Martin County, FL State Committeeman calls for President to be Impeached

(Stuart, FL) – Martin County Florida’s Republican Party State Committeeman Eric D. Miller today accuses President Obama of “defying the Constitutional separation of powers mandate by his recent Executive Order granting a mass de-facto amnesty to illegal immigrants”. Miller also urged “the immediate filing of impeachment charges in a letter to Congressman Thomas J. Rooney and Congressman Allen West“.

Miller noted that Obama’s Executive Order is far more than a creative interpretation of a President’s constitutional prerogatives and authority. Miller writes, “In addition to violating Constitutional separation of powers, President Obama measures are in direct violation of existing federal immigration statutes which he is sworn to uphold. His latest re-election ploy of issuing an illegal executive action granting amnesty to more than 1 million ‘illegal’ aliens constitutes a high crime and misdemeanor warranting impeachment under Article II, Section 4.”

“I commend Congressman Allen West, who is running to represent our newly created North Palm Beach – Treasure Coast district for immediately bringing this grave Constitutional issue to the public’s attention. It is now incumbent upon all Republican Party leaders to demand the President’s impeachment as the appropriate Constitutional remedy,” states Miller.

Text of Miller letter to Congressman Rooney:

20 June 2012

The Honorable Thomas Rooney
171 SW Flagler Avenue
Stuart, FL 34994

Mr. Congressman:

I like you have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and protect it from all enemies foreign and domestic. It is for this reason that I call upon you to formally call for impeachment hearings against Barak Hussein Obama.

The latest and most recent unconstitutional maneuver on his part is a crime. He does not have the authority to override law as established by Congress, of which he has done once again in his latest executive action.

The Executive action is a clear and blatant attempt to influence his re-election and is in direct conflict with the Constitution of the United States.

Therefore, as State Committeeman of the Republican Party in Martin County, I suggest and accuse Barack Hussein Obama of crimes against the State and I call upon you to move the process of impeachment forward to preserve the integrity of the Constitution of the United States.

Yours in service,

Eric D. Miller
RPOF State Committeeman
Martin County

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