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Common Core: Obama 2015 campaigns against Obama 2007

On October 24, 2015, the Obama administration condemned “over-testing” in schools. It called for a cap on testing, limiting it to two percent of a child’s class time.  It called on Congress to enact this cap and on teachers to “step back and make tests less onerous and more purposeful.”  This accompanied the release of […]


The Legacy of Arne Duncan: Common Core and So Much More! (Part 1)

Much has been written about Arne Duncan’s surprise announcement on October 2 that he would be leaving his post as Secretary of Education.  A longtime friend of Barack Obama from Chicago, Duncan has also been the longest-serving member of the Obama Cabinet. Duncan’s announcement came only days after a glowing profile in Politico described Duncan’s […]


Huckabee Hucksterism on Common Core?

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee surprised many conservatives by sending a mailing asking them to “Endorse Mike’s Pledge to Kill Common Core.”  It reads, “I, Mike Huckabee, pledge allegiance to God, the Constitution, and the citizens of the United States: As President I will fight to kill Common Core and restore common sense.  Education is a […]


Washington Post Editorial Board Supports Jeb Bush in His Common Core Quandary

On August 17, 2015, the Washington Post editorial board wrote a piece in which it “did not blame Mr. [Jeb] Bush from shying away from the term [Common Core].” Bush has his political career on his mind, and using the term “Common Core” is “poison” to that career. So, Bush is using a carefully-crafted Common-Core euphemism, saying that […]


A Funders’ Guide to the Common Core State Standards

In fall 2012, three philanthropic mega-organizations, Education Funder Strategy Group, Grantmakers for Education, and Growth Philanthropy Network, united to form the Common Core Funders Working Group (CCFWG). The goal of this mega-mega philanthropic machine is to cement Common Core into American public education. Here is a description of the purpose of CCFWG as noted in December 2013: Recognizing the unique […]


Common Core is Creeping into Everything

Common Core is spreading like a plague.  It’s entering pre-school, college, downloaded lesson plans, and even vacation Bible school.  And it’s disguised in the Orwellian Every Child Achieves Act, which is now in committee. Toddler Common Core In Connecticut, preschools have adopted Common Core for children ages 3 to 5.  According to the Bristol Press, […]


Arizona: Criticize Common Core and Dept. of Ed. Official Might Call You a “F***tard”

In September 2013, the Arizona Daily Star noted that then-Governor Jan Brewer “ordered state agencies to stop using the term ‘Common Core’ when referring to the new education standards, in response to hostility from critics over what they see as a federal intrusion.” The Daily Star article continues: In an executive order, the governor said she was “reaffirming […]


Thomas More Law Center Continues To Fight Against Common Core

Continuing its national battle against the federal government’s attempted takeover of public education, the Thomas More Law Center, last week, filed a friend of the court brief in the Missouri Court of Appeals supporting a lower court decision that held the State’s participation and membership in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (“SBAC”) is illegal and […]


New York Algebra Teacher Writes Parents about the “Serious Disservice” of Common Core Tests

The following text is from an email that New York parent Scott Strong received from his twins’ eighth-grade teacher. It concerns the Pearson-crafted, allegedly Common-Core-aligned algebra exam administered in New York in 2015. (New York continues to be listed as a “PARCC state,” but New York has not yet administered the Pearson-PARCC exams.) In the […]


Lawsuit Challenges the Constitutionality of Common Core in North Dakota

Responding to the concerns of parents and teachers over the Common Core State Standards and the Federal government’s control of curriculum nationwide, the Thomas More Law Center announced today that it has joined in filing a lawsuit against North Dakota’s governor, state superintendent and other state officials.  The lawsuit claims that North Dakota’s participation in […]


Transforming Education Beyond Common Core: Games for Muslim Appreciation, Emotional Intelligence, Diversity and Masterbation

Gaming holds huge money-making potential for crony capitalists as they seek to capture an $8 billion-textbook publishing industry and transform all textbooks into video game format. For the U.S. Department of Education and progressive educators gaming promises to end “achievement gaps” and to transform students into social change agents. Games of challenge involving fighting, racing, […]