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Russian philosopher: Russia defends traditional values that US/NATO ‘seeks to abolish’

Some very prominent conservatives still make their living using unfounded scare tactics to spread Russophobic hate with a fervor that has nearly surpassed that seen during the Cold War, a period when it was very much deserved. Vladimir Putin in their eyes is no different than Breznev or Stalin, and maybe worse. He’s a naked communist wanting to “restore the old Soviet Empire” and take over the world. In short, Putin is a “modern Hitler” who must be stopped at all costs. This is rubbish and I’ll explain why.

If that were true, why do all the international communists in America, Canada and Western Europe hate Putin so much and want to see him replaced? Shouldn’t they see him as an ally, someone to be emulated?

These folks will say, well, why is Putin aligned with China, North Korea and Iran if he is not a communist? I would argue that US policy has driven Russia into the arms of China by isolating Putin and trying to punish him for maintaining its only warm-water port in Crimea and shoring up his border with neighboring Ukraine, which only became a country in 1991 and has always been in the Russian orbit. The fact is, Putin expressed interest in joining NATO in January 2001 but was rebuffed by the United States. If Putin wanted to challenge NATO and take over Europe why is he only now, after 24 years in office, making his play for the continent? Did Hitler wait 24 years to invade Poland?

Whether they realize it or not, the vitriolic rhetoric of anti-Russia conservatives plays right into the hands of the leftist globalists and their affiliated neocon-neolib war-hawk politicians who thrive on perpetual war and profits for the military-industrial complex. I believe there is more to the globalists’ hatred of Russia than just the fact that Russian society still adheres to a more traditional cultural and religious structure — economics and the desire to strip Russia of its vast natural resources is also a factor that drives Western disdain of the current Russian regime. They seek regime change for that reason alone and I have covered that angle in previous articles.

But the article below about Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin is also enlightening. It explains the great cultural divide that also permeates the world today and does go a long way toward explaining the West’s obsession with getting rid of Putin, not just on economic grounds but on social-cultural grounds. The WEF puppet leaders in London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Washington, New York and Ottawa are desperate to bring Russia in line with the generally decadent value system that rules the US/EU/Canada/Australia. They call this system “democracy” but it’s really marked by a hatred of humanity and Luciferian nihilism. These Western leaders are so blinded by hate for Russia that they are willing to go to World War III, and risk nuclear Armageddon, in their efforts to depose Putin, balkanize his country and steal its resources. If you think I’m kidding, check out this article about a congressional hearing that took place in Washington in June 2023.

So Ukraine is not the issue. Ukraine is just a tool being used to get at this imagined Hitler. The truth runs much deeper. And when Ukraine has been used up — that’s getting close — the U.S./U.K./NATO will send your boys to fight Russians and die. Read more below as we explore further.

Article below Via RT

The ever-growing anti-Russia sentiment in the West stems from the fact that Russia adheres to traditional values that Western “progressives” are trying to destroy, philosopher and political commentator Aleksandr Dugin said in an interview with journalist Tucker Carlson that was posted on the latter’s YouTube channel on Monday.

During the interview, Dugin laid out his view of the contemporary Western world and what he sees as the historical origins of its current ideology. He explained that the West has moved from “classical liberalism” – which professed individual freedom and democracy as understood as the rule of the majority – to a “new liberalism” defined by the rule of minorities and woke-ism. Rather than emphasizing freedom of the individual, the new incarnation of liberalism prescribes adherence to certain progressive values that are completely at odds with traditional values and in fact seeks to abolish them.

Carlson asked Dugin why many Westerners, even those who previously supported the Soviet Union, turned against Russia when President Vladimir Putin came to power in the early 2000s and started professing Russophobic ideas. The philosopher said that “Putin is a traditional leader” who defends traditional values, which run counter to those currently in vogue in the West.

“When [Putin] came to power, from the very beginning, he started to extract Russia from global influence. He started to contradict the global progressive agenda… tried with success to restore traditional values – sovereignty of the state, Christianity, traditional family,” he said, explaining that Western progressives saw these developments as being in opposition to their values.

This hatred is not something casual… it’s metaphysical. If your main task and main goal is to destroy traditional values – traditional family, traditional state, traditional relations, traditional beliefs – and someone with a nuclear weapon… stands strong defending traditional values you are going to abolish – they have some basis for this Russophobia and hatred for Putin.

In 2022, Dugin’s daughter Darya was killed in a car bombing in Moscow, which the Russian authorities claim was orchestrated by Ukrainian agents, a version also expressed by the US government. Darya, a journalist and political activist in her own right, was a vocal supporter of Russia’s military operation against Kiev.

Russophobic sentiment has been growing exponentially in light of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the outbreak of which in 2022 the West has blamed squarely on Russia. NATO has branded Russia the “most significant and direct threat” to its members’ peace and security, and many Western leaders have claimed that Moscow would attack Europe if it secures victory in Ukraine.

Russia has repeatedly said it has no such plans, with Putin last month dismissing such claims as “nonsense.” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov last week called such ideas “horror stories” made up to divert attention from domestic problems in the West.

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