How Green Investors Pay the Media to Promote ‘Climate Change’

A logo for The Associated Press is seen at its headquarters in New York on Tuesday, April 26, 2016. AP’s earnings rose 30 percent last year as the news cooperative recorded a huge tax gain and cut costs to help offset a revenue downturn reflecting the long-running financial woes plaguing newspapers and other media. (AP Photo/Hiro Komae)

AP takes millions from groups leveraged in green investments to promote the need for green investments.

The Associated Press revealed last year that it had scored $8 million to promote claims of global warming. The AP impartially described this massive conflict of interest as an illustration of “how philanthropy has swiftly become an important new funding source for journalism”.

“This far-reaching initiative will transform how we cover the climate story,” its executive editor claimed. That is no doubt true. And an incredibly damaging admission.

The philanthropic quid-pro-quo saw five organizations fund the AP’s dedicated team of “more than two dozen journalists” to cover “climate issues” that the wire service would then plant in papers around the country to terrify Americans into supporting ‘green’ taxes and subsidies.

The Associated Press did not bother to explain to its readers or the newspapers that run its stories why these organizations were impelled to throw millions at it except sheer benevolence.

Nor did it explain why they might be particularly interested in convincing Americans that the climate sky is falling and that our economy must be dismantled and ‘greened’: raising energy prices and putting millions out of work. The paragon service of journalism did not even bother explaining to its readers what one of the five, Quadrivium, was beyond a Latin word.

Quadrivium is the pet project of James Murdoch and his wife, the ‘black sheep’ of Clan Murdoch, who left the family business in a huff “due to disagreements over certain editorial content published by the Company’s news outlets“. Quadrivium seeks to reach “a majority of the public” to generate “urgent action” on the bipartisan passage of a US climate strategy.”

The proposed template is the “carbon rebate plan” which would tax Americans through their carbon use and then promise to pay some of the money back to them. The plan comes from the Climate Leadership Council whose board includes Kathryn Murdoch: James’s wife.

CLC’s partners include major banks, JP Morgan, Santander and Goldman Sachs, energy companies, BP, Shell and Conoco, who believe that the proposal will be good for them.

The AP has helpfully promoted the CLC’s carbon tax plan in puff pieces like “Carbon tax plan worthy of bipartisan support”. Its editorial board described the CLC as a “group of venerable Republicans” and claims that taxing Americans for the benefit of special interests would be “a quintessentially conservative plan”. That was a strange new respect from the AP which has relentlessly tried to associate Republicans and conservatives with Nazis.

The “venerable Republicans” currently on CLC’s board include not only Kathryn Murdoch, but also a former Goldman Sachs executive focusing on climate finance, a board member of the Brown Advisory Sustainable Investing Advisory Board and a founding managing partner of “Qiming Venture Partners: one of China’s premier VC firms” that was an early investor in TikTok.

That is what ESG looks like underneath the Gen Z activists being paid to scream in the streets even as the AP is being paid to scream more respectably in stories planted in local papers.

Serious journalism would ask questions or at least mention some of this in passing. The AP instead acts as a mouthpiece without even enough lingering self-respect to disclose any of that.

James Murdoch has put a lot of  money into green projects. His foundation joined a consortium of investors piling into BlackRock’s $250 million climate fund. He’s also on the board of directors of Tesla, and a potential candidate to succeed Musk, and the EV car company’s business model depends on a government subsidized climate panic.

Lupa Systems, Murdoch’s venture capital fund, also has some investments in environmental startups. The AP might have mentioned this to its readers before writing an article congratulating itself for taking cash to promote Murdoch’s views. But it’s not just Murdoch.

The Rockefeller Foundation, which is another of the Big 5 funding AP’s climate propaganda, put $500 million into green energy abroad. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, another of the AP’s climate sugar daddies, has numerous climate initiatives, and these include the Climate Finance Fund. The Foundation refuses to invest in companies that drill for gas or oil.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute, set up by the eccentric tycoon as a tax shelter, was quickly hijacked after his death. Delaware, where it was incorporated, appointed a board that sold off Hughes Aircraft to GM. But HMMI’s original emphasis on medical research has more recently declined into wokeness. Last year, HMMI announced a $2 billion investment to increase “diversity” in science. HMI appears to be a major investor in Kreido Biofuels,

And finally there’s the fifth of the AP’s big five climate funders: the Walton Family Foundation.

The foundation of the Walmart heirs has four board members. Lukas Walton, Sam Walton’s grandson, also serves as its Environment Program Committee Chair. Lukas’ $4 billion Builders Version organization directs 90% of its investments into ESG. S2G Ventures, its capital fund, declares that its mission is “investing in a humane and healthy planet.” It has an extensive portfolio of ‘green’ companies including Bluestar Energy Capital, a green energy investment company, Common Energy, a solar power company, Electric Hydrogen, and Carbon America which focuses on carbon capture.

Those investments seem likely to do better if Mr. and Mrs. America, or at least the CEOs and financiers who take the media seriously, keep reading about the threat of “climate change”.

The AP is taking money from organizations heavily leveraged in green investments to promote the need for green investments. And it fails to disclose the financial interests that its funders have in promoting global warming hysteria.

The closest that it gets to addressing the inherent conflict of interest comes when Brian Carovillano, AP’s vice president for grants, concedes that, “this is a mutually beneficial arrangement.”

The AP’s benefit is obvious. What’s the benefit to the donors?

Instead of answering that question, the AP story simply notes that Brian Carovillano had to “get used to the idea that funders weren’t just being generous; they had their own goals to achieve.”

The AP echoes Carovillano’s insistence that the money comes “without strings attached; the funders have no influence on the stories that are done”. Except that the whole point of the grant is for the service to produce stories on the topic that the funders are interested in. Since the AP is not about to report that there are more polar bears than at any time since the 1960s or that climate doomers keep changing the date when everyone will die every few years, the content is predictable. The AP would like to benefit from repeat business from these massive foundations, so it’s going to produce the kinds of stories that will bring more money flowing its way.

That’s the way to maintain the “mutually beneficial arrangement” aimed at helping the Associated Press pay the bills while helping its generous donors fulfill their “goals”.

In recent years, Democrats and the media have targeted conservative groups like the Heartland Institute claiming that they act as “fronts” for oil companies. The AP promoted documents stolen from the Heartland Institute about its funders and has spent years running hit pieces on Heartland without revealing that the wire service is a paid shill for green special interests.

The AP’s arrangement sheds light on the media’s financial agenda in promoting green programs that would destroy the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of Americans. While the media has its biases, these are not wholly organic. The ability of special interests to capture the media at the source by targeting wire services like the AP shows how what we read about the environment is being manipulated by networks of special interests with billions at stake.

The next time you see an AP story about “climate change”, you know who’s paying for it.

Democrats have proposed an investigation of Heartland and the oil companies. It may be time for an investigation of the AP and the financial interests funding its global warming propaganda.


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Psychologist Ordered To Undergo Re-Education

Criticism of Justin Trudeau, the dictator of Canada, may sound like a lot of fun – but not for Dr. Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist, best-selling author, and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto.

Peterson has been told he must submit to “re-education” and social reconditioning after criticizing comrade Trudeau’s Covid-19 travel ban as “‘unconstitutional and vindictive.”

Peterson has dared to speak the truth, including truth-isms like men can never become women just by surgically removing their breasts and taking testosterone – as actress Ellen Page, now calling herself Elliot Page, did in 2020.

Peterson was kicked off Twitter for refusing to use Ellen/Elliott’s new pronouns and not acknowledging that she’s a man – because, of course, she’s not.

Peterson revealed that he has been ordered to undergo six months of coaching to “refine his social media etiquette” and to help him “review, reflect on, and ameliorate (his) professionalism in public statements.”

Peterson first gained prominence in 2016 when he publicly refused to participate in proposed Canadian legislation, which has since become law, that bans “discrimination” based on gender identity or gender expression. His crime was refusing to give in to “compelled speech” that required him to use improper pronouns.

In 2019, as a consequence, Cambridge University withdrew Peterson’s fellowship. In 2020 Penguin Random House in Canada attempted to block the publication of his book, calling him an “icon of white supremacy and hate speech.”

Peterson has endured almost as much bad press and attacks from the cancel culture as Donald Trump. Still, like Trump, he continues to fight on and refuses to bow to the mob. Peterson has a lot on the line, but we hope he refuses to participate in his university’s latest charade.

American conservatives have, and will continue to, welcome him with open arms.

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God said what? Come on!

You might not have noticed this is the biblical creation story, but God created gender fluidity in the Garden of Eden.

Just kidding, Lord – please don’t smite me for uttering this heresy.

Yet that’s the conclusion reached by the first “non-binary gender-queer” Anglican priest in the U.K., the Rev. Bingo Allison of the Diocese of Liverpool.

Rev. Bingo (Bingo?) recently quoted the Bible: “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them,” then added that this passage from Genesis clearly expresses “maleness to femaleness” instead of separate men and women.

Rev. Bingo asserts that this interpretation gives him the authority to promote the “normalization” of gender-fluid behavior in children.

“One of the biggest things is … normalizing it for children,” says Rev. Bingo. “When I’m wearing my collar, it lets children know that it’s OK and that there is a place in church and the outside world for people like me.”

People like Bingo? He’s a dude wearing a clerical collar, bizarre makeup, fake (or maybe surgically enhanced) breasts, and long stringy hair. Oh, and he’s got a receding hairline. I doubt any children want to be like Rev. Bingo.

He said his revelation about the creation of gender fluidity was “a deepening spiritual experience” that God is using to “guide me into this new truth about myself.”

In a sermon commemorating Trans Day of Visibility, Rev. Bingo likened the plight of transgender people to the suffering of Christian martyrs.

Ok, enough of this drivel. The biggest sin here is not just Rev. Bingo’s blasphemy against God. It’s the Church of England that allows a mentally disturbed man to continue in his position. The church is also considering a proposal to allow gay weddings.

God is not dead, as some have said … but the church that once worshipped Him in truth is in its death throes.

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Goodbye Fauci, Meet Pharma’s New Poster Boy Peter Hotez


  • Dr. Peter Hotez, dean for the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, is enamored with dangerous virus tinkering, censorship and state-directed cyberattacks on civilians. He decries the benefits of whole food and nutrition and is a leading advocate for biomedical tyranny and the murder of independent thinkers
  • In a professionally produced PR video for the World Health Organization, Hotez refers to vaccine safety advocates as “anti-science aggressors” and claims “anti-vaccine activism” has become “a major killing force globally”
  • Hotez ignores data showing the jab does more harm than good. For example, a recent Cleveland Clinic study concluded that the risk of COVID-19 infection “increased with the number of vaccine doses previously received”
  • Cleveland Clinic also found the bivalent COVID-19 booster was only 30% effective in preventing infection “during the time when the virus strains dominant in the community were represented in the vaccine”
  • In the fall of 2021, about 3 in 10 adults who died from COVID-19 were jabbed or boosted. By April 2022, 6 in 10 adults who died from COVID-19 were jabbed or boosted, and that remained true through August 2022, which is the latest data available

As Dr. Anthony Fauci steps down from his position as director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and top chief of the American bioweapons program, the scene is open for another word-wrangling science bungler to step into the limelight.

Seemingly vying for the position of lead propagandist for Big Pharma and the global Deep State is Dr. Peter Hotez, dean for the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston — a scientist enamored with dangerous virus tinkering, censorship and state-directed cyberattacks on civilians, who decries the benefits of whole food and nutrition and is a leading advocate for biomedical tyranny and the murder of independent thinkers.

Vaccine Safety Advocates Are Now ‘Anti-Science Aggressors’

An M.D. who writes articles on Substack under the moniker A Midwestern Doctor recently addressed the hateful rhetoric being thrown about by Hotez.1 “Although I am used to seeing inflammatory approaches … being used to silence debates, I was nonetheless quite taken aback by the WHO’s recent tweet,” he writes.

The WHO tweeted out a video2 (above) featuring Hotez, in which he refers to vaccine safety advocates as “anti-science aggressors” — a term he coined in a 2021 article3 — and claims “anti-vaccine activism” has become “a major killing force globally.”4 According to Hotez, 200,000 Americans lost their lives to COVID-19 because they refused the experimental COVID jab.

Hotez goes on to claim that “anti-science now kills more people than gun violence, global terrorism, nuclear proliferation or cyber attacks” — a statement that makes anti-science sound threatening but actually absolves it, seeing how nuclear proliferation and cyber attacks have killed no one (at least not to my knowledge), and the death toll from terrorism is infinitesimal compared to things like preventable medical errors.

Pouring additional fuel to the fire, he makes the absolute statement that the anti-vaccine movement is a “far-right” political movement. “This is the new face of anti-science aggression,” he says, “so we need political solutions to address this.” In other words, he wants government to pull out the big guns and enforce a one-sided “consensus.”

Hotez Stirs the Pot With Flawed Assumptions

As explained by A Midwestern Doctor, the central claim in that video appears to be based on an October 2021 study5 that estimated 163,000 COVID-19 deaths “could have been prevented by vaccination since June 2021, when safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines were widely available to all adults in the U.S.” However, as A Midwestern Doctor points out, there are several problems with this argument:6

“Since so many deaths not caused by COVID-19 have been classified as COVID-19 deaths, we don’t actually know how many people died from the illness (this study just assumed the official but inflated figure as accurate).

In Pfizer’s trial, the survival benefit from the vaccine worsened with time (this has also been observed outside the trials), and at 6 months follow-up (where the trial was abruptly terminated).

More people who were vaccinated died than those who were unvaccinated (which means that it is impossible that there could have been a net gain of life through vaccinating). Since this is the longest clinical trial that was performed on the vaccines, its conclusion must stand until a longer trial is conducted.

The vaccines we are using have caused SARS-CoV-2 to rapidly evolve into variants for which it no longer offers protection. For this reason, the alleged benefits of the vaccine have had to be continually modified because it failed to meet each of its previously promised metrics (e.g., it does not prevent transmission of COVID-197).

The study fails to account for the fact that national death rates consistently increased or stayed the same (but never decrease) following COVID vaccination campaigns …

The estimate also fails to account for the fact that life insurance data has shown that there has been an unprecedented spike in deaths for age groups rarely expected to otherwise die, following the mass vaccination campaigns.”

WATCH: “Junk Food-Acholic” scientist wants anti-vax surveillance || Ryan Cristiàn

Research Shows COVID Jab Raises Risk of COVID-19 Infection

Hotez, the WHO and the PR firm that made that video also ignore data showing that the COVID jab increases your risk of contracting COVID-19 over time. For example, a Cleveland Clinic preprint8 posted December 19, 2022, concluded that the risk of COVID-19 infection “increased … with the number of vaccine doses previously received.”

Moreover, the bivalent COVID-19 booster was only 30% effective in preventing infection “during the time when the virus strains dominant in the community were represented in the vaccine.”

Click here to view Cumulative incidence of Covid-19 (proportional) chart.

So much for “safe and effective.” The boosters provide minimal protection when well-matched to the circulating strain, and as its protection wanes, it leaves you at higher risk of infection than before. Deceiving people into taking this product? Now THAT’S anti-scientific aggression.

The Jabbed Now Account for Most COVID-19 Deaths

We also have U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data that confirm Cleveland Clinic’s findings. As reported by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF):9

“The share of COVID-19 deaths among those who are vaccinated has risen. In fall 2021, about 3 in 10 adults dying of COVID-19 were vaccinated or boosted. But by January 2022, as we showed in an analysis10 posted on the Peterson-KFF Health System Tracker, about 4 in 10 deaths were vaccinated or boosted.

By April 2022, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data11 show that about 6 in 10 adults dying of COVID-19 were vaccinated or boosted, and that’s remained true through at least August 2022 (the most recent month of data).

The data from this chart come from the CDC, which collects data on the number of deaths by vaccination status from 30 health departments (including states and cities) across the country.

In order to be counted as vaccinated, a person must be at least two weeks out from completing their primary series … Similarly, to be counted as having a booster, a person must be at least two weeks out from their booster or additional dose before testing positive. People who were partially vaccinated are not included in this data.”

The irony here is that the data Hotez cites in the video match an earlier KFF Health System report, but when he was presented with the updated dataset from the same source, now showing that 170,000 vaxxed Americans have died from COVID, he simply blocked the person who shared it.12

A Poster-Boy for Emotional and Physical Ill Health

Of course, maintaining a propaganda narrative demands that you ignore everything that might poke holes in it, and Hotez is no stranger to propaganda tactics. He’s been a relentless vaccine pusher and denier of vaccine-induced autism, even though (or perhaps because) his own child is autistic. As noted by A Midwestern Doctor:13

“Prior to this recent push to criminalize those questioning vaccine safety (which is evil), I viewed him as a comical individual who I genuinely felt bad for, and someone — who like many that do immense harm to the world — is simply controlled by habitual fixations they are never able to move beyond.

I have not done a deep dive into his background. However, everything I’ve seen is consistent with an unhappy, frustrated individual who frequently gets scammed by life and is both physically and emotionally unhealthy.”

Case in point: Hotez’s Joe Rogan interview (clip of which is featured in the video above), where he admitted being a junk food-aholic and intends to stay that way. Rogan, who is neither a doctor nor a nutritionist, actually ended up lecturing Hotez about the merits of a healthy diet. As noted by Dr. Pierre Kory:14

“In just a few minutes, Peter Hotez inadvertently shows the world exactly what has gone wrong with our medical system and why his endless push for more vaccines will never create health.”

Indeed, as Ryan Cristiàn, editor-in-chief of The Last American Vagabond, points out in the video above, Hotez nonchalantly discusses his unhealthy choices (and on the largest podcast on the planet) as if it’s perfectly OK to cast the foundations for health aside — because we have vaccines.

“I think he genuinely, to some degree, doesn’t understand why that’s so stupid,” Cristiàn says. “But on the other side of it, there’s obviously a push to make it about, ‘that’s not real health [i.e., food and lifestyle], vaccines are real health.’ It’s just this alarming undertone.”

What’s in a Vaccine?

In that Rogan interview,15 Hotez also makes the ridiculously unscientific claim that vaccines contain just antigens in saline, basically mimicking an advertisement by the Colorado department of health (click here to view Covid Vaccine Ingredients). Anyone who knows anything about vaccines — especially the COVID shot — can see how utterly and shamefully deceptive this is.

Another gross piece of propaganda was recently put out by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) (video16 below). The ad chastises the West for withholding COVID shots from Africa, resulting in it having one of the lowest jab rates in the world.

Set three years into the future, it claims the virus kept mutating into ever more dangerous variants, which is the complete opposite of what’s been happening in the real world. It portrays Africa as a continent ravaged by COVID-19 due to lack of COVID shots, yet in the real world, Africa has fared far better in terms of cases and deaths than highly-jabbed nations. Frankly, it’s so distorted and contrary to facts, it’s hard to watch.

Hotez Implicated in Creation of Chimeric Coronavirus

Since the beginning of the COVID outbreak, Hotez has repeatedly accused those who disagree with him of committing a hate crime, which is a rather infantile defense mechanism. It’s quite typical for people who know they have no grounds for their argument to resort to name-calling and threats instead.

Not only has he called on government to use its military and intelligence forces to quash public discussion about COVID jab dangers, he’s also been a vocal defender of the natural origin theory, dismissing evidence of a lab leak as pure fiction and conspiracy theory.

This too is an example of that same defense mechanism. It was recently revealed that Hotez funded risky gain-of-function research on coronaviruses in Wuhan, China, so no wonder he wanted people to shut up about the possibility of the virus being a lab creation. His own work might be implicated in its creation. As reported by U.S. Right to Know (USRTK):17

“While casting concerns about Wuhan’s labs as ‘fringe,’ Hotez has not mentioned his own connection to a project involving a laboratory-generated chimeric SARS-related coronavirus that has come under Congress’ microscope. The project was helmed by Zhengli Shi, a senior scientist and ‘virus hunter’ at the Wuhan Institute of Virology nicknamed the ‘Bat Lady.’

As part of his NIH grant, Hotez subcontracted funding for research on combined or ‘chimeric’ coronaviruses, a scientific paper18 shows. Hotez’s grant19 underwrote two of Shi’s collaborators on the project.

In the 2017 paper20 co-funded by Hotez, Shi and her colleagues generated a recombinant virus from two SARS-related coronaviruses: ‘rWIV1-SHC014S.’ It’s not clear whether the paper co-funded by Hotez should have been stopped under a temporary ‘pause’ on gain-of-function work before 2017.

However, some independent biosecurity experts have said research on this chimeric virus in some ways epitomizes lapses in NIH oversight of risky research in the years before the COVID-19 pandemic.

A prior study21 of one of the coronaviruses that comprised the chimera, WIV1, found it to be ‘poised for human emergence.’ Another prior paper22 on the other coronavirus, SHC014, stated that its future study in lab-generated viruses may be ‘too risky to pursue.’

‘The work here should have been at the very least, heavily scrutinized,’ said David Relman, a Stanford microbiologist and biosecurity expert. ‘This work should have been heavily reviewed for [gain-of-function], and probably should have been subject to the pause prior to December 2017.'”

Hotez, One of the Most Shockingly Hateful People in Medicine

Hotez has made headlines a number of times through the years, typically delivering some kind of hateful rhetoric. He’s publicly stated he wants to “snuff out” vaccine skeptics,23 for example, and in May 2021 called for cyberwarfare measures to be deployed against people who share vaccine safety information.24

Hotez has repeatedly spewed vitriol at parents of vaccine-injured children and called for physical harm and imprisonment of people who don’t agree with the one-size-fits-all vaccine agenda, so it was rather funny when he whined and complained about getting bombarded with “anti-vaxx hate speech” in response to his cyberwarfare call.25

Hotez is not above casting an evil eye on other scientists either. As reported by journalist Paul Thacker in an August 9, 2022, Substack article titled, “Peter Hotez Sees Aggression Everywhere But in the Mirror”:26

“Patrolling scientific discourse, Hotez has a knack for discovering ‘antiscience’ in anyone who disagrees with him. Jeffrey Sachs, economics professor at Columbia University and chair of an international commission on COVID-19, charged in a wide-ranging interview27 last week that the National Institutes of Health and allied scientists were impeding an investigation into how the COVID-19 pandemic started …

Hotez went on the assault, tweeting that Sachs, as leader of the Lancet Commission, did not represent the views of science. Much like a Pentagon general wrapping himself in freedom and the flag to demand more federal monies for another foreign war … Hotez has been shrouding himself in the mantle of science to denigrate anyone who questions taxpayer funding for dangerous virus research by the National Institutes of Health.”

What Is Hotez Really Fighting For?

In his article,28 Thacker goes on to review several other bizarre incidences involving Hotez. For example, he referred to the scientific experts invited to testify before Congress as “fringe elements” testifying and promoting “outlandish conspiracies.” So much for Ph.D.s and med school. He also accused Sen. Rand Paul of promoting conspiracies.

Here’s the take-home: The reason Hotez rails against “anti-science” is because he can sense the danger the research community and vaccine industry are in.

If SARS-CoV-2 is conclusively proven to be a lab creation, it would put a massive spotlight on scientists involved in dual purpose viral research. Gain-of-function research may be banned altogether (as it should), which would sink many a career, including his own.

Similarly, public acknowledgement that the COVID jabs are a public health disaster would permanently and perhaps lethally injure the vaccine industry. So, all that hateful rhetoric? It really comes down to protecting self-serving interests.

Sources and References

After Coast Guard Academy ‘Excommunicated’ Cadets For Refusing Vaccine, Pleas For Reinstatement Go Unanswered

  • The Coast Guard Academy has not reinstated seven Coast Guard cadets discharged for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine after the academy denied religious exemption requests, representatives of the cadets told the Daily Caller News Foundation.
  • The cadets hoped a new law nixing the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate would allow them to re-join.
  • “They are the only cadets that are getting screwed,” retired Coast Guard Vice Adm. William Dean Lee told the DCNF.

Seven Coast Guard cadets booted in September after commanders denied their vaccine exemption appeals were not reinstated after a last ditch effort to allow them to start the new semester, which began Wednesday, representatives of the cadets told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The cadets hoped that law overturning the Department of Defense (DOD) COVID-19 vaccine mandate would persuade the Academy to permit the cadets, already behind by one semester, to re-join with their cohort, one of the cadets involved and advocates for the group told the DCNF. Among the military schools, the Coast Guard Academy, which operates under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in peacetime, is the only one to have officially dismissed unvaccinated cadets, the advocates said.

“I sent a letter to the Coast Guard Academy superintendent asking him to use his administrative powers to have us go back in since the [National Defense Authorization Act] was signed by the president and the mandate should be lifted soon,” Sophia Galdamez, one of the seven discharged, told the DCNF.

“However, all he responded with is that it’s out of his control, and you don’t have authority over that decision. And for me and my family to have a happy holidays,” she added.

Although operating under DHS authority, the Coast Guard went along with the mandate after Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced it in August 2021 as the FDA officially approved the first COVID-19 vaccines for use. Congress’ defense bill for 2023, signed into law on Dec. 23, overturned the service-wide vaccine mandate.

Despite being a semester behind the other cadets in their cohort, the seven could still achieve their commissions if the Coast Guard allowed them to rejoin, retired Coast Guard Vice Adm. William Dean Lee, who, along with retired Rear Adm. Peter J. Brown, is lobbying to have the cadets reinstated, told the DCNF. Cadet processing began Wednesday, while classes are slated to begin on Jan. 9.

After initially refusing the vaccine on the grounds of religious belief in the fall of 2021, “I was immediately treated differently than all my other classmates that were vaccinated,” Galdamez told the DCNF. “I was bullied by my command and administrators, faculty at the academy.”

Administrators confined her behind a plexiglass barrier at the back of the classroom, she told the DCNF. One teacher pulled her aside to commend her performance as a student, but said her unvaccinated status would impede academic progress, Galdamez said.

She and her fellow unvaccinated cadets submitted requests for religious exemptions, which authorities are required to review on an individual basis.

Citing the government’s “compelling interest in mission accomplishment,” the force’s time sensitive role in emergency response and high rate of interaction with the general public, Coast Guard adjudicator Capt. Eugenio S. Anzano shot down Galdamez’s exemption request in a letter, dated March 4, 2022, that was shared with the DCNF.

“I do not question the sincerity of your religious belief or whether vaccine requirements substantially burden your religious practice. The Coast Guard reserves the opportunity to make these determinations, but I do not need to address them here to resolve your request,” Anzano wrote.

When the Coast Guard denied Galdamez’s request, she appealed, but the answer remained firm. The Coast Guard struck down Galdamez’ appeal on May 2, according to a copy of the response letter shared with the DCNF.

Days after reporting to campus for the fall semester on Aug. 15, the cadets were called into the office and told they had 24 hours to pack and leave campus, Galdamez said, a statement echoed by Michael Rose, a pro-bono legal counsel for several of the cadets, according to The Day newspaper. Two of the cadets did not have homes to which to return.

The cadets were formally discharged on Sept. 23, according to Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services, where Rose serves as general counsel.

“I sent letters to the academy, senators have written letters on [sic] the cadets’ behalf. And so far we have heard nothing regarding our reinstatement or if I’d be able to finish my degree and commissions,” Galdamez told the DCNF Wednesday.

Academy superintendent Rear Adm. William Kelley acknowledged receipt of Galdamez’ letter and wished her a “good holiday season” but did not indicate future action in an email dated Dec. 22 that was shared with the DCNF.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina wrote to Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Linda Fagan pressing for the servicemembers’ reinstatement, according to a Dec. 22 letter the senator’s office shared with the DCNF.

Galdamez is one of thousands of servicemembers who remain in limbo as the DOD develops new guidance on COVID-19 vaccination, while lawsuits challenging the legality of the mandate and whether military leaders appropriately considered exemption requests continue to make their way through court.

The Air Force and Navy and Marine Corps have been placed under an temporary injunction against discharging unvaccinated troops, while the Army has paused separations.

“They are the only cadets that are getting screwed,” Lee told the DCNF.

The National Defense Authorization Act gave DOD a 30 day period to develop new COVID-19 guidance but stopped short of calling for reinstatement or restitution to the roughly 8,400 already discharged for refusing to receive the vaccine.

“The Coast Guard, in coordination with the Department of Defense, is evaluating policies with respect to previously separated members, including cadets,” a spokesperson for the Coast Guard told the DCNF.

“I think it’s important to let the service members back in, and for the service members to accept going back in, because this mandate and then the subsequent denial and basically excommunication of all these service members was getting rid of a good group of people … enlisted and officers alike that display true leadership qualities that are needed in our military at the moment,” Galdamez said to the DCNF.

The Coast Guard Academy did not return a phone call from the DCNF.




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The Pentagon’s Pronoun Wars

Our woke military brass don’t know how to win wars, but know their pronouns.

In 2020, the Air Force conducted a classified war game which showed Communist China launching a biological attack and then invading Taiwan.

And we lost.

“At that point the trend in our war games was not just that we were losing, but we were losing faster,” Air Force Lt. Gen. S. Clinton Hinote stated.

With abysmal readiness rates that have an average of only 7 out of 10 planes operational, and down to 50% for the F-22 stealth fighter, 50% for the CV-22 Osprey and 40% for the B-1 Lancer, the Air Force isn’t even trying to win a possible war, but it’s fighting one for pronouns.

Gina Ortiz Jones, a two-time losing congressional candidate who wasted millions before being appointed by Biden as Air Force Undersecretary, declared that adding pronouns to the emails of air force personnel will make them “a more inclusive force”.

”An inclusive force is a mission-ready force,” she contended, all evidence to the contrary.

This proposal was cheered by Lt. Col. Bree (Bryan) Fram, LIT Transgender Policy Team co-lead. He describes himself as a “Rocket Scientist, Author, Advocate, Nerd”. Warrior does not make the list. But he was in attendance when Biden signed the Disrespect for Marriage Act, abolishing religious freedom and marriage.

“The use of correct pronouns is an easy way to show care and respect,” Mr. Fram insisted.

It’s a short hop from pronouns being voluntary to becoming mandatory.

Pacific Air Forces went further by warning its personnel not to use “he/she” pronouns. The Air Force Academy, always in the vanguard of wokeness, told cadets to stop referencing “mom and dad”, and to ask people for their gender identity. This was described as a “warfighting imperative”.

The Navy, like the Army, has jettisoned the use of ‘ma’am’ or ‘sir’ for drill instructors.

Earlier this year, the Navy released a video teaching personnel to use proper gender pronouns. An editorial at the Naval Institute complained about the use of such terms as “manpower, manning, man overboard, man the rails, sideboy, man hours”.

The authors even urged replacing “man overboard” with “shipmate overboard.”

Now when a man falls overboard, there will have to be a debate about gendered language and what he identifies with before he can be rescued. And by then he’ll probably have drowned.

The Navy’s Special Ops creed changed its wording from  “elite brotherhood of sailors” to “elite group of maritime warriors”. SEALs no longer mention “brave men who have fought and died building the proud tradition and feared reputation that I am bound to uphold.”

Nor do they say, “I am that man.”

There are no female operators because none have met the standards. But it’s only a matter of time until those standards are lowered.

Chris Beck, the retired Navy SEAL who became the poster boy for the transgender movement when he spent a decade claiming to be a woman, has returned to his senses, and calls it the “worst mistake of my life.”

Beck describes getting a prescription for hormones after a brief consultation at the VA.

“I got propagandized. I got used badly by a lot of people who had knowledge way beyond me,” he admitted. “They knew what they were doing. I didn’t.”

The VA, whose delays are still killing veterans, offers a special field for gender identity and a list of pronouns for “nonbinaries” that include xe/xem. Earlier this year, House Democrats blocked an effort to expose VA delays in veteran care. Some VA facilities still have delays that drag on for months, but pronouns remain a leading priority. Patient care takes a back seat to wokeness.

As it does across the military in the Obama and Biden eras.

Military policy demands that personnel “should be sensitive to the use of pronouns when addressing others.” There is no expectation that the men who wake up one morning and decide that they’re women should stop putting their fetishes and neuroses ahead of the mission.

The United States is following in the footsteps of the Canadian Armed Forces which mandates the use of gender neutral pronouns and the British Ministry of Defence which orders officials to state their gender pronouns.

“Pronouns aren’t just used inside the 2SLGBTQI+ communities but are used by everyone,” Canada’s Department of National Defence states.

The only people who use pronouns are ordered to use them by their employer or institution. With control of the military, the Trudeau regime and other woke governments have a sizable class of personnel that, to their endless delight, they can order to do anything they want.

Western nations can’t think of any better use for their militaries than performative dogma.

NATO has a 38-page manual on “gendered language” which emphasizes that it is “important to distinguish between grammatical gender and gender as a social construct.” What would have been an obscure dilettante academic’s thesis in the 80s are now military marching orders.

During the Cold War, NATO focused on tactics and strategy while the Russians wrote papers on Marxism-Leninism. Now NATO is stuffed with personnel writing papers on cultural Marxism.

We no longer have a serious military leadership and so we’re not ready for a serious war.

But that’s because our ideologically captured institutions have no interest in fighting one. If China invades Taiwan, South Korea or Hawaii, they’ll issue a strong statement, supply some weapons to the remaining defenders and go back to emphasizing pronoun discipline.

These are the preoccupations of ideologically captured institutions which are not interested in winning military conflicts, only ideological ones.

As Clausewitz suggested, war is politics by other means. Inversely, politics is also war by other means. The Left is fighting a political civil war and has little interest in foreign wars. Leftist control over any institution transforms it into another battalion in its culture war against us.

While China and other enemy nations expand outward, America is stuck in a civil war. That’s why we continue to lose to China in our war games. Instead of being prepared for a war, our woke military brass, men like Secretary of Defense Austin, Gen. Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Air Force Chief of Staff, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday, and others have made it abundantly clear that their priority is enforcing wokeness.

They have no plan to fight or win a war against any substantial enemy. They’re here to enforce the identity politics mandates on the military in between schmoozing at D.C. cocktail parties.

Ask them how to beat China and they don’t have an answer, but just ask them their pronouns, ask them about green energy, systemic racism and abortion and they’ll talk your ears off.

The woke military brass with its pronouns and allegiance to the ideals of the same enemy they were tasked with fighting during the Cold War is a national security threat to our nation.



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VIDEO: Study—The More Vaxxed You Are, The Higher The Risk Of Getting Covid

In what will almost certainly be Dr. John Campbell’s last YouTube video, he reveals the real stats on mRNA injections and your risk of getting Covid. This of course doesn’t deal with the risks of other things from the mRNA.

The risk of COVID-19 also varied by the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses previously received. The higher the number of vaccines previously received, the higher the risk of covid infection.

Download free high-res PDFs of the posters, download free copies of Dr. John Campbell’s two text books. Any donations using this link help the work of Dr. Campbell’s teaching.

Order a hard copy Physiology book in the UK.

Vaccine doses versus risk of Covid during the 3-month study period,

  • One dose, 1.7 times more likely to test positive for Covid
  • Two doses, 2.63 times more likely to test positive for Covid
  • Three doses, 3.1 times more likely to test positive for Covid
  • More than three doses, 3.8 times more likely to test positive for Covid

So compared to the unvaccinated,

1, x 1.7

2, x 2.36

3, x 3.1

4, x 3.38

P = 0.001 means 999 out of 1,000 likely to be a genuine result.

That 99.9% likely to be a genuine result.

Effectiveness of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Bivalent Vaccine

In 2020 (published in 2021)

Evidence that vaccines prevented Covid infection

This was when the human population had just encountered the novel Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) virus

Things Have Changed (Dylan)

Bivalent antigens

Original vaccine and BA.4/BA.5 lineages of Omicron.

(Approved without demonstration of effectiveness in human clinical studies)

(Approved without demonstration of safety in human clinical studies)


To evaluate whether a bivalent COVID-19 vaccine protects against COVID-19.


Employees of Cleveland Clinic, n = 51,011

Cumulative incidence of COVID-19 was examined over the following weeks.

Protection provided by recent and prior vaccination was evaluated

First bivalents given, 12 September 2022

Three-month study results among 51,011 employees,

20,689 (41%) had had a previous documented episode of COVID-19,

42,064 (83%) had received at least two doses of a vaccine.

10,804 (21%) were bivalent vaccine boosted

COVID-19 occurred in 2,452 (5%) during the study.

(Pfizer 89%, Moderna 11%)

Risk of COVID-19 increased with time since the most recent prior COVID-19 episode

Risk of COVID-19 increased with the number of vaccine doses previously received. Note, this is based on large numbers:

Doses, 0 = 6,419 (12.6%)

Doses, 1 = 2,528 (5%)

Doses, 2 = 14,810 (45.9%)

Doses, 3 = 23,396 (45.9%)

Doses 4, 3,757 (7.4%)

Doses 5, 85 (less than1%)

Doses 6, 16 (less than 1%)

The bivalent vaccinated state

Was independently associated with lower risk of COVID-19 (HR, 0.70)

(over the 3 months of the study)

Leading to an estimated vaccine effectiveness (VE) of 30%

CDCs latest variant data

Things Have Changed (Dylan)

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Self-Determined Gender Opens Up A Can Of Worms

An Ecuadorian man has changed his gender to gain custody of his children.

Self-determined gender is a cornerstone of a person’s identity. The resulting obligation of States is to provide access to gender recognition in a manner consistent with the rights to freedom from discrimination, equal protection of the law, privacy, identity and freedom of expression.”

So says the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in a sterling affirmation of gender fluidity as a human right.

However, the possibilities arising from liberation from cisgender normativity have still not been fully realised in the United States and other Anglophone countries. People have been changing their gender on passports, ID cards, and birth certificates to validate their authentic gendered self. It’s part of a patchwork of solutions to gender dysphoria. Boring.

In Latin America people have been far more creative in exercising these new-found freedoms.

In 2021 a new party, Fuerza por Mexico (FxM) was having trouble meeting gender parity requirement for electoral lists. Fortunately, 18 of its candidates in the state of Tlaxcala, to the west of Mexico City, were courageous enough to embrace their true gender identity. Appearances notwithstanding, they always had been women.

Some people churlishly alleged that this was just a self-serving charade. However, the Tlaxcala electoral commission declared that it was wrong to doubt the reality of the candidates’ gender self-identification. How could you? Only the candidates know whether they are male or female or whatever. Biology has nothing to do with it.

And now an Ecuadorian dad caught up in a messy divorce case has declared that he is really a woman, and therefore a mother of his two daughters. The possibility of changing gender came as godsend to him, because a judge had declared that she could only grant custody to the children’s mother.

As El Universo reports, just after Christmas René Salinas Ramos legally changed his gender in the registry office of the city of Cuenca. René, a journalist, is confident of her true sex, but was willing to sacrifice the sex she was assigned at birth to subvert a legal system which gives women more rights in custody cases. “This is a proof of my love for my children,” says Ms Salinas.

Ecuador appears to be far more progressive than the United States. Since 2015, its citizens have been able to change their gender, provided that they are of legal age and that two witness can testify to the autonomy of their decision. Unfortunately they can only do this once and it has to last for at least two years, unlike the even more progressive state of Victoria, in Australia, where genders can be changed every 12 months.

Hopefully this will bring to an end a very sticky situation. He, or rather she, has not seen one of her daughters for a year and a half. The other, she alleges, is being physically mistreated. She would like custody of the girls.

However, the court has declared that until the case is resolved, the children must remain with “su mamá”, their mother.

No sooner said than done. René is now a mother of her daughters.

“Now that I am a woman, I can be a mother and I am on an equal footing to fight for my daughters’ parental rights,” Salinas told La Voz de Tomebomba.

“I haven’t seen my daughters for more than five months. I can be a mother too, I know how to cook, give love, do the ironing and other motherly things,” explained Salinas.

With respect, it does appear that René Salinas is trying to game Ecuador’s law on gender recognition. It’s impossible to know the real story behind this custody dispute. However, René’s tactic is more honourable than the one used by male criminals masquerading as women who live in women’s prisons to have more lenient conditions and access to sex.

Or mediocre athletes who break women’s sporting records.

Once reality is abandoned as the basis for law, there’s no telling how gender fantasies will be exploited to gain power, adulation, or sex.


Michael Cook

Michael Cook is the editor of MercatorNet. He lives in Sydney, Australia. More by Michael Cook

EDITORS NOTE: This MercatorNet column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

RASSMUSSEN POLL: ‘Died Suddenly’! More Than 1-in-4 Say Someone They Know Died From COVID-19 Vaccines

Everybody knows.

Notice how no major news network runs a Covid vaccine death toll meter on their chyron.

Enemies of the people:

‘Died Suddenly’? More Than 1-in-4 Think Someone They Know Died From COVID-19 Vaccines

By: Rasmussen Reports, January 02, 2023

Nearly half of Americans think COVID-19 vaccines may be to blame for many unexplained deaths, and more than a quarter say someone they know could be among the victims.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that (49%) of American Adults believe it is likely that side effects of COVID-19 vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths, including 28% who think it’s Very Likely. Thirty-seven percent (37%) don’t say a significant number of deaths have been caused by vaccine side effects, including 17% who believe it’s Not At All Likely. Another 14% are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Twenty-eight percent (28%) of adults say they personally know someone whose death they think may have been caused by side effects of COVID-19 vaccines, while 61% don’t and another 10% are not sure.

The documentary Died Suddenly has been criticized as promoting “debunked” anti-vaccine conspiracy theories but has been seen by some 15 million people.

Forty-eight percent (48%) of Americans believe there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, while 37% think people who worry about vaccine safety are spreading conspiracy theories. Another 15% are not sure.

The survey of 1,000 American Adults was conducted on December 28-30, 2022 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

Seventy-one percent (71%) say they have received a COVID-19 vaccination, while 26% have not. Concerns about vaccine safety are much higher among the unvaccinated.

Seventy-seven percent (77%) of adults who have not gotten COVID-19 vaccinations believe it’s at least somewhat likely that side effects of COVID-19 vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths. Among those who have gotten the vaccine, just 38% consider unexplained deaths from the vaccine at least somewhat likely.

Similarly, while 45% of those who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 think someone they know personally might have died from vaccine side effects, only 22% of vaccinated adults think so.

Forty-six percent (46%) of adults who have gotten vaccinated against COVID-19 believe people who worry about vaccine safety are spreading conspiracy theories, but just 15% of the unvaccinated share that belief. Sixty-nine percent (69%) of those who haven’t gotten the COVID-19 vaccine think there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, as do 40% of those who have gotten vaccinated against the virus.

Keep reading.



The COVID vaccines: “unsafe and ineffective”

Japan Launches Official Investigation Into Millions of COVID Vaccine Deaths

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EPIC WOKE FAILURE: NYC’s Electric Garbage Trucks Die In The Cold, Plunge City Into Chaos

And they’re not powerful enough to plow snow. The great harm the left is doing to our cities, infrastructure is …..deliberate

As I have often said, the law of unintended consequences are always on our side.

Snow go for NYC’s electric garbage trucks that can’t handle winter weather

By , Dec 27, 2022:

Don’t count on seeing electric garbage trucks plowing snow from city streets any time soon.

The city Department of Sanitation’s goals to become carbon neutral are clashing with the limits of electric-powered vehicles.

The department aims to switch all 6,000 vehicles in its fleet from gas to electric as part of the state’s goal to reduce emissions by 2040. But city officials say they haven’t found electric garbage trucks that are powerful enough to plow snow.

The department has ordered seven electric rear loader garbage trucks, custom-made by Mack and costing more than $523,000 each, with delivery slated for the spring. Used for curbside trash collection, the department’s current rear loader truck fleet runs on diesel and is outfitted with plows to clear streets during snow season.

But officials say previous electric trucks tested by sanitation have not lasted longer than four hours plowing snow before running out of power, and the new electric trucks will be used for trash collection but not plowing snow.

“We found that they could not plow the snow effectively – they basically conked out after four hours. We need them to go 12 hours,” Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch told the City Council last month. “Given the current state of the technology, I don’t see today a path forward to fully electrifying the rear loader portion of the fleet by 2040.

“We can’t really make significant progress in converting our rear loader fleet until the snow challenges are addressed,” she added.

Some other snowy cities don’t use garbage trucks for snow removal. In Denver, municipal snow clearing is done by smaller light-duty trucks equipped with plows, and some residential streets may not get plowed by the city at all.

But New York City’s commitment to plowing each street puts the sanitation department’s 2,100 collection trucks to work each winter, clearing the equivalent of 19,000 miles of street lanes. The service is one of the mayor’s most important duties. Mayors Bill de Blasio and Michael Bloomberg both faced withering criticism while in office for slow snow removal.

The department’s goal of fully electrifying its fleet goes beyond technological challenges presented by the vehicles themselves. It also requires building charging stations and other infrastructure, Tisch said.

Keep reading……




Switzerland looking to ban electric cars to save energy

Why is the European Union Trying to Bully the Average Citizen Out of a Car?

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Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Father Seeking to Prevent ‘Chemical Castration’ of His Son

“The Supreme Court of Texas denied my Mandamus, effectively terminating my parental rights. My children are now subject to being chemically castrated in California. Texas is an empire of child abuse, led by Texas judges.” — Jeffrey Younger, father.

When the law fails you in the most fundamental, rational way, one has no choice but to take whatever action is necessary to right the terrible, horrible harm. The father should escape to a foreign country with his son.

The left has corrupted every institution in this country.

BREAKING: Texas Supreme Court rules against father seeking to prevent ‘chemical castration’ of his son

By: The Post Millennial, December 31, 2022:

“The Supreme Court of Texas denied my Mandamus, effectively terminating my parental rights. My children are now subject to being chemically castrated in California. Texas is an empire of child abuse, led by Texas judges,” he said.

Jeffrey Younger has lost his court case to prevent his ex-wife from taking their son to California, where he could be medically transitioned. Younger has been trying to stop this from happening for years, and has now reached the end of the line. He is prevented by the courts of Texas from protecting his boys from medical mutilation at the hands of their mother, who is a pediatrician. Younger has accused her of using the children to help advertise her “inclusive,” “gender affirming” practice.

“The Supreme Court of Texas denied my Mandamus, effectively terminating my parental rights. My children are now subject to being chemically castrated in California. Texas is an empire of child abuse, led by Texas judges,” he said.

This after Judge Kim Cooks, on October 24, said that both parents should have a “joint managing conservatorship,” which each able to have “a say in his medical treatment,” The Texan reported.

The custody case was before the Supreme Court of Texas, which ruled against Younger. Younger had issued a petition on December 16 to try to retain his parental rights after his ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, took the boys to California.

California has a law in place, starting on Sunday, that children in that state will not be returned to their home state in the event that the home state would prevent the children from being medically transitioned to present as the opposite sex. Younger wanted the boys brought home.

California Senate Bill 107, proposed by State Senator Scott Wiener and signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom, will “prohibit the enforcement of an order based on another state’s law authorizing a child to be removed from their parent or guardian based on that parent or guardian allowing their child to receive gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care.”

Younger’s concern, per his petition, is that in California, his son “would be subjected to transgender procedures deemed to be child abuse by official opinion of the Texas Attorney General.” Texas has laws against the medical gender transition of children and teens.

“The Children would lose the protections of injunctions on the Mother that prevent her from chemically castrating the Children or sexually mutilating them in transgender surgeries,” younger said in his petition, according to The Texan.

Younger was married to pediatrician Georgulas. Georgulas and Younger ended up in court fighting over the children when she believed that James, Younger’s 7-year-old, wanted to live as a girl called Luna.

She petitioned the court to prevent Younger from “from signing Luna up as James for any activities or taking her as James or calling her James or using male pronouns related to Luna at any activities outside the home…”

She further asked the court to prevent Younger from “allowing the children to remain in the presence of anyone who is not calling Luna by her chosen name, ‘Luna,’ not using female pronouns to refer to her and otherwise not affirming Luna.”

Georgulas began to believe James was a girl when he asked for a “girl’s toy” from McDonald’s and wanted to wear dresses, as well as began to emulate the female lead characters in Disney’s Frozen. It was a counselor at the GENecis clinic at the Children’s Hospital Center who advised Georgulas to “socially transition” James, according to court documents. Georgulas was affiliated with that hospital.

Younger, who had joint custody in 2019, was and remains entirely against this course of action. When James is with Younger, he does not ask to be called Luna, does not seek out girls’ clothes. Yet a court determined that Younger must use the pronouns and names the ex-wife demanded.

In a video posted to the dad’s website, James is asked, “You’re a boy right?” Heavy reported.

“No, I’m a girl.”

“Who told you you’re a girl?”


The child said Anne also put James in dresses. “She buys me headbands. She gets me hair clips…she paints my nails.”

“Do you think you’re a girl?” The child answered in the affirmative.

Georgulas was awarded custody by the Texas courts in 2021. “Dallas County District Court Judge Mary Brown awarded Georgulas full custody of James. Brown also eliminated the requirement that Jeff Younger be notified about James’ medical procedures, except for instances of hormone suppression therapy, puberty-blocking drugs, and gender reassignment surgery. Under that order, Younger must consent to any decisions made under those categories of procedure,” The Texan reported.

Witnesses who knew the boys and could attest that James did not identify as a girl when left to his own devices, were prevented from testifying in the case. One mother of the boys’ friends said, in testimony she wasn’t allowed to give in 2019, that:

“Over the past year, I have observed that James is blissfully happy as a boy. He loves to march around outside and yell, ‘we are the only boy scout troop’ or ‘I’m the Leader of the wolf pack!’ He is always the ring leader, even though he isn’t the oldest of the group. He loves dressing as a super hero and sword fighting. One day we all walked to a playground near my house and on the way home James slipped in some mud and got his clothes dirty. He asked if he could borrow some of my kids clothes and I could wash his.

“Of course I said, ‘no problem’ and grabbed him a pair of shorts from the chest of drawers and tossed them to him. I said, ‘hang on while I grab a shirt from the closet’. He immediately said, ‘Mrs. Sarah, I don’t need a shirt! It’s hot! And boys don’t have to wear shirts if they don’t want to! Isn’t that awesome!’ He was so cute. I said, ‘yes that is awesome!’ As he ran off to play. I did eventually get him to put on a shirt. It was gray with lizards on it and he loved it! He also likes having his hair cut a certain way but told my son Grayson that his mom wouldn’t let him get it too short even though he wanted it to be spikey.”

The Office of the Attorney General of Texas filed an amicus letter with the courts on December 22, 2022, saying “a trial court has allowed relator’s former partner to move to California with their children over relator’s objection. There, she intends to provide the child with potentially irreversible medical interventions that may constitute child abuse under Texas law, Atty Gen. Op. KP-0401—particularly given that a court has previously found that ‘Mom may have over corrected’ for any symptoms of gender confusion exhibited by their child, Pet. 8 (excerpting order). The trial court clearly abused its discretion in permitting relator’s former partner to remove the children from the State given the ongoing litigation regarding their well-being. And that error may be irremediable on appeal because California has enacted a law that makes it difficult (if not impossible) for Relator to regain custody of his vulnerable child.”

When Younger attemtped to speak out about gender transition at the University of North Texas, he was prevented from doing so by far-left activists who shut the speaking engagement down.



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AWED NEWSLETTER: We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections.

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*** Florida Supreme Court rules Gov. Ron DeSantis can impanel grand jury to investigate COVID-19 vaccine makers

*** Short Dr. Cambell video: G20 and the Next Pandemic

*** Short video: The Sound of Silenced Science

*** How the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Diminish Scientific Literacy

*** Twitter users applaud, fume as Musk declares Twitter will ‘follow the science,’ promote ‘questioning’

*** NY Agency Study Concludes that Great Lakes Wind makes No Sense

*** Robert Bryce: Bill McKibben’s Dishonest Claims About The Rural Backlash Against Renewables (And Me) In The New Yorker

*** Green Energy is the Modern “Broken Window”

*** How Alex Epstein became the world’s leading champion of fossil fuels

*** The Appalling State of America’s Electric Grid

*** Electric Cars Are Not “Zero-Emission Vehicles”

*** 13 States Warn that Giant Climate Activists Funds are Buying Up Public Utilities

COVID-19 — Repeated Important Information:

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*** COVID-19: What You Need To Know (Physicians for Informed Consent)

*** If you have received a COVID-19 injection, here’s how to Detox

*** Place Your US Order for Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests

COVID-19 — Injections:

*** The COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel now recommends against the use of all monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of COVID-19

*** Florida Supreme Court rules Gov. Ron DeSantis can impanel grand jury to investigate COVID-19 vaccine makers

*** Kirsch: An important message from Dr. John Campbell

The Missing Babies of Europe

Poll: 7% of vaccinated Americans have suffered major side effects from COVID-19 jab

Dr. McCullough: it looks like mRNA can be transferred from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated

Dr Peter McCullough: The Covid Jabs are a US Military Operation Using Big Pharma as Marketing Shield

Top Australian Doctor Who Advocated for COVID Vaccine Finally Breaks Her Silence – Says Doctors are Censored – Reveals She Suffered Serious COVID Shot Injuries

German Parliament Vice President Calls For Investigation into Covid ‘Vaccine’ Deaths and Damages

COVID-19 — Masks:

With Passenger Mask Mandate Gone, Flight Turbulence Stats Improve Markedly

Time to Unmask the Truth

COVID-19 — Models and Data:

*** A Pandemic of Flawed Covid definitions, data and modeling

COVID-19 — Misc:

*** Governments have learned that fear works – and that is truly terrifying

*** What Is Crimson Contagion?

*** Letter to Senator Ron Johnson

*** Short Dr. Cambell video: G20 and the Next Pandemic

Until Proven Otherwise – Two Cardiologists Expose Big Pharma

Short video: The COVID Redemption with Russell Brand & Tim Robbins

Greed Energy Economics:

Astronomical battery cost looms over “renewables”

Renewables (General):

*** Green Energy is the Modern “Broken Window”

*** Reliable & Affordable Energy Is Life Itself: Why Wind & Solar Are Making Us All Worse Off

*** Robert Bryce: Bill McKibben’s Dishonest Claims About The Rural Backlash Against Renewables (And Me) In The New Yorker

Germany’s Gas Reserves “Emptying at Record Speed” As Country Struggles to Keep Warm, Lights On

Utility Regrets (Large)

European green energy fiasco is a terrifying warning for US this winter

Climate Action Council Tells Upstate NYers to Just Drop Dead

Congo Cobalt Mining Exposes Green Energy Amorality

Wind Energy — Offshore:

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Ten whale groups slam Atlantic Offshore Wind

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US ignored own scientists’ warning in backing Atlantic wind project

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Downside of wind power: Old turbine blades end up in landfills

Wyoming and Kansas Report In: Wind Energy Collapsed During Cold Wave

The U.S. Will Need Thousands of Wind Projects. Will Small Towns Go Along?

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Solar arrays in NYS threaten habitat of large grassland birds

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*** Major Shift: Japan adopts plan to maximize nuclear energy

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German states oppose construction of Poland’s first nuclear power plant

Unleashing Clean Fusion Power is America’s Best Defense against Tyranny

2022 World Nuclear Report

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*** How Alex Epstein became the world’s leading champion of fossil fuels

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Propane and Gas Heating in Crosshairs of NY Climate Council’s Scoping Plan

The Hope of Fusion vs the Pomp of Politicians and Climate Activists

Electric Vehicles (EVs):

*** Electric Cars Are Not “Zero-Emission Vehicles”

Will switching to an EV really save you money?

Electric Car Transition Still A Generation Away

As Other Automakers Push EVs, this Luxury Brand Drove Laps Around Them in 2022

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EV concept car catches fire at 2022 auto show

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Hydrogen is not a panacea for reaching Net Zero

Has green hydrogen sprung a leak?

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German Study Provides Direct Evidence Showing People Died From Covid mRNA Vaccination

German scientists published a peer reviewed study on autopsies of twenty five people who had died suddenly. Reports of otherwise healthy people suddenly collapsing and dying need to be investigated. But the very agencies responsibility for such a task are the least interested. Just the opposite. They don’t want to know. And worse still, they don’t want people to know.

Medical pathologists from Heidelberg University Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany have published direct evidence showing how people found dead after mRNA vaccination died. As this team of six scientists explore in their study, these mRNA-vaccinated patients suffered from heart damage because their hearts were attacked by their own immune cells. This autoimmune attack on their own heart cells then leads to their damaged hearts beating so many times per second that, once the tachycardia unexpectedly started, they died in minutes. (The Epoch Times)

And still the Democrats are pushing this poison – on our children.

Possibly the most important study on COVID shots might explain why COVID never seems to end

By: Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review, December 30, 2022:

Tolerance is a good thing in most aspects of life. But when it comes to the immune system, artificially juicing up the body to create antibodies with long-term tolerance to a pathogen is a recipe for disaster. Amid thousands of papers on COVID and the vaccines, a new German paper published in Science Immunology should be the headline story this week. Although the subject matter is very dense, the implication of it is that the Pfizer shots (and possibly other mRNA spike protein shots) caused the immune system to misfire, thereby creating an endless feedback loop of viral immune escape, perpetuating the pandemic in the macro, and creating immune suppression for the individuals who received them.

The vexing question of 2022 is why the virus is even still with us to this day. Why is it that so many countries in the Pacific Rim that did so well in 2020 and 2021 now have a bigger problem in 2022 with less virulent strains of COVID? Why does it appear the pandemic will never end and so many people continue to get the virus multiple times? None of this is normal.

Wherever you turn, the most vaccinated countries are not only experiencing rampant side effects from the shots, but worse outcomes from COVID itself following their endless booster campaigns.

But even more telling than an epidemiological comparison of one nation to another is a comparison of outcomes within nations themselves between pre- and post-vaccination/booster campaign. Prior to the mass vaccination, two parts of the world largely escaped excess deaths from the virus: continental Africa and the Pacific Rim nations. Yet whereas Africa flatlined in terms of COVID deaths throughout 2021-2022, countries like Japan only experienced meaningful numbers of deaths after the mass vaccination program.

Here is a chart of the daily COVID deaths per million in Japan, a country that is super vaccinated (and mask-obsessed).

CLICK HERE: Daily new confirmed COVID-19 deaths per million people chart.

Keep reading…..



El Camino Hospital’s Emergency Department Head Laura Cook died suddenly in her sleep

Vaxxed Cardiologist Whose Father Died After Jab: Suspend mRNA Product NOW

Jabbed Athletes Die Suddenly

FIFTH Young Doctor, Triathlete, 27, DIES SUDDENLY

THREE DOCTORS From the Same Hospital “Die Suddenly” in the Same Week After Hospital Mandates Another COVID Shot“Medical Emergencies” Epidemic: Healthy vacationers collapse and die suddenly and unexpectedly

32-Year-Old Comedian Nick Nemeroff Suddenly Dies in His Sleep — Posted Earlier About Suffering Side Effects of COVID Vaccine (VIDEO)

Healthy young people are dying suddenly – as doctors seek answers

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

China Unleashes New Mutant COVID Strain

Make no mistake, this is 21st century warfare.

I don’t believe anything coming out of China but I do believe they are setting us up for another bio-weapon attack. If we had leadership that actually loved and cared about this country, we would not cower and mask and hide. We would live our lives and use the defense production act to return all of our supply chains to our shores. Instead, they punish Americans while sucking up to China.

They don’t care ow many of their own they kill, it’s all in the cause of China’s world domination.

Fears heighten about a new mutant COVID strain as cases skyrocket in China

By Isabel Keane, NY Post, December 29, 2022:

Chinese health authorities are racing to catch new mutant COVID strains, as more than a third of Omicron variants detected in the crushing wave of infections slamming the country have resulted in larger outbreaks.

Over the past three months, China has detected over 130 sublineages of Omicron, including BF.7, a variant incredibly adept at evading immunity and believed to be behind the current surge in infections.

Xu Wenbo, head of the National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention, said last week that China plans to track the virus centers around three city hospitals in each province. There, samples will be taken from sick walk-in patients as well as from patients who die.

Wenbo confirmed that 50 of the 130 Omicron versions found in China had resulted in outbreaks.

He said the country is working to create a national genetic database so it can monitor how each strain evolves and study each mutation’s possible impacts on public health.

Every new infection creates a new chance for the virus to mutate. With COVID spreading rapidly in China, as many as 248 million people — nearly 18% of China’s population — came down with the virus in the first 20 days of December.

The country of 1.4 billion has done a complete reversal of its “zero COVID” policy earlier this month. The abrupt policy shift has caused China’s largest outbreak of COVID infections since the start of the pandemic and left hospitals swamped, turning away ambulances and unable to care for some critical patients.



China Makes Move That Could Infect the Whole World Again

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

‘What Is A Woman?’: A Provocative Look at the Transgender Debate

These days, dead white males do not count for much. But we still have the legacy of an exceptional man who went around Athens asking people to provide basic definitions. In so doing, he proved to many that they were not as knowledgeable as they thought themselves to be. This man’s questions annoyed many, and for that, he was called “the gadfly”. Ultimately, some Athenians could not handle his intellectual curiosity, and sentenced him to death.

American conservative commentator Matt Walsh has often been labelled a “troll”. What is the difference between a troll and a gadfly? It is hard to tell. Very much as Socrates, Walsh simply asks questions. Admittedly, Walsh may be more exasperating than the father of Western philosophy in this endeavour, but he gets the job done. And that job is getting closer to truth.

What is a Woman?, Walsh’s latest documentary has been produced by the Daily Wire, a bumptious but highly professional conservative media company. It is structured as a series of Socratic dialogues about the transgender debate. He interviews many gender studies “experts” who spout the usual ideological points regarding gender dysphoria (sex is a social construction, children should not be refused hormone replacement therapy, etc.), and asks them “What is a woman?” Predictably, none of them provide a clear answer.

The most challenging interlocutors for Socrates were the Sophists — teachers who taught how to persuade people with rhetoric but did not care about the truth. How can you establish a meaningful dialogue with someone who does not even accept that there is a difference between truth and falsehood? American academia is awash with transgender Sophists, as Walsh discovers. One stands out for his absurdity. Professor Patrick Grzanka says: “I am uncomfortable with that language ‘getting to the truth’… It sounds deeply transphobic to me… You keep invoking the word ‘truth’, which is condescending and rude.”

This is not the only outrageous thing coming from the mouth of a college-educated person in the film. Paediatrician Michelle Forcier tells Walsh that puberty blockers are “completely reversible and don’t have permanent effects, and are wonderful, because we put that pause on puberty.” Many paediatricians have pushed back against this claim. For example, the American College of Pediatricians states that “puberty blockers may cause permanent physical harm.” Bioethicists frequently invoke the “precautionary principle”, yet strangely, puberty blockers get a free pass. Even medical ethics is falling under the influence of woke ideology.

Critics are ignoring this uncomfortable documentary

Not all moments in the film are as sad. Walsh travels to Kenya to meet members of the Masai tribe and asks some men: “What if someone is non-binary?” The Masai interlocutor’s confused and perplexed reaction is hilarious. Now, some social justice warrior might denounce this as an evil racist film that makes fun of African people. But that would be missing the point. The ones being mocked are the (mostly white) North American liberals who project onto the rest of the world their social constructionist ideas.

Walsh lays the blame for the transgender craze at the feet of Dr Alfred Kinsey, who allegedly had a mission to erode Judeo-Christian values. I do not see the need for Walsh to go down this path. Kinsey may have claimed many questionable things, but I do give him credit for having lifted the veil on many sexual practices whose existence the 1950s establishment refused to acknowledge. And I see no need to bring a religious angle to this topic. Saying that women have vaginas and men have penises is not about Judaism or Christianity. It is about common sense, regardless of whether you are a Jew, Christian, Buddhist, or atheist.

He also goes overboard exhibiting people who self-identify as animals, presumably to mock the extent to which self-identification can be taken. In the film, one Naia Okami identifies as a transgender woman and “wolforian”, walks on all four, and howls. Of course, psychiatry has always documented cases of lycanthropy. But to bring such exceptional cases to the transgender debate is more akin to P.T. Barnum’s 19th century so-called “freak shows” than serious engagement with issues of identity.

Nevertheless, Carl Trueman, a scholar interviewed by Walsh, does have a point in arguing that at the root of the transgender craze is a desperate need to belong. Adolescents are searching for an identity, and in our fragmented communities, it is hard to find one. Describing yourself as a “man trapped inside a woman’s body” may do the part, and with peer pressure, others follow suit. Hollywood takes note and being transgender becomes the new cool.

This “social contagion” theory is anathema to woke activists. But it should be noted that not long ago, leftists embraced the concept. When in the 1980s some religious conservatives talked about Satanic ritual abuse in books and TV shows, suddenly multiple personality disorder rates exploded. Why do they refuse to even consider that some similar process may now be at play with gender dysphoria?

But of course, social contagion cannot be the sole factor in gender dysphoria. Yes, many kids may become transgender due to media influence, but surely there must be some cases in which social factors do not play a role. The scientific data does suggest a degree of biological origin in some cases. Walsh does not address this.

Walsh’s film is at times excessively one-sided. There is no interviewee genuinely expressing the frustrations of feeling trapped in the wrong body. Likewise, there are no testimonies of adolescents transitioning and doing just fine. Surely there are many such cases, and even though Walsh is entitled to make his point, he could at least give the devil his due.

Be that as it may, Walsh speaks for many people who are simply too afraid to let their views be known. Walsh deserves praise for that courage. And he is very effective in the bottom line of any film: entertaining the audience. Like Socrates, he is forcing us to challenge many of the assumptions of woke culture by asking “dumb questions”.


Gabriel Andrade

Gabriel Andrade is a university professor originally from Venezuela. He writes about politics, philosophy, history, religion and psychology. More by Gabriel Andrade.

EDITORS NOTE: This MercatorNet column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.