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While Israel’s Soldiers Fight, Its Civilian Advances Keep On Coming

In the middle of the war in Gaza, rockets continue to fly into Israel from Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, and there are occasional attacks on Israel-bound shipping by the Houthis in Yemen.  It’s the second longest war in Israel’s history, so far lasting seven months, while the 1948-1949 Arab-Israeli war lasted less than ten months. During the current conflict, Israel has had to call up 360,000 reservists. This is a war in which the Israeli government was compelled to relocate, for their own safety, nearly 100,000 civilians from their homes both in the south, facing Gaza, and in the north, facing Lebanon. No one can predict when they will be able to return.

In the midst of all this violence, and disruption, and sacrifice, Israelis continue to come up with advances that will benefit many far beyond its borders. More on some of their recent achievements can be found here.

In this week’s Positive newsletter are reminders to the President of Ireland that Israeli technology is saving many lives in a Dublin hospital. The President of Brazil should note that an Israeli blood testing machine is early diagnosing fatal diseases in his country. And the President of Syria need only ask his Israeli neighbor to treat his wife with one of Israel’s many remedies for Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Meanwhile the UN, ICJ and ICC should bare their heads in shame, knowing that Israeli companies last week announced new treatments for liver cancer, electronic patches to kill bacteria infections, electromagnetic brain rehabilitation after strokes, implants to repair the spine, and remote medical diagnostics in thousands of schools.

Then there are the Israeli innovations for ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles, real-time CCTV security systems, lab alternatives to overfishing, and the removal of a greenhouse gas far more potent than carbon dioxide.


Saving hundreds of lives in Ireland. Dublin’s Mater Hospital has implemented the AI X-ray analysis software from Israel’s Aidoc. It has already saved hundreds of lives. No surprise that the Irish National broadcaster RTE didn’t mention that Aidoc is Israeli!

Alpha DaRT treats its first liver cancer patient. The Alpha DaRT innovative alpha-radiation cancer therapy from Israel’s Alpha Tau has been used to treat a liver cancer patient in a Canadian clinical trial. The trial will include up to 10 patients with liver metastases (secondary cancer) from colorectal cancer.

Electronic cure for infections. (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Inspira Technologies and Israel’s Ennocure MedTech jointly developed innovative bio-electronic physical stimulation technology. Lab blood test showed the treatment cut bacterial growth by 75% in 4 hours and by 100% within 24 hours.

Causing brain cancer cells to burn out. Prof Barak Rotblat of Israel’s Ben-Gurion University is making brain cancer cells self-destruct by increasing their growth rate while shutting down their glucose energy source. He is working with BGN Technologies to block 4EBP1, a protein that regulates cancer to survive glucose starvation.

Helping recovery from strokes. Israel’s BrainQ (see here previously) reported promising results from a 15-center clinical trial that uses an AI-powered electromagnetic field therapy to help reduce disabilities in people after suffering a severe ischemic stroke.

US approval for spinal fusion. (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Zygofix has received US-FDA approval for its zLOCK Lumbar Facet Fixation System. Zygofix’s already has European CE certification for its adaptable implant, and says it is now positioned to revolutionize spinal fusion surgery.

There is plenty more where those advances so various and so welcome came from. And these are all being developed in the middle of a war. Think of what Israel’s spectacularly talented people could do if they were permitted to live, as they deserve to, at peace with their unrelentingly hostile neighbors.


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