A Multi-National Syndicate of Socialist Criminals

As a former Soviet defense attorney, who loves America, I have been writing about Socialist Charlatans fighting the American political system for decades. Alas, people don’t know the Italian world Charlatans, which are Con men or women—criminals. They don’t like America and fight us in all aspects of our lives. Time is short, the 2024 election is coming in five months and I have to use the help from outside friends, who share my opinion, to identify Socialist Criminals for the American people. The first outside friend is:

Americas Tree Press Home of Canada Free Press

Evil comes in all forms, and in this case, it’s a sneaky ice cream-eating career politician doing the bidding of despicable globalists

Biden’s Border Band-Aid, Too Little, Too Late, And Done for The Wrong Reasons by Milt Harris — Bio and Archives, June 1, 2024

“This plot by the Biden administration and the Democratic party is nothing more than a ruse. They are trying to put lipstick on the pig they created and are hoping that the American public will swallow yet another lies from the master of lying. The Biden administration and the Democratic party are made up of the most dangerous group of narcissists in American history. They have an agenda and come hell or high water; they will push it unceasingly. This is all part of that plan. Having nonchalantly allowed over 10 million illegals into the country, they now want to put a band-aid over a gushing wound and walk away unscathed. Don’t let them get away with it… Vote them out!”

I have been writing about Democrats’ plot against the American Constitutional republic for forty-three years. Yes, I am writing about the Evil of Stalinism, which comes in all forms, and in this case, it’s a sneaky ice cream-eating career politician doing the bidding of despicable globalists. Mitt Harris is right, the globalists are despicable, they are led by Vladimir Putin in their fight against Western civilization and American capitalism. Read my columns about Vladimir Putin, he is a crony-capitalist, keeping alive the old system and KGB mission by only changing the name of the agency to a current FSB. President Trump is an existential threat to both Putin and Dem Biden: they are colluded to fight Republicans and American capitalism. They are a Multi-National Syndicate of Socialist Criminals!

Please, keep in mind: There are no Mexican Cartels, those are the Russian Cartels in Mexico and the Russian criminal gangs like MS-13 are infiltrating American soil and inflicting enormous damage to us—a deliberate Putin/Biden plot. Mexico is a failed state, it has been infiltrated by the Soviets since 1950-60th. Today we have a global invasion on our sovereignty by Russian terrorists and Socialist criminals. If you want to learn the story of how the Soviets infiltrated Mexico, read my column Stalin’s Cult of Personality in Biden’s White House March 11, 2024. Read about the Spanish Civil War and Spanish Orphans. Also read my column: Treason: The Putin/Biden Partnership May 18, 2024. 

The next friendly help, an eloquent one, came from Conservative Magazines, Jun 4, 2024

Here Are the Connections Between the People Behind Trump’s Prosecutions

Politics Here Are the Connections Between the People Behind Trump’s Prosecutions. Conspiracy is a strong word, but the interlocking cliques are undeniable.  The American Conservative, Matt Wolfson, Conservative Magazines, Jun 4, 2024

“The prosecutions of President Donald Trump seem resistant to interpretation because of their strange combinations of intricacy, sordidness, and impact. The cases are filled with details that overwhelm and repel: affairs, thefts, hush money payments, cardboard boxes near toilets, the alleged complicity of property managers and valets. At the same time, their political effects are enormous, even overwhelming. Taken as a whole, the cases discourage sustained engagement, which may explain why many Americans have seemed disassociated from them, despite the drumbeat coming from both established and insurgent media.”

I can’t compete with Mitt Wolfson in eloquence and I won’t describe the rest of the text. You should read it. I only tell you that the piece written by Mitt Wolfson is very thoroughly researched, I would call it a brilliant investigation of the people behind Trump’s prosecutions. There are more than dozens of people with names unknown to me and explanations of their activities during many years. They are all Democrats connected to Biden—the unity of an inner circle.

Donald J. Trump, his lawyers, and supporters should read the piece and become familiar with “ the interlocking cliques.” I love this sentence: “Conspiracy is a strong word, but the interlocking cliques are undeniable.” Maybe, now Americans will grasp the meaning of Socialist Charlatans—these “interlocking cliques are undeniable.” I have been writing about them for the last forty-three years…

Moreover, the piece of the Democrats’ unity gave me the name of a KGB’s member there, I have written about him in some columns years ago. His name is Rahm Emanuel. Though this is my opinion about him, but…President Biden appointed him an Ambassador to Japan!? It looks to me quite important to discuss that connection. Treason is a strong and dangerous notion, it is Evil of different forms, united by human indent. I have used the notions of treason and “Fifth Column” in America since January 2021 of Biden’s presidency and Rahm Emanuel is inside the unity of all Democrats. They are a Multi-National Syndicate of Socialist Criminals!

On 8 July 2022Shinzo Abe, the former prime minister of Japan and a serving member of the Japanese House of Representatives, was shot to death while speaking at a political event. His assassination shakes Japan and humanity. Shinso Abe was a world leader, a close friend of America and friend of Western civilization. As a Multi-National Syndicate of Socialist Criminals managed by the KGB’s Mafia/Army—the Evil Doer, assassination of Shinzo Abe shocked me, too, and I expressed my opinion writing a column: Global Operations of the KGB Mafia/Army July 22, 2022.

The Putin/Biden partnership began in Ukraine, when Obama appointed Biden as a point man to fight Ukrainian corruption. You can’t imagine the level of Soviet corruption of pro-Russia dealers in Ukraine. The owner of Burisma was a pro-Russian man. By his quid-pro-quo speech Biden has exposed himself as a man helping Putin and pro-Russian dealers to suffocate young Ukrainian democracy. The Putin/Biden partnership is still alive, coinciding the agenda of both: Biden is printing money to bankrupt American capitalism and Ukraine gives him the opportunity; besides, he has some money back in his coffer. Putin, a KGB man, treasured these ties. Evil comes in many different forms, read my column: The Truth: Putin’s Socialist Revolution in America, August 11, 2022

Biden’s Mental Capacity?

It is not a matter of age, but a matter of Biden’s mental acuity. It was obvious for me that President Biden is in cognitive decline. A former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and Representative Ronny Jackson, a former M.D. of the White House are right: Biden’s mental fitness is a matter of national security. Biden’s mental capacity is the subject of discussion on all TV channels, radio, and computer. People across America are having eyes and ears. Americans are very fair people, who love their country and are quite upset by the Biden domestic policy, 72% think that we are on the wrong track. They don’t know Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism, Biden has been implementing during three-and-a-half years in America. Biden’s absence of mental capacity hit the world stage on 6,6,2024 as he struggled through the D-Day ceremony. What a shame!!!

The veterans of WWII noted decisive changes in the country: one of them said: “I don’t recognize America.” June 6, 2024 marks 80th Anniversary of D-Day, an invasion that was a turning point of our Victory in WWII. The world had sacrificed thousands of lives fighting German Fascism to secure our freedom and freedom of occupied Europe. I am a victim of German Fascism and the Victory in WWII I felt as my personal victory, victory of humanity. My family arrived from Leningrad (St, Petersburg) to Gaisin, Ukraine for vacation on June 21,1941, three houses before Germany announced a war against the Soviet Union. Gaisin is located several miles from the border. The story of our survival you can read in my book Baltic Winds Testimony of a Soviet Attorney Xlibris, 2002.

Having lived in America for four decades, I celebrated every date connected to the Victory in WWII. Moreover, I realized that America had help me to survive then in the Soviet Union. I will never forget the American “ tushonca” a can of pork with a lot of fat inside, provided the Soviets by Land Lease. Many Soviet people survived, eating those cans of pork with a lot of fat, as there was not much other food in the USSR. Getting accommodation in America was a God Blessing for me.  And listening Biden, who didn’t mention Israel and millions of Jews killed by German Fascism in his speech on D-Day has greatly stressed me. Instead, Biden tries to alarm people that democracy is in danger by Trump’s MAGA. Biden repeats over and over shocking lies about Trump in order to push Radical propaganda on the public. I have interpreted it as a non-stop infiltration and influence of Russia.

The Russian influence began somewhere in the 1960th by fraudulent Stalin’s idea of abortion and pro-choice. It was time when the Russian Intel began its infiltration into the Democrat party and you can see how abortion discussion has been influenced by Russia’s fraud. The premise of abortion is clear—prevention of pregnancy. Socialist Charlatans just moved the time span one bit further and the Republicans, as usual, swallowed a fraudulent hook. The real pregnancy comes to life by the sexual act and the actual choice is a prevention of sexual act. It is action taken before the sexual act that prevents pregnancy and not actions after the fact. Abortion has been discussed in the wrong territory. Read my column.

Russia is a terrorist state, described by me for the last forty-three years. The FBI Director warned us: “The threat of terrorism increased dramatically.” The FBI Director Mr. Wray now afraid of coordinated attacks here at home. Mr. Wray has no clue about the KGB’s Mafia/Army—the Evil Doer and its activities during the last several decades described in my books and columns. The FBI has expended incredible resources to track down and destroy the lives of peaceful January 6 protesters since 2021. Yet they haven’t arrested a single one of the child rapists who Jeffrey Epstein trafficked all those little girls to in five years!  In my opinion, the Jeffrey Epstein clan is a part of a Multi-National Syndicate of Socialist Criminals.

To expose a Multi-National Syndicate of Socialist Criminals, you have to go back in time to expose an ideological chain of Socialist Charlatans. Start with the Bill Clinton presidency and the Clinton Foundation, which I called the “eyes and ears of the KGB.” Clinton established the Clinton Mafia, consisting predominantly of lawyers to help Socialist Charlatans and analyze their activities. You now meet some of them: Lanny Davis, who defended Michael Cohen and Abbe Lowell, a defender of Hunter Biden. Read my columns about those lawyers and read about Bill Clinton in my book: Baltic Winds Testimony of a Soviet Attorney, Xlibris, 2002. By the way, the FBI didn’t want you to read the book and the FISA Court made me a Foreign Agent with consequent sabotage and banning my writings…

Stalin’s agenda to destroy American Capitalism has been a model for Biden’s presidency since the first day in the White House by closing a Key Stone pipeline and waging war on fossil fuel. In fact, Biden’s policy has initiated a global crisis: the natural resources fossil fuel, gas, and coal are the driving force of the global economic engine and there is nothing else now to substitute it. The Putin/Biden plot had established a Globalist World Order against free market capitalism. This is the beginning of WWIII, deliberately choreographed by the Dems to save their traitorous existence. Read my column: The Putin Biden KGB Border Plot, October 17, 2022.

We are very vulnerable today: thousands of terrorists and other criminals are crossing our Southern border and nobody is vetting them. Crime is rising nationwide. Our Universities and Colleges are the center of the” Fifth Column ” supporting Hamas-terrorists and our Commander-in-Chief is lacking mental capacity…  “There is an anti-Semitism afoot in this country, which we haven’t had in a very long time,” Maher is right, “That is coming down from elite colleges who see everything only through a racial lens. They are stupid. They don’t know history. They think everything is about colonizers and racists, and how awful America is,” Maher added. Bill Maher just blew up this terrible lie Hollywood talks about Donald TrumpDeplorable Daily, 6,2, 2024.

Don’t be surprised by the arrogance of the Liberal activist who secretly recorded Justices Alito and Roberts at Gala. We are in a dramatic chaos in America due to the Dems’ treason! Vote them out!

To be continued www.simonapipko.com and at Simona Pipko

©2024. Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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A Politically Incorrect Prayer

This year happens to be the 250th anniversary of the beginning of the first Congress (then known as the Continental Congress). Its first session opened in prayer. And Congress has opened each session in prayer since then.

But earlier this year, the prayer opening the 118th Congress caused quite a stir. Among other things, the preacher dared to pray in the name of Jesus.

On January 30, 2024, at the request of Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson, Pastor Jack Hibbs of California, opened Congress in prayer. But he didn’t pray “To Whom It May Concern,” and many on the left blew a gasket.

26 members of Congress, including Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Muslim, objected to Speaker Johnson for inviting Jack Hibbs to speak. By inviting Hibbs, Speaker Johnson was guilty, said the Congresspersons, of using “the platform of the Guest Chaplain to lend the imprimatur of Congress to an ill-qualified hate preacher who shares the Speaker’s Christian Nationalist agenda and his antipathy toward church-state separation.” One wishes they could get equally furious about the flood of illegal immigration or the frightening rise of antisemitism in America.

Jack Hibbs is the pastor of Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills, California, and author of Living in the Daze of Deception.

I interviewed him for a radio segment recently about this prayer incident. He told me that about two-thirds of his controversial prayer were based on historical phrases coming from those who founded the country: “I just borrowed from our history, and they couldn’t take that.”

For example, an historical source Hibbs borrowed from in his prayer was Rev. John Witherspoon, who served in the Continental Congress as a delegate from New Jersey.

Witherspoon, the president of Princeton, was the founding father who educated so many other founding fathers about a Biblical perspective on government. One of his star pupils was James Madison, a key architect of the Constitution.

Another historical source Pastor Hibbs drew from was Rev. Jacob Duché. Duché offered the first prayer in the first official opening of the first Continental Congress. That day was September 7, 1774. And this took place in Carpenters’ Hall in Philadelphia.

The day before, some of the founders huddled together to discuss how they should open the first official day of their proceedings. Should they open in prayer? That was a long-standing tradition. Some of those present, including professing Christians, thought it might be unwise since men from the different Christian denominations represented prayed in slightly different ways.

But Samuel Adams, a Congregationalist from Massachusetts, stood up and persuaded them to hold prayer. His distant cousin, John Adams, tells what happened: “Mr. Samuel Adams arose and said that he was no bigot, and could hear a Prayer from any gentleman of Piety and virtue, who was at the same time a friend to his Country.” Having heard good things about the Anglican Rev. Duché, Sam Adams recommended he lead the opening prayer. They agreed to this.

So the next day, September 7, 1774, Rev. Jacob Duché led the whole group in prayer in a memorable service. George Washington was there. Patrick Henry was there. John Jay was there

It was a very moving session, wherein Duché read Psalm 35—which just so happened to be that day’s Scripture reading on the Anglican calendar.

In Psalm 35, David, who is being unjustly persecuted, pours out his heart to God, and asks for divine vindication: “Plead my cause, Oh, Lord, with them that strive with me, fight against them that fight against me.”

The words felt appropriate since British troops were getting ready to bear down on Boston at that very time.

John Adams wrote his wife, Abigail, about the impact of this psalm and prayer meeting:

“I never saw a greater effect upon an audience. It seemed as if heaven had ordained that Psalm to be read on that morning. After this, Mr. Duché, unexpectedly to everybody, struck out into an extemporary prayer, which filled the bosom of every man present. I must confess, I never heard a better prayer, or one so well pronounced….It has had an excellent effect upon everybody here. I must beg you to read that Psalm.”

Since that day to the present, for the last two and a half centuries, Congress has been opening its sessions in prayer—though not always as Christianly nor fervently.

Pastor Hibbs stirred a hornet’s nest by praying in the tradition of those who founded this country.

It is apparent that many of those who currently serve in our government are either unaware of this nation’s founding or they disagree with it. That shows how far down the road we have gone away from our spiritual roots as a country. But Patrick Henry warned us: “It is when a people forget God, that tyrants forge their chains.”

©2024. Jerry Newcombe, D. Min. All rights reserved.

TAKE ACTION AGAINST: Bidenflation and Broke America — Sinking Hearts and Pocketbooks

Biden’s War on Energy and Its Catastrophic Impact on America


Biden’s war on energy is a war on the lower and middle class, who are always the first to feel the pain of high gas prices and the inevitable inflation that follows.

Fox Business reports, “Biden touts cooling inflation, but prices are up nearly 20% since 2021,” compared to the low of 1.4% when Biden first took office. Americans spend over $1,000 more monthly, $12,800 more annually, on necessities than 3 years ago.

The surging prices Americans face at the pump are a direct result of Biden and the Leftists’ unprecedented war on American energy, initiated on his first day in office, including the radical Green New Deal agenda. By 2022, the national average for a gallon of gas exceeded $5 for the first time in history.

By catering to this radical fringe, Biden has turned his back on lower and middle-class Americans, ALL AMERICANS, diminishing their ability to afford housing, groceries, gas, and medicine.

It seems the LEFT isn’t content with just waging an energy war—they’re now launching a full-scale burger war, targeting the fast-food industry while pushing for the consumption of lab-grown meat and insects.

In California, Governor Gavin Newsom, with a stroke of the pen, killed 10,000 jobs overnight with his minimum wage increase, combined with soaring food prices that have devastated many fast-food chains.

Bidenomics is national suicide, jeopardizing the health and survivability of major contributors to the US economy and threatening the job security of millions of Americans! Restaurants alone employed 7.2 million and generated $464 billion in revenue in 2023.

Anyone with a basic understanding of economics understands that policies eroding energy security and punishing fossil fuels would cause prices, and therefore inflation, to soar, impacting certain industries faster and more devastatingly. So why enact policies targeting and discriminating against a vital industry on which lower and middle-class Americans and communities rely?

Considering that 63% of restaurant owners polled preferred a Republican-controlled Congress, despite half identifying as Democrats or Independents, it raises questions. In April 2023, a survey determined that U.S. adults were dining out less than they had six months prior. When looking at the frequency of dining out compared to six months ago, 55% of U.S. adults claimed they were eating out less at full-service restaurants, and 45% claimed they were eating out less at fast food restaurants.

Bidenflation has caused the price for fast food favorites to skyrocket:

  • McDonald’s Medium French Fries is UP 167.6%
  • McDonald’s Big Mac Meal is UP 103.5%
  • McDonald’s 10 Piece Chicken McNuggets Meal is UP 95.5%
  • McDonald’s Hamburger Happy Meal is UP 140.6%
  • McDonald’s 4 Piece Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal is UP 97.3%
  • Taco Bell’s Cheesy Gordita Crunch is UP 111.5%
  • Taco Bell’s Nachos Bell Grande Combo is UP 77.0%
  • Taco Bell’s Beefy 5-Layer Burrito is UP 153.8%
  • Chick-fil-A’s Chicken Sandwich Combo is UP 94.8%
  • Chick-fil-A’s 8 Piece Nuggets is UP 98.2%

Join us in saving America from national suicide caused by Bidenflation!


Conservatives have always fought for fiscal responsibility and policies that lift all Americans out of poverty to experience the American dream. Tragically, Americans nationwide now face the harsh reality of choosing between eating and filling up their cars with gas, foregoing medicines to pay bills, and depleting their savings or going into debt to pay rent or mortgages.

Biden refuses to take responsibility for destroying our economy and the quality of life of 73% of America’s working class, choosing to blame “greed” and business owners struggling to survive! Shame!

The fastest way to combat soaring inflation is to unleash the power of Trump-era 100% Energy Independence, which would drop gas prices and keep more money in taxpayers’ pockets overnight!

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EDITORS NOTE: This ACT for America column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Open Letter to all 8 Catholic Bishops in our Beloved State of Florida

Dear Beloved Catholic Bishops of Florida:

Hope all is well with you and your respective diocese as we are 144 days away from the Most Critical Election in our lifetime…and, if we don’t get it right this time around – we can all kiss our Holy Rosaries goodbye and maybe look to moving to Belize or Costa Rica. That is how critical this November 5th election is and how critical “Voting NO on Amendment 4” is. And, that is what my letter of great concern is about today. This is quite urgent.

You all know me by now and my passion for protecting our beloved Holy Catholic Church and our Precious Pre-born. You know that I would put my life on the line for each and every one of you and for every priest in our Diocese of Palm Beach! Everyone knows that!! You receive a good 3 or 4 emails from me on a weekly basis. The biggest part of my 501C-3 Christian on a Mission ministry is to Protect the Unborn from the atrocities of Abortion. As you all know, I do not hold back when I do that, and I certainly do not hold back when I write Open Letters like this. Many people on my extensive “Pro-Life Email List” feel the same way, but are not nearly as BOLD and PASSIONATE as I am when it comes to expressing my Faith. Many are afraid to write what they feel because of the Powers that be, and may be reprimanded because perhaps they work for a certain diocese or maybe a Catholic Church. I work for the Kingdom and my Boss is God. I cannot be fired by God only because I do God’s work every day of the week and the benefits are out of this world!

I am not afraid to speak my mind and I never, ever, fear that something is going to happen to my 501C-3 nonprofit Christian on a Mission ministry. That’s why I chose that name for my ministry because it is a way of LIFE – where I put emphasis on the word LIFE! On the other hand, the Catholic Church is very scared to speak their mind because they fear that something will happen to their 501C-3 Tax Exempt status and this ridiculous thing they refer to as the Johnson Amendment. Please do not pay attention to this Johnson Amendment and let’s pay more attention to this frightening Amendment 4…

My all-time favorite pope – Saint John Paul II taught me one thing: BE NOT AFRAID. That is how I live my life 7 days a week. I seldom rest on the Seventh…

I just got home from a meeting at St. Ignatius Catholic Church on this Amendment 4 issue, where only 96 people showed up, including only ONE Catholic priest and only TWO deacons. Let that sink in for a minute…I was praying that close to 500 people would have showed up with a good 25 priests and a dozen deacons attending. Prayer is Powerful, but when only 3 of our beloved clergy show up for a should-have-been-a MUST ATTEND meeting — I guess the bad weather interfered with God listening to my fervent prayers and my prayers fell short. Beyond comprehension that our clergy did not bother showing up for this meeting, where I invited everyone of our priests, deacons and all 8 bishops to this meeting. After all, the presenter and keynote speaker was only doing this type of meeting ONE TIME and our beloved clergy failed bigly. Where were the folks that work at the Cathedral at? Just asking for a friend…

Sara Johnson, our guest speaker today, did a terrific job with her presentation, just as she did a couple of months ago when I was invited to Orlando for a powerful “TooExtremeforFlorida/Vote NO on Amendment 4” presentation. She was thorough, educational and covered a ton of information today. Her and I have become good friends, as she drove two and a half hours from Orlando in the rain this morning to share her knowledge with us. We need more leaders like Sara Johnson, and keep in mind, she is not even Catholic. Yet, she did an outstanding job with her power point presentation. God bless Sara!

I do not need to mention any other names only because the other ladies who spoke this morning are good friends of mine and I have utmost respect for what they do, which covers “Communication Director for Diocese”; CEO for Catholic Charities and Respect Life Coordinator for the Diocese. The latter happens to be one of my best friends, my right hand person for our PBC Right to Life League and goes over and beyond her call of duty! Actually, all three of these ladies do and I thank God every day that we have these terrific Catholic ladies representing our beloved Diocese of Palm Beach. God bless you 3!

I understand that we had bad weather this morning. I understand that our guest speaker was running a little behind driving from Orlando. I understand that we had to start this meeting 23 minutes late…but, to cut a two hour meeting short (at 11:20 instead of at 12 noon) – really upset the good majority of the people who (some of them drove over an hour in the rain to get there) – and when the meeting was cut off rather abruptly, some tempers flared. Rightly so. I had to bite my tongue as did so many others, including the 12 other people who had their hands up waiting to ask a question. The meeting was supposed to run from 10 am till 12 pm. Starting 23 minutes late, we all figured we would run up until 12:23 pm. We did not even go to 12 noon! We stopped at 11:20, folks…

But, the problem with today’s meeting is that “it was all sugar-coated and way too vanilla” for a True Pro-Lifer’s liking. Comments were made that simply showed signs of surrender right from the get-go. If we are going to cower as a Church because somebody posted something on Facebook saying that they are not in favor of Voting NO on Amendment 4 because they happen to be a Liberal – then, we are already fighting a losing battle. When we throw in the towel at the very beginning of a meeting like today, already on the defensive (speaking about how the Catholic Church has to be extremely careful with what we say; when we have to be so worried about our 501C-3 status, etc., we are already telling those 96 people in attendance today that “the Church is not in favor of creating any waves and will be happy just to stay in that “cozy comfort zone” so that we don’t get in trouble”…Try running that by John the Baptist — the saint who I modeled my life and passion for the Church after. Try running it by Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, my other favorite saint who inspired me to work with the poor of the poorest and to put my life on the line every single day for the most vulnerable – The Precious Pre-born. God bless these two saints.

Yes, Mother Teresa, abortion is the most heinous crime a human being could impose on another human being. It’s evil. When we continue to say that this ever-critical abortion issue is NON PARTISAN (which I have always preached as such), it allows the 50% of The Party of Destruction, Obstruction & Abortion — D.O.A. – Dead On Arrival – to continue voting the way they do and know that they can still attend Mass, receive Holy Communion and even go to confession, which I believe should be the only Sacrament that they should be allowed to receive. Every one of these Pro-abortion Liberals who vote every two years for Murder, should spend their time in a confessional until they get it right! That Left-wing Liberal party is what ruins it for all True Catholics in good standing because they know that they can vote YES on Amendment 4 and get away with murder – literally! That DOA Party knows that and they will continue voting YES ON ABORTION until they are stopped and asked to leave the Holy Catholic Church because of their stance on the murder of the precious pre-born!


The Catholic Church should be NON-PARTISAN. Period! We should never have to deal with politics when it comes to our Catholic institutions, especially when it comes to the issue of ABORTION! The issue of Abortion is a MORAL issue – not a Political issue, but unfortunately, that’s what it has come to. And, when it comes to Catholic Church Teachings – the Catholic Church has always taught that ABORTION IS MURDER! No matter what party you are with! That is why we have the 5th Commandment. It is not a suggestion – it is a Commandment. But, when the Catholic Church leaders in our country continue to allow 50% of the church to go against Catholic Church teachings (and nothing is done about it) – and they continue to vote for abortion – come November 5th, this despicable Amendment 4 will pass with flying colors. If the election were to take place tomorrow – the Liberal Left would win on both, Amendment 3 and 4, allowing marijuana and abortion to be the Law of the Land in our beloved Free State of Florida. Let that sink in, folks. In just 144 days – if the Liberal Left in Florida (including 50% of Catholics) – vote Yes on 3 and 4, Florida will never be the same. As of yesterday, in the majority of the polls (including Fox News): 53% of Catholics are voting YES on Amendment 4!! NOTE: Of the more than 1,000 voters surveyed in early June, 66% were in support of the pot measure (Amendment 3), and a staggering 69% in favor of the abortion one (Amendment 4). This is what we are up against, folks, and if our beloved Catholic Church and our 8 Catholic Bishops don’t do something about it right now — Florida will be going down the tubes and The Liberal Left will run our beautiful state!

There are 2.1 million Catholics registered in our 7 Catholic dioceses in Florida. There is another 2.2 million Catholics who are NOT registered with our 7 dioceses. That amounts to 4.3 million Catholics. According to Sara’s stats this morning, she told us that we need a total of 4.1 million votes on our side to defeat this Amendment 4! Like I said at our meeting in Orlando two months ago and like I repeated again this morning at our meeting – CATHOLICS ALONE CAN DEFEAT THIS AMENDMENT 4 — ONLY IF WE VOTE LIKE “REAL CATHOLICS”! The irony here is that “our own Catholics” – those who do NOT follow Catholic Church teachings – are going to doom this election and allow Abortion to be performed any time, anywhere for any reason. Breaks my heart…

This is where I believe that our beloved Catholic Bishops of Florida must step up and take the bull by the horns and be the True Shepherds that we want you to be. No more sugar coating. No more taking the 5th. No more “Decline to Sign” experiments. This is the real deal and all 8 of our Bishops have signed on to this “Vote NO on Amendment 4” program. This is the first time that I have seen our Bishops so fired up on any one given issue. I take it, since it is a “60-40″ Majority, all 8 of the Bishops decided to jump on this program because it is WINNABLE”, and the Bishops of Florida want and need a Big Win…

If it was a mere 51-49% majority, I bet my log home that our Bishops would have nothing to do with fighting Amendment 4! You better believe that it takes a lot of guts and intestinal fortitude to write this to our Bishops, but that is God’s honest Truth…and, I only speak the Truth, so help me, God…

Folks, what we heard this morning and what we keep hearing time and again when it comes to our beloved Diocese of Palm Beach is that “It is up to each pastor to run his parish as he sees fit.” That is a bunch of B.S. and I am not talking about Blessed Sacraments! Those 2 letters stand for something else! In my eyes and in the eyes of all True Pro-Lifers, that spells Trouble with a Capital T! In the eyes of the unborn babies, that spells Double Trouble with a Capital DT! So, in other words, if a certain pastor wants to focus on Immigration because that is what his forte is, but, decides not to pay any attention to the excruciating abortion issue – who suffers? The babies. When someone asked the question of “Why aren’t all the pastors showing the powerful and well done 4 minute video of Bishop Barbarito speaking about Amendment 4 – and we heard loud and clear that “It is up to each individual pastor to choose whether he wants to show that important video or not – WE JUST LOST THE BATTLE!! Let that one sink in for a minute, folks. This is why the Catholic Church has been falling apart day by day because our church leaders are NOT being church leaders!! To date, only 2 of our 8 Bishops have made a video on this important
Amendment 4 issue – including Bishop Barbarito (who is a phenomenal human being and is very Pro-Life)! I consider Bishop Barbarito a dear friend and I have utmost respect for him and when he turns 75 on January 4th, we will probably lose him to retirement! His video is very good, informative and needs to be shown in ALL 53 PARISHES BEGINNING THIS WEEK!! Not next week. Not the week after!! This week!! This should be MANDATORY at all 53 parishes in our Diocese with NO EXCEPTIONS! End of story!! No questions asked! And, if the Liberal Left Catholics in our parishes do not approve of this video and refuse to follow Catholic Church teachings and say they are against “Voting NO on Amendment 4” – escort them all out of the church and open the doors for them! That is why we have terrific ushers at all of our churches. We don’t need any CINOs (Catholics In Name Only)! We need Bold Pro-Life Catholics!!

And, trust me, I make my way around to visit many of our parishes because I have hundreds of priest friends. I went up to St. Bernadette Catholic Church this past Sunday to go to Mass and to visit one of my best friends – Father James Molgano (a fierce, oh-so fierce Pro-Life priest, who is battling cancer). He is all about preaching about “No on 4” and I believe his parish will be showing Bishop’s video this week. Thank you, Father James. Please keep him in prayer!

We need all of our 53 parishes to step up right now and put the Vote NO on Amendment 4 ad in every single church bulletin; we need to do weekly pulpit announcements at every single Mass; we need to hand out our prayer cards and read that prayer to Vote No at every single Mass; we need to order yard signs and put them at every single parish. I only had 20 signs and I gave them out to 5 different parishes – beginning with Bishop Barbarito and the Pastoral Center. I went to 4 other parishes and 3 out of 4 put their yard signs up immediately – including the wonderful Rector who hosted our meeting this morning at his beloved parish of St. Ignatius – Father Gavin Badway (another wonderful, Pro-Life priest, who gets it)! Thank you, Father Gavin, for always Being Bold for our babies! But, one parish who I gave my very last 4 signs to about 6 weeks ago told me last week when I asked him “Did somebody steal the 4 yard signs I gave you 6 weeks ago?” He told me “I have not put them up yet. I am waiting for the right time. I am waiting to play Bishop Barbarito’s video at the same time.” Let that one sink in as well. 6 weeks holding my yard signs and I have a dozen parishes asking me for yard signs!! That’s what happens when we allow pastors to run their parishes as he sees fit. Once again, who suffers? The Precious Pre-born. Truly unacceptable, folks. Crying shame…

I really looked forward to our meeting at the Cathedral this morning. I honestly was prepared to speak for a good 15 minutes if I was allowed to. I always come prepared because, what if the keynote speaker’s car broke down and couldn’t make it? Always come prepared because you never know when someone may need you. I wish I could have spoken for those 15 minutes because I have a lot to share; I have a ton of experience; I love what I do and I speak only the Truth when it comes to the Catholic Church and the Unborn. I love our Catholic priests. I respect our 8 Catholic Bishops. I appreciate our Catholic Charities and love our Birthline/LifeLine ministry and every one who has anything to do with it. It’s all good! I love it…but, when our priests and bishops do not stand Boldly for our Babies and refuse to preach the Gospel like John the Baptist, I have a problem. During our question and answer (Q&A) portion of our meeting today – I finally got the microphone and got to speak for about 3 minutes before I was about to be cut off. Pathetic! Why? Because I was following Saint John Paul II’s command of “Be Not Afraid” and when I speak the Truth and it shakes the powers that be – those powers have to make sure they cover their backsides and make sure that they are not exposed. The Truth hurts. But, what hurts more is that the powers that be are going to allow a horrific Amendment that allows babies to be killed in the womb at any time, any place & anywhere to be the law of the Land in Florida only because their jobs and reputations are far more important than it is to Protect the Unborn. The day we run all of our dioceses and parishes around this country like CATHOLIC MINISTRIES instead of like Corporations, is the day that Saint John the Baptist and Saint Mother Teresa will say “Wow, they get it”…and God will have a big smile on His face only because of 3 powerful letters…G.G.T. Yup, God’s Got This. I just pray to God that we Catholics also have it as well…

Thank you, Catholic Bishops of Florida! Thank you, St. Ignatius and Father Gavin for hosting our meeting this morning! Thank you to all who had anything to do with our meeting today in the way of setting everything up – the coffee and refreshments – and all those who spoke during our presentation! I greatly appreciate it and if I sound a bit disgruntled with this letter – I am just speaking the Truth. And, I am speaking for the many people who thanked me for saying what I said this morning and for the dozen new people who I met today for the first time who have already contacted me this afternoon and asked me to speak at one of their upcoming functions. It’s got to be a Total Team Effort with Jesus as our Team Captain! Bottom Line: We Are All In This Two-gether! We the Pro-Lifers – and God, the Creator of Life! Let’s get this election right and put an end to this Amendment 4 and Ban Abortion from Florida completely!!


Willy Guardiola
Christian on a Mission
Bold Supporter of Bold Bishops

©2024. All rights reserved.

Arizona Poll: Voters 50+, Especially Women, Could Tip the Scales in 2024

Donald Trump leads over President Joe Biden among older voters; Senate race is neck-and-neck between Rep. Ruben Gallego and Kari Lake. 

PHOENIX, AZ /PRNewswire/ — Today, AARP Arizona released a 2024 statewide election survey that shows candidates for President, U.S. Senate, and state races should pay close attention to Arizonans ages 50 and older. Seventy-eight percent of voters ages 50+ report that candidates’ positions on Social Security are important in deciding whom to vote for in November, followed by Medicare (74%), helping people stay in their homes as they age (67%), and the cost of housing and utilities (both at 65%).

Arizonans ages 50+ will be key to determining who wins in November. This voting bloc makes up an outsized portion of the electorate: in the 2020 elections, older voters accounted for 55% of all Arizona voters and in the 2022 mid-terms, they made up 64% of the state’s voters. Eighty-six percent of voters ages 50+ say they are “extremely motivated” to vote in this election, compared to 66% of voters ages 18-49 who say the same.

Former President Donald Trump (R) leads President Joe Biden (D) by 8 percentage points among voters ages 18 and older – 45% to 37%, with Robert Kennedy Jr. at 11%. Trump’s lead is greater among voters ages 50 and older, at 49% – 39%. However, among women voters 50+, the candidates are tied. President Biden leads among older Hispanic voters, 48% – 37%.

Representative Ruben Gallego (D) holds a narrow lead over Kari Lake (R), 48% to 45%, in the U.S. Senate race among voters overall. Among voters 50 and older the candidates are almost even, with 48% of voters favoring Lake and 47% preferring Gallego. The gender gap among voters 50+ is significant, with women supporting Gallego by 12 percentage points and men preferring Lake by 15 points. Rep. Gallego leads among Hispanic voters 50+, 62% – 36%. Arizona voters over age 50 are the biggest voting bloc that could tip the scale for any candidate in this election,” said Dana Kennedy, State Director, AARP Arizona. “If candidates want to win, they should pay attention to the issues that matter to voters over age 50, from protecting Social Security to supporting family caregivers.”

Other key takeaways from the poll include:

  • Immigration and border security (41%) is the most important issue to voters ages 50 and older when deciding who to vote for in November, followed by inflation and rising prices (28%), and threats to democracy (27%).
  • Fifty-four percent of these voters cite personal economic issues — inflation and rising prices, the economy and jobs, and Social Security — as the most important issues. Notably, Trump is leading Biden (60%-27%) among older voters who prioritize this group of issues.
  • A significant majority (68%) of Arizona residents ages 50 and older think the country is headed in the wrong direction.
  • Fifty-eight percent of older voters say they are worried about their personal financial situation.

AARP commissioned the bipartisan polling team of Fabrizio Ward & Impact Research to conduct this survey. The firms interviewed 1,358 likely Arizona voters, which includes a statewide representative sample of 600 likely voters, with an oversample of 470 likely voters age 50 and older and an additional oversample of 288 likely Hispanic voters age 50 and older, between May 28-June 4, 2024. The interviews were conducted via landline, cellphone, and SMS-to-web. The margin of sampling error for the 600 statewide sample is ±4.0%; for the 800 total sample of voters 50+ is ±3.5%; for the 400 total sample of Hispanic voters 50+ is ±4.9%.

View the full survey results at aarp.org/AZpolling.

For more information on how, when and where to vote in Arizona, visit aarp.org/AZVotes.

About AARP

AARP is the nation’s largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering Americans 50 and older to choose how they live as they age. With a nationwide presence, AARP strengthens communities and advocates for what matters most to the more than 100 million Americans 50-plus and their families: health security, financial stability and personal fulfillment. AARP also works for individuals in the marketplace by sparking new solutions and allowing carefully chosen, high-quality products and services to carry the AARP name. As a trusted source for news and information, AARP produces the nation’s largest circulation publications, AARP The Magazine and AARP Bulletin. To learn more, visit www.aarp.org/about-aarp/www.aarp.org/español or follow @AARP, @AARPenEspañol and @AARPadvocates on social media.

©2024. All rights reserved.

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Educator Cherie Zaslawsky on the ‘official narratives’ vs. critical thinking and the truth

In this Dissent Television episode we interview Cherie Zaslawsky about “official narratives” versus critical thinking and the truth.

Cherie takes us on a trip down the rat hole of those who perpetuated and those who believe these “official narratives” rather than taking the time to learn the truth.

From climate change, to influencing the 2024 election by persecuting their political opponents. The official narratives have now become public policy not unlike in the former Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin.

This is a must watch video.


Cherie Zaslawsky is a writer, freelance editor, and private educator/teacher/writing coach for high school students.

Cherie is a confirmed Constitutionalist who, nevertheless, lives in California.

Her work appears in News with Views, Renew America, Lew Rockwell, American Thinker, Canada Free Press, World Net Daily, The Post & Email, and DrRichSwier.com.

See her Substack: Cherie Z’s Truth Be Told! and her columns here Cherie Zaslawsky.

©2024. Dissent Television Channel and host Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

Biden Admin Shoots Down $24 Billion Pay Raise For Enlisted Troops — After Spending Seven Times More On Ukraine

The Biden administration “strongly opposes” a proposal to raise the pay of junior enlisted service members in the military — even after nearly spending seven times the proposed amount on Ukraine and the broader region’s security.

The House Armed Services Committee’s (HASC) draft of the 2025 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) would give all junior troops a pay raise, representing a rough total of $24.4 billion over five years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The Biden administration said in a statement on Tuesday that it does not support the proposed “significant, permanent” pay hike until it has had a chance to conduct a compensation review.

“The Administration is strongly committed to taking care of our Servicemembers and their families, and appreciates the Committee’s concern for the needs of the most junior enlisted members, but strongly opposes making a significant, permanent change to the basic pay schedule before the completion of the Fourteenth Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation,” the White House budget office said.

The Biden administration has spent over $175 billion on aid to Ukraine and European security since 2022 — roughly one-seventh of the proposed pay hike for the junior troops, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. The $175 billion amount is broken into several packages over the course of two years, including the most recent aid package of $61 billion in April.

“When accounting for inflation, the average American makes less today than when Joe Biden took office. The White House wants to block Republicans from giving our troops the raise they need to make ends meet in the Biden economy,” Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, a HASC member, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Meanwhile, they’ve sent the Ukrainian government $11,500 per Ukrainian household. It’s shameful.”

Bipartisan members of the HASC promoted the pay increase for junior troops as a way to improve recruiting and retention, a problem that the military has increasingly struggled with. A year-long study conducted by the HASC and published in April found that “servicemembers, especially junior enlisted servicemembers and servicemembers supporting large families, struggle to afford housing and feed their families.” 

The pay level for junior troops has failed to remain competitive with the civilian job market, especially with rising inflation, the study found. Junior troops received smaller pay raises than senior servicemembers — or no raise at all — in eight of the last 40 years.

“Joe Biden must hate our military,” Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, also on the committee, told the DCNF. “While families of our junior enlisted struggle on food stamps, this administration opposes their pay raises and wants to force-feed them pronoun training and drag queen story hour. If Biden had any PRIDE at all in our troops, he’d support the long overdue pay raise House Republicans have passed.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.





Korean War Vet With Shrapnel In Leg Receives Purple Heart After 73 Years

RNC Releases Video Of GOP Reps Slamming Biden On Military, Veterans Record

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Intel stops construction of $25 billion chip factory in Israel

The deal, announced in December of 2023, was slated to be the largest investment the international chipmaker has made in Israel so far.

Intel’s $25 billion chip factory in Israel has been halted, although the chipmaker said in a statement that it was ‘still committed to the region.’

In the last few days, Intel’s suppliers received notice to halt the delivery of materials and cancel contracts required to establish the chip factory.

According to Calcalist, Israel’s Ministry of Finance was already aware of the decision to stop the construction, with the financial news outlet speculating whether it was a delay or a cancellation of the deal.

“Is Intel’s new $25 billion factory in Israel in danger of being canceled?” Calcalist posed.

The $25 billion deal for the construction of the chip plant, announced in December 2023, was slated to be the largest investment the international chipmaker has made in Israel so far.

The factory, which was supposed to have been built in Kiryat Gat, would have meant $3.2 billion in incentives for Intel, with the chipmaker committing to purchasing $60 billion from Israeli suppliers.

As late as March, it was reported that OPC was expected to build a power plant for Intel with an investment of $900,000 million.

Idan Ofer, the head of OPC, signed a memorandum of understanding with Intel, and construction of the power plant was slated for completion by 2026.

It has also been reported that several Intel officials in Israel have moved to Ohio to work at the Intel factory that is being established there.

Intel, which has four development sites in Israel and employs 12,000 Israelis, has said that it is “still committed to the region,” not defining whether “region” meant Israel specifically or possibly another location in the Middle East.

In a statement, Intel said, “Israel continues to be one of our key global manufacturing and R&D sites, and we remain committed to the region.”

It continued, “As mentioned previously, the scope and rate of expansion of Intel’s production at the company’s sites around the world depend on a number of changing factors.”

“Managing a project of this magnitude, especially in our industry, usually involves schedule adjustments. Our decisions are based on business conditions, market dynamics, and responsible capital management,” it concluded.

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Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto Released

Nashville Christian school shooter Audrey Hale believed dying in a mass murder would allow her to experience an eternal gender transition, receiving a male body that would receive the erotic affection of brown-skinned females in Heaven, new documents reveal. Despite a 14-month police blackout, a local conservative news outlet has obtained dozens of pages of Hale’s writings.

The handwritten entries, which deeply reflect transgender ideology and critical race theory, show the trans-identifying mass child murderer intensely hated her father, referred to Jesus with a curse word, and had fantasized school shootings since she was in middle school. Officials close to the case say police appear to justify denying the public access to these documents by citing a stalled investigation into whether members of the psychological community — from whom Hale received treatment since childhood — suppressed information that could have prevented the tragedy.

Last March 27, Audrey Elizabeth Hale entered Nashville’s Covenant School, a church-run Christian private school, killing six people: three third graders and three staff members. She told others that she had left behind voluminous materials that would explain her motivation, and police reportedly uncovered more than 20 journals from the 28-year-old’s home, dating back to her adolescence. Yet more than a year later, officials have refused to release the writings, citing an “ongoing investigation.”

A conservative website, the Tennessee Star, has obtained 80 pages of a journal which police recovered from Hale’s vehicle on the day of the Covenant School massacre. Hale wrote less of a full-blown manifesto than an ongoing diary, slowly exposing the growing hold depression and extremism exerted over her as she expounded her plans and intentions for the assault over several years. The writings disclose layers of motives including frustrated lesbian affairs, lifelong psychological problems, pharmaceutical side effects, an irrational hatred of her father, and the profound influence of cultural and political tropes associated with critical theory.

Hale’s spiral into mass murder appears to have begun, in part, due to unrequited same-sex attraction and the failure of a subsequent lesbian relationship. Hale idolized a former middle- and high-school classmate named Sydney Sims, who died in a 2022 car accident. Although Sims seems never to have returned Hale’s interests, Hale made regular posts about Sims’s death on social media until the shooting. In her journal, she lashes out at her father when he encouraged her to move on. In another journal entry, Hale writes to Sims that “maybe, just maybe you’ll give a kiss to me in heaven. God knows I can’t get it down here.”

Those close to Hale say she began to identify as a transgender male after a girlfriend broke up with her. “She had been openly grieving about that on social media, and during the grieving is when she announced that she wanted to be addressed as a male,” Maria Colomy, a former teacher who instructed Hale at the Nossi College of Art & Design, told The New York Times.

Hale’s father, Ronald Hale, revealed how deeply she accepted the popular-yet-false notion that gender transition is an easy process with few if any drawbacks. In reality, the “gender-transition” process involves a lifetime of cross-sex hormone injections and, frequently, multiple expensive surgeries. In fact, Dr. Shayne Taylor convinced Hale’s hospital to adopt transgender surgeries, because “they require a lot of follow-ups. They require a lot of time, and they make money — they make money for the hospital.” Hale apparently had been misled about the extent of the process.

“She didn’t know what was involved in it,” Mr. Hale told investigators, saying she “had a child-like view” of the issue. “She figured she could, like, go to the hospital and just get it done. … She thought she could have an operation.”

A three-page entry from shortly before the assault, titled “My Imaginary Penis,” discloses how deeply Hale had imbibed extreme gender ideology. “My penis exists in my head,” wrote Hale, illustrating her journal with a crude image. She felt that after a tortured childhood, “I finally found the answer — that changing one’s gender is possible.”

Hale would come to identify herself as her male alter ego, “Aiden.” Those who have seen the journals say her handwriting changes from a flowing female script to a taut, seemingly angry style on entries she signed with her male name.

But the writings show her social, and possibly medical, transition did not improve her mental health. After changing her gender identity, Hale deems herself “the most unhappy boy alive.” She writes that most women are attracted to men — and her self-identity did not change their attraction. “I will be of no use of love for any girl if I don’t have what they need: boy’s body / male gender,” she writes.

“[M]y body doesn’t make me a female,” Hale asserts in one entry. “I wish death on myself cause of the pure hatred of my female gender.”

Hale also appears to have internalized negative tropes about other immutable characteristics, referring to herself as “white nothingness” in a February 10, 2023, journal entry. “I am nothing. Brown love is the most beautiful kind.” (Paradoxically, Hale apparently also saw herself as a tortured elitist. After writing it would be better if she led a normal life with real friends, she consoles herself, “The most brilliant people suffer the most and are the most isolated from everything they love.”)

Hale’s embrace of radical left-wing ideologies harmonizes with a previously released page from Hale’s writings, obtained by conservative activist Steven Crowder, in which Hale rages against her former classmates at Covenant School in terms borrowed from critical race theory: “Wanna kill all you little crackers!!! Bunch of little fa***ts w/ your white privileges.” Hale also believed the nation oppressed transgender-identifying people. “So now in America, it makes one a criminal to have a gun or, be transgender, or non-binary,” Hale writes. “[W]ith no rights, anyone’s country is a s***** dictatorship.”

The writings uncover the shooter’s hopelessness and despair. “Nothing on earth can save me… never ending pain. Religion won’t save,” she claims. Hale regularly ended her entries, “Everything hurts.”

Hale believed by killing young Christian schoolchildren, she could strike out at privileged young people and mystically transcend her physical limitations to become a male desired by dark-skinned girls. “The [cocoon] of my old self will die when I leave my body behind and the boy in me will be free; in the butterfly transformation; the real me,” she forecasts.

“If God won’t give me a boy body in heaven, then Jesus is a f*****,” she curses.

The entries reveal Hale nurtured a deep-seated hatred of her father, expressed in five entries during the brief period covered by her final journal. Hale expresses her desire to kill her dad, claiming at one point that he is mentally ill. “I hate when my dad loves on the cats; not me,” she writes. “He never once loved on me for years, maybe like ever (as a child; maybe).” She then turned to address him directly: “I don’t care if you die. I want to kill you.” In addition to her encyclopedic journals, police recovered a large number of video diaries, in some of which she would mock her father and pretend to injure him literally behind his back.

Hale’s disturbed mind had so turned her father into a scapegoat for her lifetime of suffering that police officers revealed, the morning of the shooting, Hale planned to slash her father’s tires, murder children, then create a distraction to escape the school, and return to murder him.

Audrey Hale also looked down on her mother, whom she wrote “grew up, conservatively” in a world where “LGBTQ — especially transgender — was an enigma, nearly non-existent.” Hale bemoaned the fact that “my mom sees me as a daughter — and she’d not bear to want to lose that daughter because a son would be the death of Audrey.”

Hale apparently transferred the natural affection she owed her parents to her toys and stuffed animals. Hale’s handwritten entries reveal a lifelong fixation with the inanimate objects that bled into the erotic. She seemingly lost herself for hours at a time in her room, using them to enact her sexual fantasies. She came to identify with a male baby doll named Tony, excited to simulate male sexual intercourse with female animals. Through that fantasy, she writes, “I can pretend to be them [and] do the things boys do [and] experience my boy self as Tony.” Eventually, she realized this consumed too many of her waking hours. “I am such a pervert,” she writes. “I waste too much time in my fantasies.”

She apparently got over her familial bitterness in a final farewell note to her family, which she posted on her bedroom wall. She concludes her two-paragraph letter by saying, “I’m sorry, but it is my time to go… I love you, Aiden.” That signature proves Hale identified as a transgender male at the time of the Christian school shooting; the legacy media have universally used her birth name and implied her gender identity was fuzzy.

Sources obtained by those close to the investigation reveal how long Hale planned her shooting. “The shooter had been thinking about various school shooting scenarios since she was in middle school,” reported Nashville talk radio host Brian Wilson, who has uncovered documents related to the shooting. Hale’s writings also indicate a long-running death wish.

“For 5 years I planned to die,” writes Hale in an undated entry apparently written last March. “Now I am finally ready to go.” The diaries indicate that Hale originally scheduled her assault for January 17 but postponed the shooting, because “[i]t was too sudden. I’m unstable. I hope I feel numb in the days coming.” She was also apparently restrained by love of her stuffed animals, writing, “I could not leave my animals. I just couldn’t do it.” Another entry implies she rescheduled the assault for February 17 but believed the school had been closed due to weather conditions.

The writings show she planned to spend her last week on earth going to a game store, playing a video game, taking time to “look at all my toys [and animals],” watching several films including one about cannibalistic mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer, and going to a gun range.

At times, Hale expresses amazement no one had thwarted her murderous designs. In a previously released entry from the day of the assault titled “Death Day,” Hale confesses, “Don’t know how I was able to get this far, but here I am.” She adds, “There were several times I could have been caught, especially back in the summer of 2021.”

Although she does not elaborate on what may have prevented her rampage, police believe one or more psychological counselors may have known she intended to carry out a school shooting but told no one.

Hale received mental health treatment at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) for 22 of her 28 years, enrolling as a psychological patient in 2001 at the age of six. Like one out of every four people who identifies as transgender, Hale had been diagnosed with autism. A 2020 study found people who suffer from gender dysphoria are up to 636% more likely to be autistic than the general population.

“[E]veryone misunderstands autism,” Hale writes, denying she suffered from any further mental illness. “I’m not emo or bi-polar.”

Her mental health may have worsened due to her inability to find or keep a job following her 2022 college graduation. One full journal page details her history of “freelance failure.” Hale claims she called the National Suicide Prevention Helpline five times. Things reached such a crisis at one point that former Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) Lieutenant Garet Davidson says he believes a psychologist forcibly “committed” Hale to VUMC for mental treatment.

Hale had been prescribed Buspirone, Lexapro (or Escitalopram), and Hydroxyzine, a source with knowledge of the investigation told the Star. The combo of Lexapro — a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) — and the anxiety medication Buspirone may increase the pair’s known side effects, which include “mood swings” and “outbursts of anger.”

It is not known if Hale received injections of testosterone, which would also increase aggression, as Hale’s autopsy apparently did not test for the male hormone. Psychologists cannot dispense testosterone in Tennessee but often refer the case to a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner. Lt. Davidson told the Tennessee Star that Hale’s psychologist referred her to VUMC, although he did not state that gender identity was the primary reason. He told the publication that VUMC did not, to the best of his knowledge, report Hale’s violent fantasies to law enforcement.

If true, that would violate state law. Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) § 33-3-206 (2021) states that, if a patient communicates “an actual threat of bodily harm against a clearly identified victim,” the counselor must “warn of, or take precautions to protect the identified victim.”

MNPD’s affidavit for a search warrant asks VUMC to tender all records about Hale from April 23, 2001, until Hale’s death. The officer who filed the affidavit, whose name is redacted, wrote that the police force “believes there is a strong possibility that Audrey Hale confided to a Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital Staff member since she has been receiving care there since 2001.” The force subpoenaed all VUMC records on May 13, 2023.

“[S]ources familiar with the investigation confirm that search warrants were run on the home and office of the therapist in an effort to obtain notes of the therapy sessions with the Covenant School shooter,” said Wilson on her June 1 broadcast. The Tennessee Star, which is withholding the name of Hale’s female psychologist, reports that the medical professional is last recorded as licensed with the Tennessee Board of Examiners of Psychology on December 1, 2022, and closed her business three weeks later.

None of her therapists ever felt that they had, like, a duty to warn anybody,” her father, Ronald Hale, told police four months after the shooting.

As of this writing, Davidson County District Attorney Glenn Funk has not filed any charges publicly against anyone in the psychiatric community over the shooting.

Despite the light the writings shed on the mass murder — and the practice of broadcasting manifestos of racial collectivist terrorists — Hale’s handwritten explanations have been suppressed by law officials from the federal, state, and local level for more than a year.

A memo the Tennessee Star obtained reveals the Biden administration’s FBI encouraged the Metro Nashville police chief to bottle up Hale’s “confusing” writings, claiming they would stoke “conspiracy theories.”

After Crowder released a few pages, the police department vouched for their authenticity — and immediately launched an investigation to punish the leak. Davidson told Wilson that an official MNPD investigation found no wrongdoing by anyone involved — but supervisors reassigned every officer who served on the case, anyway.


Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is senior reporter and editor at The Washington Stand.


FBI Told Police to Suppress ‘Confusing’ Nashville School Shooter’s Manifesto: Might Stoke ‘Conspiracy Theories’

5 Ways to Be Salt and Light during Pride Month

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VIDEO: Richard Nixon explains the reasons for his attendance at the funeral of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi

President Nixon was interviewed by Frank Gannon in 1983.

The Richard Nixon Foundation, the late President of the United States, published a video of him in which Nixon explained the reasons for his attendance at the funeral of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.

WATCH: Why Did Nixon Go To The Shah’s Funeral?

The late President of the United States said: “First of all, I knew him better than any other leader I have seen in the last 37 years of my political life. I met him for the first time in 1953. At that time, I was a young vice president, and he was also a young king in his early 30s. I met him more than 10-12 times after that, and I found him to be a very sensitive and brilliant man. He understood the world better than any other leader I had ever seen. He could have been talking about India, Pakistan, China, or Latin America. Frankly, he could talk about them with the same insight and sophistication as an American leader. And I had a lot of respect for him.”

Nixon added: “I think the main reason I went there was because I was worried that our government was not going to send a high-ranking representative to this event because of the hostage situation [at the American embassy in Tehran].” Richard Nixon, in response to the reporter’s question that “were you not worried that your departure would embarrass President Jimmy Carter?” “No, not at all,” he said, “in fact, it occurred to me that maybe Jimmy Carter had a friend inside that he could have attended, but he couldn’t.” “He thought he shouldn’t go because of the hostage issue.”

Referring to his friendship with the Shah, he said: “I left because the Shah was my friend.” “He was a friend of America, and I thought that a high-ranking person from the United States should be there.” Nixon added: “In my opinion, the most important message that we have to convey to the people of the countries who are in doubt between being with us and being with others is that we are not just friends for their happy days. As we are with our friends and allies in times of strength, we are also with them in times of weakness. “It may not seem like good diplomacy in the short term, but in my opinion, in the long term, if we want to create the necessary support, respect, and self-confidence for America, it is absolutely necessary for us.”

The Richard Nixon Foundation applies the legacy and vision of President Richard Nixon, America’s relentless grand strategist, to defining issues facing our nation and the world.

FLORIDA: Leaders of Local Organizations Criticize Inclusion SPLC List of Hate Groups

What a baseless crock of lies by the socialist/communist Southern Poverty Leadership Center which go unquestioned by leftist Gary White and the far left Lakeland Ledger. To feature anything the SPLC would say or stand for as credible is to lie. The SPLC is a shill for the left and has no credibility. Non-profit my a*s — they have shifted millions in donations to off shore accounts making their leaders rich.

See the factual article below about the SPLC corruption which White, as usual, fails to mention in his left slanted “reporting.”

Whenever the SPLC accuses a group(s) of being a “hate group” you can bet the group(s) mentioned are Truthful, Godly, Conservative, middle class supporting, law-abiding, Constitution following and/or whose actions are in the best interests of our country.

Both the Citizens Defending Freedom (CDF) and Florida Moms for America are both such groups who are obviously “over the target” of these socialists in order to be mentioned at all.

NOTE: The SPLC reports lists 114 organizations in Florida.

Leaders of two Polk County organizations reject their inclusion in a list of extremist groups.

Gary White


The Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit organization with a leftward orientation, recently released its annual Year in Hate and Extremism Report. The online document includes a “hate map,” listing entities from each state deemed either hate groups or anti-government groups. Citizens Defending Freedom, a conservative nonprofit based in Polk County, appears on the list, as does Florida Moms for America, identified as based in Winter Haven. The SPLC labels each in the category “general antigovernment.”

The SPLC, an organization founded in 1971 and headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, describes anti-government groups as “part of the antidemocratic hard-right movement.”

“They believe the federal government is tyrannical, and they traffic in conspiracy theories about an illegitimate government of leftist elites seeking a ‘New World Order,’” the report says. The SPLC says the category includes “sovereign citizens, militias, overt conspiracy propagandists and constitutional sheriff groups.”

Robert Goodman, executive director of Citizens Defending Freedom, dismissed the label. “I find it absurd that Citizens Defending Freedom (CDF) would be categorized as anti-government,” Goodman said by email. “CDF’s mission is based on preserving the principles in our government’s founding documents. The United States government is the first in the world ‘of the people, by the people, for the people,’ and our mission is to preserve that for our generation and all generations to come.”

CDF arose in Polk County in 2021 and has since formed chapters in other Florida counties and in Georgia, Texas and Michigan, with chapters coming soon in Virginia and Pennsylvania, according to its website. The nonprofit promotes a brand of conservatism tied to evangelical Christianity.

It is the second consecutive year that the group has appeared on the SPLC’s “hate map.”

Report lists 114 in Florida.

The report applies the “hate” or “anti- government” labels to 114 organizations in Florida, though many are county chapters of a single group, such as CDF and Moms for Liberty. The map includes the Polk County chapter of Moms for Liberty, a conservative group known for seeking the removal of certain books from school libraries.

Since its founding, CDF members have attended meetings of the Polk County School Board to criticize mask requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic and to advocate for the withdrawal of certain school books, some of which they deem pornographic.

CDF filed a lawsuit against Polk County Public Schools in March, alleging that the district had violated state law and its own policies in handling challenges to library books. The suit is still pending.

Citizens Defending Freedom has promoted advocates who share conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election, among them Michael Flynn, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant general and former security adviser to former President Donald Trump who resigned amid reports that he had lied about having conversations a Russian ambassador to the United States. Flynn pled guilty to a charge of lying to the FBI but was later pardoned by Trump.

Flynn, who has promoted QAnon conspiracy theories and claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic was fabricated for political reasons, is listed as a guest speaker at CDF’s August gala in Dallas along with Charlie Kirk, the controversial founder of Turning Point USA, a student-oriented conservative group.

Moms for America is a national nonprofit founded in Ohio in 2004 to combat a “dramatic cultural shift in America led by radical feminists,” according to its website. The organization opposes the teaching of Critical Race Theory, saying that public schools are teaching children to hate America and indoctrinating students on theories of sexuality or gender orientation.

Moms for America’s website posts videos featuring such conservative figures as Tucker Carlson, Erik Prince and Sebastian Gorka. The group has a political component, Moms for America Action, that issues candidate endorsements.

Rebekah Ricks of Winter Haven is the former president of Moms for America’s Florida chapter. She is also running for the Polk County School Board, challenging incumbent Sara Beth Wyatt. Ricks said that she was aware of the SPLC’s inclusion of Moms for America on its “hate map” for several years.

“I don’t think that’s an accurate description,” Ricks said after hearing the SPLC’s summary of anti-government groups. “I personally believe in working on legislation to change the things we don’t like and policies that we don’t like. So that is what my main goal is. And as far as running for the School Board, also, if there are things in the county you don’t like, you want to make sure that there’s change.”

Ricks said that her role with Moms for America largely consists of tracking proposed state legislation related to education and trying to influence lawmakers.

“I guess they can say whatever they want,” Ricks said of the SPLC. “It’s free speech, right? I mean, that’s their opinion. I just think it becomes rather dangerous rhetoric to start saying anyone who doesn’t agree with you is anti-government. I think that’s a bad precedent.”

How the list is compiled

Maya Henson Carey, a research analyst with the SPLC, said that both CDF and Moms for America fall under an “anti- student inclusion” subgroup in the anti- government category. Such groups “attack public education” and “push this narrative that public schools are trying to indoctrinate and sexualize children through this radical Marxist agenda, and their tactics for doing that is book banning, the anti CRT operation, the attacks on the LGBTQ-plus community and some really even call for abolishing the Department of Education.”

Carey noted that PEN America, a nonprofit that promotes literature and free expression, listed CDF among three national advocacy groups that are “particularly prominent in pushing for book bans.”

Conservative groups and their allies, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, deny that efforts to remove certain titles from school libraries equate to book banning.

Carey said the SPLC gathers information from various sources, including local tips, to decide which groups belong on its “hate map.” Analysts monitor websites, social media and podcasts to see what messages the groups are promoting.

Though the SPLC did not place Citizens Defending Freedom and Moms for America in the “hate” category, they appear on a list of Florida groups that includes United Skinhead Nation and Stormfront, a white nationalist outfit.

Conservative groups regularly denounce the SPLC, an organization that arose from the civil rights moment in the South. Alliance Defending Freedom calls the SPLC “a far-left organization that only targets the right” and alleges that the “hate map” was created as a fundraising tactic.

The SPLC has faced lawsuits over its labeling of such figures as Ben Carson and has sometimes revised its lists after challenges.

Carey emphasized that the SPLC is a nonprofit that cannot engage in political advocacy. She said the definitions of hate groups and anti-government groups do not mention political parties.

Gary White can be reached at gary. white@theledger.com or 863-8027518. Follow on X @garywhite13.

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The ‘Queerest President’ in American History

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is the “Queerest” occupier of the White House in American history.

The HillsBrett Samuels in 2023 reported, “White House officials frequently tout the diversity of President Biden’s administration, including that roughly 15 percent of all appointees identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer.”

Among these appointees are:

  • Pete Buttigieg – the first openly gay Senate-confirmed Cabinet secretary in U.S. history and has served as Transportation Secretary.
  • Karine Jean-Pierre – Press Secretary who said upon assuming office, “I am a Black, gay, immigrant woman, the first of all three of those to hold this position. I would not be here today if it were not for generations of barrier-breaking people before me. I stand on their shoulders.”
  • Ben LaBolt – who was an Obama-administration veteran with ties to the Biden team, LaBolt is the first openly gay White House communications director.
  • Rachel Levine – the first openly transgender four-star officer in the public health corps or across the uniformed services of the military.
  • Ned Price – served as the State Department press secretary for roughly two years, becoming the first openly gay individual to do so.
  • Chantale Wong – the first out lesbian and first LGBTQ person of color to be confirmed to the rank of ambassador.
  • Shawn Skelly – the highest ranking openly transgender Pentagon official and the second transgender person to ever be confirmed by the Senate.
  • Judge Charlotte Sweeney – the first openly LGBTQ district court judge to serve the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado.
  • Judge Ana Reyes – a district judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.
  • Judge Gina Méndez-Miró – first openly LGBTQ federal district court judge in Puerto Rico.
  • Judge Daniel Calabretta – the first openly LGBTQ judge to serve on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California.

Joshua Arnold senior writer at The Washington Stand in an article titled “Biden Campaign Plans to Appear at 200+ Pride Events in June 2024” wrote,

President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign plans to appear at more than 200 LGBTQ Pride events and launch a media blitz at LGBTQ voters during the month of June, campaign spokespersons told NBC News recently. This announcement comes months after the Biden campaign declared in January it would make the abortion issue “front and center.”

The campaign plans Pride appearances in 23 states, including all battleground states, featuring not only campaign surrogates but top figures as well. Vice President Kamala Harris greeted 150 LGBT activists in Los Angeles last weekend. First Lady Jill Biden made an unannounced stop at a Pride festival in Pittsburgh.

The Biden campaign will “culminate the so-called celebration of Pride with a huge fundraiser in New York City” on June 28, where President Biden “plans to be the keynote speaker,” narrated David Closson, director of Family Research Council’s Center for Biblical Worldview, on “Washington Watch” Friday. “You’d better believe it will be the president himself waving that rainbow flag.”

Add to this that 19% of Biden Supporters Say Marriage and Childbearing Should Be a Societal Priority and you have rainbow flags, along with pro-Hamas flags, moving across America.

Family Research Council Action Director Matt Carpenter said, “If you want to understand why Americans are so divided, look no further than how partisanship affects views on family formation and childbearing. Just 19% of Biden voters say society is better off if people make marriage and having children a priority, compared to 59% of Trump voters. If Americans are so divided on something as basic as forming families and having children, then it stands to reason there is not much else that would bring us together.”

The idea of Pride Month is is a myth based upon a lie and its not okay.

The federal government first recognized the “pride myth month” in 1999 when President Bill Clinton declared June “Gay & Lesbian Pride Month.” In 2009, President Barack Obama declared June LGBT Pride Month.

So the idea of a Pride Month was based upon a myth of a black transsexual who reportedly threw a brick at a New York City police officer during a raid on the Stonewall Inn.

The Legacy Project reports,

In the early morning hours of June 28th the police attempted a large-scale raid on the Mafia-owned gay club. No one – not the police or the people they were targeting – knew what was about to happen. While the police waited for patrol wagons to cart away the arrested suspects and seized alcohol, the bar’s patrons began to resist. Men refused to show their IDs, and those in drag refused to accompany female officers to a bathroom to have their gender confirmed.

[ … ]

As the crowd erupted, the arresting officers – who were outnumbered more than 50 to 1 – barricaded themselves inside the bar. Within hours over 1000 people arrived and five more days of rioting engulfed the streets surrounding the club.

This is a lie that has now become a myth that is repeated over and over again.

Watch this video titled “The Stonewall You Know Is a Myth” to understand who really threw the first brick at the Mafia-owned Stonewall Inn NYPD:

The 1971 London version of the Gay Liberation Front Manifesto reads in part:


The oppression of gay people starts in the most basic unit of society, the family, consisting of the man, a slave as his wife, and their children on whom they force themselves as ideal models. The very form of the family works against homosexuality…


Anti-homosexual morality and ideology, at every level of society, manifests themselves in a special vocabulary for denigrating gay people. There is abuse like “pansy”, “fairy”, “lesbo” to hurl at men and women who can’t or won’t fit stereotyped preconceptions…


Family experiences may differ wildly, but in their education all children confront a common situation. Schools reflect the values of society in their formal academic curriculum, and reinforce their [T]rality and discipline. Boys learn competitive, ego-building sports, and have more opportunity in science, whereas girls are given emphasis on domestic subjects, needlework etc. Again, we gays were all forced into a rigid sex role which we did not want…


Formal religious education is still part of everyone’s schooling, and our whole legal structure is supposedly based upon Christianity, whose archaic and irrational teachings support the tamity and marriage as the only permitted condition for sex…

Here is the campaign objectives and immediate demand of the Gay Liberation Front:

  • that all discrimination against gay people, male and female, by the law, by employers, and by society at large, should end.
  • that all people who feel attracted to a member of their own sex be taught that such feelings are perfectly valid.
  • that sex education in schools stop being exclusively heterosexual.
  • that psychiatrists stop treating homosexuality as though it were a sickness, thereby giving gay people senseless guild complexes.
  • that gay people be as legally free to contact other gay people, though[sp] newspaper ads, on the streets and by any other means they may want as are heterosexuals, and that police harassment should cease right now.

Beginning on January 20th, 2021 Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. and his cabal have made all of the above public policy via the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion agenda.

We are now seeing our schools, media, corporations and churches kowtowing to the homosexuals.

Biden and his cabal  are targeting America’s faith, families and freedoms to speak out against this movement to groom our children for sex with homosexuals.

They cannot be stopped, and then reversed, unless and until we change the administration in Washington, D.C. and replace it with on that holds on to our Judeo-Christian values.

©2024. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


Lime Scooters Will Now Shut Down If Driven Over Pride Flag Crosswalk In Spokane, WA

Teens Arrested For Scooter Marks on Pride Street Mural as Biden Regime Defends Hamas Rioters Who Desecrate Historic Statues and Scream About Killing Jews

Biden Campaign Plans to Appear at 200+ Pride Events in June

How I’m preparing my children for World War III

A dictatorship cannot take hold in America today. This country, as yet, cannot be ruled — but it can explode

Louisiana federal judge blocks Biden protections for trans students under Title IX in four states

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BIDEN’S BORDER JIHAD: Six Islamic State Terrorists Arrested in Operations in New York, Los Angeles & Philadelphia

So we are waiting for the next 9/11 or Boston marathon bombing or Pulse nightclub massacre etc.

America is in freefall.

Six suspected terrorists with ISIS ties arrested in sting operation in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia: sources

By: Jennie Taer, NY Post, June 11, 2024:

Six Russian nationals suspected to have terror ties to ISIS have been arrested in a coordinated sting operation spanning Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia, The Post can exclusively reveal.

Two ICE sources confirmed to The Post they arrested the six people, who hail from Tajikistan, over the last week after the FBI contacted the agency to warn it.

Part of the investigation featured a wiretap which revealed one of the now-arrested individuals was talking about bombs, the sources said.

“Remember the Boston marathon [bombing]? I’m afraid something like that might happen again or worse,” one of the sources told The Post.

The target who was subject to the wiretap was previously released by federal authorities at the southern border with a court date next year, but it has since emerged he has potential ties to ISIS, sources said.

Neither ICE nor the FBI immediately responded to The Post’s requests for comment.

The arrests come after warnings from FBI Director Chris Wray about possible ISIS terror plots being staged on US soil and the group’s potential for exploiting the southern border.

In April, Wray warned lawmakers that a possible “coordinated attack” could take place in the US following an ISIS-K attack on a concert hall in Moscow — carried out by citizens of Tajikistan — that killed 145 people and wounded hundreds.

Continue reading.



Rescued Israeli hostages were starved, beaten ‘almost every day’ in Hamas captivity: ‘Beyond comprehension’

‘INHUMAN”: Hamas Terror Mob Riots Outside Memorial Exhibit for Victims of Nova Music Festival Massacre in NYC

UCLA Rabbi Physically Attacked by Hamas and Leftist Goons

RELATED VIDEO: WATCH Israel Releases Intense Hostage Rescue Footage From IDF Headcams


It’s official. Per reporting from NYP, Biden is releasing suspected Islamic terrorists into the US. Part of Biden’s policy of mass releasing fighting-age single adult males from 100+ nations, including from Middle East/Asia. 1K mostly adult men released daily in San Diego alone.

Six suspected terrorists with ISIS ties arrested in sting operation in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia: sources

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

There Are No Civilians in Gaza

Hamas are the civilians.

Americans expected Osama bin Laden to be found in a cave in Afghanistan. In reality, he was living comfortably in a military town in Pakistan under the protection of local authorities. Similarly, Israeli hostages, including the four who were last rescued, have come home telling stories of being kept captive in ‘civilian’ households.

In both cases we fundamentally misunderstood what Islamic terrorism is. It’s not a “fringe group of extremists”, as politicians and the media describe it, but an ethnic and religious movement. The religious values of Islamic terrorists are universally shared by the vast majority of Muslims, while the ethnic ones ground Islamic warfare in the interests of specific clans and families.

Hamas is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and has a widespread base of support across the Muslim world which is dotted with branches of the Brotherhood, but its ethnic power base is also grounded in the key clans and families that control Gaza. That is why Hamas still retains the support of the majority of the Muslim colonists currently occupying Gaza. It’s also why those same ‘civilians’ held Israeli hostages prisoner and could be trusted not to inform on them.

The latest Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research poll shows that 71% of Gazans support the Hamas atrocities of Oct 7 and 56% expect Hamas to win the war. 62% in Gaza are happy with the performance of Hamas during the war and 59% want Hamas to stay in power.

That’s because they are Hamas and the terror group is also them.

The ‘Palestinian’ myth is that the Muslim colonists occupying parts of Israel are the ‘indigenous’ people. The reality is that they were Arab settlers who arrived with and after the Islamic conquest of Israel. Some, like the notorious Husayini clan, which produced Hitler’s Mufti, were relatively recent arrivals. The most powerful and wealthiest of these large families took control of urban areas, as the Husayinis tried to do in Jerusalem, and became a vital part of the Ottoman feudal order serving as mayors and muftis. When the Ottomans were defeated, the clans fought to reclaim their power with movements like the Muslim Brotherhood also known as Hamas.

Hamas is an ideological Islamist movement, but its control over Gaza depends on these large families. That’s why the idea that most people have that Hamas is a fanatical movement that exists apart from ordinary people and can be fought and defeated apart from them is wrong.

That’s also why so few of the hostages have been rescued. Like the last four, the hostages were largely dispersed among ‘civilian’ clan families across neighborhoods controlled by them. These families are formally civilian households, but many of their members are affiliated with Hamas. Rather than being an army whose members belong foremost to Hamas, they are more like the mafia and belong foremost to their extended clan, and choose to lend their support to Hamas.

It’s not just that Hamas uses human shields, which it certainly does, it’s that its infrastructure depends on clans whose adults provide fighters and whose women and children act as human shields for the greater glory of the clan and for Islam. The same clans that will kill teenage girls for violating family honor will also serve up even younger children as human shields for honor.

There is no way for Israel to rescue its hostages without going into dense neighborhoods under the control of the clans to get them out. And that will lead to firefights and ‘Black Hawk Down’ moments. Clan members, who never identify themselves as such, will cry that they were massacred. And foreign leaders and the media will condemn the deaths of ‘civilians’.

Defeating Hamas without civilian casualties is impossible because the Islamic terrorist group not only operates among civilians, but is rooted in the society of Gaza. The clans that run Gaza, that provide the manpower that controls UNRWA institutions, and that are the mainstays of Hamas are also the large families that dominate the businesses, cultural and religious life in Gaza.

There’s no meaningful distinction between civilians and Hamas. Some clans reject Hamas authority and Israel has tried to solicit some of them to run Gaza. For now with few results. The United States strategy in Afghanistan and Iraq had similarly depended on swaying certain clans, elders and warlords into abandoning Al Qaeda or the Taliban with very temporary success.

Eventually the Taliban or Al Qaeda, rebranded as ISIS, returned. And some of the same men we had armed and trained, turned their guns on us. That is an almost inevitable outcome in Counterinsurgency or COIN. When bringing democracy to the Muslim world fails, Westerners begin competing with Jihadists for the support of the clans only to be stabbed in the back.

The Jihadists have the Koran on their side. To Muslims, their terrorism will always be more righteous than our fumbling efforts to avoid civilian casualties and collateral damage. Appealing to moderates or promising a better life will not win their support. On the contrary, it only infuriates the Imams in their mosques and the influential clan leaders into opposing us.

Instead we must reckon with the reality that there are few civilians in Gaza or in the Muslim world. And those who legitimately are civilians should be measured by their deeds, not their clothing. In a culture where terrorists in the field don’t wear uniforms, where large families have sizable stocks of weapons and children are taught to kill and die, the externals don’t matter.

There are no civilians in Gaza. The vast majority of the population supports Hamas or some Islamic terrorist movement. Only a tiny minority opposes Islamic terrorism and wants peace.

The distinction is not between soldiers, terrorists and civilians, but enemies and non-combatants. Israel and Western nations should stop thinking about civilians, a concept that does not apply in a battlespace where terrorists wear street clothes and entire neighborhoods are controlled by clans that hide hostages in plain sight, and think about enemies and neutrals.

An enemy is anyone, regardless of clothing or sex, who is aligned with Islamic terrorists.

Every poll continues to show that the vast majority of those in Gaza are aligned with the enemy. And if that were not the case, the war would have long since ended once locals informed the authorities of where the hostages are and where the remaining Hamas terrorists are set up.

Israel is not just at war with an organization, but with an enemy culture. As is most of the world whether it chooses to admit it or not. The war is not defined by what they wear, but what they think. As long as human shields, female suicide bombers and child soldiers abound, the war cannot be fought by treating civilians as noncombatants while hunting elusive terrorists.

The only way to defeat an enemy is to fight him as he is, not as we would like him to be.

It would be a far cleaner and neater war if Islamic terrorists fought like conventional armies. They do not. And it is time to fight them on their own terms instead.

Hamas can’t be defeated by waiting until its terrorists take off their civilian clothes and put on uniforms. Hamas are the civilians. They are the ones holding the hostages. The only way to free the hostages and defeat the terrorists is to destroy the terror culture in whatever form it takes.



Rescued Israeli hostages were starved, beaten ‘almost every day’ in Hamas captivity: ‘Beyond comprehension’

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Palestinian Authority Decries ‘Massacre’ But Fails to Mention the Rescue Raid

What Will Biden Offer Hamas in Hostage Deal?

Rescued Israeli hostages were starved, beaten ‘almost every day’ in Hamas captivity: ‘Beyond comprehension’

‘INHUMAN”: Hamas Terror Mob Riots Outside Memorial Exhibit for Victims of Nova Music Festival Massacre in NYC

UCLA Rabbi Physically Attacked by Hamas and Leftist Goons

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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Our Forefathers Truly Appealed to Heaven

I am excited to share that my quick reading book is now available at these locations:

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Coming soon on Audio Book.

I deliberately made this a quick reading view of the influence God played in the founding of America and our principles.  The men who sat in Independence Hall, debated, and formed our exceptional nation would not consider themselves heroes but men placed in extraordinary circumstances that required extraordinary cooperation with what God was calling them to accomplish.  Today in America, we need an army of such men and women willing to submit (cooperate) with the founding principles, not the present-day diluting and erasing taking place.  We need people to stand for truth as servant leaders with great humility and grace and with great courage and conviction to defend the documents and ideals that made this nation exceptional.  We need ordinary heroes who are willing to pay the price, demonstrating obedience to the Lord’s ways, not man’s, and to serve with sincere joy and thanksgiving for what He has done in them, and for our country.

We have only a few months to save this nation from being permanently ruined by Marxists and others who despise America and all our foundational principles.  Similar to our founders, we need people to stand and begin running toward the battle, not simply waiting for others to do so, begin yourself!  I am asking you to take a chance and purchase my book.  I am asking you to read it carefully (it will be surprising quick and easy), and then truly order several copies for your family and friends.  I am asking you take this step in faith, help me bring back the love and vision our Forefathers were given and had in making this exceptional nation.  Please…order for yourself and then give thanks.  Then order for homeschoolers, charter schools, churches, all who claim America is unique, and we are on the verge of losing this exceptional nation.

THANK YOU with my whole heart for taking a chance and ordering my book.  I sincerely believe you will be blessed for doing so.

Most gratefully,

Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.