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Jones: Dems Failed to See Voters Deal with Inflation Every Day, Not Abortion or Democracy

Monday on CNN Newsroom, political commentator Van Jones stated that Democrats failed to see how much inflation mattered for working-class voters and pointed out that people do have to deal with inflation every day, while they don’t have to deal with abortion or voting every single day. Jones said, “I think there was this kind of fool’s gold, […]


New Poll Smothers Dems’ Hopes That Abortion Can Thwart A Red Wave

Abortion is not a top priority for female voters and most women support abortion limits that would have been considered unconstitutional under the Roe v. Wade precedent, a new poll found, dashing Democrats’ hopes of an electoral advantage over abortion. Inflation was about four times as likely to be listed as the most important issue […]


UPDATE: Is the Party of Abortion’s Raphael Gamaliel Warnock a Lying, Two-Faced, Hypocrite?

UDATE: Videos of Walker Warnock debate. Walker’s Opening Statement In Debate Against Warnock “Do Not Bear False Witness Senator, Do Not Bear False Witness” Herschel Walker on How to Start Lowering Prices Herschel Walker dominates Sen. Raphael Warnock on debate stage Exodus 20:2-17 and Deuteronomy 5:6-21: I am the Lord thy God! Thou shalt have no […]


The FBI’s Double Standard on Abortion

“They know who these people are. They’re choosing not to make arrests.” Last month, The Mother and Unborn Baby Care Center, a pregnancy center in Southfield, Michigan, was vandalized causing thousands of dollars in damages. Graffiti left behind reading, “If abortion isn’t safe neither are you, Jane” linked the attack to Jane’s Revenge, a leftist pro-abortion domestic […]


Department of Justice Indicts 11 For Peaceful Protest Outside Abortion Mill

“The most profoundly revolutionary achievement of the United States of America was the subordination of society to moral law. The principle of man’s individual rights represented the extension of morality into the social system—as a limitation on the power of the state, as man’s protection against the brute force of the collective, as the subordination […]


Ohio school district promotes NEA ‘LGBTQ+ resource guide’ with instructions on prostitution, abortion

The idea here seems to be to create an unbridgeable rift between parents and children and render the children weak, pleasure-obsessed, emotionally stunted individuals who are totally dependent upon the state and ripe for conquest. This Ohio School District Is Promoting an ‘LGBTQ+ Resource Guide’ With Instructions on Sex Work, Abortions by Elizabeth Troutman, Washington Free […]


Pro-Abortion Case Just Got Weaker

The case for abortion just got weaker.  How do I know?  Because leading abortion advocates are out there saying the most ridiculous things.  Take Stacey Abrams, for example, the woman who thinks she’s Governor of Georgia.  She claimed in a video that surfaced last week that, “There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks.”  […]


Scientists and Doctors are Talking Through Their Hats on Abortion

Many of the world’s leading journals are condemning the US Supreme Court’s decision to scrap Roe v. Wade. On June 24 the US Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade and declared that there was no right to abortion in the American Constitution. Ever since, the world’s leading scientific and medical journals have been campaigning not just against […]


Abortion, the Workplace, and Life

John Grondelski: Employers are beginning to offer paid abortions and even out-of-state transportation to have them. It’s about cash not compassion. As Catholics in the United States mark Labor Day, two key elements of Catholic social thought deserve our attention: the intersection between the right to life and work. Until now, the abortion debate has largely […]


Report Confirms Most Abortions Done for Birth Control, Just .7% for Rape and Incest

“In 2021, by far the most common reason given was that the woman ‘[did] not want children at this time.’” — Sarah Terzo, We have long reported that abortions are done to correct an error “named pregnant” and not because of rape or incest. We have interviewed women who committed adultery or just take […]


Abortion and the Soul of a Nation

The founder of Planned Parenthood envisioned a world with no “tradition” or “moral taboos.” Everyone from Biden to the media seized on the story of a 10-year-old girl’s abortion to defend the practice. They didn’t want to talk about the ugly details. And with good reason. The girl, actually only 9, had been raped by […]


BOYCOTT: Major Companies Providing Travel Expenses for Employees Seeking Abortions

Consider BOYCOTTING them — how WOKE can they go! These are the states where abortion rights are still protected after Roe v. Wade Here are some of the prominent companies offering expanded assistance to staff in states curtailing abortion care. These US companies will cover travel costs for employees who need an abortion Microsoft Microsoft (MSFT) extended […]


No Safe Space: Chemical Abortion and Trafficked Daughters

“My strategy was to be unseen. I became numb. Most abuse victims don’t know they are victims. We just know that this is life.” — Darlene, survivor Darlene was 13 when she was first molested. To this day, she remembers running and hiding under the bed, desperate to disappear. “It just sort of flipped a […]