Australia’s Sky News: U.S. Media Acting as a Biden Protection Racket [Video]

The media down under is saying what American mainstream media refuses to say, Joe Biden’s “cognitive decline”, his dementia, is accelerating. And, they all knew it and kept it secret throughout the 2020 presidential campaign.

Hopefully Youtube doesn’t delete this five minutes of honest analysis being seen across Australia (and around the world) at the oldest cable news network on the continent.

Over 700,000 views since yesterday.  Watch before it is gone! And, get it out far and wide!

‘Never before’ has the leader of the free world been ‘so cognitively compromised’

It is clear US President Joe Biden is not up to the task he has been “sworn in to do”, according to Sky News host Cory Bernardi. “Never before has the leader of the free world been so cognitively compromised,”

Mr Bernardi said “It’s clear to me at the least that US President Joe Biden is struggling with dementia and is clearly not up to the task he’s been sworn in to do.”

Mr Bernardi said it is something which was “evident” during the election campaign, but the “partisan and poisonous” mainstream media chose not to highlight anything which could have “derailed a Biden victory”.

“Even now, after he has been sworn in, many of them are still refusing to speak the truth about Biden’s lack of capacity.”

Joe Biden recently emerged to make his “sanitised” Presidential Town Hall Debut, at which the new president “promptly gave away his teleprompter”.

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Pearl-Clutches’ on Parade — Who’s Really Responsible for the Violence?

Time to get out the ledger.

On the left––literally––we have had nearly eight months of rampaging criminality and violence in the many Democrat-controlled cities in our country, all conducted by thugs belonging to groups called Black Lives Matter and Antifa. This is the short list of what they have done:

  • Committed widespread arson, including burning down hundreds of minority-owned businesses in the Latino, Asian and black communities (the black owners clearly didn’t matter);
  • Incinerated cars and burned down buildings, court houses, police stations, et al;
  • Shot laser beams in the eyes of policemen;
  • Assaulted civilians, resulting in 30 deaths and thousands of hospitalizations;
  • Smashed plate-glass windows of numerous businesses, both large and small and then engaged in looting, stealing and grand theft;
  • Terrorized and then dragged people out of restaurants;
  • Tore down historic statues, including those of black icons (duh);
  • Defaced streets and avenues with BLM’s block-long, block-lettered, yellow-painted name.
  • Terrorized the citizenry of entire neighborhoods and towns for months on end;
  • Attacked people in locked cars;

In all those eight months––220 days, over 5,000 hours––what was the reaction of Democrats, both elected and civilian?

A thunderous silence. Not a word of opprobrium or disapproval or condemnation. Not. One. Word.


Because, as the esteemed Daniel Greenfield points out, Democrats heartily approve of violent acting-out riots ––as long as they support Democrat ideology! In 2018, he reminds us, there were “glowing stories” about the hundreds of Women’s March members who were engaging in “direct action” to disrupt the Senate’s Kavanaugh hearings. They blocked hallways, shouted down Senate members, and draped protest banners from balconies. Democrats cheered them on.

“In 2020,” Greenfield continues. “Black Lives Matter rioters vandalized the Lincoln Memorial and the WW2 Memorial, along with statues of Gandhi, General Kosciuszko, and Andrew Jackson. And Democrat House members proposed bills to protect the racist mobs from law enforcement.

“Meanwhile the BLM mob besieged the White House and battled Secret Service personnel, allegedly forcing the evacuation of President Trump and his family to a bunker. And a bail fund backed by Senator Kamala Harris and the Biden campaign staffers focused on helping the rioters and looters get out of prison.

“Now, as the Democrats expect to take power,” Greenfield writes, “they suddenly decided that rioting is bad.”

And let’s not forget that it was only last summer that Kalamity Harris encouraged her supporters to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to provide bail money to the militant anarchists facing charges for setting fire to Minneapolis.

But don’t tell these things to Democrats who observed 55,000 hours of BLM and Antifa destruction with nary a critical word but watched the 4-5 hour incursion into the U.S. Congress on January 6th and could only wring their hands, clutch their pearls, gasp in horror and exclaim: the building, the building, the history, the sanctity, the inviolability!


On the right––literally––you have a president who has been conducting dozens of rallies over the past four years with jaw-dropping attendance. The “Stop the Steal” rally on January 6th was estimated to have about 150,000 attendees––with no untoward incident, upheaval, or arrest until the Capitol was breached. Back to this later.

Before this rally, the president chalked up accomplishments that made America safer, stronger, and richer. But because he repudiated both the paltry achievements and political philosophies of all his predecessors and the corrupt shills they left behind in the swamps of D.C., and because he had access to their indictable criminality, he became the biggest threat to the political establishment that ever existed. That said, President Trump:

  • Lowered taxes (which Democrats hate and never vote for);
  • Boosted the economy to all-time highs (which Democrats hate, which is why they vote for socialists);
  • Elevated black employment to an all-time high (which Democrats really hate, the reason why blacks have never risen during Democrat rule);
  • Strengthened our military (which Democrats hate since they loathe the military);
  • Signed the first law ever to make cruelty to animals a federal felony;
  • Signed Right-To-Try legislation allowing terminally ill patients to try experimental treatment that wasn’t allowed before.
  • Signed the First-Step Act prison-reform bill that frees mostly black prisoners from unfair sentences.
  • Supported and strengthened Israel by moving her capital to Jerusalem, giving Israel control over the Golan Heights, establishing peace treaties with the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Morocco, Bahrain and several to follow (which will never happen under Biden since his first priority is resurrecting the genocidal-to-Israel Iran deal––which Pres. Trump canceled––which the mullahs have oft-stated is necessary for them to fulfill their Number One goal––to eradicate Israel forever! Yet Democrats, including Jewish Democrats, support a candidate who wants to revive this deal, partly because their poor hearts bleed for the people who call themselves Palestinians….you know, the people who routinely strap suicide bombs on three-year-old toddlers and celebrate the death of Jews with streets named after the murderers and lifelong pensions).
  • Supported the pro-life movement, which the Democrats hate more than anything, given their devotion to abortions. In NY, the entire Democrat legislature stood and applauded when they allowed abortion up to the minute the head crowned! Not to be outdone by the Democrat Governor of VA, Ralph Northam, M.D., who signed a law that allows infanticide after the baby is born!
  • Here are some of President Trump’s other staggering achievements for the American people.


On November 3, 2020, the presidential election was held. Routinely, polls close at about 7 or 8 p.m., the votes are tallied electronically, and the Democrat operatives who pose as TV reporters start calling states as early as 9 or 10 p.m., with the final result usually not known until noon or so the next day.

On November 3rd, the entire world––which follows American elections assiduously––witnessed something unprecedented in the history of American voting. Just as President Trump was winning a huge number of states––and electoral votes––and appeared to be winning most or all of the six battleground states by a landslide, the tallying stopped abruptly. And it didn’t start again. Not for an hour. Not for two hours. Not for three hours. After three hours it did start again, and the whole world saw actual MAGIC befitting David Blaine, even Harry Houdini!

All of sudden, Joe Biden magically gained hundreds of thousands of votes, ultimately enough to win the election. This in spite of a Mt. Everest of reports of massive voter fraud into the multimillions, including (this is the short list):

All were strangely rejected by American courts––the same courts that believe traffic violations deserve their attention––but apparently not presidential voter fraud! Umm…does anyone else smell the rat I do?

As a final tribute to the outgoing president, a huge throng traveled to Washington, D.C. the other day to hear him speak and cheer him on. His entire speech was a rehash of the voting fiasco and an exhortation to protest peacefully the choosing of electors––and not the fomenting of violence that the corrupt media drones on about. Read the speech here.

Then, as if choreographed by George Ballanchine, a group of rally attendees marched across the street to the U.S. Congress to try to delay Congressional certification of the Electoral College vote. Who were they?

According to unassailable reporter Paul Sperry, a former FBI agent on the ground in Washington D.C “texted me and confirmed that at least 1 ‘bus load’ of Antifa thugs infiltrated peaceful Trump demonstrators as part of a false flag ops.” Mmmmmm.

To compound this allegation, we then see that the Capitol policemen actually opened the doors to the protestors and invited them inside. Who authorized this? You can watch the whole thing here.

Of course, the Democrats and their acolytes who have been hounding the president for five years, besieging him with false accusations, dragging the entire country through their “show trial” hoaxes (of Russian collusion, Ukraine, Stormy Daniels, Impeachment, et al), topped off this false-flag operation with demands that he resign immediately. And in the predictable behavior of all fascists, the social media outlets run by the globalists among us––Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Shopify, Snapchat, on and on––cut off his ability to communicate with the American people. Starting to smell the same rat?

Yet life goes on. President Trump will leave office as a man of monumental accomplishments and tremendous esteem from more than the 75-million people who voted for him. If he starts a third political party, there is no counting the numbers of conservatives, moderates, blacks, Hispanics and women who will jump eagerly on board. If he starts a media company, Americans will have their first taste in years of genuinely unbiased news. And if he and Melania––who served America so gracefully and effectively these past four years––decide to go back to their old life, every one of their admirers will wish them only abundant health and great happiness.

Americans, unfortunately, will have to endure an Obama-redux regime. But America is strong and we will weather this debacle as we did the two failed terms of Obama, all the time hoping for the appearance of another peerless populist president like Donald J. Trump.

©Joan Swirsky. All rights reserved.

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) Demands Facebook Remove Criticism of Islam

The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has always had friends in high places, and on Wednesday it celebrated another, announcing that it had “thanked Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) – and the 29 congressional colleagues that joined her – in urging Facebook to take immediate action to eliminate anti-Muslim bigotry from that social media platform.” CAIR’s longtime spokesman Ibrahim “Honest Ibe” Hooper noted proudly that it was “one of several organizations named by Rep. Dingell in her press release announcing the letter.”

Dingell and her colleagues demanded that Facebook’s chief Mark Zuckerberg “immediately implement” measures including the formation of “a working group comprised of senior staff focused on anti-Muslim bigotry issues”; enforcing “your hate content and hate group policies in a way that ensures militias and white supremacists cannot use your event and group pages to terrorize targeted communities”; agreeing to “an independent third-party review of the company’s role in enabling anti-Muslim violence, genocide and internment”; working toward and committing to a “100 percent proactive detection and removal of anti-Muslim content and all other forms of hate before it is even seen”; committing to “regular anti-discrimination training for your entire staff world-wide [sic]”; and “training key staff on civil rights issues and common words, phrases, tropes or visuals used by hate actors to dehumanize and demonize Muslims.”

Joining Dingell in this call for sweeping censorship, according to CAIR, were a rogue’s gallery of the most sinister anti-free speech forces in Congress, including Representatives Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (where Ayanna Pressley, the fourth member of The Squad, was on this was not disclosed). Also signing were the House’s quietest Muslim member, André Carson, as well as Carolyn B. Maloney, Jahana Hayes, Max Rose, Barbara Lee, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Bobby L. Rush, Daniel T. Kildee, Jared Huffman, Kathy Castor, Gwen S. Moore, Lauren Underwood, Jan Schakowsky, Mark Pocan, Grace Meng, Bonnie Watson Coleman, Darren Soto, Donald S. Beyer Jr., James P. McGovern, Peter Welch, Jamie Raskin, Pramila Jayapal, Yvette D. Clarke, Raúl M. Grijalva, Earl Blumenauer, and Nydia M. Velázquez.

No one could reasonably object to removing calls for “anti-Muslim violence, genocide and internment.” The problem arises over the demand that Facebook remove “anti-Muslim content…before it is even seen.” CAIR and its allies have for years defamed any and all opposition to jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women, gays and others as “anti-Muslim bigotry,” lumping such opposition together indiscriminately with calls for “violence, genocide and internment,” stigmatizing it all. This was not careless or rhetorical excess; it was a concerted, well-executed strategy. Now it is taken for granted that the slightest negative word about how Islamic jihadis use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and make recruits among peaceful Muslims, and the smallest hint of disapproval of anything related to Islam, is immediately denounced and dismissed as anti-Muslim bigotry.

Skeptical? Consider, then, the case of British journalist Julie Burchill. Apparently oblivious to the titanic dimensions of the irony, the publisher Little, Brown just canceled her book Welcome to the Woke Trials: How #Identity Killed Progressive Politics because of an “Islamophobic” Twitter exchange Burchill had with Muslim writer Ash Sarkar. In the course of the exchange, Burchill alluded to Muhammad’s marriage to a six-year-old girl when he was 51, an event that is attested to in the earliest available Islamic texts. Yet for stating something that millions of Muslims around the world take as axiomatically true, Burchill’s book on the cancel culture was canceled.

And now Dingell and her henchmen are demanding that Facebook implement policies that will institutionalize and universalize such fascist hysteria. Even worse, the political climate is so rancid today that Dingell will pay no political price either for her association with Hamas-linked CAIR or for her open opposition to the freedom of speech. If she doesn’t know that Hamas-linked CAIR and its allies have for years been demonizing and stigmatizing honest discussion of the motivating ideology behind jihad terrorism as “anti-Muslim,” and that her demands will also likely result in the silencing of such discussion, she should know it. Dingell is actively aiding an endeavor to silence all criticism of Islam, which is all smeared in the same way, and enabling the tacit acceptance of Sharia blasphemy law, which forbids such criticism. She is, in short, the very definition of a useful idiot.


Reuters blames Israel for plight of Gaza Christians, ignores persecution of Christians by Hamas

UK: Liverpool soccer team celebrates victory with non-alcoholic champagne to avoid offending Muslim stars

Switzerland: Muslim migrant screams ‘Are you gay? Are you gay?’ and then stabs his son in the neck

Germany: Muslim cleric says ‘Christmas is an insult to Allah’

CUNY condemns censorship of virtual event featuring ‘Palestinian’ jihad terrorist

Rockets likely fired by Iran-backed jihadis hit US Embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone

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CONFIRMED: Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 System Flipped Georgia Trump Votes to Biden.

State Orders Counties to Certify Dominion Results Anyway.

ATLANTA GA – VoterGA announced today [December 3rd, 2020] it has confirmed the Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 system used throughout Georgia flipped dozens of votes cast in at least one county for President Donald Trump to former Vice President Joe Biden during the November 3rd 2020 election. Dominion vote flipping from Trump to Biden was previously believed to have occurred only in Antrim County, Michigan where the system swapped 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden.

In Georgia, Ware County Elections Director confirmed that the recently completed hand count audit totals showed the total electronic vote count shorted Donald Trump 37 votes and added those 37 votes to totals for Joe Biden. The 37 swapped votes of the 74 total impacted represents .26% of the 14,192 county votes cast, exactly the same as Biden’s total statewide margin of .26%.

State Election Director Chris Harvey’s November 16th memo instructed counties to certify all Dominion results if they included all ballots cast. After Harvey pressed counties to disregard any potential Dominion counting inaccuracies, Secretary of State (SOS) Brad Raffensperger ordered counties to reset their machines for the U.S. Senate race, which would destroy potential evidence of tabulation malware.

Secretary Raffensperger forced Georgia counties to enter their audit results into a centralized ARLO system rather than their own data sources. That broke the audit reporting chain and allowed the SOS office to tell counties what their results are rather than counties reporting their results to the state using generally accepted American election reporting principles. VoterGA polled all 159 counties and found roughly 150 of them had no electronic totals for their own hand count audit.

ARLO was created by VotingWorks, whose founder Ben Adida posted anti-Trump profanity on social media. The same is true for Dominion’s Eric Coomer, the V.P of Systems Strategy and Security, a software patent holder and expert state defense witness in the Curling V. Raffensperger case against Georgia’s Dominion voting  system. Coomer, whose many historical posts on Social media prove he is an ultimate Trump hater, was also recorded on an Antifa conference call telling members that: “Trump won’t win. I made f***ing sure of it”.

©VoterGA. All rights reserved.


Blockchain and The Gambling Industry: How New Technologies Affect Gambling?

First, let’s understand the concepts of blockchain and gambling, and the general info about these terms:

  • Blockchainis a type of database. A database is a set of information stored on an electronic computer system. Information in databases is stored in a table format with the idea of simplifying the search and filtration of specific information. According to Investopedia, one key difference between a typical database and a blockchain is the way the data is structured.

    Blockchain technology – is a time-stamped series of immutable records of data that is managed by a cluster of computers not owned by any single entity. Each of these blocks are secured and bound to each other with cryptographic chains.
  • According to Wikipedia, gambling – is the wagering of money as a stake on an event with an uncertain outcome, with the primary intent of winning money or material goods. Thus, you need just three things to pay attention to – consideration (an amount wagered), risk (chance), and a prize.

    It is a kind of game, where you risk money intending to win some monetary prize. The outcome of the wager is often immediate but it is not a rule, longer time frames are also common. It depends on what kind of bet it was, for example, if it is a card game – the outcome is right after the match, if it is a real-time lottery – the outcome is immediate.

Are blockchain and gambling related? How if yes?

Blockchain has nothing to do with gambling directly, but there are some interesting points to note.

For example, blockchain is directly related to cryptocurrency assets, and many people mistakenly consider all cryptocurrencies to be gambling. This is completely wrong – cryptocurrencies are financial instruments.

The second misconception is related to the fact that gambling is a scam. It is wrong to think so because modern gambling is more about gaming. And in games, there is no place for “deception”, but the “rivalry” is present.

Even though there is no direct connection between blockchain and gambling, they can work great in tandem. Why? What’s the secret?

In recent years, blockchain has been used not only for mining, servicing and working with cryptocurrencies, it is gradually coming into various areas of business.

Gambling is a very broad concept that includes a whole range of activities related to gambling games. The most popular types of gambling are considered to be casinos, card games, slot games, and betting on sports or other mass events.

When speaking of the connection blockchain and gambling, the former helped the latter go online. Moreover, it’s not limited to just one thing, there are such online offers as gaming-gambling and betting-gambling.

Gaming includes platforms and services like “blockchain casinos” representing games in the style of dice, roulette, slots, blackjack, etc.

Betting is available on decentralized online platforms for making bets on sports games, famous events, etc.

Here are the main advantages of such a business:

  • Transparency – all transactions, including winnings, losses, and payouts, are recorded in the blockchain registry.
  • Deception protection – the blockchain reliably stores all the information it carries. You cannot change or overwrite this data. Therefore, the use of the blockchain can be considered a kind of security guarantor.
  • Accessibility – Online gambling is available anytime and anywhere. 
  • Anonymity – both betting and gambling guarantee complete anonymity of users;
  • Prompt payment guarantee.
  • No third parties involved – only you and the service you use.
  • Data Control – it was previously impossible to check how many payments an online casino made. But now, payments can be controlled with smart contracts on the blockchain.

And that’s far from the full list of advantages!

But it is a very important rule – despite all the advantages described above, the risks still exist. Before using any service, be sure to study the information about it. This is not excessive security or paranoia. The Internet is full of advertisements and, unfortunately, often false and pre-paid scam. When choosing a service in which you will invest, it is important to find out the real picture, read user reviews, and more.

So far, the blockchain in gambling has only one serious issue: low transaction processing speed. The world of online gambling games is so dynamic that any delay scares away users and makes them think about alternative options for working with cryptocurrencies. 

Where are these services in greatest demand? Today, China is the leader in the demand for gambling based on blockchain technologies, and this is not surprising.

What other uses of blockchain are considered popular in the world?

Blockchain is often used in applications from the following categories:

  • payment for goods/services, money transfers;
  • mutual settlements, smart contracts;
  • health monitoring;
  • online voting systems (contests, TV projects);
  • structured databases;
  • any other software that requires user identification;
  • cryptocurrency trading,

and more.

The bottom line is that blockchain and gambling are a great combination! 

Whether this type of activity on the Internet is suitable for you is up only to you! But if you are already reading this article, most likely your soul already longs for innovation and experiments.

Want to have an account on the cryptocurrency exchange to expand the list of opportunities for working with cryptocurrencies?

That’s an awesome idea! Just keep in mind — cryptocurrencies are also closely related to risk and experiments.

Cryptocurrencies are famous for their volatility, since massive price jumps provide very promising prospects for earning even if you just keep coins in your wallet waiting for a profitable rate for sale/exchange operations in order to earn money.

Do I need some special knowledge to get cryptocurrencies in my possession?

Yes and no. You need to understand how to choose a reliable place to buy crypto, and how to buy it. However, now, many platforms and services offer users a pretty straightforward experience and variety of options to purchase crypto. Popular cryptocurrency platforms even have an option to buy crypto using your payment card. For example, a UK-based cryptocurrency trading platform CEX.IO. They offer quite a list of digital assets and payment options. For instance,  you can buy ethereum with debit card using CEX.IO

To sum up — blockchain made gambling step into a new level. And we’ll certainly see this innovation technology come into more and more industries.

©Mary Ann Callahan. All rights reserved.

VIDEO: In 2018 the New York Times Proved Dominion Voting Machines Can Easily Be Hacked

Dominion Voting makes specialized hardware and software used by some 600 U.S. jurisdictions in 22 states, as well as by jurisdictions in Canada and other countries.

The Jewish Voice’s Jared Evan published an article titled NY Times Proved Dominion Voting Machines Can Easily Be Hacked in 2018. Jared Evan reported:

With all the talk about Dominion voting machines, conservative commentator Dan Bongino- found a video from the NY Times, showing how easily these nefarious voting machines can be hacked.

April 2018, The New York Times published a video of a University of Michigan computer scientist, J. Alex Halderman, showing a group of students how easy it is to rig a Dominion Voting Machine. The name of the video is “I Hacked an Election. So Can the Russians.” A caption next to the title read “It’s time America’s leaders got serious about voting security.”

WATCH: How I Hacked an Election | NYT – Opinion

These Dominion Voting Systems machines which use a touch screen rather than a paper ballot to cast a vote. Once a vote is cast the machine prints out a ballot that has minimal information on it and a bar code. This ballot is then run through another Dominion machine and the vote is “recorded.” As we previously reported the Dominion Voting System was found to transfer Trump votes to Biden in Michigan. We also reported on a On October 26, 2020 PBS News Hour analysis of the Dominion Voting system in Georgia, a state where the 2020 election recount is being currently disputed. The PBS analysis found the Dominion Voting system seriously flawed when compared to using a traditional paper ballot.

Jared Evan noted:

Today The NY times, A.P, CNN, ABC, NBC, PBS, Reuters, and practically every other media outlet, is telling the public:  that it is paranoid, far right-wing, conspiracy theory, to even fathom the thought of any kind of election fraud.  Election fraud is simply a discredited idea that would forever damage the confidence in our system and is a dangerous threat to our democracy by a power-mad, fascist President Trump, or something like that!

The National Pulse reported:


Federal Election Commission (FEC) records, however, reveal the company is overwhelmingly staffed by Democratic donors – perhaps contributing to the explanation as to how the machines malfunctioned exclusively to Biden’s benefit. [Click here to see the list of Dominion donors]

What goes around comes around.

©All rights reserved.

The Odd Couple: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

We all know couples whose attraction to each other is confounding. We wonder, what do they see in each other? How do they find each other attractive? Often, marriage is a business arrangement. So it is in politics.

Presidents and vice-presidents are often selected by the constituency they bring to their party’s ticket. The 2020 election is no exception. The Biden/Harris ticket is an odd coupling. Biden is a corrupt, career politician, and dedicated globalist. His family financial dealings in Russia, Ukraine, and particularly communist China, make Joe Biden a national security risk and a threat to American interests worldwide.

Joe Biden is a 47-year swamp dweller whose diminished capacity is undeniable. Kamala Harris is a radical leftist Democrat who makes Bernie Sanders look like a conservative. So, what gives? Why did Biden choose Harris as a running mate?

The Biden/Harris ticket is a marriage of convenience—a political business arrangement.

The senior, corrupt, career Democrats in the party are being challenged by a radical leftist cohort of young American Marxists determined to destroy America from within, and replace our constitutional republic with socialism. WHAT?? Oh yes. The 2020 presidential election does not represent traditional Democrat/Republican differences of opinion between American patriots, whose vision for what is best for America is in conflict.

The 2020 election is a revolution without bullets! It is the consummation of the war on America, and the final battle between globalism and Americanism. Let me explain.

Senator Kamala Harris is the most extreme, radical leftist democrat in the U.S. Senate. Throughout her political career Harris has demonstrated her contempt for America and Americans. She is anti-America first, anti-constitutional governance, and a heartbeat away from the presidency. Consider what will happen if the Democrats manage to steal this election for Joe Biden—their corrupt, mentally deficient, globalist candidate. VP Kamala Harris will immediately replace Biden and become president.

Nancy Pelosi has already introduced a bill to implement the 25th Amendment that expedites the process. A President Harris will be empowered to keep Obama’s promise to fundamentally transform America. Harris will dismantle our glorious 245-year constitutional republic, and restructure America into socialism.

In my 2020 release, The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes: Killing America with ‘Kindness’, I examine the sinister leftist, Islamist, globalist attacks on America. Chapter/Hoax 13: The Humanitarian Hoax of Socialism, describes how the enemies of America are attempting to “fundamentally transform America.”

Leftist radical socialist Barack Obama, the quintessential humanitarian huckster, politicized every American government institution during his two lawless terms. Activist judges, activist lawyers, activist politicians, activist teachers, activist curriculum developers, activist administrators, activist IRS, CIA, FBI, CDC. Activists are not just a bunch of out-of-control college students; they are also men and women in positions of power intent on destroying American democracy and replacing it with socialism.

Activists are a broad, seemingly disparate genus joined by their activist ideology. The reason they are so dangerous is that they embrace a lawless, ends-justify-the-means mentality. So, now the country is confronted with whole institutions that lawlessly pursue a political agenda antithetical to American democracy. The censorship and disabling of accounts on social media are particularly disturbing examples.

In his famous 1961 farewell address President Eisenhower warned America against the “unwarranted influence” of the military-industrial complex. He advised the public to “guard against the grave danger that public policy itself could become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

Eisenhower understood how the increasing power of the military-industrial complex could threaten the decentralized power-sharing arrangement of the U.S. government. His words echoed the words of English aristocrat Lord Bertrand Russell in his 1952 book, The Impact of Science on Society. Eisenhower’s words were a warning; Russell’s words were a promise of the New World Order and a one-world government.

Both men anticipated the power of the scientific-technological elite. Both could imagine industry (means of production) being consolidated into the hands of fewer multinational conglomerates. But neither could have imagined the application of science and technology in a digital age of information wars, where manipulating and censoring information could direct public opinion worldwide and destabilize governments, including our own, via the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Neither man could have imagined the globalist elite being in control of both the means of production AND a weaponized, politicized worldwide information industry. Globalism is a clear and present danger to the United States of America today. It is the existential threat of the expanded military-industrial complex capable of creating a worldwide echo chamber that controls public opinion completely.

Leftist radical socialist Barack Obama opened the door to the globalist elite by soft-selling socialism to America. Globalism requires socialist nations that manage the means of production in order to internationalize them into their New World Order of a one-world government. p. 45-46

Here is the secret of the secret, and the root of the root of Obama’s promise to fundamentally transform America. Obama and his radical leftists, including Kamala Harris and those she represents, are the useful idiots of the globalist elite. The hallmark of useful idiots is that they are too arrogant, and too narcissistic to realize that they are participating in their own destruction.

Radical leftists, including Marxist organizations Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa, are entirely dispensable as soon as they deliver America to the globalist financiers of the Biden/Harris 2020 ticket. Radical leftists will be eliminated in the globalist New World Order. There is no place for agitators in the binary feudal structure of rulers and ruled.

Oligarchy is the opposite of representative government. Oligarchy is government by the few, a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or a dominant class. In 2020, the globalist elite and the Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook technocrats who partner with them, are attempting to become the dominant class through the election process using the odd couple Biden/Harris ticket to represent them.

Americans must reject the odd couple and their destructive marriage of convenience. Tell corrupt, career politician Joe Biden and his radical leftist partner, Kamala Harris, that America refuses their anti-American hope for change. Donald J. Trump will never accept socialism, globalism, communism, or any other tyrannical oligarchical system of rulers and ruled.

©Linda Goudsmit. All rights reserved.

President Donald J. Trump Invites African American Stars to White House after Heart-to-Heart Conversation

LOS ANGELES, CA /PRNewswire/ — Fighting 4 One America — A prominent group of African American actors and entertainers have accepted President Donald J. Trump’s invitation to visit the White House in December to work together on important issues facing the Black Community.

In a late-night night phone call with the President Saturday night, rappers Eric B. and Money-B, actor Isaiah Washington, who are among the stars in Trump vs. Hollywood, and film director Daphne Barak, all agreed to continue their discussion of economic opportunity, criminal justice reform and the President’s groundbreaking “Platinum Plan” to deliver greater opportunity, security, prosperity and fairness to their communities.

“Thirty years ago I had a conversation with Donald Trump and he told me never to be afraid to hire the best people in business, even if they have more experience than me,” said rap pioneer Eric B., a lifelong Democrat.  “And that conversation has shaped my business decisions ever since. I am pleased that President Trump is willing to have this uncomfortable conversation about how we can help the black community close the wealth gap.”

“President Trump took the time to get on the phone with us after a long day with four campaign rallies and I took that to mean he cares about our concerns,” said Money-B. “It’s refreshing, and a good beginning. We want to get to work.”

“I know firsthand what the Fake News media can do to a person, and I see what they keep trying to do to President Trump,” said Isaiah Washington. “I’m now solidly with President Trump and I’m liking what I’m seeing in the results already.”

“We filmed a documentary in real time during the pandemic, and with so much going on from the coronavirus to George Floyd, we wanted to hear from both sides of the political spectrum,” said film executive producer and director Daphne Barak. “We spoke with a variety of celebrities and a common theme among many was “Can we just talk?” We are pleased that President Trump took time from his packed schedule to talk and listen. All people on the call felt that he really wants to have an open conversation with the Black community.”

The artists had just completed a sneak preview of Barak’s documentary, Trump vs. Hollywood, which is an examination of the divisions in America and an attempt to bring opposing ideologies together for a long-overdue civil discussion. Barak interviewed 24 Hollywood stars, musicians, rappers and notable figures from both sides of the political spectrum during the pandemic about their candid feelings regarding President Trump and America.

In addition to Eric B., Money-B, Isaiah Washington, and Glen “Big Baby” Davis, who was unable to join Saturday’s call but will be joining the White House meeting in December, Trump vs. Hollywood includes: musician Kid Rock, vocalist Andrea Bocelli, actor Scott Baio, actor Dean Cain, actor Robert Davi, actress Kristy Swanson, actor Kevin Sorbo, actress and author Sam Sorbo, musician Ted Nugent, actor Eric Roberts, actress and casting director Eliza Roberts, director Brett Ratner, rapper Too Short (who has also been invited to the December meeting), producer Avi LernerHollywood lawyer Mark Geragos, actor and reality star Claudia Jordan, actor and reality star Lorenzo Lamas, radio host Bill Whittle, and comedian DeRay Davis.

Trump vs. Hollywood premieres on December 14 across streaming platforms including Amazon, Apple TV, and Google. For a limited time, ahead of the election, a sneak preview of Trump vs. Hollywood is available for rent on Vimeo.


Unfortunately today, there are two Americas. Divided America is a by-product of domestic and foreign forces but unless Americans talk to one another with common sense this division will never end. Here the goal is to establish a dialogue so that DIVIDED AMERICA can become ONE AMERICA again. We began this task with a two hour long video when we brought together 24 famous Hollywood stars, rappers, musicians, and others from both side of isle. We called it: “Trump vs Hollywood.And they talked, with common sense, like an American would.For more information about Trump vs. Hollywood, please visit

Dr. Scott Atlas: Why it’s Time to End the Lockdown [Video]

Dr. Scott Atlas is the Robert Wesson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, an accomplished physician, and a scholar of public health. When this was recorded Dr. Atlas has been making the case in print and in other media that we as a society have overreacted in imposing draconian restrictions on movement, gatherings, schools, sports, and other activities. He believes the virus is a real threat and should be managed as such. But, as Dr. Atlas argues, there are some age groups and activities that are subject to very low risk. The one-size-fits-all approach is overly authoritarian, inefficient, and not based in science.

Dr. Atlas’s prescription includes more protection for people in nursing homes, two weeks of strict self-isolation for those with mild symptoms, and most importantly, the opening of all K–12 schools. Dr. Atlas was also adamant that an economic shutdown, and all of the attendant issues that go along with it, is a terrible solution— a cure that’s worse than the disease.


Recorded on June 18, 2020 and originally published on June 23,2020 – Original post accrued 719K views and 18.5K likes. – Reposted on September 28, 2020 (see note to viewers below)  Finally, Dr. Atlas revealed some steps he’d taken in his own life to try to get things back to normal.

NOTE TO VIEWERS: On September 11th, 2020 YouTube removed this episode of Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson with Dr. Scott Atlas and notified The Hoover Institution that the video “violates our guidelines.” The takedown notice further explained that “YouTube does not allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts the World Health Organization (WHO) or local health authorities’ medical information about COVID-19, including on methods to prevent, treat, or diagnose COVID-19 and means of transmission of COVID-19.” In order to reinstate the interview on their platform, YouTube required the Hoover Institution to add the following disclaimer to two portions of the interview: “Prevailing medical consensus suggests that children can transmit the disease, but at a lower rate than adults.” While we disagree with YouTube’s interpretation of what Dr. Atlas said in this video, we have complied with this request to make the video available to viewers.

©Hoover Institution. All rights reserved.

THE BIG MEDIA LIE — 1,000 People Died from Covid Last Week

The media and Democrats are fearmongering when it comes to Covid.


The media has and continues to spread lies and fear about Covid. I was watching an ABC 7 News report that said that Covid cases were on the rise and that shortages of certain items in stores could happen. This ABC newscast was immediately followed by a Biden campaign ad on Covid.

Here’s the truth about the fake news story that 1,000 people have died from Covid:

What’s happening is this fearmongering is keeping Democrats from going to the polls to vote. Suddenly, Democrats are suddenly worried about their voter turnout.

What goes around, comes around. You reap what you sow.

©Dr. Rich Swier, Ed.D. All rights reserved.

Israelis in Florida send list of 34 Trump Accomplishments for Israel and America

Hat tip to our follower for sending us the below email from Israelis in Florida.

Here are 34 items of Trump’s achievements list- First for Israel and below it for everyone in USA:

1. The president who fought the BDS and turned boycotts against Israel into a federal crime in academia at universities and public places is also canceling aid to any university that does not fight anti-Semitism

2. The president who eliminated ISIS and sent Archie Suleimani to hell and tore to pieces the nuclear deal granted to Iran by the previous president and which allowed the Iranians to develop a nuclear bomb.

3. The president who brought peace with Arab countries to Israel and did so out of strength and power, even so the Palestinians do not except it until today.

4. The President Orders the US Ambassador to the United Nations to Protect IDF Soldiers from Persecution by the International Criminal Court in The Hague (Europe)

5. The president stopped US aid to the Palestinian Authority and stopped payments to families of terrorists and murderers- The president who moved the embassy to Jerusalem and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

6. The president who deleted the term occupied territories from the entire American archives and recognized Judea and Samaria as an integral part of the State of Israel and yet recognized more than 500,000 Israeli citizens living there as sovereign over the territories in the West Bank

7. The president who recognized the Golan Heights as part of the State of Israel and changed US policy regarding all the borders of the Land of Israel [Biden has already said that the Palestinian Authority will start receiving aid again. He promised to give the Iranians a Nuke agreement. He will also allow Israeli haters in Congress to spread legitimate hatred and boycotts against Israel.]

The continued list is hardly a complete list of what President Trump has accomplished in four years. There’s actually more — a lot more.

8. Trump directed significant Mideast peace deal in decades

9. He brokered a peace deal between Serbia and Kosovo he made cruelty to animals a felony.

10. He earmarked billions to stop the opioid crisis?

he destroyed ISIS, killed countless terrorists without going to war and kept the peace

11. we’re now energy independent and the largest producer of energy in the world

12. He started to build a wall to keep criminals and drugs from coming into our country

13. He just slashed the price for prescription drugs (In some cases by 50%)

14. He met with the leader of North Korea, averted war with that country and brought a halt to their aggressive missile testing

15. He signed a law ending the gag-order on pharmacists that prevented them from sharing money-saving options on prescriptions

16. He signed the Save Our Seas Act which funds millions per year to clean tons of plastic and garbage from the ocean

17. He signed a bill for airports to provide breast-feeding stations for nursing moms

18. He signed the biggest wilderness protection and conservation bill in a decade designating 375,000 acres as protected land , making him the most significant conservation president since Teddy Roosevelt?

19. He made a gay man the ambassador to Germany

20. He works for free, donating his salary to a different charity each quarter

21. his economic policies have produced the lowest Black unemployment rate ever

22. He created opportunity zones to help minorities?

23. He passed prison reform , which gives people a second chance for minorities in particular?

24. He produced the lowest Hispanic unemployment rate ever

25. He passed VA reforms to benefit the very people who served our country

26. He got rid of the job-killing NAFTA trade deal , got tough on trade with China and negotiated new trade deals with Mexico, Canada and other countries that benefit American workers

27. He calls out the media and attempts to correct them when they are wrong?

28. He’s bringing troops home and ending America’s longest war

29. He has made a commitment to end child-trafficking and crimes against humanity

30. He extended the offshore drilling ban along both Florida coasts as well as the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina

31. He’s making the world pay their fair share to the United Nations

32. He does not sell out America to other countries, like the leaders prior to him have done

33. He’s forced our NATO allies and others to finally pay their fair share

34. He signed the Right To Try law allowing terminally ill patients access to experimental therapies.

Nobody is asking you to love President Trump. Nobody is asking you to be his best friend. In fact, you don’t even have to like him.

But just take a moment to give this some thought and you’ll find that you’d be less than fair if you did not recognize all that he’s accomplished for America — the press aligned against him.

***So, try to PUT ASIDE emotionalism and arbitrary and capricious preferences for now, AVOID the temptation to demonize the president and FOCUS on who’s really effective; who has the vision, stamina and determination to do the job; WHO GETS THINGS DONE AND WHO IS GOING TO CONTINUE TO SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS AND KEEP AMERICA ON THE RIGHT TRACK?

Don’t be a part of giving America over to a SOCIALISTIC or COMMUNISTIC ADGENDA which will ruin AMERICA forever!

And now best friend Israel has ever had needs you.

He is one true ally who can be trusted

Please share this message- Do it for you & Do it for him, for the sake of the guard of Israel- For President Trump!

©All rights reserved.

Biden’s Vacillating on Fracking Could Put America at Risk

HICKORY, N.C., /PRNewswire/ — A leading figure in the energy sector, Fred Schneiderman, speaking at the virtual conference 20 Days to Save the USA, called candidate Joe Biden’s back and forth position on fracking disconcerting, risky and irresponsible if not spelled out with clear timelines and planning.

“It’s highly unlikely for us to remain energy independent if we banned fracking,” said Schneiderman. “We all want to work toward the cleanest environment possible. The issue is what’s practical, timely, economic.”

Biden has gone back and forth whether he would ban fracking and his running mate Kamala Harris has signed on to the Green New Deal, said Schneiderman. “We don’t know if this is $9 trillion obligation or a $100 trillion obligation,” he said.

“We need an understanding of the true cost and a timeline that’s realistic for the American people to understand before they cast their ballot.”

To destroy the oil and gas fossil fuel industry without a clear and concise plan would be irresponsible. It would risk our national security, stop coalitions around the world from coming together and send jobs of hard-working Americans overseas, he said.

“We’re honored to have an energy industry leader of the caliber of Fred Schneiderman speak at our event to spread his vision for America’s energy independence,” said Jerry McGlothlin, organizer of 20 Days to Save the USA.

“As technology makes the globe smaller, there’s no question our oil independence allows coalitions of nations to come together.

“It’s highly unlikely we would remain oil independent if we ban fracking, or destroy the oil & gas industry.

If the United States became carbon-neutral tomorrow, in no way does that preclude Russia and China from lessoning their carbon emissions.

If only a portion of the planet adheres to carbon neutral, we have to have secure provisions in place for oversight for both ChinaRussia and the other countries.

Unless we have a cohesive understanding of how we’re going to approach CO2 emissions, carbon-neutral and renewable energy sources to fulfill America’s and global needs, we all need to be in concert.

Prior to eliminating our oil & gas industry, and eliminating fracking, we need to have a uniform coalition amongst all countries if Vice President Biden’s plan is to be realistic, effective, practical and worthwhile.

©All rights reserved.

VIDEO: SURPRISE! James O’Keefe confronts Everytown’s Alan Bederka

Here is the lasted release from the Project Veritas Action Fund’s investigation into the Arizona Senate race:

In this video, James O’Keefe confronted Alan Bederka, a data manager and operative for Everytown for Gun Safety, at a Georgetown waterfront restaurant.

O’Keefe questions Bederka about how he told our journalist on a hidden camera that Everytown for Gun Safety uses press releases to skirt federal election law and that if the NRA found out, the NRA would make hay out of it.

Alan, nice try attempting to evade what you said.

Here’s your problem: we caught it all on video tape.

We’re still waiting for the Kelly campaign and Everytown to explain themselves…and so is the internet:

Stay Tuned,

Project Veritas Action Team

©Project Veritas. All rights reserved.

The Grass on My Side of the Fence

How an unexpected encounter at Walter Reed Hospital forever changed my life.

It was 1964, my junior year in electrical engineering at Georgia Tech. At 5’10”, my weight had plummeted to 100 pounds. In constant pain, I began passing frightening quantities of blood. The illness within appeared well on its way to destroying me, both physically and mentally. Crohn’s disease can do that. I had been diagnosed four years earlier at William Beaumont Army Hospital in El Paso, Texas.

The worst flare-up in my brief history with Crohn’s had sapped my ability to study. I managed to survive academically, but only because of overly generous grades passed out by compassionate professors who knew how sick I was. Embittered at my plight, I was obsessed with Why me?, a question that’s futile to ask because it has no answer. Angry at God for singling me out for misery, I enviously saw my friends at school, and indeed people my age everywhere, as being on the other side of a fence where the grass was always greener.

As a military dependent with Air Force parents half a world away in Okinawa, I withdrew from school over Christmas break and threw myself on the mercy of the small medical facility at Fort McPherson Army Base in Atlanta. Accompanied by a full-blown case of self-pity, I checked into Fort Mac’s clinic at 2 AM on Christmas Eve, convinced that my best days were far behind, never to return.

With limited facilities and a patient badly in need of help, the doctor at Fort Mac transferred me to Walter Reed, the big gun of military hospitals. Shortly after arriving, I was taken to a small auditorium, where I was seated on the stage in a fold-up metal chair. Positioned in front of me were members of Walter Reed’s ‘belly conference,’ a group of a dozen or so physicians who combined their expertise to develop battle plans for the most serious cases of gastrointestinal illness. Alone and frightened, I answered occasional questions as the doctors and surgeons talked above my head in a debate to determine the prescription for my immediate medical future.

While awaiting the verdict of the belly conference, the young officer assigned as my primary physician felt a change of scenery might be good for me, and he issued authorization for me to have my meals in the hospital mess hall, rather than in my bed. For that seemingly insignificant decision, I am forever indebted to you, Lt. Yutzy. Although neither of us could have anticipated it at the time, that decision of yours would soon result in a dramatic reversal of my declining fortunes.

As I picked half-heartedly at the food on my plate during the first meal away from my room, the moment that would change my life forever was literally just around the corner. A strange sound was coming from a hallway leading to the dining area. I looked up and saw a line of pajama-clad patients hobbling in on crutches, amputees with one leg missing. Close behind were wheelchair patients with both legs gone, followed by triple amputees, and still more with grotesque facial wounds and other injuries too horrible to imagine. Not a draft dodger in their midst, those battle-scarred contemporaries of mine were among the escalating casualties of the war in Vietnam.

At my table in the middle of the room, I sat transfixed in virtual disbelief. Suddenly, as if by a bolt of lightning straight from the hand of God, I was hit with the revelation that my lot in life wasn’t so bad, after all. In the inspirational presence of those who had sacrificed so much, I realized at that moment that no matter how bad my condition was, there would always be others far worse off. From that point forward, I would never again feel sorry for myself, not a single time. I still had Crohn’s disease, but gone forever were the days of being saddled with one of the saddest afflictions of all: self-pity.

Over the next two weeks, I unexpectedly began to gain weight. Soon, I was back in Atlanta, having been discharged from Walter Reed in light of my rapidly improving condition. Not long after I re-enrolled in school for spring quarter, my weight had soared to 144 pounds, 25 more than I had ever weighed. My illness had receded into a major remission.

During my three weeks at Walter Reed, I received neither medication nor surgery. My only treatment—an about-face change of attitude—was entirely self-administered. Freed from the bitterness that had dominated my every waking moment, I was blessed with an unfailing commitment to never again look with envy at the grass on the other side of someone else’s fence, grass that in many cases may not be green at all.

Over the years, my disease continued to bear its teeth from time to time. I would later experience the debilitating pain of more than sixty intestinal obstructions, and I eventually had a turn or two with the surgeon’s knife. But since those hopeless days of long ago, I’ve gone on to live an unbelievably rewarding life, thanks to the chance encounter that occurred at Walter Reed 45 years ago.

Although I’m sure those courageous young men in the dining room were unaware of me, the brief time I spent in their presence affected me deeply. They had no way of knowing that the patriotic duty they performed on the killing fields of Vietnam would continue in the mess hall at Walter Reed, where, albeit unwittingly and in a very different way, they once again served their country by providing the inspiration that would forever change the life of a fellow citizen.

Since remissions do occur with Crohn’s disease, there is no evidence that my dramatic improvement was in any way related to my equally dramatic change of attitude, just as there is none that the optimistic outlook I adopted way back then has had anything to do with the wonderful life I’ve enjoyed since. But until someone proves otherwise, that’s exactly what I believe. For me, the grass on my side of the fence is whatever color I choose, and I decided long ago that its color would always be green.

©John Eidson. All rights reserved.

PODCAST: Death By Policy — Mortality statistics show that many people have died from lockdown-related causes, not from Covid-19!



Joel Zinberg, M.D., J.D., is a Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., and an associate clinical professor of surgery at the Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine in New York. He served as general counsel and senior economist at the Council of Economic Advisers from 2017 to 2019, where he specialized in health policy.

TOPIC: Death By Policy: Mortality statistics show that many people have died from lockdown-related causes, not from Covid-19!


Tristan Justice is a staff writer at The Federalist focusing on the 2020 presidential campaigns. He has also written for The Washington Examiner and The Daily Signal. Tristan graduated from George Washington University where he majored in political science and minored in journalism.

TOPIC: Black Lives Matter Is Not A Peaceful Protest Group!


Sloan Rachmuth is the Executive Director of Pen & Shield, a nonprofit newsroom focused on covering government corruption, K-12 education, and religious bias in the U.S. She has been featured in the Federalist, the Daily Wire, Washington Examiner, JPost, and in other Conservative publications.

TOPIC: Black Lives Matter In Public Schools Is Turning Kids Into Little Marxists!