Transgenderism Is Communism

So many narratives, so little time.  Today, we take another look at the transgender narrative and zero in on how the wheels are falling off this stupid lie in so many ways.

Before we get started, I’ve said many times there have always been transgender people and always will be.  Nobody should hate them or want to do them harm.  But that doesn’t mean I want them in control of public policy or to give them every bit of political power they desire.  These are separate questions.

Transgenderism is communism.  I’ve talked before about the communist technique of Hegelian dialectical negation.  Take a foundational idea, set up a contrary idea in motion against it, and keep agitating until the foundational idea is destroyed.  Up to now, it’s been universally understood there are only two biological sexes, male and female.  Set in motion the contrary idea that gender is just a social and psychological construct and, Voila!, all of a sudden there are 57 genders, men need tampons and can get pregnant, and women’s sports are dead.  The point of all this obvious insanity is to help usher in the socialist revolution which, in case you don’t know, really means wealth and power for a tiny elite.

But don’t take my word for it.  Now we have video evidence that transgenderism is communism.  There’s a video on YouTube with four trans activists saying, among other things.  “Trans liberation calls for communist revolution.”  In the video, they discuss ways to bring about a “communist society” to benefit trans people.  Revolution would “require the abolition of society as it currently is.  When we demand that society be arranged in certain ways, this is part of the project.” Watch:

There you have it, in-your-face Hegelian dialectical negation in spades, and proof that transgenderism is at root communism.  It couldn’t be any clearer.

So the ideology of political transgenderism is rotten to its core.  But communism is not the only thing wrong with it.  Transgenderism has been destroying women’s sports for a couple of years now, but a particularly egregious example came up recently.  The nation was horrified when a biological male on the University of Pennsylvania women’s swim team, who formerly competed as a man, recently wiped out a bunch of records previously held by real women.  It was a massacre.  This guy shattered one women’s record by 38 seconds.  The women on the team are distressed by the fact they will never have a chance of winning again.  Viewed dispassionately, one could say the patriarchy is destroying women’s sports, but women’s rights groups won’t stand up for women’s rights.  Why?  Because they’re hard core Leftists first, committed to the revolution.  They don’t give a darn about women’s rights.  Stop sending them money.

The obliteration of women’s rights in the name of political transgenderism is occurring worldwide now, thanks to the United Nations.  The UN is busy reinterpreting all its documents containing the term “gender equality” to mean ‘transgender identity protection’.  Its women’s rights office has switched from women’s rights to promoting gender identity as a core value.

The stupid transgenderism lie has also been forcing compelled speech, a big constitutional no-no.  The latest example is New York’s new law ordering utilities, phone companies, and municipal governments to use preferred pronouns when interacting with the public verbally or in writing.

Here are some more wheels falling off the transgenderism narrative recently:  Children under 16 presumed to be able to give informed consent to puberty blockers when they aren’t old enough to consent to a car loan; public schools pushing transgenderism on very young kids 4 to 8 years old and hiding student gender transitioning from parents;  a psychiatric journal admitting it falsely claimed gender transitioning improves mental health when it doesn’t; and commercial transgender vendors not disclosing hormones are physically addictive.  I don’t know which is worse – the communist ideology of political transgenderism or the transgender-industrial complex whose only interest in all of this is making money.

Before you Lefties attack me for transphobia, sweep your own doorstep before you come after me.  Ibram X. Kendi, patron saint of antiracism wokitude and great hero of the revolution, said last month he was horrified when his young daughter told him she wanted to be a boy.  So much for intersectionality.  Kendi must be a great disappointment to his fellow travelers who pushed his shtick at every turn.  Maybe he won’t get invited to speak at any more socialist conferences.  So go attack Kendi before you attack me.  Meanwhile, if you want to defend your communist ideology of political transgenderism, your use of the communist technique of Hegelian dialectical negation, or the crassly commercial transgender-industrial complex, I’m all ears.

(h/t Mark Levin 12/15/21 6pm hour played the trans activists’ video sound track)

©Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.

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NATO? If Russia Conquered Europe, it Would an Improvement

As we ponder how our day’s Dr. Strangeloves want Ukraine to join NATO so that we’ll be obligated to war against Russia if it attacks its western, kleptocratic neighbor, we should consider a certain point. It isn’t just, as some have pointed out, that Cold War relic NATO has outlived its usefulness. It’s not just that Russia, no longer being the Soviet Union, has no intention of invading Western Europe and couldn’t pull off a Julius-Caesar-in-Gaul even if it did. It’s also this:

Troubling over such a thing is a bit like fearing that Bill Gates’s bucks will invade your bank account.

NATO was created in 1949 to defend Europe against the Soviet Union, an expansionist, evil empire that devoted time and treasure to spreading the malevolent ideology of Marxism worldwide. Fear of this was entirely rational as such a conquest would have meant descent into hell on Earth, so we rightly drew a bombs-and-bullets line in the sand. But at issue today isn’t your grandfather’s Bear. It’s more like your great-grandfather’s — and relatively bearable.

Consider: Ex-German chancellor Angela Merkel opened the floodgates of Muslim migration, illustrating why late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi once said that jihadist terrorists were unnecessary because 50 million-plus Muslims in Europe would turn it into an Islamic continent in two generations.

Many European leaders sing Merkel’s song, too. Swedish politician Mona Sahlin unabashedly stated in 2001 that “the Swedes must be integrated into the new Sweden; the old Sweden is never coming back.” French president Emmanuel Macron actually advocated the idea of creating “Eurafrica,” a scheme requiring the flooding of his continent with 150 to 200 million Africans during the next few decades.

Not to be outdone in vindicating the Gallic surrender stereotype, French “intellectual” Christian de Moliner suggested in 2017 that France should essentially be divided — via the creation of a semi-autonomous, quasi-Sharia state within the country — to avoid civil war with its Muslims. Note that such sentiments place these politicians to the left of the Dalai Lama, who told the BBC in 2019 that “Europe is for Europeans” and that most migrants should ultimately be returned to their native lands.

And quite Lama-like, Russia boasts a healthy nationalism. Its president, Vladimir Putin, has touted his civilization’s glories and has said, regarding immigration, “Russia doesn’t need minorities; minorities need Russia.” And while Western Europe is awash in multicult mush, Moscow issued a 2014 document stating that Russia rejects “such principles as multiculturalism and tolerance” and “projects imposing alien values on society.”

Speaking of alien values, so-called same-sex “marriage” is rubber stamped in Western Europe, the continent’s social activists often encourage confused children to embrace a Made-up-Sexual Status (MUSS or “transgender”) “identity,” and its authorities may punish critics of such via “hate speech” laws.

In Russia, though, it’s not just that homosexual unions of any kind are verboten and that true (i.e., man-woman) marriage was enshrined in the nation’s constitution last year. Moscow also has outlawed pro-homosexual propaganda, and Putin has sung the nuclear family’s praises. More recently, he has inveighed against the elimination of the terms “mother,” “father” and “family”; has criticized the denial of “the distinction between sexes” and of the categories “of men and women”; and has said that advocating youth MUSS activity borders on “a crime against humanity.”

(See now why our Left wants to “cancel” Russia?)

But that’s not all. In October, Putin criticized Westerners for “the aggressive deletion of whole pages of their own history” and their “reverse discrimination against the majority in the interests of minorities.” He also correctly proclaimed, in 2019, that liberalism had become “obsolete.”

But now, obsolescence is the West’s essence. Back when Russia was the USSR and our Left loved it, we called the Soviets godless and they called us decadent; now we’re godless and decadent.

We hear incessant talk about the “separation of church and state” even though it’s not in our Constitution (but it is in the 1936 Soviet Constitution), and radical applications of it are foisted upon us.  In many European nations, more than 50 percent of young people identify as having “no religion” (70 percent in Britain). What’s more, some European authorities are even labeling the Bible “hate speech.” This is the handiwork, too, do note, of devout adherents of moral relativism — the West’s characteristic philosophical affliction — of the “Whatever works for you” crew.

But it doesn’t work in Russia. In a 2013 State of the Nation speech, Putin lamented that many “Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values. …Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.”

None of this is to say I trust Putin or take for granted that his pronouncements aren’t just self-interest-driven posturing. I don’t trust him any more than I do Biden or Pelosi or Kamala Harris, though I do trust him to be one thing they’re not: smart.

Putin ought to know, too, that the political correctness he condemns will destroy a nation. After all and as Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov pointed out, the KGB Putin used to work for encouraged such ideas in the West for this very reason.

But whatever the reason, GK Chesterton’s 1926 prediction that the “madness of tomorrow” would lie “not in Moscow, but much more in Manhattan” has come to pass. So explain to me not only why NATO is still necessary but also, very slowly, so I can understand it, this:

If Vladimir Putin or some near-future Russian leader completely lost his marbles, had a Napoleon moment and decided to invade Western Europe, why should America’s sons shed blood over it (let alone over the Ukraine)?

If under such a fanciful scenario the modern-day tsar were successful and imposed Russia’s social norms on the vanquished, what would be the loss to humanity? “Pride” events with men marching mostly naked? Puberty blockers for 12-year-olds? The arresting of pastors for preaching the Bible? The ignoring of the Muslim rape-gang abuse of 1,400 UK girls for 16 years for fear of being called “racist”? It’s a temping cause, really, but I think I’ll pass.

Should our Dr. Strangelove chicken hawks succeed in getting Ukraine into NATO, we can only hope that an ex-high-ranking Polish officer spoke truth when he told me years ago that the acronym stands for “No Action; Talk Only.” For if the West ever fights Russia, it’s possible that maybe, just perhaps, the Bear will now have God on its side.

Contact Selwyn Duke, follow him on MeWe or Parler, or log on to

WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene ROCKS The House, Calls Out The Communists In Charge

I’m shook.

Watch this woman.

In addition, Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has criticized Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell over a deal which paved the way for Congress to raise the debt ceiling.

“The House of Representatives is voting after midnight tonight because @LeaderMcConnell allowed Democrats to bi-pass the filibuster and ram through the debt ceiling increase to $31.5 TRILLION,” she tweeted. “Mitch is Biden’s b*tch.”

As of Wednesday morning, her tweet had been liked more than 11,000 times and retweeted nearly 4,000 times.

Rep. MTG calls out the “communists” in charge from the House floor! – [VIDEO]

The Right Scoop • December 15, 2021:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called out the “communists” in charge of House and the January 6th committee:

“We’ve heard a lot about text messages. I’d like the Democrats and the people on the January 6th committee to produce their text messages, Mr. Speaker, denouncing Antifa, BLM riots that raged across American cities for a year. I would love to read those.

But instead we saw Democrats encourage, incite, and continue to call these riots peaceful. And then when they got arrested and put in jail, they bailed them out so they could go out and riot some more.

I rise in opposition to this resolution to hold Mark Meadows in contempt of Congress because it’s being held by nothing but a kangaroo court. Congress’ job is to make laws, not enforce them. That’s the role of the Executive and the Judicial Branch of this government.

But somehow the communists here in charge have forgotten – or no, not forgotten, are purposefully abusing the Constitution and what this body of Congress is supposed to do.

You see when we go to this level, to the point where we’re forgetting and abusing what our power is, then the American people will trust us no more. And that is exactly what the January 6th committee is doing.”

I love how MTG isn’t afraid to speak her mind and I’m more than certain the left will be outraged that she called them communists on the House floor. But if water is truly wet, you can bet Kevin McCarthy will join the chorus condemning MTG for calling Pelosi and her henchmen ‘communists’.


Husband of Biden’s Commerce Secretary is Top Executive at Firm Funded by Chinese Government

Schumer, Who Accused President Trump of Russian Collusion, is Getting Paid by Putin

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Biden Admin Releases 1,491 Classified Documents About JFK’s Murder

The Biden administration released over 1,000 classified documents Wednesday regarding the assassination and subsequent investigation of former President John F. Kennedy.

The documents include filings from federal agencies and law enforcement authorities, including the CIA and FBI, as part of the federal government’s review of Kennedy’ assassination.

Among the revelations from the documents is that Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy’s apparent murderer, met with the Soviet Union’s embassy consul in Mexico, who was linked to KGB assassins. Oswald, who spent nearly three years in the Soviet Union in the late 1950s and early 1960s, had visited the Cuban and Soviet embassies in Mexico in an attempt to get a visa to the Soviet Union.

Many of the documents appear to be duplicates of redacted files that were previously released, according to CNN. The revelations failed to satisfy many researchers into Kennedy’s assassination, the outlet reported.

“The reason it’s so important is not so much that we’re going to find a smoking gun that changes the entire theory of who killed Kennedy,” Larry Sabato, a professor at the University of Virginia and Kennedy scholar, told CNN. “The lack of transparency and the fact that getting these documents after 58 years is like pulling a whole mouthful of teeth — it tells you why we have so many conspiracy theories.”

“Biden is the first president to come close to acknowledging what cynical conspiracy theorists have long assumed: There are assassination-related documents sealed away at the Archives that might never be made public, or at least not in the lifetime of anyone who remembers where they were when they heard the shocking news from Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963,” journalist and author Philip Shenon wrote in an op-ed for Politico.

The documents also revealed that Australian intelligence agents had warning as early as 1962 that there was a Soviet plot to assassinate Kennedy, but they deemed the person who made the tip to be untrustworthy.

There are still over 10,000 documents to be released, according to CNN, which will be seen by December 2022 at the earliest under the guidance of an executive order issued by President Joe Biden in October.



Tech reporter.

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Video and Texts Show CNN Producer Fantasizing About Sex Acts with Fiancé’s Young Daughter


Project Veritas released a new story today featuring graphic texts and video provided by a source that show a producer for CNN fantasizing about molesting his fiancé’s daughter.

Here is some of what is shown in today’s video:

  • The producer in question solicited sexually explicit photos of the source’s underage daughter – in addition to fantasizing about his fiancé’s daughter.
  • The source told Project Veritas she “felt disgusted” and was compelled to come forward, because “these people with power seem to get away” with this behavior.
  • The source went to the authorities, but then came to Project Veritas after she was uncertain proper action would be taken.
  • Project Veritas has reached out to CNN for comment and at this time we’re awaiting a response.

You can watch the video here:

Project Veritas’ first course of action was to reach out to authorities.

Following that, we reached out to the mother of the children to ensure their safety. Project Veritas then reached out to the producer’s employer, CNN, to inform them of the situation and give them the opportunity to comment.

These revelations come on the heels of the arrest of former CNN employee, John Griffin, who was charged with three counts of using a facility of interstate commerce to attempt to entice minors to engage in unlawful sexual activity.

To protect the children, Project Veritas is not yet releasing information about certain individuals involved in the story, including the producer.

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EDITORS NOTE: This Project Veritas video report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Ilhan Omar’s Bill to Combat ‘Islamophobia’ Passes the House

Ilhan Omar’s bill requiring the State Department to combat “Islamophobia” has passed. Omar would like us to believe that “Islamophobia” is as much a threat around the world as antisemitism, and she wants the federal government to monitor, to report on, and to fight the spread of this “hatred.” A report on the bill she has co-sponsored can be found here: “House committee debates antisemitism as Islamophobia monitor bill moves forward,” by Ron Kampeas, Jerusalem Post, December 11, 2021:

A bill that would create an Islamophobia monitor in much the same cast as the State Department’s antisemitism monitor cleared its first hurdle on Friday, after a House committee debate about antisemitism.

The bill, whose lead sponsors were Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., one of three Muslims in Congress, and Rep. Jan Schakowsky, who is Jewish, was approved Friday by the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee along party lines, with the majority of Democrats voting for it. It now goes to the House floor.

Ilhan Omar has persuaded – some might say inveigled — a Jewish Congresswoman to join her in co-sponsoring the bill. This is her standard technique for avoiding charges of antisemitism, to “reach out” to liberal Jews who are insufficiently wary of her wiles and guiles, to join her in whatever mischief she is up to. Her latest effort is to make Congress believe that “Islamophobia” — so often invoked, so rarely defined — really is such a major problem worldwide that it needs a special office in the federal government to monitor it.

Etymologically, “Islamophobia” means the “irrational fear or hatred of Islam.” But “Islamophobia” is a word that was invented not to describe that “irrational fear or hatred of Islam and of Muslims,” but in order to shut down any criticism of Islam, no matter how justified. The word is now affixed to anyone who dares to suggest that the large-scale presence of Muslims in non-Muslim lands, given the refusal of many Muslims to integrate into the larger society, and instead remain hostilely aloof from it, is worrisome. The word is affixed as well to anyone who dares to suggest that the Qur’an is full of violent passages, such as 2:191-193, 3:151, 4:89, 8:12, 8:60, 9:5, 9:29, 47:4, where Muslims are instructed to “fight” and to “kill” and to “smite at the necks of” and to “strike terror in the hearts of” Infidels. It is affixed to those who remind us that the Qur’an describes Muslims as “the best of peoples” (3:110) and non-Muslims as “the most vile of created beings” (98:6). It is affixed to those who point out that Muhammad married his favorite, and last, wife when she was six, and consummated the marriage when she was nine, and as a consequence many Muslims have similarly taken very young brides. It is affixed to those who mention that Muhammad, considered by Muslims to be the “Perfect Man” and “Model of Conduct,” asked aloud for someone to rid him of three people who had mocked him – Asma bint Marwan, Ka’b bin al-Ashraf, and Abu Afak — and his followers dutifully murdered, seriatim, all three.

During an extended committee debate on Thursday, Republicans argued that there was no need to track Islamophobia, and that the monitor position would be used as an instrument to oppress conservatives. They also said that it would undercut the fight against antisemitism — and even encourage antisemites.

There is no need to track “Islamophobia,” given the only legitimate meaning of that word – an “irrational hatred or fear of Islam” — because in the world today, we find many reasons to consider such a fear perfectly rational. Since 9/11, there have been over 40,000 separate terror attacks committed by Muslims all over the globe, against Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Baha’is, Yazidis, and even Muslims who are of a different sect, or of the right sect, but deemed insufficiently devout. It is not irrational to fear a faith whose “Perfect Man” boasted in one hadith that “I have been made victorious through terror,” and in another that “War is deceit.” This “Model of Conduct” (uswa hasana) also took part in the slaughter of 600-900 bound prisoners of the Banu Qurayza, a Jewish tribe in Mecca. He took part in the slaughter, too, of the inoffensive Jewish farmers of the Khaybar oasis, claiming as part of his plunder the Jewish girl Saafiya, after her father, brother, and husband had been murdered by Muhammad’s fighters. When Muslims of the Islamic State murdered the Yazidi men, and took their women and girls as sex slaves, they were following the example of the “Perfect Man.” Is it “irrational” to fear a faith that presents Muhammad as a model – the “Perfect Man” — to emulate? Are we “irrational” when we fear a faith that animates such violent groups as the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al-Shebab, Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Sipah-e-Sahaba, and dozens more? Is it irrational to be alarmed by the “No-Go” neighborhoods in Europe, where Muslims make life difficult and dangerous for non-Muslims, including even firemen and policemen? These fears are not irrational but sensible. Yet anyone who expresses misgivings about the effect of a growing Muslim presence in Europe is immediately described as “Islamophobic” and both “extreme far-right” and “racist” (though Islam is not a race) for good measure.

Democrats pushed back, saying that the US government was capable of simultaneously tracking and exposing both bigotries. Notably, Jewish Democrats on the committee were among the first to speak in the bill’s defense, a showing that underscored their argument that an Islamophobia monitor would complement and not undercut the antisemitism monitor.

These Jewish Democrats persist in believing, or claiming to believe, that “Islamophobia” is something more than a means to shut down all criticism, no matter how justified, of Islam. They are willing to do this, it seems, in order to virtue-signal something along the idiotic lines of “we who know full well the evils of antisemitism must stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters in their times of peril.” Nauseating.

There is no comparison to be made between the oldest hatred, antisemitism, that Jews have endured in the Christian world for two thousand years, and for 1400 years in the Islamic one. Antisemitism was responsible, within living memory, for the murders of six million Jews, and “Islamophobia,” a word that has appeared only within the last few decades, in order to silence all criticism of Islam and of Muslims, no matter how sober and thoughtful and fact-based that criticism may be.

In the Western world, wherever large numbers of Muslim migrants have settled in recent decades, the result of that sudden influx has been to create a situation that for the indigenous non-Muslims, and for other, non-Muslim, immigrants, is more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous than would be the case without that large-scale Muslim presence.

Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., who is Jewish, noted the pivotal role a letter from George Washington to a community of Jews in Rhode Island played in making the United States a safe haven for Jews.

“And so, religious freedom was born in my home state in Touro Synagogue in those words from the first president of the United States,” Cicilline said. “And so we should be very proud of that tradition, and making sure that no one suffers discrimination, because of their religious tradition, is central to that. This is not about ‘pick one,’ we should of course condemn and have condemned and will continue to condemn antisemitism and the rise of it.”

The word “Islamophobic” – let’s keep repeating — is not used mainly to describe those who “discriminate against Muslims,” for there are so few cases of those, but, rather, employed to malign those non-Muslims who actually study Islam. When these report their findings on the texts and teachings of Islam, they are called “Islamophobes.” When they adduce the historical evidence, from 1400 years of Muslim conquests of many lands and many peoples, of the mistreatment suffered by those many peoples, they are called “Islamophobes.” When they report that upon being conquered, non-Muslims were offered by the victorious Muslims only three choices: death, or immediate conversion to Islam, or acceptance of the permanent status of the dhimmi, subject to many political, economic, and social disabilities, including the payment of the onerous jizyah, a tax imposed on non-Muslims to buy “protection” from the Muslims themselves, they are again called….”Islamophobes.”

The bill’s defenders cited ongoing persecution of Muslims in China, Myanmar, India and elsewhere as an impetus. The monitor position, like the one that tracks antisemitism. worldwide, would have no enforcement mechanism. It would be designated only to monitor bigotry overseas, not domestically.

Of all the examples of “Islamophobia” that are adduced by Ilhan Omar and her fellows, the only one that really qualifies is the Chinese policy of herding Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang into re-education camps, confiscating Qur’ans that are not the officially approved versions distributed by the Chinese government, closing many mosques, outlawing “religious” beards and Muslim first names..

Whether it is the atrocities being committed against the Uyghurs in China and the Rohingya in Burma, the crackdowns on Muslim populations in India and Sri Lanka, the scapegoating of Muslim refugees and other Muslims in Hungary and Poland, the acts of white supremacist violence targeting Muslims in New Zealand and Canada, or the targeting of minority Muslim communities in Muslim-majority countries like Pakistan, Bahrain, and Iran — the problem of Islamophobia is global in scope,” Omar said Friday in praising the advance of the bill.

Other Jewish Democrats speaking in defense of the bill included Ted Deutch of Florida, Susan Wild of Pennsylvania, and Andy Levin of Michigan.

But Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Ohio, argued that a monitor for Islamophobia would undercut the work of the antisemitism monitor.

To suggest that Islamophobia is on par with antisemitism is to dramatically understate and even trivialize the historic and pervasive nature that makes antisemitism such a difficult problem to overcome,” said Chabot. “We should avoid such a dangerous false equivalency at all cost as it could be used by some extremists to actually justify further antisemitic activity.”

Cicilline said “no one is suggesting equivalence.”

But that’s exactly what Ilhan Omar is suggesting. She wants a bill to monitor “Islamophobia” that will track the language setting up the government’s “antisemitism” monitor. She wants to convince us that “Islamophobia” is equally virulent, irrational, and dangerous as antisemitism.

Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York, a Jewish Republican, focused less on the bill’s content and more on its author, Omar, who has faced criticism from fellow Democrats as well as Republicans for remarks seen as antisemitic.

My colleague who introduces today’s resolution has made a number of statements deeply offensive, has taken a number of foreign policy positions that many on this committee and in Congress and in our country have issue with,” Zeldin said. “And when the statements were specifically targeting people who are Jewish, our nation’s great ally in Israel.”

He also said the bill too broadly defined Islamophobia. The bill’s authors, Omar and Schakowsky, used the 2003 law that established an antisemitism monitor as a template.

Rep. Brian Mast, R-Florida, said he feared the Biden administration would use the bill to attack Americans.

“That’s the whole point of this,” Mast said. “Let’s create an office of attack for people speaking about their concerns.”

The critics of Ilhan Omar note that she has made many remarks deemed antisemitic, including her claim that Jews “buy” pro-Israel votes in Congress – “It’s all about the benjamins, baby.” She has supported BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction), that attempts to delegitimize and thereby weaken the Jewish state. She has denounced Israel as an “apartheid” regime. She has accused Israel of deliberately killing civilians in Gaza.

None of that matters. The bill setting up an “Islamophobia” monitor will pass – no Democrats want to be perceived as soft on “haters.” The Republicans are talking sense, but the Democrats have the votes. One more defeat for common sense. One more victory for the nonsense and lies to protect Islam that the Western world seems determined to believe.



Failing New York Times Issues Five-Paragraph Mother of All Corrections

Italy and France allowed jihad attacks on Jewish facilities on condition they didn’t attack non-Jewish targets

Islamic Republic of Iran considers nationwide ban on ‘unclean, un-Islamic’ dogs

After Muslims claim opposing jihad violence is racism, Muslim prof warns against ‘seeing Muslims as a racial group’

Abbas demands to draw borders of ‘Palestinian’ state, threatens ‘decisive decisions’ if refused

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

The Enemy of the Truth is the Myth

“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.” – John F. Kennedy

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” – Arthur Conan Doyle

An Office of Strategic Studies (now the CIA) report titled “A Psychological Analysis of Adolf Hitler: His Life and LegendWalter C. Langer stated:

His [Hitler’s] primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.

Does this sound familiar? Are these rules used by politicians at every level in America today? Is truth being replaced by big lies or by myths?

Truth is now at risk in the world.

Truth is the bedrock of any moral culture and healthy society. Without truth there is no justice. Telling the truth is fundamental to the wellbeing of individuals, families, workers, leaders, law enforcement officers, members of the military, judges, juries, journalists, artists, doctors, nurses, scientists and of course the politicians.

English writer Al David wrote, One lie has the power to tarnish a thousand truths.” While this may be true it is also true that every myth is the mortal enemy of truth.

As John Fitzgerald Kennedy said the enemy of truth is the myth.

QUESTION: What myths are now driving the world and now our nation?

Truths and Myths

We have compiled a list of myths that have taken root in the world and many of these myths have come across the porous borders of America to destroy the truth.

The following are some of the myths we have seen over our lifetime:

  1. The world is going to end because of climate change (a.k.a. global warming, global cooling, the weather).
  2. Government is God (i.e. government is the only means to make you happy, healthy and wise).
  3. Communism is better than capitalism (e.g. central control of the means of production is better than an individual’s right to purse his or her happiness)
  4. Guns, not people, murder (e.g. the instrument used to murder another is the real culprit, not the individual using that instrument to commit murder).
  5. There is no God (see #2 above). No further explanation needed.
  6. Going into debt is good (e.g. nations indebting their citizens is needed in order to care for its citizens).
  7. Human beings evolved from apes (i.e. you are evolved from gorillas, bonobos, orangutans, etc.).
  8. Humans use only 10% of their brains.
  9. Intelligent Quotient (IQ) testing is racist (e.g. testing a person’s intelligence is harmful and hurtful especially for minorities).
  10. A mother killing her unborn child is a woman and only a woman’s choice (i.e. my body my choice).
  11. Islam is the religion of peace and if you imply otherwise you are Islamophobic (e.g. shouting Allah Akbar in a crowded theatre is okay).
  12. If you believe that gender is binary (male and female) and your believe marriage is between one man and one woman your are homophobic (e.g. J.K. Rawlings)
  13. Government can spend its way out of debt.
  14. Politicians have your best interests at heart.
  15. Men continue to oppress women and must be stopped at all cost (i.e. the feminist movement vs the alpha male).
  16. Government can provide you with everything if you just let it (e.g. Karl Marx).
  17. The police are evil and must be defunded.
  18. Black lives matter more than any other lives.
  19. Peaceful demonstrations include looting, burning down buildings and attacking innocent individuals randomly.
  20. You don’t need identification in order to vote (i.e. voter ID)
  21. You can vote in any country even if you are not a legal citizen of that country.
  22. Eliminating a country’s borders is a good thing.
  23. Social justice trumps equal justice under the law.
  24. If you are born white you are a supremacist.
  25. If you believe in one all powerful God then you are an enemy of the state.
  26. What you read on the internet, watch on the news and read in your local newspaper is the truth.
  27. The Torah and Bible are filled with lies that have become the opiate of the people.
  28. Finally, there is no need for any Jude’s Christian God but it’s okay to follow Mohammed.

Myths are now driving global public policies. Those who stand against these myths, like parents questioning what their children are taught in public schools, are now considered domestic terrorists by various governments.

Truth is absolute. The truth will set you free. Tyrants fear the truth. The truth is the greatest enemy of the state.

Myths are the preferred tools of the dictator (e.g. Hitler and the Jews). Hitler and the Nazi Party understood that, “Repeating a lie often enough and it eventually becomes the truth.”

History has proven that telling a myth often enough eventually makes the people believe that the myth is the truth.

The more “persistent, persuasive and unrealistic” the myth the better for the tyrants, the worse for the people of the world.

As Elvis Presley said, “Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.”

If you have more myths that you wish to share please add them in the comment section below and we will update this column.

Thanks for reading and sharing this column.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

Crime and No Punishment

In the classic sitcom from the 1960s, “Get Smart,” the bad guys were from an organization called “Chaos.” The good guys, led by Maxwell Smart, were called “Control.”

Today, chaos is often prevailing over control. Only this isn’t a comedy, and the results are tragic.

We are experiencing a crime wave seldom seen in previous times in America.

Murders are up. ABC News notes:

“At least 12 major U.S. cities have broken annual homicide records in 2021—and there’s still three weeks to go in the year.” One police captain said it’s “worse than a war zone around here lately.”

But homicide isn’t the only crime that is way up. On “Black Friday,” when stores are supposed to have such strong sales because of Christmas (putting them in the black), many businesses were instead hit with a rash of smash-and-grab robberies across the country. Home Depots, Nordstrom’s, Best Buys, Foot Lockers and others have been hit in places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. (11/27/21) reports,

“Police are alerting businesses in Chicago to recent thefts of purses at retail shops….The thieves flee in vehicles, most of which were reported stolen.”

Fox32 of Chicago reports on a robbery over this past weekend, in which luxury jewelry items were stolen. Yet Mayor Lori Lightfoot apparently blames the companies hit. She recently said,

“I’m disappointed that they are not doing more to take safety and make it a priority.”

In early December, thousands of dollars’ worth of toys and other goods for Christmas were gathered by a non-profit in Chicago to help the underprivileged—and were stolen under cover of night.

When California Governor Gavin Newsom was on “The View,” Joy Behar, no friend of conservatives, told him,

“Critics in law enforcement blame this on your lax bail and theft policies emboldening criminals.”

Newsom responded that the crimes like this are just as bad in Texas as they are in California, only Fox News won’t show that. The claim is misleading at best.

What’s going on? An incessant call for defunding the police is taking its toll. Meanwhile, we have crime with no punishment. Leftist prosecutors, district attorneys, and judges are letting many criminals go with a slap on the wrist, if that. Recently a career criminal who tried to run over his wife with a car in Wisconsin was released on a mere $1000 bail—only to purposely drive into a Christmas parade two days later killing six and injuring 62.

Some of those magistrates (including the prosecutor who let the parade killer out) have been elected with money pouring in from George Soros, an atheist who wants to see America (his adopted country) brought down several pegs.

I interviewed Rabbi Daniel Lapin, founder of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians, for our D. James Kennedy Ministries television special on Soros.

The rabbi told our viewers, “There’s no question that Soros money and Soros-inspired money is flowing into the crowds busy smashing plate glass windows in the cities of Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, and in cities everywhere else around the country.”

As Tucker Carlson of Fox News has pointed out, as quoted in Newsweek:

“[Soros’] latest area of focus is criminal justice. From Texas to Philadelphia [and] the state of Virginia, Soros has reportedly spent millions of dollars backing candidates for District Attorney, for prosecutor. Once elected, these candidates…have ended cash bail, treated felonies like misdemeanors, and sometimes ignored some crimes entirely.”

Rabbi Lapin adds,

“Does he want chaos in the streets? Absolutely, that has always been the dream of the revolutionaries. It’s always been the fervent desire of those who understand that in order to rebuild society, you first of all have to destroy what is.”

The founders of America were very concerned about order in society.

What’s happening in America today with our crime wave is bad anthropology run amok. Biblical anthropology asserts that man is sinful and crimes need to be punished. Bad anthropology, like that espoused by Marxists, asserts that man is basically good—but that it’s society or structures that are bad and need to be torn down. Instead, the theory goes, we will rebuild these structures to be more just, affirming the goodness of man. We see the results now being carried out by coddled criminals on the streets.

What horrors Marxism has unleashed on planet earth. Yet it continues to exert its demonic influence. These magistrates, many funded by the George Soros the Marxist, are among the latest examples.

And we all suffer—especially the poorest among us—who lack stronger security measures.

The founders of America showed a better way to live in a controlled society, with liberty under the rule of law. How much better that is than the chaos that so many leftist elitists try to unleash on the rest of us.

©Jerry Newcombe. All rights reserved.

MEDICARE’S CHRISTMAS MESSAGE: ‘Everyone 18+ should get a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot’

I just received the following message titled “Get your COVID-19 vaccine booster shot” from

Even if you’re fully vaccinated for COVID-19, it’s still important to get your COVID-19 vaccine booster shotA booster shot increases the strength of your antibody response, so when the COVID-19 virus mutates, a boost makes it more likely that your antibodies can protect you against variants, like Omicron and Delta.

Medicare covers a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot at no cost to you. If you’re fully vaccinated, you can get a booster from the same COVID-19 vaccine that you originally got, or choose a different one.

  • If you got a Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, you can get a booster shot at least 6 months after you complete your second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine series.
  • If you got a Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, you can get a booster shot at least 2 months after you got your first shot.

Find a Booster

Don’t delay  go to to find COVID-19 vaccines and boosters near you.


The Medicare Team

The federal government is all in on getting jabbed. They can’t allow anyone to disobey them. They use fear to promote panic, which leads to this newest form of medical tyranny.

John F. Kenney said, “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.”

Getting jabbed is not only a deliberate, contrived and dishonest lie. It is a myth that the Biden administration keeps pushing upon the American people in a persistent, persuasive and unrealistic way. Don’t fall for it. It’s your body and your choice on whether to get jabbed or not get jabbed.

Healthcare is between a patients and his or her doctor. The federal government cannot mandate healthcare.

Just in time for Christmas. Go figure.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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Fauci Admits That Vaccines May Make People ‘Worse’ 

Fauci & Mengele: Evil, for the Greater Good

Still No Deaths From Omicron: Americans Are Getting On With Their Lives Despite Unhinged Media Frenzy

Mask Subjugation of America’s Children is Child Abuse

THE NEFARIOUS NINE: The top ‘9 public figures’ pushing Biden’s Build Back Worse agenda

“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.” – President John F. Kennedy

Many Americans have wondered what has happened to the party of JFK. What has changed in the Democrat Party to make its policies so egregious?

Well we now understand what has changed. It’s the party’s nefarious (wicked and criminal) leaders and followers.

The Democrat Party has used key people to show its “inclusiveness” and “wokeness.” These people have become symbols of the Democrat Party and its agenda. These people are now leading the Build Back Better agenda, and openly promoting their egregious social and “cultural war” against ordinary American citizens. A war that they intend to win at any and all costs. Their weapon of choice is big government.

The fundamental transformation of American is happening right before our eyes!

The Nefarious Nine

Let’s look at the list of these dedicated “transformers” that we call the “Nefarious Nine“:

  1. Michele Obama. We list Michele rather than Barack as our number one on the list of nefarious nine people because we predict that she will run for president in 2024, should Biden be incapable, incapacitated or simply pushed aside by the Democrat Party as unelectable. Why Michele? Because she’s black and a woman. Some consider her oppressed because she is a black woman even though she and Barack own three homes worth millions. Also, because, according to Newsweek, nearly 60% of Biden’s cabinet appointments have been former Obama people. Michele is putting her people into the Biden administration, there’s no doubt. We believe that it is Michele who wears the political pants in the Obama family, and it is Michele, and to a lesser extent her husband, who actually controls the party. We predict Michele in 2024.
  2. George Floyd. George Floyd has become a hero, an idol for the Democrats, the social justice radicals and Black Lives Matter hoodlums. This criminal, drug addict, illegal drug pusher and convicted felon has even been portrayed in a painting as a black Jesus. It’s interesting that Democrats are the ones taking our breath away while shouting “I can’t breathe.”
  3. Black Lives Matter. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has taken over the Democrat Party. Born in Ferguson, Missouri and emboldened ever since then BLM has become the most racist and radical arm of the Democrat Party. BLM’s anti-police policies in 2021 have lead to increased crime in 12 Democrat controlled cities. Defund the police is their mantra because they want to replace the police as the only real social justice organization. BLM isn’t about law and order, it’s about control of the streets of our cities, towns and the nation. BLM coupled with Antifa have caused more death and destruction than we the people have seen in decades. Even the KKK wasn’t this nefarious. And Antifa. The Anti-Fascist (Antifa) movement began under the tutelage of the media and supported by members of the Democrat Party. The media has labeled the destruction caused by the terrorist organization as “mostly peaceful.” As a Oleg Atbasian, a citizen of the former Soviet Union put it, “Fascism came to America under the name of anti-Fascism.” There is no difference between a Fascist and an anti-Fascist. They both have the same goal – turning American into a Communist country.
  4. Joe Biden. Biden is the consummate career politician. He’s never held any other position of importance that has taught him anyway to do things differently. Joe only knows how to use his position to enrich himself and his family. Just look at Hunter Biden to understand. However, Biden is just a figurehead and not really in charge of this administration. As we pointed out, above, it is Michele and Barack who are truly in charge of both the party and the Biden administration. While Biden had denied that his administration is just Obama version 2.0, we see strong similarities in the policies, politics and agendas of both administrations. Sadly, Americans see Biden at best as a caricature and at worst as an incompetent fool.
  5. Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris has gotten political positions in nefarious ways. She has been accused of using sex to get appointed into key positions by fellow Democrat and the former Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown. Kamala Harris did have a relationship with Willie Brown, who later served as San Francisco’s mayor, between 1994 and 1995 ( here ). Kamala was called black during the 2020 presidential campaign by the media when in fact her blood line is from India. Her father P. V. Gopalan was a government official in India and her mother Shyamala Gopalan Harris immigrated to the United States from India. There’s growing discontent with Kamala in the Democrat Party. Why? We postulate that this discontent is being propagated in order to create a path for Michele Obama to run in 2024 and name her own VP pick, which will not be Kamala.
  6. Bill Gates. The former founder and CEO of Microsoft had become a leading figure in pushing the Biden agenda. Gates not only donates to the Democrat Party but has been part and parcel of the vaccines being produced to deal with Covid. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gave $917,510, or 81.49%, of their total political donations to the Democrat Party in 2020. On September 14th, 2020 Stephanie Beasley reported, “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is pushing for more long-term investments in health infrastructure worldwide — including vaccine research, development, and manufacturing capacity — in a new report, which highlights how the COVID-19 pandemic has derailed progress on the Sustainable Development Goals.” Vaccine mandates help Bill and Melinda become richer, but at whose expense?
  7. Elizabeth Warren. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has become the poster child for the radical left wing of the Democrat Party. Warren has nefariously said, “Groupthink can become a serious issue – old ideas stay around after they’re useful, and new ideas too often don’t get a fair hearing.” Interestingly, it’s groupthink that drives Warren and the Democrats each and every day. The old ideas that Warren, and Democrats, are referring to are the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution.
  8. Greta Thunberg. Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg has become the face of the Green New Deal both in the United States and globally. Greta is a Swedish environmental activist who has made her lifelong primary issue climate change. In 2018 Greta founded a movement known as Fridays for Future (FFF) (a.k.a. called School Strike for Climate). According to its website FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE or FFF, [I]s a youth-led and -organised global climate strike movement that started in August 2018, when 15-year-old Greta Thunberg began a school strike for climate. In the three weeks leading up to the Swedish election, she sat outside Swedish Parliament every school day, demanding urgent action on the climate crisis. She was tired of society’s unwillingness to see the climate crisis for what it is: a crisis. Science tells us that there are three absolutes about the climate: 1. The climate changes. 2. These changes in the climate follow natural cycles (e.g. summer, fall, winter, spring) and 3. There is nothing mankind can do to change these natural cycles.
  9. Rachel Levine. Dr. Rachel Levine is the first cisgender person in history appointed to a senior position in the United States government. Levine is now the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Levine, a pediatrician, would become the first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the Democrat controlled U.S. Senate. Levine is now wearing the military uniform of a 4-Star General. General Levine said after his/her confirmation, “I am very pleased to advocate for the LGBTQ community in terms of health equity and equality and fairness. And I feel that I have been able to do that in Pennsylvania. And I’m able to do that nationally now.” Levine now has the power to push the LGBTQ+ agenda in our schools, hospitals, communities and nation. Gird your loins, here he/she comes.

Runners up to the Nefarious Nine

Here’s a list of nine others who we considered, and who almost made, the Nefarious Nine list:

  1. Chuck Schumer
  2. Nancy Pelosi
  3. Illan Omar
  4. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez
  5. Ghislaine Maxwell, former aide to Jeffery Epstein.
  6. Republican Mitt Romney (a.k.a. RINO).
  7. Republican Mitch McConnell (a.k.a. Minority Leader RINO).
  8. Lori Lightfoot the Mayor of Chicago.
  9. Gavin Newsom, Governor of California.

We ask our readers to add their own nefarious people in the below comment section.

Thanks for reading and commenting on this column.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


Jussie Smollett’s trial proves Black Lives Matter cannot be taken seriously

Meet the German biologist hauled into court for critiquing ‘gender identity’

2021: The Year Murder Gripped America – 12 Cities Have Broken Annual Homicide Rates

An Open Letter to America

Biden’s Bad Moon A-Rising


Meanwhile – Back in the Swamp!

Our corrupt elites never fail to disappoint.  In recent weeks:

Chuck Schumer, who criticized President Trump for being in bed with Russia, along with other top Democrats took campaign contributions from a prominent Democrat fundraiser whose lobbying firm received $8.5 million from the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which is owned by Gazprom, the Russian state-run energy giant.  Schumer recently refused to have a floor vote on sanctions against Russia.  No conflict of interest here, nosiree.

Then, again, congress critters are not known for their high ethical standards.  Nancy Pelosi’s husband owns up to a million dollars in call options on Tesla stock, while Nancy is out there pushing federal subsidies for electric vehicles to the tune of tens of billions of dollars for charging stations and tax credits.  It might all be legal, but it sure stinks -p-ew! – and Nancy won’t comment.

Lawmakers are supposed to report stock trades but seven of them – four Democrats and three Republicans – did not, according to an ethics watchdog group that filed complaints.   One lawmaker failed to report 300 transactions.  Critics say lawmakers are finding ways around reporting requirements and little is being done to enforce the rules.

Democrat Maxine Waters paid her daughter another $81,000 in campaign funds in fiscal 2021, raising the total to more than $1.2 million since 2003.  Nice work, if you can get it, but most of us can’t.

A Democrat Congresswoman from Florida used her official Twitter account to push followers to her Senate campaign account, apparently violating House rules against using taxpayer-funded resources for campaign purposes, critics said.

Speaking of campaign contributions, a health firm in California whose personnel donated almost a million dollars to Joe Biden and other Democrat campaigns was just ordered to pay $90 million to settle claims it had defrauded Medicare.  Worst case, this is an example of companies greasing the palms of politicians in the hopes they will look the other way when it comes to questionable activities.

A lawsuit is alleging the EPA violated the law when it threw out a Trump administration conflict of interest rule in order to replace Trump appointees on advisory committees.  “In an unprecedented purge, EPA eliminated all industry representatives from two important advisory committees in order to stack those committees with academics who are financially beholden to EPA for multimillion-dollar research grants,” the complaint reads.  People dependent on the EPA for their livelihood now passing judgment on what the EPA wants to do – imagine that.

Over at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the agency announced its intention to prohibit the use of education benefits at some for-profit schools, but investor activity in the stocks affected picked up before the announcement was made.  Some are concerned the announcement was either mishandled or intentionally leaked to facilitate insider trading.

Finally, sixteen Biden appointees have gotten ethics waivers exempting them from the ethics rules other people have to follow.  Observers anticipate the adventures of these swamp creatures will become the subject of congressional investigations if Republicans take over the House or Senate next year.  We can only hope.  We deserve better than swamp gas, don’t we?

Visit The Daily Skirmish

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

Fauci & Mengele: Evil, for the Greater Good

Two doctors, almost a century apart, united in a common purpose. 

Respected South African TV and radio journalist and war correspondent Lara Logan recently triggered leftist ire when she compared Dr. Anthony Fauci, with the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele.  “What you see on Dr. Fauci, this is what people say to me, that he doesn’t represent science to them. He represents Josef Mengele … the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the Second World War and in the concentration camps . . . The level of suffering that has been created because of this disease is now being seen in the cold light of day, i.e., the truth, the people see there is no justification for what is being done.”

Mengele was notorious for causing serious harm and injustice – torturous experimental procedures and surgeries on Jews primarily, but also on Romani and others.  If we review Fauci’s history and allow him to continue ad infinitum, there’s no telling that he may well exceed Mengele’s title, “Doctor of Death.”  The experiments performed by both were often touted as being for the greater good, that the intense suffering of some is acceptable for medical advancements that benefit the more worthy.

The world has been made aware of Fauci’s painful experiments on dogs, whose vocal chords were cut to eliminate their barks and whimpers, and on monkeys, without benefit of pain killers or anesthesia.  Research in psychology and criminology shows that animal abuse is not just the sign of the abuser’s minor personality flaw, but a symptom of deep mental disturbance.  They will move on to cruelty to their fellow humans – and he has.

We now know that Fauci used tax-payer dollars for NIH-funded experiments performed on hundreds of AIDs orphans in a New York City hospital in 2004, resulting in the death of more than 200.  Nurses revealed that they tested Thalidomide on some children, a medication already known to produce severe birth defects in thousands of children.  One report said that pregnant women or those considering pregnancy were forbidden to dispense the drug, yet it was administered to children through a G-tube directly into the stomach and intestines.  The children “shriveled and died,” but it was deemed for the greater good.

There is a growing body of research that links cruelty to animals to cruelty to people: both are living beings, both feel pain, experience distress, and may die.  Fauci’s insistence that the current insufficiently tested chemicals be given to everyone, from infants to the elderly, despite the revelation of ensuing heart muscle damage, nerve damage, and serious muscle pain, reveals his bent toward apathy and cruelty.  Fauci and his associates are serial killers.

Today’s injections of presumed cures for COVID-19 are coming under intense scrutiny, with reports of raised welts at the point of entry; followed by nausea and swollen lymph nodes; followed by symptoms of Guillain-Barre syndrome (neurological disorders), thrombosis (blood clots), and myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle), spontaneous abortions, miscarriages, eventual cancer, damaged immune systems, and death.   World Health Organization’s VigiAccess provides public access to the reported potential side effects of 24 medicinal products.  With the second-highest number of deaths for influenza vaccine noted at 272,202 (1968-2021), the absolute highest is for the COVID-19 vaccine at 2,457,386 (2020-2021).    Nothing else comes close.

A December 5, 2021 report from published news of  Vaccine-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS), that we will soon become aware of widespread immune erosion.  The vaccinated will be more vulnerable to illness and death than the unvaccinated.

The UK’s Lancet studies of 1.6 million Swedish individuals shows the vaccinated were at greater risk than the unvaccinated; a sign of “immune erosion” or “acquired immune deficiency,” leading to the aforementioned post-vaccine illnesses, resulting in either chronic illness or death.

Scotland reported that the infection fatality rate is 3.3 higher in the vaccinated than in the unvaccinated, the risk of death 2.15 times higher.

An Israeli report of August 17, 2021 revealed that the severe cases are the fully vaccinated who account for 85-90 percent of the hospitalization.  Their infection fatality rate is 3.3 times higher for the vaccinated than for the unvaccinated, and that 3,133 people contracted the illness from the vaccinated individuals.

The insanity continues when people refuse the shots.  They are threatened with job loss, banned from attending functions or shopping, and put under lockdown, including serious and prolonged self-imprisonment in some countries.

This is not the government’s strong desire to protect its citizenry for the greater good, but the worldwide plan of the Marxist’s Great Reset, and the numerous ways that have been set into motion to control and eliminate large swaths of people (billions) for depopulation without casting suspicion on the “well engineered bioweapon toxin,” the spike protein.  Dr. Shankara Chetty explained, “They’ve engineered a virus and put this weapons-grade package onto it, called ‘spike protein’ . . . The vaccine will kill at least 1,000,000,000 people.”

Now we come to the opposition to Lara Logan’s position, the Jewish groups that are protective of the Holocaust, that the term may not be used in vain.  They fear that by using it for issues other than the Nazi genocide, the severity of the term may be diminished.  They understandably seek to protect the use of its application, but Logan did not say “Holocaust.”  She said that Fauci “represents Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the Second World War and in the concentration camps.”   Clearly, she was referring to the psychology that explains how humans can view others as guinea pigs, lower life forms.  She was perfectly correct.  The two share that similarity and who is to say how far Fauci would go if he were allowed to continue.

There are also Jews (who disassociate or are self-hating) whose psychology has never been completely understood, not for lack of trying.   They are uncomfortable with the mildest reference to the Nazi killing machine, preferring to disengage from the nightmare.  They may be escaping painful memories or family history, but keep their identity rather than convert to another religion.  They remain recognizable but choose to distance themselves from the entire Yiddishkeit of Eastern Europe and the successes of modern-day Israel.

There are also Jews who are simply antisemitic, such as in the ADL, who stray from their mission to fight defamation.  They feature antisemitic speakers who openly express their hatred of Israel.  The now-woke CEO Jonathan Greenblatt has begun telling the Jews that they must fight their own anti-black racism.  How ludicrous indeed when Israeli Jews includes Jews of color.  The ADL raises funds presumably for Jewish issues but uses them for other causes.  Greenblatt has joined George Soros, Bill Gates, and other globalists in the not-so-secret globalist meetings in Aspen. They hate their heritage (Judaism and America) but pretend otherwise so as to continue inflicting harm.  The ADL is not worrying about trivializing the Holocaust.  They are worried that they’ll be drumming up more sympathy for Jewish causes.

Lara Logan sees the comparisons of Fauci and Mengele as a way of awakening the masses.  We learned the extent of Mengele’s deeds after World War II; we may not learn Fauci’s totals until after this war against civilization.  Fauci, the revered scientist, and Gates, the benevolent philanthropist, are protected by our media and this administration.  The suffering of  people who’ve had the injections and the looming misery by the delayed spike proteins remain in question, but there are courageous voices who are beginning to speak out.  Not everyone has access to unexpurgated news, and there are those who would rather not know, so they cover their ears and their faces, trust a socialist government that claims to be working for the greater good, and obey without question.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has warned that administering the experimental gene therapy, called “vaccines,” is mass murder, crimes against humanity, but who’s listening?  Zelenko tried cautioning Israel, but the state is still injecting its citizens.  Pfizer has bullied several countries into taking the shots and has signed documents against their liability for harm.  Pfizer has paid out hundreds of billions of dollars for severe harm caused to children; few are aware, or accept the suffering of others for the greater good.

Lara Logan quoted what she observed.  There are no trains to concentration camps or extermination camps, but there is already news that Austria and Germany are Nazifying again with lockdowns for as long as 20 months to date, comparable to incarcerations.  Severe fines are among the punishments for walking without injection confirmation – “Your papers, please.”  Australia is beyond incomprehensible.  Do we really want to allow our government to exercise such police-state control over our citizens?  Logan is right to expose what she can – the number of sick, hospitalized, permanently damaged, breathing problems, nerve damage, and heart muscle damage much worse after COVID jabs than all other vaccines.  We must also alert the public about the number of children who are whisked off by school authorities for injections without parental knowledge.  This is medical tyranny, and they’re now coming for the babies.

Logan used the example of Mengele to call to our attention the increasing dangers.  This is a new world, with new techniques, but the same justification, that they have our welfare in mind; it is for the greater good.   This is a modernized world with new techniques – invasion without tanks, death without bombs – but we still have people who seek to rule uber alles.

©Tabitha Korol. All rights reserved.

#TeamTERF Pushes Back Against Trans Activism

The vast majority of the planet could be classified as TERFs, since most people do not believe that people can change sex at will.

TERFAbbreviation for:

  1. Trans Educated Rational Female (female form)
  2. Trans Educated Rational Father (male form)
  3. Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist (archaic)

During the recent controversy about Dave Chapelle’s Netflix special, The Closer, the term TERF was in the news although, as is common when it comes to trans issues, the mainstream media reporting was melodramatic and contained inaccuracies. Dave referred to himself as belonging to “Team TERF”, and made various jokes which were perceived to be transphobic.

The term TERF (“trans exclusionary radical feminist”) is widely used by trans rights activists as a slur. It appears that it was originally coined to describe people who do not believe that men who wish to be women, and who claim that they were “coercively assigned male at birth”(?!), are in fact women, and then proceed to “discriminate” against them as a result by declining them access to female-only spaces and entitlements.

We are reliably informed that these TERFs are a small minority. These activists seem to be blissfully ignorant of the fact that the vast majority of the eight billion people on the planet could be classified as TERFs, since most people (for some strange reason) do not believe that people can change sex at will.

The use of the term has since broadened to apply to anyone who dares to question any tenet of trans ideology. This of course includes parents such as myself who attempt to protect their kids from premature medicalization when they suddenly claim a trans identity, and instead try to obtain appropriate care and support for them. Even a parent who eventually agrees to allow their child to transition will be vilified as a TERF if they question the pathway laid out for their child by the ideology in any way at all.

TERF is such a silly term – and the way it is flung around reminds me of the immature name calling which (in a more dignified former time) was restricted to the schoolyard. Yet these days, supposed adults use it freely to vilify anyone who disagrees with them, in an attempt to disguise the fact that they have no valid or rational arguments to present to support their position.

So much of the discourse of trans activists is so childish that it is tempting to simply ignore it. For example, we have the use of euphemistic baby talk such as “top surgery” (for mastectomies and breast implants), and “bottom surgery” (for genital surgeries) in place of the correct medical terms. Not to mention a variety of irresponsible, histrionic pronouncements, such as the claims that being “misgendered” or prevented from competing in sports competitions set aside for the opposite sex, may cause gender questioning kids to quite literally die.

The need to manage our distressed teen offspring, who have an intense desire to permanently alter their bodies in the name of an ideology, does at times become a bit overwhelming. So I confess that we parents do allow ourselves the occasional giggle at some of the more bizarre pronouncements of our adversaries, which provides much needed comedic relief. The solemn assertion that there is such a thing as a female penis is undoubtedly my personal favourite.

However, there are very many activists who issue the most vile, offensive insults and threats against those they consider to be TERFs . Feminist Meghan Murphy suggests that the term TERF is not just a slur, it is hate speech. I tend to agree.

In the current political climate, it appears this behaviour can occur with impunity. The use of the term TERF, accompanied by insults or threats of violence, is enabled or supported by institutions such as universitieslocal councils and even libraries. Needless to say, none of this is in any way funny.

It is also true to say that, because of the frightening power that this movement seems to have somehow gained over society, accusations of being a TERF often achieve the desired effect of silencing critics.

Recently, however, something has changed. Activists are losing access to one of their favourite silencing tactics. People critical of gender ideology are reclaiming the term TERF. After the Chapelle Netflix special, #TeamTERF began trending on Twitter. You can now buy feminist t-shirts emblazoned with the phrase. Others have come up with much improved versions of the acronym such as the delightful “Tired of Explaining Reality to Fools”.

We also have TRE (Trans Rational Educated) Voices, a brave, no holds barred cry for sanity with regards to child and youth transition from trans people themselves.

Well, we parents would also like a piece of the action. People within our networks have come up with much needed improvements to the term TERF. We already have Trans Educated Rational Parents (TERPS).

Now it is time for us to embrace the term TERF, to repackage it and to use it with pride. Mums (and indeed all adult human females who fight gender ideology) are “Trans Educated Rational Females” and Dads are “Trans Educated Rational Fathers”.

We parents often joke that we have PhDs in gender ideology, and in what passes for “medicine” in the care of gender questioning kids. We have educated ourselves extensively in the service of helping our beloved kids. We have read the studies. We have talked to the experts. We are clear that there are only two sexes, and that it is not possible to change sex. We know that no one is “born in the wrong body”. We understand that there is a social contagion going on. We know there is no evidence base for the practice of transitioning children and young people being beneficial in the long term.

Once educated, we then proceed to act rationally. We attempt (often against the odds) to guide our kids, to nurture them into adults who will be happy with their natural sexed bodies, un-mutilated and un-medicated. We seek to obtain help for their many issues (anxiety, ADHD, autism, depression, eating disorders, internalized homophobia) before considering drastic permanent steps. We refuse to be coerced by activist tactics such as exaggerating the risk of suicide, or pretending that there is evidence that transition will be beneficial in the long term for our kids.

So next time I am called a TERF for questioning gender ideology or attempting to care for my child, I will inform the name-caller what the term really means and thank them for the compliment. I suggest others begin to do the same.

This article has been republished with permission from the Substack blog Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (PITT)


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Still No Deaths From Omicron: Americans Are Getting On With Their Lives Despite Unhinged Media Frenzy

The pandemic was a hoax. The American people have had it.

WATCH: Biden laughs and walks away when asked about his “responsibility” for COVID deaths.

Still No Deaths From Omicron, And Americans Are Getting On With Their Lives

By Jordan Boyd The Federalist, December 14, 2021:

Americans are returning to normal despite the media’s attempts to drum up alarm over the supposedly ‘highly transmissible’ Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Americans are returning to normal despite the corporate media’s attempts to drum up alarm over the supposedly “highly transmissible” Omicron variant of COVID-19.

While corporate media outlets panicked and revived permanent pandemic narratives and talk of more lockdowns, a new poll from CBS News and YouGov found that of 1,731 people surveyed, 81 percent said they have not rearranged plans because of the Omicron variant or the hype surrounding it. In fact, a majority said they still plan to keep their normal holiday traditions and routines. Sixty-eight percent still plan to “gather with friends and family,” 64 percent said they will do their Christmas shopping in person, and 52 percent said they will eat in a restaurant.

Only 17 percent of those surveyed said they were “very concerned about Omicron,” while about 42 percent said they were not concerned at all about Omicron despite the initial media and bureaucracy-induced panic about it.

These Americans’ thoughts on Omicron are validated by the data. As it turns out, not one single COVID-19-related death in the U.S. from Dec. 1-8 was found to be caused by the Omicron variant. As of Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that of the 43 people infected with the Omicron strain of COVID, most cases manifested only mild symptoms such as “a cough, fatigue, and congestion or a runny nose.”

The CDC report also found that “one individual, who was vaccinated, required a brief hospital stay” and that a majority of cases, 79 percent, were in fully vaccinated individuals.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control’s measures of Omicron produced similar results in a report released Sunday.

“There have been no Omicron-related deaths reported thus far,” the European health agency claimed, noting that most cases of Omicron-related COVID presented as “either asymptomatic or mild.”

Read the rest at the Federalist.


Fraudulent President Biden’s job approval sinking on inflation, crime and COVID: POLL

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Biden. You suck.

For the first time since I became an extremely proud American citizen on February 26, 2003, I am ashamed of what my adopted country has become. Let me explain before you get upset at me!

First, I am proud to be an American patriot. I love my Constitutional Republic and the constitution which I think, after the Bible, is the most amazing document ever written by man. I even was proud during the King Obama dictatorship years although I never understood how Americans elected him. He is a lowdown, testosterone challenged traitor. He led this country down a dangerous slippery slope that the election of My President, Donald J Trump stopped in its filthy tracks.

Then for four years I was ecstatic as my country grew in pride and strength. The economy boomed – every single aspect of it. Unemployment of every ethnic group was at its lowest as individual wealth and savings were at a high. Everything was incredible. We were the most powerful nation in the world as President Trump did his thing – making America great. Surely the role of every president who lives his country.

Then in 2020 along came a fraudulent, stolen election and we end up with a decrepit, mentally deficient, criminal, pervert, corrupt Commie loving so called president who from day one has run this country as if it is a communist nation where the government has all the power and we the people are serfs.

In a short 11 months the Democrats have taken this nation and reduced it to almost a third world nation status. It has destroyed our economy. It is destroying the middle class. It is trying really hard to destroy our fossil fuel industry. It is destroying education. It is destroying our military. It is destroying our law enforcement. It has weakened us to the degree that we are actually at great risk of our security as a nation. It has destroyed our secure borders. It has destroyed our faith in the election system. It has destroyed our infrastructure like the supply chain. It has badly affected black employment and ruining all the gains minorities mad in the preceding 4 years. it has made us a laughing stock to our enemies who perceive us as weak and pathetic. We see this with Russia, China and Iran who are running rampant as they take advantage of our country as this administration attempts to bring us to our knees.

Let’s be honest. The list above is short and just a brief synopsis of the evil activities this administration has done in a very short time. The Build Back Better Bill they are trying to pass will be the final nail in our coffin if passed as is. This will be a 5 Trillion dollar Socialist program that will keep growing as many of the programs planned will never be stopped. Ever. It must never be passed but to do that Joe Manchin from Virginia is going to have to grow a huge sets of testes and vote against it. If he doesn’t his home state of Virginia will have a massive economic downfall as will the USA. It’s all on him.

How sad that our countries future is on the back on one man, a Democrat. He can make or break it with his vote. Republicans, all 50, will be voting against it so without Manchins vote it will pass.

I am not running around like a headless chicken or yelling the sky is falling. Trust me all of you. If this Bill passes it will be the destruction of everything this country ever stood for and the end of our self rule. It’s simple as that.


So going back to my original paragraph I am ashamed that we Americans have been so fooled and been so careless with our freedoms and liberties. That we have allowed this country to have got here. That we have not put a stop to the extremist lunacy of the left. That we have acted like cowards and ensured that our founding fathers are rolling in their graves. That we have allowed such disdain for our armed forces and law enforcement. That we have allowed the sentiment that criminals are more worthy than victims. That our citizenship is so worthless.

2022 will give us a chance to recoup and prevent any more damage to our beloved country.

Ensure everyone you know – including you all – vote. Do the right thing for my beloved country. Your country. Destroy the New Socialist Democrat Party. Annihilate it.

If we do not then the only other alternative will be civil war.

Your choice America. Will you stand up now while we still can and make the changes needed. Move our country to the center or right.

I feel the change!! We can do this.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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