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Violence lies behind the Burqa

In February 2012, we posted on the arrest of an Iraqi émigré family in Phoenix for an attempted honor killing of their daughter: Honor shame incidents appear to be of near epidemic proportions among Iraqi Muslim immigrants in Phoenix. As we noted in our earlier post, an Iraqi Muslim immigrant father had run down and killed his daughter […]


US & UK Create New State of Kidnapistan in Southern Syria

The USSA and her subsidiary, the United Socialist Kingdom, have formed a new state in territory formerly held by the reactionary imperialist regime of Syria, which will henceforth be known as the Islamic Socialist Republic of Kidnapistan. Once the Jihadi Salafists were categorized as a minority group in Syria, they immediately became eligible for special protection, similar […]


FBI arrests Kansas jihadist Terry Loewen

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback at a press conference in Wichita, Kansas today with US Attorney Bill Grissom  lauded  FBI and Kansas law enforcement saying “in the ongoing war on terrorism, the good guys won one today”.  He was referring to the culmination of a six month investigation by the FBI that led to the arrest today of […]


Exclusive: International Security Special from the United Kingdom, Israel and the Netherlands

[youtube][/youtube] TrentoVision Exclusive: A unique international security special direct from England, Israel and Holland as three frontline activists from these Western countries update The United West about the threat of Islamic Jihad overseas. The three activists are: Paul Weston (UK), Barry Shaw (Israel), Matthys (Netherlands).


FBI raids yet another Gulen School

Christopher Holton writes  in Louisiana Hayride about an FBI raid about the Kenilworth Science and Technology Charter School in Baton Rouge , “Now Maybe They Will Pay Attention To The Gulen School”. He writes about this latest episode in an effort to rein in the expansion of Gulen charter schools in Louisiana: Wednesday afternoon the story broke […]


Norman Podhoretz: Strike Iran Now to Avert Disaster Later

The following is an essay by Norman Podhoretz who zero’s in on the real problem. If Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons sooner or later there will be a nuclear war. The question that must be decided is will a nuclear war later be less destructive than a conventional military strike against Iran before […]


A Thought Experiment: Role Playing as Israeli PM

Fred Leder, from Fairfield, Connecticut issued a challenge for me to respond to a thought experiment.  He asked that I play  the role  of  Israel’s Prime Minister confronted with a deepening divide with the Obama Administration over the latter’s engagement with nuclear Iran and simultaneously endeavoring to  facilitate a final status  agreement resolving the dilemma […]


Iran is Now Obama’s BFF

News about events in Syria took a nosedive the moment the Russians stepped in to take on the job of destroying Bashar Assad’s arsenal of poison gas. It’s not as if Syrians aren’t still dying. One of the few reliable journalistic enterprises, The Wall Street Journal, put Syria on its front page on December 3. […]


Secretary Kerry in Jerusalem to Brief Netanyahu on Iran Nuclear and Palestinian Security

Secretary of State Kerry with Israeli PM Netanyahu, Jerusalem December 5, 2013,  Source: AP Photo Ever the optimistic diplomat for the floundering Obama Administration, John Kerry, the seemingly indefatigable US Secretary of State, is in Jerusalem today for meetings with Israeli PM Netanyahu and later with PA President Abbas. Kerry has been on a whirl-a […]


Outrage! Iran Imprisons Three Americans while US releases Iranian Nuclear Scientist and Others

Robert Levinson, 2011,  Former FBI agent imprisoned since 2007. Source: Levinson Family Last Wednesday we posted on Florida Congressman Jeff Miller’s AIPAC sponsored briefing at my Pensacola synagogue on Iran’s nuclear threat to Israel and the US, “Congressman Miller of Northwest Florida Supports Increased Sanctions Against Iran”. What was given short shrift in the rush to obtain […]


Violence is Very Human

The “knockout game” is in the news these days along with much discussion of bullying. Football is a game of violence with rules in which players frequently sustain injuries. Terrorism has been adopted to advance the Islamic goal of global domination. And the administration just announced an agreement with Iran in a vain effort to […]


Appeasement in Geneva?

EU Foreign Relations Commissioner Ashton and Iranian Delegation in Geneva on November 24, 2013  with Mike Bates, Jonathan Schanzer and Shoshana Bryen The topsy turvy developments in the Middle East made for high drama on the international and regional stage in the waning months of 2013. Desperate to stave off swooning  domestic poll approval ratings caused […]