reflects the people. I think most people want peace and to live their daily lives in calm. Sadly, there are many in power who are hell-bent on stirring up conflict and trouble for the world and people at large. We should also realize that US foreign policy has also played a role in cultivating the current events in Ukraine.

I think that a part of what is transpiring is the typical distraction tactic. The Covid crisis has revealed that the “free” West is not as “free” as it claims. Many Western countries went full dictator mode, thus revealing their true colors. Oh, yes, of course, to keep us all safe because they care for us from their million-dollar mansions. America is in deep crisis and turmoil, much of it fed by certain agendas that are actively seeking to encourage fear, hatred, and division. Our own house is tumbling and corroding away. Oh, but look! That dastardly Putin! He’s a new Hitler. I guess it takes one to know one. In America, the attempt is being made to distract us again. And yes some are insane enough to pursue a war with Russia to do so. I don’t know how far the events will go, but I do know from history that war is a great distraction and even a wonderful tool for “rebuilding” the world.

Of course, one could wander down the labyrinth of geopolitical agendas. I’m familiar with a number of them. I won’t do that right now. The historic discrimination of the Western world against Orthodoxy could be noted as an aspect also. But that is a big subject.

In closing to this my few thoughts, I will return to the spiritual aspect.

What can we as Christians do? Repent. Russia, for all its problems, is not our enemy.

Have we in America repented of the many wars and atrocities perpetrated in the name of our country? Should we not start there? Are we repenting for the “legal” slaughter of babies in their mother’s womb? Are we repenting for the open promotion, in the name of our country, of numerous forms of debauchery and immorality? Are we repenting for the epidemic of drug abuse and suicide in our nation? Are we repenting for being the top exporter of corrosive “culture” and “values?” Are we repenting for the destruction of the family and the explosion of divorce, adultery, fornication, and porn? This list could go on. It seems our own house is full of enemies.

Read the entire article here.

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A Proposed Federal Election Integrity Law

This is WAY overdue!

I’m well aware that states have the primary authority regarding election matters, but there are certain apolitical, across-the-board regulations that the Federal Government should — MUST — enact.

The gist of what I’m proposing for a new Federal law is that when reporting Federal election results, all states must fully adhere to standard accounting practices.

The new law can adopt something like the 10 Principles of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices), after tweaking them to be more election-specific.

It says there: “GAAP compliance makes the financial reporting process transparent and standardizes assumptions, terminology, definitions, and methods. External parties can easily compare financial statements issued by GAAP-compliant entities and safely assume consistency, which allows for quick and accurate cross-company comparisons.

In other words, such a Federal law would: “make the federal election reporting process transparent and standardize assumptions, terminology, definitions, and methods. External parties can easily compare election reports issued by different states, and safely assume consistency, which allows for quick and accurate state-to-state comparisons.

That we have fifty sets of election reporting rules, and zero consistency regarding such profoundly significant matters like transparency, is mind-boggling.

I would propose that the following be incorporated into the Federal Election Transparency Act of 2024 (ETA), for every state:

  1. Reporting of Federal ballot results must fully comply with the ETA.
  2. Each report of Federal ballots must be trackable by a unique UTC code.
  3. All positive Federal ballot reports must consist of just positive numbers from one or more precincts. When more than one precinct is included, the results from each individual precinct will be available for inspection.
  4. All negative Federal ballot reports must consist of just negative numbers from one or more precincts. When more than one precinct is included, the results from each precinct will be available for inspection. For every precinct reporting a negative, there should be a full explanation as to the reason for a negative ballot report, including the specifics of exactly what was corrected and why.
  5. Under no circumstances can positive and negative ballot tallies be combined into one UTC code.
  6. Complete ETA-compliant ballot results for all federal elections must be formally presented to the state legislators at least one (1) week prior to the statutory time for state legislators to certify federal ballot results.
  7. All ETA records must be kept for at least two (2) years.

What Positive and Negative votes are explained here.

I had originally proposed that this bill be made part of the ACE Act, but upon further reflection, this matter warrants its own law. Further, there is nothing “Republican” about wanting standard accounting practices to be used by every state for their election reporting, so this bill should have bipartisan support.

One might ask: why is this needed? 

The short answer is that two reports from my team indicate that in 2020, over SEVEN MILLION suspect ballots fell into the category of having little or no transparency (3± million positives and 4± million negatives)! Further, since there is currently no prohibition against state reports combining positive and negative numbers, the actual amounts are likely much higher.

The bottom line is where we compare the data in Table 1 of this Report, plus the data from Page 2 of another Report, to the reported Biden lead for some key swing states. We’ve also listed the Electoral College votes for each state (270 needed to win).

Click here to view Some Swing State 2020 Presidential Margins vs Ballot Spikes & Negative Ballots infographic.

Note 1: The Electoral College votes were: Biden = 306 and Trump = 232.

Note 2: If any three of the above states’ Electoral College votes are changed to reflect the public’s apparent wishes, the new totals would put Trump in a tie, or over 270.

Note 3: Sources = Ballot DataElectoral VotesBallot SpikesNegative Ballots.

It should be extremely clear that the Positive Spikes and Negative Ballots are not trivial numbers. For example, in every case for these key swing states, both the 2020 Positive Spikes and the Negative Ballots, far exceed the Presidential vote differential. Yet there is little or no transparency for either of these!

In other words, it is imperative for the Federal Government to require every state to adhere to standard accounting practices in reporting (and keeping track of) federal election ballot results.

Copyright 2024. John Droz, Jr. All rights reserved.

Biden’s FBI and Communist Nicaragua’s Security Forces Oppress Religious Freedoms

Biden’s FBI under the investigative umbrella term domestic terrorism, listed so-called certain “radical-traditionalist Catholics” (RTCs) as violent extremists and proposed an avenue for the FBI to infiltrate Catholic churches as a form of “threat mitigation.”

The same problem is prevalent in Communist Nicaragua where the situation for the Catholic clergy and its faithful followers in Communist Nicaragua is growing with maximum oppression in 2024, according to exiled priests and formerly imprisoned priests in the Central American country.

Communist dictator President Daniel Ortega is spying on Catholic Churches and evangelists and installed dictator Joe Biden’s weaponized FBI is acting much like the Communist government of Nicaragua is silencing criticism of the government by Catholics and Christians.

“Life in Nicaragua is hell, because surveillance is brutal. You can’t say anything that’s against the government,” said an exiled Nicaraguan Catholic priest.

The same oppression was being initiated by the FBI in the United States when parents where subjugated to FBI surveillance for protesting at School Board meetings.

Catholics and other religious groups were also prosecuted for holding religious ceremonies and singing during the unconstitutional COVID restrictions and during the Obama Marxist reign of terror Catholic nuns were forced to provide abortions and dispense abortion pills at Catholic charity hospitals.

The nuns sued Obama in Federal Court and won protecting the lives of the pre born children and the nuns -1st Amendment religious rights.

Much like the Atheist Communist democrats in our congress who want the citizens of the United States to bow to them and not God.

Nicaragua’s Communist congress, controlled by Ortega’s Sandinista National Liberation Front, has closed over 3,000 privately run charities including Mother Teresa’s creating a major gap in social services which is trying to force Nicaraguans to depend on the communist dictatorship, not on independent church groups.

Much like the fraud Catholics in the US government like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi the communists in the U.S. government and the communists in the Nicaraguan government both want to completely eliminate the Catholic faith, and all religious groups because they haven’t succeeded in making the church kneel before them.

But like all communist dictatorships they will fail.

Copyright 2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.


Who is Putin?

The interview by Tucker Carlson of President Vladimir Putin, was extremely necessary. Putin was able to tell his side of the story. Putin was able to defend Russia against the many false attacks in the media and beyond.

Many people in the West reacted in shock to the strong language of the Russian President. But he was calm and demonstrated leadership. He is much stronger than Biden. He is a real man, fully capable to handle state affairs. Biden is sick and old; too weak to lead.

Thank you Tucker Carlson!

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