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Does the Council on American Islamic Relations Hate White People?

Esmeralda Upton apparently had too much to drink and accosted a group of Indian American women in the parking lot of a restaurant in Plano, Texas. This was captured on cell phone video, with Upton saying, “I hate Indians. Go back to India. We don’t want you here.” She also pushed the women, slapped their cell phones, […]


An Afghan Muslim Refugee Carried Out America’s Worst Islamophobic Killings

Leftists import bigoted killers and blame “Islamophobia.” Diversity is our strength so it couldn’t have been too shocking that an Afghan Muslim refugee was responsible for America’s single worst Islamophobic killing spree. Much as another Afghan, Omar Mateen, brutally carried out the single largest massacre of gay people in America. Americans are generally fairly tolerant […]


JK Rowling Gets Islamic DEATH THREAT Warning Her ‘You Are Next’ After Rushdie Is Stabbed and Mutilated

And still the media and the information police censors, protects the motive – Islam. The would-be killer posts to Twitter while I am banned. They’ve won. JK Rowling gets a death threat from Iran-supporting Islamist extremist telling her ‘you are next’ after she backed stabbed author Salman Rushdie – while his attacker is charged with […]


Media Tries to Report on Salman Rushdie Stabbing Without Mentioning ‘Islam’

Author Salman Rushdie, who was forced to spend a chunk of his life in hiding because his book, The Satanic Verses, offended Islamic religious authorities in Iran who imposed a murder fatwa on him, was stabbed in the neck and had to be airlifted to a hospital when he was attacked on stage.  Author Salman Rushdie, being […]


August 15th, 2022: 926th Anniversary of the 1st Crusade to take Holy Land from Islamic rule…Time to do it Again?

The First Crusade, 15 August 1096 – 12 August 1099, was the first of a series of religious wars, or Crusades, initiated, supported and at times directed by the Latin Church in the medieval period. The objective was the recovery of the Holy Land from Islamic rule. — Wikipedia We have been writing about the […]


Hate crime fizzle in New Mexico: Murderer of Shi’ite Muslims turns out to be a Sunni Muslim, not an ‘Islamophobe’

Biden and Harris were so anxious for some confirmation of the Left’s bogus “Islamophobia” narrative that they condemned these murders as hate crimes before any suspect had been located; they wanted people to think an “Islamophobe” was the murderer no matter what the facts turned out to be. Will Biden and Harris now apologize for […]


The Next Generation of Jihad Suicide Bombers is Being Trained at an Islamic School in Houston, Texas

Americans have gotten very comfortable thinking that 9/11 is in the rearview mirror and that after Afghanistan and Iraq, we’ve done enough and we don’t have to think about it anymore. Islamic terrorist plots keep happening and migration is changing the country’s demographics. Mehmet Oz’s GOP/MAGA Senate nomination in PA has been a political game […]


Muslims Enraged As Muslim Ms. Marvel Turns Out To Be Un-Islamic

This is the kind of thing that happens when you’re so eager to pander that you don’t do adequate homework about the object of your pandering. Marvel has stepped into a minefield, and is likely to explode a few more mines before it gets out. Muslim Ms. Marvel Fans Express Serious Concerns About Kamala’s Power […]


Head of Islamic Child Rape/Trafficking Gang Served as a Council Welfare Rights Officer While Raping Young Girls

Rest assured, this news story will die a quick death. This is what we have been up against for well over a decade. Twenty-plus years later… this has been going on for decades, Muslim gangs sex trafficking upwards of a million non-Muslims British tweens and teens. Anyone who spoke against this unfathomable evil was targeted, […]


Ascendant Islam Means Jihad Is Coming

In my early morning news broadcast, I routinely include stories about the ongoing series of massacres in Africa.  I want Americans to know what happens in countries where Islam is ascendant, so they can decide where Islam belongs in the American scheme of things. Recent stories include Muslim militants killing 142 people in 10 villages across Nigeria, […]


Since the Debut of Disney/Marvel’s Muslim Superhero Kamala Khan, 159,715 People Have Been Murdered for Islam

EDITORS NOTE: See for the jihad body count, day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year, since 2001. The only reason we began to discuss Islam was jihad, and the one thing that Disney/Marvel have completely kept out of their Muslim superhero comic book is jihad, which debuted in 2013. […]


GEICO blundered with invite to Islamist, will it fix the mess?

If anyone has reason to be furious about GEICO’s decision to invite Linda Sarsour to participate in a diversity seminar honoring Middle Eastern and North African Heritage Month for the company’s employees in early April, it’s the company’s corporate owner, Omaha-based Berkshire Hathaway. For a company whose entire raison d’etre is to mitigate risk, GEICO’s selection of […]


Watchdog sues Voice of America for ‘amplifying anti-American and pro-Islamist reporting’

Hating America is de rigueur on the Left these days. Everyone’s doing it. Why shouldn’t the VOA join in? But this rot in the very institutions that should be protecting and defending the nation will one day eat its way all the way through. Exclusive: Watchdog Sues Voice of America News for Alleged Anti-American, Pro-Islamist […]