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Common Core: Into the Bowels of the Beast

This week, Once again, several grassroots activists fighting to restore local control and to bring common sense not common core to education, headed off for the long drive to Tallahassee.  Bob Root, of American Patriot News hosted us from the outskirts of the city and we helped put his excellent papers together for distribution. We […]


Florida: Bill introduced to reduce Common Core mandated testing — But does it?

Florida State Senator John Legg has presented a new bill February 2, 2015 with much fanfare, Education Accountability – SB 616. Like most other efforts by those who created the problem, this one creates more questions than answers.  His bill attempts to solve the problem of too much testing by simply demanding that schools should limit […]


Obama’s ‘Free’ Community Colleges Power Grab: Imposing Common Core on Higher Education?

Quite obviously, the plan is a political move, one more attempt to gain Democratic voters through “free” programs. It is also a power grab, a way to get the public used to the idea of another federal program to which states answer, and as a way to further impose Common Core on college.  If someone wanted […]


Florida Common Core: 2015 Legislative Session Update

BREAKING NEWS! There is a bill in bill drafting to solve Florida’s education issues. Here are the details. Issue 1: Standards – What they are learning. The Commissioner will select several of the best standards from pre 2009 for the local districts to select. The Commissioner will select these standards for English and math are free and not […]


ACTION ALERT: Common Core and High Stakes Testing Smoking Gun Information

Here’s important information I heard in the Florida State Senate Pre K-12 Education Committee hearing I attended in Tallahassee January 7, 2015.  At hour 1:15, after Commissioner Pam Stewart’s presentation, Senator Gaetz said this: “Here’s what I’ve learned today” “We don’t know how much time is consumed by Statewide Assessments.” “We don’t know how much money […]


Florida Common Core: If you’re not catching flak you’re not over the target!

It is often said, If you’re not catching flak you’re not over the target, so we must be mighty close in our battle against Common Core. Jeb Bush decided he’s had quite enough, and has “lost patience” with Common Core opponents, he said in a December 2nd article.  What he means is we should stop upsetting […]


Eighteen Essay book ‘Common Ground on Common Core’ released

Resounding Books today officially announced publication of Common Ground on Common Core: Voices from across the Political Spectrum Expose the Realities of the Common Core State Standards. The 18-essay volume uniquely gathers 20 top education experts and activists. The authors hold widely varied political and ideological viewpoints, yet they stand firmly united against the Common […]


No More Common Core Video: Another Brick in The Wall!

Christel Swasey writes, “This music video, written by Ohio’s Anti Common Core Club, rewritten to the tune of Pink Floyd’s Brick in the Wall, is sure to be a hit nationwide.  Thanks, Ohio.” A music video project by the Anti-Common Core Club made possible by Matthew Goforth and Frank Yanno. EDITORS NOTE: Please Support the […]


Scary News about Common Core Education

Irony Alert, Grit, True Grit, Academic Politboro Punishing Bill Maher.  The release of the Department of Education report “Promoting Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance: Critical Factors for Success in the 21st Century” in 2013 seems to have had a residual effect.  The report claimed that strictly academic factors were not as important as certain personality traits, […]


Common Core Architect David Coleman’s Imperial College Board

What happens when a school board decides not to implement the new AP U.S. History standards wholesale and insist that such courses not present a distorted anti-American version of history?  Common Core is creeping into college, taking over the rightful role of professors, as I report at the Selous Foundation, in my article, “Common Core: K-16 Education.”  […]


Common Core: Victim to the “Well Meaning Technocrats”?

What now for the Common Core? That is the question that the three hoping to Save the Core asked on the October 22, 2014, AEI panel. Of course, their answers completely gloss over the fact that the Common Core (CCSS) is a bureaucratic attempt to frankenstein “success by standardization” out of a failed, high-stakes-test-driven No Child […]


A Revelation Regarding the Common Core Sale: Evidence is needed.

On October 22, 2014, the corporate-reform-friendly think tank, American Enterprise Institute (AEI), hosted a panel discussion entitled, What Now for the Common Core? Below is the description of the panel participants and the *implementation-focused* conclusion is actually what should have happened before the Common Core (CCSS) was adopted by any state and certainly before CCSS was ever proclaimed […]


Common Core Opponents Endorse Governor Rick Scott — Blame Crist for Common Core in Florida

Florida parents and grassroots organizations leading the opposition to the adoption of the controversial Common Core education standards have endorsed the reelection of Governor Rick Scott in a public letter. “On November 4th an important choice will be made by Floridians that will have implications for years to come. That choice is clear. It was Charlie Crist […]


VIDEO: Common Core parallels Obamacare — Designed to end Home schooling

The forced top down system called Obamacare is no different from the forced top down system of Common Core. Some are even calling Common Core by a new name – Obamacore. The linkages between Obamacare and Obamacore are presented including the use of Obamacare by public schools to gain access into the lives of parents […]