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As New Crime-Encouraging Policies Take Effect, Rapper 50 Cent Says L.A. Is ‘Finished’

People are already fleeing California in record numbers. Nevertheless, Los Angeles hasn’t implemented full Leftism yet, so the City of Angels isn’t quite as paradisal as it could be or should be. Leftists are fixing that, however, by stopping detaining people for crimes such as theft and vandalism. Leftists can watch for L.A. to flower like never before now, but rapper 50 Cent won’t be among them. Suddenly red-pilled, he has declared: “LA is finished.” Yeah.

Despite the massive exodus, apparently, there are still too many people in the state for Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has an eye on the Democratic presidential nomination if Old Joe shuffles off the scene and who apparently doesn’t think his gubernatorial record is ghastly enough to appeal to the party’s hardcore Marxists. Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass is likewise apparently feeling crowded, but her new measure is sure to make the Entertainment Capital of the World become the City of Wide Open Spaces or, more precisely, The Waste Land.

The Daily Wire reported Monday that “50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) took to Instagram to post a video clip of a news report about a federal judge’s decision that holding inmates until they can pay cash bail is a violation of their constitutional rights.” Deputy District Attorney John McKinney appears in this report, saying, “Starting at midnight tonight, the sheriff’s department will no longer detain people for crimes such as theft, shoplifting, drug use, vandalism, battery, and a whole host of other non-serious, non-violent crimes that affect the quality of life of people here in Los Angeles County.”

One would think that after seeing America’s once-great cities become crime-ridden hellholes because of similar policies, L.A. would not follow the same suicidal path, but we are talking about Leftists here. Learning from experience is not their strong suit, or they would have given up Leftism around the time of, oh, Stalin’s purges.

The news report 50 Cent was reacting to continues with the newscaster saying, “L.A. Deputy DA John McKinney explains that due to Judge Lawrence Riff’s ruling, many people arrested will be released immediately without having to pay bail before their arraignment.” Then it cut back to McKinney, who added, “Judge Riff made the point of saying that he implored California officials like the sheriff, the chief of police, the district attorney, the city attorney, he implored them to testify to explain why he shouldn’t issue this order, and he was surprised when no one stood up to challenge it. No one challenged it, not LAPD Chief Michael Moore, LA County Sheriff Robert Luna, or District Attorney George Gascon.”

Of course, no one challenged it. Doing so would have cut against core Leftist principles, and no one in Los Angeles was going to dare to do that. 50 Cent, however, was not willing to play along with the charade that these were sane and reasonable policies. He wrote on Instagram, “LA is finished watch how bad it gets out there. SMH.” It’s going to get very, very bad.

How bad? The Daily Wire noted that “during the height of the COVID pandemic, Los Angeles County did away with cash bail to ease overcrowding in jails. Since then, the crime rate has soared. In the downtown area in 2022, there was a 25% rise in violent crime, such as rape, compared to 2019.” In just one neighborhood, Rancho Park, violent crime “rose 114% between 2019 and 2022.” The Wire adds that “LA police say mental illness, rampant drug use, and homelessness are to blame.”

No, that is not it at all. Mental illness, rampant drug use, and homelessness are not to blame. The coddling of mental illness, rampant drug use, and homelessness are to blame. The fact that the violently mentally ill cannot be incarcerated, that open drug use is tolerated on the streets of L.A. and every other major city in the United States, and that the homeless can set up tents on sidewalks and pursue drug addiction on America’s streets with no consequences — that’s what’s to blame. In other words, Leftist policies are to blame, but instead of engaging in some much-needed self-reflection, Los Angeles officials are doubling down and planning to inflict even more pain upon their people.

That pain could be considerable. Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig explained the real effects of zero bail policies: “I mean, we have more people being shot at, stabbed, assaulted, robbed, beaten. These are real victims — and the numbers are staggering under zero bail.” 50 Cent is right: it’s long past time for the remaining sane people to leave Los Angeles and California as a whole. Their very lives could depend upon it.



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