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Trump under attack by 187 organizations directly funded by George Soros

There have been many articles written about George Soros and his collectivist activism. Soros is a business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and author who is of Jewish-Hungarian ancestry and holds dual citizenship. He is chairman of Soros Fund Management. Discover the Networks has published a comprehensive list of organizations funded by Soros and his Open Society Institute. […]


The Dance of the Muslim Stoat

In a January 29, 2016 article for Frontpage Magazine, titled “The Hypnotic Dance of Death,” Russian expatriate Alexander Maistrovoy compares the hypnotic dance of a small Siberian carnivore to the “dance of death” that Islamists use to mesmerize western political leaders. Maistrovoy describes a small Siberian animal, the stoat, which, although tiny by comparison to […]


Streaming Video and Audio Dominate Ad Campaigns

CHICAGO, IL /PRNewswire/ — Streaming video and audio options are heating up for advertising agencies, according to a fourth quarter survey conducted by STRATA, the leader in media buying and selling software. The survey found that three-quarters of agencies are more interested in streaming video than a year ago, and over half are more interested streaming […]


GOP Establishment Loves Losers

The great divide of the GOP electorate started all the way back in 1992, when Republican Pat Buchanan and political outsider Ross Perot decided to challenge incumbent George H.W. Bush for the presidency. Bush managed to hang on to the GOP nomination, but Perot was able to take 19% of the vote as an Independent […]


Does Democracy Lead to Socialism? by B.K. Marcus

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has brought “democratic socialism” out of the shadows of fringe ideologies and into the spotlight of mainstream American politics. Nevertheless, many find Sanders’s self-description perplexing. Is socialism seriously still in play? Didn’t the horrors of the 20th century finally bury that ideological monstrosity? No, that’s communism you’re thinking of. To quote the […]


One World Order vs. Natural Born Citizen

As amateur armchair political strategists in the Tea Party debate which GOP candidate would be best for America, who is the most “constitutional” and who would lead our nation away from the One World Order globalization movement to eliminate United States sovereignty and security — many completely ignore the only three words in our Founding […]


VIDEO: Debate Questions on Immigration That Don’t Get Asked

WASHINGTON, D.C. /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — As in previous presidential elections, several recent debates have featured questions posed by non-journalists via YouTube. They weren’t very good. Debates in New Hampshire on February 4th (the Democrats) and Saturday, February 6th (the Republicans). To help journalists and ordinary voters try to extract the actual immigration views of the candidates, the Center for […]


Florida: Palm Beach Gardens Politician violates Term Limits — Seeks 5th Term

In spite of a new voter-approved term limits law that was approved by nearly 80 percent of the vote, 4-term incumbent Vice Mayor David Levy is running for his fifth consecutive election to the Palm Beach Gardens City Council. The 2014 law, which is retroactive, limits council members to two consecutive elections to the council. […]


Obama ordered CIA not to support 2009 Green Movement in Iran

As demonstrations and revolts swept the Muslim world during Obama’s first term, he was enthusiastic. He had encouraging words for the “Arab Spring” demonstrators in Egypt and Tunisia, and even gave military assistance to their Libyan counterparts. During the third and last debate of the 2012 presidential campaign, Mitt Romney and Obama sparred over which […]


Impeachment Resolution Introduced at the RNC

Seven long and disastrous years into the criminal reign over the nation by America’s first dictator, Barack Hussein Obama, five years after Republicans gained control of the House and a year after Republicans seized control of the US Senate, Obama remains in power, on track to destroy the USA and unaccountable for his many crimes… […]


Can Cleveland Roberts III be Trusted to Lead the United Teachers of Dade?

Mr. Cleveland Roberts III has declared his candidacy for the presidency of the United Teachers of Dade as the leader of the Empower U caucus. Upon contemplating the facts and all available evidence of Adobegate, a fair-minded person may conclude that Cleveland Roberts III is not fit to hold elective office within the United Teachers of […]


Trump Has It Right

The fight for global dominion by the greatest evil in history, the radical forces of Islam, has been going on for more than 1200 years.  In 732 AD the Muslim Army, moving to occupy Paris, was defeated by Charles Martell at the Battle of Tours.  Muslims retreated to their own part of the world for […]