Banned Practice: YouTube Takes Censorship to Trans Debate

“Talk with teens about possible regret.” That’s what the American Academy of Pediatrics says about tattoos and body piercings. But when it comes to giving a girl who thinks she’s a boy a double mastectomy, the same organization thinks parents should “respect” their kids’ wishes.

That’s just part of the hypocrisy Dr. Michelle Cretella was trying to point out about the liberal medical community in a popular video for the Daily Signal. I say “trying,” because after two years, the flaggers at YouTube decided to pull down the 2017 content and ban it. The truth about transgenderism, they said, “violates YouTube’s hate speech policy.” According to liberal flaggers, the offensive part was just one sentence — but, as Daily Signal editor Katrina Trinko explained on Thursday’s “Washington Watch,” it was an important one.

“If I walk into my doctor’s office today and say, ‘Hi, I’m Margaret Thatcher,’ my physician will say I am delusional and give me an anti-psychotic,” Dr. Cretella explained. But, “if instead, I walked in and said, ‘I’m a man,’ he would say, ‘Congratulations, you’re transgender.’ If I were to say, ‘Doc, I’m suicidal because I’m an amputee trapped in a normal body, please cut off my leg,’ I will be diagnosed with body identity integrity disorder. But if I walk into that doctor’s office and say, ‘I am a man, sign me up for a double mastectomy,’ my physician will.” Then came the part that really set YouTube off: “See, if you want to cut off a leg or an arm you’re mentally ill, but if you want to cut off healthy breasts or a penis, you’re transgender.”

Nothing that Dr. Cretella said is medically inaccurate. “And yet [it’s] so ‘offensive,'” Katrina argued, that “YouTube cannot even let it be said.” And what’s even more incredible is that this video has been online for a whole two years! It already has 70 million views. If YouTube wanted to keep the lid on these facts, they sure took their time doing it. But even now, after months of back-and-forth with the Daily Signal, it’s obvious the company isn’t concerned about truth or fairness. “We said, ‘Hey, we understand you’re a private company. We respect that you have the right to have your own rules. But we really think that this is a targeting of conservatives. Can we come to some sort of understanding?”

YouTube’s answer? No. “Ultimately, we were told the only way we could get the video back on YouTube was to delete the sentence [about cutting off healthy body parts]. In other words, we had two choices: censor the doctor’s words or have no video on the world’s biggest video platform.” That, Katrina said, “should horrify every YouTube user — and anyone who values the importance of a public square featuring a variety of perspectives.”

At a time when children are being legitimately and irreparably hurt by this ideology, the last thing any social media company should be doing is silencing experts. Dr. Cretella is a pediatrician with decades of professional experience. She understands the consequences of this because she’s seen them. If families reinforce and support their kids’ biological gender through puberty, “the vast majority of gender-confused children [as many as 98 percent!] get better.” But here we are, she warns, rushing to “chemically castrate gender-confused children with puberty blockers. Then we permanently sterilize many of them by adding cross-sex hormones, which also put them at risk for heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancers, and even the very emotional problems that the gender experts claim to be treating.”

The truth may be uncomfortable. The science might be “offensive.” But what people don’t know about this fad of self-expression is destroying our children’s futures. The Left can’t debate Dr. Cretella — they can’t argue against the facts — so they call it “hate speech.” It’s time for the rest of us to rise up and speak out — while we still can! Conservatives may not be as loud and noisy and quick to complain as liberals, Katrina says, “but we exist.” And we should be allowed to speak freely. If you agree, weigh in. Tweet at them: @YouTube and @google. Or leave a message on Google’s Facebook page ( or YouTube’s (

Tony Perkins’s Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.


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When Mexican Cartels Slaughter Americans. Weeks earlier, U.S. Senate declared, ‘No emergency on the border!’

On November 5, 2019 ABC News reported, Horrific details emerge in killing of 9 US citizens, including 6 children, in ambush in Mexico.

Once again it appears that the violent Mexican drug cartels have committed a horrific mass murder.  Their tactics could have been taken from the playbook of ISIS or al Qaeda.  Initially news reports expressed the possibility that the killers may have mistaken those killed for members of an adversary cartel.  However, the facts don’t support it.  Children, including infants were among those shot and burned while strapped into their car seats.

The crime scene stretched for miles and more than 200 shell casings were recovered.

The November 6th CBS News report,

As CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann reports, the Sonora prosecutor’s office said the person arrested was found in a vehicle with two other people who were bound and gagged. Those unidentified individuals were rescued, and four assault-style weapons, spent magazines and high-caliber ammunition, were seized. Two vehicles were seized separately, including one said to have been armored.

Of course, while all of the facts are not yet known, what cannot be ignored is that there are terror training camps in the Tri-Border Region of Brazil linked to Hezbollah, Hamas and other Middle Eastern terrorist organizations.  It has been widely reported that human trafficking organizations and drug cartels throughout Latin America have been working in close coordination with Hezbollah, an Iran-backed terrorist organization.

I addressed several of these worrying connections in my article Jihad At The Border.

Following this most recent slaughter of innocent Americans, in Mexico, President Trump offered to provide Mexico with assistance but the President of Mexico declined the offer.

Violence in Mexico, particularly at the hands of the drug cartels is as commonplace as sunrise and sunset and has been well-documented. Indeed, on February 21, 2018 Forbes published a report Mexico: Where More Americans Are Murdered Than In All Other Foreign Countries Combined that included this cautionary excerpt:

Advisories released last month by the U.S. State Department tell Americans not to set foot in five Mexican states — Sinaloa, Colima, Michoacan, Guerrero and Tamaulipas — because of violent crime. Traveling to those states is as dangerous, according to the State Department’s safety ratings, as traveling to Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. And Americans with plans to go to 11 other Mexican states should “reconsider,” the agency says.

Most recent State Department data may also cause travelers to pause before booking a trip to Mexico. In 2016, according to my analysis of the data, more Americans were reported killed by homicide in Mexico than the combined total of Americans killed by homicide in every other country abroad.

Nevertheless, on October 16, 2019 I wrote an article, Senate votes to end border emergency under which Trump redirected military funds to wall construction.

I noted in my article that Hezbollah, ISIS, gangs and the drug cartels hadn’t gotten the memo but had no idea how prescient that point would become in mere days.

It is unfathomable that given all of the available facts, many of which have been provided in numerous Congressional hearings, that our political leaders could possibly conclude that there is no emergency on that dangerous border that undermines national security and public safety and that the construction of a border wall should be a major priority along with other essential measures to imbue the immigration system with meaningful integrity.

On October 17, 2019, one day after my previous article about the Senate vote to end the border emergency was published, The Guardian reported, El Chapo: Mexican police capture then release drug boss’s son after battle with cartel.

On October 18, 2019 the Los Angeles Times reported, Eight killed in Mexico as cartel gunmen force authorities to release El Chapo’s son.

I remind you that El Chapo Guzman was successfully prosecuted for massive drug smuggling crimes in the Eastern District of New York. In my earlier commentary, New York City: Hub For The Deadly Drug Trade, I opined that NYC’s“sanctuary” policies had attracted the cartels to create a major hub for its drug operations in NYC in spite of the fact that the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is one of the largest and most sophisticated, well-equipped and well trained police departments in the United States, if not the world.

Additionally, not all aliens who are smuggled into the United States through Mexico are from Latin America.

On October 31, 2019 the Justice Department issued a press release, Human Smuggler Indicted On U.S. Charges and Arrested as Part of Brazilian Takedown of Significant Alien Smugglers that included this excerpt:

Saifullah Al-Mamun aka Saiful Al-Mamun, 32, was arrested in Brazil. Al-Mamun is charged in a superseding indictment unsealed today in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas – Laredo Division, charging him with eight conspiracy and alien smuggling counts. The enforcement operation included the execution of multiple search warrants and the additional arrests of seven Brazil-based human smugglers on Brazilian charges: Saifullah Al-Mamun, 32; Saiful Islam, 32; Tamoor Khalid, 31; Nazrul Islam, 41; Mohammad Ifran Chaudhary, 39; Mohammad Nizam Uddin, 28; and Md Bulbul Hossain, 36.

According to the indictment, Al-Mamun is alleged to have housed the aliens in São Paulo, Brazil and arranged for their travel through a network of smugglers operating out of Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico to the United States. In return for smuggling the aliens into the United States, Al-Mumun and his two co-conspirators, are alleged to have arranged to be paid in Mexico, Central America, South America, Bangladesh, and elsewhere.

Mexico stands on the precipice of becoming a failed state. That dysfunctional and extremely violent country shares a two thousand mile border with the United States providing the drug cartels, transnational gangs, human traffickers and others who pose a threat to America and Americans with easy access. Nevertheless, given all of the foregoing, leaders of the radicalized Democratic Party and even their candidates for the Presidency have called for an end to immigration law enforcement and the decriminalization of immigration law violations.

Democrat mayors and governors have implemented “Sanctuary” policies that obstruct immigration law enforcement and resulted in the release of violent aliens in custody even when detainers were filed by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) all too often with deadly consequences.

Republicans have refused to provide President Trump with the funds and backing to not only construct a secure barrier along the border but to take other steps to counter the clear and present dangers we face.

Court decisions have stymied the administration’s efforts to counter these clear and present threats.

These actions have aided and abetted the drug cartels and resulted in the massive loss of life in the United States of Americans and immigrants alike.  Clearly the leaders of the cartels have been embolden by the betrayal of America at the hands of its own “leaders.

As I stated during one of my first Congressional hearings, we only get one opportunity to make a first impression.  Our borders and immigration laws provide that first impression for millions of people around the world.  Today our politicians are sending a clear message, violations of our borders and our laws will not only be tolerated but rewarded.

That is one hell of a dangerous message that should earn them the cartels’ MVP award!


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Mike Pence or the Muslim Brotherhood — Who is more dangerous to the safety and well being of gays?

In 1905 Sigmund Freud put forth the idea that homosexuality was the product of a child’s upbringing. Freud wrote, “The presence of both parents plays an important part. The absence of a strong father in childhood not infrequently favours the occurrence of inversion [homosexuality].”

In a September 29th, 2018 article titled Sexuality Part 1: The Aberrations – Sigmund Freud Richard Bukowski, administrator of Psych Reviews wrote:

Inversion (Homosexuality)

The first aberration Freud outlines, which he says includes “no small number of people”, is what he called Inversion, or Homosexuality. He describes the basic categories of absolute inverts, who enjoy exclusively their own sex, amphigenic inverts who are essentially bisexuals, and contingent inverts who resort to homosexuality when there is inaccessibility to other heterosexual objects. These simple categories, at this early time in psychology, break down into different opinions of homosexuals and how they identify with their orientation. Freud says, “inverts vary in their views as to the peculiarity of their sexual instinct. Some of them accept their inversion as something in the natural course of things, and insist energetically that inversion is as legitimate as the normal attitude; others rebel against their inversion and feel it as a pathological compulsion. The fact of a person struggling in this way against a compulsion towards inversion may perhaps determine the possibility of his being influenced by suggestion. It is safe to assume that the most extreme form of inversion will have been present from a very early age and that the person concerned will feel at one with his peculiarity.”

On October 19th, 2019  BOLD Democrats sent out a fundraising email titled Homophobia Alert: Mike Pence is AMBUSHING Pete Buttigieg (help >>). The email stated:

YOU HAVE NOT SIGNED: Add your name to stand with Pete Buttigieg against Mike Pence’s homophobic attacks >>

Mike Pence has a DISGUSTING history of homophobia and anti-LGBT policies — and now he’s coming after Pete Buttigieg.

We’re delivering this petition denouncing his attacks on Pete and the LGBT community tomorrow at noon, but our petition is missing one crucial element: your signature. Please fix this error and add your name immediately >>

This email came out just after a federal judge struck down the so-called “transgender mandate” vacating an Obama-era requirement that doctors perform gender-transition surgeries upon request on October 15th, 2019. The case involed was Franciscan Alliance v. Azar.

The term homophobia was first introduced by George Weinberg, a psychologist, in the 1960s.

This is just one of a series of fundraising emails from the Democrat Party trying to paint Vice President Pence as “homophobic” and anti-gay. What Vice President Pence believes is that marriage is between one man and one woman. He also voted as a member of Congress against bills to give special treatment to people based upon their “gender identity” versus their biological sex at birth.

But perhaps the BOLD Democrats need to read a statement by Egyptian journalist and Muslim Brotherhood (MB) member Amer Shamakh on the website of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party. The Middle East Media Research Institute in an article titled Article On Muslim Brotherhood Website: Election Of A Gay U.S. President Will Lead To Pressure On Arab Countries To Permit Homosexuality; The Prophet Muhammad Ordered The Killing Of Homosexuals reported:

Below are excerpts from Shamakh’s article:

“After the world has experienced an extremist U.S. president who alarmed the world, especially the Muslims, with his madness and his strange decisions, it may in the future experience another [kind of] U.S. president: a gay one… The official U.S. candidate [sic] for the 2020 presidential election is 37-year-old Pete Buttigieg, a Democrat, who is currently mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He has been married for a year to his partner Justin, and the two have now declared that they want to start a family!

“This pervert wishes to gain the votes of his fellow [LGBTQ] Americans, whose number has increased many times over in [the past] 25 years. Surveys indicate that during this period the number of Americans who support homosexuality increased fivefold, the number of homosexuals in U.S. society rose from 3% in 1990 to 20% in 2014, and the number of those favoring marriage among these perverts rose from 11% in 1990 to 49% in 2014. This means that 20% of Americans are gay, and that 50% of Americans support the gay 20% and recognize them [as legitimate], in spite of their crime that contravenes human nature… and does not exist even among animals.

“Sadly, this is true not only for the Americans. This phenomenon is widespread, and is spoken about openly in all Western countries, without exception. It has become one of the [human] rights and one of the foreign policy goals of Western countries, and is a top priority of bodies like the U.N., the World Bank, and Amnesty [International]. In Europe and America, gay liberation is now regarded as a major principle of the human rights agenda and [human rights] lobby, including a variety of organizations that pressure regimes and governments.

Read more.

What is most revealing is how Democrats and the media white washed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after the raid that killed him. Perhaps they forgot about a man named Omar Mateen? The Counter Extremism Project in an article titled ISIS’s Persecution of Gay People noted:

At about 2 a.m. on June 12, 2016, 29-year-old U.S. citizen Omar Mateen shot and killed 49 people and injured 53 more at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Right before the attack, Mateen made a 911 call, during which he reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Following a shootout with police in which Mateen was killed, ISIS officially claimed responsibility for the attack, announcing that “an Islamic State fighter” had “targeted a nightclub for homosexuals.” (Sources: Washington PostTIME)

The shooting was a brutal reminder of ISIS’s willingness and capacity to carry out an attack overseas—whether by radicalizing and inspiring individuals online to carry out so-called “lone-wolf” attacks, or by carefully building terror networks and providing operational support. The Orlando attack, which stands as the deadliest shooting on American soil, was also an echo of ISIS’s systematic hostility and persecution of gay people in Iraq and Syria.*

For example, in early May 2016, an ISIS court charged a young Syrian man with the “crime” of engaging in gay sex. In front of a crowd numbering in the hundreds in Manbij, Syria, ISIS fighters threw the young man from the top of a building as punishment for his so-called “crime.” This is but one case of how ISIS exploits pre-existing religious and social biases against gay people among the populations under its control in order to justify their persecution, a practice that has reportedly continued into 2017, despite territorial losses. (Sources: ARA NewsIraqi NewsDaily Mail)

The Democrat Party is looking at Pete Buttigieg to become either their nominee for president or perhaps the vice-president running mate to say a Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.

How will this impact the Muslim majority countries in their relationship with the United States? Will this be looked upon as a wedge to legalize homosexuality in Muslim majority nations?

Clearly at least one Muslim journalist is raising the issue. But Vice President Pence is clearly not someone that either Democrats or gays need to fear when it comes to the LGBTQ community.

VIDEO: YouTube Won’t Let a Medical Doctor Say This Sentence . . .

“See, if you want to cut off a leg or an arm, you’re mentally ill, but if you want to cut off healthy breasts or a penis, you’re transgender.”

Those are the words of Dr. Michelle Cretella, a pediatrician with many years’ experience and the executive director of the American College of Pediatricians, in a Daily Signal video published in 2017.

It’s a sentence YouTube will not allow the doctor to say about children and gender identity issues.

The Daily Signal recently learned that our video of Cretella had been removed from YouTube. In its place, YouTube displayed this message: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech.”

The demand for socialism is on the rise from young Americans today. But is socialism even morally sound? Find out more now >>

Over the past few months, The Daily Signal worked with YouTube to try to reach a resolution. Ultimately, we were told the only way we could get the video back on YouTube was to delete the previously mentioned sentence.

In other words, we had two choices: censor the doctor’s words or have no video on the world’s biggest video platform.

This should horrify every YouTube user—and anyone who values the importance of a public square featuring a variety of perspectives.

Cretella’s words are no doubt controversial. She is no stranger to criticism, and neither is The Daily Signal. We welcome debate.

But we don’t want to be censored.

We agree with the spirit behind YouTube’s hate speech policy, which states, “Hate speech is not allowed on YouTube. We remove content promoting violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on any of the following attributes” including “Gender Identity and Expression” and “Sex/Gender.” We believe transgender individuals, and any individual struggling with gender identity issues, should be treated with love and respect.

But we also believe that on a topic where medical treatments have such serious ramifications, from infertility to permanent alteration of body parts, it is worth having a robust, fact-driven discussion.

Cretella is a doctor. She is making a point in that sentence that may not be popular but remains true: There is no society-wide push right now to allow patients suffering from Body Integrity Identity Disorder to amputate limbs.

Furthermore, just this May—18 months since Cretella’s video was published—the World Health Organization removed transgenderism from its list of “mental disorders,” moving it to a section about sexual health.

But as of July, Cretella’s sentence—which did not even state transgenderism was a result of mental illness, but simply pointed out that our culture sees amputation of body parts differently depending on the body parts in question—is apparently so outrageous YouTube can’t fathom allowing it on its platform.

That is unbelievable.

We are especially disappointed with YouTube’s decision because other social media platforms have allowed the video on their platforms. In fact, the video has more than 70 million views on Facebook. It might have even more if Facebook hadn’t temporarily removed it in July 2018. After our appeal to Facebook, it was quickly restored and remains on The Daily Signal’s page today.

Here at The Daily Signal, the multimedia news arm of The Heritage Foundation, we believe that private companies, including YouTube, should be allowed to set and enforce their own rules.

But we also believe consumers have a right to protest. And if you are upset that YouTube—the biggest video platform in the world—is refusing to let a doctor speak without censorship on gender identity and children, please reach out to YouTube and its parent company, Google.

Tweet at them: @YouTube and @google. Leave a message on Google’s Facebook page ( or YouTube’s (

Make it clear that while we may often be silent, many, many people want to have a free debate on controversial topics.

Join us in calling on YouTube to reverse this decision and allow this doctor to speak her mind freely on this vital issue.

This is not about how you think children experiencing gender identity issues should be treated, but whether you think there should be an open conversation on this topic, so that parents can make informed decisions about what’s best for their child.

Censoring a medical doctor doesn’t put YouTube on the right side of history. It just shows that it’s a big tech company prioritizing the preferences of the activist left over free speech for all.

This article has been corrected to reflect that Cretella is the executive director of the American College of Pediatricians.


Katrina Trinko is editor-in-chief of The Daily Signal and co-host of The Daily Signal PodcastSend an email to Katrina. Twitter:


The Students Who Fight for Free Speech, and Win

The Absurdity of Thinking Disparities Prove Discrimination

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With the demand for socialism at an all-time high among our young people—our future leaders and decisionmakers—the experts at Heritage stopped and asked a question that not many have asked:

Is socialism really morally sound?

The researchers at The Heritage Foundation have put together a guide to help you and our fellow Americans better understand the 9 Ways That Socialism Will Morally Bankrupt America.

They’re making this guide available to all readers of The Daily Signal for free today!


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Young Adults Fed Up with Social Justice Warrior and LGBTQ Tyranny

The new Batwoman TV series featuring an openly lesbian Batwoman is failing big-time. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that young adults are turned off by the show’s extreme woke and SJW (social justice warrior) politically correct messaging. “Woke” means you are aware of social and racial injustice. “Woke” also means straight white men are the source of all evil and must be punished. Women and minorities are perfect in every way. Woke culture says anyone who dares criticize a woman or a minority hates women and minorities.

Batman fans are outraged over the new Batwoman TV series trashing Batman and its in-your-face trashing of men. If there were such a thing as a woke-a-meter with a range of 1-10, the new Batwoman TV series would receive an 11.

It was a pleasure to learn that young adults are fed-up with SJW Hollywood writers and producers destroying their favorite movie franchises. The 2016 Ghostbusters movie bombed, losing $70 million, infected with woke. SJW has infected Star Wars and various superhero movies. Angry fans say, “Get woke, go broke!” Hollywood has declared that SJW, diversity and gender-swapping in movies is more important than entertaining stories.

Critics rave about movies that check all the right SJW boxes; must praise homosexuality, women and minorities while trashing straight white men. Meanwhile, fans avoid such movies in droves.

It blows my mind that despite losing mega-millions Hollywood is undeterred, hellbent on cramming SJW political messaging down our throats. As a Christian, I believe a spirit of anti-Christ is driving Hollywood’s financially illogical behavior. Hollywood producers love to poke fun of and demonize Christians. They freely use Jesus’ name in vain. And yet, they would never dare to use Muhammad’s name in vain.

In response to the failure of the 2016 Ghostbusters movie, the filmmakers attacked the fans, calling them woman-hating trolls. The star of the Batwoman TV series, Ruby Rose, attacked viewers for the show’s plummeting ratings. Rose said the show is not for old white men.

Clearly, Hollywood’s SJW writers and producers have disdain for average Americans. Loyal fans of various movie franchises say they feel crapped upon. Ignoring fan’s rejection, Hollywood pushes full-speed ahead on creating a new America in which wholesome traditions, biblical principles and values are burned on the alter in worship to their god of debauchery.

Democrats and fake news media shares Hollywood’s agenda and hatred for average Americans. Average Americans love president Trump. This is why Americans of all stripes begin lining up at venues two days before Trump rallies. Democrats and fake news media attack Trump voters for rejecting their SJW politics. Hollywood attacks the public for rejecting their SJW propaganda movies.

SJW culture is destroying women’s sports. Even leftist feminists are outraged that men who identify as women are dominating women’s sports. Feminist leaders say not only is mainstream media blacking out their opinions, these women fear for their lives for saying it is crazy to allow men to compete as women in women’s sports.

A part of me feels like saying, “Don’t come crying to us. You repeatedly vote for Democrats who are hellbent on cramming the LGBTQ agenda down the throats of mainstream Americans.” Over 95% of the population is heterosexual. Why have Democrats, fake news media and Hollywood made forcing the LGBTQ agenda upon America the most important issue of our times?

Leftist feminists and my brain-dead black relatives typically side with Democrats against their best interest. Trump has black unemployment at historic lows. And yet, idiots in my extended family hate Trump simply because their Democrat plantation slave masters tell them to hate him. They choose to ignore the truth that Trump has been awesome for blacks. Yes, their stupidity annoys me.

Folks, I am elated that hip young adults who are not particularly political are finally complaining about SJW culture being injected into everything.

Hollywood’s laser-focus on promoting SJW has created a huge void for quality entertainment. We have a golden opportunity to fill that void. Perhaps, this is why well-crafted Christian movies are doing so well at the box office.

Conservative filmmaker Robert Kirk is seeking funding to produce his full length feature film comedy which skewers the deep state. Film festival audiences laugh hysterically at Robert’s award-winning short version of his film. Not only is Robert’s film hilarious, he exposes the traitors who planned a silent coup against our president.

Please check out Robert’s 3 minute trailer of his award winning comedy, Alien Anthropologists. Here is the link to his website. Your assistance in acquiring funding is greatly appreciated.

Batman fans “cringed” hearing Batwoman deliver her SJW line that Batman’s suit will be perfect when it is resized to fit a woman. Leftist feminists are outraged that transgender cyclist Rachael McKinnon won the women’s Masters Track Cycling World Championships.

Young adults are fed up with SJW movies and TV shows and LGBTQ tyranny. I say thank you God.

© All rights reserved.

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Will Senate Republicans Swallow Democrats’ Abortion, LGBT ‘Poison Pills’?

The Trump administration has made good on its promise to implement pro-life policies throughout the federal government, including in America’s foreign policy and in humanitarian aid.

But those advances could be dealt a crippling blow as a result of a compromise by Senate Republicans, who are cooperating with an underhanded attempt to stymie the administration’s efforts through controversial additions to must-pass appropriations bills.

The Trump administration’s Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance policy reinstated and expanded the Reagan administration’s “Mexico City policy,” which barred taxpayer funds from organizations that perform or promote abortions overseas.

In addition, the administration has expanded the availability of funding to pro-life and faith-based aid organizations that the Obama administration excluded from participation in programs at the U.S. Agency for International Development because of their views on abortion, marriage, and gender identity.

Over the summer, the White House and congressional leadership from both parties reached an agreement regarding the budget and appropriations process, including an agreement that neither side would include so-called poison pill policy riders that did not have bipartisan support.

Abortion-related amendments historically have been understood to clearly violate such agreements, and the inclusion of controversial language on sexual orientation and gender identity should also fall into this category.

But prior to the Senate Appropriations Committee’s Sept. 26 vote on the funding bill for the State Department and foreign operations, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., threatened to offer an amendment reversing the Trump administration’s Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance policy.

In order to avoid a vote on this amendment, which could have passed the committee, Republicans on the panel agreed to add new language proposed by Shaheen to the bill.

That language, released just minutes before the scheduled committee markup, represents an attempt to work around the administration’s prohibition on international abortion funding by providing $665 million for “family planning and reproductive health care”—which would go to groups that promote abortion.

The new amendment, ultimately adopted as part of the final bill, also enshrines problematic language on sexual orientation and gender identity and hinders the administration’s efforts to expand USAID funding to pro-life and faith-based groups.

One provision requires the agency to inform Congress if any group that receives funding has been found to violate an Obama-era regulation interpreting sex discrimination as including sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Supreme Court is considering whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act’s prohibition on sex discrimination includes sexual orientation and gender identity. This new language, if passed into law, could undermine the Justice Department’s argument in Harris Funeral Homes v. EEOC that Congress has not previously affirmed that reading of the law.

The Shaheen amendment also requires creation of a “shame list” by requiring reporting to Congress that would expose pro-life and faith-based recipients of USAID funding to complaints that they refuse to comply with Obama administration regulations requiring them to make referrals for abortion and endorse radical sexual orientation and gender identity ideology.

The Shaheen amendment is only one aspect of this troubling compromise by Senate appropriators, however.

The committee report attached to the bill, which contains instructions on how funds are to be used, recommends an increase in funding for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex portfolio in USAID’s Human Rights Division.

Countries found to engage in “official government discrimination” against LGBT individuals could lose access to USAID funding. It’s unclear whether that includes countries that define marriage as between one man and one woman or whose laws define sex as binary and biological.

Finally, the report requires creation of a pilot program to align women’s economic empowerment programs with global health programs that include family planning and reproductive health.

That appears to be an attempt to tie funding for programs such as the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, which focuses on enabling women around the world to support themselves and their families, to promotion of and funding for abortion.

The Senate should uphold its end of the bargain made with the White House last summer. That stipulates no funding for abortion-promoting groups, no radical redefinition of marriage and gender, and no shady attempts to implement such policies through a process that’s meant to exclude them.


Andrea Jones is a research assistant in the Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Religion & Civil Society.


The False Hope of the Transgender Language Police

Bernie Sanders Promotes Abortion on Veterans Day, Wants to Turn VA Hospitals Into Abortion Clinics

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Is socialism really morally sound?

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On ‘Transphobia’ and the Sovietization of the West

Posted by Eeyore

A recent event around Oxford is today’s stark yet lucid example of the Sovietization of the West. In this case, England, and more tragically, in the area with one of the brightest beacons of Greek civilization and the search for truth in World history, Oxford University.

Some people found stickers questioning the reality of the impossibility of men becoming women or women becoming men in any way beyond cosmetic. And the police got called.

The dictionary definition of man or woman today based on both ‘by definition’ standards as well as biological science, is perhaps not technically illegal. But as Stephen Coughlin explains in his paper, Neo-Marxist cultural changes drill down to politics and then to enforcement. Eventually to jurisprudence as normalization of the new culture sets in.

By definition standards in this case means we define humans as bipeds because nearly all of us walk on two legs and all of us by design walk on two legs despite any tragedy or malformation which may result in another means of locomotion. The same goes for being a man or a woman.

From The Telegraph:

police force has been accused of “incredible irresponsibility” for treating the display of transphobic stickers around Oxford as a “serious crime”.

Some of the stickers, which have been dotted around the city centre, state: “Woman: noun. Adult human female” and “Women don’t have penises”.

Thames Valley Police has announced that those responsible could be charged with a public order offence and has appealed for witnesses.

It said: “Officers are investigating a large number of offensive stickers that have been placed across Oxford city centre containing transphobic comments.

“It is believed they started appearing in March within the High Street, Catte Street and Parks Road area.”

PC Rebecca Nightingale, the investigating officer, added: “Behaviour like this is not acceptable and we take incidents of this nature very seriously.”

Michael Biggs, Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Oxford, suggested that the police had overreacted.

“This is literally the Oxford English definition of what a woman is,” he said.

“I can’t believe that needs any stance at all. To say that a dictionary definition is a terrible hate crime is extraordinary. The police is being incredibly irresponsible.”

To get back to reality for a stark second, ANY reaction is an over reaction. With the possible exception of littering or something but given the amount of Marxist or semi-Marxist propaganda one sees on every light standard or telephone pole, there should be no excuse for any reaction at all to a dictionary term.

Returning to this replacement for reality where truth is punishable and destructive fictions are rewarded, Michael Briggs has done an act of bravery beyond perhaps what he is aware of. Of it he is aware, he deserves all of our support. I could list all the professors we are aware of who have lost their jobs and/or been de-platformed for holding a factual position that runs against what is in fact, a full on assault against Western taxonomic systems, but Ill settle for just the one that was sent in today alone:

Did Mount Royal University cancel a geography field school taught by Mark Hecht because of an op-ed Hecht wrote about ethnic diversity?


Perhaps the cancelling of the Sustainable Europe school trip had more to do with the fact that the lead instructor was Mark Hecht.

Hecht, an instructor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at MRU, penned an op-ed in the Vancouver Sun on September 6th, 2019 entitled “Ethnic diversity harms a country’s social trust, economic well-being, argues instructor.” 

The article was met with immediate criticism on social media, with activists and journalists accusing Hecht, the Vancouver Sun and Postmedia (the Sun’s parent company) of bigotry, hate, and white supremacy. 

BC Human Rights Commissioner Kasari Govender declared Hecht’s article a “call to hatred”,  and NDP MLA Ravi Kahlon wrote a response op-ed, saying that Hecht’s piece was “racism and white supremacy wearing a thin disguise of academic bluster.”

I have not read Mark Hecht’s paper, but if this case is anything at all like the other profs who have been cancelled because they spoke a truth that was undeniable as factually correct and consistent with reality or a non-Marxist opinion,, (much like men are men and women are women and the twain meet every time a baby is required) he will be de-platformed for this little defence of free speech and reality. In Canada this is out of proportion to even the US in terms of profs who are fired or discriminated against for their opinions.

The case of Ricardo Ducherne is another perfect example of Sovietization of Western universities in Canada today. Prof. Ducherne is in fact Latin-American. So one tends to be skeptical of the White Supremacist label attached to him.

However he did commit the cardinal sin based on a Marxist model of what is allowed. He stated the fact that Western or European Civilization is the best system for humanity the world has ever seen.

That can be easily quantified in any number of ways of course. But the simplest one is that everyone tries to move into a Classical civilized country, while very very few move out of one to an African tribal one or an Islamic sharia one unless they have pretty extreme reasons. And as we saw with the Islamic State, most of them try and come back.

Perhaps its time someone placed some stickers around town that said:

Women = XX

Men = XY

That, would make for an interesting court case.

Eeyore for Vlad

Thank you Cathy F. and PePo.

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Green New Deal = Hugo Chavez’s Constitution?

After noting that a former chief of staff for socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez admitted that her “Green New Deal” is not about climate but changing the entire economy, Steve Milloy at Breitbart News drew up a list of similarities between it and the constitution ushered in by late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez in 1999.

Milloy found similarities between the two plans in the areas of sustainable agriculture, education, markets, health care, housing, clean environment, social costs of human activity, no emissions, guaranteed jobs, work safety, unions, trade policy, and indigenous populations.

“Their common source,” Milloy notes, “is likely a United Nations document called the ‘International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights,’ which was passed by the UN General Assembly in 1966 at the behest of the Soviet Union. The UN Covenant itself can be traced back to the Stalin-written Soviet Constitution of 1936.”

And just like Chavez’s and Stalin’s constitutions, the socialist vision of the Green New Deal will lead to economic ruin and untold human misery.

Hugo Chavez

In 1992, Hugo Chavez attempted a military coup of Venezuela. His revolutionary power grab failed and he was jailed until 1994 when he was freed by a presidential pardon. He was elected president in 1998 and has gradually increased his power and armed his personal militia.

Chavez has many links to violent terrorist organizations and totalitarian dictators. On Oct 12, 1999, Chavez was the guest of Communist China. While in China, he declared: “I have been very Maoist all of my life.” Like the Soviet, Cuban, and North Korean hosts of past WFYS meetings, Chavez is a proud Communist and an enemy of the USA.

To learn more about Hugo Chavez, click on the profile link here.


Metals Needed for Carbon Neutrality in Short Supply

Here’s Why Californians Pay Way More for Gasoline Than Everyone Else

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World’s largest ice sheet growing

The West Antarctic ice sheet, the biggest mass of ice in the world, has been growing since the end of the nineteenth century.

Marc Morano featured a post about a fascinating Chinese study from Dr. Patrick Michaels at the website of CFACT’s friend and ally the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

The forthcoming study by six Chinese authors is scheduled to appear in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres.  The study concludes that Antarctic ice exhibited a “significant negative trend” during the nineteenth century, then a “significant positive trend” throughout the 20th.

This doesn’t help the narrative for those seeking to spread climate alarm one bit.

Here’s the latest example:  Artist Thomas Starr of Northeastern University has been placing fake historical markers in New England towns.  “Gazebo relocated due to recurring flooding caused by sea level rise, March, 2058,” reads a plaque on a gazebo in Durham, New Hampshire. He calls it the Seacoast Remembrance Project.  Starr’s plaques have been garnering the laudatory media write-ups we’re sure you’d expect.

Hey Durham Town Council, want to sell us the land your lovely seaside gazebo’s on at a generous discount?  We’ll take the problem off your hands.  It is doomed after all.

That sea level has been slowly rising at only 1 to 3 mm per year since before the industrial revolution, with no sign of meaningful acceleration, does not make it into the articles.  Hysterical sea level claims are not based on reality.  Dangerously rising seas exist only in the virtual world of climate computer simulations.

Those ever-faulty computer models project extreme Antarctic ice melt.  That it has not actually occurred does not seem to matter.  They even stoop to attributing extra high tides caused by natural lunar cycles, combined with ground level subsidence, to sea level rise.

Pity the tide gauges don’t show it.  Sorry Miami, your occasionally wet streets were not caused by electrical generation, air travel, bovine flatulence, or even SUVs.

Dr. Michaels speculates that the media will have no appetite for a study showing Antarctic ice gaining.  What do you think?

We’ll do him one better.  If they do cover it, they’ll try and spin it as justifying global warming alarm!

We factored the situation into our own computer models.  They project shamelessly disseminated climate propaganda.

Let’s see whose projections pan out.

Polar bear expert purged

Global warming campaigners have done an effective job at convincing the media and much of the world that polar bears are dying out.

It’s not true. 

In fact, thanks to a hunting ban, polar bears are a major conservation success story.  Their population ballooned from around 5,000 in the 1960s to (depending on whose estimate) from 22,000 to over 30,000 today.  Today the North is loaded with fat, happy, fecund bears (sorry seals).

It appears that telling the truth about polar bears made Dr. Susan Crockford, a respected, published Canadian zoologist, the victim of an ideological purge.  First she was removed from the University of Victoria’s speakers bureau, and then not renewed to her position as an adjunct professor.

“The loss of adjunct status,” Crockford wrote, “will primarily prevent me from continuing scientific research on speciation and domestication mechanisms in evolution: without an academic affiliation I will be unable to secure research funds or academic collaborations.”

But this woman of science is fearless.

“What a lack of academic affiliation has not done, and cannot do,” Crockford continued, “is stop me from investigating and commenting on the failures and inconsistencies of science that I see in published polar bear research papers and reflected in public statements made by polar bear specialists.  I am still a former adjunct professor and I will not be silenced.”

Free speech is anathema to the Left.

They don’t fear false or misleading information, that’s their stock in trade.  They fear the facts that prove them wrong.  They are prepared to wreak great harm on any who dare utter them.  They know they can’t silence Susan Crockford, but know also that harming her creates an atmosphere of fear that most others lack the courage to confront.

Warming campaigners are actively hunting scalps.  Take a look at this shocking anonymous admission from one of them that CFACT’s friend Russell Cook found, on of all places, CFACT’s own comment forum!

“You will be pleased to know that in the past two years I successfully had two deniers fired (forced resignations) from their university positions.  One was a prolific WUWT contributor.  I discovered a nice twist to the freedom of speech tale.  You can say almost anything except yell fire in a crowded room and are free to make a fool of oneself but can’t invoke one’s pedigree to do so i.e. you can state your doctorate or disciplines, but not your college, professional body memberships and imply they agree.  So that’s how I’ve been knocking them off by going to their employer, professional registration, professional memberships or their alma mater.  I have three scalps lined up now — infant stage But they will collapse like dominoes.”

Think of the malice and lack of respect and concern for others these people exhibit!  Academic freedom and the ability of all of us to participate in public discussion is truly under assault.

What would happen if our nasty commenter’s methods were applied equally to everyone?  How often do you read misleading and outright false pronouncements from climate campaigners in the press?  Do they not cite their academic and professional affiliations in their bios?

Donna Laframboise covered Dr. Crockford’s situation at Financial Post:

“Jeffrey Foss, a former chair of UVic’s philosophy department, says Crockford has been punished for speaking her own mind about matters of fact, which means she has been denied academic freedom and free speech. ‘I’m beginning to lose faith and hope in the university system,’ he says.”

Dr. Crockford said:

“It appears certain to me that the Anthropology Department bowed to pressure from the administration, who themselves bowed to pressure from outside the university community, in an attempt to stifle my legitimate scientific criticisms of polar bear conservation issues. This kind of bullying has been happening far too often at universities, even in Canada.”

The idea that climate pressure groups cannot demand unprecedented control over our economies, freedoms and personal lives, and obtain this without open public debate is monstrous.

Governments, universities, professional associations, the media and all institutions must be made aware of the dirty, destructive trick being played in the name of global warming.

We must insist on unfettered scientific discussion and the right of researchers like Dr. Susan Crockford, and each and every one of us, to speak without fear.

VIDEO: A woman athlete speaks out on ‘transgender’ [men] competing in sports.

The Scoop published the below comments and video.

Female high school track athlete Selina Soule is speaking out against the inclusion of transgender athletes in female sports.

© All rights reserved.

Book ‘Google Archipelago’ Exposes the growing threat of ‘Big Digital’ and ‘Corporate Marxism’

“The beauty of the Internet is that it connects people. The value is in the other people. If we start to believe that the Internet itself is an entity that has something to say, we’re devaluing those people and making ourselves into idiots.” – Jaron Lanier, “Digital Maoism: The Hazards of the New Online Collectivism.”

”[Social media’s] suppression of internet content on ideological grounds threatens the future of America more than any external enemy. In fact, never in American history has there been as strong a threat to freedom of speech as there is today.”  – Dennis Prager testimony before the U.S. Senate.

Former New York University (NYU) professor Michael Rectenwald, author of nine books including Springtime for Snowflakes: ‘Social Justice’ and Its Postmodern Parentagehas published his most recent analysis of our society in a book titled Google Archipelago: The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom.

Michael Rectenwald was a professor at NYU from 2008 to 2019. He is a pundit and champion of free speech against all forms of authoritarianism and totalitarianism, including socialism-communism, “social justice,” fascism, and Political Correctness. He pulls no punches in his critique of big digital and corporate Marxism in Google Archipelago.

Professor Rectenwald writes:

Leftist authoritarianism, or authoritarian leftism, is the operation ethos of the Google Archipelago.

What is the Google Archipelago?

The title of Professor Rectenwald’s book is a parody of Russian novelist, historian, winner of the Nobel Prize, and prisoner of the former Soviet Union Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s 1973 book Gulag Archipelago.

Professor Rectenwald, like Solzhenitsyn, is an outspoken critic of Communism and is helping raise awareness of the dual threats of the big digital and corporate Marxism systems.

Systems not unlike the old Gulag labor camps in the former Soviet Union, but with a twist.

In 1945 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was arrested for criticizing Stalin in private correspondence and sentenced to an eight-year term in a labour camp (gulag), to be followed by permanent internal exile. The Gulag was a system of forced labor camps established during Joseph Stalin’s long reign as dictator of the Soviet Union. The word “Gulag” is an acronym for Glavnoe Upravlenie Lagerei, or Main Camp Administration. The notorious prisons, which incarcerated about 18 million people throughout their history, operated from the 1920s until shortly after Stalin’s death in 1953. At its height, the Gulag network included hundreds of labor camps that held anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 people each. Conditions at the Gulag were brutal: Prisoners could be required to work up to 14 hours a day, often in extreme weather. Many died of starvation, disease or exhaustion—others were simply executed.

The atrocities of the Gulag system have had a long-lasting impact that still permeates Russian society today.

Today’s Google Archipelago mirrors the Soviet Gulag but without the torture, starvation, disease. The new Google Archipelago is still a prison camp but one of our own making. Every user of big digital and those who work for and with the corporate Marxists are prisoners in a gulag of their own making. The potential number of people (prisoners) in the Google Archipelago is in the tens of billions.

The atrocities of the Google Archipelago can have a long-lasting impact that permeates every aspect of American society today, tomorrow and for decades to come, unless exposed and stopped.

Professor Rectenwald notes:

[T]he goliaths of the Google Archipelago justify increasingly liberal politics and procedures, an authoritarianism rampant within corporate cultures and coexistence with the Google Archipelago at large. The political culture of the ‘wokeforces’ in the ‘wokeplaces’ of Facebook, Goggle, Twitter and elsewhere metastasize to become the character of cyberspace.

[ … ]

The inward-facing wokeplace resembles a high-tech Red Guard engagement in digital struggle sessions reminiscent of the Maoist Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). 

Rectenwald warns, “If not a perfervid, cultish social-justice or woke activist, or at least an occasional virtue signaler of the ‘correct’ positions, one’s individual membership in one or more subordinated category may be rendered inert.”

For those who have been placed in Facebook jail, banned from posting on YouTube or deplatformed by Twitter it is understandable why everyone must wake up to the dangers of corporate Marxism.


Michael Rectenwald‘s book is a must read if you want to understand who is controlling your data and thereby controlling your life. Rectenwald writes:

As the history of the twentieth century vividly illustrates, when Marxism is ascendant, the ‘wrong’ have no rights, and the number of the wrong multiplies by the day. The evidence is in: the digital gulag is under construction.

Question: Do you believe that your cell phone knows more about you than your spouse or significant other?

If your answer is YES then you are already a PRISONER of the “digital gulag.”

Now you hopefully have come to realize it.

© All rights reserved.


The Role of ‘Big Data and Big Brother’

Mark Zuckerberg Leans on Free Speech While Defending Facebook’s Ad Policies

The Totalitarian American Left

Presidential Candidate Labels America as a ‘Flawed Democracy’ at Florida Democratic State Convention — And He’s Absolutely Right!

“Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.” – John Adams, letter to John Taylor, 1814.

“The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money.” – Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America.

You may not have ever heard of Michael E. Arth but he’s running for President of the United States as a Democrat. Arth spoke at the 2019 Florida Democratic State Convention. Using Wikipedia’s Democracy Index, which is based upon data from the UK based  Economist Intelligence Unit, Arth stated,

“We are now ranked below Chile and Estonia. Instead of being number one in incarceration, we should be number one in democracy. We should also be number one in happinesslife expectancyclimate change performancepress freedom, and equality. As it is, we have a terrible record on all of these issues, especially on inequality.”

QUESTION: Why isn’t America ranked last on the Democracy Index?

America is a Republic

Democrats, like Arth, desperately want America to become a democracy. Arth stated at the Florida Democratic State Convention:

“The corporate-owned media is not kind to the idea that our country needs a systemic overhaul. I am on a moral crusade to help resolve festering problems with solutions that have not been fully articulated by any other candidate.”

Arth’s “systemic overhaul” sounds eerily like Obama’s “fundamentally transforming America.”

The ideal of a Democracy is not only reflected in the Democrat Party’s name but it is in their political DNA. Arth is a true believer.

The Democrats, like Arth, want to eliminate the Electoral College and choose the President of the United States by popular vote. They also want to give illegals and non-citizens voting rights. They want Americans, and non-citizens, to vote to commit suicide by giving them power.

Arth in his book The Time Traveler: An Artist’s Quest Through the Past and Future wrote:

What are the forces stirring in the middle of one of the darkest periods in recent history that makes him believe America will be transformed by what he calls “The New Progressive Era,” which will bring our government from 21st place (tied with Italy as a “flawed democracy”) to the world’s leading constitutional democracy by 2024?

America is not a constitutional democracy rather the U.S. Constitution reads:

Article 4 – The States
Section 4 – Republican Government

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.


republic n 1 : a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and is usually a president; also : a nation or other political unit having such a government 2 : a government in which supreme power is held by the citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives governing according to law; also : a nation or other political unit having such a form of government Source: NMW

In the context of the United States of America, both definitions apply.

Each of these united states are Constitutionally mandated to have a Republican form of government. What we see is when any state has a democratic form of government, like California, things go terribly wrong.


It’s all about the name. The Republican Party supports the U.S. Constitution and the uniquely American Republican form of government. Democrats, like Arth, want to change, or even abolish, the U.S. Constitution in order to establish a democracy.

What we are witnessing today is treason led by members of the Democrat Party against a duly elected President. A President who won via the Electoral College.

treason n the offense of attempting to overthrow the government of one’s country or of assisting its enemies in war

President Trump tweeted the following:

As I learn more and more each day, I am coming to the conclusion that what is taking place is not an impeachment, it is a COUP, intended to take away the Power of the….

….People, their VOTE, their Freedoms, their Second Amendment, Religion, Military, Border Wall, and their God-given rights as a Citizen of The United States of America!

In “The Nature of Government,” Ayn Rand observed, “We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.”

Is this a coup?

Are we approaching an “ultimate inversion” by the deep state to turn America into a Democracy? A Democracy where “the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission?”

Are you seeing brute force being used, by groups like Antifa in Minneapolis and Portland, against supporters of the President?

Are parts of America experiencing dark times?

We report you decide.

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4 Ways All Electric Vehicles Are Doing More Harm To Mankind Than Good

While reading the October, 2019 issue of the California headquartered Motor Trend magazine I came across a letter to the editor from a “63-year old baby boomer” who wrote:

I’m a liberal greeny who knows that the planet has to be saved. Humans have caused climate change, but too many humans don’t want to recognize that fact. Especially human politicians.

The editor Ed responded with:

A lot of great points, Tom. There’s no doubt that fossil fuel powerplants hurt when it comes to emissions, but depending where you live, the impact could be minimal.

What does this 63-year old greeny get wrong?

Electric Vehicles (EVs) Depend on Government Subsidies

In a Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) column titled Electric Cars vs. Gas Cars: Is the Conventional Wisdom Wrong? Bill Wirtz wrote:

When Denmark got rid of its tax credits for electric vehicles, Tesla’s sales dropped by 94 percent. In Hong Kong, the company saw a decline of 95 percent as the city got rid of comparable tax advantages for those buying electric cars.

If you are a taxpayer and don’t drive an EV then your helping to pay for someone else’s all electric car or truck.

EVs Don’t Contribute to Gas Taxes

The gas taxes in the United State are used to build and maintain local roads and bridges, and the federal and state highway systems.

Julian Spector and Julia Pyper in the July 5, 2017 Green Tech Media column 17 States Now Charge Fees for Electric Vehicles reported:

Several states have passed or enacted new fees this year, bringing the total to 17.* Recent additions include West VirginiaMichiganMinnesotaIndianaOklahomaTennessee and California, which is home to leading EV maker Tesla and a suite of policies designed to incentivize electric-car adoption. South Carolina enacted a biennial fee for electric cars.

The following nine states passed or implemented EV fees in previous years: Georgia, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina and Virginia (see chart below). According to the Sierra Club, other states have introduced legislation this year that would require EV owners to pay a separate fee, including Kansas, New Hampshire and Montana.

Read more.

EVs Cause Harm to Mankind

In Electric Cars vs. Gas Cars: Is the Conventional Wisdom Wrong? Bill Wirtz wrote:

Electric vehicle batteries need a multitude of resources to be manufactured. In the case of cobalt, the World Economic Forum has called out the extraction conditions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where 20 percent of the world’s cobalt comes from. Miners as young as seven years are suffering from chronic lung disease from exposure to cobalt dust. [Emphasis added]

EVs Strain Existing Electrical Grids

FEE’s Bill Wirtz wrote:

[O]ver 95 percent of Norway’s electricity comes from hydropower, of which 90 percent is publicly owned. That does not come without its downsides. As electricity consumption increases in Norway, the sector is unable to keep up. Last year, lack of rainfall and low wind speed exploded Norwegian electricity prices to the level of Germany (which is still in the process of phasing out nuclear energy). Norway then resorted to coal power, and as fossil fuel power imports exceeded energy export, Norway has actually seen an increase in CO2 emissions[Emphasis added]

Zero Hedge’s Tyler Durden in the column $35 Billion: UK Faces Huge Loss From Electric Vehicle Adoption noted:

If Great Britain keeps its commitment to switch over its vehicles to electric by 2050, the government will see a whopping loss of 28 billion pounds ($35 billion) paid by motorists driving traditional gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles.

Read more.

FEE’s Bill Wirtz concludes, “As much as consumers might care about CO2 emissions, they are even more price-sensitive. Even those consumers who aren’t will eventually be swayed when they find out their car brand is costing them comparably excruciating amounts in fuel.”

America depends on cheap, reliable and dependable sources of energy. Be it electricity or fuel for your automobile. California, the state with the most EVs, is experiencing electrical black outs.

Mankind advances via new technologies. Key to technology is reliable energy. Without reliable energy we go back to the dark ages, like in Northern California.


The climate changes on Mars as it does on plant earth, but there are no cars on the red planet.

The bottom line is:

  1. The climate changes.
  2. These changes follow natural cycles.
  3. Mankind cannot change these natural cycles.

Mankind was given dominion over the earth and all of its natural resources. Not using these natural resources, either voluntarily or by government mandate, harms humans. Using these natural resources wisely advances human flourishing.

Man can’t control the weather let alone the climate. Our 63-year old liberal greeny needs to face the facts. Going green isn’t helping mankind.

© All rights reserved.


Electric Cars Aren’t Nearly as Green as People Think

It’s Time to Kill the Generous ElectricVehicle Subsidies

Zero Emission Vehicles Can Increase Air Pollution

AMAZON SYNOD VIDEO REPORT: Amazonian Infanticide — Do synod fathers really believe it doesn’t happen?


Infanticide — probably not the topic Pope Francis and Amazon synod organizers wanted stealing headlines, but it is.

In the Vatican press hall today, reporters were reading stories from international publications talking about the issue.

One reporter in particular, Giuseppe Rusconi, was delighted to see the expanding coverage. It was his question about infanticide that all over the world that Peruvian Cdl. Pedro Barreto went nuclear over, denying it happens and demanding proof.

Well, “proof,” such as it is, comes in numerous forms.

For one, an ongoing debate in the Brazilian Parliament, where a law to ban the practice among the indigenous Amazonian tribes is being debated.

While that might sound strange to Western ears that a debate is even being had about burying alive children born with deformities, it is, in fact, the case.

The liberal position is that native peoples cannot be told what to do by the state, even when it comes to killing their own children, because those are imperialistic and colonialistic.

The position is supported by leading South American academics, who publish papers on the issue, this one by one of the leading proponents — Dr. Rita Segato — who argues that very point.

Segato’s paper is published on the website of a pro-indigenous organization called Cimi.

Cimi is closely aligned with the Brazilian Catholic bishops’ conference, and until the day after Rusconi’s question, the bishops’ conference had a link to Cimi and Dr. Segato’s paper defending the practice.

We say the day after the question, because the day after his question, the link was taken down, but not before the Rusconi found the link and printed out hard copies of all of it.

If a link on the Brazilian bishops’ website proving that the practice exists and a debate in the Brazilian Parliament over whether it should be allowed to continue owing to political correctness isn’t enough for Cdl. Barreto, then perhaps this will help.

It’s a documentary reenactment showing how some tribes of the Amazon go about the practice of burying children alive when they are born with deformities — or other reasons the village or tribes think they should not be allowed to live. What other reasons could that be?

That issue came up at yesterday’s press conference and was addressed quite ably by Bp. Wilmar Santin of Itaituba, Brazil, who quite openly admitted that sometimes, at least historically, when twins are born to some tribes, it is the belief that one is evil and the other good.

So, one of them is killed. On occasion, because parents and villagers can’t decide which one is evil and which one is good, both newborns are killed.

He added that he doesn’t know if this is still the practice and has seen evidence that it may be changing, but he can’t say for sure, which brings us back to Cdl. Barreto and his getting lit up over the issue, even pulling off his translator headphones to deny it when Rusconi asked the question.

Keep in mind the documents Rusconi found on the Brazilian bishops’ website acknowledging infanticide among some indigenous tribes.

Barreto isn’t just some run-of-the-mill cardinal here at the synod. He is a Pope Francis-created cardinal. He is also vice president of the Peruvian bishops’ conference.

But most importantly, he is vice president of the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network and is one of the three president-delegates of the current synod.

That’s some pretty big firepower. In short, it doesn’t get very much bigger than Barreto, and yet he denies the practice exists in spite of there being the proof.

Brazilian Cdl. Cláudio Hummes is the senior prelate of the synod and a long-time associate of Pope Francis.

It is difficult to believe that the president of the conference is totally unaware of a debate in his home country’s parliament over a bill that would allow infanticide to continue and that his own bishops’ conference has — or rather, had — documents acknowledging it all.

Who took those documents down from the site within hours of the topic being brought up in the press hall? Who ordered them to be taken down? Why?

Lots of questions here on a day where another proposal put forward in the synod suggests that a list of so-called ecological sins should be developed and added to lists of more traditional sins.

Perhaps synod fathers might find room on that eco-sin list for burying deformed children alive — that is, if it wouldn’t offend sensibilities about impinging on the ancestral wisdom of the people of the forest, who the Church has much to learn from through listening and accompanying them.

Reporting to you from the Pan-Amazon Synod here at the Vatican.