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Company Contrast: Christian Brothers Automotive

Each week 2ndVote takes a look at popular companies that either score well or score poorly  and then try to provide alternatives that either better align with the 2ndVote values or should be avoided to the best of your ability. This series is called The Company Contrast, and the company we will be focusing on this week is Christian Brothers Automotive (4.08).

With all the summer festivities amping up, the last thing we want our 2ndVote supporters to worry about is where to take their vehicles for maintenance. Which is why we have picked an automotive company that aligns with our values, and we think it’ll align with yours too! Christian Brothers Automotive is our top recommendation to ensure you have all the fun this summer instead of those pesky car troubles. The automotive company has been running since 1982 and prides themselves on the customer service they continue to provide. The company is led by the Christian principle of “love your neighbor as yourself” – Matthew 22:39. Not only will they ensure your car is handled with care, but they will also give you peace of mind while aligning with your values. Christian Brothers Automotive scores a 4.08 here at 2ndVote, and for good reason. The company donates and partners with organizations that support one of our core values, life. They also show support for fighting the ongoing issue of human trafficking by providing anti-human trafficking organizations with donations. They are an openly Christian organization founded on Christian values. Christian Brothers Automotive cares for you, your vehicles, and your values. Plan your next summer outing with ease knowing this repair shop is right around the corner. Check out our website to find out more information about Christian Brothers Automotive and why they score so well with 2ndVote!

At 2ndVote, we know it can be overwhelming to keep track of day-to-day activities. Especially vehicle maintenance. It is our goal to help you spend your time and hard-earned money where your values are met firsthand. That is why we do not recommend O’Reilly Auto Parts (2.96) to you when you are in need of vehicle maintenance! They  scored low on life, one of our key values.  O’Reilly Auto Parts has made donations to organizations that directly fund or support Planned Parenthood. They have made donations to the United Way, a known organization that also supports common core. Supporting proper education for the future generations is something we value. O’Reilly Auto Parts donation history can be found on our website as well as the research and information behind its score. Our 2ndVote supporters can make a change, reach out to O’Reilly Auto Parts and voice how they can improve their donation patterns!

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Company Contrast: Reagan.com

Each week 2ndVote takes a look at popular companies that either score well or score poorly. We then provide alternatives that either better align with the 2ndVote values, or that should be avoided to the best of your ability. This weekly series is called The Company Contrast, and the company we will be focusing on this week is Reagan.com (3.23).2nd

Privacy on the internet and the security of users and their private data has become a hotter topic than anyone probably ever anticipated at the onset of the internet. Massive tech corporations commodify users as the “product;” frequently scanning, tracking, collecting, and storing user data in order to sell it to advertisers which then build profiles of who they think users are based on their activities and online behaviors. Before anyone ever had a chance to ask whether or not these practices had moral and ethical conflicts, the race for more and more user data was on. Fortunately, companies like Reagan.com recognize this problem and seek to offer a solution. Reagan.com offers users a secure and private email service that they can trust won’t mine their personal data like the large tech companies. It is a paid service, so users will need to weigh that factor when deciding to sign up. But many see it as a small price to pay for their privacy. Additionally, Reagan.com demonstrates conservative values by taking a stance in support of the 2nd Amendment, as well as publishing educational blogs to help users keep their data secure elsewhere on the internet.

On the other hand, email services like Yahoo (Verizon-owned – 1.43) and Gmail (Google-owned – 1.00) are owned and operated by the same Big Tech companies that seek to treat you like a product rather than a customer, and sell your data to the highest bidder for advertisement space. Not to mention that recent trends have shown that big tech companies have no qualms with canceling individual people based on their private emails and documents. Do yourself and your privacy a favor and avoid these services at all costs.

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Company Contrast: Compassion Tea

Each week 2ndVote takes a look at popular companies that either score well or score poorly  and then try to provide alternatives that either better align with the 2ndVote values or should be avoided to the best of your ability. This series is called The Company Contrast, and the company we will be focusing on this week is Compassion Tea Company.

Compassion Tea Company (3.32) was founded in 2011 by members of CompassioNow, a Christian mission organization serving the medical needs of rural Africa. They hold true to their message of faith; “At Compassion Tea Company, we recognize God as our CEO. To Him be the glory in all that we do.” Thank the lord that I had the good fortune to find them before running out to buy another box of middling quality tea from Starbucks (1.73). While it is true that tea is not as popular as coffee in the US, (maybe something to do with our sordid history with the British), you can peruse a selection of both at Hope Coffee where Compassion distributes their tea. Hope Coffee also happens to be a Christian mission organization focusing on charitable works around the world.

Starbucks owns both Tazo Tea (1.00) and Teavana (1.00), two of the biggest names in tea in the US. Both of these brands have an abysmal track record on all 2ndVote issues, from donating to Planned Parenthood to supporting cap-and-trade. Starbucks and its subsidiary brands all have strong support for all the major liberal initiatives, earning them the lowest score possible. Starbucks donates large sums of money to each of these issues in addition to their public stances and company policies. Moving your spending away from these tea brands will have a big impact on how much these players can contribute to the pet projects of the left. There is no reason to forgo or feel guilty about your morning pick-me-up. If instead of bean caffeine you’ve been considering the enlightened choice of leaf energy, Compassion Tea Company Is the best choice for those of faith and a discerning palate. Tea has an amazing history and culture all its own, and followers of Christ are adding their passion for serving the lord to that history. So make a hot cuppa then reach out to Starbucks here and let them know that if they don’t change their ways you’ll switch brands for good.


Jacob Sparrow


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Company Contrast – Navigating the Non-Profits Series: Samaritan’s Purse

Each week 2ndVote takes a look at popular companies that score poorly  and then try to provide alternatives that either better align with your 2ndVote values or should be avoided to the best of your ability. This series is called The Company Contrast – Navigating the Non-Profits, and the organization we will be focusing on this week is Samaritan’s Purse (4.42).

With Charity being a Christian virtue, many 2ndVoters often ask about which nonprofits align with their values, and for updates on some of our known bad actors. One of our most recommended nonprofits, and one of 2ndVotes ally organizations, is Samaritan’s Purse. Since 1970, Samaritan’s Purse has been a staple amongst humanitarian aid organizations, operating in various countries. They also engage in favorable activism themselves. Samaritan’s Purse earns high marks on the issues of Life and Basic Freedoms based on their pro-life beliefs, their donations to permanency resource centers, and their frequent monetary support of other churches. CEO, Franklin Graham’s, public position against gun control also nets them points on the 2nd Amendment. And finally, Samaritan’s Purse regularly supports Christian schools and faith-based education, earning good standing on the issue of Education. So for those that are seeking a worthy cause to support, look no further than Samaritan’s Purse!

On the other hand, organizations like the National Urban League (1.52) serve as prime examples of how nonprofit organizations use their influence and reach to push leftist agendas. Initially devised as a civil rights organization, the National Urban League’s activism often serves different, sometimes entirely opposite purposes. To start, they heavily oppose legislation and proposed RFRA policies that are meant to bolster religious liberty protections for all Americans. Secondly, the National Urban League is a member of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV), which directly opposes 2nd Amendment rights to concealed carry for protection, and actively advocates for the repeal of “Stand Your Ground” laws. Membership with other organizations that support sanctuary cities, as well as their independent support of Common Core standards, earn the National Urban League poor scores on Civil-Safe Society and Education as well. As a result, this nonprofit should be avoided entirely.

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Big Tech Strikes Again – Against Research, Science, and Free Speech

On Saturday, YouTube (1.00) banned a licensed therapist for alleged abuse of gay men, following marching orders from graduates of the extreme leftist Southern Poverty Law Center. The group of radicals issued a report which claimed that helping gay men overcome trauma, anxiety, and other mental health challenges is conversion therapy if it results in them being more sexually attracted to women. In other words, the supposed fluidity of a person’s sexuality is only ok if improved mental health results in them remaining on the LGBT spectrum of umpteen genders.

So YouTube has no problem with people becoming more attracted to people of the same sex, or trying to change their gender. It’s only when gay men say they are more attracted to women that the Thought Police come charging in.

At 2ndVote we take a firm position on YouTube banning a licensed practitioner whose work was favorably featured in a peer-reviewed study in 2021, and whose clients find him – often through Google (1.00) searches and YouTube. We find it offensive when the world’s largest advertising company (which is what Google is all about) takes orders from the White House on censoring American citizens, regardless of the accuracy of their speech. The people seeking unbiased expert insights are informed adults making adult decisions, yet that’s not acceptable to the Big Brother alliance.

The key issues here are:

  • YouTube’s ban came on Saturday, with no warning. Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, the therapist, was not given a chance to appeal the decision. YouTube didn’t ask him about the study, or Nicolosi’s opposition to conversion therapy, or powerful anecdotes from clients.
  • Planned Parenthood (1.17) is at least as controversial as treating gay men for many of the same mental health challenges which affect the rest of society…but YouTube doesn’t ban them. This is selective bias at its worst.
  • American society overcame bigotry and bans decades ago – or so we thought. Now, Big Tech is taking the position that gay men who become more sexually attracted to women are persona non grata, and that bans are appropriate because extremist ‘fact checkers’ who used to work at SPLC say so.

Science, patients, and society are best served by open debate about the merits of matters like therapy. Instead, mainstream media, Big Tech, and a leftist administration are silencing debate and discussion because it goes against the Left’s propaganda. That violation of our basic freedoms is unacceptable to us, and we hope it’s unacceptable to you. Contact YouTube and let them know that open discussions matter!

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TAKE ACTION: CVS is Putting Racism Ahead of Health

CVS (3.42) is one of 2ndVote’s top-ranked drug stores with a previous score of 3.72 which has recently dropped to a 3.42. But that score might drop even further as company executives spent $600 million on Critical Race Theory (CRT) employee training programs. Fox Business reports that CVS implemented a four-week program last year which required staff to engage in self-reflection about bias and to stop alleged biases by other staff.

The program was launched as other major corporations responded to George Floyd’s death with false claims that America – and, by association, Americans – are racist. As leading CRT critic Chris Rufo noted in September, the program was implemented by a CEO who makes tens of millions of dollars per year, and would mostly impact people making only a few tens of thousands of dollars per year.

We are launching a campaign urging CVS to return to prioritizing customers’ health needs and the well-being of their staff. This is a huge course change for them, and we need your help to redirect CVS to treat their 300,000 employees and millions of customers truly equally – on the basis of their humanity, not their skin color.

The details of the program are outlined in this document, and they go well beyond training staff to view each other through a racial prism. CVS’ vendor partners will be chosen on the basis of their race, not the value they bring to CVS, its staff and customers, and the general public. CVS’ charitable donations will be based upon race, not upon the quality of a charity’s work.

Of course, no corporation can ever be “woke” enough for those who believe America is racist. Just a few months after the initiative launched, an alleged CVS customer harassed a CVS manager who called police on alleged shoplifters. Apparently, $600 million wasn’t enough to convince the customer that CVS cared enough.

2ndVote doesn’t want CVS to take sides on America’s continued debate on how to heal the scars of slavery and racism. Tell CVS to invest their well-earned money into real programs that uplift our citizens instead of teaching their employees to judge a customer based on the amount of melanin in their skin.

Use this link to use your voice TODAY!

With your help, we can show them how to get back on track.

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GoFundMe & Facebook Finally Reversed Policies

In November, we covered the outrageous discrimination GoFundMe and Facebook (1.00) conducted against Kyle Rittenhouse. Both companies decided to be judge, juror, and jailer – refusing to let those who thought Rittenhouse deserved his time in court raise money or promote their points of view, respectively. As we wrote, Rittenhouse “was treated as a racist who wanted to murder – two narratives which we now know are not true.”

We are pleased to report that both companies have reversed their policies. GoFundMe announced that fundraisers for Rittenhouse may resume, and Facebook lifted its ban on searches and support for Rittenhouse. But we do not congratulate them, or offer even a single cheer for belatedly getting things almost entirely wrong.

The fact is that GoFundMe allows fundraisers for all sorts of people who are accused of heinous crimes. Fox Business reports:

But at the time that GoFundMe shut down all Rittenhouse defense funds in August of last year, they allowed countless fundraisers for the defense of other individuals accused of violent crimes. One of them was a defense fund for Marc Wilson, who claims he was acting in self-defense when he shot and killed a 17-year-old girl in a purported road rage incident.

Wilson’s GoFundMe page is on hold while the company reviews the fundraiser, but even this shows their bias. They removed fundraisers for Rittenhouse because – to quote the new announcement – “GoFundMe’s Terms of Service prohibit raising money for the legal defense of an alleged violent crime.” Yet Wilson’s remains, as does the fundraiser launched by Jacob Blake’s mother…even though Blake was accused of sexual assault and other crimes when the fundraiser was launched.

As for the Planned Parenthood (1.25) page on Facebook, well – America’s largest abortion provider, which kills hundreds of babies each year, it has over 980,000 Facebook followers. Many abortions definitely violate the extremist and violence-oriented bans which Facebook has implemented, but don’t take our word for it – see a former abortionist’s 2015 testimony to Congress. And let’s not forget that Planned Parenthood was founded by a eugenics supporter and a racist, and that the abortion industry as a whole kills black babies more than those of any racial group.

From Jacob Blake to Kyle Rittenhouse to Planned Parenthood, Facebook and GoFundMe have shown their true colors. Their recent decisions cannot hide their selective enforcement policies, which – amazingly – seem to support only one side of our nation’s critical debates. Shame on them.

Now that you know more, what are you waiting for? Use your voice to let GoFundMe and Facebook know that this kind of behavior is unacceptable!

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Don’t Trick Yourself into Buying from These Companies This Halloween

Last week, we urged you to treat yourself with Halloween necessities from H-E-B, Great Pretenders, and Spirit Halloween. These are companies which put you over politics. If you missed it, here’s the link for you to read!

Today, we’ll be asking you to say “Boo” to three companies which put politics over customers. These are companies which rank poorly on 2ndVote’s 1-5 scale for their donations and company policies.

  • Kroger (1.70) is the parent company to grocery store chains like its own name brand, Harris-Teeter, and QFC. The company ranks at just 1.70 on the 2ndVote scale as it scores a 1.00 in all categories except its 5.00 in Basic Freedoms.
  • Amazon (1.62) is the world’s largest retailer. They rank at 1.62 with 2ndVote because of their opposition to Basic Freedoms like religious liberty and speech, and their environmental radicalism. Amazon also scores a 1.00 in each category except for our 2nd Amendment category which earns a 4.70.
  • Target (2.31) is one of middle-class America’s favorite places to go for everything retail. However, the company has also endangered women’s privacy and safety through its decision to allow men to use women’s restrooms and changing rooms. With scores of 1.00 in each category except a 4.86 in Basic Freedoms and a 4.97 in Civil-Safe Society.

If you would like to see changes in these scores, use YOUR voice to call them out. Contact them through our website with these links: KrogerAmazon, and Target.

It’s important to treat – and not trick – yourself when it comes to Halloween. We encourage you to spend your hard-earned money with companies like Spirit Halloween, H-E-B, and Great Pretenders this Halloween season!

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Companies Nationwide are Leading the Way to Ending Mask Mandates

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At long last, some of the nation’s largest companies are easing mask mandates at their store locations. As COVID-19 cases continue to decline, more and more people feel ready to return to normal life – and these companies are leading the corporate charge to support the reopening of America.

Companies like Walmart (1.33), Costco (2.33), Publix (2.33), and Trader Joe’s (2.67) were some of the first to stop requiring customers to wear masks. Since then, others like Chipotle (2.33), Target (1.50), Starbucks (1.17), and CVS (3.72) followed suit, dropping the mask requirement for customers who have been vaccinated.

None of these companies have announced any plans to check their customers’ vaccination status. We’re grateful they won’t be acting like the COVID police, but are instead allowing people to use their best judgment. After all, getting back to normal means not having to constantly think about pandemic measures. After a year of restrictions, letting people make their own decisions is the right move.

Of course, all of the above companies must defer to state and local law. Twenty-two states have not yet lifted their mask requirements for businesses. And some companies, like Home Depot (3.47) and Gap (2.00), continue to require masks regardless of local regulations. As cases continue to drop nationwide, these states and companies should be encouraged to ease their mask mandates to help send the message that pre-pandemic life is on the way.

When it comes to employees at these companies, the picture is more complicated – but still encouraging. Target, for example, no longer requires fully vaccinated employees to wear masks, but CVS and Chipotle still require masks for their staff no matter what. Employers should end mask mandates for their employees as soon as reasonably possible so that their employees can also return to normal life.

Companies nationwide are making good progress on ending mask requirements. They should keep it up and be leaders in helping America return to normal.

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Brett Favre: Ditch MLB & NFL, Go to Six Flags

Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre was already well-known and hated by the woke crowd for his stance against putting politics on the football field. Now, he’s again taken up the fight against political activism in sports. “I think both sides, for the most part, want to see it just remain about the sport,” Favre said in a recent episode of his podcast, “Bolling with Favre”.

Favre’s statement directly challenges the narrative that major league sports are pushing – that America is racist, and so are Americans. Despite the overwhelming social pressure to believe this narrative, others are bravely stepping forward in agreement. Micah Owings, a former MLB pitcher, tweeted that he agreed with Favre’s stance. “@BrettFavre Thanks for speaking up…Baseball and Sports “used to” UNITE our Country! Thanks to the woke Left, now sports is ripping us apart…”

You can support Favre, Owings, and America by foregoing major league sports and taking your family to another form of entertainment – Six Flags, a company we rank as neutral. Our ranking means that we see Six Flags as putting customers ahead of culture wars, and making the customer experience their first priority. Everyone will have a great time, and you’ll know you’re putting your money where it won’t be used against you and your values.

It’s long past time for 2ndVote Americans to make our voice heard amid the leftist noise. We’re not racists. Our country isn’t racist. And companies that disagree will lose our money, while companies that put customers first will earn our business.

The American people used to put aside our differences over sports. Today, that’s nearly impossible. Take a trip to Six Flags, forget about the politics and culture wars, and be proud to support a company that puts you first.

EDITORS NOTE: This 2ndVote column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

New Walgreens CEO Pushes Company Further Left in The Pursuit of “Equality”

Roz Brewer, the former Chief Operating Officer of Starbucks, has just been named CEO of Walgreens. It’s a big step up in the world, but unfortunately, Brewer’s biases threaten to push the company even further left in the pursuit of “equality” — which, practically speaking, means support of violent activist groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) and over-emphasis on forced racial and gender diversity in the corporate sphere.

A Starbucks letter in support of BLM, which Brewer and other executives signed last summer, reveals a troubling bias towards the leftist narrative. “Together, we’re saying: Black Lives Matter and it’s going to take ALL of us, working together, to affect [sic] change,” the letter read. It went on to detail some of the ways in which people might effect change, sticking to ambiguous talking points such as “joining local peaceful protests” without acknowledging that many of BLM and its affiliates’ protests have proven violent and have hurt black people more than they have helped.

Brewer has also chosen to focus on perceived challenges as a black corporate leader instead of inspiring other black Americans to aspire to become leaders. In her view, as reported by CNBC, misunderstandings are evidence of larger racial and gender biases in the workplace. “You get mistaken as someone who could actually not have that top job,” Brewer said. “Sometimes you’re mistaken for kitchen help. Sometimes people assume you’re in the wrong place, and all I can think in the back of my head is, ‘No, you’re in the wrong place’.”

Even before Brewer became Walgreens’ CEO, the company was far from neutral. Our 2ndVote ranking system puts Walgreens at a low of 1.50 on a scale of 1.00 – 5.00, revealing their support for leftist organizations and causes such as abortion and gun control. Rather than spending money with Walgreens, you can use your 2ndVote dollars to shop at CVS (3.72). They offer comparable services and products while remaining neutral in the culture wars. Until and unless Brewer changes her company’s policies, 2ndVote supporters should spend their money with competitors like CVS. For now, get in touch with Walgreens and let them know what changes you’d like to see. Remind corporate America that they depend on economics, not on furthering leftist agendas or taking part in violent social activism.

EDITORS NOTE: This 2ndVote column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

ISSUE 1ST AMENDMENT: Google’s ‘Free and Open Web’ Promise Countered by Dem Donations

Google (1.00) and its parent company Alphabet, Inc has long promised to provide a “free and open web” in their Mission Statement. One would be justified in wondering if this is how they really feel given that the company and its employees provided lopsided donations to massively partisan causes such as President-Elect Joe Biden’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Billions of cross-partisan consumers entrust their sensitive data to Google every day — via Google Search, YouTube, and many other services — but Google clearly doesn’t care to treat consumers equally.

The lopsided donations – many from Google employees – match Google’s online censorship. While certainly some liberal concepts and projects are canceled on Alphabet’s platforms, there is some compelling evidence that the search engine contains a “conservative blacklist”. More obviously, Google subsidiary YouTube (1.00) has started placing “fact-checking banners” under an overwhelming amount of videos, particularly those of conservatives contesting the 2020 election. In other cases, they’ve taken down videos and banned creators for “unspecified violations of Community Guidelines” or supposed “hate speech” when someone dares to question the liberal narrative.

If Google and other companies want us to trust them, they must stop funding partisan politics and start putting money into the things that improve their services. They should put their millions of dollars into a better user experience through hiring and training competent employees, or through developing new, useful products. Companies have control over an economic sphere that sorely needs improving, and that should be their focus — not controlling free speech in the way the left sees fit.

EDITORS NOTE: This 2ndVote column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Big Tech Should Ditch Leftist Politics For a Fair Election

In late July, Google CEO Sundar Pichai told Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) that Google would “conduct ourselves in a neutral way” with regards to the November election. This claim should be met with skepticism by conservatives given that Google joins Facebook and Apple — whose chief executives testified to Congress with Pichai — in having a perfectly liberal corporate culture.

2ndVote ranks Big Tech corporations such as FacebookApple, and Google at 1.00 out of 5.00 on the political scale, which means that their corporate actions, cultures, and political donations are explicitly liberal. Amazon is a little better, at 1.29. As a non-profit, 2ndVote can’t and won’t tell these companies which candidates to support — but we will remind Facebook and Apple that their support for the Marxist Black Lives Matter organization didn’t protect them from Democrats’ attacks at the hearing.

These corporations are only hurting themselves by engaging in politics. First, they are alienating millions of potential customers. Second, they are doing so without reward from their supposed liberal allies — and the aforementioned congressional critiques are nothing compared to what the Obama administration did to several Big Tech companies.

Weeks before President Donald Trump took office, the Obama administration sued multiple technology firms for alleged discrimination. The lawsuit did not cite actual cases of employee discrimination but instead used statistical differences between the number of minorities who applied for a job versus the number hired. It did not matter that Google was the first corporate donor to President Barack Obama’s presidential foundation – their support for a left-leaning candidate could not save them from such an unjust lawsuit.

No matter how liberal Big Tech tries to be, they will never fully satisfy the left. Businesses like Home Depot (1.90), Twitter (2.14), and Starbucks (1.14) have also repeatedly tried and failed to make the left happy by endorsing social justice ideologies like abortion and gun control.

Starbucks in particular has been a huge supporter of LGBT rights. That did not stop the left from shaming Starbucks into closing 8,000 of its locations after a Philadelphia store manager asked two loitering customers – who happened to be black – to leave.

It’s past time for Big Tech to go neutral like Google CEO Sundar Pichai promised when he said their search engine would not favor Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Big Tech should appeal to everyone’s political preferences instead of supporting left-leaning candidates, especially when it’s clear these actions gain them no favors with…well, anyone.

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The Company Contrast – Stride Rite

This Week’s Scores At-A-Glance, 09/3/20

EDITORS NOTE: This 2ndVote column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Disney and ESPN Sign Kaepernick to Educate Our Youth on Racial Injustice in America

Turning down a contract with the National Football League (NFL) to become a full-time social justice warrior has proven to be a profitable decision for Colin Kaepernick. The controversial former 49ers quarterback was offered a lucrative deal with The Walt Disney Company (1.57) and ESPN (1.71) to produce “scripted and unscripted stories that deal with race, social injustice, and the quest for equity.”

Kaepernick became a household name after kneeling during NFL games’ playing of the National Anthem to oppose alleged racism in America. He has since worn socks that depict police officers as pigs, has expressed admiration for communist dictator Fidel Castro, and has supported organizations that are dedicated to aborting unborn black lives.

After entering the spotlight, Kaepernick told NFL media, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color…”

Despite Kaepernick’s radical positions, the senior vice president of ESPN’s “The Undefeated” platform has said teaming up with Kaepernick will “elevate important stories of lives too often unseen…We want to continue to call attention to the issues of racial injustice that America is wrestling with, and do that in new, compelling ways.”

Jemele Hill, a former ESPN host who was terminated for disparaging remarks about President Donald Trump, will be a producer for the project. Hill’s firing was related to Disney CEO Bob Iger’s decision to tone down the network’s political content. Disney has consistently been one of the worst companies tracked by 2ndVote that pushes leftist viewpoints, but Iger appeared to realize that people do not want politics mixed in with their entertainment.

Sadly, the epiphany does not appear to have stuck.

The long-term partnership between Kaepernick and Disney/ESPN will be part of the company’s “The Undefeated” platform, which “focuses on matters of race in sports.” Further collaboration with Kaepernick may extend to other Disney properties, such as Pixar and Hulu. Even though his only real accomplishment has been creating division, Kaepernick will assist with developing “culturally impactful” content to “inspire the youth.”

2ndVote Americans can remind ESPN and Disney that we don’t want corporations engaging in historical revisions and political controversy. We want them to help our families relax, not ratchet up racial tensions.

EDITORS NOTE: This 2ndVote column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

BB&T and SunTrust are merging – make sure they support 2ndVote values

By the end of 2019, two of America’s leading banks are expected to create a new mega-bank: Truist, a merger of BB&T (2.1 – Leaning Liberal) and SunTrust (2.3 – Leaning Liberal). The new company will serve 10 million Americans and be worth $66 billion, making it the nation’s sixth-largest bank.

Truist is meant to convey “trust” and “true.” As the merger comes closer to reality, 2ndVote is urging you to make sure the new company can be trusted to be true to American values. Currently, SunTrust ranks a 2.3 (lean liberal) on the 2ndVote scale, and BB&T ranks a 2.1 (lean liberal).

Neither of these rankings is impressive – but there is great potential for Truist to be a bank instead of a funder of the left-wing agenda. SunTrust donates to many groups who support liberty, such as The Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute. Other donations are to groups which advocate for left-wing policies but have legitimate missions – such as Susan G. Komen and United Way.

Alas, SunTrust did recently pull the financial rug out from under two companies which partner with the federal government to house immigrants. That’s a policy which must not carry forward to Truist.

BB&T doesn’t engage in much corporate activism at all. Their greatest challenge is the total acquiescing to the LGBT agenda – BB&T ranks a 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index. This means that while they don’t push LGBT priorities in their external donations, their corporate structure is set up to make LGBT activists happy.

2ndVote Americans can engage with the future Truist in several key ways to urge the new bank to serve all Americans instead of using your money to serve the liberal agenda.

First, contact BB&T CEO Kelly King and SunTrust CEO Bill Rogers. They will serve in top leadership roles at Truist for the next several years – they must know how their Middle America customers feel and what you believe.

Second, spread the word on social media and among your friends and family. Let everyone know that these companies lean left, but that with the right pressure they may get back on the path of serving customers instead of spending hard-earned money on political advocacy. It’ll take everyone working together, but it can be done if all 2ndVote Americans are working arm-in-arm.

Third, let the future Truist know that you need to see progress or you’ll have to take your business elsewhere. No bank is truly neutral on the 2ndVote scale, but Central Pacific Financial is close –  a 2.9. Its main issue is that it donates to the gun control-supporting YWCA. However, they balance that support with donations made to Catholic Charities and The Salvation Army.

Again, the name “Truist” is meant to convey trust and true. You can help make that a reality instead of simply a slogan.

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