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Biden Regime Releases LGBTQ Toolkit Encouraging Schools To Support Student ‘Sexuality’ Clubs

The pedo party is sick, sick, sick. And our children are the prey for these predators. Photo: Graphic created for CDC, LGBT+ Pride inclusivity for use at pride parades. Biden Admin Releases LGBTQ Toolkit Encouraging Schools To Support Student ‘Sexuality’ Clubs By REAGAN REESE The Department of Education (ED) released an LGBTQ toolkit in June for schools […]


‘Education Crisis’: Scores of Maryland Schools Have No Students Proficient In Math But Court Mandates LGBTQIA+ Curriculum, No Opting Out

On Thursday, a Maryland district court sent a clear message to parents at Montgomery County Public Schools: you don’t get a say in what your kids read at school. Or more specifically, as the court concluded, a parent’s right to opt out of a public school curriculum that “conflicts with their religious views is not […]


Target’s Sales Crumble For The First Time In Years Amid Backlash Over LGBT Kid Merchandise

Target reported Wednesday that it was lowering its sales and profit expectations for the rest of the year, with the company having faced conservative backlash earlier in the quarter over the release of LGBT products for kids, according to Target’s second quarter earnings report. Target lowered its sales and profit expectations for the rest of […]


‘Bud Light Them’: Skittles Sparks Outrage After Strange Pro-LGBTQ Packaging

We’ve got another Bud Light on our hands, ladies and gents! After putting out some strange pro-LGBTQ packaging, Skittles is getting blasted with lash back from Americans who have now turned sour on the candy. In fact, they’re now gloriously calling for a Bud Light-style boycott on the rainbow brand. Skittles’ parent company, the Wrigley Company […]


Los Angeles Schools Create Sex Clubs In Elementary School to Indoctrinate Children Into LGBTQ

SICK AND EVIL! ‘LGBTQ+ Liberation’: Los Angeles Schools Create Guide For Elementary ‘Rainbow Clubs’ By  Spencer Lindquist • Aug 9, 2023  • The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) created a guide to organizing “Rainbow Clubs” for elementary school students, which included lessons on “LGBTQ+ liberation,” activism, and “protest art.” The district explains in a document that the groups are “for […]


Rev. Al: DeSantis ‘Saying We Should Erase’ Blacks and LGBTQ Folks

Tuesday on Deadline, MSNBC host and lifelong race hustler Al Sharpton claimed ludicrously that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) had said “we should erase” black and LGBTQ people. Sharpton said, “When we look at the president and vice president, they stood there today with the survivor of the Till family, talking at that very moment in Florida, you have […]


Newsom Imposes $1.5M Fine on California School District for Rejecting Textbook Discussing LGBT Activism

On Thursday, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) announced that he would be levying a $1.5 million fine on the Temecula Valley Unified School District (TVUSD) over the school board’s recent decision to reject a state-endorsed textbook intended for elementary schoolchildren that discusses the infamous gay rights activist Harvey Milk. “We’re going to purchase the book for these […]


Jordanian State Daily ‘Al-Rai’: We Must Protect Our Children From Disney’s Pro-LGBT Propaganda

In a column headlined “The Children Are In Grave Danger” in the Jordanian state daily Al-Rai, Sarah Taleb Al-Souhail, a Jordanian writer of Iraqi origin, called to protect children from the pro-LGBT+ agenda which she said is embedded these days in movies and games. Al-Souhail accused Disney and Netflix of deliberately spreading this content in […]


Thousands Of U.S. United Methodist Congregations Split From Denomination Over LGBTQ Issues

The United Methodist Church, the second-largest Protestant denomination in the nation, has granted permission to more than 6,000 congregations to split from the denomination over the past few years due to long-standing theological and LGBT-related issues, according to the Associated Press. About 6,182 congregations, one-fifth of the U.S. total, have received approval to disassociate from […]


Weaponized HHS Takes LGBT Agenda on ‘Offense’

Biden’s Health Department is being weaponized to promote homosexuality and the transgender agenda. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra launched the department’s “Pride Summit” on Monday, stressing the importance of normalizing the LGBT agenda. He quipped, “Supporting the LGBTQI+ community is a top priority for me and HHS. Equity runs at the heart of every […]


The Left Can Have Islam or LGBTQA+. Not Both.

The Democrat coalition is falling apart. Regenbogen, Vienna’s ‘rainbow’ gay pride parade, began with the announcement that three Muslim teenagers with roots in Bosnia and Chechnya, were arrested for planning an attack using axes and knives. The alleged Muslim terrorists were reportedly supporters of ISIS. Dominik Nepp, the leader of Austria’s conservative Freedom Party, blasted a […]


New York City LGBT Activists Chant ‘We’re Coming For Your Kids’

Activists at a New York City drag march Friday can be heard chanting, “We’re coming for your children,” in videos of the event. “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children,” the activists shouted as they marched. The marchers convened at Tompkins Square Park and made their way through the East Village before stopping […]


Why the LGBT+ community is especially vulnerable to sexual exploitation

Intersections of Vulnerability in the LGBT Community (+Resources).  He was only 14, but he was alone. After coming out about his sexual orientation to his family, his stepfather had beaten him and threw him out on the street. His stomach in knots of fear, the young boy walked into a shelter for the first time. […]


‘Really Bad Science’: Biden Admin Admits LGBT Lifestyle Produces Worse Mental Health and Addiction

Americans who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual are far more likely to suffer from major depression, abuse illegal drugs, and are up to six times as likely to attempt suicide, according to a new report from the Biden administration. Although the report admits it cannot “explain the reasons” for these differences, it opens by […]


Biden State Dept. Engaging in ‘Ideological Colonialism’ with Worldwide LGBT Agenda: Report

President Joe Biden ramped up his LGBT advocacy this week with the largest celebration of Pride Month in White House history. Biden reiterated his unabashed support of the LGBT community, stating the community brings “hope and light” to society, and that its members “set an example for the nation and, quite frankly, for the world.” According to a new Family […]