Islamo-Leftism [Part 5]

Editor’s note: The following is a translation by Ibn Warraq and Robert Kerr of Michel Onfray’s L’Art d’Etre Francais (The Art of Being French, Bouquins, 2021), published here for the first time. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. Part 4 is here.

Virginie Despentes also confesses that she doesn’t know how to “make the connection between what happened and Islam”… Should we cry or laugh? It is thus easy to see why so much nonsense can be uttered: the attacks of September 11? No connection with Islam. The Bataclan massacre? No connection with Islam… The murder of Jewish children by Mohamed Merah? No connection with Islam… The twelve dead and eleven wounded members of the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo? No connection with Islam… The murders of Jews in the kosher supermarket by the Kouachi brothers? No connection with Islam…

She added: “I just saw the absurd irony of the whole thing: these Charlie guys [sic] turned into martyrs, and the extreme right-wing UMP-FN alliance pissing on their graves. Yes, it was weird for us Judeo-Christians – me, a blond white girl with pale eyes in the lead – to see that not all civilizations are going to collapse at the same time, and especially Muslim culture seems to be on the first note while we’re playing the last notes of the score. After having despised them, humiliated them, and having been born convinced of our superiority – even if it meant feeling a bit guilty, but so superior –, yes, it felt strange to understand that we won’t be part of the forces that count tomorrow. It’s not uninteresting, but it’s strange to experience the twilight of a civilization.”

Once she understands, Virginie Despentes gives her explanation of the reasons for hatred: “What we shoot at is the proof that we are responsible for our own failures.” So the criminal is a victim and the victim a criminal.

An example for those who do not understand this subtle theory: when Mohamed Merah put the barrel of a gun to the head of a Jewish child and killed him, the guilty party was not Mohamed Merah but the person who made his act possible – most of the time a middle-aged white male, Judeo-Christian… When Merah shoots, it is a white man who should be hung.

Virginie Despentes’ lesson is that these attacks are really reprehensible for one reason only: they have generated an image of terrorism being linked with Islam (remember that the rebellious, award-winning author who was then a member of the Goncourt jury didn’t see the connection…) and of Islam being linked with all Muslims, which is very damaging for the corner grocer where the author of Baise moi (Rape me)[9] does her shopping.

Let us add that, perhaps, a second reason could be found that would make this terror a bad thing: these attacks have indeed generated authoritarian police legislation that is more serious, in the end, than the death of the journalists of the satirical weekly. The idea that a police patrol could stop Virginie Despentes’ car and ask her to open her trunk was indeed a sign that we were now living in a far more dangerous State than the threat posed by those who, shouting “Allah Akbar!”, cold-bloodedly killed Jewish children in a school, Jewish customers in a kosher store, journalists in a newsroom.

In the end, the real issue, as the Saint-Germain-des-Prés intellectual discovers, is “masculinity”! “I believe that this regime of weapons and the right to kill will forever be what defines masculinity,” she writes.

Killers are men? This proves indisputably that men, all men, are killers: “Since they don’t give birth, they kill,” she asserts in an aphorism that sounds like it came out of some Sunday School where ladies sermonize about good and evil.

She concludes, this time as the Mother Superior who chaperoned the catechetical meeting, “When and how do we close the arms factories?” Indeed. How could I not have thought of this earlier: if only the arms factories were closed, there would be no more murders! For it was at arms factories that the Kouachi brothers bought their weapons with their credit cards. What was I thinking?

The left-wing intellectuals therefore walked on eggshells to explain that, in the end, the guilty parties were poor victims and the victims were miserable culprits!

Thus, in Who is Charlie? subtitled Sociology of a Religious Crisis (2015), the French academic Emmanuel Todd, attached to the National Institute of Demographic Studies (INED) in Paris, explained that the millions of people who took to the streets to condemn the terrorism that had just spilled blood were… Islamophobes! It takes a certain skill, if not a certain talent, to produce this kind of paradox, but in Paris, this sleight of hand is common enough.

While Todd claims to follow the sociology of Max Weber, he takes the statistics published by Libération seriously. The analyses seem judicious, but they are not scientific, contrary to what the maps, tables and statistics might lead one to believe. This book is a political and militant work, we wouldn’t want to hold that against him, but it is by no means a scientific production. Therefore, we can question the claim that he is a researcher who objectively interprets the facts as he claims.

The thesis of this book is simple: the dechristianization of France has left the country without bearings. The middle class then looked for an en­emy. He writes: “Xenophobia, yesterday reserved for the working classes, is migrating up the social ladder. The middle and upper classes sought a scapegoat” – and they have found one in the Muslims.



[9] A controversial French novel published by Virginie Despentes in 1994, the English edition entitled Baise moi (Rape me) appeared in 2003.


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VIDEO: Monica Smit on ‘Gulag Australia’

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Monica unveils Gulag Australia, sharing her valiant fight to save her nation’s democracy.

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Papal Indulgence and the ‘Style of God’

Robert Royal: Is it helpful to counsel sinners that they are fine just as they are? Some, marginalized for good reasons, should remain so unless those reasons are removed.

Future Church historians, looking back at our time, will encounter multiple mysteries. They won’t be puzzled by the essential mysteries of the Faith such as the Incarnation and Real Presence, which are always with us. But they will scratch their heads at the many unnecessarily confusing, ill-informed, and divisive ramblings of the current occupant of the chair of St. Peter. Which we may piously hope will only survive as historical curiosities.

The latest in this sad series is his December handwritten letter to Sister Jeannine Gramick of New Ways Ministry, which just came to light, on top of an earlier letter praising that group, which has been condemned by previous popes and multiple American bishops for its unapologetic and unambiguous promotion of homosexuality.

Francis is notorious for psychoanalysis-at-a-distance – witness his repeated claims, based on nothing more, it seems, than some past experience in his own life, that all those “rigid” seminarians and young people in love with the Latin Mass – and “traditional” Catholicism more generally – have some hidden psychological problem and may be mired in something even worse – perhaps even the sin of a lack of charity.

Just as a simple matter of truth, it’s a bad idea to generalize about a large group of people of varying backgrounds and interests, distributed over scores of different nations and cultures around the world. It’s the kind of overgeneralization that you used to learn to avoid by the time you were a college sophomore.

Yet the person on earth who should be the most careful in his public pronouncements – indeed rash judgments – about other people, routinely deplores the mental and spiritual state of a diverse group of some of his Church’s most loyal followers. And just as rashly praises people at odds with the Church he heads.

I myself want to avoid, as much as possible, psychoanalysis-at-a-distance. But the Gramick letter raises several unavoidable questions. So far as anyone knows, Pope Francis is not a longtime friend of the Sister. In addition, he – and his closest advisors – have repeatedly demonstrated they know next to nothing about America and don’t much like what little they do.

Who exactly persuaded him that New Ways Ministry – despite multiple condemnations by popes and bishops – is suddenly to be regarded as a shining light of LGBTQ+ mercy in the American wilderness? Why would he believe such advisors? And why would he then go on to write such a fawning letter to a group that any serious American Catholic knows to be an unfortunate product of the chaos of the 1970s? James Martin SJ is, in his public stance, almost moderate compared to New Ways.

There are confused theological underpinnings to this: Francis not only rejects the legacy of St. John Paul II – amply demonstrated in the wrecking of various institutions, not least the John Paul II Institute on Marriage and the Family. He seems also to have been convinced that the many bishops in America appointed by JPII and Benedict are not allies in preaching the Faith, but adversaries. This, too, is a gross overgeneralization. But it would explain a lot – e.g., why previously undistinguished bishops now serving in Chicago, Newark, and San Diego seem to have commanding voices in Rome.

Then there’s the Jesuit Axis. The James Martin, S.J.-Antonio Spadaro, S.J. line joins seamlessly with the ill-grounded animus against the American hierarchy. Let us never forget that the absurd reading of religion in America written by Spadaro and Marcelo Figueroa, which even liberal American Catholics saw as skewed, described the Catholic-Evangelical alliance in defense of family, traditional sexual morals, and much more as an “ecumenism of hate.” The pope has mentioned it favorably several times.

Just as “who am I to judge?” mostly gets a workout defending gays, “hate” has also taken on an ideological meaning these days. The Jesuit magazine America has even seen fit to run an article by a very young recent college graduate about why the embrace of Satanism by a gay black rapper should teach the Church about its record of “hate” – i.e., “homophobia.”

All this, however, operates on the level of ideas. And it’s of course no surprise that Francis continues his ambiguous gestures about gays. But it’s the excessive emotional warmth that Pope Francis displays towards Sister Gramick, a heterodox figure whom he does not even know well personally, that particularly draws attention. Why the need for this, which is a slap in the face for those popes and bishops who made very different judgments – and a cavalier disregard of the Jewish and Catholic moral tradition in such matters?

“You have not been afraid of ‘closeness,’ and in getting close you did it ‘feeling the pain’ and without condemning anyone, but with the ‘tenderness’ of a sister and a mother,” which displayed “‘the style’ of God.” And he added that he knew “how much she has suffered” describing her as “a valiant woman who makes her decisions in prayer.”

With respect, Santo Padre, but wrong, wrong, and wrong. Colossally. Far from being merely unafraid, Gramick and New Ways have been defiant proponents of homosexuality. Her own original order, the School Sisters of Notre Dame, asked her to stop public teaching on sexuality. She chose to move to the Sisters of Loretto.

Was it the “style of God” not just to counsel sinners or those with problems, but to tell them they were fine just as they are? And as to decisions made “in prayer,” prayers to which God? It certainly isn’t the one who at the beginning of Genesis says, “male and female he created them.”

It’s all well and good and part of the Christian dispensation to accompany the marginalized – when they’ve been marginalized out of prejudice or hardness of heart. But there are also those who are marginalized for good reasons and should remain so unless those reasons are removed.

Indeed, it’s a good idea to look into those reasons carefully before reversing decades of proper evaluations by people who actually know something about groups like New Ways. Courage, the apostolate founded by Fr. John Harvey forty years ago, which both accompanies those with same-sex attraction and upholds Catholic faith and morals, should have been the recipient of this letter.

Charity plus fidelity is part of Catholicism’s singular moral realism. Sentimental indulgence is not “the style of God.”

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Robert Royal

Robert Royal is editor-in-chief of The Catholic Thing and president of the Faith & Reason Institute in Washington, D.C. His most recent books are Columbus and the Crisis of the West and A Deeper Vision: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition in the Twentieth Century.

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Why the Bastardization of the Scientific Method Is so Dangerous

When married to power, an exaltation of science can have disastrous effects.

Over the past half decade, there has been a growing trend signaling a shift in the perceived and accepted role of science. It is not uncommon to see slogans and mottos such as “the science is settled” and “believe in science.”

Statements like this present two major problems: first, science is determined to be final and indisputable; second, it is accompanied by a value or moral judgment. For example, scientific studies indicate that wearing a helmet can reduce head injury by 48%, serious head injury by 60%, traumatic brain injury by 53%, [and] face injury by 23%.”

While it takes little effort to align with science on such a matter, I intend to demonstrate that an application of the first behavior is contradictory to the foundation of science and the second lies entirely outside its purview.

To establish common ground, we begin by reviewing the merits and fundamentals of the scientific method. First, an observation is made, followed by a question regarding the observation. A hypothesis is then formed that could potentially answer the question. A prediction about future results based on the hypothesis is then tested via experiments. Analysis of the results of the experiments are utilized to confirm or reject the hypothesis. If the results seem to demonstrate that the hypothesis is correct, then confidence begins to build in the predictive power of the hypothesis and its ability to describe the real world. If the results seem to demonstrate that the hypothesis is incorrect, then the scientific method loops back on itself and the hypothesis is challenged, refined, modified, or discarded. The process is rigorous, thorough, and exacting. It is also deeply empirical, meaning it relies on information from the real world; it can only extract data from things that have already happened. In its most basic form, this process is what constitutes “science” as commonly referred to in media and conversation.

With common ground established, the first major problem can be addressed. It is, ironically, anti-science to ever declare that science is settled. There are a few characteristics of the scientific method that substantiate this claim. Since the scientific method is based on empirical data in relation to a hypothesis, it is reliant on the senses and perceived experiences. This means it is wholly dependent on the past. Science cannot properly predict the future; it can only model what has happened and make a reasonable projection about what could happen. Scientific law hangs on statistical probability.

In addition, since man is not omniscient, the future will forever remain unknown. As man continues to explore the physical world, there always exists the possibility that enough data will accumulate to falsify, or at least cast into doubt, a well-established scientific conclusion. Because of these conditions, statements declaring the science to be settled are altogether unscientific: they reject the core principles and practices of the scientific method and the nature of human experience. Such conditions expose the ridiculousness of any insinuation that science is settled. Strictly speaking, science is unable to ever be settled. Imagine the carnage if scientists around the world had retired their lab coats and accepted the alleged “clinical proof” that certain cigarettes were not actually harmful or medically superior to other brands. Fortunately, continued use of the scientific method has built a compelling counterargument that cigarettes are in fact very detrimental to the body.

The second major problem may have more perilous implications when thoroughly examined. In the preceding discussion, it is clearly shown that science is only able to approach statistical truth based on empirical evidence. Science is, however, utterly unable to tell us what is right or wrong. There is nothing naturally occurring within the scientific method that empowers it to make value judgments or moral decisions. It cannot tell us what is good, bad, better, or worse. In essence, science is never able to say “should” or “must.” To return to our previous example, science may conclude that wearing a helmet prevents head injuries in motorbike accidents, but it is powerless to dictate that motorists should wear helmets. To do so is to make a value judgment that can only be made by individuals.

Wearing a helmet is only prescriptive if the individual motorist values the possibility of preventing a cracked skull more than riding freely in the wind. Knowing the risks and being informed by science, most motorists would likely choose to wear a helmet, but science is unable to tell them that is the choice of highest value, since individuals have different, and differing, value systems. In regards to science, what is right is dependent on the precise ends desired by individual actors and their values.

As Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises stated, “There is no use in arguing about the adequacy of ethical precepts…. Ultimate ends are chosen by the individual’s judgments of value. They cannot be determined by scientific inquiry and logical reasoning.”

Allowing science to make universal value judgments also enables it to define morality. An example of this can be found in the debates surrounding abortion law. Science can tell us when a heartbeat begins, how developed a baby is in the first, second, and third trimester, and even the sex of the baby. But again, it is absolutely powerless to tell us whether it is or is not moral to abort the baby. Such an evaluation would rest on the value judgments and moral code of the individual.

The issue, then, with slogans like “believe in science” is the tendency to conflate science with morality and value. When science is wielded to make laws, it is most often done with a moral code attached. It has been shown that science is not able to do this, so the only way science can be used to make law is for someone, some real person or persons somewhere, to draw a moral conclusion based on the science. This personal, individual moral conclusion is then applied wholesale upon all that the law will reach. It is for this reason that science should never be used as a justification in any government action to enforce moral systems.

Doing so results in the morals and values of the few being imposed upon the many. But it is only individuals who can make decisions about what they will do in regard to any scientific consensus. F.A. Hayek put this neatly when he said that “individuals should be allowed … to follow their own values and preferences rather than somebody else’s.”

The results of any scientific study require interpretation, and any interpretation is necessarily subjective. The interpretation of results may go on to inform value judgments and moral codes. But if science moves into a space where its conclusions can never be challenged and it also determines morality, then it suddenly ceases to exhibit characteristics of science and has assumed characteristics of religion.

When conveniently married to power, an exaltation of science to this status can have disastrous effects, as evidenced by the acts committed by the Third Reich and other totalitarian regimes.

“Science cannot lie, for it’s always striving, according to the momentary state of knowledge, to deduce what is true,” Hitler famously asserted.

The further scientists drift from the scientific method to tell people what they should do, the more they undermine science and increase the potential to restrict choice, destroy human liberty, and harm real people.

It should always be remembered that while science can tell us that a phone will carry our voices through the air, it will never be able to tell us what should be said.


Mike Roberts

Mike Roberts is a process engineer at Intel with a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. He is also a life-long advocate of free markets and free ideas.

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The Golden Road to Unlimited Socialism

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” – Winston Churchill

NOTE: This is a mirror of a post from Gates of Vienna, with special thanks to Western Rifle Shooters and Xanthippa Socrates.

My good friend Concerned American at Western Rifle Shooters Association recently wrote to Vlad and me. He wanted to ask our East Bloc contacts who grew up under communism the following question:

“What lessons, if any, can be taken from the collapse of the Soviet Bloc and applied to those of us stuck in the upcoming fall of the US Bloc?”

Vlad and I forwarded his message to a number of our translators who have experienced communism. Four of them have replied so far, and more are expected. I’ve collected the first group below.

I expect WRSA and Vlad to mirror this post, and will add an update with links for the mirrors when they appear.

Update: The WRSA post is here.

The first report is from DarLink, the only member of the team who grew up in the Soviet Union. She later moved to Israel, and translates both Russian and Hebrew for Vlad and me:

I have a nearly constant sense of déjà vu these days…it feels like my past is inescapable; I simply cannot leave the USSR.

The signs are everywhere:

A senile leader, lying media, a lawless society, corrupt institutions…

The fall is coming and I don’t think we can stop it.

  • Food shortages.
  • Medical supplies shortages.
  • Water, electricity, gas will be shut randomly and for unknown periods of time.
  • The government will run out of money and we the people will be left to fend for ourselves.

Prepare in anyway you can:

Get out of the cities — warmer areas where you can grow your own food are the best, in my opinion.

If you are alone, gather some friends/relatives in a group and do it together — you will go back in time technologically, and living off the land is easier in a group.

Learn to grow anything that can nourish you and your family.

Learn to hunt.

Prepare alternative sources of water.

If you can rig your own electro grid, do it.

Learn a craft others may need and would be willing to pay for in goods.

Money will be useless for a while — have stuff you can trade.

Get guns and ammo to defend what you have — others WILL try to rob you of anything valuable.

The situation, most likely, will be different from state to state, and some will have it harder than the others — if you are in a blue state, leave.

It may not be obvious, but Russians actually had it easier and suffered less than Americans will — they were less spoiled, had less stuff, and their fall was less destructive because there wasn’t much there anyway.

It’s up to us.

Start preparing.

The second report is from CrossWare, who grew up in Hungary under communism. She emigrated to Canada and lived there for a number of years, but returned home when political repression in Canada reached an alarming level:

First a little about my circumstances: I was born in the mid-’60s in Hungary, when the Beatles first arrived in America. Hungary at the time was on the path to consolidation. The Communists gained power in 1947 by cheating (moving people with trucks between voting places and having them vote multiple times — does this sound familiar?).

The next nine years were spent mirroring the “Greater Soviet Union”: first they consolidated their own power by arresting or just simply killing everybody who was not with them. Once they ran out of “enemies” they moved the goalposts and started killing each other. In the meantime, they completely mismanaged the food chain by eliminating the “kulaks” (the farmers with proper agricultural knowledge). They forced heavy industrialization on a country with an agricultural past.

The subsequent hunger and political fallout led to 1956, the first revolt against the “workers’ paradise” system. The West promised help, but nothing happened, as Western political powers preferred to solve the Suez Crisis, throwing the Hungarians into the hands of the Red Army. Hundreds of thousands fled, were killed or got locked up as political prisoners. Janos Kadar, the new general secretary of Hungary, decided to follow a different route: he loosened the reins and allowed Hungarians to bend the communist rules a bit. Have a little side job, earn extra money, etc…

That is why by the ‘60s and ‘70s we were called the “happiest barracks” in the socialist (concentration) camp, a “goulash communism”.

So that’s the history. Let’s look at what might be expected in the US, and also a bit of comparison between classical communism and the new improved Marxism 2.0 version.

There are a lot of things which will be NOT be applicable to the new communist regime. First of all, growing up in the country, we were not poisoned by the state with pharmaceutical products (jabs). Such companies were state-owned and quality was strictly enforced. The regime needed healthy soldiers in their struggle for “world peace by war”.

Also, LGBTQ+ behaviour was not tolerated, and it was punishable by prison and electroshock therapy. So the family unit was left intact. I can say that the state, generally speaking, wanted healthy new generations, except of course for the ideological indoctrination. Because they did not have today’s technical abilities, such indoctrination was not all that successful. Most people learned the truth about the ‘56 revolution, the true colors of communists, and the atrocities of the ‘50s from their parents and grandparents. People learned to read between the lines of the propaganda. Hungarians were famous for creating jokes about the political system and its leaders.

Now, looking back, the original communism worked as a weakened virus introduced into the system: an inoculation.

I could write examples of communist brutality and behaviour for the next ten, pages but I do not think that is the goal here. After all, you will soon be able to see this first-hand…

I think one of the most important aspects of the new communist regime will be the erosion of morals and human feelings such as compassion.

All communist systems like to place marginalized and untalented people into positions (for example, AOC), where they can take their revenge against their peers. I think this is something you can expect to see at all levels.

Once everybody is disarmed (yes, it is coming!), Karens and liberal-Bolshevik lunatics will be put in charge. They will be the community eyes and ears, in addition to the all-knowing vax passports and social credit system. Everything will be scrutinized, and Karens will have the full support of the militarized police.

This will not be a “Red Dawn” style occupation, where soldiers march around in hammer-and-sickle decorated uniforms and you can play the hero resistance fighter, but the occupation of the mind. I think even the book 1984 does not properly reflect what lies ahead. People will be watching each other to report someone out of envy, so that they can gain some social points. Families will report on each other, children on their parents. Social cohesion will be broken. You will not have the ability to conspire or even discuss issues.

One might ask: how would they enforce such things? Well, they are already flooding the country with lumpenproletarians, migrants, who will be more than happy to shoot some agitated white folks and follow a government that gives them handouts. Small terror groups (like BLM) will have the state’s tacit approval to eliminate targets. (I think you already have that in some level).

One of the failures of classical communism was its inability to control the flow of information. Since then, technological advances have arrived at a level where this is no longer a problem. It is every dictator’s wet dream… Once such a system is entrenched in society, it will be impossible to get rid of.

What is even worse is that the USA will continue its role as the bully of the world, beating up everybody who gets out of line. Of course, you guys have been doing that for the last seventy years in the name of democracy, so not much difference there…

What should we do? What could we do?

I wish I could say: just be a good citizen and go vote for your favorite GOP candidate. The USA had a fake multi-party system for the biggest part of the 20th century. Your voting system is worse than a third-world country, wide open for cheating.

Communism never got the bad rap it deserves, compared to the Nazis, even though they are both very similar leftist ideologies. Also, anyone who has already been indoctrinated into believing this system can rarely be persuaded to relinquish it.

I wish I could say there is a peaceful solution for this, but I do not believe there is. This is a radical turning point in history, where the world will celebrate for centuries either the heroic American freedom fighters, who rise up and won, or will be “celebrating” their execution. I do not see any other way…

I think I’ve painted a pretty dark picture. Also, I am not all that good at writing, but better at answering questions. I am more than happy to have a chat about it all in the comments if anyone is interested.

The third report is from Xanthippa, who was born and raised in Czechoslovakia, and emigrated to Canada before communism fell:

I left Czechoslovakia in 1980, so I do not have direct knowledge of what it was like to live there. But I did visit there shortly after 1990, and can share a few words on that.

Just a few months following the Velvet Revolution (the students’ blood was still on the walls and the makeshift memorial was still filled with candles), the atmosphere among the people was jubilant. Entrepreneurship was on steroids: I suspect that a lot of the black market that had existed before went above ground, but other businesses were also popping up. Our host proudly took us to an American Café in a prominent area of Prague where they only served popcorn and coffee, because that is what they thought people in America did. The prices had not yet caught up with the market value of the goods, so it was incredibly cheap for us as Westerners. Many Western movie companies were shooting films in Prague during this window (think Mission Impossible, the Dune miniseries, and so on).

Stores already had a lot more things in them, including a lot of imports (mainly from China, if I recall correctly). And even though it had only been a few months, the service in stores and restaurants was great.

Small businesses and cottage industries sprang up everywhere and people were looking for ways to export their products. One such sector of industry was military miniature kits, and I became an importer of these for Canada and the US for a number of small, budding companies around 1991/1992, and did so till about 2000. Visited there a few times during then. Again only visits, but…

During this time, things became brighter — literally. The built-up smog on the surfaces of buildings was being cleaned up; buildings were being renovated. A lot of property that had been expropriated was being returned to the original owners, including land and nunneries that had been turned into schools, and even castles. And while castles were always a tourist attraction, their opening hours were now more people-friendly and I was proudly taken for a business lunch to a high-end restaurant in a castle.

When it came to restaurants — meat was now available and most of the meals on the menu included it. That was a HUGE difference. And while I did not get a chance to go shopping as such, I did notice that stores were full.

Also, there was a very visible immigration wave from Vietnam. The first time I was approached by a Vietnamese person who spoke Czech but not English, I was amazed. Integration was successful.

On the other hand, the problems with the Roma population had increased in every respect. This has a complex history… Prior to WW2, the Roma population was mostly (not completely) integrated into society. But these Roma were genocided by the Nazis, and following the war, they were replaced by a new population of Roma from the South and East, and these Roma had never integrated. They self-segregated, but most of the criminality was limited to petty crime because of the totalitarianism. Or, because of censorship, we simply did not hear about it.

Following the Velvet Revolution, their criminality became very visible. When walking down a major street in a good part of town, my host suddenly pulled me towards him and put his arm around me. Not usual. After we had walked for a bit, he let me go and noted that my purse had been securely nestled between us, because we had passed by several Roma…

The Roma children’s school attendance had dropped, the segregation and self-rule increased and the disregard for law increased, as did cries of systemic racism, discrimination against them, both by the Roma themselves and by activists.

When visiting a business associate’s home, he had proudly shown me that they had renovated their bathroom — something that was not possible under socialism, as they had only been allowed to rent their high-rise apartment.

Small businesses were growing, cottage industries were now actual small- and medium-sized businesses.

The die-hard communists did not change, though; they held on to their beliefs. Some who had prided themselves on their status as Party Members had suffered a bit of an identity crisis, and some were not dealing well with their loss of status. I had been told that some of the older ones went insane.

Well, that is all I have. I hope it helps a bit!

The final report is from László, who was raised in Hungary under communism, and still lives there:

Thank you for asking me. I am responding from Hungary. I am not sure though that I can give you a meaningful answer because I saw no war.

But what first comes to my mind is that what is happening in the USA now is not exactly comparable to the disintegration of the Soviet bloc; it would be more comparable to a Communist enemy attack and takeover, like the 1917 Russian Revolution, or the Soviet occupation of Hungary in 1956, or Mao’s Cultural Revolution. What is happening in America now, and in Hungary and indeed all over the West, is the end game of decades of globalist commie subversion the way Yuri Bezmenov described it.

I think this is an important distinction, because finally this may mean active attacks, even kinetic enemy operations in America and elsewhere. It is the now the middle of a war and the beginning of a new era, while the disintegration of the Soviet Union was the end of an old era.

So, even though I was not alive in 1956 I can tell you what worked against the Soviet invasion: unity.

The Hungarians became one soul, and fought a guerilla war against the enemy who broke in with tanks and heavy artillery. Hungarians were fighting for their homeland, and the key was that even strangers helped each other and fought for the common cause — the country became like a huge extended family or tribe. So this may be one lesson: UNITY. But another lesson is that there was betrayal within our ranks, and state terror came, and mass murders, and we were overpowered by the then-second-strongest army in the world.

But to answer your question: my personal experience in 1989, when the Berlin wall came down, was that of relief. I was young, and we could suddenly travel as the borders opened. What followed in Central Europe was more freedom, a bit of general political and economic chaos and the shift of power. Our family’s life has changed but not in a dramatic way. My father lost his job but he found another one in some months — we did not starve or anything.

Weapons played no role here in Hungary in 1989 and there was no huge violent upheaval, but countries around us experienced some calamities. Hungary was on the fringes of the disintegrating Soviet bloc, not in the middle of it. We are a buffer area. In 1990 the Soviet army just left Hungary without any further ado; they simply returned home — and upon arrival in Russia many of the soldiers were fired and became jobless! The Soviet Union was exhausted and could not be held together any more. It just fell apart.

So it was more like a disintegrating corpse than the new war that is just now taking place in the US and around the world.

What ensued in the early 1990s in Hungary was that most public property was literally stolen and sold to foreigners for very little money. The economy collapsed, but it was partly rebuilt immediately by HUGE amounts of foreign “aid” that we have not been repaid up to now. The ownership of everything (such as factories and energy infrastructure) changed, unemployment was significant, and mafias ruled. Multinational companies took over the market and killed the remaining small businesses in five to ten years. But lots of new opportunities appeared as well, for example, in the advertising business.

I have no first-hand experiences on how the Soviet Union ended deeper in the Soviet mainland, such as in Russia or Ukraine.

So, if there is a lesson I can draw about it all, it is that AFTER a big societal and political change everything is for sale. There is a power vacuum and a constant fight for the ownership of everything, while the market is turbulent. I saw that with my own eyes. Probably exactly this is what the Powers That Be are playing for in the USA — this will be the time of the Great Fascist Reset, i.e. takeover.

I see this war as the US Deep State with China against the continental US and the world. So you people who can fight in the US are the last bastion of freedom for the West, because you still have weapons (unlike us Europeans). Actually, it is the same war over here and over there, so it is a common fight this time all over the West. The parasitic ‘elite’ vs. the people; and the people against the covert Chinese takeover.

To sum it up: my general take from Hungarian history is that it is (1) unity and (2) guerilla war that make a country and a nation harder to break. That is all I can tell you — I am not sure it helps much in your situation.

Thank you for contacting me and good luck for your battles — our battles.

EDITORS NOTE: This column posted by on the Vlad Tepes Blog is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

WC4BL: Doctors Stop Practicing Medicine Now Treat Patients Based Solely on Race

“I swear by Apollo the physician, and Aesculapius, and Health, and All-heal, and all the gods and goddesses, that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this Oath and this stipulation—to reckon him who taught me this Art equally…”Hippocratic Oath (c. 400 BC) as translated from Greek by Francis Adams (1849).

“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” –  Dr. Josef Mengele German Schutzstaffel (SS) officer and physician, as quoted in Surfing the Tao : A Revolution of Free Will (2004) by Angela V. Michaels.

“White Coats for Black Lives (WC4BL) aims to dismantle racism in medicine and fight for the health of Black people and other people of color.”WC4BL website.

We now are seeing doctors and other medical professionals who only treat patients based on their race and not on the patients’ medical needs. Equality is gone in medicine. How do we know this?

Let’s look at a group calling themselves White Coats 4 Black Lives (WC4BL). The mission of WC4BL, according to their website, reads:

To dismantle racism and accompanying systems of oppression in health, while simultaneously cultivating means for collective liberation that center the needs, priorities, and self-determination of Black people and other people of color, particularly those most marginalized in our communities. [Emphasis added]

We were astounded when we read the WC4BL values and vision document. The WC4BL document reads in part:

Medical practice in the U.S. is informed by race as a political system, and works to legitimize race through false biological arguments. The very existence of American chattel slavery relied on scientific and medical justifications for Black inferiority. Race was created as a tool for exploitation by white people who placed themselves at the top of their invented racial hierarchy, in opposition to Blackness in particular. [Emphasis added]

After reading the WC4BL values and vision document we were reminded of the words of President John F. Kennedy given at a Commencement Address at Yale University on June 11 1962:

“The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie–deliberate, contrived and dishonest–but the myth–persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the clichés of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

Are the leaders and chapter members of WC4BL engaged in spreading myths that are persistent, persuasive and unrealistic?

WC4BL Chapters in American Medical Schools

WC4BL website states: Active White Coats for Black Lives chapters are listed below, along with their contact information. Want to start a chapter at your medical school or hospital? Check out our Chapter Guide to learn more.

Here’s the list of WC4BL Chapters:

Bastyr University (Kenmore, WA) –
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Boston, MA) –
Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine (University Park, NM) –
Chicago Health Coalition for Black Lives (Chicago, IL) –
Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University (North Chicago, IL) – rfuwc4bl@gmail.com
College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI) –
College of Osteopathic Medicine at Kansas City University (Kansas City, MO) –
Creighton University School of Medicine (Omaha, NE) –
East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine (Greenville, NC) –
Eastern Virginia Medical School (Norfolk, VA) –
Florida State University College of Medicine (Tallahassee, FL) –
Frank H. Netter School of Medicine (North Haven, CT) –
Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth (Hanover, NH) –
Georgetown University School of Medicine (Washington, D.C.) –
GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences (Washington, D.C.) –
Kaiser Northern California (CA) –
Kansas University School of Medicine (Kansas City, KS) –
Lincoln Memorial University DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine (Harrogate, TN) –
Louisiana State University School of Medicine (New Orleans, LA) –
Loyola University Chicago Stricht School of Medicine (Maywood, IL) –
Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA) –
McGill University – Faculty of Medicine (Montreal, Quebec) –
McGovern Medical School at The University of Texas at Houston Health Science Center (Houston, TX) –
Medical College of Georgia (Augusta, GA) –
Meharry Medical College (Nashville, TN) –
Morsani College of Medicine at the University of South Florida (Tampa, FL) –
New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine (Old Westbury, NY) –
Northwestern Medicine (Chicago, IL) –
Nova Southeastern University Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale, FL) –
Oregon Health & Science University (Portland, OR) –
PCOM South Georgia (Moultrie, GA) PCOM SGA –
Penn State College of Medicine (Hershey, PA) –
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (Philadelphia, PA) –
Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine (Iowa City, IA) –
Rush University Medical College (Chicago, IL) –
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (Newark, NJ) –
School of Medicine – University of Mississippi Medical Center (Jackson, MS) –
Sidney Kimmel Medical College – Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia, PA) –
Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (Tempe, AZ) –
St. George’s University (True Blue, Grenada) –
TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine (Fort Worth, TX) –
Texas Tech Health Science Center El Paso (El Paso, TX) –
The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine (Chicago, IL) –
Touro College of Medicine (New York, NY) –
Tufts University School of Medicine (Boston, MA) –
UAB School of Medicine (Birmingham, AL) –
UC Davis School of Medicine (Sacramento, CA) –
UMass Medical School (Worcester, MA) –
UNC School of Medicine (Chapel Hill, NC) –
University at Buffalo Residency Programs (Buffalo, NY) –
University of Arizona College of Medicine (Tucson, AZ) –
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (Little Rock, AR) –
University of Colorado School of Medicine (Aurora, CO) –
University of Illinois College of Medicine – Chicago (Chicago, IL) –
University of Kentucky College of Medicine (Lexington, KY) –
University of Maryland School of Medicine (Baltimore, MD) –
University of Michigan Medical School (Ann Arbor, MI) –
University of Minnesota Medical School (Minneapolis, MN) –
University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM) –
University of Pennsylvania Residencies (Philadelphia, PA) –
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (Pittsburgh, PA) –
University of Rochester School of Medicine (Rochester, NY) –
University of the Pacific (California) –
University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences (Toledo, OH) –
University of Utah School of Medicine (Salt Lake City, UT) –
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine (Madison, WI) –
Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University (New York, NY) –
Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University (Providence, RI) –
Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis, MO)
Weill Cornell Medicine (New York, NY) –
Westchester Medical Center (Valhalla, NY) –
Western University of Health Sciences (Lebanon, OR) –
Western University of Health Sciences (Pomona, CA) –
Wright State University – Boonshoft School of Medicine (Fairborn, OH) –
Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra University (Hempstead, NY) –

It appears that WC4BL is creating the next generation of doctors bent on using race as a primary goal of practicing and giving healthcare.

The Bottom Line

WC4BL believes:

Our job is two-fold: 1) dismantling dominant, exploitative systems in the United States, which are largely reliant on anti-Black racism, colonialism, cisheteropatriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism; and 2) rebuilding a future that supports the health and well-being of marginalized communities.

Doctors are trained in their specialty to provide their services to all of their patients regardless of race. When healthcare becomes political, healthcare suffers and patients suffer. When healthcare becomes a weapon to “dismantling dominant, exploitive systems in the United States” then medicine and doctors have become “fundamentally transformed” into political activists. We have seen doctors become agents of the state before, think of German Schutzstaffel (SS) officer and physician Dr. Josef Mengele who became the Nazi Party’s “angle of death.”

Hate for America, hate for those who believe that gender is binary (male and female), hate of capitalism, hate of whites are not about treating those who need treatment. There appears to be a Marxist based movement that’s now taking over the medical profession and some medical schools.

This movement is dangerous, unhealthy and can only lead to the destruction of the medical profession.

Medicine has become weaponized for political purposes.

In our column “The Rise of the Bio-Medical Security State” we wrote:

In February 1920, Hitler presented a 25-point Program (the Nazi Party Platform) at a Nazi Party meeting. In the 25-point program, Nazi Party members publicly declared their intention to segregate Jews from “Aryan” society and to abrogate Jews’ political, legal and civil rights.

Fast forward to January 2022 and we now see a Democrat Party Platform, enforced by federal bureaucrats, Democrat members of Congress and party leaders, to segregate the “unvaccinated” from “American” society and to abrogate the political, legal and civil rights of the unvaxxed.

Now, sadly, we can add doctors to the ranks of the Bio-Medical Security State.

Next time you visit your doctor ask if they are a member of WC4BL. If their answer is yes then you may want to find another doctor.

Sad, but true.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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Why the Bastardization of the Scientific Method Is so Dangerous

‘White Coats for Black Lives’ Calling the Shots at America’s Medical Schools

Biden Administration Cuts Florida’s Weekly Monoclonal Shipment in Half

FLORIDA: DeSantis Investing $10m in Semiconductor Production to Combat China

Once again, Governor Ron DeSantis is the best governor in the nation. No one is fighting harder for the American people than the great governor. When DeSantis becomes POTUS in either 2025 or 2029, he will take the fight to China and all of America’s adversaries. And he will win. #DeSantis2024!

DeSantis investing $10m in semiconductor production to combat China

By Red State Observer, January 6, 2022

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced a nearly $10 million investment in semiconductor production for the state of Florida to combat the United States’ reliance on China and other foreign countries for vital supplies, parts, and materials.

On Wednesday, DeSantis announced the investment whereby millions from the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund will go to Osceola County, Florida, and Valencia College to support semiconductor manufacturing.

DeSantis said the investment will support about 5,400 jobs in Florida, and Osceola County officials have suggested that tens of thousands of jobs will be supported by the investment once the infrastructure for the project is fully completed.

“Manufacturing is something that we need to do a better job of … semiconductors are a huge issue,” DeSantis said:

If you look at how the supply chain works, we are overly dependent on foreign nations, including Tawain which is a good ally of ours, but which is one that is under serious pressure from the Communist Party of China and so we have an opportunity to do more here in the United States and I think the more manufacturing of semiconductors here, the better off we’ll be. [Emphasis added]

The Chinese Communist Party steals America’s technology and is a threat to the semiconductor supply chain.

I am investing funds to increase microchip and semiconductor manufacturing in Florida so that the CCP cannot hold our supply chain hostage.

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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High School Teacher Locks COVID-Positive Child in Car Trunk

And you’re still sending your children to government schools? If so, you’re unfit to be a parent.

High school teacher charged after locking COVID-positive 13-year-old child in trunk to ‘quarantine’

Sarah Beam, a high school teacher, has been charged with endangering a child after she locked her child in the trunk of her car to quarantine them.

By: The Post Millennial, January 8, 202:

A Texas mother has been charged with child endangerment after she locked her 13-year-old child in the trunk of her car after the child tested positive for COVID-19.

Sarah Beam was charged with endangering a child by the Cypress-Fairbanks Police Department. A warrant has been issued for her arrest, according to NBC 2.

Beam reportedly pulled into a drive-thru COVID testing site in Harris County, Texas, when an officer heard a noise coming from her trunk.

When Beam opened the trunk, her 13-year-old child was found inside.

The mom explained that the had child tested positive for COVID-19 and therefore had to be quarantined, officials said.

Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District confirmed that Beam had worked for the school district since 2011. Beam had most recently worked as a Cypress Falls High School teacher. She is now on administrative leave.

“CFPD was alerted that a child was in the trunk of a car at a drive-thru COVID-19 testing site earlier this week. Law enforcement conducted a full investigation, resulting in a warrant for arrest. Thankfully, the child was not harmed,” the district said in a statement, according to NBC….


BOMBSHELL New NIH Study: Two-Dose Covid Vaccination Gives Limited Immune Response and More SUSCEPTIBLE to Covid Infection

COVID-19 Vaccines Linked to Change in Menstrual Cycles: Study

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Before I start this blog know one thing. For the first time I am asking my readers to be generous and to give money! Not to me. I don’t do this lightly as it was never the intention of my blog. I understand that it is read in many countries but the cause is relevant to all.


Time is short for these people.

Many of you know me and my background. You also know I am very passionate about military and law enforcement for reasons you probably understand. My contacts go far and wide and this has helped in getting some things achieved. The men of valor and extreme bravery I have been dealing with have one thing in common. A love for this country and a willingness to die for it.

As I am sure you are aware, my disgust and anger at the deliberate ineptitude shown by the treasonous Biden Administration’s withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan which caused untold agony to allies and friends and the resultant deaths including 13 of our beloved Marines that occurred, made me and many military members ashamed of our country. For the first time.

We knew we had to do something. Here’s a link to a prior blog on this subject. Please read this for more of my insight on this matter.

I am now involved in a very small organization/movement that is and has been successful in helping get Afghans out of that hell hole. Our organization is small but very experienced in this line of work. Their specialty is border crossing/safe transport/safe house location/getting rid of problematic Taliban.

I am not going to give any operational information out here for obvious reasons nor names. We concentrate on those that had ties with US military and had promises of expatriation should the time arrive. Not only them but certain family members as well.

Sadly in the last few weeks several we wanted to help have been captured, tortured and executed. We were too late. Every day counts.

If you hit the blog I linked above some of the people we are working on exfiltrating on a long and dangerous journey, are related to the family I talk about so this particular mission is more personal to me.

In short this mission has a cost of over $50,000 and it needs to be raised fast. Every day is like a month to these poor people.

Please be generous. Donate all you can, whether it be $20 or more. Then try get friends and family and patriotic groups to do the same.


I am praying we are successful again and save these friends of America and help them reach these shores.

It’s the least we can do. Let’s show them that ordinary Americans do care and are prepared to do something about the injustice and disgraceful acts of this domestic terrorist sitting in the Peoples House. Show we have no faith in a commie inspired MSM that is lying to cover up the atrocities being committed against friends of Americas.

Show we are still the light on the top of the hill and we stand for justice, liberty and freedom. We are Americans!

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

VIDEO: This Week in Jihad

“JIHAD: a holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty.”Merriam-Webster

RELATED VIDEO: Ilhan Omar’s Islamophobia Bill


Facebook censors Catholic charity’s campaign to protect Christian women exposed to violence in Muslim countries

Berkeley Professor of ‘Islamophobia’ Claims ‘the Muslim Is Presumed Guilty’ on U.S. Campuses

Pope Francis says ‘religious persecution’ is ‘inhuman,’ ‘unacceptable’ and ‘insane,’ without mentioning Islam

Hassan Nasrallah’s Litany of Woe 

Canada: Muslims scream ‘Allahu akbar’ and ‘America the great Satan,’ say Trump will be tried in Islamic court

Over 11,000 illegal Muslim migrants arrive in Germany from Belarus

UK’s Chief Rabbi condemns Jewish Fund chief for saying future of Jews in UK in doubt because of Muslim immigration

UK: In Birmingham mosque, imam from Pakistan praises Muslim who murdered ‘blasphemer’

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Islamo-Leftism [Part 4]

Editor’s note: The following is a translation by Ibn Warraq and Robert Kerr of Michel Onfray’s L’Art d’Etre Francais (The Art of Being French, Bouquins, 2021), published here for the first time. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here.

… and things

The history of France, since then, is one of the country’s long allegiance to Islamo-leftist demands: complicit silence on the fatwa issued against Salman Rushdie; acceptance of polygamy on national territory; promotion of Muslim human rights against those of the French Revolution; demand for repentance for the Algerian War; con­sti­tution of Islamic trade unions; exacerbation of the right to difference; the Islamic veil; celebration of Afghan jihadists; validation of sexual mutilation, namely female circumcision; proclaiming blasphemy as a crime; comparison of colonialism to national socialism; positive discrimination; attack on the freedom of conscience; reactivation of old-fashioned Muslim anti-Semitism; refusal of secular education; rejection of the national education system’s curriculum in science and history; presentation of immigration as an opportunity for France; rewriting history in the sense of a submission of white civilization to that of the so-called Blacks of Egypt and the Muslims; rejection of nativity scenes and Christmas trees in public places; generalization of halal slaughter; tolerance of Muslim violence in the lost territories of the Republic; invention of the notion of Islamophobia;  rewriting the history of France in a stigmatizing way; and then, worst of all: justification of Muslim terrorism…

How can we understand the reactions of this or that person to the attack on the Bataclan, [music venue in Paris] which killed 131 people and whose photos, which do exist, have been banned from publication? For what mysterious reasons? How could we have credibly combatted the totalitarianisms of the 20th century if we had not shown, as Alain Resnais did in his 1956 film Night and Fog (Nuit et brouillard), the corpses of the victims of National Socialism? But then it’s true that we never show those of the victims of Marxist-Leninism either…

The attacks have been numerous and have allowed journalists, intellectuals, and philosophers who are fellow travelers of Islamo-leftism to react. For example, Virginie Despentes published an unambiguous piece in Les Inrockuptibles[7] (17 January 2015), the flagship publication of this ideology…

The argument can already be found in the work of Houria Bouteldja[8]: the emasculated white Westerner resents the Arab-Muslim man, to use the appropriate terminology, on account of his virility, or even his supervirility.

One needs only to read Virginie Despentes’ title to understand her thesis:

“Men remind us who is in charge, and how.” Obviously, it is out of the question that a white man can be in charge, that would be fascism, racism, sexism, phallocracy, homophobia, anti-Semitism, et cetera! Conversely, if we are dealing with non white males (the “Arab-Muslim” to express oneself as Houria Bouteldja does, of the mestizo, in the words of Guy Hocquenghem, of the creole in the diction of Édouard Glissant), then one can enjoy different privileges – sexual possession proves to be the great fantasy of those who, in their insults, propose to fuck mothers or threaten to sodomize anyone who looks at them in the wrong way. While Christian eroticism based on the imitation of an angelic or martyred body for men or a virgin mother for women, was not very balanced, Muslim imagination in this field does not seem to offer a more desirable alternative: the desire to penetrate someone’s mother’s pudenda or the rectum of men in order to punish them, never ceases to amaze.

Virginie Despentes says that after the attacks of January 7, 2015, which decimated the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo and which, the following day, caused the death of four Jews in a kosher supermarket, her first reaction was to love everyone, without distinction… She said she loved even those who were not Charlie, which hardly seemed a feat out of reach for anyone defending the Islamo-leftist line! Given that she loved what was furthest from her habitual loves, she even “was Charlie”, that’s how hard she tried.

But this wave of love went even further, for, in a statement that would have sent shivers down the spine of the Pope, such an extension of the scope of love was truly Christ-like, she added: “I was also the guys who went in with their guns. Those who had just bought a Kalashnikov on the black market and had decided, in their own way, the only one [sic] available to them, was to die standing up rather than living on their knees. I also liked those who made their victims stand up and ask them to identify themselves before aiming at their faces. I also liked their desperation. Their way of saying – you don’t want me, you don’t want to see me, you think I’m going to live my life crouched in a ghetto putting up with your hostility without getting in the way of your week of sales shopping or your round of golf – I’m going to break into your fucking realities that I hate because not only do they exclude me but they put me in jail and condemn all of my people to the dishonor of a ponderous precariousness. I loved them in the sweeping movement of the lens, their gesture also became a declaration of love [sic] – look at me, take me into account” – as if it were the only way to get to the sales and the golf course on one day.

But the declaration of love made to the terrorists does not stop there. Here is how the Passion, according to Despentes, continues: “I loved them in their awkward blundering – when I saw them with their weapons in hand sowing terror while shouting ‘we have avenged the Prophet’ and not finding the right tone to say it. Like a bad action movie, bad gangsta-rap. Right down to their heroic [sic] act, something that didn’t succeed.”

She goes on to talk about the victims of 9/11, the Jewish children murdered at close range by Mohamed Merah in front of their Jewish school, noting, “I can’t seem to differentiate between these different ways of dying.”

This is followed by musings on “the mushy leftism” of Libération and Charlie Hebdo which were attacked by these famous perpetrators of “heroic acts” – including the murder of Jewish children… Ultimately, Virginie Despentes resigns herself to defend the right-wing left – honor is preserved intact, the readers of Libération who go to the sales and play golf, those of the Inrockuptibles too, ditto with those of Le Monde, or the listeners of France Inter will have been spooked for nothing! They will still be able to vote Macron in the second round of the presidential elections…



[7] Inrockuptibles, first published in 1986, is a French magazine, initially covering only rock music, but now covers all matters political and cultural. It is on the hard left of the political spectrum.

[8] Houria Bouteldja [born 1973] with parents of Algerian origin. Houria has often been accused of antisemitism, homophobia, and antiwhite prejudice.

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

What you need to know about “The Great Reset”

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” – George Soros, Communist, billionaire, major funder of the Democratic Party.

The Great Reset is the name given to the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), held in June 2020. The WEF consists of more than 3,000 of the world’s most high profile progressive elites, including the America-hating George Soros and other mega-wealthy anti-capitalists fully committed to creating a “New World Order” in which individual nations will be coerced to yield their sovereignty to a global governing body run by the UN. The most pressing objective of the Great Reset is to bring down the greatest capitalist crown jewel of them all—the United States of America.

In his 1848 manuscript, The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx wrote, “The theory of communism can be summed up in a single sentence: Abolish all private property.” And that is precisely the objective of the Great Reset. In the WEF video 8 Predictions For The World In 2030, the anti-capitalist organization tells the following to the people of the world: “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.”

If you think WEF’s intent to strip ordinary citizens of the world of their hard-earned possessions is a joke, think again. Of course, the Great Reset doesn’t intend to strip private property from all citizens of the world. The mega-rich members of the WEF and their obedient crony capitalist allies will maintain full control of their gas-guzzling private jets, multiple lavish mansions, bottomless bank accounts and other hi-end luxuries upon which their opulent lifestyles depend. That’s what always happens when communists seize control.

If the Great Reset becomes reality, an all-powerful global governing body will electronically monitor everything you say or post, and will use that intel to assign you a “social credit” score. Oppose the Great Reset and its utopian mandates, and your social credit score will plummet.

Your social credit standing will be used to determine virtually every phase of your existence: what size house you’re allowed to live in; the amount of heating and air conditioning you’re allowed to consume; what kind of car (if any) you’re allowed to drive and the mileage you’re allotted; the kind of food you’re allowed to eat; and when, where and if you and your family are allowed to travel by air. In short, the Great Reset will impose draconian downgrades to the lifestyle of every ordinary American.

Will the Great Reset happen? Here’s what Biden’s climate czar John Kerry had to say: “And, yes, the Great Reset will happen. And I think it will happen with greater speed and with greater intensity than a lot of people imagine.”

So, who in this country wants the Great Reset enacted? The mainstream media, Big Business, Big Tech, Big Labor, virtually all of academia, the religious left, Hollywood, the professional sports leagues and high profile progressive Democrats like John Kerry, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, as well as never-Trump Republicans like Bush 43, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Lynn Chaney. (Few Americans know that in 1991, George W. Bush’s presidential father issued a call for a New World Order, a call that to the best of my knowledge his son has never renounced.)

One this is for sure. If the globalist elites plotting to enact the Great Reset get their way, your life—and the life of your children, grandchildren and generations of children yet to come—will be impacted in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.


In The Great Reset: Joe Biden and the Rise of 21st Century Fascism, New York Times bestselling author and nationally syndicated radio host Glenn Beck predicts that the American way of life will not survive the Great Reset and warns us that it must be stopped before it’s too late. 

The roadmap to stopping the Great Reset begins with fully understanding what the free peoples of the world are up against, and no resource provides more information about this radical anti-American movement than Beck’s new book, which will be in bookstores on Tuesday, January 11, 2021.

©John Edison. All rights reserved.

Watch the New Documentary “Finding Courage” that Features Chinese Defectors

Recent polls reveal that 30% of younger Americans are embracing Marxism and seem to have no real concept of what it is really about. A new documentary film has been created that exposes that reality.

Finding Courage is the story of a family whose members are former CCP Journalist Propagandists that found a path to peace and harmony and then experienced severe persecution and suffering. Their sister was murdered and their brother was imprisoned and tortured for 12 years. They bring the perspective from being on the CCP side and bringing other defectors to the screen to validate further their incredible story.

Watch the “Finding Courage” trailer:

Make a difference – spread word about this critically important film! SHARE the FINDING COURAGE TRAILER
with your friends and family on social media!

HOST your own screening of “Finding Courage” HERE

On Thursday night January 13th at 5:30 PM PST the film, Q&A and Panel discussion will be available at:

The event will be Hosted by Pastor Greg Young, host of the Chosen Generation Radio Show and Co-Hosted by Daphne Barak the top Interviewer for CBS Paramount Plus who will have a four hour feature presentation airing next month. Special Panel Guests to include Erbil Gunasti, author of Game Changer, Senator Jeff Stone and special guests.

©Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.

What Is the Great Reset?

The following is adapted from a talk delivered at Hillsdale College on November 7, 2021, during a Center for Constructive Alternatives conference on “The Great Reset.”

Is the Great Reset a conspiracy theory imagining a vast left-wing plot to establish a totalitarian one-world government? No. Despite the fact that some people may have spun conspiracy theories based on it—with some reason, as we will see—the Great Reset is real.

Indeed, just last year, Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF)—a famous organization made up of the world’s political, economic, and cultural elites that meets annually in Davos, Switzerland—and Thierry Malleret, co-founder and main author of the Monthly Barometer, published a book called COVID-19: The Great Reset. In the book, they define the Great Reset as a means of addressing the “weaknesses of capitalism” that were purportedly exposed by the COVID pandemic.

But the idea of the Great Reset goes back much further. It can be traced at least as far back as the inception of the WEF, originally founded as the European Management Forum, in 1971. In that same year, Schwab, an engineer and economist by training, published his first book, Modern Enterprise Management in Mechanical Engineering. It was in this book that Schwab first introduced the concept he would later call “stakeholder capitalism,” arguing “that the management of a modern enterprise must serve not only shareholders but all stakeholders to achieve long-term growth and prosperity.” Schwab and the WEF have promoted the idea of stakeholder capitalism ever since. They can take credit for the stakeholder and public-private partnership rhetoric and policies embraced by governments, corporations, non-governmental organizations, and international governance bodies worldwide.

The specific phrase “Great Reset” came into general circulation over a decade ago, with the publication of a 2010 book, The Great Reset, by American urban studies scholar Richard Florida. Written in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, Florida’s book argued that the 2008 economic crash was the latest in a series of Great Resets—including the Long Depression of the 1870s and the Great Depression of the 1930s—which he defined as periods of paradigm-shifting systemic innovation.

Four years after Florida’s book was published, at the 2014 annual meeting of the WEF, Schwab declared: “What we want to do in Davos this year . . . is to push the reset button”—and subsequently the image of a reset button would appear on the WEF’s website.

In 2018 and 2019, the WEF organized two events that became the primary inspiration for the current Great Reset project—and also, for obvious reasons, fresh fodder for conspiracy theorists. (Don’t blame me for the latter—all I’m doing is relating the historical facts.)

In May 2018, the WEF collaborated with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security to conduct “CLADE X,” a simulation of a national pandemic response. Specifically, the exercise simulated the outbreak of a novel strain of a human parainfluenza virus, with genetic elements of the Nipah virus, called CLADE X. The simulation ended with a news report stating that in the face of CLADE X, without effective vaccines, “experts tell us that we could eventually see 30 to 40 million deaths in the U.S. and more than 900 million around the world—twelve percent of the global population.” Clearly, preparation for a global pandemic was in order.

In October 2019, the WEF collaborated with Johns Hopkins and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on another pandemic exercise, “Event 201,” which simulated an international response to the outbreak of a novel coronavirus. This was two months before the COVID outbreak in China became news and five months before the World Health Organization declared it a pandemic, and it closely resembled the future COVID scenario, including incorporating the idea of asymptomatic spread.

The CLADE X and Event 201 simulations anticipated almost every eventuality of the actual COVID crisis, most notably the responses by governments, health agencies, the media, tech companies, and elements of the public. The responses and their effects included worldwide lockdowns, the collapse of businesses and industries, the adoption of biometric surveillance technologies, an emphasis on social media censorship to combat “misinformation,” the flooding of social and legacy media with “authoritative sources,” widespread riots, and mass unemployment.

In addition to being promoted as a response to COVID, the Great Reset is promoted as a response to climate change. In 2017, the WEF published a paper entitled, “We Need to Reset the Global Operating System to Achieve the [United Nations Sustainable Development Goals].” On June 13, 2019, the WEF signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations to form a partnership to advance the “UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” Shortly after that, the WEF published the “United Nations-World Economic Forum Strategic Partnership Framework for the 2030 Agenda,” promising to help finance the UN’s climate change agenda and committing the WEF to help the UN “meet the needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” including providing assets and expertise for “digital governance.”

In June 2020, at its 50th annual meeting, the WEF announced the Great Reset’s official launch, and a month later Schwab and Malleret published their book on COVID and the Great Reset. The book declared that COVID represents an “opportunity [that] can be seized”; that “we should take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to reimagine our world”; that “the moment must be seized to take advantage of this unique window of opportunity”; and that “[f]or those fortunate enough to find themselves in industries ‘naturally’ resilient to the pandemic”—think here of Big Tech companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon—“the crisis was not only more bearable, but even a source of profitable opportunities at a time of distress for the majority.”

The Great Reset aims to usher in a bewildering economic amalgam—Schwab’s stakeholder capitalism—which I have called “corporate socialism” and Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben has called “communist capitalism.”

In brief, stakeholder capitalism involves the behavioral modification of corporations to benefit not shareholders, but stakeholders—individuals and groups that stand to benefit or lose from corporate behavior. Stakeholder capitalism requires not only corporate responses to pandemics and ecological issues such as climate change, “but also rethinking  [corporations’] commitments to already-vulnerable communities within their ecosystems.” This is the “social justice” aspect of the Great Reset. To comply with that, governments, banks, and asset managers use the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) index to squeeze non-woke corporations and businesses out of the market. The ESG index is essentially a social credit score that is used to drive ownership and control of production away from the non-woke or non-compliant.

One of the WEF’s many powerful “strategic partners,” BlackRock, Inc., the world’s largest asset manager, is solidly behind the stakeholder model. In a 2021 letter to CEOs, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink declared that “climate risk is investment risk,” and “the creation of sustainable index investments has enabled a massive acceleration of capital towards companies better prepared to address climate risk.” The COVID pandemic, Fink wrote, accelerated the flow of funds toward sustainable investments:

We have long believed that our clients, as shareholders in your company, will benefit if you can create enduring, sustainable value for all of your stakeholders. . . . As more and more investors choose to tilt their investments towards sustainability-focused companies, the tectonic shift we are seeing will accelerate further. And because this will have such a dramatic impact on how capital is allocated, every management team and board will need to consider how this will impact their company’s stock.

Fink’s letter is more than a report to CEOs. It is an implicit threat: be woke or else.

In their recent book on the Great Reset, Schwab and Malleret pit “stakeholder capitalism” against “neoliberalism,” defining the latter as “a corpus of ideas and policies . . . favouring competition over solidarity, creative destruction over government intervention, and economic growth over social welfare.” In other words, “neoliberalism” refers to the free enterprise system. In opposing that system, stakeholder capitalism entails corporate cooperation with the state and vastly increased government intervention in the economy.

Proponents of the Great Reset hold “neoliberalism” responsible for our economic woes. But in truth, the governmental favoring of industries and players within industries—what used to be known as corporatism or economic fascism—has been the real source of what Schwab and his allies at the WEF decry.

While approved corporations are not necessarily monopolies, the tendency of the Great Reset is toward monopolization—vesting as much control over production and distribution in as few favored corporations as possible, while eliminating industries and producers deemed non-essential or inimical. To bring this reset about, Schwab writes, “[e]very country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed.”

Another way of describing the goal of the Great Reset is “capitalism with Chinese characteristics”—a two-tiered economy, with profitable monopolies and the state on top and socialism for the majority below.

Several decades ago, as China’s growing reliance on the for-profit sectors of its economy could no longer be credibly denied by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), its leadership approved the slogan “socialism with Chinese characteristics” to describe its economic system. Formulated by Deng Xiaoping, the phrase was meant to rationalize the CCP’s allowance of for-profit development under a socialist political system. The CCP considered the privatization of the Chinese economy to be a temporary phase—lasting as long as 100 years if necessary—on the way to a communist society. Party leaders maintain that this approach has been necessary in China because socialism was introduced too early there, when China was a backward agrarian country. China needed a capitalist booster shot.

Stripped of its socialist ideological pretensions, the Chinese system amounts to a socialist or communist state increasingly funded by capitalist economic development. The difference between the former Soviet Union and contemporary China is that when it became obvious that a socialist economy had failed, the former gave up its socialist economic pretenses, while the latter has not.

The Great Reset represents the development of the Chinese system in the West, but in reverse. Whereas the Chinese political class began with a socialist political system and then introduced privately held for-profit production, the West began with capitalism and is now implementing a Chinese-style political system. This Chinese-style system includes vastly increased state intervention in the economy, on the one hand, and on the other, the kind of authoritarian measures that the Chinese government uses to control its population.

Schwab and Malleret write that if “the past five centuries in Europe and America” have taught us anything, it is that “acute crises contribute to boosting the power of the state. It’s always been the case and there is no reason it should be different with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The draconian lockdown measures employed by Western governments managed to accomplish goals of which corporate socialists in the WEF could only dream—above all, the destruction of small businesses, eliminating competitors for corporate monopolists favored by the state. In the U.S. alone, according to the Foundation for Economic Education, millions of small businesses closed their doors due to the lockdowns. Yelp data indicates that 60 percent of those closures are now permanent. Meanwhile companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google enjoyed record gains.

Other developments that advance the Great Reset agenda have included unfettered immigration, travel restrictions for otherwise legal border crossing, the Federal Reserve’s unrestrained printing of money and the subsequent inflation, increased taxation, increased dependence on the state, broken supply chains, the restrictions and job losses due to vaccine mandates, and the prospect of personal carbon allowances.

Such policies reflect the “fairness” aspect of the Great Reset—fairness requires lowering the economic status of people in wealthier nations like the U.S. relative to that of people in poorer regions of the world. One of the functions of woke ideology is to make the majority in developed countries feel guilty about their wealth, which the elites aim to reset downwards—except, one notices, for the elites themselves, who need to be rich in order to fly in their private jets to Davos each year.

The Great Reset’s corporate stakeholder model overlaps with its governance and geopolitical model: states and favored corporations are combined in public-private partnerships and together have control of governance. This corporate-state hybrid is largely unaccountable to the constituents of national governments.

Governance is not only increasingly privatized, but also and more importantly, corporations are deputized as major additions to governments and intergovernmental bodies. The state is thereby extended, enhanced, and augmented by the addition of enormous corporate assets. As such, corporations become what I have called “governmentalities”—otherwise private organizations wielded as state apparatuses, with no obligation to answer to pesky voters. Since these corporations are multinational, the state essentially becomes globalist, whether or not a one-world government is ever formalized.

As if the economic and governmental resets were not dramatic enough, the technological reset reads like a dystopian science fiction novel. It is based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution—or 4-IR for short. The first, second, and third industrial revolutions were the mechanical, electrical, and digital revolutions. The 4-IR marks the convergence of existing and emerging fields, including Big Data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum computing, genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics. The foreseen result will be the merging of the physical, digital, and biological worlds, which presents a challenge to the ontologies by which we understand ourselves and the world, including the definition of a human being.

There is nothing original about this. Transhumanists and Singularitarians (prophets of technological singularity) such as Ray Kurzweil forecasted these and other revolutionary developments long ago. What’s different about the globalists’ vision of 4-IR is the attempt to harness it to the ends of the Great Reset.

If already existing 4-IR developments are any indication of the future, then the claim that it will contribute to human happiness is false. These developments include Internet algorithms that feed users prescribed news and advertisements and downrank or exclude banned content; algorithms that censor social media content and consign “dangerous” individuals and organizations to digital gulags; “keyword warrants” based on search engine inputs; apps that track and trace COVID violations and report offenders to the police; robot police with scanners to identify and round up the unvaccinated and other dissidents; and smart cities where residents are digital entities to be monitored, surveilled, and recorded, and where data on their every move is collected, collated, stored, and attached to a digital identity and a social credit score.

In short, 4-IR technologies subject human beings to a kind of technological management that makes surveillance by the NSA look like child’s play. Schwab goes so far as to cheer developments that aim to connect human brains directly to the cloud for the sake of “data mining” our thoughts and memories. If successful, this would constitute a technological mastery over decision-making that would threaten human autonomy and undermine free will.

The 4-IR seeks to accelerate the merging of humans and machines, resulting in a world in which all information, including genetic information, is shared, and every action, thought, and motivation is known, predicted, and possibly precluded. Unless taken out of the hands of corporate-socialist technocrats, the 4-IR will eventually lead to a virtual and inescapable prison of body and mind.

In terms of the social order, the Great Reset promises inclusion in a shared destiny. But the subordination of so-called “netizens” implies economic and political disenfranchisement, a hyper-vigilance over self and others, and social isolation—or what Hannah Arendt called “organized loneliness”—on a global scale. This organized loneliness is already manifest in lockdowns, masking, social distancing, and the social exclusion of the unvaccinated. The title of the Ad Council’s March 2020 public service announcement—“Alone Together”—perfectly captures this sense of organized loneliness.

In my recent book, Google Archipelago, I argued that leftist authoritarianism is the political ideology and modus operandi of what I call Big Digital, which is on the leading edge of a nascent world system. Big Digital is the communications, ideological, and technological arm of an emerging corporate-socialist totalitarianism. The Great Reset is the name that has since been given to the project of establishing this world system.

Just as Schwab and the WEF predicted, the COVID crisis has accelerated the Great Reset. Monopolistic corporations have consolidated their grip on the economy from above, while socialism continues to advance for the rest of us below. In partnership with Big Digital, Big Pharma, the mainstream media, national and international health agencies, and compliant populations, hitherto democratic Western states—think especially of Australia, New Zealand, and Austria—are being transformed into totalitarian regimes modeled after China.

But let me end on a note of hope. Because the goals of the Great Reset depend on the obliteration not only of free markets, but of individual liberty and free will, it is, perhaps ironically, unsustainable. Like earlier attempts at totalitarianism, the Great Reset is doomed to ultimate failure. That doesn’t mean, however, that it won’t, again like those earlier attempts, leave a lot of destruction in its wake­—which is all the more reason to oppose it now and with all our might. 


Michael Rectenwald

Michael Rectenwald is the chief academic officer for American Scholars. He has a B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh, an M.A. from Case Western Reserve University, and a Ph.D. in Literary and Cultural Studies from Carnegie Mellon University. He has taught at New York University, Duke University, North Carolina Central University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Case Western Reserve University. He is the author of numerous books, including Nineteenth-Century British Secularism: Science, Religion, and LiteratureGoogle ArchipelagoBeyond Woke; and Thought Criminal.


EDITORS NOTE: This Imprimis Digest column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

The Democrat Party and The Red [Marxist] — Green [Islamist] Alliance

“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apa­thy.” – Winston Churchill, The River Wars. 

“Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption, or both.” – John F. Kennedy

Each morning I wake up hoping Democrats stop embracing absurd policies only to be disappointed.

The most recent example is an amendment introduced by Republican members in Congress to stop a check for $1,400 being sent to convicted terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. On April 15, 2013 Dzhokhar and his brother Tamerlan set off a bomb at the Boston Marathon murdering three people and maiming 265 others. Both were followers of Mohammed.

Jessica Chasmar from Fox News reported:

Senate Republicans are slamming their Democratic counterparts for blocking an amendment last March that would have prevented prisoners from receiving stimulus checks, after it was revealed Wednesday that Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev received $1,400 in federal relief.

“Senate Democrats blocked my amendment to prevent prisoners, like the Boston Marathon bomber, from receiving government stimulus checks,” Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., said in a statement to Fox News Digital. “It is an insult to victims.”

Senator Tom Cotton tweeted:

But this isn’t the first and only time Democrats have funded terrorists.


ANSWER: The Red-Green Alliance

The Marxist (Red) Islamist (Green) Alliance

I personally witnessed a Red-Green Alliance in action while stationed with the 1st Infantry Division (FWD) in Neu-Ulm, Germany in from 1970 to 1974.

U.S. Army Europe (today known as United States Army Europe and Africa), headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, was at that time confronted by two deadly terrorist organizations.

The first was the Marxist Red Army Faction, also known as the Baader–Meinhof Group or Baader–Meinhof Gang. The Baader–Meinhof Gang was a West German far-left militant organization founded in 1970. The Baader–Meinhof Gang were killing public officials, robbing banks, attacking places frequented by U.S. Army soldiers and kidnapping both German politicians and the children of Americans stationed in Germany.

The second group was the Islamist Black September Organization. The terrorist Black September Organization, Arabic Aylūl al-Aswad, was a faction of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). Black September attacked the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany on September 5-6, 1972. My unit was called out to provide additional security at the Olympic Village after the attack.

What is most interesting is that both the Black September Organization and Baader–Meinhof Gang were trained by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

I learned a harsh lesson from these personal experiences, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to stopping the followers of Marx and Mohammed.

On September 17th, 2013 Tom Trento, Florida talk show host, author and internationally known speaker on national security issues, warned about the Red (Marxist) and Green (Islamist) alliance. Watch:

The Marxist Mohammed Alliance in the U.S. Congress

Today’s poster children for the Democrat supported Red-Green Alliance are Representatives Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is a Democratic-Socialist. Ilhan Omar is a follower of Mohammed.

Both have made their marks on the Democrat Party and their influence is  both significant and growing.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez made her mark by introducing the Green New Deal, which has now been fully embraced by the Democrat Party and is part of Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. Click here to read articles about the Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal will not only eliminate fossil fuels but also begin the process of nationalizing all forms of industry. A Marxist goal.

Ilhan Omar has introduced legislation that would make any criticism of Islam a federal crime. Omar’s support for the PLO and other Islamic groups is well known. Click here to read articles about the myth of Islamophobia.

The Biden administration is now funding the Palestinians. On April 7th, 2021 the BBC News reported that Biden administration had restored $235m in U.S. aid to Palestinians.

According to the BBC:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the US plans included $75m in economic and development assistance in the West Bank and Gaza, $10m for peacebuilding programmes through the US Agency for International Development (USAid), and $150m in humanitarian assistance for the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

The Bottom Line

History is repeating itself. We are seeing the rise of Marxism and support for Islamists in our schools, colleges, universities, government and via organizations like the Council on American Islamic Relations.

The Red-Green Alliance is growing in political, social and cultural strength globally and in the United States.

While sending a check to a terrorist is bad, even worse is the efforts to support any use of tax dollars to support America’s enemies, foreign or domestic.

I lived through the Iran Hostage Crisis which ended on the day Ronald Reagan became President of the United States. The hostages were released on January  21, 1981 just a few hours after President Reagan’s inauguration address.

I am concerned as we enter into negotiations with Iran, yet again, that we will see something much worse – Iran becoming a member of the nuclear club.

In his book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order Samuel P. Huntington wrote,

“Islam’s borders are bloody and so are its innards. The fundamental problem for the West is not Islamic fundamentalism. It is Islam, a different civilisation whose people are convinced of the superiority of their culture and are obsessed with the inferiority of their power.”

Huntington also wrote,

“It is my hypothesis that the fundamental source of conflict in this new world will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic. The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural. Nation-states will remain the most powerful actors in world affairs, but the principal conflicts of global politics will occur between nations and groups of different civilizations. The clash of civilizations will dominate global politics. The fault lines between civilizations will be the battle lines of the future.”

We are now in a clash of civilizations. This clash goes from Washington, D.C. in both houses of Congress to the headquarters of the United Nations in New York City, to the European Union in Brussels, Belgium to the Middle East and beyond.

God help those who continue to expose the truth about the Red-Green Alliance.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.



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