‘Horrifying’: Huge Proportion Of Children Pursuing Gender Transitions Are Actually Autistic, Experts Believe

  • Adolescents with autism are overrepresented in the youth transgender population, and some medical professionals attribute this to autism spectrum traits such as obsessive thinking, vulnerability to body image issues and a sense of social rejection and isolation during adolescence. 
  • Dr. Susan Bradley, a Canadian psychiatrist who began working with gender dysphoric children in the 1970s, said she believed most of the children who sought gender transitions had high-functioning autism and were being exploited by the medical industry. 
  • “When somebody happens to mention that, you know, they’re trans or they hear about trans kids and go online, even if all they do is say, ‘I wonder if I’m trans,’ a lot of these kids are automatically accepted. ‘Well, you must be trans if you’ve even thought about that.’ And for them, that is a very helpful reaction, because all of a sudden, they feel as though that explains all of the trouble all the way along,” Bradley told the DCNF.

Children with autism make up an outsized proportion of the transgender-identified population, and autism spectrum traits make them particularly vulnerable to thought patterns that can lead youth to pursue gender transitions, according to research and medical professionals.

Transgender individuals are about three to six times more likely to be autistic than non-transgender people, research shows; the connection between transgenderism and autism has been a subject of interest for researchers since at least 2010, and the Gender Development Identity Service at Tavistock, the world’s largest pediatric gender clinic, came under fire in recent years over allegations that as many as 97.5% of its gender patients had autism. Dr. Susan Bradley, a Canadian psychiatrist and pioneer in treating gender dysphoria, told the DCNF that she now believes most pediatric gender patients are actually on the autism spectrum and are being exploited by medical professionals.

“When we were seeing these kids from a very young age, we had kids who would come into the clinic, a little girl who thinks she’s a boy or vice versa. It wasn’t uncommon to find that one of them thought they were a dog or a cat or something else,” said Bradley, who chaired the DSM-IV Subcommittee on Gender Disorders.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the official manual of the American Psychiatric Association, which is used for classifying and diagnosing mental disorders; Bradley led eight other doctors in establishing those guidelines in its 1994 edition.

Bradley began treating children with gender dysphoria around 1975, and over the years she observed that many of the patients had the traits of high-functioning autism, she told the DCNF. People with autism tend to focus very intensely on their subjects of interest and have great difficulty letting go of something once they believe it’s true, both of which make autistic adolescents particularly susceptible to issues with their gender identity and body image, she said.

“They have early difficulty with social understanding and the feeling that they don’t fit in; they struggle to understand that they are different in a certain kind of way that other people don’t understand either, and they often feel left out in peer groups. Many of them don’t have a good friend. They’ll often say other kids tease them or leave them out,” she said. “These kids are even less well equipped than your average teen to manage strong feelings, and they just get totally disregulated at times. That’s why they become so much more vulnerable, they get suicidal, they get anxious, depressed, very down on themselves.”

“When somebody happens to mention that, you know, they’re trans or they hear about trans kids and go online, even if all they do is say, ‘I wonder if I’m trans,’ a lot of these kids are automatically accepted. ‘Well, you must be trans if you’ve even thought about that.’ And for them, that is a very helpful reaction, because all of a sudden, they feel as though that explains all of the trouble all the way along,” Bradley told the DCNF.

Children with high-functioning autism previously showed up at eating disorder clinics with suicidal and anxious depression and body image distortions, but as pediatric gender clinics began cropping up, autistic adolescents began gravitating more toward those, Bradley said.

Chloe Cole, a young woman who underwent cross-sex hormones and a double mastectomy between ages 13 and 17 and now regrets medically transitioning, told the DCNF that doctors failed to meaningfully address her autism spectrum traits and the ways those impacted her gender identity.

“I’ve spoken to a non-transgender person who also was on the spectrum about some of my symptoms of dysphoria and how things like puberty felt for me, and she told me that’s literally just how it feels to be autistic and going through puberty,” Cole said. “It’s common for girls who have autism to present with some more traditionally masculine behaviors or more tomboyish personality. That was definitely my experience growing up and it made it more difficult for me to relate personally with other girls my age.”

Cole is suing the hospital and medical professionals who participated in her gender transition. Her attorneys argue that doctors should have offered her psychotherapy to address her autism spectrum symptoms and mental health issues, but instead made her gender dysphoria the top priority.

“It’s horrifying that none of these kids are really getting an appropriate screening, not only for autism, but really for a lot of other parts of their background that might play a role in the development of their dysphoria,” she said, listing social anxiety, personality disorders, depression and histories of abuse. “They’re just being allowed through the system and [their gender dysphoria] is just being treated as a completely standalone issue.”

The Clarke Institute of Toronto, which is now the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, opened its pediatric gender clinic in the mid-1970s, when clinicians were offering a therapy-centered approach and 80% to 90% of patients outgrew their gender confusion and came to terms with their biological sex, according to Bradley. The clinic eventually began putting minors on puberty blockers to alleviate gender distress in keeping with practices emerging out of the Netherlands; Bradley views this as a mistake, noting that blockers cement what would otherwise likely be a temporary transgender phase and carry serious physical side effects.

Dr. Lawrence Fung, a psychiatrist at Stanford University, believes there may be a biological factor that drives autistic people to identify as transgender and believes autistic people tend to be more androgynous; he told NPR more research was needed on the subject.

“Females on the spectrum seem to have more testosterone and masculine features on their faces. On the other hand, males on the autism spectrum – they have more feminine features,” he told the outlet.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), which vocally supports medical transitions for minors, acknowledges that “autistic/neurodivergent transgender youth represent a substantial minority subpopulation of youth served in gender clinics globally,” and the group encourages providers to pursue additional training on the needs of their autistic patients in its latest standards of care. The group notes that autism traits, including rigid thinking and differing abilities to consider and plan for the future, necessitate extra time and support for gender transition patients.

“The autistic mindset tends to see things in black and white, and so if a child doesn’t feel like a girl — and this might be because they don’t feel pretty enough to be a girl — then they believe they must be a boy,” Stella O’Malley, a psychotherapist and founder of Genspect, an organization that’s critical of child transitions, told the DCNF. (RELATED: ‘Chilling Effect’: Here’s How Lawsuits Could Take Down The Child Sex Change Industry)

“Autistic people also tend to be very literal and so they can believe if people use their preferred pronouns and names, then they must be a boy. Children on the spectrum also tend to be gender nonconforming, and nonconforming in many other ways, and this leads them to believe that perhaps they must be a boy,” O’Malley said.

Transgender identification has exploded over the past decade, especially among the youth population, and clinics offering gender transition procedures to children have boomed from approximately zero 15 years ago to a current estimate of 100 in the U.S., according to Reuters. About 300,000 minors in the U.S. now identify as transgender, and approximately 10,000 to 30,000 are seeking some form of gender-related medical intervention.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health did not respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.



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January 6 Prison Choir Has The Number One Song In The Country

A new song featuring former President Trump topped iTunes’ charts.

The single “Justice for All” debuted March 4 by the J6 Prison Choir, reaching No. 1 on iTunes top songs Saturday, according to Variety.

The track consists of the choir singing “The Star Spangled Banner” behind bars, interspersed with audio of Trump reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The song concludes with chants of “USA! USA!”

The J6 Prison Choir is composed of prisoners incarcerated for the involvement in the January 6 Capitol riot.

Trump’s contribution was recorded for the project at his Mar-a-Lago residence per the request of a group supporting Jan. 6 prisoners, according to CNN.

The third-time presidential candidate’s 2024 campaign was not motivation for his involvement in this production, advisers claim. Trump has consistently expressed his support for those imprisoned, promising full pardons if he wins re-election and financially supporting some Jan. 6 defendants.

At least 1000 individuals have been arrested for participating in Jan. 6, according to CNBC.

“Justice for All” retails for $1.29 on iTunes. It is also available for play on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.

Money raised by the song will be distributed to families of Jan. 6 prisoners via a group organized by conservative commentator Ed Henry, according to Newsmax.

Trump-era White House official Kash Patel was also involved in the project, having released an exclusive music video for the song on The War Room with Steve Bannon.





‘I Feel Betrayed’: QAnon Shaman Defense Attorney Calls For DOJ To Publicly State It Failed To Disclose Footage

Lies The Left Is Telling You About The Culture War

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‘Economic Meltdown’ Looming On Monday, March 13th

Bill Ackman predicted the lack of government intervention to guarantee SVB FDIC insured deposits would lead to an ‘economic collapse.’

Risks include:

1. Depositors at small banks move to JP Morgan
2. Everyone moves from cash to treasuries & money markets
3. Bank assets are no longer backed by deposits
4. More runs on banks
5. Socialists cheer on demise of small banks
6. Execs at big banks get mega rich

‘Irreversible mistake’: Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman warns of ‘economic meltdown’ following Silicon Valley Bank collapse

By Jesse O’Neill, NY Post, March 12, 2023:

Hedge-fund manager Bill Ackman predicted that an “economic meltdown” was looming on Monday following Friday’s collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

In a rambling, 649-word, one-paragraph tweet Saturday, the billionaire predicted that uninsured bank customers would rush to withdraw cash Monday unless the government steps in to guarantee their funds and “fix a-soon-to-be-irreversible mistake.”

The 16th largest bank in the US, which provided financing for a large chunk of the country’s venture backed tech and health companies, was taken over by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Friday as its stock plummeted due to liquidity concerns tied to rising interest rates.

It marked the largest bank collapse since the 2008 financial crisis, and it stranded billions of dollars belonging to companies and investors, whose deposits in excess of $250,000 are not covered by the FDIC.
Bill Ackman, the founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management in Manhattan, predicted the lack of government intervention to guarantee SVB funds would lead to an ‘economic collapse.’
Bloomberg via Getty Images

“Absent @jpmorgan@citi or @BankofAmerica acquiring SVB before the open on Monday, a prospect I believe to be unlikely, or the gov’t guaranteeing all of SVB’s deposits, the giant sucking sound you will hear will be the withdrawal of substantially all uninsured deposits from all but the ‘systemically important banks’ (SIBs),” Ackman wrote.

The FDIC was said to be looking to find a bank that would merge with the failed California institution over the weekend, as the US weight the creation of a fund that would allow regulators to reinforce deposits if other banks fail in the wake of the collapse, according to Bloomberg.

Read more.



Trump Curse? Signature Bank Fails Two Years After Bank Closed President Trump’s Accounts

America’s biggest banks lost more than $50 billion in a single day

BIDEN’S ECONOMY: Silicon Valley Bank COLLAPSES Following Run on Bank, 2nd Biggest Bank Failure In United States History

America’s Biggest Banks Lost More Than 50 billion Dollars In A Single Day


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Top Democrat On J6 Committee: We Actually Didn’t Review Any Of The Surveillance Video

The country is being run and ruined by villains, clowns and morons. It will not end well.

Top Democrat On J6 Committee: We Actually Didn’t Review Any Of The Surveillance Video

By: Tristan Justice, 

SAfter Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired Capitol surveillance footage this week exposing yet more falsehood from the House Select Committee on Jan. 6 and leaving Democrats and their media allies irate, the committee chair on Wednesday said the panel never actually analyzed the crucial footage.

On Monday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox News aired the footage of the riot on Jan. 6, 2021, undermining the select committee’s narrative of a “deadly insurrection.” Given access to the video by Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Carlson’s team reviewed over 40,000 hours of footage, which offered proof the committee manipulated audio and video to dramatize the riot for its made-for-TV hearings in an election year.

But in a Wednesday night statement to CNN, select committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., claimed the panel never analyzed the blockbuster footage Fox News aired this week.

“I’m not actually aware of any member of the committee who had access,” Thompson said. “We had a team of employees who kind of went through the video.”

Hiring investigators who “kind of went through the video” doesn’t sound like a very thorough investigation.

However, Thompson’s admission that his committee lacked due diligence makes no sense. Since when do lawmakers have no access to the same material as their own staffers? Did none of the nine panel members view the footage that was played for the cameras? Does Thompson not know who had access to the tapes? Was it just the former television executives they hired to produce their show trials? Either Thompson is lying and knows exactly who had access, or he handed the key to Vice Chair Liz Cheney and had nothing to do with it while the committee leaked exclusives to CNN.

Thompson’s office did not immediately respond to The Federalist’s inquiries.

The committee clearly had access to the footage Carlson aired this week that contradicted the panel’s key narratives. After all, members of the committee endlessly bragged about how many documents, more than 35,000, investigators reviewed. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who used the committee to dodge responsibility for her own failure to secure the Capitol, just refused to make the tapes public — and after Carlson’s revelations, it’s clear why.

Carlson’s program showed that the man who became the face of the “insurrection,” known as the “QAnon Shaman,” was given VIP treatment by police. The tapes showed since-deceased Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick walking around “vigorously” after altercations with protesters who had allegedly murdered him. The footage also showed that mysterious rioter Ray Epps lied to congressional investigators about his whereabouts the day of the riot, yet the committee protected the “insurrectionist.”

On Monday, Carlson announced his team discovered proof that Democrats on Pelosi’s probe came across the same footage Fox made public.

“We can be sure because the footage contains an electronic bookmark that is still archived in the Capitol’s computer system,” said Carlson. “That means that investigators working for the Democratic Party saw this tape. They saw it, but they refused to release the tape to the public.”

Committee staffers even used some of the footage to show Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., allegedly fleeing the Capitol. All Carlson did was extend the footage a few seconds longer than what was televised in the committee’s show-trial hearings, and it became clear Hawley departed the Capitol along with other members of Congress. The clip published by the committee was always demonstrably dishonest.

Read more.

WATCH: The J6 Tapes:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



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DeSantis Admin Releases ‘Graphic’ Video Detailing ‘Pornographic’ Books Found In Public Schools

Governor Ron DeSantis called a press conference titled, “Exposing the Book Ban Hoax,” at the 13th Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office in Tampa, Florida on March 8, 2023.


Republican Florida Gov. Ron Desantis’ office released an explicit video on Wednesday detailing pornographic books that have been found within the state’s public schools.

In the “Exposing the Book Ban Hoax” press conference, the DeSantis administration presented a five-minute video to debunk several “myths,” including that “Florida has banned books from the classroom.” The books within the classroom reported by Florida parents include “Gender Queer,” a book that shows a girl masturbating and performing oral sex on another girl, and “Flamer,” a story about a gay boy that describes several sexually explicit interactions, the video showed.

“This is porn,” the video stated. “These books violate Florida standards and curriculum. The hoax from the left is that these books were never in Florida schools.”

Let’s Talk About It,” a book detailing sex and teenage relationships, contains images and descriptions explaining masturbation for men and women as well as instructions on anal sex, according to the video. The book includes detailed illustrations of female and male genitals and a guide on how to send sexually explicit texts and images to others.

Several books by poet Rupi Kaur, such as “Homebody,” “Milk and Honey” and “The Sun and Her Flowers” include lines such as “masturbation is meditation” and “look me in the eyes, when you’re down there, eating for your life,” the video showed. The poetry books were allegedly found in 15 Florida schools.

“Gender Queer” equates the scars from “top surgery,” a surgery that cuts off a woman’s breasts, to having tattoos, the video showed.

“If these materials are not appropriate to show on the news, are they appropriate for children to be reading?” Bryan Griffin, DeSantis’ press secretary, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Today, Governor DeSantis disabused the media’s false narratives surrounding Florida’s educational standards. Florida doesn’t ‘ban books’, but pornography is prohibited in schools and CRT [Critical Race Theory] will not be utilized as educational material.”

The presentation shows a video of empty bookshelves taken by a Jacksonville substitute teacher who attempted to show the “consequences” of Florida law, which requires books within school districts to be reviewed for indecent material. The teacher was fired after posting the video to Twitter because he violated the school’s cell phone and social media policy, according to News 4 Jax.

In January, the Florida Department of Education mandated that K-12 librarians take an annual training on pornographic and Critical Race Theory (CRT) books within schools. The training requires that materials allowed in schools should not contain “unsolicited theories that may lead to student indoctrination.”

The video also addresses the “myth” that “Florida banned teaching about slavery,” saying that the state rejected an Advanced Placement African American Studies course that “lacked educational value” and taught “queer theory, intersectionality and indoctrinating content.”

Another myth addressed that the state is “banning children’s books on Hank Aaron and Roberto Clemente,” the video stated. Florida did not ban these books; rather, parents reported other pieces of literature for containing “indoctrinating content.”

“Every minute you spend focusing on some of this pornographic stuff, that’s less time you’re spending on doing the things that really matter to our kids, in terms of them getting the education they need in math and reading and all of these other things,” DeSantis said at the press conference. “The only way you make that decision, in my judgment, is if you’re putting your own agenda before the well-being of the students. And that’s something we’re seeing all too often.”





Governor Ron DeSantis Debunks Book Ban Hoax

Here’s What’s In The ‘Obscene’ Books Being Removed From Schools Across The Country

High School’s Policy Tells Girls To Leave Their Locker Room If Uncomfortable With Trans Students

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High School’s Policy Tells Girls To Leave Their Locker Room If Uncomfortable With Trans Students

An Arizona high school has a policy allowing transgender students to change in their preferred locker rooms and telling female students to use alternative facilities if they are uncomfortable, according to emails obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Students and parents at Catalina Foothills High School (CFHS) in Tucson, Arizona, found out about the new policy after Bart Pemberton, a parent of a female student from CFHS, spoke with radio host Garrett Lewis about an “unwritten policy” that another parent had told him about. The policy not only allows transgender students in the bathroom or locker room of their choice but also tells students who are uncomfortable with the policy to request an accommodation to use different changing facilities, according to emails obtained by the DCNF.

Pemberton told the DCNF that when he heard about the policy he set up a meeting with the school’s principal Jody Brase for Feb. 21.

“According to [Brase] it is an unwritten and unadvertised policy for the past 10 years,” Pemberton said. “It’s basically whatever they (the school administration) want it to be since it isn’t ‘official.’ Her rationale was that this is a small number of kids, the other kids know who they are, the kids almost always don’t fully undress, most of the kids won’t use the locker rooms, etc.”

Eileen Jackson, president of the Catalina Foothills School District (CFS) governing board, told Pemberton in an email obtained by the DCNF that the district’s Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity policy covers such matters and “guide[s] our administrators in their daily decisions that arise in the operation of our schools.”

“Similarly, any student who is uncomfortable sharing multiple-occupancy facilities with others has the ability to request an accommodation,” Jackson said. “Our district administrators respond to their needs and find alternatives for those students. In this way, we treat all students in the same manner. Further, our administrators do not require any student to be singled out or isolated based on any of the protected statuses identified in our policy.”

Pemberton told Jackson that her statement directly contradicted what Brase had told him and asked that the school board talk about the policies at the district’s March 28 meeting.

Pemberton told Brase his concerns were based on what had happened at other schools like in Loudoun County, Virginia, when a male student, claiming to be transgender, allegedly sexually assaulted two girls in two different school bathrooms. Brase allegedly told Pemberton that she was “aware” of what had happened in Virginia but was “confident it wouldn’t happen here.”

Genon Thomas, a female student at Catalina, told the DCNF that the school had failed to inform her that she would have to share the bathroom or locker room with biologically male students, calling the policy the “dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“I found out through my family members sending the news to me since they found out,” Thomas said. “I shouldn’t have to share a bathroom or locker room with people who were not born the same gender as me. I just would not feel comfortable.”

Chandler Thomas, Genon’s older brother, and his cousin Dylan Thomas told the DCNF that they concerned about safety and potential discrimination against female students.

“By enforcing the policy to allow non-biological females to use the women’s bathroom, they directly force two options on biological females: 1) Use the same bathroom uncomfortably around these individuals or 2) choose to use another bathroom to feel comfortable,” Chandler Thomas, an alum of CFHS, said. “Simply put, this is discrimination caused by hate for discrimination, very reminiscent of the force driving Marxist ideology. This policy discriminates against biological females as well as any information opposing the ideology that manifested this policy.”

Dylan Thomas said he wanted “a definitive answer” about how the school will keep its students “safe, protected and comfortable.” Thomas also objected to his siblings and other students being subjected to “this delusion” and wondered how the school could claim it was preventing discrimination when it would force girls to leave their own locker room.

A spokesperson from CFSD district told the DCNF that no students are “singled out or isolated based on any of the protected statuses identified in our policy.”

“The CFSD Governing Board’s policy, unanimously adopted in 2015, states that our district is committed to nondiscrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ethnicity, religion, creed, age or disability,” the spokesperson said.

The district did acknowledge that any students who are “uncomfortable sharing multiple-occupancy facilities (e.g., restrooms, locker rooms)” can “request an accommodation,” noting that administrators “find alternatives for those students.”

Jennifer Pershing, a mother of four with one student at CFHS, told the DCNF the school is embracing a “dangerous social contagion” and “discriminating against the truth.” Perishing said she has “compassion for children suffering from gender dysphoria” but argued that it was not going to help anyone to “pretend it is normal.”

Pershing said some parents have tried to ignore what is going on because it feels like a losing battle, but she said that the “transgender ideology is a lie” and will “ultimately fail.”

Dylan Thomas noted that parents he has spoken to are looking for ways to take their kids out of high school either by transferring or homeschooling.

“Parents, teachers, and siblings that I have talked to couldn’t believe it, no one thought this delusional reality would come this far and seep into our own backyard,” Thomas said.

CFHS and Brase did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.




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RELATED VIDEO: Governor DeSantis speaks at ‘Exposing the Book Ban Hoax’ presser in Tampa, Florida

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A Global Spy Ring: Putin-Xi-Obama-Biden-J6 Show Trial

The summer of 2022 had been politically full with the presentation of the January 6th Committee and its nine Hearings by the Democrat House of Representative. The Dem claimed it was bigger than the attacks on 9/11, while Republicans called it “Show Trails” Soviet style. The latter was my subject, and I couldn’t stay silent. I have written a column titled: Democrats’ J6 ‘Show Trial’ in Washington, D.C. Isn’t This Treason? July 6, 2022. The column has revealed historical truth not known to the vast majority of the American people…

Today, in 2023 we have complete chaos in Biden’s America. Official statistics show that 4-5 million illegal migrants are crossing our borders, violating the law and our sovereignty. This is also my subject, because there are no Mexican Cartels, those are the Russian Cartels established by Stalin in 1950-1960s in Mexico. This fact is also unknown to Americans. Remember, Russia is a terrorist state, spreading violence by all possible ways, including the MS-13 gangs. Read about Stalin’s participation in the Spanish Civil War and the fate of thousands of Spanish children indoctrinated by the KGB and sent to Mexico and Central America twenty years later. We are now fighting them…

My third subject is Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet fascism. To grasp the catastrophic chaos in the Biden America, people should know the Socialist modus operandi: lies, deception, fabrication, and fraud. As a matter of fact, the Dem are implementing Socialism in America and using that modus operandi for the last 3-4 decades. The Dem leadership is doing just that: lying, deceiving and defrauding you. Look at demented Joe Biden, he is deceiving you every day by reading on the prompter what his staff, the Obama work holders, has composed for him. His administration deceives you with great success. There are two Red Flags on the U.S. economy: the current collapse of the American bank and Biden’s trillion-dollar project is typical Soviet Socialism, an attempt to bankrupt the American Constitutional republic. Reading the above mentioned my column you will get it.

Democrats’ J6 ‘Show Trial’ in Washington, D.C. Isn’t This Treason?

The term Show Trial came to the world from Russia, Stalinist Soviet Russia. It was a time when I had lived in Russia. The term is very familiar to me, because I am a former Soviet defense attorney and have practiced law for twenty-five years in Soviet Russia. The time when the term was born is a very important one: the method to keep total control and power over the population. Stalin was building a political system of Soviet Socialism by weaponizing the court system and law enforcement against the people. The term Show Trial illustrates an immoral embodiment of the judicial system when criminals charged the dissidents with the help of various punitive agencies. Show Trials and Purges worked to annihilate millions of innocent people under Stalin in the 1930-1940s …

The term Show Trial had a long life as a symbol of Socialism, I participated in hundreds of Show Trials in the 1960-1970s. The vast majority of people still called them Show Trials, but in the Russian court system the term was transformed to visiting sessions of the court or demonstration sessions of the court. I have never thought to hear and see something similar in America. Alas, I did. I was stunned, watching testimony of Ms. Hutchinson in the House select committee’s investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on Capitol Hill. She presented herself as an omnipresent aide of the chief of staff Mr. Meadow, as one of the most forceful and compelling aides to testify about former President Donald J. Trump. She definitely has an ambition of a career in government, like so many others in Washington. Her testimony was very suspicious to me…  Why? Because she was helping the Committee to arrange a predetermined outcome—to convict a former President Trump… It was a typical Show Trial, Soviet style…

On Twitter, Ms. Hutchinson was compared to John Dean, the former White House counsel to President Richard M. Nixon, whose public hearing testimony proved pivotal in describing his role in the Watergate cover-up. Mr. Dean said. “She was able to fill in the information from her observations instantly.” They are a very interesting couple. Some years ago I expressed my opinion about the Watergate where Hillary played first violin as Nixon’s accuser. Knowing Stalinist KGB Mafia/Army, I think that we have a quadruple Watergate today: both had been manufactured by the KGB Mafia/Army… I would say that somebody recently approached Hutchinson and… she has changed her mind. You saw it on 6/28/22. My personal opinion based on my knowledge and on the information presented by the article Cassidy Hutchinson Stuns With Testimony About Trump in Jan. 6, June 28, 2022, by Maggie Haberman

So, Ms. Hutchinson was supposed to follow Trump in Florida and she has testified four times: “Hutchinson was supposed to go work for Mr. Trump during his post-presidency in Florida, but the plan was abruptly dropped before she was to join. In the past several months, she has testified under subpoena four times before the committee, behind closed doors.”

Beyond hearsay, my next question will be: Why does bombshell come so late only in her fourth testimony? The logical answer is because Ms. Hutchinson has shortly changed her lawyer and changed her mind. The next question will be: who did recommend her another lawyer? Did the person connect to the Committee? If yes, what was the person’s name? I am asking those questions, because I know how all of that has been done, I know the KGB Mafia/Army and its strategy, tactics, and dirty tricks to implement Socialism and Green policy in America. I believe that the Dems in consent with the KGB Mafia/Army had planned to organize violence on January 6, 2021: they didn’t have an issue to fight Republicans in the midterm election, the Republican violence would supposedly give them the issue.

The KGB Mafia/Army Operations in Washington D.C.

Nobody will ask my questions in the current Committee, because it is one-party anti-Trump cabal with no balance. You will be surprised, but the members of the Committee are using the same strategy, tactics, and violated ethics and traditional rules of the Congress. Pelosi was responsible for the security in the Capitol Hill, but you won’t see her and the Mayor of D.C. testifying under the Oath there—they are out of the picture for a reason. Allen West was finding seventy Socialists in the Congress. Today we have the entire Democrat’s leadership of Socialist Charlatans in cahoots with the KGB Mafia/Army building Socialism in America for decades. Socialist Charlatans act in many different levels of our nation: in the streets, the White House, and Congress…  Watch them!!! They are fighting our Constitutional republic…

I have been writing about Socialist Revolution in America and the role of the KGB Mafia/Army in that revolution for decades, publishing a book: Socialist Revolution in America XLIBRIS, 2021. Yet, America still doesn’t know the KGB Chairman Andropov’s design to simultaneously infiltrate the media and the entire American Intelligence and Security apparatus… As a result the entire paradigm in America has been changing drastically. The recent poll shows 88% of people think that we are on the wrong track. They are right: Biden’s team is a national security risk, it implements Soviet Socialism in America with the help of Obama’s holdovers and the KGB Mafia/Army. Thousands of Socialist Charlatans, some with mental illness, destroy the American Constitutional republic from within… Read an updated and republished in 2022 my book: What is Happening to America? The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction Part III.

Pay attention to the January 6th Committee, a one-party anti-Trump haters. They intend to criminalize the GOP and do that a-la Stalin by Demonizing the 45th President, a successful capitalist, who symbolized a unique success of the American Constitutional republic, an exceptional republic, designed and left to us by our Founding Fathers. That design gives total power and control to We The People. But the Dems manage quite successfully their activities to cover-up their past: Demonizing the 45th President is a convenient way to hide their intent to demolish the American Political system and implement Socialism. It also helped them to cover-up the crime the Democrat leadership had committed by colluding with Russian Intel for decades, following Stalin’s postulate… Read my books about Bill Clinton and Barack Obama…

Biden as a leader of the Democrat Party, to be precise, Biden’s secretive team have the same agenda. You can understand their complicated goal only through knowledge of Russia and her Intelligence and Security apparatus. Joe Rogan should read my books and columns to learn who divides our country. It is complicated. It took me thirty years to warn you about: that is now coming. I can help you. Three of my columns explain the dramatic changes happening in the heart of Biden’s cabal-team to save the skin of the Democrat Party by using the Russian war on Ukraine. These three columns were written by me on February 21, 28, and April 4, 2022. You can read them and other columns for free by clicking here.

You also should know that Biden, as a point man for Obama in Ukraine, had collaborated with Putin since 2013-2014. I was reporting about that in my columns on Ukraine. Remember that Biden offered President Zelenkyy to bring him to the U.S. in the beginning of the war. He didn’t believe in Ukraine’s victory and didn’t care a bit about its people. His team is lying and deceiving Americans the same way they are deceiving the Ukrainian people. To deceive and confuse us, they will play negative and positive theatrical performances lying and entertaining. What Biden reads every day is prepared for him by Putin’s cabal-team. Remember Socialist Modus Operandi—lies, deceit, and fraud. Watch Biden’s secretive-team and you will find all three in their daily activities. Biden’s secretive team was monitoring my computer and learning a possible way to save the Democrat Party for the crime they had committed for decades. They changed their mind by reading my columns and used the information to change their foreign policy and save their skin.

Fox News, celebrating Independence Day, presented a wonderful show of American History under the title: Fighting America’s Enemies on June 2, 22. Those were incredible stories about Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and others, their bravery, love for the county and our American Constitution. President Biden is the opposite of them: he is fighting the U.S. Supreme Court and using the enemy to save his party. We have never experienced the chaos we have today. Look at our country: open borders, surging violence, killings, vandalism, robbery, and arson have a common denominator in America—the wrong and long-range policy of the so-called Democrat Party. Alas, we still don’t know Russia and her Intel to uncover the puzzle of Stalinist Socialism in America and Putin is destroying us with impunity…

Although it is painful to admit, the truth must be known: Ukraine cannot sustain a protracted war against Russia without International help. There are many reasons why, but using this column, I’ll tell you the major ones: War in Ukraine is a part of a global war waged by Socialist/Communist forces against Western civilization and American Capitalism for the last hundred years. Putin is a devoted disciple of Stalin/Andropov, who continued this war by widening a Global Spy Ring in the 21st century. Without knowledge of Russia we can’t successfully fight China. Targeting national resources, Russia colonized Africa in the 20th century, China is colonizing South America today. These two are connected by the umbilical cord of the ideology. Stalin had created the same Intelligence apparatus in Russia and China. He married Communist ideology with Islam—all Islamic terrorism was designed by the Russian KGB Mafia/Army, including the attacks on 9/11. To learn Stalinism read my books, especially: The Russian Factor: From Cold War to Global Terrorism XLIBRIS, 2006.

America Mirrors the Russian Socialist Revolution

Witnessing what is going on in the year 2022 America, had reminded me of the predicament in 1917 Russia. Ayn Rand called the Russian Socialist Revolution a coup d’état. She was right. Let me tell you how it was happening. Duma like today was the Russian Parliament in St. Petersburg. Russia was at WWI and using the people’s frustration of the war, Bolshevik’s faction in Duma planned the revolution. They were designed to act from two different locations: the Duma and the streets. An army of Bolshevik’s agitators had been working within the Russian Army to demoralize the soldiers, agitating them to kill their Officers, go home and join the anti-war demonstrations on the streets, manifested themselves against the war. The unspeakable killings had begun in the city. The Bolshevik’s agitators had entered Moscow and spread to other cities with the same plans—demonstrations and killings inundate Russia …

Meanwhile, Bolshevik’s faction in Duma has begun a fight against the Provisional Government of the Russian Republic led by Alexander Kerensky. The Russian Republic lasted three months, Bolshevik’s faction was very successful and Alexander Kerensky ran from St. Petersburg in a women’s dress. There is no coincidence that I am writing about Socialist Revolution in America using the term Socialist Charlatans constantly. I use the term because I know Russian history: from the beginning of the Russian Socialist Revolution there was born Socialist Modus Operandi: lies, deceit, and fraud. That exact Modus Operandi has been used by Bolshevik’s faction against the Russian Republic and its leader in Duma Alexander Kerensky. You know the result. I am leaving for you to make the conclusion…

When I am writing this line, the TV is telling the country about the tragic shooting in the parade in Chicago. The shooting from the roof hit me immediately, it is the method in the Russian military protocol. The Russian KGB was often using this method for liquidating-assassinating the opposition’s leaders that exact way during the demonstrations in Russia. This was the act of terrorism and I smelled the Russian connection with either George Soros, Bernie Sanders or with BLM, Antifa, or other criminal groups of Socialist Charlatans in America. The mass-shooting will never end, until we learn the Russian history and Stalinist Intelligence and Security Apparatus, which is destroying our republic from within. It is shocking; President Biden spent more time battling the U.S. Supreme Court then expressed outrage at the mass-shooting in the parade celebrating the Fourth in Chicago, let alone the nuclear deal with our enemy Iran…

I have to repeat again: knowledge of Russia and her Intelligence and Security Apparatus is a Must. This knowledge will reveal the foreign invasion on our Southern border organized by Putin, the way he has managed the Muslim Invasion to Europe in 2015, explained by me in my several columns. The open season on the police officers started under Obama will continue under Biden. In short: All America’s problems derived from decades of collusion between Russia and the Democrat Party. Those crimes can be stopped only by knowledgeable FBI Director, we don’t have one. Christopher Wray is the person responsible for current crises in America and the world, he doesn’t know Russian History and its State Security Apparatus…

My fellow Americans!

Knowledge is power! We can’t fail, our children and grandchildren will never forgive us! Educating yourself, knowledge, courage and perseverance can save America the Beautiful.

It is now or never!

Freedom’s torch is yours!

To be continued at www.simonapipko.com and www.drricswier.com/author/spipko/

©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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The Putin Biden KGB Border Plot – Dr. Rich Swier says:

October 17, 2022 at 2:43 PM

[…] There is another “Red Flag” for the Biden presidency—the Iranian Deal. I was writing about and introducing you to the term “Axis of Evil” for decades. It was created under the Russian umbrella to wage the war against Western civilization in the 20th century by Stalin. You are watching the continuation of this war by Putin and Chairman Xi Jinpin, both united by the ideology and agenda left to them by Comrade Stalin: One World Socialist Government under Russia’s rule.  Look at the “Axis of Evil” countries: North Korea, China, Belarus, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and a few on the way…This is a result. The Iranian Deal by Joe Biden is an attempt to join the group instead of fighting their Socialist agenda “under the Russian umbrella.” Isn’t This Treason? […]

ERASING WOMEN: Biden Spits On Women Gives ‘International Women of Courage Award’ to a Man

Biden Admin Slaps Women in the Face by Giving ‘International Women of Courage Award’ to a Man

By: C. Douglas Golden, The Western Journal, March 9, 2023:

How sexist is President Joe Biden’s administration? So sexist, in fact, that men are now even being given the International Women of Courage Award.

On Wednesday, in a ceremony led by first lady Jill Biden, the U.S. State Department celebrated International Women’s Day by honoring females who have made a significant contribution to the world in some way.

The recipients of the 17th annual award were an impressive lot, at least if one is to rely on the copy from a Sunday media release by the State Department.

There was Professor Danièle Darlan of the Central African Republic and former president of the Central African Republic’s Constitutional Court, who was honored for “her defense of her nation’s constitution, her heroism in safeguarding judicial independence, and her refusal to be influenced by threats or political pressure.

“Her final act as President of the Court before her removal by the government, in which she found that methods proposed to redraft the constitution were not legally sound, exemplified her unwavering commitment to the rule of law,” the media release stated.

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Then there was Bakhytzhan Toregozhina of Kazakhstan: “Since January 2022, she has been the head of ‘Qantar 2022’ (January 2022) a coalition of civil society organizations working to assist victims and document human rights violations associated with the widespread unrest that occurred in Kazakhstan last January,” the release stated.

Senator Datuk Ras Adiba Radzi of Malaysia, meanwhile, “has spent most of her professional life advancing and promoting human rights, selflessly advocating for vulnerable populations and using her platforms to shed light on injustices in Malaysian society.” She’s also the first female chair of Bernama, Malaysia’s powerful, state-run media outlet.

And then there was Alba Rueda, an Argentine man who “identifies” as a “woman” and has built a career as an activist for causes that force society to officially recognize this biological impossibility.

“Alba Rueda, Argentina’s current Special Envoy for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, was the first Argentine Undersecretary for Diversity Policies in the newly created Ministry of Women, Gender, and Diversity,” stated the State Department’s word salad that was supposed to describe why he was deserving of the honor.

“Ms. Rueda was the driving force behind Argentina’s executive order on the transgender labor quota in the public sector which was converted into the Transgender Labor Quota Act,” it continued.

“She previously worked in the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in their National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI) as well as the Argentine Secretariat for Human Rights. She is one of the founders of Argentina Trans Women (MTA) and actively engages with Notitrans, the first transgender magazine in Argentina.”

According to a computer translation of a profile of Rueda by Argentinian outfit Infobae, he is essentially a glorified campus activist who never really left campus.

“Alba is salty. She arrived in Buenos Aires in the nineties with her family and at the age of 16 she chose her name. After finishing high school at Normal 10, in Barrancas de Belgrano, she enrolled in Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires,” the May 2022 profile of the transgender activist read.

“But after only two subjects to graduate, she dropped out, tired of the violence and discrimination of the teachers who refused to recognize her self-perceived identity and, for example, forced her to leave the classroom or prevented her from taking exams.”



EDITORS NOTE: The Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

GRAPHIC VIDEO: 3-year-old Pushed Onto Subway Train Tracks in Portland

The perp had previously slashed a man a year earlier but the DA dropped the charges.

“Brianna Lace Workman, 32, was arraigned Thursday on charges of first-degree attempted assault, third-degree attempted assault, interfering with public transportation, second-degree disorderly conduct and recklessly endangering another person.”

Oregon woman held without bail after video shows her allegedly pushing 3-year-old onto train tracks

Surveillance video released by the district attorney’s office show’s someone jumping up from a bench and pushing the child onto the tracks

By Brie Stimson | Fox News

An Oregon woman is being held without bail after she was arraigned Thursday for allegedly pushing a 3-year-old child onto train tracks while the child and mother were waiting at a Portland train station, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department said in a release.

Brianna Lace Workman, 32, is accused of shoving the child face-first onto the tracks of the Gateway Transit Center MAX platform in Northeast Portland without “provocation.”

A bystander rescued the child from the tracks before a train came.

The 3-year-old suffered a severe headache and a red mark on their forehead from hitting their face on the track, the release said.

Read more.


EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

J6 Bodycam Footage Shows DC Metro Officer Boasting About Beating Trump Supporters

Last night Tucker was back on fire over January 6th and the way it was used, in this site’s opinion, to further an authoritarian revolution be it communist, fascist or something else. For what it’s worth, current Western governments from Trudeau, Biden and most of Europe and parts of Oz appears to fit the definition of fascism to a T. The segment on the Covid origins hearings adds a lot of data points to the theory as well.


WATCH: “That Was My Best Weapon!” – Bodycam Footage Shows DC Metro Officer Boasting About Beating Trump Supporters with a Flagpole on J6

A few links on January 6th, and the way MSM contrasted it with the truly riotous violent and literally incendiary riots which burned down a Church in Washington a year earlier.

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog post by is republished with permission. ©All right reserved.

VIDEO: Where is Durham! Obama, Hillary & Biden Knew About Fake Russiagate Scandal Against Trump!

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton spoke at CPAC 2023 discussing Judicial Watch’s work in exposing corruption, waste, fraud, and abuse in government, politics, and the law.


RELATED VIDEO: GANGSTER GOVERNMENT: Biden Admin Caught Harassing Elon Musk!

EDITORS NOTE: This Judicial Watch video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Cost Study: Illegal Immigration Now Costs American Taxpayers At Least $151 Billion a Year

Washington, D.C. — A new report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) finds that, as of 2022, American taxpayers shell out at least $151 billion each year to cover the cost of illegal immigration. Broken down, the data reveals that taxpayers pay $182 billion annually to provide services and benefits to illegal aliens and their dependents. These costs are offset by about $31 billion in taxes that are collected from the estimated 15.5 million illegal aliens living in the United States, bringing the net cost to $150.7 billion annually.

  • At the start of 2023, the net cost of illegal immigration for the United States – at the federal, state, and local levels – was at least $150.7 billion.
  • FAIR arrived at this number by subtracting the tax revenue paid by illegal aliens – just under $32 billion – from the gross negative economic impact of illegal immigration, $182 billion.
  • In 2017, the estimated net cost of illegal migration was approximately $116 billion. In just 5 years, the cost to Americans has increased by nearly $35 billion.
  • Illegal immigration costs each American taxpayer $1,156 per year.
  • Each illegal alien or U.S.-born child of illegal aliens costs the U.S. $8,776 annually.
  • Evidence shows that tax payments by illegal aliens cover only around a sixth of the costs they create at all levels in this country.
  • A large percentage of illegal aliens who work in the underground economy frequently avoid paying any income tax at all.
  • Many illegal aliens actually receive a net cash profit through refundable tax credit programs.

The 2022 costs represent a 30 percent increase to taxpayers in just five years. A former version of this study, conducted in 2017 by FAIR, placed the annual net cost of illegal immigration at $116 billion. Most of the additional costs have been added in the past two years, as the Biden administration’s de facto open borders policies have triggered a historic surge of new illegal migrants pouring across our borders. Moreover, the updated price tag of $151 billion is a conservative estimate as there are additional costs incurred from illegal immigration, but there is currently insufficient data to provide reliable cost estimates.

FAIR’s comprehensive analysis looks at available federal, state, and local programs and services that are directly accessible to illegal aliens, or indirectly, through their U.S.-born children who qualify for all means-tested programs. In addition to the surge of illegal immigration since 2021, state and local governments have offered a variety of new benefits and services to illegal aliens, which have exacerbated the situation for struggling taxpayers.

Among the key findings in FAIR’s report, The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers:

  • The gross annual cost of illegal immigration (the total amount before taxes paid by illegal aliens are factored in) is now $182 billion, annually.
  • Taxes paid by illegal aliens only cover around 17.2 percent of the costs they create for American citizens, bringing the net cost to $150.7 billion a year.
  • The largest component of the cost is K-12 education, which must be provided under a 1982 Supreme Court ruling. The annual K-12 education cost for illegal aliens (and their U.S.-born children) is $78 billion, of which $70.4 billion is borne by states and localities.
  • Health care for illegal aliens costs taxpayers about $42.7 billion annually.
  • A variety of food assistance and nutritional programs used by illegal aliens and their children cost taxpayers about $13.5 billion annually.
  • Combined federal, state, and local criminal justice costs associated with illegal immigration run about $47 billion annually – not including the cost of damages to victims.

“As America struggles to meet countless societal needs while facing the realities of our staggering $31 trillion national debt, the costs of providing for millions of people who have no legal right to be in the United States continues to grow at an alarming rate,” commented Dan Stein, president of FAIR. “To be clear, most of this enormous financial burden has been inflicted on taxpayers by the open borders advocates at every level of government. Not only is the Biden administration refusing to rein-in illegal immigration or remove the people who are breaking our laws, they are promulgating policies that actually encourage more of it while offering new protections and benefits to those who settle here illegally. Likewise, a growing number of states and localities create their own costly magnets for illegal aliens by declaring themselves sanctuaries and offering new benefits and services. This has to stop.”

“The American people viscerally understand that no nation can flourish without controlling its borders and enforcing its immigration laws. The purpose of this report is to provide them with the true costs of these ruinous policies — $150.7 billion a year and growing with no inclination on the part of the current administration to address the problem,” Stein concluded.


EDITORS NOTE: This FAIR Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE: Protest Children’s Drag Story Hour at New York City’s Yorkville Library

Feb 15, 2023. 11 AM. The Guardians of Divinity gathered peacefully protest another Drag Queen Story hour promoted as usually as SAFE for Children.

Today they were outside a NY Public Library on East 79th St.

The upper east side of Manhattan a.k.a. Yorkville. Image 1 and Image 2.

The NYPD predictably spends all their time dealing with the Antifa radicals who claim to be are there as ‘protection’ for the children.

Protecting the children from those “scary” Guardians of Divinity by the very scary Antifa radicals.

The rest of the Drag supporters are the colorful Rise and Resist Leftists…who have no respect for the First Amendment (or the police) either…

They all have one purpose: to shut down any opposition, and to do this they go where they want and do what they want.

Today, outside the library there were an unusual amount of strollers. Perhaps it’s the UES nannies looking to keep the kids busy (no matter what the event).

The hardcore lefties consistently wear masks- not as a leftover from the “plandemic.“ Their directives claim that UMBRELLAS and MASKS are needed to PROTECT their identities from the evil police. And the dangerous Right Wing Racists.

One. Big. Obnoxious. GAME.

Flickr Slide show – Of Both sides outside the Library


Part 1- The door to the library didn’t open til 11 am, so the children . The strollers, the nannies. The antifa/rise resisters. All hovered outside. It was the few moments of filming for me before they decided to surround me ( yawn). Once the doors opened, the “you don’t belong here” game began.

Part 2. The police were in a much better mood on the UES than the officers in Queens and the 20th street. It was encouraging the calm demeanor they maintained while controlling the Antifa thugs- they still surrounded me- blocking my camera as best they could,with their RAINBOW umbrellas, but today there were limits to how far they could push me. Thank you, Yorkville NYPD.

Part 3 – Activist Jamie Bauer insisted she could NOT understand WHY this group has an issue with the Story Hours. She was seeking a dialogue so she could understand …. but she couldn’t get an answer. (poor dear)

Part 4 – The Guardians of Divinity, when they first gathered were in front of library  … as were the Rise Resisters …  but the police were not comfortable with this arrangement. All the barricades were late arriving. So, the antifa thugs were roaming and shoving and physically threatening the Guardians. Annoyed, understandably, the Guardians were placed in a barricaded area, away from the library entrance.

The resistance by concerned citizens like the Guardians of Divinity to grooming children through inappropriate books, classroom indoctrination and the proliferation of adult Drag Queen Story Hours performing to young children continues and is growing. Parents are no longer silent. The resistance will never be silent.

Stop Grooming the Kids. Let Kids be Kids. Stop Killing Their InnocenceThey are definitely making an impression.

Even though NYC is run by progs and the socialist/commie machine they are NOT comfortable….they HATE that the opposition continues.


EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved. Where indicated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB

The Greatest Ripoff in American History: Democrats Spent $100 Billion of Your Money on Climate Hoax

You have to wonder what its going to take for Americans to wake up to the party of treason.

Is this the greatest ripoff in American history?

America has spent $100 billion of your money on climate change. How’s that working out?

By Stephen Moore | NY Sun, March 7, 2023:

Biden admin internal climate agenda memo leaked

Former U.S. Homeland Security Adviser Dr. Julia Nesheiwat joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss what the leaked climate memo indicates about the Biden administration’s priorities.
NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles!

For at least the last 20 years, politicians in Washington, at the behest of green energy groups, have spent some $100 billion of taxpayer money to fight climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. How is that going for us so far?

A recent Associated Press story, based on the latest data on global carbon emissions, provides a pretty accurate report card: “Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reached a Record High in 2022.”

The article tells us: “Communities around the world emitted more carbon dioxide in 2022 than in any other year on records dating to 1900, a result of air travel rebounding from the pandemic and more cities turning to coal as a low-cost source of power. Emissions of the climate-warming gas that were caused by energy production grew 0.9% to reach 36.8 gigatons in 2022, the International Energy Agency reported Thursday. (The mass of one gigaton is equivalent to about 10,000 fully loaded aircraft carriers, according to NASA.)”

You’ve got to almost shriek out loud when you read this line: “Thursday’s (IEA) report was described as disconcerting by climate scientists.”

“Disconcerting”? That’s putting it lightly. We are the furthest thing from being climate change alarmists, but when you spend $100 billion of taxpayer money and achieve absolutely nothing, President Joe Biden and his green allies should be arrested for criminal fraud.

Where did all the money go? Tens of billions of dollars have lined the pockets of left-wing environmental and social justice groups that have been emitting a lot of hot air but no results. Green energy companies have milked taxpayers of tens of billions more.

Where did all the money go? Tens of billions of dollars have lined the pockets of left-wing environmental and social justice groups that have been emitting a lot of hot air but no results. Green energy companies have milked taxpayers of tens of billions more, even as wind and solar only produce about 12% of our energy.

Is this the greatest ripoff of U.S. taxpayers in history?

Keep reading.



GOING BLACK, NOT GREEN: Curbing U.S. Oil, Gas Production Would Hurt the Environment, Report Finds

Socialists Cheer Dem State’s Climate Bill Mandating Fossil Fuel Shutdown: ‘Will Transform New York’

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

I’m From the Government, And I’m Here to Shut You Up

Your federal government is trying to shut you up.  That’s very twisted, considering the purpose of government is to protect your rights, including your right to free speech.

During a congressional hearing last month, it came to light the federal government communicated through a private cloud server called JIRA with social media companies and leftist nonprofits to censor American voices in violation of the First Amendment.  The federal agencies involved include DHS and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.  The leftist nonprofits included the National Association of Secretaries of State, the National Association of State Election Directors, and the Election Integrity Partnership whose partners include centers at Stanford University and the University of Washington.  Twitter censor Yoel Roth said he could not recall being involved in JIRA, but documentary evidence showed he was.  His actions converted Twitter from a private company into a state actor, an extension of the government willingly engaged in censorship.

Separately, the 17th release of Twitter files shows a government-funded entity and government officials asked Twitter to take action against 40,000 accounts, many of which were ordinary conservatives.  The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab made the request.  The Lab is funded by the U.S. government, specifically, the Global Engagement Center which is an interagency group led by the State Department.  Center members include the FBI, DHS, NSA, and the CIA.  Its stated mission is to expose foreign disinformation.  It secretly engaged subcontractors who embarked on blacklisting accounts that merely cited foreign news sources.  In this case, Twitter wasn’t buying it, but media outlets were brought in to pressure Twitter in the name of stopping foreign disinformation.  This was reminiscent of another government-sponsored guilt-by-association scheme targeting Americans, the Hamilton-68 dashboard revealed in Twitter file release #15.  The Global Engagement Center was throwing government money around – tens of millions of dollars – giving the subcontractors every incentive to come through with phony allegations.

The Biden administration threw more tens of millions at something called the International Fund for Public Interest Media (IFPIM).  It partnered with Samantha Powers’ agency, USAID, to censor Americans and free speech around the world.   This information appeared in a USAID press release that has since been taken off the agency’s website.  One of IFPIM’s founders is BBC Media Action.  The BBC also founded the Trusted News Initiative which includes such media outlets as the Associated Press, Washington Post, and Reuters.  The Initiative appears to have been an extension of government engaged in suppressing truthful information about COVID around the world.

That’s four really big government censorship schemes you can stack on top of the wide-ranging government censorship enterprise being investigated in federal court by the Missouri and Louisiana state attorneys general.  But there’s more.  Another State Department official asked Twitter to delete accounts the official claimed were controlled by the Russians when they were not.  The State Department also gave money to a radical Leftist group based in London, the Global Disinformation Index, which attempted to steer advertising dollars away from conservative news outlets in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and elsewhere in the name of fighting disinformation.  The New York Post was among the conservative outlets targeted.

And don’t forget DHS had started up a Disinformation Governance Board before it was found out and shut down.

Connect the dots and what do you get?  A picture of a rogue, out-of-control federal government that is, not only not protecting your rights, but is actively engaged in trying to take them away.  All in the name of the truth, of course.  But there are very good reasons we don’t want the government in the business of deciding for others what is true and what is not.   One of those reasons is that the government can be dead wrong, the most recent example being how spectacularly wrong the federal government was in its bone-headed COVID masking and lockdown policies.  Think about that the next time jack-booted authoritarian government thugs say they need to suppress information to save you.

©Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.