LAND OF THE FREE STUFF: New York City Gives Away Cell Phones and Healthcare To Illegals

Nothing is free, we, the taxpayer are paying for this treason. We are suffering record inflation, skyrocketing food and fuel prices and brutal violent crimes but illegals who break federal laws are being put first in NYC.

Hundreds of migrants line up at NYC hospital for health care, food, free phones

By Kyle Schnitzer and David Meyer, The NY Post, August 21, 2022:

Hundreds of migrants — at least some bused to the Big Apple by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott — lined up outside Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx on Sunday to get health care coverage, food and other items including school supplies and free phones.

The event, organized by the city hospital system, was billed as a “resource and family fun day” for the migrants and their children, many of whom have come to New York City in droves in recent weeks.

“I came to New York about three days ago. I am a welder, and I am looking for work here,” Venezuelan refugee Adrian Medina, 32, said through a translator.
These are people/families coming from Colombia, Honduras and other Latin American countries, some came looking for better living conditions, others running away from dangerous conditions.
Migrants were provided healthbcare coverage, food and other items including school supplies and free phones in the Bronx Sunday.
Tomas E. Gaston

Medina said he arrived on a bus that left Texas five days ago, after a solo trek from his home country that included six days of walking in the jungle.

Now living at Bellevue Men’s Shelter, Medina said he saw a flier for the event there. He was waiting in line for ice cream when he spoke to The Post.

“I’m feeling a little bit better now, but when I first arrived, I wasn’t good,” he said. “We did not sleep or eat well.”

A fellow Venezuelan, Luis Quintana, 48, said he came to the event “to get an ID and health insurance” after arriving in the city from Texas on Friday.

“I’m feeling well now, but I wasn’t. I was uncomfortable on the bus. The bathroom on the bus was closed for several hours,” Quintana said.

“I came to New York to get away from the delinquency in Venezuela, cops in the streets, armed people. I want to work and progress.”

A couple and their two children, also from Venezuela, were waiting patiently in line in the hope of getting legal assistance to help them stay in the US.

“We came here today looking for help from a lawyer for political asylum


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Biden Invasion: 5 MILLION ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSINGS During Biden’s Term

DC Complains As City Overrun With Rats

NUTS: Governor Woke-ul Hochul Signs Woke Bills Geared at Forcing Woke Language on People

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AUSTIN, TEXAS: School District Pushes Teachers to Take ‘LGBTQIA+ Training’ for Children as Young as FIVE — At Taxpayer Expense

The fruit of the poisonous tree of leftist indoctrination. It’s a form of murder. What you won’t hear about is the suicide rates for these mostly confused, brainwashed and depressed children over the next twenty years. When is enough madness enough? How long will America sit idly by while this evil insanity envelops all of our lives? There is something really sick going on. The Democrats have made sexualizing children and gender nullification a top agenda item. This is biblical level depravity. Why this obsession with a tiny percent of the populace? What is really going on here? The destruction of civilization.

G-d save the children. Pull your children out of government schools.

Texas School District Pushes Teachers To Take ‘LGBTQIA+’ Training on Taxpayers’ Dime

by Patrick Hauf, Washington Free Beacon, August 20, 2022:

A Texas school district encouraged K-12 teachers to take paid time off, at taxpayer expense, to take a course on “how to create supportive learning environments for LGBTQIA+” students as young as five years old.

The Austin Independent School District’s course material, obtained through a public information request, defined gender identity as the “innermost concept of self as male, female, neither or both,” calling it “one’s authentic identity.” The course also provided an example of a girl who questions her gender identity and asked how teachers should properly respond.

“A 14-year-old youth, who recently asked to be called Ronnie not Veronica, discloses to you a desire to go by ‘they’ pronouns,” one PowerPoint slide read. “Ronnie wants to cut their hair short but isn’t sure how their parents will react, making them feel anxious. Ronnie is also stressed because while they have been dating Julie and ‘came out as a lesbian’ in 7th grade, they have started to have feelings for Ted, who identifies as male, and this is confusing for them.”…

The “Be a Beacon” gender course is run by Out Youth, which in a February Facebook post claimed that so-called gender-affirming care for transgender children “saves lives.” The training course cited resources from two prominent LGBT groups that also support children receiving puberty blockers and hormone treatment. The presentation cited a book titled, The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals.

“Are you, or parts of you, both? How do you know?” the course asked teachers. “If your anatomy changed overnight to the opposite sex, would it change who you feel yourself to be?”


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VODEO: Drain the Swamp? Repeal The Inflation Reduction Act!

Joe Biden is lying about the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” – an oxymoron if there ever was one. All it does is grow an already bloated federal leviathan. Graham Ledger has a simple, but effective solution to end reckless spending and an out of control fourth branch of government.

The “Transformational” Inflation Reduction Act Is Really Just More Green Stimulus

By Matt Weidinger

August 08, 2022

The Senate yesterday passed on a party-line basis Democrats’ latest tax and spending bill, which they call the Inflation Reduction Act. President Joe Biden extolled that legislation, saying the bill “makes the largest investment ever in combatting the existential crisis of climate change.” That $369 billion green energy “investment” includes new and expanded subsidies for consumers who purchase electric vehicles, energy-efficient appliances, and solar panels, along with vast new spending for other green priorities. On passing the legislation, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said “This bill will kickstart the era of affordable clean energy in America.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has called the plan “transformational,” adding without flinching that “we have never spent this much money” on green energy.

If that all sounds very familiar, that’s because it is.

Read more.

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Democrats Passed $7,500 Electric Vehicle Tax Credit, Then EV Prices Were Immediately Raised $7,500

Their contempt for you knows no bounds.

Democrats passed $7,500 Electric Vehicle Tax Credit, then prices were immediately raised

By: Sara Carter Staff, August 17, 2022:

A recent scenario at the Ford Motor Company is the perfect way to explain what Democrats are doing to this country when they pass bills for our “benefit.” On August 9, Senate Democrats passed a bill they praised, which included a $7,500 federal electric vehicle tax credit.

Shortly after, Ford raised the price of its electric car. By how much? $7,000. What a coincidence. “The base model of the 2023 F-150 Lightning pickup will now cost $47,000, up from it’s original price of $40,000, according to CNN.”

Daily Caller News Foundation reports ”More expensive models, such as the XLT High/Extended Range and the Lariat Extended Range have increased in price by $8,500, while other F-150 Lightning designs vary between $6,000 to $7,000 in price increases, according to the Detroit Free Press.”

The price change was attributed to “significant material cost increases and other factors,” CNN noted. Despite the changes, the increase will not impact those currently waiting for delivery of their vehicles, but impacts those who have reserved but not yet ordered the truck, CNBC reported.

But don’t just blame Ford for being forced to dance with the Democrats. General Motors also just announced it will increase the price of its electric model of the GMC Hummer. The cost will go up by $6,250, CNN reported.

A recent scenario at the Ford Motor Company is the perfect way to explain what Democrats are doing to this country when they pass bills for our “benefit.” On August 9, Senate Democrats passed a bill they praised, which included a $7,500 federal electric vehicle tax credit.

Shortly after, Ford raised the price of its electric car. By how much? $7,000. What a coincidence. “The base model of the 2023 F-150 Lightning pickup will now cost $47,000, up from it’s original price of $40,000, according to CNN.”

Daily Caller News Foundation reports ”More expensive models, such as the XLT High/Extended Range and the Lariat Extended Range have increased in price by $8,500, while other F-150 Lightning designs vary between $6,000 to $7,000 in price increases, according to the Detroit Free Press.”

The price change was attributed to “significant material cost increases and other factors,” CNN noted. Despite the changes, the increase will not impact those currently waiting for delivery of their vehicles, but impacts those who have reserved but not yet ordered the truck, CNBC reported.

But don’t just blame Ford for being forced to dance with the Democrats. General Motors also just announced it will increase the price of its electric model of the GMC Hummer. The cost will go up by $6,250, CNN reported.

The Daily Caller adds:

With eligibility and tax credit rules preparing to change under new legislation, including the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, certain modules of the vehicle may qualify for the credit this year, according to Consumer Reports. It is unclear if the truck will be eligible in the future, according to CNN.

The electric trucks only have a range of 230 to 320 miles depending on the model, a moderate increase of 10 miles to the company’s standard battery, CNBC continued.


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Increasing Inflation to Fight Inflation?

My wife just came back from a routine grocery store run. She said, “These people are destroying the country.” She wasn’t talking about the store—she was talking about our elite political class that are spending our country into high inflation. And now they are poised to spend even more.

They have just passed a bill touted as something to “reduce inflation,” but critics note it could only increase it.

These days, you can tell that whenever the left wants to deceive their way into passing a bill, they provide an Orwellian name for the exact opposite effect.

This inflation-promoting bill is labeled “the Inflation Reduction Act.” Obamacare, which has proved quite unaffordable for many, was passed as “the Affordable Care Act.” The left tried to pass the “For the People Act,” which would have unconstitutionally taken election control from the states (where the Constitution puts it) and benefitted the politicians already in office.

This new $750 billion bill delivers a wish come true for those who believe that man’s activities can control the weather—in other words, our activities exacerbate climate change.

An article in notes, “Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) detailed the 50 most radical policies in the Inflation Reduction Act.” It is a wish list for every leftwing scheme imaginable, including funding abortion at taxpayers expense. But it will not do what it is touted to do—reduce inflation.

The article adds, “Banks emphasized that the legislation would not reinvigorate the economy, as the Penn Wharton Budget Model found that the bill would not curb inflation. ‘That’s reason enough to vote against the package,’ Banks remarked.”

Where does all the money for the new spending comes from? From we the people. Government has no money of its own. It confiscates it from we the people.

The Gateway Pundit reports: “The majority of new revenue from IRS audits and scrutiny will come from those making less than $200,000 a year, according to a study from the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation.”

Furthermore, Ted Cruz notes that this bill will expand the IRS by 87,000 new agents. He adds, “The Democrats are making the IRS bigger than the Pentagon, plus the Department of State, plus the FBI, plus the Border Patrol combined. This is a massive power grab.”

In his 2021 book, Beyond Biden, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich explains how there really is an American majority that is not being represented by the left today. For example, Gingrich said that 75% of Americas support income tax cuts, not increases.

The founders of America believed in sound fiscal policy.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “To take from one, because it is thought that his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, ‘the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry, & the fruits acquired by it.’”

As to government debt, Jefferson once noted: “I place economy among the first and most important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers to be feared. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. If we run into such debts, we must be taxed in our meat and drink, in our necessities and in our comforts, in our labor and in our amusements. If we can prevent the government from wasting the labor of the people, under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.”

I remember hearing President Ronald Reagan say in 1984 that the Congress was spending money like drunken sailors. Then he added that he must apologize to the Navy men because at least the sailors were spending their own money. How much worse in 2022.

When you have debt that gets into the trillions of dollars, then the situation is totally out of control. Somebody once gave this illustration to help grasp how much a trillion is, say, in comparison with a million:

  • If I owed you $100 and said I’d pay you in a million seconds, when would I pay you? In 12 days.
  • If I owed you $100 and said I’d pay you in a billion seconds, when would I pay you? In 32 years.
  • If I owed you $100 and said I’d pay you in a trillion seconds, when would I pay you? In 32,000 years.

Reagan once quipped that the closest thing to eternal life on this earth is a government program. Yet this “Reduce Inflation Act” will add more government programs. So the chance of stopping all the reckless government spending is an uphill battle. But it’s a battle worth fighting—for the sake of our country and our children and children’s children.

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Here’s The List of Tax Hikes in Democrat Inflationary Tax and Spend Bill

Open a vein and drain.

The Democrats tax and spend bill contains $80 billion in funding for the Internal Revenue Service to hire a mind-blowing 87,000 new agents to target middle class and poor Americans (you don’t need 87,700 new enforcers to audit 614 billionaires – the actual number of billionaires in the US). The allocation is a 600 percent increase over the agency’s 2021 budget.  It gives the IRS $80 billion in new funding. Russia’s entire military budget is only $66 billion. Think about that.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that the new hires will make the IRS workforce larger than the combined number of employees of the Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol. They write:

That [the Inflation Reduction Act] would make the IRS one of the largest federal agencies. The Pentagon houses roughly 27,000 employees, according to the Defense Department, while a human resources fact sheet says the State Department employs just over 77,243 staff. The FBI employs approximately 35,000 people, according to the agency’s website, and Customs and Border Protection says it employs 19,536 Border Patrol agents.

List of Tax Hikes in Democrat Reconciliation Bill

$6.5 Billion Natural Gas Tax Which Will Increase Household Energy Bills       

The bill imposes a regressive tax on American oil and gas development. The tax will drive up the cost of household energy bills. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the natural gas tax will increase taxes by $6.5 billion.

The tax hike violates President Biden’s tax pledge to any American making less than $400,000 per year. Biden administration officials have repeatedly admitted taxes that raise consumer energy prices are in violation of President Biden’s $400,000 tax pledge.

letter to Congress from the American Gas Association warned that the methane tax would amount to a 17% increase on an average family’s natural gas bill. Democrats have included a tax in the bill despite retail prices for energy surpassing multi-year highs in the United States.

$12 Billion Crude Oil Tax Which Will Increase Household Costs

With gas averaging more than $4.00  per gallon across the country and only weeks removed from record-high prices, Democrats have included a 16.4 cents-per-barrel tax on crude oil and imported petroleum products that will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher gas prices.

The tax hike violates President Biden’s tax pledge to any American making less than $400,000 per year.

As noted above, Biden administration officials have repeatedly admitted taxes that raise consumer energy prices are in violation of President Biden’s $400,000 tax pledge.

As if it weren’t bad enough, Democrats have pegged their oil tax increase to inflation. As inflation increases, so will the level of tax.

The non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) estimates the provision will raise $12 billion in taxes.

$1.2 Billion Coal Tax Which Will Increase Household Energy Bills

The bill would more than double current excise taxes on coal production. Under the Democrat proposal, the tax rate on coal from subsurface mining would increase from $0.50 per ton to $1.10 per ton while the tax rate on coal from surface mining would increase from $0.25 per ton to $0.55 per ton.

JCT estimates that this will raise $1.2 billion in taxes that will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher electricity bills.

$225 Billion Corporate Income Tax Hike Which Will Be Passed on to Households

Democrats imposed a 15 percent corporate alternative minimum tax on the financial statement income of American businesses reporting $1 billion in profits for the past three years. These American companies employ millions of Americans.

The cost of this tax increase will be borne by working families in the form of higher prices, fewer jobs, and lower wages.

Tax Foundation report from last December found a 15 percent book tax would reduce GDP by 0.1 percent and kill 27,000 jobs.

Preliminary cost estimates from the Congressional Budget Office found the provision would increase taxes by more than $225 billion.

According to JCT’s analysis, 49.7 percent of the tax would be borne by the manufacturing industry at a time when manufacturers are already struggling with supply-chain disruptions.

Tax Foundation also warned that current supply chain issues could be worsened by the book tax’s disproportionate burden on key industries. The report concluded that “the coal industry faces the heaviest burden of the book minimum tax, facing a net tax hike of 7.2 percent of its pretax book income, followed by automobile and truck manufacturing, which faces a 5.1 percent tax hike.”

$74 Billion Stock Tax Which Will Hit Your Nest Egg — 401(k)s, IRAs and Pension Plans

When Americans choose to sell shares of stock back to a company, Democrats will impose a new federal excise tax which will reduce the value of household nest eggs. Raising taxes and restricting stock buybacks harms the retirement savings of any individual with a 401(k), IRA or pension plan.

Union retirement plans will also be hit.

The tax will put U.S. employers at a competitive disadvantage with China, which does not have such a tax.

Stock buybacks help grow retirement accounts. Raising taxes and restricting buybacks would harm the 58 percent of Americans who own stock and more than 60 million workers invested in a 401(k). An additional 14.83 million Americans are invested in 529 education savings accounts.

Retirement accounts hold the largest share of corporate stocks, accounting for roughly 37 percent of the outstanding $22.8 trillion in U.S. corporate stock, according to the Tax Foundation.

In 2017, corporate-sponsored funds made up $4.45 trillion in market value; union-sponsored funds accounted for $409 billion; and public-sponsored funds, which benefit teachers and police officers, added up to $4.25 trillion.

When companies perform stock buybacks, these investors are the ones who benefit. A tax on buybacks could dissuade companies from conducting this action and negatively impact retirement savings.

95% Federal Excise Tax on American Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Democrats would impose a 95 percent excise tax on prescription drugs unless drug manufacturers accept government price controls.

In reality, all drug manufacturers would accept the price controls or stop selling the drug in the U.S. market entirely rather than pay the 95 percent tax.

This provision would restrict U.S. medical innovation and limit the supply of new medicines.

Price controls never work because they cause supply shortages. CBO warned the reduction in manufacturers’ revenue could be as high as $1 trillion over the next ten years and would “lower spending on research and development and thus reduce the introduction of new drugs.”

The CBO further stresses the “uncertainty” in assessing the number of new medicines that would be prevented from coming to market. The agency already revised its original assessment to increase the number of drugs prevented from being introduced by 50 percent.

$52 Billion Income Tax Hike on Mid-Sized & Family Businesses

Just as the U.S. economy slides into a recession, Democrats are including a tax hike on passthrough businesses with declared losses. This provision widens the net of taxable income. Preliminary cost estimates from the Joint Committee on Taxation show the provision will increase taxes by $52 billion.

Senate Democrats passed an amendment to the bill before final passage that created a two-year extension on loss limitations of noncorporate taxpayers if the amount of the loss is in excess of $250,000 ($500,000 in the case of a joint return). This provision was scheduled to sunset in 2026 under current law.

This provision would raise taxes on a manufacturer, retailer or other capital-intensive business that sees significant business losses in any year due to the cost of wages, rent, new equipment, inventory, and interest payments.

The loss limitation was originally created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by Congressional Republicans but was used to offset the creation of the 20 percent deduction for passthrough businesses, resulting in a net tax cut for these businesses. Senate Democrats have now extended this loss limitation for two additional years to pay for their reckless tax and spend spree. They did not extend the 20 percent deduction for passthrough businesses.

This provision violates President Biden’s campaign pledge to small businesses: “Taxes on small businesses won’t go up.” 

Supersizing the IRS to Increase Audits – $204 Billion

The bill would spend $80 billion to supersize IRS with 87,000 new agents and auditors and ramp up audits on working households and small businesses. The IRS would perform an additional 1.2 million annual audits under the plan. Democrats claim the increased spending on enforcement would net $124 billion.

The bill spends 14 times as much money for “enforcement” — such as small business audits — than for “taxpayer services” — such as answering the phone. IRS employees only answer the phone “19 or 20 percent” of the time.


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Economic Justice Agenda Created with La Raza Group’s Help Gets $113 Mil from HUD

An Economic Justice Agenda designed with the help of a leftist La Raza group is getting $113 million from the Biden administration to bridge the racial wealth gap by helping low-income renters achieve homeownership. The taxpayer dollars will flow through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which is committed to expanding asset building polices for renters as a reparative tool for economic justice. “We’re looking at everything through a lens of equity and how we address systemic racism,” HUD Secretary Marcia L. Fudge said in a statement announcing the nine-figure allocation. “We’re giving people who have historically been left out and underserved the resources to take a chance on their futures – to improve their credit, save resources for homeownership and other needs, and build wealth. That’s what this is all about.”

The HUD initiative receiving the sizable allotment is officially known as the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program and it aims to help those already receiving government assistance increase earned income and improve financial stability. It is part of an agency wide plan for economic justice that outlines actions to help low-income renters build assets. A 13-page document titled “Bridging the Wealth Gap: An Agenda for Economic Justice and Asset Building for Renters” outlines how the administration plans to accomplish it. Many of the ideas in the extensive HUD racial agenda were concocted with the help of an influential open borders group, National Council of La Raza, which changed its name to a less divisive UnidosUS a few years ago. Biden administration officials convened with the national open borders organization throughout the summer and fall of 2021, according to the agenda, which claims to provide a “cohesive framework to guide both internal policy creation and external stakeholder engagement.”

The HUD plan aims to bridge the wealth gap by focusing on asset building through increased savings, banking, and credit history improvement for the poor. “Unequal access to savings, positive credit history, and banking is a national problem that especially impacts renters and contributes to the racial wealth gap,” the agency writes in its economic justice agenda. The government must intervene, according to the initiative, because many hard-working families and individuals earn low incomes due to persistent and systemic inequality. “This agenda recognizes the role that government programs can play in perpetuating those inequalities and is an effort to break down some of the barriers within federal programs that can erode progress towards financial stability,” the plan states, adding that “asset building policies have the potential to move federal assistance programs in a more equitable direction and facilitate economic justice for millions of Americans.”

The backbone of the agenda is homeownership because it is a pillar of wealth building and is critical to creating a source of wealth that can be passed down to future generations, HUD asserts. “Therefore it needs to be attainable for more families, especially families of color,” the agency writes, adding that “racial disparities in homeownership remain significant” in the U.S. In fact, the agenda says, “recent research shows that in 2020, the Black-White homeownership gap reached 31 percentage points, the greatest gap in decades.” Part of the problem is that poor credit prevents minorities—especially blacks—from qualifying for home loans. HUD refers to this as “credit invisible” and reveals that black people have the lowest credit scores in the country, followed by Hispanics. The agency does not offer specific details on how to correct this pervasive issue in communities of color but does blame “wage gaps along racial and educational divides” as a big contributing factor to the crisis. “Families looking to increase their wages face numerous additional barriers such as racism, discrimination, and lack of accommodations for certain people such as parents who need childcare,” according to HUD.

Even in instances when black people attain the American dream of home ownership the properties are often “appraised at lower values and home value can depreciate over time,” HUD’s agenda claims. To correct the problem, Secretary Fudge launched an Interagency Task Force on Property Appraisal and Value Equity (PAVE) to “root out racial and ethnic bias in home valuation.” The federal agency charged with creating inclusive communities and affordable homes also writes in its economic justice agenda that homeownership is not enough to help the nation’s black population, though it “is a critical part of closing the racial wealth gap.” HUD points out that there are also racial differences in other mechanisms for generating wealth such as stock ownership that make the racial wealth gap difficult to close. It is not clear if the housing agency plans to launch a stock ownership plan for poor minorities.

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Make Solyndra Great Again — Inflation Reduction Act’s $250 Billion for Renewable Energy

The so-called ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ passed by the Senate contains $250 billion in Energy Department loan guarantees for, among other things, renewable energy.   This should scare the bejeezus out of anybody who remembers the Solyndra green energy scandal during the Obama administration overseen by none other than Joe Biden.

The scandal resulted in $2.25 billion taxpayer dollars lost and a hundred criminal investigations. The centerpiece of the scandal was the disastrous $535 million loan guarantee to Solyndra which went bankrupt.  Many other companies went bankrupt as well, like electric car maker Fisker Automotive which received a $529 million dollar loan to build a factory in Delaware, of all places. Hmm, wonder how Delaware got selected.  Battery maker A123 went bankrupt after getting $250 million in stimulus money.  Then there was the Crescent Dunes thermal solar power plant in Nevada which got almost a billion dollars in federal financing, but never reached its energy output targets, and went bankrupt in 2014.

Strict controls were promised for the loan guarantee program but, instead, we got good old-fashioned graft and corruption dressed up in a shiny new eco-friendly coat.  Now we can expect a new round of companies to go bankrupt because they’re ill-conceived and have to turn to government for funding after finding no one in private financing will touch them.

The government loan office is already back in business.  In May, the Energy Department announced a $500 million loan guarantee for a hydrogen storage facility in Utah, the first clean energy loan guarantee since 2014.  But federal spending on fanciful environmental projects never really stopped.  For example, $5.5 billion in funding for electric public transit vehicles was announced in March.  Too bad about that electric bus that caught fire and burned up in Connecticut in July.   The taxpayers got smoked on that one.

You can already catch whiffs of corruption in federal energy project spending under the Biden administration.  A Biden mega-donor got a $500 million government loan to build a solar company in India.  The federal agency involved has a history of prioritizing politically connected projects backed by huge political contributors.  Joe Biden’s choice to head the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is all in for Biden’s green energy push and with good reason.  He spent years lobbying for a company that is behind an offshore wind farm backed by the administration.  A Democrat congressman from Illinois pushed for $273 billion in ‘tax credits for clean energy’ without disclosing his ownership interest in an alternative energy company that stood to benefit from the subsidies.

A top deputy for Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm pushed several policy recommendations from an energy storage industry lobbying group she used to work for.  Granholm herself comes from the green energy swamp, being a big investor in a green energy company until ethics rules forced her to sell her stake for a cool $1.6 million profit.

So, what we have here is a new Solyndra Corruption Act handing a bunch of green energy cronies a huge new pile of federal money with which to enrich their friends in the green energy swamp.  Expect prior patterns from the Solyndra scandal to hold.  Expect more green energy companies to gorge themselves on government dough and go bankrupt.  Expect taxpayers to lose billions more, and expect some of the loot to end up in the pockets of Biden cronies.  We know this is going to happen and a lot more of our money will go down the drain.  The only question is, how much are we going to be scammed out of this time?

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Germany Sees Tidal Shift in Sentiment Toward Atomic Energy

The expensive energy bites, in Belgium families ask to pay their bills in installments. The closure of nuclear power plants has been postponed

Congress Is Supersizing the IRS. Here’s Why That’s Bad News for Everyday Americans

The IRS would more than double its workforce under this legislation.

Americans love their fast-food supersized. But supersizing the Internal Revenue Service?

Probably not so popular.

That’s evidently of little concern to a majority of Congress. Lawmakers are poised to pass a large tax-and-spending bill, which Biden is eager to sign, that would increase IRS funding by an astounding $80 billion. The legislation “provides 14 times as much funding for ‘enforcement’—as in fishing expedition audits—than it does for ‘taxpayer services’ such as answering the phone,” according to Ben Susser of Americans for Tax Reform.

The IRS would more than double its workforce under this legislation, Joe Simonson reports for the Washington Free Beacon. In fact, the super-sized IRS will boast more employees than the State Department, the FBI, Border Patrol, and the Pentagon—combined.

Advocates of increased IRS funding argue that this will raise revenue for essential government spending projects and crack down on rich billionaire tax cheats who aren’t paying their “fair share.” But here are two reasons everyday Americans should be concerned by such a drastic expansion of the IRS.

The IRS has abused its power in recent years with little to no real accountability.

For example, under the Obama administration, the IRS specifically targeted conservative nonprofit groups in what was a massive scandal. More recently, IRS employees illegally leaked the private tax documents of wealthy private citizens—who weren’t breaking any laws—to the media in order to make a political, partisan point in favor of increasing taxes on the rich.

Nothing happened to Lois Lerner, who oversaw the IRS during the Obama-era scandal. And while the IRS says it is investigating the tax leaks, nothing has come out of that so far. (Shocker).

These are just two examples of the IRS’s many recent scandals and abuses of its power. Why on earth would we want to expand their resources and power with this track record and no real accountability?

Proponents say we have nothing to fear if we have nothing to hide.

But that bizarrely assumes benevolence and good faith from a rogue agency that has displayed the opposite in recent history.

Americans are struggling right now under the crushing weight of inflation, facing a shrinking economy and declining real wages. The last thing they need is a tax crackdown from their friendly neighborhood IRS agent. (Even if they’ve done nothing wrong and ultimately don’t have to pay up more in taxes, it’s a headache and a half that could involve many hours of paperwork and expensive legal/accounting assistance.)

Yet that’s what millions of Americans would face under this IRS expansion. It’s simply not the case, as proponents insist, that an increased crackdown would only target the rich.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “The Joint Committee on Taxation, Congress’s official tax scorekeeper, says that from 78% to 90% of the money raised from under-reported income would likely come from those making less than $200,000 a year. Only 4% to 9% would come from those making more than $500,000.”

When we consider these inconvenient realities, the inescapable conclusion is that the Democrats’ plan to supersize the IRS—or, as they put it, have the IRS “go beast mode”—is bad news.

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Brad Polumbo

Brad Polumbo (@Brad_Polumbo) is a libertarian-conservative journalist and Policy Correspondent at the Foundation for Economic Education.

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The 33 States Where Our Tax Dollars Go To Support The Non-Working Class

The Cato Institute released an updated 2016 study showing that welfare benefits pay more than a minimum wage job in 33 American states, and the District of Columbia.

Even worse, welfare pays more than $15 per hour to stay home in 13 states.

According to the study, welfare benefits have increased faster than minimum wage. It’s now more profitable to sit at home and watch TV than it is to earn an honest day’s pay.

Hawaii is the biggest offender, where welfare recipients earn $29.13per hour, or a $60,590 yearly salary for doing nothing.

Here is the list of the states where the pre-tax equivalent “salary” that welfare recipients receive is higher than having a job:

  1. Hawaii : $60,590
  2. District of Columbia :$50,820
  3. Massachusetts : $50,540
  4. Connecticut : $44,370
  5. New York : $43,700
  6. New Jersey : $43,450
  7. Rhode Island : $43,330
  8. Vermont : $42,350
  9. New Hampshire:39,750
  10. Maryland : $38,160
  11. California : $37,160
  12. Oregon : $34,300
  13. Wyoming : $32,620
  14. Nevada : $29,820
  15. Minnesota : $29,350
  16. Delaware : $29,220
  17. Washington : $28,840
  18. North Dakota : $28,830
  19. Pennsylvania : $28,670
  20. New Mexico : $27,900
  21. Montana : $26,930
  22. South Dakota : $26,610
  23. Kansas: $26,490
  24. Michigan : $26,430
  25. Alaska : $26,400
  26. Ohio : $26,200
  27. North Carolina : $25,760
  28. West Virginia : $24,900
  29. Alabama : $23,310
  30. Indiana : $22,900
  31. Missouri : $22,800
  32. Oklahoma : $22,480
  33. Louisiana : $22,250
  34. South Carolina : $21,910

Hawaii, D.C. and Massachusetts pay more in welfare than the average wage their taxpaying citizens earn there.

Is it any wonder that they stay home rather than look for a job. Time for a drastic change. Americans are not stupid.

Note that California is $18.50 an hour. Are we Nuts or what? How do we undo this type of stupidity

Politicians on the Gravy Train

Now if you think paying the unemployed more than the employed s bad, check out these salaries:

  • Salary of retired United States Presidents $180,000 FOR LIFE Salary of House/Senate—$174,000 FOR LIFE.
  • Salary of Speaker of the House $223,500 FOR LIFE!
  • Salary of Majority/Minority Leader $193,400 FOR LIFE!

NOTE: The average Salary of a teacher—$40,065; Average Salary of Soldier DEPLOYED IN AFGHANISTAN—$38,000.

Nancy Pelosi will retire as a Congress Person at $174,000 Dollars a year for LIFE. She will retire as SPEAKER at $223,500 a year Plus she will receive an additional $193,400 a year for when she was Minority Leader, the fact that she has become rich while in office notwithstanding. That’s $803,700 Dollars a year for LIFE including FREE medical which is not available to us, the taxpayers.

She is just one of the hundreds of Senators and Congresspersons that float in and out of Congress every year!

I think we found where the cuts should be made! From the state houses to the White House.

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HARVARD-CAPS HARRIS POLL: Biden Approval Remains at Historic Lows

Voters overwhelmingly believe we are in or headed for a recession. Inflation and affordability are the top issue across the political spectrum.

NEW YORK, NY /PRNewswire/ — Stagwell (NASDAQ: STGW) today released the results of the July Harvard-CAPS Harris Poll, a monthly collaboration between the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard (CAPS) and the Harris Poll, a Stagwell research and insights firm.

Four in ten voters report feeling pessimistic about their lives over the next year in the face of historic inflation levels and data suggest we are looking at another hyper-partisan election cycle. The topics surveyed in this month’s poll include the political impact of Roe vs. Wade, voter views on the Biden administration energy policy, the January 6 hearings, and the 2024 presidential election. Download key results here.

“Democrats can still hold onto hope ahead of the midterms, with the race a dead heat despite President Biden’s approval rating being at a historic low and nearly half of Americans believing the country is currently in a recession,” said Mark Penn, Co-Director of the Harvard-CAPS Harris Poll. “Looking to 2024, most voters are still open to a moderate independent candidate, but among Republicans, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is solidifying his status as the second choice. In these divided times, voters themselves seem to be holding contradictory opinions on issues such as energy policy and Trump’s legal culpability in the January 6 riots.”

  • Biden’s approval remains at a historic low of 38%.
  • 84% think the economy is either in recession or will be within the next year.
  • Perceptions on inflation seem to have peaked slightly: 33% of voters, up from 28% last month, think the U.S. economy is strong today, and inflation – while still the number one issue facing the country – fell 6 points.
  • Approval rating of the Republican Party neared 50 percent for the first time since February 2022 in our poll – now 5 points higher than the Democratic party approval rating.
  • The generic Congressional ballot is split 50-50, with Democrats and Republicans voting along party lines; Independents lean with Republicans 54-46
  • Inflation and affordability is overwhelmingly the biggest concerns for both Democrats and Republicans, followed by Abortion Rights for Democrats and Immigration for Republicans
  • Democrats have made little progress mobilizing on abortion so far: 39% of voters, up from 36% in June, say the Supreme Court’s decision has made them more likely to vote for a Democrat in the midterms
  • Voters are tired of hyper-partisanship: Strong majorities of over 6 in 10 voters don’t want either Joe Biden on Donald Trump to run in 2024
  • A majority open to considering a “moderate independent candidate” in case the choice is between Trump or Biden.
  • 59% of voters oppose the Biden administration’s energy and gas policies, and 63% think they are responsible for most of the increase in gas prices
  • 45% think climate change is an immediate threat, including 66% of Democrats and 41% of independents. Voters want the administration to emphasize lower prices and energy independence over climate change.
  • Climate change is an immediate threat to 45% of voters, including 66% of Democrats and 41% of independents
  • Voters are wary of the climate issue being politicized: Only four in ten say that an emergency climate declaration by the Biden administration would be legitimate
  • Voters are split on how and whether Trump should be held responsible: 53% of voters think Trump should face criminal indictment for his actions on January 6, but 54% think he should be allowed to run for president again.
  • Nevertheless, 69% think it is time to unite the country and heal.
  • Voters are split 50-50 on whether Congress should be involved in certifying presidential elections instead of the courts. Still, clear majorities believe the role of the Vice President and state governors should be purely ceremonial.
  • 48% of voters think Taiwan is neutral towards the U.S., 36% think it is an ally, and 16% think it is an enemy
  • 52% of voters support senior U.S. government officials visiting Taiwan even if China has signaled it might act military to prevent them from doing so—surprisingly, 59% of Democrats support it, over 10 points higher than Republicans and Independents.

The July Harvard-CAPS Harris Poll survey was conducted online within the United States from July 27-28, 2022, among 1,885 registered voters by The Harris Poll and HarrisX. Follow the Harvard CAPS Harris Poll podcast at or on iHeart Radio, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast platforms.

About The Harris Poll

The Harris Poll is a global consulting and market research firm that strives to reveal the authentic values of modern society to inspire leaders to create a better tomorrow. It works with clients in three primary areas: building twenty-first-century corporate reputation, crafting brand strategy and performance tracking, and earning organic media through public relations research. One of the longest-running surveys in the U.S., The Harris Poll has tracked public opinion, motivations, and social sentiment since 1963, and is now part of Stagwell, the challenger holding company built to transform marketing.

About the Harvard Center for American Political Studies

The Center for American Political Studies (CAPS) is committed to and fosters the interdisciplinary study of U.S. politics. Governed by a group of political scientists, sociologists, historians, and economists within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, CAPS drives discussion, research, public outreach, and pedagogy about all aspects of U.S. politics. CAPS encourages cutting-edge research using a variety of methodologies, including historical analysis, social surveys, and formal mathematical modeling, and it often cooperates with other Harvard centers to support research training and encourage cross-national research about the United States in comparative and global contexts. More information at

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Biden and Manchin Building America Backward

Say it ain’t so, Joes!

In 2010, when it looked like Senator Manchin could lose reelection to Republican John Raese, Manchin released a famous ad in which he literally shoots a hole in a climate cap and trade bill.

Watch: Dead Aim.

As a Senator from the energy producing state of West Virginia, he has been looked to as a protector of sound energy and a bulwark against wasteful global warming policy.

Not anymore.  Senator Manchin cut a quiet deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and the climate bad news is back.

Sadly, Joe Biden and Joe Manchin’s “Inflation Reduction Act” will do nothing to reduce inflation.

This massive spending bill will, however, stick us with “more inflation, more debt, more supply chain issues, more energy shortages, more blackouts” as CFACT’s Marc Morano explained on the Joe Piscopo show.

The bill spends over $351 billion on the Left’s climate agenda.  This will damage America’s energy economy, while having no meaningful impact on global temperature.  China and India’s increasing emissions alone make Biden’s climate ideology more than completely useless.

It will also weaponize the IRS by showering 45.6 billion dollars onto America’s favorite tax collector to be used to hire tens of thousands of auditors to shake down the middle class.  Or as the Wall Street Journal put it, the IRS is about to go beast mode.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine exposed decades of bad European energy policy.  The inability of wind and solar to replace energy from nuclear and fossil fuels made European nations dependent on Russian coal and natural gas.

Peter Caddle reports at Breitbart that the Prime Minister of Saxony, a German state, has declared his nation’s Energiewende, or energy transition, a failure.

“The energy transition with gas as the base load has failed,” he reportedly said, with the publication noting that — even before the current gas crisis — green energy struggled to supply sufficient power in the country last winter…“As long as the federal government has not developed a new concept for the energy transition, the nuclear power plants must continue to run.”

Europe exposed the folly of left-wing energy policy.

Biden didn’t learn.  Manchin caved.


Craig Rucker

Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.


Joe Biden Denies Medicaid Funds to Moms of Newborn Babies, Uses Them to Fund Abortions

Kamala Harris Slams Pro-Life Americans: They’re “Extremists” Who Hate Women

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VIDEO: Why Joe Manchin Flip Flopped!

Makes deal to raise taxes and dump billions into climate change cesspool!

Sen. Joe Manchin III on Wednesday announced that he had reached a deal with Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer on a party-line bill to raise taxes and spend on climate change and health care programs.

The talks between the two Democrats were believed to have died weeks ago when Mr. Manchin, from the coal- and natural gas-producing state of West Virginia, said he would not support climate and energy provisions after months of negotiations because of inflation concerns.

The deal announced Wednesday mirrors what Mr. Manchin said he would not support, including increased taxes on large corporations and wealthy individuals.

His office rejected the characterization that the deal marked a reversal.

“Last week @Sen_JoeManchin repeatedly said he wasn’t walking away from the table and he understood the importance of these negotiations,” Manchin spokesperson Sam Runyon tweeted. “Today’s announcement is not a reversal of anything.”

The legislation, which Senate Democrats plan to pass in a party-line vote next week, would be a long-sought win for Mr. Biden. Most of his agenda went down in flames because of Mr. Manchin’s opposition to tax-and-spend bills, including Mr. Biden’s roughly $2 trillion social welfare and climate bill known as Build Back Better.

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Despite Leadership Opposition, 24 Republicans Help Send CHIPS Package To Biden’s Desk

The House of Representatives passed the $280 billion semiconductor chip and scientific research and development package on Thursday afternoon, sending the legislation to President Joe Biden’s desk.

Despite opposition from GOP leadership, 24 Republicans joined 219 Democrats in supporting the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022. All 187 “no” votes on the legislation came from Republicans, while Democratic California Rep. Sara Jacobs, whose family founded chip-maker Qualcomm, voted present.

The bill’s companion legislation passed the Senate on Wednesday afternoon, with seventeen Republican votes in support. Republican leader Mitch McConnell had threatened to filibuster the funding following reports that Senate Democrats had renewed negotiations on an infrastructure package, but ultimately voted in favor of the bill. Later Wednesday evening, Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin announced that he would support a reconciliation package, leading House Republicans to oppose the subsidy package.

“This legislation comes to the House precisely as Senate Democrats have allegedly struck a deal on their partisan reconciliation bill, pairing up a tone-deaf agenda that on one hand gives billions away in corporate handouts, and on the other hand undoes historic tax cuts implemented by Republicans,” Minority Whip Steve Scalise wrote in a memo urging Republicans to vote against the package.

The CHIPS and Science Act includes $52 billion in subsidies for domestic semiconductor manufacturers, and $200 billion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) research. The $200 billion includes grants to the National Science Foundation, as well as cash for schools to increase their STEM curriculum offerings.

“This final product is a result of months of bipartisan negotiations. It is also the result of dedicated efforts and long hours put in by the committee’s staff,” Democratic Texas Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, the bill’s lead sponsor, said in a floor speech. The provisions “that form this package are vital to ensuring a bold and prosperous future for American science and innovation, maintaining our international competitiveness, and bolstering our economic and national security.”



Congressional reporter.

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Fauci’s NIAID Spent Nearly $500,000 ‘to Turn Monkeys Transgender’

Unimaginable cruelty in pursuit of foul leftist propaganda. The left really thinks they are G-d. They will be punished.

Fauci’s NIAID Spent Nearly $500,000 ‘to Turn Monkeys Transgender’

The shocking experiments were covered in the organization’s annual Where’s The Pork report, but were originally uncovered in January by The National Pulse. According to the report, “Fauci’s agency awarded grants totaling $478,188 in Fiscal Years 2021 and 2022 to inject hormones into male monkeys to make them female.”

The experiments were said to be an effort to understand why transgender “women” experience higher rates of HIV.

“Scientists planned to evaluate how the injected hormones altered the males’ immune systems to determine if feminizing hormones had an adverse effect on the strength of immune systems. If so, researchers believed this weakening of the immune system could be responsible for their increased likelihood of becoming HIV positive,” the National Pulse reported.

According to a report from the Daily Telegraph, Fauci has been linked to research injecting monkeys with HIV dating back to the mid-1980s.


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