Who coined the term ‘Deep State’? And what does this term mean today?

To answer the question: “Who coined the term ‘Deep State’?”

We need to understand: What is the deep state?

To answer the question: “Who are the people in the deep state?”

We need to know what does this term mean in the year 2023 and exactly who’s behind it?

The Turkish phrase derin devlet which translates into “deep state” was created in the early part of the 20th century. Derin devlet is a “secret government” buried deeply within the visible government?

Curiously, it was candidate Donald J. Trump who borrowed from Turkish history. Donald J. Trump spoke of a “Deep State” embedded deeply within the government bureaucracy – and centered in the Department of Justice – which actively worked to defeat him in 2016 and then sought to undermine him once he won the presidency.

Who coined the term ‘Deep State’?

In his book Last Rites for a ‘Pure Bandit’: Clandestine Service, Historiography and the Origins of the Turkish ‘Deep State’ published in 2010 Ryan Gingeras wrote the term “Deep State”,

[G]enerally refers to a kind of shadow or parallel system of government in which unofficial or publicly unacknowledged individuals play important roles in defining and implementing state policy.”

On April 10th, 2017 in a Daily JSTOR article Matthew Wills wrote,

This concept of a deep state, Gingeras continues, is used to “explain why and how agents employed by the state execute policies that directly contravene the letter and spirit of the law.” Breaking the law, of course, often means employing criminals. Gingeras, a specialist in organized crime in Turkey, looks at the underbelly of the Turkish deep state to examine how alliances between generals, statesmen and “narcotic traffickers, paramilitaries, terrorists, and other criminals” are formed. 

[ … ]

Essentially, dirty work needs dirty workers: so a clandestine force was recruited from paramilitary and criminal elements during the chaotic years of the first quarter century of the [20th] century.

Read full article.

Who are the people in the Deep State today?

Today we have federal agents, the DoJ, FBI, DoD generals, statesmen and women from all parties, narcotics traffickers, paramilitaries, terrorists and other criminals that are part of the “Nuevo Deep State”.

These “Nuevo Deep Staters” include:

  • Eco-terrorists, elected officials, the Department of Energy, NASA, corporations and non-profits who are pushing the Green New Deal.
  • Social justice organizations, including educators K-20, media, social media, corporations, government officials, generals, that promote an “anti-white” narrative using the mythical Critical Race Theory and racist the New York Time’s 1619 Project.
  • The LGBTQIE+ radicals who using the diversity, inclusion and equity myths to further the chemical and physical castration of American underaged children.
  • Public school teachers, school board members, superintendents who promote the LGBTQIE+ radical ideology by teaching it to American children, especially young and impressionable children.
  • Public school librarians and public school media specialists who insist on have pornography on their book shelved that depict graphic sexual acts between children and between children and adults.
  • Organizations such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter who are paramilitary organizations that have caused extensive chaos, burned down entire communities, attacked their opponents and either attempted or actually murdered those who they deemed a threat to the deep state.
  • Nation states such as China, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, Cuba et. al. who are dedicated to supporting the deep states efforts to destabilize the American Constitutional Republic and replace it with a one-party system. Some of these nation states interfered in every election since 2016.
  • Global governance organizations including the United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization and others involved in the “Great Reset”.

The Bottom Line

The Nuevo Deep State’s mission is gaining and keep power. It is designed to undermine Judeo-Christian based religions, the individual, the traditional family and the American republic.

Without this the Deep State understands that it will go the way of the former Soviet Union. The Deep State have added new words to the political lexicon like “woke”. It is taking away words like male, female, white, children, boy, girl and replacing them with hundreds or categories of genders and words like homophobic, racist, Islamophobic and fascist.

For the Deep state to win good men and women must do nothing to stop it. They must look the other way while the Deep States takes away more and more of their liberties.

Good men and women must look the other way when their children are taught that they aren’t little boys and little girls anymore. Good men and women must look the other way when their neighbors and friends are imprisoned for attending a peaceful rally or supporting a particular political ideology.

Good men and women must submit.

The Nuevo Deep State demands it.

Today, the Nuevo Deep State stretches from the school house to the White House.

As George Orwell warned in his book “1984″,

“There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always— do not forget this, Winston— always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.”

The Deep State continues to attack President Donald J. Trump, but you see the Deep State isn’t after him. It is really after we the people.

You see we are the Winston Smith’s of today.

Thus ends the lesson on the Orwellian Nuevo Deep State.

©2023 Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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The Government’s Sprawling Effort to Censor [True] Information During the Pandemic

In July 2022, Twitter permanently suspended Rhode Island physician Andrew Bostom after awarding the epidemiologist and longtime researcher at Brown University a fifth strike for spreading “misinformation.”

A July 26 tweet alleging that there was no solid evidence Covid-19 vaccines had prevented any children from being hospitalized—”only RCT data we have from children reveals ZERO hospitalizations prevented by vaccination vs. placebo”—was apparently the final straw.

The funny thing was, it appeared Bostom’s tweet was true.

Dr. Anish Koka, a cardiologist and writer, said he was initially skeptical of Bostom’s claim. But after speaking with him for more than an hour, he realized Bostom was citing the government’s own data, a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) briefing document that included randomized controlled trial (RCT) data on children.

“…Dr. Bostom’s tweet appears quite correct as per the FDA documents,” Koka wrote on Substack. “In the RCTs available, there does not appear to be evidence that the vaccine prevented hospitalizations.”

Bostom’s permanent suspension was one of many anecdotes shared by journalist David Zweig in a December Twitter Files thread viewed by more than 64 million people, which exposed how the government worked with Twitter to try to “rig the Covid debate.”

It turns out this was not the only one of Bostom’s tweets that was true but was nevertheless flagged for “misinformation.”

“A review of Twitter log files revealed that an internal audit, conducted after Bostom’s attorney contacted Twitter, found that only 1 of Bostom’s 5 violations were valid,” Zweig notes. “The one Bostom tweet found to still be in violation cited data that was legitimate but inconvenient to the public health establishment’s narrative about the risks of flu versus Covid in children.”

In other words, all five of Bostom’s tweets that had been flagged as “misinformation” were legitimate. At the very least, four-out-of-five were, and that’s according to Twitter’s own internal audit.

How this happened was partially explored by Zweig, who explained Twitter’s convoluted censorship process, which relied heavily on bots, contractors in foreign countries who lacked the expertise to make informed decisions, and Twitter brass who carried their own biases and incentives. This structure led to a predictable result.

“In my review of internal files,” writes Zweig, “I found countless instances of tweets labeled as ‘misleading’ or taken down entirely, sometimes triggering account suspensions, simply because they veered from CDC guidance or differed from establishment views.”

The CDC had effectively become the arbiter of truth.

This is alarming for at least two reasons. First, for anyone familiar with the government’s track record on truth, there’s reason to be skeptical of putting any government agency in charge of deciding what is true and false. Second, the CDC has been, to put it kindly, fallible throughout the pandemic. Indeed, the agency has been plagued with so much dysfunction and made so many crucial mistakes that its own director announced less than a year ago the organization needed an overhaul.

So there’s some reason to believe that Bostom and people like him—including epidemiologists like Dr. Martin Kuldorff (formerly of Harvard) and mRNA vaccine creator Dr. Robert Malone—were being suspended, banned, and de-amplified simply because Twitter was poorly situated to determine what was true and what was false.

There’s reason to doubt this claim, however.

Months after Zweig published his report on the Twitter Files, journalist Matt Taibbi published a separate deep dive exploring the Virality Project, an initiative launched by Stanford University’s Cyber Policy Center.

The project, which Taibbi described as “a sweeping, cross-platform effort to monitor billions of social media posts by Stanford University, federal agencies, and a slew of (often state-funded) NGOs,” is noteworthy because officials made it clear that a goal was not just to flag false information, but information that was true but inconvenient to the government’s goals. Reports of “vaccinated individuals contracting Covid-19 anyway,” “worrisome jokes,” and “natural immunity” were all characterized as “potential violations,” as were conversations “interpreted to suggest that coronavirus might have leaked from a lab.”

In what Taibbi describes as “a pan-industry monitoring plan for Covid-related content,” the Virality Project began analyzing millions of posts each day from platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Medium, TikTok, and other social media sites, which were submitted through the JIRA ticketing system. On February 22, 2021, in a video no longer public, Stanford welcomed social media leaders to the group and offered instruction on how to join the JIRA system.

In contrast to Twitter’s previous internal guidance, which required narratives on Covid-19 to be “demonstrably false” before any censorship actions were taken, the Virality Project made it clear that information that was true was also fair game if it undermined the larger aims of the government and the Virality Project.

Specifically noted were “true stories that could fuel [vaccine] hesitancy,” personal testimonials about adverse side effects of vaccination, concerns over vaccine passports, and actual deaths of people following vaccination, such as Drene Keyes.

As NBC noted in 2021, Keyes, a 58-year-old black woman, died after receiving the Pfizer vaccine in February 2021. Described as an “elderly Black woman” by the Virality Project, Keyes’s death became a “disinformation” event after it garnered attention from “anti vax groups”—even though no one denied that she died within hours of taking the vaccine.

No autopsy was conducted on Keyes and there’s no way of knowing if the vaccine caused her death. But merely raising the possibility could have resulted in a ban. Officials at the Virality Project warned platforms that “just asking questions”—at least the wrong questions—was a tactic “commonly used by spreaders of misinformation.”

Ironically, Taibbi notes, the Virality Project itself was often “extravagantly wrong” about Covid science, describing breakthrough events as “extremely rare events” (a fact it later conceded was wrong) and implying that natural immunity did not offer protection from Covid.

“Even in its final report, [the Virality Project] claimed it was misinformation to suggest the vaccine does not prevent transmission, or that governments are planning to introduce vaccine passports,” Taibbi writes. “Both things turned out to be true.”

‘You Can’t Handle the Truth’

It’s clear that the Virality Project’s primary purpose was not to protect Americans from misinformation. Its goal, as Taibbi notes, was to get the public to submit to authority and accept the state’s Covid narrative, particularly the pronouncements of public figures such as Drs. Anthony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky.

The official policy can be summed up in the immortal words of Colonel Nathan Jessup, the villain portrayed by Jack Nicholson in Aaron Sorkin’s popular 1992 film A Few Good Men: “You can’t handle the truth.”

It’s important to understand that public officials, just like Col. Jessup, genuinely believe this. Jessup utters these words in anger in a wonderful monologue, after he is baited by Lt. Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise) into telling the court how he really feels. Similarly, the Twitter Files reveal a program designed to control information—even true information—because it serves the state’s plan.

The last word—plan—is important, because it calls to mind Ludwig von Mises’s warning about those seeking to plan society.

“The planner is a potential dictator who wants to deprive all other people of the power to plan and act according to their own plans,” Mises wrote. “He aims at one thing only: the exclusive absolute preeminence of his own plan.”

‘Sometimes They Are Five’

Mises’ words apply perfectly to the Virality Project, a program designed specifically to get people to submit to the government’s narrative and objectives, not their own. The preeminence of the plan is so important that it requires censoring information and targeting individuals—as the Virality Project did—even if it’s true.

It’s difficult to overstate how Orwellian this is.

In Orwell’s classic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, Winston Smith, the protagonist of the story, says, “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four.”

Absent any context, the quote doesn’t make much sense. But it’s important to understand that Orwell saw statism and politics as forces destructive to the truth. His own brushes with state propaganda during the Spanish Civil War left him terrified that objective truth was “fading out of the world,” and he saw the state as inherently prone to obfuscation and euphemism (regardless of party).

“Political language,” he wrote, “is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

Within the context of Nineteen Eighty-Four, the meaning of Winston Smith’s words becomes crystal clear. Saying “two plus two makes four” might be an objective truth, but sometimes objective truth runs counter to Big Brother’s plan. Winston Smith is a slow learner, state agents tell him, because he can’t seem to grasp this simple reality.

“How can I help it? How can I help but see what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four.”

“Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder.”

Many people who lived through the Covid-19 pandemic likely can identify with the terror of Nineteen Eighty-Four and Orwell’s fear that objective truth is “fading out of the world.” We witnessed public officials say things that were demonstrably false and face no consequences, while Andrew Bostom and countless others were exiled from public discourse because they said things that were true, but ran counter to the state’s narrative.

Fortunately, in large part because of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, we now know how this happened.

“Government, academia, and an oligopoly of would-be corporate competitors organized quickly behind a secret, unified effort to control political messaging,” Taibbi writes.

All of it was designed to control information. And in doing so, the state—which actually attempted to create a “Disinformation Governance Board,” which critics promptly dubbed a Ministry of Truth—created an environment hostile to free speech and truth.

Ironically, despite the egregious abuse delivered upon the truth over the last three years in the name of fighting “misinformation,” polls show roughly half of Americans believe social media companies should be censoring such material from their sites. Few seem to realize this will almost certainly involve those with influence and power—especially the government—deciding who and what are censored.

This is a recipe for disaster. History shows there’s no greater purveyor of falsehood and propaganda than the government itself. The Twitter Files are a reminder of that.


Jon Miltimore

Jonathan Miltimore is the Managing Editor of FEE.org. (Follow him on Substack.) His writing/reporting has been the subject of articles in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, and the Star Tribune. Bylines: Newsweek, The Washington Times, MSN.com, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, the Epoch Times.

EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

The Shaking of the International Political System

“See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven: Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.” — Hebrews 12:25-27 KJV

The writer of Proverbs stated: “These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.” Proverbs 6:16-19 KJV.

Anyone who has followed politics for very long will testify that the six characteristics listed in this proverb provide a perfect description of politics, and MOST politicians. I call them the “Six Pillars of Politics”. Without their presence in the system, it would cease to exist.

St. Paul, who wrote nearly two thirds of the  New Testament, wrote this to Timothy: “But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” 1 Timothy 6:9-10 KJV

Inherent in the very nature of politics is its tendency to surround those who participate in it, with an “atmosphere of greed”; that greed can be for money and fame, or power and control. In either case it reveals itself in those who allow that foul system to shape, determine, and eventually expose, their true nature, whether good or evil. If good, that nature will not soon remain, as the working of greed will change it into something sinister and corrupt.

And corruption in politics is NOT an American phenomenon, it can be found in every political system in every nation on earth.

The First Politician

The words in Proverbs chapter six, above, appear to be a perfect description of the spiritual creature we know as Satan. He was so proud that he imagined himself to be equal with God, he was a chronic liar (Jesus called him the father of all lies), he has been responsible for shedding the blood of hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of humans (only God knows the true number), through the hands of his human minions who allow him to use their physical bodies on this earth, his heart devised the wicked imagination that he could war against and defeat God, he is said to be roaming the earth, looking for anyone whom he may devour. He is called ‘the accuser of the brethren’, and he definitely works hard to create divisions among the Church. Satan is THE quintessential politician.

Even though God had clearly spelled out His rules for their behavior to Adam and Eve, and also made clear the penalty for breaking them, they allowed themselves to fall victim to a politician, even though they had the TRUTH, straight from the mouth of God.

Satan cleverly used a serpent to be his ‘mouthpiece’ when approaching Eve regarding whether or not God had spoken truth to her and Adam. He used lies, questioning the very word of God in his effort to deceive her and gain the control and authority man had been given. His trickery and lies worked and, through lies anddeception, Satan established his kingdom on earth, becoming the first politician, thus making him the first known liar in history and the ‘pattern’ for all politicians in the future.

If you question whether all politicians are liars, do your own research, as I did, to determine what is the true definition of politics. If you can find any good in the corruption of politics, please let me know.

Political Effect on the Nations

I would estimate that the majority population of every ‘developed nation’ has some knowledge of the ‘political system’ that governs their nations. Whether a ‘democracy’, a ‘theocracy’, a dictatorship or empire, you can be sure that it was established by political means, using lies and deception and possibly physical force, and is constantly being re-enforced by the same political means.

Throughout history, nations have been destroyed and millions of lives have been forfeit through the actions of one, or a few, politicians. Every war ever fought has been the result of politics, and most, if not all, were planned events, meant to enrich those who became extremely wealthy by providing the means of war: guns, ammunition, artillery, tanks, ships and aircraft along with the fuel needed to run them, as well as the food and medicines needed when soldiers are wounded. The ‘global war-mongers’ always come out on top while the nations, wherein the wars are fought, lose EVERY TIME.

The involvement of politicians from many western nations in the corruption of Ukraine is evidence of this.

The Politics of the Russia/Ukraine War

From the White House to the US Congress and federal bureaucracies, to the Governors mansions of many states, they ALL seem to desire their own gain of wealth over that of the people who vote for them and pay their bloated salaries.

The recent news item that major American oil producers, Exxon-Mobil, Chevron and Halliburton are meeting with Ukrainian officials, with the desired result being the oil companies will be allowed to take over control of Ukraine’s oil production offers solid proof of the statement above. This will result in hundreds of millions of dollars in profit flowing into the coffers of these giant oil corporations. This is a perfect example of the political power of major corporations, and how they use that power for profit.

When the fiasco in Ukraine is over, there will have been millions of lives negatively affected and many totally destroyed, while the same group of global “war apparatus providers” will rush in to “help the nations recover” from the bloodbath they mostly started and underwrote. This is one of the many effects that politics has always had and will continue to have until it is no longer present on this planet.

Politics, regardless of what it might have been when this nation actually had some ethics and morals in government (many, many years ago), has become merely a system whereby evil people do their evil and then hide behind the dark curtains of the legalese jargon and mumbo-jumbo their ‘attorneys’ spout that keeps challenges against  their evil tied up in courts for months, perhaps even years. The dark curtains are built into, and are an integral part of, the party structure and platforms, and the marketing of the candidates they run for office in either party. They were created solely for that purpose.

God LOVES justice and set it into the heart of our Founders to form a constitutional republic based on laws, on rights, with justice, providing liberty for all, but the politicians use of the nation’s “justice system”, even though legal (based strictly on man’s law), points to the foulness of those who use it in a way that would have our Founders doing flip-flops in their graves.

The underhanded strategies, machinations and deceitful stratagems that are so deeply imbedded in the foul practice of politics are not “one-sided”, meaning they are not used by only one political party. They are mostly the same for any and all political parties and they were designed to do one thing: win at any cost, no matter who might be harmed.

The Republicans love to tout their moral high ground, their conservativeness, you might say their ‘righteousness’, in their political processes, but they are no different from the Democrats, Independents or any other political party. All the political parties in the world exist to enrich themselves by engaging in illegal, immoral and unjust behavior, by controlling the money that is extracted from the citizens of the nations through unlawful taxation, as well as through the massive ‘private’ donations they receive from their controllers.

And just as a reminder, there are far more ‘hidden’ politicians, those who sit in the boardrooms and offices of multinational corporations and the major banks of the world, who use underhanded, devious political strategies and devices to achieve their goals, than there are those who sit in parliaments, congresses and other institutes of governance in the nations. These are the REAL politicians, the ones who, by their possession and use of their huge monetary holdings, have the REAL power and control over the nations.

When God starts the shaking, the fall of these politicians and their part of the whole system will be worldwide and earth-shaking in its magnitude.

The End of Politics

I will make a simple statement, which I personally believe to be true, and which is plainly supported by the Bible: “The earth, the skies, the sun, moon and stars were all created by God and all these plainly reveal the creator”.

I know there is a group of people who will refuse to ever believe that, preferring to accept the widely held view (among atheists) that some ‘big bang’ occurred some unknown hundreds of millions of years ago and eventually, somehow, produced everything we see. To their explanation  of our presence on this planet I say: Hogwash.”

God will always have the final say about everything that humans will ever believe, think, say or criticize. He has tolerated man’s increasing rebellion, disobedience and apostasy far longer that I would have believed possible. Even if man fails to recognize the eternal fact that God WILL have the final say, that failure to recognize it will NOT change it: God has the final say……period. In His perfect time, he will step in and make the decision to end, for all time, the corrupt and destructive international political system.

To reiterate the Bible’s statement regarding the six things that God hates, A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren”, I am, and long have been, highly expectant that a totally righteous God will NOT tolerate these continued “pillars of politics” much longer.

God is perfect in all His ways and those ways are much higher that any human ways. His timing is also perfect and, when HIS time is right, He will do as He has promised and He WILL shake the foundations of international politics and that corrupt system WILL cease to exist.

I do not question just HOW God  will ‘shake the things that can be shaken’; being God, He always does what is right and in the right way. We who study end-times Bible prophecy realize just how close we are to the end of the Church age, a time when major world-wide changes are going to take place. The arrival or the advent of the Antichrist will certainly have major impacts on all political systems that are currently governing nations. That event will most definitely be a part of God’s shaking.

He has set aside a seven year period, called the Tribulation Period, Daniel’s 70th week, and that period of time has several definite purposes. One is to judge the world and his plans for judgement are already set. That seven years will be a time of GREAT shaking on the entire earth and its inhabitants. Anything that cannot be redeemed out of the shaking, will be destroyed. Another definite purpose of that time is to deal with God’s chosen earthly people, the Jews. Their previous rejection of Jesus Christ as their Messiah has set them on a collision course with God and the majority of them will not survive that collision.

Also, as the Antichrist will represent the evil and unrighteousness of all the previous empires on earth, all of which were politically controlled, God will deal with that ugly, corrupt system with finality.

Nothing sinful or unrighteous will be allowed to continue into the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ on the earth. As a popular rock star famously wrote, “Gonna be a whole lot of shaking going on”, and the result will NOT be pleasant for those who experience it.


For way too long, Satan has had his way with the human race, at least those who are not believers and do not allow Christ to govern their lives. Satan’s evil system of politics, a system that has NEVER produced any positive results on earth, has been used to gain control over individuals and nations and has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions, if not billions of people, from the time of Adam right up to the present day.

God, who lives outside of time, established a pattern of time in the creation account detailed in Genesis 1-2. One day is the same as 1000 years to God. Based on the pattern established, God gave man a “six day lease” on this earth, six days, or 6,000 years to prove his ability to govern himself using the authority given to him by God. History readily proves that all efforts at self-government for the past nearly 6,000 years have been a complete failure.

God certainly knew that man’s efforts would fail, so why did He not just add a few years out of a sense of pity for man? Because God knew that, without Jesus Christ being in complete control, man would not be able to successfully govern himself even if he were given a million years, and therein is proven God’s mercy for man. He will stop the time clock on the exact day man’s lease is up and install the only man capable of governing the entirety of mankind: King Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God.

Be watchful for the shaking that is even now starting. It may seem to start slowly, but when it reaches its crescendo, the entire system will collapse in a moment. I say, bravo! Let the shaking begin. The earth has been groaning for the arrival of God’s shaking for thousands of years and will, along with all mankind, rejoice to see that wonderful day!


©2023 Bud Hancock. All rights reserved.

DUMPING THE DOLLAR: Argentina Abandons U.S. Dollar. Will Pay for China Imports in Yuan

No media coverage. The biggest stories of the day are censored from the American public, leading sheep to slaughter. The dollar as the main world currency is a pillar of our strength and power. More countries are mulling a similar move.

Another defeat for the Biden Administration by China. Little to no coverage on this story from the mainstream media, who continue to supress information about the Biden Administration’s incompetence. A vote for the Biden Administration in 2024 is a vote for China to rule the world, and to downgrade the United States into a second rate power like Britain & France.

Argentina Shuns U.S. Dollar: Will Pay for China Imports in Yuan


Argentina struck a deal with Beijing on Wednesday to stop using U.S. dollars to pay for Chinese imports and embrace the yuan instead.

The measure, driven by Argentina’s leftist President Alberto Fernández, is designed to relieve the South American country’s dwindling dollar reserves, AP reports.

The deal further enhances China’s rise on the world stage and the diminished role of the U.S. on a host of fronts under President Joe Biden.

After reaching the agreement with various companies, Argentina will use the yuan for imports from China worth about U.S.$1.04 billion from next month, accelerating trade with China as Beijing seeks to gain a further foothold in South America.

In November last year Argentina expanded a currency swap with China by $5 billion in an effort to increase its yuan reserves.

Read more.

Iraq To Drop Dollar In Trade With China

By ZeroHedge, February 23, 2023:

  • Iraq’s central bank is set to allow trade with China to be settled in yuan.
  • Iraqi imports from China have previously been financed in U.S. dollars.
  • Last year, US regulators began enforcing controls on transactions by Iraqi commercial banks which caused a dollar shortage in Iraq.

The Iraqi central bank announced Wednesday that, for the first time, it plans to allow trade from China to be settled directly in yuan instead of the US dollar to improve access to foreign currency.

“It is the first time imports would be financed from China in yuan, as Iraqi imports from China have been financed in (US) dollars only,” the government’s economic adviser, Mudhir Salih, told Reuters.

According to a statement released by the Iraqi central bank, carrying out transactions in the Chinese currency would boost the balances of Iraqi banks with accounts with Chinese banks. However, this option depends on the size of the central bank’s yuan reserves.

A second option to boost local banks’ yuan balances would involve converting US dollars held in the central bank’s accounts with JP Morgan and the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) to yuan before paying the final beneficiary in China……



Chinese Purchasing U.S. Land: U.S. Looks to Tighten Rules

China Settles First LNG Trade in Yuan in Latest Hit to Dollar

Another Country Dumps Dollar, Tells Citizens To Get Rid Of Holdings Of US Dollar and Switch to Yuan

Saudis Consider Accepting Yuan Instead of Dollars for Chinese Oil Sales: Report

India, Malaysia Move Off Dollar to Settle Trade in Indian Rupee

DUMPING THE DOLLAR: BRIC Countries Are Developing a New Currency, State Duma Deputy Chair

House Passes Bipartisan Bill To Repeal Biden’s China Solar Rules

The House passed a resolution Friday morning to repeal President Joe Biden’s moratorium on solar panel tariffs to several Southeast Asian nations, where Chinese firms linked to slave labor have reportedly been assembling their products to avoid U.S. tariffs.

The resolution passed 221 to 202, with the support of most Republicans and 12 Democrats, with supporters arguing in the preceding debate that the legislation was necessary both to support the U.S. solar industry while simultaneously holding China accountable for avoiding tariffs. Democratic detractors pointed to opposition from industry trade groups, arguing that the moratorium was set to run out next summer, and that it was necessary to grow the U.S. solar industry in the interim.

Biden has threatened to veto the legislation should it reach his desk. Several Democratic senators have announced support for the resolution.

The resolution would reinstate tariffs on four Southeast Asian nations — Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam — which a Commerce Department investigation found were being used by Chinese firms to avoid U.S. tariffs on their products. The four nations account for roughly 80% of U.S. solar panel inventory, according to Bloomberg.

The resolution has drawn criticism from trade groups in the solar industry, who have argued that the tariffs were necessary to help U.S. manufacturing find its legs, Bloomberg reported. The moratorium gives U.S. solar manufacturers time to establish domestic solar supply chains while ramping up production, according to supporters.

The solar industry has faced a significant crackdown under the Uyghur Forced Labor Production Act (UFLPA), which aims to penalize Chinese firms using the forced labor of Uyghur Muslims, an ethnic minority in the nation’s Xinjiang province. U.S. Customs and Border Protection impounded approximately 2,600 Chinese solar imports worth more than $800 million for violations of the UFLPA between October 2022 and January 2023.




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Tuberville on His Military Abortion Blockade: ‘I Have the Power, and They’re Panicking’

In the military, most men and women would do anything to save a life. They’ll jump on grenades, parachute into enemy territory, walk across landmines. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) isn’t asking them to do any of that for the lives on the line with Pentagon’s new abortion policy. All he’s requesting is that a couple hundred flag officers wait a little longer for their promotions — an inconvenience that could save as many as 4,000 innocent lives. Who could possibly object to that? Radical Democrats, of course.

On Tuesday, abortion zealot Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) went on a tirade over Tuberville’s decision to hold up flag officer promotions until the Biden administration backs off its unconstitutional abortion expansion. “Holding up the promotion of every single military nominee isn’t democracy,” Warren ranted, “it’s extortion. That kind of extortion has serious consequences for our national defense. These holds pose a grave threat to our national security and to our military readiness. They actively hurt our ability to respond quickly to threats around the world.”

Funny how Warren is suddenly concerned about military readiness, since it hasn’t seemed to factor into any of the Democrats’ policies detracting from it — transgenderism in the ranks, unconstitutional vaccine mandates, CRT and pronoun trainings, and diversity, equity, and inclusion classes. The only war the president’s party seems intent on fighting is the cultural one.

Yet Warren wasn’t the only one raising a ruckus. Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) insisted that “what’s happening” because of Tuberville’s “charade” is “not only dangerous, but it’s insulting. That’s the only word that can be used for one senator to hold up 184 men and women and their promotions in the military. I never thought I’d see that day in the United States Senate.”

In that case, Durbin must have been AWOL the day that Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) threatened to hold up the promotions of more than 1,100 senior Army officers if the Trump White House blocked their impeachment witness, Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, from advancement.

Either way, Tuberville made it clear where the blame for this situation really lies. “This is Secretary [Lloyd] Austin’s choice, not mine. He knew the consequences for months” of his radical abortion expansion. “I’m not going to budge,” he assured his Democratic colleagues. “I will come down here as many times as it takes — day and night — to vote. I’m not afraid to vote.”

Later, on “Washington Watch,” he told Family Research Council President Tony Perkins that this isn’t just about abortion. It’s about a “tyrannical executive branch walking all over the United States Senate and doing our jobs.”

“This White House [is] dictating now from their purview,” Tuberville shook his head. “They’re turning into Canada and a lot of the European countries [with] one single leader. [They] don’t worry about going through Congress. Don’t worry about going through proper order. They just push things on the American people. You can’t force taxpayers to pay for abortion. That’s a law,” he pointed out. “Been a long law a long time. … And it’s worked pretty good,” Tuberville said, pointing out that the Pentagon has only approved about 20 abortions a year under the exceptions of rape, incest, and life of the mother.

Nobody had a problem with that policy until the Dobbs decision, the famous football coach explained. Now, they want to force as much taxpayer-funded abortion on the country as possible, “so they’re allowing abortions at any time in the military for any reason. Also, their dependents, they’ll fly them anywhere they want to go. They’ll pay them for three weeks. And who’s paying for it? The taxpayer is. Well, the Hyde Amendment says that’s against the law. But these people don’t worry about the law.”

Tuberville is planning to make them care. “They have the power, but now I have the power. One senator has got the power to put a hold on anything. And they are panicking. They don’t know what to do. But I can give them [something] to do: go back to the old policy.”

Of course, the Alabama icon said, “It’s not really about the military guys, and it’s not about the [Department of Veterans Affairs]. It’s about them controlling our country and doing what they want to do. … They’re circumventing every rule they possibly can. They said, ‘What can we do? How can we give more and more abortions? How can we make the taxpayers pay for it? Well, let’s look at this. The VA, we can do that.’”

Under this new rule, Perkins pointed out, “it’s estimated that the number [of military abortions] will grow from [20 per year] to over 4,000. That’s over 200 times the number of abortions that would be performed under this policy. This isn’t parity. This is expansion.”

Like a lot of Republicans, he’s been frustrated by the GOP’s timidity on the life issue. “We need more and more people to step up. … You know, if we’re going to be pro-life, let’s be pro-life. You can’t ride the fence.” Too many people are focused on protecting their seats, Tuberville warned. “I’ve been up here two years, and that’s all people try to do is get reelected. They like power. They like the prestige of all of this. … [But] we’re working for the people; we’re not up here for us.”

If that means he’s not popular, so be it. “They’ve called me every name in the book,” Tuberville said. “And I told them, ‘Listen, I coached college football for 40 years. I’ve already been called everything. That doesn’t bother me.’ I’m doing the work for the American people. … And the Constitution backs the law, [which] says … taxpayer money cannot be used for abortion. Done deal. Game, Set. Match.”


Suzanne Bowdey

Suzanne Bowdey serves as editorial director and senior writer at The Washington Stand.


Judge Tells Biden Attorney: Motherhood Isn’t an Illness, So How is Abortion a Cure?

U.S. Navy Taps Active-Duty Drag Queen for Recruitment Campaign

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Bloated Voter Rolls Make It Easy to Cheat in Elections

Here’s how election fraud is committed.  First, you bloat the voter rolls, like keeping dead people on them.  Next, you create a bunch of loose ballots floating around out there, like through universal mail-in balloting.  Then, bad actors get ahold of loose ballots and vote them in the name of people who won’t vote because, for example, they’re dead or moved out of state.  The last step is to match up illicitly cast ballots with registered voters in the election computer system to make it all look kosher, and you’re done.

Now do you understand why the Democrats ferociously resist cleaning the voter rolls at every turn, which is just common sense?  Bloated voter rolls make it easy for the Democrats to cheat.

But people who care about election integrity are starting to get a handle on things:

A lawsuit by a watchdog group forced Colorado to start cleaning up its voter rolls as required by the National Voter Registration Act.  The state settled a lawsuit by agreeing to report its progress in removing ineligible voters to the group for six years.  The number of ineligible voters removed per reporting period has already gone up.  The watchdog group has achieved similar results in other states.

Virginia elections officials discovered 19,000 dead people were left on the rolls, supposedly because of a computer coding error.  This will be corrected when the state’s new voter registration system is finished.  Meanwhile, local elections officials are being given the authority to remove dead people from the rolls on the basis of an obituary or family notification, instead of requiring an official death certificate.

Wisconsin Senate Republicans have introduced a bill to start examining 3.8 million voter registrations in the state that are believed to be voters who are deceased, inactive, noncitizens, felons, or declared incompetent.  The Governor is likely to veto the bill, but an override is a decent possibility.

A bill in the Texas Senate would suspend voters if they haven’t cast a ballot in more than two years. They’d be sent a notice and, if they fail to respond, they would be removed from the rolls after another two years.  The U.S. Supreme Court approved a similar Ohio law in 2018.

Iowa follows a similar process, but with a twist.  It moved half a million voters to inactive status after they didn’t vote in the election last fall.  They’ll still get to vote through 2026, but the state no longer waits for voters to miss two consecutive general elections before starting the process of potentially removing them from the rolls.

Count on citizen and legal groups to keep banging away on cleaning up the voter rolls until the problem is cut down to size.  Maine lost in court after it tried to restrict researchers from obtaining and using voter roll data to look for ineligible voters by comparing it to data from other states.  Maine’s law originally restricted access to voter data to certain entities like political parties, but was amended to frustrate the lawsuit with, among other things, the state line restriction.  The new restrictions were cooked up by Democrat lawmakers, staffers, lobbyists, and ERIC, a left-wing voter data nonprofit.  But the court blew them all away, ruling the new restrictions thwarted Congress’ intent to achieve transparency under the National Voter Registration Act.

A group in Michigan has figured out how to give access to Michigan voter data to approved citizen researchers working at home on their own computers.  Researchers can now see whether someone voted in past elections, uncover an impossible number of voters registered at the same address, and determine whether registrations belong to actual living persons at addresses of record.

Cleaning the voter rolls will be a never-ending process.  For example, hundreds of noncitizens are on the voter rolls in Maricopa County Arizona.  Some of them vote even though they are ineligible.  The problem stems from the federal Motor Voter law, which requires states to allow people to register to vote at their local motor vehicle bureau when getting a driver’s license.  Not an easy problem to solve, but the status quo is unacceptable, and people who care about election integrity will eventually get around to working on it.

©2023 Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.

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Who said, ‘Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed’

The United States Department of Education was created by President Jimmy Carter and signed into law on October 17, 1979 under the Department of Education Organization Act. The creation of this federal Education Department began the process of inextricably and fundamentally transforming our Constitutional Republic, over the past 44 years, into a totalitarian state.

According to the U.S. Department of Education website the mission of the DOE is,

ED’s mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.

ED was created in 1980 by combining offices from several federal agencies. ED’s 4,400 employees and $68 billion budget are dedicated to:

  • Establishing policies on federal financial aid for education, and distributing as well as monitoring those funds.
  • Collecting data on America’s schools and disseminating research.
  • Focusing national attention on key educational issues.
  • Prohibiting discrimination and ensuring equal access to education.

The General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’s Central Committee from 1922 until his death in 1953 Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin said, Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.”

So who holds the Education Department’s weapon in its hands and at whom is it aimed?

Education in America

This Department of Education’s bureaucracy has grown not only in terms of its size and budget but more importantly in the scope of its policies.

Today’s education is no longer about reading, writing and arithmetic. It is about equity, a.k.a. social justice, inclusion and diversity.

Since Dr. Miguel A. Cardona, the former commissioner of education in Connecticut, was sworn in as the 12th U.S. Secretary of Education on March 2nd, 2021 public education has taken a dramatic.

Dr. Cardona’s biography reads in part,

Across all these areas, Secretary Cardona has highlighted the urgency of seizing this moment through intentional collaboration—particularly working in partnership with parents, families, students, and educators—and the opportunity we have, as a nation, not only to recover from the pandemic, but to reimagine a higher-performing and more equitable education system that works better for all.

However, in 2022 Cardona solicited a National School Board Association letter comparing parents to “domestic terrorists.” According to Fox News, NSBA Secretary-Treasurer Kristi Swett recounted that NSBA interim CEO Chip Slaven “told the officers he was writing a letter to provide information to the White House, from a request by Secretary Cardona.”

In response, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland directed the FBI to use its authority to identify threats and prosecute concerned parents.

But there’s more.

Before the House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday [April 18th, 2023], Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) grilled U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona on biological male athletes participating in women’s sports, as Cardona repeatedly and awkwardly refused to offer a definition of the term “woman.”

“Following the civil rights movement of the 1960s, lawmakers established Title IX — rules to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex and federally-funded education programs, making a historic impact on girls and women sports,” Clyde said. Prior to that, he noted, “female athletes only received two percent of college athletic budgets and athletic scholarships for women were quite rare.”

According to Clyde, Title IX “unquestionably transformed women’s sports, ensuring female athletes enjoy the same opportunities as their male counterparts.”

Turning to Cardona, the congressman from Georgia said, “Earlier this month on April the 13th, your department filed a proposed rule, amending Title IX regulations that would unilaterally force schools to allow biological males to participate in women’s athletics,” he said. “This proposed rule would withhold federal assistance from schools across the nation seeking to maintain the integrity and safety of women’s sports.”

Due to the relevance of determining the difference between men and women, Clyde asked: “So can you please tell me or can you please define for me what is a woman?”

“Our focus at the department is to provide equal access to students, including students who are LGBTQ, access free from discrimination,” Cardona responded.

“So what’s the definition of a woman? You haven’t given me that. You haven’t answered my question,” Clyde fired back.

“I think that’s almost secondary to the important role that I have as secretary of education,” Cardona replied.

Clyde explained that his question was “not secondary.” He pressed, “My question is very simple: what does HHS say the definition of a woman is?”

“I lead the Department of Education, and my job is to make sure that all students have access to public education, which includes co-curricular activities,” he said. “And I think you highlighted pretty well the importance of Title IX and giving students equal access, whether it’s scholarship and facilities and participation as well.”

“OK, so you’re not going to answer my question,” Clyde said “Do you believe that a biological male who self-identifies as a woman should be allowed to compete in women’s sports?”

“I believe our focus needs to make sure that all students have access to public education,” he said.

“A yes or no is sufficient,” Clyde retorted.

“I think it’s not answered with a yes or no,” he said. “I think all students should have access to co-curricular activities.”

“I think that is a yes or no question,” Clyde said. “Do you believe that a biological male who self-identifies as a woman should be allowed to compete in women’s sports?”

“I believe all students should have access to all things that public education—” Cardona replied.

“So you’re not going to answer my question: do you believe allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports benefits female athletes?” Clyde interjected.

“I believe it’s important that we take into account the needs of all students when they’re engaging in co-curricular—” he began to say.

“So again you’re not going to answer my question: do you believe allowing biological males to enter women’s private spaces such as bathrooms and locker rooms is safe for female students?” he asked.

Cardona responded: “It’s critically important that we make sure all students feel safe in their school environment… It means that the perspective of all students should be taken into account when decisions are made around facilities.”

A person who can’t, or rather won’t, define what a woman is should have no position in government at any level, from President down to dog catcher. That person shouldn’t even be allowed to graduate from grade school.

The Bottom Line

Discover the Networks says this about Secretary of Education Cardona,

In 2011, Cardona joined a state task force committee that made policy recommendations intended to close the “academic achievement gap between racial and socioeconomic groups in Connecticut.” Upon its inception in January 2011, the task force affirmed its belief that “it is morally and economically imperative that Connecticut eliminate the academic achievement gap between racial and ethnic minority and white students, and between poor and middle-income students, by the end of the current decade.” In a 2014 report, the committee recommended remedies that included increased access to public housing, social services, and anti-hunger programs.

[ … ]

In 2013, Cardona began working as a Performance and Evaluation Specialist for Meriden Public Schools. In 2015 he was promoted to Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, a role in which he pursued an array of ambitious measures designed to support minority students. These measures included: (a) flying to Puerto Rico to attract bilingual teachers; (b) hiring school climate specialists to interact with students in their native languages; and (c) ensuring that those same specialists were of the same racial and/or ethnic background as the students whom they served.

[ … ]

During his Senate confirmation hearings in early 2021, Cardona expressed his firm support for the acceptance of transgenderism in public schools: “It’s nonnegotiable to make sure that our learning environments are places that are free of discrimination and harassment for all learners, including our LGBTQ students,” he declared. Cardona also indicated his support for legal protections that would enable transgender students to participate on sports teams in accordance with their own “preferred gender identity.”

Read more.

The current Department of Education has now become “a weapon” and that weapon is aimed at parents, Christians, Jews, Muslims, girls, straight white men and those who understand scientifically that there are only two genders (XX and XY).

Adolf Hitler said, “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

The U.S. Education Department has become a weapon of mass destruction. It is intent on teaching children what to think, not how to think.

The DOE is now in his hands of ideologues like Cardona who:

  • Blames racism for the “academic achievement gap” between black and white students
  • Supports the tenets of Critical Race Theory
  • Views America as a racist nation
  • Promotes the acceptance of transgenderism in public schools
  • Advocates free community college
  • Favors the forgiveness of student loans

Each of the above destroys not only our children’s minds but also sets the stage for centralized state control by those that it is raising and teaching children to hate America.

Be warned that the swamp goes from the school house to the White House and they are winning the hearts and minds of our children. Their most effective weapons of mass destruction are K-12 public school students.

©2023 Dr. Rich Swier, Ed.D. All rights reserved.

Study: Wearing Face Masks Increase Risk of Stillbirths, Testicular Dysfunction, & Cognitive Deterioration From Carbon Dioxide Buildup

The catastrophic consequences from Democrats’ weaponization of the flu (Covid) and their freedom crushing mandates will be felt for generations to come.

New Study Suggests Carbon Dioxide Buildup from Wearing Face Masks Increase Risk of Stillbirths, Testicular Dysfunction, & Cognitive Deterioration

By Jim Hoft Apr. 23, 2023:

The intense propaganda to coerce you to wear a face mask is not based on science.

It is a pure political power play designed to force you and your children into submission.

‘Explosive’ new research reveals that using a face mask during pregnancy may increase the chance of stillbirth, testicular dysfunction, and cognitive decline in children, Daily Mail reported.

When worn for extended periods of time, facial coverings may increase the risk of mild carbon dioxide (CO2) poisoning, according to a review of 43 previously published studies on exposure to CO2, mask-wearing, and pregnancy by German researchers.

Researchers in Germany found that elevated levels of carbon dioxide in pregnant women were associated with an increased risk of birth defects.

They also stated that CO2 is a contributor to oxidative stress, which can have negative effects on brain function and lead to testicular problems in men.

The German researchers reviewed a study that found that even short-term exposure to concentrations of CO2 as low as 0.3% caused brain damage, increased anxiety, and impaired memory in both pregnant rats and young mice. Testicular cells and sperm were destroyed in another study when male mice were exposed to 2.5 percent CO2 for four hours, the human equivalent of which is 0.5 percent. A third study found that stillbirth and birth defects occurred in pregnant rats exposed to 3 percent CO2 (equal to 0.8 percent for humans).

(The primary limitation of the research is that it is limited to studies on animals due to the unethical nature of doing such trials on human subjects due to the potential toxicity of carbon dioxide.)

More from Daily Mail:

Alluding to the surge in stillbirths during the pandemic, the German researchers said: ‘Circumstantial evidence exists that popular mask use may be related to current observations of a significant rise of 28 percent to 33 percent in stillbirths worldwide.’

‘[And] reduced verbal, motor, and overall cognitive performance of two full standard deviations in scores in children born during the pandemic,’ the researchers wrote in the paper, published in the journal Heliyon.

The German research team gathered data from 43 previously published studies on exposure to CO2, mask-wearing and pregnancy.

One mask study conducted in Germany, researchers measured the CO2 concentration of air behind surgical masks worn by 15 healthy men. Within 30 minutes, the CO2 concentration rose to roughly 2.8-3.2 percent.

In another study in Italy, scientists measured the air under surgical masks worn in a lab and found a concentration between 0.22 and 0.29 percent within five minutes.

Masks provide breathing resistance and create a dead space that traps CO2, leading to more inhaled and re-breathed CO2, the reviewers said.

Keep reading.


EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Biden’s Border Chaos Fuels Child Trafficking

What is happening along our international borders today is not just about illegal immigration or drug smuggling. It’s also about the rapid increase in human trafficking and modern-day slavery, which is flourishing with the chaos that open borders facilitate.

With a record number of unaccompanied minors crossing into the U.S., it has become increasingly difficult to ensure they are leaving government care and going into safe, financially secure situations with people who will care for them. This disorder sets the stage for unaccountability and abuse of the system.

It is not uncommon that when Border Patrol agents and law enforcement officers come across unaccompanied minors, they find them with a phone number and name attached to them. Most times, the minor does not know and has never met the person that they are supposed to be handed over to. Recent investigations are revealing the truth of what happens to many of these most vulnerable children.

They are being exploited, abused, and trafficked.

Unaccompanied minors go into the Unaccompanied Children (UC) Program managed by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (OOR) within the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), an operational division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Once children enter OOR care, they are put in contact with their parents, guardians, or relatives, if known, and the process of finding a sponsor begins.

As of April 17, 2023, there are approximately 7,380 unaccompanied children in HHS care. The average length of time an unaccompanied child remains in ORR’s care is 25 days.

Tara Lee Rodas revealed in an interview that often, sponsors are typically not citizens, permanent residents, nor do they have a legal status in the U.S.

Minors are coming forward revealing their abuse. One young female explained that her sponsor was forcing her to engage in sexual acts for money. Antonio Diaz Mendez, a 14-year-old, claimed that he had to earn money to repay his debts and was working long shifts in a warehouse. He hadn’t seen his sponsor in months.

Due to the total chaos associated with processing over 6,000 illegal aliens each day, U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) agents simply do not have time to conduct thorough investigative interviews to develop the articulable suspicion of trafficking, or even assess a claimed family relationship with co-travelers in any meaningful way. In all but the most egregious events, agents are forced to accept the information being provided at face value.

It is also important to note that many victims of trafficking do not know they are being trafficked when they initially enter the country illegally. They are often still under the belief that the smuggler is just providing a service to get them into the U.S. under the radar. They don’t find out the truth until it is too late.

Under prior administrations, as the border security environment was constantly improving and illegal immigration was slowing down dramatically, agents had more time to conduct in-depth interviews and identify inconsistencies in claimed family members’ stories. Agents identified countless cases where they were able to get a child or adult to admit they were not related. We will never know for sure how many children were rescued before they were victimized further.

Chaos provides cover for all types of criminal activity. As a direct result of the catch-and-release polices implemented by the Biden administration, our international border with Mexico and our immigration process for unaccompanied alien children have devolved into total chaos. Chaos that is ripe for exploitation by human traffickers.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Deterrence policies and programs work. USBP has countless examples to show that if you simply enforce the law, hold people accountable and avoid releasing aliens into the U.S. until after a judge has adjudicated their case, cross border illegal entries dramatically decrease. This immediately increases the time that agents can investigate and mitigate more sophisticated criminal schemes like narcotics smuggling and human trafficking.

Some children are fortunate to make it out of these situations by running away and seeking help, or due to the diligent efforts of citizens who are paying attention—citizens like Jallyn Sualog, who was removed from her position at HHS after raising concerns over the phenomenon.

Tragically, there are likely hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of children who will be enslaved to labor and sex work for most of their lives.

A safe and secure border will help ensure children are less likely to be put in harm’s way and support a system that can more effectively place them in proper homes. Getting there will require bipartisan efforts to regain operational control of the border.

Once that is underway, substantial reform can be enacted to hold HHS more accountable to the children they are responsible for.

In the U.S., almost no group is more vulnerable to falling victim than children migrants who have no legal guardian to ensure their safety.

We must work toward restricting human trafficking by securing and maintaining our borders. Customs and Border Protection personnel should be given every tool at their disposal to intercept and stop human trafficking efforts, both at and between ports of entry.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller News Foundation.



Selene Rodriguez is the Assistant Director of Federal Affairs at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. She served as an Intelligence Specialist in the U.S. Marine Corps and is completing her MA in Political Science at Texas State University.



MARK MECKLER: Biden’s Border Crisis Is About To Get Even Worse

U.S. Sudan Embassy Evacuated Amid Escalating Violence

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Biden Regime FHFA Rule: Redistribute ‘High-Risk Loan Costs’ to Homeowners with ‘Good Credit’

“The Communists’ chief purpose is to destroy every form of independence—independent work, independent action, independent property, independent thought, an independent mind, or an independent man. Conformity, alikeness, servility, submission and obedience are necessary to establish a Communist slave-state.” — Ayn Rand.

More left-wing hatred of the good: punishing the productive, rewarding the looter. Demonizing success, exalting failure.

America is perishing by intellectual default.

“It is the Communists’ intention to make people think that personal success is somehow achieved at the expense of others and that every successful man has hurt somebody by becoming successful. It is the Communists’ aim to discourage all personal effort and to drive men into a hopeless, dispirited, gray herd of robots who have lost all personal ambition, who are easy to rule, willing to obey and willing to exist in selfless servitude to the State.”

Biden rule will redistribute high-risk loan costs to homeowners with good credit

Interest rates for mortgages have roughly doubled over the past year

By Michael Lee | Fox News April 20, 2023:

A Biden administration rule is set to take effect that will force good-credit home buyers to pay more for their mortgages to subsidize loans to higher-risk borrowers.

Experts believe that borrowers with a credit score of about 680 would pay around $40 more per month on a $400,000 mortgage under rules from the Federal Housing Finance Agency that go into effect May 1, costs that will help subsidize people with lower credit ratings also looking for a mortgage, according to a Washington Times report Tuesday.

“The changes do not make sense. Penalizing borrowers with larger down payments and credit scores will not go over well,” Ian Wright, a senior loan officer at Bay Equity Home Loans, told the Times. “It overcomplicates things for consumers during a process that can already feel overwhelming with the amount of paperwork, jargon, etc. Confusing the borrower is never a good thing.”

A new Biden administration rule will make borrowing for a home more expensive for those with good credit scores to subsidize loans to higher-risk borrowers.

The Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees federally backed home mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, has long sought to give consumers more affordable housing options. But those who work in the industry believe the new rules will only serve to frustrate and confuse people.

“This confusing approach won’t work and more importantly couldn’t come at a worse time for an industry struggling to get back on its feet after these past 12 months,” David Stevens, a former commissioner of the Federal Housing Administration during the Obama administration, wrote in a social media post responding to the new rules. “To do this at the onset of the spring market is almost offensive to the market, consumers, and lenders.”

The rules come as the housing market has struggled in the wake of multiple interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve.

Under the new rules, consumers with lower credit ratings and less money for a down payment would qualify for better mortgage rates than they otherwise would have.
Sold Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and House

Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Sandra Thompson said the new rules are designed to “increase pricing support for purchase borrowers limited by income or by wealth” and comes with “minimal” fee changes.

While Stevens agreed there was a gap in opportunity for low-income — especially minority — borrowers to qualify for affordable homes, he argued that attempting to manipulate prices was not the solution.

Read more.


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Warning: SB 7050 Creates Many Problems for Florida’s Current Election System

Public confidence in our election process is critical for our Constitutional Republic to remain functioning as it was intended to by our Founding Fathers. The latest proposed Senate Bill 7050 fails to deliver that confidence to Florida’s citizens. Outlined below is a list of major concerns in this bill along with recommendations for amending the bill language to reflect the will of “We the People”. As a State Representative of the People, I hope you will take these points into consideration before casting your vote.

Major areas of concern for Floridians:

  • Public sentiment calls for a return to hand counting as citizens have learned about the vulnerabilities of tabulators.
  • Florida Statute 101.5604 is currently worded in such a way that prohibits hand counting:
  • “A county must use an electronic or electromechanical precinct-count tabulation voting system.”
  • The economic situation of each county is not considered in this statute. County commissioners should be allowed to hand count ballots if they determine this to be the most fiscally responsible course of action for their county. To remedy this, I propose adding an amendment in SB 7050 to strike the prior language and insert the following sentence:
  • “A county may use an electronic or electromechanical precinct-count tabulation voting system or may count ballots by hand at the precinct level.”
  • Lines 2128-2129 are not congruent with Florida statute as the line reads “in any county in which an electronic or electromechanical voting system is used,”. This implies counties are not mandated to use electromechanical voting systems and is inconsistent with the current statute. Further reason to amend the statute as recommended above.
  • The requirements for citizen identification are insufficient.

Lines 436, 437, 2219, & 2220 in SB 7050 allow for retirement center and neighborhood identification, which are not valid, government-issued forms of identification. A bank account could not be opened with these forms of ID, yet they are currently authorized as valid forms of ID to participate in what should be the most secure process in our nation. I propose striking these forms of acceptable ID from the entirety of SB 7050.

Lines 457, 458, 2233-2245 allow for non-parity in voter ID requirements. ID exceptions should be minimal. Not requiring ID for people 65 years and older enables nursing home voter fraud. Lines 2235-2245 include citizens that should be able to produce valid identification.

Vague language in Section 36 facilitates third-degree felony charges to poll watchers.

Proposed statute 104.47 states “It is unlawful for any person to intimidate, threaten, coerce, harass, or attempt to intimidate, threaten, coerce, or harass an election worker with the intent to impede or interfere with the performance of an election worker’s official duties, or with the intent to retaliate against such election worker for the performance of official duties. A person who violates this section commits a felony of the third degree…”

An election worker is defined in lines 2625-2629 as a “member of a county canvassing board or an individual who is an election official, poll worker, or election volunteer in connection with an election conducted in this state.”

The entire section 104.47 should be removed from the bill.

“Election volunteer” is not defined. It may be interpreted to mean any person who is volunteering their time in connection with an election. Does this include poll watchers, political party canvassers, or 3rd party voter registration organization volunteers? It must be defined to include poll watchers and designees authorized by FS101.572(2).

This could be used by an employee of the SOE office against another employee of the SOE office with whom they have a disagreement.

This section equates language with violence and thereby criminalizes speech. Threats are already addressed in FS 836.05, so this section is unnecessary.

Please take action on the above items to restore public confidence in the Florida elections.

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Advocates Say WPATH Could ‘Come Crashing Down’ As Judge Demands Treasure Trove Of Internal Documents

The World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) is facing a potential bloodbath, advocates say, after an Alabama judge subpoenaed a treasure trove of documents from the organization as part of an ongoing lawsuit over the state’s laws on transgender treatments.

WPATH is a leading advocate of child sex changes, recently pushing to remove any minimum age requirement to undergo sex change surgeries or cross-sex hormone therapy. Amy Tishelman, the author of the “Child” chapter in the 8th edition of WPATH’s guidelines, said she changed the guidelines so doctors wouldn’t “be sued because they weren’t following exactly what we said.”

U.S. hospitals such as Johns Hopkins, Stanford and Brigham and Women’s use WPATH’s guidelines to guide their own practice of treating transgender-identifying children.

A federal judge in Alabama requested WPATH supply documents pertaining to its guidelines for child sex changes in March. Plaintiffs suing the state of Alabama over its restrictions of child sex changes repeatedly referred to WPATH’s guidelines in their argumentation.

During a similar lawsuit in Florida, a district court in March ordered WPATH, the Endocrine Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to comply with a subpoena of all documents related to their guidance for transgender-identified kids. An amicus brief filed April 7 on behalf of the attorneys general (AGs) for 17 states highlighted the stark contrast between transgender guidance — especially for minors — in Europe with that of the medical establishment in the U.S. The brief also claimed the medical organizations in question are activist in nature.

“I think there’s a good chance that the whole thing will come crashing down when the data are out there,” Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, board chair of the medical group Do No Harm, told The Daily Caller, “and that they really know that there’s no good scientific basis for this out there and they’re just going ahead and implementing an ideology rather than rigorously defined medical treatment.”

“The bottom line is the truth is now coming out, the writing’s on the wall,” January LittleJohn, a parental advocate, told The Daily Caller. “And the truth is coming out at that all of the times where they were relying on this garbage evidence, this very low quality evidence, they were doing these interventions on children with nothing to back it up. And then you have the American Academy of Pediatrics, the AMA, The Endocrine Society all blindly following these guidelines. And now they’re being held accountable.”

WPATH set standards of care for those with a “eunuch” gender identity in 2022, recommending castration as a treatment option. Recommended treatments options included hormone suppression, orchiectomy (removal of the testicles) to stop production of testosterone, orchiectomy with or without penectomy to alter the body to match their self-image and orchiectomy followed by hormone replacement with testosterone or estrogen. In creating these guidelines, WPATH used information from the Eunuch Archive in setting these standards of care, which the medical organization itself described as “filled with fantasy,” containing stories of child castration, pedophilia and sexual torture.

WPATH has also been accused of censoring viewpoints from doctors who believe that children are being rushed into sex changes. In Alabama, the judge asked for information related to how the WPATH treated differing medical opinions on child sex changes.

Dr. Stephen B. Levine, a psychologist known for his work on human sexuality and chair of WPATH’s standards of care committee from 1997-98, filed expert opinion in the ongoing lawsuit between WPATH and Florida in April.

“WPATH claims to speak for the medical profession; however, it does not welcome skepticism and therefore, deviates from the philosophical core of medical science,” he said. “There are pediatricians, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, and surgeons who object strongly, on professional grounds, to transitioning children and providing affirmation in a transgender identity as the first treatment option.”

“So the question is, are they allowing people that are rigorous investigators to do this?” Goldfarb told The Daily Caller. “Or are they simply taking people who have set up gender clinics, and they said, yeah, you’re an expert because you’re on our side. And that’s what needs to be clarified.”



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‘Brace For F*cking Impact’: Border Agents Are Being Told Very Little To Prepare For The End Of A Major Trump-Era Order

  • Border Patrol agents are saying they aren’t getting much information regarding preparations for a major surge in illegal immigrants when Title 42, a major Trump-era expulsion order, ends May 11 and fear that chaos could ensue as a result, according to agents and internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller News Foundation.
  • Title 42 was enacted to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and has resulted in the expulsion of more than 2.5 million illegal migrants at the southern border, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statistics.
  • “There are thousands and thousands just waiting for Title 42 to end. I would say a fear is that the Biden admin has no clue just how bad it’s going to get. We can barely actively patrol the border now. When Title 42 ends, all of our resources, all of our little manpower that we do have, are going to be focused on processing. Field work will nearly cease to exist in my opinion,” one Border Patrol agent working along the southern border told the DCNF.

Border Patrol agents are being given limited word on how to prepare for a flood of illegal immigrants when Title 42, a major Trump-era expulsion order, ends May 11, according to two agents who spoke anonymously with the Daily Caller News Foundation and an internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memo.

President Joe Biden set the expiration of the COVID-19 emergencies, including Title 42, for May 11. The agents working the frontlines of the southern border had said they had very limited instructions about handling an expected surge of illegal immigrants come Title 42’s end and basically were just being told to mentally ready themselves for the worst in conversations with the DCNF.

One agent working along the southern border, who requested anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak, told the DCNF that the extent they were told about preparations was just to “brace for fucking impact” and to prepare to “weather the storm.”

With Title 42 in place, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has had record migrant encounters, with more than 2.3 million in fiscal year 2022 and more than one million between October and February.

A recent internal directive sent to some Department of Homeland Security officials that the DCNF exclusively obtained instructed agents to have “efficient cadence” for credible fear interviews (CFIs) to screen asylum claims and/or statements of fear of persecution, torture or similar threats.

“Due to the expected lifting of the currently operative CDC order, USBP and component partners must have an efficient cadence in place to be prepared to ramp up to USCIS conducting up to 1,000 CFIs per day in USBP’s short-term holding facilities for NCs across the Southwest Border,” the internal memo stated.

A second agent working along the southern border told the DCNF that it’s just a wait and see game, adding that there’s concern authorities won’t have the capacity or bandwidth to handle what’s to come.

“Most of the time, we are just told that Title 42 will end eventually and to be mentally prepared for the influx of migrants when it does. Regular line agents don’t seem to be offered an outline or plan as to how we will actually deal with the large numbers at the processing level,” the second agent said.

“Our facilities aren’t designed for large quantities of people. They are temporary housing facilities. When Title 42 is lifted, we will process them under immigration law, which governs when the migrants should be deported, detained, etc. We must also comply with U.S. asylum law, which will allow migrants to claim asylum, even when they entered illegally,” the second agent said.

The Biden administration is ignorant to the issue of an impending influx of illegal immigrants, the second agent explained.

“There are thousands and thousands just waiting for Title 42 to end. I would say a fear is that the Biden Admin has no clue just how bad it’s going to get. We can barely actively patrol the border now. When Title 42 ends, all of our resources, all of our little manpower that we do have, are going to be focused on processing. Field work will nearly cease to exist in my opinion,” the second agent said.

Republican states have challenged the Biden administration’s previous attempts to end Title 42, but the latest end to the public health emergency hasn’t faced any legal flack. DHS predicted that the end of Title 42 would usher in up to 14,000 illegal immigrants per day at the southern border,  a source familiar with the preparations told CNN.

To address the surge in anticipation of Title 42’s looming expiration, the Biden administration announced new measures in January to allow migrants amenable to the public health order opportunities to have an exception granting them entry via a phone application known as CBP One or through an airport on the grounds of humanitarian parole.

“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) continues to prepare for the end of the Title 42 public health order, which is currently the subject of multiple court orders, and a return to processing all noncitizens under the Department’s Title 8 immigration authorities,” DHS said in January.

DHS didn’t respond to a request for comment.



Investigative reporter.


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The Biden Admin Hands Out Millions To Green Groups That Supported His Climate Bill

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded $177 million to environmental groups, including some who publicly supported the Biden administration’s signature climate law, the Inflation Reduction Act, the agency announced Thursday.

The funding will be spread across 17 groups, which will each receive a minimum of $10 million to serve as Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Centers (EJ TCTACs), to help “underserved and overburdened communities” access government funding to support environmental justice initiatives, the EPA reported in a press release. Groups named by the EPA include the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), WE ACT for Environmental Justice and the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (DSCFEJ), which each supported the president’s signature climate law, the Inflation Reduction Act.

While the NWF supported the law in its totality, the other two organizations offered more measured support, over concessions made to fossil fuels at the behest Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. The EPA also tapped the Research Triangle Institute — a nearly billion-dollar nonprofit with a longstanding working relationship with the agency — to serve as an environmental justice center.

“These EJ TCTACs are in direct response to feedback from communities and environmental justice leaders who have long called for technical assistance and capacity building support!” the EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights said in a tweet thread Thursday. “The EJ TCTAC program is partnered with [the Department of Energy] and is part of the Federal Interagency Thriving Communities Network to deliver on the Biden Administration’s Justice40 Initiative to ensure that 40% of the benefits of certain federal investments flow to disadvantaged communities.”

The funding represents a significant boost to groups like the NWF and DSCFEJ, two environmental groups tapped by the EPA. In 2021, the NWF generated roughly $118 million in revenue, while the DSCFEJ generated just $3.54 million in 2020, according to publicly available documentation.

“We know that so many communities across the nation have the solutions to the environmental challenges they face,” said EPA Administrator Michael Regan in the press release. “Unfortunately, many have lacked access or faced barriers when it comes to the crucial federal resources needed to deliver these solutions. Today we’re taking another step to break down these barriers.”

Including Thursday’s announcement, the EPA has announced a combined $827 million in funding for environmental justice initiatives in 2023, according to the agency’s press release.

RTI, NWF, DSCFEJ and WE ACT did not immediately respond to a Daily Caller News Foundation request for comment.





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