GOP Leader Urges Party: ‘Stop Using the A-word and Start Talking about Life’

The closer we get to November, the more high-profile Republicans are admitting it: Silence isn’t selling on abortion. From RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel to the head of the House’s GOP fundraising arm, the cry to get off the sidelines on life is echoing off the walls of campaign headquarters. Lt. Governor Mark Robinson (R-N.C.) is the latest to join the chorus of conservatives, telling candidates to “stop being cowards and stand up for what you believe.” But know this first: the problem is as much about how the GOP is messaging as whether they do.

“I’m tired of talking about abortion,” the candidate for governor told reporters. The “a-word,” as he calls it, is what sent the party in a tailspin to begin with. “I’ve changed what I’m saying,” he told Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. “Democrats, the leftists, they want everyone to say the word ‘abortion.’ They want our children to say it in schools. They want us to say it in our churches. They want politicians to say it on the floor of the House and on the floor of the Senate. They want me to say it. As the lieutenant governor, I’m bound and determined to stand up for what I believe in. And what I believe in [is] life — and it’s time for us to start using that word. This is an issue of life, about protecting life, and then about doing what we can to elect officials to make sure that once those lives come into the world, that they have life and have it more abundantly.”

His intentional shift raised the antenna of local media, who’ve started reporting that Robinson is trying to duck the issue now. Baloney, he replies. “They think that I’ve changed my position,” he said. “I have not changed my position.” Instead, he’s doing what he believes every pro-lifer should do: he’s changed the terms. “The subject is not abortion,” the lieutenant governor insisted, “the subject is life.” And that’s where conservatives need to debate.

Perkins nodded emphatically. The FRC president has also called for a shift in language, drawing America’s attention back to the unborn baby, not the procedure. Of course, that’s become more difficult, the “Washington Watch” host pointed out, since Republicans let Democrats define the terms when “so many were just silent.” Now, he shook his head, they’ve “started stuttering.” “We need to go out and tell people what we’re for. We are for protecting the unborn and preserving a culture of life in this country.”

Bringing the conversation back to life also extends an arm to women, Robinson wanted people to know. “… [W]hen I speak, I want to be that person who’s there, who’s understanding. I want to be the person who’s … not up on a platform telling the young woman why she can’t have an abortion. I want to be that person who’s coming down, putting my arm around that young woman who may find [herself] in crisis, and telling them why she doesn’t have to have an abortion… [and that] our folks as elected officials [are] going to fight hard to make sure that you can bring that child into the world — and not only bring that child into the world, but have a great life for that child, yourself, and your family.”

It’s exactly the kind of message he and his wife needed to hear when they were struggling with an unexpected pregnancy before they were married. “My wife and I chose the route of abortion years ago,” he admitted, “and I cannot tell you the immense pain, the solid pain that we went through for so many years over this issue. It was just this unspoken thing that hurt both of us very deeply. And we have always regretted it, almost to the point where we just couldn’t even speak to one another about it because it was so painful.” But the difficulty of reliving that choice hasn’t stopped Robinson from sharing what they’ve been through. “We want to tell those stories to young people.” In fact, “It’s because of this experience and our spiritual journey that we are so adamantly pro-life,” he’s said.

Since that conscious decision to open up about it, the Robinsons have been amazed to see “how God used that to reach so many people who felt the exact same way, to encourage them to keep going and to know the mistakes that they made are shared by so many of us.”

And the beauty of that, Perkins added, is that when you do share it, “Yes, there’s pain, there’s guilt — it still bothers you — but there’s forgiveness. And that’s the good news of Jesus Christ in the gospel message, is that we don’t have to carry that burden. We don’t want others to do it, but we don’t have to carry that burden any longer.”

That’s exactly right, the lieutenant governor agreed. “That’s one of the best things about giving your life to Jesus Christ, you know when Jesus forgives. It’s a forgiveness that you can feel down deep in your soul. … But I would definitely warn anyone, any young person out there, do not take this issue lightly. Do not take this issue lightly. It haunts, it hurts, and it causes deep emotional distress.”

But the abortion crisis didn’t start overnight, he pointed out, and Republicans can’t end it overnight. “Educating our young people is going to be crucial,” Robinson urged. “You want to empower a young person? Empower that young person to know the greatest thing that they can do for their future is hold control of their body and make sure that they’re not falling into those traps that popular culture is pushing so many of them into. That’s real empowerment. That’s real progress.”

That’s not a message North Carolina is hearing form its current governor, Perkins half-joked. Roy Cooper (D) has embraced the radical agenda of the Left on everything from abortion to transgenderism. And yet, his challenger says, “People love [my] message. They love it.” So what advice would he give conservatives who are running from the issue?

“The number one thing I would tell them to do is to stop listening to the bad reports of CNN, CBS, and ABC and all those news agencies that are using this issue to try to browbeat Christian, Bible-believing conservatives. That’s number one. The second thing that I would say is, quite frankly, stop being a coward and stand up for what you say you believe in. It’s time for the people of this nation to realize who we are.” Look, he said, “America’s survival is at stake” in this election. “We need to make our stands strong — and it starts with us standing up for what’s right.” Without apology.


Suzanne Bowdey

Suzanne Bowdey serves as editorial director and senior writer at The Washington Stand.

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IRS Criminal Investigators Subjected to Woke Training Featuring Black Trans Prof., Dalai Lama

Federal agents charged with investigating money laundering, public corruption, counterterrorism, and narcotics trafficking at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) were pulled from their critical duties to endure woke training that directs them to operate in a culturally inclusive environment and speak up for multiple social identities. The drills focused on equity, diversity, inclusion and justice and instructed agents from the specialized IRS Criminal Investigation (IRSCI) unit to question how much they know about different cultural norms and mores and challenged them with the following inquiries: “Are you prepared adequately to accommodate different cultural expectations and practices?” and “Can you deliver cultural inclusion behaviorally?” The course’s introduction, titled “Cultural Inclusion is About Justice,” was provided by a black transgender professor who asserts in an academic article that the high impact of “whiteness” oppresses trans college students.

Judicial Watch obtained and reviewed material from the controversial special training presented to IRSCI agents as part of mandatory continuing professional education for all staff. A source connected to the Washington D.C. field office provided slides from the specific presentation in that division, which has dozens of agents that investigate crimes throughout the capitol area, including Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Federal agents—as well as the special agent in charge of the D.C. office—working on high-profile probes involving bribery, embezzlement, illegal kickbacks and dismantling the country’s major drug and money laundering organizations were reluctant to be yanked from their important work to participate in the woke training. “They want us to consider people’s race,” said a veteran investigator whose identity cannot be disclosed. “Criminals don’t discriminate. White collar criminals are mostly what IRSCI goes after.” And they are a diverse bunch, according to government sources interviewed by Judicial Watch.

Nevertheless, in this heated environment of political correctness many government agencies are implementing official woke initiatives under a Biden executive order to advance racial equity and support for underserved communities through the federal government. That includes subjecting government workers to similar equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice training as well as establishing special programs to help the targeted audience. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has formulated a strategy to “advance equity for marginalized and underserved communities” that, among other things, directs federal prosecutors to ignore maximum sentencing under the law to “avoid unwarranted disparities.” The Department of Labor has dedicated $260 million to promote “equitable access” to government unemployment benefits by addressing disparities in the administration and delivery of money by race ethnicity and language proficiency. The Treasury Department named its first ever racial equity chief, a veteran La Raza official who spent a decade at the nation’s most influential open borders group. The list goes on and on.

The IRSCI training is part of that expansive woke agenda. Criminal investigators at the nation’s tax agency were taught about cross-cultural competence in a section that questioned their cultural behaviors, values, biases, preconceived notions, and personal limitations. “Do you understand the worldview of your culturally different customers/colleagues without negative judgements?” one slide asks. “Can you develop relevant and sensitive intervention strategies and skills with your culturally different customers/colleagues?” Keep in mind these are federal law enforcement agents investigating the perpetrators of serious crimes, not public relations, or human resources representatives. It is difficult to understand how they benefit from this type of training, which also featured a “cultural perceptions” discussion that covered how Mexicans and Taiwanese describe people in the U.S. Answers include rushed, reserved, hard-headed, unemotional, independent, and self-indulgent.

A slide focusing on projection bias includes a quote from the Dalai Lama, the infamous Buddhist monk and Tibetan spiritual leader who recently ignited global outrage after kissing a child on the lips at an event in northern India then asking the boy to suck his tongue. Adjacent to the Dalai Lama’s banner is a deep quote from a diversity, equity and inclusion strategist who claims to be an expert on cultural, racial, religious, gender, generational and sexual orientation. Her message to IRS criminal investigators is “I am not culturally different from you. I am culturally different like you.” Cultural exclusions are discussed in a slide featuring a photo of a black woman who claims wearing her hair naturally was the only thing that defined her in the office and another black woman who refrains from conversations in the office about famous black people to avoid a negative affiliation. A Latina woman says that she tries “not to be regularly seen with other Latinx employees on staff” to avoid a negative association.

See slides below:

Slide 1

Slide 2

Slide 3

Slide 4

Slide 5

Slide 6

Slide 7

Slide 8

Slide 9

Slide 10

Slide 11

Slide 12

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VOX Deputy Rocío de Meer speaks the plain truth about Islamization of Spain—Except for one thing!

What a shame that even by her own admission, it is too late to do anything about it.

On the other hand, that is a lie.

There is always something you can do.

It’s just that the longer you wait to solve a problem, the more draconian, expensive and unpleasant the solution becomes. So one wonders if her use of the word, “unstoppable” two times in this video isn’t really a kind of predictive programming. She didn’t say the solution would be difficult. She said there isn’t one. That should ring alarm bells in the rest of the VOX.

After all, in political warfare, you beat the enemy in no small part by disinforming them.

And it should be clear to all by now, that Covid, the Vaxx, and a large number of other narrative attacks including multiculturalism have been political warfare attacks by what appear to be our own governments against what are our own people.

Read the full story in the RAIR Foundation article Minarets In, Bell Towers Out: VOX Deputy Rocío de Meer Sounds Alarm on Spain’s Islamization in the Shadow of a New Mega Mosque

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column with video posted by Eeyore is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Hamas’ “hudna” imperils Israel

Mohammed is considered the “perfect man” by Sharia-supremacists. While many of their co-religionists do not emulate his conduct and utterances, the authorities of the faith and untold millions of other Muslims do.

Notably, the latter revere a practice known as “hudna” – a temporary truce Mohammed cynically struck with an enemy tribe, then violated when he was sufficiently rearmed to destroy them.

Tragically, under intense pressure from Team Biden, Israel has just agreed to a four-day “humanitarian pause” that will almost certainly turn into a hudna with Hamas.

In exchange for fifty hostages Hamas seized in its horrifying, Sharia-compliant invasion of Israel last month, the jihadis will inevitably be resupplied with so-called “humanitarian assistance.” And the pressure to extend the cease-fire further will be irresistible.

Mohammed would be proud of Hamas – and contemptuous of the dupes enabling it to fight again another day.

This is Frank Gaffney.


Frank Gaffney, Jr.

Founder and Executive Chairman of the Center for Security Policy.

EDITORS NOTE: This Center for Security Policy podcast is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

The Hongqi Arrives In America

China | MEMRI Daily Brief No. 544

The world watched with bated breath as President Biden welcomed General Secretary Xi Jinping to Woodside, California on the sidelines of the 30th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit held in San Francisco. As Xi exited his limousine at the Filoli Estate, the Chinese choreography for his engagement with President Biden became apparent. Xi arrived in a Hongqi (红旗 , meaning “Red Flag”) N701, the Chinese version of the American president’s “beast,” the up-armored Cadillac limo. The optics were clear as the Chinese were mirroring what the Americans do: Our leader rides in our vehicle, not yours! Perhaps a subtle reminder that Xi will not take a back seat to anyone and is striving to reset the world to Chinese standards.

This was the first in-person Biden-Xi meeting in almost exactly one year. Those intervening 12 months witnessed increased tension in the bilateral relationship most aptly characterized by the U.S. shootdown of a Chinese surveillance balloon after it had traversed most of the continental United States in February 2023. China’s indignation at having its Minister of Defense General Li Shangfu sanctioned by the U.S. contributed to the end of military-to-military communications between the two powers. Now that he has been sacked by Xi, that impediment appears to have been removed. The Biden administration’s and Congress’ continued tightening of economic and technological restrictions on China served to further cool ties between Beijing and Washington – not to mention the deepening U.S. support for Taiwan; the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) harassment of U.S. and other countries’ airplanes and ships in international waters; diplomatic support for Russian President Vladimir Putin; plus a myriad of other causes for tension. In short, the relationship was strained at best.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration wanted Xi to attend APEC in San Francisco, and dispatched several cabinet level officials (Secretaries Blinken, Yellen, and Raimondo as well as Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Kerry) on a sort of one-way shuttle diplomacy over the course of three months this summer to Beijing to secure the General Secretary’s attendance. It was one-way because the Chinese did not reciprocate with a cabinet-level visitor to Washington until China’s top diplomat Wang Yi finally came in late October to finalize the details of Xi’s trip to California. China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang was also sacked in July by Xi, so perhaps that caused the delay in reciprocity. With Beijing assured that America would host the General Secretary appropriately, the Chinese Foreign Ministry eventually confirmed Xi’s attendance on November 10th, only days before the APEC summit involving heads of state from 21 Asia-Pacific countries.

It has not been made public what concessions, if any, the U.S. had to make to guarantee Xi’s attendance. It is to be assumed that the Biden administration valued his presence at the APEC summit because if the leader of the world’s No. 2 economy did not attend, then that would certainly cast a shadow on the forum and the U.S. as its host. Bilaterally, it is also to be presumed that President Biden wanted to demonstrate that PRC-U.S. communications at the leader level were stable. That is a laudable objective, although President Biden’s rightfully calling Xi a dictator during a press conference may have undercut whatever goodwill might have been established during their tête-à-tête at the Filoli Estate.

With the bilateral meeting and the APEC summit itself in the rearview mirror, we can make some initial assessments on the deliverables that have been announced. The White House Press Release was mostly one-sided, focusing on what President Biden said.[1] That is diplomatic speak for the Chinese did not agree.

Yet it appears as if the two sides did agree to resume military-to-military talks including the periodic U.S.-China Defense Policy Coordination Talks (DPCT) and the U.S.-China Military Maritime Consultative Agreement (MMCA) meetings. As a previous observer and participant in these fora, I can attest that they can be useful arenas in which to discuss defense and security matters. However, they do not, in and of themselves, commit the Chinese to changing their aggressive behavior. Candidly, the PLA’s unsafe and provocative air and maritime intercepts have not gotten any better despite years of past DPCTs and MMCAs. In fact, just as the Chinese agreed to talk to the U.S. military again, it was reported that a PLA Navy destroyer had used its sonar against Australian Navy divers in a dangerous manner.[2] This was on the heels of Prime Minister Albanese’s recent visit to Beijing. Chinese words often do not match their deeds.

During Xi’s speech to a high-powered audience of American executives in San Francisco on November 15, he stated “Whatever stage of development it may reach, China will never pursue hegemony or expansion, and will never impose its will on others… China does not seek spheres of influence and will not fight a cold war or a hot war with anyone.”[3] Unfortunately, history does not bear out what the General Secretary said with such enthusiasm to the assembled American business elite. We should remember his famous commitment to President Obama in 2015, pledging that “China does not intend to pursue militarization” in the South China Sea.[4] Additionally, Chinese use of economic coercion to attain political ends against Australia, Norway, Lithuania, South Korea, Taiwan, and a long list of others has become an all-too-common occurrence.

The Biden administration appears satisfied with the Xi visit, despite widespread misgivings about Xi’s actual commitment to improving relations given the overwhelming divergence of interests and values. To be fair, if the Chinese do cooperate to establish meaningful military-to-military dialogue, control the chemical precursors needed to manufacture fentanyl, refrain from the malicious use of artificial intelligence, and send more pandas to America and help with climate change (but only as a developing country, of course), then that would be an accomplishment. If history is a guide, a healthy dose of skepticism may be warranted. The fact that Biden administration officials are liberally using President Reagan’s famous maxim “trust but verify” is a positive indicator.

Chinese netizens rallied around President Biden, calling Xi’s Hongqi “beautiful,” even suggesting that the Americans might want to upgrade from their Cadillac.[5] It is not surprising that ordinary Chinese are proud that times have changed, given China’s unprecedented development and global influence. The Red Flag cruising the streets of San Francisco is emblematic of that. However, it may not be completely lost on some that China has not yet completely risen to the top. Xi still flies in an American-made Boeing 747. When that changes, we may need to reassess.

* Heino Klinck is a MEMRI Board of Advisors member. He served as the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for East Asia, 2019-2021. As an Army Foreign Area Officer, he served as a military attaché in China, 2004-2010.


[1], November 15, 2023.

[2], November 18, 2023.

[3], November 16, 2023.

[4], September 25, 2015.

[5], November 17, 2023.

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Gaza — A Gigantic Shift in the Overton Window

What once was unthinkable is now moving to the center of mainstream thought.

Consideration should be given even to the heroic remedy of transfer of populations…the hardship of moving is great, but it is [still] less than the constant suffering of minorities and the constant recurrence of war.” — Former US President Herbert Hoover, “Great Humanitarian”, in The Problems of Lasting Peace

The abandonment of the Gaza belt settlements has shown unequivocally that there will eventually be either Jews in the Negev or Arabs in Gaza – but not both. That is the brutal choice facing Israel’s decision-makers – the true “day-after” dilemmaThe War in Gaza, Jerusalem Post, Nov. 11, 2014.

Recently, on Nov. 1, Ram Ben-Barak, a senior MK in the left-leaning Yesh Atid faction and prospective contender for the Head of the Opposition in place of Yair Lapid, appeared on a panel on the popular Channel 12.

“The dream of every young Gazan”

Quoting an unidentified senior Hamas member as saying: “the population of Gaza is made up entirely of refugees“, Ben Barak went on to assert: “…so if all of Gaza is made up of refugees, let’s disperse them around the world. There are 2.5 million people over there [If] each country will take twenty thousand people – 100 countries… It’s humane, it’s obvious. They are refugees anyway…It is better to be a refugee in Canada than a refugee in Gaza. If the world really wants to solve the problem, it can solve it.”

Endorsing Ben Barak’s contention, respected expert on Arab affairs, Ehud Hemo. commented: The dream of every young Gazan is to emigrate.

For anyone not well-versed in the ins and outs of Israeli politics, it is difficult to convey the enormity of the change such an utterance represents—coming as it does from a distinctly dovish politician, who once declared that he viewed favorably the prospect of having an Islamist-Arab as deputy head of the Mossad—a position he once held himself.

Somewhat alarmed at the ruckus his “blasphemous” words aroused, Ben Barak tried to walk them back. Apologetically, he tweeted: “Anyone who thinks I have joined the ranks of the extreme right can relax. My intention was to build a coalition of states and international funding to allow Gazans, who want to leave, to be absorbed in them…to give them an opportunity to flee the Hamas regime of fear, that used them as a [human] shield.”

A humane and historical imperative

This of course is a classic example of a distinction without a difference.

Indeed, three decades ago, I called for the removal of the population of Gaza, precisely to avoid the kind of tragedy that has now befallen them. I wrote: “This is not a call for a forcibly imposed ‘racist’ transfer by Israel but rather for an initiation of an appeal to enlist international support for the rehabilitation elsewhere of the hundreds and thousands of refugees. They are victims of war, held hostage…by those purportedly committed to their welfare“. I urged the then-government to “devote its efforts to marshaling international efforts in support of this humane and historically imperative enterprise

I challenge anyone to find any daylight between my suggestion then, and Ban Barak’s amended proposal today.

Moreover, the much-maligned Rehavam “Gandhi” Ze’evi, arguably the standard bearer of the “extreme right”, proposed encouraging voluntary Arab emigration by means of—inter alia—monetary grants for the emigrants—which is uncannily similar to the left-leaning Ben Barak’s formula.

Interestingly, similar sentiments were also expressed in other, perhaps unexpected, quarters.

For example, on October 18, The Hill, a well-known US political website, reported that Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf suggested that the UK would be willing to take Gaza refugees displaced during the war between Hamas and Israel.

International calls to take in Gazan refugees

According to Yousaf, himself married to a Palestinian with family in Gaza, “Scotland is willing to lead the way for the rest of the U.K. and is willing to be the first country in the U.K. to take those refugees.” He warned however that “[b]ecause of the numbers, the world should be involved,” and urged countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom and America to open their doors to refugees from Gaza.

According to The Hill report, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) expressed the view that the region’s partners should help Palestinian refugees but that the US should acknowledge its “historic role” in accepting refugees. Likewise, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) told the New York Post that the United States “should be prepared to welcome refugees from Palestine” but cautioned that it must ensure that none of them are members of Hamas.

Significantly, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 78 percent of participants said they agreed that “American diplomats should actively be working on a plan to allow civilians fleeing fighting in Gaza to move to a safe country.”

Just as noteworthy was the fact that Daniel Gordis, arguably the epitome of -centrist moderation, chose to circulate on his widely read blog “Israel from the Inside“, the contents of a Hebrew Op-Ed (by Yehudah Yifrach),  extolling virtue and necessity of inducing Arab emigration.

Growing public sentiment

While Gordis refrained from endorsing such a policy, he certainly did not explicitly oppose it, noting that it reflects growing public sentiment in Israel, and poses a challenge to those who oppose it, to produce a more cogent alternative.

Quoting the article, Gordis presents the author’s view: “…there is no point in capturing the Gaza Strip without moving its population to a different place, where it will live under a different rule and a different organizing narrative. From a rational perspective, this is the only solution that will allow the state of Israel to uphold its most elementary obligation—the promise of sa[f]e life for its citizens.

The article continues: “This…presents Israel with an enormous challenge—the ethical justification (both domestically and internationally) of a national process of encouraging Gazan migration. This will be an overwhelming undertaking, for the West has come to think of encouraging migration as the gravest of sins. The West is going to have to undergo a conceptual revolution, it is going to have to understand that this solution is both the most moral and the most humane option.

The author explains:”… if the existence of a Hamas population threatens the existence of the Jewish state, then defending the Jewish state by way of moving the enemy population beyond a threatening distance is a moral act. …If I endanger my people, that is not [an act] of morality, but of moral corruption. …

An act of “pure grace”

The article then warns of the moral iniquity of inaction:” Murder, pogrom and the slaughtering of Jews wherever they may be, are an absolute evil that should never be tolerated. A pogrom is a sin not only if you are the attacker; it is a sin even if you are the victim and you failed to prevent the attack when you could have…”

As for the non-belligerent Gazans, the article enumerates the benefits: “Moving the Gazan population would be the most humane and ethical step for the residents of Gaza themselves. A baby born there is born into a black world where there exists nothing but murder and blood, poverty and ignorance. The Gaza Strip is a cursed land without a future, without hope, without a dream. If there are in the Gaza Strip “innocents”, the only way the Western world can grant them the option of a sane life is to dilute them among other populations that live normal lives, go to learn and to work and earn an honest wage. That sort of normalcy will never be possible for them within the Gaza Strip. For the “innocent non-combatants,” this would be an act of pure grace.

Hobson’s choice for Zionism?

Of course, the cogent question is if Arab migration is ruled out, what is the future policy that Israel is to adopt?

Clearly, the two-state option is no longer feasible in any foreseeable timeframe, while “conflict management”, which merely gave the Gazan terror groups respite to regroup, rearm and redeploy, is now totally discredited by the events that unfolded last month. Moreover, the one-state option is a blatant non-starter which, at best, will lead to the Lebanonization of the country, with all the inter-ethnic strife that would inevitably accompany such an ill-advised measure.

As for the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip, this was one of the cornerstones of the 1993 Oslo Accords—blatantly flouted by the Palestinian Arabs right from the get-go, over a decade before Hamas seized control of Gaza.

But quite apart from the manifest difficulty in attaining such demilitarization, there are no less acute difficulties that would arise if, in fact, it were achieved. After all, if Israel were to effectively and permanently disarm any future regime in Gaza this would inevitably cripple its ability to impose law on any recalcitrant elements in the population—especially given the Jihadi forces in the adjacent Sinai Peninsula.

Accordingly, if one’s point of departure is that Israel is to remain a viable nation-state for the Jewish people, no other policy appears to have any practical feasibility or moral superiority. Indeed, it is Hobson’s choice for Zionism.

Clearly then, the origins of the ongoing catastrophe that has befallen the Palestinians—never mind the Jews—can undeniably be traced to the obstinate refusal to recognize this inconvenient fact

The shifting Overtone Window

It is thus hardly surprising that the idea of Arab migration is now emerging not as radical right-wing extremism – but rather as sound political science that is becoming an increasingly mainstream viewpoint. Moreover, it is becoming clear that, as the public rejoicing at the recent Judeocide indelibly underscores, the population of Gaza is not the victim of Hamas; but the crucible in which Hamas was formed and from which it emerged

Accordingly, this dramatic shift in the Overton Window on Gaza is rooted in the growing awareness that the only way for Israel to determine how Gaza is ruled—and by whom—is to rule it itself. The only way for Israel to rule Gaza without the burden of having to rule over “another people” is to remove that “other people” from the territory over which it is obligated to rule.

©2023. Martin Sherman. All rights reserved.

Study: Murder Rates Are 60% Higher in Democrat-Run Counties

Why do people keep voting for these terrorists?

Study: Murder Rates Are 60% Higher in Democrat-Run Counties

By: EVOL, October 20, 2023:

A new study by the Heritage Foundation has found that murder rates are 60 percent higher in Democrat-run counties compared to those led by Republicans.

The study, conducted by the Foundation, debunked the popular talking point among several high-profile liberals that red states have the highest homicide numbers.

According to a report by Heritage Foundation’s Kevin Dayaratna, murder rates have been higher in “blue counties” than they have been in “red counties” since 2002.

Dayaratna explains that using state-level data for homicides is misleading because crimes are prosecuted at the local level.

California’s Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom has publicly stated that “8 of the top 10 murder states are red.”

Meanwhile, leftist billionaire and Democrat megadonor George Soros wrote in the Wall Street Journal last year that “violent crime in recent years has generally been increasing more quickly in jurisdictions without reform-minded prosecutors.”

However, according to Dayaratna, studies cited by Democrats make that same argument about state-level murder rates.

These studies, including a recent study from Third Way titled “The Two-Decade Red State Murder Problem,” use a “flawed” methodology.

Keep reading.


EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Special Announcement: The Hamas Atrocities Documentation Center (HADC)

MEMRI has launched the Hamas Atrocities Documentation Center (HADC), which will provide historical documentation for the years to come, for academic and educational purposes.

Since we cannot post these horrific graphics and videos on Meta platforms, we will provide verbal descriptions of them, and make the videos available for viewing on the MEMRI Hamas Atrocities Documentation Center Report account on Telegram.

Issue No. 1 includes summaries of the videos. Again, this content can be viewed here.

The following are the descriptions of the content posted for Issue No. 1

  1. At the entrance to Kibbutz Beeri, the remains of a car full of civilians trying to escape the Hamas invasion and massacre. They were caught and burned alive.
  2. Israeli babies shot and burned to death by Hamas operatives
  3. More Israeli babies shot and burned to death by Hamas operatives
  4. An Israeli family held hostage by Hamas terrorists who took control of their home inside Israel and killed a sister.
  5. An Israeli family held hostage by Hamas terrorists who took control of their home. The father is shot and wounded; a boy is forced at gunpoint to go to other families in the village and tell them to leave their homes.
  6. Hamas shoots into a shelter room full of murdered civilians
  7. Beheaded Israeli soldiers
  8. A kidnapped 85-year-old woman
  9. A murdered girl in her car
  10. A kidnapped Israeli couple from a party is abducted to Gaza

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Israel: Babies Kidnapped By Muslim Terrorists Held in Cages

Some of the toddlers kidnapped in Israel are still alive.

They’re being held in cages like animals.

‘Babies Being Taken By Terrorists’: Israelis React To Hamas’ ‘Shocking’ Surprise Attack

By: Jennie Taer, Daily Caller, October 07, 2023:

Israelis were taken off guard and are sheltering at home in fear of Hamas terrorists that have infiltrated the country’s borders Saturday.

Hamas terrorists engaged in a surprise attack against Israel, firing thousands of rockets, killing at least a hundred people and taking hostage an unknown number of civilians and soldiers, according to The Associated Press.

“I see moms with babies being taken by terrorists and as a mother myself I can’t even comprehend that it’s actually real,” Noga Kamenetsky, a dual citizen of the U.S. and Israel, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Israelis reacted with shock and “horror” in response to Hamas’ surprise Saturday attack that has resulted in numerous deaths and missing persons.


“It’s so incredibly shocking how silent it is in America, my friends don’t even know what’s going on here, and when (hopefully) Israel attacks back and attacks hard, I hope we don’t take into consideration global media because it doesn’t matter what the world thinks at this point. I see moms with babies being taken by terrorists and as a mother myself I can’t even comprehend that it’s actually real,” Kamenetsky said.

The Biden administration’s U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs deleted a post Saturday telling Israel to “refrain from violence” after Hamas attacked.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded with a declaration of war. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have begun striking Hamas terrorist strongholds in Gaza, in an operation dubbed “Swords of Iron.”

Rotem Ben Eli, who’s sheltering in place with her friend in Tel Aviv, told the DCNF that Israelis are posting all over social media images of their loved ones that they haven’t been able to locate.

“Since 6:30 a.m. we are facing horror scenes. Innocent Israelis are murdered, babies, children and elders were kidnapped. People are still hiding in bushes and in their shelters in their houses while terrorists are broadcasting live on social media from their phones and even answering the captives’ phones to their relatives,” Ben Eli said.

“There is no excuse for this evil slaughter. Please condemn that and let us defend ourselves as we know well,” she added.

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Israel’s Existential Threat is America’s Existential Threat as Well

CHRISTIAN WHITON: Biden Funded Hamas And Its Iranian Masters

Istanbul: Muslims scream ‘Allahu akbar’ and ‘Khaybar’ jihad chant vowing new genocide of Jews in massive demonstration

Israel: 250 Bodies in Mass Grave Discovered at Music Festival For Peace

Hamas Jihadis THANK Ukraine For The US-funded Weapons They Used to Attack Israel

Joe Biden Approved the Release of $75 Million Dollar to Palestinian Jihadis Just Hours Before Attack on Israel


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Roseanne Barr Bites Back at Anti-Trump Hysteric Rob Reiner on Twitter Over How Elections Work

Actress and comedienne Roseanne Barr fired back Sunday at director Rob Reiner on X (formerly Twitter), responding to his latest complaint about former President Trump and the future of the United States.

The anti-Trump hysteric Reiner attacked Republicans for continuing to support Trump despite his legal challenges and essentially predicted the end of the world if Democrats did not win the presidency in 2024.

“Let this sink in. Republicans say that even if Trump is a Convicted Felon who attempted to destroy American Democracy, they will still vote for him. We will only survive if he, and the corrupt party he leads, is decisively defeated in 2024,” Reiner posted.

Barr responded, “What a crazy idea, you mean beat him in a fair and general election that would require good ideas and debate (and not so obvious corruption)??? Lol, Good luck dems.”

“We know why you’re cheating and lying and indicting and false flagging,” Barr continued. “It’s your only hope. But keep telling us we are the threat to democracy.”

The Republican National Committee (RNC) shared a comment on Sunday, pointing out that “Since taking office, Joe Biden has spent 380 days – 39.9 percent of his presidency – on vacation.”

“Imagine how much worse things would be if he was working every day,” Barr quipped in return.

Rob Reiner

57 Known Connections

  • Longtime supporter of leftwing Democrat candidates & causes
  • A founding member of the Democracy Alliance
  • Has likened Tea Party conservatives to Nazis & Hamas terrorists
  • Harbors deep contempt for Donald Trump & his allies
  • Supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement
  • Opposes election-integrity laws

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Americans Can’t Afford Homes But Biden Regime Set To Make Illegal Aliens Comfortable with New Housing

Squashing us like the bugs they think we are.

High treason, I say.

Biden Set To Make Illegal Aliens Comfortable with New Housing as Part of $40 Billion Emergency Funding Request to Congress

By: The Federalist Papers, August 14, 2023:

President Joe Biden has asked Congress for $2.7 billion in border-related funding, including money to create new facilities to house illegal immigrant families as they navigate an “expedited” process to determine whether they will be granted asylum in the U.S. or deported.

The administration has requested $40 billion in emergency funding, including roughly $2.7 billion for the Department of Homeland Security’s border programs, Axios reported.

“We do not view this as family detention,” an unnamed DHS official told Axios.

However, though family members could come and go from these facilities during the day, they would be required to check back in each evening and spend the night at the facility, the official said.

Officials told Axios that the new program would relieve the stress on current shelters located near the U.S. border while also allowing the government to better track families that enter the country illegally.

The facilities may be run by independent contractors, potentially including non-governmental organizations.

Axios contextualized the new initiative as part of ongoing efforts by the federal government to cope with the fact that more families are crossing the southern border into the U.S. illegally.

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BIDENOMICS: Mortgage Rates Rise to Highest Point in 20 Years at 7.09 Percent

Biden Regime Working to Bring Racial Equity to Towns, Suburbs To “Further Diversity”

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Army General Tried to Hunt Down Whistleblower Who Criticized Biden Administration

More military WOKENESS in action.

Army general tried to hunt down whistleblower who criticized Biden admin: Report


Lt. Gen. Maria Gervais, Army Training and Doctrine Command Deputy Commander, and Army Maj. Jessica Dawson, a West Point associate professor, used their authority and government access in an attempt to unofficially investigate and punish an active-duty whistleblower for criticizing the Biden administration and various Army leaders.

According to private text messages and emails obtained by Breitbart News, Gervais and Dawson used official government resources to hunt for the anonymous whistleblower, identify them, and have them punished for speaking against the Biden administration and Army leadership, despite a lack of evidence.

Despite lacking evidence, Gervais and Dawson reportedly labeled the whistleblower an “insider threat” and repeatedly accused him of serving as “counterintelligence.” Breitbart News noted that the accusations by Gervais and Dawson were seemingly used as an effort to involve the Army Criminal Investigative Division (CID), which has the power as an independent agency to investigate serious felonies.

According to Pat Wier, a Navy reservist and civilian defense attorney, an investigation by CID would first require the designation of a significant threat. He described Gervais and Dawson’s accusations as “wrongful.”

“His alleged actions did not rise to the level of a serious crime, or any crime at all,” Wier said. Instead, Breitbart reported that based on private communications, the investigation seems to have been an attempt by military officials to utilize government powers to punish the whistleblower for political dissent.

According to Breitbart, Gervais and Dawson’s investigation lasted almost a year, aided by current and former progressive military members. The investigation resulted in the public identification of the suspected whistleblower, an Army general’s former aide filing an inspector general complaint against the whistleblower, and the inspector general’s system being politically weaponized against the whistleblower’s social media posts that criticized the Biden administration.

The inspector general complaint resulted in a 15-6 investigation into the whistleblower, which led to Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Samuel Shoemate being charged for violating Army Regulation 600-20 by “posting derogatory and disrespectful images/memes on multiple social accounts … towards different Senior Officials and Military Leaders.”

The 15-6 investigation also claimed that Shoemate had violated Uniform Code of Military Justice Articles 88 (Contempt towards Senior Officials), 89 (Disrespect toward Superior Commissioned Officers, 133 (Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer and Gentleman), and DOD Instruction 5400.17 Official Use of Social Media for Public Affairs Purposes.

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EYEWITNESS: ‘Zelensky’s Ukraine is No Democracy—It’s a Thieving, Corrupt, Murderous Gangster Regime’

Ukraine relentlessly persecutes anyone who tells the truth about this war. Here is the first person account of one such victim.

Read the whole thing:

Right now, I’m about to try to get out of Ukraine, and seek political asylum in Hungary.

Gonzalo Lira · @GonzaloLira1968

Right now, I’m about to try to get out of Ukraine, and seek political asylum in Hungary.

Either I’ll cross the border and make it to safety, or I’ll be disappeared by the Kiev regime.

This is what’s happened to me over the past three months.

On May 1, I was arrested for my YouTube videos. The photos of my arrest are pretty funny—morning bed-head made me look like a character out of Dr. Seuss.

My crime was making videos critical of the West and their proxy regime in Kiev—and how they are destroying Ukraine.

In other words, the formalities were carried out scrupulously—while judicial and ethical grotesqueries ruled.

That’s Zelensky’s Ukraine. That’s what his thuggish regime cares about: The “perception” of democracy and the rule of law, so as to mask the sordid, corrupt reality.

That’s why they relentlessly persecute anyone who tells the truth about this war. I’m not the only so-called “propagandist” the Kiev regime has thrown in prison.

It’s also why they shoot any AFU soldier who dares retreat. That’s why the AFU losses are so horrific—but hidden.

As you can see by the indictment, the video I made that really chapped their ass was >Ukraine: A Primer<, which gives the historical background to the conflict—where I state outright that this invasion wasn’t out of the blue. That indeed, it was provoked by the Kiev regime.

Once inside Sizo Prison, I was tortured in two of the four cells I was in—by the other prisoners. Guards NEVER beat prisoners—they outsource torture to the other prisoners.

One prisoner actually apologized to me, telling me he had no choice. He wasn’t lying. I understood.

I got a cracked rib in my first cell, but it wasn’t too bad. The worst stretch was in my fourth cell.

From 1pm on June 21 until 7pm the next day—30 hours—I was beaten and sleep deprived, my arms twisted the wrong way around at the shoulders, and generally beaten pretty bad.

I’ve taken a beating in my time. So sure, it hurt like hell, but it was manageable—but then at one point, two thugs held my head and used a toothpick to scratch the whites of my left eye, while asking me if I could still read if I had just one.

ngl, >that< was unnerving. Near the end of this session, one of the thugs struck me in the chest so hard and so repetitively that the beating left a yellow-and-green splotch dead-center on my sternum. He was >berated< by the cell boss, because he’d left a mark on me—which was a no-no. >Perceptions< Then as luck would have it, two days later—when the bruising was in full bloom—a senior guard came to give me a wellness check! This was likely because of the Chilean embassy efforts. The US embassy called me three times, but gave me nothing but “support”—empty bromides. The guard told me to remove my shirt so he could look me over. The bruising was really spectacular—but he just nodded and pretended he didn’t see a thing. >Perceptions< He’d checked me, right? Why was I beaten to the point of torture? Well—it wasn’t over my YouTube videos! I was imprisoned because of my videos—no doubt. The videos are why the SBU arrested me and put me in Sizo Prison without bail. But as they investigated me—and examined my computers and accounts, all of which they confiscated and opened—the SBU realized that I’m not poor. So once they had me imprisoned for my videos, the SBU took the opportunity to extort money from me—using the guards as accomplices, who in turn used the prisoners as the muscle. How I discovered this is too complicated for a Twitter thread. But I’m writing a book about it. All told, they extorted USD$70,000 out of me, and split it among themselves. They also took another $9k when they arrested me (my emergency cash). And another 11 grand, which was the bail money. With the computers, iPhone, etc., I’m out an even 100k on this adventure. I’m never seeing any of that back, not even the bail money—because I’ve decided to leave Ukraine before my trial. My trial is on Wednesday August 2—and I’ve already been told: I WILL be found guilty. My sentence will be five to eight years in a prison labor camp. Yeah. But here’s the thing: The conditions of my bail are that I have to wear an electronic monitor, surrender my passports, and not leave the city of Kharkov, much less the country. HOWEVER—after posting bail, I >didn’t< get an ankle monitor—and they >returned< my passports. Later at the SBU offices, they >returned other documents< they’d confiscated—my driver’s license and my motorcycle registration. In Sizo, I told an inmate how last year I’d been detained, released, but told not to leave Ukraine. He laughed. “They were telling you to leave!” This time, it looks like the same is happening: They’re telling me not to leave—but leaving the door open. Or so I hope. Or maybe I’m being set up by them so they can justify putting me away in a labor camp—so no one will ever know about their sordid extortion scheme. I simply don’t know. So I decided to die trying. I rode my motorcycle across Ukraine—1,400 kms in two days. I’m going to Hungary to ask for political asylum. When I fail to show up in court in Kharkov, an arrest warrant will be issued, likely an international warrant. No doubt other EU countries will comply like sheep, returning me to serve five to eight years in a prison labor camp— —regardless of the fact that Kiev arrested and imprisoned me for >YouTube videos!<

For free speech!

What happened to “European democratic values?


And the US State Department would return me too. I’m not a black lesbian druggie, or a transgender grifter. Besides, Victoria Nuland hates my guts, or so I’m told.

I’m hoping the Hungarians will read my indictment and say, “This is bullshit—we’re not sending him back.”

I’m posting this thread just as I’m getting to the border checkpoint. I’m also posting videos on the two channels I have access to, The Roundtable and Gonzalo Lira—Again.

If you don’t hear from me in the next 12 hours—whelp! I’m on my way to a labor camp!

Wish me luck.


EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

In Praise of Men by Kimberly Ells

I went to the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations this spring. Man-hating is never in short supply there and this year it was in especially fine form. I went to numerous presentations where the call to action was to “dismantle the patriarchy,” “eradicate the patriarchy,” or “smash the patriarchy.”

I began to wonder if anyone actually knew what the patriarchy was, so I decided to ask.

After one event I approached the moderator, thanked her, and asked what she thought a helpful definition of “the patriarchy” would be. She fumbled excessively and finally said, “Well, it’s the system in which we live. It is everything made by men, for men.” I pivoted over to a panellist, the Archbishop of the Church of Sweden, and asked her the same question. After a great deal of stammering, she produced a similar answer.

So, to abolish the patriarchy, everything made by men has to go. It sounds almost Maoist in the level of destruction it would take to actually carry out the job of smashing the patriarchy: Demolish everything built, conceived, or forged by men, and build it all back better. The hubris of the idea is overwhelming.

I walked back to my hotel. I strode across the marble floor in the lobby and ascended 34 stories of steel and glass and wiring. I looked out the window at the fantastic landscape of New York City buildings jutting up in angular beauty below me. I thought about all the men who had built nearly everything within my stunning view, and the building in which I stood. I thought of all the digging and drilling and hauling and pounding and pouring and sweating that made that bustling, beautiful city possible. And I was grateful for the work of men.

Why is it not good enough that mostly men built these buildings? Why does something need to be made by women for it to be worthy of wonder and gratitude? I never walk through a sparkling hotel lobby and think, “Was this made by a man? Slimy devil built it just to spite women. It ought to be ripped down!”

And do men really make things only for the benefit of other men? The hotel I was staying in was bursting with women from every continent of the world. And they all seemed pretty pleased to have a place to stay. And running water. And lights. And I’m guessing the soft carpets under their feet were laid by men.

A friend I was rooming with at the hotel has a daughter who is a budding architect and just signed a contract to design buildings all over the world. Women, of course, can be architects and they can be great ones. But when this woman’s daughter goes to draft plans for a building, will she plan to hang “Women Only” signs everywhere and refuse to put in bathrooms for men? Will she build it with the intent that it will be built by women, for women?

In frontier times, did a man cut trees, shape logs, and stack them together to make a cabin so that only he could use it? More often than not, a man worked for the good of his family. He wanted to build a house so his wife and children could live in it and not die. Today, a man may not haul logs, but many a good man hauls himself to the office or the job site or the classroom or the field and wears out his life working for the benefit of others.

Yes, the man gets to enjoy the fruits of his labours too, but a good man (and I realize there are bad men) works and builds and dreams and sweats so that he can provide useful things to the people he loves and to people at large. Women do this, too. But most women opt out of hard labour while men tend to opt in. Therefore, much of what is built in the world is built by men. This is not evil. And it’s not a manifestation of “women’s oppression” as my UN comrades often insist. The work of men actually helps women. A lot.

Most of the women at the Commission on the Status of Women bristle at any mention of motherhood and resent the time it takes to raise a child. But is the crafting of a soul any less necessary or less grand than the crafting of a building? Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty once wrote of mothers, “She cannot claim the honour of having built Notre Dame Cathedral. She need not. She has built something more magnificent than any cathedral—a dwelling for an immortal soul.” A woman can certainly build buildings, but perhaps there are even more important things she can do.

We should ask, what is more important—the house, or the child living and breathing and playing and sleeping in the house? A house has no meaning without someone to live in it. The maker of the house is not more honourable than those who work out their lives inside it. Both are noble. And perhaps the builder of the building and the one who gives the building purpose can glory in the contributions of the other.

I was treading the corridors of the UN for the rest of the week (most likely built by dreaded men) and marvelled at the bombastically joyous lights in Times Square (probably made mostly by awful men) and walked in the shade of trees (probably planted by selfish men) and gazed out my window every night at the marvellous mayhem of steel and lights before me. And I was thankful—thankful for men.

I still am.



Kimberly Ells is the author of The Invincible Family. Follow her at Invincible Family Substack.

VIDEO: The Climate War Against Travel

A group of climate campaigners glued themselves to a runway to block travel.

Can we just clear them away, punish them and laugh them off the tarmac?

Not as simple as you would think.

CFACT’s Marc Morano explained on Fox and Friends that, “as wacky and nutty as these protesters look, there are actual politicians, courts, and governments listening to them and following this insane agenda.”

The sad fact is that the climate-Left wants much more than to push you out of your car and into an inefficient, short-range electric vehicle.  They want you to stay put.

Don’t be fooled by the incremental policy push of the day.  The anti-energy folks appetite for control is insatiable.  If given their way, they would end the rural and suburban way of life, herd us into high rises, take away our cars, grudgingly permit some buses and trains, and make air travel a thing of the past for most of us.

Don’t expect John Kerry, Leonardo DiCaprio and the rest to give up flying private and stand next to you on the bus.

Europe, as always, is three steps ahead on the road to energy ruin.

As Marc further explained on Fox and at Climate Depot, “you now have major government reports funded by the UK Government, in one example, calling for shutting down and preventing new airports to meet the climate agenda… A UK Judge ruled that a third runway at Heathrow is not viable in a Climate Emergency. So the scary thing is the governments, and the politicians have been listening to these protesters. They’re shutting down air transportation… In France, they banned two-and-a-half hour or less flights, and there is an EU-wide proposal to ban six-hour flights — all to save the climate.”

Meanwhile in China, they are not only building new coal plants as fast as their economy can go, they are building airports at home and around the world.

Must the West stand down and watch the autocracies rise?

You’ll have to watch from a distance, they are kicking you off the plane.

For nature and people too.

EDITORS NOTE: This CFACT column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.