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Mainstream Media’s Dirty War on Trump

The more I listen to Donald Trump’s refrain about how dishonest the media is, the more I am beginning to agree with him.

The media should be thoroughly embarrassed by their coverage last week of North Carolina’s now infamous punch throwing incident at a Donald Trump rally.

Rakeem Jones was being led out of Trump’s rally by Cumberland County officers at Fayetteville’s Crown Coliseum for attempting to disrupt the event. As Jones was being led out, John McGraw sucker punched him in front of the police; but it was Jones who was thrust to the ground, handcuffed, and arrested. McGraw continued to watch the rally without so much as being questioned by the police.

That was the news story from this incident, not Trump being universally accused of stoking racial fears and violence.

Oh, did I mention to you that Jones is a 26 year-old Black man and McGraw is a 78 year-old White male? This had nothing to do with race. This was a plain old assault, pure and simple.

But, for the liberal, biased media, it was manna sent from heaven.

You had the perfect setting for liberals to do what they do best—use the race card.

The backdrop of the event taking place in North Carolina was part of the old Confederacy of the Deep South; you had a 26 year-old Black male; and a 78 year-old White male straight out of central casting for a KKK movie; and if that wasn’t enough, you had a bigger than life personality named Donald Trump running for president as a Republican.

For the liberal media, this was like winning the lottery. What are the odds of having all these dynamics converge together in one place?

In one event, the media continued their attempts to tarnish Trump, call all Republicans racists, make McGraw the face of the Republican Party; and give Black liberals another opportunity to blame Republicans for every problem the Black community faces (God forbid that they would actually blame Obama’s policies for some of these issues.).

Without question, Trump needs to tone down some of his rhetoric, but to blame him for McGraw’s actions is akin to blaming a rape victim for how she was dressed.

Trump is not and cannot be held responsible for the illegal actions of a 78 year-old man. Period.

If Trump was speaking to a group of teenagers, then I would be more inclined to accept his culpability in them engaging in some illegal activity. Teenagers, by their sheer lack of maturity, are impressionable and can easily be persuaded into acting irresponsibly and illegally, but I am not willing to be so understanding when it comes to adults.

The media has all but ignored the fact that Jones was assaulted right in front of several policemen and the perpetrator was allowed to remain free. Time after time we have seen a Black be the victim of a crime, but yet somehow the victim seems to be the one arrested and not the perpetrator.

In previous columns I have asked and I will continue to ask, what is happing in America that police continue to ignore crimes committed against Blacks even when they are witnesses to the crime?

There has been little discussion in the media as to why it took almost 24 hours before the Fayetteville police questioned and arrested McGraw.

But instead, the media used this occasion to continue their smear of Trump and all things Republican.
The media’s coverage of this event is bordering on journalistic malpractice. This is totally irresponsible and playing to the racial fears so prevalent in our country.

If you don’t agree with Donald Trump, then don’t go to his rallies. You have absolutely no constitutional right to attend someone’s rally with the sole intent to disrupt it.

The media has been derelict in its obligation to report the news accurately and impartially.

The media has refused to report the fact that radical liberal financier, George Soros, has given multiple millions of dollars to groups like MoveOn.org to disrupt Republican events.

MoveOn.Org orchestrated the disturbance at Trump’s rally last week in Chicago.

Why has the media not reported on this fact? The groups don’t even deny the fact that they are creating these protests in order to embarrass Trump with the full knowledge that the media is in the tank for them.

So, to the media and the all the political pundits out there blaming Trump for this supposed violence, I want you to also blame all the rapes against women on the fact that they wear short dresses or drank too much alcohol.

When you do this, then I will be the first one to criticize Trump on his hyperbolic language.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in Black Press USA. The featured image is courtesy of TPM.