The Knights of Senator Johnson’s Round Table

The one and only good I see coming out of the Covid Plandemic and catastrophic, quasi-mandatory vaccine policies, is that we’re seeing some Americans emerging as heroes during this dark time.

Many of us have long since known the names of key villains in our fight for the Republic and for liberty—people in the psychopathic billionaires’ club such as George Soros, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Ted Turner, —and lesser, but equally destructive players, such as the Clintons, the Bushes, the Bidens, Pelosi, Newsom, Canada’s Trudeau, France’s Macron, etc.

But most of us likely had never heard of Dr. Scott Atlas, Dr. Lee Merrit, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Dr. John Ioannidis, or the U.K.’s former Pfizer VP, Dr. Michael Yeadon. Along with dozens of others, these men and women have risked their careers by taking a stand to save lives and speak the truth—which, in a time of universal deceit, as Orwell warned us, has become a revolutionary act.


But, lest we forget, I want to focus on a particular group of similarly remarkable men and women who, in January of this year, participated in a 5-hour hearing conducted by another hero who has taken a brave public stance: Senator Ron Johnson.

Senator Johnson has emerged as perhaps the most courageous, principled and insightful man in Congress—and I do mean both houses. Here’s a short sampling of our true American heroes featured in this roundtable: Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Dr. Christina Parks, and a number of others including some brave nurses, some tragically vaccine-injured individuals, and a pair of formidable attorneys including firebrand Tom Renz, fighting for doctors and their patients.

Speaking of Thomas Renz, even among so many horrific tales, his brief presentation was mind-blowing. Attorney Renz, working with several brave DoD whistleblowers who furnished him with data we weren’t supposed to see, shocked the room with his findings: among our mandatorily-vaccinated military, miscarriages increased by 300%, cancer by 300%, and serious neurological disorders by 1000%. Says Renz, “Our soldiers are being experimented on injured, and sometimes possibly killed.”


Senator Johnson followed up by sending a letter to DOD Secretary Lloyd Austin, in which he wrote:

“Based on data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), Thomas Renz, an attorney who is representing three Department of Defense (DoD) whistleblowers, reported that these whistleblowers found a significant increase in registered diagnoses on DMED for miscarriages, cancer, and many other medical conditions in 2021 compared to a five-year average from 2016-2020. For example, at the roundtable Renz stated that registered diagnoses for neurological issues increased 10 times from a five-year average of 82,000 to 863,000 in 2021.”

I wish I could say that this became front page news throughout our nation. But instead, the DOD, with backup support from the Leftwing rag Politifact, ran to the rescue with damage control. Politifact’s Jeff Cercone had the gall to announce there had been a “glitch” in the data. More brazenly yet, DOD spokesman Peter Graves claimed the entire Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) was discovered to have been wrong from 2016 to 2020—meaning it can’t be used for comparison to assess any anomalies in 2021. Hmmmmm… Graves announced DMED has been “taken offline” to “identify and correct the root-cause of the data corruption.”

Anyone think we need Sherlock Holmes to identify the root cause of this mess? Forget the fake “data corruption”—I mean the real thing: the DOD’s corruption! I guess it was too late for them to simply erase the injuries the whistleblowers had discovered among the vaxxed, so they went for the other side of the equation instead—nullifying the grounds for comparison.


All told, Senator Johnson’s five-hour roundtable delivers a shocking exposé of the American medical system gone completely off the rails. The stories these brave men and women told brought some of them to tears, as they did this viewer.

These are the real experts—men and women who went into medicine for the right reasons—to actually heal patients. It is heart-wrenching to watch Dr. Marik announce that the hospital he’d worked out for decades tied his hands, refusing to allow him to treat his patients with proven safe and effective therapeutics. Here’s what this expert physician said, while blinking away his tears: “I had to stand by idly, watching these people die!”  Dr. Marik is the only one present whom I heard use the word “evil”, though he applied it only to the hospital and its phony review board as they stripped him of his hospital privileges, ending a stellar decades-long medical career.

And another of our nation’s most distinguished and highly esteemed physicians, Dr. Peter McCullough, may even lose his license to practice medicine if the American Board of Internal Medicine has its vindictive way. His crime? Trying to save lives—I mean spreading “misinformation.” It doesn’t get more Orwellian than this.


If you connect the dots, it quickly becomes apparent that all the atrocities we’ve seen—from denial of therapeutics, to enforced use of Remdesivir, to pumped up “positive cases” through inaccurate PCR tests, to vaccine mandates, etc.—serve to ensure and promote widespread inoculation with a novel, highly experimental, genetic-disrupting “vaccine technology.”

How so? Well, the rampant PCR testing at high threshold cycles makes it look like we have a “pandemic” crisis, as the numbers of “cases” climb. This ramps up fear and makes it more likely people will willingly take the sometimes fatal shots.

The deaths of thousands of our countrymen resulting from the horribly cruel denial of safe therapeutics such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, various steroids, etc., is likely viewed as mere collateral damage by the perpetrators of this heinous crime, as they needed to preserve the Emergency Use Authorization for the Pfizer, Moderna and J&J “vaccines.” You see, if doctors everywhere started saving lives by using safe, repurposed and readily available drugs, Big Pharma would lose its Get Out of Jail Free card: the EUA that protects them from liability. Not only that, but the “emergency” disappears if Covid becomes treatable with therapeutics. And they couldn’t have that, now, could they?

And what about hospitals forcing Fauci’s Favorite “Remdesivir” on helpless patients—a drug known to cause kidney failure? As I learned from Robert F. Kennedy’s blockbuster book “The Real Anthony Fauci,” nurses have dubbed this drug “Run-death-is-near.”

Why inflict this on patients? Well, there’s a hefty perverse incentive, as hospitals receive huge bonuses for every “Covid death” and even more if they prescribe Remdesivir, and another lump sum for finishing the patient off on a ventilator. Hmmm… Besides, isn’t death of the victim the purpose of bio-weapons? So if Covid didn’t do the job, they evidently have their hospital backup plan, as attorney Thomas Renz and brave whistleblowers have documented. Renz estimates hospitals that play this game get around $100,000 per “Covid” patient.


So how do you get hundreds of hospitals and thousands of physicians to perform in lockstep? Simple—though the Rockefeller/Gates/JohnsHopkins consortiums spent a good deal of money to figure this out.

You use two trusted methods: bribery and threats. You bribe the venal and the pushovers, and you threaten those who seem to have a stronger moral compass.

Sadly, as we’ve seen, the majority succumb to these pressures. It is not an easy decision to risk losing one’s medical license and therefore livelihood and means of supporting one’s family. It takes courage—what Aristotle called the first of the virtues, upon which all the others are dependent—and, as we’ve seen writ large in the past few years—it’s rare.


After listening to several hours of horror stories about unnecessary deaths from Covid-19, and maiming and deaths off the charts from vaccine injuries, I think it was Senator Johnson who asked the key question: Why?

Why are the CDC, FDA, NIH, medical boards, hospitals, etc., all seemingly on board with such obviously cruel and unusual practices?

Dr. Pierre Kory provided this answer: “Corruption!” “They’re putting profits ahead of lives!”

Well, yes, we see the money sloshing around, and hospitals, Big Pharma, and Dr. Mengele Fauci, among others, are making out like bandits, but as for the “why” question, I beg to differ.  After all, we’ve seen corporate corruption and profiteering at the cost of lives before. Take the tobacco industry moguls. They knew cigarettes caused lung cancer fairly early on. But hey, there was big money to be made. So…they hid that knowledge and kept selling cigarettes.

That’s how corruption works. It’s got to be secretive. But that’s not what we’re seeing now. The downright coldblooded murder of our fellow citizens in hospitals is not hidden. Nor is the carnage from the vaccines for anyone who knows how to search for it on the internet. Besides, given enough time, the truth will out. And Senator Johnson and the heroes he assembled are doing their best to speed that up.


So if it’s not primarily about money and corruption, what could the motive be?

Ask Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer VP in the UK. Early in this saga, Dr. Yeadon detected a “whiff of evil.” He was the only one at that time who used that word, thus making him one of my early heroes, since I detected that same whiff.

What Senator Johnson’s group may not understand is that America, and indeed, the world, is now in the grip of evil. We’re in the End Game of the psychopathic billionaires’ One World Government club, and they long since announced they want to drastically reduce the world’s population. And they didn’t mean over the next hundred or two hundred years. They mean in the next three to five years. Make that in the next seven years, if you sense a Biblical connection.

We’re witnessing planned genocide being enacted. The parallels with Nazi Germany are legion. I was horrified listening to Dr. Richard Urso saying that in the early days of Covid, hospitals would not only refuse to let family members enter the room of their loved one who was dying, but after death, they would not release the body to the family for burial! What did they do? They incinerated it! The Nazis would have been proud.

The globalist cabal call it “depopulation” which is Orwellian doublespeak for mass murder. That’s why this is happening, Senator Johnson. These maniacs have bought up politicians, medical associations, hospitals, doctors, and the entire mainstream media which they use as their PR mouthpiece day in and day out. They own the narrative. And while they and their minions like Fauci and Big Pharma moguls no doubt love the blood money they’re raking in, the New World Order oligarchs don’t need money—that’s not what they’re after. They want absolute power and they want a much smaller population to control. They’re simply culling the serfs.

The globalist cabal behind this entire evil agenda are all in for maximum deaths of those they likely regard as “useless eaters” after the manner of past psychopathic power-mongers like Stalin.

And of course all their Covidian machinations translate into preserving the all-important narrative: the world’s first never-ending “pandemic,” necessitating never-ending vaccine booster shots, digital vaccine passports, digital currency, tracking, tracing, 24/7 surveillance, ID2020, Social Credit Scores, the Great Reset, and Internment Camps for dissidents, while everyone else will “own nothing and be happy” under a One World Government that makes Orwell’s masterpiece 1984 look like a walk in the park.

That’s why they’re doing what they’re doing.

And that’s why they must be stopped!

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FLORIDA: LifeChoice Pregnancy Center of Winter Haven Vandalized

I sure hope they had some security cameras.  Really irksome that the leftist Pro-Choicers in our community think such lawless acts helps anything; just the opposite it hurts their cause.

Click here to view my Online Report to the Winter Have Police Department.

BTW, the LifeChoice Pregnancy Center of Winter Haven provides free counseling and sonograms to pregnant mothers in Winter Haven and they saved over 600 babies in 2021.

Watch: LifeChoice Pregnancy Center of Winter Haven vandalized by Jane Was Here.

This is a planned insurrection started by Democrats to take over America. They always attack the most vulnerable, those medical professions who help pregnant women and save babies.

Same thing when over half of our 20 – 4′ X 8′ Trump signs put up by LARC / WH 912 members were vandalized during 2020 election.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Winter Haven pregnancy center vandalized after supreme court overturned abortion rights


June 27, 2022 6:16PM

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. – Almost two dozen volunteers from Winter Haven Worship Center arrived with paint and brushes in hand at the LifeChoice Pregnancy Center Monday morning to undo damage done over the weekend.

Sometime after closing on Friday and Sunday morning vandals spray-painted pro-choice graffiti on the center.

“Different sayings such as we are coming to get you,” said Winter Haven Police Chief David Brannan.

In the wake of the vandalism, the center is increasing security.

“We are meeting with our board to make sure we have the proper security in place for all our staff, our volunteers, and especially for our clients,” said Lyndsy Flanagan, a spokeswoman for the center.

Read more.

Royal A. Brown, III. All rights reserved.



21 & Done: Pro Abortion Companies To Avoid

Short Haired Nut Has Mental Breakdown on TikTok over Abortion

Every self-respecting western nation should launch a public Covid inquiry

But the devil will be in the detail.

Can democratic institutions recover from the excesses of pandemic policies, which uncritically aped the extreme and counter-productive interventions of the Chinese Communist Party, unleashing a cascade of collateral harms in their wake, from an escalation in mental health illnesses to untreated cancers, an educational deficit, and new waves of poverty and unemployment? Can our public institutions regain some of the credibility they lost when they were used to suspend civil liberties and pressure citizens to take vaccines of questionable efficacy?

Perhaps, but only if politicians, civil servants, and expert advisers are forced to answer for the consequences of their actions. This can only happen if governments promptly appoint public tribunals or commissions with a wide-ranging brief to thoroughly investigate the response of public authorities and leaders to the Covid-19 pandemic.

European developments

Earlier this year, Sweden’s government-appointed Corona Commission published its findings, which were critical of certain aspects of Sweden’s response to the Covid pandemic, but found that its broad policy was “fundamentally correct.” The UK is currently finalising the terms of reference for its Public Covid Inquiry led by Baroness Hallett. The Irish and Scottish governments have both announced their intention to hold similar inquiries.

Only time will tell if these inquiries manage to expose uncomfortable truths about the Covid response, and make public officials and political leaders answer for their blunders, rather than simply being a window-dressing operation. Because the issues involved require complex and politically charged judgments, rather than just questions of “hard science,” the outcome of such inquiries will depend to a large degree on the professional calibre, moral integrity, independence, and impartiality of the individuals who lead them.

Restoring trust

Here are two ways a properly constituted and professionally conducted Covid inquiry could enhance the resilience and integrity of our liberal democratic institutions:

First, a public Covid inquiry could identify and diagnose serious errors of judgment and flaws in the democratic process that led to the abrupt abandonment of standard infectious disease protocols, the premature suspension of citizens’ liberties, and the embrace of untested approaches such as lockdowns that inflicted untold harm on society.¹ This would make a repetition of these errors less likely, at least in the near future.

Second, if citizens see a serious effort to scrutinise the motivations behind pandemic policies and their impact on society, at least some of their trust in their public institutions will be restored. Without that trust, governments will increasingly find themselves relying on coercion, fear and manipulation rather than goodwill, in order to secure citizens’ compliance with their laws and regulations.

Public duty

Of course, some governments may attempt to sidestep the demand for a public inquiry into their response to Covid-19, in order to save themselves and their colleagues from unwelcome scrutiny. Other governments may institute an inquiry, but its terms of reference may be defined too narrowly, or its procedures may be too rushed and superficial, to uncover serious problems such as reckless and corrupt behaviour in public institutions.

In spite of these risks, it is incumbent upon any self-respecting democratic government to commission an independent Covid inquiry to assess the performance of government actors in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Only time will tell if such inquiries fulfil their public function and deliver the unvarnished truth, for better or for worse, rather than “covering over a multitude of sins.”

1. See, for example, “A Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Lockdowns on Covid-19 Mortality”, published by Studies in Applied Economics, a journal of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise.

This article has been republished from David Thunder’s Substack, The Freedom Blog.


David Thunder

David Thunder is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Navarra’s Institute for Culture and Society. More by David Thunder

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Court Strikes Down NYC Law Allowing Noncitizens To Vote

The New York Supreme Court ruled Monday in favor of a lawsuit against giving noncitizens the right to vote in local elections.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) sued New York City Mayor Eric Adams, the New York City Council and the New York City Board of Elections in January for passing a law allowing noncitizens to vote.

In its decision, the New York Supreme Court said that there’s no legal authority allowing non-citizens to vote.

“There is no statutory ability for the City of New York to issue inconsistent laws permitting non-citizens to vote and exceed the authority granted to it by the New York State Constitution,” the state supreme court said in the decision.

“Though voting is a right that so many citizens take for granted, the City of New York cannot ‘obviate’ the restrictions imposed by the Constitution,” it added.

The lawsuit alleged that around one million noncitizen adults live in New York City, adding that the number of noncitizens eligible to vote in local races could comprise 15% or more of the vote. It claimed that the law violated the state constitution that requires voters to be U.S. citizens.

“Today’s ruling is a huge victory for election integrity and the rule of law: American elections should be decided by American citizens. The [Republican National Committee (RNC)] is proud to head a broad coalition in successfully challenging this unconstitutional scheme and will continue to lead the effort across the country to ensure only citizens can vote in America’s elections,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement.

Neither the New York City Council nor the New York City Board of Elections responded to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s requests for comment.

Mayor Adams’ office referred TheDCNF to the city’s law department, whose spokesperson called the ruling “disappointing … for people who value bringing in thousands more New Yorkers into the democratic process.”

“We are evaluating next steps,” the spokesperson added.



Investigative reporter.

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LEAKED AUDIO: S.C. Democrat State Rep. & U.S. Senate Candidate EXPOSED


Project Veritas Action has published a recording of U.S. Senate candidate, Krystle Matthews, talking about her desire to break multiple laws while using profanities and racially charged language.

Krystle Matthews (D-South Carolina) is heard on the audio discussing strategies like orchestrating Democrats to run as Republicans for elected office: “We need some secret sleepers.”

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

  • Project Veritas Action has published audio of U.S. Senate candidate and current State Rep., Krystle Matthews (D-South Carolina), speaking to an inmate on a recorded line. On that call, Matthews used racially charged language and encouraged dirty campaign tricks including Democrats running as Republicans for local office.
  • Matthews: “We need some secret sleepers. Like you need, we need them to run as the other side, even though they for our side. We need people to run as Republicans in these local elections. This is the only way you’re going to change the dynamics in South Carolina.”
  • Matthews: “I still got to struggle to raise money for my campaign? Where the f*** is my black people with money? I don’t care about no dope money! Give me that dope boy money!”
  • Matthews: “S***, where the f**king dope? Where the duffle bag boys? Get you- find me somebody from your family that don’t even know you donating to my campaign and put that s*** under they names.”
  • Matthews: “We need some folks that can wear all black at night and take they f****** yard signs down when they- when they sleeping.”

You can watch the full video HERE.

Matthews qualified for the South Carolina Senate runoff after gaining 32.2% of the vote in the Democratic Senate Primary. She is currently a member of the South Carolina State House.

Matthews has not yet responded to a request for comment on this story.


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Democrat Georgia Ballot Harvester Turns State’s Evidence … Blows 2020 Election Wide Open

Georgia authorities have launched an investigation into an allegation of systematic ballot harvesting during the state’s 2020 general election and subsequent U.S. Senate runoff and may soon issue subpoenas to secure evidence.

Without election integrity reform, we have no country.

Georgia Ballot Harvester Turns State’s Evidence … Blows 2020 Election Wide Open

By: Daniel, Civil Deadline, June 24, 2022

According to John Fredericks, who spoke in The War Room with Steve Bannon in September, hundreds of illegal ballot harvesters were used in the 2020 election.

Ballot harvesting is illegal in Georgia, but according to True The Vote, which has video showing hundreds of harvesters placing backpacks full of votes into boxes bought with Mark Zuckerberg’s money, this was happening left and right. Georgia isn’t the only state dealing with this issue. True The Vote claims to have evidence of similar activities in other battleground states.

The identity of the ballot harvester speaking has now been revealed by True The Vote, who claims to have been paid thousands of dollars to harvest ballots in the Atlanta area. They’ve also sent the sleazy Brad Raffensperger a copy of the videos of ballots being dumped by the backpack full.

240 persons were captured on video making several visits to the ballot boxes to dump ballots. We don’t know what proof the whistleblower has given Raffensperger, but he won’t be able to keep it hidden like he has in the past since True The Vote has everything.

According to Just the News,

Raffensperger’s office received a detailed complaint from conservative voter integrity group True the Vote on Nov. 30 saying it had assembled evidence that scores of activists worked with nonprofit groups to collect and deliver thousands of absentee ballots, often during wee-hour operations, to temporary voting drop boxes distributed around the state during the pandemic.

The group informed the secretary its evidence included video footage from surveillance cameras placed by counties outside the drop boxes as well as geolocation data for the cell phones of more than 200 activists seen on the tapes purportedly showing the dates and times of ballot drop-offs, according to documents reviewed by Just the News.

The group also said it interviewed a Georgia man who admitted he was paid thousands of dollars to harvest ballots in the Atlanta metropolitan area during the November election and the lead-up to Jan. 5, 2021 runoff for Georgia’s two U.S. Senate seats, which were both captured by Democrats and ended GOP control of Congress. The group has yet to identify the cooperating witness to state authorities, referring to him in the complaint simply as John Doe.

The group does not allege the ballots delivered by couriers were fraudulent. Nonetheless, lawful ballots delivered by third-parties to drop boxes would run afoul of Georgia’s law.

According to the witness, ballot harvesting took place throughout the November 3rd election as well as the runoffs. This may have an impact on the Senate elections as well.


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PODCAST: A Double Legal Standard Sweeps the Nation

Are conservatives facing a double legal standard?

Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr says Republicans are facing a double standard in America’s legal system.

No sooner than making this pronouncement the double standard was on full display in several high-profile incidents around the country.

At Shout Out Patriots we call attention to how some in law enforcement are swapping out kids’ gloves used against ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter for knuckle dusters when it comes to their sworn enemies.

WATCH: A double legal standard sweeps the nation: Patriot Front. Drag Queen performance with Peter Navarro

©Martin Mawyer and Shout Out Patriots. All rights reserved.

Biden Is Hiding His Plan To Rig The 2022 Midterm Elections

They have NO shot in the mid-terms.

They cannot win.

So they steal.

Yes, Biden Is Hiding His Plan To Rig The 2022 Midterm Elections

By: Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist, June 23, 2022

The White House is refusing to share details about its coordinated efforts to engage in a federal takeover of election administration.

President Biden really does not want the public to know about his federal takeover of election administration. Dozens of members of Congress have repeatedly asked for details, to no avail. Good government groups, members of the media, and private citizens have filed requests under the Freedom of Information Act. Not a single one has been responded to. All signs indicate a concerted effort to keep the public in the dark until at least after the November midterm elections. The lack of transparency and responsiveness is so bad that the Department of Justice and some of its agencies have been repeatedly sued for the information.

When President Biden ordered all 600 federal agencies to “expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process” on March 7, 2021, Republican politicians, Constitutional scholars, and election integrity specialists began to worry exactly what was up his sleeve.

They had good reason. The 2020 election had suffered from widespread and coordinated efforts by Democrat activists and donors to run “Get Out The Vote” operations from inside state and local government election offices, predominantly in the Democrat-leaning areas of swing states. Independent researchers have shown the effect of this takeover of government election offices was extremely partisan and favored Democrats overwhelmingly.

At the time the order was issued, Democrats were also hoping to pass H.R. 1, a continuation of the effort to destabilize elections throughout the country via a federalized takeover of state election administrations.

Biden gave each agency 200 days to file their plans for approval by none other than Susan Rice, his hyperpartisan domestic policy advisor. Yet fully nine months after those plans were due, they are all being hidden from the public, even as evidence is emerging that the election operation is in full swing.

Mobilizing Voters Is Always A Political Act

There are several major problems with Biden’s secret plan, critics say. It’s unethical to tie federal benefits to election activity. It’s unconstitutional to have the federal government take authority that belongs to the states and which Congress has not granted. And, given that all 50 states have different laws and processes governing election administration, it’s a recipe for chaos, confusion, and fraud at a time when election security concerns are particularly fraught.

Mobilizing voters is always a political act. Choosing which groups to target for Get Out The Vote efforts is one of the most important activities done by political campaigns. Federal agencies that interact with the public by doling out benefits can easily pressure recipients to vote for particular candidates and positions. Congress passed the Hatch Act in 1939, which bans bureaucrats and bureaucracies from being involved in election activities after Democrats used Works Progress Administration programs and personnel for partisan political advantage.

Executive Order 14019 ignores that the Constitution does not give the executive branch authority over elections. That power is reserved for the states, with a smaller role for Congress. With H.R. 1 and other Democrat Party efforts to grab more control over elections have thus far failed, Congress hasn’t authorized such an expansion.

As with previous efforts to destabilize elections, the chaos and confusion that would occur are part of the plan. The Executive Order copied much of a white paper put out by left-wing dark money group Demos, which advocates for left-wing changes to the country and which brags on its website that it moves “bold progressive ideas from cutting-edge concept to practical reality.” Not coincidentally, Biden put former Demos President K. Sabeel Rahman and former Demos Legal Strategies Director Chiraag Bains in key White House posts to oversee election-related initiatives.

Read the rest…..



INSURRECTION: Watch Arizona abortion protest: Police release tear gas, lawmakers ‘held hostage’ in Senate building

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Arkansas Anti-Boycott Jews (BDS) Measure

January 6 Committee Suspends “Insurrection” Show Trial ….. to Call for Insurrection

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The Google Cult’s Sex Abuse and Mandatory Abortions

“I was fired from my team… because I raised the alarm about a cult within Google.”

When Texas intervened to protect vulnerable children against transgender child mutilation, Google was one of the companies to sign a letter warning that preventing child abuse was “against the values of our companies.”

A recent lawsuit provides a small insight into just what the Big Tech giant’s “values” might be.

Recently a former Google employer filed a lawsuit accusing the company of discrimination.

“I was fired from my team there in February of 2021 because I raised alarm about a cult within Google, a group called the Fellowship of Friends. The group is well-documented: There are allegations of child abuse, human trafficking, forced abortions, and rape within the group,” Kevin Lloyd, a former video producer, blogged.

“The cult’s members dominate my former team at Google through favoritism and cronyism, not to mention direct payments back to the cult.”

When Lloyd complained, he was told to keep quiet or lose his job, and then he was finally fired.

Like so many California establishment figures, from Nancy Pelosi to Governor Newsom, the Fellowship of Friends has its own winery. But it also has a deeply troubling history that includes allegations of sex trafficking and forced abortions.

From Jim Jones to Scientology, cults have been a cultural feature of leftist life in California.

Former Gov. Jerry Brown, along with Harvey Milk, also accused of preying on underage minors, former Vice President Walter Mondale, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and former Mayor Willie Brown, who gave Kamala Harris her start in politics, were all fans of Jim Jones.

The murderous Marxist cult was able to operate for so long because it was protected by the highest echelons of California Democrats.

Rep. Karen Bass, now running for mayor, was disqualified as Biden’s presidential pick over her support for Scientology and for lying about it.

The Fellowship of Friends is a good deal more obscure, but it fits neatly into the mold of California cults that promise enlightenment through the teachings of a guru. What it actually offers, according to former members, is something much more troubling.

A journalist covering the cult described being told about “sex rituals” in which its leader, Robert Earl Burton, would allegedly “attempt to have sex with 100 followers in a day.”

San Francisco Chronicle story discussed allegations of “Eastern European ex-members who said they received religious visas to come out to California, only to learn when they arrived that sex with Burton was an unwritten part of the deal.”

Burton’s preference was for young men whom he included in his “male harem”.

In a seeming foreshadowing of the transgender movement, the cult leader reportedly believed that he was a “goddess in a man’s body” and allegedly “made it almost necessary for all men & young men to perform sexual favors for him.”

One lawsuit filed by a man who was 17 years old when he joined the leftist cult mentioned the cult leader boasting that “one hundred boys would not be enough.”

Another former cult member describes being pressured to join the cult leader’s “male harem” and then ordered to abort the baby he had conceived with his high school sweetheart.

Still another described hearing that Burton, the cult leader, had “asked married women not to have kids and if they already did to give them away”, while a cult figure was “persuading pregnant women to have an abortion ‘to follow the will of the Teacher”‘.

A former member described her husband being told “that we had missed an opportunity to oppose our Catholic upbringing by not having an abortion.”

Google is denying any connection to the cult and its abuses, but Lloyd describes a troubling atmosphere in the company.

When he brought up the issue with his manager, he was told, “Let’s go off campus.”

Google, like Facebook and other Big Tech companies, is notorious for the cult-like surveillance of employees on its compounds or campuses. Some workers have reported that their personal phones were wiped when they fell afoul of the Big Tech giant. Others worry that the monopoly, which is behind the Android mobile operating system, can spy on them through their devices.

Lloyd’s manager told him that he was “horrified” by the cult’s foothold in Google, but that “complaining could lead not only to the loss of his job” and that the department’s cult figure was a “powerful guy”.

The former Google employee “heard of new members regularly being added” and “saw how existing members excelled, further boosting the status of the Fellowship of Friends within our department. Conversely, it seemed the Fellowship members who were on the outs with the group were made to leave.”

Google had become a cult.

“Why are you telling me this?” HR people told Lloyd. “Don’t tell me this.”

“Google knows about this problem,” Lloyd concluded. “Managers know full well that a destructive cult, a group credibly alleged to be involved in the sexual abuse of possibly hundreds of followers, including children, has significant influence over an important team within the company. Yet they turn a blind eye.”

Google covertly removed its old motto, “Don’t be evil”, from its corporate code of conduct. If the allegations are true, its corporate conduct shows why that’s no longer on the books.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Burton formed his cult “while living in a Volkswagen bus in Berkeley” by “convincing a circle of followers that he possessed the powers of a superior being.”

Followers were told that only Burton and those who served him are actually “immortal conscious beings” while the rest of us are the “walking dead” who needed to cut ties with their families.

It’s not hard to see why this mindset would take root inside Silicon Valley Big Tech companies where technocratic arrogance and megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur have convinced some that they represent a cultural master race destined to dominate the economy and the planet.

Much like Burton, Big Tech companies seek out young men, thoroughly exploit them, taking over their waking lives, and then drop them when they get too old. During this heady period, Googlers are immersed in cult-like attitudes, frantic shows of cultural virtue signaling, and outbursts of hate against outsiders, especially Republicans and conservatives.

At the Fellowship of Friends, cult members were banned from saying, “I”, instead being forced to say, “It wants a cup of coffee.”

This dehumanization is what Big Tech companies are inflicting on America and on the world.

In its letter denouncing Texas for protecting children from abuse by men who, like Burton, believe that there is a “goddess” in their bodies, Google claimed that Texas violated its “values”.

These are Google’s values.


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.



Minneapolis: Somali Muslim cop who killed unarmed woman to be released, less than five years later

UN agency teachers urge jihad terrorism and murder of Jews

Washington Post Gives Al Qaeda Apologists a Platform to Call for ‘Democracy’

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Videos Showing Pure Hate and Evil as Democrats Call for an Insurrection

“Whatever may have been my political opinions before, I have but one sentiment now. That is, we have a Government, and laws and a flag, and they must all be sustained. There are but two parties now, traitors and patriots and I want hereafter to be ranked with the latter, and I trust, the stronger party.” — Ulysses S. Grant

Since the Supreme Courts recent rulings on two key Democrat issues, abortion and gun control, we have seen members of Congress, Biden and the liberal media call for violence. We are seeing elected officials, including Supreme Court Justices, threatened and even an effort at assassination.  We are seeing riots, vandalism and fire bombings fueled by Democrat rhetoric.

Democrats are doing evil while they threaten others with violence for not doing their bidding.

Here’s pro-abortionist’s “insurrection” at Arizona’s Capital on Friday, June 24th, 2022:

Tyranny is cruel and oppressive government or rule; the cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control; or a nation under cruel and oppressive government.

America is now under the rule of a cruel and oppressive government controlled by the Democrat Party.

Watch these videos to understand why Democrats and their supporters are truly tyrants:

Maxine Waters (D-CA): ‘The Hell with SCOTUS, we will defy them!’

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Says ‘No Point in Saying Good Morning, Because it Isn’t’

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortex (D-NY) Chants with Protesters that SCOTUS Roe Decision Is ‘Illegitimate’

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortex (D-NY) REFUSES to Condemn Threats of Violence by Pro Abortion Activists

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Says ‘Cruel’ Supreme Court Decision Puts Women’s ‘Lives at Risk’

UNHINGED Pro-Abortion Activist Openly Calling for Violence Against SCOTUS Justices

George Orwell, in his dystopian novel 1984, wrote, “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.

Democrats are calling for a future where their bolshevist boots are stomping on we the people’s faces— forever.

There are but two parties now, traitors and patriots and I want hereafter to be ranked with the latter, and I trust, the stronger party.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


Google Search is Bad. On Purpose.

Charlie Warzel of Galaxy Brain has an Atlantic essay on Google that’s far short of Galaxy Brain. It recapitulates the now famous thread on why searching Reddit is better than searching Google, and offers random speculation on what’s wrong with Google Search and whether it might not be “leaving us behind”.

It’s packed with so many Google apologetics, I certainly hope that Google paid for it, e.g.

Google search might be worse now because, like much of the internet, it has matured and has been ruthlessly commercialized. In an attempt to avoid regulation and be corporate-friendly, parts of it might be less wild. But some of what feels dead or dying about Google might be our own nostalgia for a smaller, less mature internet. Sullivan, the Search liaison, understands this longing for the past, but told me that what feels like a Google change is also the search engine responding to the evolution of the web…

Haynes agrees that ads’ presence on Search is worse than ever and the company’s decision to prioritize its own products and features over organic results is frustrating. But she argues that Google’s flagship product has actually gotten better and much more complex over time. That complexity, she suggests, might be why searching feels different right now.


The problem with Google Search can be easily summarized as a lack of competition. Aside from Bing and satellite search sites like DuckDuckGo that use Bing’s search index, there’s nothing.

Google so thoroughly dominates search that there’s no competition. And so no incentive for it do anything except monetize search up to its eyeballs.

Alphabet doesn’t need good searches. Its searches are so bad because it stopped having any interest in having you find things a while back. What it wants you to do is…

  1. Click on its services
  2. Click on its ads
  3. Search in predictable ways so that it can sell ads

Helping you find things is not on the list because Google does not make money if you spend 2 seconds clicking on the first search result and find what you’re looking for.

Google makes more money when you can’t find things than when you do. It makes more money when it serves you bad results. It makes more money when it ignores what you searched for and instead serves up the results that make it money.

This is the definition of why monopolies are terrible. But Google has a monopoly on internet search for reasons I’ve gone into before. And so internet search is terrible and as Google, like most big companies, gets hungrier, they’re going to get worse.


EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

DHS Tells Catholic Churches to Prepare for ‘Extreme Violence’

Roe v. Wade has at long last been overturned, and the Left’s response has been predictable: Leftists are pounding the walls and gnashing their teeth with rage and hatred. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Make Mine a Double) has shouted that the decision is “illegitimate” and led pro-abortion activists in chants of “into the streets.” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Unhinged) has proclaimed, “The hell with the Supreme Court. We will defy them!” But no one expects the supporters of Antifa and Black Lives Matter to confine their rage to words alone: even Old Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security paused from hunting for “white supremacists” on Friday to warn Catholic churches to prepare for a “night of rage.”

If there is violence at churches, it certainly won’t be anything new. Live Action’s Lila Rose pointed out Thursday that “Since the Dobbs v Jackson draft was leaked, pro-abortion activists have: -Vandalized 16 churches -Vandalized at least 16 pro-life pregnancy centers -Firebombed 4 pro-life pregnancy centers and offices -Attempted to assassinate a Supreme Court Justice Where’s the outrage?”

Where indeed? We can only imagine what would be happening now on CNN and in The New York Times if 16 abortion clinics had been vandalized, but the guardians of acceptable opinion can’t be bothered to deplore violence in the service of their pet causes.

Pro-abortion activists have been threatening violence if Roe was overturned for quite some time. It would be more surprising at this point if Leftists remained calm and vowed to work peacefully and within the bounds of the law than if they started howling with irrational rage and burning things down, as they sought to forbid states from outlawing the murder of children.

Accordingly, the DHS has told churches to be ready for “extreme violence.” This is striking in itself. Considering that Biden’s handlers’ Justice Department has taken the unprecedented step of publicly dissenting from the Supreme Court’s decision, and that the Biden administration refused to condemn the illegal protests at the homes of the Justices who were seen as likely to vote to overturn Roe (and did so), it’s nothing short of astonishing that this warning was issued at all. After all, the Biden Department of Homeland Security was only recently setting up a Disinformation Governance Board to monitor and control Americans’ speech. Now it cares if Catholic churches are targeted for being pro-life? It’s intriguing that DHS apparently believes it has to keep up appearances in this regard. Is the DHS aware that the cultural momentum is swinging away from the hard Left that has dominated American society for so long?

And so, the DHS warned Catholic Churches that pro-abortion terrorists, including the Antifa-linked Jane’s Revenge, are planning a “Night of Rage” for Friday night, with churches and pregnancy centers as their primary targets. Jane’s Revenge fulminated, “We have agonized over this apparent absence of indignation. Why is it that we are so afraid to unleash hell upon those who are destroying us? Fear of state repression is valid, but this goes deeper than that.”

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Stockton, Calif., accordingly issued an “urgent memo” to its clergy and parishes. It explained that a DHS agent, Jesse Rangel, had informed diocesan officials that an “extremist group” had issued a “manifesto” calling for attacks on churches beginning at 8 p.m. on the night that the Dobbs decision was issued, which would of course be Friday night.

According to Newsweek, “the memo does not describe the specific threats facing churches, but states that Rangel told the diocese that ‘large groups with cells nationwide have already been discovered ‘casing’ parishes, including here in California.’” Accordingly, the Stockton diocese issued a “critical notice” for clergy and parish officials to “develop a plan should you see or hear anything suspicious.”

The memo told the churches, “Make sure you have ushers and or security available during your services and perhaps identify who among your volunteers and parishioners are law enforcement. Suspicious activity would include someone asking out of place questions (Largest Mass times? Doors always open? Do you have security?), looking around church property, protestors, and general disturbances.”

That’s fine, but it also underscores the apparent fact that the churches are on their own. All the DHS did was issue a warning? Imagine if a militant pro-life group had announced plans to “unleash hell” on abortion centers. Do you think in that case that DHS would have limited itself to sending out a warning? The National Guard would be posted at every abortion center in the country. But when it comes to churches — well, there’s that two-tiered justice system again.



The Left Freaks Out Every Time They Don’t Get Their Way

Our Fort Sumter Moment?

Google Search is Bad. On Purpose.

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With Roe Aborted It’s Time to Reconsider SCOTUS’ Gay Marriage & Sodomy Rulings

“No one can change their gender! What one can do is mutilate themselves psychologically, spiritually and physically. It’s the greatest and most destructive myth of our generation.” — Dr. Richard M. Swier, Ed.D., LTC U.S. Army (Ret.), talk show host, journalist, writer and publisher.

“Conditioning children into believing a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse…Rates of suicide are 20 times greater among adults who use cross-sex hormones and undergo sex reassignment surgery.”The American College of Pediatricians.

In my lifetime there have been three U.S. Supreme Court rulings that have defied the Constitution and defiled logic and science. On June 24th, 2022 one, Roe v. Wade, was overturned. Now there’s others that must be reconsidered Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S. 644 decided on June 26th, 2015 mandated gay marriage recognition nationwide and Lawrence v. Texas the June 26th, 2003 in which the Supreme Court ruled that sanctions of criminal punishment for those who commit sodomy are unconstitutional.

Like Roe v. Wade, we believe Obergefell v. Hodges and Lawrence v. Texas are demonstrably erroneous and issues to be decided via the democratic process at the state level.

It appears that Justice Clarence Thomas agrees with us that Obergefell v. Hodges because he, like we, fundamentally disagree with the concept of “substantive due process“—that “due process” protects not just procedures but fundamental rights—has a constitutional foundation. Justice Thomas has a history of arguing that the Due Process Clause does not actually guarantee rights but rather protects that proper procedures are followed.

Justice Thomas wrote:

For that reason, in future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell. Because any substantive due process decision is “demonstrably erroneous,” Ramos v. Louisiana…(THOMAS, J., concurring in judgment)…we have a duty to “correct the error” established in those precedents, Gamble v. United States…(2019) (THOMAS, J., concurring)….After overruling these demonstrably erroneous decisions, the question would remain whether other constitutional provisions guarantee the myriad rights that our substantive due process cases have generated.

Justice Thomas previously made similar arguments. In October 2020, Thomas and fellow conservative Justice Samuel Alito urged the Supreme Court to “fix” its ruling in Obergefell.

Justice Thomas wrote,

It would be one thing if recognition for same-sex marriage had been debated and adopted through the democratic process, with the people deciding not to provide statutory protections for religious liberty under state law. But it is quite another when the Court forces that choice upon society through its creation of atextual constitutional rights and its ungenerous interpretation of the Free Exercise Clause, leaving those with religious objections in the lurch.

The Bottom Line

The dual issues of sodomy and gay marriage have impacted our culture, society and our children and grand children.

Since Obergefell v. Hodges  and Lawrence v. Texas were decided we have witnessed a juggernaut of efforts to normalize the unscientific premises that gay marriage and sodomy are  normal. That traditional marriage between one man and one woman and their biological children, the bedrock of all cultures, is abnormal.

These dual myths are being promoted from the school house to the White House. 

In our September 16th, 2017 column “Perverts, pedophiles and pederasts in high offices” we reported:

Daily Americans are bombarded with negative news about political and religious leaders who have fallen from grace. This has led to a loss of confidence in not only these individuals but the institutions, political parties and churches through which they used their positions of trust to abuse underage children.

Our title includes three distinct classes of abusers. A pervert is, “a person whose sexual behavior is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable.” This category includes both heterosexual and homosexual men and women. A pedophile is, “a person who is sexually attracted to children.” A pederast is, “a man who indulges in pederasty (sexual activity involving a man and a boy).” All pederasts are by definition homosexuals.

We have reported on efforts by groups such as B4U-ACT and the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) to indoctrinate our children into believing that sex with men by children is not only normal but encouraged (watch the below video for a history of these two groups).

We must do the right thing and focus now on overturning Obergefell v. Hodges as well as Lawrence v. Texas.

In 2017 we warned, “There are many who fear being labeled bigots, homophobic or intolerant for telling the truth about these perverts, pedophiles and pederasts.

Today we see parents who object teachers teaching about sex and gender in public schools, sexuality and homosexuality in public school classrooms, pornographic books in public school media centers and the grooming of children in public schools labeled terrorist by the Department of Justice.

The myths of diversity, inclusion and equity are destroying the traditional family and Western Civilization. It’s time that pro-family and pro-life groups join together to attack those two social evils: gay marriage and sodomy.

It’s time to tell the truth and empower parents and the democratic process to weed out these myths that have destroyed so many lives and families.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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Toronto’s Largest School Board to Drop Auditions, Aptitude Requirements for Specialized Programs in the Name of Equity

Unsurprisingly, the move was first proposed by the board’s Enhancing Equity Task Force.

“The year was 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.”

Thus begins Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s famous short story Harrison Bergeron. The satire story paints the picture of a dystopian future where absolute equality has been achieved thanks to various handicapping devices that force all the smart, good-looking, and talented people down to the same intellect, looks, and skills as everyone else. The rationale, of course, is that it wouldn’t be fair to let them get ahead because of their privilege while others are left behind.

The story has enduring appeal because it asks a question that strikes at the heart of our culture, namely, how much are we willing to sacrifice excellence in the name of equality? Should those who are endowed with more privilege or talent be allowed to reach their potential, even if it means others have fewer opportunities, or should those who are less gifted be given an equal chance at success, even if it means holding the gifted back?

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) seems to have chosen the latter approach. In May, the board’s Trustees voted to approve the Student Interest Programs Policy, which will change the way students are admitted into specialized arts, athletics, and STEM programs. Currently, admission into most of these programs is based on various “assessments of ability” such as auditions, portfolios, and report card marks. But starting in September 2023, these assessments will be scrapped and replaced with a random selection from students who express interest in the programs. In short, equality will take precedence over excellence.

“It is our responsibility to take action to improve access for all students where we identify systemic barriers,” said Alexander Brown, Chair of the TDSB. “This new policy will ensure a greater number of students have access to these high quality programs and schools while reducing barriers that have long-prevented many students from even applying.”

Unsurprisingly, the move was first proposed by the board’s Enhancing Equity Task Force.

“The idea that your child entered one of these programs because of his talent, which he had the privilege of cultivating, I don’t think is appropriate in a public school system,” said Trustee Robin Pilkey. “We need to make sure people have access to all programs.”

To paraphrase, “it wouldn’t be fair to let them get ahead because of their privilege.” Sound familiar?

Many students, teachers, and parents who are involved with the specialized programs are concerned that this change will lower the quality of the programs. A small protest was held in mid-May, and hundreds of students walked out of class to attend.

“It’s going to water down the program and it’s just going to blend into nothingness,” said Essien Udokang, a parent whose son is in an arts program.

He’s also concerned that the new policy will leave behind talented kids from underprivileged backgrounds who would otherwise have a chance to prove themselves.

“Folks like me, who can afford it, we’ll just put our kids in private school or pay thousands of dollars a month for private lessons instead of wasting their time in a program like this. If there are students who have capability and through lottery don’t get picked…I think those will be the most hard done by. Because they will have talent that could have been cultivated through a high quality of teaching, instruction and opportunity, but now they would have just been randomly selected out of the process. But they can’t pay for private lessons.”

The whole debate over these programs hits close to home for me. I attended one of these specialized arts schools from grade 4 to 8, and another one from grade 9 to 12. For nine years, these programs were my life, and they helped me get through the otherwise tedious system that is government schooling.

Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that removing audition requirements will be absolutely devastating for these programs. We had nearly professional-level productions at my high school and some fairly high-profile gigs. But without auditions, that all changes.

Kids who have less aptitude will get into these programs while kids with more aptitude will be left out. The efforts of the teachers, many of whom are specialists in their respective fields, will be wasted on those who simply don’t have the capabilities to really succeed. Meanwhile, many of those who do have the capabilities to succeed will be stuck in “normal school,” where it will be much harder to cultivate their skills.

The result is that teachers in these programs will be forced to teach to the lowest common denominator. The gifted kids that manage to make it in will get bored and won’t come close to reaching their potential.

In some ways, this story reminds me of a scene from The Incredibles. In the scene, Bob and Helen get into an argument over whether to let their speedster son Dash compete in sports.

Helen: I can’t believe you don’t want to go to your own son’s graduation.

Bob: It’s not a graduation. He is moving from the fourth grade to the fifth grade.

Helen: It’s a ceremony.

Bob: It’s psychotic. They keep creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity, but if someone is genuinely exceptional then they…

Helen: This is not about you Bob. This is about Dash.

Bob: You want to do something for Dash? Then let him actually compete. Let him go out for sports!

Helen: I will not be made the enemy here. You know why we can’t do that.

Bob: Because he’d be great!

Helen: This is NOT ABOUT YOU!

Dash clearly has outstanding abilities. And Bob’s right, he would be great if he were allowed to compete. Now, we may not have super heroes in our world, but we do have many kids who, like Dash, are genuinely exceptional.

The question we need to ask ourselves, then, is how should we deal with the Dashes of the world? Do we tell them to hide the parts of them that are “incredible” because flexing their ability would be unfair to others? Do we give them a random chance at a specialized program, one that likely won’t push them because the coaches will have to constantly attend to the slower kids? Or do we set up programs that cater to those with exceptional abilities so that their talents can be fostered and their skills developed?

The answer seems obvious to me.

There’s a reason why admission to medical school is reserved for the top students. It’s the same reason why the best ballet schools only accept the best dancers, and why the best hockey teams only accept the best hockey players. Simply put, they recognize that admission based on merit is the only way to foster excellence. Filling our top institutions with amateurs is a recipe for society-wide mediocrity.

The only way to achieve excellence as a society is to allow the best to rise to the top of their respective fields, regardless of whatever good fortune may have helped them get there. And if that means tolerating a certain degree of inequality along the way, then maybe that’s worth it.

After all, the alternative is a dystopian nightmare.

This article was adapted from an issue of the FEE Daily email newsletter. Click here to sign up and get free-market news and analysis like this in your inbox every weekday.


Patrick Carroll

Patrick Carroll has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and is an Editorial Fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education.

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EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Education Is the State’s Greatest Tool for Propaganda

“It is not difficult to deprive the great majority of independent thought.”

In chapter 10 of The Road to Serfdom, Hayek describes how some of the worst people always end up rising to the top of the political heap. Continuing to touch on this theme in the eleventh chapter, Hayek digs even deeper and discusses the control of information and the very basis of truth in a planned society.

In a society where totalitarianism reigns, truth is found not in objective principles, but in a government’s desired ends. Once these ends have been established, all other forms of information are tailored to reinforce that “truth.” Reason is henceforth thrown out the window and the state’s version of truth is beyond contestation. As George Orwell wrote:

Nazi theory indeed specifically denies that such a thing as “the truth” exists. … The implied objective of this line of thought is a nightmare world in which the Leader, or some ruling clique, controls not only the future but the past. If the Leader says of such and such an event, “It never happened”—well, it never happened. If he says that two and two are five—well, two and two are five. This prospect frightens me much more than bombs.

But this on its own is not enough to sway entire nations. Instead of the people merely accepting these “truths,” it is important that the state convince them that these truths are their own. When individuals begin to tie their interests to the state’s interests, a terrifying unity occurs, the likes of which can be seen in almost every deceptive dictatorship throughout history.

As Hayek says:

The most effective way of making everybody serve the single system of ends toward which the social plan is directed is to make everybody believe in those ends. To make a totalitarian system function efficiently, it is not enough that everybody should be forced to work for the same ends. It is essential that the people should come to regard them as their own ends.”

In order to do this, all propaganda is orchestrated to reinforce these ends in order to push individuals in the desired direction. Common themes and slogans are repeated over and over again in order to beat these goals into the minds of the people. Anything contrary to the end goal must be squashed immediately. Anyone speaking out against them must also be destroyed in the name of national security. As Hayek says, “But the minority who will retain an inclination to criticize must also be silenced.”

And while most people associate propaganda with political posters and multimedia, there is no greater tool for propaganda than a nation’s education system.

State-Controlled Education

No matter how intelligent an individual may be, almost every person is susceptible to propaganda. This is because, in many instances, most are unaware that they are falling prey to it. It seeps into our lives through all forms of entertainment but most especially through state-sponsored education.

In Nazi Germany, indoctrinating the youth was one of the easiest ways to ensure the fervent support of future generations. Adolf Hitler himself said, “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” Children were forced into youth groups where their role in the Third Reich was reinforced continually. Germany even tailored toys, games, and books towards the desired ends of the Reich, ensuring that children would believe whatever they wanted them to believe.

Hayek writes:

If all the sources of current information are effectively under one single control, it is no longer a question of merely persuading the people of this or that. The skillful propagandist then has power to mold their minds in any direction he chooses, and even the most intelligent and independent people cannot entirely escape that influence if they are long isolated from all other sources of information.”

And this was the aim of the Third Reich. If the German people were to not only accept but condone the acts of their government, there was no better way to do it than to teach them young, and lead them to believe that this has always been the case.

Touching on this, Hayek says:

The most effective way of making people accept the validity of the values they are to serve is to persuade them that they are really the same as those which they, or at least the best among them, have always held, but which were not properly understood or recognized before.”

Or, to pull from Orwellian speak, the goal is to make these children believe that “we have always been at war with Eastasia.”

But this deliberate molding of minds does not only occur in young students. In fact, once these children’s minds have been sufficiently indoctrinated, they are passed off to institutions of higher education where a belief in intellectual elitism is then instilled.

The Educated Elite

Trained to learn by rote methods rather than critical thinking, young adults, eager to assert their independence, were thrown into colleges and universities and told that they are now part of the intellectual elite. But from this comes the dangerous tendency to stop questioning the information that is presented to you. After all, your professors are highly regarded for their intellect. Why would they steer you in the wrong direction?

But when these professors begin to present state opinion as unquestioned truth, this is where the real problems arise.

The field of eugenics, for example, was once taught as if it were doctrinal truth. If racial superiority could be “scientifically” proven, or, rather, if the state could assert that this was fact, then questioning this doctrine became heresy.

As Hayek says:

The need for such official doctrines as an instrument of directing and rallying the efforts of the people has been clearly foreseen by the various theoreticians of the totalitarian system. Plato’s “noble lies” and Sorel’s “myths” serve the same purpose as the racial doctrine of the Nazis or the theory of the corporative state of Mussolini. They are all necessarily based on particular views about facts which are then elaborated into scientific theories in order to justify a preconceived opinion.”

And, as has been seen throughout history, once a theory becomes part of the scientific narrative, it contributes to the direction of all societal ends. Hayek comments on this saying, “Thus a pseudoscientific theory becomes part of the official creed which to a greater or lesser degree directs everybody’s action.” While the eugenics example may seem rather extreme, it was very applicable to the time that Hayek was writing.

And while it is not easy in hindsight to understand how an entire population could fall for theories this callous, Hayek reminds us, “It is not difficult to deprive the great majority of independent thought.”

It may be easy to cast blame on the media and the entertainment industry for being natural propaganda machines, but history tells a different story. As we have now seen, state-controlled education is one of the worst and most effective propaganda tools that has ever existed.


Brittany Hunter

Brittany is a writer for the Pacific Legal Foundation. She is a co-host of “The Way The World Works,” a Tuttle Twins podcast for families.

EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.