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The Islamophobia Myth

Is there another people on earth against whom their murder, rape, and torture arouse enmity rather than empathy? There has been an undeniable surge in antisemitism over the last few decades that has far outstripped prejudice against any other minority group. And since Hamas’ horrific terror attack on October 7th and the war that followed, […]


Sadistic Biden Regime Announces ‘Country’s First National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia’ as Muslim Rioters Chant ‘Death to the Jews Across America

Beyond the pale. As Muslims across the country take to the streets in death marches calling for the extermination of the Jews and create a pogrom-like atmosphere on college campuses, the illegitimate regime comes up with this doozy. This after the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust and a breakout of anti-Jewish marches on […]


HIDEOUS: When Asked About Spike in Jew Hatred in America, Biden Again Denounces ‘Islamophobia’

Imagine FDR denouncing Naziophobia when news of the death camps broke. Islamic Jew hatred is an Islamic imperative. It’s a central tenet of Islam. So ….. opposition to Islamic Jew hatred is “islamophobia.” Just for knowing: Based on the FBI’s most recent hate crime statistics, hate crimes against Jews represent over half of religion-related hate crimes, while hate crimes against […]


Biden regime hosts Muslim leaders linked to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood at White House to discuss ‘Islamophobia’

Note first that all the participants shared the same point of view. No one who would tell the truth about “Islamophobia,” that it’s a propaganda term designed to intimidate people into thinking it’s wrong to oppose jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women, was even anywhere close to being invited. Note also that the Biden […]


In Eid message, Biden boasts of ‘inter-agency task force with senior government officials to tackle Islamophobia’

This will mean more crackdowns on the freedom of speech. This is because the term “Islamophobia” is an illegitimate conflation of two distinct phenomena: vigilante attacks against innocent Muslims, which are never justified, and honest analysis of the motivating ideology of jihad terror, which is always necessary. The objective of this conflation is to silence […]


Taxpayer-funded Middle East Studies Centers at U.S. Universities Promote Anti-U.S. Propaganda and ‘Islamophobia’ Myths

It’s good to see the National Association of Scholars acknowledging this and documenting it in detail. Jihad Watch has been warning about and documenting it for years, and as a result has been one of the targets of the scurrilous pro-jihad, pro-Sharia propaganda mills that operate out of these compromised universities today. A whole generation […]


Iran: ‘Standing up for freedom should never be labelled as Islamophobia’

Imagine anyone even thinking this. This is proof of the fact that “Islamophobia” charges are wielded as a weapon to silence criticism of anything Islamic or related to Islam. AUTHOR ROBERT SPENCER RELATED ARTICLES: Iran: Mother of girl killed in protests says her injuries don’t match regime’s claims of how she died Khamenei: ‘These recent […]


U.S. State Department’s Virtual Iran Embassy Quotes Kamala Harris Accusing America of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and More

Maybe Biden’s State Department wonks think that if they echo the repressive and bloodthirsty Iranian regime’s anti-American propaganda, the mullahs will look upon them in kindness and agree to a new Iran deal. Yes, they’re that self-deluded. State Department’s virtual Iran embassy uses Kamala Harris quote to slam US by Callie Patteson, New York Post, February 17, […]


University of Michigan Professor Claims ‘Islamophobia’ Bigger Threat Than Islamic Terrorism

My latest in PJ Media: Juan Cole, a professor at the University of Michigan, proved once again Thursday something that everyone who has been paying attention knows by now: you don’t go to an American university to get an education but to be indoctrinated into Leftist dogma and recruited for Antifa. Cole, who has written a […]


Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Husband Accuses Iranian Dissident of Islamophobia

Rep. Ilhan Omar keeps throwing a nonstop pity party for herself as the bigot who constantly claims to be the victim. Omar is actually powerful and privileged and has risen to a position of power in the country she makes no secret of hating. Meanwhile, Masih Alinejad is an actual dissident. Alinejad lives in exile and has been […]


Coalition of Orthodox Rabbis says charges of ‘Islamophobia’ against Jewish groups are ‘Antisemitic’

Let’s hope that this important declaration that charges of “Islamophobia” against Jewish groups are “antisemitic” by the coalition of Orthodox Rabbis has far-reaching effects. Islamic blasphemy principles, which slap the label of “Islamophobia” on anyone who criticizes Islam in any way, not only go against the principles of free societies, but also promote anti-Semitism and […]


TAKE ACTION TO STOP: ‘Combating International Islamophobia Act’ That Empowers Sharia Law & Outlaws Criticism of Islam

Democrat House Members unanimously voted to empower the Sharia law edict that prohibits criticism of Islam. Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar sponsored the legislation. Click here to send your email to encourage US Senate leaders and members of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations to oppose the Combating International Islamophobia Act S3384. To see this […]


Ilhan Omar’s Bill to Combat ‘Islamophobia’ Passes the House

Ilhan Omar’s bill requiring the State Department to combat “Islamophobia” has passed. Omar would like us to believe that “Islamophobia” is as much a threat around the world as antisemitism, and she wants the federal government to monitor, to report on, and to fight the spread of this “hatred.” A report on the bill she has […]


Ilhan Omar Bill to Require State Department to Monitor ‘Islamophobia’ Moves Forward

A spurious concept designed to inhibit criticism of jihad terror could soon be funded by your tax dollars. My latest in FrontPage: Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Mogadishu) and Jan Schakowsky (D-Lightfootland) have determined to take action against “Islamophobia,” and their initiative is gaining traction. The House Foreign Affairs Committee on Friday approved their bill calling for a State Department “Islamophobia […]