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OPEN LETTER: To Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody in regards to the 6-week heartbeat abortion ban

Dear Ashley:

Hope all is well with you and your family, as I appreciate all that you do for our beloved state of Florida, including your fight against the Pro-abortion Amendment 4 that will unfortunately be appearing on the ballot in November’s ever-critical election in a state that saw over 84,000 of yours and Governor DeSantis’ “Baby Constituents” killed in the womb in 2023!! WOW!! Yes, we are still Number 3 in the country—right behind the Blue States of California and New York!! Beyond comprehension!! The reason for my letter to you today is the disturbing trend that I have personally witnessed and documented in Palm Beach (PB) County this past week – beginning with last Thursday, May 2nd (24 hours after the “6 Week Heartbeat Abortion Ban” was supposed to take effect in Florida)…

I have sent you and your staff several emails on what I witnessed at our only two abortion mills in PBC – Presidential Women’s Center (on 45th Street, WPB), and the “last standing Planned Parenthood” in PBC on Florida Mango Road, WPB. I documented what I saw with my very own two eyes by taking photos and videos last Thursday – and what I saw at Presidential was beyond shocking! In the almost 15 years that I have been praying across the street from PB County’s most notorious abortion mill – I have never seen a busier day at that facility! I was there from 10-11 am, and in that one full hour, I counted 20 women walking into that facility! As you can see from the videos and photos that I sent you, every single parking space in their parking lot was taken – including the over-flow, Tow-Away zone parking spots!! I have never witnessed anything like this in those 15 years there, and as the President of the PBC Right to Life League for 15 years, I want to get to the bottom of this and find out why the traffic at both, Presidential Women’s Center and Planned Parenthood have had record-breaking days there last Thursday (5/2), Saturday (5/4) and yesterday, Tuesday (5/7). There is definitely something going on at these two facilities and I believe that we need to look into this as soon as possible and investigate this up-tick in traffic at our abortion mills. I have also contacted, via email and voicemail messages,
Ferronda Burke (Tallahassee Health Services) as well as Kimberly Smoke at AHCA. They have been on my email list for years and now, I am asking them to step forward and look into this disturbing trend at these two abortion mills that appear to be doing something “quite unusual” ever since the 6 Week Abortion Ban went into effect exactly one week ago today. As our Attorney General of Florida, I would think that a “suspicious” situation like this warrants you to take a good look at why these abortion mills have had these upticks in women walking in and out of these facilities – especially now, that the “strictest abortion law in the history of Florida” was supposed to take effect a week ago today. Between you, Governor DeSantis (who signed this 6 Week Ban into law), the two organizations I mentioned above — and your contacts with Law Enforcement — I hope and pray that we can investigate these two facilities, put some type of surveillance program around them and let them both know that “they are on notice because of the highly unusual traffic that we have observed lately”.

Ashley: If we cannot enforce this 6 Week Heartbeat Abortion Ban in Florida, then, why did the governor pass it in the first place?

I did have the pleasure to spend a full hour on the phone yesterday (5/7) with one of your very sharp staff members – Rob Sparks (Government Analyst), as I elaborated on all that I have witnessed at these two abortion mills in PBC these past 7 days. He told me that he receives all my emails (reads them all), and shares with the staff. I trust that you also read my emails, view the photos and watch the videos. This is of utmost importance as Rob also asked me to contact Tallahassee Health Services and AHCA and gave me their phone numbers, which I already had. I am waiting to hear back from them as well as waiting to hear back from you, Ashley. I specifically asked Rob to speak to you in person and have you contact me as soon as possible. Thank you!!

Ashley, as you well know, I never leave my house for an event, activity or undercover work without contacting Law Enforcement and the Local Media!!

That’s my 11th Commandment! I always let them know way in advance, when, where and what I will be doing to give the Police and the Media a heads-up so that in case an abortion mill calls the police on me – the police has already been alerted and I cannot be called a “trespasser or intruder” by the facility calling the police on me. The police always responds to the abortion facility by saying “Yes, we know Willy Guardiola very well. He had contacted us weeks in advance that he would be visiting your facility. Thank you for your call.” I do the same with the Local Media but, now, I am waiting patiently for them to do a follow-up story on their original story that had all the media visit these abortion mills to do pieces on the 6 Week Abortion Ban and how it would affect business at these facilities. Where is the media now, especially since I have alerted them that “business at these two facilities has gone through the roof?”

Now is when the Local News needs to do the follow up stories to see if, indeed, this 6 Week Law is going to have any impact on the abortion business in the state of Florida, acknowledging that this is the strictest abortion law that Florida has ever seen. Instead of limiting the traffic at these respective abortion mills, as one would expect – the abortion traffic has been much, much higher and it’s disturbing! I will continue to follow up on the media to see if we can expose these abortion mills and see exactly why business has been “very unusual” these past 7 days. Stay tuned, Mrs. Moody. There’s a lot more to come.

In closing, I want to thank you and Governor DeSantis (who is copied on this email), to please look into this ever-critical situation as soon as possible, as we all know that the Liberal Left will do anything to break the law, anything to kill our unborn babies and anything to win this election in November. Once again, this is a law that was signed into law by Governor DeSantis and approved by you, as our Attorney General, as I thank you for reading my other Open Letter to you dated October 7th, where I pointed out to you the ambiguous and misleading wording in Amendment 4, that you immediately brought to the attention of our “Conservative” Supreme Court of Florida. Unfortunately, 4 of them caved and now this “Death Amendment” will appear on the November ballot. You fought to have that amendment not appear on the ballot with every fiber in your body and now, I am asking you to do the same with what I am discussing with you in this heartfelt letter to you that can lead to the closing down of these two abortion mills in PBC, and possibly, the 51 abortion mills in the 43 counties in Florida where it’s “open season” for killing our babies only because that is the only thing the Left knows how to do. If you and our governor enforce this 6 Week Abortion Ban like it is supposed to be – along with Law Enforcement and other appropriate agencies, then, we can finally call our state the “Free State of Florida” because we will be Free of Abortion and 84,000 of your constituents will be able to vote when they turn 18 years of age!



Willy Guardiola
Christian on a Mission
President of Palm Beach County Right to Life League

©2024. Willy Guardiola. All rights reserved.


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