Democrats Panicking over Trump Turning America Red

The Democratic National Committee sent out multiple emails after Donald Trump’s landslide victory in New York. It appears they fear him as the GOP nominee.

obama quote on trump

Image sent in DNC email with the statement, “And after Donald Trump’s huge victory in New York last night, one thing is clear. We CANNOT allow him to be our president.”

The DNC states:

Donald Trump just got one step closer to becoming the Republican nominee. Make sure we’re ready to beat him.

Donald Trump just won New York, and he’s closer than ever to securing the Republican Party’s nomination for President of the United States.

Which means his dangerous policy proposals — from mass deportations and banning Muslims from entering the country to punishing women for seeking abortions — are one step closer to becoming a reality.

The Democratic strategy is to focus on abortion, illegal immigration and increasing Muslim migration. However, these are three areas in which the majority of Americans side with Donald Trump.

In February 2016 Rasmussen, in its Immigration Update, reported that border control is still the top immigration priority for most voters.

A December 2015 Rasmussen report titled “Voters Like Trump’s Proposed Muslim Ban” states:

Despite an international uproar and condemnation by President Obama and nearly all of those running for the presidency, Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims coming to the United States has the support of a sizable majority of Republicans – and a plurality of all voters.

new york temporary ban on muslims

New York voter poll on a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Gallop provides the below infographic showing 70% of Americans support controlling abortions in some or all circumstances:

gallop abortion infographic

Is the  DNC depending on the abortion, illegal alien and Muslim migration issues to win in November? It appears so. Their objective is to portray Trump as anti-women, anti-illegals and anti-Muslim. The voters, however, see these three issues differently.

As the primary process winds down, it looks more and more like Trump will be the GOP nominee. The DNC certainly thinks so, and it is using his name to raise campaign funds.

What does that tell you?

To view the current delegate count for the Democratic and Republican nomination for president click here.


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EDITORS NOTE: The featured infographic of the states won by Donald Trump is courtesy of the DNC.