New Poll: Majority Oppose Trans Actions [Video]

While Democratic strategists sort through the wreckage of last week’s elections, looking for clues about where they went wrong, there’s another spectacular flop they can add to their political autopsy: radical transgenderism. According to pollsters, one issue that might have tipped the scales in Virginia (and rattled the entire New Jersey political establishment) is the Left’s obsession with gender ideology. The American people might have been open to the movement two years ago — but the last 24 months of pronoun disputes, bathroom attacks, woke curriculum, and transgender sports certainly seems to have cured them.

Most people didn’t need the polling to confirm what the parents’ uprising was already telling us: Americans are fed up with the Left’s onslaught of LGBT extremism. It’s everywhere — in our grocery aisles, on our televisions, in our schools, even our greatest pastimes. These days, people can’t even buy a candy bar without being hit over the head with the message that it’s perfectly normal to choose your own reality. Turns out, the Left’s ruthless, in-your-face crusade is turning people off. Big time.

When Harvard University teamed up with Harris Polling to take the country’s temperature on the issue, even they were stunned at the shift. Americans aren’t just opposed to the transgender ideology — their opposition is skyrocketing. Usually, the far-Left likes to chip away public opinion, desensitizing them with personal stories, mainstream ads, and other disarming PR. That’s clearly not working here. By a 62-38 margin, Americans don’t think people should be able to choose their own genders and pronouns.

On its own, that’s a bombshell statistic. A solid majority of the country rejects the gender extremism gripping our culture. But it’s even more astounding when you consider where those numbers were two years ago. In 2019, the country was split right down the middle — 50/50 — on whether we should accommodate people who identify as transgender. That’s a double-digit swing in favor of biological truth! Just as encouraging, Harvard/Harris asked if people believed there were two genders or more than two. Seventy-two percent of Americans (including 62 percent of Democrats) insisted there were just two.

Let’s hope both political parties are listening. While the Democrats seem incapable of course correction, the Republican National Committee could certainly use some. After the GOP sweep in Virginia (thanks, in large part, to opposition over these very transgender policies), the RNC confused everyone this weekend by embracing the LGBT cause voters rejected! Moms and dads, who’ve been working fast and furiously to stop the transgender agenda in public schools, have to be scratching their heads. For the last several months, Americans finally started viewing Republicans as the party of common sense on education and gender. Now, the RNC seems intent on jeopardizing their trust by throwing the door open to a movement that has been pushing policies that are hostile to religious freedom and parental rights.

Launching a Pride Coalition was a bad idea to begin with, but it seems especially tone-deaf now that Americans are running away from the agenda the RNC stuck their necks out to support. It may be time for new leadership at the RNC — leadership that reflects the values of the party’s own platform.

For more on how the transgender movement is recruiting your children, don’t miss this eye-opening panel from the Pray Vote Stand Summit.


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Virginia school board orders libraries to remove ‘sexually explicit’ books

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Climate Czar John Kerry: the U.S. ‘Won’t Have Coal’ by 2030

Globe-trotting private jet enthusiast and Vietnam-era traitor John Kerry, President Joe Biden’s so-called “climate envoy,” said in an interview with Bloomberg at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, that there would be no coal in the United States by the end of the decade.

“By 2030 in the United States, we won’t have coal,” Kerry stated. He went on to say, “We’re saying we are going to be carbon-free in the power sector by 2035. I think that’s leadership. I think that’s indicative of what we can do.”

It’s not leadership. It’s part of the Biden administration’s goal to commit national energy suicide. By contrast, the power-mad Chinese regime has no intention of sacrificing any its energy infrastructure for the sake of the planet.

Kerry is the first Biden official to publicly comment on the administration’s environmental policy since the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that contained numerous sections dedicated to climate change passed Congress. His aspiration to rid the country of its coal by 2030 aligns with Biden’s deadlines for lowering greenhouse gasses by the same year.

According to the U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA), coal accounted for 10% of our nation’s total energy consumption in 2020.

John Kerry

207 Known Connections


During an interview aired on the October 27, 2021 edition of Bloomberg’s Leaders with Lacqua, host Francine Lacqua asked Kerry: “Secretary, have you changed anything in your lifestyle to actually help the cause against climate change?”

Kerry answered: “Indeed, I have. I have a solar system for my home. I drive an electric car now. I still have the one internal combustion engine vehicle, which is being traded for another electric car, and we’re making more conscious decisions about our use of energy within the house. I mean, I’ve become a flagrant light switch-chaser whenever I walk through a room or a building. Yes, I think there’s a new consciousness. Am I doing everything that I should be or could be? Probably not. But I’m super conscious of the need to try to all of us do what we can to make a contribution here. The biggest thing I’m doing in my lifestyle is traveling around the world, trying to do diplomacy and help make a larger decision in the context of Glasgow that could reduce a lot of the anxiety that we’re all living with today about where we’re headed.”

To learn more about John Kerry, click here.

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CHAOS: Turkey Prices Up 41%, Home Heating Oil Up 115%, Food Prices Up 10.5%

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” ― George Orwell, 1984

22% of all U.S. Dollars were created in 2020 alone? Read that again. 1/5th of all U.S. Dollars were created in 2020. The shit has yet to hit the fan.

No Thanks! Turkey Prices Up 41%, Home Heating Oil Up 115%, Food Prices Up 10.5%

Thanksgiving 2021 is shaping up to be the most expensive in history.

Prices of processed turkeys are up 40.7 percent compared with a year ago, data from the Department of Labor’s Producer Price Index showed Tuesday. That’s even after falling a seasonally adjusted one percent in October.

By: Breitbart News, November 10, 2021:

It may be hard to even find turkeys in some parts of the country this year. The Wall Street Journal reported that turkeys were 60 percent out of stock. Cranberries, yams, and sweet potatoes are also low in stock.
Grain prices are 40.8 percent higher than a year ago, driving up the prices of our largely grain-fed turkey crop. Beef and veal prices are up 41.5 percent compared with a year ago. Overall, food prices are running 10.5 percent higher than a year ago.

Getting to the family Thanksgiving will be costlier with gasoline prices are up close to 90 percent, according to the Producer Price Index. Airfares, fortunately for passengers, are near where they were a year ago and still well below pre-pandemic levels.

Home heating oil is up 114.8 percent. Residential natural gas prices are up 28.7 percent. Residential electricity prices are up 5.6 percent.

Overall, the Producer Price Index—which measures prices from the point of view of sellers—is up 8.6 percent compared with a year ago, tying the record high set last month.


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CRT, Inflation, and the Bankruptcy of Wokeness: What the Virginia Elections Showed US

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HART: Build Back Better BS

The Democrats’ lobbyist-driven “infrastructure bill” recently passed, but the Build Back Better plan (“Human Infrastructure”) plan is meeting resistance even though they named it something alliterative, which made it sound adorable.

I studied it, and the Build Back Better plan is a three-step process. First, the Dems take the money from us via taxes, then they borrow more to further mire our nation in debt, and then — and this is the important third step — they set about wasting the money.

I have asked for years for anyone out there to email me if their town got a bridge, a road or anything from Obama/Biden’s “shovel ready jobs” Stimulus Bill of 2011. We were promised infrastructure, for which most of us do not mind paying. But instead we got handouts to public sector unions and Democrat bagmen. Why should we think these bills would be any different?

To get the first bill done, Nancy Pelosi lied. She did her best to channel her inner Oprah and went around to congressmen saying, “And you get a road, and you get a road and you get a bridge.”

Many of the components of, and the demands in the purported “Human Infrastructure Bill,” are racial. CNN’s April Ryan said we should make sure we address racial inequality when we build roads — in short, roads are racist.  I thought we got rid of racial tensions when we got that lady off the pancake syrup bottle. But no. Apparently there is more work to do.

Thank goodness for Sens. Manchin and Sinema. They held the line on some of the insanity. The simple fact is there are ten million unfilled jobs in the economy, so why do we need government stimulus to get the economy going? Some of these government-dependent lay-abouts need to get off the couch and stop watching Maury Povich,  go take a help wanted sign down on almost all the businesses around town and make a living. Stimulus, if ever needed, is NOT needed when the economy has plenty of unfilled jobs.

The weak and watered down way the first bill was passed is partially because Joe Biden’s popularity rating is down to 37% now. Go to any sporting event in the South and many in the North, and you will hear vulgar chants directed toward Joe Biden. He is starting to think his name is Brandon.

He is still blaming others. And he notes that all great Democrat presidents were known by their initials. JFK, LBJ and now him: FJB.

Biden can no longer cloak his bad policies in self-aggrandizing goals of “social justice” and “economic equality.” Every time Americans go to the pump, they see how bad things are.

At the Climate Summit in Glasgow (you know, where government officials and billionaires flew private jets into meetings in other countries to tell us not to use waste fuel), Biden became a joke. The British press mocked his flatulence; even Joe’s acolytes in the media ran the story of his gassy emissions next to world leaders. But on the bright side, as Jen Psaki pointed out, that was the first time gas was below $4 in months.

Aside from the Afghanistan pullout debacle, gas prices, inflation higher than Hunter Biden on a weekend and personal gaffes, Biden’s Secretary of Transportation (you know him as the lovable former mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana), has messed up the supply chain. Even Black Lives Matters officials issued a stern warning to the administration that they would discontinue looting stores until the shelves are once again appropriately stocked.

The kink in the supply chain is causing clear problems for Democrats. The New Jersey race where a Republican almost won that dark blue state and Terry McAuliffe’s loss in Virginia to a novice Republican candidate are concerning to Dems. They could have just been blamed on the supply chain: 100,000 votes for McAuliffe from China, destined for Alexandria, Virginia, got stuck on a ship at the Port of Long Beach.

Putting “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg in charge of the unnecessarily big 55,000-employee federal government Department of Transportation was a mistake. Clearly the best fit for him would have been Secretary of Interior — Design.

Democrats have taken no responsibility for the terrible results that their policies have wrought. Biden blamed COVID and Trump. And Alec Baldwin blamed his assistant prop manager.



Ron Hart is a syndicated op-ed humorist, award-winning author, and TV/radio commentator; you can reach him at or Twitter @RonaldHart.

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DeSantis Threatens To Bus Illegal Immigrants Right To Biden’s Doorstep In Delaware If He Doesn’t Secure Border

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday he would send illegal immigrants to Delaware if President Joe Biden didn’t secure the southern border.

DeSantis was responding to a question about secret “migrant flights” sent to Florida from areas near the southern border. White House press secretary Jen Psaki previously said Oct. 19 it should be “no surprise” to Americans that the Biden administration is flying migrants to Florida and New York from the southern border.


“If they’re going to come here, we’ll provide buses. I will send them to Delaware and do that. If he’s not going to support the border being secured, then he should be able to have everyone there,” DeSantis said. 

DeSantis issued an executive order in September that prohibited Florida state agencies from helping the Biden administration to transport illegal immigrants. DeSantis also said he would be suing the Biden administration for its “catch and release” program.

DeSantis previously characterized the border crisis as an “intentional policy” based on an “open borders ideology.”

“The Biden Administration refuses to abide by the immigration laws of our country, and states bear the brunt of the federal government’s failures,” DeSantis’ office said in a statement to the Daily Caller. “Governor DeSantis is committed to filling that void of leadership and doing everything in his power to protect Floridians.”

“Of course, it would be ideal if the federal government would do its job and use the resources at their disposal to enforce federal law, but since that’s not happening, the state has to step up wherever possible to mitigate the impact of the Biden Border Crisis,” the statement reads.

“If that means sending illegal aliens to Delaware, or even Martha’s Vineyard, so be it. Since Biden believes the open border free for all is good for our country, I’m sure he won’t object,” DeSantis’ office said.




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Poland vows to ‘defend Europe’ from ‘migrant invasion’ unleashed by Belarusian dictator Lukashenko

Lukashenko’s motive:

Brussels accuses Belarus’s disputed leader of provoking the influx in retaliation against EU sanctions, imposed after his widely discredited re-election and subsequent crackdown on mass protests.

Days ago, Bulgaria sent 350 troops to the Turkish border as illegal Afghan migrant crossings tripled. “Migrants have described how Belarusian authorities seized their phones and pushed them towards the border fence. Overnight temperatures at the border have slumped below zero and several people have already died in recent weeks.”

But aside from political reasons, since the Syrian migrant crisis of 2015 and beyond, Poland has demonstrated its resolve in defending its borders and sovereignty from an invasion of Muslim migrants, while the EU undermined Polish efforts, relentlessly pressuring Poland (and Hungary) to take in migrant “quotas.”

During the Syrian crisis, the Islamic State found success in infiltrating the refugee stream, thanks to reckless politicians. The risk from jihadist infiltration of countries with open borders is no less now with the influx of refugees from Afghanistan.

While most of the globalist EU supports open, unvetted migration, as well as the UK’s Boris Johnson government, despite the fact that Britain left the EU due to open-door immigration.

Warsaw called the “action ‘an invasion’ and declared it was sending 12,000 troops to reinforce 10,000 already stationed along the frontier.” This should serve as an example to other EU countries, some of which are beginning to wake up. 12 EU countries were recently rejected by the EU for their request for EU financing to help build barrier walls to keep out illegal migration from Afghanistan, which presents obvious security issues.

We will defend our country and the entire EU’: Polish soldiers force back hundreds of migrants at the border with pepper spray after Belarus dictator Lukashenko sent 1,000 refugees to invade

by Will Stewart, Ed Wight, Ross Ibbetson, and David Averre, MailOnline, November 8, 2021:

Poland has vowed to ‘defend Europe’ from a ‘migrant invasion’ unleashed by Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko whose forces have coerced more than 1,000 refugees to smash through the border.

Desperate migrants gathered at the Belarusian frontier with Poland on Monday, attempting to hack down a barbed-wire fence only to meet a phalanx of Polish guards who forced them back with pepper spray.

Middle Eastern and African migrants have been flown into Belarus by Lukashenko who is using them as human cannon fodder in his battle with the EU, the US and Britain, after they imposed sanctions following a violent political crackdown, which included forcing a Ryanair flight from the sky in May.

Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said: ‘The Polish government is determined and we will defend the security of our country and the entire EU, respecting our international obligations and bearing in mind, above all, the interests of the state and the safety of Polish soldiers, Border Guard officers and citizens.’

Warsaw called today’s action ‘an invasion’ and declared it was sending 12,000 troops to reinforce 10,000 already stationed along the frontier.

Polish soldiers were seen pepper-spraying the migrants from behind a barbed-wire barrier as the desperate people tried to hack it down with branches and spades.

At other sections of the line, small children were held up by desperate parents who pleaded with the Polish forces to let them through, while others chanted: ‘Germany,’ renowned for its hospitality towards refugees.

Poland said on Monday it had repelled an attempt by hundreds of migrants to illegally cross the border with Belarus, but that thousands more were on the way and future attempts to breach its frontier could be ‘armed in nature’.

Defense Ministry video taken later Monday showed the migrants settling in for the night by the border, having put up scores of tents and cooking meals.

A NATO official called the use of migrants ‘a hybrid tactic’, meaning a combined military-political operation, and said: ‘NATO stands ready to further assist our allies, and maintain safety and security in the region’….

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Biden Left Behind 100+ Family Members of U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan

How bad was Biden’s retreat from Afghanistan?

While we mostly stopped talking about it, every week or so there’s a new revelation that shows that the administration lied about how many Americans it left behind and that the actual abandonment was worse than what was previously reported.

The Pentagon is stepping up efforts to get family members of U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, creating a database of the dozens who are trapped there.

Family members of U.S. troops.

If you thought that the Biden administration’s lies about a full and complete evacuation running on schedule were bad, they manage to get worse every week.

On Thursday, more than two months after the U.S. military withdrew completely from Afghanistan, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl issued a memo asking any U.S. military personnel and DOD civilians with immediate family members who need help leaving Afghanistan to email his office.

I’m glad that the DOD finally found time to tackle this a few months later in between its commitment to telling servicemembers they’re racists who need to read Ibram X. Kendi and confess their white privilege.

There are still several dozen immediate family members of U.S. service members in Afghanistan, according to defense officials. Those include children, sisters and brothers, and parents. There are well over 100 extended family members still in Afghanistan, but it’s not clear how many of them want to leave the country, the officials said.

The Biden administration has been pushing this “not clear how many want to leave the country” talking point since Day 1. And yet it keeps turning out that all the people that Joe left behind enemy lines want to leave.

The official said there is real momentum to help get immediate family members out. “There is an increased desire to make sure that as we make this push that we have every situation accounted for,” the official said, adding that they are trying to “expand the reach” to make sure DOD personnel and their families are getting help.

In November. There’s “increased desire” after leaving them behind. I don’t even have the words.

The official said once the information is consolidated, the Pentagon will work with the State Department to extract family members who want to leave. The U.S. military will not have a role in actually getting the people out of the country, the official said.

Of course not. And, as usual, it’s not the whole list.

The Pentagon does not have a good accounting of how many DOD civilians still have immediate family members in Afghanistan, the officials said.

Back to more Diversity Equity and Inclusion training then.



Islamic State shows signs of strengthening in Syria and Iraq

Islamic State jihadi refuses to condemn ISIS’ beheadings and use of sex slaves

Indonesia: Officials in Sharia-adherent Aceh seize pet dog, leave it to die inside cabbage crate

India: Muslim poses as Hindu to trap minor Hindu girl, abducts and rapes her, pressures her to convert

Poland vows to ‘defend Europe’ from ‘migrant invasion’ unleashed by Belarusian dictator Lukashenko

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The American Experiment

Is the Biden administration governing in a way that takes into consideration the will of the American people? Based on his plummeting poll numbers and crude anti-Biden chants filling sports stadiums, the answer would seem to be no.

Last week’s defeat of the left at the polls in Virginia and elsewhere was a reminder of the pushback of “we the people.”

Some leftist pundits said Terry McAuliffe lost his Virginia gubernatorial campaign in 2021 because he didn’t campaign to the left enough. Others remarked it was the alleged “white supremacist” factor that gave conservatives the victory. Of course, they say this while ignoring the victory of the lieutenant governor-elect in Virginia, Winsome Sears. She is the first black person to win that position in that state.

Last week’s election was a reminder of the genius of the founding fathers to build into the system the opportunity for “we the people” to correct earlier political mistakes.

Conservative columnist Star Parker made a comment about this principle once in a television  interview with D. James Kennedy Ministries.

She noted,

“What I’ve learned about this whole political arena is that the words of President Garfield are really true.  If you have recklessness and corruption in government, it’s because you tolerate it. Because of the beauty of the founding, they give us elections every two years, every four years, and every six years. So, in two years, we get to [elect Congress members] again; every four years, we get the president again; and every six years we get to determine who’s going to be our senate representation.”

Parker made this remark right after Biden’s victory about a year ago. She added,

“So, I’m just staying encouraged, because this moment in our history is only this moment in our history. History is long, and history is after us, but it’s also before us….We are now being tested…and it’s uncomfortable to have to get up and actually engage. But we’re called to do that. And we have that chance every two years, every four years, and every six years.”

Our political developments are a reminder of the American experiment created by the settlers and then the founders of America.

What is America in a nutshell? It is an experiment in self-government under God.

Some people want to remove the self-government part—but then they ultimately crown the government God. That scenario violates both parts of the phrase: self-government under God.

Others want to remove the God-part of the phrase. But when we have government without God, even self-government (without God), it all tends to break down because of the inherent sinfulness of humanity.

John Adams famously said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

America’s founders designed things in such a way that we would be a self-governing people. The more people govern themselves the less outward government they need. The less they govern themselves, the more outward government is needed.

Knowing that we are all accountable before God, our founders understood the need for keeping one’s passions in check. As Thomas Jefferson noted, “Indeed I tremble for my country when reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

Self-government under God leads to greater freedom. The converse is true—bigger government under man (not God) constricts our freedom.

Why has America been so blessed—despite all our flaws—lo, these many centuries? I believe that the  first steps to self-government under God in America go back to the positive influence of the Pilgrims. 400 years ago this autumn, the Pilgrims who settled Plymouth held their first Thanksgiving celebration.

Our recent Providence Forum documentary, THE PILGRIMS, makes the simple point that the Pilgrims just wanted to worship God according to their conscience. In pursuing this religious freedom in the New World, they helped cast a long and positive shadow on what would become the future nation.

As the hymn, “America the Beautiful,” points out, “O beautiful for pilgrim feet / Whose stern impassioned stress, / A thoroughfare for freedom beat / Across the wilderness!”

Ronald Reagan once observed,

“Here in this land, for the first time, it was decided that man is born with certain God-given rights. We the people declared that government is created by the people for their own convenience. Government has no power except those voluntarily granted to it by we the people.”

The founding fathers took and extended the Pilgrims’ concept of liberty under God. Our 40th president added,

“Oh, there have been revolutions before and since ours. But those revolutions simply exchanged one set of rulers for another. Ours was a revolution that changed the very concept of government.”

And for that, all Americans should be full of thanksgiving.

©Jerry Newcombe. All rights reserved.

Don’t let Joe Biden or Big Bird raise America’s kids!

Don’t let Joe Biden or Big Bird raise America’s kids! And certainly don’t let them provide medical treatment or teach them socialism. Instead, let’s teach America’s youth with the Tuttle Twins!

The Tuttle Twins children’s book series is teaching the rising generation about the ideas of freedom, free markets, individual responsibility, and American history.

My goal is to distribute an additional 10,000 copies of the Tuttle Twins before the end of the year. It costs roughly $10 to distribute one copy of the Tuttle Twins to a family.

Click here to help us distribute more copies of the Tuttle Twins books to schools across the country

Thank you,

Connor Boyack
Author, Tuttle Twins

P.S. Don’t let Biden or Big Bird take over educating America’s rising generation. Help the Tuttle Twins reach our goal!

It’s the Weather, Not the Climate, Stupid!

Weather is the state of the atmosphere, describing for example the degree to which it is hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy, clear or cloudy.

What is Weather?

According to BYJU’S

  • The day-to-day conditions of the atmosphere at a place with respect to elements like humidity, temperature, wind speed, rainfall, etc. is called the weather of that place.
  • Weather can be cloudy, sunny, rainy, stormy or clear. It is a part of the natural phenomenon which maintains the equilibrium in the atmosphere.
  • But conditions can be worse sometimes. When the atmospheric conditions are extreme or intense enough to cause property loss or life loss, such weather is termed as severe weather.
  • These also vary according to the altitudes, latitudes, and region and pressure differences. Tornadoes, cyclones, heavy rainfall, fog, winter storms come under this category. They are disastrous and hazardous. Proper disaster management and strategies are required to handle these conditions.

Weather is the key factor in our daily lives. The weather determines how we heat/cool our homes, how we dress to keep warm or fight the heat and how we live our lives. If your an Eskimo living in Alaska you deal with different weather conditions than someone who is living in Florida, for example.

Why are we so focused on the Climate?

Climate was in use in English for well over a hundred years before we began to use the word in the 16th century to refer to weather conditions. So climate is synonymous with the weather. Then mankind began to use the phrase climate change in 1956.

Skeptical Science, whose mission is to debunk climate misinformation by presenting peer-reviewed science and explaining the techniques of science denial, noted this about the phrase climate change:

“The roots of the term have been around since 1956, when a scientist referred to it as ‘climactic change’ in a paper. By the ’80s, ‘climactic change’ had morphed into ‘climate change’ and entered popular discourse.”

BYJU’S Factors Affecting Weather:

  • All the changes that happen in the weather are made by the sun. Because the sun has a very high temperature and it is a huge sphere of hot gases. It is the main source of heat and light for the earth. It is even the primary source of energy hence affects the weather.
  • The energy reflected and absorbed by the earth’s surface, the oceans and the atmosphere play an important role in determining the weather at any place.
  • Gases like methane, water vapour and carbon dioxide also play a role in determining the weather.

So is it weather or climate?

Why I’m a Conservationist and not an Environmentalist

I deeply care about the planet earth and about all of the creatures living on the land and in our seas, rivers and oceans. However, I am not a environmentalist. Rather I am a conservationist.

According to Merriam-Webster, a conservationist is “a person who advocates conservation especially of natural resources.”

In contrast, an environmentalist is defined as one “concerned about environmental quality especially of the human environment with respect to the control of pollution.”

Do you see the difference?


A conservationist uses what has been given to us to use. He or she does not want to control people but give people access to all natural resources but task people to use these natural resources for the good of all of mankind. Not to do so is blasphemy.

I believe that it is mankind’s duty to use our God given natural resources. I also believe that God tasks us to use them wisely. I believe in waste not, want not.


Environmentalists, unlike conservationists, want to prevent mankind from using earth’s natural resources. Environmentalism wants to “save the planet” by sacrificing the lives, liberties and prosperity  of mankind.

An environmentalist is focused neither on nature nor on science. An environmentalist is focused on controlling pollution by controlling people. Environmentalists have killed millions of people (e.g. when environmentalists banned DDT which lead to the deaths of millions who succumbed to malaria in third world countries from infected mosquitoes).

In order to control the people environmentalists have over time pushed three myths (big lies):

  1. Myth #1: Human Extinction Due To Climate Change Is Imminent


I believe Theodore Roosevelt said it best, “To waste, to destroy our natural resources, to skin and exhaust the land instead of using it so as to increase its usefulness, will result in undermining in the days of our children the very prosperity which we ought by right to hand down to them amplified and developed.”

It’s not about pollution at all.

Environmentalists want to reduce the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere. They forget that it’s CO2 that feeds the plants and makes them green and grow faster thereby producing more for mankind to consume. Remember learning about photosynthesis in high school? Photosynthesis is when plants convert sunlight into energy.

According to

or the first half of Earth’s life to date, oxygen was all but absent from an atmosphere made mostly of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane. The evolution of animals and life as we now know it owe everything to .

About 2.5 billion years ago, —the first organisms that used sunlight and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and sugars via photosynthesis—transformed our atmosphere. Later, algae evolved with this ability, and about 0.5 billion years ago, the first land plants sprouted.

Algae, plankton, and land plants now work together to keep our atmosphere full of oxygen.

Genesis 1: 27-30 reads:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.’ Then God said, ‘I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground–everything that has the breath of life in it–I give every green plant for food.’ And it was so.

Don’t fall for the environmentalist’s big lies. Believe in the truth. God’s truth.

We have been given great bounty and we are tasked to give thanks for it.

Remember what Edmund Burke wrote,

“There is but one law for all, namely that law which governs all law, the law of our Creator, the law of humanity, justice, equity – the law of nature and of nations.”

As we approach Thanksgiving Day 2021 perhaps we should bow our heads in prayer and be most thankful for our conservationists who give us food, drink and with this bounty, health and prosperity.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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7 Reasons to Say Goodbye to Teachers Unions

I stand with teachers—not unions.

Every year, my school district hosts a beginning of the year meeting with every employee in the district. Amidst all the pomp are 15 minutes during which my school district provides a platform for the head of the local teachers union. He doesn’t say much, keeping it vague and general. He says the union works with the school board and other leaders to fight for both teachers and students.

He also spends time in the teachers’ lounge occasionally, handing out pamphlets. A note in defense of unions was left at a table in the lounge recently. It details accomplishments of unions past and the evils of corporations. This note and this speech are a nice review of a high school civics course, but they have one glaring flaw: they focus entirely on the past.

Contexts change. For instance, the necessity of stationed US troops in Germany has shifted since the Cold War. The same goes for unions at large as the US reaches historical levels of prosperity. We can appreciate the accomplishments of the past while still reconsidering the utility of unions in the present. There are of course defenses of unions within a modern context. That said, they are ultimately lacking. Here are seven reasons why we should support the dissolution of teachers unions in 2019.

They are advocacy groups as much as unions

Two years ago, while I was a first-year teacher, I mistakenly stumbled into a members-only meeting in my school’s library. Before being shooed away and denied a scone with coffee, I saw pamphlets in stacks next to the treats. One column was topped by a glowering Donald Trump over a dark red background like a Sith lord; the other had a smiling Hillary Clinton.

While teachers are stereotypically liberal, a survey done by Education Week found that 43 percent of educators define themselves as moderate, with a near equal number identifying as conservative or liberal. In 2016, 50 percent of teachers voted for Hillary Clinton and 29 percent for Donald Trump. Teachers are a moderate and politically diverse crowd.

That being said, in the past 28 years, teachers unions have given 96 percent of their funding to Democratic candidates. In the agenda from the National Education Association (NEA)’s most recent annual meeting, the business items include a commitment to:

  • Responding to the “heartless, racist, and discriminatory zero-tolerance [immigration] policies of the Trump administration”
  • Supporting Black Lives Matter
  • Opposing arming teachers in schools
  • The removal of Confederate leaders from school monuments
  • Posting a public list of individuals who have refused service to LGBTQ people
  • The postponement of the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh
  • The prohibition of private jails
  • Opposing charter schools and voucher programs
  • Describing and deconstructing “the systemic proliferation of a White supremacy culture and its constituent elements of White privilege and institutional racism”

Regardless of your views on all of these, there is a clear disparity between the agenda of the largest teachers union in the nation and the views of its teachers. Perhaps even more glaring, many of these issues have only a tangential relation to education, if that. While they speak of defending teachers, much of their energy is spent advocating for various, non-educational political initiatives.

They have more money in politics than just about everyone

Both Republicans and Democrats complain about money in politics. Both sides have their boogeyman: George Soros and the Koch Brothers. And yet, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, the NEA was the second largest contributor to political campaigns of any individual, corporation, or union in 2014. In 2016, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and NEA collectively gave $64 million in political contributions compared to only $11 million and $28 million by the Koch brothers and George Soros, respectively.

Unions fight for increased funding with the intent of raising teacher pay and purchasing better academic materials. Some research shows that it is beneficial. Other papers don’t. An analysis by Johns Hopkins finds a synthesis between the two, arguing that how school achievement is defined and how money is spent determine whether funding correlates with improvement. Until structural reforms are put in place to apply market pressure to the schools, any funding increase will be little more than waste.

At the first school I worked at, the book room had thousands of books, worth thousands of dollars, and I was one of the only teachers in our building who used them. My department had a supply closet filled with toys and gadgets no one used. There are curriculum teams and staff members collectively paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a curriculum that is either followed without fidelity or ignored entirely.

Per pupil spending, school achievement, and teacher pay give data to substantiate this claim. In current dollars, school spending has increased by roughly $3,000 per pupil since the early 1990s; yet teacher pay has declined or remained flat in most states, while student achievement on test scores has remained stagnant or even decreased in some states. Money is increasing, but it isn’t creating results.

More generally, teachers unions promote a strict pay scale that rewards any teacher for years taught—be they exceptional or mediocre or lousy—incentivizing longevity, not performance. They also make it nearly impossible to fire teachers, taking up to two years and $200,000 according to Stanford Professor Terry Moe. Social stances, funding, and strict pay scales just won’t do in the face of crumbling urban education.

Unions block the reforms that will structurally change a broken system and in return, promise increased funding, which will, in turn, be drained away by the broken system. Namely, they oppose school choice, merit-based pay, standardized tests, and the Praxis, an entrance exam for teachers.

School choice, while not a panacea, is one reform that has tremendous potential for improving schools. Research shows that the pressure this funding structure places on schools increases student performancesaves money, and improves students’ mental health.

Educational reform has been stymied. Across the board, Republicans have advanced comprehensive reforms from charter schools to more stringent teacher evaluations and merit-based pay. After a blue wave, many fear that the growth it has enacted may be at an end.

They breed a culture of entitlement

I allow my students to set some classroom rules to provide a sense of ownership. One student expressed that he didn’t want a star or candy simply for following directions. It’s condescending, he said, to praise a student for the minimum. That assumes you only expect the minimum.

In my role, I watch many teachers teach, and not everyone necessarily deserves a star. I have heard teachers tell their kids to ask fewer questions. I have seen teachers celebrate over pregnant students. I have heard teachers speak of students using language one would expect from the villain in a Scorsese movie. All the while, teachers denigrate any test that shows stagnant scores or an administrator who questions their efficacy.

The unions tell us that we, the teachers, deserve our jobs and better pay regardless of the success of our students, but in reality, we deserve more money and respect only if we do our job well. To suggest anything else is a disservice to the profession.

I was new to teaching and sat across from the school’s manager of our 403(b) plans. I asked if the school district would match my contribution. They don’t, because the district pays toward our pension. I rolled my eyes, and so did she.

Chad Aldeman, a former analyst at the Department of Education, explains the problem well. He says that “states are paying an average of 12 percent of each teacher’s salary just for debt costs. If states didn’t face these large debts, they could afford to give that money back to teachers in the form of higher salaries—an average of $6,801 for every public school teacher in America.

Under a 401(k) plan, any employee could choose to be frugal and invest more, as well as receive more from their employer and thereby more from their retirement plan. In education, teachers receive retirement benefits based on a formula, unable to invest any more than the predetermined amount.

That $6,800 dollars could go to much better use. For those of us who choose to save, we would end up with a retirement portfolio that would outdo most teacher pensions. Others may counter that some do not have the disposable income to save for themselves, but even in this case, those teachers should be allowed to keep their money and spend it on whatever medical bill or child care they need.

We can bargain for ourselves

Factory workers during the Industrial Revolution were expendable. They had no specialized skills or education with which they could bargain in a labor-flooded market. Conversely, teachers are a highly-skilled and educated workforce in a market where they are in short supply.

A friend of mine, one of the best teachers at our school, was falsely accused of hitting a student. Under convoluted district rules, the principal wanted to fire him. This teacher walked into the office with test scores, student testimonials, projects demonstrating mastery by some of our school’s most difficult students, and hallway video records that proved him innocent. We can bargain for ourselves.

As a rule, I try not to stand in opposition to things. It breeds resentment instead of changing minds and casts no vision for a way forward. I’m not against unions. I’m for teachers. For us to flourish financially and professionally, we need the freedom to bargain for ourselves, the respect that comes with accountability, and meaningful reform. Therefore, I stand with teachers—not union.


Daniel Buck

Daniel Buck is a public school teacher in Wisconsin with a graduate degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. On the side, he writes regular commentary about education and literature for publications like The Foundation for Economic Education, The Federalist, and Quillette. He is also the head columnist at Lone Conservative, a website dedicated to mentoring and publishing college-aged conservatives.

EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Nigeria, Islamism, and the High Risks of Truth-Telling

In mid-August, all eyes were fixed on Afghanistan. The world media focused on the U.S. military’s rapid and chaotic departure and President Joe Biden’s awkward and contradictory explanations. And in the days and weeks that followed, the Taliban’s atrocities in that country increased exponentially.

Meanwhile, although the threats and curses were in another language and the victims looked very different, innocent Nigerian people were also being threatened, abducted, and massacred. And this was all being carried out in accord with the same Islamist ideology and with the same ferocity as the Taliban slaughters.

In short, while a horrified world watched the Taliban’s swelling abuses and atrocities in Afghanistan, few turned their eyes toward the unholy violence in Nigeria.

Truthfully, it has always been all too easy to look away from Nigeria’s seemingly endless bloodbath. In fact, the legacy media has never paid much attention to it in the first place, even though, as Crux reported in August:

Nigeria is becoming the “biggest killing ground of Christians in the world” due to attacks by Boko Haram and Fulani militants, says a leading charity. International Christian Concern (ICC) estimates between 50,000 and 70,000 Christians have been killed in the last decade in the West African nation, the most populous on the continent.

So, while the Afghan debacle captured the world’s attention, a continuing bloodbath in Nigeria was all but overlooked. However, Morning Star News — a Christian outlet — remained focused on the violence in West Africa and continued to update their shocking reports.

August 25, 2021: Muslim Fulanis killed 70 Christians, displaced 30,000 others and burned 500 homes in attacks on villages in Miango District, Bassa County the first three weeks of August.

September 28, 2021: Fulani herdsmen killed a Christian at a worship service in Kaduna state, Nigeria on Sunday (Sept. 26), and 30 others were slain in attacks later that night, sources said.

September 29, 2021: The killing of the Rev. Silas Yakubu Ali and more than 50 other Christians… shows that Christians are under siege from Muslim Fulani herdsmen,” community leaders said.

Nigerian journalist Luka Binniyat wrote, “The murder of the pastor has again offered another opportunity for relevant government authorities and, indeed, the entire world to seriously examine the allegations made by… Christians over the years.”

Binniyat also headlined a story for Epoch Times on October 29, “In Nigeria, Police Decry Massacres as ‘Wicked’ but Make No Arrests.”

In recent days, the ongoing attacks in Nigeria have worsened exponentially. And so have threats to Binniyat, whose journalism has long demanded that the Nigerian government examine anti-Christian violence.

On November 6, The Christian Post reported that over 60 members of a Baptist church in Kaduna, Nigeria, had been kidnapped. “This kidnapping is a shocking example of the audacity of the so-called bandits and the impunity that is escalating, seemingly without bounds in Nigeria,” said Jo Newhouse, spokesperson for Open Doors in sub-Saharan Africa. “The government is grossly failing its citizens in this matter and the continuing lawlessness is creating ideal breeding ground for extremism.”

Binniyat was arrested by the Nigerian authorities on November 7.

Douglas Burton, an Epoch Times specialist on Nigeria, was interviewed by FRC’s Tony Perkins on “Washington Watch” about Binniyat’s arrest.

“Binniyat has been a journalist for 30 years,” Burton explained. “He was the bureau chief for a big newspaper in Nigeria called Vanguard, and he’s been in trouble with the Nigerian government before. Four years ago, he was jailed on charges of ‘breach of the public peace’ and of ‘publishing false and injurious information….’ In fact, the government of Nigeria has deliberately neglected to make arrests and prosecutions in dozens and dozens of cases of massacres in the state of Kaduna and Plateau States.”

Perkins responded, “So here we have a journalist reporting that religiously motivated atrocities are taking place all across Nigeria. And, in fact, that’s why Nigeria was designated by the State Department as a Country of Particular Concern (CPC). It is the largest African country in terms of population, and it has the ability to destabilize the entire continent this continues. So, what is the Nigerian government saying other than these charges that have been leveled against Luka? Are they defending their inaction in this case or what are they saying?”

Burton explained that the commissioner of public security, Samuel Aruwan, who identifies as a Christian, claims that what Binniyat wrote was false. Aruwan said that Binniyat was “inciting disturbance and…confusing the public about the government’s role in allowing the genocide against Christians.”

This is a typical response from Nigerian government officials. And at the time of this writing, Luka Binniyat’s fate is unknown.

Those who follow Nigeria’s horrific violence against Christians — carried out for many years by Fulani radicals, Boko Haram, and Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) — are appalled by the Nigerian government’s denials of complicity. The president of Nigeria himself is a Fulani tribesman who has filled most government posts with his kinsmen. And although the United States has declared Nigeria a CPC, Boko Haram, ISWAP, and Fulani Jihadis continue their murderous activity across that vast country without consequence.

Radical Islamism, which demands the death and destruction of “infidels,” is not only acted out in places like Afghanistan, where the Taliban’s number of victims is rapidly rising. That same Islamism continues to be the theological foundation for Nigeria’s government as well as for other Middle Eastern and African countries.

Meanwhile, those who report the facts about Islamist activity — courageous journalists like Luka Binniyat — continue to face threats and scrutiny. And those intimidations are too often followed by retaliation and harsh reprisals.


Lela Gilbert

Senior Fellow for International Religious Freedom

Lela Gilbert is Senior Fellow for International Religious Freedom and Coalitions Coordinator at Family Research Council, where she brings a lengthy record of advocating for persecuted believers and addressing current-day faith and freedom issues. Lela resided in Israel for ten years, from 2006 to 2017; she writes and speaks about the intensifying persecution of Christians, Antisemitism, and abuses of religious minorities across the world.

An award-winning writer, Lela has authored or co-authored more than sixty books, including Saturday People, Sunday People: Israel through the Eyes of a Christian Sojourner (Encounter Books, 2013) and Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians (Thomas Nelson, 2013 — co-authored with Hudson Institute Fellows Nina Shea and Paul Marshall. Lela also served as editorial director of Silenced: How Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes are Choking Freedom Worldwide, a volume co-authored by Paul Marshall and Nina Shea (Oxford University Press, 2011).

Her work has appeared in Newsweek, Fox News, RealClearReligion, Jerusalem Post, Providence Magazine, National Review, Catholic Herald and other publications.

EDITORS NOTE: This FRC-Action column with video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

PODCAST: What It Will Take To End Sexploitation

In a follow up Dawn Hawkins, as the new CEO of NCOSE, wants to share more about HOW we can achieve a world free from sexual abuse and exploitation.

Hear about my vision:

Before any real problem solving can be done, it’s essential the problem is properly laid out and defined. That’s why NCOSE’s work to expose the interconnected web of sexual exploitation issues is so critical to achieving our vision—we cannot solve one problem while ignoring the influences and tangled nature of another.

Our nearly 60-year history has given us a unique, panoramic perspective which enables us to see that we cannot succeed in preserving human dignity if we approach the work from a narrow lens, such as a singular religious, political, or social perspective. It’s this wisdom that has allowed NCOSE to adapt and change over the past decade to unite and grow a movement and address current issues while utilizing myriad advocacy tools, cutting-edge tactics, and the latest research.

NCOSE has built a diverse team of top experts, broad coalition partners, and a deep grassroots network and it now leads the movement to end sexual abuse and exploitation through research, litigation, and corporate and legislative advocacy

This is what it will take to build a world free from sexual abuse and exploitation: 

  1. Destabilize the pornography industry and make pornography intolerable in society. Pornography does not have room to exist in a world that truly believes in human love, connection, and equality.
  2. Stop sex buying to end sex trafficking and all exploitation. The world should not allow and even celebrate the commodification of any human being, especially the most vulnerable, who are preyed upon by the commercial sex industry.
  3. Protect children online. The Internet should be a safe space for all, including the children who are now growing up with access to people and unlimited information.

Read About Our Tactics Here

With your help, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has made significant progress on these three objectives and more in just the last few years. Best of all, there are more victories and accomplishments to come!

The light of human dignity will always burn brighter than the shadow of exploitation. By eschewing the boundaries of politics, religion, and other divisive backgrounds, NCOSE is in a unique position to ignite that light and continue to bring organizations and individuals from all walks of life out of the shadows of a world that allows and normalizes sexual exploitation to thrive.

All our work is dedicated to realizing the vision of a world free from sexual abuse and exploitation—a world I know is possible.

EDITORS NOTE: This NCOSE column with podcast is republished with permission. ©All right reserved.

Virginia shows America’s school choice moment has finally arrived

It took a catastrophe like Covid-19 for many to recognize the depth of problems in U.S. schools.

For months, all eyes have been on the Virginia governor’s race as both Democrats and Republicans saw it as a battleground for things to come. As it turned out, Republican Glenn Youngkin easily won the seat in a state that Joe Biden carried by over 10 points not even a year ago.

While Democrats attempted to make this election about Donald Trump, Youngkin took a decidedly different approach—focusing heavily on education and the issues that have animated parents across the country during the pandemic.

In contrast, Youngkin’s opponent, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, elevated teacher’s unions, supported vaccine mandates for children, and sided with those who’ve pushed lockdowns and masking on schools as well. He even went so far in a debate as to say parents should not be making decisions on their children’s education when asked about controversies over curricula including critical race theory and sexually-explicit materials.

“I’m not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decision,” McAuliffe said. “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Unsurprisingly, these stances did not sit well with voters.

Families have endured almost two years of pandemic policy, with those with school-age children arguably suffering the most. Parents have had to scramble to school their children at home, rearrange work schedules, and deal with the growing anxiety and mental health issues their kids are facing as a result.

Parents have also gotten to see firsthand what’s actually going on in their children’s classrooms during this time, and many have not been pleased. To make matters worse, when they attempted to go through the proper channels to address these significant issues—their elected school boards—they were shut down, not allowed to speak, and ultimately labeled domestic terrorists by their federal government who attempted to sic the FBI on them in a coordinated attack between the Biden Administration and the National School Board Association.

For decades, libertarians and true conservatives have pushed for school choice in response to increasingly failing schools, disproportionate educational outcomes, and waste in the public school system. While budgets have bloated (schools now spend an average of $15,000 per year per student), outcomes have continued to worsen. On top of that, public schools have become government indoctrination camps that teach children one version of events, compliance, and what to think, instead of how to think. The results of this are evident throughout our entire society.

For those unfamiliar with the idea of school choice, it can take multiple forms. In recent years, the most popular approach has been education savings accounts (ESAs), which would function similarly to health savings accounts (HSAs).

Basically, families would receive the money the state already spends on their child’s education in a fund that they would then have discretion over and the ability to allocate towards a number of educational services. They could reinvest in their public school and stay if it is good, or they could use the fund towards private school, homeschooling, tutors, online courses, and supplies. They could also roll the funds over year after year (which would incentivize frugality) and ultimately pay for college with it as well.

Since most private and homeschooling options are far cheaper than what the government spends per child, this would mean children receive a far better education at a much better price. It would also reintroduce competition back into the educational market, forcing government schools to improve or lose funds. School choice would break children out of the racially-zoned education system too, which dates back to the policy of redlining. Redlining formerly prohibited people of color from buying homes in certain areas, forcing them into inner-city zip codes. To this day, zip codes are used to determine where children attend school, and notably, inner-city schools continue to be the worst—trapping whole families in generational poverty that a better education could help them escape.

Lastly, school choice puts disputes over policies like masking, lockdowns, mandates, and curriculum to bed. Parents should have the ultimate say in the environment they want their children to be educated in. School choice would allow people to peacefully group themselves with others who desire the same and therefore cease the unrest we currently see at school board meetings.

School choice used to be a third rail issue not even five years ago. I should know, I was working to pass it in Tennessee back in 2016 and 2017. Democrats didn’t want it for the reasons that they still oppose it—they work to protect the interests of unions and administrators vs families. But Republicans were hesitant at the time as well.

Those days are long gone. After the injustices in our education system were laid bare over the past year and a half, parents are rising up to demand control of their kids’ futures and looking for options to remove government from the picture. School choice is no longer a fringe issue. Indeed, many have become single-issue voters on it.

In fact, a national school choice poll now shows 67 percent of voters want school choice. And if the Virginia race tells us anything, it’s that parents are going to vote for it as soon as they get the chance.

Whom does your kid belong to?

While it is unfortunate that it takes a catastrophe like Covid-19 for many to recognize the depth of problems in our educational system, we can at least hope that a silver-lining of this pandemic is a permanent wake-up call for parents.

The actions taken and statements made on education during the course of the pandemic by the left have made it clear that they believe the nation’s children belong to them. Just the mention of school choice or parental control draws sneers from those who feel entitled to the cash cow each child represents in the system. For them, it is not about educational outcomes (clearly), but rather about control.

Economist Murray Rothbard wrote, “The issue which has been joined in the past and in the present is: shall there be a free society with parental control, or a despotism with State control?”

For too long, government actors (school administrators, teachers, unions, and politicians) were given almost total control over education. Homeschooling wasn’t even legal in all 50 states until the 1990s. Now, they are primed to lose even more control as demands for school choice and parental involvement in the classroom grow.

Rothbard also noted that, “…the State has been warring with parents for control over their children.” That’s also evident right now as unions attempt to gaslight parents over what happened in the schools over the past year and the left attempts to malign parental control over education as a racism issue.

But if Virginia is the bellwether many believe it to be, parents won’t be backing down this time around. School choice is now a “main character” in the public policy drama, and it’s not playing second-fiddle again anytime soon.

This article was originally published on Read the original article.


Hannah Cox

Hannah Cox is a libertarian-conservative writer, commentator, and activist. She’s a Newsmax Insider and a Contributor to The Washington Examiner. More by Hannah Cox.


Texas Gov. Abbott orders criminal investigation into pornography in public schools

Will this be the world’s first anti-woke university?

EDITORS NOTE: This MercatorNet column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

We Now Have a De facto Totalitarian Federal Government

Agree with below assessment – what we have now is just plain down TYRANNY!  And let me throw in one more zinger in regards to the events of the January 6th peaceful protest in Washington, D.C.  You will recall that even before POTUS Trump spoke to the over 600,000 peaceful demonstrators exercising their 1st Amendment Rights the illegally elected Joe Biden gave a press conference where he made the accusation of an “insurrection” which the Pelosi Kangaroo Court is now trying to prove but has withheld all video evidence from Republicans.

Please read Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, Section 3 to the U.S. Constitution which states:

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability. [Emphasis added]

Doesn’t this just track with what the leftist, socialist Democrats and even some RINO never Trumpers are thinking, scheming, forging in order to prevent POTUS Trump from running for POTUS or even Congress in the future?

Paladin writes:

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, then it just might be a duck — right?

So, if you have a president who writes executive orders and uses federal agencies to enforce them, and if you have a justice department that refuses to treat everyone equally under the law, and if you have a Congress that simply prints money out of thin air to buy whatever it wants without going through the normal budget process, and if you have an FBI that uses Stasis-like tactics to kick down doors, throw flash grenades and arrest law-abiding citizens on trumped-up charges, and if you have a government that forces its citizens to take vaccinations against their will with a vaccine made by the same people who developed the virus that killed millions and destroyed the world economy, and if you have a major political party that has found a way to win every presidential election by manufacturing and harvesting fraudulent votes in certain counties of swing states, then you should go ahead and call this “duck” what it really is — a “De facto Totalitarian Federal Government” operating under the direction of the “Global Elites” who are planning for one-world government rule.

The “Great Reset” is upon us, folks.  We are fortunate to have a great leader in Ron DeSantis who understands that there are ways to combat a runaway lawless federal government such as we have today, with the use of the tools of nullification and interposition, as defined by Jefferson and Madison in “The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798.”  (see below)

Game on!


Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798

The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 were Democratic-Republican responses to the Alien and Sedition Acts passed earlier that same year by a Federalist-dominated Congress. Drafted in secret by future Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the resolutions condemned the Alien and Sedition Acts as unconstitutional and claimed that because these acts overstepped federal authority under the Constitution, they were null and void.

The resolutions defended civil liberties and states’ rights

The resolutions have a complicated history and legacy. They were an early defense of the Constitution’s protection of civil liberties, especially freedom of speech and of the press; however, because they argued that the acts illegally usurped powers reserved for the states, they also became the founding documents in the states’ rights movement and were cited by antebellum supporters of state nullification and secession in the mid-nineteenth century and by advocates of resistance to federal school desegregation orders in the mid-twentieth century.

Resolutions were written in response to Alien and Sedition Acts

As noted, the resolutions were written in response to Alien and Sedition Acts, which were four separate laws passed in the midst of an undeclared war at sea with revolutionary France. Among other things, the Alien Acts granted the president the power to seize, detain, and ultimately deport any noncitizen he deemed dangerous to the United States, regardless of whether the nation was at war. Accused aliens were given no right to a judicial hearing or to hear the specific charges against them. The Sedition Act made it a crime to write, print, publish, or utter anything false, scandalous, or malicious against the U.S. government, Congress, or the President.

The Democratic-Republicans, political opponents of the Federalists, felt threatened by these laws. In fact, Jefferson and Madison kept their authorship of the resolutions secret because they feared arrest for sedition. When the Federalists gained control of all three branches of the federal government in 1798, Jefferson struck on the idea of getting sympathetic state legislatures to pass resolutions as a way to respond to the acts. He hoped that more states would respond in like-minded ways and that this would lead to more electoral victories over the Federalists. Subsequently, Kentucky’s legislature passed the resolution that Jefferson had penned with little debate or revision on November 11, 1798, and the Virginia legislature passed its more temperate resolution on Christmas Eve of the same year.

Resolutions asserted the separation of powers

The resolutions assert two key propositions. First, the Union is a compact among individual states that delegates specific powers to the federal government and reserves the rest for the states to exercise themselves. Second, it is both a right and a duty of individual states to interpose themselves between their citizens and the federal government. On these bases, Virginia’s resolution, penned by Madison, declared that the Alien and Sedition Acts were unconstitutional and that measures should be taken by all states to retain their reserved powers. Jefferson’s more strident Kentucky Resolution took Madison’s theory of interposition a step further and concluded that because the Alien and Sedition Acts were unconstitutional, they were null and void.

Resolutions failed to influence other states to pass similar resolutions

The intent of the resolutions was to induce other state legislatures to pick up the critique and pass similar resolutions, thus acting as decentralized opposition to the Federalists. Judged by this standard, they were a failure. No state responded with similar official denunciations, and the legislatures of ten states went as far as to officially repudiate the resolutions, most arguing that the federal courts, not state legislatures, were the legitimate interpreters of the federal Constitution. Nevertheless, the resolutions did help the Democratic-Republicans develop as an organized oppositional party, and two years later Jefferson would eke out a victory in the 1800 presidential elections. Madison’s Report of 1800, defending the resolutions is, moreover, an important milestone in defense of First Amendment freedoms of speech and press.

The complex legacy of the resolutions stems from lingering questions as to whether they are best understood as a defense of civil liberties or of states’ rights. Rather than asserting the principles of free speech and civil protections for aliens not charged with crimes, Jefferson and Madison argued that the power to pass such acts was not properly delegated to the national government by the states. The tone and language of the resolutions are not that of a newspaper editorial meant to shape public opinion, but rather are constitutional treatises designed to elaborate on essential structures of government. From the context of the late 1790s, they are best understood as an early episode of party politics in the United States and an attempt to gain electoral advantage. However, their dominant legacy is as an exemplification of the constitutional doctrine of nullification.

Resolutions seen as examples of the doctrine of nullification

During the nullification crisis of the early 1830s over the federal tariff, states’ rights figures such as John Calhoun and Robert Hayne explicitly cited the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions as early exemplifications of their theory that a state legislature could declare federal laws null and void within its own borders. Calhoun argued in much the same manner as found in the resolutions that the states formed a compact with each other, delegating specific powers to the federal government and that, therefore, the states ultimately were the judges of the Constitution.

A senior statesman at the time, Madison fought back against the appropriation of the resolutions to the cause of nullification. He argued that context was all-important and that the dangers of the Alien and Sedition Acts should not be compared to the inconveniences of a tariff. Madison also stressed the difference between a state legislature voicing an opinion and its making a self-executing decision. The resolutions were not designed to disrupt the execution of federal law in the state but rather to declare the official opinion of the state and hopefully rally support of other states. While the states collectively might repulse the federal government, Madison did not believe that a single state had the authority to nullify federal law within its own borders. Backing away from the doctrinal wording of the resolutions, Madison argued that they were designed only to ferment popular opinion against the laws and lead to an electoral victory against the Federalists. Both of these acts are cognizable within the Constitution and do not suggest an extraconstitutional right of a single state against the federal government.

This article was originally published in 2009. Douglas C. Dow, Ph.D., is a professor at the University of Texas at Dallas specializing in political theory, public law, legal theory and history, and American politics.

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