President Donald J. Trump Is On Fire On The Campaign Trail WATCH!

President Donald J. Trump is winning for the American people. He is driven to drain the Democrat swamp and restore our God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

President Trump is focused on our faith, our families and our freedoms.

Watch the following video and posts on X to understand that he is serious about taking back our nation from those who are determined to destroy it.

There is a new slogan for the people’s president that is flooding social media sites, “To Big To Rig.”

President Trump in Richmond, Virginia

President Donald J. Trump on X

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VIDEO: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Speaks About Release of Jeffrey Epstein’s Secret Grand Jury Testimony

In a Business Insider column titled “DeSantis signs law to release records that could explain why Jeffrey Epstein got minimal charges in Florida and  report,

  • Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bipartisan bill into law that unearth more Jeffrey Epstein records.
  • The law will allow for the release of records from a 2006 Florida grand jury.
  • Prosecutors allowed Epstein to plead guilty to only a single prostitution solicitation charge.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday signed a bipartisan bill into law that could finally answer the lingering questions about 2006 grand jury probe that charged Jeffrey Epstein with just one criminal count.

“This is long overdue, but, again, we feel that we just can’t turn a blind eye,” DeSantis said shortly before signing HB 117 into law at a ceremony in Palm Beach. The law goes into effect July 1.

A Palm Beach grand jury investigation, which resulted in just one criminal count, of prostitution solicitation, has long been at the center of controversy for allowing Epstein to escape accountability for raping and sexually abusing girls.

Prosecutors decided to bring just a single victim before the grand jury even though law enforcement had concluded that Epstein sexually abused more than 30 girls, according to Miami Herald reporter Julie K. Brown’s book “Perversion of Justice.” A compensation program established following Epstein’s death identified 136 of his victims. More recent litigation, against banks that were alleged to facilitate Epstein’s sex-trafficking, put the figure at closer to 200 victims.

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WATCH: Ron DeSantis speaks out on new law that will release Jeffrey Epstein grand jury testimony

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Second Tranche Of Jeffrey Epstein Court Documents Unsealed

Democrat Senator Calls Pedophiles ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ Advocates for CHILD SEX DOLLS

The Democrat party is evil.

Good decent people should not be forced to live under their rule.

The election system has been hijacked by the Democrat party of treason.

Where is our George Washington?

Kentucky Democrat Proposes Child Sex Dolls for Pedophiles

By James Bickerton • US News Reporter

A Democratic state senator from Kentucky has suggested providing “child sex dolls” to pedophiles in a bid to reduce the chance of them abusing children.

Speaking at the Kentucky General Assembly on Thursday, Senator Karen Berg said there was research suggesting the dolls “actually decrease their proclivity to go out and attack children.” The remarks sparked an angry backlash on social media with one prominent commentator accusing Berg of “sexualizing kids and defending pedophiles.”

The Context

There is an ongoing debate involving academics and politicians over whether child sex dolls could help prevent assaults on children or whether they act as a gateway for potential abusers. Republican Representative Dan Donovan has twice introduced legislation in the House that would make the “importation or transportation of child sex dolls” illegal, while others have called for an outright ban.

What We Know

During her address in the Kentucky General Assembly, Berg said: “I was completely unfamiliar with child sex dolls, so I had of course to Google it last night…

“But there are what they call ‘MAPS,’ Minor Attracted Persons and the limited amount of research that’s done on these dolls suggests that they actually, for people who are attracted to minors, that these dolls actually decrease their proclivity to go out and attack children.

“That it actually gives them a release that makes them less likely to go outside of their home and what was interesting is the research did not support the same conclusions for people who were adult attracted using dolls.”

Footage of Berg’s remarks was shared on X, formerly Twitter, by Robby Starbuck, a conservative-leaning activist who produced the Elon Musk-endorsed documentary The War on Children. The clip has so far received more than 595,000 views and 3,100 reposts from other X users.

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The Deep State’s #1 Priority is to Legalize Anal and Vaginal Sex with Underaged Boys and Girls

Did You Know That Charles Darwin’s 10 Children Were The Products of An Incestuous Relationship?

Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Paul Charged with Possession of Child Pornography and Crack Cocaine

The ‘Transgender Revolution’: Sexual Anarchy in the Catholic Church, Boy Scouts of America and Public Schools

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PODCAST: Democrats’ lawfare against Trump!



Rev. Ben Johnson is senior reporter and editor at The Washington Stand. His writings have also appeared in The (UK) Guardian, Human Events, The Stream, Real Clear Policy, Conservative Review, The Daily Caller, and have been cited by National Review, CBS News, and Fox News. He was managing editor of FrontPage Magazine and U.S. Bureau Chief at LifeSiteNews. He is the author of two books on tax-exempt foundations, as well as Party of Defeat (2008, Spence, with David Horowitz). Before turning to online journalism and editing, he spent more than a decade in all facets of radio broadcasting, including news and talk.

TOPIC: Teachers agree! Trans, CRT Lessons Hurt Rather Than Help Schools!


Martha Zoller is a conservative strategist, activist, policy expert, and pundit with extensive campaign and government experience. For twenty years, Martha has hosted radio programs and was named to the Talkers Top 100 Radio Shows in America multiple times. She was a regular contributor on Cable and Broadcast News and served as a longtime panelist on Fox 5 Atlanta’s The Georgia Gang. Martha is the host of “Morning Talk with Martha Zoller” heard weekdays on WDUN AM550 and WDUN FM102.9.

TOPIC: What are Georgians saying about Fani Willis?

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VIDEO: Two out of Three Americans Gone in 2025!

Donald J. Trump is a New Yorker from the Borough of Queens. Boroughs are their own governmental districts in New York City since 1898; they collectively make up the New York City government. There are Americans who find Trump from Queens brash, a strong personality, not predictable though predictable and consistent in his beliefs to Make America Great Again! His statement is more than a mere catchy political marketing slogan, it is a core belief of Donald Trump. Briefly read what President Trump accomplished in four short years and given the myriad attacks he withstood.

North Korea was quiet and respectful, and President Trump even made the journey to be the first U.S. President to step foot into North Korea. Russia and China were not threatening nor aggressive, even respectful of America. The Middle East was uneventful and willing to work with America as an ally. Iran was most cautious and non-threatening. America again brought order to the world communities. We also brought economic stability, and even success; created responsibility to nations historically living off of American resources without carrying their own responsibility, and here at home, pride and historic American values were once again not timid but shown front and center for all to gladly salute and celebrate.

Yes…the globalists and their Uni-Party acolytes fear Trump and are moving at all deliberate speed to collapse America. What is transpiring at our once defined southern Border is an example of this well-designed collapse now underway. The video below shows a most disturbing representation of the invasion launched to alter and forever change the United States into something our founders never, ever would accept nor should we. The video shows “The Hegellian Dialectic” in action. The Hegellian Dialectic is a produced problem that deliberately invokes contradictions between opposing sides; for instance, good trying to help much needy individuals versus the plan to overwhelm and collapse America with terrorists, gangsters, terribly needy and those who instinctively know how to steal and rob as their jobs.

Yes…the globalists and their Una-party acolytes fear Trump returning to the White House. (For the record, I disagree with the comment made about Trump near the conclusion of the video).

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A Chinese ex-Patriot Describes the Cultural Revolution in China That is Now in The USA

In a December 30th, 2023 column titled Signs of the Times: The Russian, Islamic Iran, Communist China Connection wrote:

For years, as you know, I have been tracking Russia’s growing alliances with Islamic Iran and Communist China. But recently, two things happened I have to put in a whole separate category.

When I heard them, to me they rang as clear as day, signs of the times to come.

If you have been reading these emails or listening to my weekly radio show with Prophecy Today Weekend, you know that Iran signed a multi-decades strategic cooperation agreements with China in 2021. And in July 2022, Russia’s Gazprom signed a $40 billion oil and gas deal with Iran.

In March of this year, Russia, China and Iran held their third annual naval exercises in the Gulf of Oman.

This prophetic observation is now confirmed by a Chinese ex-Patriot who lived under the thumb of Mao’s China.

WATCH: How America is following in China’s footsteps. Here’s how we stop it.

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Inside A Chinese Ghost Town

Ben Carson Warns Of ‘An Entirely New Threat To Our Country’

The 2024 election is a choice between ‘hope and more hurt’ with Sen. John Kennedy

Irony in NYC: Hamas supporters scream at Jerry Seinfeld, ‘You support genocide’ [Video]

Hamas wants a genocide. Israel is not committing one.

No serenity for Jerry Seinfeld as he’s berated by anti-Israel protesters outside NYC event: video

by David Propper, New York Post, February 26, 2024:

A smiling Jerry Seinfeld waved off anti-Israel protesters who accused him of supporting genocide as he exited an event on the Upper East Side Sunday night, according to footage.

The New York City comedian was heckled after he left an event at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan that featured former New York Times columnist Bari Weiss, founder of the Free Press.

“Genocide supporter, you support genocide,” one protester yelled at Seinfeld, who gave a quick wave before getting into the back seat of a black SUV that was surrounded by NYPD officers, according to footage obtained by The Post.

The protesters continued to shout at Seinfeld before the SUV pulled away.

“F–k you, you support genocide,” the demonstrator seethed….

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Western Islamists Work to Build the Taliban’s Afghanistan into a Global Caliphate

Major Media Wrongly Claims It Was Only Trump Administration That Declared Israeli Settlements Legal

UK Islamic scholar: ‘If you go outside, you would think you are in a second Afghanistan, but you are in Londonistan’

France: Muslim migrant refuses to leave apartment he illegally occupies, state is powerless

At Harvard, Another Case of Plagiarism

Qatar trained Hamas jihadis at its police college as recently as 2023

Indian police arrest Pakistan-linked jihad terror cell

Report: Iran-backed Houthi terrorists hit underwater internet cables linking Europe and Asia

Islamic Republic of Iran arrested at least 166 Christians for their faith last year

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Houthi TV Runs Ad For ‘Fire Your Own Missile’ Campaign Calling On Yemenis To Sponsor Missile Attacks

Al-Masirah TV (Houthis-Yemen) aired on February 19, 2024 an ad calling on Yemenis to sponsor missiles as part of the “Fire Your Own Missile” campaign. In the ad, an old man and a boy watch Yahya Sare’e, spokesman of the Houthi-Yemeni military forces on TV, and they go to the post office to deposit money on behalf of the campaign. Also in the ad is a man who hears Sare’e on his car radio, who then transfers money on behalf of the campaign using his smartphone. The ad concludes with an excerpt from a February 8, 2024 speech by Houthi leader Abdul-Malik Badreddine Al-Houthi: “When a ballistic, winged, or naval missiles is fired, it represents the people in its entirety.”

Narrator: “This is an announcement by the Yemeni Armed Forces. In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Allah said [in the Quran]: ‘Oh believers, if you support Allah, He will support you, and plant firmly your feet. In support of the oppressed Palestinian people who are subjected to aggression and sledge to this very moment, the Yemeni Missile Forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces have carried out a military operation – with Allah’s help – against specific targets of the Israeli enemy in the Umm Al-Rashrash [Eilat] area in the south of occupied Palestine, using a number of ballistic missiles.

“The Yemeni Armed Forces stress that they will continue to fulfill their religious and moral duties towards the oppressed Palestinian people, heeding the call of our free Yemeni people, and the call of the free people in our Arab and Islamic nation.”

Yemeni-Houthi Leader Abdul-Malik Badreddine Al-Houthi: “When a ballistic, winged, or naval missile is fired, it represents the people in its entirety.”

RELATED VIDEO: Two terrorists hit by UAV in Rafah – VIEWER WARNING

Arab video of a targeted attack from the air against two terrorists on Aoni Dahar Street in Rafah. Rafah is slowly being hit and the people there are slowly understanding that Israel is not just talking. If Hamas continues to play “hero” – Rafah will be turned into Khan Yunis, Gaza city, Jabaliya and the rest of the Gaza cities.

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WATCH: Spokesperson for Israel’s Prime Minister Speaks on Judea and Samaria

Joshua Waller from The Israel Guys sits down in Nashville, Tennessee with the spokesperson for Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office and talks about the current situation in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria. Tal Heinrich makes some incredible statements about what is happening in Judea and Samaria.


Son of Hamas: How the UN sabotaged the Oslo Peace Process

Hamas said to no longer be demanding complete IDF withdrawal from Gaza, permanent ceasefire in truce talks

RELATED VIDEO: How this murderous terrorist describes with glee October the 7th


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WATCH: Google’s Anti-White Artificial Intelligence Model, Gemini, is a Dystopian Hell

In the following 18-minute video, Matt Walsh, the creator of the film “What is a Woman,” showcases Google’s new AI program, called Gemini, and its capability to generate images of historical figures, including Catholic Popes and Vikings, all depicted as black or non-white individuals. Moreover, Gemini notably omits portraying atrocities committed by communist governments.

Throughout the video, Matt presents clips featuring key radicalized figures at Google, articulating their troubling philosophies. These insights leave little doubt as to why this immensely influential software, poised for integration into our devices, yields the specific results it does.


Anti-Reality Absurdly Woke and Racist GOOGLE’s Gemini AI is a ‘Leftist Sh*t Show’

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WATCH: Israel Launches Pilot Program to Replace Hamas with Local Leaders in Gaza City District

The pilot program in the Zeitoun neighborhood will include ending incitement in the schools 

Israel is preparing to carry out a pilot program that will see local authorities replace the Hamas terrorist group in governing the southern Gaza City neighborhood of Zeitoun, Channel 12 reported.

The military began a major aerial and ground offensive in the district on Monday night to clear it of terrorists ahead of the initiative. Led by the 162nd Division, Israeli forces killed and captured dozens of terrorists and confiscated a large amount of ammunition.

According to the report, Israel’s goal is for community leaders to manage the reception and distribution of humanitarian aid to establish an alternative to Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip. Security forces will attempt to prevent the terrorist group from interfering with this process.

Gazan representatives recently met with Israeli officials to discuss the plan.

Notably, the plan does not involve a return to the north for the tens of thousands of Gazans who evacuated to a humanitarian zone in the southern Strip at the behest of the Israeli army. Instead, the pilot will be carried out with the residents who remained there.

Additionally, the pilot includes replacing the school curricula with textbooks that do not promote violent rejection of Israel and hatred towards Jews. Israeli leaders have repeatedly stressed the importance of deradicalizing the Gaza population, including moderating the educational system, after Hamas is defeated.

Israeli War Cabinet member Benny Gantz on Wednesday evening referred to an international pilot in which moderate Arab countries would establish a civil administration to manage the Strip after the war ends, while Israel maintains full security control.

This civil administration would likely include “local Palestinians supported by some sort of regional committee or arrangement,” according to Gantz.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has previously said that he wants to see local Palestinian community leaders govern Gaza instead of Hamas or the Palestinian Authority.

“Oslo was the mother of all sins. The difference between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority is only that Hamas wants to destroy us here and now, and the P.A. wants to do it in stages,” Netanyahu said in December.

IDF building security road bisecting the Strip.

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VIDEO: Democrat Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, ‘Immigration is not a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution’

Barbara Jordan’s vision on immigration is more relevant today than ever before.

In a February 21, 2024 Numbers USA column titled “The Essential Barbara JordanJeremy Beck wrote,

February 21, 2024 – Today is Barbara Jordan’s birthday. She would have been 88 years old. Tragically, she died in 1996, just before Congress voted on the immigration recommendations she developed over the last years of her life.

If you don’t know much about Barbara Jordan, you should look her up. She regularly appears on lists of great American orators. Jordan’s life story is full of “firsts,” including the first Southern Black woman to be elected to the House of Representatives, and the first woman to deliver the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention.

If you are concerned at all with immigration policy, you must learn about Barbara Jordan and the last act of her illustrious life and career. Her work as chair of the last bi-partisan commission to study immigration is essential to understanding where we’ve been; and necessary for us to see where we need to go.

Growing up during the Great Migration

Jordan was born in 1936, twelve years after the Immigration Act of 1924 was signed into law (one hundred years ago this May). That bill permanently ended The Great Wave of European migration (after the Great War had temporarily halted it in 1917). The slowdown of ships from Europe forced Northern industrialists to do the unthinkable: they sent recruiters to the far corners of the deep South and recruited the descendants of slaves and American Freedmen. The result was The Great Migration of Black Americans into the North and West.  White workers’ income went up two hundred and fifty percent. Black workers’ income went up four hundred percent. W.E.B. DuBois called the immigration slowdown “the economic salvation of American black labor.” DuBois’ declaration was echoed by Black journals and newspapers.

Jordan grew up during segregation and other forms of institutionalized racism. She also grew up during The Great Leveling and the rise of the Black middle class, whose economic gains led to new political power. In the year before Jordan was elected to the Texas State Senate (another first), Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1965. Four decades of economic empowerment had finally led to the dismantling of institutional barriers to social equality.

Righting an old wrong; creating a new one

As Jordan was on the cusp of beginning her political career in the Texas Senate, legislators in Washington, D.C. were about to make a mistake that Jordan would spend the coda of her political career trying to clean up. In the spirit of the civil rights movement, and to honor the slain President Kennedy, Congress passed the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. In doing so, they righted an old wrong, and created a new one.

Multiple administrations and Congresses had criticized one aspect of the immigration system created by the 1924 law: national-origin quotas made it virtually impossible for anyone outside of Europe to immigrate to the United States. The 1924 Act drastically reduced immigration from Europe, but it effectively banned immigration from other parts of the world, regardless of an individual’s merit. If the fundamental questions of immigration policy are “how many” and “which ones,” the 1924 Act was right on the former, and wrong on the latter.

“Everywhere else in our national life, we have eliminated discrimination based on national origins,” Senator Ted Kennedy said, “Yet this system is still the foundation of our immi­gration law.”

Kennedy and his fellow reformers vowed to leave the successful “how many” part of the 1924 Act in place. They promised a system that would admit 265,000 immigrants per year. Their aim was only to recalibrate the “which ones” part. The new system, they promised, would be less discriminatory.  A nuclear physicist, for instance, wouldn’t be denied just because he or she came from the “wrong” part of the world.

In the end, the bill changed both the “which ones” and the “how many.” The discriminatory quotas were abolished, but immigration numbers almost immediately doubled. Decades of declining inequality, an expanding middle class, and shrinking racial wealth gaps were halted and reversed. Inadvertently, it seems, Congress created new economic barriers to equality within a month of passing landmark civil rights legislation.

The 1965 Act was the photo negative of the 1924 bill. The legislation got the “which ones” right and the “how many” wrong. The challenge for policy makers today is to get both parts right. Nobody in the last half century has provided a clearer roadmap to achieving that sensible balance than Barbara Charline Jordan.

Read the full article.

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Watch “America Lives” the First AI-Animated Political Ad of its Kind

This is the best use of AI I have ever seen. It was created by Jason Coursey and J. Youngbluth in honor of President’s Day and Donald J. Trump.

Please watch “America Lives” and share this article with your family, friends and on all of your social media platforms.

It is an endearing message on the resiliency of the American people.

Copyright 2024. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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Watch Border 911 with former Director of ICE Tom Homan and former Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem

America is not simply experiencing a rush across the once semi-secure southern Border. America is deliberately under attack.

Those in public office, regardless of political party, whose loyalty is elsewhere than America First, are encouraging the onslaught leading to the collapse of this Republic. Make no mistake, a sophisticated plan was launched by Una-party/Globalist elected and related to collapse the United States into the New-World Order. The flood of humanity illegally flowing into America is one example of the plan launched to destroy our sovereignty.

Former Director of ICE (Immigration and Custom Enforcement) Tom Homan and former Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem are my guests. Director Homan is announcing a program he launched called Border911. You will learn the seriousness of this program and where he is taking this over the next ten months. Mark Finchem is wholeheartedly participating given the critical position of Arizona in relation to the border, and as a candidate seeking the Office of State Senator.

I have met Tom Homan previously away from cameras and the public, and his sincerity and patriotism is beyond reproach. His caring heart for the values of America and what we are on course to lose if people do not step up immediately and say, “Enough” are also real and measurable. I urge you to reach out and learn about Border911 now; please don’t wait.

WATCH: Border 911

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VIDEO: 1984 vs Brave New World – How Freedom Dies

The following is a transcript of this video.

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

George Orwell, 1984

George Orwell’s writings have experienced a spike in popularity over the past several decades and for a good reason – modern societies are becoming ever more like the dystopia Orwell depicted in his novel 1984. Whether it be mass surveillance, the incessant use of propaganda, perpetual war, the manipulation of language, or the cult of personality surrounding political leaders, many consider Orwell’s novel to be prescient. While the West remains freer than the dystopian society of 1984, the trend of more and more power being concentrated in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats does not bode well for those who favour a free society. Orwell believed that the totalitarianism he portrayed in his novel was a distinct possibility for the West and at times he went as far as to suggest that it may in fact be inevitable. Or as he wrote:

“Almost certainly we are moving into an age of totalitarian dictatorships.”

George Orwell, Complete Works – Volume XII

In this video we will look at the cause of Orwell’s pessimism, focusing on two trends that increase the risk of a totalitarian future – the movement toward collectivism and the rise of hedonism. We then contrast Orwell’s views with those of another author of dystopian fiction – Aldous Huxley.

Collectivism is a doctrine, central to several ideologies, in which the goals of a certain collective, such as a state, a nation, a socio-economic class, an ethnic group, or a society, are given precedence over the goals of individuals. Socialism, communism, nationalism, and fascism are all collectivist ideologies. Orwell believed that a pre-condition for the rise of totalitarianism was the widespread adoption of a collectivist mentality, and all the totalitarian nations of the 20th century were organized based on some form of collectivist ideology – in the Soviet Union and China it was communism, in Germany and in Italy, fascism.

Orwell’s view of the connection between totalitarianism and collectivism has proved puzzling as Orwell was a staunch leftist, a critic of capitalism, and a socialist. How could someone who favoured socialism, a collectivist ideology, at the same time write a dystopian novel which portrays a collectivist society in such a horrific manner? To understand his position, it must first be realized that Orwell did not consider capitalism to be a viable system, or as he explains:

“It is not certain that Socialism is in all ways superior to capitalism but it is certain that, unlike capitalism, it can solve the problems of production and consumption.”

George Orwell, Complete Works – Volume XII

Capitalism was such an inadequate system in Orwell’s mind, that like many other leftists of his day, he believed it was on its deathbed and would soon be replaced by some form of collectivism. He saw this as inevitable. The issue for Orwell was what type of collectivism would take its place.

“The real question…is whether capitalism, now obviously doomed, is to give way to oligarchy [totalitarianism] or to true democracy [democratic socialism]”.

George Orwell, Complete Works – Volume XVIII

Following the death of capitalism Orwell hoped that democratic socialism would rise in the West. Democratic socialists, like Orwell, advocated for a centrally planned economy, nationalization of all major industry, and a radical decrease in wealth inequality. They were also strong supporters of civil liberties such as freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, which they hoped could be maintained in a society which would largely deprive people of their economic freedoms.

The problem, however, which Orwell and other socialists had to grapple with, were the lack of examples, past or present, of any country successfully adopting democratic socialism. Furthermore, when a government rids a populace of its economic freedom, the destruction of civil liberties tends to follow. For a centrally planned economy is rife with corruption, waste, and mismanagement and so for a government to maintain power as it parasitically saps wealth and resources from a populace it must limit their ability to speak out and protest. To make matters worse, all the states that had turned to collectivism in the first half of the 20th century, such as Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, adopted what Orwell called oligarchical collectivism, not democratic socialism.

Oligarchical collectivism is a totalitarian system in which an elite few, under the guise of a collectivist ideology, centralize power using force and deception. Once in power these oligarchs take away not only the economic freedoms of their citizens, a move which socialists like Orwell favoured, but also their civil liberties. Orwell was concerned that following the death of capitalism the possibility existed that the entire Western world would succumb to oligarchical collectivism. One of the main reasons for this fear was his recognition that hedonism was on the rise in the West, and a hedonistic populace, according to Orwell, is a populace ripe for the taking by totalitarians.

Hedonism is an ethical position which maintains that life’s ultimate goal should be the maximization of pleasure and the minimization of pain and discomfort. In an increasingly urban and consumerist West, Orwell believed that many people were structuring their lives in a hedonistic manner. A hedonistic lifestyle, according to Orwell, weakens people, it makes them feeble and incapable of mounting any resistance against those who desire to rule over a society with force. Or as David Ramsay Steele writes:

“Orwell thinks that any group which gives itself over to hedonism must ultimately become easy meat for fanatical ideological enemies, which are more self-sacrificing, more dedicated, and more remorseless. The real enemy is not the lover of pleasure but the fanatic who is against pleasure, and the former is conceived as defenceless in face of the latter.”

David Ramsay Steele, Orwell Your Orwell

The West, since Orwell’s death in 1950, has become more hedonistic, and most people have been indoctrinated to accept collectivism in one form or another, but this has not led the permanent entrenchment of oligarchical collectivism. Rather, Aldous Huxley, the author of another famous 20th century dystopian novel, Brave New World, may have had a better grasp of the way Western societies would become enslaved in the late-20th and early-21st centuries.

Huxley, like Orwell, was an anti-hedonist, but his aversion to hedonism differed from Orwell’s. Huxley’s main concern was that hedonism could be used as an effective tool to oppress a society because people will willingly forgo freedom so long as their appetite for pleasure and consumption is fulfilled. If a society is structured so that people can devote much of their time to pursuing pleasures, gratifying material wants, and even drugging themselves to escape from reality, then persuasion and conditioning, rather than coercive force, will be sufficient to exert extreme control over a society. Under such conditions most people won’t even notice the chains of servitude that slowly tighten around them, or as Huxley wrote:

“In Brave New World non-stop distractions of the most fascinating nature…are deliberately used…for the purpose of preventing people from paying too much attention to the realities of the social and political situation.”

Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited

Neil Postman in his book Amusing Ourselves to Death, contrasts the differing fears of Orwell and Huxley:

“What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one…Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture…In 1984 people are controlled by inflicting pain. In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared that what we fear will ruin us. Huxley feared that what we desire will ruin us.” (Neil Postman)

Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death

The West, it seems, finds itself in a situation analogous to what Huxley feared. We live in a society that is drowning in distractions. Most people spend more time staring at screens than interacting with people in the flesh and blood, and popping prescriptions pills, or self-medicating with alcohol or illicit drugs, has become the normal mode for coping with any form of distress. Most people still believe the West is free and the overt physical coercion that Orwell thought would be required to enslave a society has so far proven unnecessary. Through endless distractions, diversions, and the easy availability of pleasurable and distracting experiences, many embrace their lack of freedom and worship the society which has made their hedonistic lifestyle possible.

“The world’s stable now,’ says the Controller in Huxley’s Brave New World. ‘People are happy; they get what they want, and they never want what they can’t get.”

Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

Before dismissing Orwell’s fears completely, however, it must be noted that Orwell was familiar with Huxley’s position, and he did not deny that the hedonistic society Huxley feared was a possibility. But he saw it as a temporary stage creating the ideal conditions for a more brutal regime to seize control and impose its will on a society composed of weak and apathetic men and women. Whether Orwell will be proven correct remains to be seen, but as was revealed in the first few years of this decade, if a societal crisis emerges, most people will accept the more brutal form of totalitarianism that Orwell feared. So perhaps all that is missing to throw us permanently into the dystopian world depicted in 1984 is one more major social crisis.

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